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File: 267ed184c36c452⋯.jpg (285.97 KB, 2000x1094, 1000:547, vampiretheDLChell1.jpg)

File: 00ae07515b66ac6⋯.jpg (54.79 KB, 954x536, 477:268, vampirethedlchell2.jpg)

File: a53360af2f2fd92⋯.jpg (51.68 KB, 394x289, 394:289, hatintime.jpg)

ebc03f  No.16242596



Resume digging revealed

>voiced quests and "text only quests"

>200+ (likely more, this is just what one employee did) player abilities with flavor text

>high detail 3D world

0edf7a  No.16242609

It's going to be shit, right?

451a40  No.16242635


>CY+3 Vampire: the MasquerAIDS

Hoo boy. I can already sense the HIV from here.

56ced2  No.16242638


Ever wanted to experience a game that's released in alpha without stating so, finished over a period of 3-4 years while remaking mechanics at random and charging you money for them, and having Stockholm syndrome drones screech on you for not eating this shit up? Even if Paradox doesn't go that way, they're still a completely scummy company. At least they banned White Wolf from ever working on World of Darkness again.

3cfe12  No.16242642

No, please, not like this, I've had enough dying inside for one month.

d52f33  No.16242651



>even if it was somehow not financially jewed and narratively kiked, the clique of progressives that have co-opted WoD will corrupt any community that springs from it and pressure the devs to add poz in DLC/sequels through social media brigading

The best thing that can happen is if it's DoA and dies without anyone noticing.

b268db  No.16242654

File: 7ecdcea67328a34⋯.png (69.89 KB, 170x159, 170:159, ClipboardImage.png)


You know, VTM:B wasn't good because it was set in that franchise, right? Also, that franchise is already pozzed to hell and back. I can't imagine it going well in CY+5. At least in the original masquerade game, it wasn't 100% pro-poz.

eca31f  No.16242666

>Hardsuit Labs

All they ever did was a mediocre Free to Pay multi-FPS.

Maybe they're big fans of the VtMB or something but just that is alarming.

Also unless they decide to set it in the same era as the previous game lore wise, White Wolf pozzed the setting beyond repair (and when we say beyond repair, paradox decided to lock them out of their own franchise in an attempt to salvage something before it became completely radioactive… that bad).

bb9665  No.16242671

finally anons will agree that game is not even that good when they'll release the exact same shit but it has modern graphics and other gay shit

71d491  No.16242674

Didn't CCP burn millions of bucks on a VMTB game? Idiot publishers are so superstitious I'm surprised Paradox is willing to get anywhere near it.

ec5db7  No.16242693

Please no

All of the recent V:M related shit has been awful as fuck

21499d  No.16242699

It is legitimately the most pozzed franchise in the world. Nothing from Bioware or Ubisoft comes remotely close.

>legit pro antifa, because of course fat old 40+ loners that were too cowardly to live their late 90's leathergoth club fantasies are screeching "#resist" from their armchairs

>extensive explanations on how to integrate your characters mpreg condition into games of werewolf

>literally uses the phrase "we are anti facist, facists hate people that are special and unique so naturally we are their enemy" IN THE FUCKING CORE RULES

>Games need a round table triggercouncil before each game to veto any triggering content or choices characters would make. Thats right they read through their entire gameplan first to ensure its sterile then rp playing that brand new, true meta autism.

Thank fuck for the japanese trpg scene.

fa60f1  No.16242701

Shit like this is why I'm extremely scared of the recent sudden spike of interest in the Team Silent SH games by those feminists that "analyzed" the symbolism in the games.

I prefer the games to be forgotten and the name Silent Hill to be dead forever rather than have it be tarnished by trash even more, specially Marxist trash.

At the very least touch the games after 4 but don't mess with Team Silent's creations.

a2480e  No.16242707

I see they're continuing the trend of being creatively bankrupt re-hashing old shit

8f3f18  No.16242740


Is it gonna as clunky as that piece of shit game Vampyr?

c00f28  No.16242792

File: 29364248d3457e5⋯.jpg (59.7 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 29364248d3457e5db114d8fc84….jpg)


>brother vic is a good guy, only spreading disease because other vampires disapprove of his lifestyle

05bf51  No.16242801


>you will live in a time where there was a buggier Vampire game than the one Troika put out


ba07a9  No.16242815


Sweden publishing a Vampire Masquerade game, this is going to end well

a418aa  No.16242817

File: e33bd3ff2973b94⋯.png (356.23 KB, 333x744, 111:248, Jeanette.png)


This anon speaks the truth. The writers really made VtM:B the fantastic game it is, selectively picking from the established lore. I have pointed out before how this game is surprisingly redpilled – the world is portrayed as a cesspool of filth and degeneracy… the Kindred struggle to preserve their ethno state from the invading Kuei-jin foreigners…the Camarilla having to enforce a form of population control to prevent things from spiralling out of control…

It is also worth noting how few niggers there are in the game, and how characters react differently to you based on your clan & sex.

1e3dbb  No.16242839


I can imagine it. 3 hour long game with 2 hour long rant about how nazis are bad and how we should all love sandnigger refugees.

277aef  No.16242843


>and how we should all love sandnigger refugees

That was the whole plot of that Mage "game" for mobiles.

1e3dbb  No.16242874


Why do you know something like that, nigger?

a418aa  No.16242877


I remember anons posting screenshots of it here on /v/, and everyone mocking it. They also posted some scans of the new WoD books published by White Wolf over at /tg/

a0e7b4  No.16242936

Havent plated VTMB yet. So I will get to play it when I can. I will get the GOG version. Any problem with it? Any mod or extra patch needed ? Any advise when playing it?

b268db  No.16242938

File: f3b8b29345fb86c⋯.jpg (958.09 KB, 1200x2268, 100:189, 1435483135346.jpg)

906c01  No.16242939


Didnt White Wolf hate the game since it "ruined" their lore so much as in… made it tolerable, simply better?

21499d  No.16242945


new vegas before new vegas.

a0e7b4  No.16242958


Should I play vanilla plus WESP patch, or should I jump already onto the game moded with VTMB: Camarilla Edition mod?

b06746  No.16242963


an unfinished turd that gave an outlet to 16 year old neckbeards.

b268db  No.16242965


You really shouldn't ask after seeing the infograph but I used WESP on my first playthrough.

21499d  No.16242967


Yeah thats right.

59b73b  No.16242981


You're blowing things out of proportion.

The world is portrayed as a political battlefield where everyone is a pawn, willing or not, of someone else, not a "cesspool of filth and degeneracy".

The Kindred aren't fighting against the Kuei-Jin either. That's something that is only lightly refered every now and then. Saint Monica only has a spy that you fight in an warehouse, Downtown and Hollywood have absolutely nothing on them as well. Even Chinatown has actually little content regarding the Juei-Jin.

There's mentions of a previous large scale battle between them and the Anarchs (but not the Camarilla) but they are supposedly calm now, bidding their time.

>the Camarilla having to enforce a form of population control to prevent things from spiralling out of control

The population control isn't exclusive to the Camarilla, they just choose to enforce their rules far more strictly, but the Anarchs will tell you to off a Plaguebearer as well. It's just the Masquerade business, as usual.

>It is also worth noting how few niggers there are in the game

Considering they are a minority, that's not surprising. But then again, you have Fat Larry, who's a great character; Lacroix's bodyguard, the Sheriff; Skelter with the Anarchs and I think a few others as well.

>how characters react differently to you based on your clan & sex

Reacting to your clan is fairly natural considering the world itself, really have no idea what you were expecting. Reacting to your sex isn't actually that present. Mostly extra seduction options like getting gun lessons for sex in hollywood, but that's mostly it.

f056da  No.16242987

>Paradox making a Vampire:The Preferred Pronouns RPG

Woo-hoo. 8chan has a tendency to blow things out of proportion when it comes to crap like this so it can enjoy its daily outrage, yet all the insanity White Wolf has pumped into the game on behalf of the regressive left is just mind-boggling.

Oh well. Time for another reinstall.

b00361  No.16242996

Is it worth revisiting Redemption? I haven't played it in probably a decade, remember it being a bit of a chore to play but had decent atmosphere and characters.

d52f33  No.16243003


>extensive explanations on how to integrate your characters mpreg condition into games of werewolf

sauce this right now

42eabf  No.16243004


It's a fine game, shit user interface though.

b00361  No.16243010


>the interface

That rings a bell. I'll probably have less of an issue with that after going through so many DOS/Amiga games since then.

59b73b  No.16243011


I wish the game wasn't such a bore to install, I recall the resolution being quite fucked as a problem.

Also the lack of tooltips and information making scrolls and often stats a complete mystery as to what they do.

It's funny that the game is partially a Diablo clone with loot mechanics and even a Town Portal scroll to your base, but it really lacks some of the QoL stuff we are probably used to today.

Also the camera was utter trash, dunno if there was a way to zoom out.

I actually preferred some of the aspects in that game, specifically having a party to rely on. This meant not only combining different strengths and weapons, but it made the Beast even more of a risk.

It's funny to play VTMB as a psychopath, reaching 3 Humanity right after leaving your apartment, because then Frenzy is just auto-play for a bit.

But in Redemption, having a party of 3 psychopaths that will go for each other's throats as soon as someone touches them isn't so fun anymore. Even worse when you begin abusing powers, since hunger leads to more frenzy.

Only better example of gameplay like this I've found was Rimworld with the Vampire mod installed.

2408ad  No.16243013


>western RPG in [current year]

Of course.

1e3dbb  No.16243020


Divinity original sin1/2 were good. Every other rpg is shit thou.

b00361  No.16243031


Some of that is coming back to me now, especially the scrolls, I think I'll give it a go again anyway.

>Rimworld with the Vampire mod

Nice, I'll have to try that sometime.

98a428  No.16243046


VTM requires multiple playthrough for a full experience. Play a Tremere or a Ventrue for your first playthrough, then second playthrough, play as a Malkavian. Third and beyond, do whatever.

b268db  No.16243066

File: 276e0bfc2936e1d⋯.png (466.99 KB, 514x435, 514:435, 276e0bfc2936e1d22ef65a11bc….png)


I played as a Malkavian on my first playthrough. It was really weird to see how different the game is as most everyone else.

> Third and beyond, do whatever

I'd agree if Nosferatu weren't a thing. They're perfect third-playthrough material.

61d71d  No.16243078

I thought activision owned the franchise

e1a890  No.16243088

>Hardsuit Labs

Literally who?


Vampozzing: The Mass queer AIDS


>Thank fuck for the japanese trpg scene.

I wish new copies of Terra the Gunslinger didn't cost 25000 yen.

e2f3d7  No.16243192

File: 611583c1b3a355f⋯.jpg (17.94 KB, 680x382, 340:191, 611583c1b3a355f62b74981b39….jpg)


>from a dev who only made free to play games

42eabf  No.16243459


I know what you mean. My first playthrough was a Nos and it was great having people react and really just skirting around the Masquerade by running like fuck everywhere before anyone can get a good look at me.

Also delicious rats.

9e2edd  No.16243554


>that whole post

Jesus, this isn't reddit dumbass, lurk more before before you start making posts or people are going to call you out on your stupidity.

220622  No.16243581

What would a new VtM RPG need in order to improve on Bloodlines?

2408ad  No.16243584


Better combat.

59b73b  No.16243625


Better melee combat, better weapons.

Companions, maybe even starting your own coven.

Contacts to get gear and items that's better than just sweet talking the 7/11 guy.

Open world to freely explore, day/night cycle.

