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File: 315bd1234fb3b88⋯.gif (1.47 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1541225452488.gif)

927353  No.16243334

I will say I'm pretty disappointed that the game got delayed, but I think it was the best to start over with the original team and scrap what was evidently going to be a game stuck in development hell, I find it much more respectable to just admit it wasn't going to work and trying to fix the issue instead of just pushing ahead anyways despite the signs pointing to disaster.

Hopes would be that we get a more fleshed out planet to explore with a lush environment and deep caves to explore, instead 50 half baked planets that feel like small dungeons, just something expansive and filled with life.

My biggest hope is that we get a Metroid game that takes place after fusion to bad that won't happen

ebecd5  No.16243335

I hope it's cancelled.

a4ee0f  No.16243337

>implying it's not a good thing the game was delayed

Do you WANT another Metroid: Other M?

927353  No.16243342

ebecd5  No.16243352

File: 962b4e0980f0418⋯.png (100.63 KB, 489x256, 489:256, 962b4e0980f04185dd18514a63….png)


Do they not have embedding over on cuckchan?

ecdb46  No.16243355

The canned version of MP4 will end up looking better than the one we actually get.

Screencap this post.

0e9c8b  No.16243360


So you wished upon the monkey's paw and will look forward to it.

37557c  No.16243361


Optional VR mode is all I'm hoping for. If Retro can still work their magic then I don't need to hope for much.

350d07  No.16243362

File: 960b6709305f843⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1500x2121, 500:707, 0b5899f8d19acea3d0eaffa38d….jpg)

It didn't get delayed.

It was never going to come to Switch.

They announced it to get Metroidfags to buy the Switch, because Metroidfags are desperate Stockholm Syndrome-having faggots. That, adding Nigger Samus and Ridley to Smash and just having other games out ensured that most anyone who wanted Metroid Prime 4 will have already bought a Switch.

Then they mysteriously delay it and instead will push it as a big game for their next console. One game will sell two consoles to the same group of desperate faggots, and Nintendo looks good in the public because "oh, they didn't push out a shit game, they must care!"

47ec94  No.16243380



927353  No.16243428

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1d5c69  No.16243439

My hope is a gallery that shows samus in her daily life, but with no fucking dialogue.

e98cc1  No.16243441

File: 342bc82dc74edde⋯.gif (769 KB, 500x375, 4:3, flattened blob.gif)


this but unironically

I would rather never have another metroid game again then to have nintendo rape its corpse.

927353  No.16243445


I'm giving it one more chance before bailing.

40c10f  No.16243451

Samus isn't a good female character. Samus isn't a good character in general. Samus isn't even a character at all in the first place. She's an emotionless, soulless puppet of the player and a means for the player to experience the gameplay. The idea that Samus is a strong character is the biggest meme to ever come out of Nintendo.

Prove me wrong.

37557c  No.16243465


You're not entirely wrong, but keeping characters simple so that players can project onto them is a common video game trope (que every silent protag ever). They only really get a sliver of backstory just so they don't turn into a non-character like Bubsy. Samus isn't a very fleshed out character, but that's supposed to be part of her mysterious bounty hunter character and why Other M is regarded as a bad game.

40c10f  No.16243472


I agree, there's nothing wrong with having a hollow character. It puts the focus back on the gameplay, where it should be. I'd also like to add that the gameplay in this case is quite good, and even improved by a hallow character. However, it's a common statement that Samus was one of the first strong female characters. A statement like that makes you wonder if they even played the game and considered if there would be any difference at all if she was literally a robot.

