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File: 09912e5861ccad6⋯.png (98.67 KB, 720x468, 20:13, AO2.png)

ecac15  No.16207253

Hey v, if you have any taste for murder mysteries and games that rely on teamwork between players, how about trying Ace Attorney Multiplayer?

>tldr me on what is this

It's Ace Attorney, a game where you play through murder trials to defend someone unjustly accused of murder. But the real point of the trial is not to prove them innocent, but rather to find the real killer by listening to the witnesses and pointing out who is lying.

In the original single-player game by CAPCOM you can only be a defense attorney. Here in the multiplayer version every single role is occupied by a real person, meaning you can be judge, prosecutor, witness, detective, bailiff, assistant of defense or prosecution, even stenographer. It is a paradise for anyone interested in murder mysteries.

>I don't want to play a game that relies heavily on player interaction with normalfags

Halfchan has a server, and considering a match needs ~10 players to get started it is a good thing to get as many people as possible. Join the "Attorney Online Vidya" server when you're in

>download link

use this link so you don't have to download all the ponyshit that normalfags use in their assets


4469d5  No.16207259

File: 628dc092b8f32c2⋯.png (982.37 KB, 898x1258, 449:629, feen and maya.png)

ecac15  No.16207263

File: 1022b754f8af152⋯.png (111.9 KB, 996x377, 996:377, Complex Maps.png)

File: c0ec9ba5cf6f1fb⋯.png (21.58 KB, 254x185, 254:185, Layton questions.png)

File: e6895b1f7d34edc⋯.png (80.55 KB, 254x173, 254:173, prosecutors.png)

Here are some screencaps of what the game looks like in action. As you can see it is carefully made to be exactly look exactly like Ace Attorney. One of these screencaps has the buttons and chat, but the actual client looks bigger than this of course

13a3aa  No.16207265

We use to have Friday night case night here.

We know what AAO is

4fa4aa  No.16207275

I have no idea why I have never involved myself in this. Too many other things, it seems.

ecac15  No.16207280

File: 47f32f948e4da92⋯.png (84.48 KB, 249x170, 249:170, two witnesses.png)


That was before the new client with rewritten engine

13a3aa  No.16207285


>new engine.

Okay what's different. You have me intrigued, hell I've been considering running case nights again

ecac15  No.16207297

File: f990a3eddf9e827⋯.png (27.06 KB, 515x385, 103:77, ClipboardImage.png)


There's way too many new features to list. Off the top of my head:

>can now pair with other people so that both your characters appear on-screen

>text system revamped to support in-line code, so you can change text color, make the screen shake at specific parts of your text and so on

>apng support, meaning animated images with transparency are now possible

>can loop sfx so that, for example, Klavier's continuous fingersnap would play the snap sfx even after the first one

>in-client support for seeking more players for a case and casetracking

>ability to change the name of your character on the go

A previous iteration of the client also added working evidence and custom objections, but you probably already knew these.

7e42b5  No.16207477

Last three times I tried to witness a case were terrible. One time, the steno left right in the middle of a witness testimony. For a while the case became a vague mess because of it, his replacement did such a shitty job the jury had a hard time deliberating. The second time had Holmes so autistically verbose that the defendant had to leave during a recess after the second witness. At that point, the case lasted for over 6 hours.The third time the judge dropped near the end and the case derailed.That's not to mention the times the cases were retarded from the start because cuckchan.

4311fb  No.16207607

File: cac4d51cd4af552⋯.png (61.26 KB, 253x187, 23:17, Screenshot (454).png)


Yeah, you definitely get some shit cases. There's admittedly a new wave of people who just don't know how to case properly, because a lot of the oldfags left. But from time to time you'll get a case that is just perfection. I remember an old AAI that took place in a prison and had some fantastic witnesses and a competent rival. Couldn't ask for anything better. Shame nobody really does AAI's now.

44a185  No.16207646

Okay. Let's say that I dont have to a whole lot for the mania this week.

yeah fucking right

Would any of you be interested in casing on friday

515f73  No.16207693

File: 3cf2d43c7cdca48⋯.jpg (18.5 KB, 326x294, 163:147, concern.jpg)


Why does layton have the last word?

a91dcd  No.16207715


Does this come with a function to view without playing so newfags can learn without fucking things up for the rest of you.

