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File: 65d02f5d7e53f9e⋯.jpg (327.41 KB, 974x1440, 487:720, 0bb7cb56531d83e9a96d7812ef….jpg)

a54cc0  No.16242610


What in the goddamn?

Dwarf Fortress is on Steam now and ASCII is officially gone.

a54cc0  No.16242614



What they have to say about it officially. ASCII will still exist as "Dwarf Fortress classic."

a54cc0  No.16242617

File: 435bc1c96788550⋯.png (490.67 KB, 579x1229, 579:1229, ClipboardImage.png)


You'll have to pay for the Steam version. There will be workshop integration.

cdabb2  No.16242619

In a few months, the DF threads will be flooded by the Steam version.


Dwarf Fortress microtransactions when

cdabb2  No.16242621


> microtransactions

Paid mods of course

be1b81  No.16242624

Steam version is basically just an alternate way of donating, you can still get the game for free on the official site

a54cc0  No.16242628

File: b1cee2fa0425899⋯.jpg (82.58 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 2d891be4f569dbf373ac85aa60….jpg)


But it had graphics you silly nigger.

a54cc0  No.16242633


>Entire time you could have downloaded the game for free and installed a texture pack

>The only time you'll play the game is when it comes out on Steam for a price that comes with a texture pack

>When you could just get it for free


a54cc0  No.16242653

The proper way to enjoy Dwarf Fortress or any Roguelike is on your x230 lenovo that boots a linux distro of your choice.

Prove me wrong.

6bbc39  No.16242660


Current tileset support is very simplistic and lacking. It's basically just a font sheet replacement. The new version looks like it supports layering multiple sprites per tile and other things like bitwise slope tiles. Anons claiming they're just packing a default tileset and selling it are being disingenuous.

197295  No.16242686

File: 64b51e0c30e827f⋯.jpg (90.98 KB, 438x659, 438:659, 6286-rogue-dos-front-cover.jpg)


eecead  No.16242728


>Ultima III and Planet X2 doesn't graphics even though it uses custom text in order to make unique graphics

fug!!! you got me there you autist!

68d8c3  No.16242737

Is this some long con April Dumbass prank?

eb103b  No.16242751

File: fe2d3541f0ff992⋯.jpg (168.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, bills.jpg)


>Is this some long con April Dumbass prank?

Hardly. The release seems to be motivated by medical bills.


b489fb  No.16242754

File: 424b59c53a977be⋯.png (7.85 KB, 649x74, 649:74, Screenshot_16.png)

oh fuck off you triple a cock sucking niggerfaggots

68d8c3  No.16242759

File: f7266f64be89fba⋯.png (570.01 KB, 612x786, 102:131, ClipboardImage.png)

I feel like pic related makes it even more of a pain in the ass to figure out if these are ramps, or showing that it's an internal layer or what the fuck.


That would be going a bit far for a prank. LARN and other shit have sold versions with additional eye candy before. If they're going to make modding and all less of a hassle, sure.

d60bf9  No.16242765


>workshop integration

It's going to kill the modding scene very fast, if words of some modders I know are to go by. And I don't even mean splitting the modding scene between Steam and the forum; mere existence of workshop integration is very bad news for them, their mods and their ownership of their own mods.

b1837b  No.16242778

It's like they suddenly care whether people play the game or not.

68d8c3  No.16242782

File: d2b05ded39b912e⋯.png (72.5 KB, 183x256, 183:256, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 393faeaeed8f851⋯.png (33.38 KB, 187x156, 187:156, ClipboardImage.png)

It goes along like this and then suddenly this. What the hell is going on there that's different?


I'd be dubious too.

b04526  No.16242789

File: 2436182259645c4⋯.webm (342.66 KB, 853x480, 853:480, the_jokes_are_real.webm)

>Basic bitch normalfag friendly tileset

>Retard proof installation and mod integration

>Possible UI improvement

<Still unoptimized mess

<Still unrealized mechanics

People would shit on any other game if they delivered a game that choked and slow down to a crawl after 2 hours of investment, DF will get a pass however because IT`S SO HARD IT`S THE HARDEST GAYME EVER I READ ABOUT IT.

If Toady wanted money he could have just asked, I am sure most people would be happy to donate.

68d8c3  No.16242791


I suppose because that's the only one tile wide area but it's still all Escher-like with perspective.

de41c3  No.16242793


The lighting is the sun on the southeast, why are people having trouble with it?

3f8a66  No.16242795


Pretty much this

On that other hand I can't blame the guy as medical bills can be expensive.

Personally I blame Steam for this, Fuck Steam ruining fucking games for profit


>I feel like pic related makes it even more of a pain in the ass to figure out if these are ramps, or showing that it's an internal layer or what the fuck.

I think its showing the internal layer, but yeah it it can also be seen ramps.I mean the dirt road makes it sort of clearer.

3f8a66  No.16242797


>implying people play DF because they think its hard

DF is mostly about the modding seen in my opinion, although the original game isnt bad

c40266  No.16242803

File: 7a08ef847016587⋯.jpg (121.93 KB, 600x1337, 600:1337, she grew up to be a fine y….jpg)

i would like to apologise to STEAM and the Dwarf Fortess developers on behalf of the entire gayming community on this forum for these disparaging remarks >>16242737 and say that this person does not represent the entire community as a hole

6cc19e  No.16242804


Maybe you don't know that words are literally pictures that we've attached linguistic meaning to. They're not very artistic, but they're fundamentally a series of small drawings arranged into lines.

de41c3  No.16242806


The only mods I ever used were the mods that removed redundant shit that just clogged up the game. Do we really need differentiated leathers for 24 different species of Marmot?

68d8c3  No.16242807


People have been donating for a long time, you oblivious /tv/ queer.


It doesn't tell me what the fuck it means is why, adding some faux perspective hurts my eyes more than ASCII. If they had just integrated Stonesense it would have been a better move.

de41c3  No.16242812

File: 8e93591aee46a10⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 19.11 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 972e8bb4af910edf35b30741e….jpeg)



>24 different

talk about redundant. I've been up all night so I'll be taking my leave now.

b2a16c  No.16242813

Is he scrambling to squeeze some coherency into the UI or will he just dump it onto the "where is the tutorial" Steam babies?

a54cc0  No.16242816


People are donating. He gets 6k a month.

b04526  No.16242818

File: 3a5a11055582aef⋯.png (137.28 KB, 287x500, 287:500, kaguy.png)


Being "hard" is how normalfags and people that would never get into DF perceive the game, shit videogame websites love to write about it and how inconceivable complex and hard it is both mechanics and how you play it, it`s just a hook for people to get interested and read about it. In reality it`s just trickery and a bad UI that takes a few hours of investment and while checking the wiki. My point it`s a substandard product that shouldn`t be market like it is in its current state, in fact Toad went out of his way to justify why he doesn`t bother with optimization.


