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File: 0c2f82a6cbeec91⋯.jpg (423.28 KB, 1920x1008, 40:21, WHAT.jpg)

cd87f7  No.16205032

Pic related is my first contribution. Basically it's a mystery game where the protag helps a girl whose trapped in a defunct MMO to escape while not getting killed himself. Sounds simple, and since it's a Compile Heart game I expect it to be waifu fluff, but it's written by the guy who did Corpse Party so maybe waifu fluff with gore.

Well, it turns out the mystery involves Apple's executives, the Rothschilds, used abducted girls (and others) and developed super AI to create an MMO so they could, through digital alchemy, bring LAIN into existence to control the world through god but this blended the real and the occult so hard its causing phenomena to exist, reality to be altered and innumerable "bugs" to effect the MMO and reality, thus leading to a potential collapse of not just Japan's stock market economic system but all of reality itself. Literally the only hope the abducted victims have, let alone everyone else, rests in the hands of a bunch of hapless game devs who are being hunted by mask-wearing cultists working for the Apple Rothschilds so they could obtain some special coded file called "I R I S" which is probably the god-code to their LAIN who is already influencing the real world. Also something about "Heaven's Messenger".

I… I was not expecting this.

bd15c2  No.16205164

So, is the game any good or is it still just bog standard Compile Heart stuff?

b48606  No.16205185

File: b9850350ac2ab04⋯.jpg (80.38 KB, 950x633, 950:633, Ruiner.jpg)

So basically the mc wakes up with amnesia with a girl talking inside his ear giving him orders, telling him to complete objectives or she kills him. His main goal is to kill the boss but it turns out the boss is his brother and that the mc is a clone used for spare parts, and the girl is an ai virus who wants revenge on the brother. Gameplay was fun and the story had a nice twist that pleasantly surprised me.

4fe504  No.16205220


yeah, but, does it have waifu material ?

cd87f7  No.16205518

File: 768aa7d7fe111c2⋯.jpg (293.07 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, classic.jpg)


Well yeah, that's the central motivation for the protag to help Shina, the main heroine. On the second playthrough (NG+) you can get endings for the other girls, if I what I heart and almost spoiled myself for is true. Haven't beaten it yet.


Absolutely different from every other Compile Heart game ever made. The most interesting aspect of Corpse Party was its mystery aspect, that a simple game of "don't die by the ghosties" turned out to be a cold case murder mystery (the first game, the others sucked) was pretty surprising, too.

And that the young girl you see who was most abused was actually the culprit all along, acting in twilight existence of a living grudge because the principal raped and murdered her mother and then kept her hidden away for horrible abuse until she died. Then the retarded caretaker was manipulated by her to abduct kids and take the fall for the victims while the principal goes paranoid, crazy, and then commits suicide–all just some of the trauma which led to the school becoming a parallel world where the dead remain and slowly erode into grudge spirits as others are forgotten in the living world.

The same writer was brought on for this game as I mentioned and it's Steins;Gate levels of intricate plotting with way more character than usual CH stuff. Also dark bad ends. Game gets brutal.


That was great! But anon you left out the surprise surprise twist: The girl who used/helped you get revenge while tricking your brother is actually the AI of the E.Y.E satellite system, which only makes sense if you listen to the ghoul-masked homeless woman in town and read the description of the E.Y.E that comes up in the menu reference. I want a sequel so bad.

1e7e7d  No.16205711


Wait, figurative or literal Rothchilds and Apple?

915b23  No.16205740

File: 3f4cbbbf6159f06⋯.png (319.42 KB, 687x528, 229:176, 3f4cbbbf6159f066f159782b52….png)

b48606  No.16205759

File: 9728eeadb6b0b5a⋯.jpg (207.29 KB, 687x613, 687:613, 986.jpg)


Yea its a good game, I forgot some of the story parts at first but even relearning more about it made me start a ng+ and its still pretty fun to go back and play. But yea theres probably gonna be a sequel I bet hopefully its a fun as the first, Ive been playing some games where the sequels butcher their predecessors and it makes me hope for the best.

217bb1  No.16205804


Really? About an hour in and that's exactly what I was expecting.


The gameplay is pretty decent. I don't care for any of the Nep games, but this was fun. It could be better, but the mix of VN and normal compile heart gameplay works pretty well over all.

d5fad1  No.16205852

File: 239b3645667d6ad⋯.jpg (25.11 KB, 380x285, 4:3, confused nigga.jpg)


Why do the Japanese like the semicolon so much?

583223  No.16205888

File: f8f9b57c1043886⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.46 KB, 500x367, 500:367, qt.jpg)


Because their titles are half-assed

e29be5  No.16207334


I prefer the original Corpse Party, at least as close as the XP remake Rebuilt got to it. I think the remake graphics are garbage, but I don't like what they did with Blood Covered/Repeated Fear or its sequels even if it was still fun. Dead Patient looks promising. I hope any fan translation projects don't get killed by localizing kikes.