2081d8  No.16243627


You fully know well why people tend to do so. Ironically though, if they follow the lore, the elder vampires would be raining fire and staking the 'new' pozzed vamps on a daily basis or puppet them to do stupid shit that profits them and discard those pozzed idiots like NPCs that they are (same shit Lacroix puts you through). Elder vamps mostly lived through medieval ages and such and they tend to hold the values from that time and faggotry is the most disgusting shit ever even now and especially during those times.

dbea5f  No.16243635


>my AIDS has AIDS



Pretty sure I tried both patches. In neither of them did that whole 'Nosferatu cause masquerade violations if they're seen' mechanic ever work for me. Got some funny dialogue, that's it.

fe4880  No.16243661


Who is that semen demon?

fe4880  No.16243676

File: f7be08a5e121f3a⋯.jpeg (704.91 KB, 885x1107, 295:369, 0c377d5ed11df3415b30f50a3….jpeg)


Nevermind. Poor girl stepped on some yoghurt

47e4e8  No.16243685


What a shame, now she has to wash her tights and everything. She should be more careful and not step in yogurt next time.

fbfc9d  No.16243687

File: f1eacc0ff4554b5⋯.gif (863.71 KB, 312x143, 24:11, 45765634437364364.gif)



000000  No.16243747


And it will be marxist propaganda, and thus, shit. Just look at the source material and it's publisher.

75fdb3  No.16243761

>every clan paywalled behind its own DLC

Can't wait

51cf71  No.16243855

Will they make it about the gay massacre and get cucked by the country for being insensitive and lose their position like they did with the Tabletop RPG division?

2081d8  No.16243867


I seriously doubt that. That fuck up sparked an international incident, even Paradox has the brain to freeze all WW asset and fire everyone involved (read: everyone at WW), so WW is just a name now without anyone behind it. Would be fucking epic if they manage to spark another international incident for SJ points and got courted and jailed for it though. Literally jailed for being a signal virtue-ing pozzed faggot.

ac9ced  No.16243880


I still want the Chechens to hunt those writers down and slice their throats while shouting allahu snackbar.

cfdd79  No.16243884

File: a871d2d1bd4f312⋯.jpg (128.37 KB, 600x665, 120:133, 1468951462368.jpg)

Maybe you could start a Malk and pretend that all the AIDSGBT propaganda is just part of your insanity?

Who am I kidding? It will be trash.

2408ad  No.16243894


Did anyone else play as a Malkavian the first time just because they are the most attractive girl?

2081d8  No.16243897


They did hunted anyone who is stupid enough to keep circulating that book in secret like how people used to circulate fansub VHS with some success and people were jailed for having the book alone. Would be funny if some Chechens really sneaked in as a 'refugee' and then snackbar WW writers who were responsible for that shit. The news would go crazy for TRPG-induced terrorism headline.

97f6c0  No.16243907

Sadly we can't have nice things.

b7d2c2  No.16243926

File: 71c0481b522031f⋯.jpg (35.46 KB, 590x440, 59:44, 71c0481b522031f843d4ad2748….jpg)


Wesp's patch is unironically shit.

There's a ton of drama and shit flinging between the two camps but the 'true' patch is better despite being made by a retard.

2408ad  No.16243927


What kind of drama?

8078f8  No.16243949

File: 2dd9cb754caf017⋯.jpg (20.19 KB, 480x461, 480:461, konoyaro.jpg)



This means super high pc/sjw bullshit and minimum 8 or more dlc.

2ca1d6  No.16243983


Just play vanilla, there's only one gamebreaking thing in the original and if it happens it's easy to skip it. It involves a small boat near the end.

7735c5  No.16244015

>>"text only quests"

hire some voice actors you fucking lame duck

54b20b  No.16244024


Learn to read you illiterate nigger.

9e2edd  No.16244052

>open world, day night cycle

Fuuuuuuuuccckkk that, open world wouldn't work at all unless they went with something like far cry 2, but even then it would still fuck with the story since you could go to places early and fuck up quests. Maybe just make all the map separate with you going through chronologically by story, then after the story you can explore all the map as an open world, with different kinds of maps, enemies, weapons, random encounters, etc depending on ending.

Also day/night cycle in a vamp game? lol.

a64071  No.16244089


Yes. Luckily for me, it was also the most interesting.

774d33  No.16244098

Anyone have the screencaps of Paradox comparing child porn to piracy? For some (((weird reason))) I can't seem to find it.

42eabf  No.16244099


> the most attractive girl?

Literally a stripper.

6c3aa2  No.16244104


No thanks

01764f  No.16244110

Paradox + White Wolf + nu-Vampire is the perfect storm of pozz.

906c01  No.16244136


I was actually really damn disappointed when i tried the other clans after Malks only to realise they're more or less the same dialogue-wise atleast.

ebc03f  No.16244217


Having to have all content be voiced destroyed western RPGs. Insane budget increase and lowered how many options (both quest choice and dialog) could be added.


I remember Redemption already being that.

b7d2c2  No.16244227


Tessera plagiarized a couple of fixes for the 'true patch gold' which lead to him and wesp getting into huge flame wars on planetvampire and the codex. Should be able to still google them.

Basically wesps patch adds alot of unused assets he datamined into the game. Almost any old shit hes found gets added in.

Even in his fixes only version the prostitutes each have multiple voice actors because of 'recovered' lines, recovered item models are given names, descriptions and stats made up by him and are arbitrarily jammed into a map, quest rewards are changed according to what he thinks is good balance etc. etc. Theres a fuller list here: http://www.tessmage.com/forum/index.php?topic=57843.0

Basically I replayed the game a few years ago with wesp patch and the game felt completely different to what I played in 2004. Worse. Then found the 'true' patch which doesn't fuck with the devs original balancing.

d006c2  No.16244260



I skimmed to mod 500 what the fuck more is there changed in the plus version of the patch holy shit

ac9ced  No.16244329


>day night cycle

>when playing as a character that can only step outside at night

That totally doesn't sound like one of those gimmicky mechanics that turns into a chore after the first time you have experienced them.

6a3b34  No.16244333


It's sad how far they've fallen.

01764f  No.16244369


Maybe they mean the night progresses from dusk to dawn.

ab3727  No.16244381

ac9ced  No.16244388


They were never good. They got lucky by striking autism gold and because no one else wants to challenge them within their niche.


But what's the point? It's not like a WoD vampire can survive sunlight considering it's instant death for them. All you're doing is putting a shitty timer for no good reason.

A day/night cycle makes sense in a game like Darkwood where it helps heighten tension, since the player needs always to keep in mind how far away they are from their shelter and the whole game is built around exploring during daylight and trying not to get raped during nighttime.

c8be77  No.16244390

File: 447546889087252⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 839x1250, 839:1250, Vampire_Princess_Miyu_1997….jpg)

Eternally underage cute smug vampire girls or GTFO.

dc1b0f  No.16244401

File: d01f6ae334769ae⋯.jpg (16.94 KB, 650x365, 130:73, Delete this cocksucker.jpg)


>no u: the post

Fuck off nigger.

01764f  No.16244405


I would assume it'd just be a purely visual effect depending on quest progression but you never know with cuckdevs.

d006c2  No.16244460


Eh, Tim Cain made the game itself and he's an outright homosexual. Best to just judge the product.

ac9ced  No.16244468


>one faggot did something good once

>this means all faggots get a free pass

dc1b0f  No.16244479

File: 4c2c96c1e3bed01⋯.jpg (55.8 KB, 324x311, 324:311, 60nig.jpg)


No dumbass, he's saying is best to judge the product by its own merit, you thickheaded faggot.

ac9ced  No.16244496


He's saying I shouldn't judge a faggot on the fact that he is a faggot. Tim Cain goes in the oven too.

dc1b0f  No.16244509

File: d01f6ae334769ae⋯.jpg (16.94 KB, 650x365, 130:73, Delete this cocksucker.jpg)


Read the post again: >>16244460

>Best to just judge the product.

You're a fucking larping piece of shit with the brain capabilities of a nigger, forget Tim Cain, YOU, are going into the oven, and I will gladly throw your entire family in there too as to stop your bloodlines from spreading.

ac9ced  No.16244515


>stop being mean to faggots like me


dc1b0f  No.16244518

File: 688d117d19b9914⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 255x192, 85:64, Fuck this.gif)


I'm not a faggot, but neither I am a retard, unlike you, retards piss me off more than any cocksucker in this world.

06c596  No.16244633


Really? Weren't they half way through re-writing writing new lore for a new universe.

ac9ced  No.16244670


They were, but then they decided to go full retard and made the Chechen government extremely butthurt, causing an international incident, finally forcing Paradox to put the retardation to an end by firing everyone on the writing team.

9e2edd  No.16244744


>no u the post


What a retard, can you even understand english or are you just that dumb? Its works are vocabulary not buzzwords that correspond to some of your beliefs. Not liking gays does not equal stupidity just like responding to a retarded statement is not a retort. I was waiting to bait the reddit cunt since his whole post was wrong in much the same fashion, but looks like I might have already done it.


9e2edd  No.16244750


>It works with vocabulary not ….


d57ef8  No.16245136


Someone forward this to the Chechen embassy and ask them to help stop blasphemy.

9e85e5  No.16245290

File: 971cffe922f0222⋯.jpg (3.12 MB, 1680x3175, 336:635, Vampire the Masquerade – B….jpg)


Higher res version!

4f8f96  No.16245314

File: 7a2bbcc84bd2fd9⋯.png (879.32 KB, 2475x1130, 495:226, WoD.png)

File: 43fb29f43a0b4ae⋯.png (358.63 KB, 2397x1203, 799:401, WoD2.png)


>It's going to be shit, right?

What do you think?

9e85e5  No.16245326

File: 84b122f9963886a⋯.png (599.76 KB, 544x544, 1:1, usrs.png)


FFS nigger, just select the Basic option when you install the Unofficial Patch. Not that hard, right? Instead you wanna go for the patch made by some plagarist?

36ee34  No.16245334

File: 81ab0c6de3e82a8⋯.jpg (429.89 KB, 1274x810, 637:405, world_of_faggotry.jpg)


>post CY

000000  No.16245350


Yes, and next 4 plays were also as Malkavian, but witth another abilities.

f567b6  No.16245366


>blaming the other


>fighting for a grand purpose

I still can't believe these people don't see the irony here.

703854  No.16245370

File: fe321d93a161537⋯.jpg (320.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, serveimage (1).jpg)

>hardsuit labs

>the guys who completely fucked over Blacklight Retribution so hard that it was beyond repair and shut down

Oh boy this is going to be a train wreck.

c6d64e  No.16247239


Those changes are all in wesps 'basic' version ffs.

He couldn't help himself and includes several hundred mods in the basic version too.

Arbitrarily changed quest rewards, removing voice lines he doesnt like, 'restoring' assets datamined from the files that were left out on purpose, and his changes completely fuck up the ocean house atmosphere. It's awful.

e4b176  No.16247269

File: 0df7907cb74508f⋯.jpg (103.64 KB, 640x775, 128:155, 0df7907cb74508f175adac1299….jpg)


Am I reading it wrong or is that literally saying that trannies are caused by demonic possession in WoD? That can't possibly be what they intended.

8b4ac5  No.16247301

Paradox? the eu4 ck2 vic2 stellaris aow4 DLC Paradox?

205ba1  No.16247586


It's gonna be shit, who cares.

205ba1  No.16247651

What do you faggots want from a non official successor?

I want to remove clans and replace them with sects that vampires can choose to join, that work more like dual classes in D&D where you cut the sect you were born into and move to a new one limiting your progress within that class to your exp limit.

I also want to redo vampires and make them a monster under a waxy skinlike cover that melts in sunlight but cracks under physical stress.

I also want to have a first entry where you play as a completely new creature of the night where you are thrown into a new world with no knowledge of the world and no-one to guide you, where you slowly open your eyes up to the realization that you aren't the only thing stalking the nights.

Obviously the 90sish setting is a major part of it, the fashion, the technology being on the cusp, the small online communities able to spread this sort of information, it's the perfect time for this sort of game.


