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File: 747520cc1942fd1⋯.png (751.47 KB, 958x1165, 958:1165, Halo.png)

File: 0999fc5c35c61b7⋯.jpg (323.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ss_7d80f60caee6624e0a860fb….jpg)

File: 9de9c8f8f48faee⋯.jpg (594.12 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ss_3e8aeae06a1ec2a4553e5ca….jpg)

7162c0  No.16238969

>Halo 1 2 & 3

>Halo ODST

>Halo Reach

>Halo 4

>120+ Multiplayer Maps

>67 Single Player Campaign Missons

>Forge? Steam Workshop????

<Requires third party account: Xbox Live

<No specs or file size, system requirements are just OS: Microsoft Windows.

I wonder what the price point will be? This is like 6 games in one package.

Will the game feature cross platform multiplayer?

Will 343 cram microtransactions into it?

How long until the crack?

No bully, other thread hit the bump limit

0ed610  No.16238988


>and 4

That's weird.

>but not 5

Why? 5 came out forever ago. Shouldn't they just all be there? Or shouldn't it just be 1, 2, 3, ODST, and Reach, and then MC2 collection gives us 4, 5, and 6finite? Why are they so incomp… THEY'RE GOING TO SELL THE ENTIRE GAME OF HALO 5 AS DLC.

988047  No.16238998


They're still "working" on that piece of shit game, so it's gonna be some time till they give a shit and put it on PC.

bfefd8  No.16238999


>I wonder what the price point will be?

probably $30

7162c0  No.16239007

File: 64c9056a7457ecc⋯.jpg (237.45 KB, 1100x1380, 55:69, 1355739283325.jpg)

>>16238988 (checked)

>>16238999 (checked)

>>16239000 (Holy Fucking smokes)

<Paying for halo 5 as DLC

Did 4 have Microtransactions?

I know that Halo Infinite will have them.

d3f41a  No.16239008


Each game is being sold separately. It's an Early Access title with the different games being put up as DLC over time.

b9dacc  No.16239014


That's not how the collection worked on consoles, why would it be like that here?

0c1db5  No.16239016


I think the plan is to allow people to buy either the MCC or each game separately. That said the MCC won't have every game at launch, only Reach so far.

0ed610  No.16239019


Oh, 5 is still getting updates on the Xbox? Or do you mean they said they're working on "getting it running" on PC? I haven't paid attention to any information I didn't receive here.

I'm mostly waiting to play 3 since I never have, and also for the Halo 4 Cortana model rip porn. 3 and 4's faces are ugly, but 5 is literally just a tranny head to toe.

1c3236  No.16239020


It's not being sold separate its just coming out in waves because probably want to keep people playing it by staggering games.

0ed610  No.16239026

File: 60d3f7df04a861b⋯.png (39.17 KB, 388x300, 97:75, it's the kind of tired tha….PNG)

>In December 2014, 343 Industries general manager Bonnie Ross expressed Microsoft's aim for the Halo series to last at least 30 more years.

We'd better damn well get some new AI that are cute. It'll be the series' only redeeming quality. I'd say there's no chance of a loli AI, but child rape is only about 5 years away from being legal in the West. They'll probably use the series as propaganda for that.

988047  No.16239028


Both, that turd of a Halo game is still getting updates, and they're focusing on the easy shit as the pre-Xbone Halo games first. Seeing as Splash Damage is there (they've worked on getting Gears of War 4 on PC) they'll eventually get Halo 4 on Steam, maybe after Halo Infinite.

988047  No.16239031


>Halo 5


7874a5  No.16239035

File: aeadfa6288931ff⋯.jpg (201.83 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Halo 5 Forge mode.jpg)

7162c0  No.16239036


Oh, for fucks sake.

They should just drop it all at once for $80-100 and make a killing. With the added bonus of a community Renaissance.

By staggering it all the normalfags will just play Reach then say "Ok so that's what Halo on PC is like" then move on to the next flavor of the month fps.

I was only interested because I never got to play Halo as a child

5855fe  No.16239038

File: bc0f0708b215871⋯.png (773.91 KB, 610x563, 610:563, ClipboardImage.png)

Going to fail just like this one, steam is just glorified games for windows. Send these fuckers to GOG please

0c1db5  No.16239039


Yeah but the main problem is to download it through the shitty store.

7162c0  No.16239040

File: 8f4e4f6c8da36d8⋯.jpg (37.96 KB, 834x653, 834:653, handsome pedo bear.jpg)


This is your brain on porn.

Don't do porn kids.

0ed610  No.16239044




I want a kid AI companion. That doesn't mean I want to rape children. I'm negatively portraying the legalization of pedophilia. Learn how to read English, and learn what context clues are.

0c1db5  No.16239052


>also for the Halo 4 Cortana model rip porn

There was one on the Workshop but it's gone.

bb81eb  No.16239075

I'm actually interested in this release since the last Halo I played was 3, but I have heard good things of ODST and reach, that and Halo 1 online on pc? fuck yes nigger

f84123  No.16239106


*fuck reticle bloom

The DMR was fine. The intellectual player appreciates a semi automatic rifle, but shot spread randomized to that degree is not acceptable. Counterstrike almost has it right, but the random number generator often determines winners.

385327  No.16239120


Sucks that, apart from reach (which I don't really care about), the ones that are becoming available first are the ones already playable on PC for years.

2a9557  No.16239133



what the fuck is this? just use accuracy you turbo faggot

c16db3  No.16239134

I'd get it if it didn't have Halo 4. I'd rather pretend that abomination doesn't exist. I can at least live in willful ignorance that it's not canon and Halo never had another mainline game after 3.

e5d528  No.16239149


The pc port of halo 1 fucking sucks

f84123  No.16239153


"Bloom" is the widely accepted term when discussing how accuracy work specifically in Reach.


Still a while before we can finish the fight.

b9ea6c  No.16239156


Yeah Halo CE on PC was fun as fuck, way different than the trashbox version. And I'm pretty excited for Halo 3 as well, Reach was cool, but it was the decline for Halo, it's why Halo 4 was so fucked. Reach managed to do it a hell of a lot better though.

0ed610  No.16239159


The modded multiplayer map of Silent Cartographer was great. 32 people at once… Damn, I miss the old days.

385327  No.16239167


This is true.


That sounds fun as fuck. There were 32 players servers? I must have missed those.

852356  No.16239177

are they going to have remastered versions (for the versions that do) or just straight up ports?

2a9557  No.16239192

File: 581014c0565ed74⋯.png (298.97 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1304376955947.png)


>playing anything past ODST

9def47  No.16239198


>requires xbox live account

This just reeks of fucking GFWL 2.0 and it's enough to make me doubt the quality of the whole thing, much more than I originally started to in the first place.

82c8d2  No.16239203


It's only for crossplay apparently. That "requirement" is on all Microsoft crossplay games.

2a9557  No.16239217


so are we forced to play with xboners or do we only need to make an account if we want to crossplay?

852356  No.16239222


i wish i could get my old battletag back from 3 by linking to my defunct 360 account, i had a tag that i wasn't supposed to be able to get (it ended with 00 and you weren't supposed to be able to do that)

not like it's anything important but i thought it was super cool at the time having a tag nobody else could get, no idea how i even got it

82c8d2  No.16239227


Don't know. If they're forcing more crossplay garbage then most likely yes.

d269e6  No.16239236


Who cares? You'll absolutely shit on any faggot with a controller, the sniper rifle is so easy to use in all games it'll be a social disaster and make your heart beat faster.

b4e944  No.16239280


>They should just drop it

Drop means cancel, abandon. Never say drop when you mean release. That sounds like nigger-speak.

82c8d2  No.16239284

File: cff6025fd3ffb22⋯.png (279.25 KB, 349x326, 349:326, Han-dicapped Solo.PNG)


That's what I was thinking, too.

>14 year old xboner gets on his $20 mic

<fuck you faggots I'm so great I'm going to fucking wreck you

>sit around playing it like a gallery shooter because you can actually aim

>get hundreds of butthurt messages because you're using appropriate hardware.

dd783c  No.16239306

Do you have to pay for the Xbox live account or will it just use your old one?

0ed610  No.16239326


I can't wait to be called a hacker by console users.

90d8cd  No.16239329


Only console Xbox Live requires payment, it's a free service on PC

5cb6d8  No.16239335

sangheili pussy

2a9557  No.16239359


>faggots on xbawks get auto aim/aim assist

>some fags on PC figure out how to get the aim assist with KB+M

Just like eljewrito!

b916dc  No.16239362

File: 4b9b95b26fe4e44⋯.png (15.78 KB, 691x597, 691:597, 4b9b95b26fe4e4412724859ec8….png)

ab4d21  No.16239385

Huh, so I'll actually get to play Halo 3 on a PC in my life time. I might actually buy that shit after all of the games come out

34a72b  No.16239395

so ODST and Reach are stories of ordinary soldiers of halo universe and thus the best Halo games?

dd783c  No.16239396


oh shit, well this might be the first bit of money I've given microsoft since the 360.

c55860  No.16239410

File: 834573e3a08c763⋯.jpg (21.17 KB, 195x230, 39:46, Worm GF.jpg)


ODST is where you play as an ODST, basically the Special Forces in Halo

Reach is where you play the Spartan III's, weaker than the Spartan II's but just as deadly

bfefd8  No.16239413



no you're a Spartan IV in that one

696234  No.16239416


ODST still makes you feel like a Spartan so it's mediocre, Reach at least features a Spartan, but the game is extremely limited by it's hardware and influence from worse games so it suffers in terms of game design.

c55860  No.16239419


>Spartan IV

that's from halo 4

bfefd8  No.16239423


oh fug, I thought the 3s were the suicide spartans

5cb6d8  No.16239428

You know, I played the Hola as a kid and never liked it, what's the deal?

c55860  No.16239430


Suicide Spartans?

are you talking about the Spartan II's process where they took the kids and gave them super dangerous medicine/surgery where it was only a 30% survival rate?

8f997c  No.16239450


This was it's biggest downfall on Xbone. If you've got 4 different Halo games available all at once then congratulations, you've just fractured the playerbase 4 different ways before they've fractured themselves based on playlist preference (IE: that weird part of the Halo 3 community that exclusively played SWAT)

be7045  No.16239456


Nah, the mass produced ones where they just took anyone who wanted it and drugged them up and gave them power armor.

bfefd8  No.16239468


nah, it might have been retconned but at one point there was a spartan line that was "mass produced" from war orphans. Cheaper and less effective than 2s and not equipped with proper power armor, but sent en masse on one way missions to blow up high end covie targets

ba60ee  No.16239473

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>They should just drop it all at once

But anon, they did that with the Xbone version and that's what caused all the issues. I think by doing a rolling release they want to make the process as smooth as possible. They know they can't fuck up, and this is a way to mitigate it.


They aimed the program at people who were orphaned by the covenant, and gave them a chance at payback. And the suicide missions were convenient since there would be nobody to mourn them. Headhunters was breddy gud

3ded63  No.16239606

File: 71e7e6c8aa74ada⋯.jpg (364.68 KB, 1058x804, 529:402, OmegaArsenal.jpg)

Now that i'm thinking about it do you think a mod to go though the Campaigns being able to carry all the weapons would make the game better or slightly less interesting since you no longer have to strategies what 2 weapons to carry with you?

c55860  No.16239806


>jewing on ammo is skill based.

excuse me what

f84123  No.16239811


Resource management is a skill.