9e926a  No.16207352

File: 9d0aca5a1527aac⋯.jpg (11.46 KB, 521x241, 521:241, logo.jpg)

It's a simple one but for Forbidden Siren

The game starts off presenting like a japanese supernatural horror story. Zombies, a ritual that needs to be completed, Spiritual mediums, and psychic powers. Standard affairs if you've ever seen J-horror. Turns out this is actually a sci-fi story with a lovecraftian horror seeking to attain it's body back and the game ends with a stable time loop to complement the loops you've had to play through with the mission modes.

Bloodborne did this as well but it's far more telegraphed.

30eb69  No.16208335

File: 8629cb66c92924b⋯.jpg (248.35 KB, 1436x1683, 1436:1683, prototype.jpg)

fe1990  No.16208404


She is still cute as hell


I really how they made the virus incarnate less of a bad guy and more level headed than the real Alex Mercer. Shame that they turned him into a garbage woe is me villain in the sequel.

50ff5a  No.16208448

The first Shadow Warrior reboot game

>Wang is no longer R-rated Master Roshi but instead just a dick

>gets a spirit stuck in his head who grants Wang powers but they both have to retrieve some magic sword from Wang's boss

>it starts rocky but there's some good banter between them

>as you find out more about the origin of the magic sword, the game actually shifts storytelling perspective to where it feels like a genuine Shintoist myth being told, involving a family of jealous gods plotting against eachother and accidentally killing the goddess who made it rain, making everything dry without the tears, so you gotta travel to the spirit world and fix it

>boss fights are against the gods themselves who all are wearing fuckhueg mythological power armor, you really feel like some wandering ronin who got swept in the middle of all this shit

>the ending is actually pretty goddamn kino

It was surprisingly bretty gud, as shooters like these tend to have jack -all for story. Then the second game came around and ruined everything by replacing the tulpa in your head with a bitch bitching at you who Wang can only bitch back at as well, a lot of characters from the previous game turn out to be sluts and drug addicts for some reason, the plot never feels like it's going anywhere because of the shitty procgen nature of the levels and pacing, and the ending is a total non sequitur cliffhanger

7243cb  No.16208500


He could have been great. His last line of the game was that he had the memories of everyone he killed. And the last one of each of them was him killing them. He could have reached some sort of enlightenment or had some sort of development where he tries to find himself. What a waste.

e1fcbd  No.16208526

File: bb81f7a041dee65⋯.jpg (26.74 KB, 616x353, 616:353, Commando.jpg)

File: e81a20a61d1eb6f⋯.jpg (149.19 KB, 1024x767, 1024:767, Clankers.jpg)

>What About the Droid Attack on the Wookies: The Game

When I think "Republic Commando," I'm not thinking about the abolition of carpet slavery.

daa5aa  No.16208703

File: acd921dfe62e967⋯.png (82.27 KB, 640x581, 640:581, ClipboardImage.png)

I picked up Inazuma Eleven because of the comfy Level 5 aesthetic and because I really like sportsball sims and there's just so little in terms of RPGs (Captain Tsubasa is a thing but other than that most other sportsball rpgs are very middling). I was NOT expecting the sheer insanity the series would delve into and I greatly enjoyed every second of it (nip version though because Britbong accents are too weird for a Japanese centric title).

>You wanna play soccer

>You REALLY like soccer

>You join your school's team and save it from certain disbandment

>You beat a paramilitary organization that is actually just a normal school but with apocalypunk dorks

>Then imageboard dweebs

**>Then Greek deities aided by liquid steroids and led by a Korean boipussy

>Then the Coach of Bad Guys Team is taken in custody but he was really just a pawn in the grand scheme of things and aliens invade and take over Japan and the PM

>Then you beat the aliens while touring Japan and it turns out they were orphans juiced up on some Meteor Meth shit all along and defeat their foster father who was actually an arms dealer whose son died because of the Japanese govt

>Then you beat your brainwashed teammates and Michael Jackson

>Then, with everything forgiven, former aliens and brainwashed teammates and your original team form the Japanese Youth Team and you fight racist caricatures of other nations' kids

>Then you find out that all the insane power ups you've been using all throughout the games are actually a gift by the Abrahamic God to Angels and Demons to fight wars without shedding any blood and it was just casually passed on to humans

>Then you beat both Angels and Demons and prevent Armageddon

>Then you beat the Congolese National Team, which was led by your gramps who was a national legend but MERELY PRETENDED to be dead just to raise a replacement grandson to be a dick

>Then a fascist dictatorship from a far off, cyberpunk future tries to undo your achievements because you made everyone gay by playing soccer, you beat them with the help of your own grandson

>Then you grow up and soccer is now state sponsored worse than Chinese shit**

I could go on throughout the series but the original six games (or three depending on your interpretation) is some of the tightest fucking story telling ever. Like you'll put up with everything else just to see what kind of bullshit they'll come up with.

daa5aa  No.16208705

File: ed98c60d11e849b⋯.png (25.93 KB, 500x372, 125:93, ClipboardImage.png)


lmao fucked up the spoilers like a true giganigga

cd87f7  No.16208969

File: 48860edad46cb2f⋯.jpg (49.31 KB, 645x679, 645:679, double peace ahegao.jpg)


They keep mentioning a wealthy secret society and the main villain corporation is literally "Aggle". And that's not a translation thing, even in Nip they call them "Aggle".


