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File: 37105f59f719ee1⋯.png (791.27 KB, 960x480, 2:1, 371.png)

4457d8  No.16241020


>Blevins was one of a few select professionals with huge followings pulled in by videogame giant Electronic Arts Inc to play and promote its latest title, “Apex Legends,” in the first hours of the launch last month, generating a buzz that notched 10 million signups in the first three days.

>The 27-year-old, famous for his hair color changes - currently a bright, turquoise hue - tweeted about the free-to-play game early on Feb. 5 and streamed the action to his more than 13 million followers on game-streaming site Twitch. For this he was paid around $1 million, a source told Reuters.

>Representatives for EA and Ninja declined to comment on how much he had been paid, but the amount named by the source is more than twice media reports of Ninja’s monthly earnings from streaming his regular appearances on Fortnite and way above what was speculated on a number of internet discussion boards.

>EA also paid popular Polish-Canadian streamer “Shroud,” who has nearly six million Twitch followers, to play Apex Legends but declined to disclose the terms of the deal.

Keep in mind that the article only lists a source as to who told them this, so it could be complete bullshit, but it'd be funny regardless.

Also isn't this illegal?

dc3344  No.16241036

It's only illegal if they didn't disclose it.

Also, wasn't this common knowledge? That shit game blew up overnight, of course it was manufactured (((hype))).

f47329  No.16241040


>Also isn't this illegal?

Paying people to advertise things for you has been around for a long time, why would it be illegal?

3d7d47  No.16241043

And? That's how shit works nowadays. Big fucking deal.

>Also isn't this illegal?

Only if not disclosed

d93fd4  No.16241044

You're going to see a lot of EA, Actiblizz and 2K's dirty laundry getting aired out now Tencent is getting balls deep in the competition. Notice how a story about paying streamers to play Fortnite would never, ever see the light of day.

d67de8  No.16241047

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

disguisedtoast did a good video on twitch money

>How Much MONEY Do Twitch Streamers REALLY Make? (Inside Look from a Top Streamer)

a5db77  No.16241054

Streamers were a mistake.

4457d8  No.16241063



Yea, that's what I meant. I know disclosing it okay but as far as I know those guys didn't disclose the checks from EA they were getting.

91e863  No.16241089

Explains how depleted the viewers for it were. It's getting trounced by Fortnite- Season 8 right now. I think Apex is a better game in the BR pool but it's success really hinges on the future update.

7cc5cf  No.16241095


>Streamers were a mistake.

Better than journalism.

db0a1d  No.16241108


>twitch streamers are bigger whores than prostitutes

What else is new?

b5ca71  No.16241109

wow this is news to people…

000000  No.16241113


All streamers are paid shills, or wannabe paid shills. All (((hype))) promoted by streamers is fabricated.

Never trust any company. And never trust anyone that advertises any company's products.

9276cc  No.16241128

but it's quite decent game so who gives a fuck !

7cc5cf  No.16241142


Gamergoyim was the sudden realizations that journalists aren't conveyors of objective truths but mercenaries with pens who write for the highest bidder.

Imagine how shocking the realization that Saint Nicolas is long dead, but the spirit of charity lives on through family and close friends must be.

294879  No.16241167

>Also isn't this illegal?

Amazingly, Ninja (and all other streamers who were paid) actually disclosed the fact they were sponsored. When sponsorship ended they just… kept playing the game. Cause the viewers stayed but also the game is fun

a102ce  No.16241200

>streamers getting paid to be literal shills is somehow surprising

I thought that was the whole point of streams?

440ebc  No.16241209


I don't know anymore. At least shitty game journalism sites didn't reach and infect children like streamers do these days.

d93fd4  No.16241213


It wasn't until 2010 or whenever the fuck it was the survival update for Minecraft came out.

1675b9  No.16241214

File: a9477cf3a740880⋯.jpg (246.66 KB, 883x593, 883:593, a9477cf3a7408803c0b3cae57c….jpg)


>the game is fun

Mind explaining or are you just an effortless (1) and done contributing nothing to the thread? The game is low effort garbage a la Overwatch.

d93fd4  No.16241216


They also have easily found office locations. You know, for sending pizzas.

440ebc  No.16241228


Don't even bother acknowledging shills.

294879  No.16241429


As far as shit goes, this one is top notch, gold-encrusted feces.

417030  No.16241513

File: b1cee2fa0425899⋯.jpg (82.58 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, yukl.jpg)

>The 27-year-old, famous for his hair color changes

Do normalfags really think this makes him interesting?

d93fd4  No.16241559


It's a self contained feedback loop. Force something so hard it's the only story any given day, so of course it'll be famous, letting you publish more stories about how famous he is.

57b441  No.16241566

Twitch streamers are literal payed shills

Paid shills need to be kills

440ebc  No.16241588


Normalfags are brainless zombies.

9225bc  No.16241598

>there are anons dumb enough to not know that twitch streamers are nothing but shills


df5c27  No.16241618

File: cb390053ee1f204⋯.jpg (50.57 KB, 918x970, 459:485, DjXEHCYUwAIBbli.jpg)


DarksydePhil is the best shill on twitch

38489c  No.16241677


>paid shills

No, no, no, (((influencers)))

43e06c  No.16241683

File: e9770b16a9c91a1⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 5000x5000, 1:1, The resolution represents ….jpg)


>get paid 56$ an hour to go out and hold a sign advertising a pizza place

>wonder why no one takes this sweet gig

>everything going well and an hour passes as cars see my sign

>mfw suddenly smell a horrific odor

>smells of unwashed pits and ruptured acne

>a wave of fat and blubber resembling human beings descend upon me

>try to run

>their all riding on desktop chairs on a downhill slope escape is impossible


>hold my breath as their stench gets closer

>vomit floods every orifice of my body as they approach

>pray for a quick death

d93fd4  No.16241695


You seem upset.

ff67be  No.16241703

>this is just how things are goy, accept it and be part of the herd

look at all these shills trying to downplay this

6b9bfa  No.16241708


>4000 bucks from ads alone

>Doesn't even hit the ad button

Hot damn that's a lot of goys who don't use the twitch5 extension.

0666fc  No.16241719

File: ea0ed1169026aed⋯.png (110.76 KB, 373x240, 373:240, 1434757161757.png)

>Major twitch streamers were shills

Really? I never would have guessed. They all seem so squeaky clean.

db6b86  No.16241723


Tencent used to own a large percentage of Activision, they must have a lot of dirt.

a4c0d5  No.16241729


>that sloped forehead

0666fc  No.16241732


Nigger, you have to be literally retarded not to assume in the realm of advertisement based monetization that most people "at the top" are going to be massive shills.

ff67be  No.16241736


of course i make that assumption, the difference is when it's revealed i don't give them a pass for it and try to downplay it with "everyone does it, so what" bullshit like you

0666fc  No.16241742


It is literally their job to be a shill. It's quite possibly as transparent as you can be. It'd be like if I walked out to a roadside billboard and shrieked at it for advertising at me.

ff67be  No.16241752


hope you're getting paid for this shilling at least

91c89e  No.16241754

I'd be extremely shocked if he wasn't paid to play that shit.

016407  No.16241757

File: 3d7fdc1946ceb5c⋯.jpg (103.91 KB, 680x1020, 2:3, 3d7fdc1946ceb5ce2550f01349….jpg)

Game irrelevant, just pump and pump and pump shekels into shilling. It always works. You can sell getting hit by a brick in the teeth to normalfags if enough billboards advertise it and enough streamers do it.

db6b86  No.16241760

File: 96c629da5913bf7⋯.png (5.46 KB, 160x160, 1:1, 63623662442.png)

00b576  No.16241763



Failure to disclose that it's an advertisement is, as it's deliberate misleading.

016407  No.16241766


So was it disclosed? Thats really the important part.

faaab7  No.16241767


Tell me /v would you dye your hair rainbow and act like a massive faggot online for that kind of dosh?

I would

df5c27  No.16241771

File: f107b29049bbcce⋯.jpg (35.09 KB, 500x486, 250:243, 04622b1b0d9cb6bed5dad3321e….jpg)


DSP is the last true alpha male in the gaming community, the true antithesis to the soyboys that pollute the gaming scene.

016407  No.16241773



You already do it for free.

0666fc  No.16241774


Look dickass I'm not fond of shilling, shit I'd rather we go back to the days of merchandising based monetization, would make the internet way easier to browse, and in the long term it's much more steady and sustainable than advertising, and it would near overnight cripple silicon valleys fiscally applied censorship when it comes to internet content. I'm just being realistic about the situation that everything is currently in.

db6b86  No.16241775


I bet you would act like a faggot for dosh.

fd1b9d  No.16241778

I'm not too surprised honestly. If anything, one of the problems with Apex Legends, Fortnite, and other fad multiplayer games is that they only are fun so long as their favorite streamer is still playing it. Once the streamer abandons it for something else, the game will start jumping ship. As much as I hate League, there is a reason its still going on despite how fucking static, boring, and awful balancing the game is

fec2fd  No.16241782

File: 1c7f6dd7588ec0c⋯.gif (3.61 MB, 762x613, 762:613, 1c7f6dd7588ec0ccbc537dcbd2….gif)


>people work desks jobs 48 hours and I play Hearthstone all day for three times their salary, that really gives you a different perspective of how money works :^)

A part of me hates that Chink for what he's saying but another part of me completely understands it. But holy shit, that "I play their game for 1k per hour just because I like it"-shit makes me incredibly angry.

ff67be  No.16241786


>Look dickass I'm not fond of shilling

and yet you're putting in effort to downplay shilling

440ebc  No.16241790

File: 1d6c857e2bfd511⋯.png (338.65 KB, 823x720, 823:720, 1d6c857e2bfd511242cea45413….png)


Just laugh at the shills instead of being a pointless contrarian, retard.

db6b86  No.16241791


Your example of a roadside billboard is retarded though, everyone knows billboards are ads. These people, when they disclose, do so in a manner that most people will never see the disclosure. Rarely is it up front and center.

d93fd4  No.16241793


They really don't have anyone to blame when someone finally snaps and starts killing these fuckers.

df5c27  No.16241795


just report them to the IRS

0666fc  No.16241797

File: e5effc950a59410⋯.gif (399.66 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 12098319023.gif)


What does a professional twitch streamer do?

How do they provide a service to their employer in which they are paid?

469257  No.16241798

File: d9122c9053c4d74⋯.jpg (96.01 KB, 600x800, 3:4, troll.jpg)


I don't think it surprises anyone with more than 2 functioning brain cells. It's common knowledge that instahoes and twitchgays do everything for (((corporate))) sponsorships and ads including but not limited to ramming shit vidya down the throats of their subscriber cattle.

pic related

7621c0  No.16241800


No one's going to snap. This isn't going to stop. A growing number of people will simply be paid to advertise their entire lives to the world, and they'll use their income to buy the products they've been brainwashed into buying by other people paid to advertise their entire lives to the world. This won't end even when child rapists are live streaming their acts, because it will have been made legal. We'll see livestreams of door-to-door raids on whites to exterminate them hosted on WorldStar. You actually fucking think anyone is going to do a goddamn thing about this? Get a clue, anon.

64e30a  No.16241803


>Why is this guy making so much more money than me! Kill him!

Are you a nigger by any chance?

