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File: 9d9b86a59461a0e⋯.jpg (62.52 KB, 688x720, 43:45, FUCKINGANGRY.jpg)

842ac5  No.16224056

Can i get a list of games where you can stop time? either as an ability or whatever.

Picture unrelated,of course

401c8e  No.16224066


Fuck you zipperman, the donut is two blocks down

98066c  No.16224067

Castlevania SotN is one to start.

Jojo's heirtage for the future also has that through Dio and Jotaro.

842ac5  No.16224070


Sorry, i already had a donut with glaze on it and now have Sticky Fingers.

89b0f9  No.16224073

All I can think of right now is Bleed and A Hat in Time, but I do recommend you check both of these out.

51b7c9  No.16224074

File: dc7edd75b3ff2f4⋯.png (995.74 KB, 1441x900, 1441:900, GET OUTTA MY STORE.png)

Not your personal search engine faggot.

Request Denied

401c8e  No.16224075


Imma make you cry like number 5, nerd

842ac5  No.16224077


Don't do that, you might make me Gently Weep.

ffa209  No.16224078

Dishonored has a time slow that turns to a stop once fully upgraded, and is one of the better implementations of time stop I’ve seen. You can grab guns out of enemy hands, place traps on frozen enemies, take bullets right out of the air, and of course pre fire several shots that will connect once time resumes.

ec3fcc  No.16224079

File: 1448b9b8ecb80ec⋯.webm (13.92 MB, 480x360, 4:3, souljaboy reviews braid.webm)


401c8e  No.16224083


You're so boring you make me die of old age, yawn, bait somebody else

842ac5  No.16224084


Well at least unlike your old ass i'm as young as a Beach Boy.

89b0f9  No.16224087


Oh, yeah, I have to agree, nothing tops Dishonored's time stop. It's the ultimate realization of the concept as of now.

21cb57  No.16224088

Prince of Persia Sands of Time/WW/TTT

Touhou Luna Knights




Nothing else I can think of at the moment.

81b522  No.16224090

Super Hot and some Gmod addons. Now delete this thread.

842ac5  No.16224091


What's wrong friend, you sound like you're having some moody blues.

401c8e  No.16224093


Your banter is so slow as a turtle

f49aba  No.16224095

File: 9cdf6e2056dd5f3⋯.webm (2.32 MB, 640x360, 16:9, pic unrelated.webm)

OP do you know any anime with time stop powers??

842ac5  No.16224098


Nothing wrong with taking your time with things, it can lead you to some Golden Experience's you may have missed otherwise.

401c8e  No.16224099


Everytime I wake up you make me feel so horny

fd1dd4  No.16224100

File: a24398e0b51db30⋯.jpg (15.89 KB, 220x227, 220:227, Mega_Man_2_weapon_artwork_….jpg)

File: 1028a2940192045⋯.jpg (102.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mm11slowdown.jpg)

Mega Man 2/4/11 (latter is closer to bullet time but whatever)

Castlevania stopwatch item

daab12  No.16224105

Baldur's Gate 2 - High level mages can cast time stop. Add improved alacrity to the mix and you are a demigod.

842ac5  No.16224111


Bleed? that indie game with the purple haired chick?


Stop being such a spicy girl.

8618d5  No.16224116


Blinx the time sweeper.

842ac5  No.16224117


Played it during my childhood, fantastic game

You can also REWIND TIME and FAST FORWARD time in it.

21cb57  No.16224118


Bleed is more Time slow than Time stop though.

Also, Heat Signature.

98066c  No.16224121

File: ad2d31721047453⋯.png (348.51 KB, 626x461, 626:461, over ere.png)


checked for spicy girls

f49aba  No.16224126

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

153e87  No.16224131

File: 4d7b93c77daa833⋯.png (985.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

If you want to be able to move around in stopped time, the Bullet Time mod comes with a few variations, one of which allows you to stop time while still being able to freely move around during it.

842ac5  No.16224132


How does heat signature do it? from the description of the game it seems like stealth stuff.

401c8e  No.16224137

File: ed16d60146ffd29⋯.png (20.84 KB, 105x162, 35:54, tireman.PNG)


Stuff like that comes in very handy

842ac5  No.16224140


Link to the time stop version?

21cb57  No.16224142


Basically you can stop time at any instant and teleport dropped items to you, and whenever you are aiming an attack time is stopped, meaning you can run around carrying like 5 pistols, teleport into a room, then simultaneously shoot all five pistols at guards before anyone's the wiser.

f4d204  No.16224147


Neverwinter Nights 1 also has Time Stop. 2 does not.

89b0f9  No.16224151


Correct. Don't let the problem hair disturb you, Bleed is a fun, fast paced 2D shooter with decent challenge. I'd say it's the best game of its kind since the heyday of Metal Slug.

8e7ecb  No.16224153



e0caff  No.16224155

File: 5ac27c934010af0⋯.jpg (105.07 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 379987-brandish-the-dark-r….jpg)

Brandish has time stop magic. However; most bosses are immune to it so it's only good for clearing out regular enemies.

842ac5  No.16224159


Is there an english version? from what i'm seeing it's a psp jap game.

e0caff  No.16224164


Yes Xseed localized it in 2015

33750a  No.16224165

Life is Strange, technically speaking

daab12  No.16224168


I played 2 but never touched 1. Got sucked into the meme that "3E was shit" but I still had fun with IW 2.

I'm pretty sure that neither of the IW games has timestop either.

21cb57  No.16224172


When are they giving the second game the Dark Brandish treatment? That game was excellent.


Actually to my recollection I'm kind of wrong, it's slow motion but it's the type of slow motion where you're not even going to notice that time is moving.


Fairly sure there is.

e0caff  No.16224182


>When are they giving the second game the Dark Brandish treatment?

Hopefully never since NISA would drag it through the mud and Falcom would litter it with DLC.

f29dcf  No.16224183

But how does it work

842ac5  No.16224187

File: e299600d4afb7bd⋯.png (882.92 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, Toddvolo.png)


it just works

21cb57  No.16224203


>Falcom's DLC

To be honest I completely okay with garbage tier costumes and +10 rank 0 materials and anything else I can just stick at the bottom of my inventories.

NISA is a cancer the likes of which is unbearable and untreatable. I can only thank whoever put their heart and soul into making Ys 8 playable on a toaster for me to pirate it, even if the translation is clearly faulty.

cedd91  No.16224214

How does one stop an abstract concept that doesn't actually exist?

9c43bf  No.16224223


By approaching the speed of light and having basically the same effect in practical results.

e7f22c  No.16224310

Ragtime in DMC5. You can slow time down around an enemy or charge your arm up to pause time totally for about two seconds.

1b6a17  No.16224343


>Can i get a list of games where you can stop time?

OP here.

Can you guys now give me a list of all the games where you cant stop time?

cedd91  No.16224346


>By approaching the speed of light

Impossible and improbable.

cedd91  No.16224349

cedd91  No.16224356


Nvm, I thought it's the same question again.

9c43bf  No.16224358

>16224343 (no (you) for you)

>OP here.

Return from whence you came cuckchan scum.


How can something be both impossible and improbable? If it's impossible then it surely can never happen and thus can't be even the faintest of improbable outcomes, and if it's improbable it must by definition not be impossible.

21cb57  No.16224367

Here's a question though, assuming you approach the speed of light in every way, physically and mentally, would you still maintain the level of control over your movements like you currently do?

5872ce  No.16224374

File: d3f7b910dd6849a⋯.mp4 (3.87 MB, 730x410, 73:41, TIME STOP.mp4)

Copy Kitty.

cedd91  No.16224380


I mean impossible to reach speeds close to that of light and improbable that the flow of time will be altered even if you do reach them. Whose theory was it again? That jewish hack that stole someone else's theories before that?

1b6a17  No.16224397


>Nvm, I thought it's the same question again.

I think ive got enough games where you can stop time.

Now im interested in the games where you can not stop time.

9c43bf  No.16224511


>I mean impossible to reach speeds close to that of light and improbable that the flow of time will be altered even if you do reach them.

