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File: 1cafe3de5b32bd5⋯.jpeg (445.74 KB, 1600x899, 1600:899, image.jpeg)

44a52e  No.16240141

Who's your favorite character in this game in terms of gameplay? Personally, V is my favorite. His style makes me think of a Mage type character and his devil trigger and shadow attacks are pretty powerful. He's also got the best dodges because of griffon

8aa14a  No.16240143

Dante because he is Al Dente

78104d  No.16240146

The one with dark clothing

d3ef95  No.16240169

File: 861905fb21335d8⋯.png (597.32 KB, 1200x1803, 400:601, ThisHugeGuyWhosCarryingThe….png)


>fellow Vfags

Gitting gud with him is one of the most satisfying feelings of the whole game. My favorite thing to do with him is activate DT and send all his summons to town while he does the evil laugh taunt, accompanied by Crimson Cloud's chorus. Its so unbelievably edgy I end up with a massive grin on my face by the end of it all.

92251e  No.16240173

I can't get fucking used to the Dante sword, it just changed some imputs but my stupid brain just want to play it like Rebellion and i end up fucking up all my combos

a491e8  No.16240175

File: cbd22dc443a3f95⋯.png (431.22 KB, 861x620, 861:620, nico1.png)

If only she didn't have those horrible tattoos.

a01143  No.16240201


And that busted face. And that disgusting voice. And that annoying personality.

3fd888  No.16240210

File: ef9404c3a86622b⋯.jpg (59.91 KB, 1242x287, 1242:287, dismal.jpg)


On a replay you can choose which sword Dante uses. Just go with Sparda if you don't like using DSD.

538c20  No.16240222

File: 8b3c6a28adb9bba⋯.jpg (81.62 KB, 1024x581, 1024:581, Boomer Dante.jpg)

File: 5da82b02911e22c⋯.jpg (50.87 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Boomer Vergil.jpg)

File: a098950b79bc49b⋯.jpg (67.06 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Nero Monster.jpg)

File: 237d5768cddfba4⋯.jpg (99.44 KB, 1500x1050, 10:7, V THPS.jpg)

I'v Always done best with Nero since i'm better at using what I have to the fullest extent rather then Having a ton of Options that more or less substitute for the same fundamental things.

That is until Vergil is officially playable of course.

da26e1  No.16240225

Dante because I really like the Cavaliere, but I really dislike V because shadow usually spawns in extremely retarded places and fucks up my directional input or or does the anti-air triangle combo against a ground target instead. It's a great idea and it feels amazing when it works out, but I don't feel 100% in charge the same way I do when I'm playing Nero or Dante.

416625  No.16240230

>Who's your favorite character in this game in terms of gameplay?

Have to give it to Dante. Nero is great, best he's ever been, but his aerial options are just way too good, it makes it too easy to stay out of danger at all times. I feel like V has some bizarre input delay and no semblance of buffering, so a lot of the time my summons aren't doing what I want them to do, unless you just want to set and forget Shadow and Griffon to their Devil Trigger activities and just ride Nightmare.

How do the counters feel to everyone else? At a glance they seem too forgiving, since you'll get a lot of counters mid-combat accidentally, but trying to get them consistently on Vergil or Cavaliere Angelo is tougher than I expected. I've been practicing against Furies in the Void and it seems like Balrog's ignited fists are the snappiest way to get a counter, outside of just Guarding everything. Rolling Blaze also interrupts Furies' attacks, which is pretty safe.


The other outfit is more tolerable

a491e8  No.16240232


What's the other outfit?

44a52e  No.16240233



Her eyes look so damn weird without glasses

a491e8  No.16240236


I can't promise anythng since I am very far behind my personal project schedule but I would like to try "de-making" her into a more DMC4 styled model, at least the face.

416625  No.16240246

File: 60745806b8b7f4e⋯.jpg (88.56 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, ex outfits.jpg)



>Her eyes look so damn weird without glasses

Well, they look weird with them as well

a491e8  No.16240250


White hair with no glasses?

ab76d7  No.16240251


She's a half-breed as well right?

a491e8  No.16240256


Nope, Agnus became artificial demon after he left them.

da26e1  No.16240259


Lady's outfit 2 looks so much better than the default because of the black jacket, but those glasses make her Schwarzenegger-tier box head look even worse.

ab76d7  No.16240266


I meant of the Oil Drilling, Coal Burning variety.

44a52e  No.16240270


The problem I had with V at first was that because I was always moving around to avoid attacks, my demons would always do the opposite of what I wanted them to. Once I figured that out, I became godly as V

3fd888  No.16240271


I like how Donte's color palette looks better on the actual Dante than it does on Donte himself.

44a52e  No.16240278


It's the longer hair that sells it

a491e8  No.16240280


Apparently she isn't related by blood to the Goldsteins per se, her mother came from a second marriage to grampa Goldstein, I am not sure.

ab7f00  No.16240281

What the fuck was that ending about?

a491e8  No.16240284


What part?

da26e1  No.16240290


Because Dante is a good looking guy, while Donte was modeled off of a rat faced frog-greek-turksomething mutant.

182ca2  No.16240292


theres 4 of them

92251e  No.16240299


How do you do that? I always send Griffon to his impending doom when i try to shoot and walk

24a53e  No.16240301


He looks like a man, even if Donte didn't resemble a mexican he's got that soy slouch where you look like you're hunched over when you stand upright.

44a52e  No.16240306


By not locking on to enemies

416625  No.16240312


Right, I get that dodging cancels their attacks, and it's useful in the Geryon Knight fight to avoid getting stalemated, but that's not really what I meant. Unless you keep them very close to you, they'll be constantly despawning away from the enemies and respawning to get closer to V, right? And inputs get lost during those windows, so I'll find myself trying to do Skewer or Double Check and then take my attention off the spawn because I assume he's doing what I asked, and then look back to see that nothing's happened. I'm not seeing any great technical execution with that character, unless I'm missing something major.

92251e  No.16240324


Thanks anon ❤

d3ef95  No.16240328


That reminds me, does anyone know if the game has an active modding scene already? I've heard people have already done model swaps of characters and are working on releasing playable Vergil in some capacity. I'd love to see a DMC1 style Dante face and outfit in the future.


My initial reaction to the ending was disappointment; I was completely expecting some kind of Mundus revival or a more satisfying resolution to the Urizen conflict. That said, I don't hate the ending outright, and its clear they were aiming for a happy ending for Dante and Vergil's character arcs. the ending works a lot better when you realize Dante and Vergil can use Yamato to leave Hell at any moment and that they're only staying so they can fight and settle out their differences. Plus it ties in nicely with the beginning of the Divine Comedy through Vergil guiding Dante through the layers of Hell.

26b2b4  No.16240332

File: ead13a66008dcaf⋯.jpg (139.6 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, V Cyberpink.jpg)

File: ceafc8a642966d8⋯.jpg (54.09 KB, 950x633, 950:633, V DMC.jpg)

What's with all the video game protagonists named V lately?

Is it a /v/ reference or something?

d3ef95  No.16240335


shid, first reply was meant for >>16240236

da26e1  No.16240341

5ed5ac  No.16240346


For vendetta.

ab76d7  No.16240348


Fuck the women in this game are ugly.

a5e6b5  No.16240349

I like all three but V is my least favourite. Tough call between Dante and Nero. Dante obviously has all the weapons and guns and styles, but Nero is a bunch of fun despite having one weapon and gun.

92251e  No.16240359


Nero is fucking glorious in 5, it feels less stiffer and that aerial plunge with the sword is rad as fuck also being able to stay airborne longer with the taunt is a nice little touch

ead098  No.16240364

File: b5ae32f008a0f9f⋯.jpg (22.57 KB, 255x222, 85:74, b5ae32f008a0f9fbf01ee72006….jpg)


>tfw thought it said "working nigress" in the first image

c2e58b  No.16240374


>working nigress


Lay off the wacky tobaccy, anon.

a5e6b5  No.16240399


Well V is for Vergil and Cyberpunk V some people think is a cyborg, version 5/V.


He's got a crazy amount of aerial control. Aerial Combo, Roulette Spin, Enemy Step, Double Jump, Flap Top, Taunt, Snatch, Calibur, Buster moves. Real good stuff.

67ed92  No.16240401



07c2b9  No.16240402

File: ba630b89af435a1⋯.png (164.56 KB, 591x472, 591:472, image0.png)

I liked what they did with V. Not just in gameplay, but also in the way that he helps explain Vergil's motives as to why he always seeked power.

Also I generally loved the OST, however I was disappointed by the King Cerberus theme as the buildup led me to expect a remixed version of Cerberus' theme from 3, but instead it went straight into trash.


I was expecting a more somber ending rather than the happy ending we got, but I was okay with it.

182ca2  No.16240405



26b2b4  No.16240410

File: 12df41c129236b7⋯.jpg (640.73 KB, 1090x1090, 1:1, 0ba659dfd5f44fee2564fbdb71….jpg)




44a52e  No.16240425

>tfw Dante's theme is still trash

d3ef95  No.16240434



07c2b9  No.16240435


It's okay, but I really do like it when you hit an S and you hear


ead098  No.16240436

File: f04529ddb3e3547⋯.jpg (329.03 KB, 1024x966, 512:483, chaika.jpg)


>not even an actual collage, just 80% opacity images overlayed over a larger image

da26e1  No.16240442


It's really nice that crapcom gave out a free, denuvoless, version that also comes with all of the DLC, including the better music tracks, innit m8?

07c2b9  No.16240448

File: 38398a99205711e⋯.jpg (91.45 KB, 705x530, 141:106, 171f3da9c50b58109fe8f5a14b….jpg)


>tfw that remix of Devils Never Cry that's in the DMC recap isn't in the game

182ca2  No.16240449



005fbb  No.16240474


>Nightmare's out

>V still has black hair

acdf12  No.16240477

File: e5e06633574d59c⋯.jpg (31.94 KB, 406x384, 203:192, nico .jpg)


>other outfit

44a52e  No.16240482

File: 26f415592900389⋯.png (530.81 KB, 1257x1079, 1257:1079, Devil_May_Cry_5_Faust_Hat_….png)


9d8b6e  No.16240485


>fight and settle out their differences

Except that would require ignoring that the 3rd fight with Vergil never happened in DMC3. And the bonus ending of DMC3 makes it clear that Vergil is more concerned with living up to his father's legacy. Really, having some other evil manipulate Vergil' into his current form in 5 would make more sense rather than "Vergil is still salty". Hell if they went with that, they could go back and remake DMC2, and change the plot to be about Dante trying to find Vergil and see if he could rescue him, like he tried to do at the end of the 3rd Vergil fight.


