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Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ad66d5  No.16217998

It's almost surreal to see how good a Japanese vidya journalist is at playing a game vs a western (((journalist))).

937741  No.16218007

And yet the souls series only exist because of western players, because dumb nips don't care about challenging gameplay.

7058f7  No.16218017


>souls games


I love the games but they are easy as all fuck if you know the proper ways to build characters.

5475c9  No.16218026


>the game becomes easy if you understand the system and mechanics


7058f7  No.16218031


Okay? That wouldn’t disprove them being easy.

e00b24  No.16218034

Here's the bit they're pulling.

They're playing Japanese games badly to make the game look more unappealing because they have skin in this east vs west bullshit moreso than actual weeaboos shitposting about it. They are the idealogues who cry about japanese games remaining "normal" in a world they desperately want to transform into hell.

f90adf  No.16218053


The games are piss easy as long as you don't run through shit like a retard your first time in an area. Hell, even if you do as long as your reflexes are above that of a blind deaf retard you can still dodge everything.

5475c9  No.16218059


>Metroid is easy if youre good at platforming

>RPGs are easy if youre good at grinding

Whats your point? A game is never going to be difficult if you understand it

e60562  No.16218062


You don’t need to understand shit with the massive iframes dodges give

5475c9  No.16218092


If you understand that rolling gives you iframes then guess what? The game rewards you by being easier. What dont you get?

e00b24  No.16218114


>massive iframes

They're really not

3b6539  No.16218130


Figuring that out is part of the learning curve, and using a walkthrough is cheating.

b28fa5  No.16218139

File: 5705980f41eafec⋯.jpg (70.51 KB, 622x647, 622:647, 77.jpg)


>using a walkthrough is cheating

This isnt a test kiddo and hes not gonna fail if he uses one.

3b6539  No.16218146


Have fun stripping the challenge out of the game and then complaining it's too easy, I guess.

b28fa5  No.16218151


If a game can be beaten by cheesing the bosses, it was never good in the first place.

3b6539  No.16218157


>only games with perfect balance and no exploits are good. What does that even leave you with? Tetris?

e00b24  No.16218176

There are about one or two gimmick bosses per game. Stop lying about it.

The way you dumbasses make it sound, every boss is the Dragon God from Demon's Souls. Why are you trying to make Souls sound worse than it actually is? Are The Surge 2 shills actually this fucking jewish?

ad66d5  No.16218183

Man this went off topic fast, anyways, it’s pretty neat how you can jump off enemies including their attacks to avoid damage. Makes me think this has the potential to be a decent action game.

cb44cf  No.16218189


>not knowing tetris has exploits and terrible balance

its the kind of shit game that requires me to rotate a fucking block in order to move faster

6d7ca5  No.16218201

Day 1 purchase just because I've played like 500 hours of Souls but…

>no multiplayer

rip replay value. I maxed sunbro in every other game. One of the funnest things to do just after launch.

>no cosmetic difference equipping different armor

muh fashion…

b28fa5  No.16218219

File: 4a8984b87fdbf5e⋯.jpg (146.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Gimmick.jpg)


The thing is, most souls shit bosses can be cheesed and believe it or not there are plenty of games were you cant cheese the enemies.


>There are about one or two gimmick bosses per game.

Bullshit. In dark souls 3 they had

>Deacons of the Deep

>High Lord Wolnir

>Yhorm the Giant

>Ancient Wyvern

hallf the games bosses were fucking gimmicks.

f0fbb0  No.16218226


The game looks fun, I like the addition of stealth kills, although if you're pedantic you can say that they've always been present in Dark Souls and jumping looks like it will add another dimension to the combat. The combat itself looks like Bloodborne in that it's fast paced, but it doesn't appear to be so initially punishing, given that the player can block incoming damage. From what I can tell, there does not appear to be a parry function, although it would not surprise me if it were included. I like that the enemies seem to have complex movesets for both offensive and defensive behavior, and the appear to be generally more of a threat when compared with enemies of Bloodborne and Dark Souls III.

The only thing that I'm questioning right now is if the game will have more complex combat mechanics, or if it'll just be light attack/heavy attack + some unique moves a la trick weapons, or if it'll be more akin to games like Ninja Gaiden or DMC that feature combos and juggling, etc. Based on this video, it looks as though its the former, but even so, that won't be so bad, I guess, just somewhat disappointing.

e00b24  No.16218227


Hopefully the experience will make up for the lack of souls features. Fromsoft has made character driven action rpgs a long time ago.

3b6539  No.16218240


The fact that you can break the game doesn't diminsh it's entertainment value. It can add for some extra fun on repeat playthroughs. If you aren't using walkthroughs, you shouldn't know about any of that stuff on your first playthrough anyway, so you're the one ruining your own experience here.

b28fa5  No.16218251


>if you use a walkthroughs youre not challenging yourself!

>if you can break a game, it doesn't diminsh it's entertainment value!

You were arguing over challenge in the game not entertainment value.

3b6539  No.16218256


The challenge is there if you don't go out of your way to circumvent it.

ad66d5  No.16218263


Seems like it’ll be somewhere between Tenchu, Souls, and MGR. The guard mechanic and how you use it seem very similar to MGR (with perfect blocks rewarding you with openings and getting to a kill shot quicker). Being able to “enemy step” enemies seems like that could open up some neat dodges and attacks, and unlocking that skill where you dash in after a star throw looks pretty interesting. You definitely won’t be juggling enemies, but it definitely seems a lot faster paced than either DaS or Bloodborne.

b28fa5  No.16218274


There is no challenge if all it takes is a simple search online to find a guide to cheese an enemy boss. There never was any "challenge" in these games.

3b6539  No.16218277


Do you buy puzzle books, and then look at all the answers in the back before trying to solve anything for yourself?

1259ea  No.16218283

File: f425ab42c2367f8⋯.jpg (95.19 KB, 600x429, 200:143, mfw.jpg)


>nips don't care about challenging gameplay

then why do they reck westerners at shmups ? I mean it's not even close. It's embarrassing.

61fd79  No.16218296


>then why do they wreck westerners at boring schlock that requires nothing but rote memorization and staying in the same pixel sized safe zone

da5802  No.16218305

For anyone with two brain cells in their skull, this is a Tenchu sequel, not a Dark Souls sequel. Anyone complaining about lack of Dark Souls game mechanics is absolutely fucking retarded and should be sent back to Africa where their sub-80 IQ belongs. That is all.

08618f  No.16218308


I don't know many shmup players but the best one I know is a westerner. He is Creepyninja_ on youtube and it says that he is playing Bullethell games since 2015. That's pretty impressive I think.

e00b24  No.16218309


Dude nobody plays shitmops

1259ea  No.16218327

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>shmups boring

Just means you have bad taste and are speaking from ignorance.

>staying in same place

figuring out safe spots is tricky and they only last a couple seconds. Also if you're going for high score then you have to play more aggressive so you can't abuse them.

The west has lots of skilled shmup players, but they are just way behind their japanese counterparts in terms of world records.


No he's not the best and from his vids he mainly plays Touhou shit.


Because shmups are too punishing and hard for normalfags, "most people" are playing rpgs and mmos and games centered around getting gear and doing fetch quests.

e00b24  No.16218342


pfft keep telling yourself that.

1259ea  No.16218345


shmups are objectively the hardest genre.

and japs are currently the best at it.

For example it took Mon over 6 years of practice to beat this one shmup…most people thought it was impossible.


9ffe1b  No.16218369

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Even if you understand hard games, that doesn't suddenly make them easy. If that were the case, 1CC any shmup wouldn't be a problem. Also a difficult RPG wouldn't let grinding be a viable option to winning fights.

>I just watched a guy beat it. It shouldn't be hard for me to do the same.

1259ea  No.16218373


I should say the hardest single-player genre. Obviously things like Street Fighter and Starcraft have super high skill ceilings too.


You have to differentiate skill groups. Like beginner, intermediate, advanced, elite.

There are games that beginners find hard, but intermediates find easy. But there are also games that even advanced and elite players will always find hard because they are so demanding, the risks are big and the execution is so precise.

cb44cf  No.16218378


> but in Death Label’s second loop they automatically take all your reserve ships, so you can’t rely on that.

what a bullshit game

4a0880  No.16218381


I don't understand how modern From games are considered to be challenging. The player is always given too much freedom of movement, that making mistakes with footwork is difficult, and easy to correct if they do happen.

1259ea  No.16218426


You have to engage enemies/bosses, you can't just dance around them forever. And once you engage you have to understand their timing and movements otherwise you'll get hit and die.

1259ea  No.16218429


Also some levels are just a pain in the ass, like blight town in DS1.

b06734  No.16218439


Can't tell if this is bait or you're retarded. Humans learn. They get good at everything in time. If you give a souls game and fucking Gone Home to a person who hasn't played either do you honestly believe they will find the difficulty of the games the same?

In a way I actually agree with you. There isn't a game that someone won't find easy after some time. But your definition of challenging seems to be impossible. Can you even name a "challenging" game?

e00b24  No.16218451


The guy you're talking to is just here to shit on the souls series. His motivation and reason is irrelevant.

1259ea  No.16218452


Not that guy, but his definition of challenging involves having an execution element, not simply a strategic understanding element.

In menu-rpgs it's very easy to beat a boss once you satisfy the level-check requirement and then just read what his pattern and weakness is online. Then you know to just avoid using fire, and just use ice, and defend when he enrages and so etc.

Action games require understanding but also actual ability to pull off moves, combos, timings, and dodges. And if the precision is complex enough, and scoring is involved it's possible for it to never "get easy", like in many shmups. People play them for 20 years and still find challenges and obstacles to overcome.

f90adf  No.16218464


The only painful part of blighttown was the frame rate on console.

4a0880  No.16218472


That's been the case with all From games though. Difference now is that movement broken instead of something you need to think about.

It's basic casualization so that more babbies and casuals can enjoy their games. Sales figures. Haven't touched one of their games since Plebborne and not touching this one.

da5802  No.16218480


>I haven't touched the one game that they've released between then and now


4a0880  No.16218499


Not quite, didn't touch Bloodborne, Souls 3 or this one. From are clearly just making shitty games from now on.

And Dark Souls 2 was shit as well.

e00b24  No.16218502


You're full of fucking shit.

e00b24  No.16218505

Quit fucking lying.

4a0880  No.16218508


Good answer. I bet you can't come up with anything specific why, because the only thing you have is fanboy rage and denial.

1259ea  No.16218510



>it's casualization

What is exactly? You aren't explaining your gripes well…

4a0880  No.16218531


>>bosses hit u hard and u die


>>wat is casual

Hard hitting bosses that kill you isn't new. But allowing the player to move around at lightning speed pretty much removes their difficulty. Same goes for the trash mobs.

31f187  No.16218541

File: 637182b951d42d4⋯.png (72.91 KB, 278x206, 139:103, 8aab4c3c183869a120dcbb65b0….png)


>hah, this test is easy! just look up all the answers! what're you? stupid?