37557c  No.16243487


Anyone that says that Samus is a strong female character needs to get a fucking wave beam to the stomach. They're confusing "strong" with "stonk". Being a girl has no weight on Samus's role as a bounty hunter.

e98cc1  No.16243489


She's a Nintendo character in the same way that Mario and Link are characters. She, like the other two, was never really meant to have much development or backstory beyond "space pirates killed my family, now I seek my revenge as a bounty hunter." A lot of video game characters, serve as a blank slate for the player to take control. Example, System Shock 1/2, Mother, Quake/Doom. It's easier for the average (note, average, not necessarily you or me) player to step into the game's world through the main character, without being influenced by the main character. In other words, I agree with you that Samus is not very much of a character, but because she is placed into a video game world, I think that it's overall a benefit to the game experience that her character isn't developed very much.

As >>16243472 you already said, the emphasis must be on the game play, not the character. The best way to tell a story with this kind of character is through game play elements, instead of long winded cut scenes or dialogue expositions (in Metroid Prime, through the lore found by scanning parts of the environment, for example).

7d2360  No.16243516

File: 9ce373407785994⋯.jpg (50.37 KB, 256x256, 1:1, metioyove.jpg)

>having hopes in CY+4

40c10f  No.16243519

>tfw Metroid Prime 3 was supposed to let you collect bounties

>tfw they shot it down because being a bounty Hunter is unheroic

092a15  No.16243524



Gonna stop you right there, son.

ebecd5  No.16243526


I wasn't being ironic. Metroid should have never been made into an FPS.


Who cares? She's hot, that's all that matters for female characters.

e98cc1  No.16243536


>Metroid should have never been made into an FPS.

I think Metroid Prime was good at least. It took all the elements that made Super Metroid great and translated them into 3D, and it worked very well. What did you dislike about it?





fc18ac  No.16243539


>They announced it to get Metroidfags to buy the Switch

I'm sure those two sales really helped out the numbers

c39ed9  No.16243540



seems legit.

db0d96  No.16243545

I hope it's a proper 3D Metroid this time instead of a snail-paced FPS with tank controls and minimal platforming.

927353  No.16243550


>They announced it to get Metroidfags to buy the Switch

Yeah all two of them

db0d96  No.16243552


>It took all the elements that made Super Metroid great and translated them into 3D

Ah yes, great elements like the space jump, screw attack, wall jumping, speed booster, and a fucking run button. Oh wait, it had fucking none of that, and the sequels which attempted to incorporate some of them did them in the most bland and useless ways possible.

db0d96  No.16243555


Honestly after Fusion they should have just killed Samus off and continued the series with a different generic space warrior for the player to project on that didn't have all her narrative baggage.

a5888c  No.16243564

File: 723caa2ab1d17a6⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1280x1251, 1280:1251, thumbsup.png)

Retro Studios better make our state proud again. They're the only good devs to ever come out of Texas.

db0d96  No.16243565


Iguana Studios was from Texas.

e98cc1  No.16243566


I was referring to elements like the open ended exploration, the fast paced combat against huge alien monstrosities, the lonely atmosphere of an exotic planet, the satisfaction of finding a hidden missile upgrade, and the progression of suit upgrades as you become a walking Armageddon of Chozo vengeance. I wouldn't consider speed boosting and shine sparking critical to the experience of Super Metroid, but it is unfortunate that they didn't translate very well into 3D. They did implement space jump boots as a double jump mechanic, and there was a morph ball upgrade for the speed boost, but those aren't quite the same as in Super. What would you have done to implement wall jumps or screw attacks in a 3D Metroid game?

db0d96  No.16243586

File: 5f7823be2b58261⋯.jpg (65.23 KB, 500x350, 10:7, Metroid Prime 3rd person.jpg)


>the fast paced combat

Maybe when it comes to repetitive circle-strafing. In all other aspects including Samus's slow, weak jumping ability and whole seconds to switch in and out of morph ball mode the combat is not nearly as fast-paced as Super Metroid.

>I wouldn't consider speed boosting… critical to the experience of Super Metroid

Then you're discounting an integral innovation of Super Metroid to augment your own wishful thinking. The run mechanic and by extension the speed booster is one of the most critical single innovations of Super Metroid against previous Metroid games and other open-world games similar to it because it vastly reduced the tedium of backtracking over previous terrain.