I never said that the flow of time would be altered by approaching the speed of light I said that the practical effects would be the same. The only difference between the two is that one allows, for example, DIO to do his knife tricks while the other would only be DIO himself doing all the dirty work. There's no meaningful difference between DIO being able to stop time for "5 seconds" and for DIO to be able to do a quick burst of lightspeed since nobody would be able to react until he slowed down again.

842ac5  No.16224643


Are you talking about time or king crimson

13e5fa  No.16224649

Tales of Maj'Eyal has a time wizard class called Paradox Mage

they, obviously, has a spell that stops time

0b73b4  No.16225007


>Whose theory was it again?

Yeah, those Jewish names like Maxwell, Lorentz, Larmor, and Poincaré.

You do realize that the frame-independence of the speed of light falls directly out of Maxwell's equations as had been developed over the preceding decades to Einstein's work? I don't understand why you /pol/tards always try to attribute everything to Einstein while simultaneously trying to say he doesn't deserve credit for anything, when what he actually did was make the very real contribution of putting the various pieces together into a cohesive theory. If the idea of time dilation were Einstein's we wouldn't be using the term "Lorentz transformation".

842ac5  No.16225027

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There's actually a video on this and it explains that dio would never be able to stop time because momentum is preserved and so if he did stop time he'd fly out of the fucking atmosphere

9c43bf  No.16225054


That doesn't mean he wouldn't be able to stop time that means that if he did there would be consequences. Then again DIO can fly during this so there's no reason to believe he can't arbitrarily control his momentum too.

e5f673  No.16225057


can't he always fly because something something vampire?

842ac5  No.16225060


Well no, it's discussed that stopping time isn't feasible so they just say he goes 1% slower then the speed of light, and that brings up problems

ea7005  No.16225090


>time wizard

What the hell was the name of that coop wizard game? Trine has some timestop, there's Shadwen, where time ceases unless you move.

ea7005  No.16225101

Magicka, that's it. Fug that hurt to find again. Wasn't there a timestop spell you could cast?

ea7005  No.16225116

File: 2dafb6cea4252ca⋯.jpg (26.66 KB, 479x357, 479:357, raz.jpg)

Speaking of Magicka

>paradox kiked it up with DLC to the point it crashes left and right now

If I ever needed another reason.

9c43bf  No.16225123

File: 3081c89174fdeeb⋯.jpg (79.44 KB, 1080x1176, 45:49, Boss character.jpg)


He says time stop isn't feasible because "it will tear up the space time continuum" which is handwavey as fuck and if you're going to go far enough to mention it in an autism study into silly mangoes you might as well go all in. What is description states is that, if DIO was actually stopping time

>DIO should be blind during this

>DIO would get launched off the planet if he had no momentum control

I covered the second point, the first is in his favor. Assuming DIO is moving at near lightspeed, the knives he throws shouldn't "stop" when he lets go of them, at least not until they're millions of miles away from earth as DIO has just railcanoned Jotaro in the face if he's actually accelerating the knives that much. Lightspeed explanation fails if you take DIO's knife throwing into account, Time Stop explanation fails if DIO's ability to see is taken into account.

On this note though I think a villain who could stop time but was forced to be blind during it would be an interesting "demerit" to the ability to give the hero at least some kind of chance of winning

ad134d  No.16225174

File: dd5b9dc9ce67c9d⋯.gif (7.55 MB, 413x529, 413:529, acid_juice.gif)


>Can i get a list of games where you can stop time? either as an ability or whatever.

Anon, there are way too many fucking games with a pause function.

842ac5  No.16225178

File: e072b8c6f07e9ad⋯.jpg (122.95 KB, 1571x885, 1571:885, shutupdamnit.JPG)


How very funny of you

ea7005  No.16225225

File: 9c04b9ef7cbacd4⋯.png (36.29 KB, 296x95, 296:95, ClipboardImage.png)

File: aac5d6dd7f6e5b3⋯.png (26.24 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ren.png)

I hate paradox so much I want their bodies committed to another star system.

68aac9  No.16225253

File: 75ce58bcef4b0e8⋯.png (173.64 KB, 600x336, 25:14, ClipboardImage.png)


In automata you can get the ability to slow time after a perfect dodge and also the abilty to slow time over an area

842ac5  No.16225281


It's close,but not quite.

9b1ded  No.16225328

Make a lag switch.

842ac5  No.16225332


But that's not time stop

that's EPITAPH

822ebf  No.16225378

File: 3d7fdc1946ceb5c⋯.jpg (103.91 KB, 680x1020, 2:3, 92357889759823475347545.jpg)


>Posting the wrong todd

e5f673  No.16225383


>how many times have you re-released skyrim?

<how many slices of bread have you eaten in your life?

842ac5  No.16225385


Part 1 and 2 todd have no stands lol making it worse

89ed43  No.16225397


What a shame the game is fucking piss easy and pretty shit, 2 is even fucking worse.



superhot in vr would be pretty sweetie

any game that allows you to physically maim or cut apart people in vr would be great though

89ed43  No.16225400



OH FUCK OH FUCK sweetieposting corrupts the brain, don't partake

58814a  No.16225404



Wanna lie on my lap, sweetie?~

a3e822  No.16225405


There's a Superhot VR game already, sweetie

89ed43  No.16225408

File: 7d9257219e64633⋯.png (115.42 KB, 250x288, 125:144, sweetie.png)


I'm too tired to fuck this thread up with sweetieposting so I'll leave this image here

642586  No.16225418

File: 650b82133511e3e⋯.jpg (108.07 KB, 640x780, 32:39, brassman.jpg)


>stop time right after an enemy fires his gun

>take control of him

>walk him in front of the bullet


That shit never gets old



2850d2  No.16225428

File: 327d177fb9bb90f⋯.jpg (588.88 KB, 1657x1400, 1657:1400, Dudochnik_01.jpg)



>boss character

No joke

642586  No.16225448



When I saw that picture I thought to myself "reminds me of The Void" (which I never finished and only saw one boss of). Should I actually finish it? It was really repetitive but I did like the atmosphere.

f4d204  No.16225452


Yeah I checked the wikis for IWD1+2 and Planescape Torment, if they have Time Stop I couldn't find it.

2850d2  No.16225466


If the one boss fight you saw was Mantid after you failed the first quest then yeah, it's worth another shot, the more it opens up the better it gets.

642586  No.16225533


I didn't see a fight, after a couple hours of farming colors I think I got enough colors to give to some girl then the rest of the game opened up and a cutscene showed that the bosses will now be walking around the world. I'm not sure why I stopped there of all places but I really wasn't sold on the color farming. I guess I didn't think there would be actual boss fights just more farming for the rest of the game.

75a7f1  No.16225640

File: e50b2d3a5cacf2e⋯.jpg (185.07 KB, 800x600, 4:3, grandia.jpg)

Grandia, if you're willing to grind for it.

7983a2  No.16225651


DUSK also has the Superhot powerup, although it's not frequent

7983a2  No.16225655


Spacetime IS a physical fabric that permeates all reality.

21b797  No.16225762

Theres that futa time stop rape sidescroller, but I can remember the name of it right now.

a3e822  No.16225852


Chronos Gate

A game that mixes both my fetishes and still manages to be eh

401c8e  No.16226328


>Yeah, those Jewish names like Maxwell, Lorentz, Larmor, and Poincaré.

Nobody said that they were jews.

What is up with your (1) and done posting /leftypol/, it doesn’t do anything.

0b73b4  No.16227247


The anon I replied to specifically claimed the theory was developed by a "Jewish hack". Those are people who developed the theory.

>everyone that disagrees with me is /leftypol/

>stop discussing time distortion in a time travel thread

842ac5  No.16227432

File: bc1013955004d62⋯.png (278.67 KB, 251x485, 251:485, ClipboardImage.png)


Well, less time travel and more time stop

and a thinly veiled jojo thread as well

49e2e0  No.16227495


I hear there's an hacked version to use with an emulator that fixes that problem.