>May Kanker

ead098  No.16240487

File: c9b2916e43b6c85⋯.png (30.59 KB, 890x875, 178:175, c9b2916e43b6c85cfce4eceb3e….png)

182ca2  No.16240488

File: e49fe2ed25b8c72⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 601150_20190311075216_1.png)

File: 699a9f81621018e⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 601150_20190311075220_1.png)

Would it really have been that hard to put Eva's face on Trish's body?

005fbb  No.16240489


Combine it with Balrog and Dante almost becomes a JoJo.

0d8ba4  No.16240492


I actusllh sort of figured before it came out that if no major character dies, it would end with Dante and Vergil broing it up in hell while Nero becomes truely main character. I think this way does work bestl as it leaves the option if bringing them back whenever open, and the old "ETERNALLY BATTLING DEMONS WHILST TRAPPED IN HELL" ending is always somewhat satisfying. The ending was a little less climactic then i thoight though yeah. I fully expected a climactic battle against a big villian for them to work together against at some point, but I think I enjoy the Vergil fights more in terms of gameplay the I would a big clunky boss. As it is Nero's got his supporting cast built more solidly now, and they can add new arms to Nero for a sequel easily.

I still think Nero should have kids eventually. Twins would be funny.

Also Patty never got her date and is gonna be pissed.

c2e58b  No.16240495


>acquire meme hat

>try it out in the void



>try it out in the field

<go broke


182ca2  No.16240502


Can I just use the void to make infinite money?

acdf12  No.16240503


i always piss away money when i use it, how do people say it prints money?

eb0e9b  No.16240504

File: d166b982f220ce0⋯.jpg (35.94 KB, 863x1024, 863:1024, D0_g2kjWwAAceGv.jpg)

Dante still is and will always be my favorite, his various weapons that he uses (except for the bike) are just too damn good.

Nero is okay, but I get kinda tired of using the same combos with the same sword all the time, the devil breakers are his saving grace.

V is just OONGA BOONGA BUTTON SMASH, by the time I get SSS ranks with him my fingers are always just about to start cramping up.


I don't know either. I felt kinda cucked due to there being no Sparda or Mundus reveal, they HAVE to be in DMC6 or in DMCVSE if that ever happens.


Sweet Sparda!

That just bumped her up from a 4/10 to a 7/10.

22ab44  No.16240505

wow im exceptionally bad at this game. I dont remember sucking this much in 3 and 4

da26e1  No.16240506

File: 74bbb8f075568c8⋯.jpg (29.06 KB, 252x291, 84:97, hello fellow goyim.jpg)


I just throw it, never actually shoot the red orbs

c2e58b  No.16240511


50k orbs? What do you need 30k orbs for? You're killing me, goy.

5ed5ac  No.16240515

File: 9f2ca48caae7581⋯.png (309.67 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 9f2ca48caae7581acdd352b4cb….png)


>May Kanker

eb0e9b  No.16240516


You have no excuse to suck, DMCV is by far the easiet DMC game to date.

>Best weapons

>Most mechanics

>Best mechanics

>Smoothest gameplay

As long as you just switch up weapons and combos constantly and do the most flashy shit once you hit A or S rank you'll be swimming in SS's or even SSS's.

b9815a  No.16240519

File: 3bd96f273555010⋯.jpg (138.39 KB, 600x900, 2:3, natalie-dormer_085939.jpg)

a5e6b5  No.16240527


Do the hat move, have Faust leveled up and then do the Gunslinger move.


>except for the bike

I love that thing. Its real slow so you have to make it count, but the Swordmaster moves are too damn fun.


Why does Nico make me want to pump her Jewess pussy full of my Aryan seed?

9ff5d4  No.16240528

File: e32a59001513da1⋯.png (517.88 KB, 763x992, 763:992, 1354730531651.png)


Her speech ticks me off like hell. It's like every word was voiced separately, sentences are completely atonal. And instead of a Southern accent, she talks like a hoodrat.

44a52e  No.16240532

File: 85e128615311f0d⋯.jpg (16.91 KB, 240x320, 3:4, ed_edd_n_eddy_ca.may_kanke….jpg)



22ab44  No.16240537


I dont really suck but I consider it bad especially after Chickeen boss and game tends to have those weird slow downs in middle of fights where it stays 60 fps but slows down to crawl.

182ca2  No.16240542

File: 5ea263770166e30⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 601150_20190309065005_1.png)

>Lady and Trish getting thot patrolled




eb0e9b  No.16240548


Nico does look like trailer trash but they look nothing alike you dope.

44a52e  No.16240549

So why does V look like Kylo Ren?

39dd92  No.16240558


Looks more like Tetsuo to me

072759  No.16240565

So I put hundreds of hours into the first one for the ps2, but once 2 was announced I never played the rest of the series.

What does 3, 4, and 5 introduce that is interesting and fun?

78104d  No.16240572

File: 4beabadd362eed0⋯.jpg (116.38 KB, 800x450, 16:9, devil_may_cry_5_dante_1552….jpg)

Never played a game this optimized before.

It's pulling over 100fps on ultra settings on my shitty FX8320 OC'd and RX480

Impressive as fuck.

182ca2  No.16240576


Watch some gameplay videos

9074e1  No.16240579

I thought you were supposed to be able to cycle through demon breakers. Did I just imagine that or am I missing something?

22ab44  No.16240580


are you at the start? because similar setup with bulldozer cpu and in later parts its not that good.

22032f  No.16240581


That happens when you clash with an enemy attack, parrying it.

It also happens twice during the final fight for dramatic value but that's it.

a491e8  No.16240582


Is basically a recolor, can't believe they charge you for that.

78104d  No.16240587


At the start, yeah.

Got any benchmarks for later levels with a similar CPU?

072759  No.16240601


So anons don't want to talk about video games on a video game board? Thanks Mark.

22ab44  No.16240611


it tanks, extremely. into 20fps territory and I lowered what I could that cpu takes care of.

also some fights are impossible because of weird slow downs. >>16240537

39ddfe  No.16240617

File: f200d81887e93f1⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 450x254, 225:127, brooklyn.gif)


>so anons don't want to spoonfeed my lazy ass? this must be someone else's fault

97a756  No.16240618


>El Dante

a491e8  No.16240623


Man, 3,4,5 have a shit ton of stuff that improved the gameplay, we can tell you a few things but you would need to see them in action.

78104d  No.16240624


Can you post your savefile for the level you're on where it tanks? I want to test it so I tune the settings I need.

a5e6b5  No.16240628


You can use one of the Breakers to swap your order I think, but its Deluxe exclusive. Cycling through was not an option as they didn't want players getting complacent. They are a risk/reward type of deal and having control would mean you'd put the ones you're comfortable with away from danger. Its not very smooth and doesn't make sense of course, but from a gameplay perspective it changes things up a bit, especially compared to Dante who has total freedom with his arsenal and styles.

44a52e  No.16240632


>What does 3, 4, and 5 introduce that is interesting and fun?


Different fighting styles for Dante





78104d  No.16240633



Also, are you using the denuvo-less .exe or did you buy the game?

b0e08e  No.16240642


Much better

98dbd6  No.16240650

File: 43308e25885d3e1⋯.jpg (28.91 KB, 396x340, 99:85, dmccarnage.jpg)


22032f  No.16240656


Ice Age brother.

a5e6b5  No.16240657


Those fuckers and the spinning lizards are annoying.

22ab44  No.16240662


denuvo less repack.


mission15 was worst for me but it was also in previous mission in that area and in the subway big open areas right before escalators.

92251e  No.16240663


Just fill his ass with some coyote love

da26e1  No.16240681


Why do the DMC games always have to have one enemy type that is pure asspain to fight? The fucking angels that could throw explosive swords in DMC3, the electric fucklizard that causes your attacks to bounce until you pound his ass with bullets for two minutes straight, and now the Fury.

a5e6b5  No.16240690

File: 2bc40f8fa6e6993⋯.png (11.76 KB, 628x529, 628:529, 4f7abd99ca1ffddb3734177c45….png)


But what about when they show up against Nero?

78104d  No.16240700


Can you post your savefile on Mediafire or something? I can't seem to find one that works

da26e1  No.16240702


Go for a buster and hope for the best, I've found.

44a52e  No.16240727


Get over yourself

22032f  No.16240747


Just keep air taunting until he gets tired.

If you're feeling ballzy I think you can counter him with Overture.

I wonder if you can counter it with rawhide.

I'll test it in a bit.

a8f7b2  No.16240757


Dante, but V is fun too.

7959d7  No.16240775

I like nero a lot. Mostly because of tomboy. Once you start hammering away with that thing it's insanely satisfying. It's almost like permanent sin devil trigger. Although it's impossible not to get hit if you get really going since the flames cover the enemies completely.

c35c5b  No.16240801

File: 12e498851d9bae1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 141.11 KB, 1170x772, 585:386, campagneee.jpg)

File: 412b75f1008766e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.22 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 26406238_145017072851316_5….jpg)

File: 2fbfdf2bf5fc332⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.09 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 39638151_241494246559176_7….jpg)

File: ce3b7a2335572b5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 794.5 KB, 1272x712, 159:89, 1536208136.png)

File: de0b19125ca9f6d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.32 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 37225061_233342983977106_2….jpg)



c35c5b  No.16240806

File: 72f298fb8952581⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 606.67 KB, 890x863, 890:863, 1536210093.png)

File: ca61a4ca8779814⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 540.39 KB, 513x513, 1:1, 1536208136-1.png)

File: c19c9697b1781a4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.43 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 31894445_387279611788011_4….jpg)

acdf12  No.16240812


she actually looks pretty dame cute in that mocap pic.

0d82b5  No.16240828

File: 5d14577a84689c1⋯.jpg (32.01 KB, 497x542, 497:542, Mk4Rd3m.jpg)


>unshaved armpits

538c20  No.16240837


>There has been allot of DMC5 threads

Yeah that tends to happen when People have be waited 11 years for a video game to come out, they kind of want to talk about it.

Did you also complain about the REmake 2 and KH3 threads.

17e109  No.16240841

File: 783fbc63b74d681⋯.jpg (90.78 KB, 496x594, 248:297, dude.jpg)


Tomboy is the only breaker I can't use effectively. Having no lock-on or way to quickly dodge completely fucks up my playstyle.



