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File: eb62ef64c5869d1⋯.jpg (602.09 KB, 1077x1077, 1:1, previewfile_1352680772.jpg)

e3793d  No.16242756

So theres talk from the WoW devs that the current trashfire expansion will 'resolve the faction conflict for good' which probably means "christie wants us to only fight big bads from her pathfinder OCs" but it has people talking realistically about the horde vs alliance meme finally being put in the dirt like it should have been back when the world fucking exploded and resources became scarce.

But it made me think about the Forsaken. Once the hard done to survivors of a undead plague that are still zombies but got their mind back, but with humanity wanting nothing to do with them they turned to the horde. That was 15 years ago however. Now they are a genocidal, murderous race of brainwashing communists. They are objective evil. They wipe out cities and raise the dead into slaves that are mindcucked into instantly loving their new lives and their leader. They now have that to deal with.

So do they wipe them all out? maybe keep the player ones around and pull a 'not all forsaken'? Or is it a longform hustle. Games down to 900k subscribers that are mostly whales. Get rid of factions and force a 'free' race change on forsaken characters BUT those new alliance lightforged undead are still grimdark undead but prettier and sure alliance races aren't part of the free transfer but for one payment goyim you can still be an undead if you make one quick payment…

But it made me wonder, has any persistent game wiped out a playable race during its live service lifespan? I know theres some sequels to games where a playable race has died out but has it ever been done during the games lifespan instead?

f8969d  No.16242845


Doubt it. Most devs wouldn't be bold enough to kill off a 10th of the playerbase's retarded half-elf half-lizard people for the lore. Lore takes a backseat to player experience.

8ac6d9  No.16242850


Only the opposite, cannon fodder races being playable in the sequel cash-in mmo, see Guild Wars and those furry faggot cat race of arsonists.

bc7c43  No.16242863

Probably if you consider chinese censorship. As you all know chinks cant stand sight of a skeleton(with their insectoid exosceletons its understandable) so undead are pretty patched up in their version. So with same logic there are probably some shitty mmo where some playable races are simply cut out of the game because devs cant be fucked with changing them for chinks.

b388d1  No.16242869

File: 72bbff16d3b17d0⋯.jpg (47.33 KB, 416x360, 52:45, 1460256965409-0.jpg)


Feels like you are asking why Karrigan went from the setting big baddie to Jesus. Blizz clearly is prepping Sylvannas to be a new Garrosh and they needed means for her to be, killing the race flavor was a necessary evil to develop her character, badly by the way.

fc3447  No.16242900


I believe it because Kerrigan and Sylvanas have always been the same fucking character anyway, just that they made Sylvanas temporarily less batshit insane and evil for Vanilla WoW but brought it back for Wrath.

e3793d  No.16242907


Shes made for the fat old losers that wanted to be goths but cowarded out back in high school want to kiss the rotten toes of their grimdark, undead -B-BUT NOT ROTTEN- elven queen of grim darkness right out of a tweens deviant art OC circa 2008. Blizzard knows who they are marketing too. Like the massive hill troll neckbeards that view themselves as an orc irl rather than the sea mammal they are and will scream "for the horde" in public and not realise every living thing around them for 2 miles cringed.

0dcd11  No.16242911

Lorewise Forsaken were allways the oddball even though i played as one when WoW was still good. inb4 it was never good, tru :^)

d8770e  No.16242950


They've been playing the not all forsaken card for the last 15 years. There was always seemingly three type of forsaken npcs; the actual evil plague guys (which includeSylvanis), the useful idiots who aren't necessarily evil but blindly worship sylvans as some sort of savior regardless what she does, and the guys who are basically just undead humans who are more loyal to the horde, rather than the forsaken, for taking them in when no one else would would, and really suspicious of that plague research shit going on.

Is that deathknight bloodelf guy still around? I could see blizzard turning him into the next forsaken leader if the zombie bitch queen gets killed off.

e3793d  No.16242956


Last i saw he was taken away for 'reeducation' and is now a mindslave. Because morally grey.

2f1111  No.16243016


I don't understand why they took the horde down the "noble savage" route. They always struck me as a group of convenience and desperation.

The horde were "cool", because they were the "kinda bad guys". But with that "coolness" and "badness" you had to accept that the horde would take actions that were anywhere between less than moral and outright evil.

We're talking about undead who worship a banshee queen, corrupted by fel and shadow magic, bitterness about their undeath consumes them and is only outmatched by their hatred for the lich king.

We're talking about a race of savage orcs who all drank the blood of a demon, or have living relatives who did this, and then took part in a genocidal campaign across their own planet, and then invaded another planet in an attempt to do it again.

We're talking about Trolls, native to Azeroth, who battles elves and humans for land and living space for centuries. Their bitterness being so strong that they sided with a race of demonic corrupted orcs, rather than see what they really were and trying to find a way to make peace with their historical enemies.

