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File: 9b8fa405a41b420⋯.jpg (600.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe0003.jpg)

4746b0  No.16235802

Opticor Vandal is (Not) Shit Edition

Come discuss your jewish exploits. Have you finished closing those thermia fissures yet?

How close are you to punching your monitor whenever nora nig opens her cock holster?

Did you scan all the things in the orb vallis?

Are you thoroughly disappointed in this event yet?

0a5351  No.16235810


If only the game was actually challenging rather than being the grind the only challenge and main objective of the game, it would be fun, all those mechanics wasted on a korean tier grindwall with nothing beyond the wall.

4746b0  No.16235819


>If only the game was actually challenging

Just play as banshee :^) Also someone posted a webm last thread of them pulling off some cool maneuvers that were completely unnecessary, but still showed the potential that the game might've once had.

3c69bb  No.16235836

>Have you finished closing those thermia fissures yet?

Not yet, that shit is boring as fuck

>How close are you to punching your monitor whenever nora nig opens her cock holster?

Don't really care for her shit

>Did you scan all the things in the orb vallis?

All I did was follow a guide online because I couldn't be assed.

>Are you thoroughly disappointed in this event yet?

I was disappointed in it the moment it started.


Why was this nigger using the Baza anyway? Is there something to this gun? maybe he answered but didn't get to see the reply, oh well

4746b0  No.16235847


Baza does insane crit, so just put hunter munitions on it and it'll give everything you look at a death by a thousand cuts. It's also innately silent. Don't really know how that's helpful against the wolf though.

0a5351  No.16235851

File: b307dfc71e17955⋯.jpg (121.81 KB, 1000x699, 1000:699, 1418609916077.jpg)


Also i'll tell a fun story about this game.

Me and me friends when years ago still played the game, were doing some generic missions, one of my friends somehow found a "special" person playing on a mission and he was writing some extremely dumb stuff.

We invited him on our mumble channel and it turned out he was actually retarded, he wasn't doing extremely good at the game but at least he was progressing.

We even invited him to play another game and all he started doing was jumping around without actually doing anything else that mattered for the progression, not realizing what he was doing.

One day the girlfriend of one of these guys came on the channel as she also played the game, and this guy started saying weird incomprehensible stuff in a very low voice on the microphone and then we started hearing him panting and breathing heavily, after a little while we heard some squishy sounds and realized he was fapping to this girl voice while she was talking, we were bursting in laugher while and she stopped talking and left the server, and in the end the retard was banned.

This is the level of unchallenging Warframe is, that girls and retards can access it

438a9e  No.16236032

Is this game good yet?

92c898  No.16236077


eb7b2b  No.16236097

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Reminder that this game is run by SJW and you should NEVER spend a single cent in it.

d52d7f  No.16236100

I've gotten to ur anus and I just want to say… archwings are gay.

969c95  No.16236326


- Only the first prize for the fissures right now, can't believe I have to run a shit ton more.

- I hate Nora's interruptions, can't stand her way of talking.

- I followed a guide to scan all those things, to my surprise nothing special happened, no new quest, nothing.

- The event is "meh" it will be the plague star of Venus as far as they have said, or maybe the ghouls? I hate how we get ghouls like very month but we get plague star and acolytes like once a year.

5a576d  No.16236400

File: 47956101916c9cf⋯.jpg (16.75 KB, 383x378, 383:378, DANielle.jpg)



4dcdd1  No.16236495


There's a terminal in the cave North-East of Harindi Crater. Once you scan all the shit, that terminal gives unreadable bullshit and brief convo with Venus fags. It won't do anything until the 'community' has scanned enough.

4746b0  No.16237084

File: 783e7d3933585a9⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 902a27287b226a44d91e9f329….webm)

File: c21a3537e530093⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, c552de443651496f5a3a24afd….webm)

File: a915c22b0250fd5⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 381405e98cb019aa2e46fee0a….webm)

File: baf6b861633f728⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.77 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1e2d99e138ac74c1de5708a0b….webm)

3c69bb  No.16237151


It's not just me. It's a tranny isn't it?

eb7b2b  No.16237179



The jawline always gives it away.

7aeb3b  No.16237211


>very first webm is futa

In the fucking trash

4746b0  No.16237218

File: 0a080f570385bcb⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 171.57 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, claire kill self.png)


I actually didn't notice until after posting but at least the rest aren't.

31ea77  No.16238317




If that wasn't enough you should see the rest of him. I think it was the 100th devstream where he was sitting behind the main crew and he has very broad shoulders and masculine calves.

f76341  No.16238338


Who cares? There's also a women fucking her. Just pretend its a man with tits if you want it to be gay.

5c8ed4  No.16238466


Reported for CP.

92ab1e  No.16238577


That's a weird complain considering what's important is the dick fucking her

65a62f  No.16238587


Is it viable to make real world money from this game?

581821  No.16238718

Just cleared that fucking 1 fish, 1 mine, 1 kill melee riven mod and its a MR14 twin krokyr toxiada at max is 18 cost +128% toxin, +61.1 damage to invested.

Any good or kuva trash?

6d30bd  No.16238997

Does saying trap in chat still get you a perma ban or did they finally get rid of that SJW mod?

3d67d4  No.16239097


>opticor vandal

The Chad spartan laser versus the virgin Ferrox wannabe

86cc51  No.16239311

File: 68127e13eb5f69c⋯.jpg (646.25 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Warframe3694.jpg)

New sentient skin for Limbo is actually pretty nice once you adjust the colors a little to be more in line with sentients' shade of red. Trying to avoid slapping the shuriken skin on hikou prime since it's the obvious choice. Will probably look better once wisp's idles become available and he can have a proper floating movement.

d51a89  No.16239333


Why not use titania’s?

86cc51  No.16239341


Because I'm still walking/running when I move. It's implied that the wisp animations will include movement and shooting that also floats. The strips on his arms move with reduced gravity so they float, so adding a more ghostly aesthetic to him seems the better option.

7aeb3b  No.16239356



I dislike futa because it's weird tranny-tier shit, not just because of the dick.

d51a89  No.16239366


>It's implied that the wisp animations will include movement and shooting that also floats.

I hope you’re right but I’m not that convinced. Does limbo’s set on other frames give his dodge roll?

86cc51  No.16239375


No, but that's because his dash is tied to his abilities. I'm fairly sure I remember it being mentioned in a devstream but I might be mistaken. It'd be nice if it became a trend because every frame having the same movements except when they're idle is kind of shit.

5a576d  No.16239388


I'm pretty sure they designed themselves into a corner with limbo and just say lolfuckit he can roll out of rift xD

3d22b6  No.16239392

I just recovered my founders account on this game. It was still there. I'm so fucking happy.

Game looks alot different than 2015 though.

Does my gold excalibur give me a big dick? Wheres my name on the star chart wasnt that part of the deal too?

d51a89  No.16239393


Nah they could have just as easily given rift surge the boot (cause who the fuck ever uses that without the augment?) and left in his rift step.

5a576d  No.16239400


im' sorry friend, ubra excal makes exal prime irrelevant :^) your founding status is nigh useless now.

d51a89  No.16239408


Unless he prefers his Excalibur to not fuck off and get himself killed every time he presses 5.

31ea77  No.16239871


Founders names are listed on a couple of screens in the vanilla relays. They're above the structure behind the Rhino statue. It's a rather obscure place for it.

5523f6  No.16239882

>All scan goals except the first two are set evenly to 75%

Super organic, man, they're really selling it

d51a89  No.16239894


I could believe that actually. The first one is right outside fortuna so everyone who runs Helios will get it. All the others are so tediously hidden, everyone will just use a guide and get them all in one go. So everyone either has none, the first one, or all of them.

86cc51  No.16240053

File: 20ab9e0f4d7b3d2⋯.jpg (720.51 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Warframe3724.jpg)

File: a5475f3b7ac003d⋯.jpg (710.27 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Warframe3725.jpg)

Muscleframe is alright, but if I could have gone back and gotten a phantasma riven instead I would have. Basically melts if any large number of infested are around because poison procs fuck her in the heavily-muscled ass.

5523f6  No.16240223

File: 5fe02e7e7f3b70f⋯.jpg (111.21 KB, 1384x776, 173:97, 1344536436.jpg)


>Buying frames

86cc51  No.16240282


This event is horseshit and fortuna nukes my framerate for some reason.

3c69bb  No.16240286


I think I was listening to a stream that thing was on (m-muh twitch loots) and the voice alone was telling me maybe that's a tranny


This is shameful even by DE standards to have Hildryn be a paypig only frame for more than a week?

c305af  No.16240298

File: 2d704841ba328fd⋯.jpg (28.44 KB, 410x416, 205:208, 1551223572.jpg)


>he didn't make a killing of plat when nightwave launched

I made like 600 plat of selling unfilled sculptures, it was actually kinda of hilarious the prices that people where willing to pay

To bad muscle girl kinda needs arcanes to properly work and fuck that shit.

5523f6  No.16240302


You know the event isn't going to be running forever, right?

Also, how the fuck? It was horrific when it first released, but now I can run it just fine on a shitty 5+ year old laptop with a few gigs of ram

86cc51  No.16240329


Yeah I know, the plan was to grind it out once it was over, but for some reason I keep getting tigris rivens so I've been flipping them for profit…so I said "fuck it" and got it. Though, like I said earlier, if I could go back and instead grab a riven for the Phantasma I would have. I really hope wisp isn't buried under fortuna shit because I really like how she looks.

As for the framerate I have no idea. The moment I use an archwing or get too close to a body of water my computer just decides it wants to stop working. It could be a fucked file somewhere not loading properly but at the same time it seems to only affect fortuna so I don't care all that much yet. Though I would like a kitgun and pet robot one day so I'll probably have to figure that out sooner than later.

5523f6  No.16240445


> I really hope wisp isn't buried under fortuna shit because I really like how she looks.

Well, don't get your hopes up, there's still not a frame quest associated with it, Garuda, Baruuk, and Hildryn are just thrown into random loot tables and standing grinds with no fanfare

Now that I think about it, frame production has kinda spiked recently, it's probably vastly outpacing what the quest designers can put out

You should really verify and optimize your download if you haven't already, and turn all the graphics settings down to shit-tier to figure out which one(s) are causing the problems, because that really sounds weird as fuck

d51a89  No.16240522


Wisp is gonna be another PoE frame, cause she’s gonna launch with the rework. I’m calling it now.

027783  No.16240545


Fortuna takes a long ass time to load and reach a stable framerate for me. After that, I can't do any star chart mission without the game softlocking on load screen.

36b96f  No.16240685


Thanks getting used to all this new shit. There's open world now? Wat. I'm so behind.

Nice to see actual controller support now so I can couch it when I feel the need.

86cc51  No.16240694


>Wisp is gonna be another PoE frame

I hope so. The plains weren't perfect but they were comfy. The eidolons added some much needed mysticism back to warframe, and even though revenant wasn't all that great his quest is pretty cool conceptually. Hopefully they add more depth both functionally and literally. Give the plains some sprawling underground areas to explore and maybe vaults or something to unlock and make it work exploring down there.

Also make tatsu better so I can still try to use it and reventant.

d51a89  No.16240708


I don’t like poe just for the sheer grind. At least I’m max rank with them now, but compared to fortuna, you have to sink resources into making arcanes and you straight up get half the gems per mine.

bbd271  No.16240791

File: acfaee538371dda⋯.jpg (45.83 KB, 687x450, 229:150, the_fugg.jpg)

5523f6  No.16240896


>The plains weren't perfect but they were comfy

>Shitty barren wastes sprinkled with annoying grineer bases and assholes doing aerial drive-bys

>Every individual thing that could be comfy locked behind a tiered grind

>Gets even more annoying half the time, with stronger grineer, little shitter trash enemies that force you to blast them with your kid powers, and even the fucking water fighting against you more than usual

It'll be better after the rework once I can at least grind on everything, but holy hell I hate that place

86cc51  No.16240962


I can't find a high-quality version of ruckus telling a nigger to read, but it's applicable. I both said it wasn't perfect and that it needed depth. But wandering around a plains fishing and watching lumbering giants making whale sounds is pretty damn comfy.

581821  No.16240980

>running orokin derelict solo to chase the one mod i need for the perfect nidus build

>either it doesnt drop or its the one key im not carrying.

God damn it.

86cc51  No.16240989


You can equip all four relics now, as far as I know. Just use Nezha since you have both protection and speed covered, and a stupidly strong weapon to overcome the extinguished key.

5523f6  No.16241038


Yeah that would be pretty comfy, if it weren't for the fucking grineer

The vallis is way more comfy, and I say that as someone who fucking hates snowy environments and prefers deserts

31ea77  No.16241078


There's two open worlds fam. They're a pretty mixed bag though.

5523f6  No.16242338

So all the scans jumped up 25% and finished hours ago, but still no event

What gives

4746b0  No.16242339


go to the console and enter in the numbers, see what happens.

4746b0  No.16242354

nevermind, just tried it for myself, nothing fucking happens

5efb1c  No.16242376


The devs realized nobody was actually doing the "go into caves and scan shit" part of the event, so they completed it themselves. I'm guessing the second half of the event is locked until the whole "defend the orange soda spills" event is over, though.