You are so fucking retard I don`t even understand what the hell you talking about or how your post somewhat trumps what a argued, kill yourself with your cross board war autism

a54cc0  No.16242820


The thing about Dwarf Fortress is that it's rote memorization and the moment you have it down it's too easy to create a fortress that's self-sustaining and can survive for quite awhile, even if you're not cheesing shit.

b04526  No.16242822


It obviously not enough since he decided to find a publisher and market the game in a mainstream friendly way, faggot.

a54cc0  No.16242825


>Moving the goalpost

You said people would donate, implying they didn't.

I'm saying that they did.

It doesn't matter how much is being donated, your original point was that people weren't donating when they clearly were. Don't be a disingenuous weasel kike.

6bbc39  No.16242828


>If Toady wanted money he could have just asked, I am sure most people would be happy to donate.

People do donate, but I think a donation drive or something would've still been a better way of handling it. I don't think the Steam version is going to make anyone happy: normalfags are still going to get frustrated by the interface and everyone else has to deal with diverging feature sets inevitably interfering with development.


It's not faux perspective, those are slopes. The lighting on the bottom makes it look weird because typically you light from north/north-east.

c40266  No.16242829

File: 66f6af2fe91b379⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1004.75 KB, 180x180, 1:1, 66.gif)


>It obviously not enough

Protip:it never is

b04526  No.16242840

File: 3c6dbf97047ef75⋯.jpg (5.13 KB, 300x168, 25:14, hydestein.jpg)


I read the fucking blog every week, why you think anyone into DF wouldn`t be aware of the monetary gain Toad report on his website at the end of every month, I didn`t imply anything, I outright said he wants more money than he currently earns because that`s why it looks like you faggot. Both brothers are always ranting about how community is precious and how they always worked hard to preserve their small but dedicated group of fans that supported the game despite it getting an update a year since fucking 2000s or whatever. In result they overmoderate their forums to the point it`s essentially reddit, and I am supposed to believe they are doing their best and it takes time to work their craft?

Their work ethics suck, they clearly want more money and I doubt their updates will come sooner as a result, off yourself

197295  No.16242841


Nothing will actually change. Toady is actually just charging newfags and journalists $20 to play a free game (Now With Graphics™!). Funny thing too, Toady mentioned that all the graphical content in the Steam release will be available for modders of Dwarf Fortress classic anyway. So there's not going to be any real exclusivity to the Steam version either

68d8c3  No.16242846


If this gravely representation is what they're going for to delineate an internal/external tiles I can't wait for someone to fuck their shit up even faster than in ASCII.

b1837b  No.16242855

File: 067a2fba51ee756⋯.png (567.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, sunfix.png)

Here's what it looks like if you put the sun to the north like you're supposed to.

6bbc39  No.16242862


It's certainly strange to fuck up something so obvious.

de41c3  No.16242865


I don't disagree with you in regards to them being faggots, or that they should've just e-begged from their paypigs, but don't act like people can read your mind through your posts. You stated they should've asked for donations, it was then explained to you they already receive donations and now you flip out saying we're the dumb ones for not magically understanding what you meant through your poorly worded original post.

If you read their blog you'd understand that Toady's brother has cancer and he explained in order to future-proof his finances for the expensive medical bills he's jewing on steam. I personally couldn't give a fuck if both the brothers died because they haven't released a meaningful update since they added Z-levels and have made it clear they're not interested in coding anything that positively affects gameplay but would rather do amazing things like add facial hair and gender identity to a 2d no-graphics fort sim about stubby drunken lunatics.

197295  No.16242867

File: 099894ce96891c8⋯.webm (419.14 KB, 540x360, 3:2, blargh.webm)


That still just looks so fucking stupid. The ramps are done at an oblique angle but everything else is from a top down perspective. It looks like a green hedge wall to me and makes my eyes crossed

b1837b  No.16242870

File: 5b32ad39be301ed⋯.png (24.02 KB, 181x369, 181:369, 2jxowev5.png)


>2 slightly different perspectives is difficult to look at

>but ASCII diarrhea along the lines of "AS:;_&:#;Q:_&;_¤;_:_Q#W;:T" is not

e4c6d2  No.16242879


>after countless years of ascii

Finally making it more playable and appealing.

Now if only they would implement mouse support and a more streamlined UI, it would be the best of it's kind.

I also wouldn't mind an initial goals system where the game can nudge you in the right direction of what to do in the beginning. It's kind of overwhelming to be dropped into the world without any semblance of what you should do at first.

b04526  No.16242881

File: 79687522811215a⋯.jpg (214.98 KB, 1200x1351, 1200:1351, e9bs55t5.jpg)


You assuming ignorance from anons is your problem not mine.

Regardless, they used to have all excuses in the world and I would support them whatever their decisions were when this was a autism project. Now they just lost that privilege, their game has an official release, it`s a product now and it should be threated like one. I understand they have their own problems but the fact that you need to jump through hoops for the game to be playable is unacceptable, they are taking advantage of their community good will to release this basically without costs to themselves.

8dac93  No.16242882

File: 5af967714993890⋯.gif (366.01 KB, 256x256, 1:1, abstract kind of hell.gif)

everything you love wil perish

197295  No.16242884

File: cca7c623bf51973⋯.png (436.2 KB, 1920x2091, 640:697, circlefort.png)

File: 56dacd9a5124326⋯.png (577 KB, 2892x3540, 241:295, circlefort2.png)

File: b14ef3b9c59fe43⋯.png (223.69 KB, 2304x3456, 2:3, passionhelm_119.png)


Yes you're right, ASCII is 10x more pleasing, aesthetic and clear than bloat graphics with confusing ass perspectives



c47cec  No.16242889


I never heard of steam taking ownership of mods submitted, not even on the failed paid mods attempt

de41c3  No.16242891

File: fb09cbace51d91d⋯.gif (868.53 KB, 200x300, 2:3, animuburger.gif)


>You assuming ignorance from anons is your problem not mine.

That's the dumbest thing you've posted thus far and I'll say a prayer for you, anon.