The franchise certainly isn't the core source of it's quality, but it's definitely part of it's quality, the vamp clans are great, also the name final death, and the name of the series and the way it interlinks a whole lot of different horror fantasy factions, that's really all that WoD contributes to it though, also I remember reading that the story written following of of VTMB falls to shit, something about Smiling Jack's ghoul magically becoming a vampire and then becoming a messiah.

824ee2  No.16247662


they didnt fuck anything over.all they did was port over the 4 year out of date ps4 garbage to pc and said fuck it for the last 2 years. i doubt anyone did anything with that game in their care.

59b73b  No.16247823


A day/night cycle could be present for a few reasons, but it obviously would not work at all in a typical linear RPG like the original game, only with a somewhat sandbox world.

It's indeed a time limit placed on the player, where sunrise means death if you're outside (and possibly inside as well due to torpor) but the first obvious consequence of this is that it binds you to a certain radius around the place where you can rest. Unlocking extra havens, either by buying them or making a deal with another vampire would expand the areas you can operate in, since you have somewhere to retreat for the night nearby.

It doesn't mean those are your only options, though. Finding any place that's hidden from the sunlight would allow you to sleep the day away as well. Middle of the sewers, abandoned warehouse, anything really. It's just not as secure and you are more likely to be found in those places, leading to a daytime combat situation or masquerade violation.

It also means Gangrel get a slight advantage since Protean can let them "sleep" anywhere in the world.

It's also a good way to introduce some extra tension in the game with simple base building. Your haven is supposed to be a secret, but break the Masquerade enough times and before the Sheriff comes to give you an external lobotomy, you're going to have hunters snooping around during the day. Getting servants to keep watch, or cameras or spells (if you're Tremere to keep your Haven secure is key, unless you want to be flushed out and have to find another as this one is currently too hot.

Finnaly, it's a good way to structure time in an RPG by turns. Every night is a turn, everytime you sleep, every faction\character that can act in the word does a specific act, changing it slightly. Best example of this I can point out would be Shadow of Mordor\War, where completing a mission or advancing time makes all the other Orcs act their specific events that you did not interfere with.

Except that, in WoD, you can have Mages and Hunters acting during the day and Werewolves acting during the night as well, each shaping the city around you, making some areas more or less dangerous, introducing a slight amount of diplomacy with them and changing the dangers of what you face.

>Open world is terrible since you could find areas related to quests and fuck it up

There's plenty of time in Bloodlines where you can go to areas specific to a quest and have no such problem. They are either locked behind a door you can't lockpick, a door that you can't interact with or sometimes there's a prop blocking your way there, like the truck that blocks your path until you start the Plaguebearer quest and speak with Damnsel.

59b73b  No.16247848


I'd like to see Vampires being the blood itself, more specifically a virus that infects it. The vampire itself IS the virus, the body they reanimate from the dead is just the shell they use to prey among the same species (which is already part of the blurb in WoD)

Said virus mutates blood cells, making them capable of regenerating his body at a fast rate but also capable of mutating them into supercells that degrade fast. That's basically what Vampiric Strength is, the blood turning into incredibly strong muscle tissue that has much greater strength, but quickly breaks down after a while and it has to be regenerated afterwards. Ghouls are addicts to this drug that enjoy it's benefits until it starts to become addictive, where they need more of it because their own body won't regenerate the tissue they lost so easily.

The virus itself affects blood cells but isn't produced there. Rather, when a brain shuts down on death and begins to deteriorate, the blood will regenerate it in a slightly different version, capable of producing more virus and controlling the rest of the body. It also gets to keep the memories and knowledge of the previous person, gaining sentience and actually believing itself to be that person.

Only after this, does the heart go through a similar mutation, where although it doesn't beat, it's still responsible for making the blood flow in some unknown way. Stake in the heart stops blood circulation, the brain gets cutoff from the rest of the system and quickly degrades until death. Cut off the head, same thing happens. The vampire body is dead and constantly degrading so he needs to constantly repair it, but since it can't produce blood any more it needs to take it from other humans.

Every power that vampires typically have is either a rapid genetic mutation in their cells that the virus can produce or a psychic power that their brain is capable of using. Every "clan" with their disciplines is actually a different strain of the virus.

The Blood itself is also a container of information (in the form of the virus strain) and energy. The longer a vampire lives, the more the virus mutates and the more efficient it's cells become, capable of storing higher amounts of energy and evolving different capabilities.

There you go, Sci-Fi vampires that aren't as cringy (but also not as cool) as mythological ones.

205ba1  No.16247867


>There you go, Sci-Fi vampires that aren't as cringy

There are cringy sci-fi vampires?

55df43  No.16247871


Good ideas, but falls flat because of the settings. Only elders and some really crafty ancillae possess more than one but never too many havens, because the domain is yours only if you can keep it and you can only exist in one place at a time. The alternative would be to deal with other vampires, make alliances to gain access to their guest safehouses but even such places are not entirely safe.

Hunters snooping around your haven is good, forces you to create a ghoul or two to guard you during daytime.

No mages though. Seriously. OWOD game lines does not mix well. And mages do not snoop around, they scry you from their sanctum and rain fire on your ass easy, and making deals with mages as a vampire means you signed up to be their bottom bitches and lab rat.

Werewolves do not prowl in urban centres, they are only active in the outskirts of the cities or in a really small rural town. Vampires usually have no business outside the cities proper anyway.

b8abc2  No.16248488

As a massive faggot who story told Vampire games for 4 years….

No way you can make Vampire into an MMORPG without it being utter garbage.

Seeing a bunch of identical vampires hanging out doing emotes in town square or some shit just is not the Vampire experience.

I think they hope to make it like a Secondlife RP server, but that's not mass money. If you have a bunch of people running instanced dungeons and doing group PVP then you've lost the idea of what Vampire is.

What WOULD be refreshing is for a company to put out a massive, high quality story teller creation kit/game. Kind of like Never Winter Nights did.

59b73b  No.16248521

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Now that you've mentioned yet, I googled "cringy sci-fi vampires" and end up finding that I've just written the backstory for Planet of the Vampires without even knowing about the film.

This looks cheasy as fuck, I gotta see it someday.


I was thinking along the lines of Lost in Blue, a game for the 3DS about surviving in an island, where how far you can explore depends on your resources and preparation. You get a sense of progression from finding or making better ways of surviving, since it lets you go somewhere new and have access to newer resources.

Also Dead by Daylight, where you can unlock safe houses around the map and skip the night safely. There's a lot of tension when the sun is setting and you're looking for a safe house (although this really isn' the best implementation of this idea)

I think the concept with mesh quite well with the whole "gilded cage" that vampires have going for them.

>the domain is yours only if you can keep it

Correct, but does the same happen to Havens? A vampire having multiple apartments around the world so he has a safe house if he travels there isn't that far fetched, all he needs is to inform the local Prince.

And you don't even need all options to be 100% safe, on the contrary. Your own haven is (in theory) the safest option, but it might not be available if you're too far. Other vampire's guest houses are the second best option if you are allowed in them, which means brokering a deal or you're working for them. Sleeping in an abandoned location is the least safe option, but it's freely available any time if you can find those kind of places

86f65d  No.16248548


>Developer who was not involved in the original reviving a dead IP instead of creating a new one

Of course it's going to be shit, dumbass. Hardsuit labs has made two multiplayer action games, not exactly skills that translate well to a WRPG

55df43  No.16248686

File: c4530f45627ca38⋯.jpg (171.69 KB, 721x1109, 721:1109, Strauss.jpg)


The very same happens to havens unless the local law and the prince say so and enforce that law. The nuances of the vampire law is that while you cannot outright kill other vampire without the princes consent, you can make their unlife as fucking miserable as it can be. So in theory (or a typical VtM tabletop game), if a vampire takes another vampires haven because they can, it will turn into a feud. Either the invader pushes off the owner off the social ladder either through strength, guile, or political manoeuvring (i.e. enemy of my enemy case), and deprive the owner of the haven itself, allies, and resources; OR the owner does that to the invader sevenfold to set an example (i.e. "do not FUCK with me) for other aspiring invaders.

Many vampires will take haven in abandoned or deserted places such as a cemetery, only lucky kindred or kindred working under a very powerful patron will get an apartment, contacts, and resources like Suckhead (canon Vtm:B protags moniker). If they have to stay at somebody elses domain, they got two options if the domain owner is not on good terms with the kindred themselves. 1) Announce their presence as per the Tradition and ask for their permission to stay within their domain (you will probably get a day stay graveyard or something like that), definitely comes with string attached. 2) Hide in a local warehouse or some place like that secretly, no one else needs to know. Needless to say if this gets out, there will be trouble. Any vampires who overextend their reach and has to race the sun is either: a) a fucking waste of unlife idiot b) normal kindred done goofed c) an Anarch

Making alliances and trading favours is the most likely scenario. But in the kindred society, allies can become enemies and vice versa in a second. And reputation is everything because kindred do not exactly have a social media or mass media to communicate quickly nor will they use it so. Their news are from words of mouth and meetings at elysiums, all in all pretty dated but it keeps secret a secret and masquerade a masquerade.

Reputation is the another way of progressing, because people will want to ally with you, want favours from you because you can get shit done. VtM:B did this really well. You started off as a cannon fodder who will most likely live for a week top, then you start getting shit done and becoming absurdly powerful in a short span of time (being an 8th gen kindred is also probably a factor) and people from all sects come to you with offers and promises, even the Sabbat notices you.

VtM is an interesting setting because of all the nuances of kindred politics, kindred daily unlife, and its biblepunk mythology behind it that makes it unique across all tabletop games.

63e861  No.16249290

File: 67852688369a0c6⋯.jpg (11.9 KB, 220x265, 44:53, 220px-Vampire_The_Masquera….jpg)

Honestly I was never into the whole 90s Y2K is coming setting.

I liked that other vampire masquerade game were the first part was set in the middle ages. Christ getting that game to run was hell.

dbea5f  No.16249447


But the camera is behind you and you don't get to see the jiggle physics. Terrible reason to play malkavian.

e98504  No.16249535

File: 32307395d36a350⋯.jpg (2.54 MB, 4984x2957, 4984:2957, View_of_Dresden_by_Moonlig….jpg)


It's been a while since I played but this image looks really different than I remember. Is it related to the patch in question? Feels more like NOLF2 than Bloodlines.


alright anon, that sounds kinda cool. But base building is always something that I've fond mondo-comfy and that I wish more games let you really do not only as a shoehorned in mechanic (FO4) but as something to actually enjoy and use the shit you earn in the game for

>expand your territory through blood and treasure

>protect it with servants ghouls hired thugs

>decorate it with objects you buy using wealth you acquire throughout the game and with unique objects you've grabbed along the way

>the higher your profile the more likely you're going to attract attention

>shit's expensive to maintain so you better have a miniature empire going

f4868e  No.16249947


Yes, good games like this cannot be made anymore, and not even because of the political climate, but because of the current gaming environment which is plagued by digital distribution. It will have DLC, micro transactions, be released unfinished or playable without a patch, be digital only etc.

I would have rather the IP die in peace instead of being picked up by ANY gaming company, and that is coming from someone with 25 physical copies of VTMB and 14 of Redemption

2a2639  No.16254679

Alright I installed the Wesp patch which, considering the Gangrel's model in the selection no longer skulks, has changed quite a bit from the last time I played. What is a good alternative patch?

9b40e7  No.16255426


>The kindred aren't fighting against the Kuei-Jin either

A major plot point is literally that Lacroix would lose all credibility and be ousted almost immediately if it's found out that he was working with them as they're seen as the enemy and one of the larger reasons why lacroix was able to get back into cali was because the anarchs were weakened fighting the kuei-jin.