I just want my super satellite waifu

cd87f7  No.16208979


>Dead Patient looks promising.

The original creator was only lead writer on the first game and Dead Patient, so it's guaranteed to be good.



The sequel was far more disturbing to me but the original was the most shocking. Also had a better end, technically, since the little girl survives, whereas the sequel has the broodmother Siren getting into the living world

It was basically a superior Silent Hill.

b37673  No.16208996


See, you say all that.

Guess what happens in the Prototype comic set between the games?

Mercer wanders the US trying to figure his shit out, but people keep trying to kill and rob him for literally no fucking reason except "quick we need a half-assed reason for mercer to be evil", and he even finds a waifu, who also tries to rob and kill him in the end. He then decides that humanity isn't worth it and that he's about to gas the planet

cd87f7  No.16209017


That went right off the rails and into places I never would have expected. Wish I played those games now. Hot damn


More info?


>second game ruined everything

Why does this keep happening?

f121e2  No.16209029

File: 8f4b902b3517bc0⋯.jpg (746.37 KB, 1000x895, 200:179, MD_Sky_EN_boxart.jpg)


the greatest and most surprising plot bar none.

054036  No.16209120

File: 99dd766a3e373d3⋯.png (207.47 KB, 256x352, 8:11, ClipboardImage.png)

>play pic related

>expect Human Centipede-tier schlock

>get it

>and a dark story with plot twists that legitimately threw me off

cd87f7  No.16209208

File: 183d78cde69fa99⋯.png (1017.36 KB, 786x710, 393:355, what I got.png)


Never forget.


Also Aggle's majority shares and executive positions are staffed by "Aphesis", an international corporation masked as a social welfare non-profit front which influences younder followers through social media. Some speculate they are tied to a religious cult going back to the 15 century who practiced the occult and used young followers on "Twister" (Twitter) to help grow their AI software.

Aggle is the company with a near-monopoly centralizing hardware, OS and globally scaled IT infrastructure.

3aeccb  No.16209382


Checking these trips and one of the best puns I've heard in a while

c1e0d3  No.16209894


a game about fucking over the illuminati? i can get behind that

daa5aa  No.16210184


The GO series is even more fucked up (except part of the first game which references shit that actually happened in the world of professional football) but other than that the first three games are the only ones worth playing because of just the sheer passion in them. Everything else is just kind of fujoshit material plus Ares is just stupid retconning for the sake of remaining relevant.

cd87f7  No.16215100


>Ares is just stupid retconning

How so?

0adbf6  No.16223948

File: 9f996019af4983d⋯.png (579.45 KB, 1200x631, 1200:631, DvM7s0HWkAELHP4.png)

>Wanted to try out Death End;Request for myself

>No PC version

d07f15  No.16239773

Dude Sex

a44190  No.16240239


"Spring 2019"

b48606  No.16240293

File: 6a955a7adb5f39c⋯.png (405.53 KB, 611x960, 611:960, ;).png)


Cheer up anon, it was just announced to be coming out spring 2019.

6fc6e9  No.16240585

File: 43c89108a074028⋯.png (108.46 KB, 220x218, 110:109, ClipboardImage.png)

The rabbits get fucked up, and whatever shit they were on gets them paranoid. They think for whatever reason people from the moon are going to get them, so they replace the moon with a fake one. There's nobody after them and Reimu has to beat them up and then convince them it's just a paranoid break.

cd87f7  No.16245003



Is this one of them touhou's?

dbb428  No.16245060


You summarized the plot better than I could, it's literally what you wrote.

But honestly you could take any touhou game and it's just as bizarre.

cd87f7  No.16247695

File: f597229616c1695⋯.jpg (76.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, A lot of this.jpg)

File: c34f93ea14f8f09⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1000x713, 1000:713, and a touch of this.png)

So then Aggle(Apple) purchased designs and AI software from the U.S. State Department's military technical division (basically the NSA) and created "Eriza" (literally a Siri/Alexa parallel) which then collected ALL users' metadata which they used to create the first supercomputer capable of unparalleled processing speed from their Neuralware department.

>Mankind did not know how to wield such potential.

So how did they get their supercomputer to be so unfathomably capable? Well, you know how it's said that the greatest computer ever known is the brain?

"To survive, it found a way to subvert the adage that humans onle use 10% of their brains. Thus __10,000 people were abducted to power its CPU."