1259ea  No.16218554


so where is your lvl1 no-death clear of a Dark Souls game? If they are so easy and you can just insta-win everything with fast dodges

b28fa5  No.16218571


You’re strawmmaning the argument, he means that there is no challenge when enemies are brain dead, repeating the same 3 combos in succession. Not changing timing of attacks, adding in feints, reacting and adapting to the player despite getting attcked after x combo or in one spot, and they have obvious weaknesses that are meant to be exploited, like >>16218452 said use water when the enemy is fire type, go far away when it’s repeating and wasting its AOE attack. These games are catered to normal bigger casuals like to make the most shekels.

df407c  No.16218628

It's Nioh but faster paced and without any guns or combat stances

5064a9  No.16218648

File: 51593fee05a3098⋯.webm (13.02 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Nioh_.webm)


> but faster paced

5064a9  No.16218651

File: fae72d599940c69⋯.webm (7.81 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Nioh_ 2.webm)

4a0880  No.16218668


>>hurrr lets see u make a good movie then


aca661  No.16218678


Where did you even get the idea that they weren't well liked in japan?

073efe  No.16218683


At this point I'm not sure who's the bigger liar, the normalfags who claim that soulshit is hardest vidya gaem evar or the autists who claim that soulshit is too easy.

e00b24  No.16218709


People who even bring up the difficulty are suspicious.

3ed546  No.16218761

File: 4072dc83cced05f⋯.webm (293.55 KB, 640x360, 16:9, noice.webm)


>That wind-up at the end.

1259ea  No.16218778


making a good movie takes millions of dollars and months/years of effort

if DS is so easy you should be able to beat a couple bosses at lvl 1 with no gear, no damage taken. go ahead.

1 hour easy

323e76  No.16218784


There isn't but there was a poll japanese players did and they hated difficulty the most.

1259ea  No.16218785


>move bad!

>hasn't seen the movie

>story is dumb!

>can't explain why cause doens't know what hes talking about


ad3b3e  No.16218806


I believe they're just plain bad. Cuphead and Doom were two prime examples.

8a52f4  No.16218815


yes it is yes he is kill yourself

930eef  No.16218836


That is easy if he uses pyromancy

90e88c  No.16218857

File: 373c6d1c4ab1d40⋯.jpg (24.36 KB, 308x302, 154:151, Patrick bait b8.jpg)


3 is the best Souls game by far if you judge them all separately. You are one fat old autist

2abaf8  No.16218867


It's faster than bloodborne at least.

8cc46a  No.16218902


What one needs to do to fix all souls games is to remove the retarded iframes on dodge moves. The point of dodging is to dodge, not to roll through enemy's attacks until you can get easy hits on him.

I wonder if there's a mod for that. If some guy could beat Darkeater Midir while only walking, it's gotta be perfectly doable while running, sprinting and rolling without iframes.

937741  No.16218998


Yes, it's certainly challenging for most normal people. I know the basics on how to build characters, and the games are still challenging for me. I die a fair amount of times. I'm not saying "omg hardest game evaaar xd", but challenging is a fair way to describe it.

Sorry for not being a god gamer like yourself, but you have to understand most people aren't as skilled as you.

489aea  No.16219111

File: 1106c476946825e⋯.jpg (24.79 KB, 410x396, 205:198, 1106c476946825e226653c2e83….jpg)


>Muh realism

What is it with realism autists and iframes every fucken thread these days?

8cc46a  No.16219204


>Muh realism

No, I'm talking about fixing an overly easy game. What's with people who can't read? Imagine actually dodging/blocking attacks instead of pressing "lol I'm invulnerable" button all the time?

be1a7f  No.16219209

File: f44b630897f77c7⋯.jpg (2.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Sekiro_2019_03-06-19_003.jpg)


There's a parry function, yes. Seems you can parry, jump away or dodge but this later one doesn't seem to be a answer to everything as with Souls games.

As for depth, they've shown there's skill trees for both sword and prosthetics. There's a lot of NPCs laying about for small quests and some of the rewards are tied to the skills. Also, they've shown a World Tendency-esque mechanic called 'Dragonrot', it appears that overusing the resurrection mechanic can have impact on NPCs with a sort of eroding disease.

Overall, it's appearing to be better than I expected. I was extremely skeptical at first because of the lack of customization and only using one weapon but seems the game will have its share of complexities. I just hope there's a lot of over-the-top enemy designs, we haven't seen much of that besides the MC's master we'll obviously be fighting at some point. My biggest gripe so far is they brought back the worst enemy in the Souls series for this game - horribly animated dogs

6ef70c  No.16219332



>That absolute rape of Sakon with his own weapon

Golden. Who's the player and what's the ost?

6e678d  No.16219348


Yes it is

930eef  No.16219351


>can parry

It's different, you block, but if you block with the right timing it makes your yellow bar go up less. Dodging into or jumping over certain unblockable attacks makes a 3-5 second long animation play, which increases the enemy's yellow bar. If the enemy's yellow bar gets full you can do an attack to drain them of one hp bar. You are required to do this to make bosses lose hp bars or sneak attack them at least in the demo

ad66d5  No.16219377


About the only thing I’m really not liking about that system where you dodge into the enemies attack is that it’s told to you exactly when you can do it by that red kanji that appears on Sekiro from time to time. That sounds A LOT like the counter system in AAA Arkham clones.

d0d1fc  No.16219420


That's not quite true. The danger symbol will also appear before sweeps and grabs that you can't dodge into. So you'll still have to pay attention to the attack animation itself.

930eef  No.16219428


It's a really shitty system and the game is way worse for having it. The entire "bosses are HP locked until you do it" negates the whole "character building" part of it.

d0d1fc  No.16219430


The counter is not needed for boss fights, in fact it's a completely optional ability that you have to unlock. You build up the boss' posture primarily through attacking and parrying.

930eef  No.16219435


I was talking about the posture system in general. The counter system is just garbage, but that's because the combat flow is already dicey and putting pop-ups just makes it feel awkward

82a963  No.16219436


Wish they just made a good game

be1a7f  No.16219438

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>It's different, you block, but if you block with the right timing it makes your yellow bar go up less

I know there's the posture system and you gotta time your blocks to not tire out while trying to get the enemy tired out but I could swear there's a mechanic that lets you deflect a blow and leave the enemy open. But I could be wrong.


>that red kanji that appears on Sekiro from time to time

Isn't that a unblockable?

Anyway, the game looks pretty tough. From the footage I saw, enemies seemed pretty relentless, the Chained Ogre seemed near impossible without a fire weapon and the dudes with the double naginatas look like they'll be a handful.

930eef  No.16219445


The chained ogre is pretty easy, if you've played any dark souls you won't have an issue with him. At that part the rep came over and went "see enemies react to different damage types!"

ad66d5  No.16219453


Gotcha, still, I feel like there may have been a better way to do it instead of a big red sign appearing. Either way, it’s a gripe but not a game breaking one.


That’s what I like about the video I posted in the OP. The guy manages to beat him without fire by jumping off and parrying all his attacks. It almost has a bit of megaman mixed in there as you can go and find boss weaknesses to significantly curb their difficulty, or you can fight them at their full streangth for a real challenge.

f9fc98  No.16225947

I just wonder how stylish the game can be if your skilled.

cb65f7  No.16226043


I was talking with a cousin about and Dark Souls popped up, he said that he reached a point where he couldn't take it anymore and used a cheat engine to give himself 99 in all stats to steamroll through the game. When I told him I thought it wasn't that hard and did stuff like SL1 playthroughs or playing only with shit weapons he didn't fucking believe me.

So yeah, casuals suck at vidya that much.

ad66d5  No.16226239


Any more the only fun I get from it is just starting completely naked and pumping all my stats in str for a glass cannon run.

8d48e1  No.16226276

Game looks pretty good, combat looks majorly improved over soulshite. It's amazing how Japanese developers are running circles around Western devs now that the FUD campaign has been proven wrong. AI needs to do more than just walk at the edge when you hop away from them. Throwing shit would be a start, leaping would be far more interesting.

e00b24  No.16226304


PCfags should have never gotten Souls.

aca661  No.16226321


The 6+ years of bitch tears from soyny fans made it more than worth it.

f9fc98  No.16229196

You know, with things like Sekiro and Capcoms recent turn I have to wonder if game developers have started to realize that there is a core audience out there. It seems like hardcore games are starting to come back.

bc66be  No.16229253


>muh 2ez4me soulsfag

just because you play the game to death and read how2cheese guides before fighting anything, doesn't mean everyone else does it. I don't have the time or will to memorize every boss attack or pattern, yes it's extremely easy once people dissect the entire game, that's why speedruns are possible.

9fd708  No.16229282


Life's hard, doubly so when you're a retard.

cefddd  No.16229589

god I hope this game runs well on my toaster

794e5e  No.16230400


I think they finally realized that the huge sales some AAA games boast about only happened because of extremely expensive marketing campaigns, and that an increasing percentage of the profit goes to paying those PR firms anyway, making the whole thing a waste for the actual game company. The failure of games like Mass Effect Andromeda and Far Cry: New Dawn are teaching the right lessons to companies willing to listen. Smaller games with tighter budgets (like Dragon's Crown and Nier: Automata) can produce more reliable returns instead of gambling it all on how many ADHD-addled kids you can manage to hype.

794e5e  No.16230401


Damn flag, ignore it

ad66d5  No.16231012

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sounds about right. In any case it’s nice to have games I’m excited about again. There have been more good games released and coming out this year than the last 10 years combined.

Also, new trailer. At this point I think the only thing I’m worried about is the games length and how much was cut out or saved for DLC, though I wonder if it’ll even have DLC considering Activisions last Japanese games didn’t have any.

be1a7f  No.16231202

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Well, this kinda assuages my concerns about the lack of freaky shit. They showed a lot of different enemies here and unless they're pulling a Capcom, seems that guy with the bow on his back is not going to be the end boss; good, because the guy looks pretty lame like some half-baked Nioh character.

Other interesting stuff was that high jump attack at 1:05, he avoids a cannon blast and seems to break the enemy's posture in one hit and the umbrella shield at 2:21, maybe it diminishes posture lost by blocking.

Looking forward to this. I just hope there's alternate costumes, I won't ask for Fashion Dies Twice but would be nice to have a couple of alternates namely The Owl's garb because I'm a sucker for dressing up like a chicken.

English trailer embedded. Supposedly, the game will have dual audio.

44be7c  No.16231221

File: d5f03fcee3bb7c2⋯.png (36.7 KB, 1789x305, 1789:305, dark souls console communi….png)


Silence, faggot.

2a1bee  No.16231329

Soulslike games were a mistake, basically bunch of action adventure rpg but with extra prententiousness.

308261  No.16231508


It's probably the same engine as dork souls 3 but slightly less optimized, how did DS3 run for you? Because it will be that minus 5-10 frames.

ad66d5  No.16231548


I was going to say, all the requirements are practically the same as DaS3

6d829b  No.16231613

File: 4079f9d8ddee273⋯.webm (1.31 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, draksells.webm)


>how did DS3 run for you?

Fun times.

08618f  No.16231634


Git gud.

9a045b  No.16231638


>thinking soulnigger games are difficult


08618f  No.16231642


Git gud.

9c35ed  No.16231644


Nice, I was worried too it might be too much for my second hand gayming pc. I can't really justify paying for it though, I'll have to wait for a crack to be released.

0ff00d  No.16231650


>saving a post with reddit spacing

>using a screencap for an argument instead of your own thoughts

You sure showed him, anon.

b766ce  No.16232400


Yes anon, that is how every game ever works. They are all easy once you understand everything about them. Very observant of you.

b766ce  No.16232420


Explain why you believe a "gimmick" boss is bad design. They are fantastic. The wyvern in DS3 was literally them making up for Dragon God, the way a fight against a giant dragon should be done.