Spoiler that shit.

c35c5b  No.16240846


>Spoiler that shit.

do not avert your gaze

182ca2  No.16240849


Don't tell me what to do

5ed5ac  No.16240862

File: 99fceb024cdf1e0⋯.jpg (95.62 KB, 399x500, 399:500, barf.jpg)


pic related


>a guy



f7b902  No.16240888

Anyone else feel like directional commands are a bit weird in this game?

They feel kind of off on Dante and Nero, but it`s really noticeable on V, maybe because of his playstyle, it feels really hard to do inputs sometimes.

161ffc  No.16240907

File: df0861f6c261391⋯.jpg (92.41 KB, 568x571, 568:571, 1070d8c6a387491e861d317ba4….jpg)

File: ad02766b946e90c⋯.png (4.25 KB, 23x23, 1:1, byphast.png)




I agree I want to impregnate that Jewnig

eb0e9b  No.16240915



I'd still hit it.

Especially if she looks like how she does in her mocap pic and has a decent ass to back that up.

Or thats what I would have said if I didn't check out her instagram and see this abomination of a pic https://www.instagram.com/p/Bsl87fJAvUR/

78104d  No.16240924


Looks like a regular chick that doesn't work out

eb0e9b  No.16240930



Would you fuck and nut in her belly flabs?

78104d  No.16240934

File: d9cf743034ae954⋯.jpg (27.72 KB, 875x296, 875:296, Untitled.jpg)

Looks pretty flat and smooth to me

78104d  No.16240937

eb0e9b  No.16240947

File: 2d78f01a7f02e3c⋯.png (745.92 KB, 933x605, 933:605, flabs.png)



Yeah I got that too, sorry about that.

Its also weird how in half of her pictures she looks pretty decent but in the other half she looks like some kind of caveman tier mongoloid.

I guess it must be some kind of mutt black magic at work.

e94949  No.16240955

File: 996821dd29e32a1⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 207.99 KB, 868x1200, 217:300, 3BA3195B-EC58-4482-BC0D-0….jpeg)

V and his Familiars were surprisingly likable.

I actually felt pretty bad for them once they were abandoned.

I like how Nero became even more of a punk while still caring about his friends and not leaving behind some goofyness unlike a certain other foul mouthed character.

And I really liked how the game pushed Dante as we haven’t really seen happy go lucky Dante in a rough position like that since DMC3.

At this point so long as the Bloody Palace isn’t co-op only and is balanced for single player as well I’ll consider the 11 year wait worth it.

44a52e  No.16240961


Dante was having fun getting beat up in DMC3, in this one he's actually shook about it

26b2b4  No.16240967

File: 9459703ad7b4f64⋯.png (51.4 KB, 119x177, 119:177, 11.png)

Does anyone else feel nostalgic playing this game?

V's design and personality is straight out of early 2000's hot topic. It's like the Japs aren't aware the emo's don't really exist anymore.

78104d  No.16240971


It's because she takes some good pictures with a photographer sometimes for modeling, and also bad pictures at times on purpose to appease the body positive SJW crowd. That's why she became semi famous.

That being said, she's leaning/bending instead of standing up straight which is why the rolls show up. Most girls' stomachs look like that, it's the average. I'm currently seeing a girl with a stomach like that, but better tits, much, much better ass and a better face so I'm not complaining.

182ca2  No.16240973


V is more goth than emo

78104d  No.16240978

File: 59a0d8a4b3cf808⋯.jpg (27.06 KB, 400x558, 200:279, be23e284d9d5673e1369f475cc….jpg)


I'm not extremely up to date with current music trends, but I remember a couple of years ago this faggot was pretty popular. They got a similar style and similar "air" of leathered soyrock unmanliness that still attracts chicks somehow

So maybe that's why it works?

3c3dfc  No.16240981

File: c822a2e9f63d6be⋯.png (210.22 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 1408246795662.png)


Started a mission with 9k orbs and ended with 70k before the boss. I don't know how, it just works

eb0e9b  No.16240982


>I'm currently seeing a girl with a stomach like that, but better tits, much, much better ass and a better face so I'm not complaining.

Wow, how'd you manage to pull that off, normalfag?

Is 3dpd actually worth the money and time?

22032f  No.16240988

File: 269448b4fd0e788⋯.webm (4.23 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 2019-03-13 23-34-10.webm)



Just tested it.

Seems to work like a charm.

a5e6b5  No.16240990


Only because the camera moves around, meaning you have to do the inputs relative to that. V's are annoying though.

78104d  No.16240999


Took some work, not gonna lie.

I sometimes think it's not worth it. Some girls are definitely lower maintenance than others, though, so it's up to luck or effort to find one that's easier to deal with. There are definitely some out there that don't require that much mental/financial effort, making the net gain positive.

2da39e  No.16241006


I'm glad it works for you, mine is in slow motion


Why do so many demons have tails coming out of their back?

eb0e9b  No.16241016

>>16240988 (checked)

Holy shit how do you use your stand arm and devil breaker at the same time like that?

I must have missed out on that mechanic at some point.

>>16240999 (fuckkin checked!)

Ah, makes sense.

Normalfag girls are usually always a pain to deal with an will hop on another guys cock as soon as she senses that you are not some kind of demi-god among men and just human being.

Tomboys actually have a soul and are people who I can actually talk to and kinda relate to and be myself around, generally they are also uncucked. They don't have shitty mainstream taste in everything like how other women have so when it comes to women, they are simply superior.

And fuck having to put work into getting a GF, I should just have to ask and BAM thats it, I fucking hate how everything has to be so complicated nowadays.

a5e6b5  No.16241018


Its clear now why these guys don't show up until SoS or above, because of Nero's Bringer. Rawhide obviously works but no guarantee you'd be equipped to fight them without that Bringer.

ab76d7  No.16241019


>I sometimes think it's not worth it.

Probably isn't then.

5c1d9e  No.16241022

File: 507fd0e83baa206⋯.jpg (30.59 KB, 640x480, 4:3, consider the following.jpg)

If Yamato can sever man from demon then why didn't Jester split from Arhkam in 3?

eb0e9b  No.16241028


Because it can be used like a normal sword too anon.

Did you forget literally every single other timeVergil stabbed someone in the DMC games?

182ca2  No.16241030


Because Arkham was human not both

f7b902  No.16241032


Same reason why not every Vergil slash opens a portal.

You gotta mean to use it, which is why Dante never absorbed anything when being stabbed by the rebellion before.

005fbb  No.16241042


What's the point in even posting this? Trying to derail with bullshit? Someone ought to take your fucking eyes.

005fbb  No.16241045


Yeah let's all react to the stupid fucking pictures and not talk about the game fuck you.

07c2b9  No.16241052


>Holy shit how do you use your stand arm and devil breaker at the same time like that?

Have you not beaten the game yet?

78104d  No.16241060


To be fair, it used to be more complicated in the past, there was more courting involved (unless you were boning some hippie/drug addict). Getting girls just to fuck is easier than ever now with dating apps (assuming you know how to take good pictures of yourself and dress decently), they're pretty much throwing themselves to you.

Since I'm mentioning dating apps, it's worth noting that, while they work for a fuck, you shouldn't formally date one that uses/has used one of those in the past since they're usually the sluttiest and trashiest ones.

Haven't used one myself but I know some who did, never ended up well for obvious reasons

eb0e9b  No.16241085


Yeah I did, thats why I'm saying I must have missed that mechanic somehow.

I guess I'll check the in game tutorial thing on how to do it but it would have been nice for you to tell me how to do it instead of trying to waste my time.

07c2b9  No.16241114


Well first you have to go into the game's directory and delete the .exe, then you must dump a water bottle into your computer case.

3de72d  No.16241116




Alright normalfag take this shit elsewhere

072ab5  No.16241125

File: d43ae344544c342⋯.png (228.38 KB, 314x561, 314:561, completely erect.png)


>unshaved armpits

fb3ef7  No.16241151


Honestly I find nero to be one of the easiest to use but hardest to master in terms of racking up stylish points. Without using his DT it's pretty hard to get SS combos even on hp sponges(you can juggle em all day and stay at s with nero) it's like you gotta use the charge shot whilst using max act like a god. Playing DMD mode so far and nero is just hard to play as V has HP problems and I haven't gotten to the dante levels yet.


Yea nero has aerial control but honestly dante's trickster moves are 10 times better. Being able to teleport in front of aerial enemies and away gives you so many options and you can jump cancel which gives you your dashes back so trickster just makes nero juggles look so shitty in comparison. Top tier nero play must involve a shit load of charging red queen and blue rose in order to get fucking STYLISH as hell. Not to mention that nero has no style switching and a worse devil trigger.

44a52e  No.16241157

Why is Nico's lip sync so bad?

fb3ef7  No.16241226


When I look at V I get NIN "The Perfect Drug" music video mixed with a Marylin Manson Music video. Like this guy said >>16240978 V is more goth than emo. You should probably watch "The Perfect Drug" video because the guy is running around with a vulture and cane(japs taking inspiration I think)

d2f6f3  No.16241238


I haven't heard her Japanese VA yet. I didn't think I would like her but she sort of grew on me. Her voice, looks, and mannerisms match up really well with her all around character and it feels like they were just taking the piss with her. I'm not sure if fujoshi is the right word to describe her, but I hardly ever see females being the brash genius.

a491e8  No.16241246

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

eb0e9b  No.16241272

>tfw it was right trigger to grab demons with the stand arm this entire time

>tfw I missed an entire new mechanic because I thought it was exclusive to the final battle

>tfw probably never pressed right trigger the entire time while playing the game besides the final boss fight because I thought it was useless

Also thanks for the help you guys, really appreciated.

f7b902  No.16241304


You can use that new buster during moves to do additional attacks, including during taunts, so Nero's air taunt can be used similar to Dante's rose if you time it right.

acdf12  No.16241315

File: 0824637a7cb0f43⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, photos.jpg)

who took the best enemy report picture?

e59b04  No.16241336


what's with El Donte new sword?

78104d  No.16241342


>I'm glad it works for you, mine is in slow motion

What's your setup? Is it even worse than mine?

22ab44  No.16241361



has anyone compiled those into one vid? I feel like I missed few.

2da39e  No.16241381


>Processor: Intel(R) Core i5-5300U CPU 2.3GHz 2.30 GHz

>RAM: 8GB (7.90 usable)

>system type: 64 bit, x64 based processor

I also have Intel(R) Graphics 5500 and nvidia geforce 930m both under 'Display Adapters' in Device Manager, what ever that means…

416625  No.16241382


>DMCV is by far the easiet DMC game to date.