Of course. Not to mention what made VTMB so great was not solely the setting, but also the talents of the writing team, as well as the period of the early 2ks where goth culture was still a thing, and SJWism had not yet fermented. That time will never return again.


As if they'd redo the chat options, and voiced reactions to your clan several times over like they did for vtmb. The days of hard work and dedication like that in the gaming sphere are over.

000000  No.16255437


You can press C and turn model around.

e3a6ca  No.16255455


Imagine getting blown the fuck out as hard as you just did and then going ahead and making this post anyway.

01d4b4  No.16255469

oh boy a vampire: the masquerade game with disabled black trannies!

45ebc4  No.16255471

File: d8e18a63ec793d0⋯.jpg (49.22 KB, 577x583, 577:583, DTBBfopWkAE3W5r.jpg)

yeah okay, great, I'll be sure to pick it up on sale in 2022.

5ec43c  No.16255942


The only other patch is the "true patch" made after people were getting pissed off at wesp introducing balance and content changes unrelated to bug fixing.

The maker of the true patch is a complete fucking retard but their patch atleast focuses soley on bugs.

I can deal with alot of wesp's changes but he completely fucks the horror of the ocean house sequence by 'restoring' unused audio files from the games assets.

000000  No.16256086

What's some RPG to play in the meantime

Should I give KOTOR2 a go? Really liked the first game.

5ec43c  No.16256113


KOTOR 2 is fucking amazing, for some reason the steam version got an official update in 2015 adding widescreen and linux support. Otherwise their are widescreen mods floating around.

757db5  No.16256307


Yeah, only in your imagination, you got that bit right at least.

d8f6d5  No.16256329


Yes, it's a good game.

Peragus is good, Telos which comes after might be a bit boring, but after that it really gets going.

dbea5f  No.16256483


>go light side through Nar Shaada to get Mira, then go full dark side

>acquire three slave dancer outfits

>traipse around the galaxy with your jedi goth harem

f73f30  No.16256522


That's not outright war though, they aren't directly attacking each other at the moment. Kuei-Jin have their place in Chinatown, nobody goes bothering them there and so far they aren't bothering anyone else out of that place either.

Kuei-Jin and Kindred are enemies, of course, which is why LaCroix working with them is a big no-no, but their current situation is not outright war, they are just outsiders, keeping a watch on the local kindred (in case one of them ever gets a coffin with an Antediluvian, for instance)

The other poster I replied too was blowing things out of proportion to make a cheap comparison between them and muslims invading a country, when that's incredibly dumb.

They are more akin to the chinese currently, getting influence in many places and infiltrating the economy of a country without outright warring with them. If he wanted some more confirmation bias, he could have gone with that instead.

9b40e7  No.16256755


Anon, I have literally just explained to you the immediate history of the game, that the kuei-jin are at war with the anarchs, and camarilla, because of their attack and subsequent takeover of chinatown through force, that weakened the anarchs to such a degree that the camarilla could just waltz back in after being exiled for over a hundred years. The game takes place over like 3 days in world time. And during that time the camarilla/anarchs ARE at war with the kuei-jin, considering the kuei-jin just recently fucking invaded them and took over a city. It is just that the kuei-jin are tolerating you, the childe, at the moment, because you may possibly lead them to the stupid sarcophogus or weaken the camarilla/anarchs as a result.

ac9ced  No.16256893


>i didn't read any of the replies in the thread.jpeg

You're preaching to the choir here. Everyone is well aware that Bloodlines (and Redemption to an extent) was lightning in a bottle, a combination of variables that is never likely to be seen again.

That being said, WoD used to be far more self-aware, the writers at least understood that the players wanted to have fun, not engage in pre-session trigger warning faggotry.

Also, I might be misremembering, but didn't the Exarchs turn out to be the good guys in one of the epilogues to Mage, or am I mixing things up?

d8f6d5  No.16256908


KOTOR2 has some fun party lads.

Also, I guess I should point out the restore lost content mod, although I never used it myself.

3570a8  No.16256928


The first areas in both Kotors are fucking slow as shit. I'd replay them both again but last time I got a decent way through and it bugged out, had enough and went to the second game and it did the same thing. I don't have much luck anymore


>although I never used it myself.

Go reinstall the game and use that mod. You miss out on way too much without it.

e4b176  No.16258075


Yes. Make sure to get the restored content mod, not just because of the stuff it adds back but because of the bugs it fixes.


Peragus is really, really good the first time through but after you've played the game a few times it can get boring because not much changes.

e1f47c  No.16258087

This is going to be an absolute fucking mess.

122f1a  No.16258660

File: 39a7cfc1baae91b⋯.webm (215.61 KB, 771x720, 257:240, 39a7cfc1baae91b46a97fcc5b….webm)


Stop responding to obvious bait or ignorant dipshit.

f09e86  No.16259338


>or am I mixing things up?

You were mixing shit up in a colossal manner. Exarchs are the gigantic assholes of the cosmic order of the Mage: the Awakening, not Ascension which has the ending you are referring to.

The Technocracy is not exactly your typical bad guy and lots of people love them for that reason. They are not really that bad aside from stagnating reality unintentionally, the and fight between them and the mages are non physical for the most part. They mostly fight through proxies (normal human) and their progress, trying to prove each other theory/ideal wrong.

277aef  No.16259349


It's kind of bizarre that the obvious "bad" guy in the new Mage actually turns out to be not that evil, when they could have gone full FUCKING DRUMPF with them. Then again, leftists love nothing more than sucking corporate cock, and governments the world over sure like to pander to them.

It does show a shift in perspective, kinda like how in Delta Green DG teams up with MJ-12 and are brought back into the fold, when they spent most of the 00s demonizing MJ-12 and painting them as complete, amoral monsters.

Now that I think, I wish someone had made a Delta Green cRPG back when there was still a chance it wouldn't suck dick.

0f7d68  No.16259369

>Hardsuit Labs


205ba1  No.16259377


That's actually pretty cringe, but I'm going to watch it now that I must know why it is imperative that that blood must continue to exist, also those space suits are pretty cool.


That game ends up in the 90s in the second half, what the fuck, and that's with me never completing it thanks to a stupid fucking bug that cock blocked me, ironically before the 90s part, I just know about it.

Good thing about Vampire the Masquerade it allows you to play in different eras.


Someone post Rudy.


Hopefully, if it is there's still a chance that a smaller team could create a "real" successor the VTMB.

f09e86  No.16259380


The Seers are pretty much clear-cut evil from the get-go unlike the Technocracy I think, and of course the leftists have to stick every right-leaning labels on them. So that is why it came out kind of like that. Seers are pretty much into it for self profit and shekels, nobody buy into their ideals even the most deluded sociopath.

The Diamond Order are alright, the 1st edition Free Council are pretty much a bunch of multimedia major kids; but the 2nd edition made them went full hyper AIDS.

b402d7  No.16259663


>That being said, WoD used to be far more self-aware, the writers at least understood that the players wanted to have fun, not engage in pre-session trigger warning faggotry.

You sure buddy? WoD has always attracted fetishists and proto-tumblrites en masse. Just think of Fishmalks. It is surely the gayest of available settings.

277aef  No.16259679


I'm not saying it didn't, I'm just saying the writers weren't so far up their own ass to actually portray the monsters as innocent victims of vicious persecution like WoD does now. Like I said, there was a certain degree of self-awareness to the setting, the writers at least tried to make it understood that the world you stumbled into was a fucked up place full of fucked up, monstrous individuals and you were very likely to end up as fucked up and warped as the rest of them.

Back then they did go to certain lengths to scrub away the fujoshit romanticism from vampires are show them as the parasites they truly are.

f09e86  No.16259717



WW writers back then were writers. People with masters degree in mythology and English, not landwhales and soylets with bachelors in gender studies. Creative enough to break the mold of TRPGs back then when it was pretty much DnD and its clone craze and managed to garner reputation for themselves. OWOD mythology is extensive and screams 'interesting' in every between the lines.

Of course, they have moved onto something else other than writing TRPGs. Then landwhales and proto-soylets starts creeping into the company and you know the rest. NWOD shit were made 'open-ended' because they want player freedom; sod their excuse, if players want to homebrew they WILL homebrew. They cannot write up consistent lore for shit and the latest God-Machine mythology are fucked in every letters and words.

2d0e0a  No.16259789

File: cd7262338cd1f73⋯.png (111.34 KB, 311x304, 311:304, 1531348075777.png)


Just fucking please let it not be a remake.

907498  No.16259806


>Shitinity Oriental Shite 1/2


37ce16  No.16261628

Now that we know that Avellone had a hand in this are we going to be a little more optimistic? I am totally not betting a cent in this game, but the new images looked nice and I guess I will only put my hand on these after I see how they are going to make the vampires, that will be the final indication if the game will really be shit, even if no dialogues has being out yet

7f2948  No.16261706


>Dead by Daylight

I think you mean Dying Light. DbD is that shitty game where one person plays a serial killer and everyone else is a survivor.

It’s okay, I get the names mixed up too, honestly.

205ba1  No.16261718


Good writing of a few characters can't save us from


>shallow pretentious themes

>current year meme references

>a setting set in an age of social media and a video camera in every pocket

>current fashion trends


>poor level design and an uninteresting open world

>a game made by a company that made a p2w fps that they shat up as their previous point of reference

>a canned engine that does everything poorly

>made for the lowest common denominator

37ce16  No.16261742


Yeah I know, I bet the game is going to be like what you described, that's why I said the designs will be a good indicative if the game is going into this direction, what seems to be the common route by this decade standards

2408ad  No.16261746


>Now that we know that Avellone had a hand in this are we going to be a little more optimistic?

Don't get so attached to individuals. Just look at all the former famous game devs who went to shit.

ff1364  No.16261762

File: a86e84b5ae936b4⋯.jpg (210.82 KB, 1318x1012, 659:506, a86e84b5ae936b4491c6a14edf….jpg)


You forgot the most guaranteed feature of this upcoming abomination:

>Drobald Drumpf stand-in

878460  No.16261929



The New World of Darkness doesn't have the charm of the Classic World of Darkness. The Judeo-Christian Mythology was its core and nWoD removed it.

205ba1  No.16261947


>deus ex comes back

>it's shit

>thief comes back

>it's shit

>vampire the masquerade comes back

>(fill in this gap)

It's just kind of expected I guess, I bet other communities aren't as cynical about this either, the only confusing part is that it's not hard to understand why VTMB was so good but developers don't seem interested in figuring this out somehow?


I internally consider that a part of socjus and current year meme references. I don't get how current year writers can't control themselves.


>The Judeo-Christian Mythology was its core and nuWoD removed it.

I find that too hard to believe, it kind of just worked, they didn't want to trigger new age atheists or something? the kind that get offended when god is mentioned at all.

122f1a  No.16262023


Human Revolution was a great addition to the Deus Ex lineup. The game was almost as good as the original, certainly better than the game which shall not be named. Mankind Divided on the other hand, while it was a great game as well, suffers from the fact it wasn't actually finished.

76b4f8  No.16262039

File: 35ff076323b1718⋯.jpg (14.56 KB, 244x270, 122:135, snake confused.jpg)


I don't understand the message. Is this supposed to be some strawman of anti-Jewish ideas, and if so what is it trying to say? Or is it just "people who like edgy jokes are le nazis xD"


>I bet other communities aren't as cynical about this either.

This is what confuses me, most people don't seem to ever clue in to the patterns here with remakes and the like. The same cycles and same mistakes repeated over and over, and yet they never clue in that they shouldn't get hyped up and pre-order and suck off a game before it's come out. I'll never understand it.