00b576  No.16241804

File: ecaedd739654c1e⋯.gif (257.9 KB, 960x640, 3:2, edgeworth hd.gif)



Advertising, of course

Wait hang on can I take my words back I don't want to lose the case this early

049bdd  No.16241815

Just proves the obvious. They got bots to shove the player count to 10 million in 3 days then paid twitch fags to bring in actual people.

d93fd4  No.16241821

1fcb8c  No.16241823


Get paid to pretend to be a regular guy so as to make lonely people feel like they have an honest friend, once the illusion cracks for enough people it will lose its effectiveness, that's why it's important to show disdain for any lack of principles so that kids will catch on eventually, the fools and the blind are irrelevant.

0d93d8  No.16241826


#Ninjaawifebeater #MeToo

Pass it on on twitter.

64e30a  No.16241827

File: 0ef129a7ad8492d⋯.gif (152.21 KB, 500x516, 125:129, 0ef129a7ad8492d7cf279642d7….gif)


How dare I try to break the circlejerk

7621c0  No.16241829


Your response makes absolutely no sense.

b891c8  No.16241847


There won't be any internet if whites Stat getting massacred.

00b576  No.16241850

File: 3de9825d2f5f575⋯.png (467.38 KB, 480x700, 24:35, ass_blassum.png)


Now that's just a retarded stretch of thought.

The main motivation for people without other motivations is survival, idiot. Even the dumbest of the dumbest only enact things like genocide, killing others en masse and so on because they think it will impact their own survival if they don't.

In history, after every great massacre, the nation that enacts it falls. Not just due to outside interferance, but from the inside.

I don't know if you're really some weird exec who frequents these boards, but in your position it's clearly easy to enter a bubble of disinformation about how people work. Survival comes first, so if you fuck someone out of cash it's only a matter of time before they stop buying from you.

If you think streaming is some cemented thing, some great new form of entertainment, ask yourself, do they kill people on live television? You know, the shows that aren't broadcasting the news?

Do you honestly think that if someone does that shit and regularly, that they WON'T be caught and destroyed? You get a goddamned clue, the fringe society, you in particular, you don't speak for the world.

And if you're that weirdo fuckhead I met in college that said this exact same shit, No, slavery is not the future. You're just fucking retarded.

db6b86  No.16241858

b8f297  No.16241865

File: 129547aff20fc39⋯.png (411.37 KB, 704x528, 4:3, 1544147699.png)


>1 million dollars

>For a few hours of playing a shitty game

It's shit like this that makes it seem pointless to stop being NEET. Popularity really is what makes the world go round.

1fcb8c  No.16241866


It's just 'reverse psychology' motivation from a person as subtle as a vuvuzela.

0666fc  No.16241868


Hey, if we really are EA then technically, this is copyright infringement, why don't you go cry to Capcom so they get sued?

781000  No.16241870

Shill defense force putting in solid work in this thread.

bc1077  No.16241879


>famous for his hair color changes

That's actually in the article. I had hoped op added it in of his own volition. Everything reads like it's parody now. But no, I'm not surprised, EA is garbage so they would absolutely have to resort to any marketing tactic they could get their hands on to make up for a very subpar game.

ca51e8  No.16241882

I don't think I'll ever understand how this streamer shit got popular in the first place. Do people really like watching some dumbass stream shit that they could be playing themselves?

a4c0d5  No.16241886


When you have the personality of a piece of cardboard, you need to find ways to make your own idiocy stand out.

64e30a  No.16241891

File: 177dbcfa69f5bac⋯.mp4 (3.6 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Why_is_streaming_so_popula….mp4)

1fcb8c  No.16241893


That 'round' is circling a drain, besides, would you really want to be that guy, even for a million dollars a day? If you would, you are already no better than him, an empty shell.


Same reason everything is fucked now, lonely people with no purpose. God is dead, etc. At least this is a somewhat socially harmless manifestation.

00b576  No.16241895

File: 0c408be681ae5c5⋯.jpg (11.21 KB, 248x270, 124:135, 0c408be681ae5c5ca73d0b5401….jpg)


Not really, no. I've met actual people that think like this, and it's unreasonable to think that this won't kill itself off in time, the more they put into it the bigger scoop it becomes and the more these people will be under scrutiny.

Second, streamers aren't even really a big deal, and if they pay these people fucking millions, then all we're going to see is a rise in shitty behavior, which will fuck with their employer. So no matter what happens, it should either ramp up or die down, either way we win.

6964ed  No.16241904

imagine you are famous for your hair color changes

b8f297  No.16241911


>That 'round' is circling a drain

Yeah, that's what I'm saying. I could toil away for 50 hours a week and barely make rent and meanwhile there would be people making more in 1 month than I would in my entire lifetime, not because they're more skilled or talented than I am, but because people like them more.

The world is a shitty place.

c4c328  No.16241912

File: c13e19e53a58c82⋯.jpg (261.62 KB, 740x980, 37:49, 1453789322011.jpg)

>working hard pays absolute dogshit

>being a rail thin, rainbow haired layabout that kowtows to the liberal anthem and plays video games badly earns you a sweet $1mil for being a shameless shill for the latest f2p trash

1fcb8c  No.16241917


Oh, I agree its just another small symptom of a much larger disease that will off itself through itself. However, fear-based accelerationism is everywhere nowadays, lots of people think it's very clever stuff.


Earning more money is not the purpose of life, you are accepting their conditions is my point.

a4c0d5  No.16241921


Need to dig up skeletons and expose them.

That or firebomb corporate headquarters for encouraging this behavior.

4916e6  No.16241944

File: a02b0f37494221c⋯.png (515.04 KB, 576x434, 288:217, know the difference.png)


Why is this queer so popular?

00b576  No.16241959

File: d538517a75a1e97⋯.jpg (47.15 KB, 464x454, 232:227, d538517a75a1e9721ba63e3402….jpg)


That's really what gets me, no one really knows what his deal with other then people happened to gravitate toward his streams by way of Fortnite.



Streaming is about winning the lottery, the majority of streamers are underpaid while few big shots get disproportionate amounts of cash and once they're established they have a monopoly for years.

Think about it this way: Movie degrees are fucking worthless in Hollywood because it's gatekeeped. The more people in on the cash, the less cash for the hundred total actors on the scene, so some start with porn and some never make it past advertising.

Seriously, take this flaming faggot in the OP picture for example, he literally has NOT A SINGLE redeeming feature or even personality, he just happened to be playing Fortnite and streamed it. Pewdiepie, another example was a random fucker in the let's play community, nothing special at all about him, he was just there when bucks rolled in.

You're not going to get more in 1 month then if you're working at a regular job for a month. You're more often then not going to get much less.

Being rich either means working hard at getting rich, or hardly working at all and getting lucky. Don't think some fad will make you rich.

Just get better jobs, work towards better positions, and learn your fucking skills, get a reputation for being dependable. You have to stumble into getting rich most times, but if you can't, you can still carve out a life where every need is provided and most wants are had.

Or you could sit there and complain. It's true there are jobs that suck balls and have shit pay, so aim for better jobs as best you can.

d93fd4  No.16241973

d93fd4  No.16241974


**I imagined being Goku a lot as a kid.

469257  No.16241981

File: 00b598bef247a68⋯.jpg (155.33 KB, 460x1130, 46:113, merely_joking.jpg)


Mental gymnastics at its best.

178a1d  No.16241990

This was probably a better usage of the money that pumping out ads. Game will still be a ghost town by next year

c4c328  No.16241997

File: 6993ce1d4937992⋯.mp4 (1.8 MB, 1280x696, 160:87, Youre_wasting_your_lives_m….mp4)


Or you can have a vagina and desperate men will throw money at you for the privilege of being acknowledged.

00b576  No.16242013


A lot of furries and desparate men redundancy of course have shitloads of money or suck with their cash.

a642e8  No.16242032


>The 27-year-old, famous for his hair color changes - currently a bright, turquoise hue

Imagine being famous for something like that

3bca2e  No.16242059


I never understood it until a coworker put it on. To him and many others they see the streamers as pseudo-like friends who share the same humor and choice of video games. Too bad normal fags have shit taste.

4bcbb8  No.16242069

Shocking that a whore would do stuff for money.

9a2c71  No.16242076

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.




049bdd  No.16242080


>psudeo-like friends

That seems like they are confusing being a follower then being a friend. You fags are more friendlike then streamers just by being able to talk to you.

bc1077  No.16242082

File: 6517fdde2ee054b⋯.mp4 (1.99 MB, 854x480, 427:240, what_de_girassol.mp4)


>normalfags pay money to twitch streams to have a "friend"

a9df9c  No.16242104


>majority of streamers are underpaid


Fuck me, I just realised that I should have been paid for every hour I've watched shit television or played neon video games. Even at minimum wage in going to be one of the richest men in the country over night.

No one should be paid for playing games or being a screeching faggot with a webcam.

You must be one of those hard working spastics who bought into it and now has a specially selected power-chair where you stream your latest league of legends march to over a dozen people!! I bet you define yourself as underpaid too.

No one paid me to write this message, but it should have been at the same rate as a legal secretary at Apple is paid, at least $100 per word.

00b576  No.16242115

File: db7802377986165⋯.png (151.76 KB, 500x398, 250:199, casually child quiet.png)


I was literally shitting on streaming as a job. You have a problem with the fucking truth? Most streamers get underpaid since they aren't big names, it's literally just Actor Job 2.0 you stupid motherfucker.

Holy shit, you're a fucking streamer? That's the only reason I can see for that outburst.

00b576  No.16242128



I'm fairly sure you just ID hopped here.

In that case, and even if you didn't ID hopped, you're fucking retarded for not having basic reading comprehension. Stop being a reactionary faggot and think for once.

440ebc  No.16242138


>No one should be paid for playing games

No one should be paid for playing sports either, but people like to throw money at them for some reason.

820f35  No.16242150

File: c0f2bde0cbd8bb5⋯.mp4 (4.07 MB, 960x640, 3:2, Boulevard_of_Comfiness.mp4)

b8f297  No.16242151


>abnormalfags pay money for dakimakuras to have a "waifu"

Everbody's lonely these days, anon.

6e6923  No.16242154



6e6923  No.16242176



3266f5  No.16242180


hey, at least it works as a pillow too.

a26530  No.16242189


Dakis are a one time payment, and you can actually hold them. A streamer will forever be on a screen, always asking for more.

b8f297  No.16242206



True, but what about the countless vidya and anime that exist for no pupose other than the cuteness of the girls? It's the same basic concept, normalfags just manage to be more cancerous about it by convincing themselves that this person is actually their friend and cares about them, instead of embracing the fantasy like otakus and weeaboos do.

a642e8  No.16242224


The plebs have always loved bread and circus games to distract them from the world around them falling apart

d6b46f  No.16242378




d6b46f  No.16242386


Oh shit




d6b46f  No.16242396


Hi MombotSuperbus

6e6923  No.16242402

8d2d23  No.16242415

File: 1a5c7a39b4d3b50⋯.jpg (83.19 KB, 1168x872, 146:109, 1a5c7a39b4d3b50a6469521440….jpg)

>all these retards acting like they wouldn't take the chance immediately without a second of thought if they were offered a MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS JUST TO PLAY A VIDEOGAME and maybe say nice things about it

d6b46f  No.16242416

File: b0ba6ad64a5de0b⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1138x2048, 569:1024, pleroma-tan-daki-front.png)

File: 8b59d5dc537e704⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1138x2048, 569:1024, pleroma-tan-daki-back.png)

d6b46f  No.16242417


No, I just got through a divorce, you?