You're telling me with a straight face you think that DMC5 is easier than DMC2, DMC4, and DmC? I said it last thread and I'll say it again, DMC4 on DMD is easier than DMC5 on DH.



Not the optimal way to do it, in my opinion, you want to use Ragtime's breaker move. It puts a Bangle of Time effect over the whole arena. You can even see the Fury during his dashes, it no longer teleports around.

a5e6b5  No.16241383


>new sword


Because I think its the Japanese synching and watching those live action cutscenes, Nico was given a lot more dialogue than her Japanese version. So the VA had to cram in a lot more words.

6db7ce  No.16241385

File: 46d6dfa22eaf95c⋯.png (315.8 KB, 425x431, 425:431, Thatthing.png)

File: 260f6abeb98c598⋯.png (246.65 KB, 471x405, 157:135, Cosmo.png)

File: be43c23c4910430⋯.png (356.25 KB, 560x407, 560:407, trish_on_drugs.png)


If only she and the other girls didnt looked like shit.

416625  No.16241389


Also, if DMC4 taught me anything, you can definitely buster counter those dash attacks, guarantee it.

5ed5ac  No.16241395


>If only you knew how fucked everything is.

6db7ce  No.16241404


After seeing how bad RE7,RE2 and MHW looks like I kinda know how fucked everything else is tbh.

fb3ef7  No.16241408


I was pretty surprised by how fucking hard DMD is in this game compared to 4. I managed to get halfway through DMD in 4 without breaking much sweat this time it's just batshit after level 3.

44a52e  No.16241420


>After seeing how bad RE7,RE2 and MHW looks like

What drugs are you on?

182ca2  No.16241452


A lot of the men look alright in RE engine, but something about the women just come out looking like garbage

2da39e  No.16241462


I think it's easier to make men look good than women, cause they're supposed to have strong jawlines

dadbde  No.16241473

File: 9f19f6bc6920a9e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 312.61 KB, 1280x718, 640:359, 47365127971_cb9d57239e_o.png)

nico has dev-made nude model

005fbb  No.16241483


I cant even see the enemies in my pictures because I'm always aerial powerbombing shit.

f7b902  No.16241484


Buster doesn't seem to have as much detail as DMC4's.

I thought I'd be able to buster the spinning machines the quadruped boss launched at you but it did nothing.

78104d  No.16241490


You're running on a laptop with an integrated graphics card, that's your problem. The game is pretty GPU bound from what I've seen. Looks like most cheap discrete GPUs will do wonders.

Thanks for the answer. Been interested in keeping an eye on the performance.

a491e8  No.16241491


>nipple tattoo.

Please stop.

416625  No.16241494


Ah, what a shame. I tried it in The Void too and couldn't a buster counter to work. That's bizarre, though, I mean surely you're able to counter Artemis' diving attack, and maybe Goliath's projectiles.

78104d  No.16241497



>geforce 930m

Sorry, I didn't read this. You do have a discrete graphics card, it's just pretty weak.

a5e6b5  No.16241499


Nice. We just need someone to get rid of the tattoos and send her and Lady's model off to the animators.

9074e1  No.16241637


Yeah makes sense. Honestly, I find Dante pretty overwhelming with all the stuff he has. I had to put some weapons away because it just felt incredibly cluttered and I'm not comfortable juggling all those weapons yet.

005fbb  No.16241686

File: 935be16f409c8ab⋯.mp4 (15.08 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Kevin Nash (Jackknife powe….MP4)

How are there no pro wrestling memes yet? Nero powerbombs the shit out of enemies from the sky and does the classic Hulk Hogan "cant hear you" gesture as one of his taunts.

acdf12  No.16241714


those are well done, i always try work multiple powerbombs and other wrestling slams into my combos.

6a239d  No.16241716


Because no one watches wrestling anymore anon.

5af147  No.16241717

File: cdf69bcf6fa8307⋯.png (27.22 KB, 313x260, 313:260, 1354920726998.png)



Furies, not furries, but both should go away right now.

005fbb  No.16241730


Everyone remembers when it was big though.

Those were some of the best memes.

559f48  No.16241747

File: 7cd09e00d5eb1f3⋯.png (540.42 KB, 618x822, 103:137, 2c2b0e1f5c839361f33c42f54a….png)


>That one buster move he does to Vergil when you catch him mid-flight


22ab44  No.16241787

anyone playing on keyboard?

416625  No.16241789

>getting through mob with SSS and no damage nets you 5200 style points

>getting through mob with SSS, dropping combo once nets 5400 style points

>getting through mob with SSS, but taking damage and dropping combo multiple times nets 5600

>finishing three enemies each with SSS drops style points 500

>finishing Fury with a D raises style points 600

I wish there were numbers on screen at all times because I just don't understand the ranking at all.

47a8b8  No.16241819


Try hooking cheatengine and looking for your style point total. Finding it might or might not be tedious, but once you have its address, you can follow the total as you fight

d2fda2  No.16241862

File: e15370577f7aaf9⋯.webm (267.05 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Opening Spoilers.webm)

File: aa00144ca4d9c66⋯.jpg (208.25 KB, 1000x602, 500:301, aa00144ca4d9c66abf80d9410a….jpg)


For once I'm glad this shit was spoilered

>anons actually saying they are attracted to this

You have no place here.

ff2b89  No.16241880

>Mission 5 DMD

Why in god's name would you pack so many lizards into a small hallway as the first god damn fight? pls help this is too much as V I have no defensive options to deal with 5 of these fucks ;_;

22ab44  No.16241897

is something wrong with Reuben? I feel like he sounds way different in 5.

b09be3  No.16241901


It's been 11 years anon. He's getting old

a491e8  No.16241914


He is a little older and he is actually getting beaten up badly during DMCV, no longer a walk in the park.

efb396  No.16241929

File: 8d33e8803c5741d⋯.png (326.54 KB, 1451x945, 1451:945, Follow_your_dreams.png)


There's a bullet lodged in his throat.

3de72d  No.16241930


Use Nightmare and always keep the bird charging up for the lightning attack

2b3238  No.16241931

File: 692e326cc5f48c1⋯.jpg (642.06 KB, 3264x3264, 1:1, xf79vy1sh5i21.jpg)


Being someone who has played 3 and 4 for more than I care to admit, I'm somewhat torn about the mechanics of this game. On one hand I do like that the combat is a bit more "floaty", this makes air combos easier and there's no need to get hand cramps to look somewhat stylish. On the other, the lack of proper inertia makes combos feel a bit stiff, coupled with the lack of turbo gives the game a sluggish feel. I also dislike how the game showers you with gold orbs and if you're half decent there's nothing you can do with them.


This is because they don't tweak women's faces for aesthetic purposes and if they do they actually make them look worse. Actual beautiful women are very rare, even between professional models, that's why makeup and photoshop exists. There's also a myriad of reasons why a you'd find a woman attractive in real life, whether or not her haircut and hair color compliment the shape of her face and skin tone, if she's wearing or using something that enhances the color of her eyes and lips, the kind of clothes or accessories she's wearing, if the light is "helping" her and that's not even getting into proper face and feature symmetry which is the number one definer of beauty. All of those things are usually taken for granted when you design a fictional character because more often than not you'd want your designs to be aesthetically pleasing, unless you're a good goy.

The thing with those models is that their facial features are too strong, especially when you compare them to what they used to look like, in the case of Trish and Lady.

eb0e9b  No.16241946

File: a510abed4c1aba8⋯.jpg (50.22 KB, 666x566, 333:283, D01Z0ayWoAEQkqv.jpg)


She got some cute nipples.

But what we truly need is a mod that removes all of her degenerate tattoos and fixes up her face a little by a little I actually mean a lot, she really needs it.

THEN, combine at with a nude mod and presto!

You've got yourself a passable nico.

f22fc3  No.16241954

File: d32821fb13d19d0⋯.jpg (16.97 KB, 288x288, 1:1, jewess.jpg)

260c4b  No.16241966

File: 8a22b2f52a5b177⋯.jpg (47.58 KB, 401x516, 401:516, Question manga girl.jpg)

Whenever I hear the part of the main theme "Pull my devil trigger" I instinctively substitute the lyrics for "fuck niggers".

Am I the only one who does this?

005fbb  No.16241972


Your only post is reacting to that stupid shit so why the fuck are you even here?

005fbb  No.16241976


Yes, and hopefully you'll eat a bullet alone tonight.

b09be3  No.16241980


>Not "You're a double nigger"

8bde65  No.16241986

d2fda2  No.16241999


Happened to come across this thread and was looking through it. Sorry my (1) post triggered your autism, but it seems you're not happy with anyone being slightly off-topic about this mediocre game

416625  No.16242004


I don't know if I want to bother with that quite yet, but I may have figured it out, and if it's true then it makes sense why it would only calculate it at the end of the mission. I think what it judges is the time spent on each style rank. I tried the first mob of Mission 10 with the intention of keeping SSS as long as possible and got 6000+ points at the end. The next mob, I reached SSS and then used Quadruple S to finish off the remaining enemies as quickly as possible, and it dropped to 5200.

eb0e9b  No.16242007



>Being anywhere close to mediocre

Okay anon, what game would you define to be a good game?

d2fda2  No.16242026


God Hand, Ys series, Monster hunter (up to 4U), Vanillaware's games, Dawn of War 1, Thief 1 and 2, MGR, Custom Robo, Doom, and of course DMC1, 3, and 4 to name a few.

acdf12  No.16242040

File: 8c94d33c1311418⋯.jpg (860.17 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 2019-03-12 23-38-28-163.jpg)


>trishs face

top wew

260c4b  No.16242045


t. nigger


That's actually much anon, thanks.

2da39e  No.16242048



I fiddled with nvidia some more and it looks like the game is running really well now.

78104d  No.16242068


So that card can run it? That's impressive. Do you run the game on medium settings?

eb0e9b  No.16242072


How the fuck do you consider DMC1 to be better than DMC5?

Although its still playable that game aged like cheese and is inferior to DMC5 in every way.

You better not be fucking nostalgic about the damn game, nostalgiafags deserve to be bullied.

d2fda2  No.16242094


Out of that list, that one bugged you the most? Granted, 1 is a bit of a stretch, but it doesn't hurt to remember the classics fondly anon.

>being this mad someone isn't sucking this game's dick without question

Why don't you come back after you get out of the honeymoon phase? It's best not to claim a game is the best one when you've only played it for a short time.