Apparently, you were supposed to get those powers at 32-35 or something of the relevant magic schools, not 99, but since PSX games can't really be patched…

21cb57  No.16227498

Undisputed fact: Warrior Within was superior to Sands of Time. Gameplay>Story.

Undisputed fact 2: 2000 OVA>>>>>Part 3 animu

eb5677  No.16227506

File: f3efa7285fcda41⋯.png (1.03 KB, 256x240, 16:15, battlecity_logo.png)

a3e822  No.16227508


>OVA that skipped almost 50% of the manga superior to anything

The only good thing that came from that was the abridged series. Your taste = Shit

21cb57  No.16227515


Fuck you.

>Excellent animation and actual quality is inferior to EBIC MEMES LE ZA WALDO XDDDD

21cb57  No.16227517


Oh and just in case I wasn't clear, I was talking in terms of the final arc and not the whole thing.

a1dee0  No.16227527

Is there a way of having a mechanic like this whereby the game is still challenging and not "fuck-about-and-have-fun"-tier?

842ac5  No.16227529


It doesn't really matter, the finale of part 3 with jotaro"LOL I KNOW TIME STOP TOO" Was a complete asspull,not that i think about it.

a3e822  No.16227541


>Just in terms of the final arc

>The OVA is better than the anime when they ran out of budget on the last episode

The anime even did the D'Arby scene better than the OVA, which is one of it's highest points if not the highest. Not even talking how better they did Pet Shop or T D'Arby's brother or OH WAIT THE OVA SKIPPED PRETTY MUCH HALF THE FUCKING MANGA.


They spend a few pages talking about how Star Platinum works similar to The World, it's not that big of an asspull. It's kind of foreshadowed in the jail scene, with Jotaro suddenly getting motorcycles and cigarettes out of fucking nowhere too.

21cb57  No.16227551


I think it's less of an asspull and more of a letdown, since one would think they'd use sunlight and dawn as their victory card, to tie in with the whole time theme.


No argument there. Just saying they should have probably saved some dosh for the ending chapters.

a1dee0  No.16227555


Didn't the memes start with that OVA?

842ac5  No.16227556


Are you talking about the first scene? because it's explained as "star platinum brings him things" which makes no sense either considering his range

3fd80d  No.16227561



>forgetting breads and 7-up

c9394d  No.16227562


Requiem, the first FPS with bullet time. As well as many others special powers, some of which have never been tried again.

e5f673  No.16227571


Of course. Just make it like superhot or have a limited duration on time stop, and just stack the odds against the player more than usual. That way they can find themselves in a shitty position with no time stop left. Or you can make it objective based, like you have to protect something that cannot time stop.



It really is an asspull, at least as much as GER is. Yeah there were hints that SP could go so fast as to almost need time stop to accomplish his movements, and dio saying they had the same kind of stands, but that really only occurs near the end.

842ac5  No.16227573


I never really got that though,i just got "insanely fast"

e5f673  No.16227578


Well, as discussed earlier in the thread, there is functionally little difference in stopping time and going ludicrously fast.

a3e822  No.16227585


The thing that made the climax suck is that it was way too short. There should've been one more chapter of Jotaro getting used to stopping time and somehow outsmarting DIO instead of outbullshitting him in only 5 pages.

842ac5  No.16227590


unless you consider that if you were going insanely fast the time to monologue your bullshit and witty comebacks would ultimately fuck you over as you can't speak that fast but LOL FREE ACTION

e5f673  No.16227594


That's just an anime thing in general. People can tell their life story to someone as a bullet is flying towards them.

842ac5  No.16227606


Also, if in being so fast,wouldn't it mean that it wouldn't even be possible to do the damage to the speedroller to lift it up and go around it because it would take time for the energy to travel? or is energy traveled instantaneously

3fd80d  No.16227612


>anime thing

It more likely originates from manga, you can read a lot faster than you can speak or understand spoken word.

e5f673  No.16227617


Anon, you and I both know physics is a manner of taking what you like and discarding what you don't when it come to jojo/manga.


Even so, manga artists often put paragraph long speech bubbles in the middle of a fight.

842ac5  No.16227624

File: a5a216b6f171a16⋯.jpg (132.83 KB, 1069x1074, 1069:1074, CONFUSION.jpg)


I guess it just works

401c8e  No.16227638


No he claimed that Einstein was a jewish hack who stole the theories from the people you mentioned.

3fd80d  No.16227645


>Even so, manga artists often put paragraph long speech bubbles in the middle of a fight.

That is what I'm talking about, yes. The manga artist fucked up the pacing and the anime gets pinned with the blame.

0b73b4  No.16227656


No, he claimed that it was Einstein's theory, and that Einstein had previously "stolen" other theories.

401c8e  No.16227671


How about we ask himself instead of trying to read minds

7b9104  No.16227713

>picture unrelated

King Crimson is stronger than The World and Diavolo is better than Dio.

e5f673  No.16227721


>King Crimson is stronger than The World

I can buy that

>Diavolo is better than Dio.

I cannot buy that.

842ac5  No.16227745


King crimson is the world with extra steps

Diavolo is not better then dio unless we count doppio

8f34d9  No.16227763

File: 4bda2f6c3d55043⋯.mp4 (15.45 MB, 480x320, 3:2, 「HD」_JoJos_Bizarre_Adventu….mp4)

This thread is what happens when you don't get a new episode

842ac5  No.16227791

File: 1e7a4acf7d1c422⋯.png (919.91 KB, 960x504, 40:21, ClipboardImage.png)


Is it time to post jojokes yet?

a3e822  No.16227804

File: ea3340529492c0d⋯.jpg (46.37 KB, 749x926, 749:926, ea3340529492c0dff10a22a5b7….jpg)


All this would've been avoided you read the manga

Why didn't you read the manga

0e9cd4  No.16227813


choke on a bag of dicks. Diavolo is shit and so is part 5 in general. Only good part of 5 is Guido and Narancia.

0e9cd4  No.16227821


I will have you know I already read the manga. I just watch the show anyway. In all honesty the show is even better now when I have read the manga.

842ac5  No.16227822

File: 45b153add25ac2a⋯.png (237.48 KB, 912x530, 456:265, ClipboardImage.png)


Reading part 6 as we speak


You have a wrong opinion

The Cioccolata fight is purely orgasmic.

a3e822  No.16227837


Oh boy here we go. Post numbers

2 > 7 > 4 > 3 > 1 > 6 > 5

401c8e  No.16227857


I only realized something was wrong 2 minutes in

842ac5  No.16227860

File: eb66c769b2a5bec⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1919x1079, 1919:1079, ClipboardImage.png)


>putting 1 before 5

>putting 2 before 3

>5 at the very last

What the fuck man

401c8e  No.16227884

File: 38cc9b68127515e⋯.png (58.23 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ayy lmao.png)

My dick skin got caught on my zip fly

041520  No.16227889


6>2>7>the second half of 4>3>1>5>the first half of 4

Stone Ocean is fucking crazy. It's pretty clear that Araki didn't give a fuck for most of it but I loved every second okay YoYo Ma was dumb. Battle Tendency is perfect. Dimond is Unbreakable is just boring until Joseph shows up and then it's awesome, with the finale being possibly the high point of the entire series.

I dropped JoJolion shortly after the beetle fight. Maybe I'll give it another shot

21cb57  No.16227950


Coda has a nice voice even in Engrish.


>tfw haven't even read part 7 after the first chapter

7b9104  No.16227959

File: b4021d7afafa2dc⋯.png (221.45 KB, 500x500, 1:1, you're about to die, bruno.png)

Whatever gets you assholes to talk about JoJo. Why did it take THIS long?

e5f673  No.16227964


cause we used to have these threads with a frequency similar to generals, so they got shitposted to death.

eea4e6  No.16227967

File: dff6f5c510f50b2⋯.jpg (90.46 KB, 586x834, 293:417, 1407875541339.jpg)


We all know the only acceptable rating is 2>5>3>1>4 i don't read manga cause i'm not a weeaboo

842ac5  No.16227972


Then you're missing out on some hot masturbation action

eea4e6  No.16227978


I have friends willing to lend me or even gift me manga and i still don't give a fuck lol

7b9104  No.16227979

Here's another unpopular opinion about Part 5. I got a million of em.