We're talking about Blood elves, high elves who upon discovering that they had an addiction to arcane magic, chose to begin sucking the life and souls of living creatures, rather than try to find a way to manage or cure it. When the alliance said "yeah no thats wrong" they sided with a literal demon and began engaging in fel magic and enslaved a being of light to steal its power.

Basically, the only species in the horde that aren't on the evil side of the scale in some way are Tauren and Goblins. Goblins being pretty much chaotic neutral merchants and Tauren being true neutral savages.

Yes, all of these races have instances of good behavior and instances of noble actions, and that's fine. These are the exceptions though, and the telling point is that they're all so damaged and fucked up that they keep following warlike and genocidal leaders, despite the best efforts of the few noble individuals in their faction. Garrosh and Sylvanas being two of the more aggregious examples of how this faction is so easily led toward evil.

The point I'm making though is that this is all fine. Horde don't have to be the heroic good guys. They can be the fucked up, damaged and questionable survivors that they are. The group with internal conflict and prone to following genocidal leaders.

I blame Blizzard, but I really blame the fans for being such tards.

If they do delete the faction conflict, then they should consider making it possible for individuals of both sides to side with the burning legion, because that conflict is the core of Warcraft.

3f4cea  No.16243053


The horde was permanently ruined after they killed off Garrosh and fully embraced leftism.

0b086d  No.16243074


>war will end for good in a game called the World of WARcraft

I thought Metzy quit, but it seems they pulled him right back in.


Wrong. Garrosh was shit writing too. He kills one of his greatest commanders because he bombed a Night Elf weapons facility because a traitorous cow told him that there weren't weapons there, but there indeed were.

a4ee44  No.16243155


No one of those aforementioned fat losers turned Sylvannas into his waifu, the appeal is merely like minds at that point.

3a144a  No.16243156


>reddit spacing this bad

Go back to your shithole, nigger.

11a994  No.16243163

File: 03eaebb014e6062⋯.png (650.12 KB, 888x800, 111:100, skeleton_w_kittens.png)

I'm still pissed that atmosphere of actual war was lost after warcraft 2.

e3793d  No.16243179


>he doesnt know about nathanos

oh bwoy

b79619  No.16243182

File: 72e8f687082f69f⋯.jpg (112.21 KB, 791x515, 791:515, newraceconcept.jpg)



Who cares about that game? Realistically their core audience, aka the MMO junkies and teens, have long moved on from their game after the Wotlk expac. The only fucks still lurking around in the game are the WoW addicts that have been playing the game non-stop for years now.

>Being Popular.

Most of the accounts still actively running are accounts that have a history of purchasing the game since around Vanilla - Wrath of the Lich King era meanwhile most of the 'new' crowd that joined in Mist of Pandaria and Legion have left around the time when Patch 8.1.0. dropped. The higher ups at the company have saw this decline and have sought out those well versed in creating an interesting narrative and design while trimming the numbers of employees down to save cost.

The fucks who they hired are now planning on doing massive retcons and bloating the importance of something in the narrative. That big ole sword slowly killing the planet? Not that important in BFA so you won't be seeing much talk about it. The only focus in BFA is Old Gods and Sylvanas which will end up making banshee queen one of the big baddies for the next expac. Most of the Horde will look pretty bloody stupid in the end of BFA cause the ends did NOT justify the means.

>Has an MMORPG ever killed off a playable race?

The closest thing that comes to my mind are races that were prevalent in one game but found almost nowhere else. These two races from Wildstar are the first races that are no longer playable that I can think of cause one is literal walking smol fat furry while the other is some cyborg undead alien. Other then that, I can't think of anything else.

a4ee44  No.16243183


I am talking about Nathanos, he is an actual self insert for one of the faggots in Blizzard.

86aa77  No.16243188

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's all fucked up, chief. Fig 1 (see embed). Warcraft used to be interesting and now every race is a snooze.


Tauren went from savage bullmen who smash centaur skulls with totems to faggoty Hollywood Native American peaceful cow people who just want to be one with nature. Even the centaurs portrayed in game are tiny little throwaway mobs rather than the hulking monstrosities that supposedly beat down the tauren for years. Night elves got it just as bad. They were tree niggers who wanted nothing but to kill anyone who dared set foot on their land. Now they're purple human hippies and opted to join the Alliance because Blizzard is retarded. The Alliance is pretty much it's own horde these days. Whatever.

Bear with me here, but the undead should've been Alliance and the night elves should've been Horde. Would've solved so many fucking problems right out of the gate, but I guess hindsight is 20/20. Thematically, it makes more sense for the undead to reach out to the Alliance, on top of that maybe retards in 2019 would rather argue about which race is evil rather than faction, which gives the writers breathing room instead of every story being "wow the horde/alliance is evil, you're good though, my fellow horde/alliance brother." As for night elves on the Horde, they should've been portrayed as the savage murderers they are, but it would've also give the Horde a "pretty" race for all the retarded Blizzdrones who can't fathom being an orc and would rather play barbie dressup. This means Horde gets ogres/goblins in the Burning Crusade, the draenei aren't butchered causing the biggest retcon fuckup of all time, and WoW doesn't die because nobody plays Horde. Sadly, Blizzard is ran by NIGGERS and always has been.