>What would you have done to implement wall jumps or screw attacks in a 3D Metroid game?

Made it a third-person platformer like it was intended to be in the first place, and reduced the environmental detail a bit to facilitate some actually interesting platforming using rooms with high ceilings like every other Metroid game.

e98cc1  No.16243615


I personally don't dislike the circle-strafing combat, but that's a fair enough point.

>The run mechanic and by extension the speed booster is one of the most critical single innovations of Super Metroid against previous Metroid games and other open-world games similar to it because it vastly reduced the tedium of backtracking over previous terrain.

I never felt like backtracking was a very big problem in Prime, because the levels were designed more vertically then laterally (like the Phazon Mines, for example). Shortcuts could easily be opened up by unlocking elevators to different areas, and other shortcuts could be accessed by finding certain upgrades, like grapple beam and space jump. I might also argue that, unless you got seriously lost and wandered around for an hour, the backtracking wasn't so tedious thanks to the atmosphere the game provides. For me, personally at least, I always enjoyed wandering around in Phendrana or the Tallon Overworld. It felt nice to linger. Of course, I also recognize that other players might quickly get tired of that and would rather move on to the next area sooner and with minimal downtime.

>Made it a third-person platformer like it was intended to be in the first place, and reduced the environmental detail a bit to facilitate some actually interesting platforming using rooms with high ceilings like every other Metroid game.

I have to agree here, I think the platforming would have benefited from being 3rd person. I would be hesitant to remove any environment details, because I think the game's strongest point is the atmosphere, and taking away from the atmosphere detracts from the feeling of exploration.

6db95c  No.16243619

File: c6b8d629e3cc765⋯.jpg (116.19 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 1141250955886.jpg)

File: fb05c04692a1e33⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 2711x4093, 2711:4093, UltimateDoomPoster.jpg)


Id, before it became Yid software, too.

db0d96  No.16243639


>I never felt like backtracking was a very big problem in Prime

Wow, did you manage to block out all those pointless corridor rooms in Prime whose only function is to hide the loading times for larger areas? Prime 1 has some of the worst backtracking of the entire series.

e98cc1  No.16243660


>Of course, I also recognize that other players might quickly get tired of that and would rather move on to the next area sooner and with minimal downtime.

I never said the backtracking wasn't a problem, but that I never felt like it was a problem. With the music and atmosphere that the game provides, I didn't find myself getting bored of walking around those corridors. Let me make myself very clear, I don't mean to defend the design decision, but that I myself did not get bored of the backtracking.

b01308  No.16243669

Retro Studios now is not the Retro that made MP1, so I don't have high hopes for it being good like Prime 1 was. But Prime 1 wasn't that good, and I wouldn't want to play a Prime 1 But New.

Retro Studios now is the Retro that made Tropical Dong, which is one of the most creative and well-designed platformers I've played. It's designed well for both slow and fast play, with exploration and optional rewards. Just like how the good Metroid games are designed. I would rather see the Tropical Freeze team take on Metroid, than the Prime 1 team do Metroid again. I'm not excited, but I'm interested, and it might be the best Metroid in terms of level design since Super.

It could also be a pile of garbage if the gameplay sucks, or if it relies on controller gimmicks like Prime 3 and DKCR. Prime never had good gameplay, so if Retro tries to replicate that, they'll just make a bad game. I'd rather have a 2D game, but if it's 3D I want it 3rd person. 3rd person walljumping, speed boosting, and platforming all has been done before, so it would work well.