Polpo did nothing wrong.

Giorno is actually a terrible person.

e5f673  No.16227980


but anon they sell DRUGS

surely that is the most evil thing one can do.

842ac5  No.16227983


It's literally stated that giorno has nothing wrong with people who do drugs, just that selling them to kids is fucked up.

21cb57  No.16227984


>if you're not one of the (((chosen))) then you should die, goyim

Maybe the fucker wants to be in the non Stand user mob.

842ac5  No.16227992


Just don't be surprised if people are saying shit that'll go over your head

and in the case of sky high through your head

a3e822  No.16227995


Because after the anime came out we've got tons of memeing retards from Reddit who are now Jojo fans. When the anime first started airing it was awful, but it seems that it's calmed down now.


They're the mob anon, they're all bad guys. Polpo, being a high tier gang member, must've done some really awful shit off screen.

bef568  No.16228004

File: 3a2ca472f08b49a⋯.webm (4.83 MB, 852x480, 71:40, chumimiiiiin.webm)


7>2>4>8(so far)>6>3>5>1

842ac5  No.16228082

File: 10917d4a744c70d⋯.png (20.41 KB, 423x121, 423:121, ClipboardImage.png)

then where the fuck is he

5e493c  No.16228113


Araki forgot.

3f779d  No.16228114


Why didn't Giorno prevent MIH?

842ac5  No.16228127

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


With GER he literally can not lose, it is the strongest stand

9c43bf  No.16228137


Jorge Joestar confirms it protected him from universal reset but it couldn't protect anyone elsr.

9c43bf  No.16228145



e5f673  No.16228153


>8 at the top when it's not even done

3f779d  No.16228177


I wonder if there are still people who honestly can't understand how KC works.


I'd say something about claiming that the novels confirm anything but honestly I want Jorge to be real. I want those 36 Cars on Mars.

842ac5  No.16228181


It's a bit confusing without knowing that epitaph is there

because without epitaph king crimson would be fucking useless.

9c43bf  No.16228199


Best Jojo, best stands so far. I put it behind 7 until Gappy literally curbstomped a stone man. Gave me a completely different view of his character.

I also really like his outfit


ehhhhhh, it would be far more limited but if you just trained your sense of foresight you'd never be on par but you could still dodge bullets if you activate it correctly. It would change from being perfectly invincible to pretty damn tough to fight unless you out keikaku'd him, not outright useless.

842ac5  No.16228204


KC by itself allows you to "skip" ten seconds into the future,but if you didn't have epitaph everything would happen as normal because you'd be in the dark for those ten seconds, so you'd still end up dead.

9c43bf  No.16228213


In the dark but you can still move. Epitaph is only the forsesight, it's still King Crimson that allows him to act during those 10 seconds. Again he would just need to train his sense of foresight for 10 seconds and then need to act blind for those 10 seconds.

842ac5  No.16228219


It wouldn't work though because people would be moving in tandem with your reactions as they happen.

3f779d  No.16228229

Wait a second. So it was implied that Epitaph was Doppio's part of the stand, or that at least KC has Epitaph because Diavolo is two people in one body, right? So why was Diavolo able to keep both parts of his stand after Doppio died?

e5f673  No.16228239

File: 9e6eb5d69064524⋯.gif (898.49 KB, 500x215, 100:43, grease lightning burger.gif)


>I also really like his outfit

You are a man of impeccable taste.

9c43bf  No.16228251


>It wouldn't work though because people would be moving in tandem with your reactions as they happen.

And? Again, you need to outpredict what you're going to do. I can see it now.

>Normally, humans are unable to see into the future, HOWEVER!

>[close up panel of Diavolo]

>[long winded explanation of chess grandmasters predictive ability]

>Thus! Diavolo was capable of perfectly predicting his opponents into the future!

And thus even though all of them are moving, Diavolo is out keikakuing them. Even if they are moving together. Again, Epitaph is just perfect predictability. King Crimson can still be useful based on partial predictability, but it would actually have a weakness that would make sense (you have to outsmart the criminal mastermind).

842ac5  No.16228297


Don't think that'd work so well with guns, but sure, it's not like there's a way to image that anyways

9c43bf  No.16228313


What about guns? You don't think Diavolo is dodging shit during timeskip do you? Because it isn't timestop he would still be physically incapable of dodging bullets. He just has to plan for anny bullets shot in the next 10 seconds and make sure he isn't in the middle of getting hit in the end.

842ac5  No.16228320


Although now that you say that,it does make him pretty much invulnerable for those ten seconds even without epitaph, he just doesn't know what he's going to be invulnarable from

Remember anything that happens during KC gets "erased" so if he was shot in that time, it doesn't matter

9c43bf  No.16228330


That's what I was getting at. He's not completely useless after Epitaph just harder to use now.

842ac5  No.16228344


Would he technically be as powerful then and couldn't be stopped unless GER?

Or is it so his ability has a cooldown and after all that since he wasn't predicting people could still open fire on him and fuck him up when KC ends.

9c43bf  No.16228385


Technically, both versions should be killabe if you lay a plan to coordinate an attack that would kill him 11 seconds into the future, but this assumes there's a "cooldown" which I don't remember if KC has that. It would just be easier to lay a plan to catch a guy without perfect future vision.

842ac5  No.16228395


Yeah it's a wonder why araki didn't do the thing like bruno did,with the misleading attack that takes more then ten seconds.

f29f44  No.16228427

File: c7a2dc7b8eaeb35⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



842ac5  No.16228535

842ac5  No.16228729

File: c9347fd47174f6d⋯.png (134.43 KB, 709x483, 709:483, ClipboardImage.png)

also what the FUCK is this BULLSHIT

ea7005  No.16228798


>not setting things up on both sides of the river

It's like you don't even want to get comfy.

f4dc58  No.16228809


it just works

a3e822  No.16228911


It's Jojo baby

842ac5  No.16229080

Just finished it

Part 6 was completely pointless and the ending was fucking stupid.

I am very angry that they built this up so much,and shits just the same only "peoples souls know the future lol"

and pucci was going to obtain heaven somehow but he didnt

And why the fuck did emperio randomly end up somewhere else by defeating pucci?

and why did killing him restart the universe,and what was going to happen to him at cape whatever in the new universe?

fuck i'm mad

68c570  No.16229140

File: c59c75964065baa⋯.webm (4.22 MB, 640x360, 16:9, JoJo - D4C [HD].webm)


Why did Valentine bring the gun with him.He had AU-DIO prepared in case persuasion failed anyways

Better yet,why didn't he just tell Johnny that the body he switched in to already had the gun in its pocket?

This shit keeps me up at night

68c570  No.16229157


Oh also what the fuck was the deal with the diamonds in the alternate universes,I get that the corpse didn't exist so people's motivations change but some stuff still doesn't make sense with just mundane diamonds on the line.

Where the diamonds also some sort of supernatural item?

Sage fir doublepost

89b0f9  No.16229236

File: 077dacb9011d126⋯.png (3.37 MB, 1560x1200, 13:10, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c7c69ff1e48516b⋯.png (3.86 MB, 1560x1200, 13:10, ClipboardImage.png)


>I am very angry that they built this up so much,and shits just the same only "peoples souls know the future lol"

Just goes to show Pucci was a stupid asshole and Dio fucked up by trusting him.

>And why the fuck did emperio randomly end up somewhere else by defeating pucci?

>and why did killing him restart the universe,and what was going to happen to him at cape whatever in the new universe?

Both of these are because Made in Heaven was still accelerating time even after Pucci's death and heading to a new vanishing point. Pucci was freaking out because he knew it was going to be a different alternate world he couldn't control, instead of his utopia.