8940d5  No.16243190

File: 6549d4413658874⋯.jpeg (29.99 KB, 420x438, 70:73, 420px-Baine_Bloodhoof_WoW.jpeg)


Fairly sure he dropped that commander off a cliff for killing civilians which garrosh was apparently against. Until he himself bombed thousands of civilians.

Garrosh is a prime example of how bad blizzards writing really is. Baine Bloodhoof should have been made warchief after vol'jin.

86aa77  No.16243213


Cataclysm was a joke expansion, that's what really happened. Garrosh was portrayed simultaneously as:

>a hothead who has good intentions at the end of the day

>an honourable orc before all else

>an evil tyrant

>a maniac

Yes, the writers fumbled the ball, but nice management skills, $20 billion dollar company. Then again, apparently their employees don't even make enough to cover basic living expenses so the wagies are forced to live with 3-5 coworkers to get by. Might explain the absolute shit state of their products in recent years.

b79619  No.16243221

File: 58205eefbb5302c⋯.png (489.09 KB, 800x800, 1:1, D8ganWw.png)


>Baine Bloodhoof should have been made warchief after vol'jin.

The only reason why he didn't become warchief was because the writing team thought making him as warchief would just result in the red/blue teams being more friendly with one another. So to create more 'content' they did an ass pull and claimed Vol'jin heard a whisper that told him to pick banshee as Warchief.

86aa77  No.16243227


That storyline will probably never be resolved, that's the best part.

3f4cea  No.16243248


I agree that Undead should have been alliance and i've always thought it's retarded considering the forsaken have their past memories as humans. Night Elves being horde however would require a pretty big retcon considering it was the Orcs who butchered their god Cenarius and deforested half of Ashenvale.

63a3a0  No.16243264

File: d0916026c3e4801⋯.jpg (76.08 KB, 684x546, 114:91, yep.jpg)

>modern WoW lore

ea4259  No.16243279


>complaining about a prominent (the evil savage retcon is bullshit, I agree) race and not the literal fucking who vegetable elves who featured prominently with lesbians in vanilla and then had a whole expansion dedicated to their emo phase when they learned they were altered dragon minions


>trolls are the least fucked up fucked up race

master race being master as always


I kinda agree but >>16243248 is right. Ideally, gnomes would not have been a playable race (seriously who the fuck ever thought this was a good idea), forsaken would be alliance and ogres or goblins would be horde, with the other added later.

d8770e  No.16243293


A perfect world would have had the night elves and the forsaken each being their own small factions apart from the alliance and horde. They both basically ended up with their own segregated lv1-30 leveling zones anyway due to their locations so it wouldn't have taken that much extra work. Maybe tweak the warlock into a necromancer class and make it the forsaken exclusive faction class, since "good" orc warlocks were such a stupid idea in the first place.

The game would have better with more than two factions.

2c1714  No.16243300

File: e06e7173be27f64⋯.jpg (104.3 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, f4b009c9fc2d54494ef33d8afa….jpg)

Sylvanas did nothing wrong she's the only competent warchief the horde has had who isn't obsessed with sucking off alliance cock or "muh honour" and instead insuring only the Horde thrive like a true leader should.

5196be  No.16243315

Any moderately successful MMO developer with the sheer balls to turn around and say to hundreds of users "no, you can't use that character anymore because of an event that occurred" would find their game immediately abandoned as autists rail about losing all the time they invested in their ERP platform. The salt would be catastrophic.

12c240  No.16243321


"B-b-but Warcraft always had a cartoony look, hurr durr hurr."

d8770e  No.16243333


>The salt would be catastrophic.

Blizz already halfway did that when that had Cata and MoP change some of the most fundamental aspects and gameplay concepts of some classes and specs.

b79619  No.16243349

File: 231fb54394cf7f2⋯.jpg (128.42 KB, 1130x664, 565:332, wildstar_level-up.jpg)


It's possible to do it without much backlash. All that needs to be done is simply change the race of the existing players of said race after they complete x event. The ones that don't you simply keep them outta the new area by the simple "you are under leveled" stick and then restrict leveling past X level for all races until after they completed x event.

a5747a  No.16243402

Everquest sort of did. The update that made playable frogloks have a war between them and the trolls where the trolls were removed from their old starting area and forced to live with the dark elves. They were still playable but tons of their NPCs were wiped out.

dcc399  No.16243452

File: d5c339136da0e2b⋯.png (147.22 KB, 1073x924, 1073:924, How World of Warcraft shou….png)





A guy on a Wow thread posted this. This is how Wow should have been since the beginnig

a5747a  No.16243513


Apparently the original design plans were something like this where the soft cap went to 60 in Azeroth and eventually to 70 in Outland with the Broken Isles. Whether or not it would work like 55-60 in EQ or 70-75 in FFXI who knows.