75f3f8  No.16232504


By going sanic speed through a shitty gauntlet and oneshotting the nigger?

cb65f7  No.16232734


Nah, the way a giant should be fought is Yhorm without Storm Ruler. Wyvern is laughable in how bad you can ignore him while running the gauntlet, and how stupid it is that it's decided to do nothing but breath fire around like a retard at an oh so convenient place where he can easily be plunged attack. Wyvern is a terrible example of what a setpiece boss should be like.

9d7553  No.16232808

File: 8e9736549166dcf⋯.jpg (66.63 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, m'gaijin.jpg)

File: 232a6d2a8301f98⋯.jpg (16.91 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Ronin-Gasa.jpg)


>we never got his ronin hat

Nioh 2 better fuckin' rectify this.

196522  No.16233618


There's nothing wrong with Dragon God. The whole point is that Dragon God is too powerful to fight, which is why he's sealed away in a temple with magic harpoons pointed at him. It's like Cthulu being put down by a fishing boat, it might seem dumb or anti-climactic, but the point is that the event can't be stopped. Dumb luck, cunning, strength or some combination thereof might put them away for awhile but eventually Cthulu will rise from the deep, sending the world into madness, and eventually Dragon God will break out of his prison, to ravage the world before himself being consumed by the Old One. Demon's Souls uses the imagery of fantasy but is really a horror.

6994ad  No.16234386


>the concept isn't bad

The gameplay is bad. It's a game about slaying giant demons with swords, so that kind of gameplay is shit because it doesn't play to the game's strength.

>dragon god is too strong to defeat

>no matter what you do, you're just causing him a temporary setback

You don't think this could have been contextualized with better gameplay in mind? We really need a shitty stealth sequence, followed by what amounts to the act of activating a beacon or pillar, and then delivering the final blow while jumping between a simple and repetitive damage switch?

Seath was also "too powerful to defeat" until you destroyed his crystal. They could've done something similar with dragon god, but instead they wanted to go with a gimmick boss. Maybe they were short on dev time; maybe the executives at Sony really wanted to push this kind of centerpiece; maybe they genuinely thought it would make a great addition and that it's not a gimmick; no matter the excuse, it's shit.

Imagine you're playing a racing game, and for 6 straight levels you drift through narrow curves at breakneck speeds and pilot exotic cars in exotic locations, but then before you can continue the career mode, the game forces you to play a poker mini game to earn more currency to buy a new vehicle. That is what dragon god is, an out of place gimmick boss in a game about slaying giant demons with swords.

937741  No.16234396


>Deacons of the Deep

>High Lord Wolnir

How are these gimmicks?

196522  No.16234652


You're missing the point. All of the final archstones bosses (the exception being False

King Allant) are "gimmicky", each having a different twist. Demon's Souls (which I assure you is not about slaying giant demons with swords), even more than the other "Soulsborne" games integrates story and gameplay, and I strongly believe that the encounter with Dragon God is actually well executed. Having "proper" fight with Dragon God like you do with Flamelurker or False King Allant would present different information to the player about the game world, and destroy the purpose of including Dragon God in the first place. Think about the design of this creature and why it's not just a "normal" dragon.

Seath is actually one of the worst comparisons you could make. He is conceptually very similar to a D&D lich (being a magic user that has tied his life force to an object, preventing him from being destroyed without first destroying the object). Seath is weak. The very fact that a "dragon" needs sorcery at all should tip you off, as well as the fact that he is a betrayer who was suffered to live by the gods who otherwise were bent on eliminating every dragon they could find.

In general I think most of the vocal playerbase is dead wrong about the role of bosses in these games. In Demon's in particular bosses are more of a reward for completing the areas, which are the real meat of the game.

61fd79  No.16234663


>hit the glowing weakspot

>the boss is actually just a bunch of normal enemies

that's how

6994ad  No.16234714

File: 6fcc527954f99cd⋯.jpg (167.13 KB, 690x460, 3:2, 6fcc527954f99cdaa57ffd4c07….jpg)


>All of the final archstones bosses (the exception being False King Allant) are "gimmicky", each having a different twist.

At least the majority of them require that the player engages them by using the tools at his disposal, rather than by using newly introduced mechanics that will never be used beyond that initial point. When you fight Old Monk (online), you're essentially fighting another player as a boss, and you use the game's primary combat mechanics to do so. When you fight Storm King, it's the same thing. Sure, you use a gimmick weapon, but the combat happens in real time, and one must dodge projectiles while dealing damage, as it would be with any other boss. Maiden Astraea herself is the final boss, but you fight against her NPC guardian whose name escapes me at the moment, and you do so using the aforementioned combat mechanics. With Dragon King, you're playing a unique set piece whose mechanics are made for a different game. What is this shit, Metal Gear? And before you say it, yes, I am well aware that it's possible to execute backstabs on unsuspecting enemies, but that a stealth system does not make, and you'd be hard pressed to even imply that this game was built with stealth in mind as a primary aspect of gameplay.

>Demon's Souls (which I assure you is not about slaying giant demons with swords)

I assure you that it is about slaying giant demons with swords

>[Demon's Souls] even more than the other "Soulsborne" games integrates story and gameplay, and I strongly believe that the encounter with Dragon God is actually well executed.

Well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

>Having "proper" fight with Dragon God like you do with Flamelurker or False King Allant would present different information to the player about the game world, and destroy the purpose of including Dragon God in the first place.

Either elaborate or fuck off, because this sounds pretentious as all hell. What information is the game presenting that couldn't also be presented during a normal boss encounter, and how would the boss' "purpose" change?

>Think about the design of this creature and why it's not just a "normal" dragon.

I did, and I've come to the conclusion that it's just a throw away gimmick boss that used an experimental approach to achieving victory, that does nothing better or more interesting than other bosses within the same game, not to mention the rest of the "souls" games. If you like this boss, well then good for you, I guess. You still have not convinced me that, from a gameplay perspective, it belongs in this game along with all the other and more formidable bosses.

>Seath is actually one of the worst comparisons you could make. He is conceptually very similar to a D&D lich (being a magic user that has tied his life force to an object, preventing him from being destroyed without first destroying the object). Seath is weak. The very fact that a "dragon" needs sorcery at all should tip you off, as well as the fact that he is a betrayer who was suffered to live by the gods who otherwise were bent on eliminating every dragon they could find.

You're speaking about Seath as a concept, as a character. I referenced Seath's boss battle, I was speaking in terms of gameplay. When you first encounter Seath, he is invincible and you're supposed to die. The second time you encounter him, he's still invincible, but you can destroy his crystal and render him mortal again. This works from both a gameplay and literary perspective; in terms of gameplay, you defeat him as though he were just another boss. In terms of "lore", Seath is said to have locked himself away in his grand library in pursuit of research that would allow him to attain immortality, and went mad in the process of reaching that goal. So, the method by which you render him mortal again in gameplay is in compliment with the stated lore; he is a dragon, yet he had no immortality-granting scales, and he betrayed his own kind to grasp at the opportunity to reach the immortality that he was never permitted by nature to have. His research led him to discover that a certain crystallized material, likely imbued with magic in order to form some kind of magical construct, could grant his wish, but he also recognized that it was fragile and therefore must be carefully hidden away and guarded, lest he become vulnerable to death once again.

6994ad  No.16234716



Now, whether you think Seath makes a good comparison to Dragon God on any level is irrelevant, because I don't need to draw any comparisons to make the assertion that Dragon God could've A) been designed as a "traditional" boss and B) said "proper" design could've had a harmonious relationship with whatever "lore" or literary elements that you want to introduce.

>In general I think most of the vocal playerbase is dead wrong about the role of bosses in these games. In Demon's in particular bosses are more of a reward for completing the areas, which are the real meat of the game.

<exploration is the real meat of the game

I disagree; exploration is all good and well, but without the danger of death looming above one's head, as presented by environmental traps and difficult enemies in tandem, these games would quickly lose their appeal, and would be nothing more than some variation on Zelda.

>Bosses are a reward

What kind of reward would the boss be if it did nothing (or very little) to try and smash your face in? The whole point of these games is to persevere against trial and tribulation, and the bosses are supposed to be the embodiment of this sentiment.

c8bef1  No.16234765



Does the Dragon God even have any lore? I was always under the assumption that the entire history of that thing began and ended with "here's a big bad demon that's called Dragon but it's not a dragon because it's a demon".

196522  No.16235732


>muh shitty stealth gimmick

Is the stealth good enough to carry a whole game? No. Is it good enough to carry a single encounter? Yes.

>games that try to do more than just ape hollywood are pretentious

>elaborate or fuck off

Games are about gameplay, and their stories and narratives are at their best when told through gameplay.

>throw away gimmick boss

Really? you think the boss used most for cover art, promotional material, cinematics and coming immediately after the one boss known for being a git gud gatekeeper and testing the player's skill with the combat system (Flamelurker), as well as being one of the final archstone bosses was a throw away?


>stuff I already know

No, I was referring to the gameplay, this is why you fail. You are imagining some sort of wall between narrative and gameplay that doesn't exist in this series. Souls isn't some shitty MMO with vast swaths of "lore" firmly demarcated from gameplay.


>whether you think Seath makes a good comparison to Dragon God on any level is irrelevant, because I don't need to draw any comparisons

If that was true you wouldn't have brought up Seath then, would you?

>"proper" design could've had a harmonious relationship with whatever "lore" or literary elements that you want to introduce

No, because it's not book, dumbass. If you change the gameplay, you change the "lore" really hate this term.


I never said anything about "exploration" per se, I said the areas are the real meat of the game. This means the entire gameplay experience leading up to the boss.

35617a  No.16236117

File: 4a21b69ca433be6⋯.webm (3.31 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, cv-gameplay.webm)

While we're on the subject of Souls, did this thing ever come out or what?

87f22d  No.16236137


not yet

902110  No.16236185


It's supposedly the reincarnation/rebirth of the old god that the miners worshipped.

ca3149  No.16236492


You're a god damn moron. i hope you enjoy this response. Do you revel in knowing that you've succeeded in getting someone to waste their time in trying to share a dialogue with you? Jokes on you, nigger, because everyone here is wasting their time simply by being on this site.

196522  No.16236578

File: 399248d65518570⋯.jpg (51.02 KB, 394x379, 394:379, 399248d6551857057a48397d8c….jpg)


>being this mad

>presumably being this mad about Dragon God

Your suffering pleases me.

35617a  No.16236631

File: aa10c8a47c804a6⋯.jpg (275.83 KB, 1200x1641, 400:547, Yamamura_Concept.jpg)

I just wan to have a comfy Ninja Souls thread. Why is everyone so angry.

ca3149  No.16236651


Yeah? Well you're a nigger.


>why is everyone so angry

<on /v/

Where do you think you are?

be1a7f  No.16236663

File: 2e8fe4dbf182fee⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Sekiro_2019_03-06-19_006.jpg)


RIP headphone users

Thought this got canceled. Maybe they're toning down all the tits or else Daddy Soyny is gonna get his wife's boyfriend's belt.


Maybe by next week when the game comes out, we can properly talk about it. On that note, releasing it right after DMC5 was probably not the best idea.