With that said, I myself think that Halo would be better with a three weapon limit.

fff1cf  No.16239879

File: 074215632e27362⋯.gif (283.17 KB, 500x800, 5:8, 1432746120127.gif)


<Requires third party account: Xbox Live

crack when?!

08f1d2  No.16239889

if i remember right originally MCC was released in broken state and IT STAYED BROKEN FOR YEARS

so its kind of good they are working to make each game work ok

642b46  No.16239890


Each one will be available for purchase individually. They revealed this. This is a very poor and hype-killing choice.

(also the mods are starting to become more corrupt here. watch out.)

6051fd  No.16239899

File: c8bae3998fdb418⋯.jpg (44.45 KB, 781x720, 781:720, thinking demon.jpg)

Why would you like to play Halo anyway?

4ab027  No.16239931


Does that mean it's only required for the multiplayer? I'm only interested in local co-op and the campaign.


The story mode is fun.

f84123  No.16239942


I think that they're releasing them one at a time to focus effort. MCC on the xbone was a technical trash heap on launch. By focusing on one game at a time they can release each sooner and with fewer glitches. and milk a bit more money

Imagine that your at a restuarant with your family and each person gets his dish a few minutes apart rather than all at once with a few cold dishes.

3ded63  No.16239949

File: d0ec7b80a9ddae4⋯.jpg (61.67 KB, 600x684, 50:57, Halo.JPG)


Because Halo is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills aleins and doesnt afraid of anything.

887f2a  No.16239955

File: 738b8666a70653f⋯.png (39.07 KB, 274x290, 137:145, 607e7cd41dc5fcf2a83e90038a….png)


Firefight is pretty fun

6c8f85  No.16239961

only played 3 years ago when visiting a friend, so i'm mildly exited about that

even weirder that the whole thing is actually on steam and not their exclusive store

only thing i'm curious about is the price

2a9557  No.16239979

File: d16fbc806619891⋯.mp4 (9.62 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Wizzy Khalifa Chad Warden-….mp4)


because its more fun than any current FPS, forgemode, custom games, /v/ gamenights and chad warden shitposting

3ded63  No.16239984

File: d630e50c9a7df47⋯.jpg (84 KB, 1578x366, 263:61, leaf dollars.JPG)


>Only thing i'm curious about is the price

Currently it's $40 in leaf dollars, I don't know if it's cheaper in USD

6c8f85  No.16239995


that's the xbox one though, isn't it? i'm guessing once its out on steam the price might differ

although tbh 40 dollaridoos for 5 games isn't too bad, especially if the earlier ones are remastered

6051fd  No.16240003

File: 690e3476001f78f⋯.png (102.26 KB, 176x203, 176:203, no .png)


I hope you are underage, otherwise your English teacher should be embarrassed for that second sentence.



I remember some article I read years ago about the first one, how the whole game is a couple of fun 30 seconds parts separated by walking trough the corridors and waiting for them. Didn't sound very appealing…

ab4d21  No.16240009


Also the steam spring sale thing happens usually in May, so it'll be a chance to get it cheap after more of the actual games come out. Of course, if you actually intend to buy the game :^)

887f2a  No.16240013

File: 8feebb04bf1ea4b⋯.jpg (31.8 KB, 400x400, 1:1, clem.jpg)


>accuses others of being underage while acting underage

6c8f85  No.16240022

File: f7cde7103c85e97⋯.jpg (12.19 KB, 208x255, 208:255, 8a82de22267deda01a968ccd8b….jpg)


i'd already be giving money to gaben, i can live with 343 and microshaft getting a portion of it

kind of doubt it would go on sale only a month or two after being released though

7b6e04  No.16240034

File: 078481351508fc5⋯.mp4 (895.36 KB, 640x360, 16:9, removeisbab.mp4)



0c1db5  No.16240040


It's a free account.

8f997c  No.16240041

File: a1bf19e8bb435b1⋯.jpg (107.61 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1429127173465.jpg)


>Uses articles instead of actually playing the game to inform his opinion

3ded63  No.16240071

File: 0e3fd4bdabc1b45⋯.gif (2.66 MB, 320x214, 160:107, Come On Now.gif)

2a9557  No.16240073



the game itself is sorta fun, but the community content is extremely fun, you cant get the same shit anywhere else like fat kid, junk dodger, etc

if you havent taken the dumpster to heaven then you should just wait it out and pirate reach

0c1db5  No.16240074


Careful though, the MCC might not be part of the "Play Anywhere" thing, even if you buy it on the Windows Store you might only be able to play it on the Xbox One.

2c4660  No.16240075


killing floor 2 is garbage. have you ever played halo 3 mp?

3ded63  No.16240083


Yeah i'm aware of that, I was just using the current price as what we can expect for when it launches on PC

0006bf  No.16240090


<Requires Xbox Live

Fuck i have to shell out $60 for the shitty online again? might as well wait for the crack

423e42  No.16240097


I'll be pirating it so I can help seed, fuck paying for digital distribution.

Whatever the price point is it will be too high for a download

3ded63  No.16240108


Na Paying for Gold isn't nessary

0006bf  No.16240120


its been a while since I had xbox live, Im assuming they made a free level subscription

7162c0  No.16240128

File: a83b9d87d9ccf52⋯.png (519.42 KB, 615x629, 615:629, Halo Pizza.png)


>Imagine that your at a restuarant with your family and each person gets his dish a few minutes apart rather than all at once with a few cold dishes.

>not waiting for others to get their food before eating.

Rude. Speaking of food…

In other news, 343 industries tells fans to stop ordering pizzas for them.

471835  No.16240136

Shame there will be no actual custom maps like custom edition

>no maps that swap spartan bipeds with brutes

>no chance for a sweet covie civil war themed map based on delta halo's environment

>just mediocre forge maps

3ded63  No.16240159


Yeah it's just making a Microsoft Account pretty much.

2a9557  No.16240226

File: ff4c83d7b2fb05c⋯.png (133.92 KB, 283x288, 283:288, Halo Condoms.png)




3ced7d  No.16240319

File: 67f50660ff85edb⋯.jpg (129.79 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 2B_is_drunk_on_oil.jpg)


>Bungie brand condom

That's not real

512692  No.16240331


Considering that Bungie used to be fun it very well could have.

528959  No.16240334




it's a injoke to where the developers responded to some redditor faggot saying he will deliver a pizza of whoever 343 nigger comments on what pizza he wants, && no i don't browse (((reddit)))

803685  No.16240369

File: 7cc4b38108e5473⋯.jpg (99.54 KB, 793x602, 793:602, 7a22b75c2ec132710e872748b6….jpg)

The biggest mistake an anon ever made was thinking that it was ever acceptable to like a game from the Halo series on /v/. How far have we fallen.

2a9557  No.16240386


>n-no!! not me!

>i dont browse reddit! no sir!!


Based and quakepilled

7f0aa4  No.16240396

File: efab292c093df27⋯.jpg (27.31 KB, 600x533, 600:533, trash.jpg)








471835  No.16240408

7f0aa4  No.16240415




471835  No.16240424


Back to cuckchan with yoy, he who doesn't understand how not to bump threads he hates

ab4d21  No.16240431


>calling someone a fag because they're not using sage as a downvote

Now that's a new one.

534432  No.16240438

File: 402382ea5a01c5e⋯.gif (2.57 MB, 382x554, 191:277, shirtless fortnite taunt.gif)



>Gaylo babies

>Starts throwing a tantrum

Yeah okay buddy you're totally an ebin oldfag.

11028f  No.16240443


Are you serious? He explained the usage of sage to you in a very correct manner.

3ced7d  No.16240446


You are allowed to sage if you don't want to bump a thread, even if it is a rather wasted effort for a (you)maker such as Halo, especially on the front page.

867d1a  No.16240460

File: a3c960663567309⋯.mp4 (8.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, The man who sold the world.mp4)


Halo was a symptom, not the virus.


>n-no!! not me!

>i dont browse reddit! no sir!!

You're face to face

with the fag who played halo

471835  No.16240463


>id hopping

e132be  No.16240484

File: bb9fdd171231fa6⋯.jpg (80.4 KB, 800x622, 400:311, legendary thread.jpg)

867d1a  No.16240508


Nope, I just wanted to make a shitty joke.

7162c0  No.16240541

File: d141c55474bc19b⋯.jpg (27.31 KB, 382x308, 191:154, GBANSE.jpg)




>Gaylo Babies

>Has a pokeshit reaction image

>Red text spam


>It's all your fault


>ID hops but forgets to stop spamming red text

The only nigger here is you.

2a9557  No.16240543

File: 0f039a9e80fd842⋯.jpg (426.16 KB, 600x791, 600:791, COCKMONGLER.jpg)


oh shit is that grinman on that stool?

e20138  No.16240577


It was a bulletsponge version of Crysis 1.

7f0aa4  No.16240586


>id hops

>implying baby's first FPS is universally accepted here

kill yourself

a7b0a4  No.16240588

File: ed5c0024d7fc115⋯.jpg (31.7 KB, 264x533, 264:533, happy negro.jpg)


You bet it is, fucker!

471835  No.16240598


Weird huh? Its like tastes can vary

81d492  No.16240660

File: 1b9be67e43d8481⋯.jpg (27 KB, 300x398, 150:199, [013453].jpg)


Nigger are you dense or what?

Why do any of us play videogames at all???

Because its fun to play, thats the only reason.


Are you an actual newfag or are you being sarcastic?

7b1f4d  No.16240687

File: 9ead333d9db8506⋯.jpg (184.86 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 086.jpg)

My body is ready

17e718  No.16240712

File: 53a3bf873f5e4b1⋯.png (403.1 KB, 800x750, 16:15, Captain King.png)

Captain King is finally back on PC

471835  No.16240728


Might be cuckchan run off

feeb7c  No.16240732

File: d8f03d12eaef13b⋯.png (153.36 KB, 480x360, 4:3, .png)

I'm kind of bummed they can't just release it as the Bungie Bundle, without 4, obviously they could potentially get sued. I do hope they restore the actual in game customization for the games, because in multiplayer on the bone you choose from an unlocked preset of gear ie: All Scout Armor, All E.O.D., and your icon doesn't actually appear in any of the games Except maybe 4 but I never touched it.

I do hope they have forge, but if they're willing to go the extra mile and have actual tools for map creation I will fire in spurts.

feeb7c  No.16240740


Because despite all the memeing faggotry about it, it's objectively more feature heavy than any FPS released these days. Honestly the only game type I don't think you could recreate in it is hostages from Counterstrike. Otherwise I can't think of anything.

Technically speaking there was a modded game mode for reach that stuck you in forgeworld with no weapon one life and random spawns on a big fucking map, so, they don't even have to waste time on a battle royal mode, just include unequipped as a game mode option and you're done

Hell people even managed to rig Evade in reach to go fucking ballistic when you use it and make a sonic the hedgehog type game where you try to reach the goal the fastest using physics and slopes.

4af1e7  No.16240743

File: ff68957d113183e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 468.55 KB, 343x800, 343:800, flood.png)



See this isn't in violation of rule 8, but my spoilered image is?


4af1e7  No.16240772


Boy oh boy you couldn't be further off base. We came here to be free of retards with cherry picked censorship on memes and discussion, but now a days post one white monster meme and watch the real parody start as your offended sensibilities screech. Does it hit too close to home?

fff1cf  No.16240778

File: 967f96a9e263356⋯.jpg (97.43 KB, 482x424, 241:212, 1437933353406.jpg)



503140  No.16240781

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>mustards will finally experience the maximum comfort of exploring new mombasa while listening to neon night.