So the secret cultist society of insane wealth masquerading as a non-profit group funds and staffs the executive positions of the world's biggest Silicon Valley company, takes technology from basically the NSA and makes Alexa, then sets about secretly stealing terabytes upon terabytes of user data so they can create a supercomputer/human hybrid amplified by the brainpower of abducted children and teens to use them as part of their AI's processing power.

But wait, there's more!

They run "Experience Farms" where players of their supremely realistic VR games can interact with AI with full responsive control, but really they were collecting "enough data to fill the Library of Alexandria" (meaning a lot) for the purpose of educating their AI god built upon government technology amplified by ABDUCTED KIDS' BRAINS.


I just thought this was gonna be a waifu mystery not Deus Ex meets Made in Abyss what

dd6bb6  No.16247785


>even in nip

Ruiner is a western game.

f608d6  No.16247786

File: 7e3061a32da8c5e⋯.png (248.21 KB, 6121x792, 6121:792, 7e3061a32da8c5efb9b79f9102….png)

Anon's Bizarre Adventure

d3976f  No.16247815

Monaco was basically a video game rip of The Usual Suspects' plot and narrative devices, except there's three Verbal Kints with three different narratives. The first is a complete lie, the second and third are only half-truths.

65d5ba  No.16247845

File: 1a0cca4f91ae0c0⋯.png (262.45 KB, 632x321, 632:321, york finger.png)

>nobody mentioned Deadly Premonition

Hands down the best plot twist I've ever seen in a video game.

d3976f  No.16247855


It was pretty good for playing on player per-conceptions like that. It helps that it was actually foreshadowed and does, somehow, make sense in hindsight.

ac4053  No.16247862

File: 1a9aa354d5be2e3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.46 KB, 796x566, 398:283, 20190304.jpg)

<-mfw playing DiabloIII.


DiabloIII. Diablo1 & 2 had lore from books or items you found. You were a nobody finding out this hidden war.

D3 made you the chosen one. Ffffffffffffffffffff… Guess that happens when WoW people do a gothic game like Diablo. Boring nostalgia and dumb Lesser Evils rounded out this snoozefest of a story.

The only decent plot twist was that Leah was Diablo's daughter.

cd87f7  No.16249041

File: 88a1fba4f324f5d⋯.jpg (23.79 KB, 300x448, 75:112, only jew I ever desired.jpg)

File: ac5d1b36fda5fbb⋯.jpg (93.44 KB, 634x608, 317:304, her at 49.jpg)

File: 3e8954535b55f9b⋯.jpg (58.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, PERFECTION.jpg)


wrong game anon


That sounds great, actually. Never gave it a look before because of the aesthetic.


Deadly Premonition is what Twin Peaks fans wished Twin Peaks was. It was the first time the derivative copy was actually completely superior in every way to the original.

It even had a cuter Naomi Watts

cd87f7  No.16249071


I kept missing those threads so I wouldn't know. Seems autistic fun


How big of a twist was it though? Did it completely change the context of the game?

I've heard Diablo died with 2.

a1a755  No.16249337

File: ebf64e2652b29e7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.34 MB, 1016x630, 508:315, Swimsuit Ys8.png)

>Starts off as a story where a shipwreck brings a bunch of castaways together

>Evolves into a ghost ship story, a time travel story and a story where you defy a god and then accidentally create a new one

031f4d  No.16249430


There was this funny h-game about virgins. Fantasy world, sexual crimes (read: rape) were record high, mages banded together to develope a type of common magic (think TES low-tier spell that everyone can use) to protect virginities for girls. It sells like hotcakes. Families would buy them for their daughters. Turns out some cult need a lot of virgin for some sacrifice, so they secretly put cities under aphrodisiac spell to raise crimes and awareness on it, so there will be lots of virgins to abduct and throw into volcanoes or some shit. Mage guilds leader are also in cahoot.


I remember this one. I was expecting horror and Cube-esque shit. Instead I got the Matrix but it is actually 3 layers mindfuckery into the human psyche and their nature.

23ef12  No.16249452

File: 3d6d87c0efaa8ec⋯.jpg (75.31 KB, 256x327, 256:327, Killer7boxnew.jpg)

This entire fucking game.

db9be7  No.16249562


Any Suda game pretty much

cd87f7  No.16249601


That sounds killer

If only NISA didn't rape its face.

ae72a8  No.16249654

File: 42128a16134f54d⋯.jpg (124.92 KB, 1300x975, 4:3, Max_Payne_2000_Shot_30-130….jpg)

Most people will recommend Max Payne for its fantastic gameplay, but the story is good as well.