0666fc  No.16242418


Personally I wouldn't if I'd shill for something, it'd probably be something more computer hardware-ish. Like a Corsair whatever or a Coolermaster something

bc1077  No.16242425


Brutal. are you just'd from alimony?

d0bc18  No.16242428

File: acd955937b1fde7⋯.jpg (89.39 KB, 1024x504, 128:63, acd955937b1fde76bb8045541e….jpg)


Yeah, streamers are basically surrogate friends for Gen Z tweens. What a fucked up generation.

c90f31  No.16242477


>That's really what gets me, no one really knows what his deal with other then people happened to gravitate toward his streams by way of Fortnite.

Consistency. I read that he streams almost every day on a consistent schedule for over 12 hours. If a fortnite kiddie is bored then chances are this fag is streaming, they know what to expect and it's mildly interesting I guess if you like watching battle royale games. He seems to have a shit personality (only seen a few clips of him raging or embarrassing himself) but he's also apparently one of the top players at his game. Of course a top player streaming the most popular meme game of the moment would have a good chance of taking off.

It's the same reason why fast food is so popular. You could research local restaurants and you might find something healthier/tastier/not much more expensive, or it could be a ripoff or shit or give you food poisoning… you could even learn to cook or make something yourself… or you could just go to a McDonalds are grab a burger that you know is going to be basically identical to any burger served at any McDonalds in the country. Some people are dumb lazy fucks who eat nothing but fast food, but everyone at least occasionally just wants to eat something and doesn't really care what it is. Likewise, some people are retarded whales who watch streamers for hours every day and give them money so they can feel like they have a friend, other people just get bored and click the neon hair man because everyone else talks about him and it's less effort than sifting through billions of youtubers or streamers trying to find something entertaining, or god forbid playing the fucking game instead of watching someone else do it.

>Pewdiepie, another example was a random fucker in the let's play community, nothing special at all about him, he was just there when bucks rolled in.

Again, same thing. He uploads a video almost every single day. You could upload ANYTHING mildly entertaining every single day and people will pick up on it. When you think about dumbass boomers flipping through TV channels when they know nothing worth watching is on (or dumbass millennials spending 15 minutes searching through the Netflix catalogue knowing damn well that it's all garbage) then it seems obvious that people will find value in something that is always there and always requires zero effort to enjoy, even if it is mediocre at best.

349cd3  No.16242485



>a source told Reuters

Is any of this shit real? Are complete rumors news now? Is there a confirmation in this thread, or just fags jerking to the possibility of EA getting more bad PR and taking some streamer cancer down with them?

2bfaa0  No.16242490


lmao every single time

fuck EA, fuck the gaming industry and fuck lolpex legends

0a87b2  No.16242497


alright I looked almost everywhere, where the fuck can I get one of these?

links indicate I just talk to the guy to order one right?

57b441  No.16242500


Goes back to consistency, really. I think of it like musicians, some make maybe one or two hit songs in their entire careers while the rest of their albums are filled with shit nobody wants or cares about, while there are folks who pump out consistently good shit, and have a steady following, but never truly "Make it" aka sucked enough kiked cock, or make hit singles but it's really about putting out shit that has effort in it, and constantly making a little dent each time.

There are walls people hit, sure, but each day they make something, they slowly climb up it.

38489c  No.16242501


>MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS JUST TO PLAY A VIDEOGAME and maybe say nice things about it


Keyword jew. Take that one word out and I wouldn't do it. Unlike yours, my soul isn't for sale.

1b4ee7  No.16242510


Oy Vey!

1b4ee7  No.16242511

File: 1d6cb1d93f93797⋯.jpg (43.57 KB, 496x818, 248:409, 69a2e5ff27a0d9c7cc3055da67….jpg)


>being a boomer/jew with no integrity

Come on, pops, being militant is what's in nowadays.

ebcb0c  No.16242518

File: ef3c47cdfedb123⋯.jpg (28.08 KB, 638x479, 638:479, why-above-the-line-adverti….jpg)

Its called marketing and yes gamers fall for it.

ebcb0c  No.16242524

File: 611b6082beb237d⋯.gif (320.4 KB, 500x357, 500:357, se-lain-g6(2).gif)


>who share the same humor and choice of video games

You know I would actually kinda get it if this was true. But ecelebs are PAID to be your friend and they are just PRETENDING to like you.

Ecelebs are like waifus: they are not real.

21339b  No.16242525


His only other bit of notoriety comes from playing Fortnite every day. Normalfags are amazingly retarded, this is why anything they touch is dumbed down and drained of quality.

57b441  No.16242544

File: 354e73a4ccc608b⋯.jpg (166.84 KB, 687x800, 687:800, fbc60585bb1837cecee033e20d….jpg)


The volumes this speaks of the average person's disconnection from each other is fucking deafening. Have we really this far away from each other that a person playing vidya is a substation for an actual interaction or human relationship?

My god, I feel absolutely blessed to have at least one friend I'm close to, someone who can finish my thoughts, and mine his, and you gaggle of faggots to talk to, I hope you have somebody, at least one person like this in your life, online, offline, just someone who understands you.

Because god damn.

0666fc  No.16242547


Mate, society's so disconnected getting banned from a couple of social media services can effectively unperson you. Not saying there's no place for online discussion but it has gotten out of hand.

d106ab  No.16242555

File: 5aeba3b634517ab⋯.gif (974.04 KB, 350x261, 350:261, Al-Bundy-thumbsup.gif)


One day someone will invent a virus that kills someone over the internet. That day will be a good day.

0666fc  No.16242556


Well if you want to be technical, there's already shit designed to make pacemakers fail

b8e107  No.16242591


Just find one with like 10 viewers, noone will stream just for money for 10 people consistently.

08cad7  No.16242634


>In history, after every great massacre, the nation that enacts it falls.

You dont know shit about the bronze age

2972d9  No.16242667

Wow, no shit.

5ed091  No.16242687

Yeah EA is shilling big time in Apex Legends

IIRC they gave Mr Beast At least $200k to shill their game, and he didn't even play it, so a nigger like Ninja getting a million seems legit

360d9c  No.16242696


Or have a vagina and be paid to fly to saudi arabia who will pay you even more if you let them fuck you and shit on you. Yes this actually happened

5ed091  No.16242698


>Being rich either means working hard at getting rich, or hardly working at all and getting lucky.

More like working hard and getting lucky or hardly working and getting luckier

Getting rich is usually all luck, and these days luck is against young white aspergic males tbh

c01d4f  No.16242700


>piss on you

>shit on your

>drink piss

>get fucked by a dog

>suck a camel

>get fucked by mudshit virgin boys

>get fucked by old mudshits

>have a fish shoved up your vagina

There's even pages that track which Instagram whores went on a "photoshoot" to Saudi Arabia or Dubai, or met with Arabs, so you know they've done nasty shit.

360d9c  No.16242702

File: 4fb1b8c9d03e6aa⋯.jpg (32.08 KB, 288x325, 288:325, 5947946749786567446.jpg)


Truly amazing how one can reach the point where they think any of this is ok or even good

131470  No.16242711

Is this a surprise to anybody?


Which is why Anthem is such a success now

ddefdb  No.16242713

File: 860b5d6d471f8c1⋯.jpeg (336.76 KB, 750x3000, 1:4, woman camel.jpeg)

c01d4f  No.16242722


It's what happens when women are "liberated" from any standards of decency. Their true nature comes to the fore.

7ce23f  No.16242726


Breaking news streamers/e-celebs shill even shitty products from shitty companies.

In other news water is wet and you shouldn't trust commercials.

5e0847  No.16242738


alot of people nowadays dont even go outside, they get stuff deliever to their door and dont interact with anyone in their community, like how people wont even talk to their neighbour but will put their entire life story online then complain how lonely they are as if they arent the problem

4ac2ba  No.16242768

File: 480231201b1ccd6⋯.png (260.86 KB, 319x422, 319:422, 1431296804276.png)



>paying millions

I can't decide who's more retarded iTT,the OP,the tranny that wrote that article or all the retards that actually argue about it.

If you think that EA would have to pay any of these monkeys anything close to millions when they would happily do it for an early copy of the game and apresonalised email tahnking them written by some upaid intern accompanied with some leftover pocket-lint from the ceo's spare suit during laundry day then you're in dire need to lurksomemoar.

<Keep in mind that the article only lists a source as to who told them this, so it could be complete bullshit


4ba16c  No.16242774



i guess she is ready to get



9969f4  No.16242783


>Faggots who earn 500k a month will settle for a note.

Cunts with millions of followers are not the same as randoms with a few thousand. Also with 11 million in 3 days it would take a negligible amount of microtransactions to pay that off, even after all the shit it's gotten, twitch still has >50k viewers for it at this very moment almost all of whom are gonna be shilling for it and generating EA money till it dies off and they move onto other fads.

Don't underestimate the amount of, and retardation of normalfags.

ef5594  No.16242790

A company spent money on marketing. How is this news?

e8e8a9  No.16242823


>its ok that they manipulate me, they make money this way


daeadd  No.16242847

File: c21113057d83457⋯.png (31.25 KB, 640x360, 16:9, spending development vs ma….png)


On one hand - your logic is sound.

On the other hand the marketing budgets have been getting bloated in all fields and less is being put into research and development even in fields such as pharma.

The budget for marketing of that game is certiainly in the millions, not that those millions are directly reaching streamers. But it does go to marketers who do give streamers something for sure.

If you are a big streamer getting 20k for playing a repetitive game for months is not a stretch of the imagination when you get big crowds with you who give you extra donations. Who would pass by such an offer ?

4ac2ba  No.16242876

File: 102002056b9c9a9⋯.jpg (55.48 KB, 333x293, 333:293, 1400920581719.jpg)


A note and AN EARLY RELEASE COPY OF THE FUCKING GAME that they can then stream exclusively on their gay twitch™ channel for the mouthbreathers that watch them and net them those 500k through donations and adverts.

So once more for the more mentally handicaped goyim amongst (((us))) :



Most of the bloated budgets are bloated in order to justify the next year's budget ,if a department has leftover money from the previous year that they didn't use that goes into account when the board decides what the next year's budget will be for that department and you can bet your ass it's gonna round downwards and not upwards.

There is a larger chance that any of that money goes into bonuses,expensive dinners,$30k esspresso machines and sports cars through creative accounting than reaching any of those retards,as i said pocket-lint that's all they get.

I mean come on, would you share any of that money with some fag that plays videogames on twitch that may or may not be relevant in 6 months because they are that easily replacable,when it would make more sense to just burn them in the building furnace and provide some heat for the emplyees even if it is for only 10'?

fdc34a  No.16242878

File: ea910dc0e383e14⋯.jpg (68.08 KB, 532x721, 76:103, 1cace2075e0673ad43cd762b17….jpg)


I recently picked up a book about marketing written in the 90s and it talks about how every part of a company must subordinate itself to the marketing department and how, in reality, marketing IS the company.

It repulses me to no end, but when you read it from the business perspective it makes a bit of sense as to why they are pumping such insane sums of money into it.