205ba1  No.16262071

File: ac645f9cf31a6d8⋯.webm (13.28 MB, 400x300, 4:3, facebook.webm)


False, as far as base gameplay like movement and shooting sure, it's better because it's newer and they've managed to iterate on these things for well over a decade, as far as world building, writing and story go, absolutely not, everything has been shat up, there isn't a single thing in Human Revolution or Mankind Divided that is relevant, the game threw away conspiracy theory shit for themes about transhumanism trying to be a deep and meaningful discussion about the topic, only to fall flat and say nothing with both DX and IW standing head and shoulders above both in at least those regards, even the level design isn't as good as vanilla DX.

IW is shit but there are elements that are worthy of the Deus Ex name, there is nothing in HR that is worthy of the Deus Ex name. Weapon upgrades were nice I guess.


I'd like to think it's because people here see more of what's in a game, but I suspect it's because of how cynical the whole site is, but even if you disconnect that element the game is just giving off signals.

>shit development studio

>nuwod shat up wod

>appears to be set in the current era

4c7de9  No.16262076


It's pointing out that "edgy" comedians aren't actually being edgy anymore. If they were, they'd probably be doing Jew jokes.

7192c4  No.16262079

File: 6511113aff73a63⋯.webm (4.17 MB, 320x180, 16:9, I DON'T LIKE THE FILM.webm)

I don't want it


878460  No.16262086


>I find that too hard to believe, it kind of just worked, they didn't want to trigger new age atheists or something? the kind that get offended when god is mentioned at all.

Instead of the vampires being "descended" from Cain, it is left a mystery. This makes sense in theory but it removes a lot of the mysticism of the setting. In cWoD, you could be an atheist but you would be wrong.


>I don't understand the message.

Joking about rape is a-ok but joking about Jews is taboo for some reason. Don't let the Tumblr art style fool you.

205ba1  No.16262096


>it is left a mystery.

This is normally the best approach, many games/settings have ended up worse off because things that didn't need explaining were explained,, although ironically one of the few times it was reversed things were made worse because of it.

878460  No.16262165


Also the concept of generations is gone. A big theme of cWoD is redemption. Christian stuff was necessary to make it more than just super powers.

dbea5f  No.16262193


So basically, yeah, atheists got triggered.

And don't "for some reason" here, you know why.

Although N-stacking on twitter is pretty taboo as well. And apparently posting pikachu counts as gore.

122f1a  No.16262252


That's just not true though, all the conspiracy shit is still there it's just buried and hard to find, like conspiracy shit would be in that time. The game takes place long before the original Deus Ex and the Illuminati stranglehold on information is still very much in play. When the original Deus Ex starts Bob Page has already carried out his coup against Morgan Everett and the Illuminati was a shadow of its former self. It also helps that in the original Deus Ex you were a member of an organization under the direct control of Bob Page whereas in Human Revolution you just happened to be a member of an organization that happened to have a HVT scientist whom the Illuminati wanted, obviously discovering these facts wouldn't be a walk in the park. Did you even play Missing Link?

76b4f8  No.16262260

File: a88723df13e66b4⋯.jpg (121.32 KB, 939x1200, 313:400, brainlet_windmill.jpg)



Ah, okay. I get it now. That seems so obvious, I'm surprised I even had my interpretation so twisted.

6f92b7  No.16262323


>Instead of the vampires being "descended" from Cain, it is left a mystery.

It's not a mystery anymore, the most popular optional material has been incorporated into 2e so each of the Clans are originally separate ancient curses and were similar enough that they incestuously mingled with each other forming the Clans of the modern nights. There is an intricate link with the Stryx which isn't just optional history anymore so the mystery now is more on whatever the Stryx are and where they came from since they can reproduce any vampire curse as they wish.

205ba1  No.16262425


In HR the ideas were reversed, conspiracy theories wasn't the core point of the game it was transhumanism, the retard devs behind it had this high idea about exploring transhumanism and the issues this would bring about and then spent a few years huffing their own farts trying to make the game like it was some kind of insightful look into the world in an age of transhumanism, except it says nothing of value on the topic and far less than what Deus Ex itself conveyed. Nothing HR does puts it on the same level of Deus Ex, it's a disappointing and superfluous prequel that defines things that never needed defining, and it's existence actively debases the original Deus Ex, and cheapens multiple characters.

99c18f  No.16262650


I think the anime comparison is best. They wanted to make a GitS game, or were giant fans of it, and happened to have the Deus Ex license. The conspiracy stuff is nice, but it is sparse; while the transhumanism stuff is shit, and everywhere. It doesn't help that the most interesting aspect that it would touch on, the soldiers getting mind fucked by parts of their augs and being used in black ops that are against what they originally signed up for, is barely touched on. That, if they were going with transhumanism as a theme, is what they should have focused on, and done more with the conspiracies opening up based on discovering more about it.

d41d3d  No.16262654


What's the story?

9b40e7  No.16262678



Doesn't the nu-Deus Ex completely invalidate the original, considering they're prequels and the tech is significantly more advanced than in the original for no reason whatsoever?

973c3b  No.16262703

File: 46d8816ae278400⋯.png (515.43 KB, 720x720, 1:1, wsdx AJ_Styles_hat.png)

e4e2f1  No.16263435


I'd say "wow that's retarded" but it's nwod so what else would it be.

>Curses work like genetics

d721f2  No.16263520

File: 1f41e1bf19d8491⋯.png (783.46 KB, 920x920, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>The Kindred aren't fighting against the Kuei-Jin either. That's something that is only lightly refered every now and then.

You are a fucking retard. The Kuei-Jin is an entire faction in the game with their own city hub, and you can side with them in one of the endings.

97e10b  No.16263969


>you can side with them

More like you can open your anus wide for them to ravish and toss aside like a total fucktard, and everyone warned you about them being kikes of the night society.

2408ad  No.16264059


>More like you can open your anus wide for them to ravish and toss aside like a total fucktard

That's all the factions. Best to go your own way.

ac9ced  No.16264274


What was the point of doing that? The Cain origin story was great. Why go and shit it up with some donutsteal bullshit?

Oh, wait, I know, it's because NuWoD is written by fucking retards that would give 60 IQ niggers a run for their money.

deb861  No.16264281


>Werewolves do not prowl in urban centres, they are only active in the outskirts of the cities or in a really small rural town. Vampires usually have no business outside the cities proper anyway.

The Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawers say hello.

6f92b7  No.16264454


>What was the point of doing that?

nWoD fans wanted an actual history for their vampires, the writers didn't want to reuse Cain. Since the big selling point is the Stryx which fans love their origin story doesn't matter that much. Especially since the time of the Sumerians is a wild place where you have giant time obelisks everywhere, spirits running rampant, shit's fucked in the afterlife, Mages being Mages except shamans their origin story genuinely doesn't matter that much.

e4e2f1  No.16265317

File: 13272c2a0fc5b8d⋯.jpg (39.37 KB, 600x602, 300:301, 1445695675422.jpg)


>More like you can open your anus wide for them to ravish and toss aside like a total fucktard

d721f2  No.16265796


I was trying not to spoil the story too much

122f1a  No.16266469


The original Deus Ex takes place after a huge societal collapse. You can see the beginnings of this in Human Revolution and Mankind Divided how the talks over augments and technology in general being so hotly debated, often at the end of a gun.

c5e1ec  No.16266631

File: 503ab8d709dd563⋯.png (739.04 KB, 1483x694, 1483:694, dead name.png)

5772b2  No.16266738

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Best to go your own way.

Fuck the kuei-jin, fuck the camarilla, and fuck the useless anarchs too.

Walk off into the sunrise

bd14a9  No.16266856

File: babddef809a41a3⋯.png (433.99 KB, 789x483, 263:161, hnwnoyurmx021.png)

It's going to fucking STINK

277aef  No.16266922


But we see augmented individuals throughout the game and they're nothing like Jensen. Even JC and Paul, ostensibly a quantum leap in terms of technology seem to wield far less advance enhancements than what Jensen did.

HR and MD are just mediocre games that have next to nothing to do with Deus Ex, especially in terms of themes or aesthetics.

dacb9c  No.16266949


The cop out explanation is nanomachines son, and mechanical augs like Herman’s are obsolete.

277aef  No.16266963


Yeah, that's my point. JC and Paul are enhanced with nanties, as opposed to mechanical augs, they should basically have all the advantages of old augs (like Hermann or Jensen) without any of the disadvantages.

6f92b7  No.16266977


That only seems like a copout because of how completely out of place the augs in HR and MD are. Navarre and Herman's augs don't at all compare to Adam's augs. Herman would be creaming himself over half the fun shit Adam has at his disposal and even JC's nanomachines don't seem all that impressive when you can't do anything Adam can do.

59b73b  No.16267307





I'll play devil's advocate here for a second.

Pretty much every ability that Adam has, JC either has it as well, a better one or no need for it.

Strength? JC has it as well and can spec it in 2 different ways even.

Speed? Compare the movement and jump boost that JC has with his Speed Aug to the pathetic sprint that Adam gets.

Cloaking is present for both and JC has a longer lasting one, same thing for walking silently.

Icarus system is missing but JC can instead have an augmentation to limit fall damage without making a huge show about it.

The whole "Spin around and throw many metal balls to your oponents" also seems great until you consider anyone working with a partner and what a terrible idea it ends up being, especially since you need to expose yourself and be at the center. Chalk that one up as "R&D had a brain fart"

Hacking as an augmentation stops being relevant when JC has the skills required for it instead, but in IW war, it returns in a faster and better system (but not as fun at all)

Now, it's true that JC doesn't start with any of this neat stuff, but that's explained in the game, he's slowly adapting to them and installing augmentations as he goes along. However he is compatible with an incredible of really powerfull ones.

Meanwhile, Adam starts with a mechanical body that doesn't require that much adaptation and is already equipped with most of the stuff he will use, but it's not as strong.

Navarre and Herman not having some of the stuff Adam has is easy to understand since most of those augmentations require that someone's body doesn't outright reject them, making you an addict to neuropozine in the process.

Adam was also working for a private company and being the lab rat, so having top of the line stuff is perfectly natural. Governmental agents in a regular team will likely only have what has been well tested so far and they can afford.

Adam is geared towards being a multitool while Navarre and Herman are geared towards combat.

205ba1  No.16267312


And look how hard it fucked things up, Navarre's face is only augmented on one side for a reason, they wanted players to have a glimpse into what she looked like before the augmentations to see what sacrifice she had to make to become the ultimate killing machine only for the Denton's to roll up practically born with all of their gifts, she may not say it but she hated you from day one because you didn't have to give up a thing. Then HR happens and the augs are actually very stylish and easy to conceal, the augmented parts of the face blend in with the skin. I don't get how this is still conversation, we know that HR while fun at a base level to play is just a shallow misinterpretation of Deus Ex. The other person pointed it out, they didn't want to make Deus Ex, but that's the licence they had.

59b73b  No.16267316


Disregard all this however, because the truth is the devs just wanted visible augmentations since cyborgs look cool but wrote themselves into a corner since they couldn't make them look stronger than what you get in the next games, nor could they craft levels that take into account something like jumping 10 times your regular jumping height in to the air.

Also disregard the Icarus Landing or the Typhoon, those are just gimmicks to make trailers out of in order for marketing to show off the game. Their actual use in the game is limited and cumbersome to the point that they can almost be considered wasted Praxis points.

The whole thing was the devs starting from the end and writing back to the start, ignoring the many problems that came along with that.

They could have made DX3 to happen after IW and even made Nanomachines a rarity that either you only see someone else use or you only get an option to change towards it later in the game, enabling them to have a world full of robotic proesthetics like they wanted anyway.

And the whole neuropozine was solely because they couldn't think of another way to make augmentations look bad or dangerous, despite the many narrative hooks they have for that from people complaining about unfair competition to dangerous illegal mods, or even GITS already having figured this one out and making augmentations a golden cage.