8940d5  No.16243597

File: aa91684bf3ba11d⋯.png (509.53 KB, 600x1067, 600:1067, 9aa43b4945e778b300e09c965a….png)


I always loved the idea of taurens and night elves just being neutral to each other despite being on different sides. Personally I would just make each race loyal to their own little faction and have them just be friendly with others depending on the race. so taurens would be initially hostile to all alliance races except for night elves and vice versa. Would also allow neutral races like the pandaren to shine since they could trade with both factions while some others could be loyal to alliance or horde or whatever. You could even have forsaken trying to get friendly with the humans again while others join the horde and others just follow sylvanas.

I think it could be cool anyway.

302f91  No.16243645


And in alpha you had little hubs like Goldshire being the size of Stormwind while Stormwind was fucking massive.

b79619  No.16243725

File: e7943e717c5728d⋯.jpg (79.83 KB, 471x332, 471:332, alliancehorde.jpg)


>I wouldn't mind genociding the Alliance.

The alliance has always been the ruling faction over Azeroth and they still kinda are even with the recent shitstorm expansion. Horde only gained traction with Thrall leading them and before then the faction was barely any different then the Demons that you fought in Legion.

But under Thralls leadership they recruited more races under their banner due to the alliance either purposely or accidentally screwing them over. This is when the Horde became a faction of outcasts and 'underdogs' essentially. The development team continued with this trend until around the time when Garrosh was elected warchief, where they decided to delve into ideas like 'what would happen if the warchief is racist' and so on. Now the Horde is nothing but a bunch of brainless drones who do anything the 'queen bee' says, even if that means going against their beliefs and culture. Which goes against the core foundation of the horde you are now playing. If you want to be a mindless puppet then just rejoin the ranks of the demons in Burning Legion.


She was suppose to die a long time ago and is only kept around because she has drooling fanbois on the team that refuse to kill her off. That's why she and her cronies are Mary Sues in BFA.

d8770e  No.16243732


only major problem with this idea is, ignoring the deliberately nearly impossibly grindy class change idea, it would give the ally side an extra tank class (assuming he's not so retarded as to want the "fighters are the only tank class because a couple of our devs are still asspained about some old everquest shit" wank fest back) which is a lot more valuable than a having a niche healer/limited dps class with an annoying buff system. Maybe if you turned enhancement spec into some sort of mail wearing tank class that used rock-biter and stone-skin totem as their "defense stance" and earth shock and the stone claw totem as their snap taunts it would be okay.

Also I just plain never liked tauren druids, it felt like an asspull at the time. Even the tauren having paladins in the form of some sort of sun worshiping holy Aztec warrior was more interesting… even though it was fucking criminal how little the devs did with that novel concept and just defaulted them into being the same old generic medvial style knights as soon as they left the taruen starter zones.

a5747a  No.16243758


>you are now playing

Project harder blizzdrone.

764ae5  No.16243796

File: 62b92d21561f898⋯.png (373.3 KB, 900x900, 1:1, BlizzardFans.png)

WoW is a shit game with shit lore because Blizzard are a bunch of talentless lazy fucks who never bothered trying after the release of their themepark MMO.

>The horde and alliance hate eachother and are at war. No, now they're teaming up to fight X. Ok, X is dead, they hate eachother again. Hey, here's Y and they're teaming up again. Y is dealt with, now they're at war. Here's Z.

>Remember Illidan? That guy from WC3 who hates demons and realistically would be untrustworthy, but ultimately an ally against them? Now he's insane. Go kill him. I'm sure that won't become a running theme.

>You know how Arthas became the Lich King several years back. I'm sure he's been doing a lot of shit in that time. No? Just sitting on his ass? Well, if he's the villain now, surely he has some masterful villainous plan, right? Sacrifice his entire fuckhuge army for no reason and replace it with 10 or 25 guys? That's fucking brilliant! (no wait, that's fucking retarded)

>Ooops, looks like Blizzard killed off the two biggest antagonists they have without setting up any storylines to lead into new antagonists. Let's bring back a dragon who hasn't done shit since 1994. Also, Thrall is nigger jesus now.

>You know what people really love? Pandas. Let's go to happy panda island for no reason and have the happy panda island people start a civil war by joining both sides of an on-again-off-again conflict that has fucking nothing to do with them.

You get the idea.

a5747a  No.16244463


I read they brought Illidan back to life using the same exact characters who wanted him dead in the first place.

33a18e  No.16244504


the story is shit

Christie Golden is an upgrade from Metzen, but it's too late, the story is a clusterfuck of a mess and it's too late to save it. even christie golden admitted she was handed a clusterfuck of a lore and the only thing she can do is improve the storytelling, but the story in itself is not salvageable

a5747a  No.16244523


>the only thing she can do is improve the storytelling

When exactly did this start happening?

f8969d  No.16244573


WoW took the 'war' out of 'Warcraft.' A better name would be "Explorecraft" at this point.