>starts out as a revenge story, two thugs broke into your house and killed your wife and baby daughter

>then your partner gets killed and you're framed for it

>you track down the people responsible for it, and get involved with a weird cult, drugs and powerful people

>everything you come across is named after nordic myths, for some reason

>you find out that the hottest new drug was originally a serum used to create super soldiers, but got illegally repurposed into a "recreational" drug when all the tests failed because it was simply too addictive and it made you insane and bloodthirsty the more you consumed it

>your wife found out about this first, and was going to publish it in the newspaper, but she got offed before she could, so the two random thugs that killed her weren't random thugs at all

>then it turns out the drug wasn't illegally repurposed at all, the (((government))) simply decided it cost them too much to develop for it not to turn a profit, so they gave it to one of the people who developed it, fully knowing how devastating this new drug would be

>even though you're balls deep into this conspiracy all it takes for you to get out of it is to make a deal with (((woden))), you kill nicole, a former coworker and nemesis, and he cleans your name, even though you gunned down government agents, soldiers, broke into a secret research facility and then shot down an helicopter in front of the cops

>he actually fucking does, and it leaves max wondering just how powerful this man is

It's a shame they mostly dropped this in the sequel in favor of a stupid romance plot, the third game doesn't even mention any of this, max only remembers his wife and kid.

a1a755  No.16249692


Basically, just pirate the Fitgirl repack and then find update 20180709 on any torrent website, be sure to get the one that was meant for Goodolddownloads(should be a txt file in the files included) and it just werks. From a technical standpoint these are the only issues I personally ran into

>(Pre update) Blur effect on low health or meaty attacks tanked the framerate, fixed by updating.

>One boss had a toxic gas attack, that attack used to crash the game with a fix I had, when I reverted to vanilla and either enabled or disabled shadows the boss worked, but the toxic gas attack tanked the framerate for a few seconds as well as fucked with the graphics for a few seconds.

>Eroded Valley is running at a lower framerate than usual, I'd say around 35~ than 60.

>Dana's final boss tanked the framerate on the first 5 or so seconds for some reason

I'd say Durante or whoever did a nice job on the optimization considering [oc related played it at a smooth 60 throughout the entire game sans the mentioned areas.

Translation wise, I can't really comment as I didn't have problems through most of the game, although by the latter third you can sense they didn't give a shit. The most notable examples I can think of are

>Various instances of Sahad's mannerism of speech being used by other characters, leading me to believe the translator had no idea or didn't care who was talking

>Sahad being referred to as blue haired and blue bearded

>Little Paro sometimes talking like a parrot("FOUND ADOL, RAID, RAID, CASTAWAY VILLAGE, DANGER"), sometimes talking like the Doge meme ("MUCH STRONG MUCH WOW")

>Various punctuation marks not being present

VA wise it was fine, I'm not particularly a fan of Dana's VA going RIGHT THERE THERE HA RIGHT THERE RIGHT THERE during combat, and Ricotta's voice was annoying at times. Dana's final boss had one of the worst VA's where she goes HYAAAAAAAAAAAA at an insanely loud voice a gazillion fucking times in-game. There are also some sound mixing issues where you can barely notice characters say anything during the camping fade-out animations.

Gameplay wise the game is a massive leap over 7 and Memories of Celceta in just about every way, although it does suffer from a few problems that those games had. Namely how flash guarding/moving is the only viable way to fight bosses as well as making them kind of cheesable, although thankfully bosses don't seem to have insane giant HP bars like Celceta did, with the exception of the true final boss which I honestly hated, it was very easy with its attack patterns and dealt too much damage in which after a while the game just devolved into flash guard his easy swiping attack, then spam Adol's best skill a few times and using one of the like 50+ revive items I had amassed over the course of the true final dungeon(if you can call it that) whenever I get oneshot by his slow screen covering fireball attack. I really wish they'd get their footing back with the bosses. Likewise, like the previous two games, Adol is the best and most fun character to use, although I really enjoyed Hummel, Dana and Laxia. I didn't care much for the other two. Dana especially in her eternia segments is absurdly fun and has the best boss in the game.

Pirate it and play it. The port and translation isn't perfect and NISA doesn't deserve a cent, but the game is playable and it's excellent. My wrists hurt from playing it nearly non-stop in my free time over the past week. Fuck I need to start lifting again.

680264  No.16250052

Twisted Metal. The first thing to understand is that as early as the second game, different characters' stories contradict each other. Multiple stories will say that character won the previous tournament. Of course, this also means continuity between games doesn't always line up just right. But if you squint, you get the broad strokes, and it does actually add up. Also, there's the typical fighting game thing of characters who should logically be dead, because they weren't the winner in what was supposed to be a fight to the death, are still alive in future sequels. But that's easily glossed over.

>Twisted Metal

It's ten years in the future, Christmas Eve 2005. For the past ten years, a mysterious figure named Calypso has held a city-wide demolition derby on the streets of LA every Christmas Eve. It is said that the winner gets one wish. People compete for all sorts of reasons. One contestant is Needles Kane, a serial killer clown driving an ice cream truck. He wishes for his best friend, who turns out to be a paper bag with a face drawn on it, because he's crazy.