Now you will understand. You will finally understand why we never shut up about ODST.

fff1cf  No.16240789


i want to have play with anons and have fun

3ded63  No.16240795


I only played though that game once years ago, and I still remember it being atmospheric as fuck.

Looking forward to playing it again.

97c3d9  No.16240811


But I'm a mustard and already played the game.

503140  No.16240824


Then play it again motherfucker.

0c4d27  No.16240831

File: 6c312f1fe468c55⋯.jpg (77.43 KB, 1140x142, 570:71, fuck this shit.jpg)




3ced7d  No.16240838


You heard >>16240824 mister dubsman, go fucking play it again.



>When I can get it for free

lm@oing at your life right now.

97c3d9  No.16240847


After I finish Blood 2, and read that forerunner book.

3ded63  No.16240853


Well bright side is if the ports end up being shit, people won't blow the full amount of money before they have time to regret it, and also people don't have to be forced to buy Halo 4 and have it as a stain on their collection.

17e718  No.16240864


Except they'll probably charge $30 for every single game instead of $60 for all of them.

2c4660  No.16240880


at least I don't have to buy 1,2 and 4

0c4d27  No.16240882


all of these games are years old the fucking collection itself one xbone goes for $30 when its not even on sale.

they are about to pull some bull shit on this one making each game $30 , paying $120 for these old ass games.

feeb7c  No.16240884



>Halo 1

>Halo 2

>Halo 3


>Halo 4

>6 games

>Implying it won't be 10bucks a game so they can release the COMPLETE BUNDLE DX GOLD ELITE MASTER CHIEF'S BARE DICK IN YOUR ASS edition for $60 later to people who can't do math and think 6x10 > 60

ba60ee  No.16240902

File: e704977206824a4⋯.jpg (43.62 KB, 527x634, 527:634, 1467005429224-0.jpg)


>being able to opt out of Halo 4

>a bad thing

0c4d27  No.16240909


they are going to be $20 to $30 each. you can already see the shills trying to downplay it whenever someone brings it up.

0c4d27  No.16240923


it's not a fucking collection if you have to pay for each fucking game.

I wasn't even going to play 4

feeb7c  No.16240941

File: 1476d83dabe3c16⋯.png (99.77 KB, 212x197, 212:197, 3148d89ffb415ada9a1137c306….png)


>Make wild claim: Single game rerelease collection will be $120

>Someone says that's an unreasonable observation

>Declare them a shill

9718fc  No.16240943


2c4660  No.16240946

will halo2, 3 and reach come with the DLC?

3d79e4  No.16240953

>Requires third party account: Xbox Live

The fuck?

503140  No.16240964


They come with everything that ever came with it. To the butthurt of the flaming helmetfags.

f7d51c  No.16240986

File: 38f0ea88ed3d533⋯.jpg (62.65 KB, 640x480, 4:3, aftermath.screen.jpg)

Gaylo is just a shittier Marathon

e290e2  No.16240987


I don't know about the other games, but when you download ODST on the BONE it only costs $5

530d78  No.16241048

The soundtracks to these games were released years ago, there is no reason to go back and replay this, xbots.


Marathon is not better than halo, it is held back by age. Both have room for improvement.

471835  No.16241099


Always irked me the odst moved quicker and could use the turret mobile. Maybe mods to makeodst more "real"

d61bac  No.16241115


> it is held back by age.

Play Marathon's multiplayer with some friends some time, Bungie always concentrated on multiplayer over single player from this game onwards.

530d78  No.16241123


thanks for the reccomendation

0c4d27  No.16241124

File: 6edcca32b818043⋯.png (120.73 KB, 1228x531, 1228:531, shit.png)



the remaster of ONE gears of war game on pc , lets see the price :

3ded63  No.16241175


The difference there is that Gears of War Remastered is an Xbone game and it's easier to get away with that when it's only the one game, but Halo CE anniversary was a 360 game.

They would have been able to get away with selling Halo 2 anniversary on it's own, but they didn't and it came with the collection.

expecting it to be overpriced is just being unrealistically pessimistic.

6589e9  No.16241177

File: 6886f878069e79e⋯.gif (2.71 MB, 237x240, 79:80, 9a281e29c3fa12ae03bd1e31af….gif)

>Requires xbox live account

803685  No.16241182


you're right, normalfags' tastes vary in that they always have shit taste, like thinking Halo CE or Halo 3 were good games.

471835  No.16241231


Halo is alright, its not as good as STALKER, but its got some nice ideas

109587  No.16241301

File: f12a1045f277621⋯.jpg (135.14 KB, 806x614, 403:307, 20bux2.jpg)




Dead or Alive currently has a season pass out that's 30 bucks more expensive then the base 60$ price and in Australia it's even worse.

Given how far Bungie has fallen as a company this is something to be expected and it's actually a reasonable assumption considering that a lot of western companies are struggling since christmas 2018 didn't really pan out profitably.

feeb7c  No.16241303


Is "Ultimate Edition" a DLC bundle version?

feeb7c  No.16241307


>Given how far Bungie has fallen as a company


7b1f4d  No.16241317


That's for crossplay if you want to trash casuals from the xboner

0c4d27  No.16241322


no the remaster was called "Gears of War: Ultimate Edition "


471835  No.16241327


Both are categorized as fps. Technicalky STALKER has a gun limit too, unless you go full retard and are constantly encumbered with 3+ weapons, plus ammo, plus first aid and food

109587  No.16241330


I haven't played Halo since 3.

Halo after 2 was really shit. Second, it doesn't matter, because that only gives my point more weight, because 343 directly works for Microsoft and none of that relation is good.

109587  No.16241339


It still doesn't invalidate my point. They're going to sell Halo like gold, especially since they broke it up and are likely going to justify it as a "remaster"

The fact that you two


were so quick on this especially since the thread was likely made to shill anyway, the damage control is real.

Not even my dad would buy into this shit and he's a fucking casual motherfucker.

d65526  No.16241344

File: d1bab9e550cd114⋯.jpg (13.83 KB, 184x184, 1:1, excited operator.jpg)

I'm fucking stoked for this, can't wait for the /v/ game nights and getting together with my high school friends to play this without the Xcocks paywall. Not to mention just a new FPS that isn't free-to-play or battle royale shite with a decent map editor and custom game modes.

Now if we could get a Timesplitters PC port that shit would be the motherfucking ass.

e290e2  No.16241409


I'm cautiously optimistic. It seems great so far, but I'm reasonably certain that microsoft and 343 will find a way to fuck it all up like they always do. Probably when they reveal pricing details or by fucking up certain gamemodes or something. ODST doesn't include firefight on the xbone, so I hope they fix that shit before PC release. And if armor customisation or firefight on reach is missing or gimped I'll be pissed.

That said, I am pretty excited. I really liked the DLC maps for reach, but they never came up in the playlists on xbox because nobody bought them. Hopefully they'll be a more common occurrence, since everyone will have them. I'd cum buckets if they included a proper map editor for each game, like they did for Custom Edition way back when.

471835  No.16241450


To be fair, the first two Halo games underwent rather rocky development. Even when it did ship, h2 had like 4 levels cut and a few segments (like a cut hog run along the conduit at the end of high charity).

Halo CE lost fauna due to the flood and Bungie not knowing how to mesh the two. According to a few h1 devs, there are cut halo levels. Not much is known about those, just a mention.

Ypu are right, there could have been something bigger, but it was lost to time

4404a4  No.16241504

File: 7b78740f932a07a⋯.jpeg (44.45 KB, 750x496, 375:248, serveimage (50).jpeg)

First you take halo discussion seriously, them you end up debating call of duty and pewdiepie seriously, it's just a matter of time until the board starts debating fortnite and apex legends seriously.

There are only nightmares for the savvy in this world.

000000  No.16241516


>hack when

Halo 1, 2, and 3 is already piratable and playable online without microsoft account shit. Halo 2 is called project cartogrepher and halo 3 is called eldewrito/halo online. Halo 5 is playable for free in forge mode via windows 10. The only things missing that you MIGHT pirate the HMCC are halo reach and halo ODST. Halo 4 is shit and halo 5's story is shit.

Pirate and don't buy from microscam as they will lock you into their ecosystem and not let you mod without their permission if at all. Meanwhile you can mod halo 1, 2, and 3 right now for free.

eb7087  No.16241581


I'm not sure if it's a blessing or a curse that bungie decided to make destiny instead instead of remake the marathon games.

7b1f4d  No.16241587


These days it's best to cherish what you have and what was made rather than what is constantly shat out these days

0acfd8  No.16241633


Halo > Stalker, Fear, HL2, Cryshit

867d1a  No.16241642


I unironically agree with all of that except FEAR

7b1f4d  No.16241646

File: 85fc398ef41c3f4⋯.mp4 (402.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, what_in_the.mp4)


Substantiate your bait claims; this is the thread to do it

36534e  No.16241654

File: ff6e3d9f3ad273a⋯.jpg (146.41 KB, 494x331, 494:331, 1466975801444.jpg)


Halo wasn't a problem, it was the cheap knockoffs of Halo like Call of Duty and Halo 2 that ruined everything

2911df  No.16241699

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Gotta admit though, the Believe marketing campaign was pretty good.

0a58c7  No.16241706


>Will the game feature cross platform multiplayer?

Why else would they mention Xbox Live. Killer Instinct needs that too for crossplay. However, FPS with crossplay between a console and PC is a weird thing, Xbox faggots assuming they even exist would whine about PC players solely because of KB+M control.

0ed610  No.16241707


>complimenting multi-million dollar jewish propaganda

36534e  No.16241720


I think Xbox fags went extinct. MCC on PC is one of those "break glass in case of emergency" decisions

2911df  No.16241745

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


At least they payed lipservice to honoring military service and individual soldiers in a mock documentary style - even if it's all makebelieve. And the behind the scenes model making documentary shit was entertaining to watch. It WAS good - especially considering what video game marketing has become since then.

45cb3d  No.16241751

File: 4a93225a90ba7e0⋯.jpg (7.97 KB, 284x177, 284:177, gib.jpg)

Does anyone have a download for Halo PC and the Custom Edition expansion?

7b1f4d  No.16241755

e715da  No.16241759


I agree. Even though it has slower gameplay, it is remarkably well-balanced. It also encapsulates a certain emotion with its level design, music, and art direction that I haven't felt many other games achieve. Playing through SPV3 was an absolute joy and the multiplayer in CE and Halo Online is tremendous fun.

34a72b  No.16241861


how is reach according to you?

6ef31c  No.16241938

Once its release, Will there be Game nights for all halo games?

36534e  No.16241940


Depends on how easy it is to pirate and if private servers are a thing

f63084  No.16241951

No linux support…

6ef31c  No.16241964


For anons who bought them the game, will they be left out?

69fae6  No.16241992


There could very well be, with WINE/Proton

36534e  No.16242015


No clue, we can only speculate. Knowing the monkeys paw, I'm going to guess that Microshit will use the games age to add tons of invasive DRM that would otherwise impact performance so the only people playing will be people who buy it.

Each game is apparently being sold separate until the collection is complete. The order is going to be Reach -> Combat Evolved -> 2 -> 3 -> ODST -> 4.


Getting them off the Xbox was scary for them, you think they'd dare to venture off a familiar OS?

08f1d2  No.16242046

Splash Damage is capable of making improvements to the pc version easily, they did work on Enemy Territory after all

4712a1  No.16242056



5de5c5  No.16242092


Good old days when you only needed skill with the magnum, 4 ammo clips with 8 bullets and 4 granades to kill 25 noobs in a row in 3 minutes. No microtrans, no stupid kids. Also sniper duels were comfy as fuck. Space cowboys with unbreakable warthhogs riding hills in blood gulch.