838464  No.16244575


TBH they should just continue developing classic WoW. Blood elves need to be a neutral faction that starts off hostile to both Alliance and Horde (and never playable). Draenei should be the same, and should be the ugly-ass dudes from WC3 and not the space goats of TBC.

Add vanilla-esque versions of Outland and Northrend. Shaman/Paladin exclusivity is fine BUT they need to rework enchancement to be a tanking spec.

Basically just retcon everything after Vanilla ended.

a5747a  No.16244590


They've been awkwardly trying to shove war back into the series for over a decade now with increasingly embarrassing results. It's essentially a soap opera if every catty bitch character had an army backing them.

f8969d  No.16244592


It would be more accurate to say Blizzard lost its soul around when warcraft was launched, slowly going insane and giving into the whispers of the elder businessmen and falling to corruption.

WoW's launch is when Blizzard decided they were now a 'real' business and discarded their old philosophies which heloed them make masterpieces. We've been seeing the downward spiral since.

f8969d  No.16244612


Well, that is the thing isn't it? They keep trying to shove war into a story while the players feel reasonably distant from the combat until they decide they want to go grind for PVP, which isn't even part of the core experience.

000000  No.16244731


Play a better game.

48bf28  No.16244790


The Legion was defeated last expansion when the Titans captured and imprisoned Sargeras, locking themselves away forever (with Illidan going with them to be his jailer). Sorry, no siding with demons for you.


Mists wasn't just "happy panda island: the expansion," it had a good amount of content (up to the final patch content drought) and pretty well-developed storylines that felt different enough from what had come before, yet still tied in to the rest of the game. Granted, there were missteps, namely turning Garrosh into literal orc Hitler when there really wasn't anything to suggest that beforehand, but it was pretty good overall, especially when compared to what came after. Warlords and BfA are a fucking joke.



I don't even know why they bother. Every expansion, there's a huge bad that's even bigger than the last one, and the Alliance and Horde have to team up to take it down. Then it's defeated and literally five minutes later they're back at each others' throats, completely missing the bigger picture.

Having this happen once could make for an interesting story hook, and was basically the kernel of the Classic storyline: several years after the Third War, it's been fairly quiet, and thus the long-standing tensions between the Alliance and Horde are bubbling up again. Then some big bad comes along and fucks them up while they're weakened from squabbling with each other. After that, they realize that there's no sense in warring with each other and putting themselves in that position again, because the next time it happens, they could get wiped out entirely.

Except that's not what happens in WoW. It's like the leaders of the factions have the memory of a goldfish, and as soon as the expansion's big bad is taken out, it's back to fighting with each other again. Over and over it happens, and not once does anyone speak up and say "uh, excuse me, do you not understand why this is fucking moronic?" Hell, the last expansion ended with a fucking Titan impaling the planet with a gigantic sword, obliterating an entire zone and inflicting a mortal wound on the dormant Titan within, meaning the planet itself is on the verge of dying entirely. And what do the factions do? Fucking go to war with each other, again. Way to go, idiots, you're potentially squabbling over the lifeless husk of a ruined planet!

Call me a peace-loving hippie faggot if you want, but they need to stop listening to the people who say things like "b-but it's Warcraft!" When you have a potentially world-ending event happening literally every year, you should have a little bit of fucking perspective and realize that you're only hurting yourself in the long run by duking it out with each other all the time. It's beyond retarded at this point.

a5747a  No.16244857


I still think they push the pvp shit just to desperately try and force an esport while also keeping the fans at each others necks instead of on their back. Notice how whenever someone complains about some facet of the game 9 times out of 10 the responses are

>lol ally baby

>lol your class

The game at no point ever felt like it had a cohesive community to me and the more Blizzard adds to the game the more I start to feel like that was intentional as social engineering.

764ae5  No.16244914



A big part of the problem is the fact that they design it around the player character being some sort of super hero who pals around with all these lore characters and is the super special only one who can save the world. Doesn't really work when every other faggot you run into is the same thing and it also requires an endless supply of existential threat to the world to be stopped by the chosen one player character.

>It's essentially a soap opera if every catty bitch character had an army backing them.

Honestly, that sounds a lot more entertaining than WoW ever was.


>Mists wasn't just "happy panda island: the expansion," it had a good amount of content (up to the final patch content drought) and pretty well-developed storylines that felt different enough from what had come before, yet still tied in to the rest of the game. Granted, there were missteps, namely turning Garrosh into literal orc Hitler when there really wasn't anything to suggest that beforehand, but it was pretty good overall, especially when compared to what came after. Warlords and BfA are a fucking joke.

Warcraft is a fucking joke, you cocksucking fanboy.

48bf28  No.16245037


You say that like I'm still playing, and also ignore the rest of my post like I didn't just say that the story is retarded. All I was saying was that one aspect you reduced to a strawman (and got details wrong about) wasn't as bad as you said. No need to be a faggot about it.

