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File: 2591ddf40f17338⋯.png (159.49 KB, 400x298, 200:149, unknown.png)

File: 4a2fc9c3956058f⋯.jpg (74.39 KB, 640x853, 640:853, t_05.jpg)

File: ae35e19ef8ccc47⋯.png (66.78 KB, 1113x547, 1113:547, paidmods.png)

c47751  No.16291134


Blizzard recently went to a chinese presentation to talk about upcoming Warcraft 3 features. Patch 1.31 is supposed to be functionally equivalent to Warcraft 3 Reforged. Which will be coming out sometime later this year. (pic 1)

The interesting bit here is support for "YDAPI" and "DzAPI". These are projects that try to extend the Warcraft 3 scripting capabilities by hacking more functions into the game. These functions expose functionality like communicating to external servers. No more save/load code for RPG maps, instead maps can automatically fetch this data from a server!

Of course, chinks being chinks, also added the functionality to monetize maps. Pic 3 is a post from hiveworkshop talking about it. (The spoiler in the post contains pic 2) According to this user, the added monetization features killed the chinese modding community. Sound familiar?

I'm not well-versed enough in chink to find more information on the monetization aspect in YDAPI/DzAPI. But there are plenty of maps out there that require you to grind outta the ass, and combining that with server-side progression tracking makes it very easy to monetize it.

Blizzard has attempted various forms of monetizations in the past with Starcraft 2, like selling maps (e.g. https://eu.shop.battle.net/en-us/product/starcraft-ii-ark-star ) and custom unit skins, of which the latter is already announced to Warcraft 3 Reforged. (Albeit without saying anything about having to pay for them.)

With this news, it's very likely for micro-transactions to arrive in chinese versions of Reforged. The question remains whether the non-chinese versions will feature micro-transactions.

e0685a  No.16291207

Blizzard is probably still really sore over losing all that sweet sweet ASSFAGGOTS money from letting the chinks and Valve steal their seat on the train and want to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Unfortunately for them this is current year+x so nobody makes mods with the scope and dedication they did in the early 2000s, and I doubt many people will play their WC3 remake and even fewer will stick with it. At worst this might inspire some jew at Zenimax or Valve to give their paid mods scheme another shot but I doubt it will do anything for Blizzard.

802d61  No.16291216

>kill any mod scene with mmo focus and SC2 jewery

>"b-but look! WC3!"

I swear to god the nerve of these jews, they could have released all SC2 as a whole game and we would have mods for it 100%.

Fuck these cunts

639f00  No.16291221


>Unfortunately for them this is current year+x so nobody makes mods with the scope and dedication they did in the early 2000s

Yes they do, Starcraft has extensive map making communities and WC3 also has dedicated skin mods. This will kill them dead.

6afb22  No.16291224


>Game looks pretty but isn't functionally better considering it's a remaster that just plays over the original game

>Already killed the mapping scene in SC2, twice.

>Fucking monetizing maps in the chink market preemptively

Just fuck off Blizzard

572f8e  No.16291227

>Warcraft 3 map making scene is doing fine for more than a decade

>Blizzard: Let's kill it to make a quick buck

They can't keep getting away with this

9cfd54  No.16291233

>pandering this hard to our economic enemy

Blizzard is a traitorous company. Exercise the Constitutional penalty for treason on them.

787ec4  No.16291239

>>16291233 (checked)

But anon we live in a free market society :^)

c47751  No.16291240


Blizzard killed SC2 custom maps by having only a "popular maps" list. It was impossible to get a game going of anything that wasn't in the top 5 most popular maps.

9cfd54  No.16291244


>aid or comfort

Letting chinks monetize American products is aid or comfort.


This. Also if anyone remembers, Blizzard really mistreated a few mapmakers by doing stuff like forcing them to change their map name because they already had the name Blizzard wanted to call one of their new official maps.

534336  No.16291256

File: f4cbb352600c90a⋯.jpg (268.73 KB, 400x422, 200:211, 1461912225473.jpg)

Back when Reforged was first announced some anon said that it was being made specifically with the Chinese market in mind.

This confirms it.

I didn't think people would be buying a downgraded, rewritten remake of a 16 year old game when the original is perfectly fine, but now it all makes sense.

This will only affect China though as the old community (non-Asian) which has made maps in the past has little interest in monetisation of this kind and wouldn't bother introducing it into existing maps.

My guess is that Blizzard wants a cut of all the transactions, so instead of legally pursuing the server owners (and thus forcing them to develop their own pirate patches and completely disconnect themselves from Blizz), they'll cooperate with them.

3f6054  No.16291269


Scbw remaster was for Koreans since they still actually play the game. Likewise it's only the Chinese that continue to play war3x to this day so it makes sense to go after their money.