8dac93  No.16242898

File: d1f1fecf07b233e⋯.jpg (612.34 KB, 2048x1664, 16:13, greedy jew, the eighth dwa….jpg)


don't worry goy, you will soon

de41c3  No.16242899


It's the current year? wow I never would've guessed.

197295  No.16242915

File: 80ad03b57bf9ead⋯.png (4.51 KB, 1171x52, 1171:52, tilesets.png)


Lol are you deliberately being a retard? DF has had mouse control since 2014 and there have basically always been graphics and tilesets for players to use. And stop playing mobileshit games if you want a non retarded control scheme dude


f96e63  No.16242924



>work for years in a genre-defining game

>niggers every day complain about no graphics

>put extra effort deliver the niggers what they want

>charge some bucks for it

>free version will still always stay free

>hurr durr the dev is greedy

b04526  No.16242941

File: dd8eb814876450d⋯.png (37.6 KB, 552x504, 23:21, bfx_dwarves.png)

File: 5c3b3db3f74ffcf⋯.png (36.75 KB, 552x504, 23:21, bfx_elves.png)

File: 2843b88deba891a⋯.png (36.51 KB, 576x432, 4:3, bfx_animalpeople.png)

File: ce798d27b23dde2⋯.png (1.3 MB, 640x526, 320:263, SPHERICAL.png)


What`s graphics means to you? DF has fully realized representations of units and terrain, this release has nothing to do with graphics

9016f3  No.16242969

File: 44886f4869a7554⋯.png (636.42 KB, 1099x846, 1099:846, happy man.png)


The ASCII is beautiful. Call me autistic. I don't give a fuck.

c86f8d  No.16242976


Yeah, but the fat kike will take a cut.

b04526  No.16242992


don`t forget the publisher, they get a cut too

ca41bc  No.16243008

ASCII is cool and all but people who defend it with the rage of a thousand suns are hyper fags. Take your fedoras off. It's the same game but now you can actually see the game that your playing.

4fcae3  No.16243036


>Anons claiming they're just packing a default tileset and selling it are being disingenuous.

That's the way most news sites seem to phrase it, so maybe you should blame them.

Either way it's a severe disappointment and missed opportunity to revamp the horrible UI, a weak link in an otherwise legendary game.

4fcae3  No.16243041


ASCII is unambiguous. You can't squint at a capital letter "T" and think "Wait, is that a T, or something else?" because it's a fucking T. I actually hated most fan tilesets because I would have to go through the effort of learning all of their stupid icons and what they mean, and 16x16 clearly wasn't enough for the artistic vision of some of those faggots. "T for Troll" is much easier to remember.

d31b6b  No.16243064

Great, now give me a fucking tutorial telling me what I CAN do in this game and we'll be good.

>inb4 screeching retards

I said CAN, not SHOULD. I can figure out what I should do if I knew what I can do, but nowhere is that information provided. The few guides I've run across mention tips for picking locations without explaining why, and explain how to start without explaining what fucking buttons to press for those menus.

421e52  No.16243075


There's a really simple tutorial on the wiki, and I figured how the game worked and how to do things (not the best things, but I could operate things nonetheless) on my own, and I'm no genius. If you can't figure out if selecting a menu it's enter, e, or whichever key the game tells you to use on a corner message, you might be too retarded to play videogames

1fa021  No.16243087


Yeah, but unfortunately, not everything can be identified so easily. I doubt a new player would realize what the punctuation marks mean.

4fcae3  No.16243095


Admittedly the interface is shit, but the essentials are actually fairly obvious. Mason and carpentry is fairly obvious and essential. Farms are dug on soft ground and need water, then you can have them tilled and dwarves assigned to farm duty will till them, and then you can decide the seed rotation. The game would benefit greatly from a non-shit interface so that the player is more inclined to fuck around and figure things out.

fe12b0  No.16243098


I wish there was a game that used exclusively kanji instead of ASCII graphics

80a0ce  No.16243100

File: 70b27b0a1bc9a00⋯.png (67.21 KB, 234x284, 117:142, 1447201516585-4.png)


>implying polygon has ever played DF

eb103b  No.16243102


>they clearly want more money

Of course. And, releasing it on Steam is likely going to sell them units, because there's bound to be people that don't try something unless it's on there.

4fcae3  No.16243106


It's enough to tell me I should use the view function to see what the fuck is going on. A custom tileset may not present the tile in a distinct way, is my main issue, but I also have bad eyesight.

2318a9  No.16243224

File: 90421ad8818b5b5⋯.gif (388.01 KB, 500x281, 500:281, WTF.gif)


The free version will still be free. Stop being such a big fat baby.

681933  No.16243246


You couldn't use the existing thread?

1b2973  No.16243277

The light has gone out of my life.

60653d  No.16243345

File: af45dfdd662739b⋯.webm (1.52 MB, 960x720, 4:3, Tbvx.webm)

Strike the earth.

Strike it until Solomon erupts from the underworld and eats the foreskin of every living creature.

681933  No.16243347


>defending this

How much are you paid?

27ee82  No.16243368



>disney seven dwarfs

Why do mutts always get the origin of everything wrong and think they somehow made it? The tale is obviously a German one and not invented by Walt Disney cartoons.

The tale has been passed from mouth to mouth by Germans until it has been written down by the brothers Grimm.

e96648  No.16243374


We're not defending it, we're dismissing it as a complete non-issue.

c40266  No.16243393

File: dbdd264f396a10c⋯.gif (6.32 MB, 480x204, 40:17, 1448.gif)

b489fb  No.16243400

File: d25d3f983d1ed6b⋯.jpg (63.35 KB, 600x529, 600:529, getoutjew.jpg)

e81cf1  No.16243406


> think they somehow made it

Why are europoors always so illiterate? The paper is obviously saying the seven dwarves as envisioned by Disney. The quotes around original reinforce this.

b6f49d  No.16243407


Most of what I love are conspiracies for self defeat which are invented by the Jews, so it ends up being a wash at the worst.

27ee82  No.16243412

File: b1689aecafd24ac⋯.webm (152.12 KB, 480x204, 40:17, 1448.webm)


Here. I can't stand idly by watching you post 6MB video gifs because of my autistic nature.

27ee82  No.16243415


The quotes around new say the opposite.

b489fb  No.16243417



gas the 6mb gif kikes

58a074  No.16243423

It still chugs way too much. Toady is only concerned with providing a rich tavern experience consisting of transient bards eating all your food and having six random genders, instead of redoing the UI and performance stuff to make it fucking playable.