9950c0  No.16242098


Same reason why Gloria looks like Lady Gaga. Some character aritst at Capcom is prophetic.

9e9392  No.16242105


>lack of turbo

Someone on infernalworks posted a timescale cheat engine hack that might be able to implement something akin to turbo. I haven't personally tried it but it's worth looking into. It even works with the no denuvo exe.


871762  No.16242117


I'm awful at the game, partly because I'm a faggot who hasn't played the other games. Anyway V is easy mode. Button mash straight to SSS and never get hit because you're no where near the fight. Nero is the hardest of the main three, limited evasive moves and a smaller moveset as well. Without being able to cycle devil breakers manually (short of throwing them away) you are basically stuck with just one type, and I use Gerbera because it works as an air dodge. Dante has potential to be fun but controlling the styles with my 360 dpad makes me want to kill myself.

416625  No.16242119


Ignore him, he derailed the last thread too.

eb0e9b  No.16242146


>but it doesn't hurt to remember the classics fondly anon

Thats good enough of a reason for me, but I still find it strange how you think DMC is mediocre considering how much of a love letter to the seires it was and trying its best to go above and beyond at every single department.

I will just assume you're baiting.

You got me good though


I don't remember doing any of that or that thread getting derailed.

Probably a different guy or you're just delusional.

19eb4e  No.16242149

File: 36e9ba5ccf75c08⋯.jpg (28.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, bruv.jpg)


>that Yennifer

Why couldn't we get that in the game?

Oh yeah, downgrades.

>that's why makeup and photoshop exists.

Very true.

416625  No.16242156

File: 8da2a11d4a1e559⋯.png (61.98 KB, 1797x347, 1797:347, vg fag.png)


Not you, dumbass, the other guy.

7b3db1  No.16242187


Did that poster not play on SoS mode or higher? Because they totally get more aggressive, and all enemy spawns are mostly remixed.

ff2b89  No.16242193



Horribly rush to the end with a weapon changing system that is absolute ass

>Monster Hunter

The PS2 games are pretty shit and the series overall didn't get legitimately good until freedom unite and even that game had nightmare tier hitboxes

>Ys series

Guaranteed you never played the originals which sre pretty badly aged and the party based Ys titles have been middling at best coming from a guy who actually liked Ys 7

>Vanillaware games

Didn't good till Muramasa Rebirth. The original Odin Sphere and Princess Crown are just okay outside of the artstyle.


Unfinished with pretty boring levels outside of the Fortuna streets and is only good because of how mechanically sound the game is


Le nostalgia but nah fighting 4 bosses 3 times with gimped mechanics is totally 10/10. It's a great base but to say that it hasn't been beaten out by every DMC since 3 is stupid.

For the record I actually lile all of these games but to list these as good games and then say DMCV is mediocre compared to them is real fucking retarded. It beats out like half of this list and is on par with the rest.

766b9b  No.16242199

File: 7b06ddb4c9d87ec⋯.jpeg (33.17 KB, 479x428, 479:428, 0A3C5E38-4C12-4845-AB55-3….jpeg)

File: e7ab013d39dcf01⋯.jpeg (45.65 KB, 352x338, 176:169, D6A0089F-3077-45DA-A7E0-8….jpeg)

>get Nero’s DT and DB

>get to a boss real quick to see if you can grab him while he’s downed for an over the top animation

>you totally can

This game has left me ridiculously satisfied. If the Bloody Palace is good I think I’ll get as much replay value out of this as I did with 4. Fuck I’m happy.

7b3db1  No.16242204


Artemis's grab can be Exceeded throughout, btw, so it's possible to Max-Act it, too. Combined with DT damage I wouldn't be shocked if you could kill her with it.

ead098  No.16242205


The remakes of the original 2 Ys games are good.

416625  No.16242211


I know you can throw Goliath into a building and make it collapse, was there anything special for the others? I remember Artemis' mostly being like the buster finisher on Echidna.

538c20  No.16242214



The Buster Arm is actually Noticeably Stronger then the Bringer ,so it's not pointless just so you know.

eb0e9b  No.16242216


Oh fuck, I remember that guy.

He hates DMCV and thinks its fan-made-tier bad because it has fanservice in it.

What a fucking retard.

766b9b  No.16242223



Oh, very nice. I figured it becoming useless didn’t matter to much considering all the other arm options but I’m glad they actually gave you a reason to still use it… now I’m gonna try it real quick.

ff2b89  No.16242287


Chalk it up to taste but bumper combat isn't for me. That aside the ORIGINAL Ys games aren't what you could call good until like Ys 6 Arc of Naphishtim, Oath in Felghana (the Ys 3 remake) is pretty good though.

7fde97  No.16242307

Could I get some advice on the falling platform rooms in mission 8? No matter how fast I try and kill the enemies I take too long and the platform falls. I really want that blue orb piece.

e9b1d2  No.16242309


I hope we get some more playable characters in it.

I need to try to do more with Nero's knuckle attacks, but it seems awkward that he has two abilities centered on timing just as he attacks an enemy.

03b5f7  No.16242313

>play as Dante

>lose rebellion in first mission

>get sparda for next

>two missions of sparda before I am using a third main sword

>Dante has differen't inputs and shreds differently than Rebellion/Sparda, but once you get used to them it feels like you have more options to fuck with

>DT gives you summoned swords on SM, all combos for every weapon were decidedly integrated

>tfw I know there's still a 4th weapon for me

I can't wait for cerberus, I saw they implemented the trick weapon from balrog into the concept of a three tier weapon with cerberus and it made me lose my shit; dante has so much going on that it's hard to understand how anyone could go back to playing one of the other two

538c20  No.16242319


Well it's possible to kill the enemies, but you can bypass the fight completely.

You can use Gerbera, Caliber and the Air Taunt for Distance, and even if you fall in you can use an Exceed level 3 High Roller to get all the way back up and also Wall Hike / Air Hike.

7fde97  No.16242322


Fuck. All this time and I've thought that the goodies were red walled until I cleared the enemies.

672e33  No.16242332

File: 5883718c12ddd6f⋯.png (509.32 KB, 959x910, 137:130, Untitled.png)

9e9392  No.16242333

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's interesting because despite all the options on offer it still seems like Dante is still a sluggish oddball—even in the hands of someone like Donguri, who's been known to have blindingly fast combos and tricky consecutive inputs. Compare his DMC4 gameplay and guard flying to his DMC5 combo MAD.

66410b  No.16242334



You can get to the blue orb one just by mashing with Gebera.

766b9b  No.16242341

Do the enemies become more aggressive on later difficulties? They are still pretty tame on SoS though the bosses feel much more challenging now which is nice.

47a3df  No.16242343


>watching dmc


538c20  No.16242344


Yeah but Caliber and Air taunt works just as well, if you don't have Gerbera equipped. Honestly Nero has so much Air control that I'v never felt the need to actually use Gerbera.

his Air Taunt is actually one of the most useful Moves in the entire series for me, not only is it more air time it's basically a free Exceed.

ff2b89  No.16242346


I really like how the New Devil Sword Dante just has air rave built in letting you have access to a simple air combo no matter what style you're playing on. It helped breal my habit of always being on swordmaster in DMC4.

672e33  No.16242350


DmC2 is not DmC.

416625  No.16242352

File: 12fc8b0f34f8c47⋯.mp4 (10.22 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ChaserTech combo mad.mp4)


Shouldn't you speed up that video by 20% to fairly compare, to compensate for Turbo Mode? DMC5 doesn't have any equivalent of Flying Guard as far as I'm aware.

47a3df  No.16242355



005fbb  No.16242368


And you have no value.

eb0e9b  No.16242393

File: d4ab27a3a507858⋯.png (190.46 KB, 392x302, 196:151, what the fuck son.png)


What the fuck are you even doing in this thread?

Begone, scum.

03b5f7  No.16242397


>flipping and flopping around the screen

>all the enemies are falling over themselves to try hitting me only to get a big fat royal guard in their face

>don't even have all my options

you might just be bad with dante, and my suggestion is git gud

>dante feels sluggish

DMC5 is very sluggish, but compared to nero and V dante is a high octane and fun character.

672e33  No.16242400



Enjoy your casual sjw westernized garbage

7fde97  No.16242405

Is it possible to kill Urizen with Nero in mission 8? I know you can kill him in the prologue and get the secret ending, I'm just not sure what happens if you're good enough to keep fighting Urizen form 2, I usually get creamed.

80855c  No.16242407

No. It's only possible in the prologue.

416625  No.16242408


>DMC5 is very sluggish

I didn't notice any significant input delay and the only inputs I can't cancel are Balrog's ignited Swordmaster moves, so I don't really agree. They even removed some delays from DMC4, style-switching on the ground no longer has a delay. Can't chalk it up to memory, either, I replayed DMC3 and 4 for about 150 and 100 hours respectively last year, on Turbo.

80855c  No.16242409


Alright. Thanks for your input. Now fuck off back to /vg/.

672e33  No.16242412


I don't like /vg/ maybe you should go there and create DmC2 general?

03b5f7  No.16242419


>always being on SM

really you can have an easy time being on Sm and switching between RG and TS for speed and parrying purposes. It's not actually a terrible habit, it just means your center is damage and maneuvering>>16242400

becomes secondary.



I feel like DMC 5 is more accepting to newcomers, especially getting A rank on missions I die in and S in missions I don't, but the dante missions throw a shit ton of challenge by giving you tons of enemies that all don't stagger too much,

766b9b  No.16242434



It’s a shame Brea is nowhere to be found. It’d be neat to see what she could do with the game.

4b1335  No.16242474

File: 1bacce9ce2db3e4⋯.png (89.43 KB, 350x197, 350:197, DMC5-TrailerScreen1.png)

Why did Capcom turn the white guy from the anime into a nigger?

538c20  No.16242482

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Is it possible to kill Urizen with Nero in mission 8?

Yes it is, I did the other day. you have to forgive my Jewtube link, I'm not good enough with Webm to make the fight 16mb and not make the quality look like shit.

538c20  No.16242484


Also when I was doing this fight, I noticed on Human your can gain DT when using it, if your agressive your DT a ridiculously long time.

On DMD you can't gain DT when using it like usual. haven't checked how it is on Devil Hunter or SOS yet,

a491e8  No.16242499


And then make his VA a white guy. >>16241246

b2b2fb  No.16242516


how to access this?

a491e8  No.16242530

File: a77c86488b9b80c⋯.webm (10.56 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, dmc4test.webm)

Hey people, am I as good as a journo?