196522  No.16236701

File: 06a3122c0ffa339⋯.png (484.47 KB, 995x602, 995:602, Autistic screeching.png)

196522  No.16236712

File: 270daed9d7c754a⋯.gif (1.72 MB, 292x432, 73:108, 270daed9d7c754aa0ad8f7c968….gif)


>toning down the tits

Better fucking not be doing that.

ca3149  No.16236741


Yeah? Well you're a nigger.

f06a94  No.16236848


>Souls fatigue has people concerned it will be too much of the same

>Sekiro being compared to Nioh, Onimusha, Ninja Gaiden and especially DMC as it just came out

>FROM's first outing with a full action game (that I know of anyway)

>Not much buzz or hype even from the cocksucking fanboys

Expectations are low but that could work in their favour. It will be a sleeper hit for sure.

35617a  No.16236876


>releasing it right after DMC5 was probably not the best idea.

I'm not sure if the both games will really compete against each other directly. They're not exactly the exact same type of game.

d77931  No.16236884


I don’t think Activision understood how to market it. It looks to be a hardcore action game and the people Activision chose to show it off to the west were average souls youtubers and western journalists. I didn’t have much interest till I watched the videos in this thread and realized what kind of game it actually was

d77931  No.16236889


personally, I plan on buying Sekiro and playing it until the DLC for DMC5 comes out so I don’t think they did to bad.

be1a7f  No.16237038

File: 0d25fd5e6db420e⋯.jpg (1.78 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Sekiro_2019_03-06-19_007.jpg)


They can capitalize on this since they're taking a bolder initiative - Soyny's samurai game has been in the works for ages and all the devs talk about are cutscenes and Capcom being the usual firebrands of the industry ported freakin' Onimusha 1 (the usual "to gauge interest" shakedown) so at least on the feudal Japan game, they came out on top just by default.


They might be if you're in the market for a harder-than-average action game. Wasn't a issue for me because there's stuff about DMC5 I don't like but otherwise, I'd have to make a decision and leave one for later.


Yeah, and they flew all the YT soulsfags to let them play the game and then shill it and most will say "this doesn't play like a Souls game".

d77931  No.16237051


Most of their footage is also just them trying to play it like souls and getting wrekt. The more I watched it the more I think it looks a lot closer to something like MGR with less emphasis on combos.

d0d1fc  No.16237079


MGR was the first thing that came to my mind when I played the gamescom demo. The way blocking and parrying feels is definitely quite similar in those two games, both in terms of timing and how rewarding it feels to land a couple of perfect parries in a row and get a flashy kill animation

d77931  No.16237119


You played it? How responsive is the combat? Is there any noticable input delay?

35617a  No.16237143


What clan has a single coin kamon?

f50166  No.16237159





>Difficulty matters

Who cares. Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne were fun.

d77931  No.16237198


DaS was the easiest, but it definitely was fun.

Bloodborne was probably the most well rounded game, it’s just a shame the frame rate was so miserably bad.

d0d1fc  No.16237207


Well, I played it for about hour in total back in August so take it with a grain of salt but I'm pretty sure that it felt noticeably tighter compared to Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3. Probably not quite on the level of something like Ninja Gaiden but definitely a step above their previous games. It didn't seem like there was much input delay and I also didn't have any issues with input buffering either which used to be kinda annoying.

d77931  No.16237220


Cool, thanks for the info

c7bef2  No.16237239

I can't wait for this to cracked and uploaded, thank allah I have a PC

c18c06  No.16237741

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Launch trailer that was somehow overlooked, whoever the fuck thought using Bad Moon Rising and any rendition of it needs to get shot, no matter if it pertains to Miyazaki's Moon fetish or not. Also, seems like Activision's marketing budget is all used up.

35617a  No.16237797

File: dcaf991241c0b48⋯.jpg (79.47 KB, 519x713, 519:713, Ozutsu.jpg)


>whoever the fuck thought using Bad Moon Rising and any rendition of it needs to get shot, no matter if it pertains to Miyazaki's Moon fetish or not.

Sort of proves my suspicions that Activision had no fucking glimmer of a clue how to market this game.

Regardless it's good to see some actual monsters showcased for once in a trailer. The previous ones sort of seemed to imply that there were basically only humans and big humans in Sekiro.

I like the bit with the primitive type Ozutsu as well.

199aa8  No.16237807


Will moonlight blade be a nodachi this time?

20b25b  No.16237962


I almost feel bad for them

>take risk on hardcore action game

>back off and just let the devs do what they want

>it’s looking pretty good

>”oh shit, how do we market this!?”

>”w-well, let’s try and fly out some Dark Souls youtubers and try and reinforce that we aren’t catering to casuals… that should work right”

>Dark Souls youtubers are all shit at the game

>journalists are also shit

>none can truly show off your game and make it look good

>throw a random cover of an old song on the trailer

>call it a day and hope for the best

35617a  No.16237993

File: cfba17f356fcde8⋯.jpg (36.41 KB, 512x512, 1:1, old-moonlight.jpg)


It fucking better be. Failing that it better be something like Old Moonlight.

2edaad  No.16238515


I'm personnaly comparing it to Shinobido for the Playstation 2. The claw for movement and some of your movet really makes me recall that game.

If they add broken alchemy and rival factions to the game, that'd be great.

e2423d  No.16238521


Wait, those giant cannons were actually used? I thought Yakuza only had them as joke weapons.

f06a94  No.16238583


I'll have to try that again. Sekiro will probably kick off my big weeb season so I'll grab a bunch of games. Got Nioh, Shadow Tactics and Way of the Samurai already.

07a202  No.16238585



Unlike you I'm a superior gamer who learned how to play before you did, therefore it's easy even though I looked at guides online and pretended to figure it all out within a day. 2easy4me.

5064a9  No.16238604

File: 3b117bf07296efb⋯.jpg (657.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, nioh 2019-03-13 10-24-33-4….jpg)

My GPU died. Now I can't even play Nioh on lowest settings.

be1a7f  No.16238727

File: 6091cbe83623cce⋯.jpg (2.25 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, loaded hiya taihou.jpg)


None that I can think of but this isn't meant to be historically accurate or use historical figures like Koei's Tokugawa propaganda piece.


>Launch trailer that was somehow overlooked,

It got posted here, anon. On both languages.

Anyway, rewatching it - I missed that ninja teleport at the beginning. I wonder how that works? If it can be freely or is it a counter.

As for the music, don't From always put weird songs in their launch trailers?


I think the real question is - will Patches the Lovable Ronin appear?


They had some interesting shit, started with fire arrows but then the Aberto Barbosas introduced matchlock technology to them and they made super rad fire arrow rockets.

d42052  No.16238748


>Pachinko, the trusty gambler

f06a94  No.16238904


RIP anon's GPU.

33cb15  No.16238963

File: 592b6bd88d0bec4⋯.jpg (85.45 KB, 632x455, 632:455, 1544294853567.jpg)

File: c04a28f906ffa23⋯.jpg (114.56 KB, 640x480, 4:3, post-601-14196777875112.jpg)

File: 168dd04f4abdf31⋯.jpg (110.57 KB, 640x480, 4:3, post-601-1419677786185.jpg)


Ozutsu made for firing by hand are smaller and have a different shape, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone tried it anyway.

Heroic figures are often depicted firing full-sized cannons by hand.

35617a  No.16239022

File: 3f41f7fd0b2e063⋯.png (1.35 MB, 870x950, 87:95, Unbreakable-Patches-DSIII-….png)

File: c84cfa8ddfe050f⋯.png (814.62 KB, 750x548, 375:274, mizuki_shigeru_tanuki_big_….png)


Maybe Patches the Tanuki.

e2423d  No.16241813

File: b15304298b2d228⋯.png (53.62 KB, 141x131, 141:131, ClipboardImage.png)

What's this expression called?

c032cb  No.16244280

File: 55b813ed848e303⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 1600x2043, 1600:2043, Little Nioh.jpg)

What "hunter's tools" have we seen so far? From my count I've seen:





-umbrella shield

-grappling hook

Did I get them all?

ad66d5  No.16244330


If there is no serpent dragon in this game I will be a little disappoint

7853d2  No.16244408

At first I wasn't feeling it, but I watched one streamer who got sent by Cucktivision to Japan to test it out play it and I'm actually excited for it now.

ad66d5  No.16244426


Same, I’m probably going to even buy it, though I’ll be waiting a couple days to see the games length and replay value, also to make sure it isn’t a DaS2 situation.

7853d2  No.16244438


I think I'm going to buy it just to support From, seeing how they've provided me with some of my favorites. And my bloodbornebox is covering dust anyway so might as well feed it something.

ad66d5  No.16244477


I’d be careful getting the PS4 version. Sounds like unless you have a Pro it might be locked to 30fps and with how fast the game looks to be you’ll want at least 60.

7853d2  No.16244537


I do have pro and a 6 year old laptop so there's not much choice

ad66d5  No.16244556


That’s fair

be1a7f  No.16244676

File: 1ff5302b2e81d1f⋯.jpeg (320.56 KB, 1357x1920, 1357:1920, pale shade of londor.jpeg)


>"Oh hello, you look reasonably sane. Look over yonder friend, the shrine maidens bathing in the mountain springs."

<get smacked in the back of the head with a giant nutsack and knocked into a pit


IIRC a early trailer showed a spear firing off the prosthetic arm like some primitive pilebunker.

Side note, just realized that a thing about this game's promotion that was bugging is the total absence of art assets. From might not put out the prettiest stuff but I like their concept work.

e00b24  No.16244707


c032cb  No.16244713

File: f441384bf03bd92⋯.jpg (121.34 KB, 769x1039, 769:1039, bloodborne__djura_by_menas….jpg)


>IIRC a early trailer showed a spear firing off the prosthetic arm like some primitive pilebunker.

Powder Kegs REPRESENT!

be1a7f  No.16244745

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Found it. TGS trailer at 1:34.

be1a7f  No.16248456

Trophies are out in case anyone wants to take a gander:


Seems they might have shown too much. On the plus side, the skill set also has a ninjutsu portion so it's not just prosthetic and sword and there's four endings.

dde7ce  No.16248553

Is it bad I'm starting to get excited for Sekiro?

I'm a big fan of Tenchu, I even played the Shinobido games and any knockoff I can get my hands on like Aragami.

I hope they don't screw this up. I don't need it to be super hard. If it's easy enough a game journalist can beat it, that's fine.

f06a94  No.16249136


Nothing wrong with getting excited for a game. With how bad things are, its a breath of fresh air to look forward to a promising looking game.

c032cb  No.16249160

File: ac616d51428186f⋯.jpg (52.17 KB, 612x612, 1:1, dawn_is_breaking.jpg)


>rifle spear crossed with kusarigama's serpent strike


be1a7f  No.16252759

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Impressions by the folks who run the Fextralife wiki. Good overview of the mechanics, might be useful for those still trying to know what this is about besides "not being Souls".

b12867  No.16252765


those are chinese.

be1a7f  No.16252775

File: 203dc5ae5b71e50⋯.png (235.35 KB, 500x385, 100:77, wtf i press to shoot.png)



afabe9  No.16252787


Japanese gods can turn into serpent dragons you dumb cunt.

c032cb  No.16252842

File: b86ab9ebb8c0398⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 237.05 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 1551749711-2.jpeg)


No they can be Japanese too, even if many of them are based originally after Chinese ones.

c032cb  No.16254021

File: c1e0e3da4f706f9⋯.jpg (289.66 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bloodborne™_20180311045640.jpg)


So I know the game is single player only but will it have NPC summons?

be1a7f  No.16254096


There's a section where a NPC assists the player (I think it's against Juzou the Drunkard) but I can't say for certain if that will be a trend or how it works.

f06a94  No.16254190


I haven't really been following the game, but NPCs work similar to how they do in Souls. You help them, they show up in the hub and you do quests with them and they will reward you. Perhaps they offer to help you directly and set out with you instead of just being summoned.