If I were in charge of gameplay loop/premise, here's what I'd make:

I've always wanted a bounty hunter take on the series, with monhun-style bounties. But that limits the possibilities for exploration, which makes it not Metroid. A good compromise is a handful of 5-10 "main quest" bounties which each can take a few hours (or minutes if you're good), can be completed in any order (though some orders are faster than others), give you an important upgrade, and require completion for the final boss. Speedruns (as in the casual "beat the game under 3 hours" not the bullshit community of the mentally ill) would be more accessible, since it's already segmented. Sidequest bounties could take place in reused areas, and test knowledge of the area, or skill, or some other objective. They could also teach you how to sequence break, or help you discover more hidden areas. Main quests would focus on exploration, while side quests would be arcadey, replayable challenges. More side quests can be added in free updates, or paid ones with new main quest-sized areas.


Yeah, that shit was terrible. Really hope Switch cartridge loading times don't make that happen again.

e26165  No.16243673

Samus meant so much to me as a kiddy. She's never been my waifu, but I found her to be so inspiring. She dove into impossible situations and always shot or thought her way out of any problem. She ventured alone into ghost ships because she had a solid goal and not for praise. She expressed fear through body language and kept going in spite of it. Despite being silent I felt as if I understood her character.

Then that game happened and she asks permission from captain faggot to shoot rockets at the bad guys.

Today Fortnite kiddies only see her as the chick from Smash and it hurts me so much. Also, it's rather surprising that feminists haven't tried to claim her as their mascot. Is it because Metroid isn't popular enough?

This was a blogpost, but I needed to say it.

ecdb46  No.16243679


It’s because she has giant tits.

6db95c  No.16243688

File: a27c938e3fb6be7⋯.png (54.33 KB, 600x1200, 1:2, 1283404235061.png)


Everyone likes to block out the artifact backtracking in Prime 1 and 2 until they actually have to do it.

e98cc1  No.16243697


>artifact backtracking

This was definitely a problem, but I always remember it being worse in Prime 2 than Prime 1. I think it was because there was an extra set of 3 keys for every area's Dark Aether Temple or whatever, so you ended up with an additional twelve artifacts you needed to find, in addition to however many at the end of the game. (I don't remember the exact numbers)

132f70  No.16243701

Retro studios is making it

so now i actually believe it will be good

I don't want any gimmicks. Give me the formula that works, but elaborated and polished.

dd692b  No.16243857


>Also, it's rather surprising that feminists haven't tried to claim her as their mascot.

I fucking wish that were true. They keep trying to push the idea that Samus is a tranny and want Brie Larson to play her in a Metroid movie.

db0d96  No.16243878



That was literally just Brianna Wu, for obvious reasons.

fc18ac  No.16243887

File: 2b29b92f11c4301⋯.jpg (198.97 KB, 713x1000, 713:1000, 99fb70f.jpg)

I remember the rumours were that Namco was involved in development, particularly the people that made that star wars corridor shooter demo that got cancelled but nobody seems to have mentioned that since it was cancelled. Did the rumours get proved false or did everybody just forget?

b01308  No.16244083


>the formula that works

Oh, so boss design from 3D Zelda games, slow and tanky movement, upgrades that can only be used in specific spots, and painful artifact hunts to pad out the game? Nothing in Prime's formula worked, the games were only good for their graphics, atmosphere, and lore.


Apparently a bunch of studios (including Retro) made demos, and Nintendo picked bamco. After 2 years, what they had was crap, so Nintendo cancelled the project and gave it to Retro.

Or at least that's the story, I feel like they were lying, and development hadn't started until recently. I'm still confused as to what Retro has been doing since Tropical Freeze, they had enough time to make another game, but haven't announced anything.

61d709  No.16244120


I hate the break it to you but most if not all of the original devs who worked on Prime 1 and 2 aren't there anywhere.

Though they've made good games since (Tropical Freeze as others have said) so we'll see.

66956d  No.16244128

How would you improve controls for the Switch? Federation Force control scheme has motion aiming. Yet at the same time that was implemented due to no right nub on old 3DS. Now we have two functioning control sticks on top of two extra shoulder buttons and clickies. Pressing A to shoot doesn't feel good on a diamond button pay out. Even Prime 3 I switched shoot to B because pressing A shook the pointer while aiming.

