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File: 6fd87304b70ffb4⋯.jpg (307.66 KB, 1063x1500, 1063:1500, 867a0ca30eca7e941d0141c789….jpg)

21e681  No.16291886

Is this piece of shit fixed after all this time, or is it still a shitty game?

224244  No.16291897

You can't polish a turd

34be65  No.16291898

It's better but still very mediocre. The issues lie with fundamental design decisions that CA clings to like a drowning man to a piece of wood for some reason.

fbed09  No.16291902


>is it still a shitty game?

still fairly shitty, Attila is better but that doesn't mean a whole lot

but as always, Medieval 1 and Rome 1 are the best

Medieval 2 fags should commit suicide

a70f21  No.16291903


>can't polish a turd

I dont know, Skyrim's looking pretty nice after all those mods and enb's :^)

34be65  No.16291909

Oh also you now get STRONK FYMALE GENERALS everywhere because that's where CAs priorities lie.

a4301a  No.16291921


boudica was real though no?

21e681  No.16292097


People talked a lot about that, but this dlc is certainly worse, no?


8ebc2e  No.16292100



ed21f2  No.16292121




>actually doing fuckall

Kill yourself.

e5dd89  No.16292155


>Boudica was a queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire in AD 60 or 61, and died shortly after its failure, having supposedly poisoned herself. She is considered a British folk hero

>she is considered a British folk hero


c32115  No.16292162


Yes you can.

It's just a shiny turd then and that's exactly what the Emperor edition is.

ed21f2  No.16292172


>she is considered a British folk hero

She does live up to their cuck legacy.

>husband makes agreement with Rome that upon his death they will take control of his lands

>when he dies Rome comes to collect

>Boudica tells them no

>they rape her and her daughters and even let the dogs fuck her

>cunt getting what she deserves makes the birtcucks uppity

>attack a bunch of poorly defended cities

>pretend it's a victory

>Roman army comes back and rapes their asses

Fucking savages.

6b79fb  No.16292175

File: 4ca92571675cb6a⋯.jpg (400.38 KB, 1500x1135, 300:227, glow in the dark nigger.jpg)

No, it's still absolute ass. Even the most extreme overhaul mods can't fix it. The only people who probably could've saved this giant piece of shit would've been the Darthmod team but they mysteriously disappeared after finishing Total War Empire's Darthmod.

383af7  No.16292180

afaik it's broken on an engine level, though shogun 2 wasn't as bad

19487d  No.16292189

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Post some Total War music.

A friendly reminder that CA never gave a shit post Shogun 2.

4cff25  No.16292190

Unpopular Opinion: Dark Souls is a shitty game

c32115  No.16292192


Shogun 2 and Napoleon/Empire had their issues with battles and some retarded design choices, but they also had other things to compensate with.

Rome 2 is just pantsu on head retarded every single step of the way.


Fuck you, Med 2 is best.

Rome 1 is a very close second.


>Unpopular Opinion

Go back to reddit.

828cba  No.16292195

File: 467d7337521dc1b⋯.jpg (149.33 KB, 960x540, 16:9, romeii.jpg)


what do you think?

6b79fb  No.16292217


Medieval 2 is better than Rome 1 on every level but the atmosphere, and that's why it will always be my number one.

d88986  No.16292235




The only thing I really hate about MTW2 is that the AI has a bug in sieges where it does nothing as the attacking force even though that causes it to lose by default, which is really annoying.

19487d  No.16292247


Oh fuck I remember that bug.

>Get a large two full stack army sieging my barely defended shithole

>they do nothing

>fast forward and go do some chores

>come back


If I remember correctly Total WaWa has an even worse version of that bug, where if you kill their siege engine operators no one will take over.

6b79fb  No.16292252


That's why you mod TW games, otherwise the AI is just completely retarded.

a12380  No.16292263

File: 8cddbdcb6deec35⋯.jpeg (56.49 KB, 547x730, 547:730, 433FE612-43C5-494F-87FB-1….jpeg)

>Boudica-230,000 men

>Gaius Suetonius Paulinus-10,000 men

>Result: Boudica got SPANKED

>80,000 dead britons vs 400 dead romans

>she unironically kills herself

Women really are incompetent.

19487d  No.16292264


>implying it ever got better with mods

No amount of bandaid fixes were sufficient. I tried Stainless Steel, Third Age(at least a very early version of it), Diplomacy, AD, nothing worked.

e5dd89  No.16292268


Not to mention Rome lasted in Britain till around 400 AD, so not only did she fail but Rome stuck around for another 400 years

6b79fb  No.16292271


It doesn't fix everything but TW without Darth Mod are awful in terms of AI.

c32115  No.16292272



It's a very, very rare bug.