205ba1  No.16267324


Neuropozine is a cop out, the real reason why Adam's abilities aren't the same as JCs is because they didn't want players to blatantly break the level design like what's available in Deus Ex with players casually leaping up multiple stories of a building, or sprinting across the map in mere seconds, the augs in the original Deus Ex are due to old game jank and if they bothered with a remake they would be rebalanced and made easier to understand.


Why did you deconstruct your own argument?

There's nowhere to go after IW, the devs wrote themselves into a wall with making it too sci fi, retarded shit like the nano bomb, and nano rounds, the game has many faults, but I unironically believe it has enough good features that a fan remake could fix the game and story elements.

59b73b  No.16267338


>Why did you deconstruct your own argument?

Because while it's fun to speculate and play devil's advocate, it's still doing the devs work for them and ingame reasons do not make up for the actual rational beyond some decisions.

>There's nowhere to go after IW

I'll disagree here since there's actually many ways to go afterwards. Everyone always assumes that the symbiosis end, being a continuation of the first game, is a pretty solid alternative, but what if JC ends up being quite the tyrant himself because of the way he now judges everyone and a group of rebels forms up to fight against what's essentially a living God?

Remember that his solution is networking with as many people as possible and make decisions by essentially holding referendums automatically in nanoseconds for everything, thus making it fair for the majority. However this is pretty much extreme democracy and as such it can fail for the exact same reasons, the biggest one being mob rule.

You could have a faction that manipulates the media to change the way everyone thinks and this indirectly influence how JC rules the world. Real life conspiracies tied in with a lot of narrative opportunities.

>making it too sci fi

They can use much of this to roll it back however. Nano ammo production is restricted and regulated so only law enforcement and the army can use it, anyone else is SOL, which means criminals and our rebel group must use conventional ammo. Picking weapons from your enemies lets you use them and thus nano ammo, but you can't stock up on it as easily.

Nanoaugmentations can be rolled back as well as being too strong for the masses. Either because you can't rewrite their DNA like it was expected to make them compatible or because they are dolled out as prizes for performance, you end up creating a caste of super-humans and everyone else is a ghetto nigger, something they have to fight against using regular augmentations and thus making them far more common.

>the game has many faults, but I unironically believe it has enough good features

I liked many of the augs it had since it streamlined their use a lot with passive ones and all the bots. The game could really use some meta-programming so you make augmentations trigger in certain situations automatically but that goes for the first game as well.

277aef  No.16267359


I agree with you, most of the IW endings give ample room to expand. The Illuminati ending is basically about keeping the status quo, so you could end up playing another game set in a cyberpunk dystopia with all the conspiracy stuff. Omar is post-apocalypse. While the ending where JC merges with Helios might appear utopian the way it's worded and spoken makes it sound rather ominous.

Templar ending would be a complete shitshow because we all know they would have turned in into "oy vey it's annuda nano-shoah", though playing as a baseline human on the side of the Templars would make for an interesting change of perspective (though fairly boring in terms of gameplay because it removes all complexity from character customization).

As for universal ammo, they can just retcon that shit out. As for using nanites, IIRC they still haven't figured out a way to make them accessible to the public. Alex, much like JC and Paul, is a tube baby specifically bred to be able to use augs.

176cb7  No.16267368

universal ammo is fine if its used for like specific types of guns and theres other limitations, its ridiculous everything is on it, random street thugs shouldnt be able to acquire universal ammo

205ba1  No.16267371


When I said there's nowhere to go after IW I wasn't talking about a continuation of the story, the story itself could easily be followed on, I'm more talking about technologically, it will just keep moving away from Cyberpunk, and by that I mean the problems that are presented that make the world what it is are hand waved away, there's inequity in IW, even though nano replication is at the point where a weapon can itself contain the tools to construct it's own ammunition as needed, JC can rebuild himself in an instant seemingly anywhere in the world, technologically it just goes kind of too far.

You could retcon that shit out but I guess it's just a bit too far, the game wants to solve too many problems where the point of cyberpunk is an exacerbation of where we are now with more advanced technology that gives us what we want but not what we need.

277aef  No.16267376


IW opens up with some random dude obliterating the whole of Seattle with a nanite bomb, so the more problems they solve with technology, the more they create.

Let's say that all endings of IW got merged into one, like they did with DX, you'd still end up with Templar waging war against anyone augmented, the Illuminati kiking it up like usual, the Omar pushing human modification further and further, on top of launching a bunch of nukes, and Helios trying to keep a lid on things and prevent everyone from killing each other.

205ba1  No.16267392


>IW opens up with some random dude obliterating the whole of Seattle with a nanite bomb, so the more problems they solve with technology, the more they create.

Yeah but the problems aren't the right kinds of problems, the problems are supposed to be based on ones we have now, things like automation replacing jobs, the class divide, a lack of food security, abuse of power by corporations, loss of purpose, information overload, etc. The games still focused on these too, no idea why they overdid the sci fi elements.

>Let's say that all endings of IW got merged into one, like they did with DX, you'd still end up with Templar waging war against anyone augmented, the Illuminati kiking it up like usual, the Omar pushing human modification further and further, on top of launching a bunch of nukes, and Helios trying to keep a lid on things and prevent everyone from killing each other.

That actually sounds like a shitty continuation, it seems like too much of a retread, one thing that IW did well is that it cut many of the factions out and replaced them with completely new ones, or hid old factions behind new veneers, I think that's one of the few things it did well, things felt new, even if new meant retarded at the same time.

3f27e9  No.16268642

I really hope this isn't a remake. Fuck Nostalgia bait.

ebc03f  No.16269400

File: f5531f6dbd44596⋯.png (1.46 MB, 896x1100, 224:275, e3.png)

So GoG is supposed to have preorders up as soon as it's announced.

205ba1  No.16269618


>implying it won't be an epic store exclusive

f4868e  No.16271815


Fuck GoG, I want a physical release, an actual physical release, not a download code in a box.

3ab858  No.16272093

File: 8a05d5f46179523⋯.jpg (25.15 KB, 216x246, 36:41, jfw6.jpg)


>'we are anti fascist'

>veto any triggering content or choices characters would make

It is at once insulting, condescending, childish and laughable that they think their political opinions(/kid glove cotton candy worldview) would have the slightest influence on actual players. Imagine giving someone the tools to make a fantasy world of anything they want then telling them 'Oh-but you're not allowed to do THAT!".

What's doubly pathetic is that by those rules there couldn't even be a paper tiger fascist regime in-game for libtard players to topple cos the very fact that such a regime exists would be too much anal trauma for their poor babby minds to handle. They're too scared to face fictional fascism, their IRL 'enemy' cannot even be imagined in fantasy it aggrieves their assholes so.

3ab858  No.16272108


>vampire bugchasers

>clinics take vampire blood for transfusions

3ab858  No.16272123


There need to be more games set in the 70s to reduce all the modernfaggotry

0960c9  No.16272358

File: f34558acee0c24f⋯.jpg (33.24 KB, 450x460, 45:46, Kraftwerk-Autobahn-348367.jpg)

e98504  No.16273339

File: af4406ee5639ad9⋯.png (192.45 KB, 224x400, 14:25, bored_baron.png)

It's the 21st, Paracux, where's the news dammit

e2f3d7  No.16273582


>2 weeks before release it goes Epic exclusive

92925f  No.16273708

Who here is ready to play a gay nigger Muslim main character?

e4b176  No.16273766


Strauss ending is objectively the best, though. Knowing what huge fucking assholes the Tremere are in the rest of the setting makes it less appealing, but it's still better than the other options.

205ba1  No.16273792

File: 1e461d5f226d152⋯.jpg (533.18 KB, 2000x1094, 1000:547, vtmb_2_concept_art_1.jpg)

File: da6aba305fe82c3⋯.jpg (625.18 KB, 2000x1420, 100:71, vtmb_2_concept_art_3.jpg)

File: d2224411d0c816e⋯.jpg (441.34 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, vtmb_2_concept_art_2.jpg)

Seattle confirmed.


But that's a cornerstone of the IP at this point, rumours state that he's going to be involved in the coming game.

ebc03f  No.16273832


8:00 P.M. (PDT) apparently.

42eabf  No.16273838


Is that meant to be a Ferris wheel in the middle one because if so it's on at least three layers of retarded.

205ba1  No.16273851


I'd imagine it is but I'm not really sure, don't worry I'm confused at the errors too.

2edb34  No.16273950

File: 5f7c2116f4919e8⋯.jpg (33.87 KB, 500x381, 500:381, scully_sly.jpg)


this art is hitting me just right except for whatever is going on in the middle pic. I dont't think it's going to be a ferris wheel, I imagine it's a big sign or something

83ffa4  No.16273962

File: beba5d8706a2b5d⋯.gif (1.39 MB, 420x220, 21:11, wtf.gif)


so the 22nd?

d7264b  No.16273976






ac9ced  No.16274007

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>set in another liberal shithole that is become a post-apocalyptic wasteland due to leftist policies

205ba1  No.16274079


My guess is you meet that guy and he gets to a point where he's basically dead, so he embraces you and gives you his vampire powers, then with all his powers you move to the very heart of vampire society where you meet the elites of the society and seduce and kidnap their daughter then you crash your car and some guys steal almost all of your blood and it's nearly daytime.

92925f  No.16274199

post the webm of the trailer when pairacox interactive releases it on YouTube.

6f92b7  No.16274356


It's a ferris wheel, just really retarded.

dfd544  No.16274417

File: 46fe956c4a8b8bb⋯.mp4 (1.62 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Remove_8-bit.mp4)

i smell kebab

51ea0b  No.16274528


Those days have long passed, anon. I'm sorry.

49e566  No.16274576

>Stream is on

>"Link tender account to twitch to receive ingame Tender T-shirt and Bodyguard Suit''

Please don't be an MMO

dc5aa3  No.16274597

File: b21389333092236⋯.jpg (27.28 KB, 303x400, 303:400, Sebastian smile.jpg)


>Please don't be an MMO


428096  No.16274620

File: 00a532ed30c372f⋯.jpg (53.42 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 00a532ed30c372fc4cbcb13b7b….jpg)

205ba1  No.16274661


Stream is live, but it's just people hanging around at a venue.

951d90  No.16274664

File: f18bb0193766da4⋯.png (63.42 KB, 353x555, 353:555, cringe.png)

f4868e  No.16274675


All it would take is enough people demanding a proper release or no buy.

205ba1  No.16274713

I hope this music doesn't end up in the fucking game, this is pain.

Ok now we have people talking on the stream.


You aren't getting that kind of demand for a physical release in this day and age, even on consoles 80% of sales are digital.

428096  No.16274716

>Online Flavor: Fear

951d90  No.16274725

83ffa4  No.16274766


>wait another hour and thirty minutes for shit to actually start

fuck this I'm going to sleep

ebc03f  No.16274866


Has Steam ever done something like this for a non-Valve game? Resumes say single player but this is looking worryingly large for one.

205ba1  No.16274873


It's probably running on Source 2, and is it's first major game.

205ba1  No.16274881

File: 681de14fb365f30⋯.png (671.89 KB, 800x480, 5:3, tender.png)

This was just posted to twitter, looks like it's a full blown sequel.

e2f3d7  No.16274894


as long it's not a direct sequel

57db15  No.16274897


you gotta be fucking kidding me

ebc03f  No.16274900


Oh hey! It's our logo!

dc5aa3  No.16274901

File: 7230fd97c217e81⋯.png (525 KB, 600x500, 6:5, hey,_deb.png)


Fucking hell. That's it, lads, I'm off to bed.

Subscribe to PewDiePie

e2f3d7  No.16274903


it's the only outcome that made sense given how they pushed via steam and gog

ebc03f  No.16274904


Unreal was confirmed in the resumes.

205ba1  No.16274908





Why is everyone buttblasted it's a sequel, I thought this is what you's wanted to see, at least stay to see how hard the fucked it up, or miraculously didn't.