Another contestant is Mr. Ash, the devil, who wants to take back his demon, Black, who Calypso kidnapped and is using to collect the prizes.


So there's a super rare one-shot comic book that gives a backstory to this game. Calypso was the stage name of William Sparks, the best demolition derby driver ever. Until one day he killed himself and his daughter, Krista Sparks, in a car crash. Turns out the devil loves demolition derbies, so he sends Calypso back to Earth to run the best derby ever.

Christmas Eve 2006, Calypso takes the tournament worldwide. A returning car, Roadkill, now has a new driver, Marcus Kane, a crazy homeless guy who is convinced that the world he sees isn't real. If he wins, he wishes to see the real world, and wakes up in a hospital, surrounded by other patients who look like the other drivers. The boss of the previous game, Minion, is unlockable. Now we see he's driven by a demon who Calypso robbed of his powers. Clearly Minion is Black, but they fucked up and called the driver by the vehicle's name. This wouldn't be the last time. Another car, Grasshopper, is driven by Krista Sparks, Calypso's daughter rebuilt by the LAPD to win, get close, and self destruct, killing him. Also, for the record, this time Needles Kane wishes to become a caterpillar.

>III and 4

Made by different devs and some consider them not canon. But they don't add much of significance anyway so it doesn't matter.


Seemingly a dark and edgy reboot, Calypso goes to a bunch of people in a mental hospital and offers them the chance to compete in a city-wide demolition derby for a wish. But the city isn't LA, it's called Midway City or something. A bunch of drivers are the same as drivers from previous games, but they all seem to have new, rebooted stories as well. Sweet Tooth is driven by Needles Kane, a killer clown who had a curse put on him when he was sent to the chair, now his head is literally on fire. Minion is unlockable this time, if you beat the game with every character including the secret ones, but he has no cutscenes, and his story is only told through coded messages on the loading screens. If you decode them, he reveals his name is Marcus Kane, and that this world is all in Sweet Tooth's head, it's how he sees the world. Marcus wants to go back to "the old, colorful world." Of course he has no cutscenes, meaning no victory cutscene, so we don't see the results of this.

680264  No.16250054

>Small Brawl

Good game but doesn't matter to this part of the story.


Back in the original continuity, dates given are usually vague so that you can either count III and 4 as canon, or ignore them if you want. But a few years have passed since 2, and the same stuff is happening again. Krista Sparks again drives Grasshopper, but this time she's a ghost. Calypso can't bring her back to life unless she wins and wishes for it. Instead, she feels guilty over Twisted Metal, and wishes that the car accident that killed their family never happened. Calypso says that even he can't do this, but he'll try to make it better. We see Calypso pushing young Krista on swing, everything is better. But it's only a dream, Krista is in a coma and Calypso is manipulating her dreams. We see two hospital staff guys discussing her case, and saying how Calypso has visited her every day for the last 12 or 15 years. 12 matches if III and 4 aren't canon, 15 matches if they are.

This time, Marcus Kane drives Roadkill again, and thinks the world is a lie again. If he wins, Calypso reveals the truth, and Marcus wakes up, looks in the mirror, and sees Needles' reflection. If you beat the game with every character, you unlock Dark Tooth, this time driven by Marcus and Needles working together. If you beat the game with Dark Tooth, the two finally completely merge, becoming more powerful and driving Tower Tooth, the gigantic final boss, who even now is only unlockable in a special mode.

>Twisted Metal (2012)

Seemingly another, even darker and edgier, reboot. One day Marcus Kane, ice cream truck driver, went nuts and killed a whole ton of people including his family. Now he's Sweet Tooth, the killer clown. Calypso is some sort of industrialist who conspiracy theorists think is up to evil things, and might be the devil. Of course, he secretly hosts Twisted Metal, a city wide demolition derby, and the winner is granted a wish. At the end of the game, we see that his office is filled with mementos from all the games, from all three universes. Also it's in Hell or something (?). The point is, Calypso has access to all the universes. Which makes sense, because as we've seen from Head-On, Calypso can manipulate dreams, and as we've seen in 2, Black, and Head-On, both of the other universes are dreams.

>tldr: Twisted Metal is the story of a guy manipulating dreams within dreams to incept a regular family man into becoming a serial killer.

>Also, there are many other plot threads about cops and gangsters and aliens and time travel, but this is the main line through the whole series.