>Just install 20 .exe hacks to make the UI playable you fucking casual!

c40266  No.16243429

File: cb987ecc4c41253⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 9.39 MB, 320x240, 4:3, defb4ed4c7ca9202bf54471a86….gif)


>no sound

it might as well be a gif


2badnow don't make me pull a 15MB gif from my folder

945df6  No.16243431

>Available: time is subjective

4d414b  No.16243435


Niggers who complain about graphics don't know what they're talking about and/or couldn't be assed to just take a tileset and replace it. It's like all those Anons bringing up old issues that have already been fixed over and over again. The worst thing about this update is the graphic set chosen is pretty shit and the guys making the tileset are some Hipster fucks who are now part of the dev team. You can look forward to Dwarf Fortress dieing a slow death from here on in.

eabaf6  No.16243438


>ASCII is officially gone.

no it's not, you get an option for how you want the game to appear

That said, DF needs the fucking UI overhauled and mouse support would be nice

4d414b  No.16243447


See? This guy right here still thinks DF doesn't have mouse support.

80a0ce  No.16243448


wut game?

27ee82  No.16243461

File: a15aa9098036de4⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 642.13 KB, 640x480, 4:3, out.webm)


same shit with 2xresolution to prevent scale filters of video players from making it unpixely.

c40266  No.16243468

File: 82db6531d5074ce⋯.mp4 (1.27 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 941152babc704abf0bc3787442….mp4)





06de70  No.16243486

File: ab700ea0b5b1540⋯.jpg (40.48 KB, 239x283, 239:283, faggots.jpg)

>ASCII is officially gone

Imagine being this much of an alarmist retard.

80a0ce  No.16243538

File: 42d1dcaf6068cf6⋯.png (425.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, a7ea661430f8ea348ec83458c2….png)


Spill the beans.

58448f  No.16243714


We've already endured gay dorfs and gay marriage in the game, including a bug that made both more prominent than heterosexual pairings, thus making you dependant on migrants entirely.

681933  No.16243719

File: 60d3f7df04a861b⋯.png (39.17 KB, 388x300, 97:75, it's the kind of tired tha….PNG)


>all dwarves will have a 50% chance of being gay or trans because half the population will boycott the game otherwise

dbc8be  No.16243787


>inb4ing your own post

4fcae3  No.16243835


I chuckled, thanks for that.

I just can't fathom how Toady stomachs allowing his game to have a ridiculously bad UI and performance after having worked so hard to get it to this point. Where is his pride? Especially since performance issues are usually what cause people to stop playing. "Shit, I'm at 150 dwarves and my computer is melting, time to restart." Genociding migrants feels too much like cheating.

1b6842  No.16243837

File: caa002e41274477⋯.jpg (671.57 KB, 1280x850, 128:85, d1r24534690.jpg)

Im gonna be honest here my only complaint about the game and the thing that prevented me from playing it was the UI and the 8-bit graphics with just symbols. I cannot watch that shit because my eyes start to hurt. But when I see Steam version of the game with better graphics it just doesn't look that interesting anymore. Am I retarded?

4fcae3  No.16243846


The better graphics are less distinct on a tile by tile basis so it becomes harder to tell what is happening without some level of adjustment and rote memorization that usually takes longer than ASCII. At least, that's why I have never used custom tiles on DF. That might be why the game looks boring to you now, but who knows. It could also be that it now looks like the 50 DF clones that were made in the interim.

4fcae3  No.16243854


He must have changed his attitude sometime in the last 5-ish years then, because when DF was still "2D" (before z-levels were added) and shortly after, updates were much more regular and I wouldn't have imagined Toady just giving up on the project.

80a0ce  No.16243866


Did he ever implement multi-threading?

3634c2  No.16243901

>Toady will die of cancer before DF gets multithreading

>Toady never releases the source code

>He just puts an inferior version on steam and dies

fae473  No.16243910

File: 0a8fecec18cbaf7⋯.png (78.89 KB, 1054x447, 1054:447, One in four dwarfs is a fr….png)


>will boycott the game otherwise

You're not wrong, but you're slow by several years.

80a0ce  No.16243918


Honestly don't have a problem with this, and it's just a couple of lines of text if you want to change it. Rimworld is the same way.

fae473  No.16243946



His autism mostly revolves around worldgen, with fort mode being comparatively an afterthought. Since worldgen takes comparatively far less time than playing a fort to its logical conclusion (except for humongous worlds which nobody makes because they'll just ever see 0.017% of it anyways), there's little incentive in multithreading worldgen, or the rest of the game for that matter.

Hence the many, many fort mode bugs over the years, such as apprentice surgeons sewing over the hanging guts of the patient resulting in an immediatly working dwarf instead of a dead one, or water pumps violating conservation of mass if pumped in just the right configuration. Fanboys being fanboys just spin these as 'dwarven engineering' because fuckin dorfs man amirite. While hilarious, these don't stop being bugs. World generation always had far less bugs.

0fb716  No.16243959

File: d50e6f5b655cb29⋯.jpg (92.89 KB, 714x1118, 357:559, d50e6f5b655cb29a07e1052a73….jpg)

a855e6  No.16243980


while nice why do my eyes hurt

fae473  No.16243987


>What is "tyranny of small decisions"


You have the choice to "accept" the blatant lie that there are at least 4 times more faggots than there are in reality. You are also making the choice for future generations, assuming we have them.

ad4541  No.16243989


I just realized the line divide between the outside and the inside is suppose to be upward slopes. While I can't see them as anything but downwards.

e06a97  No.16243992


DF has been multicore since 2018

80a0ce  No.16243998


I imagine it's exaggerated because the population of dwarves is so small compared to any real life community. At least you can think up fun ways to kill the faggots

fae473  No.16244030


The small community size causing every single dwarf to be strictly heterosexual wasn't a problem before CY, but you probably knew that.

c48767  No.16244065


I'm defending it, the guys made a great game and has been updating it for donkey's years now. He wants release some of his work on steam, that's great.

80a0ce  No.16244086


My point is he added faggots and he wants them to show up in the game, which they would hardly ever do using more realistic rates. I think you are thinking too hard about this.

fae473  No.16244113

File: facc5e74dc1080e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.13 KB, 250x361, 250:361, f6b22e1030a21108b0e63d07fd….jpg)


With a 6% faggot population it's reasonable to expect faggots appearing in one out of two or three single evening forts 60-ish dwarves. On long running forts, they are sure to appear. With a disproportionate rate of 25% you get entirely dysfunctional forts (>>16243714) for which the only solution are coincidentally (((migrants))).