5a576d  No.16242384

File: da7c54070c0978f⋯.jpg (181.42 KB, 1920x969, 640:323, THe_WOLF.jpg)


Finally. Scanning stuff is boring as fuck.

c305af  No.16242455

File: 86c486292a7bbd6⋯.png (28.17 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 1552353189.png)


So that's what it happened? KEK

I was finally done with the whole "do bounties" and "get some rare fish" in the orb valis that I was thinking that I may follow a youtube guide to scan that stuff but it was gone, that should fucking teach them but I know that they wont learn a thing


I have yet to see this fucker, this is what? 3rd week and he hasn't spawned for me once, what a fucking joke

6887a5  No.16242689


>Yeah that would be pretty comfy, if it weren't for the fucking grineer

I can say the same about the Vallis and the Corpus. Fuck the both of them, I can't go anywhere without a bunch of shitstains shooting at me, I can't do anything without wading through the muddy river that is the constant downpour of shitbags on my head when I'm trying to mine or fish to meet the stupid quotas of these stupid grinds.

I wish all the effort they put into designing these open hellholes was instead spent on more important things, like literally everything else. And now I have Nora Nig and her goals that require me to go back to those shitholes. Can't even play Orb Vallis for an hour without the fucking thing crashing and undoing my Nightwave progress.


>I have yet to see this fucker, this is what? 3rd week and he hasn't spawned for me once, what a fucking joke

He's spawned on me like five times, and he's the spongiest sponge to every sponge. He's not fun to fight, his moves are annoying, and he doesn't give you Nightwave standing when you beat him, he only drops a component of his mediocre hammer. And he works like the stalkers do, he enters a mission and if he kills whichever player is his target (the game doesn't tell you which) he'll disappear, because fuck you for expecting a bunch of Canuck Cucks to design anything worth a damn.

c92fc0  No.16242940

how long does the nightwave thing last?

6887a5  No.16242966


They said around 10 or 11 weeks.

e25cb5  No.16244026

So, scans are "done" when the fuck do we get to go in the door? Hopefully info about that in the prime time tonight.

4f3ef6  No.16244095


Speaking about scans, what the fuck is up with the event? The scans jumped to 100% in a fucking blink of an eye

e25cb5  No.16244160


Well I don't know if they sped it up or what, but I did notice it was going up about 30% a day, and last I checked it was at 73%, so I guess it makes sense.

c305af  No.16244236


>and he doesn't give you Nightwave standing when you beat him, he only drops a component of his mediocre hammer.

jesus christ

Ah whatever then, to be honest I'm only interested in the grakata augment from nightwave, even if it has been confirmed that the ammo refund is for your full ammo capacity and not for your magazine (think an ammo muttation) +400% fire rate in the grakata sounds hilarious

5a576d  No.16244425

File: fd92ecb215bed14⋯.jpg (33 KB, 552x712, 69:89, REBECCA.jpg)


>Your global Data Hash scanning has not gone unnoticed, Tenno. As a Community, you’re close to cracking the code, but not close enough, and that’s our fault. Our predicted end goal was determined to be unreachable in a reasonable amount of time, so we’ve made some manual data tweaks to allow Scans to progress the Operation at a quicker rate to get everyone closer to the next climactic stage. We’ll be mindful moving forward of these end goals for similar Operations

e25cb5  No.16244476



Oh, ok. Guess that's a thing. At least they know they were stupid.

969c95  No.16244490


Or maybe they just made all of those hashes almost invisible and didn't even give players many ways to locate them other than giving a select few players a piece of a puzzle.

e25cb5  No.16244517


Yeah I agree it was a bit obtuse. I went straight to using a guide when one appeared. It's acceptable to have something like this for optional lore fragments, but I don't think it's acceptable to force people to try and find these in a map as massive as the vallis in only 2 weeks.

e25cb5  No.16244921

File: 82bb2eb8a88c742⋯.png (202.77 KB, 478x471, 478:471, Warframe.x64_2019-03-14_18….png)

So the door and boss fight dropped at the same time with this new patch. So far it's been pretty ok. Boss fight is more fun than the profit-taker anyway. Only encountered one game breaking bug so far – one team I joined got stuck in purgatory inside the transition from the outside to part 1 of the boss.

Spoilers about the boss

So you get inside deck 12, you go find the button to turn on the thermia condenser, which is at the far end on one of the balconies, and you start phase 1 which involves busting all the exhaust/cooling vents. First you drop her down out of her foothold, then you bust 1 vent for free, then the rest you gotta get condensed thermia from some machines on the wall. There's several machines, so there's enough for everyone. Gotta toss em at the frozen vents to defrost them so you can destroy them. Focus on 1 at once, all the other vents get re-frozen when you break one. After you break enough, she moves to really high up in the air, so you gotta get as close as you can and continue chuckin' em at the remaining vent. Then she'll move one more time, and then leave to the surface after you break the last one.

Part 2, you gotta kill all the collant raknoids that head towards her. Take the coolant, wait until she breaks open super concentrated thermia vents, and then you fill the coolant canisters with the thermia, and toss them at her. Gotta fill up her heat gage, then she gets overwhelmed. Then you MOTHERFUCKING TEAR PIECES OUT OF HER. I really enjoyed that because it was super unexpected. Anyway, you walk up, you tear out a piece, you shoot the hole, rinse repeat 3 times total. Gives you a shot at hildryn pieces, and also gives you a shit ton of valuable orb resources. Gems, fishing stuff, etc.

She also drops Lazulite Toroids, which you can cash in to 12k rep with vox solaris a pop. Since im 23, I can just pop 2 every day and max em out now. Super fun and easy.

5efb1c  No.16245070

>one more nightwave daily away from getting an extra warframe slot

>check the daily

>do 150 bullet jumps

What the fuck kind of challenge is that?

969c95  No.16245072

So I just entered Deck 12… is fucking nothing.

167874  No.16245095

I heard there was some big plot twist. Where exactly does this plot twist happen without saying much?

e25cb5  No.16245118


Try touching the console in the back that starts the boss fight


If you're talking about warframe in general, the major spoilers are behind a quest called The Second Dream

969c95  No.16245156


Will try next time.

c71052  No.16245178


There's more than one, depending on what you take as such. Every big story segment has something I'd call a hook or goodass gimmick.

Second Dream is the meme one that's the destination for streamers and letsplayers for its cinematic moments, but methinks Autism Slasher, in SPACE! is more immersive for the gamefeel.

80acde  No.16245196

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The new boss battle.

6887a5  No.16245316


I definitely do want that Grakata mod as well. Then I'll need to get me the Prisma Grakata and have a jolly ol' time fucking around like an idiot with a BB gun that shoots faster than light.

80acde  No.16245344

Wew, i was looking at some devstreams and realised how saggy rebeca's breasts are.

4746b0  No.16245351

File: fd27e52184f22f1⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 527.88 KB, 340x436, 85:109, DE rebecca no bra.webm)

5a576d  No.16245353


her tits are so sad i never bothered saving that webm of her flashing the cam.

4746b0  No.16246792

File: 43f83a9e3c788b2⋯.gif (145.87 KB, 300x375, 4:5, 1427680323031.gif)

>just got 28 thyst from exploiter

I'll make a fully post in a bit but so far this is looking good.

4746b0  No.16247064

File: ee010bba604e2f0⋯.jpg (182.17 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1466891661843.jpg)

Okay so I did three spider runs, one solo two with a group.


>fight isn't too annoying, and has some cool parts like where you rip parts off of her

>isn't a massive damage sponge

>fight has multiple fairly unique stages

>fight absolutely showers you in resources, and the toroids give you fucktons of standing

>hildryn parts have a good drop rate, in fact I think at least one part is guaranteed

>she drops some ephemera too

>no damage types fuckery

>can be done solo

>invuln periods aren't extremely long

Now the bad

<the thermia throwing mechanic is kinda strange, and will only register half your throws it seems. Either that or I'm just fucking bad.

<even with a team of people those fucking coolant raknoids will slip in and fuck over your progress

<exploiter has disguised invuln periods? As sometimes her heat gauge just won't go up or resets itself without a coolant raknoid

<glitchy, but it is the first patch, and this is DE

So overall pretty good. Kinda strange that DE chose to basically invalidate every other system in fortuna, as you can max out both your vox and solaris united standing in two exploiter fights with the amount of gems/toroids you get, and you also get gems and fish parts so anything you wanted to craft becomes pretty trivial too. It's like if the eidolons also gave you a ton of norgs and sentirum every time you killed one. But I can't say that I don't like that, cause fuck actually mining and fishing things. And hildryn is actually pretty reasonable to acquire now, as the most recent frames have been some incredibly stupid levels of standing and material grind. Oh also the fight requires you spend a thermia you got from the fractures, which seems odd, cause most players probably have a shit ton, and it only costs one so you won't run out fast. Not really sure why they added that.

6887a5  No.16247117

File: 6d958db107db85e⋯.png (85.31 KB, 385x504, 55:72, 97e.png)


A decently-designed boss? In Warframe?

31ea77  No.16247119


I got a resource booster for my login so I've got a metric fuckton of resources.

I don't really need them now, just have a couple of k-drives to build, but I like having a big stockpile. Also got lucky and had all 3 Hildryn parts drop in a row.

Only thing I don't like is how wonky the heat gauge is.


<the thermia throwing mechanic is kinda strange, and will only register half your throws it seems. Either that or I'm just fucking bad.

<even with a team of people those fucking coolant raknoids will slip in and fuck over your progress

<exploiter has disguised invuln periods? As sometimes her heat gauge just won't go up or resets itself without a coolant raknoid

<glitchy, but it is the first patch, and this is DE

I had the same problem. It just seems like you keep throwing Tang at her until the game decides you did a good enough job and her heat shoots up dramatically.

>Oh also the fight requires you spend a thermia you got from the fractures, which seems odd, cause most players probably have a shit ton, and it only costs one so you won't run out fast. Not really sure why they added that.

I think to make it so that you can't run her unless the event is going on. Which doesn't make sense since everyone should have a fuckton of it even long after the event is over. In the future, if someone new wants to run they would easily be able to find someone with thermia in recruiting chat I think.

d51a89  No.16247153


It seems they’ve been getting better since they decided “fuck raids, bosses are endgame now”. I think ambulas was the first once that came out better than how it was implemented, and then the ayys, and now the orb mothers. They’re making steady progress. Though it’s odd they decided bosses should be endgame when the whole of the game is designed around fighting hordes.

5523f6  No.16247156


Hopefully we'll get a lot more once railjack drops

There's a chance that they'll just turn it into more horde mode bullshit anyway, but there's also a chance that even DE won't be retarded enough to make the same mistake a third time

e259a4  No.16247157

File: d14558d58ff1405⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1240x2638, 620:1319, semlar warframe.png)


d51a89  No.16247166


What am I looking at here chief?

31ea77  No.16247167


A broken clock is right twice a day. The boss isn't too different from what they normally do, it still has invulnerability phases out the wazoo, but they aren't arbitrary invuln phases and you aren't stuck waiting with your hand on your dick until they expire.

Kela de Thaym's phases ask you to do some good shooting while you wait, but it's arbitrary nonsense.

Sargas Ruk's make sense since you need to wait for a vulnerability in his armor to show up, but waiting in an action game is cancer.

There's simliar comparisons you can make to the other bosses in this game, but Exploiter Orb works since it has you actively killing it despite not being able to damage its HP. Killing it isn't a bit tedious like Profit Taker either since it doesn't have a bunch of actual HP and you aren't bombarded constantly by Corpus.

Its current state is a bit wonky, but it's definitely a step in the right direction.

d51a89  No.16247179


Kela is kinda the same as other bosses though. Yeah you have to pass an accuracy check, but it’s pretty much the same wait, melt her ass, repeat until dead, that all the bosses are. Like you said, exploiter let’s you have agency at almost all times, even though you can’t actually hurt her 90% of the time.

5523f6  No.16247189


A retard from some hyper-autistic trading jew illuminati took it upon himself to take down the accounts semlar was using to track riven prices so that the goyim wouldn't have a proper gauge for whether or not they're getting jewed on riven trades

31ea77  No.16247191



https://semlar.com/ is a valuable website and it sought to provide even more value by tracking riven prices in real time. The anon with the redacted name is one of a cabal of (((traders))) who want to keep that information opaque so they can continue to jew goyim by selling Rivens at ridiculous prices.

They mass reported Semlar for using bots to track this information and got his account banned. Apparently DE is looking into it.

TL;DR Jewish players being Jewish.


I haven't actually fought her in a while, but yeah, that's my point.

e259a4  No.16247196


Some riven tracker got taken down because of some butthurt riven traderfags.

d51a89  No.16247198

File: 6c52195e3c3da08⋯.jpeg (188.64 KB, 1500x750, 2:1, B072A4AD-E7D7-429D-9F4C-F….jpeg)



Man, that’s almost some EVE online tier Judaism.

5a576d  No.16247211


jesus christ.

969c95  No.16247247


Almost, it still suffers from super high damage "you can't just solo if you are not meta" syndrome.

748e83  No.16247273


I thought I had heard that he had been contacted by DE to work out a fix to riven trading pretty recently after his website got taken down.

25e074  No.16247277

File: a6c2cefc1f40a79⋯.png (142.71 KB, 314x548, 157:274, you're going to a gas cham….png)


This is nothing personnel-tier narcissism, what a fucking wanker. Semlar is a cuck for fuzzing the giga-jews name out too.

969c95  No.16247296

Speaking of Rivens I have two maxed out pretty decent ones I would like to sell, a Khrokur and a Dehtat.