If motion aiming is still a thing then zR to fire is natural. Likewise R can be missiles. zL can be lock on. Left stick click is crouch and sneak. L can be look behind. Swapping weapons is now a sub menu you can activate holding a D-pad direction and pointing with right stick via Prime Trilogy radial menu. Up is visor. Left is beam type. Right is Sub-weapon. You can also have different sub-weapons besides missiles assigned to R like Metroid Prime Hunters such as a grenade launcher or flamethrower. Down is your sub-tanks for energy and sub-weapon ammo. You can fill sub-weapons with Universal Ammo by pick up or dumping UA reserves in your preferred weapon. Clicking right stick turns scan visor on or off to your previous visor. Figure that can get a dedicated hot key. You can sprint by holding X via Speed Booster. X and L are swappable depending on how you prefer. If you build enough momentum you can crouch with left stick click and Shinespark in full 360 degrees 3D space so long as you have the energy tanks. B is jump. And running momentum affects jump distance. You can ledge grab, aim and shoot or jump off. You can wall kick any solid flat surface without Screw Attack, but only away from the wall. You can space jump once or enter Screw Attack. A is a melee attack/grab/interact button. Melee is for punching enemies away from you. You can also pick up small objects in off hand and throw them. Or grab and hold onto anything you can grip and pull. Grapple beam can be an alternative or even a shield. Y is Morph Ball mode. You can spring ball with jump and boost ball with dash. You can even use different sub-weapon bombs with L besides Power Bombs though they use Power Bomb ammo. Also charging your beam before entering Morph Ball now carpet bombs around you. You can also increase the number of bombs you can drop up to 5 bombs with upgrades.

There's a lot more you can do by adding right stick motion aiming. Also as a note when you dash with Speed Booster you can only run straight with very little deviation. You can still run and gun ahead with right stick and motion aiming. - is map. + is menu.

758ef2  No.16244141

File: 9fbd77be123ab41⋯.png (180.71 KB, 800x857, 800:857, 9fbd77be123ab41159594108f4….png)

I hope it's good.

I don't know if I'll ever get a Switch in my life, but I do wish Metroid series the best. It holds a special place in my heart.

ebecd5  No.16244143


Does Samus have a cloaca?

711791  No.16244153


No but she does have feather pubes

758ef2  No.16244165

File: a1bdcea8b80a469⋯.png (54.61 KB, 500x1397, 500:1397, 1422279303983.png)

File: fbf8d56b6206116⋯.png (47.99 KB, 500x1397, 500:1397, 1422279589747.png)




furfags/featherfags/scalefags/whateverdegenerateshitfags out

61d709  No.16244167

File: 273a91473199e03⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.61 KB, 550x545, 110:109, mp 550x550 matte ffffff t.….jpg)


She has a flobby benis xd

ebecd5  No.16244171

File: 7d4523450ca7e60⋯.jpg (43.57 KB, 306x328, 153:164, 7d4523450ca7e60879bec01152….jpg)


>he says as he posts a bird

4edc75  No.16244182

File: adbcb10c5427850⋯.jpg (229.24 KB, 1238x1809, 1238:1809, sfgsgs.jpg)

File: 9c46b586e7ab533⋯.jpg (71.69 KB, 850x1000, 17:20, 9c46b586e7ab533d08de8a48ed….jpg)

I love Samus

6db95c  No.16244183

File: 89974ae5cc4295d⋯.png (100.32 KB, 600x2500, 6:25, 1283402693491.png)

File: c5ea80929439deb⋯.png (117.78 KB, 600x3000, 1:5, 1283402741943.png)

File: aec274963f5c994⋯.png (77.09 KB, 600x1800, 1:3, 1283402829008.png)

File: 127296de5673005⋯.png (50.25 KB, 500x1047, 500:1047, 1283402995710.png)

File: 2f78584b51fa981⋯.png (55.24 KB, 500x1600, 5:16, 1283403415090.png)


>Everyone likes to block out the artifact backtracking in Prime 1 and 2 until they actually have to do it.

