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File: 1132af0370d4dfd⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, spats.png)

File: 714fbed3b6a12be⋯.png (309.62 KB, 487x754, 487:754, sayakagetyou.png)

File: 5ca6cbbfc475e32⋯.jpg (266.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, FBIgetyou.jpg)

2ebea5  No.16326870

ebb081  No.16326890


There's a hollywood adaptation of ape escape?

419a93  No.16326899

it'll be of the same quality of the latest ratchet and clank game

42145e  No.16326923

IIRC, i think they were one of the popular figures that Japan considered for the Olympics in 2020.

So a little update on the page is expected

Or it could simply be a new game

ebb081  No.16326952



Fuck off and stop derailing the thread, dumb cunt.

89770e  No.16326967

File: de340cbe067c11a⋯.webm (8.54 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Concerned.webm)

I'm more aroused than afraid.

Just checking if this webm uploads correctly. I don't particuarly have much hope if a new Ape Escape is on the way considering the complete joke that is modern 3D platformers.

ebb081  No.16326971


>9mb for a 2 second webm

Anon that's a fucking feat and a half, how did you do it

62f148  No.16327009



I'm very worried about it myself, I don't trust Sony in this current climate. They need an asskicking first.

8c9df9  No.16327016

I've never played an Ape Escape, are any of them outright awful ala DMC2?

Also, stop falling for the "tranny Discorders raid /v/ masquerading as No Fun Allowed puritans in order to turn /v/ against actual /pol/acks who want to kill said trannies IRL" act. Its all so tiresome.

89770e  No.16327023

File: 2d9d286f02d7068⋯.png (60.52 KB, 706x179, 706:179, Aroused.png)


I'm terrible at ffmpeg.

a80289  No.16327028


Play 1, 2 and 3. Ignore everything else.

62f148  No.16327035


From what I recall there's nothing like DMC2, but I only just started. Additionally playing 1, 2 and 3 is usually a safe bet.

Yeah, I know what you mean. The worst part is that some people actually fall for that meme. They're mostly newfags or fags from cuckchan who only used cuckchan because it's cool and edgy. Either way anyone who has seen like that going down should report it. Since I'll take care of it ASAP

49f137  No.16327042

The loli will be 18+ and there won't be any pantsu shown.

a80289  No.16327051

Someone really doesn't want this thread to be about discussing Sony raping a beloved franchise.

62f148  No.16327052


You wish

62f148  No.16327053


It really makes you think, doesn't it?

796497  No.16327099

I've been fucking dying to emulate 2 and 3 but pcsx2 is such a piece of fucking garbage dammit

i might just do another run of 1 on beetlepsx. i went back to the psp remake to see if it was still as good as i remembered and the entire art style was shifted to this disgusting weeb clusterfuck. On the topic of the ps1 version though, i noticed if you crouch the music goes into a sort of mix were it's only a few instruments and the volume is turned down low, never heard anyone ever point it out but they're very catchy.

2ebea5  No.16327108


I didn't have any problem emulating 3 and that was years ago. Are you using the SVN instead of the "stable" release? You should be. There's no reason to use "stable" versions of emulators.

796497  No.16327116


How many years are we talking? It wouldnt surprise me if pcsx2 just got shittier, but ape escape 3's performance is dogpiss. about the only problem oddly enough.

ef4db6  No.16327122

Question: Should I emulate the PSP remake of the first game or emulate the original? Usually the original is better, but it looks like the second game onward got more polish. Not unheard of in early 3d games for them to release what is basically an unfinished game then to follow it up with a sequel that is everything the first game should've been. Wondering if this is one of those games.

e17aa2  No.16327128

How about this:

>Where can they go next with the series?

The first game went through time, the second around the world, and the third they went to Hollywood.

What about Space or Cyberspace? How would a game about catching monkeys that are trying to take over space or the internet sound? What kind of levels could you have with that? What about alternate universes?

>What new gadgets can they introduce?

The obvious answer would be smartphones, but I can't think of a way to make then fun beyond pictures.


IMO 3 is trash due to the several factors.

First and foremost they didn't add any new gadgets to the series, and instead introduced morphs which were OP and had time limits. The most similar well known example I can think of is KH2's form changes. Neat move sets and increased mobility but the time limit really turns it into a novelty as you can't use it for an extended period of time.

Additionally the scope of the game is so much smaller then the other two.