4311fb  No.16207718

File: 5dfd7b914f9ad36⋯.png (53.98 KB, 254x185, 254:185, Screenshot (285).png)


Yep! You can just join a casing area as a random characters and just watch. But don't be afraid in signing up for a case as a support. That way there's no pressure on you to actually contribute to the case, as it's generally accepted to be the newbie/shitpost role.

ecac15  No.16207722


Yes but it's like chess, you can only learn by playing. There are minor roles such as support made for newbies. As a support you have no responsibilities and can help your side on your on leisure. The lead and co players of your side will also help you. I highly suggest taking support instead of only spectating.

e759f4  No.16207863


Wasn't all the ponyshit removed anyway?

ecac15  No.16207889


Depends, the game is fairly decentralized and it's hard to track what is "official" and what isn't. AOV purged ponyshit from day 1, which was a little over 3 years ago, but to my knowledge normalfags still have ponyshit in many servers

347fd0  No.16208023

347fd0  No.16208041

File: 070ca646997b402⋯.png (41.71 KB, 253x227, 253:227, bcaz42b.png)

File: 54fbacf2c1b4ef0⋯.png (85.11 KB, 259x217, 37:31, unknown (1).png)

File: b3f10ef15c0546b⋯.png (83.08 KB, 256x216, 32:27, unknown (2).png)

File: aac0eb02587ed01⋯.png (104.14 KB, 257x235, 257:235, unknown (3).png)

File: 9a674852bcd0fc9⋯.png (19.89 KB, 257x282, 257:282, unknown (4).png)

Have some memes.

84329d  No.16208062

It's a shitty game with a shitty server and even though it says the server is 18+ it's full of stupid kids.

84329d  No.16208063

Two of the major retards everyone can agree on are Lupadim and Verin.

e759f4  No.16208064


>and considering a case needs ~10 players to get started

More like six or seven. Any more is just bonus / fluff.

ecac15  No.16208066



8chan has IDs, we can see your samefagging, retard.

84329d  No.16208074

Why are you on 8chan if this was originally from 4chan?

0373cc  No.16208078

got disillusioned with this prior from all of the shitty casing and normalfag casers. maybe everything will feel a little better with the new engine?




straight outta 4um

923121  No.16208080

File: 2c376c1d22016cc⋯.png (74.79 KB, 259x282, 259:282, unnamed (1).png)


Because the creator of this thread doesn't care to think any shit through. Here's a compensation cap.

e759f4  No.16208082


It's kind of evened out now since the youtube invasion.

"New engine" isn't true, it's just new features like having two players on screen at once.

ecac15  No.16208087


It was extraordinarily awful some time ago because a youtube video featuring the server blew up with over 300k views, but most normalfags were purged. Case quality is the same as usual: some gems here and and some crashes there.

923121  No.16208092

File: 8a31d1724b4c698⋯.png (76.95 KB, 765x542, 765:542, OH.png)

File: 3a56bf4794c6996⋯.png (48.35 KB, 367x536, 367:536, NO.png)

I regret ever being a part of this.

ea6021  No.16208097

Binary Case best case. Praise Dacho.

347fd0  No.16208098

File: afee9d47add4073⋯.png (92.93 KB, 257x234, 257:234, Attorney_Online_TbcNEEof8L.png)

File: f5c67942173f3d4⋯.png (101.15 KB, 256x216, 32:27, Attorney_Online_GnxkijZ01E.png)

File: 7fa578734c1afd7⋯.png (26.8 KB, 256x214, 128:107, Attorney_Online_rQoiLrdKgL.png)

96f6f2  No.16208296

You winning, son?

77791c  No.16208388


You know as well as I do that we never win anon.

c02c2d  No.16208812

File: a2362cf02ad389e⋯.gif (104.28 KB, 256x192, 4:3, [AJ] Suspense.gif)


344e9b  No.16208852

I havent played in forever. Any good new characters? did they re add chrom now that hes in smash? He was my ironic main anyone have a good court doc? I love reading those since I never have time for a full case.

923121  No.16209587

e759f4  No.16210889


>Any good new characters?

Darkthena is pretty legit

e31c89  No.16211607


That's not /ss/.

fc0c12  No.16212871


Sure, but considering that'd be yuri loli, /yl/ doesn't roll off the tongue like /ss/ does.

296efe  No.16214586

I hope everyone is ready to case at Friday.

e759f4  No.16214610


Frrrrriday night casing?