3ded63  No.16242132

File: f32fb44bc92c1ef⋯.png (89.72 KB, 310x310, 1:1, GFtrooper_trio.png)

Metriod Federation Force was balls, but at least ODST scratches that same itch.

2c4660  No.16242134

why is ODST being released after 3? the drop over new mombossa in the beginning where the ship warps, is the ship the chief got on to save keys. the odsts would of dropped and helped him but it got fucked. my point being ODST takes place during halo 2

36534e  No.16242140


They're releasing Reach at the same time on both systems, then doing it in release order, although it does make more sense to do 2 -> ODST -> 3

9c2eb8  No.16242395

File: 9673dbc2d6e27d1⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, halo 2.png)

Its time

2911df  No.16242403


Spotted the poorfag.

feeb7c  No.16242406


Which character out of those would you pick?

053244  No.16242447

File: 0ea6c1430b1e98a⋯.jpg (481.3 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, halo_2_label.jpg)


Cole. I always do speech/charisma builds when I can.

9c2eb8  No.16242469

File: fe39eabd38f0fdd⋯.jpg (52.17 KB, 798x678, 133:113, directx.JPG)

MS are also porting DX12 to windows 7. Looks like we might get those other windows 10 only games like Forza.

bf6aa2  No.16242475

File: d8f2438d168a727⋯.jpeg (35.05 KB, 605x864, 605:864, 3AB05E21-F182-4CA8-AA8E-1….jpeg)


Forza Horizon 4 is pretty good- it's hot enough variety of different things to keep even the most annoying of /o/utists happy. I can run it with just enough overhead to get a solid 120FPS at 1080p with everything on Ultra and Extreme.

It's just the faggots who know nothing about cars, or only know about cars from videogames that ruin the game.

36534e  No.16242478

File: 2b93551e25b5a0c⋯.webm (882.22 KB, 640x480, 4:3, denuvo gets cracked.webm)

0c1db5  No.16242578

File: 8b84782ecbde072⋯.jpg (134.17 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 1235235345751.jpg)


It is free. There's no Gold subscription on PC, you just need an account for the crossplay thing.


m-me too


I though every Bungie game was a bad rehash of Marathon.


>ODST doesn't include firefight on the xbone

It alsso pissed me off that Spartan Ops didn't have matchmaking on the MCC. What's the point of a co-op horde mode if I can't use matchmaking to find people?

621036  No.16242599


does this include uwp?

1b420b  No.16242606


The absolute state of the jew addled porn addicted loser with no friends

0a89c5  No.16242611

Wait, they're including Reach and ODST?

Fuckin' sold.

6174ee  No.16242623


Assuming they finally get the Horizon games ported to w7, is there any reason to get Horizon 3 when 4's already out? I figure the newer iteration has the same cars plus more so why would anyone bother with 3?

0c1db5  No.16242637


FH3 had the best setting and DLCs. The Hotwheels island was pretty good.

925091  No.16242647

File: d78a769dab1fc69⋯.png (8.73 KB, 217x85, 217:85, d78a769dab1fc69bf1c8a4b785….png)

859709  No.16242655

File: 2b7e7d392843aee⋯.webm (3.78 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 2b7e7d392843aee2d38927b7e….webm)


>Requires Xboxlive

So I need to pay for a sub fee for a console I don't own to play a PC game? What fucking timeline am I in?

925091  No.16242656


Nevermind fuck my faggot face


90024d  No.16242662


>Screenshot of article instead of link to article

Any faggot can easily change text in a screenshot

91a37d  No.16242664


Maybe they just mean the account although, now that you mention it, having to pay seems more plausible to me.

0c1db5  No.16242725


You can buy either the MCC (every game) or each game separately. How is that a bad thing?

853eb0  No.16242758

File: a0564ff5826c499⋯.jpg (49.7 KB, 512x384, 4:3, a0564ff5826c499da8969a2ee3….jpg)


I remember having to create a microsoft account just to log into my freshly installed Windows 8. God I hated that laptop.

e290e2  No.16242766


You won't need to pay subscription to play with others. They said so on their forums. I don't know why it's required though, maybe there will be cross play, or maybe they're too lazy to configure the servers for something other than xbox accounts.

2a9557  No.16242770

File: 8ebed72e0cc0077⋯.mp4 (5.93 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Timesplitters 2 Music Gote….mp4)


Timesplitters gamenight when? You can play the multiplayer with dolphin netplay.

Those rewind fags just released an update video, but still no word on playable beta.

>work on somthing for 6 years

>nothing to show for it

>1 guy makes 40% of timesplitters 2 within 2 months in his spare time

>says the team was actually dead for a year or two not doing anything

I hope it gets a PC release soon or even just the first game, then more content gets added as updates

d8ba6a  No.16242771


Selling them alacarte suggests that the actual all in one collection must be really fucking expensive if they're also going to the trouble of also selling games separately. They wouldn't bother with that shit if the whole MCC was just 60 bucks

a6713f  No.16242772


The retards who were scaring people with retarded "Windows 7 will die" bullshit BTFO.

e290e2  No.16242796


It could be that they have a target of X amount of players engaging with Xbox brands on PC before the end of the year, so they want to stagger the release to increase the amount of news-cycles they'll be featured in and get more people on board. It could also be that they want to bring some of the money forward, so rather than releasing it all at once at a much later time for a larger sum they release it drip by drip for a more prolonged period of smaller income. It's potentially possible that the release of the first few games might even be funding for the ports of the later ones. Microsoft is no doubt loving the good PR they're getting for pleasing the fans, and with the release of every game in the pack they can get back in the headlines continue to mend the relationship so they can fuck it up even harder in the future. You wouldn't get the same long term effect from a single, bigger release.

I think the most likely explanation is that they want to dip their toe in the water, so to speak. They can release them slowly to make sure there is actually a worthwhile market for the games on PC before they put in the mountain of work that porting 6 games entails.

466644  No.16242811


>inb4 DX12 update for Windows 7 includes unblock-able telemetry "features"

000000  No.16242830


At this point? nostalgia

Except for gaylo4 which is just cowadoody feat. master chief from halo3



Nigger you do realize we are just 2 fucking years from the 20th anniversary of halo right?

Anyone who was old enough to play the original halo is near 30 or already there

805998  No.16242838


and anyone not old enough to realize that outed themselves

but it doesnt matter because most of this board is either wizards or autistics from reddit

9a36ee  No.16242932


5 is not a part of the Master Chief Collection.

36534e  No.16242937

b41d3a  No.16242946

File: 29fd0431344a69a⋯.jpg (12.15 KB, 248x255, 248:255, 29fd0431344a69abdf5ecee405….jpg)

686004  No.16243049


>Using Microsoft's shitty store.

>Using Windows 10.

Yeah, no thanks.

686004  No.16243062


I don't mind this. It definitely feels sketchy and greedy, but I'd rather just buy 1, 2, 3 for the campaigns and not have to install the rest or ever deal with them.

The biggest negative for this kind of release scheme is that it will absolutely fracture the community into multiple small die hards for each title, while the people who just want to play the damn game online with a good population will grow tired of hopping around between each game and quit.

d269e6  No.16243090

File: 8157d8e51c4fcd9⋯.jpg (102.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sparts.jpg)

File: cd25a0b7fd7e04d⋯.png (730.03 KB, 1199x672, 1199:672, sparts.png)

Halo: Reach blew Halo 3 out of the fucking water, fuck ya'll niggas.

4af1e7  No.16243094

File: a9ca8741c0aca9d⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1920x854, 960:427, 1439078135125-2.png)


>to create a different culture

yeah a culture where you didn't have to worry about being banned for posting memes or for particular discussions.

>5 years later now if you post 1 Boomer meme LE BAN XD

I see those 25 /gamergate/ splits and constant whining about moderation have really paid off. I think you should take your own advice because it's clear you haven't been here for very long.

feel free to do some reverse image searches on this, I was literally one of the first people here when moot went full retard and it pains me to see autistic fucks like you who winge and minge from being called a boomer. Grow some thicker skin you big dumb.

245691  No.16243112

You forgot:

<Windows 10 Exclusive

It's not on that page but I'm pretty sure it was mentioned elsewhere (and I'd be fucking amazed if MS released it on Win7)

2a9557  No.16243123

File: e091f1f2acf328b⋯.webm (2.58 MB, 852x480, 71:40, GAYLO REACH.webm)

Any release date yet? im ready for halo reach

e43fcb  No.16243136


Fuck off THQ immigrant.

686004  No.16243138


Reach's campaign was passable. The story was fucking retarded though and the retards who took over didn't really do a good job of keeping the story together. Was the first game where it felt like they had lost the plot in the series.

Also, the multi-player was shit. Despite the fact that there are those die hard reach fans, the reality is that Halo lost its top spot because the vast majority of Halo veterans hated it. Even going so far as to label it Call of Duty: Halo Reach.

I don't think that's a fair criticism of Reach though, because it really wasn't the point where the series went full CoD (that was 4). But I can't deny that the vast majority of the maps were VERY uninspired and the new abilities felt tacked on and clunky, while the reticle bloom mechanic was ridiculously annoying. I've heard they toned it down, but last I had played it, it felt like utter shit.

Overall, Reach was a mistake, both in story and in multi-player mechanics, but it's still infinitely better than 4 & 5.

The reason I say this is because while not many played it, in the Halo CE anniversary edition, you got access to Reach multi-player and they created an anniversary matchmaking mode, with all the Reach multi-player mechanics stripped out, and it felt like a genuine old school Halo game again. So Reach pvp was still Halo, it was just overburdened with a bunch of retarded gimmicks and changes that didn't need to be made.

686004  No.16243157

File: 04df333622698da⋯.png (262.48 KB, 1440x2158, 720:1079, Screenshot_2019-03-13-08-5….png)


It doesn't say Windows 10 only, it says "Windows Operating system", but it does state that you'll need an Xbox Live account to play it.

My guess is that it will be a Windows 10 only game. As it gets closer to launch, they'll pretend to wring their hands and lament how they "really wanted to support 7, but then state that they couldn't because they felt cross play was so important and Windows 7 can't do it".

For now they're keeping it quiet, because they know they have to build hype, but that if they made it Windows 10, they'd be shit on by a lot of players during the run up.

That's my theory anyway. Microsoft never fails to disappoint when it comes to pc gaming and pushing their shitty "solutions".

They know that consoles are a dying breed. Sony has locked down the casuals and the niggers, so they realize they have to break into pc software sales, but they can't just make good videogames, that's not worth their time, they need to wholly control whatever space they decide to enter, and leveraging the popularity of Halo to try and force adoption of their shitty software has always been their modus operandi. It won't be a standalone Steam release, it'll be like Ubisoft's Uplay and they'll hope that people adopt Windows 10 to play it.

4af1e7  No.16243160

File: b2265333444357b⋯.png (13.06 KB, 613x182, 613:182, whatismodified.png)

File: e5889a17f4c4f70⋯.png (14.07 KB, 347x491, 347:491, modified date.png)


>cuckchan forced meme

This is some god tier fucking delusion if you think any meme isn't a forced one.

>moot is gone so go back to halfchan

you first 3rd exodus scum.

>oh yeah I totally believe you

If you look closely at the art piece in the image you'll notice the original 8pol first week eagle which has since been lost to time and eaten up by halfchan stock photo's. Now cross refrence that with the date I last adjusted the image. Dead to rights I think I've explained here why your a thin skinned faggot.