6887a5  No.16247309


The only Riven I have that's worth a damn is a Tigris Toxiata. +Damage, +Toxin, +Recoil but I doubt more recoil will seriously effect the 2-shell shotgun. I just need to work my way up New Loka to get a Sancti Tigris before I bother using it.

Also have a Veldt Riven and I like the Veldt but the bonuses are shit and my re-rolls have been even shittier, so I'm low on luck there.

969c95  No.16247326

File: 8919e903c446d7a⋯.jpg (283.24 KB, 1282x720, 641:360, 20190315003427_1.jpg)

File: b09b558837f9c39⋯.jpg (277.95 KB, 1282x720, 641:360, 20190315003409_1.jpg)

File: 716b730e14c8178⋯.jpg (282.96 KB, 1282x720, 641:360, 20190315003416_1.jpg)

File: bc796f6fbbb52e2⋯.jpg (285.54 KB, 1282x720, 641:360, 20190315003423_1.jpg)


That also reminds me I have a lato riven I am trying to re-roll because it got the wonderful -100% recoil which makes it feel unnatural, I know it will get decent numbers anyway but I ran out of kuva and I'd rather get Nora to give me the first 20k.

c305af  No.16247330


> Kinda strange that DE chose to basically invalidate every other system in fortuna, as you can max out both your vox and solaris united standing in two exploiter fights with the amount of gems/toroids you get

I just did the fight, it's ok so fuck it I'll take it


I just did it first try with Baruuk using my Sybaris prime and catchmoon, the fight is actually kinda easy


LoL the Sekrit Riven Traders

5523f6  No.16247331


They're just going to implement their own public methods for specific information to be tracked without having to have bots read in-game chat

Which means it's gonna be shit


He did originally release the guy's name, but pussied out later

969c95  No.16247333


Baruuk can tank damage, that's the thing.

6887a5  No.16247344


That is a pretty nice Lato riven, wouldn't mind having it myself. Lato isn't great but I appreciate its simplicity, wish I could get a Lato Vandal but ESO is far beyond my reach.

31ea77  No.16247355


Nice trips, but the only part that tanking really matters in is the first phase. And even then any reasonably sturdy frame should be fine. I took Valkyr for the first run and Rhino for the other two. My friend was Inaros all three times.

Having anything meta makes this fight easier, but it's hardly required.

969c95  No.16247360

Speaking of the exploiter fight, I won my first one with a lucky glitch, I was using Harrow, not sure what happened but this is the thing, I was entering Deck 12 and I tried to go operator to preemptively energy dash but I got the whole "no abilities here" thingy that you usually get from the open world gates, I kept trying to do that on my way to the console to no avail, then I started the fight, at some point I don't know if I kept trying to use operator with no success but I also used covenant, the fight seemed quite easy at the beginning since I was moving a lot, I struggled to throw the canisters since I was learning and then I realized I wasn't taking damage at all, I was able to use all abilities except operator so I kept fighting the thing and won by virtue of being invincible.


I bought the Lato Vandal from someone for like 195p, I tried to farm the components before but nothing drops, I also have yet to get Khora Systems which refuse to drop.

4b32e2  No.16247371

File: 3a49c88fdd19016⋯.png (2.78 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wewframe.png)

this shit is autistically broken

i don't know what kind of math they have going on behind condition overload with redeemer's shotgun mode but i love it

5523f6  No.16247382


>No bullet dance

969c95  No.16247390


How many void sabotage runs?

c305af  No.16247405


Nice digits

And yeah a tanky frame is required in order to learn the fight but I can see any mid level tank frame doing the fight quite easily solo,

I personally not see myself doing this fight solo with something like Mag cause I suck but I can see someone relatively good at parkour doing it

5efb1c  No.16247410

File: ff3540c75579d56⋯.png (144.76 KB, 480x640, 3:4, Mag.png)

Got all three blueprints for the fat lady frame, but I spent one of the toroids on Vox Solaris rep so I'm gonna have to run it again.

And I guess I finally need to get around to doing Profit-Taker or whatever so I can actually rank up with Vox Solaris and actually buy shit.



Trinity's not too bad for it, either, so long as you don't doze off and forget to keep 2, 3, and 4 applied during the first phase. No real opportunities to apply 2 during the second phase unless somebody pisses off the nearby Corpus outpost, though.


>I personally not see myself doing this fight solos with something like Mag

4b32e2  No.16247428


Yeah, I was planning on getting that next.

5523f6  No.16247433

7aeb3b  No.16247478


She's honestly kinda ugly

4b32e2  No.16247494


Found it.

I would ask why the put an exponent in any weapon damage mod, especially using modded damage instead of base, but then I would run the risk of them nerfing "fixing" it.

4b32e2  No.16247495

File: 8ee8a3d6812f965⋯.png (370.49 KB, 880x893, 880:893, damage.PNG)


Forgot image.

c305af  No.16247554

File: 9e35d293c76c785⋯.png (351.91 KB, 456x398, 228:199, ClipboardImage.png)


Hey man, this is a no bully Mag zone pls understand, her kit is not useful here, I still take her to do Sortie ambulas and have ez mode

Also, guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend, I still need to craft moas and have spare parts for some kitguns in the future

17a453  No.16247585


>hermaphrodites are transexual

stupid /v/ posters.

5523f6  No.16247636

Well, I did it

I solo'd my first big raid boss

Because the game bugged out and made me invincible

And it took an entire fucking hour because the heat gauge kept fucking up and I could barely keep up with all the coolant spoders and fractures

Guess I'll use my newfound power to farm toroids or something before I head back, it's too bad the boss fight disables fracture defenses

969c95  No.16247659


Hey, then I wasn't the only one, please tell me no one is reporting that to DE.

5523f6  No.16247679


Something like this isn't gonna fly under the radar for long, anon

It's just the perks of beta testing for console kids

32b5b3  No.16247700


Thank you for beta-testing for me anon, enjoy your god-mode while it lasts.

969c95  No.16247837

Did it on god mode again, Oberon this time, operator blocked, sentinel died tho, also Exploiter keeps resetting heat gauge at will, specially in the last phase, canisters do almost nothing, she keeps saying "division!" and then resetting heat, after a while it builds up very fast until it overheats by itself, but I can't stand doing it for an hour!

969c95  No.16247872

Welp, as usual I had no fucking idea of how to deal with phase 2, if you go blind and apply logic you would expect the thermia canisters to raise a chunk of the heat while you had to stop the spiders from cooling the boss, but nah, you basically need to endure the assault and keep throwing canisters because they speed up the heat build up, I was literally getting sick to my stomach because I felt the minions were cooling the boss down faster than I was able to increase the heat.

d4d805  No.16249182

File: 39c3fb9ef5deaf1⋯.png (325.08 KB, 310x453, 310:453, Reawaken.png)


>Sentinel died

Why do so few people use Djinn+Reawaken? A good fifth of my mutagen samples came from it and I never need worry of losing my vacuum. Objectively the best for lengthy engagements.

969c95  No.16249506


I was just pointing out the sentinel was not invincible, but they die to a sneeze anyway.

765eab  No.16249530


Because I usually want the scanning sentinel or the one which converts ammo for my hungry weapons. I didn't know that was a mod for that sentinal, I'll build it and try it out

5523f6  No.16249982

File: 461870e80b108ca⋯.png (451.25 KB, 540x960, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)


>Was leveling a freshly-made Moa

>Inaros + Health Link

969c95  No.16250062


Yeah, Inaros is one of those who can actually take a few more hits on the stupidly scaled enemies in certain missions.

e2815a  No.16250217


>youtube embed


567fe2  No.16250785

File: eaa89ca52e9db4f⋯.jpg (389.06 KB, 1736x781, 1736:781, wolframe.jpg)

Just had wolf spawn in Hyrdon while I was using Saryn to level primary. Abilities did nothing. Everyone pulled out specters and I ran my imperator vandal out of ammo on it. Saw him first day, then not until yesterday. Only got one drop so far though.


I got bullet dance earlier from transmuting crap index mods with the million credits per profit taker at the moment. Also got a bunch of archwing mods I didn't have.

From my understanding cannisters build up how fast the heat accumulates, you want to spam them and care less about the small spiders.

5523f6  No.16250899

>They already fixed the invincibility exploit


Also, holy shit, why does the weeb sword need 3000 oxium

Who the fuck thought that 600 oxium per batch was a good production requirement for a goddamn earth mining material

c242af  No.16250921

File: 06aafa99362e540⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1133x1631, 1133:1631, Capture _2019-03-15-13-38-….png)

File: 5808b6cfa4a637c⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1130x1587, 1130:1587, Capture _2019-03-15-13-39-….png)

Oh hey cool, I can view my rivens in the phone app.

31ea77  No.16251266


It looks like we were half right. If you solo or duo the boss then everything seems fine. If you have a full squad then you end up waiting around for her to spawn more fractures. People seem to have been complaining about this so hopefully they'll fix it.

969c95  No.16251529


I have done her solo and there is a moment when she takes very long to spawn fractures.

5efb1c  No.16251815



She won't spawn fractures if you've torn off one of her body parts, but haven't dealt enough damage to the flaming hole from ripping out that part.

969c95  No.16251842

OK, I went for EO with no god mode using Zephyr, she is great for this fight.

969c95  No.16251848


I have destroyed both vents and there is a period where she refuses to spawn fractures, that is, she is supposed to do it but she doesn't.

af6a7d  No.16251898

How does one get an archgun deployer? I hear tell of having to kill the boss of orb vallis to get it? If so, do I just grind contracts until I rank up my standing to unlock the boss?

4746b0  No.16251903


Grind until you have max rank fortuna which unlocks vox solaris, who'll let you do the profit taker orb. That will give you an archwing deployer.

32b5b3  No.16251943


Wolf is alloy armor stacked on alloy armor HP. You'll need cold and radiation to scratch him in any reasonable time. Or just wear him down with DOTs. He's a true pain in the ass.


Nice Vulklok Riven.


I used to run Zephyr all the time. Got distracted by trying out other frames, but I should get back to her. I love my golden bird. It definitely trips me up getting re-adjusted to her floatiness though.

969c95  No.16251951


BTW, does he drop anything? I was on hydron with some randos and we killed him after a while but apparently he only dropped a basic elemental mod.

32b5b3  No.16251953


He's supposed to drop the components of his Wolf Sledge.

969c95  No.16251957


For EO solo Zephyr bring a gunblade with healing return, her setup is pretty straightforward, use turbulence and that's it, the only problem is phase 1 and the 100% slash proc spiders.

31ea77  No.16252002



Specifically, the Profit Taker has four bounties associated with it with the first three being setup for the fight and the fourth being the fight proper. Completing the third bounty for the first time will award you with a Gravimag and the Archgun Deployer; the latter being what you assign to your gear wheel. The former is applied to the archgun of your choice the same way catalysts are applied, however the catch is you need to have already applied a catalyst to do it.

Also worth noting, I think, that the second bounty from this set can be solo'd in 2 or 3 minutes flat for the various Systems you need to rank up with Vox Solaris and build certain things; including more Gravimags. Speaking of which, Gravimags are clan research and have a three day build time so pick your weapon wisely. Imperator Vandal is a solid choice, though I hear the Corvas is also good.

If hitting max Solaris United is intimidating then just grind the new Exploiter Orb. As far as I can tell it isn't locked behind anything, and it awards a bunch of resources that can be redeemed for SU Standing. There being double drops on Venus right now makes it even easier.

799c9b  No.16252027


sweet, ta. I just need a shitload of debt-bonds to rank up atm.

01ff29  No.16252105

are bounties the only way to get debt bonds? Because that sounds gayer than the mann gegen mann music video

32b5b3  No.16252113


You can buy debt-bonds from Ticker, who runs a shop above The Business. The debt-bonds available and their prices are variable and often include both credits and resources.

869c98  No.16252197

I already find that black radio bitch annoying

765eab  No.16252225


I hate seeing those giant nigger lips on my screen even more then her stupid voice and retarded phrases.

01ff29  No.16252283

But isnt radionig so funny guys how she alludes to the psychological tricks they use to keep you playing their game? hahaha so fun!

8c6e35  No.16252309

File: 33c9a2be85be14e⋯.png (2.25 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

why does this tiny scimitar have no slash damage and tons of puncture damage

32b5b3  No.16252318


That's what daggers are for primarily, stabbing, not slicing. Or so it appears to be, in spite of the stance mods that make them look slashy. They're fast, short-ranged, and are good for shanking bitches through armor. You want slicey, that's what swords and polearms are for. Smashy, hammers and staves. Stabby, daggers and rapiers.

8c6e35  No.16252326

File: c32397266c8264a⋯.jpg (2.37 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Warframe0054.jpg)

File: 907d65904ead19b⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Warframe0051.jpg)

File: 478e62012f7ec4c⋯.jpg (4.68 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Warframe0067.jpg)


yeah, sure, I get it, but LOOK at the fucking thing, it's all curved edge for slashing, there's no way you can use that point for functional stabbing

also, captura is fun

f85728  No.16252342


Hundreds of tiny stabs along the blade, like a saw.

32b5b3  No.16252343

File: 4e27d02b1922254⋯.png (39.04 KB, 512x320, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)


Ceramic dagger used to be a shrunken-down version of the Cronus sword, before getting an updated model to something more unique but still entirely unfitting for stabbing in form. DE is dumb.