534336  No.16291293

File: 3383c6e03b005c5⋯.png (1.19 MB, 986x832, 493:416, 1439128798301.png)


To be fair, you still have some old die-hard fans (like me) who will stick with it until it finally fucking dies and then continue to play SP content or over LAN, but we're pretty few in number.

It's really a shame to see the game get killed by receiving a new release, not to mention being turned into a commercial for WoW with forced nonsensical continuity and "lore."

02f2ed  No.16291299

File: 1d18b9253141ab3⋯.webm (192.43 KB, 468x720, 13:20, NICE ELF JOKE.webm)

>paid mods

>for a decades old game

>in a dead genre you killed yourself

639f00  No.16291319

File: 8c6157e523cefa3⋯.gif (8.54 KB, 256x264, 32:33, 1432750746926.gif)


Gotta have those chink shekels goyim.

787ec4  No.16291329


It's a shame though, just right now we've been having some great maps like orc gladiators, human gladiators, some new TD maps.

639f00  No.16291367


My only real complaint is that old file sharing services being down has lead to memory holes. Large map packs need to be shared more often to prevent that stuff from happening.

4cc4cf  No.16291391


>No more save/load code for RPG maps, instead maps can automatically fetch this data from a server!

Does this mean it's online only now?

70b9cb  No.16291422

File: 321d2a5ae28bcf3⋯.jpg (104.33 KB, 892x703, 892:703, 1471432607726.jpg)

I am surprised no one gets hurt over having this much greed. People have been killed for far less.

4bcb3d  No.16291486

File: d677167b95a1669⋯.jpg (30.3 KB, 454x490, 227:245, d677167b95a16694ff001c7b60….jpg)

but why like i've recently been playing older rts games red alert supreme commander war3 and they all have active players.

and ya they killed sc2 custom maps fast and hard twice over.

while i'm having fun playing these still getting updated maps

4cc4cf  No.16291502





Quit spamming.

d7740e  No.16291564


money making corporations have been pandering to china since they started having them manufacture everything for the price of dirt. maybe before.

23243d  No.16291585

I wish the microtransaction meme would die already. Has there ever been ONE game with this cancerous monetization that was actually good? Fuck anyone who buys even one mtx.

b4062c  No.16291606

File: 0d9dd81af1f55aa⋯.jpg (11.46 KB, 480x360, 4:3, garithos.jpg)

>another (((remake)))

why make anything new when you can resell and ruin old shit?

c36bc3  No.16291607


RS2 has cosmetic trash that you can buy and its pretty much no problem since the actual game content is clear of that and supports mods instead.

Still a somewhat shitty concept if you are a MUH DRESS UP fag, but it allows the game to remain at 20$ instead of 60$ so its fine by me. It only becomes a complete no-go when the game is fully priced.

d7740e  No.16291609


tf2 was a weird case where a game that was not microtransaction riddled became one and i think it fared better than the games that had that burden from the get go. it had its ups and downs and nowadays its a fucking train wreck though. does that count?

4cc4cf  No.16291611


Why not do both?

d7740e  No.16291618


path of least resistance?

4a819e  No.16291626

File: 2b7fc3707cf1343⋯.jpg (111.76 KB, 720x960, 3:4, tencent.jpg)

a7b26d  No.16291628



Truly, 4cuckers are cancer.

4cc4cf  No.16291633


Except in Blizzard's experience remakes have by far been met with the most resistance.

e732a2  No.16291770


is that a real image?

c8765b  No.16291789

File: b0efdff3fd3f939⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1100x947, 1100:947, 03802b475d0233ff36bf4c3d70….png)







You speak exactly like the same faggot whose spamming the SWAT 4 thread, that broken English with just random words placed all over your sentences is familiar

4cc4cf  No.16291797


Yes. Just look up the Tencent plaza cube.

4cc4cf  No.16291860

>this bot

c47751  No.16291968


It means maps that utilize these new features could be online-only, or disable meta-map progression entirely without an online connection. (The latter is effectively online-only as maps with meta-map progression are often impossible to beat without the grinded advantages.)

d7740e  No.16291982


well maybe theyre worried about damaging their reputation further by releasing a subpar sequel to wc3 after they got rid of all their talent :^)

can you fuckin imagine them just now starting to care about their reputation?

7e152c  No.16291985


I remember hearing that, too. I think their argument was that the designs look like LoL-tier chink garbage, but I am still unsure how to properly recognize this.

Hey, you reckon they’ll remove all skeletons and ghosts in-game like they did with Dota 2? Better yet, will that be the case on all servers and not just the Chink one?