The first one is about traveling through time to catch a hyper intelligent ape and his army of above average apes from rewriting history so that apes are the dominant life form.

The second involves traveling the world and I won't spoil the villains main goal as you don't go into it knowing and it doesn't seem obvious.

The third however takes place on TV studios. The apes succeed right off the bat by hijacking TV networks and hypnotizing all but 3 humans who have to go to the TV station and catch the monkeys. It certainly has some neat locations, but really lacks the grandness of the other 2.

Perhaps what I found the worst was the protagonists and how creatively bankrupt they were with them.

In the first game you play as Spike who is one of two kids that have befriended a brilliant scientist named only the Professor. Now, to be fair, this isn't the most creative thing in the world, its been done before, notably it was done in Back to the Future, which notably is also about time travel. While its not original, its also not as bankrupt as the third which I will get to. Spike ends up being teleported back in time and is forced into the role of saving mankind from ape kind. Additionally the professors granddaughter, Natalie, is at the lab and she, like her grandfather is an aspiring scientist and inventor. IIRC she also saves your game.

In 2 you play as Jimmy, Spikes cousin who is watching the Professors lab with Natalie while the professor is on vacation. Jimmy accidentally delivers the hyper intelligence hat to the monkeys instead of fresh pants causing them to rise up once more to take over the earth.

In three however, they throw out everything they have and start fresh.

They introduce a new scientist lady named Akie who worked on the intelligence hats along with the Professor but it never mentioned before 3. You play as either her niece or her nephew, the fraternal twins Satoru and Sayaka. In addition to pulling a new character who is important to the plot but was never mentioned before for no justifiable reason, they make the most by the investor driven safe decision with Sayakas backstory.

Sayaka is a 9 year old idol singer. Which is one of, if not the most creatively bankrupt thing in Japanese games. Satoru on the other hand is just her brother.

a80289  No.16327134


I can't imagine Ape Escape without 2 sticks is worth as shit.

e17aa2  No.16327148


Boy I did a bad job with formatting

I also forgot to say,

>What other games could have a crossover with Ape Escape

MGS3's crossover was strange as hell but worked. Yet I can't think of any other franchises that are close with Sony and ripe for a crossover. Except maybe Final Fantasy or KH and now that I think about it, they might work.

69a003  No.16327261


Pcsx2 actively requires better hardware as the devs introduce tweaks to the accuracy of the emulator resulting in needing better hardware. The implication is they are making it less hacky but I've got no reason to believe this is the case. Ape escape 3 has some frame drop on the real ps2 but most of the time plays perfectly outside of viewing large vistas of the levels.

Seeing ape escape come back, no doubt helmed by studio japan is a welcome thing. Studio Japan has amazing developers who are unsung in their accomplishments and excellence in design, polish and production. Plus maybe kat can be in it.

8fe476  No.16327289

File: 341672c7aad9a5f⋯.jpg (159.05 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 45d77590e7fb71b9459d1c60f9….jpg)

File: 55ab85054513d4a⋯.png (328.25 KB, 796x1200, 199:300, 47a248cadecb431f6ddad6cfb3….png)

File: 79a3f69f187285c⋯.jpg (424.46 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, b2263677b08d976e3c0f866bac….jpg)

File: d2ed6ca13d1b6a5⋯.jpg (119.7 KB, 900x803, 900:803, c26ed0796683aab28d8a38f02f….jpg)

File: 6dbed556d57e604⋯.png (237.51 KB, 450x500, 9:10, e5d100ac95d5a2221b32822787….png)

>First series to use DS Analog controller and was once a main PlayStation series

>Japan Studio's first game ever

>Yoshida was on some E3 interview where he mentioned people begging for Ape Escape

>Crash, Spyro, Parappa, Medievil etc returning

>Soon to be 20 years old series this year

>Some PSN avatars were shown

>AE2 and 3 were announced for PSN but 3 didn't get in

>AE1 showed up in some Red Bull gaming event

>A shirt from Hot Topic being a new piece of merchandise

>That one 2016 tweet with the pipo monkey suit, about the year of the monkey

>Some fans using an hashtag for attention

>Pipo monkey in Super Bomberman R

>In December 1st, Japan Studio held a fan event in which they revealed unseen AE concept art and put a lot of AE fanart on a fanart wall

>Yoshida even said AE1 was his favorite game to work on





Besides the main trilogy, Big Mission and maybe Million Monkeys/Pumped and Primed could interest you a bit too