4338d3  No.16255467

I sorta ignored this game because Dark Souls 3 and the "Souls Community" sorta burned me out on anything resembling Dark Souls. But from what I'm reading here this game is looking to be more Tenchu than Souls because that's honestly what I'm looking for if we get some decent stealth levels and not shit combat for when you get caught/boss fights I'll be happy.

I just hope that's true.

ad66d5  No.16256138


Keeps sounding better and better. On his point about wanting to run through and avoid enemies you’ve encountered before. You’d do the same in DaS and Bloodborne, but now you have a quicker way to do it so that isn’t a huge deal to me. I’m really liking how refined the combat sounds and not being able to cheese enemies should thin the herd. At this point I’m just waiting to see the games length and replay value.

b27a92  No.16257295


I hope the stealth isn't simple like in assassin's creed and the enemy AI is made to scout and look for you in an intelligent way.

de4f06  No.16257666

File: 1e29c414b369d4f⋯.gif (47.8 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1e29c414b369d4f40024146cff….gif)


So what's the skinny with Fextralife?

First time I've seen a video by them, only heard the name a few times in the past and for whatever reason I always assumed it was a fetishist community.

Video seems well done, their homepage doesn't seem to be shit or shilling for anything in particular (as in, it's not IGN).

Is it a legit good site for news regarding videogames? Could use one now…

de4f06  No.16257684


Nevermind, they have this in their "Write for Fextralife" section

You can write about whatever you like, as long as it doesn’t promote racism, sexism, homophobic views, hate speech, or bigotry of any kind. Also note
You will provide accurate information with proper attribution of your sources as appropriate.
You will not, under any circumstance, plagiarize.
We also tend to shy away from biased articles relating to politics or religion. To clarify, an article about net neutrality laws would be an acceptable and valid topic, but an article about how people should vote for “x” candidate or why “z” elected official is the worst isn’t. Use your best judgement, and if unsure about a subject feel free to contact the editors and ask their opinion.

Seems like they genuinely just want to write about videogames, so unless there has been some issue in the past, I guess I'm bookmarking them.

be1a7f  No.16257725


Well Satan, dunno much about them outside the wikis I consult every now and then. They got one of those for a lot of games and they're pretty exhaustive.

For news site, I'm partial towards Gematsu. Just small articles for news and the assets are always in very high quality and non-watermarked. No reviews or opinion pieces, just news.g

1db92d  No.16257738


It might not be quicker if they did some decent AI, but it should be better and a bit less ridiculous.

c032cb  No.16258470



The only problem that I have with them is that some of their articles are a bit incomplete. They really could use a few more contributors. Beyond that everything on there seems to be of pretty good quality and I've consulted them quite a bit in the past.

dab945  No.16258768


Monster hunter is more popular among the japanese, than the west. And I don't mean easy mode world. The real shit.

987b7a  No.16258842

File: ec6a4b5808dba9b⋯.jpg (139.08 KB, 1022x576, 511:288, tenchuz_1a~2.jpg)

From already made this game 10 years ago.

It's called Tenchu Z. It even had online co-op.

0c2adb  No.16258850


I loved this game, wish I could still play it.

320645  No.16259018



I think the game is also getting a PC release so if the tits are going to get covered, it's only gonna be on PS4.

That said, Code Vein was something that got my interest but then it just sorta disappeared. I thought it was cancelled, too. As retarded as it is, I wanted to play some Fashion Vein.

be1a7f  No.16259975

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Gameplay overview trailer. Sorry for the Gamespot link but whoever runs the game's YT channel is being a faggot and the video not only requires logging in (A+ job at fuckin' yourselves) but also won't play if embedded. Likewise, Invidious gets a error if I try opening it.

Shows some new things like enemies in knight armor.

e60562  No.16259978

Shittero: hogs brap twice

22cbe0  No.16259990


>hogs brap twice

Okay that got me

2b5e09  No.16260042


Still challenging on a first playthrough unless you're cheating by using a guide or something.

4338d3  No.16260046


Why is this soyboy talking so fast?

4338d3  No.16260047


Nevermind I somehow set the playback speed to 1.5

9bbc5f  No.16260142

File: e0464b311f007a4⋯.jpg (3.09 KB, 200x200, 1:1, really fucking upset baby.jpg)



What'd you remind me for

c032cb  No.16260344

File: a850374a0c54500⋯.png (279.81 KB, 356x554, 178:277, FF9 Remake.png)

File: 7f1de3f6e80146c⋯.png (105.11 KB, 347x446, 347:446, SteinerMirror-FFIX.PNG.png)


>enemies in knight armor.

Is that Steiner?

704fef  No.16262569

File: 2e24dac2f807c23⋯.png (21.66 KB, 512x480, 16:15, bad shinobis.png)

c032cb  No.16266277


Bretty gud.

be1a7f  No.16268996

File: fbd16bb8c7ce00b⋯.gif (8.49 KB, 512x448, 8:7, righteous chap.gif)



Low energy hogs maybe.


I love these.

Fextralife dudes got the game earlier and are streaming it though apparently they can't go further than some early boss. Now to resist the temptation of spoiling the early bits.


1814e1  No.16269599


From only published Tenchu Z, it was developed by K2. I don't know why people consistently get confused about who developed Tenchu games when each one has a full credits list on mobygames.

b922e1  No.16269650

File: 1de0df2641e096e⋯.gif (940.14 KB, 627x502, 627:502, 1de0df2641e096eab0f8aaad9f….gif)

Has it been confirmed that there's no character customization?

Looks like it from what I've seen.

1814e1  No.16269659


It. Is. Not. A. Souls. Game.

Fucking hell this isn't a difficult concept.

b922e1  No.16269680

File: ae1d3f1a2b7ab13⋯.jpg (55.47 KB, 489x960, 163:320, 33cbe56c222e69b07cb746535a….jpg)


Calm down anon, it was just a question.

I like my RPGs (especially if there's an online component) to have some variety to the PC's.

Would be nice if they pulled something like Nioh with non-cannon skin, but have them able to show armor.

c7bef2  No.16269690

File: 3882abee11c7d0b⋯.png (589.63 KB, 768x960, 4:5, fire.png)


Double dubs checked

How soon do you think a torrent is going to be released? It looks like a good game but I'm not paying full price until I can sample a bit. I don't want to spoiler with streams either….

c7bef2  No.16269697


I mischeked double dubs, apologies Kek

c7c731  No.16269752

File: 18975a45697def3⋯.png (29.42 KB, 467x400, 467:400, 18975a45697def36491e810c70….png)


>earth (土)

>mouth (口)

>within (内)

>three (三)


212459  No.16269783


thats some fine ass if I ever seen one

good taste

004083  No.16269800


土 looks kind of like an X sideways

口 looks like a ☐

内 looks like 口 and ☐ but in the font they used is rounder like an O

三 in the font they used looks like a △

c032cb  No.16269832

File: 8914816680b7e0e⋯.jpg (118.17 KB, 450x600, 3:4, Kuroda kanbee and his son ….jpg)

File: c137c0e15cd52ac⋯.jpg (98 KB, 736x903, 736:903, e4f18cbbda66a659189d85551a….jpg)

File: 232d60aa50b0f8b⋯.jpg (118.31 KB, 516x688, 3:4, kappa04f.jpg)

File: 6626ada340dec34⋯.jpg (69.42 KB, 506x800, 253:400, he who never retreats.jpg)

File: 6ab4f6ac6b1b5d7⋯.jpg (49.93 KB, 502x700, 251:350, Tetsu Yon Mari Kuma Gashir….jpg)


>Not. A. Souls. Game.

That doesn't really disqualify a game from having character customization.


I just hope there's some alt attire even if it's just cosmetic. As always I support the inclusion of fancy hats in my ancient oriental games.

004083  No.16269846

File: d4d9c6865c1067f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 24.43 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>the mask can be removed


e00b24  No.16269850


Torrent? is it even on anything else but ps4?

e00b24  No.16269855


Seems to be character driven so it's not likely there will be.

b37300  No.16269870


So is stamina still in the game?

10c273  No.16269880


>how2cheese guides before fighting anything

Maybe you just suck at video games.


OwO what's this?

c7bef2  No.16269923


yes, seems like PC (mods niggggaaaaaaa), Xbox, PS4

be1a7f  No.16269933


Hopefully there's alternate costumes.


No. The thing to keep a eye on at all time now is posture, both yours and the opponent's. Fill the bar to tire him out and open him up for a deathblow while making sure that doesn't happen to you.

The thing I hear/read most from soulsfags is how they got their asses kicked because they kept dodging instead of blocking. Rule of thumb, blocking is the preferential way to deal with enemy attacks.

b37300  No.16269937


Huh, interesting. Looks like a fun game.

de5e90  No.16269981

What weapons are confirmed? Will there be guns the player can use? Magic?

c032cb  No.16270032

File: 260494a8742bd60⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 6666x6666, 1:1, 1510254193.jpg)


As far as we know there's

-your main sword, which might be upgradeable or swapped out Zelda style

-prosthetic tools, think BB hunter's tools but Nip themed

-ninjutsu, we don't really know how this works yet, maybe it's Nioh style ninja magic



e00b24  No.16270039


>Hopefully there's alternate costumes.

Hopefully there's armor changing.

e03b17  No.16270137


I hope not because the Sword of Moonlight was originally one-handed.

004083  No.16270159


>hoever the fuck thought using Bad Moon Rising and any rendition of it needs to get shot,

Bad moon rising is a great song, what the fuck is your…

God damn, thats a bad cover of Bad Moon Rising.

e00b24  No.16270167


What if it's two swords?

e00b24  No.16270173

Or you find it and you cant use it until you either power it up or find pieces of it that are broken off and scattered all over the world I really hope it's not that.

c032cb  No.16270191

File: 46eb16781fa5ba0⋯.jpg (11.83 KB, 168x255, 56:85, ganbare_shiggy.jpg)

File: f6e42c74f887d86⋯.jpg (186.01 KB, 1000x809, 1000:809, bxC3FS0.jpg)


>not single handing your Odachi

Look at this unwashed barbarian.

f1c50f  No.16270201

>Nioh - 80 GB

>Sekiro - 25 GB

What the shit is going on?

61fd79  No.16270213


>two games on different engines with different graphics developed by different people are different sizes

imagine my shock

f1c50f  No.16270218


But they both have ninja.

c032cb  No.16270219


>25 GB

That's the same size as DS3. Nioh is actually a pretty big game.

a7f662  No.16270248

File: 94075304ee1b1c0⋯.png (58.66 KB, 172x163, 172:163, arice.png)

did FROMsoft get soo bootyblasted by getting shown up by NIOH that they had to try to steal their setting/theme?

212459  No.16270265



cf8c9c  No.16270271


or so disappointed by their feeble attempt they had to do it justice.

cb65f7  No.16270276

File: e30e96edc12f215⋯.jpg (538.51 KB, 2560x2930, 256:293, [Thinks gayly].jpg)


Did Nioh sell well? I can't imagine it doing as good as Dark Souls?

004083  No.16270284



Also Bad moon rising works pretty good IMO.


>tfw can't recall the name of the site that allows for better YouTube syncing videos.