54a66c  No.16217444

File: d59d0f198a85ef2⋯.png (148.82 KB, 999x177, 333:59, evedense.png)

>det does another testimony after wit 1 to report findings

>wit 1 is a multiwit with 7 characters

>wit 2 does a 46 statements long testimony

jesus christ, that case was just a collection of the worst gimmicks ever

admittedly it was fun

f601c2  No.16218851

84329d  No.16219415

Verin here

I'm a fucking faggot who blew the admins dicks for the mod position.

ed8615  No.16220124



yeah ok when???

e759f4  No.16220590

54a66c  No.16220798


There are cases every day. Usually multiple times per day. You just need to join and chances are some area will be building.

0373cc  No.16220878


RIGHT NOW pls sign up as wit 2 friend

f31dca  No.16223335

File: d8b8b3fb7eec79e⋯.gif (66.13 KB, 600x400, 3:2, unhappy holo.gif)

Installing assets takes fucking forever with the launcher. Is it installing a bitcoin miner on my machine?

c9c249  No.16223433


There are over 5GB of content. That's because the game has over 300 characters, 500 music, 100 backgrounds. The are essentially all AA characters and a few dozen other guests from other games such as Layton or Ghost Trick.

f31dca  No.16223471


Oh, ok…guess I'll keep waiting for it. This better be good

df17e3  No.16223569

File: ba25b06f742e385⋯.jpg (87.6 KB, 493x637, 493:637, ba25b06f742e3851cf8c5e3162….jpg)

Oh boy, Attorney Online.

>tfw you never be a good at it except for shitposting.

7fbeef  No.16223591

File: cce31d2c9111126⋯.jpeg (29 KB, 640x300, 32:15, d4fc9b483babb3027ab5128f4….jpeg)

e007f8  No.16223652


If you got a shit ton of time there is nothing like it and it's amazing. If you got fuck all time it makes you sad but you can at least read case docs and shitpost

9bdb59  No.16223927

File: 6c8380829240ee0⋯.gif (1.06 MB, 450x374, 225:187, black_coffee.gif)

>drops onto basement

>heated discussion about staff members/community


327da1  No.16223946


>hate boner for Verin is still strong

I'm pretty sure people are doing this to look cool.

c9c249  No.16224298


Staying in any area other than case areas is asking for trouble

12fa3b  No.16224644


>looking cool

Yeah cause picking low hanging fruit makes you look anything more than lazy.

4311fb  No.16227044

File: 0ba9348c9c79c07⋯.png (84.6 KB, 252x185, 252:185, Screenshot (263).png)

File: 425aacd33fa73ab⋯.png (72.29 KB, 249x184, 249:184, Screenshot (178).png)

Who's up for a case tonight lads?

346f62  No.16227060


Like now?

2ff1aa  No.16227369


I'm a total newbie and I'd like to try this out.

fda14f  No.16227885


Just join at any moment, the server always has people in it and they are almost always casing or building a case. The only exception to this is yurop times.

77791c  No.16228851



Yeah, Euro hours are pretty desolute for the time being. Best time to show up is typically 6pm GMT or so.

3ff125  No.16229010

File: 1d1edbfff32f554⋯.jpg (19.85 KB, 348x327, 116:109, Not wright.jpg)


Either be the co/support defense or prosecutor for your first case to learn the ropes. When the case if building, you register for a role by typing /doc in the the ooc chat and editing the Google doc directly.

2ff1aa  No.16229580


Prosecutor is good for a first case? I thought that would be one of the hardest roles.

3ff125  No.16230643


Sorry, my previous post was misleading; I meant co-prosecutor/support. The point is you should let someone else lead so you can learn.

aaf792  No.16236890


Actually yes it is

0373cc  No.16236927


Play whatever role you want as your first case.

b3a4f7  No.16237263


Cringe. Unironically.

0373cc  No.16237726


i'd play on the server if you wanted to make a new one friend

f7e4d0  No.16240979


What name would you give?

bba886  No.16241049


i'm down as well i have to take my mind off of fucking midterms

5cf20c  No.16242864

File: 3b622e30c59c951⋯.jpg (265.54 KB, 1342x1920, 671:960, Smileanon.jpg)


Well, yeah, it's full of 4chinners and normalfags.

a02112  No.16243125

Wasn't there a mega link to the whole package without needing that installer and a website or some shit

099d64  No.16247017

File: bf77e82d27a5ccd⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1912x1060, 478:265, You won't do anything.png)


5935b2  No.16257542


When you make it

1f0653  No.16261817

File: c0ceb2be658c73b⋯.png (310.08 KB, 956x650, 478:325, Tarrant_chan.png)


KEK, I was planning to make one as well. When I heard remove kebab playing I couldn't help but chuckle, immediately thinking of basement spammers. I hope that in the next poll someone will try to include https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGrxHO-B2TY

739f55  No.16261829

File: 12eb3b233523fe6⋯.png (254.46 KB, 464x498, 232:249, Violence required.png)


025405  No.16263365

File: 8fdf50abb03c250⋯.jpg (17.72 KB, 300x360, 5:6, Nice shit.jpg)


>Stop supporting meaningless violence.