559f48  No.16242543

File: 365921aed0c1127⋯.png (891.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 365921aed0c11279e64dbbdbee….png)

So are they gonna add turbo mode back in a later update or is this all we're getting?

d81b9d  No.16242561

File: 049657d63a4497e⋯.jpg (26.99 KB, 553x441, 79:63, mfw.jpg)

Playing today I realize something weird. In Mission 02, Qliphoth, the one you play as Nero, there is a section where you are in a devastated hotel and you see V fighting in a segment of the level. This is also a Link Mission, therefore sometimes you see other players as V. But what mission are they doing? As far as I'm aware, you just play as V from mission 03 on wards, and there is not any "flashback" mission like with Dante as far as I remember. Are we just seeing a player doing a Secret Mission or something or is it possible to play as V in Mission 02 and somehow I have missed it?

559f48  No.16242673

File: 4c0d91e7fdcdfb6⋯.jpg (143.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hairdownVergil1.jpg)

File: e2cc6cf5bd5a524⋯.jpg (199.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hairdownVergil2.jpg)

File: f118223ce47db3d⋯.jpg (164.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hairdownVergil3.jpg)

Modders sure work fast.

17e109  No.16242709


They're cheating a little with that one. It's from mission 4.

2a8edb  No.16242755


I see where he's coming from though, outside of like furies no normal enemies will ever really pose a threat unless you get really greedy with trying to speed up the combat. Speeding up the combat may or may not even hurt your rank with how arbitrary the style point system seems to be, where staying at SSS will sometimes result in lower points than being in S the entire time.

I don't see DMC5 lasting though, feels like there's not a whole lot of depth to any of the characters, and seeing people do combo videos only reinforces it. They're going to huck DLC at it to keep it alive, but that won't change the core.

It's 6/10 at best.

67917b  No.16242873

File: d355121b5d0b83b⋯.png (213.96 KB, 447x416, 447:416, ClipboardImage.png)


What's the way to handle Geryon Knight on SoS? I'm dodging him okay, but I just can't deal enough damage so he eventually wins by attrition. He's either too far and the pets take too much time getting to him, or he rushes in my face so I can't read and build the DP gauge. Fuck using a gold orb, obviously.

874d9a  No.16242888


Is it just the hair that's changed?

Also, Lady fix when?

f7b902  No.16242895


Charged Griffon lightning does decent damage to him. Try sniping him with Shadow's Skewer too.

a5e6b5  No.16242960


One thing I found that helped immensely was utilizing the back and side dodges, to call back Griffon and Shadow. Just have to pick your timings to get the damage going.

559f48  No.16242983



There are face swaps around but they don't mesh well with the different body's facial animations. Kinda like the Nerdy stuff that one anon did back then.

22032f  No.16242994

File: 6870861e4c06dce⋯.jpg (88.03 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 6870861e4c06dcef3047a06345….jpg)

>taunting vergil in DMD

>mfw he taunts me back.

He also taunts you on his own if you get hit by his summoned swords too much.


t. Devil Hunter difficulty.

>. Speeding up the combat may or may not even hurt your rank with how arbitrary the style point system seems to be, where staying at SSS will sometimes result in lower points than being in S the entire time.

The way it seems to work is that it gives you a multiplier based on your current rank, so keeping up with an SSS rank will always give you a better score than being on S. Then it just keeps an average of your total score, which is why if you start the mission up with a terrible fight you'll be having trouble to bring the score back up.

>I don't see DMC5 lasting though, feels like there's not a whole lot of depth to any of the characters

DMC3 lasted a long time and didn't have Inertia, I don't even remember it having reversals.

Also can't say for certain for Dante as Inertia was a big deal for him in DMC4, but Nero in DMC5 has way more depth to him than in 4, specially post-game.

I think it's gonna last just fine, with BP having coop they just added a whole new way to style on enemies and I feel like that's gonna have it's staying power.

We'll be seeing combo mad collab videos soon boys.

161ffc  No.16242997



3fd888  No.16243000

File: 08937962243b53e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 331.08 KB, 640x360, 16:9, nero.png)

dead weight

2a8edb  No.16243005


Except that's not true, I've kept myself at SSS pretty much 90% of the time didn't get hit, and still had a lower style score than when I had an S rank for a majority and got hit 3 times. I swear speed is the most important factor in style score.

67917b  No.16243014


Why the fuck would it need to "last", nigger? This is a single player game. People will enjoy it, move on, then replaying it if the mood's right. The goal isn't player retention. Have the kikes already implanted the idea that games as a service is good into your brain?

161ffc  No.16243015

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>not utilizing the ex-act system.

Learning how exceed works would improve your game play significantly.

22032f  No.16243024


I can test it out in a bit but I feel like I already did it.

Yeah no that's just not possible, I remember vividly ending the first fight of M18 with a constant SSS and then my style points kept dropping down because I couldn't get it up to SSS again.

It's either time spent on rank or, more possibly, killing an enemy multiplies you on the enemy you killed with your current style rank.

22032f  No.16243025


It's to be noted though that I think it works differently for bosses, it seems to have a different way to rate you.

2a8edb  No.16243027


It's most assuredly not time spent on the rank.


Don't ask me ask capcom who's trying to make every game into an "experience"

67917b  No.16243055

File: fea4b47c37fe848⋯.jpg (242.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190314140828_1.jpg)



Got him. Griffon's lightning definitely is key, as is spotting the right moments to recite poems, but I can't help but think there's a trick to the fight, as V comments "I'll take that momentum and throw it back to him".

2da39e  No.16243069

File: 31c4adb1984a1bf⋯.png (85.31 KB, 388x365, 388:365, nvidia.PNG)


Low settings, reduced the resolution a bit, changed a color setting or something? And I did pick related

2a8edb  No.16243089


On DMD? Not really, it's just about knowing when to Iframe and when.You have a surprisingly generous S rank requirement on him, so you can take your time if needed. It's a marathon not a sprint with him.

161ffc  No.16243097


what frame rate is the game running on your toaster?

9e9392  No.16243150


Perhaps. Like I mentioned in >>16242105 I think someone made a timescale hack that might emulate turbo mode. I haven't had a chance to check it yet.

97f523  No.16243161

File: 718660b987f6b30⋯.png (2.15 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>tattooed breast

Holy shit and since this is Devmade, does that mean that pic related is originally dev made too?

40c6a4  No.16243166


I would guess so, mostly for reference like when you draw a (nonfeatured) nude layer of art first.

1b2b61  No.16243170

File: 40a93e5b69c7cfe⋯.jpg (416.21 KB, 1600x1640, 40:41, walking erection.jpg)


if they fixed that trainwreck of a face this'd be perfect tier

97f523  No.16243173

File: b72ef8c95371673⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1198x1198, 1:1, if you only knew.png)

874d9a  No.16243181


Actually anon it's only the scurv version that seems to have performance problems

874d9a  No.16243191

File: 261a183108df222⋯.png (4.78 MB, 1920x3240, 16:27, DMC5 - Controller Layouts.png)

Made this for the last thread. For those that inexplicably still use the default control scheme.

1b2b61  No.16243237



Its not dev made, i found claire on nexusmods.

161ffc  No.16243245

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Only tangentially related but this topic doesn't deserve its own thread:

< > Can fans all look back and respect that DmC was a good game on its own merits just not a good Devil May Cry?

< > Conversely can DmC apologist realized that Tameem Antoniades did quite a bit to antagonize Loyal fans and deserves the hate?

< > Can DmC apologist realize the problems fans with the combat where legitimate concerns that where never fixed and that DmC was was technically inferior to DMC3 &4?

< > Can games journalist realize the aesthetics of DmC was somewhat of a strawman to ignore the real concerns of loyal fans?

< > Granting the unnecessary undignified jabs at fans thanks to Tameem's ego. Can fan's put aside their bias long enough to realize Donta actually has a character arc and is a much more noble character by the end of the game and that while mismanaged and had a few poor taste scenes it's not as bad as many like to hysterically cry?

< > Granted Lucia is sexy, can everyone at least agree that DMC2 is still the worst game in terms of game play?

< > other considerations I may have missed in favor of or against DmC


THANK GOD FOR DMC5 aside from the microtransaction bullshit

97f523  No.16243247


Yeah I got that pic from Nexusmods too but it looks way too good to not actually be the original model.

1b2b61  No.16243253


which is why i was sorely dissapointed. Oh well. If theres a way to convert the RE2 model formats and all that id gladly fix her negroid lips and western facial structure but i dont have the autism to dig for it at the moment.

40c6a4  No.16243267


The final state of DmC is much improved and showed that the people behind it were able to at least recognize poor decisions and attempt to correct them. I always believed that DmC was a mediocre game betrayed by its license and writing/story, which turned it into a bad game overall. Yes, it's a poor Devil May Cry, but frankly, that's what it was trying to be, so that's how it is judged. Its license is core to the game. If it wasn't a DMC game, it wouldn't even exist, so trying to excise that is a poor argument.

Donte had enough character to be okay by the very end, to the point where him showing up as a jobber-ass demon hunter would have been totally okay. A schmuck that would have served a purpose similar to Crew Cut, someone to highlight Nero's persona and capability. Possibly even a joke playable character.

da337d  No.16243283


The only reason it’s improved in Definitive Edition is cause Itsuno worked on it.

416625  No.16243290


Why on earth would you remap Dante's gun to R2 and Devil Trigger to X when it's DT that needs to be held?


It also worth mentioning that Donguri's playing without using DT in that video, which makes everything even slower. With the exception of the last bit, where he's using Swords Formation.


>I swear speed is the most important factor in style score.

Except that can't be true, because I know when I've tried to get the style to SSS and then ended the fight as quickly as possible it's been more of a detriment to the score than when I milked the enemies for style.

9e9392  No.16243291


While it may not be it's fault, I can't forgive DmC's existence for how fucking divisive it is. Yes, the game is an okay hack n slash, but NT and Tameem deserved what they got for how they antagonized fans. That being said, Capcom isn't free of blame either because they WANTED the game to be so vastly different to the originals. NT originally wanted something closer to what the originals had on offer, but Capcom would only backpedal after seeing the fan reaction.


Funnily enough, Itsuno likes DmC. It's why Dante's EX outfit and Vergil's default outfit are based on DmC palettes. Probably explains why Vergil's boss fight is so similar to the one in DmC, just with a fraction of interrupting cutscenes, and the difficulty ramped up.

97f523  No.16243297


I don't think that DmC is that bad of a game honestly. Yeah sure it's a terrible DMC game but if it released as its own IP, I don't think that people would've disliked it as much as they do now. Also Donte's love interest was cute.