22cbe8  No.16229249

not a fan of jojolion

the art style looks nice, but i get lost in a lot of frames of combat everythings so detailed i can't figure out what the fuck is happening because it all blends together (might be different for colored)

also there's a lot of weird sexual shit, worse than joseph avdol groping and giorno mista rubs, no idea how they'll animate it

also i have no idea what the fuck is happening other than stone baby abortion and two people in the same house want the rokakaka plant for different reasons

e5f673  No.16229307


The diamonds could've been anything really, you're right in that the corpse didn't exist in other universe for motivational purposes, but remember that said that their universe was the "prime" universe. Their universe was the only one with the corpse and the only one where D4C existed, so the diamonds were just one of the many things that changed from universe to universe.

842ac5  No.16229360


If that's true why didn't MIH keep resetting the universe ad infinite?

89b0f9  No.16229411


Also don't like it that much. It was promising and fresh in the beginning but it just drags the fuck on and the Stands don't stand out that much outside of Vitamin C and Blue Hawaii.


Presumably the time remained accelerated after death because he doesn't have to manually speed it up, he just chooses how much faster time goes and that's the new universal flow of time. But in a new universe in which there's no pucci, the slate is cleaned or something.

842ac5  No.16229417


Wasn't Pucci technically in the right then since by resetting the universe he gave everybody peace of mind?

d6291e  No.16229426


The Diamonds were Chaos Emeralds

22cbe8  No.16229429


I really like the character design of Awaking III Leaves but not a fan of the stand itself. Paisley Park also has a cool design but it's just hackerman.

bring back bugfights. Rock dog looks fucking terrifying in contrast to Iggy, and Iggy looked pretty fucking weird.

Kind of weird to see the series nosedive considering how well done Part 7 was.

9c43bf  No.16229438


It appears to be because he was killed before successfully resetting the universe a second time? Something like the first loop was barely just unable to reconnect.


We only see Jolyne and crew, but, extrapolated from that. That must mean none of the end of the world scenarios previously mentioned (Vampire DIO, Pillar men or Time stop DIO) didn't successfully change shit/kill everyone. There's no guarantee that everyone everywhere was happy, just that Jolyne and crew were living less shitty lives.

617878  No.16229463

File: ed1aeb6a4ccc2be⋯.png (186.34 KB, 1144x577, 1144:577, Chap_387_-_Tserriednich's_….png)

How does Togashi explain King Crimson's powers perfectly fine less than one panel?

842ac5  No.16229471


Well no but they would forsee their lives and the terrible shit that's going to happen,so they can brace for it.

So yeah, pucci was the good guy,joestars were the bad

9c43bf  No.16229475


Stand isn't a perfect replica of King Crimson. It's modified "timestop" so it's KC and World's bastardized baby. Unlike King Crimson who removes the fact he got shot but the bullet still flies, the universe you're pointing out "rewrites" time so that he dodged instead. KC doesn't need to dodge bullets since acts taken, even his own, during time skip aren't counted. That's why KC can't attack until the timeskip is cancelled but nothing would stop the nen user from killing people during the "timeskip" when he rewrites events.

842ac5  No.16229489


except when he chops off trishes arm of course

9c43bf  No.16229525


Are you taking about the elevator scene? I don't believe that the manga gives any sort of cooldown to KC, especially when they're in the end chase for Silver Chariot Requiem and he appears to use it repeatedly to dodge shit. I would chalk this up to "Araki forgot" because chapter 148 shows how Diavolo fights one on one from his perspective and he doesn't punch Giorno until the end of the 10 seconds when he should be able to just punch the shit out of him whenever he wanted in the timeskip.

21eca6  No.16229541



note, in vanilla skyrim you can't stop time only slow time

842ac5  No.16229570


Yeah, he can't interact in erased time except when he chopped off her arm

68c570  No.16229611


>except when he chopped off her arm

The way I understood that scene was that he just chained skips and Buccelati took a while to notice since he was checking the elevator for traps/flashbacking

7b9104  No.16229651

Why is Diavolo so hell bent on killing all of his own subordinates?

>Bring me my daughter so I can kill her and if you try to stop me i'm gonna kill you too and I'm also gonna kill the people I hired to kill you.

e5f673  No.16229658


Cause he's an autist who doesn't know any other way of silencing people.

7b9104  No.16229661


It just doesn't seem like a successful business model.

842ac5  No.16229664

File: a7b4ca1bbfa86eb⋯.jpg (128.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Pizzatime.jpg)


He's very autistic about staying anonymous, and for good reason.

Basically don't ever question him or who he is and you'll be fine.

e5f673  No.16229683


I dunno man, it's like a conveyor belt of sorts.

>new guy comes in

>works for you for along time

>get him to be a capo and train new members

>kill him, appoint someone else capo


842ac5  No.16229691


Wait was risotto the capo of la squadra? or was he just the last standing member

e5f673  No.16229696


given the way he talked to his members, both. Though it seems the assassination squad wasn't very commander oriented.

f0337a  No.16230226

File: 0896a3513159b94⋯.jpg (30.8 KB, 311x311, 1:1, Jpeg.jpg)


alright how about this

you know how in physical sciences there's units of bullshit that can be converted into one-another?

1 Joule is a unit of energy = (Kilograms * Meters^2)/(seconds^2)
1 Joule = 1 Newton * Meter
Work is measured in Newtons, and since Newtons are measured:
1 Newton = 1 Joule / Meters
1 Newton = 1 Kg * Meter / (seconds^2)

If we assume King Crimson renders seconds as "zero" due to erasing it, we get newtons approaching infinity due to division by zero.

If we assume King Crimson re-renders the laws of physics so that every equation and relationship with seconds in it which includes, but is not limited to: the speed of light, wavelength, distance, temperature, gravity, and time suddenly disregards seconds, we get these.

1 Newton = Mass * Distance (Work becomes instantaneous, no inertia or friction comes into play when attempting to bring something to motion)
Wavelength = Distance. (The whole distance. The classification of wavelength depends on the speed of light and its frequency. Since frequency is inverse seconds, and the speed of light is in distance per second, we get a constant. What is this constant? I don't fucking know.)
1 Joule = Kilograms * Meters ^2 (Energy now has mass.)
Temperature = Kelvin = Vibration in matter = Sum of all particles that have collided = Energy in joules / Boltzmann's Constant = Kilograms^2 * Meters^4 * / Kilgrams * Amount of particles * Kelvin (What happens here is the motion of particles, which dictates temperature, is no longer is bound. Since energy is massive now, wavelength has no boundry, and a particle's "moment of collision" no longer is a "moment", we have particles that collide elastically but instead of transferring velocity in meters per second in relation to their mass, they instead just transfer meters. Temperature then becomes the sum distance traveled of every particle and mass of energy they carry. I don't fucking know.)

So King Crimson erasing time not only causes him to render everything that would have happened to him in that timespan nullified, he can also become a white hole and become everything at once.

ee742c  No.16230375

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Bunny must die is an old metroidvania with time stop as a main gimmick for the game, not sure about when it's used during boss fights but it's used for solving some puzzles and making your life easier. There is the original and a remake available at the moment.

11b44a  No.16231394


He's just abusing the stand system by jumping around.

9ad0b6  No.16231476

I'm surprised nobody has brought up Singularity, the time manipulation FPS game. I guess it doesn't fit since I don't remember time stop in it. Quantum Break does have a time stop ability but I'm not sure anyone would want to play through that grindy movie.

132491  No.16232167



842ac5  No.16232616


Bitch i'm too dumb for this.

c8c4d6  No.16232836

22cbe8  No.16232917



7b9104  No.16233892


this but unironically.

842ac5  No.16233905


is SBR really that good?

7b9104  No.16233911


If for the jump in art quality alone, yes.

9c43bf  No.16233912


Yes, best Jojo behind 8 so far. Best setting by far.

7b9104  No.16233920

File: 0d2e722f42f940a⋯.png (85.21 KB, 200x300, 2:3, dio smug.png)

Not counting Part 5 but it seems like the best Parts of JoJo are those containing a blonde main villain.

9c43bf  No.16233926


But Part 1 is mediocre at best.

842ac5  No.16233933

File: fcaf1e0be1965a2⋯.jpg (23.76 KB, 720x405, 16:9, I'm mad,but i won't fall f….jpg)


Ding dong you're wrong

7b9104  No.16233935


If it wasn't for Part 1 taking off there'd be nothing else.