>I think you are thinking too hard about this.

someone has to think for two around here

11c393  No.16244124

He finally got rid of the developer graphics.

563fd6  No.16244134



That isn't how the orientation token works, every creature in the default values has their orientation set upon being created. The default values makes the guy chance 20% each.

51c74f  No.16244152

File: a1c7b7629bc32f6⋯.jpg (597.07 KB, 1936x2592, 121:162, octohitler.jpg)

File: 3b558cdf6ec57ef⋯.jpg (729.59 KB, 2448x2448, 1:1, cyber_hitler.jpg)


it always puzzles me why somebody does an elementary school kid assignment to post it later on the internet

335ed9  No.16244164


Then you may be retarded as it's obviously for comedic effect.

51c74f  No.16244172


that kills the comedic effect since even the teacher comment was fake.

12cb30  No.16244191

File: 6d66cc0a9fd9a81⋯.jpg (61.83 KB, 900x675, 4:3, evil laugh.jpg)



>Eight times the genocide

fucking saved

51c74f  No.16244206

About monetising dwarf fortress, this can be very good or very bad, it could be good because it would force them to immprove the game in a more user focused way, instead of expanding the universe, they could improve the performance (taverns are not very appealing since they drop the performance by a loot) by adding stuff like making the pathfinding being processed in a different thread like they did whit the graphics, it can be very bad because the greed might temp them to casualise the game and also releasing it "incomplete", they might just slap a 1.0v label into it


Imagine a guy drawing into an 7 year old kid assignment and later correcting it with a marker to post it online.

afefb3  No.16244220

File: c9ed6c37f76aa7b⋯.jpg (361.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nowfuckedup!.jpg)


>and as the political environment has shifted

13bc1a  No.16244273


All game developers are leftist cucks.

It just takes time for them to show their true colors.

13bc1a  No.16244312


Yeah. He allowed healthcare companies to compete with each other and not the government so they all jacked up the price of everything by over 50% at the same time because the government issue one couldn't beat their prices and it's illegal to not have healthcare.

d31b6b  No.16244324


>and it's illegal to not have healthcare

I thought that was repealed starting this year.

13bc1a  No.16244331


Might be the case, might not be. Really I just stopped paying attention. Not like I had healthcare anyways. I don't have an income so I have no taxes so they never caught me.

d0a41d  No.16244394

> We'll continue updating the free ASCII version on the Bay 12 web page as Dwarf Fortress Classic.

Changing the name of the real game does not bode well for future development.

8d7f01  No.16244413


I liked the original but I won't pretend that a graphical rehaul isn't refreshing, the "graphics" were the least appealing feature of the game, unless you want to pretend to like it, just to be a contrarian faggot or an actual AI bot.

d0a41d  No.16244429

>showing reviews of the original game on the steam page for the new version

How dishonest.

8510be  No.16244451

File: 4cd70d6907d663f⋯.gif (1.02 MB, 325x203, 325:203, 4cd.gif)


>Yes you're right, ASCII is 10x more pleasing, aesthetic and clear than bloat graphics with confusing ass perspectives

t. autist hipster that is upset his 5 years of remembering what every symbol meant have been a gigantic fucking waste of time

0215dd  No.16244458


>We'll continue updating the free ASCII version

And by that he means throwing more mechanics at the game without ever bothering to fix any of the old ones.

bbabec  No.16244505

>ITT a bunch of faggots are all upset the bar is being lowered imperceptibly for entry

As others have pointed out this is literally just an endorsed tile set and now you can pay upfront as opposed to donating directly. It sounds like a worse deal since steam rakes in upwards of 30% of any sale on the store but if his medical issues are true then he probably is banking on the Wider Net approach. However people will continue to rage how he's a sellout because he dares to charge for this official tileset while also still offering the classic version with the ASCII graphics this all sounds like outrage over nothing especially considering that no one uses tilesets in the first place?

Also before we get into the dilution of the community, the mechanics are going to be as byzantine as they always have been, there is nothing here about streamlined controls or addition of a HUD interface for commands so it should be as impenetrable as always to the normalfags.

67400e  No.16244536

>ASCII is officially gone.


8510be  No.16244540


>with the ASCII graphics

DF doesn't actually use ASCII terminal printing though. It's a tileset that looks like ASCII.

67400e  No.16244554

File: fb218ff9040e377⋯.jpg (949.67 KB, 1592x843, 1592:843, h2xqLlY.jpg)

File: 0d9727761de0d88⋯.jpeg (135.27 KB, 900x495, 20:11, 778402001516783575_.jpeg)

Shoulda gone with the open transport tycoon visualizer.

a28378  No.16244629

File: 27c756eda6b4c0e⋯.png (633.02 KB, 544x3488, 17:109, qpu6c8J.png)

So I looked into who is doing the graphics for the Steam tileset, and apparently it's a collab between Meph and Mayday. Now, anybody here who actually plays DF will recognize those names as two very prolific tileset creators from the community; they've had tilesets bundled in the LNP for years. This is actually pretty encouraging to me, as it means the graphics are being handled by actual DF players who've been involved for a long time. KitFox apparently is just helping manage the extra people/Steam setup for Toady and it doesn't appear like they're touching much of anything directly. Someone named Dabu is doing the new music, but including music from Simon Swerwer is also (maybe) on the table.

Pic related are some WIP graphics for the upcoming release (the progress bar represents the stages of construction for these workshops).


>anon posts his opinion without reading the thread

The ASCII version isn't going away; even on the Steam release (I will hereby be calling it Steam Fortress) you'll be able to switch back to ASCII at will.

f4dcc9  No.16244765

>ASCII gone

fucking finally. Mouse integration when?

caef83  No.16244829


caef83  No.16244847

File: 598f051e8a92c3b⋯.gif (2.04 MB, 391x322, 17:14, willy.gif)


>one word reply


4ce617  No.16244895



c67252  No.16244902


>Now, anybody here who actually plays DF will recognize those names as two very prolific tileset creators from the community; they've had tilesets bundled in the LNP for years.

No, anyone who is a dumb faggot who hangs out in dumb faggot threads pretending to play will think that. Anyone who actually plays will know that both of those dumb homos only made a couple of tilesets, which were absolute dogshit, and only got popular because of being pimped by that dumb duck faggot and being included in the braindead nigger pack.

>KitFox apparently is just helping manage the extra people/Steam setup for Toady and it doesn't appear like they're touching much of anything directly

Yeah, crazy SJWs having the rights to the game is totally not going to change anything guys!