7028e1  No.16245562

File: 691847eeb2a3d75⋯.jpg (54.06 KB, 507x389, 507:389, Rufina.jpg)

Killed off entirely? I'm not sure, but PSO Ep III takes place several years after Ep I & II and a central plot point that a number of the characters tie into was the OPSS Incident. Basically, Pioneer 2 didn't have the resources to turn back to Coral - and the surface of the planet was still too hostile to settle - so as the colony ship began to run out of resources, the shadow government onboard decided to just start killing off Newearls and Casts, the "artificial races" in order to save on resources for the human colonists.

But they apparently weren't so obliterated that there was any sort of restriction on what class/race the player could make - nor did there seem to be any shortage of newearls and casts in the Hunters/Arks ranks.

f8969d  No.16245748


>Every expansion, there's a huge bad that's even bigger than the last one

They may as well just throw out the pretense and make it a mo ster of the week series like Power Rangers.

e6ea86  No.16245841


>turning Garrosh into literal orc Hitler when there really wasn't anything to suggest that beforehand

There was quite a bit of backlash back in Cata over Garrosh being warchief, mostly over his negative relationship with Sylvanas, back when she was still a badass, and killing Cairne. I guess that means turning him into the antagonist for two expansions.

0b086d  No.16246404


Why do all these western fantasy games devolve into cosmology shit though? The Elder Scrolls and Warcraft are both entirely cosmology god shit and it's just disgusting writing.

78b50e  No.16246616


just give ally high elves and the horde Ogres, which would have made sense in the lore and was what people actually wanted before BC.

4b62b2  No.16246791


They could make it so that you keep already made characters, but due to lore reasons you can't make a new character of that race.

59c252  No.16247050


Blame Dungeons and Dragons, especially the Blood War shit.

Cosmology helps defines the setting and can outline an end goal to work toward (Revelations for Christianity, Amaranth for Kirkbride TES).

86aa77  No.16247852

File: b02866688db583d⋯.png (181.18 KB, 995x319, 995:319, don't go to darnassus tomo….png)

File: 6bdeac71962a432⋯.jpg (27.08 KB, 359x111, 359:111, bruh.jpg)

File: 66cb4db227925e0⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1061x688, 1061:688, retard.png)

File: 27f3f19d5259425⋯.png (77.69 KB, 399x108, 133:36, cringelliance.png)

File: a2875753fca576e⋯.png (241.05 KB, 403x367, 403:367, lightling.png)


>social engineering

Yub. I really wouldn't doubt if they have employees post on alts to sow discontentment. Then again, BlizzDRONES are real and the faggots who post on the forums are paranoid schizophrenics.

>some noob asks some genuine question "hey where can I get x, y, z?"

>"dude are you fucking trolling right now? nice bait you're not a noob you're just pretending, reported, enjoy your vacation"

like what

here are some random pictures

86aa77  No.16247859

File: c0ebb4555fca148⋯.jpg (19.94 KB, 400x66, 200:33, the chad gank.jpg)

File: 07164788818c632⋯.jpg (21.83 KB, 289x110, 289:110, the chad ganker.jpg)

File: 965fc0ee9342004⋯.jpg (204.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, the virgin corpse.jpg)

File: f10185bd52ededc⋯.jpg (143.25 KB, 432x586, 216:293, no salt.jpg)

File: fb19a22a5874bcd⋯.png (174.08 KB, 405x260, 81:52, skel.png)


all these rage screenshots are dudes I ganked on PVP servers, back when those existed. really shows the blizzdrone mindset

>pick pvp server


494cf4  No.16247877


>killing people in a PVP zone/mode is griefing/bannable/rude/psychopathic

>while the game also gives you the ability to straight up not play the PVP mode and you lose nothing for it

You should see the Elite: Dangerous community.

3e03c9  No.16247896


Becasue Bliiz is a buch of hacks that only know how to write one story and they repeat it ad naseum.

1e4425  No.16247971



Golden is a even bigger hack than metzen

>wrote a warcraft book about a law and order style trial, it featured a ghost tiger as the judge and a panda as the prosecutor. It also had dimensional traveling dragons

>in her most recent book she writes Sylvanis as a feminist warchief and has her brag about being the first female in charge.

>she has a weird fixation with Anduin and writes him to be perfect in every way. No matter the issue Anduin is always in the right and never wrong.

>she took a fan favorite character Lillian and completely did a 180° with her established lore so she could be used as a quest giver because reasons

>she wrote a new faction of gnomes that are literally just cyborgs

>killed off voljin and never elected a new leader of the dark spears

>retconned that queen azshara never served the old gods, but they instead SERVED her because slay queen yaaaaaaas

There's much more she ruined, but I'm to tired and old to list everything

33a18e  No.16248343


There's no saving San Francisco/California and their talentless liberal hacks.

78b50e  No.16248374


ED's trucker dads are a truly unique form of cancer…

Though ED asked for it by being stupid enough to let players actually switch back and forth between the Open and solo PVE servers at will.