8c6e35  No.16252348

File: 3f7d245a1e511c5⋯.png (1.98 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


yeah I know, I was there (pic related), still didn't make any sense as a puncture weapon then, as you said

32b5b3  No.16252354


I admit I'm still a newfag to this. Seeing old Warframe UI is jarring. But yeah it never made any sense. At least the Ether Daggers look slimmer and pointier than the Ether Sword. too bad they suck ass because the Ether blades look cool

8c6e35  No.16252378

File: f476fdee4fce8b7⋯.png (3.39 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bad9162330b26be⋯.png (3.45 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0fce9327bdda632⋯.png (3 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


I miss the old UI, it was so great, none of this "press ESC, click on the category, click on the thing you want, wait for flashy menu animations" (or god forbid, actually walking around in your ship)

just click on the button for thing you want, everything's right there

I especially despise the modding interface now, since all the mods are little 3D models, it runs at like half the framerate of the rest of the game because LOL DIRECTX 11 DRAW CALL LIMIT

I still love this game – more, lately, than before, even – but god damn has DE made some stupid-ass decisions

like the decision to move to PBR materials without a full PBR deferred lighting model in the renderer really shittted up the visual quality of the game, look how clean and smooth everything used to look

32b5b3  No.16252384


That looks so much better. I always had a feeling something was different about old Warframe screenshots but couldn't put my finger on it. I guess that's one thing for sure.

8c6e35  No.16252425

File: e9845e4d45cb018⋯.png (3.01 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe 2013-04-13 03-40-….png)

File: a84a1c114a3f435⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe 2013-04-14 01-17-….png)

File: ce147ee814f23a2⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe 2013-04-14 01-21-….png)

File: 67f6fdabdd2e3e6⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe 2013-04-14 03-25-….png)

File: f06da62e488807a⋯.png (2.61 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe 2013-11-18 02-48-….png)

here's a few more, I was already playing for a couple weeks on apr 13 2013 but I lost my screenshots before that because I upgraded my PC (I was still running an ancient opteron 185 machine with DDR1 memory) and in the process of "helping" me my friend ruined my hard drive

it's dark but check out the fine texture detail in that third picture, that still exists in the game today but good luck seeing it with the 13 layers of bullshit on every texture now

869c98  No.16252430

Are we not getting the anniversary weapons this year? I want a Dex Sybaris


Considering all is shown is her mouth they could've focused more on not making it look awful

32b5b3  No.16252436


>Are we not getting the anniversary weapons this year? I want a Dex Sybaris

I'm certain we are, I read we are in at least one of their announcements.

8c6e35  No.16252449

File: a81aa3ba181d5d9⋯.png (12.85 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

another nostalgic screenshot


>This is just the beginning of our 6th Anniversary celebration! From March 27 until April 13, make sure to log in and check your inbox to get the new Dex Skin. There will also be opportunities to get previous Dex items from the past five years, so you won’t want to miss this, Tenno!

8c6e35  No.16252464

File: 6550ab329906a27⋯.png (3.57 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1ccf965721a8a0d⋯.png (3.27 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 519599ccea36e9c⋯.png (3.53 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0605cce37669919⋯.png (3.69 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


april 2014, after the UI update but before the PBR materials update

c1dd17  No.16252542

tranny prime when?

8c6e35  No.16252555


they showed her on the devstream yesterday, looks fantastic (much more feminine even in day form), looks like she'll be released around the same time as the plains revamp in about 2 weeks

c1dd17  No.16252736

File: f1e12da1345db5d⋯.webm (15.86 MB, 480x320, 3:2, NIGHTSHADE Stage 11.webm)

>>16252555b (trips)

It's not gonna take eight fucking parts to produce her, is it? How god damn annoying. On a different topic, while the changes to melee combat seem like only common sense improvements, it's still pretty lacking.

>lock onto enemy

>bullet jump towards it

>slash it to ribbons

>lock onto another enemy

>dash towards them while still midair


Why can't I do this shit?

01ff29  No.16252767


I think you're vastly overestimating canadian talent. Also to have a good melee system the enemies would have to have actual pain states instead of the fake ones they now do and FUCK THAT, THATS HARD WORK.

8c6e35  No.16252783


sheldon kept joking that it was 9 parts but rebbecca said it was only 4 as usual (BP + 3 parts)

5a576d  No.16253065


cuase DE sucks at coding and we will never get that. need i remind you these are the same developers that compile their perforce coding with unfixed error markers that you can plainly see in game files if you open them.

c1dd17  No.16253086


Well that's good, at least this one thing is absolutely outrageous.



Yeah, I'm not holding my breath or anything, I'm just saying that the melee combat is pretty shit as it currently stands, even with the recent improvements.

5a576d  No.16255283

File: f6351acd8fbf7f0⋯.png (628.43 KB, 956x362, 478:181, what to pick.png)

primed sure footed right? 100% knock down could make all frames like atlas.

4746b0  No.16255300


Not sure if they changed it, but it's actually only 99% chance. Also primed vigor is pretty good on frames like harrow or hildryn.

31ea77  No.16255301


Primed Sure Footed is only really good for Profit Taker and even then it's a micro optimization. Also worth noting that it's not actually 100% which bothers me.

The obvious choice is Primed Shred.


or maxing Inaros' health.

969c95  No.16255499


Handspring does a better job.

7aeb3b  No.16255732

File: 0b88534f5d858a9⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 478.18 KB, 1280x473, 1280:473, f72e09428c5d054cf8844a3be9….png)


563617  No.16255786

Is the game good yet?

7aeb3b  No.16255790


Of course not

01fe1e  No.16255802


goodness is a journey, not a destination.

084c83  No.16255805


Well, Warframe's trip to goodness is more like CIA's trip on that airplane.

534688  No.16255834


Nop, still a p2w grind fest, and anyone who says otherwise has either spent $100+ or 1000+ hours on it.

6c4c39  No.16256304


just calling it a grindfest is innacurate IMO

its one of those games where the grinding IS gameplay and the gameplay is grinding, like monster hunter, you grind by doing ninja missions (except on plains and in space haha fuck you)

this dosnt mean you are not grinding, it IS a grindfest, but its a lot different from normal grinding

still, could be a lot better then it is easily

its a lot less good then it could be though

86cc51  No.16256411

File: 2fa4e6098b15545⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 6.54 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Tanks_Thighjob.mp4)


>Excal isn't just a sword

>Nezha's isn't the longest (divine spears)

>Chroma's isn't just a Bad Dragon toy crudely photoshopped in

>Not even a bit of electricity on Volt

It's shit. It's all shit.

Anyways fun fact about Hildryn is that she has plates that come out when she uses her abilities. Her charge/dash, Shield Pillage, and Aegis Storm all use shoulder plates. Her Haven, the ability that supports allies, has its own plates in her thighs. That means that Hildryn's thick thighs can literally save lives.

86cc51  No.16256504


That's not even good bait. You can't win a game designed to not be won. Christ imagine warframe with an actual end: would have died in the first year.

8adff0  No.16256521


what a shitty looking frame.

86cc51  No.16256538


She needs tits.

5523f6  No.16257420


I'm certain she could look way better if she just had different textures

All it could take to fix her is a simple alt skin

5a576d  No.16257450


>when loki has a more attractive penis and nezha

4746b0  No.16257457


this was made by a goddamn furfag.

86cc51  No.16257566


>Half the dicks have knots or barbs

No shit.

ec19e1  No.16257877



Can't even get his name right, disrespectful.

4746b0  No.16257883


I think that's just a shitty looking e

3c69bb  No.16257951


gimme the sauce then, if you're so great.

4746b0  No.16258026

File: 0ffe22cb51bf2d9⋯.jpg (31.49 KB, 352x342, 176:171, I_seriously_hope_you_hunte….JPG)


I don't actually know the sauce you fag, It just looked like it was, like >>16257566 said it's pretty obvious.

ab30dc  No.16258051


shred > sure footed > vigor

de366e  No.16258177

Ok how the fuck do I turn that woman off. Her lines got old the first time I did one of those shitty daily things.

31ea77  No.16258199


Options > Audio > Set Transmissions to 0. This also mutes Lotus and anyone else who cuts in with a transmission.

Personally, I just play with the sound off entirely and listen to music or podcasts anymore.

5523f6  No.16258202

>Gild 1 modular item

<Just finished my moa yesterday

>Beat Profit-Taker

<Despite playing constantly for the past couple weeks and maxing my daily standing every day, I'm still like two fucking weeks away from even being allowed to do it

>Use 3 Forma

<I don't wanna


31ea77  No.16258212


>Gild 1 modular item

<Just finished my moa yesterday

I'm annoyed too. I just gilded my last new amp yesterday or the day before too. I'll probably throw together a shitty kitgun for this.

4746b0  No.16258216


> a shitty kitgun

no such thing exists. pretty much any combo will shred.

de366e  No.16258263

File: efced80ccdaf87a⋯.gif (4.98 MB, 550x329, 550:329, thumbsup.gif)

31ea77  No.16258302


I know. I should have said I'd throw together a cheap one instead tbh.

4d5381  No.16258330

File: a8070577060fd6b⋯.jpg (147.88 KB, 800x1057, 800:1057, Distain.jpg)


Why is it everything in this games looks so fundamentally disgusting?

Every single picture I've ever seen of Warframe has disgusted me at the aesthetic level.

Not exaggerating, every picture/video I've seen.

No offense, I'm sure you guys have spent tons of time grinding for your frames, but whenever someone posts their frame I cringe a little. Either the frame is fundamentally disgusting or the player has tired to cover up the fact that the frame is ugly by adding tacky colors to it.

4746b0  No.16258336


I'm sorry you have absolute shit taste.

0c4edb  No.16258354

File: 826e31daa454b7f⋯.jpg (182.17 KB, 699x610, 699:610, 1409890473637.jpg)


It's over detailed alien bio technology. It's not going to look pretty. Biotech is disgusting.

Imagine your iphone made out of meat.

ec19e1  No.16258383


I looked a little closer at the picture and you're probably not going to find it anyways; if it was the only place works like it were uploaded, it was a tumblr and probably got nuked.

de5540  No.16258391


I bet you like anthem and destiny

ee5470  No.16258402


>there will come a day in which the law of diminishing return will kick in on electronics and machines where alternative technologies will become more economic and worthwhile to invest in

>tfw will not likely be in our lifetimes

>tfw will never live to hold a phone that is a half electronic half custom made life form

>tfw will never live to see the day when specialized organisms are integrated into assembly line factories

>tfw will never live to drive a car that has parts that have been grown on robot plant hybrid

>tfw might as well not live

571076  No.16258481


The easy answer is biotech.

The harder answer is because everything in the solar system has gone to shit and you're using worn down and slapped together scraps. Which really sucks when all those clean looking Orokin buildings turn out to in most cases actually be made out of people.

There's actually a group in the game that mostly sustains itself by eating 'wall meat' from the last remaining production facility. The production facility tells them which sections of its body to cut off so it can regrow them in time to keep up with demand. It's pretty gross.

748e83  No.16258761


>Don't wanna

Just run ESO. It takes 10 minutes to complete that.

5523f6  No.16258793

ec19e1  No.16258795


Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, easy levels.

5523f6  No.16258804


I don't just mean levels, that's not even necessary for the challenge

I don't want to use the forma in the first place, I have a solo clan to feed

7aeb3b  No.16258810


No shit. look at the designs. They're just lazily adjusted animal dicks.

3f61c9  No.16259347


Little did you know they intended for you to use the three free ones from NWR exactly for this challenge. Least that's what it seems like

bb7b55  No.16259605


None of the models are *clean* they all have either fleshy bits, or slapped on details that barely fit.

That is not enough to call them disgusting though.

86cc51  No.16259938


>Mute them

>Still have their text boxes come up

>Lose access to characters you actually like in the process

The operator has a toggle, so should Nora Nightger. I don't want to talk to this weirdo, and I don't want to hear her canned lines whenever I fart in something's general direction X amount of times.

969c95  No.16261381

ec19e1  No.16261612

File: 8078408e11b41db⋯.png (45.48 KB, 440x91, 440:91, ClipboardImage.png)

What the hell is this even referencing? Did they actually manage to create bugs on old bosses I never see anymore?

5efb1c  No.16261622


>Big Hands

Tyl Regor.

>Hair Cut Lady

Kela de Thaym.

Hopefully that means you'll be able to kill them outright with enough damage, but more likely it just means there was some bug that rendered them invincible when they weren't supposed to be. I've never seen it, but I haven't been running either much lately.

37295e  No.16261623


Guessing that the haircut one is Kela as it seems accurate. No idea about the other one.

67bbda  No.16261641


pointy end and blunty blade

5523f6  No.16262035


>Did they actually manage to create bugs on old bosses I never see anymore?

Clearly you've never heard of lephantis

969c95  No.16262141

File: 935ee60e5044a38⋯.png (8.33 KB, 592x111, 16:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Stop playing the way I don't want you to play!


3513ad  No.16262158

File: ed1e6d6a6255ab6⋯.png (2.71 MB, 1152x2048, 9:16, hildryn but good.png)


I haven't done a single orb fight. The grind to max fortuna rank just sucks so much. It's a more tedious version of Plains of Eidolon which was just a more tedious version of the original game. I can't fucking stand the grind in Fortuna. It's the least fun content in the game.I'll probably get to max through debt bonds.

31ea77  No.16262163


It really is the strangest sort of autism they have. It reminds me of when I was in kindegarten and we all brought in board games from home to play with everyone. I brought in a Lego board game and when I tried to play it with others they just wanted to play with the Legos and not the game. It made me really assmad.

That's the state of mind DE has. An assmad five-year-old.