The rest is just a bunch of boring minigame spin offs

796497  No.16327307


Ill maybe look into wasting 20 minutes trying 2015 or so builds in that case.

but i really dont get why people are excited, sony ruins almost everything they touch these days

8fe476  No.16327319


Considering how Sony has been with anything Japanese lately and the fact that Knack has a non Japanese director, i worry they try to "westernize" AE, after the abomination that was Spike's portrayal in PlayStation All-Stars

69a003  No.16327323


Because studio Japan have yet to do a particularly bad game.

ce339d  No.16327418


pcsx2 is the worst emulator i have ever seen and i really wish someone else would make a better ps2 emulator, But epsx2 is just good enough that no one bothers.

796497  No.16327444


i havent been paying enough attention to sony beyond the obvious shit going on, what's some notable titles by them?

and yes >>16327418 i tried ape escape 3 just now in a 2015 build, absolutely nothing different from the latest, same 20fps loss and my cpu/gpu both heavily underutilized. fuck pcsx2 and im glad dobiestation is gaining huge traction.

8cad86  No.16327485

File: cca36a33e7eb7e6⋯.jpg (187.98 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, e58e8c5a31ddc7622caac511c4….jpg)

File: 2899d18827f6093⋯.jpg (67.66 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 376501d8b1271ea5efd75bf98d….jpg)

File: 62651e154448d2f⋯.jpg (47.81 KB, 420x800, 21:40, 62651e154448d2f0a90711e160….jpg)

File: da6ccc2eec6bd64⋯.jpg (152.92 KB, 853x1000, 853:1000, e18ef000391d44f966d83a9297….jpg)

File: e7c81adaca42118⋯.jpg (98.16 KB, 459x800, 459:800, d45ee89d30faf21c940be10d54….jpg)


1 and 3 are the best games, 2 and the PSP remake of 1 are okay, everything else isn't even an ape escape game, it's either some racer, a gimmick game or a beat em up.

>tfw we didn't get ape escape 4/ape escape 3 HD on the vita


>Sayaka is a 9 year old idol singer. Which is one of, if not the most creatively bankrupt thing in Japanese games. Satoru on the other hand is just her brother.

The game is from 2003, aidoru shit wasn't nearly as popular as it is now or in the 80s, agree with satoru though, there's no incentive to play as him, he doesn't have funny banter with the bosses or gimmicks with the monkeys like sayaka does. Some of them just stare at her with hearts in their eyes instead of running away, and the pink monkey is more aggressive.

a80289  No.16327496


2005 actually.

ce339d  No.16327528



First I've hear of this thanks i will give it a look.

e17aa2  No.16327541


IIRC Yellow monkey flirts with satoru.

d3fce8  No.16327551

File: d1c512e511e49e7⋯.png (146.63 KB, 1105x745, 221:149, death of japan studio.png)


>I'm more afraid than excited.

You should be afraid.

ebb081  No.16327552


>Torpedo doesn't even have a dynamic IP

LMAOing at your life

8cad86  No.16327555

File: 7eea24437f4c766⋯.jpg (65.75 KB, 866x648, 433:324, 7eea24437f4c766898c92d6f56….jpg)

File: 4780624ca948e80⋯.jpg (161.79 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 9ca61e54c8bf98917bcd0f2d82….jpg)

File: 19a28a3ceb85f97⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 19a28a3ceb85f97085b28c7dca….png)

File: 33d387b71262b53⋯.jpg (152.26 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 33d387b71262b53f597fc1275c….jpg)

File: 60dfbca21b58339⋯.jpg (90.41 KB, 723x1000, 723:1000, 60dfbca21b58339201f495b78c….jpg)


Thank You Luciano, Very Cool!

a80289  No.16327557


I want to nibble her puffy vulva.

d3fce8  No.16327562

File: 13cf590eebf23d1⋯.gif (1018.99 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 13cf590eebf23d18ae79858bf3….gif)


Well deserved trips.

16d7d5  No.16327617

File: b45d65a4dff0fa7⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1800x1326, 300:221, lewd content on recent jap….png)


>You should be afraid

a80289  No.16327622


Hey look, none made by Soyny themselves.

d3fce8  No.16327625

File: 2b04da7b51c267c⋯.png (195.75 KB, 600x665, 120:133, censorshipapologistbingo.png)


Now post all the censored ones.

ef2c1f  No.16327658


You act like the original game had pantsu. Hell, the OP pics shows she's clearly wearing spats at all times.