6db95c  No.16244190

File: 339a3535108b0c8⋯.png (39.63 KB, 500x1200, 5:12, 1283403518280.png)

File: ff35bfdd9c6948f⋯.png (44.42 KB, 500x1200, 5:12, 1283403680671.png)

File: cfed247f3530726⋯.png (43.88 KB, 500x1047, 500:1047, 1283403909257.png)

File: 34653e8d82fc023⋯.png (113.01 KB, 600x3000, 1:5, 1283404357239.png)

File: d27c221539c1235⋯.png (55.47 KB, 600x1500, 2:5, 1283404450311.png)


Fucking hell, I love it when the comment field doesn't blank, but then the password field does.

c79706  No.16244313


I always held off from buying the figmas, they worth it? I feel like they lack detail

57272c  No.16244339

>yet another metroid thread

6db95c  No.16244363

File: 926a898b6849367⋯.png (61.79 KB, 500x1600, 5:16, 1283404174160.png)

File: ec58768a165b611⋯.png (97.33 KB, 600x1597, 600:1597, 1283404272387.png)

File: a3c419e1345db47⋯.png (33.55 KB, 695x676, 695:676, 1349584995580.png)


Instead of just simply clicking [-] on the catalog page, you elected to be a faggot.

fe6114  No.16244420


I thought it was because sakamoto vetoed the idea of his waifu being independent

758ef2  No.16244428

File: fb51363c63229a9⋯.png (993.47 KB, 1176x1060, 294:265, 02b5b22273d36dd4d493cd82c4….png)


>scanner comic

I think the scanner could run a bunch of scans and then deduce all it can from it, doesn't sound like something impossible for future tech.

57272c  No.16244456


>just ignore our shit threads XD

bee790  No.16244512



I heard it was because the Japanese devs didn't know what a bounty hunter was and just called Samus that because it sounded cool.

40c10f  No.16244568


That's way funnier than what I thought.

a5888c  No.16244894

File: fb2b77a731f7890⋯.jpg (373.77 KB, 960x1180, 48:59, DDdy2B_Main_en.jpg)

File: 05275d2ed1a1186⋯.jpg (452.33 KB, 960x1266, 160:211, DDcmn_sbMain_en.jpg)

File: 9d1f8192caac8c9⋯.jpg (100.83 KB, 570x570, 1:1, mdl_DDdy2B_DD9S_p01.jpg)

File: 66d6a986fd9d622⋯.jpg (133.56 KB, 570x570, 1:1, mdl_DDdy2B_DD9S_p02.jpg)

File: 5e1647d31457262⋯.jpg (125.26 KB, 570x570, 1:1, mdl_DDdy2B_DD9S_p03.jpg)


I considered them, too. And this is coming from someone who owns an expensive BJD (Ball-Jointed Doll). Imo, I'd say that the Figma figures are ok enough for the price they're worth. Their makers have a good selection of iconic vidya characters to choose, and they're cool figures imho to collect and display.

They're also relatively cheap compared the hundreds I shelled out for my 2B doll. My wallet still fucking hurts.

ebecd5  No.16244913


>hundreds I shelled out for my 2B doll

But why?

c79706  No.16244924


>but why

i'd probably cum on one if i owned it tbh

ebecd5  No.16244928


Maybe anon will let you borrow his.

684ecc  No.16244951


That's not very virtuous.

5b10b2  No.16244977


That one looks pretty damn good.

a15b69  No.16245038

Metroid Prime 1 dark suit samus is the absolute most aesthetic one of all. That dark matte reflective metal in contrast with vibrant red, it makes me want to play the game again for the 10th time. Also in VR one day because depth perception really makes the game feel amazing. Always did that in Dolphin and used phone streaming to simulate 3D perception.