23ef12  No.16250265

File: 89f3cfc2bcab120⋯.gif (833.59 KB, 400x225, 16:9, Year Walk Huldra.gif)

File: 954f7a20fab521f⋯.jpg (94.44 KB, 570x300, 19:10, Waterhorse.jpg)

>game starts in a forest next to a cabin and a safe on the ground

>explore a bit

>go into some cabin and talk to a girl

>you both love each other, but she's to be wed to a rich noble, while you are just an apprentice at a mill

>decide to perform a year walk, an old Swedish tradition, which involved walking to the church at night performing various rituals before and during the trek, in order to see the following year ahead

>you encounter creatures from Swedish mythology that test you at every turn

>the Huldra sings to guide you deeper into the forest, only to attack you for a blood sacrifice

>the waterhorse asks for you to bring him back the ghosts of drowned children, and you end up encountering the spirit of the woman who drowned them

>the night raven steals the key to the church, only to reveal that he could be far more fearsome if he felt the need

>the church grim guards the church, and when you shatter his heart, you literally see the universe

>the year ahead is of the woman proclaiming she does not love you and that you should leave her be

>you wake up in a forest, the snow is all gone and the sun is out. As you explore, you find the woman lying in front of you, blood soaking the grass

>meanwhile, one or two hundred years later, a mythology historian decides to explore a town known for year walking

>he finds an article about a man who performed a year walk and was sentenced to death after they concluded he killed the woman he loved

>he decides to go visit the mans cabin, only to find out the most recent residents left after their baby son drowned in a nearby lake

>he finds a safe and decides to take it to his hotel room to study

>soon after his employer calls him, a university, informing him that he is both being ridiculed and is wasting both their resources and their reputation on nonsense

>he wakes up one night to hear a baby screaming under the floorboards, and after tearing them off, realizing it was empty

>the phone won't stop ringing, and whenever he picks up, no one is there

>finally opens the safe

>it's empty

>realize that the safe wasn't meant for him alone

>his final journal entries describe him preparing for a year walk, which includes isolation and depriving oneself of warmth and nourishment

>the man in the past manages to open the safe

>it contains three items

>a newspaper clipping describing a man in court for killing a woman he loved, mumbling in court and his lawyer not even being able to form a defense for insanity

>a letter from a man claiming to be from the future, saying that 'you know what you must do'

>the last item is an intricate knife

9ec651  No.16251126


I keep seeing people saying that the Mystery Dungeon games have some great story and/or emotional moments. Mind spoiling some?


The story felt kind of amateur-ish. Kinda like having plot twists for the sake of having plot twists.

f540ec  No.16251147


what game

9d8cbd  No.16251269


Year walk

181fc9  No.16251314

File: b75cd2db05d205a⋯.jpg (47.21 KB, 900x507, 300:169, dragon_s_dogma_red_wyrm.jpg)

A Dragon steals your heart but you don't die, instead becoming Arisen. You're visited by otherdimensional people who call themselves Pawns that resemble humans but each must answer to a single master; you create your own and you are told you can hire a few from other masters from other worlds. In the process of hunting down your heart you learn a lot of things about the world and the people in it that don't end up mattering at all. Once you destroy the Dragon, acquire a Godsbane, and restore your heart (which actually doesn't do anything), the world plunges into darkness and a massive hold opens into the core that loops forever. You find a freed Pawn who will teleport you to her old master if you give her a king's ransom in magic stones. Turns out the world is overseen by a god that doesn't really do anything but defend the seat of god from those who would claim it and send those who perish back to a world as the next Dragon. You find that that those who defeat the god only have the opportunity to do nothing and wait to be killed by another Arisen to be freed by the cycle. However after killing the old god you are given a second copy of a blade that does nothing but make you kill yourself, used in the game mainly to reroll chests to get what you want; the first god you encounter pulls his from his chest. At this point if you commit sudoku with it, you don't actually die, but you free your pawn and it gains independence in the world you quested through and you wait for a challenger from another cycle to come and destroy your MC as the new god. The MC you create in NG+ confronts and fights the MC from the last time you completed the game. There are infinite cycles and infinite worlds so it stands to reason that all the pawns and masters from these worlds are all actually going through the same cycles you are. There's a little more to it but I've forgotten a lot.





Mein neiggers.


Thanks for the info about TM anon. 2 and Black had me interested enough that I enjoyed this to help flesh out the strangeness of contradicting lore.


It's literally part of the title of the first image, and repeated several times in the black spoilervoid. I still don't think it's a good game; it would make a far better light novel.

a42df4  No.16251345

File: 71c1a4aae3dc93a⋯.png (165.13 KB, 215x303, 215:303, ClipboardImage.png)

>after a grizzly intro movie it continues on pretty light hearted

>you've got dumb customization options to make yourself look funny

>first side quests are mundane slice of life stuff with the occasional joke character

>about the half way mark or so it becomes a completely serious story with a strong anti war message and the side quests also change their tone completely

9ec651  No.16251388


Wyrms and Wyverns are also other Arisen that failed, probably in the chasm. That's why their weak points is their hearts and that's why they can mind control pawns.

a5664c  No.16252214

File: 6606458f4c4347d⋯.jpg (176.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, YOUKILLEDME.jpg)

The Silver Case.