3ad51d  No.16248457


Back in the day, EverQuest removed a race (trolls) from their home city and forced them into the Dark Elves ghetto. City got taken over by a new race, Frogloks (also the worst race in all ways).

That's about as close as I've seen.

a5747a  No.16248542


Didn't she also do something retarded with Arthas in one of the books?

fc3447  No.16248586


I'm still fucking pissed about Vol'jin. Everything else is infuriatingly stupid, and has been for many expansions, but Vol'jin was my favourite character.

e3793d  No.16249803


Sylvanas wasn't a badass and was the hitler of the two in cata though. I remember making a new forsaken after the shattering just because my time in the vanilla beta started in tirisfal glades and you find she broke down the greymane wall, plagued the fuck out of them unprovoked, killed the refugees just fucking running away and then goes "hey anon, what this" and uses valkyr she stole from arthas to raise them and minutes after she killed them and their families, after running from an unprovoked genocidal attack for months they stand up and go "death to the living, my life for the dark lady" and at that moment i just felt a sense of "okay, its now shifted. The horde are straight evil".

and the crazy part? Garrosh is the one who says "the only word i have for this is disgusting, what difference is there between you and the lich king now?" and the motherfucker was right!

c67f1c  No.16249913


it's what happens when women are in power

1e4425  No.16250066


>Didn't she also do something retarded with Arthas in one of the books?

From what I recall she has just been bringing him up a lot more. Like "REMEMBER ARTHAS GUYS HEY JAINA IS GOING TO HAVE A 5 PAGE FLASHBACK TO ARTHAS REMEMBER HIM GUYS?!". They also made a new human Arthas model for BFA that was used in one 2 minute flashback for 20 seconds. I'm pretty sure after testing the water with resurrecting Illidank that Arthas is being setup to come back.


You should have seen the spergout when the new troll playable race was introduced, has their leader killed off, replaced him immediately, and did this all with only one notable dark spear troll in the story that was than pushed aside. Dark spears are NEVER going to get a new big lore figure now that zandalari are playable.

1e4425  No.16250078


You're only half right, Garrosh RIP ordered her to attack the Bongs behind the wall, but it's what she did after she got behind the wall that Garrosh RIP was pissed about

c13442  No.16250119


Whats the context on the raid kick one?

b79619  No.16250148

File: e3ef2029b06833e⋯.jpg (242.84 KB, 979x525, 979:525, 762288.jpg)


>Arthas is being setup to come back.

Knowing the cucks incharge of the narrative and lore right now. I bet this is how they'll bring them back.

<Sylvanas resurrects Arthas and turns him into a servant for the Forsaken.

<Sylvanas attempts to 'recruit' all of the Scourge into the horde.

<Bolvar tells her to gtfo.

<Arthas arrives and challenges Bolvar for the throne.

<Arthas becomes lich king again.

<Sylvanas now rules over the scourge with a puppet king.

<Steven Danuser and co. cream their pants seeing Sylvanas dominating Arthas and Scourge.

a5747a  No.16250153


I just remember they added a grave for his horse in Tirisfal to coincide with some book that was apparently filled with retcons. I never bothered with any of the books though and by that point I was getting sick of the game itself.

3ce92b  No.16250178


>the horde vs alliance meme finally being put in the dirt like it should have been

>we are all one race!

I'm sure blizzard copying every other MMO out there will be what gets their subscription count up.

While they are at it they can put a bigger focus on story than they already are, that's what really matters in a game.

f1a535  No.16250250

>>16243333 (checked and decked)


Yes, Blizzard does this with every expansion, builds constantly live and die based on the whims of assblasted normalfaggots complaining that their job and kids don't allow them to invest as much time in a game as any other given player.

a5747a  No.16250298


The worst part is that these people by far have the most posts on the forums and time spent in lobbies or whatnot for their other games. Also,


Who do they think they're fooling there, really?

b26364  No.16250328


>to turn around and say

You're as dumb as Blizzard. This would be choreographed into the lore so lorefags would start murmuring about it way in advance, and then over at least a few months put out a huge wind-up of patches and events that make it very clear that, if things proceed as they are, the race in question will get butchered. People who want to get in on the action will have time to grind up an alt to throw into the fray.

>you can't use that character anymore

There's no reason existing characters would magically die unless they failed a specific permadeath event. This could add to the intensity of the game with high risk, high rewards. Imagine a situation where the last of the Elves have been systematically captured, their priests exterminated, and forced to fight in arenas. First, evading capture and working with a resistance would be fun and you would attach big rewards, with due diligence leading to re-enabling NPC guided character revival and a false identity as a kosher Elf. Then, if they are captured, the deadly step would be the arena. Successful arena fighters get exclusive rewards, a pardon with NPC revivals, and a head-start in the new expansion with some unique dialogue and quests. Players get a sick PVP environment with the adrenaline rush of permadeath and fighting characters who were your buddies not long before. Losers are deleted. People who stay offline get fucked as a bounty is placed on non-ghettoized Elfs who aren't able to revive; people who miss that period of the war would still have to run the gauntlet through a somewhat easier but less rewarding path while under pressure from profiteering players and NPCs.