Long story short, it's done as a preventive measure.

It doesn't need to give the company any benefits, but the assumption is that it will prevent disasters or stop the company from spiralling into obscurity.

469257  No.16242930


One can only hope, anon.


Women have no standards of decency. They need to be taught some. And many of them are never taught any, which you can observe by the absurd amount of worthless hoes presenting themselves online in a particular manner. The worst part however is, that the seemingly braindead society we live in, is applauding and encouraging this degenerate behavior. The internet is the modern day Colosseum, and the crowd wants to be entertained by any means.

daeadd  No.16242931


>would you share any of that money with some fag that plays videogames on twitch that may or may not be relevant in 6 months because they are that easily replacable

If that fag has millions of views it would be easy to bribe him with a few thousand dollars. On donations alone he gets enough to play many games, just sending him a copy of the game will not be enough to get him playing for sure.

4ac2ba  No.16242955

File: 44120eacae528f1⋯.jpg (23.93 KB, 300x225, 4:3, JimFUKINGSterlingSON.jpg)


>If that fag has millions of views it would be easy to bribe him with a few thousand dollars

If he has millions of views why would he settle for a mere few thousand dollars when he could just as easily make that up and then some when he will be showered with money by simply showing that email of the big ebul corporation trying to buy out the little man to his retarded fanbase and how baste&radpilled he is by not doing so?

On the other hand if he simply gets the game early he is complicit into marketing it but the only dowside being is that maybe he has to disclose it to the retards that are his fanbase,which is no skin off the company's back let alone they get keep all the money too.

9969f4  No.16242973


>simply showing that email of the big ebul corporation trying to buy out the little man to his retarded fanbase and how baste&radpilled he is by not doing so?

A minor punblicity boost vs large paychecks, I wonder which most would pick?

A good deal of these fags have giveaways and shit which are usually finaced by the companies, it's a symbiotic relationship.

Equally there are plenty of streamers that stop playing games once the promo money stops coming in since there are other games they can play with equal or bigger audiences.

Why would somebody known for a game with a bigger audience play a game with a smaller audience (and hence less viewers and less money) for free?

You seem awful determined to prove that EA ain't paying people to promote shit, an established practise.

Gotta wonder why?

9c4d8c  No.16243057


It's modern day TV, pointless shit people watch because they're retarded apes with nothing better to do. You could also draw parallels to comedians, except it's the modern equivalent where everybody sits at home and the only real interaction is to spam LOL KAPPA POGGERS. Humans cease to be individuals but instead a hivemind inside twitch chat. The organism is in complete agreement when it spams :trihard: whenever a nigger is shown on screen.

4ac2ba  No.16243058

File: 276b17f856e7a08⋯.webm (231.16 KB, 480x360, 4:3, [hmmmms in the background….webm)


<a one time payment from one company vs a continuous stream of cash + some pozitive PR spin to the retards that have been watching and paying him for years and will now only double down after seeing how justified they were in their choice

i wonder about that one too

ebcb0c  No.16243141


That is true, we must make the distinction between ecelebs and someone just posting a video every few weeks.

6af65e  No.16243159


You could summarize that book by saying: people are gullible and dumb.

bc3685  No.16243185


He looks like he craves death

9969f4  No.16243193

File: c0a0a9d9d30137f⋯.jpg (267.12 KB, 634x1008, 317:504, c0a0a9d9d30137f87605d71140….jpg)


Large streamers have been outed running lotto scams, cheating in competitions, openly lying to viewers and still have large and loyal fanbases. PR means fucking nothing compared to the effective "brand loyalty" to streamers which only reinforces itself the more money they give them.

They'll get that continuous cash regardless.

>a one time payment from one company

Conveniently ignoring the part about companies bankrolling giveaway and other such shit and ignoring the fact that if they out them they lose potential future offers. Streamers are whores they ain't gonna lose those paychecks.

The amount that would paypig outta seeing moral behaviour is negligible to the literal millions of normalfags that are throwing money at "shouty man with bright hair". The only way companies like EA even get sales is through shit like this, reviewers or streamers they don't pay off will rightfully shit on it, hence the need for hype marketing.

You also conviently ignored another part.

>Why would somebody known for a game with a bigger audience play a game with a smaller audience (and hence less viewers and less money) for free?

You can call streamers retarded if you want and you'd be right but just like a welfare leech they know better than most how to make money.

30426c  No.16243195


He's completely right, why do you think Asia has a million girl streamers that do completely mundane shit all day? It's because the Chinks/Gooks/Japs are incredibly lonely and crave (physical) affection.

1675b9  No.16243220

File: 66cba786a6bff65⋯.png (795.66 KB, 492x700, 123:175, 66cba786a6bff65c414bb26db5….png)


I don't. I have quite a few friends - if you can even call it that - in real life who I talk to occasionally. I try to make them go outside with me to play some basketball or maybe go to a restaurant or an arcade, but that's a rarity, especially these days. Ever since we left Highschool it has been like this. I've been gradually disconnecting from them the past few years. They're content with wasting away their nights (they only play from 9pm-3am) on League of Legends, Apex, or whatever the latest meme game is. They're reaching their late thirties and this is how they act. It's embarrassing.

I wish I had a friend like you describe, anon. Someone who has the same taste in vidya. It's what I've longed for for decades now. Makes sense why I always used to browse 4chan and subsequently 8chan.

fdc34a  No.16243239


>have a bro with the same taste in vidya as me

>but we live in different towns

>he gets a job and has to slave away even on weekends in his office

>we keep making promises that this year we will definitely get together for a whole week of LAN

>hasn't happened once

I just wanted to play video games.

30426c  No.16243243

File: f9443df9f35ad2a⋯.jpg (148.58 KB, 1210x1190, 121:119, noose swing.jpg)



All my friends gradually became normalfags after high school and now they spend their time drinking and doing other shit without me. I don't even get invited anymore. Just yesterday a friend actually messaged me but when I wrote him back he just told me that it was a mistake and he meant to send the message to a different friend of his. The last friend I still have is going to move in with his girlfriend soon so that will probably end our friendship. Nowadays I don't even check if I've gotten any new messages because it just makes me sad, so I just spend my time in isolation playing single player games.

dc3344  No.16243250


Friends are a scam.

c01d4f  No.16243252


>9 hour work time

>1 hour commute time

>get home and too tired to play vidya

>on weekends too much random shit piled up to have time to play vidya

Kill me.

f2e973  No.16243254

Surprising absolutely no one on /v/.

043f45  No.16243258


Incorrect, I've made plenty of good friends. They just happen to all be from here.

440ebc  No.16243261


That sounds more depressing than not having friends to begin with. I only had friends in elementary school

417030  No.16243263

These top-tier streamers make 6-700k dollars a month, with 100k subs, donations and sponsorships. I'd colour my hair blue for that kind of money, desu.

1fcb8c  No.16243266

Loneliness and isolation is a symptom of a lack of overall purpose in our societies coupled with growing populations, with this setting you have no foundation to judge yourself and others by and you get people splintering into their own pet interests and pleasures, or they get rallied to a million different causes. Relationships are what happens when people have a shared directions and goals, they will not exist in a vacuum. People really aren't meant to focus on themselves this much, it's too bad the modern era is one of explosive technological growth along with the complete decimation of our understanding of what we need to function. Now there are so many competing schools of thought that it will probably be unsalvageable outside of a collapse. Turns out too many hands at the wheel get the ship nowhere, who would've thought.

30426c  No.16243275

File: 6d9c599ebae76c8⋯.jpg (28.55 KB, 549x280, 549:280, 6d9c599ebae76c80cfcf679469….jpg)


>That sounds more depressing than not having friends to begin with.

Believe me it is. It's even worse that I used to talk to these people almost on the daily but now I don't anymore. The last time I talked to a friend was basically just me talking to myself and after 30 minutes he left to play (((CS:GO))). Didn't even say anything, he just switched me out for his CS friends.

ae8b4e  No.16243314

File: c20ff16223331f6⋯.png (823.58 KB, 597x597, 1:1, ourguy.png)


>Phil called this the week Apex released

>everyone bashed him for being a conspiracy theorist and shitting on his fellow streamers

Based DSP was right again lads.

4ac2ba  No.16243323

File: 73e93b3cd31ef43⋯.mp4 (4.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, the_rambler.mp4)


>streamers have been outed running lotto scams, cheating in competitions, openly lying to viewers and still have large and loyal fanbases

And there have been others that have been completely destroyed for way less than any of that,the world of online shilling is a strange beast that's for sure.

>They'll get that continuous cash regardless

That implies that streaming is indeed something one can reliably hang their hat on,and with the exception of a precious few that did that early on and have now enough fuck you money to do so at this point,i would argue for the opposite.

Your previous points already contrdict themselves;streaming is a 'snatch' at best not a long term sollution to anyone's financial viability.

>companies bankrolling giveaway and other such shit

Usually that happens when they can buy in bulk and in corroberation with some large site.Why?Because why buy a single shill when you can have an entire site coming with an editor,staff and upaid interns to do it?You simply get more shillpower for you buck and there is significantly less leakage if things go tits up due to the same corporate structure and mandates holding true for both side alongside 'honor amongst thieves shills';with a streamer you don't get that,you may very well end up with a fucking sperg that at the first sign of trouble loses it's shit and goes into turbo-retard mode which is exactly why you don't pay them to begin with

>You can call streamers retarded if you want

i don't call streamers retarded though that does not exclude them from it,i mostly call their fans retarded

bbdcb2  No.16243326

File: e77fd3e951da198⋯.jpg (32.77 KB, 936x622, 468:311, the estacy of sait teresa.jpg)

Holy fuck has it finally happened?

Has /v/ finally seen the light?

Has /v/ finally admitted that DSP is actually the biggest genius of our time?

440ebc  No.16243330

fdc34a  No.16243343

File: 89a2f1302e0b978⋯.webm (6.9 MB, 512x288, 16:9, DSP plays Dark Souls.webm)

File: 65c841b0022e846⋯.webm (7.33 MB, 640x360, 16:9, how to use rations by DSP.webm)



>DSP gets mocked to no end for his shitty let's plays

>is a completely unlikable retard

>years pass

>so terrible he becomes likable over time

It's a strange thing.

4315a7  No.16243344


People will say no but then turn around and endorse Andrew Yang

ae8b4e  No.16243353

File: 015585f950518c6⋯.jpg (106.83 KB, 819x1024, 819:1024, a humble man.jpg)


>called out cuckjima before it was cool

>has been a thorn in the side of all AAA developers for a decade, and has been the voice of the little guy

>bought a nice house in a gated community and a BMW all while living the NEET dream

>a true Chad who forces his girlfriends into traditional roles, cooking and cleaning for him as he commands.

>has outlasted everyone who has ever challenged him

Reminder that anyone who says DSP isn't /ourguy/ is either a AAA shill or an autistic detractor who worships a "based" nigger named Tevin.

4315a7  No.16243359


Stop trying to force DSP being based as a meme it’s not going to work

ca87dc  No.16243370

File: 2de476fb1b806ee⋯.webm (3.56 MB, 854x480, 427:240, DSP_Gives_Driving_Advice.webm)

File: 07c6143eb2247ca⋯.webm (959.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dsp getting molested.webm)

File: 0acefa16ae17244⋯.webm (7.44 MB, 600x450, 4:3, DSP_Beats_It.webm)

File: de4d6f00a7fb01a⋯.webm (1.42 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, NO_BLOCKING_DSP.webm)




I dont know what the hell are you doing, but memeing DSP"PigRoach" into being based is not dumb, but pathetic.