8cad86  No.16327671

File: 32335e961015ceb⋯.png (15.81 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2f8eb85e582245db255b73281d….png)


Bike shorts, spats are longer.

5506ed  No.16327672

The only thing really bad about AE2 is the bland desaturated environments and the pig shit enemies look dumb.

ebb081  No.16327676


What is this supposed to prove

ef2c1f  No.16327678


He's still wrong regardless (and nearly got my hopes up implying otherwise). There's no pantsu in any Ape Escape game, unfortunately.

16d7d5  No.16327689


>What is this supposed to prove

That the often parroted "Soyny censors everything" narrative doesnt exactly hold true to be fair.

cbc93a  No.16327711


Well that convinced me to preorder a PS5+PS plus subscription+TLOU 2 soy pass, I would've gotten the PS5 Gaikai edition but my Internets are too shit so I'll have to trod the bad goy route on that end for now.

16d7d5  No.16327754

File: 1bea06d4b0a540f⋯.jpg (6.74 KB, 178x212, 89:106, 1bea06d4b0a540f353c15bf80c….jpg)


>posting evidences is verboten if they go against the current meme narrative

It's not like I ever denied censorship existed in previous few cases either in the same context, but I rather prefer to be fair than blindly "listen and believe" like a certain infamous sect

a80289  No.16327765


You're admission to resetera should be finalized within the week. I have already discussed the matter with the administrator.

721e3f  No.16327775

>tfw was the first kid with daulshock cuz I got my ps1 after some of my friends and had ape escape parties

I miss the 90s

ef2c1f  No.16327827


Didn't one of the DLCs for that new One Piece game get withheld due to fanservice?

721e3f  No.16327841


Also I only ever played 1

16d7d5  No.16327926


For the US version I'm pretty sure, and that was the hot spring DLC. Localization bullshit isnt new however

My point was that it seems to be rather quite inconsistent than a truly enforced policy in Japan.

8a2aa1  No.16327957

File: e62647b6339bd24⋯.gif (646.99 KB, 347x284, 347:284, 1417116223819.gif)

Please don't let (((them))) poz my favorite childhood game serie's neghole

15b391  No.16328085


Those are all the Japanese versions of the games.

8fe476  No.16328163

File: 759044cda9d2dd5⋯.jpg (534.78 KB, 2048x1868, 512:467, Spike Jake kiss.jpg)

If AE4 where to happen, what would you want from it?

And what do you NOT want from it?

2ebea5  No.16328899

File: bc533c7e7225e1d⋯.webm (2.39 MB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, spats.webm)


Cute girls. Good gameplay. Maybe some unlockable bonus costumes.

b2daea  No.16328908

god i want more yumi but itll never happen


57110c  No.16328970

Calling it now.

Ape Escape VR.

One move controller handles locomotion, while the other is the net you swing to catch the apes.

538621  No.16329003




>bitrate: 31022kb/s

Jesus Christ, encode at a lesser bitrate, you fucking nigger.

538621  No.16329004

File: 0b19cc1e0f849c8⋯.jpg (126.46 KB, 1288x397, 1288:397, Oh shit nigga what are you….jpg)




Goddamit, I was so angry, I forgot the fucking pic.

3de156  No.16329486


af1a2b  No.16329489

whats a bit rate, how fast your mom can eat a hamburger?

ebb081  No.16329493


Nah it's what your rabbi used when he stole your foreskin

59be84  No.16329509


For the life of me I cannot remember the name of this song and any searches I do for vaguely recalled 'lyrics' just gives me youkai watch monsters and usatei. I don't really need it and I'm sure I'll remember eventually but I'm starting to get annoyed at the fact that it's on the tip of my tongue, would anyone be able to tell me the name or group or something?

0b6929  No.16329515

File: 02b41115c15120e⋯.mp4 (3.58 MB, 512x384, 4:3, touhou dancing.mp4)

0b6929  No.16329525


Serious answer though. The song is relevant to the thread's topic and the god damn title is in the video's metadata. Put 2 and 2 together.

af1a2b  No.16329539



does something about anime alter your brain in such a way that it becomes difficult to behave in a genuine fashion?

e17aa2  No.16329582



>More species of monkeys represented, as well as treacherous gorillas.

>A grand adventure that takes the player far and wide.

>More types of gadgets.