4abeb0  No.16245502

Here is how Metroid should be done, they should release 2 games

1. Game 1 plays like vanquish except you dont have faggot overheat mechanics and you play as a young samus in her first suit

2. Game 2 A slower more methodical game that plays like a ranged dark souls

fe6114  No.16245994


The Phazon suit was nice, the Light suit is a close second, I liked how it looked organic similar to the fusion suit.

a15b69  No.16246251


Yes, light suit is a strong second place.

1a731b  No.16246367

File: 61da2f3d51063ba⋯.jpg (29 KB, 861x306, 287:102, deja_vu.jpg)


It's going to be shit, I can't fathom it being decent at all, it's visual quality is going to be shit even for Switch since it will undoubtedly use Unreal engine, it won't advance it's systems in any meaningful way, it won't even be out for another 4+ years, so 2022 at the absolute earliest, it's going to disappoint and I hold zero hope for it's release, The Switch was a mistake.


There's no way this wasn't Metroid Prime 4, I'm already expecting Retro's Prime 4 to be lackluster, imagine how bad this one was.

c79706  No.16246469


>Bandai Namco


The japs made a good last minute decision, jesus christ has anything good come from Singapoop land?

Also the fact that they made that abomination of a Links awakening remake, im doubtful at this point

a8d6ee  No.16246526


Three in each non-hub area (totaling to nine, not twelve), and then another nine across the entire game for the final boss.

1a731b  No.16246621


It's staffed by western developers, western devs who had dreams of cinematic games, you do the math.

83c6a2  No.16247663

i want to know who was working on prime 4 before the switch

ff4892  No.16247825

File: 5e563dd185bcbd5⋯.jpg (87.58 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Metroid Dark Samus Prime 2….jpg)



Prime 2 suffered from miyamoto (or someone) trying to kill it by saying "wow, you did good with prime 1, not we can't let filthy western piggus do better than us, so now you need to make a sequel but I'm not going to tell you until later that you only have a year to make it."

>retro gets told they have a small time window

>re-use assets and programming out the ass, but refine it, hiding it with the backtracking and light/dark world

>game is still a success anyway despite this

Honestly, Prime 2 is my favorite of the three prime titles. I think part of it is that, unlike prime 1 and 3, it actually feels like you managed to save someone, since both prime 1 and 3 have situations where everyone is dead either JUST before you got there, or long before you showed up.

ff4892  No.16247851


Bamco was the alleged team and it matches up with what we've seen so far.

dd692b  No.16247860

File: 012bddc0c91f0d4⋯.jpg (399.71 KB, 900x1273, 900:1273, luminoth.jpg)


>I think part of it is that, unlike prime 1 and 3, it actually feels like you managed to save someone

That's because you did. By killing the Ing possessing the Energy Transfer Module, you narrowly averted the extinction of the Luminoth. There's the ending too, of course.

1a731b  No.16248007


2 year dev time for sequels like that in that time, actually pretty standard. You're acting like that time is minsicule when they already made the engine, when they already defined the art style, when they already worked out the asset pipeline.

fc18ac  No.16248246


Shh, he needs to feed his narrative that Miyamoto goes around murdering puppies and white people every time somebody makes a game.

a6d48d  No.16248358

It won't be the same, without the autoaim and lock on. That akward scheme gave you the feeling of controlling a small mech.

a6d48d  No.16248385


>Metroid should have never been made into an FPS.

This is why retrokids are poison to communities. A faggot like this will tell you that AM2R is better than the Metroid Prime games, because muh gaymr cred.

d1ee07  No.16248389

I'd rather have a new 2D Metroid, but preferably without the handholding like in Fusion.

0c3400  No.16248407

File: 393dda8e1a2bc75⋯.mp4 (3.74 MB, 640x360, 16:9, metroid prime opening them….mp4)


A modern metroid shooter may actually be good, especially with all the tech improvements. Right? r-right?