30426c  No.16243377


He's a pathetic E-begger, easily as bad as Twitch thots.

469257  No.16243381

File: 66c90eb4b58bd97⋯.mp4 (1.99 MB, 500x250, 2:1, stupid-nigger.mp4)


>Reminder that anyone who says DSP isn't /ourguy/ is either a AAA shill or an autistic detractor who worships a "based" nigger named Tevin.

Or simply haven't heard of him, like the other 99,9999999999999% of online retards plastering their meaningless lives all over (((social media))) for shekels and the confirmation, that being an online retard isn't a waste of lifetime like your parents told you.

Try to wrap your mind around the fact, that not everyone is a drooling retard stuck in an endless cycle of bland hobbies like watching a human troll doll play memetrash.

440ebc  No.16243383


He's a meme like CWC. It

s surprising you would be on /v/ and not hear of him.

ca87dc  No.16243395

File: 8a45a8969021cc2⋯.webm (11.64 MB, 640x360, 16:9, This is how DSP's Okami p….webm)

File: a80755783467d11⋯.webm (4.12 MB, 854x480, 427:240, DSP completely molested.webm)


You know, he is not the worst player evah, as many people put it, and its true that people sometimes exaggerate what it does. But thing is overall, DSP is a loser E-begger that scams people card credit with shitty & boring streams So stop supporting that lardass unless he learns (And that will never happens, knowing how DSP acts & thinks).

d0dbe2  No.16243397




What if they were billed as (((influencers)))?

0b9c77  No.16243432


It's not so much that he's likable as it is when you have idiots like SoK or whoever have channels filled with hundreds upon hundreds of DSP related videos, you realize just who truly is the bigger autist.

He's an idiot but who really cares about him anymore?

4916e6  No.16243469


How can one person manage to be so consistently fucking obnoxious? It just never lets up.

d283b9  No.16243494


>Streamers play better than 99.9% of gamers

Totally untrue.

3cfe67  No.16243498



It might be both of these, really. Normalfags had friends in school, and kind of fell out of the knack of making more. Hell, everyone fell out of the knack. Everyone drifted apart and their old friends changed, so they picked up a sort of replacement in Pewdiepie, the Game Grumps, Markiplier, etc.

The streamer is the friend who never changes and is always available to you by way of his youtube channel archives.

d283b9  No.16243523


However I'm not bad at games. Not sure about the /v/eddit average.

440ebc  No.16243535


No, people watch streamers for their "personality". Aka, they like to watch them acting like fucking retards.

d283b9  No.16243553





fucking normalfagtrash just kys

7167a4  No.16243561


All they need to do is say "sponsored" in the title of their stream. At a minimum if they at some point on their stream mention it, that's probably enough to dodge a lawsuit.

Amount of money and all that can be kept secret.

d283b9  No.16243570


t. South Korean

You should kill yourself ant.

4916e6  No.16243585






Remember to filter and report.

469257  No.16243607


Missed the drama, what was it about?

9622d1  No.16243613


good for ecelebs, that's some eazy money

7621c0  No.16243632


Kikes shilling for pewdiepie and getting blown the fuck out.

1ebc3b  No.16243637


It was proven that /v/tards have no skill comparing to streamers.

d13a63  No.16243648


>he changed his ip because he got humiliated itt

lol no wonder you have no sex life or friends

d283b9  No.16243656


No it wasn't and claiming streamers are better than other players is like claiming camwhores are better at sex and are less likely to have stds.

ca2ba6  No.16243658

1ebc3b  No.16243659


>till he can't post his gameplay videos because he is bad at games

e6fe60  No.16243720

Sooo…. have we confirmed that any of the paid shills fucked up and didn't let people know they were sponsored or is this entire thread just about how much most of you hate streamers because they make money doing what you love and you don't?

9d7434  No.16243754

File: f98c53ab237c3a8⋯.png (169.21 KB, 1280x744, 160:93, Marketing has changed.png)

File: 28e7fdadfab1ab3⋯.png (180.91 KB, 1153x579, 1153:579, Marketing has changed 2.png)



c1dca2  No.16243755

File: ffd7245b1e0a99a⋯.jpg (774.29 KB, 900x900, 1:1, ffd7245b1e0a99a7548ae04755….jpg)



7621c0  No.16243757

e6fe60  No.16243762



That's what I thought. Carry on.

1a4712  No.16243767

I heard of this thing a few years ago that streamers never talk about how much they make because they want to fool the audience- as well as knowing that deep down, they're pathetic, glorified NEETs. Most of the time they aren't self-aware to notice this fact, but if even a fragment of the topic is brought up or if it makes them remember this like some sort of PTSD shit, they'll push it away so hard in anyway they can (and its easy because they can just ban people with 1 click; or have mods that'll do it for them).

It's weird that normalfags will make fun of neckbeards or "anyone too nerdy", but they'll literally throw their dollars away to these fags just so they can say their names.


>I only had friends in elementary school

It makes me wonder if its because of how society changed or if it was always like this. I'll never know because I'm a literal brainlet who can't read a single page of a book anymore without being bored/tired of it.

7621c0  No.16243770


No, you're not blending in here. Go back to tumblr, you fucking whore.

355c9c  No.16243772


Everyone knew this, though, didn't they? That viewer count increase wasn't organic by any means.

d283b9  No.16243775






>He switched IPs again and even made up a story because he's too much of a kike to formulate arguments in understandable English.

3cfe67  No.16243776


What a fascinating point. It's like someone looked at why the Gamergate thing blew out of everyone's control hundreds of faggots doing the same general thing and decided to decentralize the advertising part of their game give it to a shitton of streamers and let them advertise it for you.

Instead of slapping full-page ads in the gaming magazines, they spent that money on these faggots. If it becomes industry standard to just throw money at streamers, it actually is going to be extremely difficult to remove that power from them. It might even be enough to prevent the industry collapse that people have been predicting for the past decade or so.

1ebc3b  No.16243828


>I heard of this thing a few years ago that streamers never talk about how much they make because they want to fool the audience

Releasing your actual price weakens you negation positions with other sponsors. Let them guess if they make mistake it is a free profit for you. Basics of businesses.

f2e4a7  No.16243832


The faggot is already in hot water for a lot of things, but holy shit, this reads like a bunch of faggot journoshits assblasted they don't hold much sway in shilling for a shit game, and no, it ain't illegal since a lot of these fags "disclosed" they shilled for shekels.

1ccd42  No.16243922


Same old.

Shroud is a kike

Ninja is a kike

Sodapoppin is a kike

Reckful is a kike

Twitch is run by kikes

e1901a  No.16243929


Wasn't it more

>hundreds of faggots doing the same thing

>select few gain influence enough to fuck with reviews and journalism for ideals and shekels

>select few then begin to try and shove their ideologies down their throats by le downboat-ing non-kosher games and "warning" gamers to stay away from certain games/companies

I imagine it will go the same way and some Streamergate thing will pop-up in a few years.

>it actually is going to be extremely difficult

I honestly assumed it was going to be easier due to the fact that these streamers are well known, unlike game journos who relatively stay in the shadows until they are found out for the conniving jew they are. I imagine it would work like a sneaker deal for an athlete.

>do something bad or seen as bad

>people bitch about it enough to make the sponsor company worry

>sponsor company pulls their advertising deal with influencer

>viewer counts plummet due to controversy

>other faggots fall in line or lose all their shekels

Wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened, see that shit in sports all the time.

440ebc  No.16243936

File: e5609b46f137c93⋯.png (692.5 KB, 585x585, 1:1, 1385139378466.png)


>actually knowing the names of so many streamer faggots

c41b2e  No.16243967



not a single one of those streamers is a nice person either.

537a0f  No.16243984

3cfe67  No.16243997


I think it'll be harder to remove them simply because they'll be continuing to build the cult of personality around themselves, and the normalfags will continue to worship them because they don't know or care about having standards. Further, instead of having to interview or vet any of their picks, the publishers could simply pick a new favorite out to replace a popular streamer. It's a hydra situation, really, where each streamer that gets removed only spawns another.

The fact that the journalists hid in the shadows was a weakness for them, because they had no support network for when the light was shone upon them, whereas the streamer has a millions-strong band of sycophants.

e1901a  No.16244088


>because they'll be continuing to build the cult of personality around themselves.

Double edged sword in my opinion, its hard to change the opinions of a huge group of supporters but once it does its ridiculous how quickly they change their tune. Funny thing is, jounos are highly critical of streamers and give them shit for every little thing. Such as


Apparently he said it jokingly but still journos are trying to tear streamers apart. A good thing in my books. Let journos expend their energy on them.

>the publishers could simply pick a new favorite out to replace a popular streamer. It's a hydra situation, really, where each streamer that gets removed only spawns another.

This could be a good thing if used correctly and ethically.

>he fact that the journalists hid in the shadows was a weakness for them, because they had no support network for when the light was shone upon them

You do have a point but if you remember they fought tooth and nail, going so far as trying to convince the public that Gamergate was a terrorist group through actual news outlets instead of what it actually was; a consumer base that was and still is seeing a decrease in quality of their favorite product due to the influence a few faggots.

You also have to remember that these guys hid in the shadows but not 100%, they were always visible it's just that not many cared to find out who they were before the fiasco. There's a reason why the initial Gamergate push stressed to try not to associate too much or at all with the budding e-celebs (that got their initial fame from GG) and other celebrities. It's harder to criticize a movement if the people supporting it are anonymous individuals. You can't pick apart someone you don't know anything about.

417030  No.16244137


Well, at least they aren't commie loons. That's sorta what I expect from entertainers nowadays. At least these guys aren't faggots.

f3a316  No.16244142


What did you expect? That's why I never got close to kids in high school, they don't truly care about you or even have a reason to care about you. They only hung out with you since it was fun, not because of some concrete value or need. Friends used to be people you could trust your life in and someone that could truly suffer for you, just as you could for them. Now, there is no need for that, values have been corrupted just as the need for others has diminished. No one needs to befriend someone else just as no one needs to care if they just stop talking to you 2 years down the line for no clear reason. The only friends you could possibly count on are those that share the same values as you, (a rarity) or those that can provide something for you just as you can provide something for them. As long as there is something you can do for a friend they can't do themselves, just as they can do something for you you can't, that friendship has 10 times more stability than that of your best friend from high school. Necessity is extremely valuable in keeping relationships, but it has to go both ways and can't devolve into being indebted to someone, or just paying for their services.

But that only matters if you can actually find someone to be your friend, I found a guy by chance in high school, but you will have to go out there and look for someone by yourself. Real social skills are some of the most underrated and underused nowadays but they aren't all that hard as long as you get good at it. Go out to the mall, the park, anywhere that you can talk to somebody and try a conversation. Even if you spill your spaghetti 24/7 and don't know what you are doing wrong, you'll eventually get used to it just by habbit of doing it. And as long as you keep at it you might even find someone with the same interests you can talk to after a long days work. Its really tough to get friends nowadays but still possible, might as well try it out before you reach 40.