>find their game immediately abandoned [over deletions]

Compensate players for time lost and with some degree of item inheritance. Digital content is free and micromanaging the economy is tertiary to a good game and secondary to a good story. Mostly the effect is 'no new players of this race', and justifiable exclusivity is FUN.

7c6280  No.16250345


It's an idiotic and unsolvable problem regardless of the veracity of their claims. I happen to think the "well rested" concept is actually an excellent one, but there will always be a player skill gap between the 15 year old kid who plays the game for 10 hours a day on his rich parents credit card and the 35 year old balding dad who only gets to squeeze an hour in before his ugly wife insists on a foot rub. Not to mention the gap between reflex time due to age. They might both be level 40 at the same time but the kid is always going to win in a duel.

7695d8  No.16250511

From a lollore perspective the foresaken should've stopped existing after the death of the Lich King anyway. The entire reason they were resurrected and got 'woke' was so that Sylvanas could get revenge on him for destroying the High Elves and Lordaeron. Pretty sure that was part of some pledge of being resurrected and what you learn from reading quests at deathknell.

Honestly, the best they could do at this point is to make the Forsaken an optional 3rd faction (where everyone from every faction has a one time chance to join, no takebacksies) and implement a 3-way faction warzone similar to Elder Scrolls Online or Guild Wars 2. Open world PvP for carebears.

a5747a  No.16250579


>after the death of the Lich King anyway

Oh, boy. You might want to read up on that clusterfuck.

45c072  No.16250673

Does only letting people create a certain race for limited time count? Various living campaigns for /tg/ have done that.

077b4d  No.16250793


>"okay, its now shifted. The horde are straight evil".

That's the point you faggot. Go back to reddit and cry about Sylvanas burning down your gay tree.

818b66  No.16250796

File: d25ad9a6985600a⋯.png (244.7 KB, 466x702, 233:351, thousand mile stare.png)

>make an MMORPG with extensive clan wars

>have player/community influenced world lore (write new events based on the overall trending activities/raids/trolling etc. of players each year or couple years)

>GENOCIDE an entire playable race in grand event and lore

>allow players who were of that race to remain with their characters also have back-ups of the race to ensure that player stupidity doesn't lead to them losing their character maybe

>players of the "dead race" are both in-lore and in-game actively branded a minority diaspora and players are encouraged to treat them poorly (no actual incentives, just less ban hammers for bully)

>allow players to get fed up with it

>more PvP raids

>player bedlam

>actual sissies whining to the news about "muh racism/semitism/phobia"

>get controversy attention

>get interviews (speak all artistically about themes and player influence and "living, breathing world" to justify perma-genocide

>free advertising

>meanwhile keep monitoring the players

>players take activism route? write lore/new events about that failing

>players take violent route? write lore/new events about that

>players abandon old characters and make new ones? write lore about the diaspora dwindling a slow death

>two years pass

>new event emerges

>some real Berserk-tier twist

>dead player race can be brought back–at the sacrifice of another people

>cycle begins again…

9cd0af  No.16250807


No one is fooling you with the kids thing. There are lots of hambeast addicts who force their children to play with them.

1e4425  No.16250940


I would HOPE if they did a huge asspull with Arthas that he comes back to btfo shitvanas, but you're probably right about.


The ashes of Arthas are locked in a sealed crypt in stormwind. It was added in game during the prepatch for BFA if I recall. they also redid uthers tomb and added a entrance to a secret room. Blizzard is definitely setting up some lore ass pull

86aa77  No.16251101


Mythic+ Court of Stars. Tank was on tilt because I was soloing the dungeon and not waiting for him to pull. Despite being carried he still complained the entire run so I kicked him and his faggot friend at the last boss.

93839a  No.16251116


That sounds gay as fuck. You are a faggot for knowing all that shit

a5747a  No.16251125


Maybe he means statistically speaking because I seem to remember them not really having useful racial traits and the way the game's stats worked made them pretty much just high elves with slightly worse caster potential. This is in 1 mind, never played 2.

c9dd8c  No.16252373


>We're talking about Trolls, native to Azeroth, who battles elves and humans for land and living space for centuries. Their bitterness being so strong that they sided with a race of demonic corrupted orcs, rather than see what they really were and trying to find a way to make peace with their historical enemies.

Darkspear Trolls probably didn't care about elves.

9596a0  No.16265753

Kill Slyvanas.

Slyvanas had evil mind control powers.

Everyone gets an instant redemption arc.

War over.

6db40f  No.16265937

After the Wrathgate they should have just wiped them all out.

a5747a  No.16265945


>Kill Slyvanas.

Hasn't this happened multiple times now? Death means more in Dragon Ball than Warcraft at this point.

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