4cc4cf  No.16292020


I just find the idea of remaking RTS games in general to be stupid because the people who play them aren't going to give one fuck about the new graphics, and if anything will prefer the old one just because it will run better and compatibility issues. At best you can patch in better resolutions or something like that but otherwise it just seems like a waster of resources. A Lost Vikings collection makes way more sense but the matza elementals over at Blizzard HQ probably can't think of a way to monetize it.

c3fac4  No.16292034

File: 8bf1f476baf10b6⋯.jpg (93.39 KB, 313x382, 313:382, You die now.jpg)


As if you'd need any more proof that there'd be nothing wrong with throwing the entirety of Tencent, janitors included, out of a helicopter.

288fc3  No.16292057


Years ago I heard rumours about them wanting to make Warcraft 4, but have the story tie in with WoW somehow.

I wouldn't be surprised if they were testing the waters with this garbage.


I think the old graphics look better.

You can't just slap high poly models and megatextures on old designs and call it a day, it will look jarring.

Not to mention the atrocious new voice acting.

It looks like a mobile game, which, considering they are pandering to the chink market, makes perfect sense.

The one and only silver lining here is that if anyone buys reforged for whatever reason, they'll still have access to the original game.

And the two versions have crossplay.

4cc4cf  No.16292092


Even if it didn't look like shit it's a conceptually stupid move.

188e81  No.16292208


You can download Starcraft for free right now, no account required. But it is an installer so Battle.net will be involved instead of a CD key. What you want is the game modified to be without requiring installation.

df980f  No.16292236

File: b795ce7baf934b7⋯.jpg (42.59 KB, 500x500, 1:1, DfShE1TUEAE5OLm.jpg)


Starcraft 2 has paid maps and they're very popular. You have such a simplistic, naive outlook on the world it's so precious. Everything you have ever loved will turn to shit. Get passed the denial stage already.

4cc4cf  No.16292262


>and they're very popular

Oh hey, the blackpill spic is outright lying again.

f196f0  No.16292265

>HD remake of a game that was already supporting custom resolutions since launch

>D2 HD won't be out for years and if then it'll be bound to the gay launcher

Haven't hit Nightmare since 2010, I usually drop it by the time I hit desert. Quick /v/, MedianXL,PoD or BtH? Preferably somethings with servers alive.

b4062c  No.16292298

File: 9b016779f2b31ce⋯.png (371 KB, 900x900, 1:1, laughing stalker.png)


>Starcraft 2 has paid maps

Holy shit, really? I had no idea it was that bad.

I almost reinstalled SC2 when Heart of the Swarm became free, but to access my account I would've needed to provide a picture of my photo ID to a support person who typed like a 12-year-old, so I chose to abandon that account forever.

c47751  No.16292335



They only put out two, so they can't be that successful.

14522d  No.16294027


DmC 2. But I wouldn't call it good.

48579d  No.16294061



The autist is still trying to force this.

1fa32e  No.16294069

File: 03f87c4f7d7003e⋯.jpg (54.66 KB, 503x518, 503:518, 03f87c4f7d7003e70c8034375e….jpg)





c928a0  No.16294079


Just open the map up in the editor and run the code to manually save/load whatever you need?

I did this to hack in a NG+ mode to the WC3/TFT campaigns where you could run around with level 10 characters from the beginning.

639f00  No.16294089


It wasn't successful, Starcraft II didn't become the big hit Blizzard hoped in Korea so they fell back to Starcraft instead.

25b44c  No.16294276


>get your big break ripping off multiple IPs of tie-ins you didn't get to do

>impotently watch even bigger breaks being made from your the shit your customers made out of your game

too bad Blizzard deserves far worse yet

1f71da  No.16294425


I installed it but immediately uninstalled it when I saw microtransactions. Didn't play a single match on it.

6291d8  No.16294463

File: 9d89c58f2b6057b⋯.gif (729.76 KB, 391x400, 391:400, Angry Violent awoo momiji.gif)

Is anyone else getting Two Worlds II vibes?

You know, where they introduced that DLC for a game 7+ years old, took away console commands and introduced a fuckton of micro transactions including content that was already in the game. Literally making people pay for things they already had before. Also they added DRM and tons of other shit, ruined that mod that joined the first 2 campaigns together and generally fucked the entire game over forever.

It looks like blizzard might be retarded as these cunts considering how they're going for another cashgrab by ruining old actually good games.

85d4bc  No.16294497


this type of maps definitely uses some sort of map protectors and map optimizes to make reading and working with code and files very difficult

27dfc2  No.16294503

File: 497b498ba743982⋯.png (197.78 KB, 526x503, 526:503, happy_merchant_warcraft.png)


yeah i read from some blizzcon notes that they are considering balance AND lore changes. The campaign will get updated for WoW story changes and "easter eggs'. Example being some WoW boss Villains in the Culling of Stratholme map demo they had at Blizzcon.