161ffc  No.16243307

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This might be sacrilege, but you see I knew about Devil May Cry games but DmC was the first game I honestly played so I didn't come into it with any bias and actually liked the game. Then I went back and played the other games and grew to appreciate why people hated DmC and learned about all the backstory with Tameem being a shithead.

The thing is, in terms of plot I kinda wanted to see where Donte was going next because I actually didn't hate the character and in my basic bitch understanding of the Classic games plot I could see how it could have been worked into a prequel where the Jerk would evolve into the Hero closer aliened with the character everyone loved.

That being said, my perspective has drastically changed after getting good at DMC4 and playing DMC3 and I fully respect that DmC was a unnecessary slap in the face to fans but their is this small part of me that wished it could have survived and became its own spin off series. And while the Characterization was not great the general demon cyberpunk aesthetic was sorta cool imho.


I can agree with that. Just looking back at old Jewtube video of e-celebirites defending Donte, or who the game ends with a middle finger is leaves a bad taste in everyone's moths. I just wish it could have existed without the baggage of trying to live in the shadows of a greater game.

161ffc  No.16243310



9e9392  No.16243346

File: 00feb0373c8a0e7⋯.jpg (53.82 KB, 960x832, 15:13, 1497316785349.jpg)


The problem with trying to make a follow-up game for it is that there's little to work with that could justify a follow-up. No one would care for Vergil's return because his motivation isn't good and the first game shows us that he's downright incompetent (Donte you're the stronger of both of us by the way we should rule over humans what no why do you disagree Donte oh well guess i'll fight you), and I can't see the introduction of a new big bad happening in a way that would be natural—not in the world that was built in DmC.

1b554c  No.16243366


>> Can fans all look back and respect that DmC was a good game on its own merits just not a good Devil May Cry?

No, no it wasn't. NT sure tried, but even with Capcom working double-time to fix everything for definitive edition, it's still a piece of shit.

I will hate and shit on NT till the day I fucking die.


>Itsuno likes DmC

He liked what they were trying to do. But the fact was that nearly everything about DmC was a trainwreck, to the point where even definitive edition is only really playable at best.


>Also Donte's love interest was cute.

She looks fucking hideous; easily as bad as DMC5's Trish.

There's something just wrong with her eyes, it's why her model got re-purposed into a fucking Tali face in sfm porn; it just doesn't look normal.

97f523  No.16243376


>She looks fucking hideous; easily as bad as DMC5's Trish.

I thing she's cute but I also think RE2 Claire is cute. Maybe I just have a fetish for weird looking faces.

577b7b  No.16243378

File: 05d35231eef66e1⋯.png (497.04 KB, 693x626, 693:626, 5z6dp5g8evl21.png)

da26e1  No.16243379


>definitive edition

Best part is, they didn't even release that shit for PC, so anyone without a nogames4 or xbawks uno will never actually get to try the "playable" version.

766b9b  No.16243390

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Will he be DLC or part of the Bloody Palace update? That’s the question

161ffc  No.16243409

File: 1d79c60bdf63020⋯.png (576.58 KB, 600x450, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Well his inadequacy could have inspired him to make a deal with a demon for power. Imagine if he gave himself over to an alternative Universe version of Arkham. Plus the world is now infested with Demon's so is paves the way for a new future fantasy aesthetic that would divorce it a bit form the "gritty realism" of the first game.

9074e1  No.16243463

File: 7d0865f8aa7f66d⋯.png (188.2 KB, 640x400, 8:5, 1467479005949.png)

>FUCK YOU devil trigger

Alright, that's pretty fucking funny.

40c6a4  No.16243490





530d23  No.16243499


like i said MOD mad qualia as his theme and when you get S style it goes


0826a8  No.16243503

File: ed8550b1cd40ca6⋯.jpg (969.52 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Bayonetta vs Dante in Dx2 ….jpg)


Bayonetta and Dante together at last in a fucking gacha mobile game

97f523  No.16243506


Featuring Bayonetta from Bayonetta.

f403ec  No.16243556

File: c0e9cec5142a8bc⋯.jpg (25.75 KB, 500x378, 250:189, Joyous Giggling.jpg)


>Dante: Think you can beat me… Not in a million years.

Now I'm convinced the devs were taking jabs at NT in both Vergil fights.

0826a8  No.16243567

File: e12118acfb0a095⋯.jpg (144.1 KB, 749x484, 749:484, DMC5 Not in a million year….jpg)

22ab44  No.16243601

I struggle with back and forward attacks, would editing sensitivity in game help?

da26e1  No.16243602


Don't forget the "this game does not condone smoking" disclaimer from the start of the game.

22ab44  No.16243611

File: dd5103a315813f8⋯.jpg (110.32 KB, 1232x703, 1232:703, cigar.jpg)


wasnt that because of japanese laws?

40c6a4  No.16243616


It's also because Dante was originally invisioned as a hero who didn't need to swear or smoke to be cool.

530d23  No.16243623


im having a bit of trouble geting S rank with dante, the balrog is a bit more ortodoxe than im used to that kind of weapon

530d23  No.16243640


if i get it right

they removed the "time" as mesure at the end of the stage and instead add a mechanic that your total style points goes down as time passes

499240  No.16243647

8dde08  No.16243654


Doesn't Japan have a more prominent smoking culture than the US?

416625  No.16243670


That doesn't seem right, although it is true beyond the first mob that every subsequent mob seems to lower the style points no matter what the performance is like. I guess the saving grace of this is that anyone with a poor rank could just get good, since the No Damage multiplier practically hands you the S rank.

999824  No.16243680


Not necessarily, it's just that depiction of smoking tobacco is more strictly regulated in Japan to prevent children from getting into it

959277  No.16243690


I lost my copy if DMC4 last gen after I beat Nero's story and be er picked it up again thus I never played 4 as Dante. I just got to play as Dante in 5 and it is fucking OVERWHELMING.





I dont know guys, what if I never go CUH-RAZY

891223  No.16243695

File: c24d8e7466a5fc4⋯.png (567.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


reminds me of

a5e6b5  No.16243704

>tfw I will never have the patience and skill to S rank the games

d81b9d  No.16243727

I'm pretty sure it is some kind of average when it comes to style points. As long as you keep high rank your stylish points will keep high. That is way small encounters with few enemies seem to actually hurt your score, as they usually die to fast or make its harder for the player to ramp up score fast enough to be at high rank from the beginning of the fight. Also, certains level have "checkpoints" which keep separated scores, usually one for the level and one for the boss. I'm no sure if the bonuses granted through the level count towards the final Rank. But in DMD as Nero I'm getting S in all levels, playing good enough to be in S/SS/SSS in almost all fights, and I notices in the levels i do best I get to 7000+ points. In contrast, I'm doing badly in V levels, getting hit, having Nightmare and Shadow in "stalemate" and having very inconsistent rank and at the end I have B or if lucky A. How long it takes to complete the level I'll say it has no effect, as I took my time exploring the level with Nero and still got good grades. It does give you a bonus at the end but as I say, I'm not sure if it actually contributes to your final score.

My wish is for Capcom to release a free DLC with a short Vergil Campaign, where you fight demons in the underworld together with Dante, we get a hint that Mundus is returning to finish the job, and the brothers decide that is time to go back home and warn Nero. Also it can be played fully coop with one player as Vergil and other as Dante. It would nicely wrap up the story, as it felt it still needed a final climax, as good as Verfil boss fight was.

1433a5  No.16243763

File: 2c2d0b5c79fe015⋯.jpg (18.14 KB, 457x260, 457:260, 2c2d0b5c79fe015f085b6683bd….jpg)



d30637  No.16243915

V's taunts were great.

416625  No.16243919

Okay, I'm sold on the timing thing, I was recording some footage to prove that it resulted in style point losses, but focusing on killing the enemies as quickly as possible has shown the greatest style point gains yet. First time I didn't lose points on the third mob of Mission 10.

a491e8  No.16243937


Don't you mean MAX-Act?

161ffc  No.16244016

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Instant Rev is called EX-ACT. Max-act is when you have a skill so a perfectly time Ex-Act fill the full exceed meter.

22ab44  No.16244020

File: e180d0a1322c9d3⋯.gif (26.84 KB, 120x114, 20:19, e180d0a1322c9d32efa71f3f84….gif)


fellow coordination impaired brother.

530d23  No.16244040


so i was right but just a question

i was undert the impression that was the overall mission time, could it be is just the time you are fighting?

22032f  No.16244069

File: 9bf9d66026ccf97⋯.jpg (374.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190309003846_1.jpg)

Wew just got "done" with DMD.

I put that in quotes because I ended up using Gold Orbs on mission 17, I need to practice Urizen more,he fucking hits like a truck and he gets some anti-air moves on DMD.

I felt like a fucking God using RoyalGuard to block all of his summoned sword bullshit that he gets on the 2nd phase, but I wasn't prepared for the absolute devastation I was going to get on his third phase.

Anyway DMD is pretty hard overall, I don't remember 3 since that was a long time ago but it was definitely harder than 4, I'm not sure on how to feel with enemies getting triple of their health in DT though.

On some enemies it's pretty great for them to have a ton of health, you can now fucking style on them for a long time, but enemies like Proto Angelo are a complete slog to get through, they aren't too bad with Dante because you can RG the fuck out of them, but with Nero and V it's an absolute snorefest, to put in perspective how much health he gets in DT, a DT buster dealt no visible damage to him, it's pretty ridiculous.

I think bosses like King Cerberus and Urizen get way too much health as well. But these are the only ones I've felt this way.

Honestly I've had more trouble with those two than with Vergil.

There also isn't any Green Orbs through the mission on DMD, you either get lucky on killing a demon or you use your DT, this can be an issue for V because the only way for him to recover health is to hope RNG works in his favor and a demon drops some Green Orbs.

A lot of the boss fights are just much better on DMD though, It essentially completely fixed the last mission for me, I felt that even in SOS it ended too quickly.

a491e8  No.16244071


I get max-act very often, my revving is not perfect all the time though, at least not with all the attacks but you can see I use it there.

a5e6b5  No.16244077

V on SoS makes me want to firebomb Capcom. I dread to think what DMD will be like.

161ffc  No.16244106


oh sorry, I must not have been playing attention. I see I was mistaken upon watching a second time.