80a0ce  No.16244920


They picked an SJW publisher? Also who the fuck even bothers to remember the names of the people who put the tilesets together?

f6b64f  No.16244932


Captain Duck? Man, that guys a moron, he's a Dutch goon and he's fried his brain cells so bad with weed it takes him ages to explain simple things poorly. People recommending his tutorials shocked me.

73df1e  No.16244941

>20 dollars for a broken unfinished mess with a shit coat of paint on it

What a deal.

f6b64f  No.16244958


>KitFox apparently is just helping manage the extra people/Steam setup for Toady and it doesn't appear like they're touching much of anything directly

Entryism alert! Toady confirmed for massive lazy fool.

dc74ec  No.16244966

File: 91eeef1864a348a⋯.jpg (46.93 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 91eeef1864a348a74a49a8c513….jpg)


Oh what the fuck, I thought it was a DOWNWARD slope, but it's an UPWARD slope. It's a cut-away that's showing a cross-section of the mountain. Pic actually related, this feels like an optical illusion.

4d414b  No.16244969


You'd be better served watching Kruiggsmash's videos then watching that guy's tutorials. His video editing and custom tilesets makes it easier to pickup on things and be able to translate that to ASCII stuff.


Since 2014, all the guys in the DF thread don't know shit.

80a0ce  No.16244971


That's what I thought at first. It's not a very well designed tileset.

cf0ac9  No.16244973


>it always puzzles me why someone does an elementary school kid assignment to post it later on the internet

Because usually those assignments are from colleges. Which says a lot about the quality of modern education.

c67252  No.16244996


Yeah, kitfox.


Yes, that's the faggot. The worst DF tutorials imaginable and everyone was recommending them back then.

80a0ce  No.16245002



Never heard of them. Are they infamous?

4fcae3  No.16245053


Supposedly, but the performance is still shit, although I haven't played in a good while. It's anyone's guess because it's closed source, another thing I don't understand at all about the project.

8ce638  No.16245054

File: b7162f9292b9779⋯.png (33.47 KB, 571x557, 571:557, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b870c33484797d6⋯.png (131.09 KB, 328x401, 328:401, ClipboardImage.png)


I've never heard of them, all I could find was their about page saying that cyber bullying is bad even though you could just walk away from the screen, nigga and the preferred pronouns of one of the lead devs.

a9ccfc  No.16245058

>No more ASCII

This disgusts me to an utmost point.

80a0ce  No.16245073

File: d18678ea0141717⋯.jpg (56.15 KB, 824x720, 103:90, d18678ea014171719e5999d444….jpg)


>danger hair

>preferred pronouns

>virtue signalling

So basically don't buy DF on Steam.

80a0ce  No.16245077

File: e7ea2537a65ce06⋯.jpg (28.99 KB, 637x484, 637:484, e7ea2537a65ce06798879a9252….jpg)


Also just noticed

>unironically shilling for CON

8dac93  No.16245088


actually the quotes around "new" are emphasizing the fact that it's just a homework assignment and kids aren't actually inventing a new character for Yidsney

c67252  No.16245089


No, they are too insignificant to be infamous. Destroying DF will be what makes them infamous. It is some (((Montreal))) studio run by a rainbow haired feminist cunt that thinks calling trannies their actual sex or name is "cyberviolence" and promoted Valkenburg's "harassment is bad except when we do it" company.

b3136f  No.16245090




Read the fucking thread god damn.


>We'll continue updating and releasing the free ASCII version on the Bay 12 web page as Dwarf Fortress Classic.

How the hell do absolute morons like you even breathe?

46124c  No.16245092

File: 800a89747cca74d⋯.jpg (21.78 KB, 254x241, 254:241, 800a89747cca74d3d6642cff14….jpg)

imagine donating to Toady all these years just for the game to go P2P

you people just got Cucked

a9ccfc  No.16245101

File: 2f87a7a298e3374⋯.jpg (96.61 KB, 1000x896, 125:112, Nanalinan.jpg)


My point being that removing ACSII disgust me still is relevant, alright its cool they would keep releasing the ASCII version free but Im digusted they would remove it to please the normalfag populace in their official market debut.

b3136f  No.16245130

File: c5857ba70731f28⋯.jpg (62.54 KB, 676x581, 676:581, life.jpg)


It's still free you normalnigger


And you are a very bored faggot.


I can see what you mean, but Steam is normalfaggot central so what do you expect? In any case anyone that doesn't want to pay for it can just download the ASCII version and slap a tileset on.

60653d  No.16245139

File: 70bd28c50faf91a⋯.jpg (71.6 KB, 608x626, 304:313, 5dc2055cd1ad794b7a99a60f55….jpg)


>Montreal-based games company

4d414b  No.16245150


>How the hell do absolute morons like you even breathe?

I've seen this process before multiple times, the "classic" version will quickly be dropped in favor of the paid version. Even the timing is specifically to prey on Toady's fears and grief. Outside the Villain update I doubt the Big Wait will be anything good now.

de41c3  No.16245174


>who the fuck even bothers to remember the names of the people who put the tilesets together?

When you get used to a tileset it's useful to remember the name of the set (which normally is just named after the maker's callsign) so you can grab the updates to the set. I'm guessing you don't know the names because you're one of those faggy ASCII purists.

94369a  No.16245195


Yeah I'm not exactly holding my breath for continued updates of the free version.

a9894f  No.16245230

File: 221e5c352f091bf⋯.jpg (33.76 KB, 1152x480, 12:5, 57e221f6-3fd7-47ef-b2b5-cd….jpg)


>that profile pic

i bet she thinks she passes

305e03  No.16245250

a9ccfc  No.16245408

File: 8c687f2ab7269b6⋯.jpg (75.83 KB, 500x375, 4:3, The lys.jpg)

File: 9808fd8c329380d⋯.png (219.53 KB, 994x1420, 7:10, Quebec still king.png)


>Posting a cucknadian mountie

This is lys territory m8.

c67252  No.16245456


>proudly claiming (((montreal)))

You can have it homo.

a9ccfc  No.16245464

File: 727d48e92c0208a⋯.jpg (452.31 KB, 2048x1644, 512:411, Qcpepe.jpg)


Quebec still only part of Canada to have explicitly banned Shariah law in an unanimous national assembly vote.

c67252  No.16245475


>jews are great because they hate muslims!

Ask me how I know you're a third generation holocaust survivor.

305e03  No.16245507


Richmond BC isn't populated with niggers, it's populated by Chinese bugmen. Most businesses there are solely in Chinese even. We call it "Ricemond".