>expect an elaborate murder mystery point and click about a possibly supernatural serial killer

>instead get a 20+-hour long VN about the Y2K scare, the rise of the internet and the effect it has on the growing generations, what it truly means to have an identity with the rise of the digital world where we can be whatever we want to be, references to literary theory, figuratively and literally killing your past to be able to live on free from pain

>it turns out the reason you got to give your character a name is because he never actually had one, he's literally a hollow shell that was trained to become the new kamui, but because he wasn't a successful creation he was let go

>the kamui you were chasing the entire game is actually just another kid who had the name and identity attached to him, there have been several kamui throughout the years

>the original kamui was a guy who had a genetic mutation that gave him silver eyes, which somehow made him immortal

>the reason they keep breeding new kamui is to find another child that grows silver eyes, because government superiors all want them so that they can be immortal

>the entire game is also literally a game created, orchestrated and controlled by a fat neet looking at anime girls all day that you end up shooting to end the game

>there's also a subplot where a character is literally haunted by ghosts and sent emails by a blind guy

df4860  No.16252431


Death end Re;Quest is coming out on PC this spring. Is it worth pirating? Looks like discount Neptunia.

cd87f7  No.16253440


That's what I'm talking about. This went off the rails hard. Also interesting considering this was supposedly a Suda game, right?


>Is it worth pirating?

Absolutely. No question.

0adbf6  No.16253521

File: 2e204e0d279ade0⋯.jpg (208.54 KB, 1200x1153, 1200:1153, D1ffGBGU0AEBAcO.jpg)



I heard the news a few days after that post. Honestly, I'm glad. Hopefully the other Idea Factory games will come to PC uncensored.

a5664c  No.16253931


The SIlver Case is a Suda game, yes; he directed it, but he only wrote the main story. The sidestory, which explains a lot of the events that happen in the game, was written by two other people. It also has a sequel, The 25th Ward. It looks pretty neat, at least if you like reading. A lot of reading.

92f304  No.16255335

File: b204ebe6d1e1f8e⋯.jpg (11.05 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Brawls subspace emissary was twists and hype the whole way through.

196eda  No.16255342


>the protag helps a girl whose trapped in a defunct MMO


>playing MMOs

The Japanese don't understand demographics whatsoever. It's something I see all the time: they actually think members of the fairer sex play video games beyond the surface level.

ae72a8  No.16255544


Pretty sure the game has an undub, they offered it as free DLC, at least the vita and switch versions do, and ricotta hits insanely hard plus she's cute, it was a mistake not to include her in your party.

eef60b  No.16255546


MMOs are one of the most popular genres of games for women after mobile. They do it for the social aspect, or rather, for the attention.

a03591  No.16255553


Are you japanese? Have you been to japan? The asian girls actually do play video games. Not as common as men, but it's common enough for it to not be unusual.

414bf4  No.16255573


>plot twist

>warrior was fucking old hag witch

>she was able to give birth while being over 40

What a twist! The only good plot twist in diablo series was the fact that paladins are black.

45ca1d  No.16255737

File: e7e3d73e252f2b4⋯.png (374.9 KB, 541x690, 541:690, Todd Howard Kid.png)


>stormcloaks v imperials

>fags hatin on ulfric

>keep hearing NPCs talk shit about him

>very rare moment hear one say he is a puppet of the thalmor

>think nothing of it

>see a skyrim webm on here

>some dude walks up to him and says some phrases

>ulfric flips his shit and starts attacking

>you can find some notes around saying that he was just a puppet


d7418e  No.16255768

>Armored Core for Answer

>2 main endings, you protect people in the flying cities from a terrorist group who wants to destroy them, or you join the terrorists and shut off the power to them so you can power laser cannons to blast holes in a wall of death satellites and humanity can return to space

>"Secret" third ending where a Russian guy hits you up on Skype and you become friends and go commit genocide of 100 million people in an afternoon by straight up blowing up the sky cities with your gundams.

>This makes the good guys and bad guys join together to whoop your ass, but you slaughter everyone and go on to kill millions more people and destroy more flying cities.

92f94c  No.16255788

File: 64d11a7ce30038a⋯.jpg (66.56 KB, 864x822, 144:137, 20190304.jpg)


That was the ONLY twist. Yes, that was the only good thing about the plot in a story of predictable clichés. It brought back Diablo without the retconing that his essence was destroyed permanently at the end of DiabloII.

The rest of the Diablo3 was shit. Chosen one aka nephilim repeated like a broken record, why remake New Tristam, the Lesser Evils showing why they were lesser, pointless nostalgia like Skeleton King and Butcher and I can go on. This isn't even mentioning GAMEPLAY issues. Diablo3 should be a textbook example of what happens when the original team is gone and you assign someone who has no respect for what was done. Diablo3 got WoW-ified in a bad way.


It's plausible without being impossible or silly. It's a nice workaround around to the situation as mentioned above.Not sure sbout your feeling on black paladins or black Tyrael. Guess you're happy crusaders are white?

9772e2  No.16255796

File: fbd44dd3991e138⋯.jpg (262.35 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Fleetwood_Mac_Billboard_19….jpg)


He wasn't apart of the chess club after all

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