416625  No.16244123

File: 4a889a8acb02573⋯.mp4 (14.84 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, combo slightly upset.mp4)


Can't say I've noticed that taking longer between mobs has any affect on the rank, no, it only updates your Stylish Points after a Stylish Rank fades offscreen. As far as I can tell, the first mob of each mission works the way you'd expect, and you're only punished on the time taken on every other mob after that one. I tested M10 by milking the last three mobs for combos until I reached SSS, and then ran it again abusing SDT's instant kill move to end the fights immediately, and although the latter saw some slight style point reductions it wasn't nearly as harsh as the former.

The tutorial text reads

>Among other things, the length and variety of your combos determine how many Stylish Points you get and the Stylish Rank displayed on screen.

so god knows exactly what's going on.


>and he gets some anti-air moves on DMD.

Thank god, because the game needs more of those to keep up with the aerial combat, I wish they'd throw in more airborne enemies in the normal mobs.



You don't have to be particularly good at the games to get the S ranks, not all of the time anyway. In terms of how difficult the S rank requirements are it probably goes

DmC < DMC4 < DMC1 < DMC5 < DMC2 < DMC3

so it's worth giving it a shot this time around. The only one I found really tough to get was M10

22032f  No.16244200


>not using the boomer byke

honestly I should do what you do and limit myself to get a better hand on the weapons, 4 at a time is still too much for me, pretty nicely done anon.

But yeah he gets some anti-air like an uppercut and a few other moves in phase 3, honestly m17 Urizen in DH is a complete joke, I spent the entire fight on his head JC Swordmaster and he just couldn't hit me.

416625  No.16244232


Cavaliere is 2slow4me at the moment, although I don't really have an excuse for not using Faust or at least throwing Kalina Ann in the mix.

>I spent the entire fight on his head JC Swordmaster and he just couldn't hit me.

Felt the same way about King Cerberus except you can hover around the back of his neck to the same effect, although at least he resets his position relatively frequently.

a491e8  No.16244279


If anything I tend to screw up when using Dante because I keep trying to rev up with him.

a5e6b5  No.16244286


Cavaliere and Kalina Ann 1 and 2 are great. I likely launching a guy with Sparda/Rebellion/DSD, doing the Swordmaster aerial combo and then switching to Cavalieres aerial combo.

766b9b  No.16244318

File: 23550c901cde8bd⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 304x228, 4:3, 55D9EAE2-D6DF-44FC-948C-93….gif)

>these live action cutscenes

I love DMC5 and everything about it. Whoever the genius was who decided to include these deserves a promotion.

22ab44  No.16244359

File: 463e1542dcd4c3e⋯.png (190.27 KB, 1280x1276, 320:319, danteee.png)


ranks are not that much of problem. I really noticed its easy because I was getting S minimum but its overall flow of combat and utilizing options of game. I also suck at later bosses and the game runs badly for me with those infamous slowdowns which I have no idea how to solve except new PC parts.

acdf12  No.16244364

File: a0db20e2c10fd9f⋯.gif (1.66 MB, 600x496, 75:62, Virgil.gif)


>that live action cut scene using a toy dante

da26e1  No.16244432


It feels like a shitload of effort and love was put into the game, what with Nero having a different animation and voice line for doing a buster on every single enemy, even though half the people that play the game will probably quit after the first run through.

f7b902  No.16244443


Nero has an arm that imitates the buster, so you can hear those on your first play.

766b9b  No.16244448

File: 7615fc600e48c74⋯.jpeg (233.38 KB, 750x530, 75:53, 9C69E781-A049-4633-8263-A….jpeg)


The props they are using keep cracking me up. It’s like they hired a team that worked on actual toku, but only gave them 5 bucks to recreate the cutscenes from the game.

da26e1  No.16244455


Both Behemoth and the demon made out of Lady have specific animations and lines for them, and you unlock the buster hand much further in the game.

766b9b  No.16244510


For sure, hell, they even put extra work into the animations. For instance, try charging Nero’s gun with an arm that looks like it’d be hard to grip it with.

It was also neat how they saved an entire gimmick till the last level to be used in future play throughs. I think the last time I beat a game and quickly started it over was DaS. I don’t know what’s going on at capcom but I hope they stick with it.

da26e1  No.16244533


Yeah, I know, he puts the gun under his arm and reloads one handed, and also there's an A (I think) rank taunt in which he spins the gun in his hand and instantly reloads empowered bullets.

39dd92  No.16244535


Really feels like they give a shit about repeat play throughs

Good to see some companies actually understand what their core audience wants

ff2b89  No.16244561


>Proto Angelo's are an absolute slog to get through

I'm legitimately stuck on mission 7 for this exact reason. I REALLY don't like how these fuckers just seem to eat damage while refusing to go down. I'm at the point where I'm forced to train in the void so I can perfect parry all of the big sword guy's attacks as Nero which is a first for me. It's a mix between frustration, fun, and exhaustion I don't know how to feel.

3a68b4  No.16244602


Is that on DMD? I didn't have trouble with them on SoS. I've yet to try DMD though

005fbb  No.16244653

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

oh man i'm laughing alot

22032f  No.16244657

File: 70617f88baa7d50⋯.jpg (289.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190314212503_1.jpg)




There's no easy way because the problem is his insane health value, I got through him by beating on his ass for a good solid 5 minutes until he went down.

He's easy to dodge, and if you get the parry's down more power to ya.

Try to have fun on Mission 9 as V bud.

You get two of them.

005fbb  No.16244668


Where did you see Dante do that in the game?

005fbb  No.16244680


They really should have given Dante that face too now that I think about it. I used to think the opposite but it's grown on me.

005fbb  No.16244714

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8feaf2  No.16244771


Made me want an actual toku series based of dmc, it would be fun.

3fd888  No.16244919

File: 3b403023ccfaef9⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 520.93 KB, 600x600, 1:1, DEAD WEIGHT.png)

File: 8d9a22344a928d9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, DEAD WEGIRDFHSHIFHUI.jpg)

Is Nero dead weight?

538c20  No.16244940


Not if you win during the Prologue and end the game in 5 mins.

ff2b89  No.16244985


DMD is quite the leap from SoS in terms of the health enemies have.

At least Itsuno brought the difficulty up here on DMD. Still a bit rude to not give you a green orb before a boss fight though.


It's just a matter of practice but when you combine his health with the amount of damage he can dish out it turns into a prolonged battle of not fucking up I'm not used to protracted fights on mooks in DMC games. That said the Riot enemies are probably worse since they'll ALWAYS spawn in groups on DMD and won't stop jumping at you.


Oh well that's going to be a fight that rups me a new asshole then.

a5e6b5  No.16245020


>Nero reaches Dante and Vergil's level because he wants strength to protect those he cares for and to also smack Dante for calling him dead weight

Top tier character arc.


Its an unlock for S ranking a mission after you beat the game. I can't remember what mission though.

22032f  No.16245034

File: aa618e4b706db4f⋯.jpg (210.7 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190314222912_1.jpg)


Yeah he deals a lot of damage.

I was playing around with one of them on DMD with Dante, think it was mission 11, I had most of my health at the time so I figured I would start to play with RG on him, only for me to miss the timing and die from one hit, he took out around 75% of my full health. Then I reloaded the checkpoint and figured out that on DMD they aren't so generous with the checkpoints unless you're right on a boss.


Yeah they spawn in groups but I've never had that much trouble with them.

Keep in mind that in DMC enemies that are offscreen will, for the most part, not attack you, unless they have some obvious sound queue, use this to your advantage, Against Riot's I usually launch one of them and keep them with me there as much as possible, don't forget that with Nero's Buster arm you can now hold enemies again, and in 5 you can hold TWO of them. That's two enemies you no longer have to deal with so long as you keep that button pressed.

9074e1  No.16245039

>you can deflect Urizen's great balls of fire with Gerbera's boost

Holy shit, I did it by accident, but that's fucking cool.

766b9b  No.16245108


Instead we are getting a shitty Netflix anime directed by an edgy liberal Indian who shits all over the source material of whatever he touches, but oh well, considering we got DMC5 and these goofy cutscenes, I’ll live.

a5e6b5  No.16245148


I found out on accident as well. Overture must be able to do the same, maybe Nero's Bringer too?


>now hold enemies again

For real? The one where you literally hold them and can walk around and use them as a shield?

22032f  No.16245223


I think you can deflect it with any attack, at least Goliath's fireballs is deflected with Calibur.

>For real?

Yes, and you can now hold two of them, to do this you have to have two enemies close by and in DT, then just hold like normal.

a491e8  No.16251587

Just for the hell of it I was thinking of a spin-off which would "rescue" names from DmC but giving them a different use.

Devil May Cry - Agency

(or whatever title you want, just wanted to focus on the "contract" part some people would like to see.)

>Dante and Vergil are still on vacation (aka, the underworld.)

>Demon activity is more or less under control.

>Part of the gang get the tip about demons attacking a place nearby.

>There is a misterious figure in the middle of the mess wielding a weird weapon.

>the guy swings a few times, the weapon transforms into an axe, then after a swing or two the guy's appearance fades into a different person, said person is now wielding a scythe.

>Stuff happens, misunderstandings, etc., battle ends, guy held at gunpoint by the DMC crew, then the other "shape" of comes out from within his body somehow.

>Basically both of them are pure demons who took a liking to the human world, their fighting style revolves around "fusing" and "switching" places with one another using a basic devil arm as conduit, their names? Arbiter and Osiris.

>if some plot is needed, let's say they mention how you can't really isolate both worlds completely but powerful demons need "bigger" portals which means Dante and Vergil can come back any time but their power has grown so much they would need to open a big portal which would imply the risk of letting bigger demons into the human world.

That's it.

a491e8  No.16252088


I am not into black gay porn, or any gay porn for that matter.

416625  No.16253558

If anyone is still lurking a dying thread:

Bloody Palace confirmed April 1st lads

Also Reuben Langdon confirmed that Itsuno was so disappointed in the release version of DmC that he almost resigned from Capcom, so that should be the last nail in the coffin for any DmC2 posting http://archive.is/kBJ86

f02e7a  No.16254941


>believing voice actors

I guess that means Kanji is gay.

616825  No.16255082


10 times stronger when using the breakage, sometimes more.

67ed92  No.16256220

File: 0e1cab444607aad⋯.jpg (77.29 KB, 635x636, 635:636, JC A BOMB.jpg)

>playing level as V

>come across big open area

>kill all enemies

>but wait what's this

>big coffin in literal spotlight by candles

>flashbacks of DMC4

>stand on it, hold R1

>you get a ton of red orbs

Boy do I love this game.

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