>tfw have to hit the hey

a7f662  No.16270289

File: 32128ad2e28f6a4⋯.jpg (202.25 KB, 376x490, 188:245, cfbb022acd7d79f9573594f9ab….jpg)


of course not but it does the gameplay style far better

e00b24  No.16270329


thats ugly

5e3307  No.16270784

Any word on game length yet?

c032cb  No.16270915

File: 15fad227e6e49f8⋯.jpg (100.41 KB, 400x620, 20:31, 100_armor.jpg)


It made a million sales pretty quickly. I remember because I got the gold armor just in time for NG+.

b368af  No.16270924

File: eb1367872bebce2⋯.png (210.75 KB, 392x375, 392:375, 8afcbe6dc0e8b2fb932cecc377….png)


>sengoku period

>exclusive setting no one else can use

a1a531  No.16270931

What are the chances of this getting cracked quick?

61fd79  No.16270965


depends if its debungoed.

bde740  No.16270983

File: bacb36d8f69abe0⋯.webm (15.73 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Sekiro Starter's Guide.webm)

A couple of bearded Australian games journalists gave it their best shot…

a1a531  No.16271019

Is the protag supposed to be some white dude in japan again? He looks like Clark Gable.

9321f2  No.16271049

c032cb  No.16271052

File: 1919c337effa449⋯.png (592.09 KB, 1011x430, 1011:430, young Sekiro.png)


Nah he clearly Japanese. Just look at what he looked like as a kid. His adoptive parent/mentor is pretty clearly full on Jomon though.

08618f  No.16271137


Looks to be some kind of cuirass introduced to the japanese by trading with the portuguese.


c032cb  No.16271162

File: b20abb4d68ec2d0⋯.jpg (102.88 KB, 700x1016, 175:254, warrior of the west.jpg)

File: 8bd4df02f3bb153⋯.jpg (104.53 KB, 736x1147, 736:1147, d1933fa2cd3bb6d048db9aa4f6….jpg)

File: 075fbbe973d8ff5⋯.png (103.56 KB, 200x252, 50:63, 1544673296.png)


Yeah it's like the base armor that was transformed into Nanban do, such as the type Nobunaga and Tachibana Muneshige were famous for wearing.

ad66d5  No.16272418

>all these journalists beating and praising it

That worries me more than if they’d have absolutely hated it

76bddd  No.16272423


Didn't Dark Souls 3 have nerfed difficulty for review copies? I've not been keeping up with Sekiro much, is there any confirmation if they've done something similar?

1378b2  No.16272441


They announced that they got about 2.5 million sales on it, so it was a success for this long ass vaporware game.


>Published by Activision-Blizzard

Yeah, if marketing isn't ass, they can buy positive shilling for it and awards.

ad66d5  No.16272470


That sounds hilarious and I hope it’s true.


Maybe that’s the case as I’ve seen some souls youtubers review it and complain a bit about the difficulty and not wanting to die because it has permanent consequences unlike the previous games. Dunno why that’s such a big deal. I always use my first play throughs on games as practice and trying to git gud instead of worrying to much about locking myself out of things.

1378b2  No.16272484


Weakass jewtubers who haven't played Demon Souls, have they forgotten about "World Tendency"? then they better git gud, seen a couple charging in and complaining about the lack of gear and weapon choices, oh boy.

ad66d5  No.16272636


Looks like this’ll be a game we’ll have to get ahold of before we can actually gauge how good it is like always. A game might look great but have a bunch of small problems that bring it down into mediocre/bad territory, such was the case with DaS2 and 3.

It fucking sucks there are no good reviewers left.

1378b2  No.16272671


Too many literal shills, those recent streams are people getting pissy at the formula change, guess none of them played Tenchu.

3366b2  No.16272693




Been seeing this opinion a lot lately but I never understood why. In my opinion the boss fights alone make it much more enjoyable to (re)play than any other Souls game except BB.

Anyways, I'll have my copy of Sekiro in about 2 hours so I'm probably going to share some early impressions tonight.

ad66d5  No.16272710


The armor becoming little more than fashion was what really hurt it. Where as in DeS and DaS you’d have to pick a build and stick with it, in 3 you’d just use whatever weapons and armor fit the situations and it took away the feeling of actually building your character. The level design also left a bit to be desired. All and all it wasnt bad, but the removal of customization options held it back from being great. I really enjoyed the final boss fight though.

be1a7f  No.16272886

File: db830b7ba94779d⋯.jpg (327.43 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, pontiff sulyvahn4.jpg)


Gameplaywise, felt like Miyazaki's Bloodborne stiffy was still kickin' while he made the game, particularly with enemies that have absurdly long strings and are so fast that if you're using a slow weapon, you're forced to bait one or two specific attacks otherwise you'll get hit back before your attack animation is over. Also the weapon art system feels pointless besides the handful of anime bullshit weapons, there's a lot of weapons but move sets are re-used a lot and it does way with some of the legit good shit DaS2 introduced like fully functioning left-hand movesets and power stancing. It's also extremely linear and most areas just aren't all that interesting or eye-catching.

Lorewise, it panders too hard to referencefags, it's too obsessed with nostalgin' over DaS1 instead of being its own thing, which is a shame because the new stuff is genuinely interesting (namely Sulyvahn, Aldrich and Londor).

Just got a confirmation, should get my copy of Sekiro tomorrow and soon I can be bitching about bullshit game design and Miyazaki being a faggot and all that stuff.

e00b24  No.16273029


It's Shinta complete with the cheek scar he's just a ninja instead of a ronin.

d49258  No.16275307

File: d4397d087562355⋯.jpg (89.16 KB, 772x434, 386:217, letterbox_1292_Sainsburys_….jpg)

So I'm on the first memory trying to farm carps, any tips? so far I've gotten two of them by lunging them when they get near the rocks but it's very tricky. Probably going to move along now.

989a05  No.16275691

>realized theres more menu options to the training guy

>beat lady butterlfy by air hiking on her dumb head

>still not sure if the lord is a girl or a boy


f67e1d  No.16275714




Not in Japan.

989a05  No.16275716


but then why did the lord say watashi wa? i'm getting very confused

e4d476  No.16275724


Watashi is femine and gender neutral, men use it too, often in formal speech (samurais for ex.)

3c83e6  No.16275744

File: 56f652a3bf1ceb6⋯.jpg (60.1 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1446585398840.jpg)

Are my reaction times just getting worse or is it hard to tell the difference between a thrust and a sweep attack? I keep getting my ass kicked by the first Shinobi Hunter despite having the anti-thrust skill.

Now the prosthetics guy and an old lady have Dragonrot. Is rezzing yourself and then running out of lives what causes Dragonrot, or can you give up to avoid it?

989a05  No.16275756


thrust is usually associated with spears, honestly forget deflecting it, just air hike the enemy.

rezzing yourself draws strength from others, so basically you're giving the ass cancer to everyone

be1a7f  No.16276401

Just started it and the tutorial area's a good appetizer. I'm a sucker for exploration so it was interesting to see how the path branches off. The lizards were quite the surprise too.

Seems I wasn't too off the mark when I brought up DMC5 in this topic given both have a prologue boss that's possible to beat but most likely's just gonna kill you. And on that note, I already see mashing R1 is a terrible idea, enemies seem to flip the poise switch after a couple of hits and just tank through.

fb74fe  No.16276463


>Seems I wasn't too off the mark when I brought up DMC5 in this topic given both have a prologue boss that's possible to beat but most likely's just gonna kill you.

Isn't that just a Souls thing that they're keeping around? At least, the two I played had it, but I assumed the sequels also did since they keep playing up the "it's so hard, you're going to die a lot" thing.

e4a1c8  No.16276525

>get to the horse man

>this isn't too hard








I quit, why must I be cursed with shit tier reaction times and why have they never gotten any better over the years.

535abe  No.16276538




535abe  No.16276542



Dying period rolls for Dragoncancer on every character.

a1a531  No.16276559

>get to old lady

>here, have a seed you need to beat her

>she's total bullshit

>phase 2 is even more bullshit

>only get one seed

Fuck that butterfly cunt. I wish she got ass cancer instead of the sculptor.

1814e1  No.16276575

Dragonrot is a fucking awful mechanic.

63b2e8  No.16276618

So how is the combat compared to Souls games? Is it actually similar, or did they just label it "souls-like" for marketing purposes? If it's very different, what's the most significant difference in the combat?

20a6bc  No.16276631


You don't need a boss guide, just half a brain

After two or three deaths to the same boss, you should be able to recognize and even predict most of their attacks, so you can respond effectively.

fb0594  No.16276633

can i be racist here?

20a6bc  No.16276647

File: 5e304585184a58e⋯.jpg (35.57 KB, 640x536, 80:67, TP7b8yO.jpg)


It's mandatory. Not being racist is a bannable offense.

308261  No.16276652


From the little bit I played, enemies don't seem to have health anymore, they just have a poise bar and a number of "death blows". You attack them to reduce their poise and then do a death blow that's like an execution animation. Also dodging is kinda shit, you are far more encouraged to parry.

I'm not sure what to make of it, fights end VERY quickly, like two seconds, and getting hit at all fucks you up a lot because there is a massive stagger and even knockdown whenever you get hit.

a1a531  No.16276660


Very different.

dc696d  No.16276663

File: fb2e8242bbff499⋯.gif (876.31 KB, 160x197, 160:197, 9.gif)

>>16276633 (checking those digits!)

dc696d  No.16276665

File: a7b6f66ee1007bb⋯.png (275.51 KB, 700x700, 1:1, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_dra….png)

dc696d  No.16276668

File: ef14703a4687979⋯.jpg (629.6 KB, 1000x1247, 1000:1247, __hisui_tsukihime_drawn_by….jpg)

63b2e8  No.16276681


Is there variety to the combat with different weapons or do they feel more like they're just a boost to how fast enemies die?

2a83aa  No.16276693

File: 732fa8bab0f64fc⋯.jpg (39.56 KB, 600x754, 300:377, jazz singer.jpg)

ad4635  No.16276709


>phase 2 is even more bullshit

Even fucking worse, phase 2 is phase 1 with adds and a full health reset, nothing about lady butterfly changes at all. The entire fucking game is about honorable samurai shit and a 1v1 sword fighting system, and then every big guy or miniboss has at minimum 5 random mooks around him to fuck your shit up.

After Dork Souls 2, it seems that FROM decided to make a game that was faster and rewarded aggressive and actually fun play. And it also seems like they went in two separate directions on it. One team focused on fast dodging, rewarding relentless attacking, and doing stylish, radical shit with guns and decided to completely ditch blocking. That side made Bloodborne. The other side tried to make blocking fast and fluid, and make an entire game out of that, while slapping on half-assed and half-baked shit, like Dragoncancer, a "cinematic storyline", the "stealth" system, the incredibly short ranged and awkward to use grappling hook, the shinobi gadgets, which are either completely worthless, or essential to beat certain enemies, the enemies getting bullshit 1 frame counterattacks if you hit them more than three times in a row, etc.. Sekiro feels like playing Chivalry as a new player after all of the bullshit and exploits have been discovered and unpatched. The regular mooks die after you wail on them for a second, but the bosses feel like I'm trying to get a sneaky hit on his absolutely massive health/posture bar, while if I slip up once, he does a 5 frame bullshit unblockable attack that kills me instantly.

323e76  No.16276725

File: 78f00c95ea61647⋯.webm (1.48 MB, 320x240, 4:3, mammy.webm)

a1a531  No.16276735


>5 frame bullshit unblockable attack that kills me instantly.