Personally, I've only seen something similar once in Stainless Steel.

d88986  No.16292275



Same here, I also used SS and still had that particular bug.

d88986  No.16292279


It was not rare for me. Seems like it happened at least once every other session.

19487d  No.16292284



I was talking less about the bug and more the AI in general. It never got bad as Warhammer 1 but it was still pretty fucking bad.

6b79fb  No.16292291


Is Total WaWa as bad of a Total War game as everyone says it is?

e5dd89  No.16292292


I never had a problem with the AI, only issues I've ever encountered are never ending random CTD's which just make you want to uninstall the game for wasting so much time

c32115  No.16292305


I know this sounds stupid, but are you sure you patched the game fully?


The poor AI is probably the only truly bad thing about Med2.

19487d  No.16292325


My experience with the WaWa1 AI:

>blobs entire army at your direction, with the general sprinting at the lead

>the second any of your asses come within sniffing distance the enemy units stop and chase them

>you can do this with 20% of the enemy armies flank, effectively tying up 40% of their units chasing some dumbfuck archer cavalry unit

>general takes a kamikaze dive into your army

>dies like a bitch one minute later

>their army crumples like paper

>repeat over and over again, even if you don't tie up their army their general still jumps into your army like a woman running into the arms of a thousand handsome musclebound men no homo

No idea on total wawa 2 because no way am I going to waste time pirating that too.

How is Ultimate General?

c93b6e  No.16292353


They split the game into 3 and recycle content and mechanics between them because additional 60€ for lackluster DLC on top of the game just isn't enough. Thanks to that we'll never get the "ultimate" Warhammer TW that fans wanted where you can take all the factions and smash them against each other. Atleast you can play them online via Spacewars.

As for the AI I don't know, certainly not as retarded as the people online.

d88986  No.16292357


Pretty sure I did, but this was also ages ago so I could be wrong.


I enjoyed it but I am gay for Warhammer (pre-Age of Smegma obviously) and I enjoyed it despite noticeable flaws. First and foremost, the sieges are shit, being reduced to a single wall instead of a real town. The arrow towers also have infinite range so defenders have no option but to move forward, even if they have artillery. Second, Chaos Warriors were a deep disappointment despite the fact that they made them look cool as fuck and charged extra for them – they are actually the most barebones and least thought-out faction, especially now.

The best things about the game are the unit dynamics and variety and some of the strategic mechanics, but the overwhelmingly simplified battle environments are frustrating. Some factions are much easier than others (dwarves being the unkillable Jew midgets with guns) but that's nothing new to the franchise. The representation of most of the Warhammer characters and VA choices are great, though. Overall I would say avoid it if you are a TW fan and pirate it if you are a Warhammer fan.

e5dd89  No.16292380


Ultimate General like with Gettysburg is pretty fun and addicting when you start getting into it, but you'll find that battles and the AI are really predictable. They're fun games but kind of limited on strategy

6b79fb  No.16292381

File: 26f796996df2add⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 62.84 KB, 320x327, 320:327, 26f796996df2add2e327a92fc6….png)


>Ultimate General

Fun, very different from Total War though. You have a stamina meter to manage and elevation and fog of war play a much bigger role but it's weird that the game has unlimited ammo for everyone, it doesn't really fit when you're having a war of attrition and everyone has endless supplies. I'm also not the biggest fan of the general mechanic, I don't quite understand why they made them completely invincible, especially considering what a big impact they have. Sadly it only has a single map (Gettysburg), which cuts down replay value quite a bit. I haven't played Civil War yet but I've heard that it's supposed to be quite different so I definitely want to try it out someday.

e5dd89  No.16292388


>unlimited Ammo

What? You don't get unlimited ammo, that's why you have supply carts

e5dd89  No.16292390

Oh nevermind, you were talking about Gettysburg which does have unlimited ammo

2d39c2  No.16296850


Total WaWa are easily the best of the post-Medieval 2 titles. This is coming from someone who initially refused to play them for years and wanted the first game to fail, as well as Medieval 2 being my favorite game of all time. Call me a shill, I don't give a shit. These games are fun. They're not without their glaring problems, as with all Total War games, but I do not regret my purchases.

c2a5c8  No.16296960


Worse than incompetent, she deliberately cut off her own army's escape routes so they would either die or win.

e5dd89  No.16297678


>He actually bought a total war game


824925  No.16298342


Can anyone recommened me a great Rome themed game?