577abc  No.16245513


Montreal is also the only city with a gay pedophile bodybuilder and an avowed ISIS terrorist imageboarders.

saging because the sooner Al-Qubecki kills Igor the better off the entire planet, Canada, and France (where both their parents live loool) will be.

305e03  No.16245518


> Quebec

> Jews

Don't be a dipshit anon, they're insufferable Frenchmen not kikes. They would be decent whites if they weren't genetically predisposed to being faggots of the highest order.

a9ccfc  No.16245550

File: 40def8614237150⋯.png (722.06 KB, 3681x841, 3681:841, Canada flag bearers.png)

File: 2e8cb5ee0f91139⋯.png (349.12 KB, 1546x1048, 773:524, squareheads.png)


>Oy vey goy youre a jew for fighting against the abrahamic golems we send your way.

Don't see you anglos doing anything but taking them up your butt.


>English peoples.

>Literally the ones who invented transgenderism, cultural marxism, LGBTQBBQ movement and rights, multiculturalism and god knows how many other abominations against society.


Sure thing have fun talking your 33% french language, the anglo has almost 100% of ISIS sympathizers and fighters in their ranks, aswell as pushers for multiculturalism and pedophilia.

This is actually pretty funny considering all these emotional appeals concerning things english people do way more than french people, especially considering theres way more anglos out there than french.

c67252  No.16245666


No, montreal is literally kike central. Nobody in Quebec likes montreal, nobody in Quebec likes the kikes in montreal, except for the kikes in montreal.


>the abrahamic golems we send your way.

If you actually think Quebecois are sending muds to montreal you're even stupider than you sound. Why are you posting retard pictures as if you are Quebecois, while shitting on Quebec and pretending montreal is part of our province?

a9ccfc  No.16245704


Im not from montreal, "we send your way" is literally a continuation of the greentext implying this guy is a jew responding to me, are you autistic or you never actually passed text comprehension ?

c67252  No.16245762


>oy vey I've been caught better pretend to be retarded!

"This guy" is me. And I am Quebecois. And my comment very clearly and explicitly said montreal was full of kikes and the muds they have imported. And you said that I was sending you the muds. So you must be a montreal kike. Which explains why you act like a heeb who thinks montreal is good. No Quebecois would ever, in a million years, consider montreal part of Quebec, or consider anyone in it Quebecois. I've never even heard anyone say montreal without spitting after.

3b4a84  No.16245789





c67252  No.16245823


Its a jew posting stupid garbage to try to make people hate Quebec, you can ignore it. If you want an answer to a question, try something better than "??????".

a9ccfc  No.16245831


Im not a jew and I hate montreal, I just said it was rightful Quebecois Clay taken over by the jews and you started sperging out of control. You're a defeatist shill and you think we should give part of our province to third parties and shitty multiculturalists instead of fighting to control it and have it under heel.


Maritimes is nova scotia, new brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Newfoundland is the island north-east of prince edward island.


you're a shill, an idiot and a black pill defeatist, probably shit at geography to boot.

3b4a84  No.16245893


clearly you're a newfie cause that comparison went right over your head


his image claims newfies are anything other than unemployment check claiming maritimers

a9ccfc  No.16245920


You can put them both in the same group but that doesn't mean anything since they're not the same culture or geographic grouping or even that similar so reality's just not agreeing with you here :^)

80a0ce  No.16245939

Can you fucking leafs just fuck off?

a9ccfc  No.16245979

File: e71ff8a66090c01⋯.jpg (91.15 KB, 977x712, 977:712, wabu.jpg)


Look I'll agree to stop shitting up the thread more than I already have, I was just responding to this sperg being pissed that I said Montreal should be considered still salvageable Quebec clay.

c67252  No.16246056


Again, he's just a jew LARPing as a Quebecois trying to make people hate us. Just ignore him.


>montreal is based you goys!

>uh I mean I totally hate montreal I just love jews!

>I mean I hate jews and montreal I just think its the best part of Canada!

Damn you suck at this Shlomo.

a9ccfc  No.16246104


>defending Québec means youre a jew

>Implying I ever said I loved Jews

>Implying I even said I loved montreal

You're projecting a bit here, dumbshit, sounds like you are retarded with nothing to say but whatever, you're pretty fucking bad at this yourself, Schlomil.

Man do you throw a bitchfit like this everywhere you go or you only do it anonymously because of how scared of it backfiring? You are literally saying things I never said and saying that I "try to make people hate quebec".

Lol, because saying that Quebec is the only place in Canada to have banned shariah law will make them hate us right :^)

You're a cuck and a salty bitch. I like how I literally live in your head now that I replied to a thread saying that montreal is part of quebec. What a fucking intense thoughtcrime this is.

c67252  No.16246217


Quebec was never attacked Shlomo, you keep tripping all over your lies and your nose. You've been caught doing this dozens of times, you act like a retarded asshole and pretend to be Quebecois so people will hate us. Are you one of Trudeau's bastards or something? I can't imagine anyone else hating Quebec this much.

ab7729  No.16246258


>Now with graphics! (Optional ASCII mode available.)

Did you even read the description, OP?

a9ccfc  No.16246268


Are you having a psychosis right now ? You are making no sense and I never even said anything about Québec being attacked, you should learn english m8, also maybe sage your shitty offtopic shit.

c67252  No.16246539


>>defending Québec means youre a jew

>I never even said anything about Québec being attacked

Give it a rest heeb.

17a1e5  No.16246626

Why do they even need a publisher? There is practically zero barrier to entry for steam now and a game like dwarf fortress wouldn't need help topping the charts.

aab09a  No.16246729


>over $70k a year in crowdfunding

>people in small cities own homes and live comfortably in households of 3 people on $35-40k a year

>even the worst insurance plans would bridge that gap

Going to call bullshit.


>which were absolute dogshit

This. Mayday tilesets were always shit. This tileset is slightly better than his normal work - that is to say, just vaguely shit. If his works weren't one of the first complete tilesets, he'd not exist as a known person.


This looks significantly better and I don't know what the fuck those faggots were thinking.


There is a reason lighting is normally shown as coming from above. It's basic art at this point.

a9ccfc  No.16246916

File: 8c5a2f9afd2fe88⋯.jpg (307.23 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Dont communicate.jpg)


>He's still sperging.