04e77c  No.16244202


It's just going to get worse since twitch is slowly growing a monopoly on internet video game content while youtube is getting more and more negative press. Amazon bought twitch for the long game and eventually it's going to bite every faggot who has given money to them in the ass.

469257  No.16244211

File: 0d709c872c88be4⋯.mp4 (1.26 MB, 500x250, 2:1, absolute-bullshit.mp4)


>because they make money doing what you love and you don't?

I have a well paid job and a healthy social life. I don't have to rely on changing my hair color monthly, acting retarded on camera and playing the latest mediocre meme vidya to stay relevant and justify my payment check. If I had to play garbage on a daily schedule only to entertain my braindead zoomer audience and satisfy my (((sponsors))), I'd probably swallow a bullet sooner or later.

561263  No.16244270

File: ca514f6dc7f1b3e⋯.jpg (21.51 KB, 780x409, 780:409, are ya winning son.jpg)


>they don't truly care about you or even have a reason to care about you. They only hung out with you since it was fun, not because of some concrete value or need.

Well said.

>Friends used to be people you could trust your life in and someone that could truly suffer for you, just as you could for them. Now, there is no need for that, values have been corrupted just as the need for others has diminished.

I don't think that people have changed, it's just that the media always portrays friends as perfect and as people that are always there for you, where as in reality, 99% of the people only care for themselves. I blame society for giving people false expectations of friendship.

403121  No.16244287

They titled their streams as Sponsored so its not really illegal.

c0b0bb  No.16244374

File: 5d7926ee5152e66⋯.gif (709.15 KB, 500x537, 500:537, se-lain-g8.gif)

Thank god for the digital age. Now you don’t need friends. Now you don’t need god. You can just have computers to talk to you instead. We are better at pretending to like you.

09ed1e  No.16244421


I mean, anyone who didn't guess this is exactly what happened is a fucking retard.

Day 1

>Apex blows up out of nowhere.

>Shills everywhere.

>Eceleb streamers sucking this game off like it's the cure to cancer.

>/v/ flooded with "omg Apex so amazing!" posts.

The only interesting thing about all of this is that this is the first time I've seen such a massive astroturfing blitzkrieg effort.

Most publishers fuck around, astroturf half assed and then run ads and build hype through the sellout games media.

This shit was like a surprise attack and it didn't let up for a whole week.

1675b9  No.16244424

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's weird how normalfags watch all of these sitcoms of loving families and friends - yet, they don't try to emulate them. Or maybe that's wrong, they do emulate them, but in the wrong way. I hate bringing the guy up, but Sam Hyde broached upon it a little bit in one of his older videos.

426d13  No.16244439

File: e3b89a911fff6e5⋯.webm (2.92 MB, 640x360, 16:9, FREE.webm)

Meanwhile shills shitpost for free

61ee2a  No.16244445


not a cute one on that image. shame.

403121  No.16244459

File: 195f8e37df7bb0e⋯.jpg (327.36 KB, 795x1082, 795:1082, 195f8e37df7bb0e75f3adbe4ed….jpg)


>It's weird how normalfags watch all of these sitcoms of loving families and friends - yet, they don't try to emulate them

It's like with how people want to be fit but doesn't even try working out or eat more healthily, or people who want to be richer but doesn't want to put in the effort or work the extra hours. Fear. Fear of failure, rejection, pain keeps people away and the brain basically can't tell the difference between reality and what you vividly imagine so a lot of people settle for emulating good feelings from movies/TV instead of going for it themselves. Same could be said about masturbation.

fdc34a  No.16244462


Do people still play it, or is it one of those "hype for a week, dead game later" things like Evolve was?


>The faggot is already in hot water for a lot of things

Tell me more.

1675b9  No.16244470

File: 9d3c03c873a52bc⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1366x1536, 683:768, 9d3c03c873a52bcbdd3000d8f9….png)


Apex is still the flavor of the month, unfortunately. It will die, but probably not soon. Give it a few months, maybe. Anyone got the numbers for Fortnite? That motherfucking game is living on borrowed time.

5cba52  No.16244491



they did. at least that one did.

6d155f  No.16244493


I still sometimes hang out with my normalfag friends because i don't want my parents to worry about me. Having a weekly insight on normalfaggotry isn't all that bad either, it's like studying wild animals.

5cba52  No.16244507



nice guys are definitely commies pushing islam dindu nuffin and such. also you cant have non left opinions on twitch by their rules.

5cba52  No.16244546


twos are obvious but cant find stuff on others.

4cb1fa  No.16244619


I like you anon and I'm here, we might not know each other but I will always be here at your side to call you a faggot when you have shit taste at vidya

fdc34a  No.16244649



f3a316  No.16244716


LOL, I didn't mean that people have changed over the years, rather I'd say 100% of people are selfish and those who are "altruistic" are only so due to their own momentary feelings, potential benefit, strict education and very rarely due to their own values which still couldn't be described as objective altruism. Rather its the world that has changed drastically, not going to go on for a whole paragraph so here it is simple: Long time ago people stopped being tribalistic and formed their own civilization, but needed core beliefs as rules to maintain order and stop everything from going to shit. Most of the values we have are from back then and we still use them today, from greek to catholic values. And yet in the last 100 years or so there has been a huge degradation of values, everything from religion to the constitution has been broken down to a state unrecognizable from even 40 years ago, yet its degradation had been worse even earlier. People used to have duels over insults to someone's religion that wouldn't even be grounds to use as a family guy joke since its so obscure. Caring about core values and beliefs has been so despised and condemned in almost every medium of media and expression in the last 40 years its almost unbelievable once you start looking for it. Apathy has become the reigning value in its place, yet apathy is just emptiness, not a real replacement, and all the values pushed by cultural Marxists are at their core damaging to all forms of human relationships and behavior. Worse still, no one needs to help each other to survive, get a better quality of life or even for some subjective value anymore. You will always be able to buy something, so why become friends with someone when you can just buy a friend? Buy a worker to come fix your roof, a kid to trim your yard, a phych to listen to your problem, a streamer to laugh with, an app to show off and a website to express yourself to a hundred thousand people who will never truly listen. The state and consumerism has fucked human relations up so much (((they))) didn't even have to do much, boomers fucked us so bad due to daddy issues and pure stupidity and laziness that we might even be terminal.

Going a little long here, il have to try better next time I do posts like this, maybe with notepad and different posts like those guys on old /pol/. But what I meant to say is the world around us has changed dramatically from what it was before, and just like Winston Smith we have never know something better but know that things as they are now are wrong. Relationships no longer matter, or have any real reason to matter, and the best way to find a real friend is to find that reason to keep being friends.

c1e86f  No.16244733



Western civilization may be possibly fucked but at least were all in this sinking ship together.

5a1523  No.16244741

File: 4ec0240541ff25a⋯.png (152.75 KB, 870x552, 145:92, 4ec0240541ff25ae96da7f53d7….png)

f3a316  No.16244796


Look at it this way, if we are fucked no matter what there is nothing we can do there is no point worrying about it, but if all of us trying hard enough is enough to save it we've already won.

Blackpillers are just faggots addicts to their feelings, its always easier to give up than try at all.

6cd439  No.16244817

I'm going to keep playing Apex Legends because it is the only good BR game and I like Respawn, EA be damned

dc3344  No.16244834

File: 11053b0d9518953⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 291.53 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, nigger-free.jpg)


>only good BR

>the one where half the cast is literal niggers

I bet you like Overwatch too. Kill yourself.

There is actually a good BR out there, though, but it's certainly not fucking Apex. Pic related.

6cd439  No.16244838


>low-effort garbage

I mean they deliberately kept 2.5 years of development in secret until it was out and people kept playing because it was fun. Have you played it? If you don't want to because of Origin, that's fine.

6cd439  No.16244843


I stopped playing Overwatch a year and a half ago because it's fundamentally flawed due to the classes they keep adding that break the meta so hard that they have to plan redevelopment of the characters over and over, not to mention it's so chock-full of CC and particles and healing. It feels like shit to play.

Tetris 99 is a pretty good game though.

83e1ac  No.16244875

File: 68295f72bf5e75d⋯.mp4 (1.28 MB, 480x360, 4:3, xavier renegade angel expl….mp4)


> they don't try to emulate them. Or maybe that's wrong, they do emulate them, but in the wrong way

Simulate mate, they simulate reality via escapism, getting that sweet dopamine rush each jerkoff, each whatever shitbean they proxy their consciousness through the next day. Dreaming the life instead of living the dream. That's fucked up ultimate trap mortality can cast on someone

7365d6  No.16244898

File: a9a82b7c57923ba⋯.jpg (70.32 KB, 512x512, 1:1, b08trygb0854yt803v4yntpnrd….jpg)

ur dah normalfags.

f3a316  No.16244907




ebc679  No.16244959

File: f92696edf14610b⋯.jpg (123.68 KB, 615x734, 615:734, 1477250192468.jpg)



not liking something nippon related? r u a goon or newfag or something?

67236f  No.16245238

File: 1b2b6b68d36f8ca⋯.png (1.61 MB, 642x1977, 214:659, Twinkie Fur.png)

1b4ee7  No.16245469

File: c820d587096fecd⋯.jpg (110.37 KB, 740x540, 37:27, 2e9fabfedccbee0b92f4ed17ba….jpg)


It gets good after the 4th episode.

dc9aae  No.16245888

File: 02bb06f71f2cf11⋯.jpeg (54.61 KB, 480x465, 32:31, 8E2C78B2-C013-4819-BE32-E….jpeg)


>this meme

This is what originally brought me to 4chan back in 06 or 07, and my autistic anime loving black friend was spouting it at me like I knew of the super sekrit internet club. Guess I always seemed like Im supposed to be here

I’m sad now

93a2c8  No.16246534


Fuck off if you think getting paid for pennies for advertising pizza out in the sun is comparable to receiving a six figure for sitting on your fat ass and playing video games all day.

3cfe67  No.16246880

File: e815dd2fcaf6c49⋯.png (82.19 KB, 1080x692, 270:173, foryouguy.png)

58ee0b  No.16248175

File: fdc04ab86cfa9b6⋯.jpg (22.03 KB, 236x270, 118:135, dafc1a54bcfc7913a69f0bb77c….jpg)



38489c  No.16248241

File: e01174e13a4663b⋯.jpg (12.79 KB, 255x253, 255:253, e01174e13a4663b4a6616694f0….jpg)

f6afcd  No.16248311


>Too bad normal fags have shit taste.

and such a low opinion of themselves that they think this amounts to social interaction. Although, looking at this shit they actually are doing the right thing, staying away from every other human being and isolating them at least largely contains their cancer to themselves.

5d39c6  No.16248324


>Also, wasn't this common knowledge?

I thought so. I thought it was known that companies pay streamers not only to play their games but also to stream their game exclusively.

Some pro player talked about this, don't remember who, that he got paid more for the exclusivity of streaming some game than the salary he got in his former team.

f6afcd  No.16248371


>I hope you have somebody, at least one person like this in your life, online, offline, just someone who understands you.

I do he's been my pal since elementary school too but he's half a planet away now so it's been nearly a year since we last spoke.



The 'disconnecting/drifting apart' thing happens no matter what, even with the best friend you can imagine, their lives (and perhaps yours) take them elsewhere, ultimately you have to be happy with yourself as other people are always variables, you're the only constant in your life


>DSP as /ourguy/

You can keep him.