Nice Reddit Spacing too by the way, maybe 9gag is more your speed.

a8025f  No.16243217


Why are you angry about this? This is good. I only wanted to buy it for 3's multiplayer and ODST's campaign and firefight mode. Now I'll get to save some money by not having to fuck around with 343 butchering 1,2 or deal with their new gay bullshit in 4

4af1e7  No.16243259

File: e54d96114e5c3fe⋯.png (61.72 KB, 408x500, 102:125, e54d96114e5c3fe7f3355ba215….png)



Last modified was last updated, so 2014 is the earliest date you can infer, but you didn't strike me as much of slueth to begin with.

>He thinks he can now weasel his way out of getting destroyed in his "newfag" argument to "remembering exoduses and their various impacts on 8chan culture is newfaggotry"

Seems about right. So what Exodus did you wash up on? Probably was 5th by the red herring rage post you just dropped. Am I right?

15ef6b  No.16243265

File: 81c99b8657c9857⋯.png (463.59 KB, 555x800, 111:160, 4JSF2aV.png)


>oldfag reveals himself


>newfriend loses his mind

LOL archived

1e16be  No.16243316

File: 5d8a4a32a4316b8⋯.gif (1.93 KB, 193x199, 193:199, 209643.gif)


this is a dream come true to me

i hope the games are optimized

15ef6b  No.16243350


Even if 4af1e7 did modified the dates somehow the reaction it recieved is pretty clear cut, ruse or no. i actually remember the first lit threads, good times

==ANYONE== who says remembering the exoduses is a newfag, is the newfag. In fact if its a ruse its even better since this sped just screeched out in stupidity before checking. This keeps getting better.

4af1e7  No.16243356

File: 9582c66353b32d7⋯.png (1.3 MB, 899x1000, 899:1000, LOL.png)


I'm not going through that trouble for a few images over this guy who can't take a Boomer meme without screeching in pain like the kike he is.

Here's an image that was also a 1 and done bannable offense of /v/ and /gamergate/ from back when it crashed and burned though just for the good time memories sake.

3ad14b  No.16243375


Man, what the fuck was Cole thinking?

d86a15  No.16243398


doubtful. IIRC MCC is done on DX11

1d6a24  No.16243404


>Halo 3: ODST (Campaign)

Wasn't the firefight mode a big draw of the game?

e5d528  No.16243408


Now that's a nostalgia trip. Those gg threads are beyond pathetic.

ba60ee  No.16243410

File: 275b7949f854096⋯.webm (11.71 MB, 853x480, 853:480, New Mombasa is comfy.webm)


>then you end up debating call of duty and pewdiepie seriously

>he doesn't know the truth about Felix "Gas The Kikes, Even The Tykes" Kjellberg


The campaign was great, anon. Sneaky night time rainy city feels are the best kind of feels

0ed610  No.16243424


>oy vey goyim the guy whose sister is a kike and who plays games about white women being hypnotized by nigger dicks is totally right wing


0ed610  No.16243425


Read posts before replying.

014292  No.16243437

File: 98ae1ff62506f09⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 503.79 KB, 837x900, 93:100, 28B7ACDD-6115-4C84-A231-5….jpeg)

File: 69bf00babe4230a⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 339.72 KB, 2048x1908, 512:477, 43A99E24-725D-46BA-A515-2….jpeg)

File: e1068d98571d33c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 800.2 KB, 806x1024, 403:512, 6EE78A97-1C3D-4181-AFFB-3F….png)

>tfw no big ayy gf

5cb6d8  No.16243460

2a9557  No.16243542


dont worry its just quakefags trying to derail shit and shut down gaylo threads

369e63  No.16243549

File: 1ac2c7ae746b60e⋯.jpg (16.16 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1ac2c7ae746b60eceb37642af4….jpg)

will previous owners of MCC get the game for free?

3ded63  No.16243558


If you have a Gamepass subscription I think that counts for Xbone and PC, but simply owning MCC on Xbone, I positive that's not going to count for PC.

c63a0c  No.16243577




>metafagging in a vidya thread for no reason

You sound butthurt over a ban or something and want to vent.

I understand what you're trying to say, 8chan used to be a place full of memes but now you get banned for it. I'm going to tell you something you really don't want to hear.

I used 8chan way back in the 2013 days after Fred left wizardchan, I was 17 back then. I'm 23 now. When I started using 8chan I was still in high school, I still lived with my parents and I never had a job. Since then I've done four years of college, got a degree, moved out of my parents' house, got a job and now live on my own. To say I still have the same sense of humor now as I did when I was a teenager would be a lie.

When the GamerGate fiasco kicked off in 2014 I was a freshman. I would have posted the dumbest fucking memes like many anons at that time did because I thought they were funny. You know what changed? I got older.

I would reckon a good 60% of 8chan's userbase after the GG exodus was under the age of 20. We all got older, we matured, these days I just want to talk about stuff without some retarded memester coming in and shitting up the thread with whatever the new meme of the month is. When I was 17 I was that retarded memester, a lot of us were.

The userbase didn't change, the users did. People like you have become the minority on /v/. I know you probably get caught up in the feedback loop of the LOL and meta threads that shitposting is great and /v/ is shit now, that but you have to remember that those threads get 50-100 users and /v/ has over 2000. That's –at most– 5% of the whole userbase. It was the users that petitioned the mods to crank down on the shitposting in the first place, do you not remember all the 2016 meta threads? That's why the some 6 /v/ alternatives over the years never took off except for /vg/, which is actually more strict than /v/ is.

I know that sucks if you pine for the old shitposting days when you could get away with pretty much anything, I know it's easy to use the mods as a scapegoat for the overall cultural shift on 8chan, but it's better if you either adapt to how it is now or move on from 8chan. Or just go to /tv/, you can shitpost all day long if you want over there.

7162c0  No.16243599



STALKER is very over hyped. The shooting in that game makes Halo's shooting look tight by comparison.

Hell, even Fallout 3's shooting is less autistic than STALKER.

STALKER is just about atmosphere and exploration, which it does well. The general problem is that it is dragged down by general clunkiness and instability.

The problem for me is that I find the atmosphereof STALKER not that appealing. Post Apocalyptic has been done to death, and it all just felt corny to me while I was playing it.

Never got charmed by the Slav wildlife, just felt like I was playing just another post apocalyptic game that was over hyped because, idk it's extra spooky and has campfire songs?

5cb6d8  No.16243622


>Hell, even Fallout 3's shooting is less autistic than STALKER.

Okay, that's going too far. STALKER is full Eurojank but it's not liquid ass like FO3.

0ed610  No.16243628


You are this delusional.

e715da  No.16243671


I would think it's the other way around. STALKER has a lot of nice ideas that aren't executed all that well while Halo is far less ambitious, but refined.

7162c0  No.16243709


I mean no one has been banned ITT yet. :/

So I don't know what you fags are complaining about.

I don't mind if this thread goes a little off topic because I pretty much laid out everything one would need to know in the OP.


All the Fallout games are dull including the first 2. The lore is somewhat interesting but it's not Bethesda's lore.

I just hate post apoc in general. It's dull and stupid. The only time it's ever worked was DayZ but that was because of DayZ having a multiplayer and an autistic community that made the multiplayer fun.

db0e51  No.16243737


Kenshi is post post apocalyptic and does it pretty well. It helps that it's set on an alien planet.

cb38e8  No.16243749

File: 9b02e6a320cd290⋯.png (956.53 KB, 640x1138, 320:569, 5s1b6humx0b21.png)

Where my 30 year olds that still consider HALO a shit?

Am i the only one?

Halo was the minecraft of the early 2000s

230456  No.16243768


They had to balance the DMR somehow, and reticle bloom was the best way to do it, otherwise we would have had another CE magnum.

c31084  No.16243804


Who cares, 5 is utter dogshit anyway.



>defending Halo

Seems correct.

Four years ago, even when the earliest signs of decay begin to set in, if you talked about Halo at any other time than Summer you got shit on by practically everyone. This thread is full of cuckchan/leddit and maybe a shill or two, though we won't see the heaviest marketing attempts until it's near release. Thankfully piracy culture is still strong, but you are witnessing the utter decline of this board.


The irony.


>you are a jew if you don't suck Microsoft's dick

Something something, cries out in pain as he strikes you. jew


>defending bland cuckchan memes

Please, no, stop. Stop proving me correct over and over again. ;^)

245691  No.16243815


This joke always fell flat because Master Chief is a real rank in the Navy. They didn't choose the name just because they thought it sounded cool.

d86a15  No.16243824


>I say it is so it's true

No one knows for sure, the reality is both sides claim they're in the right. But screeching about shit and BUMPING THE THREAD is a sure sign you're not from imageboards at all

7162c0  No.16243844

File: 7981b9eb270ef7b⋯.png (306.14 KB, 593x540, 593:540, Smug.png)


>you are a jew if you don't suck Microsoft's dick

>Something something, cries out in pain as he strikes you. jew

I bet you're using wangblows right now you baiting poser.

f84123  No.16243921

File: 0ef89662a9cdc02⋯.png (301.25 KB, 644x360, 161:90, Eldewrito.png)


>best way to balance it

They could have had randomized recoild so that the the shot would still be on your reticle, but the reticle wouldn't be predictable. This would be more skill based than just rapid firing if you think that you can't win by waiting for a reset.

9dc6cc  No.16243977


Spartan ones: decades before the 2s and only made about 1000ish. Heavy cost for not that effective augmentations. Eventually most retired, except maybe sergeant johsnon.

Spartan twos: the classic gene perfect kids kidnapped and raised from childhood to be perfect war machines.

Spartan threes: lots of orphans and not as gene perfect teens taken to be used as for suicide operations, with suboptimal equipment.

Spartan fours: bunch of vets with not as gold augmentations but superior armor compared to old Spartans. The poster boys of the new UEG

369e63  No.16243991


having a CE magnum is not a bad thing the weapon is perfectly balanced and very fun to play

08f1d2  No.16244027

patheric part is Halos arcadey mechanics are more fun than modern fps

d15ebc  No.16244028

File: 647983c4f62c38c⋯.jpg (110.13 KB, 1536x1152, 4:3, reach_18451815_Full.jpg)

File: 3bac93ec48031e7⋯.jpg (110.68 KB, 1536x1152, 4:3, reach_11304381_Full.jpg)

File: 2a977dc6657abb6⋯.jpg (276.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, reach_7678285_Full.jpg)

File: 50eee9942e01fdc⋯.jpg (134.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, reach_6610034_Full.jpg)

File: 84a53c9bcd8558a⋯.jpg (146.09 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, reach_13199622_Full.jpg)

>tfw no qt marine gf

4fe157  No.16244042

File: 092ea4ac256f786⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 340x347, 340:347, 6feb90e42d04eaae94d89989b2….gif)


>they got sent pizza

Ah, the good old prank.

4fe157  No.16244050


So they're doing a staggered release schedual like Segas doing with Yakuza.