Oh well, it's not like Source is anything special these days anyway.

585e00  No.16274909


i think its more the fact its using the 8chan logo for the o's

2408ad  No.16274910

File: 2d8a42db72628db⋯.png (152.06 KB, 1194x810, 199:135, 2d8a42db72628dbf0990f553fd….png)


>official discord server

ebc03f  No.16274915


The odds the sequel will be good are pretty minimal these days. Would be the same for any sequel that has had such a long gap with the possible exception of ones that come from certain Japanese companies.

57db15  No.16274917



I just cant believe it, motherfuckers are actually doing a sequel

e2f3d7  No.16274919

File: 82349fa35adfa78⋯.png (241.46 KB, 732x633, 244:211, 82349fa35adfa787bd69afe2fb….png)


>Why is everyone buttblasted it's a sequel

not bootyblasted, but the bloodlines doesn't suit itself well to a direct sequel


>mfw Paradox probably spent months planning this out and setting everything up

>some twitter/discord intern ruins everything

205ba1  No.16274924

File: f6064aca9ec3c9d⋯.jpg (152.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, bloody_alright_i_guess.jpg)


It's not the only game.


>The odds the sequel will be good are pretty minimal these days

For me personally, if it's bad I'm fine, if it's good I'm fine, VTMB already exists, and if this is bad, then that's good for me.


>not bootyblasted, but the bloodlines doesn't suit itself well to a direct sequel

I don't think so either, but I'm kind of greedy and just want some more, I know I won't get what I want but I don't mind.

205ba1  No.16274926

This stream is cringe as fuck.

ebc03f  No.16274927


>For me personally, if it's bad I'm fine, if it's good I'm fine, VTMB already exists, and if this is bad, then that's good for me.


205ba1  No.16274928


Okay, you got me, if it's shit and a major success, then I will be buttblasted.

ca98c8  No.16274929

File: f11412fc8c00aca⋯.jpg (90.76 KB, 985x639, 985:639, High quality finnish Pepe.jpg)

They're gonna fuck it up with SJW garbage aren't they?

205ba1  No.16274933


There was a Mage the Ascension game about saving refugee's published by Paradox.

ca98c8  No.16274936

File: 39cd903cd573417⋯.jpg (48.41 KB, 640x659, 640:659, 39c7e9cc40fa2364153df3dcfa….jpg)


Please tell me that you're joking.

205ba1  No.16274938


I wish I was.


>The groundbreaking roleplaying game Mage: The Ascension manifests in our turbulent present with Refuge, an interactive fiction written by critically-acclaimed author Karin Tidbeck.

>Set in modern-day Sweden, Mage: Refuge lets you experience today's social and political upheavals while awakening to the power of True Magick - the ability to shape reality itself through your force of belief. Many will try to recruit you into a secret war where human consensus itself is the battlefield. Your actions and choices will have profound consequences on the world and people around you… assuming madness and Paradox doesn't claim you first.

>Safety or sacrifice - the choice is yours.

e2f3d7  No.16274940



the entire white wolf lineup has always been pretty overtly sjw, though they did end up going so far over the line a couple years back that paradox carried out a purge because it was starting to hurt their name(paradox's)

f4868e  No.16274946


>even on consoles 80% of sales are digital.

Incredibly misleading statistic. Most games are digital only, no shit most sales are going to be digital when physical isn't offered. Get Valve's cock out of your mouth drone

205ba1  No.16274959


You're a retard

>most games are digital

They are but the games that make up the most sales are the big ones that release any given year, especially on consoles, if you look at the most successful indie titles which are extremely few on consoles, it's barely hitting 1 million units sold, and that's for the small handful that manage to find even middling success.

> Get Valve's cock out of your mouth drone

At what point did I say that I was okay with this, I was just pointing out why what you want is not a realistic goal, no-one wants to do physical anymore because it's unfortunately a super niche desire.

ebc03f  No.16274965

File: 4d79cfc8d7e5b80⋯.png (44.29 KB, 320x191, 320:191, childflaw.png)

File: 3a2f25b164edc10⋯.jpg (178.49 KB, 775x1200, 31:48, DqM6AJtUcAEoQ8M[1].jpg)

Think there will be any chance of it being in?

2408ad  No.16274975


Nah, western devs have an aversion to loli.

42d873  No.16274983


Can we sue Paradox for copyright infringement for using our logo?

205ba1  No.16274993


Depends on how much cake you can afford.

205ba1  No.16275039

Now something is happening.

4b949c  No.16275044


100% a Bloodlines 2, they showed the infinity symbol at the end of the Tender ad. Pack it in lads, we're gonna get a miserable sequel that misses the mark because Paradox is out of touch.

205ba1  No.16275045


At least stay to watch the trainwreck. What happened fellow goys.

4b949c  No.16275056


This is cringe as fuck. I can't stop laughing.

ff2920  No.16275058

File: 68d6bee33a244c4⋯.jpg (10.57 KB, 211x221, 211:221, 1406789617191.jpg)

This stream is so fucking gay.

I love it.

205ba1  No.16275072

Holy fuck, just show me the fucking game.

4b949c  No.16275084


A whole year? Fuck off. That gameplay looked like it was on a major railroad.

205ba1  No.16275086

That looked like complete shit. Nice.


>That gameplay looked like it was on a major railroad.

I know right.

e4b176  No.16275089


It's not gameplay.

4b949c  No.16275098

>Can pre-order a year early.

Good ol' Paradox. Fuck sake.

951d90  No.16275104

e2f3d7  No.16275107

>already selling season passes and skins

good old paradox

21820c  No.16275108

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




951d90  No.16275113

ebc03f  No.16275115


I'm sure this trailer cost more to make than the original game.

205ba1  No.16275119


Unironically looks like shit, I think that other anon was right, this is Fallout all over again, complete shit, but gonna be successful as all fuck.

e4b176  No.16275121

File: 800782eef088699⋯.png (47.39 KB, 232x310, 116:155, failure.png)


>season pass

205ba1  No.16275125

File: fc79a1476765b24⋯.png (187.97 KB, 746x965, 746:965, rudi.PNG)


>v5 being integrated heavily

Get ready.

305132  No.16275126

File: 58f09b96fb1786e⋯.png (975.91 KB, 1138x702, 569:351, goyim will never know.PNG)

fucking goyim, they will never understand how good a good fro feels

fucking hairlets

5b76c6  No.16275127

File: 4dc1723d1041c50⋯.png (101.94 KB, 1305x996, 435:332, 8chan2.png)

Holy shit they just straight up took our logo.

After Christchurch is that really a good idea?

ebc03f  No.16275128


>Japanese language support

That's unusual for Paradox. Only games they've published with it have been translated to everything.


368b10  No.16275130


>tiered editions with 24hr early access

>all the items are just YOU REMEMBER THE LAST GAME?

e2f3d7  No.16275131

File: 357209cc054fa82⋯.png (64.6 KB, 285x276, 95:92, why.png)

>The developer is taking a refreshing approach of weaving politics into the game, both in terms of narrative and gameplay.

>Modern day setting

>5th Edition

305132  No.16275134

File: 5779ae1e5233a1b⋯.png (156.92 KB, 378x351, 14:13, oy vei.PNG)

Look at this beautiful nose!

Fucking goyim will never know what having such a nice nose feels like.

ebc03f  No.16275147

File: a0d9d806ee1f7f4⋯.png (454.41 KB, 640x480, 4:3, killeveryone.png)

d88cea  No.16275149

File: c614c9feeaeb422⋯.png (214.66 KB, 432x616, 54:77, blood.png)

I just replayed the game with the wesp patch. I sided with the Anarchs and ended up in a huge mansion area I've never seen before thinking I've had a stroke. So I looked it up and just as I remember picking Anarchs routes you to Luckee star motel with Nines only revealed to be alive after entering a room. This was one of my favourite moments of the original and this retarded patch ruined the whole thing for me. I'm never touching this shitty patch + trash garbage again.

e4b176  No.16275156

File: 285314e843731b1⋯.png (431.12 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, 285314e843731b17845c6e7f23….png)


>Body type, gender pronouns, employment history and fashion can all be toyed with for a very modular build.

6f92b7  No.16275157


yeah I noticed that too. totally not conspicuous.


Only one version of the patch is fixing the base game, after that it's just a long series of "additions and restoration".

87d29e  No.16275160


Clearly looks like a walking simulator. Kinda like that latest Cthulhu game. Corridor levels, scripted action chase sequences and that's it.

f4868e  No.16275163

File: df8100e00b6e832⋯.jpg (89 KB, 616x770, 4:5, already confirmed trash.jpg)

Well I'll be pirating now that it is confirmed not to be getting a proper (physical) release


Fuck off Valve drone

87d29e  No.16275169



It'll be successful because faggot normal niggers who never played the original Bloodlines will jump on it due to name recognition.

8a6fcb  No.16275177


>Damsel's barrette

Who wants to bet that we'll see self professed commies running around with that on even though the character herself outright says that communism is fucking terrible when mortals do it? I want to seize the means of her production if you know what I saying

fc6d05  No.16275179


Wait you'll be a Thin Blood?!

d26e7c  No.16275181

File: 4f57021f24bd0ed⋯.jpg (307.33 KB, 1600x1640, 40:41, 4f57021f24bd0ed3184c3e0598….jpg)



Gamebooks are just guidebooks, not rulebooks.

I went into a low level campaign where we started with magic items that specifically have no basis in any book and the GM did this for every character, everyone got unique but trivial shit. The setting we used was some old desert city from a module, loosely used as a basis.

I had a "mark and recall" homebrew ring and a homebrew mythril shirt of speed that doubled my running speed I already took a running feat so I was fucking ice dragon sorcerer dick-theif Sanic and my character concept was a dumbass but charismatic sorcerer-thief who B&E'd rich fuckers with scrolls of water and basic ray of ice magic to break locks. The campaign was basically experimental as fuck and we each came up with our own character concepts that weren't supposed to work and we bumble-fucked our way through a module.

The other dudes were a Warlock-Paladin and a Kobold barbarian-bard, raised by dwarves, who attached a bunch of strings to his actual fucking axe. The Warlock-Paladin was a fallen angel and was playing both sides pretty hard and thus had a "Curse of Duality" where he assigned two functions to eachother on a table and he had to select a pair, if he rolled Even he used the Warlock ability and Odd he used the Paladin ability, and since he had to do this for even his heals shit got crazy as fuck. Natural 20's means either both happened or the one he wanted happened, both at double strength. If he rolled a 1, the GM picked a target and used whatever was the WORST POSSIBLE at double strength. The Kobold had his Axe-Axe, which allowed him to play songs and perform while swinging his Axe and a ring of minor healing with 50 rechargable (at a shop) charges. Because fuck me if he was going to let Chaos War Paladin fuck up the entire campaign by bolting the fucking king.

I was specifically the under-powered one in that campaign, but I did really fuck up one of the GM's big boys HARD when I was caught solo with a mark and recall backstab strategy.

Point is no one ever uses the fucking rulebook as a goddamned bible like they expect fucking EVERYONE to do.

2408ad  No.16275194

File: c0772a6facdd2f2⋯.jpg (63.46 KB, 462x345, 154:115, c0772a6facdd2f2c18cce15a22….jpg)



Into the trash it goes.

87d29e  No.16275199


We warned you about Paradox and White Wolf. We told you guys.

205ba1  No.16275200

So what have we got so far.

<based in (current year)

<cell phones in ever pocket and cameras on every cell phone

<senior female writers

<feminist programmers

<unreal engine

<hardsuit labs


<$120 for "full" game at packaged discount

<heavy v5 integration

<no gameplay shown

<made in seattle

<shitty music

<new art style

<cinematic trailers

<current year politics

<pronoun choices

<6 clans

<nvidia raytracing

<"fan" pandering in the form of references to the older games

>brian mitsoda


>huge mansion i've never seen before

The fuck, what part was that after?