27dfc2  No.16294504


inb4 they retcon Garithos into an (((alt-right))) strawman.

c47751  No.16294706


As >>16294497, most maps use "map protection", which corrupts the file in such a way that it still runs, but becomes unopenable in the editor. Code obfuscation is often applied to make code harder to read. Modders also use modded versions of map editors that bypass some of the restrictions the editor has, but Warcraft 3 itself doesn't. That has the result of the map not being saveable in a non-modded editor.

Aside from "just open in the editor" being difficult (you can always just extract the data with mpq archive, edit it, and put it back together, at least if you know the file data structure), the bigger issue here is that maps end up being designed around these features.

Think about how the gaming industry completely stopped supporting modding with DLC became the normal. We'll see similar bullshit with every map requiring meta-map progression that you'll either have to grind through, pay to skip or hack. You wont be able to join a random lobby, play a map and have a fun time with a chance of beating it on easy-modo.

b13b06  No.16294722


I have tried playing on netease but all the microtransactions were avatar modification as much I remember, I don't remember maps being paid. but I always new that platform was big, like you could find a game in mere seconds,

b13b06  No.16294732


the maps that are already created and uploaded on hive, will they be nuked?

1b8438  No.16294744

I remember reading about this one guy that wanted to burn down Blizzard's headquarters, just imagine what could have been. It hurts, anon.

10dd48  No.16294900


I'd download them while you still can.

386e47  No.16295012

File: 54ee02164122d7c⋯.png (127.26 KB, 246x182, 123:91, WUT.png)


>You know, where they introduced that DLC for a game 7+ years old, took away console commands and introduced a fuckton of micro transactions including content that was already in the game. Literally making people pay for things they already had before. Also they added DRM and tons of other shit, ruined that mod that joined the first 2 campaigns together and generally fucked the entire game over forever.

Really, did that happened? Wasnt that game a "We need the Oblivion audience" game, so why try to kill the modding scene. well if the game flopping (I think) wasnt enough, that must really have killed for good the "Oblivion killer" franchise, good job, devs.

000000  No.16295092


>Blizzard does what every other company, including a chinese private server does

>oy vey goyim this is anudda shoah! Go install (((steam)))!

4cc4cf  No.16295240


And then they remade it further splintering the community and killing the series the for good. What a bunch of maroons.

2ffd89  No.16295397


Who cares? We played all of those SC and WC3 custom maps because they were mildly interesting and free. They were never great in the first place, and with highspeed internet becoming the norm and making fast and easy piracy of real vidya mainstream, along with emulation actually becoming good, who would even play those shitty flash game-tier maps today? Hell, who would even bother making them anymore?

000b59  No.16295470


>Warcraft 2 remaster with a balance patch, or a mod tool to make a balance patch, NEVER EVER.

What a shame. I like Warcraft 2 a little better than Warcraft 3 because of 2's macro game, but the unit balance in 2 is garbage.

235bdd  No.16295587


>Not realizing the openness of US laws is for making endless debates of “What the law exactly means” so that it is ‘harder’ to prosecute treasonous politicians, because the original founding stock of the USA were traitors themselves.

American liberty is among the world’s longest running scams. It’s no wonder the Jews love it so much that the USA has the highest population of Jews in the world by individual numbers.


>janitors included

A very smart suggestion, as it’s likely there is at least one chink among that business’ lower class which has the instinct to become Number One like his bosses, but can’t because someone else is already the boss.

4cc4cf  No.16295595

Remember to report and filter /intl/.

3bcbd9  No.16297858


I know you’re being facetious, but this really is Free Market Capitalism. Because Free Market Capitalism is just Marxist Socialism by legal means. Because, like Marxism, the Free Markets are 100% dependent on the fatally absurd notion that all the different races of the world, with all of their disparate and competing ideaologies, can somehow magically come together in cooperation for some kind of “Greater Good.”

e0d34e  No.16298208


What the hell? Wasn't that video game universally panned as garbage? How the hell did they manage to sell well enough to actually make DLC and most importantly why would these people alienate there already passionate fanbase that actually bought their garbage game with microtransactions?

Maybe I shouldn't question these things. I am not a money grubbing kike working in the industry so I can't possibly know how greedy I might be. Seeing how people are so willing to pay out even their lifesaving's for this bullshit in video games maybe I'd be a jew to if I did work in it.

4cc4cf  No.16298909


It was considered leagues better than the first game and came out a few good months before Witcher 2 and DA 2 so it got some dubya RPG addicts on withdrawal. Really it's like a 6ish out of 10.

7d7295  No.16299860


You're glowing.

639f00  No.16300687


Now GOG is selling Warcraft 1 and 2 so abandonware sites are taking down their isos.

4cc4cf  No.16300761


It's like they actively want to remind people when their games weren't shit.

639f00  No.16300821


The price tag is pretty absurd too.

4cc4cf  No.16301140


It's probably bloated to all shit too with nuBattlenet garbage, no doubt.

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