6bcb45  No.16298351


gladius from 2004-2005

also, http://www.matrixgames.com/products/388/details/Hannibal:RomeandCarthageintheSecondPunicWar

hannibal is famous for having AI imitate their historical personas

824925  No.16298376


ty anon <3

9cbce6  No.16298431


Shadow of Rome is basically proto dead rising in a gladiator arena. Also has a bunch of meh stealth sections.

a6ae2e  No.16298505

File: 86e308678642f4e⋯.jpg (66.11 KB, 625x266, 625:266, VSanMxh.jpg)

3d9ff6  No.16298537


>Is Total WaWa as bad of a Total War game as everyone says it is?

Sort of.

It's a very expensive game series with many factions chopped up into DLC. Arguably, it's sort of worth it since each faction is very unique and has it's own charm. Though, if you were to buy all the DLC together at once it gets very expensive.

Also the game, while more stable than most Total War games is still extremely graphically and cpu demanding. Intel also has their Slimy fingers all over the game with sponsorships so I don't know how well it plays with AMD CPUs.

Seiges are totally bunk. Absolute trash.

Aside from that, the campaign is one of the best in a total war game. The non-siege battles are actually very fun and their are also some fun quest battles.

The modding scene for this game is awesome, makes the game twice as good and fixes some of the issues with the base game.

The game is expensive and requires an expensive computer to run well.

Aside from that I'd say it's a real treat that most people pass up because they hate nu-CA.

Nu-CA really does suck through.

9cbce6  No.16298542


Give me good mods for Total WaWa.

41bfb5  No.16298545

File: 890bd69a9dc238f⋯.jpg (88.32 KB, 640x625, 128:125, filled with negativity.jpg)

>it's 2019 and Empire still sucks

I tried playing it recently and had to auto-resolve every battle because the enemy AI's idea of "hard" difficulty is literally just using militia units and meleeing everything they see ruining any possible fun you could have.

Not to mention all of India and the Americas is god awful to fight through because of how focused native armies are on melee units.

3d9ff6  No.16298575


Well to fix the seige's you need two mods.

1. Reduced tower ranges, to make siege artillery actually viable.

2. GCCM, to make the siege maps actually fun.

You can use Crynos's Faction Unlocker to unlock new factions to play as, though in my experience it doesn't play well with other mods without extensive patches. Landmarks of the Old World is a fun mod that works with Crynos though.

Theirs a couple of UI mods that should be easy enough to find. In fact a lot of the most popular mods on the Steam Workshop are really great.

Steel Faith II is an overhaul mod, so it handles tech trees, buildings, units, spells. Its campaign is more challenging than the base game. It also makes battles take longer by giving units more health.

It's super popular because it prides itself on being more true to the lore than the base game. Awesome team working behind it.

Mixu's legendary lords is really great. It fully fleshes out the roster of Elector Counts and adds a bunch of other lords to the game.

Also Mr. Festis's Climate Overhaul is a great mod. It makes the climate system more lore friendly, with factions like Skaven being able to settle any climate.

7f6428  No.16298605


It ca be enjoyable with Darthmod, or actually it's unplayable without it

e5dd89  No.16298646


Empire is the best for scale alone, you get the entire world to work with, but yes of course, the AI is always the problem. I find battles to be just the same things over and over again, you set up a formation and no matter how you set it up the enemy always tries to flank, doesn't matter what the situation is they'll just keep shifting so they can flank which means even if you are defending you have to attack because they'll just pick one side and keep moving if you move to defend. It becomes so predictable

9cbce6  No.16298674


Oh so these are all Total Warhammer 2?

3d9ff6  No.16298697


Oh yeah sorry, I forgot the mods I used in 1.

I know Steel Faith and mixu's works in WaWa 1.

08c92d  No.16298745

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Best mod, hands down.

477db2  No.16298750


The AI is a bit better now in WaWa2. The biggest issue is that if you have any kind of advantage the AI hides behind walls and sieges are complete shit.

e5dd89  No.16298755


I like Stainless Steel better simply because it keeps with the time period, if I want Roman shit I'll just play EB 1

2a6165  No.16298911


You can easily bait the AI out with ambushes, you know.

97946f  No.16298913

It’s definitely better than launch, but I keep reminiscing about Rome 1 when I play it for my Rome fix

3cbb7b  No.16299031

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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