65a645  No.16244051

File: f1de6b16f464b21⋯.png (131.97 KB, 256x640, 2:5, 9da56ffd0752c3402de5d5463f….png)



ab4d21  No.16244631


>Selling them alacarte suggests that the actual all in one collection must be really fucking expensive

They'll probably do the standard Early Access brand of horseshit, where if you buy it early you get it a lot cheaper at the risk of the game not fucking working properly/not getting the whole product immediately.

a3d909  No.16244762


>Be Cliffy B

>Make your fortune being Microsoft's bitchboy due to Gears of War

>Shit on PC constantly, suck M$ dick and shill the xbox


>Be Cliffy B

>A washed-up hasbeen owned by the chinese now, but hey at least you own one of the most popular F2P games now

>People trash your shitty Metro game

>End up having the franchise that built the console you made your fortune on be handed over to your chief competition in the wake of moving a shitty game exclusively to your platform

the ultimate cuck

8b5167  No.16245080

File: f50f204d66d1f62⋯.jpg (263.24 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, viva.jpg)

File: 82d2ed47ad17cee⋯.jpg (46.09 KB, 415x269, 415:269, vivapinatroublemast39.jpg)

File: e942907961d21de⋯.jpg (87.86 KB, 890x897, 890:897, leafos.jpg)


So then I suppose this sets the precedent for XBox games getting ported to PC.

When will I get muh Viva Pinata ports? The game engine is already PC compatible. One downside Id imagine is that they would probably slap the shitty party game in with the two actual games.

56d912  No.16245085


>Windows 7 can't do it

KI is Win32 app and does support crossplay with Xbone.


No fucking chance, at best you'll get it on Windows Store. How did they handle KI?


>The shooting in that game makes Halo's shooting look tight by comparison

Will fucking see if that so, I do wonder how good shooting is in Halo games now that we're speaking of it, but I expect something typical like in nearly all of modern FPS.

>Hell, even Fallout 3's shooting is less autistic than STALKER

And now you made me more skeptical. Either you haven't played STALKER or you have the shittiest taste when it comes to video games or perhaps it may as well be both. If anything STALKER shooting is quite satisfying and enemies don't feel too bullet sponge like in majority of modern shitty FPS, even on the hardest difficulty it's not as obvious and as terrible as it is in the those shitty games, especially Bethesda trash, although STALKER devs did implement some feature with scope shooting which increases your damage for a few secs. It feels great to headshot enemies by rifles with high accuracy even on the hardest difficulty thanks to this feature. For fuck's sake, they even implemented fire modes for weapons, how much of a turbo faggot can you be to claim that shooting is shit in STALKER, let alone say that Oblivion with guns is better? By no means STALKER is perfect, but I'd say they did gun play pretty well, those games are among my favorite when it comes to gun play.

I sincerely hate bullet sponge enemies and how those lazy devs love to use this shit for artificial difficulty increase. The only thing it does is ruining gun play and it's one of the worst things which happened to this genre. It's so bad I just loved Deus Ex and System Shock gun play in comparison.

56d912  No.16245143


Fuck, I just realized that you said "autistic", though the point still stands, especially if it was said as a bad thing or something.

81d492  No.16245155

File: 0753ed49f559202⋯.jpg (51.01 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, A man of culture.jpg)



I want to protect her smile and head

81d637  No.16245187


First game already has a PC version

8b5167  No.16245214


Yeah but its fucking annoying to get to work. Plus the sequel is the definitive version. I would also hope that the online features would be usable in a PC port of TiP.

05490c  No.16246376

Why couldn't any of the other Halo games have a story as good as 2s?

30b498  No.16246440

File: eb67a506fd1bf81⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 472x264, 59:33, hitler blondie.gif)


Microsoft is going to get this game out in record time to distract all the white guys from racial displacement.

05490c  No.16246505


Yet it still had the best story

14880f  No.16246601

File: 5453c5d11d0c1f7⋯.jpg (19.44 KB, 480x232, 60:29, 18222694_1387721977916616_….jpg)



>not cockmongler

I've been going here for to long

a3c8d2  No.16246610



>Portals everywhere

>Covenant have human thought process and society

>Another ring

>Flood again

>All that god awful pacing

>That fucking cliffhanger

<Best story

Kill yourself you tasteless underage nigger

a3c8d2  No.16246617


Board was already fucked, THQ AMA simply killed it, and I'm sure the Kiwi situation will bury it

3250d9  No.16246620

File: d35a1d3722e55d1⋯.jpg (66.79 KB, 640x432, 40:27, not this one dingus.jpg)

feeb7c  No.16246644

Seriously though if they cock up armor customization again I will bust an artery. Especially with how fucking important armor customization was to reach

05490c  No.16246672

>TFW No game about the Arbiter back when he was a ship master and about his many battles

a0e357  No.16246761


Arbiter is cooler than the chef tbh

2911df  No.16246765

File: 1988a3a0965f19a⋯.jpg (51.63 KB, 697x640, 697:640, 5cnuquslxbd6pzgwmj6rlmkikh….jpg)


>Seriously though if they cock up armor customization again I will bust an artery. Especially with how fucking important armor customization was to reach

I wonder if they're going to do a lame Half-Life product tie-in like they always do by giving you a HEV suit armor for Reach?

feeb7c  No.16246820


I mean, I really wouldn't care too much if they did something lame like slap a lambda on something or put a crowbar on the leg equips, I'm more talking, having real armor customization which was a huge thing in 3 and moreso in reach. In MCC you can't really customize armor outside of picking presets which is fucking lame

e6688f  No.16246849

File: c6e8636ff69efea⋯.jpg (79.69 KB, 413x1228, 413:1228, President Mongler.jpg)

d86a15  No.16246860


Doesn't work. Halo, up until reach had a fily system in which new armor could NOT be added without a recompile of EVERY map in existence. In Halo, when a map is compiled, a list of objects (vehicles, weapons, bipeds, etc) are called tags. These tags are built into the map file and outside globals you will sometimes find things in one map and not in another.

d86a15  No.16246866

cde602  No.16246950

File: 66b6d740b9ba58f⋯.jpg (30.86 KB, 400x400, 1:1, fNcogLRu_400x400.jpg)

Reach is the best Gaylo. Prove me wrong.

75de54  No.16246964

>it's not Hello Master Chef collection

f70218  No.16247013


zombies sucks in reach because there's no movable objects like barriers/crates like there was in halo 3 (old nazi zombie modes) and if you play limited lives, if the humans win, the game locks and you have to manually quit out to menu. i played 1500 games of zombie mode in halo 3 and the experience is one of the best in any fps with the right foundry map and gamemode. you don't get anything like that ever again post the mythic map packs because of how limited your interaction is with the maps. this follows into reach where nothing is a movable physics object at all anymore.

feeb7c  No.16247035


There's tons of movable physics objects in reach though?

f70218  No.16247056


maybe check again? i dont think there were any placeable physics objects, at least on maps worth building (i particularly remember forge world had zero movable objects, maybe it was for performance).

2911df  No.16247067


Up until Reach - and Reach is the first game launching, so it would still have the intended cross-promotional impact if that's the only game available at the time in an highly anticipated series.

d86a15  No.16247071


There are, but a big part of forge world was the massive pre-fabs. I'd love to get map authoring tools. Make some neat shit or port some shit to reach

d86a15  No.16247081


No, Reach had a similar file system. I don't think you understand. Halo's engine is built in a way that allows for fast map load and transition between bsp chunks in SP, the trade off is that you cannot ADD to the game in any meaningful way without forcing people to redownload EVERY base game map file which would essentially mean redownloading the entire game. Then you have to realize this breaks custom made maps via forge as they aren't accounted for in these updates (they're saved as their own mapfiles)

I'm pretty sure Halo 4 used hooks or on disc DLC. Actually I don't know if there was "DLC" armor for 4,

feeb7c  No.16247087


I know there was lots of objects you could phase or set as "locked" in reach, but there was still phys props. Hell I remember fusion coils and cells being in for custom game modes.

a18d2a  No.16247145

>reach on PC

muh dick

466b9c  No.16247310


oh so you're just paying for a texture pack

622d19  No.16247497

File: 7584abe3c666dc3⋯.png (2.07 KB, 143x30, 143:30, 1464546154287-2.png)

I said it when the game was out and now you will all see. The BR is an overpowered piece of shit that breaks game balance and turns every part of the map to no man's land. Now that every player can aim a mouse, everyone will immediately get four-shot death the second they come into another player's sights.

36534e  No.16247556


Sniper and Splaser are super OP with mouse aim as well, just from my impressions of Eldewrito

c10c72  No.16247578

feeb7c  No.16247641


Just play without BRs if you're too scared of them

7b180c  No.16247672

File: 2e5ea2f805d9a45⋯.png (214.35 KB, 320x704, 5:11, reach spartan.png)


From what I recall there were, but it's been years since I loaded it up last (which wasn't too long after it launched, I played like the first DLC and stopped shortly after). They'd better not fuck up the armor customization, it was fun coming up with your own unique set. I still remember what I had for my Halo 3 set: Rogue helmet, Security shoulders, and Hayabusa chest (possibly with katana, I can't remember for sure).

Fun fact: halo.bungie.net still has all the old data archived from just before the Bungie/MS split, so you can look up your stats and armor from back in the day.

2911df  No.16247744

File: f48e7dc2689623d⋯.png (208.47 KB, 320x704, 5:11, playermodel.ashx.png)


Looking back, I can't say I was all that good at the games, but at least I'm consistently in the positive K/D spread in public matchmaking.

1.43 in Reach, 1.1 in H3.

2911df  No.16247759

File: 79ed48f124ccb43⋯.jpg (112.85 KB, 1536x1152, 4:3, You.jpg)

feeb7c  No.16247803

File: 32fac174870494e⋯.png (98.25 KB, 575x548, 575:548, 1439846140347.png)


>Look up profile

>There's a video file called "What just happened?"

>Can't view video

>Old 360 was stolen so the video is totally gone

7b180c  No.16247833


It's been a long time, but I think that "video" files were really more just replays that were rendered in-engine when you played them. I seem to recall Bungie had a feature where you could render them into actual videos, but I think there was money involved. I don't think it's possible to download these old files to a 360 anymore, so beyond screenshots, it's nothing more than memories.

Also looked at the newspost again, and it said that Reach's Firefight will be included. Nothing about ODST's, which is a letdown, but at least there'll be something.

093a00  No.16247856

File: bbbc02a9503e224⋯.jpg (33.22 KB, 542x542, 1:1, odst-square-542x542.jpg)


You should play ODST.

5ef111  No.16247865

File: 8dc693cde09c3eb⋯.jpg (74.53 KB, 241x240, 241:240, Ds0UfXiWwAAw1299.jpg)


>playing a shooter

>for the story

okay soyfag, settle down there. I can hear the clap of your femboy asscheeks from here.

36534e  No.16247874


ODSTs Firefight will come out with ODSTs campaign

2a9557  No.16247931

File: 1e2d102c0130f6c⋯.jpg (47.88 KB, 438x431, 438:431, 1241243265586.jpg)


Its extremely painful how newfags out themselves, but its so easy to get them to do it and it works 100% of the time!

d86a15  No.16248313


there was no armor DLC, just map packs which had HOOKS in the code for it to load them. The defiant map pack featured a new helmet from a internal build of the game that got people's hopes up, but even 343i (who were the ones working on it) admitted it wwas impossible to add new armor to the game. EVery piece of armor you see in reach and in 3 (INCLUDING recon and Bungie flames) are on the disc and locked behind a simple 1/0 switch

0cba22  No.16248396


Its a shame the series' best character got killed off by a dindu but I dont consider that canon

d23251  No.16248416


No I'm with you; it's legit bizarre seeing this thread when halofags used to be treated like furries back in the day.