49fdc7  No.16247187

File: 92e68036653fa16⋯.webm (3.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, DwarvenDiplomacy.webm)

>not even Toady was safe from the twin evils of loadsa sponduli and (horrific, fake, surgically-created) pussy

I wish I could say I'm surprised, but I'm not. I've yet to see any game devs who didn't kick the bucket early due to health issues avoid this trap, they all inevitably do this kind of thing. Even if you think a dev is incorruptible, they'll eventually turn coat and start fraternizing with the enemy while believing its lies at face value, often using your money to pay the expenses. Doesn't matter if they got your money 10 year ago or 10 minutes ago, it all goes into the furnace of madness eventually.

<But the ASCII version still exists, is still free and will still keep being updated!

True, but if you think it couldn't ever be abandoned in favor of its profit-making inbred cousin on Steam the moment Toady notices his cut of the moolah, you haven't gotten fucked this way enough in your life by retarded game devs to see it coming yet. Plus, never underestimate the kind of cancer proliferated by inviting shitholes like Steam's userbase into other, preexisting userbases. They WILL flood in and overflow into the rest of the DF base, they WILL post stupid shit and drive out the oldfags, and they WILL corrupt everything into a mindless, pointless pozfest without fail. The fact that the main person "helping" with this port is a blue-haired tranny retard should set off an alarm bell in any sane man's head that's so loud it makes DEFCON 1 look like a standard EBS test.

I'm not looking forward to seeing DF and the less-shitty portions of its fanbase get swarmed and consumed by the normalfag legions, but there's not much you can do when a father decides againt all reason and morality to pimp out his only daughter for shekels on the street corner, once a tranny convinces him to do it using the siren song of its gaping crotch wound and fake tits.

Best we can hope for now is for hyperautists in the community who aren't down with the poz to branch off of mainline ASCII DF, and keep it alive if and when Toady goes full jew and abandons/outright shitcans non-shitty DF.

47d85f  No.16247232


same but x61s

d60504  No.16247351

I think the tileset looks nice

788d62  No.16247448


>ackshully see

Toady isn't an animator nor an artist. These graphics aren't his creation. So you're seeing someone else's representation of the game. Just like all other tilesets. People who have been playing this in ASCII or another tileset for years will feel this game differently because they've made the graphics and got used to them in their heads. Some people will see it on Steam, buy it, and stop playing after a bit.

ASCIIs biggest advantage is allowing the developer to concentrate on development rather than graphics/sound. But for a story-telling simulator like DF I think an abstracted style is actually better than graphics. An almost book vs film situation.

b2a16c  No.16247899

My biggest problem with limiting to "ASCII" is only 256 symbols trying to represent a million different things. Color coding doesn't really extend that set of symbols. A tileset is mostly a texture swap, sure it can add creature sprites, but everything else is still limited to that small set. And it fucks up text without an exe mod.

He should have redesigned the graphics system into something that can use more that 256 symbols with fallback to "ASCII" tiles, and that not limited to just creatures. He would be developing with the fallback set, while tileset creators make thousands of icons for all the objects and terrain tiles.

094b9f  No.16247915

I'd love to find out if the people who bitch and moan about normalcattle invading their game are also Linux niggers, because it sure as shit sounds that way.

>Don't make my stuff more accessible!

>Don't implement quality of life features!

>If you don't use Arch/unmodded DF you are a RETARD AND A NIGGER REEEEE

608131  No.16248169


>expensive medication

Sounds like Zach has AIDS

27005e  No.16248595


No, it's just Stage 2 cancer.

If I remember it right.

563fd6  No.16248638


He already did that, it's not true ASCII it's a tileset with a mix of letters and custom symbols.

c67252  No.16248682


>he already did that

>he didn't do it at all and it is exactly what you just complained about


a62b9e  No.16248763

File: 6e2364454192f18⋯.png (1.2 MB, 998x768, 499:384, tongue.png)


I mean hey, you post on /v/, and you post on 8chan. Those two things are perfect reasons to say you might be autistic.

c996a0  No.16249149


i hope to, but alas i fear it will never come

The intended audience is spergs who like to spend 4 years learning what some combination of symbols and colors mean instead of actually playing a game

669c7b  No.16249177

Can I mod it to make the game about orcs orcing?

27005e  No.16249298


Just get masterwork.

It has them.

a28378  No.16249349

File: ebfd4aa48dc7e2f⋯.png (230.88 KB, 711x664, 711:664, 2d4891e3b10787032eccf153f6….png)


>Anyone who actually plays will know that both of those dumb homos only made a couple of tilesets, which were absolute dogshit, and only got popular because of being pimped by that dumb duck faggot and being included in the braindead nigger pack.

Meph also made the Masterwork mod, you fucking idiot, so you're instantly wrong about them "only making a couple tilesets". You're trying way too hard here.

If you re-read my post you'll see that I never said a single word about their quality, I only said that they've had long-term involvement in the community, which is absolutely true.

Personally I prefer to play vanilla with square ascii tiles, so your autistic screeching is just preaching to the choir.

The SJW connections with this Kitfox company are of far greater concern. I hope for Toady's sake that he knows what he's doing by partnering with them.

I'm in agreement with >>16246626, I think it's totally unnecessary to work with these people in the first place. He could easily publish the game on Steam all on his own without their help.

694b82  No.16249351

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

46fc69  No.16249904


Calling Dwarf Fortress ASCII belies the fact that it isn't actually printing any text on screen. Toady deliberately underutilized his own game's renderer by creating a tileset that mimics ASCII even though his renderer is perfectly capable of ignoring this limit without issue. Modders generally do not adhere to those limits if they don't want to.

3fc630  No.16249954

I always found pure dwarf fortress extremely eye watering to look at and thats coming from an anon who spends his days infront of the screen 13+ hours a day, My eyes want to focus on every individual character.

5e5cf4  No.16254733

As someone who plays on a non windows platform where you have to install everything manually without pretty much any documentation I welcome this. I'm playing a 15 months old version atm because I can't get a current version with some current tools to work.

I don't think this game will appeal to normalniggers even if it gets more casual. I mean even with a new tileset it looks like some 1998 game.

5af482  No.16259066

File: 001114a9ac44bd8⋯.png (25.47 KB, 297x298, 297:298, GTK plus file picker dialo….png)


Because all human have "The source of light means up" embedded into their DNA, which when adapted to a flat top down perspective means from the north of the view. Which is exactly the system that the vast majority of 2D games make use of, so there's the a life long set of trained assumptions in addition to regular intuition that this fuckup of a lighting system has to fight against to be readable. If a user can't instantly figure out what is going on, then the designer has fundamentally failed.

This is "GTK+ file picker" levels of continual failure to grasp the basics of successful UI.

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