Yeah, when that stupid symbol appears above their heads you still have to decide whether they are doing a sweep, so you have to jump, or a stab so you have to sidestep.

2a83aa  No.16276742


more talent that most black musical artist of today.


1814e1  No.16276753


Sweep, Thrust and Grab all have the same symbol but require different actions to get out of, it's fucking retarded.

3366b2  No.16276765


It's not retarded, the attack animation starts before the symbol appears so if you're familiar with the enemy's moveset you'll have enough time to make a decision.

be1a7f  No.16276794


Yeah there's Seath that's meant to be a unavoidable death and BB has a area that's accessed by getting killed but just found it curious that both Sekiro and DMC5 have a prologue boss that's meant to kill you and is faced later on.

Speaking of dying, the general that spams the sweeps wrecked my shit. Now I learned how to deal with them and hopefully things won't go so badly.


Blocking is the most important thing, you have to really pay attention to a enemy's body language to learn the timing of every attack. I just did the consecutive deflect training and even the basic bitch chimp out was pretty tough but it is rewarding to get those right as it leads to a deathblow much quicker (fuck up and you're dead though).

ad4635  No.16276833


>it's not retarded

>the fast attack designed to quickly open you up or get a cheeky hit on you kills you instantly most of the time

It's absolutely retarded that one single mistake gets you killed while the enemy has a shitload of health and posture you have to whittle down, or sometimes even has multiple phases. There's a reason the big instakill move usually has a lot of windup in games like these.

3366b2  No.16276846


It's never an instant kill if you're at full health and there's also the resurrection to give you a second chance. The windup isn't as fast as you claim it is, if you spend some time learning the enemy it is absolutely possible to react to every attack. Sure, the game is hard but not unreasonable, it just takes some time to get used to. Don't know how much you've played but I'm 15 hours into the game.

bd304c  No.16276853

Looks okay, but Japan is pretty gay for a setting. I would like to see a game in this vein in some tribal African place. Shit would be sick and you wouldn't even need to design monsters since niggers are already so evil.

107093  No.16276859


<Level design

>Either a filthy, modern city

>Or tiny tribal settlements with nothing else around

Sounds great anon.

a9d3ff  No.16276876


I had to spend hours wiping on bosses countless times throughout the series to get through it. Not easy.

bd304c  No.16276901

File: 08ac3313e98e731⋯.png (386.61 KB, 485x433, 485:433, etsubatsu.png)


it's a fantasy game you retard lol, use your imagination

b368af  No.16276903

File: b3d69a68c51a7af⋯.mp4 (3.61 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, sekiro snake.mp4)

Orochimaru got away with everything.

b55367  No.16276909

because in japan, getting a job where you hate the thing you work with is unthinkable. seems to be the norm in the west.

1814e1  No.16276916

BTW does the miniboss after the chained ogre not drop a prayer bead? Because when I suicided off a cliff and died and I didn't get a bead.

1814e1  No.16276919


> Because when I fought him he suicided off a cliff and died and I didn't get a bead.*

107093  No.16276923

File: 08a51afc227b4d8⋯.png (151.36 KB, 501x445, 501:445, 08a51afc227b4d816406099077….png)


>Set in a real world place

>Don't make it look anything like that real world place

>It's no longer set in the real world place

fb3d18  No.16276962

So is it just dark souls but actually decent controls and not garbage?

930eef  No.16276970


not really? the combat falls into the same pitfall as all souls games, but there's less to support it.

9ce98e  No.16276996

File: ab1f82c05fedb8e⋯.png (326.68 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>because in japan, getting a job where you hate the thing you work with is unthinkable.

Yeah, breddy sure those salarydrones are McLovin'™ every second of it.

Excel sheets banzai!

1814e1  No.16277067


I'd say it has better exploration but worse combat.

308261  No.16277271


No idea, I only had time to play it for an hour and a half, not enough to find other weapons.

1c4d8f  No.16277338


Guy's naive as fuck but he has a point. How many good games are made by people who hate their jobs or wanted to do something else?

989a05  No.16277357


I would say the combat is better because it has more gimmicks, dark souls 1 and demon souls are somewhat simple when it comes to melee but the boss design is more braindead and the stealth is straight up retarded. If you can stealth kill, abuse it because you can just run back and pick off enemies that way, I think you can even stealth kill the chained ogre, just run to the other 'area' and the enemies will drop agro.

ad4635  No.16277371

Who in the fuck thought that a bootleg soulsborne game needed a forced stealth segment with the giant snake?

3366b2  No.16277379


You can't stealth kill minibosses since they always have 2 health bars.

>boss design is braindead

Have you even fought some of the actual bosses? Fights like Genichiro or the ape aren't braindead in the slightest.

989a05  No.16277393


Yeah you can, it drops their health bar by one, maybe I should have said deathblow or whatever the game calls it.

3366b2  No.16277398


Yeah you can take off the first health bar but you made it sound as if it would let you skip the whole fight.

8f0695  No.16277412

Shamles repost from other threat.

Damm i ended hating death blows by endgame, it would have been better if those would have reserved for bigger enemys, minibosses and bosses. Otherwise combat feel like good but something is missing or it needed some changes. maybe spiting avoiding hits to dodge and jump wasn't right idea, maybe it would have actualy made compat more fluid and less deflect/counter attacking and running around.

Levels are from great to bad, moving whit graple is great and exsploration is great. i wish game was less lineral in places and resolved around castle.

Bell thing was wierd becouse i was waiting more bell but havent found nothing yet,

Personaly bigest proplem is locking suck and middle of fight i might lose lock even when right next to enemy. Tutorials also could be better.

930eef  No.16277415


What? A majority of them are absurdly braindead, like Owl is supposed to be this big dramatic fight, but he's braindead as all hell. Apes is braindead as they have TWO ENEMIES!!! It's a fault of From's design only having two boss archetypes. They've just reused the basic idea over and over again, and it's really obvious in sekiro because of the less build options.

be1a7f  No.16277417

Getting my teeth justly kicked in for playing like a retard. This game is a tough lesson on keeping your spaghetti in check, hail mary R1s are not save you are. Stuck on the ogre right now, I haven't gone for the fire upgrade because I'm trying to see how I'll manage without it but he keeps getting that grab sooner or later.

40a23b  No.16277439

File: 2f1aa7bc4900b69⋯.jpg (60.64 KB, 640x853, 640:853, 2f1aa7bc4900b69f29cc1e3c50….jpg)

>removing lock-on makes dodging actually viable

>really fucking viable

>able to constantly weave in between blows

>enemies barely have time to recover posture because I'm always on their ass.

I feel like they didn't plan for this but I like this much better than just sitting still and sometimes hitting block and sometimes hitting dodge.

Makes me feel like an actual Shinobi now.

308261  No.16277444

File: ceb6120d99033e5⋯.jpg (3.26 KB, 160x160, 1:1, 198222518123071675432190.jpg)


Do you have brain damage? Is your keyboard broken?

8f0695  No.16277465


I kind wish that for some minibosses that would be full stealthable or could be killed by stealth only. Cat and mouse in rooftops would be amazing.


Movement and exploration is amazing but combat feel off and by end isn't that fun. At first i was wondering why wont they let us just duel/brawl whit bosses or minibosses at start of game, there is always small guys whit them. Later i relise that it becouse when you start one vs one big guys you start seeing flaws in combat. Then they start throwing terror and other aflicks to bosses becouse there isn't enough fights if it's just brawl. And those simple shinobi brawsl are reserved for important fellas.


If only you could also grapel enemys.

7fd849  No.16277474

File: f215d8083983f80⋯.gif (432.41 KB, 1274x713, 1274:713, 4ad32fefe2983a0a23b4ef8adf….gif)


Are you black by any chance?

9ce98e  No.16277480

File: daf50c35bf39dc2⋯.jpg (10.7 KB, 320x272, 20:17, numbers man.jpg)


are those digits rhetoric?

be1a7f  No.16278047

Finally beat the ogre (not too bad though one faggot with a spear damn near ruined everything) then ran with tail between my legs against the general and moved on to Hirata, lotsa important things here especially for a area one could easily miss. Gonna try my luck with the shinobi hunter now. Also somewhat relieved that arts and prosthetics can be swapped on the fly, I was expecting something like spell attunement though it's still disappointing they couldn't find a way to make all arts available (a cue from Dogma, DMC, Onimusha Dawn of Dreams would do it).

Couple of stupid questions:

1 Does Dragonrot kick in by dying or using the resurrection mechanic?

2 Once exp reaches a full bar it can't be lost, right?

3366b2  No.16278126


Not sure about Dragonrot but you do keep skill points, only the progress to the next one will be halved. I agree that it would have been nice to equip 2 or 3 Combat Arts at once but later in the game you'll get some that require multiple button presses, that might be the reason why it's limited to 1.

1814e1  No.16278236


>Does Dragonrot kick in by dying or using the resurrection mechanic?

By dying, there's never a reason not to use resurrection.

c570b9  No.16278346

well I defeated the fag who stole my little boy, but he jumped off the side of the building and I imagine we'll have to do round 2 at some point. his fight was fun.

a1a531  No.16278721


You don't need to remove the lock on since you can freely sprint like sonic in battle.

1814e1  No.16278738

I just realized that Mr. Sekiro wears orange clothes, guess Naruto was more realistic than we give it credit.

e2e8e3  No.16278764

File: b1e44508ca799a4⋯.jpg (232 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Nirutoh.jpg)


Ninja usually wore light samurai armor or civilian clothes with possibly chain or laminar mail underneath.

a1a531  No.16278768


Did japan have chain armor? They barely had iron, and even that sucked. That's why their myths are full of waepons breaking and guys running around with 5 or so weapons strapped to their backs.

e2e8e3  No.16278799

File: f3c784ffde98c27⋯.jpg (3.03 MB, 1788x3648, 149:304, Gappa_travel_cape_and_zuni….jpg)

File: d6049a9e6e28bec⋯.jpg (143.64 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 768px-Kusari_gusoku_11.JPG)

File: 6cf066971aa4d2c⋯.jpg (91.05 KB, 665x837, 665:837, 1544673988.jpg)


Yes. That "southern barbarian" trade gave Japan some nice stuff.

e60562  No.16278812

Why does it feel so fucking mediocre and unfun

199aa8  No.16278832

are there vaati lorewank videos over this yet

c570b9  No.16278845



be1a7f  No.16278873

I thought the spear guy was bad, now I'm stuck on this faggoty ass Foot of the North Star ninja motherfucker that damn near one-shots me in one kick. I have no fuckin' clue what that gay ass kick even is, maybe thrust by exclusion.