969c95  No.16262164


I stumbled upon a roadblock for Hildryn, I need a certain component to level up on Little Duck, said component is from the Profit Taker missions, something I didn't want to partake on at all.

969c95  No.16262169


Check the thread above >>16261381 and the shills.

5523f6  No.16262175


You don't need max rank to fight the exploiter

31ea77  No.16262177


That's a fantastic edit. I don't think EO is locked behind Standing grind though.


Is it Gyromag Systems or whatever? Just do the second Profit Taker bounty ad nauseam for all that junk.


I looked through a bit of the first page. A lot of people agree that DE doesn't know what the fuck they're doing and some just shrug it off and say to "play your way :^)" when part of the initial complaint is that you can't "play your way" at all. The only alternative someone suggested was that he likes to min-max Excalibur for the Star Chart. Beyond laughable.

969c95  No.16262179


I'll have to re-check, in the meantime I will just famr the EO for the gems I guess.

4746b0  No.16262181


>TFW we can't mod in that hildryn model without ding dong bannu

Also fortuna is an upgrade over PoE, but not by much.

31ea77  No.16262190


Oh no those guys are definitely goyim shilling for free. I didn't mean to imply otherwise.

969c95  No.16262199


I meant re-check the component I need, yeah, shills are easier to spot in Warframe.

7aeb3b  No.16262201

File: 5681cdba99992c0⋯.png (760.45 KB, 1058x624, 529:312, wewwy.png)



All Hildryn only needs bigger tits, not smaller muscles.

7aeb3b  No.16262204


>All Hildryn only needs bigger tits

Didn't mean to include that "all" in there

31ea77  No.16262219


Assuming it's Gyromag Systems, Atmo Systems, or Repeller Systems they drop at the same rates for all four PT bounties. And the second one can be speedrun solo in about two minutes or less. Also not a bad way to get some Toroids, Radiant relics, and the Helminth mod set. The latter of which drops off of the assassination targets.

969c95  No.16262312


Well, I still have to max the regular Solaris first, too bad the daily cap stops me.

31ea77  No.16262324


At least if you farm EO that should be the only thing stopping you. Same with Vox Solaris.

4d5381  No.16262368

File: f35b9a02de33fc5⋯.jpg (2.32 MB, 3615x2033, 3615:2033, 98cce810a51ed411274d7671ed….jpg)

File: ee6079d37022c75⋯.png (970.92 KB, 940x1160, 47:58, latest.png)

File: e3c29e5ed8df4aa⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 1416x1138, 708:569, latest.jpg)

File: 854861409027ffb⋯.jpg (128.57 KB, 978x550, 489:275, crysis.3.01.lg.jpg)


It's not so much the bio-tech, it's just how poorly it's implemented.

I've seen plenty of other games that have pulled off biotech/alien better.


Anthem has more in common with the design of this game than you think.


>None of the models are *clean* they all have either fleshy bits, or slapped on details that barely fit.

That's exactly the problem. It's like they have this xeno-esc design, but they end up making things so fucking extra it just makes everything look unfocused and stupid.

Gaudy I guess would be a better word to describe it than disgusting.

Compare OP's picture to these pics and maybe you'll understand what I'm saying.

4746b0  No.16262394

File: 04dff88fca960e6⋯.jpg (86.11 KB, 552x556, 138:139, disgusted ebrietas.jpg)


>I've seen plenty of other games that have pulled off biotech/alien better.

pics not related?

5523f6  No.16262478


I don't know much about the third one, but 'biotech' is not the same the as "regular ass technology, with separate regular ass biological stuff interfacing with it"

At that point you might as well say a prosthetic arm that picks up signals from the nervous system is biotech, or a fucking phone is biotech because you need to mush your dumb meat fingers on it to use it

Also, yeah, obviously OP's pic looks shitty, it's a player customization that's purposefully intended to be gaudy and retarded

4746b0  No.16262494

File: 01352ded06d8549⋯.png (795.42 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Evangelion MAD.png)


>it's a player customization that's purposefully intended to be gaudy and retarded

I was trying to do an EVA 01 cosplay

ec19e1  No.16262505

File: e66e9eadbe50571⋯.png (762.18 KB, 600x779, 600:779, ClipboardImage.png)


Then why weren't you using Volt, dunkass?

4746b0  No.16262510

File: 78523a56a0c55b7⋯.png (14.53 KB, 263x263, 1:1, surprised dolores.png)


I never noticed how much he looks like it.

5a576d  No.16262515


Yes. It's very safe to say they have no idea how their engine works now thanks to employee turnover. At this point the Evolution engine probably consists of majority unfixed error tags DE ignores because they don't affect the game until some random update years later causes some game breaking problem. To which they have to decide whether to fix it (Kela god mode bug) or leave it for years (lephantis bug) because they have no fucking idea what the problem is and its not worth investing man power to figure it out.

You can literally open one of the games files and read through the various error tags they have left in.

ae705b  No.16262516


you can make volt look similar to all the EVA's, pulse helmet is 0 and storm is close to 2 than any of them

4f9ce1  No.16262517

File: 5df777f8a030937⋯.jpg (313.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190319163429_1.jpg)

File: 4080ba0947dfbba⋯.jpg (313.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190319163736_1.jpg)

File: 2de42f03faa1a4a⋯.jpg (306.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190319163822_1.jpg)

File: 417e5c6c6bc7990⋯.jpg (311.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190319164237_1.jpg)

File: c1d1e9a58662948⋯.jpg (355.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180826104039_1.jpg)


>using those armor pieces for that EVA customization.

What a pleb. I'll show you some real gaudy colour.

4746b0  No.16262527


>I'll show you some real gaudy colour.

>posts some of the most muted color palettes I've ever seen

Did you mean to only post that volt?

4f9ce1  No.16262537


Yes, the other were for the dude complaining about warframe looking "disgusting". The only thing that you could say this game does well is look pretty, aside from the actual humans in this game.

ae705b  No.16262544

File: 0c79e8315ed7396⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1904x1080, 238:135, ClipboardImage.png)


You are like little baby.

Watch this.

4f9ce1  No.16262583

File: 95e30f66da7159b⋯.jpg (319.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190319171028_1.jpg)

File: 47e66761d3ac6d0⋯.jpg (343.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190319170526_1.jpg)

File: 81b2d4c1f5ddbca⋯.jpg (326.95 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190319170402_1.jpg)

File: 11886229e16b818⋯.jpg (322.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190319170244_1.jpg)

File: a3e3d7735d49f40⋯.jpg (335.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190319170057_1.jpg)


Nice. Have some more.

ae705b  No.16262591


>2nd pic

I'm lovin' it

86cc51  No.16262596



86cc51  No.16262602

File: c742a6fad8cdcb4⋯.jpg (910.76 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Warframe3788.jpg)

File: 117e7dcef03d276⋯.jpg (933.13 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Warframe3789.jpg)

Anyways I want to make Hildryn look like a space orc but can't get it right. Since style is the topic, I'm looking for input. Also weapons that'd fit the idea as well.

969c95  No.16262605


Agile Umbra Excal animations for starters, then maybe Kuva armor.

4f9ce1  No.16262615

File: ed8051b5c82c11c⋯.png (1.04 MB, 735x1615, 147:323, 758270_smutbase_warframe-t….png)


I'd say lose the white and replace it with green/brown and get her alternate helmet unless you don't like braids.

You could make a zaw if you wanted a more tribal looking weapon which would rape the shit out of anything (there is a club you can make which is pretty good). Provvok shoulder guard is pretty orkish, maggor or the towsun variant (less shiny, different colour regions) or harkonar would be pretty nice.

5523f6  No.16262616


Shut up, dunkass

4746b0  No.16262617


Get that grineer armor with the cleaver embedded in the mask. That's some real ork shit. On top of that you could have the grakata especially now that it has a new augment. For melee maybe go with a hammer? Like the jat kittag or something.

4f9ce1  No.16262636

File: 82fccb1883f73eb⋯.jpg (335.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190319173412_1.jpg)

File: 1200aa57b9eeeb5⋯.jpg (315.76 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190319173836_1.jpg)

File: 5142349a28f33aa⋯.jpg (434.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20181014181935_1.jpg)

File: eb613705a80dcbb⋯.jpg (274.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20181107041744_1.jpg)

File: d5a97017f1b8043⋯.jpg (527.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20181221201313_1.jpg)


Dual ichor are pretty orkish too, as is the mios.

86cc51  No.16262669

File: 2ba51846c4cd735⋯.gif (15.43 KB, 500x347, 500:347, SuicideStump.gif)


>Grakata augment

Neat! I wonder where it dro-


Back on nora nig's wild ride

6d7305  No.16262682

Does warframe have a legitimate endgame yet?

2e946d  No.16262708


Other than making numbers go higher to unlock frames that will help making numbers go higher more fun and doing sorties? no.

5efb1c  No.16262713

>do phase 2 of profit taker

>jet to the place

>rush in, kill the three guys, rush out, kill the animo twins

>grab the thing, rush back to Fortuna

>fly right into the elevator, don't even bother waiting for it to open

>repeat 20 times

>still only have 10 Gyromags

My wrist hurts.

31ea77  No.16262725

File: a4eec2773153ed1⋯.jpg (173.85 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, 20190319004348_1.jpg)


lol wat

5efb1c  No.16262732

File: 6ad07d92f23cd06⋯.png (2.97 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 10 gyromags.png)


You tell me. Apparently I'm a lucky son of a bitch today, because I'm drowning in toroids, mods, and relics. Can't get my last 5 gyromag systems, though.

5523f6  No.16262741


>A search for "systems"

>2 regular ass nyx systems

>1 helios prime systems

>5 plat

>55 ducats

Somehow I get the feeling your experience is on a level a bit above the average player's

5efb1c  No.16262778

File: 004c69a1ec221ae⋯.png (3.65 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Lost count of attempts.png)

Finally. Time to take a break.

31ea77  No.16262788

File: 2a85183e3f1947e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 294.72 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, 20190319012024_1.jpg)

File: 01314d8abf56d92⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 18.01 KB, 249x52, 249:52, Playtime.png)


Yeah, you got fucked by RNG hard.


No Comment.


>Using Valkyr

>Using the Gersemi skin


b53bf0  No.16262837


buy em with vox standing

0707bd  No.16262849

Yeah definitely time to ignore everyone's opinion on shit, Hildryn's 1 ain't even weak. "But it doesn't crit" but it doesn't have to, still wipes the floor with kuva floods. The numbers are big without needing a crit multiplier to be big.

I haven't run into any issues with her health yet, but im also running r1 and r0 of the shield arcanes which seem like enough to not have to care about anything touching my health. I took off Primed Vigor so beef frame ironically has only 225 hp, still no problems. I'm suspecting that regular shields and not only overshields are taking advantage of her passive: status effects cant touch HP if you have overshields. That's not even listed in her passive, it's listed in tips. The passive says she basically has shield gating.

5efb1c  No.16262855

File: 199d934c9ccecbe⋯.png (401.03 KB, 564x1000, 141:250, Ivara kneesocks.png)


You can't buy them with standing until you're rank 4 or 5. I needed them to hit rank 2.


You can't help what you love, anon. And I love alien cat girls. Also frogs.

31ea77  No.16262857


Those are available at Rank 3. He's barely getting to Rank 2.


Take a closer look at my screenshot.

249e18  No.16262864


Anon I've lost HP from status effects while playing her. I believe you're incorrect.

The tips say that having ANY amount of OVERSHIELDS stops status effects which would normally bypass shields and effect health directly. Normal shields do not work, I have gotten affected by toxin many times despite not being out of shields.

Her exalted weapon is ok. Not too amazing in my opinion.

b53bf0  No.16262875

File: 27c05dccd4fbd62⋯.jpg (214.78 KB, 552x946, 276:473, hil.jpg)


i like her, she's pretty buff with adpatation & r3 arcane aegis. i saw that dumbass brozime built her with neg range, when her best ability is a duration expanding wave like polarize or molecular prime, just really damn fast. 3s / 155% is enough to hit a whole tile, regen all your shit and strip their armor 40%. gotta cover up those sad tits though. i hope her alt helm is in the rotation next week, it's pretty cool.

0707bd  No.16262891


Even though she's got 14-pack abs, that's how tits tend to look in reality on female bodybuilders. She's lucky to have any, many are flat besides their pecs. That said, her tits are even more brazenly nude than Saryn's. They coulda shaped it more like a chestplate with boob room. I want that Hulta armor but I neeeeever play Loki.


I've just been playing her for 5 hours, it could be a coincedence that health & stat procs haven't been an issue. I'm rarely using her 2 or 3, so it's not that I'm frequently washing away status procs or refilling overshields that often. I guess my sentinel could be giving overshields just often enough.

The weapon works, yeah, it's not amazing. It kills everything I need to kill, just quite clunky. Nearly one-shot flood fatties while I was using a "less damage per shot, more damage per second" build on Balefire and 124 strength. I'll see how much better it gets when I forma in Primed Quickdraw so I can shoot more rapidly. There seems to be little point to charging unless the enemy isn't in sight yet, so firing speed's unnecessary compared to reload speed.

67533d  No.16262907


>those fucking THIGHS

1ed458  No.16266028

File: 65c4292daa95132⋯.jpg (324.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190320101336_1.jpg)

Got hildryn, decided to make her look like an oni after I got a red colour combo on her.

ac6208  No.16266059


Why do you say her? Do these things have functional wombs?