I hope you don't mean the recent Call of Cthulhu game because they are working on a Werewolf game, but if you look at the DLC there's a season of the wolf expansion, and both games are slated for 2020, so I suspect they rolled them into one game. It's probably going to be like that Call of Cthulhu game in terms of dungeons but with hubs too.


Sounds about right.


Are you seriously this blunt that you don't get why people have a problem?

428096  No.16275202

File: 28dc0fdbb2a9f45⋯.jpg (80.59 KB, 697x350, 697:350, 28dc0fdbb2a9f45d8c53e56a4c….jpg)


>Pay extra to play early bullshit

>Premium-Deluxe Goy Editions

>All that cosmetic DLC

>Motherfucking Season Pass Story DLC

>For a game releasing in ONE YEAR*

>*Subject to further delay

Sometimes, dead is better.

2408ad  No.16275203


It's not like I expected anything more. >>16243013

87d29e  No.16275206


> hope you don't mean the recent Call of Cthulhu game

Exactly that. A Corridor walking sim with "press button to kill enemies" combat.

e4b176  No.16275211


<6 clans

Where did this come from? The mass embrace thing they're doing with the story made me think they'd make Sabbat clans playable, what a fucking waste if they don't.

5b76c6  No.16275215

File: 34e3603cb384a17⋯.jpg (106.28 KB, 704x704, 1:1, Questioning anime girl won….jpg)

Will I at least get to choose to side with traditional vampires and purge faggot SJW's in the game or will I be forced to be a massive faggot?

ebc03f  No.16275217


>cell phones in ever pocket and cameras on every cell phone

Did you forget the line

>We're living in the age of cell phone cameras. Fuck-ups ain't tolerated.

It didn't do anything mechanically, but the idea was there.

4f8f96  No.16275218

87d29e  No.16275219


Whaddaya thenk?

Also anon, you already are a massive fag. :^)

ebc03f  No.16275221


Everything else is still shit though.

205ba1  No.16275224


Sounds great.


The website has 6 clan slots, one of them is a bonus, I bet it's a purchaseable Malkavian slot.


Read that archive link above and ask that again.


I didn't care for that line, I just prefer the breathing room in older titles, the 90s setting is the perfect point for this game, aesthetically, technologically, culturally, musically.

f4868e  No.16275225


I would have preferred it to have a peaceful death and no new game ever be made. Werewolf will probably be no different. No modern gaming company would be able to do it justice, it isn't possible into today's gaming environment and I'm not even talking about it being political.

What pisses me off are all these drones that want a new game no matter what, they can't let something good go unmolested, they need to have some company molest it so they can get their next fix which won't be anywhere near as good as the first because of drones like them accepting all the caners plaguing the industry. People want remakes and sequels of old games made in a completely different environment which is what allowed those good games to be made in the first place instead of new games being made, it shows the state of the game industry but those same cum guzzlers asking for remakes won't admit it.

d26e7c  No.16275227

File: a8953d03b741754⋯.jpg (49.98 KB, 512x512, 1:1, autismcat.jpg)


No, I get it entirely. The gamebooks with leftist propaganda just have shit writers and most of the content is trash you really can't use in campaigns because none of it is open ended at all, to allow for plot shit.

Saying shit like "You can't do this" is the anti-thesis to tabletop RPGs. Saying that "You can do this thing" is merely a suggestion and good ones, like say the Spelljammer space ships, or the variety of spells and monsters are why these books are appreciated.

And the politics? I don't care for them, they're not relevant at all to a game unless the group is doing a "rebellion" or "kingdom enforcer" type of game. But those games are usually not open ended so political games don't tend to be played often in my experience.

I do understand, from a game playing standpoint most of all why politics should stay the fuck out of games. And I also understand, from a moral standpoint, why they should stay out of shit in general. They're not fun or useful in any way. They've created a situation where people are now focused on trivial bullshit.

All I just wanted to do was play games.

41ad5d  No.16275228



5b76c6  No.16275231


I know i'm a fag like everyone else on imageboards but I mean forced to be a prancing la la homo fag.

13c905  No.16275234


>Choose a clan

Because that would go over really fucking well in a society that places lineage at one of the most important aspects of their entire organization, some way more than others, Ventrue, Tremere, etc. Caitiff are actively ran out of town, disallowed the right to hunt in most areas, and their nickname that people actively call them is TRASH. Why the fuck would ANYONE allow these into your lineage that goes back to pre-Biblical Caine?

Fuck I'm mad

5b76c6  No.16275236


Honestly I like politics in games when there's choice, like in New Vegas.

You can put as much faggot liberal horseshit you want in the game as long as it's confined to a specific faction and I can choose to side with a Nazi analogue faction like Ceasers legion.

951d90  No.16275237

mod support confirmed

e4b176  No.16275239


>The website has 6 clan slots, one of them is a bonus, I bet it's a purchaseable Malkavian slot.

Yeah, I see that now. Fuck this.


In principle it could work, if the process of choosing a clan involves diablerizing someone and getting away with it.

87d29e  No.16275240

The PC is a fucking thin-blood, fucking lol

5b76c6  No.16275249


How can they have being a thin-blood make sense?

Thin-bloods are weak as fuck.

ebc03f  No.16275250

File: 5883d4eadf204e2⋯.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, 1:1, vomit.jpg)


5e thinbloods can have sex. I'm sure they choose that so they can include all sorts of deviancy.

13c905  No.16275266


That's been a thing for a while, Dhampirs are something that's existed since Time of the Thin Blood in 1999.


Really ass-pully principle, since diablerie has never construed such things on anyone, and Caitiff have existed since the clans themselves. They aren't a modern concept as far as vampires are concerned.

d88cea  No.16275270

File: ecd6ece19c420b2⋯.png (190.79 KB, 431x441, 431:441, just.png)


I can't fucking wait till they ruin Arcanum so nothing good ties me to this fucking awful hobby anymore.


I did pick a plus version but fuck. It completely ruins the underground atmosphere of it all.


After the cab ride/ending choice. It's awful.

d26e7c  No.16275274

File: b5ae32f008a0f9f⋯.jpg (22.57 KB, 255x222, 85:74, b5ae32f008a0f9fbf01ee72006….jpg)


That's the definition of open ended, but you're a fag for not going full independent and running shit yourself.

951d90  No.16275299

>Game is very casual friendly

37ce16  No.16275304

>The customization is robust

Why are they selling so much costumes DLC then?

87d29e  No.16275311









428096  No.16275319

File: 0c778742c153601⋯.jpg (247.47 KB, 1440x1389, 480:463, download.jpg)


Because nostalgia sells well.

951d90  No.16275321

>Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 taking a firm political & progressive stance, standing for LGBT rights & mental illness representation

0edf7a  No.16275331



428096  No.16275334


>Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 taking a firm political & progressive stance, standing for LGBT rights & mental illness representation

I can already see it.

>It's not Habib's fault that xe's a gay genderfluid POC muslim Malkavian, xe didn't mean to go on a rampage and break the masquerade on the plaza square because xe was hungry, xe didnu nuffin.

205ba1  No.16275337


Different kind of implementation of politics in games, In VTM there's always the political system of the Vampires themselves, in New Vegas it has different political ideologies and their approaches to the wasteland and asks the player to choose from what one they think would work best, which isn't necessarily one they support in the real world, this VTM V5 shit is someone pushing their own political ideology into a game where it sticks out as being just that, imagine if New Vegas simply pushed Caesar's legion as being a 1 dimensional evil faction, and made the NCR ultra progressive and Mr House a cartoon villain that you could choose from the but the game would passively agressively imply you were a bigot, that's the sort of shit that nu age politics in games are, and that's why people hate them, but that's also why people love them.


Holy fuck that's cringe.

5b76c6  No.16275345

File: 446cdb554c54cb1⋯.jpg (63.86 KB, 526x526, 1:1, 446cdb554c54cb1c28d2d8e441….jpg)



>that's the sort of shit that nu age politics in games are, and that's why people hate them, but that's also why people love them.

I'm starting to think that people are faggots

d88cea  No.16275359

File: 1c0cdd0ea6a90f0⋯.jpg (30.59 KB, 478x360, 239:180, crey.jpg)

God please make this a commercial failure. You took away Titanfall, please let us keep this. God pls

f4868e  No.16275364


>ingame art "book"

I hate these companies and cum guzzlers that pretend digital "goods" have any worth

They could release a physical art book, but that would mean less profit.

2408ad  No.16275376


>You took away Titanfall

>caring about some shitty modern EA game in the first place

5a3d9b  No.16275378


Titanfall's player base is way up since Apex Legends launched

d88cea  No.16275389

File: a2922e2cb71ba33⋯.jpg (43.76 KB, 633x758, 633:758, a.jpg)

Remember when you didn't absolutely fucking hate the idea of the games you love getting sequels? It was so long ago.


It was only somewhat EA


I'm still getting matches but I just thought it was with loyal players that remained. For real?

59b73b  No.16275888


Every time I see shit like this, it always baffles me that this is still profitable, that there's still enough idiots buying into this crap to make it worth it in the first place.

Because my line of thinking is "I could buy the base game, but then it doesn't bring all that cool shit. But I'm not going to pay a small fortune to get the complete stuff either. Guess I'll pirate it then".

And a few years later, when the game has dropped the price or is on sale I'll say "Wow, that game is only 15$ now? Maybe let's buy it now and- Wait, this isn't the special edition, it's just the base game. I'd spend as much cash getting the complete deal as the base game used to cost, so I guess I'll skip it too"

It's bullshit. Pirates always get a better deal since you just get the best version with no hassle and don't feel like a chump that's missing out or a dumbass that paid extra for useless crap. You can't possibly feel like your money was well spent regardless of what you bought if you actually spent money on it.

e4b176  No.16278627


>since diablerie has never construed such things on anyone

Pretty sure it does in V5.

2120f3  No.16278755

File: 17c3d19adec9130⋯.jpg (90.17 KB, 456x576, 19:24, VTM - ToPIckARose.jpg)


Old VTM was degenerate, but more like the way old /b/ was degenerate, in a wildly off the wall gives-no-fucks gross, pornographic and hilarious kind of way. There was no pearl clutching or pronouns checking. Seeing what it's become over the years has been demoralizing. This sequel existing with the current state of the lore of is an abomination. Like watching someone exhume the corpse of your grandmother and fucking it on livestream.

2120f3  No.16278795

File: 64b0e11c1d4eb67⋯.png (139.4 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Smiling_Jack_Smug.png)


Don't Open It

>Opens it anyway

1576ea  No.16278934



I also don't believe they'll be able to truly address nearly the same kinds of points that VTM:B did, as after all, when you go deeply enough into the classic lore, it's extremely heavy in the wrongthink territory. We're probably going to see a 'we the multicultural disenfranchised thinbloods against the evil blood capitalist white vampire KKK clans' with the usual references and brainwash-of-the-day included.

6f92b7  No.16283087


Check the price tag, holy shit.

ddc83c  No.16283689

File: 71f54569f256141⋯.jpg (2.27 MB, 2933x1651, 2933:1651, VTMB2-Political.jpg)

File: c90fc9b6b3ca611⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 2800x2284, 700:571, CaraEllison.jpg)

File: b523eb1e068097b⋯.jpg (596.17 KB, 508x1514, 254:757, VTMB2-WritingSample.jpg)

File: 6d9de61466ee23f⋯.jpg (26.14 KB, 426x438, 71:73, Bloodlines-Modding.jpg)

bb78ff  No.16286053


Thanks for posting these.

bb78ff  No.16286195


Kill yourself pedophile.

89892b  No.16289018



>Cuckkind Divided

>better than IW

Kill yourself

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