0cba22  No.16248422


Do you not remember/were not around when we play a fuck ton of El Dewrito?

ba60ee  No.16248438

File: 872bbd0830ff5df⋯.jpg (338.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, heeeeeeeyyyyyy.jpg)


I never knew before that I liked girls in balaclavas, but I do now

f84123  No.16248759

File: 7cdbb609d44814c⋯.jpg (563.12 KB, 1904x2584, 14:19, Halo in 2019.jpg)


That only applies to the Halo 2 hitscan battlerifle. 3's battlerifle fired projectiles and couldn't be used as effectively at range.

Also, I have some good news. Halo Reach, the first part of MCC will have all features at launch. Motion blur will be removed and it will be Hd with 60fps.

There's no word about any game mechanic changes nor about mod support.

622d19  No.16249342


It may be not be as effective at long range, but players' idea of making it a starting weapon is pretty absurd. It effectively makes every other non-power weapon completely redundant and grinds match pace to a halt since it's a coin toss whether it's safe to move between cover.

8aaea5  No.16249380

Needs xbox live???


d45bf3  No.16249397


An account, not a subscription

8aaea5  No.16249436


Scared me there for a second.

3ded63  No.16249457


Microsoft knows they can't get away with that on PC, people would find a way to bypass there way into the servers or make there own pirate servers within hours.

dd90b3  No.16249515


Not in 2006-2007, Microsoft literally tried to force paid online on PC with GFWL before everyone complained.

GFWL was the biggest reason Steam got so popular because they forced that shit in a ton of games, even physical copies

59ac45  No.16249522


So, is the shooting is any good in Halo games? Always been skeptical about Halo because it's console FPS series, but I'm also getting Starship Troopers vibe just from the look of it which is why it caught my interest. Wanted to try it out, but really never cared enough to bother with fixing the first two games.

3ded63  No.16249571

File: a2b3ca4d6bbf881⋯.jpg (235.48 KB, 1536x1152, 4:3, halo3_1749216_Medium.jpg)


What makes Halo's combat interesting is that allot of Enemies have energy shields, they don't take as much damage from human weapon's, but Energy weapons take down shields fast, only for Energy weapons to then not do as well once the shields are down so human weapons are better for landing the finishing blow.

There are plenty of fun weapons to use in Halo, with the Plasma grenade that sticks to enemies before detonating a second later, ensuring they know their doomed, being the most Iconic.

Enemy AI is also pretty good, on lower Difficulties once you kill an enemy leader the Small Grunt enemies will cower in fear of you, but on harder modes they will attempt to Suicide bomb you.

53044d  No.16249606


Make that image bigger.

466644  No.16249639

File: 31f7463e9232915⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 157.22 KB, 1337x917, 191:131, ClipboardImage.png)


You got it!

ba60ee  No.16249660

File: b49c18dcc2d7dbd⋯.mp4 (13.4 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Halo CE - CTF Blood Gulch ….mp4)


>never cared enough to bother with fixing the first two games

But Halo CE isn't broken on PC. It's famous for being able to run on toasters. Get the game and make up your own mind

59ac45  No.16249710


I remember people shitted on Gearbox for making the port terrible.

cdee3b  No.16249725


The arbiter was a cuck before he got branded an heretic.


It was a great port actually, they even restored a weapon that got cut in the xbox version.

2a9557  No.16249796


any downloads for the game with working multiplayer?

8c2f94  No.16249855




>What makes Halo's combat interesting is that allot of Enemies have energy shields, they don't take as much damage from human weapon's, but Energy weapons take down shields fast, only for Energy weapons to then not do as well once the shields are down so human weapons are better for landing the finishing blow.

Bullshit outside Legendary


The technical options were terrible but fixable with console commands and some bloom effects are missing

Outside of that, it's the best version of the game

423e42  No.16249872


>GFWL was the biggest reason Steam got so popular because they forced that shit in a ton of games, even physical copies

Steam was forced on "physical copies" too by them being nothing more than a Steam code in a box

GFWL "physical copies" and Steam codes in a box are not physical copies, a physical copy has the entire game on the disc(s) and doesn't require some scum platform like GFWL or Steam to be playable at any point. Using your logic, a prepaid iTunes card is a physical copy which it isn't, so those download codes in a box aren't physical copies either.

Steam got popular because people fell for Valve's brainwashing, the so called journalists were pushing digital distribution as hard as they could, in fact they still are, and people refused to boycott.

feeb7c  No.16249903

File: ac2e3f9ace6b2d0⋯.jpg (42.82 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Easy mode.jpg)


>Bullshit outside Legendary

>playing any difficulty that isn't legendary

dc1341  No.16249911

File: 5c71e90a9486949⋯.jpg (6.48 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Cabal.jpg)


>Steam was forced on "physical copies" too

True, the difference being that their shit platform actually worked

>by them being nothing more than a Steam code in a box

That only started to happen in 2012

>GFWL "physical copies" and Steam codes in a box are not physical copies

They are physical copies as a physical box is attached to them

An online connection is needed for them though, that's the distinction you should be making.

>Steam got popular because people fell for Valve's brainwashing

No, Steam and digital distribution got popular because Microshit forced it extensively and Valve saw the opportunity to make dosh.

Microsoft was the catalyst for digital distribution on PC and console, it just didn't go as well as they were planning on PC, ironically due to ex-employee kikes that were as jewish as them if not more.

e5d528  No.16249917


Halo on pc is awful.

3ded63  No.16249919


Bullshit the Games mechanics only become the most interesting on the hardest difficulty mode

Yeah no shit, Why would you ever not play Legendary?

7b1f4d  No.16249926

File: c72e853afa38b1d⋯.jpg (21.94 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)



I respect Bungie's suggestion

dc1341  No.16249940

File: e047dc243181a04⋯.mp4 (1.96 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Silver Spermer.mp4)



Also, there's nothing wrong with non DRM digital distribution, as a matter of fact, it's superior to physical distribution if DRM is out of the equation.

This due to the fact that physical distribution is copy protected and that constitutes DRM.



>liking bulletsponges

>liking the fact that you're killed faster than your A.I friendlies despite being a One Man Army in the lore

I bet you like Doom 3 as well


>Halo is awful


Try to give some substance to your statements next time

d6b679  No.16249952


Gearbox's port is one of the best things that company has ever produced, and they had the balls to release it with the developer kit (though to be fair it was common practice at the time among the competition), and they gave it functioning online multiplayer since that got cancelled for the console release.




>It's famous for being able to run on toasters.

Every random shitty pre-built Dell PC at my school was able to install the Demo and play multiplayer on LAN. That shit was dope, I guarantee you it boosted sales a ton.

59ac45  No.16249956


>Why would you ever not play Legendary

If it's like in Bethesda games I understand why it's not the best idea to play on highest difficulty. Enemies aren't bulletsponge in Halo, are they?

feeb7c  No.16249958


<Uwaaaah waaaaah I can't hit headshots

991392  No.16249966


>wanting 5

if you're going to play halo then at least play the somewhat fun but still lacking ones. 1-Reach were the best, 4 and 5 were just fucking awful.


>steam is just glorified games for windows

t.never used GFWL

Steam is nothing like it, even with a crack GFWL is always there just fucking raping your ass.


There's a halo 3 for pc for free. It's not the same but it's practically halo 3 at this point. eldewrito, the same that got that copyright strike a while back but they ignored it apparently


If you're looking for halo lore then go watch Halo Legends, it's not all lore-y but there's a good bit of depression and lore in it.

3ded63  No.16249969



>Bullet Sponges

Only if your an idiot, The tactic since the first game has always been to use Energy weapons to disable enemy shields and the switch to a human weapon and head shot them.

Snipers are also a one head shot kill even with shields.

d45bf3  No.16249972


They have some toughness, but not sponginess.

7b1f4d  No.16249981

File: 256e7d3729188c7⋯.jpg (151.31 KB, 1032x774, 4:3, afawe.jpg)


>snipers are also a one headshot kill even with shields

<shoot elite zealot in face with sniper rifle

<shimmer shield

why you lying

6dd6d2  No.16249989

File: 226cbca2cc86605⋯.jpg (19.73 KB, 275x280, 55:56, 275px-Female_Marine.jpg)


>Halo 2

>On a Ghost

>Literally can't headshot or take cover without getting out

>Enter a section

>Immediately get headshotted

>Have to get out of the Ghost everytime I get in a new section completely killing the pacing of the vehicle section

10/10 game design


>Snipers are also a one head shot kill even with shields.

It's 2 you disingenuous ignorant retard, and most of the time you'll have to get get close to enemies to hit them only to get your shitty regenerating health wasted so you have to take cover evey 2 minutes

10/10 game design

3ded63  No.16249992



I'm mostly thinking of Halo 1,tbh I need more experience with the others, but that's what I'm looking forward too

d45bf3  No.16249995


Heroic is the sweet spot in 2

423e42  No.16249996


Piracy is the only form of non DRM digital distribution and is the only acceptable form of digital distribution. DRM free physical copies are superior to any form of paid digital distribution. Physical copies are only copy protected if that is added in, I have several physical DRM free physical copies and they have no copy protection and they are more DRM free than supposedly DRM free GOG

7b1f4d  No.16250001

File: 022870e853373b6⋯.jpg (82.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, shotgun spree.jpg)


oh, my mistake

6dd6d2  No.16250017

File: 0eeec1c1f44dc38⋯.jpg (28.33 KB, 700x408, 175:102, Anon moonman.jpg)


*to hit them with energy weapons


It's the same fucking issue

Unless you constantly use the Plasma Pistol charge shot, the energy shield enemies are still bulletsponges.

The Flood is even worse


Too easy, there is no sweet spot in Halo games, it's either too easy or just frustratingly stupidly hard with enemies that headshot you as you hit a corner


>Physical copies are only copy protected if that is added in

Literally every single one after is

> I have several physical DRM free physical copies and they have no copy protection and they are more DRM free than supposedly DRM free GOG

No, you're a fucking idiot, you can make as many backups as you want with GOG or any DRM free file, all physical copies are stuck to that fucking CD/Bluray/whatever the fuck until it rots or breaks.

There's nothing wrong with GOG aside from the political angle, but if you dislike that shit you got not right to buy from retail middlemans which are 10 times worse gatekeepers and much bigger kikes.

cdee3b  No.16250019


They're usually even more frail than in heroic, the only difference is that the chief gets oneshotted by absolutely fucking everything, there's a skull that doubles enemy HP if cuckthesda games are your thing.

6dd6d2  No.16250026



Samefagging too much now but I'm going to correct myself

It's not even hard, just boring as fuck as you have to play it as a cover shooter and constantly hug corners for your life.

6dd6d2  No.16250034


>chief gets oneshotted by absolutely fucking everything

In Heroic?

Only shotguns and explosions

Even sniper headshots aren't one hit kills if you have full shields

It's piss easy

ba60ee  No.16250068


Halo CE is one of the easiest games for Legendary. The only thing that comes close to bullshit is a rocket launcher flood. Otherwise the sandbox equips you for pretty much every encounter. Halo 2 legendary on the other hand is heap of bullshit sprinkled with even more bullshit. Heroic difficulty is the way to go for that one

2911df  No.16250160


> the trade off is that you cannot ADD to the game in any meaningful way without forcing people to redownload EVERY base game map file which would essentially mean redownloading the entire game.