>Stable 60 FPS Not going to happen though

>Cell shaded graphics

>Grass that sways in the wind and other high detail things

>The original group of characters from 1 and 2 returning as adults and passing the torch to the new protagonist

>Specter jr/clone

>Character customization

Wouldn't mind

>HD remake/collection of all the prior game with new features and the expansion content included

Don't want

>Monkeys thats fur looks like the fur that crash has in the HD crash games

>Brand new cast of characters that have to be reconnected in

>Being required to spend over 25 dollars to get specialty controllers/accessories to play it


59be84  No.16329698

File: 614ce78b17cd958⋯.jpg (13.43 KB, 303x51, 101:17, Capture2.JPG)



My apologies, I rarely ask for source about anything so I'd completely forgotten that I could even check metadata. Thank you though.

a80289  No.16330486


I want a complete and well made game with Sony as far away from it as possible.

8fe476  No.16330939


>>The original group of characters from 1 and 2 returning as adults and passing the torch to the new protagonist

Looking at the human characters of the series, the cast in each game or media feels weirdly inconsistent, depending on who shows up and who doesn't, along with their designs like Jake getting his ponytail removed in On the Loose

I feel like an AE remake/reboot could be a soft reboot where it's still pretty much the same but they take the universe a bit more serious, so they utilize almost every existing human character and try to make something with them, like expanding them a bit more

I also have always seen Spike as the second most important character in the series after the pipo monkeys

Something i don't want to see happen is making the series look "western" too, like chasing after a Dreamworks style for example


Kat was in that one women's day image

Maybe someday

2ebea5  No.16331008

File: 24cb22ffd676d53⋯.png (309.41 KB, 614x967, 614:967, katclothes.png)

c13349  No.16331030

File: af18cf68e3ed6f9⋯.png (284.24 KB, 614x967, 614:967, gravity_daze_twitter_jap.png)


translated from nipponese

5c4c13  No.16331950


Knowing current Sony, they'll probably make all the apes actual niggers and you get game overs with moral reprimands for trying to catch them after they dindu nuffin

d7c635  No.16331969

File: a9170568e3973f1⋯.png (149.95 KB, 394x298, 197:149, satisfactionlotgh.png)

a80289  No.16332034


Or they'll make you play as one.

fe0a72  No.16332070

File: 988af8c9f116eb2⋯.png (1011.33 KB, 1027x860, 1027:860, not a girl.png)

107d77  No.16332155

File: 2f9e4eda5af311b⋯.webm (11.96 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Ape Escape 3- HAPPY ✰ Sen….webm)

d3fce8  No.16332274


>happy sensation

Is this referring to Sayaka's effect on my dick?

8fe476  No.16338263



Maybe something more

74cf20  No.16338444

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Long time ago i read that Nintendo "killed' AE4 with Ur Mr Gay by using ideas from a leaked AE4 concept doc.

a80289  No.16338459


Mario Galaxy is just Meteor Herd with a better camera.

657b6c  No.16338471

Is the AE series fun to play? Should I just play in order if so

a685cb  No.16338486

File: 61e74e936b65768⋯.png (39.92 KB, 467x400, 467:400, 61e74e936b657680aaea489eb9….png)


I hope you're read for Ape Escape 4 mobile


That whole fucking video is grasping at straws.Alot of the concepts featured are not original to either game and that whole costume part is filled with costumes that are included in odyssey because they're referencing prior mario games that existed before AE was even a thing

a80289  No.16338540


An Ape Escape knockoff of Pokemon Go is so obvious I'm surprised they didn't already do it yet.

8fe476  No.16339522


Didn't that cancelled AE game turned out to be a fake made up rumor like the Ape club?

dca1d5  No.16347023


What should it be like?

Any ideas?

0229cb  No.16347173


Yes, western society.

0229cb  No.16347174

9425cc  No.16350081


This is what they should have done years ago when they made the one for PS Move. It's the one franchise where the gimmick controller makes sense. The first game was made to show off the new "gimmick" controller, and it does so by having you use a bunch of gadgets, the most notable of which are just a baton and net, perfect for the Move controller. Other things include a slingshot, which half the games on Move already use, a handheld helicopter which in-universe works by twirling it above your head, a boxing glove, which again matches with all the games that have you use motion controls to punch things, an RC car which could work by just pointing at the screen, and a hula hoop which again you can use the move controller to spin, and probably a bunch of other obvious things that I forget at the moment.

Instead they made a rail shooter.