436c2e  No.16248480

samus should should stay home and birth my children, not fight mother brains or space dragons

927353  No.16248554

File: 65590738b19706c⋯.jpg (76.69 KB, 680x650, 68:65, 1537392465963.jpg)


Samus is just an awkward virgin who doesn't know how to talk to people she romantic interest in, prove me wrong.

343f7a  No.16248581

File: 7772e6bc1b3d5bb⋯.png (29.86 KB, 240x160, 3:2, GBA--Metroid Zero Mission ….png)

40c10f  No.16248592


>we will never get a Metroid game where you zip around to desolate backwater planets to hunt bounties and spend the money on suit and ship upgrades

>we will never get a Metroid game that expands on civilizations in the Metroid universe

>MP3 was butchered before it could and nothing else will ever get there

a44cb2  No.16248610


>we will never get a Metroid game where you zip around to desolate backwater planets to hunt bounties and spend the money on suit and ship upgrades

Good, that was always a stupid idea that's antithetical to the Metroid design concept.

e2b6f0  No.16248611


If only.

2a55f4  No.16248613



This is generously assuming that ANYONE was working on Prime 4 before the Switch. The way it was handled, it still really feels like Nintendo was desperate to damage control after a huge PR blunder (sending their lawyers after a popular, good fan remake of Metroid 2 before releasing their own, much shittier remake). So they hastily slapped a Metroid Prime 4 logo into the presentation to turn all those boos into gasps and cheers, and put the cheapest possible studio in charge of it.

Then, afterwards, they announced that they were "changing" developers and handing it over to Retro, which was going to cause "delays" and nicely cover up the fact that they hadn't actually been working on it at all before they flashed that logo.

[/conspiracy theory]

85b8ef  No.16248617

>it's a prequel

>intro is young Samus training in Chozo building

>during this space pirates steal large section of the complex she's in with her on it

>now Samus has to survive on her own aboard an enemy ship

>by stalking them aboard their own ship and stealing their tech Samus becomes The Hunter they fear her as

>Samus didn't have the items in other games because Space Pirate tech can't be maintained by the Chozo (and not that stable in the first place) and had to be removed as she grew older and her suit was modified to accommodate it

9da307  No.16248799

File: 985fada26dbd866⋯.png (504.18 KB, 600x719, 600:719, dcyz6jv-f9fb7878-1207-4f7c….png)


All three prime games are fun, you're just a loser who can't into 3D.

1e60c6  No.16249239

i'm ready for an empty boring open world give it to me nintendo

1e60c6  No.16249254


>shitty other m design samus

i mean i guess that samus already looked like a toy

9606b5  No.16249934


I wouldn't be surprised if that happened.

896e97  No.16250824


>smiled a lot

>socially active

>bright red lipstick

Zero Mission Samus is an interesting take on the character honestly, it's a shame that they don't explore this side of Samus more often since they always go for the more predictable route of making her emotionless and depressed.

1c75d0  No.16250838

File: 3acb148102e670b⋯.png (131.96 KB, 496x450, 248:225, xd.png)

I hope it includes a super high-poly model of the Varia Suit that gets ripped and rigged so I can animate porn with it

febb37  No.16250881

ebecd5  No.16250890

File: 06d871d3ad4c510⋯.png (283.05 KB, 603x686, 603:686, 06d871d3ad4c510ad477486b71….png)


Why would you need the suit for porn?

e26165  No.16250911


Because sex with a spacesuit is hot.

635909  No.16250916

File: 2fa009f51860f72⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 194.07 KB, 1084x1770, 542:885, butt_knight.jpg)


Armor can look pretty good.

4722fe  No.16251157


henever I see medieval armor I always affiliate it with a male so anything like that which is sexualizing armor feels gay to me.

fc18ac  No.16252574


But space is cold

335993  No.16257990

File: 619ff26270bf5c9⋯.png (2 MB, 1525x1080, 305:216, dd277sv-d3758bd4-e0d4-422b….png)

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