67533d  No.16266095

def9eb  No.16266106


>he still thinks these are mechs and not mindjacks

577faa  No.16266140


>let's take Rhino and slap some tits and fleshwings on him


212d03  No.16266141

File: dbc41f097dee25e⋯.png (80.4 KB, 326x204, 163:102, After the sacrifice player….png)


The base material for a warframe pattern's creation is a living human, apparently.

0707bd  No.16266420



Orokin take person, use an IV to pump them full of infestation back when it was biotech and not an out-of-control faction of its own. Boom, person is now super cyborg. Get far enough in story quests and you can see it happen "in person."

4746b0  No.16266435

File: 9342778f9908dea⋯.png (376 KB, 751x826, 751:826, 1469729442144.png)


They do in my mind

3e2e59  No.16266463


I would recommend changing the orange accents and use a complementary color instead.

bb7b55  No.16266601

File: d70091c45e98d97⋯.jpg (144.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sadgren.jpg)

>warframe at start

>ideal body type frames, the only bad one is nova having a belly

>warframe later on

>girly guys and obese bodybuilder women with big guns

Haha, I will pretend to be a normalfag too and ignore the deterioration of the theme that drew me in the first place !

5523f6  No.16266634


>obese bodybuilder


571076  No.16266650


Are you trying to imply that muscle girls aren't the ideal body type?

You'd better not be.

bb7b55  No.16266655


Off-season bodybuilders are just big lumps of mass.


Valkyr and ember are musclegirls. Hildryn is some body horror.

86cc51  No.16266687


>Red Oni

>tiger-stripe bra

My nigger! Warframe needs a kanabo.

4746b0  No.16266696


Considering we recently got that odachi, I could see that happening.

0707bd  No.16266789


>belly is not best feature of nova

>if the woman are any bigger than "vaguely fit" its trash

>only acceptable as game character designs if they fit your vanilla fapping preferences

Sorry, anon, but you are the trash

ed3a07  No.16266969

File: 018c153c7fc8704⋯.jpg (95.93 KB, 1557x395, 1557:395, exploiter.JPG)

Soloing the Exploiter Orb takes me around 20 min everytime (the fucking orb keeps just running to the spawn point of the little spiders, every single time) but thanks to the 9 hours booster that I got I'm not going to need to do much on orb valis after this event already got max Pax seeker so I'm probably done with the grind there

549a49  No.16266975


Well they are just ayylmaos that you brainfuck to control.

a7a615  No.16266989

This debt-bond bullshit is really getting on my nerves, man. It'd be nice if I could just buy them for credits individually, instead of having to sacrifice a bunch of resources in exchange for randomly generated packages that contain assorted bonds.

0707bd  No.16267325


Ticker is rushing debt bonds, bounties are getting them the normal way.

0707bd  No.16267357


Pax Bolt is worth it too. Catchmoon kitgun for mindless plasmor, Tombfinger for bursting revolver with fast travel time. Hard to miss heads with the first, might accidentally hit heads with the 2nd.


Finding even one reliable person to run it with you saves tons of time. Half the squad scrambles for cans, other half stands on a hill and snipes spiders.


Same shit here when that was first released, now during this event my luck did a 180. I wasn't even aiming for the special crafting materials, but I got those and many toroids in the field almost every time recently.


Played with her more, am now noticing very slight health damage when overshields are gone, so it's not bugged to work for all shields like I initially guessed. I'm VERY surprised that I've not been killed once as her so far, even from toxic osprey clouds and toxic ancient screams. I'll see my health go from max to not max, panic a bit, but never lethal.

I thought reload speed was the key to speeding up Balefire but I guess I was just being dumb, firing speed seems to reduce the time between shots, just not dramatically even with Lethal Torrent and capacity 7 Gunslinger on the same build. Still, feels much better. Teammates weren't doing shit against the first Wolf that finally showed up for me, but rad/viral Balefire did okay.

bb7b55  No.16269002


>no tastefag

Enjoy your average joe frames.

4746b0  No.16269244

Can someone explain to me how the fuck hildryn is supposed to work? Her 2 seems to do fuck all. I press it and get a net loss in shields. and I have positive strength and range. What is the deal?

017fe5  No.16269374

>new melee system is out

>expected a new thread dedicated to shitting on it

>no new thread

In fact I see no mention of it whatsoever, it must have been either really recent or shit then I guess.

86cc51  No.16269378


against corpus you should be fine. It's against the rest you'll run into problems as it then strips armor. Most people use Corrosive Projection so the amount of armor is already pretty low and unlike shields it doesn't come back, as far as I know.

4746b0  No.16269397


It was too minor for anyone to make a fuss about. You just instant switch to melee now. Which is nice, but it also makes it kinda annoying to do block combos. That's about it.


So I only get shields if I strip them? It's not just a per enemy thing? Goddamn that seems useless.

017fe5  No.16269399


Really? That's a shame.

86cc51  No.16269411


I'm fairly sure. Take what I've said with a grain of salt because I haven't even bothered to forma her yet.

017fe5  No.16269414

Can you not switch to melee only now? Nothing fucking works, what the shit happened.

06576e  No.16269418


Nope, your melee stance is now accessed by just using melee as it is right now, unless you are using gun+glaive which has its own moveset.

017fe5  No.16269421


Fucking christ, which also means no more cool blocking with the sword. Guess I'll fucking die.

4746b0  No.16269422



Yeah. Doing a quick melee now enters you into your full melee stance, and you can't switch into it the normal way. Aiming, reloading, or shooting will take you back to your gun instantly as well. Channeling is now bound to alt-fire, and you automatically block frontal damage when your melee is out.

06576e  No.16269431


Blocking is automatic while on melee mode, you can go melee only by just equipping melee weapons and nothing else so you have your blocking stance if you like.

0707bd  No.16269451


It's basically Mag's 3 but faster and needs line of sight to targets. You get shields back if you strip shields & armor with it, and youll get overshields if you "heal" above your max shields.

3 gives squadmates the same buff as her passive, bigger shields, faster regen, and does continuous meh damage to any enemies near you guys. Double damage if you're burning overshields to power it but don't worry about it.

4 acts like Vauban's Bastille when enemies are around you but gets thinner when you fly higher. Its main use is shooting her 1 from above so you don't need to keep jumping for better aim. Enemies caught in it will also drop more energy.

4746b0  No.16269462


> needs line of sight to targets

lame. I'll giver her another shot I guess.

017fe5  No.16269468


I don't like it.

is the wolf of saturn six supposed to be invincible? I'm using gear for level 60+ enemies but he's only level 30 and will not fuck off

4746b0  No.16269475


He just has ridiculous DR and armor.

017fe5  No.16269480


>trying to have some fun murder time in a low level area

>faggot shows up and ruins my fun

It's like the game is intentionally trying to piss me off and play something else

06576e  No.16269485



Buy plat tenno, can't you see Steve's perfect vision of the game is tainted by the use of abilities, status procs and any other sinful exploits that trivialize the content?

017fe5  No.16269496


>implying you need platinum for a weapon with proper armor rape

I'm using shit that isn't suited for retardly high armor. I'm playing on a super low level shit with mainly level 50-70 equipment and one secondary I can use with my orvius. Maybe if the devs decided to not be autistic and do shit like that it'd be a lot easier but what the fuck do I know.

06576e  No.16269529


Way to miss the joke.

68387d  No.16269606


I'm too frustrated for jokes fuck you

ed3a07  No.16269897

File: 967fc50a40af633⋯.jpg (13.47 KB, 282x178, 141:89, 1551223510.jpg)


I will check pax bolt then, I have a Catchmon a tombfinger, two rattleguts kek, and a a Gaze (that even with a riven still fucking sucks donkey balls) so I was eventually going to get more arcanes

Also people seem to just have given up on the exploiter orb after the fix for the skip HUE.

922761  No.16269920


>not Inaros with anubis helmet for the gangly look

86cc51  No.16270047

File: 5024674e6cfe314⋯.png (559.7 KB, 780x480, 13:8, evangelionframe.png)


He's bringing up the fact that all of volt's helmets are based on eva units. This image was made in 2015

31ea77  No.16270071


The new melee system isn't out yet. DE decided to slow roll all the melee changes rather than dump them in all at once. It's one of the few smart decisions they've made.

There'll probably be a thread when the rest of the changes get put in.

Also, in addition to instant swapping, they added the controllable smash attacks.

86cc51  No.16270084

>Finally build the tatsu

>it's slow

>innate radiation

>no priorities at all

>the passive was removed

I feel bad for revenant. everything about him is a disappointment except the quest to get him, which was cool..

5a576d  No.16270098

File: 1f02000dfecf484⋯.jpg (126.93 KB, 1025x591, 1025:591, Tatsu.jpg)


did someone say tatsu?

4d5381  No.16270186

File: 1baf766cca0fa77⋯.png (90.86 KB, 440x480, 11:12, Burn.png)



I'm convinced these threads are nothing more than reddit colonies. Your taste is all shit and you fetishise deformity.

Disgusting. Worse than slaneshi cultists.

4746b0  No.16270203

File: 3de9825d2f5f575⋯.png (467.38 KB, 480x700, 24:35, no joy.png)


>no taste faggot attempts to lecture other on taste


4d5381  No.16270220

File: 64c1c22e18ee0c0⋯.jpg (26.03 KB, 311x425, 311:425, 5fe.jpg)



86cc51  No.16270224


>wojak edit

You need to go back. You belong there, with your own kind.

4746b0  No.16270230

File: 333944502ec8328⋯.jpg (138.5 KB, 676x656, 169:164, smug_drink.jpg)


>cuckchan fag plays his hand

13a03f  No.16270235


>you need to go back where i once was

4d5381  No.16270261

File: f27c616f222c185⋯.png (357.44 KB, 400x524, 100:131, Slav Trash.png)


No you see the wojak represents your taste.

Utter garbage.

0707bd  No.16270269


It's not great but looks cool as shit and kills most things with a condition overload build. The passive was pointlessly weak and only included on accident. If you want charge attack powers that are more useful try Caustacyst. It fires a glob of nasty and leaves an acid trail to set up an area's enemies with status procs. I think I also cheesed a Juggernaut with it before since the floor goo was touching his stomach.


Lots of people got all their Hildryn parts quick and bounced. I've run it again once since the exploit fix and got separated when returning outside, kinda soured my enthusiasm for doing it more even though I need just one more blue ball for Hildryn's archgun.


If you want to tear him to shreds, use Shattering Impact on any fast melee with any amount of impact at all (Sarpa or Shaku recommended for very fast multihit attacks) and he'll be naked pretty damn quick. It's the same method for making Ambulas and the Hemocyte (Plague Star event) turn to dust. You can do the same to Eidolons, but don't, because everyone mods for radiation against them since it has bonus vs armor, and if its naked, congrats, now it takes longer. Done carefully & counting attacks you can leave it with a tiny bit of armor so radiation still has a bonus, but don't bother cause you might fuck it up.

86cc51  No.16270280


Honestly I'd change the tatsu so that when it preforms a mid-combo slam it realeases homing projectiles like the phantasma. It'd increase its damage, reward players preforming combos, and look cool as shit with revenant (or someone else) throwing anime sword magic everywhere. I just want revenant to have at least one win. Like maybe the frame sucks but his sword and shotgun are good. Phantasma is pretty legit, actually.

0707bd  No.16270328


I think he's good enough, just not flashy or deep into a specific party role so he doesn't seem impressive by watching. Well, not flashy until he does his laser dance. 1 is basically an instakill, since exterminate missions count it as a kill and they'll likely be dead before its duration ends. 2 is very effective protection, 4 matches elements against enemies (fucking yum) and will propagate new thralls when it kills old ones, 3 shares protection with teammates (and companions/sentinels) and lets you whoosh without ending 4. Sounds good enough on paper, feels good enough in action. You can also cheese his 3 by repeatedly passing through enemies with high mouse sensitivity until they're dead.

I'd endorse that Tatsu change if it worked like Oberon's 1, so if you finish off an enemy with the first of the two charge attacks, the seeker particles are scaled on that enemy's health and not just the melee mods.

5a576d  No.16270480

How are those new Ephemera items? The grass one seems cool.

4746b0  No.16270508


resoundingly meh. The only one that you'll ever notice is bleeding body, the rest you have to stare at your feet and run in circles to be able to appreciate.

31ea77  No.16270560


Come to think of it, why are we getting Tatsu now? I thought the main reason it was delayed was because

<lol guys the way this weapon works is ABSOLUTELY INTEGRAL to Melee 3.0 we can't release it yet

But it's not really different from any other weapon and we only got minor changes to melee that wouldn't affect the weapon either way.

5a576d  No.16270632


figured but i hoped. the nerf to the peculiar bloom should have told me enough about warframe cosmetic effects

790cf1  No.16270653

File: 4f0549806739be9⋯.png (83.26 KB, 481x637, 37:49, kys.png)

5efb1c  No.16270662

I thought Nova's belly was because she's pregnant.

cac026  No.16270788


In case you haven't ditched that riven yet, Twin Krohkur is a good weapon. See if you can roll the riven into something that'd work well with condition overload.

0c99e3  No.16270806


I never noticed nova's belly, probably because of the fucking giraffe neck she's got

39140a  No.16271362

File: 4fb20c769998996⋯.jpg (2.59 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Warframe0001.jpg)

File: 5024674e6cfe314⋯.png (559.7 KB, 780x480, 13:8, evangelionframe.png)

06576e  No.16271423

>first arbitration I participate in (randos.)

>infested survival.