9b7f55  No.16248469


They justify it in their mind as not a fantasy because a real human being responded to their comment That they paid $40 to have show up in the faggot/thot's donation feed.

9f05b7  No.16249401



dce400  No.16249470

File: 435854fb7041192⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 1937x2274, 1937:2274, 59354021_p0.jpg)


>Gamergoyim was the sudden realizations that journalists aren't conveyors of objective truths but mercenaries with pens who write for the highest bidder.

Everyone knew that journos were paid shills who gave out good review scores to shitty games for pay and special treatment. GG revealed that they weren't just shameless shills who sucked at games, but also ideological cancer using their position as professional ass kissers and low-key PR goons for the industry to also push a social engineering agenda that furthered the plans of globalist turbokikes, while also supporting and glorifying a clique of hipster faggots and wannabe auteurs.

1675b9  No.16249566

File: 8609270fa80c908⋯.png (319.46 KB, 780x425, 156:85, ClipboardImage.png)


The characters are gimmicky, their silhouettes not unique at a glance whatsoever, their designs are straight up repulsive and ugly, the game is Battle Royale (I'll let that speak for itself), it has tons of interesting mechanics from Titanfall 1 and 2 taken out for the sake of retaining casual players, and the map designs are un-intuitive and also as ugly as the characters. Refer to pic related for good character designs. Overwatch kinda had the silhouette thing going for it but they decided to make skins which change things up so drastically that one character may be confused for another entirely.

413180  No.16249661


I've always liked to watch others play games as well. I don't watch streams but I watch no commentary playthroughs.

abc748  No.16249853


>EA reportedly exposed fortnite twitch streamers for gaeming whores they are.


4cb1fa  No.16249864


>I mean they deliberately kept 2.5 years of development in secret until it was out

they were developing Titan Fall 3 until EA came out and say "scrap this shit into a battle royale game, that's where the money is" then they recycled some features from the titan fall series and pasted them over this shitty abomination (((((genre)))), its just a shitty gamemode

>and people kept playing because it was fun

normalfags and kids will play any casualised garbage that makes them fell "skilled" an "epic" by just pressing a button, why do you think MOBAS are the most popular esports genre? this game is just a bootleg Titan Fall

e785cc  No.16249896


This is the end result of killing the game journalism, the corporations just take their marketing money somewhere else.

41083e  No.16249899


>I mean they deliberately kept 2.5 years of development in secret

When every weapon is a complete reskin of TF2 weapons? Piss off.

f2e973  No.16249914


>No one's going to snap

This is hubris, pride before the fall.

d1cae9  No.16251600


Let see how "skilled" an "epic" you would look in these games "by just pressing a button".

Post you gameplay videos.

Pro tip: you can't because you are embarrassingly bad in gaming.

144eb2  No.16251648

There's a pale, skelly looking guy playing all the SEGA Genesis(megadrive)/SEGA CD games on twitch. He's three years in and at like 750+ games out the 1000+ games completed. dudes not even partnered but does this full-time every day for like 100 viewers. how the hell does he pay his rent like that? is this a special kind of neetbux autism? is the "retro" community rich? is this what people in maine do when there's no lobsters to catch or potatoes to plant?

(fucking oWo in my captcha, furries everywhere man)

a4b362  No.16251847

File: 7194ea95e61a968⋯.png (156.34 KB, 455x511, 65:73, Bw1sf2jIEAA_cVj.png_large.png)


Actually its not EA that exposed them. Its the law. Sponsored content needs to be flagged as advertising.

I am certain this shitty industry would love to bribe journos and influencers without anyone knowing about it.

40fc80  No.16252184

I'm glad the industry is going over to streamera; I would take streamers over journos any day because streamers actually play games. The only streamergate that I could forsee is large scale paying other people to play while they just commentate

7f0c72  No.16252253


>they were developing Titan Fall 3 until EA came out and say "scrap this shit into a battle royale game, that's where the money is"

respawn doesn't need ea to go full retard chasing shitty trends, did you miss how they tried to turn titanfall2 in a shitty fps moba?

52435e  No.16252307


>>>>>>has outlasted everyone who has ever challenged him

Keep in mind that DSP was shielded in much the same way Keemstar was shielded. Everyone that wanted a piece of the fucker ended up being far more unstable and self destructive then him.

f35af6  No.16252308


>cheaper than journalism


cb5be8  No.16252396

1a40b5  No.16252627


Isn't this basically Payola and what caused a shit ton of monoply/anti-trust laws to be passed in America way back in the day?

29bd0b  No.16252709


>but they decided to make skins which change things up so drastically that one character may be confused for another entirely.

It's kinda amazing how Valve managed to make the obnoxious cosmetics in the market, yet under the 10 neon pink items with particle effects you can still tell which class is which.

3dab14  No.16252837


>did you miss how they tried to turn titanfall2 in a shitty fps moba?

As someone with hundreds of hours in T|F2, yes, I did. Elaborate.

9f9654  No.16253105


>Pfft. Who needs all that money anyway. At least I have my principles!

I wish I had that reaction image of that guy from the other town in The Simpsons eating that lemon.

1fcb8c  No.16253500


You'd have to be and act like him to be that popular, right? I like who I am and wouldn't trade away myself for money, though this doesn't mean I have to live like Diogenes. Not everyone who looks down on whores is suffering through spite.

440ebc  No.16253520


Pretty much. All the money in the world is no good if you can't enjoy it. Living a double life as some retarded blue haired streamer would drive me crazy.

4fea6e  No.16253601


If you did it in a smart way, it wouldn't be that bad. If you somehow got lucky and struck it rich on some fad, you'd just have to ride it for a few years and really lay on the "streamer" persona. Stream constantly, do the obnoxious Twitch things (facecam, calling out donors, coming up with a name for your fanbase of idiots, etc.), and land sponsorships from clueless corporations, especially if they want you to shill for some other game, since it means you'll be in on the ground floor of the next fad. Meanwhile, live frugally and put all the rest of your money in the bank, and learn how to invest it wisely. When you've got enough saved up, you're in the clear. You could stream less often and/or drop the charade and just be yourself again, or just quit entirely and live off of your nest egg.

Congrats, you've retired in your twenties and have the rest of your life to fuck off and do whatever the hell you like. For a few years' worth of becoming a soulless shill, it seems like a decent tradeoff. However, I can guarantee that a decent amount of these streamers don't have an exit strategy, and they think the gravy train is going to roll on forever. Some could parlay their "experience" into working for vidya, I'm sure, but others may be in for a rude awakening once they're no longer the flavor of the month.

5cba52  No.16253794


know a streamer who lives with parents while streaming making 25 000 dollars a month. clever.

a4c0d5  No.16253803


The power of a unique silhouette is amazing.

1fcb8c  No.16253857


If you can fake being a douche to the point of massive success and lie to a fanbase you have contempt for, it isn't faking, you are a douche. I wouldn't want to be a such a person for any amount of money.

a4c0d5  No.16253902


Its sad how dignity can be bought at any price these days.

07b95e  No.16254126

File: 1974fdd7a13d421⋯.png (656.07 KB, 717x856, 717:856, reddit.png)



>le ebbin plebbit gaps

Take a hike m8.

Edit: wow thanks for plebbib gold kind stranger

c8f169  No.16254218

File: 112f124d9225dd6⋯.jpg (552.89 KB, 936x3907, 936:3907, tf2_nevergofullrespawn_for….jpg)


- "hero" titans (although that might just be chasing the overwatch fad)

- 3 lane maps

- "attrition 2.0" bounty hunt

even fucking reddit told them to fuck off with that shit, afterwards they backpedaled hard "it was all a bug" other retarded excuses, nevermind that shit was in development for over a year and someone at respawn decided THAT'S the version they want to release to the public even when outdated.

if you don't think that makes it moba there's plenty of other shit that's retarded, like QTE rodeo that's just suicide against a good pilot or. it also fixed none of the issues they tried to fix or think needed fixing, like with hero titans they tried to fix "meta", only to have fucking tonefall for months or how a game tends to snowball only to snowball even harder in 2. and let's not mention frontier defense where they took 9 months for a fucking horde mode and still managed to completely fuck that up with the aegis system.

don't get me wrong, it's still easy to have fun in the game but that's mainly due to elements established in tf1, most shit they added in 2 is completely pointless and a step back.

c8f169  No.16254240



oh, and I forgot they also chose the release date themselves, thinking they could take on cod (even with all the downvotes for the IW trailer).

44f377  No.16254785


>ad hominem proves i am good at gaming

d348d7  No.16254973


>twitch streamers turn out to be whores

Big surprise

8e81cc  No.16255011

He's an actor for Fortnite as well, on payroll since day 1.

e459a4  No.16255054


not day one because you need fame to get paid you fucktard, but yknow, yeah he is on payroll for fortnite pretty much

7511d3  No.16255263

File: 9647cb8f0ac9b1c⋯.png (78.04 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Troll.png)

fd32f3  No.16255489

streaming is the new esports (since that flopped)

now that streaming is losing traction i wonder what will co me next

44f377  No.16255517

File: 26f5c67ced49225⋯.jpg (396.25 KB, 874x500, 437:250, 1232.jpg)


I tell you what should be next. Free profit idea.

Why people watch streamers? To live through win. Too bad modern winrate matchmaking regulates amount of wining people can get.This is outdated and counterproductive concept. This is why esports are flopping. People want to see pwnage not struggle and losing.

Game should be made such way that ensures that streamers always wins.

It either should be made in crypto way secretly manipulating matchmaking behind scenes to inflate winrates of streamers.

Or openly done. Designing game asymmetrically around "pray and hunter" concept and give positions of hunter to the best players ( including handpicked streamers).

ffe089  No.16255519

>getting paid million usd for playing games and being retarded

What a loser!

4bdab9  No.16256808

File: 0739266633beac6⋯.jpg (126.52 KB, 920x686, 460:343, What Am I Doing.jpg)



I've been saying this here for years now, and if any of you have actually spent any time in a twitch stream and watched the comments you'd see it quick and easy too. Like the sadder posts on youtube, these people treat streamers as they would a friend, and often try to start a conversation with the streamer in chat, which obviously gets ignored unless it's tied to a donation, or they respond to the streamers questions they state in the stream. It's obvious as fuck the streamer is a stand-in for a friend, and to me is the most likely reason for all the donations. The validation they receive from another human being as a result of giving them their money, especially one they've tricked themselves into thinking is their "friend".

Ever see one of those donators who drop 300 on some random fucking fag, or chick? That's the only conceivable reason I can think of to donate cash to any streamer, let alone hundreds of dollars, especially when your reward is at best, the streamer responding to the donation and maybe MAYBE the question or statement attached to the donation you gave them.

440ebc  No.16257447

File: 234f0190ee09a62⋯.png (398.53 KB, 678x610, 339:305, 234f0190ee09a624fb4564b68c….png)


>if any of you have actually spent any time in a twitch stream

Why would I do that?

c34fa5  No.16257557


>Why people watch streamers? To live through win.

Nah, I'm more inclined to think it's more for filling that great big gaping void in their social lives. Gives them a sense of companionship, of having a fun friend.

f3b120  No.16257644


Haha nice wacky hyper-exaggerated greentext man. It totally isn't forced as fuck. Can't wait to screencap it and upload it to reddit so I can get a dozen imaginary points that do absolutely nothing.