9c43bf  No.16233941


It's not the worst (6, 5, 3) but it's definitely middle of the road, and thus mediocre.


Don't misunderstand, it's mediocre by Jojo standards, but still pretty hecking good compared to the rest of Shounenshit. And all due credit for starting the concept, but that doesn't mean that Araki's style and storytelling didn't evolve way past it.

842ac5  No.16233949

File: 03bd03e813605d3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 452.67 KB, 564x366, 94:61, LOOF.png)


>3 and 5 are worst

59f4ea  No.16233961


>but still pretty hecking good compared to the rest of Shounenshit

Bleach is better.

9c43bf  No.16233966


If Giorno actually had a personality 5 would be really good but Bruno completely steals the show and Araki forgot to how to write interesting characters at the start. Gioron drags down the rest of Part 5 with every fight and scene he's in.

128f8b  No.16233970

File: 94a9af12410a721⋯.png (80.65 KB, 1006x702, 503:351, ClipboardImage.png)

So how accurate is this?

7b9104  No.16234005


Yeah if you're a dumbdumb

842ac5  No.16234015

File: 705b693dafb8465⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 137.22 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, pretend.jpg)


Giorno is a fine lad and his fights and scenes are great

842ac5  No.16234027


1-2 are correct, 3's wrong since diavolo repositions himself behind the enemyto surprise attack.

128f8b  No.16234036


So it literally has the same effects as time stop?

842ac5  No.16234042


No, everybody is fated to do what epitaph says they will do like sleeping slaves but king crimson allows diavolo to move independant of that fate and anything that happens to him is null, they won't see him moving for that time will be gone.

128f8b  No.16234049


So it has the same result as time stop? They see him, poof he's gone, poof someone has a hole in his body.

842ac5  No.16234054


No, diavolo can not attack in that erased time EXCEPT WHEN HE CAN BECAUSE ARAKI FORGOT

283871  No.16234087


I thought so the first time I read it, but I re-read it recently and I just found it poorly paced and boring in segments. Conversely, I did the same thing with Stone Ocean, hated it at first, but found it much better the second time around. Pucci stays irritating, but that's kind of the point and Jolyne is really good as a character and as a stand user.

7b9104  No.16234095


It's more like every stand has the capability of punching a hole through a human. The punch went right through Bruno and didnt even touch Sticky.

I think he erases the time when he gets attacked though. Other than that, it's just raw brute strength, psychosis and anger.

7b9104  No.16234098

Any stand with a mid-high battle rating.*

842ac5  No.16234104


He does erase the time when he gets attacked, but he was literally ass close to bruno

e613e9  No.16234472


Touhou Luna Nights just came out recently

5d3618  No.16234495

Obviously any Castlevania game, but special mention to Portrait of Ruin since you can time freeze knives and other projectiles, and certain ones will act as a constant hurtbox in that state. The other great one is the Doom mod that lets you play as Dio Brando.


You find use for it in certain boss fights. Like one of the early ones it shuts off laser barriers.

128f8b  No.16234512

File: 8e031575d1907ae⋯.png (318.6 KB, 291x375, 97:125, ClipboardImage.png)

21cb57  No.16234761

Jesus christ you idiots, it's literally a playground tier "nu-uh you didn't hit me" type of thing.

>I fired a bullet at you, it's going to hit you!

>Nu-uh, it didn't hit me, also during the 10 seconds where you thought it was going to hit me I had free movement to finger you while your movements were set in stone

It's time for the important questions, r63 stands when? r63 pillar men when?

283871  No.16234774


The part that loses people ihat he cannot act in erased time either, only reposition himself. Except, of course, when he does and then some. Because apparently he can clean an entire room in 10 seconds before a maid enters. Really, Araki should have said fuck it and just let him punch shit in erased time in the first place, it was a pointless move to try and fail to differentiate him from The World.

21cb57  No.16234795


Araki's a fickle fuck

>Hey Hierophant Green can control people and also hates open spaces so I need to have it be in this puppet

>Hey Josuke got saved by someone who may or may not have been himself from the future

>Hey Giorno Giovana is Dio's son


842ac5  No.16234800


Let's not forget part 3 literally should not exist because of the coffin shit.

7e01ae  No.16234822


Technically he never went back on that third part. He just never did anything meaningful with it apart from MUDA MUDA and single WRRRRYYY

A better example would be GE's inconsistencies.

5fe7d6  No.16234884

File: 5c30576ca5d15d3⋯.png (427.65 KB, 680x383, 680:383, from a with love.png)

It's strange to see how suddenly everyone calling Diavolo a good villain while years ago he was the bottom bitch on everyone's list.

Vento Aureo works better as an anime than a manga? Or DP is just this autisticly good?

283871  No.16234889


Flavor of the month syndrome, and also the fact he is still in his mysterious phase in the anime. Not to mention even I found the first King Crimson fight pretty cool the first time reading the manga. A highlight like that will get people's hopes up.

972567  No.16234897


Doesn't hurt that a lot of people's first time through part 5 was with the original shit translation, which soured a lot of people's overall opinions on the part. Finding out that characters actually have a personality beyond wet cardboard is probably causing some reevaluations of part 5.

bbb1e5  No.16234898

File: cca8601ed446e1d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1060x1500, 53:75, 002.png)

File: 5b72bcddf824550⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 1500x1060, 75:53, 014.png)

File: a4d5b306b64e5e8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 711.74 KB, 1500x1060, 75:53, 094.png)

21cb57  No.16235010


I do think with how fight heavy Vento Aureo was it's better anime than manga.

I do hope Davidpro decides to make an original ending than going with the manga's though.

97e968  No.16235069


that's what I'm talking about. good memories

fb31be  No.16235070


>tfw no stopman game :(

bbb1e5  No.16235128


>le punny may

842ac5  No.16235599


I have never heard people say he was a bad villain.

b44a4f  No.16235614

File: e5d3f084fcafa47⋯.webm (3.22 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Pentagon Specials.webm)

Just about every Kinnikuman game with Pentagon in it. He has a powerful special to "stop the time", which instantly freezes the opponent where they are for a couple seconds, letting you keep moving and set up your next move.


>Power 1: Skip 10 seconds ahead in time, no one is aware of what they are doing in those 10 seconds and after the skip, they just find themselves where they ended up. Like that episode of futurama.

>Power 2: Allows the user to foresee/move within those 10 seconds, allowing him to position himself in a perfect position. He can't interact with anyone in those ten seconds, but this allows him to close the gap or find a blind spot.

>So all anyone sees is "Why am I across the street? *SPLAT* HOLY SHIT that guy has a hole punched in him!"

283871  No.16235667


I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on your statement, but here's the myriad reasons people haven't liked him.

>Fucker wants to be left alone at all costs yet founded a criminal empire full of people with randomly generated supernatural powers, any of which could expose him at a moment's notice with the right ability

>Is basically a low-WIS, low-CHA, contradictory Kira who never shows himself until the end while Kira was introduced at length to the audience

>Gimmick schizophrenia that has a fight's worth of staying power

>Stand that only looks good on the very first fight and constantly loses mileage after that because it's never used as anything other than a shittier The World

>Basically was a better character when he was just a mysterious figure giving orders through secret means, as soon as he really shows up he's a pathetic paranoid with low-ass tactics and no class

8f4965  No.16235711

File: 4945eee0052d44d⋯.jpg (117.52 KB, 1300x957, 1300:957, finger-pushing-esc-key-bla….jpg)

Pretty much all games except for online multiplayer titles let you stop time. It's called the 'esc' key.

68c570  No.16236186

File: 12d9bb852aa922e⋯.webm (14.43 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Outside of Dio's World [H….webm)


You know very well that OP is asking for the ability to move in stopped time.

Speaking of that though,are there any games that let you act while the game is paused? (Not counting *-souls because those just don't pause the game for menus)

f9f0bf  No.16236720

Every game with a PAUSE button lets you stop time.

6046f2  No.16236842


You fucking suck carlos.