>go ponyframe because she scales with minimal effort.

>people seem to actively avoid sticking together, or at least around me.

>two people leave, even before the rewards pop in.

>the situation doesn't look good, only gara remains but is also avoiding me.


So, is this "hurr, kill steal" mentality still a thing in this game?

0707bd  No.16271541


Killsteal? wtf? I assume people just notice they're not doing much and either intentionally or coincedentally move to where they feel like they're making a difference. It's stupid, though, since endless survival only works well if you all stick together to grab oxygen drops from each other's kills and keep the enemy spawns all flowing to the killing floor.

Lesson taught though, people are retarded and only feel like they should practice teamwork if they squad up beforehand.

31ea77  No.16271593


It's as you describe. People have a Hallway Hero mentality that takes them away from the action because they feel they aren't setting themselves apart. They want to be the MVP when they should work to support each other.

Though it's possible those two who extracted early think "hurr, kill steal."

06576e  No.16271633


Well, that or one of them died since it was arbitration and I think I saw the "player died" for a second, the other one extracted at least after the first rotation, I was trying my luck at getting adaptation just in case but I'd rather trade for it, 10 minute rotations are not my thing, let alone staying for a full hour.

31ea77  No.16271686


>two people leave, even before the rewards pop in.

This reads like they just quit on you before ten minutes were up. Try to phrase things more clearly in the future. A simple

>One person died and the other left right after ten minutes

would suffice.

Adaptation is absolutely worth grinding some plat for, and it's only 80 right now. A bit steep, but not unreasonable. Even if you still planned on doing Arbitrations for the Endo I'd recommend buying one first and selling any additional ones you get.

06576e  No.16271713


I am not sure if the person died or it was their pet, the other one left but didn't seem to be extracting since I was trying to stay close to them just in case, on the other hand none of them used my buffs and seemed to always get away from my mallet.

86cc51  No.16272022

567fe2  No.16272130


Life support drops get picked up by the first person near it. At least 3/4 of the time as Hydroid people won't stay in the room with me so I'm stuck deciding to try farming with randoms or solo with less enemies, pretty annoying.

Adaptation is not very good because there aren't many situations you only take one type of damage. People seem to think it was not working on profit taker which I can't say for sure but I definitely died more easily using it than another mod.

Frost with 300% strength bonus is ridiculous. Duration does nothing already so I have a range/efficiency build for regular infested and with the 300% 4 does 5100 damage and removes all armor while 3 blocks 25k damage for 12 energy and slows everything in it 67%.

86cc51  No.16272303


>bringing octavia to infested survival instead of something like vauban

>Still calling it ponyframe

They're stupid, but you're not exactly a genius yourself here.

5523f6  No.16272794

File: c26dc65faeb6cb5⋯.jpg (469.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, funtitled.jpg)

Eva is for shit taste hyper weebs

f6f253  No.16273198


other than maybe a few of the dominion beast type enemies there is hardly any type of bioarmor in Anthem.

The reason for warframe aesthetics is basically each faction has their own design template and over the years DE either over does it to the point where it looks retarded or ruins it by making it relatable to pop culture. The fortuna update has forever ruined the corpus aesthetic. the Wolf dude looks terrible because he just likes a 8 foot tall faggot covered in reused assets. muh bubble armor with the scribble line through everything.

And as for the muh muscle frame people are shilling in this thread it was design by mynki. a faggot that got the boot 2 years ago and for good reason. why DE accepted his work again is beyond me but as you can see its fetishy overdesgined garbage.

31ea77  No.16273330


>Adaptation is not very good because there aren't many situations you only take one type of damage

Do you not know how the mod works?

>People seem to think it was not working on profit taker which I can't say for sure but I definitely died more easily using it than another mod.

You definitely don't it seems.

Adaptation doesn't give resistance to just one damage type at a time, as your post implies, it gives resistance to any damage types you happen to be taking. It should be trivial to hit 90% on multiple different types at once.

One thing you might be doing is leaving it unranked, since the max DR doesn't change when leveling it. This is a mistake since it makes the mod only really work with the most tanky frames and even then I didn't like it like that. Getting it to at least rank 8 gives it the speed it needs to protect frames with much less tankiness.

Another mistake you might be making is using the mod by itself and not in conjunction with other defensive mods. It is a weakness of the mod that it only makes tanky frames more tanky. It would be a poor fit on types like Ivara that don't want to get hit in the first place. It's at home with any frame that has at least a little bit of already existing damage reduction. For example, using it with Excalibur and Steel Fiber or Nekros and Shield of Shadows. Or even Trinity to make her double immortal during Blessing and to give her a buffer if she doesn't refresh it right away.

It isn't a substitute, but a compliment to mods and abilities that increase your EHP.

0707bd  No.16273500


>>16273330 has it right, it doesn't make squishy frames suddenly tanky, they have to be able to withstand a few hits first. Do it right and you'll get the feeling that you're effectively immortal.

Who was talking about 300% strength Frost? Anyway, 250% strength Frost can completely strip armor from enemies with his 4. The toughness of his globes is based on power strength AND duration. While the globe is newly formed, for a few seconds it will absorb incoming damage and convert that into bonus health. It works the same way as Nezha's halo shield and Rhino's iron skin. Strength will also benefit the Icy Avalanche mod that provides bonus ice armor to you and your teammates.

Your Frost suffers from bad duration and low strength. His globes will suck in comparison, his 4's armor strip will be negligible, and both armor strip and crowd control will expire very quickly. Change your build, and while you're at it, Frost is a good example of a frame that can make effective use of Adaptation.

0707bd  No.16273639


I'm also fairly certain that life support isn't just a "if someone's getting it then we all get it" situation. If I had to guess, I'd say that life support pickups are spawned per player, and the one in front of me may not exist for my teammates in the same mission. This is certainly the way it seems to behave in the game, since I'll run into a room adjacent to the one I've been in, and life support pickups are waiting by my teammates but going unused until I get near.

Whatever their real behavior is entities is, it's proven to be more effective for everyone to stick together. As for your Hydroid woes, make sure you're not just stubbornly staying in one spot if everyone else has moved on. Follow them if you have to, as long as it forces success. Many people don't know Hydroid's 1 and 4 can be charged for higher range when casting, make sure you're doing that too. If you're still having a tough time teaming up as Hydroid, it may be because many people, like me, would vastly prefer a second Nekros instead, since desecrate won't shake enemies around for weak damage and make them hard to aim at. Hydroid -can- do good damage, but damage isn't his jam, and any crowd control he does can waste time protecting enemies from actual DPS.

31ea77  No.16273655


>Frost is a good example of a frame that can make effective use of Adaptation.

Forgot to include this tbh. Adaptation works on hits to shields so frames like Frost that have a bunch really benefit from it. The biggest weakness of Shields was always their lack of scaling in damage reduction. Adaptation effectively gives shields an armor rating and goes a long way to help alleviate this problem.

102df8  No.16273676


You would be complaining about Octavia anyway, why bother?

5efb1c  No.16274145

>read up on how profit taker works

>join a group for it, considering asking for help with clearing the nightwave challenge

>proceed to profit taker, have no idea what's going on

>die three times without accomplishing much

>manage to take out some of the pylons during the phase transitions, but other than that end up being dead weight

>apologize for my ineptitude and quit the group out of shame

How do I actually do anything worthwhile in this fight?

86cc51  No.16274189


>Quick thinking

>Cataclysm augment

>A good melee weapon

>Maximum range possible

>Create a zone where Limbo needs to keep killing enemies to survive by fueling QT

Didn't use stasis but it was a lot more fun than I thought it'd be playing Melee Limbo.

0707bd  No.16274376


Bring as many elements as you can across all your weapons. During most of the fight, Profit Taker is displaying an element's icon as a hologram on its "face." That will be the only element it is susceptible to until the icon changes. Anyone can force the element to change by dealing void damage (shoot it with your amp) but it will also change on its own periodically. Once the main body no longer takes damage, shoot each of the legs until they no longer take damage, then summon an archgun to shoot the main body again. Regular corpus enemies will drop big yellow archgun ammo pickups during the whole fight, consider going without vacuum so you don't waste them.

Once that's done, it will shoot out pylons. Watch the sky to see where they're going to land so you can be ready before they touch down, then break them with anything. When the pylons are broken, the process starts again. Do this a few times until it's dead for real. If you have an Itzal archwing, bring this so you can use Cosmic Crush to quickly suck up all its drops when it's preparing to overload and explode.

Weapons that have a combination element (like Radiation) are quite useful since you can mod them to have three combination elements or two combinations and one single element. It's even better if they also deal the physical damage types. Kitguns, Arca Plasmor, Nukor, Synapse, etc. are all good choices to cover as many elements as you can. Mod your archgun to have its own different elements as well. You could force its weakness to cycle to something you DO have, or wait for it to settle on something convenient, but if you're in a squad (and you should be in a squad at least for now) then everyone will be trying to get their own most convenient element, so you might as well have almost every element on hand.

Don't worry about the corpus running around, just use a reasonably tanky frame and kill their alert beacons when you can. It's good to have lots of them on hand to wipe out when you're in need of archgun ammo or energy drops. Baruuk with short range and high strength can easily tough it out with just his third power. I also prefer Baruuk for the other spider as well. Come to think of it, you could mod his Desert Wind exalted weapon for an even bigger total range of elements. Haven't tried it on Profit Taker but it should work!

39140a  No.16274384

File: 16606bda14010f0⋯.jpg (220.84 KB, 783x1500, 261:500, heaven.jpg)



im blind

def9eb  No.16274510

>Finally got off my ass and ground out the rep and mats to replace the mote amp with a real nice grenade launcher one

>Teralysts are wet paper now.

So much time wasted.

0707bd  No.16274542


Blech, I can recall the aftertaste coating just by looking at the can, it's like Hawaiian Punch

5efb1c  No.16274577

Well, profit-taker with "friends" is done. That brought me up to rank 13. Missing that first week is turning out to be kind of a drag.


Thanks anon. I switched around the mods on my Opticor Vandal and went in again to do the Nightwave challenge with strangers. It went a little better this time, but I get the feeling I'm gonna need to work harder to get this fight down right. I guess next time I should actually take my Arca Plasmor, though, 'cause the Opticor Vandal was barely tickling its shields even with Chroma's buffs.

31ea77  No.16274956

File: 24a55719734c783⋯.jpg (303.94 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, 20190321190626_1.jpg)

File: 61ed98cd8dc26c8⋯.jpg (290.72 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, 20190321190740_1.jpg)

File: 07027a804a98f2a⋯.jpg (278.69 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, 20190321190913_1.jpg)

File: 5d1491798b3bb32⋯.jpg (287.4 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, 20190321190945_1.jpg)

File: 7c48409b0f0f6e8⋯.jpg (271.13 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, 20190321193531_1.jpg)


I duo PT with my best friend IRL. I'll show you my builds and the thought process behind them.

For Chroma all that matters is Duration and Strength. Be sure to not activate Vex Armor until you get a Growing Power proc; even if you refresh it with the proc up it keeps the snapshot of your buffs from when you first activated it. Efficiency isn't important since this encounter constantly shits out damage to feed Rage/ Hunter Adrenaline. Zenurik's Energizing Dash can help make up the difference in a pinch too. Handspring really shines in this fight as you suffer 6 gorillion knockdowns. Synth Reflex is just there as filler, but the reload speed is nice.

My Chroma is also white, because the extra EHP is nice. Red gives you a heal of sorts and some EHP, and green is good for what it is. I do not think there is a use for blue here.

Despite having all this I've not farmed Ayys so my arcanes are shit. Having full coverage from a set +1 of Arcane Nullify would be useful here since PT likes doing Magnetic AOEs. Otherwise the usual OP arcanes would go here.

I should also say that my Operator is outfitted with Magus Repair. If you can reach max rank Vox Solaris then buy a set or two of it as it gives you a nice safety net here and most other frames. However I don't have to use it much since my buddy goes as Oberon so I don't have to think about playing carefully that much.

Onto my Rubico Prime. Arguably not a great weapon for this since it has no innate elements, but since I duo this fight it's not a big deal. Rivens are not required of course and you can easily replace that with Vigilante Armaments or whatever; I haven't looked into it. The mod underneath the riven is Bladed Rounds. It's possible you might be wondering where Serration is. Chroma doesn't use it since his buff scales with elemental damage mods far better than direct damage mods. Not much else to say tbh. With this if PT is on Cold, Rad, or Impact it only takes one shot usually.

My sidearm is also somewhat sub-optimal. It's a Catchmoon-Haymaker-Splat meme gun named Cream and energy colored purple so it's like Vanilla Ice's Stand. Tombfinger would be better here since it has innate Radiation so it would cover all the elements better and I just got a riven for that too recently. It's built just the same as my primary for the same reasons. However as you can see the build is incomplete because I'm a lazy PoS. Doesn't matter; still one-shots PT's shields when Corrosive and Heat comes up.

Redeemer up next. Not the prime variant because I just barely got that. Redeemer is my go-to since it has innate Blast damage for its charged attack. Which the new Amalgam mod actually helps a lot with. Or at least it seems like it does. This is my weakest weapon against PT, but it still strips her shields reasonably quickly.

The best option that I've seen is to use a Zaw and Exodia Contagion. The one where aerial attacks shoot out an energy blade. However I never bought the BPs for those since I thought they were useless and I haven't done Plague Star since it released. Hell I still haven't finished my set of Exodia Epidemic.