0997b1  No.16257661

At first I was amazed, but then I realized "eh, this is EA afterall". So sad Respawn is messed with this.

469257  No.16257870

File: aa05d805a04f779⋯.jpg (56.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dO yOu GuYs NoT hAvE pHoNe….jpg)


Because zoomers are a helpless retard generation that is too stupid to play the games themselves. Instead they watch some fucking kike with stupid hair doing it in le funi maymay 2019 xDDDDDD "humor" fashion. Same reason why somebody would play glorified excel sheets full of waiting timers and mtx on their phone.

9d7434  No.16258460

File: 573182f4ca63185⋯.jpg (403.12 KB, 1200x1105, 240:221, Angel City from Titanfall ….jpg)

File: 91d30d1585e9e48⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 2165x3085, 433:617, Drydock from titianfall 2.jpg)


I have hundreds of hours in TF|2 and even I can could see this.

>Most of the early Maps are roughly three-laned

>Titans get split into classes.

>Mob Farming.

It borrows a lot from MOBA design. In my opinion that doesn't make it a bad game however. When you're dealing with giant robots and soldiers there's going to be some power imbalances. I think the idea for the titan classes wasn't to make Titan vs Titan better, it was to make Titan vs Pilot better. The AI grunts were already a thing with the first game.

They also added a lot of old maps so i'd say the maps are split roughly 60% three lane and 40% normal. Angel city is still the best map.


>listing journo faggot articles.

44f377  No.16259061


Just get rid of pilots already.

3000a2  No.16259745

File: 62f45b3b1bddbac⋯.png (254.49 KB, 387x470, 387:470, 9e3d78bb5b826ac399461bbcf4….png)


>reddit spacing

3000a2  No.16259746

File: 62f45b3b1bddbac⋯.png (254.49 KB, 387x470, 387:470, 9e3d78bb5b826ac399461bbcf4….png)


>reddit spacing

440ebc  No.16259755

File: 9fe69ef6f0fa255⋯.jpg (134.49 KB, 433x480, 433:480, 1448500137946-2.jpg)



>double posting

00b576  No.16259772

File: 71974e59e67414a⋯.jpg (54.88 KB, 566x534, 283:267, put on some of that dubste….jpg)



>getting dubs while pointing out double posting

This counts as quads in my book.

00b576  No.16259786

File: a8953d03b741754⋯.jpg (49.98 KB, 512x512, 1:1, autismcat.jpg)




It's not actually about the games, but it might be a draw. The main motivation for donating to streams is social validation/acknowledgement.

They go watch someone playing a game they like, so that draws on familiarity, and second for the person playing them. In my experience I watched Vinny for a while and still do because he's chill, he plays nothing but shitty indie games, usually, and that's it.

It's mainly based on fulfilling a social need which isn't being met for most since everyone's retreated into themselves in the modern era. People are less likely to reach out to others because they're scared of eachother due to the media, and teh media provides and empty calorie version of social interaction as a substitute. It's why we're here, too "Don't forget you're here forever.".

This isn't a natural result either, the media has made concentrated attack on the ideas of "strangers", stemming from 1% cases. The media and the people in hollywood specifically have changed the people's perceptions of people. Intentional or not, this is prime "divide and conquer" shit.

It's not about generations or anything like that, this is across the board in my experience.

f2e973  No.16259858


What's his screen name?

f2e973  No.16259868


>every insult is ad hominem

You are the kind of braindead idiot that has ruined online discussion. It's been pointed out more eloquently in the past, but I'll put it succinctly here: Just because I am calling you a faggot does not mean I am using that moniker to discredit your argument. Your faggotry is separate entirely from the "argument" you are trying to make, and is instead simply something that you are.

6d619c  No.16259878


So you got to the conclusion that someone is a faggot based on nothing related to his posts?

Not that I don't agree with your shitting on ad hominem retards, but you are being retarded about it yourself.

f2e973  No.16259880


I wasn't talking about that anonymous specifically, as I wasn't involved in the discussion. I just sperged because I saw him say the other anon's argument was ad hominem and felt I needed to clarify it. Hence the sage.

6d619c  No.16259890


I wasn't talking about specifics either. It can be applied to any situation like that. Don'' try to escape your obviously flawed words.

361179  No.16260253

Any other oldfags never even supported or aware of efame streamer shit? I tuned out when mlg was popular in the 00s

09446f  No.16260296


Pewdiepie played the system at the time. Youtube would recommend you videos from your country, he would upload videos from various countries and got recommended to larger groups of people than most people do.

09446f  No.16260528


If you tell people you earn a million bucks for playing a game they don't donate to you any more. Saying how much you earn destroys the 'guy in his studio apartment playing games" image you need to get them to donate to you.

00b576  No.16260559





Remember, just because someone's a complete shithead doesn't mean they're wrong by default.

Broken clock's right twice a day.

38489c  No.16260616

File: 5a351e1ce7d7044⋯.png (113.81 KB, 263x427, 263:427, 9_year_old_hinako_check.png)

7c2680  No.16260670

File: eb07acf82bc5655⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 320x180, 16:9, LE4BvF.gif)

File: 03b9e1807f2145e⋯.jpg (24.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Doesn't he go on rants about "racist bad anti jew nazi bad"?

I watch snort burnell and he was going on about that for 10 minutes the other night. 99% chance it has something to do with the shekels though, like pretending to be a soyboy to garner their trust and funds

5e3310  No.16261807


>only pays for digital distribution

>refuses to pirate

3e3e59  No.16261831


>wave sign

>100 people sees it

>play games

>100k people sees it

Yeah I wonder why they are paid more you moron

3e3e59  No.16261859


I kind of agree with you, but honestly all the top niggmears have al the same style of video. Random lefunny thumbnail, quick forced overreacting, constantly talking even over the cutscene, facecam, more interested on the hottest meme rather then playing the game. Check people like Odd that play the game as it should be, so no comment no face cam, try to actually GitGud and take pwdpie with adhd style of videos

Seems to me that yes is based on luck but thereafter to either make it big or stay on top you have to be on the same style of this

c1c936  No.16262011

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The hype for this shit feels like it came out of fucking nowhere. What even is the appeal other than wanting to desperately be the new Fortnite? Almost every youtuber with so much of an inkling of popularity within the Fortnite community is shilling this shit.

1c3511  No.16262934


"SharpiePlays" 3 years of full time streaming to Twitch people looks fucking soul destroying, that's why I'm wondering if there's good money even for small streams who do retro. Why else would you put up with babysitting a gaggle of fat gamurrrrrgirrrls, lonely neck beard and literal spergs day in and day out. Did the Mexican guy who played all the NES games get enough efame to make a living? And, look, I know I can't exactly be talking shit about being on Twitch because I lurk there to get my speed running autism fix I just wonder if fulltime dudes with under 1000 viewers even make min wage?? I don't even know what % the caster gets out of the subscriptions considering they're just 5bux to begin with. And do they even get that if they're foreign? There's some good shit in retro showing off old Taiwanese games and rare shit like that Aussie Macaw and the Italian Goati does. Even they just gets like 400 viewers, tho. I guess these dudes must have a couple fans that are "Whales"/paypigs. No company is gonna sponsor dudes playing ROMs.

4bdab9  No.16263010

File: e865b36e5d7efca⋯.mp4 (7.36 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, TWITCH-THOT-HEADSTAND-WITH….mp4)


Their employers are not actually advertisers, it's twitch, which is why twitch can ban you for almost anything. Advertisers are like a side gig, since most of a streamers income come from subscriptions and donations, which is community funded, and their service is that they give a portion to twitch for housing and allowing them to stream on their site.

The reason why these streamers are often hated for advertising is because it's not their main job, they rarely if ever disclose it, as they know it'll piss off their viewers because the biggest reason of all, it makes it painfully obvious to the viewers that they're being shilled to and their "friend" shroud isn't actually their friend at all, but an entertainer that is tricking and taking advantage of them.

Also, for anyone anons who want to be extra disgusted, the main guy in control of twitch moderation, Hassan, this muslim guy, often bans slutty streamers that show off too much cleavage, or get sexually explicit and only allows them to be unbanned and continue without further bans if they do him "favors", like sending him nude pics and other stuff. His entire follow list is apparently nothing but thot streamers.

Vid related was banned for this, for obvious reasons.

440ebc  No.16263041

File: 07b6b7731923750⋯.webm (1.43 MB, 480x360, 4:3, where da vidya.webm)


>that vid

90d1aa  No.16263044

i trust ninja, and even if he really took the money and didn't tell about it when playing that game, nobody really cares!

the way he is doing his livestream i like a lot, i know you guys on hatechan think this is cringy and shit, but again, nobody really cares.

i also know that some of you guys now try to tell me, the only reason a retarded npc like me would trust him and like his stream is because big big corporationpay a lot of moeny to brainwash me, so i think i would like it just because they want me to think that.

but really guys, nobody cares, i know, it is a dead meme to say nobody cares, and do not start to tell me this is just another meme made by the big big corporation to project and kill any self thinkers out there.

all you have to do is just trust him, he is a good goy

df38ba  No.16263103

File: c6331da41d928e5⋯.jpeg (12.01 KB, 256x256, 1:1, bb.jpeg)


You're not even trying

77b203  No.16263250


Handful of whales - that's how the vast majority of retro streamers make due. And by making due, I mean typically living in a squalid sweat box or ghetto while still receiving some outside support from family or a significant other. Very few retro streamers do well enough to survive off the twitch income.

People point to subs, but look at the number of gift subs that are getting given out. Even those are just a product of whales.

9702b7  No.16263318

File: 5b43a768ccfe217⋯.webm (5.74 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, headstand.webm)


I got you fam.

21d847  No.16263589

File: f97d5268139b497⋯.jpg (53.97 KB, 1107x352, 1107:352, ok.jpg)


>When you're dealing with giant robots and soldiers there's going to be some power imbalances. I think the idea for the titan classes wasn't to make Titan vs Titan better, it was to make Titan vs Pilot better.

except it was working well enough in tf1. titans were not paper thin, losing one at the wrong time put you at a disadvantage and good pilots were still dangerous and the maps supported it both (and why most of the maps in 2 are shit).

the reason they went with fixed loadouts was because respawn is a) lazy b) shit at balance (always were) c) honestly believed it will fix any "meta" by making every titan viable - nevermind that shit happens organically due to versatility etc.

<listing journo faggot articles.

>not knowing who erik kain is

point out where he's wrong? besides, it's more about the retarded developer comments. have another pearl of wisdom - fun fact: no one used XO when the fucking arc cannon exists. I've seen more people run TT than XO. not even on consoles does the XO make any sense. that should give you some impression how respawn designs and balances their games.

031ea4  No.16263596


fuck you

1a4ae5  No.16266102


>There is no contract between the streamer and the devs controlling what they have to say; all they do is have them play the game.

"Videos will promote positive sentiment about the game. Videos must not show bugs or glitches that may exist."

“Requirements involve one livestream, one YouTube video, and one Facebook post/tweet in support of the videos. Videos will have a strong verbal call to action [...]"


3e3e59  No.16267743


>not surbscribing to pwdp

hello kiwi mudslim

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