6252cb  No.16236909

File: 8351c62d29a3124⋯.png (1.99 MB, 1747x937, 1747:937, catfood.png)


Wouldnt even have guessed if I hadn't heard the original.

e19834  No.16237118




>Imagine knowing you would lose your job this year and never find steady work for the rest of your life

>Imagine knowing you will be homeless in 2 years and never live in a home for the rest of your life

>Imagine knowing that you will be arrested under false charges and thrown in jail for 3 years in 3 years

>Imagine knowing you will be raped multiple times in prison over those 3 years

>Imagine knowing that when you get out of prison there will be nobody waiting for you and you will have nothing of value to pick up on the way out

>Imagine knowing you will resort to sucking dick in a back ally to get money to feed yourself in 7 years

>Imagine knowing you will catch AIDs in 8 years

>Imagine knowing you will lose your legs due to being unable to find shelter in the winter in 9 years

>Imagine knowing you were going to kill yourself in 10 years in a slow and painful manner as your fucked up when trying to do so and suffered in agony for days as rats began to eat you alive near the very end

Do you think knowing these things in advance will make them less awful?

Even worse, imagine knowing this, but being unable to kill yourself earlier to avoid the suffering you have in store.

e19834  No.16237129


Souls games don't. In fact, most multiplayer games lack that ability.

17b5d7  No.16237193


>bullet position result stays the same but the impact doesn't


That doesn't make any sense.

392afb  No.16237229


Sonic Wings have Mao Mao.

e19834  No.16237242


Imagine reality is a movie

KC cuts the frames of the film where Diavolo gets hit by the bullet but leave the frames that take place after the bullet came out the other side of him.

Does that help?

17b5d7  No.16237271


no that doesn't help, because a video timeline is linear and doesn't change when skipped through.

The problem i have is in his pic the bullet somehow doesn't hit even though all he did was cut out a section that literally still happened anyway as evidenced by the fact the bullet still remains.

e19834  No.16237296


>video timeline is linear and doesn't change when skipped through

Fate is a reoccurring theme in JJBA; from Part ,1 with Zeppeli leaning his fate and walking to his death with his head held high to >>16229236

and fate implies things happen in a predetermined and linear fasion. I argue that KC has limited ability to change fate

The bullet is fated to pass through him, but he is able to use his ghostly ripple to remove the fact that he was touched by it.

However in the grand schemes it was also fate that Diavolo would lose,

0c6976  No.16237334

>>16224126 Underrated game, too bad it fucks up on modern Wangblows

17b5d7  No.16237341


So the result is based on fate.

Alright, that makes a bit more sense.

0c6976  No.16237358


The chemtrails are turning the fucking snails gay

7e01ae  No.16237367


It's better to think of it as a manifestation of wanting to prevent and remove your mistakes to the utmost extreme rather than work out the nuts and bolts of it.

f86999  No.16237382

I haven't played in a while but last time I checked, in Warframe playing with Limbo let's you be DIO

e19834  No.16237393



The stand makes special rainbows that have a subliminal effect on peoples mind, that is to say that they are not aware of the effect it is having on them.

This effect is a naturally occurring phenomenon

The effect is that it makes them start thinking of themslevs as snails

Insert dakr souls esq bullshit one linnter/authro is equaly unaware of why this occurs.


Assuming I'm correct about the naturally occurring phenomenon, and given that whats his name's stand was a strange inviisible life from thing I'd wager it is the case, the reason why more people don't turn into snails is that the the specific light that does this does not frequrently occur in the same amount of freqency as when heavy weather is causing the type of light to occure.

However this doesn't explain why its weather report is uneffected.

0c6976  No.16237402

File: 775ffbd6fa84094⋯.png (472 KB, 655x867, 655:867, masturbating on my turf.png)


I really want a time stop doujin/cg set except with traps/femboys. I think there is one but it is a fat NEET bastard fucking them and I self insert as the traps so I don't want to imagine getting time-stop fucked by a fat slobbery NEET

de0e1c  No.16237433

File: 8c5cb6e8cbb792a⋯.jpg (247.13 KB, 850x1170, 85:117, sob_reimu.jpg)


May the GRIDS rot your groin, sodomite.

e5f673  No.16237439


fags aren't allowed to have nice things

68c570  No.16237703

File: ba78c087ae30269⋯.jpg (256.04 KB, 643x1034, 643:1034, HOW CAN THEY NOT UNDERSTAN….jpg)



I don't get it

Is it just that its the english version?

7b9104  No.16238043

It's the ultimate defensive stand.

837760  No.16238352


>(1) and done

DK_Bullettime is garbage, VATS Alternative is better, but can't stop time, Bullet Time N is buggy as fuck AND can't stop time, so which one is it? There is the Superhot mod, but it doesn't really count.

fa61ad  No.16238361

>picture unrelated xD

>posts king crimson instead of the world or star platinum

fucking josers i swear.

283871  No.16238369

File: d30b38e765c8708⋯.png (21.26 KB, 201x255, 67:85, KING CRIMSON.png)

>tfw fucking Kanye West used a King Crimson sample in one of his songs

343ce4  No.16238374


4 >= 3 = 2 >= 5 > 1 > 6

I haven't read past part 6 because I wanted to take a break before getting into the reset

e97529  No.16238477


I never understood how this works, how can he say "The World, Star Platinum" when The World was Dio's stand? Does he secretly have 2 stands like Diavolo?

283871  No.16238484


It's just a clumsy way to express he uses the ability he learned while watching The World. Don't think too hard about it.

e97529  No.16238503


>Jotaro is supposed to be some hidden genius

>can't even make up a name for his super move

Is he autistic?

283871  No.16238505

File: a67818aacfd182c⋯.png (433.66 KB, 649x1034, 59:94, autistic jotaro.png)

File: 5e62f761375e2f0⋯.png (369.04 KB, 500x401, 500:401, autistic jotaro dio.png)

File: 9b885ab6e53eb82⋯.png (323.08 KB, 786x800, 393:400, autistic jotaro dolphin.png)

File: 100dde61661cd47⋯.png (793.84 KB, 474x750, 79:125, autistic jotaro signature.png)

File: 27e358ec749c56a⋯.jpeg (67.22 KB, 500x548, 125:137, autistic jotaro wheel of ….jpeg)


This is a known fact.

e97529  No.16238512


>I was thinking that since we're underwater, it's gonna get dirty when you piss on yourself while I beat you to death.

Holy shit those lines are terrible, please tell me that this is just a shit


68c570  No.16238523

File: 178718cd91b7112⋯.webm (14.13 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Jotaro Ocean Man-dhfF3XCG….webm)


You had any doubt left about Jotaro's autism after part 4?

Even ignoring the ones in >>16238505 he writes a thesis paper on a starfish he saw while waiting RHCP to attack Joseph,then later tells his uncle to "Say something cool" to an enemy they just defeated as a way of attempting to bond with him.

For fucks sake the dude ignored his daughter for years because he was too preoccupied with dolphins.

e97529  No.16238542


Do you think Jotaro plays with Legos?

b44a4f  No.16238570

File: 3da8b2ce9392d3a⋯.webm (5.89 MB, 640x360, 16:9, OH MY GOD.webm)



now it makes sense

>his stand is a Star

>the attention to nonsensical details

>inability to give a shit about anyone around him dying

checks out

e97529  No.16238596


Rest in Piece, Unshō Ishizuka

e24677  No.16239461


It’s pretty terrible to let everyone know the inevitable unless their given some sort of ability to carve out their own fate or change the course of it.


I could’ve sworn he said something about ceviche in the colored manga scanlations not blurt out a piss joke.

283871  No.16239544

File: b7d81901ddc38ed⋯.png (1.59 MB, 780x1200, 13:20, ClipboardImage.png)



I'm afraid it's up to date, with the colored translation.

660b25  No.16239553


DMC5 has unique stand for nero called "Ragtime" and it's pretty much "The World" but not as powerful.

283871  No.16239674


The Ragtime Devil Breaker is not to be ignored, but it is a holdover from Yamato's power. There is also the Geryon horse that features in both 3 and 5.