>>The original group of characters from 1 and 2 returning as adults and passing the torch to the new protagonist

Stop. I'm sick of this happening in every goddamn Hollywood franchise. I don't need it in games. I know it's already happening with a bunch of cucked games, like Mortal Kombat, but I don't need it in Ape Escape. They already had to make the last fucking Planet of the Apes movie about Cesar sacrificing himself to save a little girl, I don't need any more monkeys doing that stupid shit.


>Something i don't want to see happen is making the series look "western" too, like chasing after a Dreamworks style for example

Awful. The series is Japanese as fuck and to take one element and make it not Japanese will just make it stick out. Also, why Dreamworks and not Pixar? I know Pixar sucks now, but it's not like Dreamworks doesn't.


Yes, it's extremely fun.

Play it in order, but beware that the non-numbered entries are mostly minigame spinoffs. Pumped & Primed at least has games that let you control like a regular main series game, but most of the rest are just typical minigame shit. I hear Piposaru 2001 and Million Monkeys are a bit more substantial, but they're Japan only. There's also a racing one, and I like kart racers, but still doesn't play like Ape Escape.

5b5075  No.16350264

Why would you want to see a cute girl turn into an old hag and pass the torch to some new, almost certain to be a "minority", character? Just set it a year or two later.

8fe476  No.16364197

If you want more evidence that Sony hates being Japanese, a reminder that LittleBigPlanet got its servers shut down only in Japan

9cc761  No.16364204

File: 5546590bb4f4f5c⋯.png (165.21 KB, 920x538, 460:269, free play.png)

f8c1ae  No.16366726

File: adb6050245e0b5b⋯.jpg (43.74 KB, 327x749, 327:749, Aki_SSBM.JPG.jpg)

Sayaka is a cute loli, but to be honest, I want to turn Aunt Aki into a mom.

3a765f  No.16366767

File: 968369515cbc1dc⋯.png (588.45 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Her hair looks like a cheese doodle.

24749f  No.16366816

File: 72023d7154cc644⋯.jpg (78.37 KB, 584x438, 4:3, notre monkey.jpg)


Time for Paris edition? Stop the crazy monkeys setting fire all over the city? Oh wait… the monkey needs a fez….

f8c1ae  No.16367103


I know, it's so fluffy I want to mess it up.

e6308a  No.16372839


796497  No.16373225

d01ac5  No.16373512


Fucking Pedo faggots. You all deserve death.

8a0d57  No.16376828

File: 7bc3a86bae6c0bc⋯.png (331.71 KB, 814x678, 407:339, 228dfa1272e50dddf81495cc48….png)


I wholeheartedly agree fellow anonymous.

a1bb49  No.16376941



>Ape Escape bread

>Pedos flood the entire thread with lewd Yumis

a1bb49  No.16376942


Great minds think alike

a1bb49  No.16376952



d3fce8  No.16376977


Lewd Yumis are the whole point of Ape Escape threads.

bc5a45  No.16377002

File: 124c3dba53809ee⋯.png (363.67 KB, 679x680, 679:680, Untitled222.png)

8a0d57  No.16377044

File: 887fe07f6d9d1b1⋯.jpg (378.65 KB, 800x999, 800:999, 26a51d495173fc9d229c27a4c3….jpg)


Very naisu.

8fe476  No.16378444

File: cf406f2fdd78d49⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 275.97 KB, 804x890, 402:445, 5f00b8254bb77ce6fe65c24198….png)

File: 5cfa72702f60b9c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.56 MB, 2000x1666, 1000:833, cc0ddc7216569ffedaed36574c….png)

File: 2e3068dc61fb527⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 534.44 KB, 1204x1200, 301:300, ef5e0da48fd0dcb3c96a6246e0….png)

File: f41f910311d0d8c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 800x1200, 2:3, b6756b45acc362b85a3760a6f6….png)

File: 060d19ef923aa25⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 622.51 KB, 1105x1460, 221:292, 756a458447f77b2de9a0a1cb53….jpg)

I do agree other characters need to be posted more often

d3fce8  No.16378476


Get this gay shit out of here. You fags already ruined Digimon threads.

e7d5d8  No.16380886

>anon in the other thread with Sayaka's donut butthole as the image says, "there's already an ape escape thread and this belongs on /loli/"

>Mark in his blind rage bans him and a bunch of others to protect his fellow lolicons from easy bait and asshurt

>a day or two later: "huh wait there's already an ape escape thread better lock this"

God damn it Mark

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