But it wasn't meaningless; it made the world a better place :D

c83740  No.16271873


ah fuck thats why when I join there is like no one lmao

995412  No.16271917

File: a0cc7515be4a584⋯.mp4 (396.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ESCARATED.mp4)




a7ed12  No.16271926


Torniggers being their usual nigger self

doesn't surprise anyone

bb22fb  No.16271949

File: 132b1453b369750⋯.jpg (394.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, nothing personnel.jpg)

Can we get back to talking about the Ace Attorney series and AOV? Brenton Tarrant did nothing wrong but a case centered about the ethnic cleansing that happened in NZ would be great.

e741a3  No.16274192


>meaningless violence

There's a lot of meaning in NZ at least.

>don't throw your life away at it.

Mr. Tarr­ant isn't dead yet, and may be released if the political establishment turns the other way like we all hope it to.

0373cc  No.16274290

File: 42d0e70f45985f9⋯.png (639.91 KB, 900x720, 5:4, 3c1b291297975a9b9e43585e43….png)


>may turn the other way

fat chance

Also case buildan RIGHT NOW

38b7f9  No.16279561

Seems to be mostly meme cases :\ and for some reason I keep getting missingnos even though I picked the vanilla server…

38b7f9  No.16279567


but I downloaded the game from the offical website

27f2ef  No.16281826



>meme cases

>vanilla server

Sounds about right. The 4chan server is Attorney Online Vidya. You will at least find decent memes in their meme cases instead of normalfag garbage.

21757b  No.16284196

File: 9e87024e452e738⋯.jpg (87.42 KB, 1200x993, 400:331, king_queen6.jpg)


>he adventured in vanilla

Poor soul.



>decent memes

You're a funny person.

1f0653  No.16289678

File: cfb2084866a3dc9⋯.png (19.16 KB, 256x227, 256:227, roleopression.png)

Detectives are necessary for a case to go well. Prove me wrong

5da701  No.16291590

File: a9107e0d5b1a925⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1168x657, 16:9, selfie_islam_wright.png)

So when is investigations 2 coming to the US?

cced91  No.16292032

File: f7d691931d084a1⋯.png (294.87 KB, 750x460, 75:46, kay.png)


There is a fan translation available already

61bb70  No.16293917

File: 0263b0677cb7206⋯.png (32.51 KB, 251x171, 251:171, 1488515544348.png)

I'm coming back after a 7 month break, this new client confuses me, how do I change colors of certain words in my sentences and how does the screen sharing works? the /help link doesn't say anything about it sadly.

0373cc  No.16293925


there's a readme in the file that goes over some of the new features

61bb70  No.16293931

File: be0f4222c60cc7f⋯.png (25.79 KB, 253x170, 253:170, 1488517700903.png)


Thanks, still after all this time I'm blind to stuff right next to my face

9d67c1  No.16300557


stop recruiting for your cancer server run by boomers and people who don't actually play it

>use this link so you don't have to download all the ponyshit that normalfags use in their assets

Yeah use the link so you can skip right to using the ponyshit ao4chan uses in its assets.

e53953  No.16300724


>ponyshit ao4chan uses in its assets

Do you have single fact to back that up?

d6ed8a  No.16301354


Now why would someone go on the Internet and spread lies? Ponyshit was never allowed in the entire history of the server

And why are you retards so sensitive about the server? Why does the server matter? It is a glorified chatroom, this is not a MMORPG with actual content and rates, what matters is being able to do a case with a lot of Ace Attorney content

eea49d  No.16302389

File: edf63a66eaf6b66⋯.mp4 (12.68 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Furio_Tigre.mp4)


I joined recently and I play it as much as possible if I have the chance. It's great

1f0653  No.16307035

File: ba51aab616b0446⋯.png (1.26 MB, 560x1594, 280:797, Jew.png)

05b608  No.16307474

File: ead55ae82411a83⋯.jpeg (237.18 KB, 1080x548, 270:137, Fey.jpeg)


>I'm too incompetent to either do my job as a prosecutor correctly or not to rely on a detective and his easy contra to move the case forward