7e01ae  No.16239880



Didn't Araki say somewhere that Jotaro has a problem with assuming people understand what he's thinking? Assuming he did that's autism 101.

e24677  No.16239892


Pretty much and that adds in another layer of autism on this guy. Maybe the alternate world after stone ocean made him less autistic.

7b9104  No.16240450


It's actually more powerful than The World. You have to hold square button down until it sparks electricity then let go.

7b9104  No.16240465

I meant circle


6eef10  No.16240497

File: d6459d1de96477f⋯.jpg (799.79 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, Blinx.jpg)


842ac5  No.16241942


Okay but that's fucking retarded and the most stupid stand in jojo

7b9104  No.16241983


Stone Ocean isn't really known for good stands in general.

283871  No.16242218

File: d199bec16920973⋯.jpg (56.19 KB, 680x669, 680:669, 52d.jpg)


>Stone Free

>Foo Fighters

>Diver Down

>Planet Waves

>Jailhouse Rock

>Bohemian Rhapsody



>Made in Heaven

>Not good

I have only disdain to give you.

842ac5  No.16242237


Planet waves was NOT a good stand,neither was underworld, it was just a modified moody blues, jailhouse lock was fucking stupid as well.

5d3618  No.16242247

Putting Jojo stuff aside for a second, you can also do this in Mega Man 2 and somewhat in 4. But even better than that is in the ROM hack Rockman 4 Minus Infinity where you can freeze things with Bright Man's weapon. Not only that you have the Rush Cannon (literally shoot Rush at something and it kills it instantly). However all of the 8 robot masters and some other bosses have unique counters to it. With Bright Man it's literally freezing you and Rush then throwing you into Rush's path.

eaff82  No.16242356


that's one sweaty stand

b65092  No.16242456

jotaro is autistic because his parents racemixed

jotaro's mom is a filthy riceburner

e5de52  No.16242618


mein negger

f99fe8  No.16242658

Destroy All Humans: Path Of The Furon has a time stop power, and let's you do some funky Za Warudo bullshit with your PK abilities while time is stopped.

5fe7d6  No.16247884

File: 00766b263117d38⋯.png (333.3 KB, 599x293, 599:293, yep it doesnt sounds like ….png)

File: 98ec5e327c51009⋯.png (20.47 KB, 246x200, 123:100, crunchyroll.png)

Crunchyroll name dropped the boss…

c0ee21  No.16247940



Good, anime only niggers deserve to have everything spoiled for them. You had years to read the manga but you're such a nigger gorilla retard that you can't even fucking read so you end decide out of your volition to watch the anime. Get fucked.

e19834  No.16247942


>steam trading cards.png

283871  No.16248041

File: 181c079c4f5a624⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 1020x720, 17:12, 181c079c4f5a624c78504088c0….gif)


I'll get outraged later.

2e9d6b  No.16248051


Jojo peaked with Battle Tendency

7edd5e  No.16248065


Doppio is Diavolo

Mista, Trisha, & Giorno are the only ones left alive

a1b5fc  No.16248118


JoJo peaked at Part 2. Everyone has been shit compared to Joseph and rehashing Dio for 20 years has gotten really old. Also ghost fights are lame.

c5811e  No.16248141

Imagine thinking you're hot shit for reading comics.

c0ee21  No.16248158


Imagine being asshurt over having Romeo and Juliet spoiled when it's been around for years and you were planning on seeing the new reboot movie instead.

c5811e  No.16248185


Don't put words in my mouth, I'm just sick of this "I knew about it before it was cool so by definition I'm cool too!" thinking that any entertainment you consume makes you anything but just a happy man who had fun.

a3e822  No.16248215


No, I think I'm cool because nigger priest kills everyone after going to to Cape Canaveral and upgrading his stand to something that can speed up time to reset the universe

283871  No.16248237


I don't think I'm cool, I just think that being adamant about watching only the anime and refusing to read the manga is lame.

c5811e  No.16249482

Fighting gold was better.


Fair enough, although I think the opposite is just as lame.

9c43bf  No.16249520

File: 8fa75b07c15121d⋯.png (63.73 KB, 328x316, 82:79, mfw your post.png)


Imagine thinking you're hot shit for only watching anime and refusing to read the original.


>Fair enough, although I think the opposite is just as lame.

I have never meet anyone who reads manga specifically stating they refuse to watch anime adaption of their works. What I do hear is that usually most consider the majority of adaptions to be gutter trash that rewrites the ending because they caught up to the source (Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist original, among others) or lazily adapted and left at a cut off point cliff hanger and thus feel painfully unfinished (Fruit's Basket, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, among others)

For the second though, it should be noted that is 100% a common industry practice in Japan for the anime they make to just be an advertisement for the source Light Novel or Manga they're based off of. Very few anime get the Jojo/SAO/Shounenshit treatment because that's really expensive. So even the industry itself acknowledges that most the time, the anime isn't supposed to replace the manga, it's supposed to point you towards it.

The predominant complaint about the Jojo anime isn't that it's a shitty adaption though (most consider them to be incredibly faithful and very well-done), but they brought in a bunch of newfags into a 30 year old group of niche manga nerds and the newfags get upset when they find out that Polnareff shows up in Part 5 and is killed by King Crimson among other things. It's not the anime itself that is shit it's the shitty retards that walk into a conversation 30 years late and get upset when everybody is discussing things that won't happen in the anime for years.

7b9104  No.16249927


Fighting Gold is currently the best jojo op that's not really a hot take.

0c2435  No.16250035


False. Great Days is the best.

14ecf5  No.16250557


Fugo too nigga.

Purple haze was rad and Jorge Joestar was a rad novel too.

283871  No.16250582

File: e8ec3e55443699d⋯.jpg (17.94 KB, 271x375, 271:375, e8ec3e55443699d56914e663c7….jpg)


Fighting Gold is utter fucking trash though. It just doesn't work as a melody, to the point I'd call it dissonant. What the fuck, man.

0943d5  No.16251039


The song isn't good, but the visuals for it are on point.

8767fb  No.16251077

dati kle chame

also I remember in BloodRayne 2 you could freeze time and even stop it

283871  No.16251081


I guess I can agree with that, but even talking visuals alone, how does it surpass Bloody Storm?

9c43bf  No.16251090

File: ee838ab5de4382d⋯.png (534.02 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 120e870f4345f4bdf69adb4bac….png)


>Bloody Storm

0943d5  No.16251095


Fighting Gold has some subtle foreshadowing for the fates of the main cast all depicted in the "chains of fate" that bind them, whereas Bloody Stream just looks pretty (very pretty at that, I still miss the 3d cg), and references Shiza dying.

9c43bf  No.16251271


>Fighting Gold has some subtle foreshadowing for the fates of the main cast all depicted in the "chains of fate" that bind them

It doesn't foreshadow for shit. All it shows is abstract imagery that doesn't relate to how they die for those who die, nor does it even go for the low hanging fruit of Fugo being a cowardly piece of shit. They even fucking wasted a perfectly good Rolling Stones foreshadowing by making the rock that shatters Abachio's police friend's head as opposed to Bruno's. AT BEST, you could say it foreshadows the fact that Golden Experience will break the chains of fate but even if I gave that to you. Stand Proud does a way better fucking job foreshadowing shit and I don't even like Stand Proud that much.

>Sixth Star barely on screen for more than a few moments symbolizing Iggy's future appearance.

>Foreshadows most of the locations fights will take place for the first half.

>Heavy heritage symbolism for Jotaro inheriting his bloodlines fate of conflict with DIO

>Multiple reference to scenes like the fly sketch, Camel riding during the Sun fight, the campsite where Kakyoin fights Death 13

If you want an OP that foreshadows characters deaths better, End of the World is even better than that.

>Beautiful but subtle hints that don't make sense out of context that include

>stair shift with Polnareff

>Emerald Splash shattering around Kakyoin

>Oldseph getting a knife to the throat

Fighting Gold only just barely beats out Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town for foreshadowing for above worst.

7b9104  No.16269827

Fuck you horrid people and your donut memes. Kakyoin deserves better than this shit. This is worse than Yamcha.

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