And? MCC is a new release on PC, so they can add whatever armors they want and it'll only require the initial download of the latest version. For Xboners, well MCC is "modern" game release - so they're already primed for massive download patches on the regular. Microsoft could just push a 8~10GB "compatibility" update patch with each PC release that, on Xboxes, just replaces whatever the latest game release is. The entire MCC file size is like 90GB, so around 1/10th of that should seem to be about normal for a regular patch. It's not like they release patch notes, so who the hell is going to know they weren't just patching up a ton of code in the background to "improve stability" or were just adding in an armor that required an entirely new build of the game?

ba60ee  No.16250341

a-anons there some competitive halo 3 going on in case anyone is interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kxwmRPaeuw

2a9557  No.16250370

File: 6edf7c6a43a4075⋯.jpg (79.39 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Halo world championship.jpg)


>in case anyone is interested


37109d  No.16250625


Please never reproduce. Your entire idea reeks of an idiot who lacks any understanding implementation.

>just add thing

Go look at how halo 1 maps work, this is at the very core of halo's engine

d86a15  No.16251045


Again, doesn't work the way you think it does. Especially for Halo 3, which is already part of the Mcc on xbawx.

6ef507  No.16251428

File: 03cd709373595c0⋯.jpg (61.88 KB, 734x510, 367:255, WEW.jpg)


I've been replaying Halo CE on Legendary and the fucking Elites even skip frames because they accelerated their animations too much.

They also thought it was a good idea to spawn enemies behind you 90% of the time and drag on the boring ass wave sections like Truth and Reconciliation.

Fucking thing sucks ass, best part is spawning bulletsponge Red Elites over and over instead of padding some sections with some Blue Elites which are much more satisfying to kill as they're fast but die somewhat quick.

It's a goddamned travesty and feels like I'm playing Serious Sam without the cool weapons or good handling.

093a00  No.16255751



How about LASO?

61f64a  No.16255755

File: ce0705eef55230c⋯.png (256.23 KB, 936x528, 39:22, Cortana comparsion.png)






Halo 5 actually already has a free PC port: It's only the forge and MP, but those are the only parts of the game that are good, so not having the rest doesn't really matter. And yes, 5's forge and MP are actually good: 5 removes almost all of the Call of Duty shit 4 added and in general refines a lot of stuff Halo has had issues with in the past. The issue is just that it outwardly looks even more gimmicky then 4 does, but it's really not, and is arguably a lot closer to the classic halo expierence then even Reach was.


> 5 is literally just a tranny head to toe.

People always say this but I don't get it. 5's Cortana's face is far cuter and more feminine then her model in CE, 2, or 3, pic related





Bloom's drama is stupid. In Halo 3, weapons had a fuck ton of random spread to begin with, Bloom at least makes the level of spread visible on the reticule and allows you to manage it via pacing your shots. The actual problem wasn't bloom as a mechanic, it was the specific values given to the DMRwhich caused spamming shots to typically be better then pacing them. Lowering the level of bloom as the TU did "fixed" it, but it also made it so that it, the magnum, and needle rifle all got better and made the focus rifle, AR, etc worse, which is a shame since Reach had a semi-decent AR, unlike Halo 3.

On PC, as >>16247497 says, I imagine it's going to be even worse balance wise since a mouse will make it so consistrently landing shots with precision weapons will be much easier. I know CE and 2 are on PC already, so maybe anons who play them can comment on if the sniper, pistol, BR, Carbine, etc are better on PC then on xbox. I'm almost hoping it DOESN'T have crossplay just so there can be PC specific balance tweaks. Reduce the fire rate on the sniper and precison weapons, reduce the amount of spread and up the accuracy on automatics, etc.


Good luck with that, the Halo fanbase is obessed with the BR, so you won't be able to do customs without it unless you find other people who dislike it, and it'll be in every playlist. It's not a matter of being "scared" of it eithere, the BR is piss easy to use, the issue is that if fucks with game balance.


The problem is that if you DON'T have BR starts in Halo 2, the team that picks up BR';s or carbines first just instantly wins because the SMG can't hit shit past 5 feet so there's no way to fight back. So it's a damned if ytou do, damned if you don't siutation. 2 is my favorite game in the series but the weapon balance extremely fucked. H2A sort of improves it by buffing a few guns and by adding the AR, but there's no AR starts still in matchmaking so it's not that much an improvement


This may be controversial, but even as somebody who loves the series, IMO Halo's gunplay isn't it's strong suit. Reach was the first games in the series where it felt decently satisying to use most guns and aim and shoot with them, and it didn't really get good till H2A and especially Halo 5. Then again, aiming and shooting with a mouse is such an inherently different expierence from using sticks, so i'm not sure what i'm saying here has any merit for the PC release.

To me what makes Halo worthwhile is how much they offer as packages. Not a lot of FPS games have both a full feather length campaign, a full mutliplayer suite, and (for a console game anyways) a whole host of user created content tools. Combined with strong visual design, some of the most fleshed out and expansive lore in vidya, and a killer soundtrack, and the games have a lot to offer. But the gunplay, physics, movement are indeed lacking for most of them.


In 3, ODST, Reach, and 4 originally,yes, theater clips were in engine replay, and screenshots went through a higher resolution renderer then the normal game resolution On MCC, both are re-routed through the xbone's game capture system, so the video clips are just video files (once you clip them), ands screenshots are taken at the game's normal resolution. I'm hoping on PC they fix it so that it works more like it did in each game originally


Halo 2 was an improvement over CE in every way other then weapon balance and making health invisible to you/removing healthpacks


ecbdbb  No.16259337

File: d826ee676ad7a2b⋯.png (70.93 KB, 280x261, 280:261, 1451359517040.png)


>Halo 2 was an improvement over CE in every way other then weapon balance and making health invisible to you/removing healthpacks

So what you're saying is, H2 was worse in two of the most important core aspects to gameplay?

2 also had a worse campaign

61f64a  No.16259381


>So what you're saying is, H2 was worse in two of the most important core aspects to gameplay?

Nah, the most important aspect of the core gameplay is movement, aiming, etc, and that's all far better in 2 then in CE.

>2 also had a worse campaign

I keep seeing people say this and I don't get it, at all.

CE's campaign is extremely tedious and repetitive. There's very few weapons or enemy types, what little plot there is is largerly an excuse to bridge the gaps between missions aside from the central twist, and worst of all is the levels themselves: Outdoor spaces are almost all wide open empty fields and valleys with little too no complex geometry, meaning that there's little variation to how to engage combat, and interior spaces are all copy pasted hallways and rooms, identical in layout and visual design, and due to how barren both indoor and outdoor spaces are due to technical limits at the time, both feel very sterile, and the game re-uses themes a lot

By contrast, 2 has a much larger weapon sandbox, a few additional enemy types, an actual fleshed out narrative with characters that undergo character development, multiple narrative threads, and most importantly, both indoor and outdoor playspaces have actual variety and havfe more complex layouts: indivual rooms in indoor levels are viisbly distinct and have unique layouts, outdoor spaces have stuff like buildings, cliifs, etc to break them up so the envoirment helps dictate combat, and they actuallyt feel like real plqaces, not generic video game environments.

c31084  No.16259984


Filtered for defending Halo 5.

61f64a  No.16261387


To be absolutely clear, Halo 5, as a package, is fucking trash. I don't reccomend anybody buys it. Thee campaign is shit, the story is shit, the art design is even worse then 4's, and worst of all, there's no local play or splitscreen.

However, in terms or core gameplay mechanics, weapon balance, forge: Those are all fantastic:

In terms of How Halo 5 removes 4's bullshit CoD-esque changes

>loadouts are gone from 4

>perks are gone from 4

>ordinance/killstreaks are gone from 4

>even starts are back from 4

>you can pickup grenades again after 4 removed it

>on map weapon pickups are back after 4 removed it

>descope is back after 4 removed it

In terms of how Halo 5 stacks up to Halo's design philsopy in general

>Returns to a pure Weapons, Melee, and Grenade triangle after 3, Reach, and 4 disrupted it

>Brings back emphasis on on map pickups, power weapons, and map control that Reach and 4 undermined

>Has CE and 2 style vertical level designs, the same emphasis on platforming that other Halo games have

>Still retains the same basic movement and gunplay feel that other Halo games have

>Retains the same sandbox staples as prior games in the series

In terms of how 5 refines on past games in the series

>high base movement speed

>indivual aiming sensitivity per axis per stick, inner and outer deadzone adjuistment for each stick, seperate per axis accelleration options, etc

>No random spread on precision weapons

>Automatics can hit shit past 5 feet, are actually worth using

>Unique weapons like the plasma caster, needler, railgun, etc are all also solid without being OP

>Custom Game Browser

>Forge mode has 5+ forge world sized canvases, Limited texture editing/programming, prefabs and object grouping, copy-pasting, Time of day and weather effects, sound/particle effects

05490c  No.16261881

The flood don’t need some retardedother dimensional lore. The fact that they can take someone over and know their memories is more than enough to make them a threat.

423e42  No.16262028


I have several DRM free physical copies, I can copy and paste the data on them to a back up and they don't require an account or server authorization to access the files on the disc. If DRM is going to be added to a physical copy then it has to be intentionally added such as a cd-key. Unless you are a drone that is implying it is DRM because the data on the disc cannot be deleted because it is pressed.

>much bigger kikes

GOG is far worse, they are charging for a fucking download. The entire model of charging for digital distribution is unethical, immoral, and extremely kikeish.

61f64a  No.16263407

Windows 7 support confirmed on plebbit ama


The lore in the forerunner novels is really, really well done. If you enjoy cosmic horror or classic sci fi epics, then you should read them

The issue is that people only read wiki summaries of what happens in them, and that makes them sound stupid because a lot of the crazy stuff in them only works due to how fucking good the writing is in context.

61f64a  No.16265013

Full summary of notable bits of plebit ama

- Win7 support

- Mod support is planned, collaborating with El Dewrito devs, support for Halo Custom Edition content is something they wanna do

- Reach will have the full armor cutomization system, adding it back for 3 and 4 is something they are interested in but isn't in the current roadmap

- PC specific balance tweaks to account for mouse accuracy is possible

- Unlocked Framerates, ultrawide

- Community hosted/private servers is on the table but not something they are actively pursuing yet. Custom game browser will be there

- Forge and theater support will be coming in for the games around when Halo 3 launches on it, so won't be available for reach when reach first comes

- progress/stats from the xbox version will carry over, crossplay between xbox and PC is possible but not confirmed/finalized, there's some stuff that needs to be decided on/worked out they want community input on

- There WILL be steam/MS store crossplay

- THey wanna have splitscreen but it's still being looked into

7b180c  No.16265153


Even if it's plebbit, you should probably link it anyway: https://old.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/b2yn6a/ske7chs_answered_questions_during_ama/

As a note, stats will carry over from Xbone, not the original 360 version of Reach. I guess I never really did a whole lot of grinding back then, so it's not too much of a loss, but RIP for the people who actually ground all the way to the skull helmet.

What's got me most surprised is that they're actively pursuing mod support, even CE. For a franchise whose last PC entry was a lackluster port 12 years ago, it's rather shocking that they're taking it this seriously. Ultra-wide resolutions, uncapped framerates, mod support, not making it Win10 exclusive…I feel like there's going to be a catch at some point, but I don't see it yet.

b8b84f  No.16265319


>No ability to pre-order or buy as a bundle before release.

>Windows 7 support

>Actually listening to fans

OK who removed the jew at microshaft??

b8b84f  No.16266458

So which Halo books are worth reading?

61f64a  No.16267195


Depends, are you a fan of the series who wants to get into them in general who hasn't read them before, or are you just wanting the stuff tthat gives context to the games in MCC as a new fan, etc

It also sort of depends on your standards. I'd say as long as you aren't a huge /lit/fag with high standards almost all of them are.

30eec5  No.16268715


Actually sounds promising. How will 343 manage to fuck it up? **My guess is always online bullshit*"

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