Admit it. Those are the only reasons why you'd want a detective for a case. They don't have any purpose

ab6b09  No.16309937

File: 6dedfc7f7cd4720⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1080x809, 1080:809, borsch snapp.png)

I wish there were more Euros willing to case during the day. I can't hold on a whole night casing and I don't want to ruin my sleep schedule.

ae01d7  No.16309945

File: d7b66d2b06ebca7⋯.jpg (85.45 KB, 442x650, 17:25, perfectly fine.jpg)


>someone already posted the translation and even a link to the game


1f0653  No.16309970

File: 26aa644d36d9f36⋯.png (6.53 KB, 99x181, 99:181, Jeanne.png)


Having a specific thread for this is a way better method to make people aware than posting it in a thread that's slightly related. You're doing God's work anon

f7183a  No.16313165

File: a085dbbd74560ab⋯.png (8 KB, 225x225, 1:1, the devil.png)

>docbomb your case

>point fingers at innocent people

It will never not be funny.

38b7f9  No.16318809

Should I play all ace attorney games before playing this? I don't wanna get spoiled.

8e1f05  No.16318874


I'd recommend you to. Characters and sprites alone by themselves alone can be spoiler material

fafc4d  No.16318891

File: 93f539a17b71d28⋯.png (73.55 KB, 253x185, 253:185, payne train.png)

We also already have a server set up for /v/ goers.

I'll also gladly share a copy of the case documents we use if you want to make your own. Roomsketcher is also a good web app for making easy maps for your cases. https://planner.roomsketcher.com/?ctxt=rs_com

Here's the case builder. You can only view this doc, so just make a copy of it in file so you can have your own template. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1393eUBYdKHpfniWIaH00nXeY2tnhgcWB7AP8U83hZXw/edit?usp=sharing

Also, I can share plenty of links of completed cases so you can see how they go, in case you want to figure out how to play a role. Here's an example of a completed case. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bFKU3zVo8wLmb9hYolfx2_BzkzxnZldH1cRtRcw6HqU/edit?usp=sharing

ad5aa8  No.16319530

File: 227132524d60405⋯.png (107.14 KB, 1026x944, 513:472, Watching someone play Defe….PNG)


> I thought that would be one of the hardest roles.

Late, but defense is hard mode from what I've seen.

Course it might be better now.


e9dd83  No.16320170

File: 4734a56b6449624⋯.png (9.79 KB, 300x403, 300:403, Asspulley.png)


OK, that sounds intriguing. So far I have only lurked but I really want to participate in a full trial eventually.

It's all thanks to the hopeman asspull. Trying to find out what the heck that image implied brought me to AAO

f88008  No.16322042

File: ba553173b4a7ea7⋯.png (171.51 KB, 305x353, 305:353, best_fran.png)


Prosecutor is actually a very comfy role, in my opinion. I too used to think before it would be hard but since the evidence and/or the detective kinda do your job of gathering Intel to indict your client. Just be sure to address the main points behind the defendant's guilt in the opening statement. The hardest part is finding appropriate rebuttals if the defense makes a claim, within the circle of what can be reasonable due to the evidence. Or being cucked if the defense is unable to find something in the first testimony but still asks for a second witness just because

515f73  No.16322086

File: 7b7346f3d3b7ed9⋯.gif (1.64 MB, 350x224, 25:16, confused_puppies.gif)

Didn't this have like custom content packs and shit you have to get for the /v/ server?, does op link include all that?

9d67c1  No.16322919



Personas? Dangits? Random shit characters no nigger knows? Look at Ibuki Mioda and tell me she doesn't remind you of a fucking goth unicorn anthro OC.


Great! Now we can play the game the retards in ao4chan already spoiled us on because they couldn't keep their mouths shut about the plot when arguing over rip autism.

e759f4  No.16330632


Might as well, they're all good.

Except JFA, AJ and DD, anyway.

e53953  No.16338097

25244f  No.16338525

File: 984f9b83228d15f⋯.png (622.55 KB, 921x1219, 921:1219, Ushiromiya_Battler2.png)


I don't particularly like Dangits, but if the sprites were actually made in AA style they would be way better. The games are similar and it's not surprising to see them included, same with the 999 characters. What we truly need is Battler and Beatrice or Erika from Umineko. Also better and more fitting music tracks

0373cc  No.16338654


if you want to make a new server i'd be happy to join it

8ae3db  No.16344483

Remove Dangits

cf1391  No.16344547


The only downside to JFA was the circus case. Other than that it's a fine sequel plus you get one of the best cases. I'll agree with DD and AJ being bad but at least it looks like they're getting back to the level of the OT with SoJ.

d86be5  No.16348916

Yamazaki did the twists better than Takumi

cf1391  No.16349002


Horrible bait.