Lastly is the Imperator Vandal. Corvas works good too from what I've seen. built this time to prioritize damage against alloy armor to nuke her legs and body in seconds. Resolute Focus seems redundant on top of Hand Spring, but I really like it for this fight.

31ea77  No.16274994


Now applying this to your build. If you bring Arca Plasmor then you can build it for Rad, Gas, and Magnetic. A Catchmoon for Heat, Corrosive, and Impact. And a Sarpa for Slash and Toxin/ Cold/ Electric. This would cover 8/ 11 weaknesses and the 3 you don't have can be cycled using void damage as the other anon stated. Of course you're pugging so it's likely your team mates would have whatever you're missing.

31ea77  No.16275061


Lastly I'll cover a bit of strategy.

First off, if you're still not sure in pugs after all this then just kill adds. PT by herself is not an issue, but the gross over spawning of fodder enemies are. Even if you never deal a single point of damage to PT or do any of the mechanics it would still be very appreciated if you thinned the enemy's numbers.

However you should still try to help kill PT. Which is simple.

>Identify her weakness.

>If you have that element shoot her until she changes weaknesses.

>If you (and your party members) don't then cycle it using void damage.

>Once her shields are down find a safe-ish place to watch the cutscene of you summoning your arch gun for the next 5 hours while everyone shoots at you.

>Shoot her legs dead then shoot her, keep your arch gun out.

>She sends out four pylons in possibly inconvenient areas, destroy them.

>Shoot her legs and body again. You can put away your arch gun.

>Crewmen using a Fluctus will drop arch gun ammo. It's larger and generally sticks out more from other ammo drops.

>Picking one up while your arch gun is out will restore ammo, you shouldn't need this and thus don't want this.

>Picking one up while your arch gun is not out will set its CD to zero. This is a waste if it's not on CD so that anon's advice to maybe not bring Vacuum is sound.

>Same song and dance as before of matching damage type to her current weakness.

>Once you've depleted her shields and shot her up with your arch gun she will send out six pylons this time. You can put your arch gun away.

>Once the pylons are gone you will have a 5-ish minute timer to deplete her shields again and shoot her legs and body for the last time.

>Loot drops behind her. You can, but don't have to, use Itzal to suck up the loot and gtfo before she self destructs.

52dd96  No.16275397


Huh, I wasn't aware that void damage cycled her shield vulnerability. About how much damage causes her to cycle?

31ea77  No.16275458


Any amount. I've done it accidentally while void dashing. However there is a sort of CD on her switching elements. You generally have to wait 10 seconds or so after she switches before you can force an element to be swapped.

ed3a07  No.16275607

File: 0de7865645443f2⋯.png (198.68 KB, 500x586, 250:293, 1551233249.png)

>finally get an ephemera from exploiter orb

>it's the freezing step one

>alright I can use it

>It requires frost systems


>20k cryotic

… son of a a fuck

Excavation is one of my least favorite game modes, well I guess I'll keep going to see if rng gives me the electricone, I dont even wanna now what I'm going to need for that.

31ea77  No.16275759


It'll still be a bitch, but Hieracon, Pluto gives 25k credits per run and a 25% chance at 400 Endo on rotation A. You can effectively farm all three resources at once. There's also Neo relics on B and Axi on C, but they're diluted by mods. Anons actually spend a lot of time here so you can probably expect someone to post a screenshot of their Cryotic stockpile and tell you to git gud.

4746b0  No.16279513

File: c9380a90af1ddc4⋯.jpg (16.2 KB, 225x225, 1:1, mami dio.jpg)

So it feels to me that hildryn just kinda sucks. I'm not exactly sure what her deal is supposed to be. Her 1 is decent, but to get hildryn you have to max rank solaris united, so you'll have access to the best kitgun you could want, so it's already outpaced by that fact alone. Then her 2 is alright but it only works on armored or shielded targets, meaning that coupled with toxin procs she's absolute garbage at infested. Also her 2 is an ability that could simply be spammed, there's never really a reason not to use it. It's like nidus' virulence, but not even useful as a weapon. I feel like it should just be a toggle and make it so you constantly get shields from enemies in sight, otherwise you might as well just get a macro to press 2 for you every 2 seconds. Her 3 is also kinda useless. It just doesn't do enough to make it a decent support skill in my opinion. At high levels even with it on, my sentinel can still be shit on, and most frames either don't need it or need more than what it's putting out. Then her 4 is kinda weird too in that it serves only to highlight her 1 by CCing enemies and making it so you can only use her balefire when in it. Also you can't use your 2, so you better have enough range and efficiency to not get yourself killed whenever you press 4. As for her passive, it might as well not exist. You can still get slashed or toxin proc'd to death, and if you manage to actually activate it, it means you're either fucked anyways as now you have no shields to cast abilities, or you're bad enough to let it get down to 0 in the first place. The only thing I feel that she's got going for her is adaptation making her shields a lot tougher, and a few niche uses like energy reduction sorties. I just wonder, why not play inaros, nidus or oberon? They all tank just as well as she does, CC just about as well, and nidus puts out more damage with his abilities without even needing an exalted weapon. And most secondaries in the game are just flat out better than hers. I feel there is no place hildryn really belongs, and coupled with how far you need to go to get her, she's really second banana to just about every other tank in the game. And I don't even care much about the meta, but playing her isn't even that fun either. Cause her balefire is slow as fuck even with fire rate mods, and isn't satisfying to use like a kulstar, the aforementioned spamming of her 2, her lackluster support, and the fact she's slow as shit even with the dodging added to her 4 just makes her generally not fun to use. I hope wisp is better.

0707bd  No.16279639

You don't need max rank SU, it was 2nd-highest rank before and they quickly changed it to 2nd-lowest rank. 2's real purpose is to replenish your own shields & generate overshields, the armor/shield stuff is a bonus. The passive works great as long as you occasionally use 2. 3 is never necessary but your teammates will enjoy it if they notice it & live longer regardless. Her 4 is really just a vehicle for easier aim with Balefire's rockets, but with bonus Vauban-like Bastille that makes enemies sweat out energy orbs while they're suspended. Your Balefire should be strong enough to nearly one-shot Kuva Guardians if you've modded it correctly, and that's without adding any forma to it or her.

I don't know how everyone's dying to status as Hildryn so often, it's just not happening to me. I'm not using any anti-status arcanes or mods, just default hp and high shields. I would think it SHOULD be happening, but it's just not.

4746b0  No.16279647


>You don't need max rank SU

Yes you do. Solaris united unlocks vox solaris at max rank.

>2's real purpose is to replenish your own shields & generate overshields

Yes but it doesn't do that to enemies that have no shields or armor. So if you're fighting infest you can hardly get any shields back.

5523f6  No.16280033


>You don't need max rank SU

But you need heist materials

Which is only available at max rank SU

86cc51  No.16280599

File: b14d381e71b58e8⋯.jpg (235.84 KB, 1704x1026, 284:171, Limbo Deluxe Rift Cloak Re….jpg)

File: a0f640f988554db⋯.jpg (758.75 KB, 2858x3011, 2858:3011, Limbo Deluxe Rift Cloak Sk….jpg)

File: 94fa0e1110916b1⋯.jpg (69.78 KB, 775x963, 775:963, Limbo Deluxe Rift Cloak Sk….jpg)

File: 78669810394b78a⋯.jpg (103.51 KB, 698x669, 698:669, Limbo Deluxe Tarot Card Co….jpg)

File: 92eb7c442ed4f21⋯.jpg (123.43 KB, 1725x969, 575:323, Limbo Deluxe Tarot Card Ho….jpg)

The more I look into it, the more I like Limbo's limina skin. A shame the only sentient primaries we have are the Phantasma and the batacor.


>As for her passive, it might as well not exist. You can still get slashed or toxin proc'd to death, and if you manage to actually activate it, it means you're either fucked anyways as now you have no shields to cast abilities, or you're bad enough to let it get down to 0 in the first place

There's a sentinel mod that will just refill shields when they hit zero, and that one meme build with the dragon key where you just can't die.

4746b0  No.16281852


He looks cool, I just wish I liked playing him more.

0707bd  No.16281947



My mistake, I keep mixing up the initials of the main faction and the second faction when people discuss it.

Yes, it does nothing to infested, and that's a flaw. It wipes status effects from yourself and every ally, though, so it has an effective use when fighting infested. Infested are mostly melee too, so there's your trade-off.

0707bd  No.16281968


I got that whole set, it's goddamn fantastic. The card textures are buggy and sometimes take the default color scheme of the weapon.

Don't forget Ocucor, I love that dinky little gun. With the melee changes, using your melee counts as holstering your pistol, so the Synth mod set's passive comes into effect. The two sentinel Synth mods are worth using by their own merit, and just two is good enough to preserve Ocucor's bonus tendrils. It only loses its bonus when you manually reload, but passive reload from Synth is just fine. Multishot mods are kind of bugged on it though, try the recently-buffed Magnum Force mod.

One of my issues with Limbo is not being sure whether or not an enemy on the edge of Cataclysm needs you to be inside or outside the bubble to hurt it, and the bubble keeps receding so that'll change even while you're attacking. It's a little less annoying when using guns that dont really need aim, like Ocucor, Phantasma, Ignis, etc.

That syandana looks great on other frames too.

86cc51  No.16282017


With the Phantasma and Pox I've adapted a hit-and-run tactic of going into the rift, sliding out to launch phantasma orbs or leave pox clouds, then slipping back in to reposition.


Yeah I have it on my revenant and with a couple pieces of the pakal set, namely the chest and legs, it works both visually and aesthetically since it's all sentient related.

3513ad  No.16282018

I decided to look through my Conclave loadouts when I realized that I hadn't updated for months. I started to update my Mesa loadout since I had the prime and sold the regular months ago and lo and behold you can't use Mesa prime in the Conclave. I assume that it's been this way since her release so I have to wonder if no one noticed. Is Conclave really so dead that no one noticed this?

I really want those cosmetics but I have no one with which to grind.

ed3a07  No.16282080

File: b7e5126c51cce70⋯.jpg (32.94 KB, 811x232, 811:232, ephemera.JPG)


There is literally like 10 people that play conclave my dude, there's a discord server (or that's the rumor) but you will have to dig on reddit for that

>now I only need 30k more cryotic to make the Sybear


0707bd  No.16282145


Don't rush, Sibear's not very good. The stats are meh and it has a +status chance bonus for a few seconds after using charge attacks, but that's it. Run excavation fissures during this weekend and you'll be well-off.

5a576d  No.16282717

File: da0d2e70b1f8564⋯.jpg (59.76 KB, 640x734, 320:367, mpv-shot0002.jpg)

4746b0  No.16283077


anon the fuck is this?

bf18cd  No.16284604

File: 2d704841ba328fd⋯.jpg (28.44 KB, 410x416, 205:208, 1551223572.jpg)



I know that the Sibear* is a meme, but I want it to equip it on my frost pime, and yeah this weekend seems like the perfect time to make it, since I dont need kuva.

4746b0  No.16286121

File: 7a7bb690dad4fee⋯.mp4 (2.9 MB, 720x720, 1:1, rage seal.mp4)

>new nightwave week

>new bullshit

>decide to take care of some

>go do a kuva siphon sabotage on earth to killa few birds with one stone

>find all the caches

>kill a specter using my only apothic

>go to actually finish the mission

>it bugs out, and I can't hack the console needed to go forward

>quit the mission


>try a mission on ceres to get more ingredients for apothics while I'm at it


>get some sarracenias and leave

>try earth again


>my kitgun is making short work of him


>didn't even find all the caches



bf18cd  No.16286422


Apparently at least 2 nightwave missions are bugged, the index one and the nightmare missions, they give you the exp but they dont appear has completed


84eab8  No.16287078

>Hive doesn't count for sabotage missions

Thanks DE

0707bd  No.16287988


It's not called Sabotage, anon. I know the regular way these threads go bends over backwards to say "thanks, obama" but cmon.

31ea77  No.16288374


>The Hive Sabotage mission is a variant of the regular Sabotage mission. This type of mission was first introduced in the Operation Breeding Grounds event, and is now a regular mission node on Eris.


0707bd  No.16288458


You should've assumed it probably wasn't going to work the same way you'd doubt that Fomorian Sabotage or Archwing Reactor Sabotage would work.

31ea77  No.16288569


You should read IDs tbh

0707bd  No.16288673


The person who should see it is gonna see it, don't worry about it.

31ea77  No.16288805



The important factor here is that Hive is both a variant of Sabotage and has caches. It isn't unreasonable to assume this satisfies conditions for the Nightwave.

3513ad  No.16288908

File: e042a38f121ca0e⋯.png (218.23 KB, 499x281, 499:281, 24.5.5-1.png)

File: 5899a743e5afe0c⋯.png (209.54 KB, 499x273, 499:273, 24.5.5-2.png)

0707bd  No.16288968


Shouldn't be surprised it wont work since its an offshoot of the main mission type, this is bugframe.


How many years? Fucking finally.

31ea77  No.16288979


>this is bugframe

This is an argument I can get behind tbh. I 100% think that Hive should count but also 100% agree you should expect that DE would forget it's a Sabotage variant.

Really I just wanted you to blame DE for being retarded and not anon so we can get back to "Thanks Obama" mentality.

0707bd  No.16288991


Anon should've wised up, there's blame. It doesn't call itself Hive Sabotage in Navigation, just Hive. We can keep going until a trophy appears though.

31ea77  No.16289124


Fine by me tbh. I'm not the one trying to give DE any slack here.

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