At this pace, I think I'll unlock a hidden ending where everyone gets Dragoncancer because I died a million times.

e2e8e3  No.16278886


Well he didn't do one on Nioh so maybe there's hope.

e2e8e3  No.16278945

File: 67ff651ab44b5db⋯.png (42.5 KB, 932x601, 932:601, That dragon cancer.png)



107093  No.16278963

File: 3ff3964675caa98⋯.jpg (44.68 KB, 540x429, 180:143, 3ff3964675caa981a82c361626….jpg)

>The shinobi tools are sort of fun but they feel a bit weak unless you use them against their "designated enemies"

>Level design is good, the hook feels like it fits and not just a gimmick

>Solid controls, keyboard and mouse work well for once and a viable option

>Combat feels good but

<Enemies that require multiple deathstrikes basically have regenerating health which makes them not very fun to fight, effort is only rewarded for going heavily on the offensive which is unsafe to do if you don't know their moves and animation tells, but it's useless to poke them while learning it

<Very low weapon variety (if any?) besides those attached to the shinobi prosthetic if the game finally gives me a new weapon down the line, only for it to be an upgraded katana, I'll punch someone

<Character progress in the form of levelling up is pretty limited, many move skills seem cool but the passive bonuses are uninspired and bland as fuck, the prayer beads are just a generic "get stronger" bonus

<The advancement itself is slow and I don't see how the game would incentivize different playstyles on repeat playthroughs

<Lose half your Sen on death, nothing to spend it on except the super expensive stuff (like that 3k butterfly shuriken tool) unless you want to waste it on consumables. Though Exp loss is more than fair since you don't lose skill points

It's okay, I'll definitely finish it but at the moment I'm glad I didn't drop 60€ on it.

Does it actually have any PvP or co-op? Not really looked into the game much before I started playing it.

495a72  No.16279023

>have dumb gamer friend

>be told to play demon's souls

>"be warned, it's the toughest game ever made"

>double-check his claim online

>everyone says it's the omega of gaming challenges

>play it

>fatroll the entire game and spam magic to great success

At least they tried to nerf it for the sequels but they all looked like shit so I never bothered with them

0e15a2  No.16279031


>spam magic to great success

magic was easy mode and everyone knew it

40a23b  No.16279034

File: 9b681ead876375a⋯.jpg (2.53 MB, 1636x2372, 409:593, 9b681ead876375aad4a26c95da….jpg)


Nope it's fully single player.

I'm considering dropping it honestly, I keep trying to expand and experiment new things only to get heavily punished and brought back to either block/counter poke and repeat.

It's incredible limited combat wise, honestly I'm hating the posture mechanic, it's nothing more than just a pseudo health bar, and I have yet to see it get full on me.

When I heard posture I thought they were doing some Nioh type shit like the stances.

Instead all of your katana's basic attacks are from spamming R1 or holding it, and you only get to have one special action for it.

Not to mention Nioh did the whole "break your enemy's posture" kinda thing better.

I had a hard time adapting at first to the whole blocking aspect of this game because once I got to the giants or big mallet boys my brain would simply not even consider the possibility of blocking that, because it would be impossible.

To much of my dismay, blocking a mallet the same size as Sekiro with a fucking katana is the optimal way.

I don't know, maybe it will grow on me. But the more I play it, the more I wish they'd just port Bloodborne over, I'd rather play that if it wasn't stuck on that terrible excuse of a console.

ad4635  No.16279069


I'm telling you, Bloodborne feels like they went all out on the quick dodges and fast, relentless attacking, since everyone thought that was the actually ffun way to play the Souls games. Whereas, Sekiro just feels like they tried to make a "fast" game for the people who used a shield for 99% of their Dork Souls playthroughs.

>blocking shit twice the size of Sekiro

I got further in the game, and the enemies just keep getting more and more retarded, and the shit you can block gets more and more outrageos. You can't block bullets or arrows, but you can block Lady Butterfly's throwing knives for whatever reason. If an enemy deflects any of your attacks, he'll keep doing it until you let him get a swing off and deflect it yourself. The stab and sweep having the exact same icon and sound effect, while being a split second decision is retarded. It gets even worse when you get to some of the more interesting enemies, like the boss on the horse or the miniboss when you come back to the tutorial area, whose attacks have really retarded and over the top windup animations that throw you off. For example, the horsenigger's "stab" move is him throwing his fucking spear on a rope at you.

3366b2  No.16279090


>You can't block bullets or arrows

That's not true, you can block all physical projectiles.

>The stab and sweep having the exact same icon and sound effect

It's supposed to be like that to make you pay attention to the enemy itself rather than just looking out for the prompt.

>whose attacks have really retarded and over the top windup animations that throw you off

The way the whole deflecting thing works is that you're supposed to learn the rhythm of each enemy's attacks and not just block on reaction. It takes some getting used to but it's a perfectly fine system and rewards you for actually learning the movesets rather than relying on reaction like you could do with most Souls enemies.

e2e8e3  No.16279407

File: 14e00eeaf2d3cfb⋯.jpg (34.98 KB, 720x762, 120:127, 1550560095.jpg)

be1a7f  No.16279422

File: 14a358012653db0⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 2457x3492, 273:388, yoshitsugu12.jpg)


DeS is the game with the most exploitable shit in the extended series. Game design is the opposite of its successors and feels like "FUN ALLOWED" at its core.

Beat horseman. Oddly the easiest thing so far, it was still a ugly slugfest but took me two tries and felt like I could improve (a feeling I'm not getting from most enemies) so I won't complain. Besides proceeding, still have that gay ass ninja and the giant wino in the memory and no clue of how to deal with either.

Bit of a random note but horseman called himself Gyoubu; my knowledge of japanese is meager but isn't that translatable as 'magistrate' or something? I'm fairly certain Ootani Yoshitsugu held that title.

989a05  No.16279866

where the fuck do i go after killing lightning man who cut off my arm

2a5013  No.16279867

I don't really "get" this game. How do you fight?

There's no stamina bar from what I can tell. My strategy is just mashing attack until they parry, then parrying their counter, then mashing attack again. It was working until they start shoving you into boss arenas with one boss and six or seven minions that clump up and parry everything then ohko you in one group attack.

I'm still in the starting area and then did the thing with the bell and the buddha but even that area is the same thing. One boss and five little guys who just parry everything and refuse to stop grouping together.

I almost want someone to tell me I'm retarded and somehow skipped the mechanic that makes fights into less of a chore.

7c8c6b  No.16280154


So I suppose that most of the people in this thread are whining because they haven't got a full grasp of how the game works yet? I suppose that's par for the course for From games on release given their lousy tutorials. I'll come back to harvest opinions a week later.

be1a7f  No.16281626


You can overwhelm most peons by mashing Square though always keep in mind they can armor through at some point, usually by the 3rd hit.

You're given the notion that you should disregard the HP bar and just try to break the opponent's posture but it's not that linear. The less HP, the more the posture bar takes to refill and large enemies with no armor like Juzou, it ends up being a mixture of wearing both bars down.


I know what I should and shouldn't do but, admittedly, the habit of dodging is still prevalent and it's important to keep in mind that a proper block or deflect does not stop the enemy from continuing the attack string. That aside, I'm having genuine difficulty with the game, particularly the mini-bosses. With the Souls games there was that idea of even the most basic enemy being able to kick your shit in and it feels more prevalent here, sure every mook can be taken down with R1 mash but with unavoidable mobs that can get pretty tricky. It feels like you gotta respect every encounter. And again with the odd DMC comparison but like DMC game this feels like the worse your performance, the harder it will be.

Just beat Butterfly and like Gyoubu, she was almost easy compared to the mini-bosses. That fat slob before her gave me a lot more trouble. Really fun fight, a lot of back and forth, that immediate reaction of tossing a shuriken the moment she lands on a tight rope and it was nice of them to have the fight work the way it did instead of bullshitting you with a old lady with a metric fuck ton of HP.

be1a7f  No.16281792

Forgot to say - unless I'm overlooking something, the Square button (or PC and XBO equivalent) is a massive gaffe. Could have been easily use to allow more combat options and still keep its function. Something like:

Square - art 1

[Square] - shekel vacuum

Square+L1 - art 2

Square+R1 - art 3

L1+R1 - art 4

This could be even taken up a notch with Triangle+L1 and Triangle+R1 for two more combat arts. Dunno why they didn't do it.

989a05  No.16283084


more like reasons why we need paddles, 6 buttons and a foot pedal for controllers

fd524a  No.16286234


Talk to the kid, he'll give you some ideas

85f733  No.16287641

File: 93ca79905695ed1⋯.jpg (9.52 KB, 240x360, 2:3, dark_souls_father_fedora.jpg)

do NPC's actually die of dragoncancer or is this just a gay mechanic to reduce the chance of me not losing notsouls and money on death? Also I haven't tried it yet but can you use your cash to buy the sacks of cash so that you can always have them if you die even? Ashen did something similar, basically you're laundering your own gainz to hedge against death.

I wish it had a system like Nioh's where you could bank them though. Overall I like the game but it's taking a lot to get used to and I've died so many times instinctively dodging rather than timing the blocks and ripostes. It is fucking satisfying though getting a deathblow after a great block. I just dislike it encourages degenerate behaviour of picking enemies off one by one and if you fuck up to hide for a bit until you can get the secret insta-kill back. The grappling hook is fun though and creates some fluid movement.

e00b24  No.16289452

This is not /vg/ this is /v/.

There used to be no problem with a new thread as soon as the old one starts to auto sage. Why is that no longer the rule?Why the fuck do we have to wait until low interest threads that have filled up and nobody is even looking at anymore due to being around page 7 or 8 to DIE in order to make a new thread?

Shit was not like this before. This is stupid.

It's just another way for the board kike to keep discussion about games he doesn't like down while there are multiple threads for other stupid shit. Not every thread needs to be a general thread. When did this place turn into it's retarded little brother?

b368af  No.16289682


To be fair, Nioh explained things. Even if vaguely sometimes. Plus most of it's events were based on real japanese history. There's not enough to milk like the souls games.

70fb78  No.16290358

File: debbb071e439a49⋯.jpeg (49.42 KB, 566x578, 283:289, 5e6d59cfe411dc9d1eb16f82a….jpeg)


as far as I can tell, it just prevents the progression of quests with that npc.

also learned today that cured npcs can get dragonrot again; I wasn't sure if they could or not.


just spam this thread to 700 posts so we can make a new one.

cb65f7  No.16290465

How the fuck do I beat the Divine Dragon? I was just thinking about From hadn't done thrown Bed of Chaos/Dragon God bullshit my way and then this happens

cb65f7  No.16290479

Nevermind just figured out that you have to jump into the tree that's about to get hit by lightning, you parry the lightning and then fucking throw it back to him. You know, super intuitive game design

c85fee  No.16290572

File: 4cfcca250122a22⋯.jpg (21.43 KB, 387x309, 129:103, 1431977575105.jpg)

File: 04cb49751f42460⋯.png (5.23 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Sekiro Screenshot 2019.03.….png)

>ape summons another ape

cb65f7  No.16290591


Ape #2 has shit health, focus him

c85fee  No.16290616


That I did, woman ape got the cock then I fucked the white one's throat. There have been harder boss's in the game but this one was just lazy.

3366b2  No.16291111


To be fair it's an optional fight, if you go there before you fight him in the Sunken Valley he won't appear. I believe using the Mortal Blade on him in the first fight has the same effect but I can't confirm it yet.

4f5c89  No.16291663

File: 3f4bd5d84034559⋯.webm (4.47 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, sekiro 2019.03.26 - 17.30….webm)


4f5c89  No.16291700

File: fb4ac1db0de80ff⋯.webm (4.04 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, sekiro 2019.03.26 - 17.59….webm)

Very hard game

4f5c89  No.16291782

File: fb7bef66c402e25⋯.webm (4.65 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, sekiro 2019.03.26 - 18.16….webm)

b368af  No.16291930


More like hardly believable hitboxes.

f2c3ec  No.16292843

Man this game really feels like a job for some reason, somehow it's just not satisfying to actually beat anything it always feel partially like luck, it feels like I'm going through the motions in every area just so I can say I beat the game.

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