0373cc  No.16350171


guide for newfags since the other guides are incredibly obtuse. also answers misconceptions

e759f4  No.16357060


>That outdated ass Beginners Guide

0373cc  No.16357173


it's outdated so make a new one

ab8d68  No.16358388

weird af whenever I download all the files, the music is always red and I can never hear it, despite the fact that I can see and listen to the files within the actual Music folder

e759f4  No.16362131


Apparently (re?-)applying the 2.7 mini update fixes it. Worth a shot. Make sure you're on the most recent client 2.7.2




2cbc3d  No.16362138


The link to the update is dead.

ef62ea  No.16363147

File: 059ac1d1432c238⋯.jpg (6.91 KB, 150x150, 1:1, 8ca8ab42c0e289991cb6eef3ed….jpg)

>even the non /v/ server is nothing but blatant shitposting

WEW. So does anyone actually play this or is it all literally just shitposting with avatars?

46ab1f  No.16363282


If you're lucky you might find an ERP server.

e759f4  No.16363357


fucking wew, sorry

The other alternative is "just use the Launcher"

0373cc  No.16363457


the basement has been a pro-shitpost zone since the early days

people aren't casing because they 'don't have the time' and when they do have the time then nobody is on

f599e5  No.16374455

Fuck burgers if only you were europeans

9253ff  No.16382558


I wish it only was shitposting with avatars

050b94  No.16399838

What killed casing?

990748  No.16399898


I am 1/56th irish tbh fam

ab6b09  No.16400673


Nothing? Or maybe people memeing too much. Every attempt feels forced

038a7c  No.16404991

File: 9ce84b3f72fb397⋯.gif (145.51 KB, 256x192, 4:3, Moe_Aha_Aha.gif)

>yfw you aren't Phoenix Wright

edfa39  No.16407267

File: 286acbacf86f59c⋯.gif (197.85 KB, 256x192, 4:3, (a)pfff.gif)

e759f4  No.16408322


Shit gimmicks

54e069  No.16417939

File: cbc4e5d6b5123d2⋯.png (5.69 KB, 96x96, 1:1, some_kind_of_climbing_devi….png)

What are some underused characters, in your opinion? I want to give AOV a fresh look by picking the contrarian choices.

050b94  No.16419021


Basically half the character from AJ's second case.

7a4433  No.16428503


>Prosecutor is actually a very comfy role

Of course, you do nothing most of the time.

12fd83  No.16438009

File: 0ce56c2ed280189⋯.png (758.34 KB, 644x935, 644:935, Kaede.png)

Why do you keep removing danganronpa characters?

fc0c12  No.16453362


They certainly clash with the AA aesthetic. I'd probably cut the P4A chars for similar reasons.

e42f05  No.16453381


If you have to ask you don't belong on 8ch

a9a818  No.16453888

Let's have a case, for old time's sake, in AOV.

9d67c1  No.16454396

File: 932823fec5f152d⋯.png (105.84 KB, 668x849, 668:849, 1554920662035.png)


This is a halfchan server hosted by halfchanners, though.


I took a look at the main doc and suggestions doc. Looks like the people who made it shit still all play and still run the place. When you get rid of the old time autists, I'll think about it.

edfa39  No.16454739

Attorney simulator my ass, it's mostly people shitposting and playing faggy dnd, with a case every now and then.

edfa39  No.16457316


Dude, what are you talking about, there's a case every day more or less. And please, every server has massive shitposting and dnd, it's just what it is.

1f0653  No.16457374

File: d5b2b61c17a55a8⋯.png (152.37 KB, 310x359, 310:359, Tateyuki_Shigaraki_Young_P….png)


I've had the chance to play some real cases and it was great.

52979c  No.16457445

File: 4b1404f31321936⋯.jpg (14.85 KB, 365x346, 365:346, 4b1404f3132193689c04abf4d0….jpg)

0373cc  No.16457470


that's just lupadim being retarded per usual. those threads attract barely anyone since nobody in the server gives a shit about bumping them

050b94  No.16458198

File: cdc69e204fde9b9⋯.png (129.54 KB, 267x234, 89:78, Link.PNG)

edfa39  No.16463660

Reminder that eurohours are dead hours.

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