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File: 63112e2fc7c6718⋯.jpg (140.05 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190317192026_1.jpg)

File: a8a2edcd2f323b1⋯.jpg (119.59 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190317192040_1.jpg)

File: 95dcc0e727d46fa⋯.jpg (129.8 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190317192107_1.jpg)

File: 610be60cdbbc0c8⋯.jpg (179.69 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190317192131_1.jpg)

8473de  No.16341154

>I'm completely new, where do I start?

Learn the Kana. Start with Hiragana and then move on to Katakana. Yes, you need both, and yes stroke order is important. Use Realkana or Kana Invaders for spaced repetition. Alternatively, you can use the Anki deck, but I'd recommend the first two. Tae Kim has a Kana diagram on his website, and you can use KanjiVG for pretty much any character.

>Alright, I know the Kana. Now what?

You have to learn vocabulary and grammar in order to speak and understand the language. Some will tell you to grind the Core2k/6k deck until you're blue in the face, others will tell you that grammar is more important. Truth is, you need both, but it doesn't really matter which one you decide to do first. You're teaching yourself here, so you move at your own pace and do what you're most receptive to. If you want grammar first, then Tae Kim has a great introductory grammar guide, there are numerous grammar related videos in Anon's all-in-one-Anki-package, IMABI has an active forums and an abundance of information on grammar, and there's always YouTube if you're lazy. On the other hand, if you want to learn vocab first, then grab the Core2k/6k and grind until you're blue in the face. For mnemonics, see Kanji Damage.

>Well this is great and everything, but I still need more help

Ask in this thread.

Threadly reminder:


Don't come to tell us about Duolingo, we know that it exists and it is generally frowned upon for using a contrascientific new-aged hippie didactic philosophy, and is designed feel as effortless as possible, even at the expense of actually learning anything.


>DJT site, this is a great place to start:


>[Anki and Decks]

Anki: https://apps.ankiweb.net/

Core 2k/6k: https://mega.nz/#!QIQywAAZ!g6wRM6KvDVmLxq7X5xLrvaw7HZGyYULUkT_YDtQdgfU

Core2k/6k content: https://core6000.neocities.org/

Anon's Japanese Learner Anki package: https://mega.nz/#!14YTmKjZ!A_Ac110yAfLNE6tIgf5U_DjJeiaccLg3RGOHVvI0aIk

<This is a .zip file with a number of Anki decks and a number of books on grammar, including Japanese the Manga Way, Tae Kim's guide to Japanese Grammar, Remembering the Kanji vol 1, 2 and 3 (mnemonic exercises), A Dictionary of basic, intermediate, and advanced Japanese grammar, An Anki deck that contains the Visualizing Japanese Grammar video series, a deck for Kana, a deck for Kanji and vocab, and a deck version of the DoJG book

Kodansha's Kanji Learner's Course deck: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/779483253

>[Websites, Apps, and Books]

Jisho: http://www.jisho.org

RealKana: http://realkana.com/

Kana Invaders: https://learnjapanesepod.com/kana-invaders/

Genki I and II (2nd Edition): https://mega.nz/#!aBF1TJYJ!D7Lkamt_oa6QlkMX4k0e7nDRu3qwacyyuoyxvbSego8

<The zip's password is "cant"

Forvo.com: https://ja.forvo.com/

Mainichi.me: http://mainichi.me/

Rikaichan: http://www.polarcloud.com/rikaichan/

GoogleIME: https://www.google.com/inputtools/try/

KanjiVG: http://kanji.sljfaq.org/kanjivg.html

IMABI: http://www.imabi.net/

Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese: http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/

KANJI-Link radicals: http://www.kanji-link.com/en/kanji/radicals/

Japanese Audiobooks: http://how-to-learn-any-language.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=6241&PN=1&TPN=1

All Japanese All The Time: http://www.alljapaneseallthetime.com/blog/all-japanese-all-the-time-ajatt-how-to-learn-japanese-on-your-own-having-fun-and-to-fluency/

Erin.ne.jp: https://www.erin.ne.jp/en/lesson01/index.html

R.A. Miller's A Japanese Reader: https://mega.nz/#!aNoHDBRa!1q_JZWZnktl16rWZsSz1PHUxQbTvi5UU_VpSIogzxO8

Japanese Google Dictionary: https://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/

KanjiTomo is a program for identifying Japanese characters from images: https://www.kanjitomo.net

>Basic Kanji Books and grammar(remove YOU WILL NEVER LEARN from the links

Volume 1: https://mega.nz/#!YOUGOQAyIhJ!gqFr8gWILL7vVyybIlvsIxUNEVERuz7klyzV57_AZLEARNxaN1WZwSkA0

Volume 2: https://mega.nz/#!SYOUOBmjSSK!fReQzyhQGWILLWlaepuSfdA2aaM5KNEVERDX0wYBiymK3LEARNOHUsW3I

Verbs and Essential Grammar: https://mega.nz/YOU#!ie5HUazJ!LRT5SWILLDAE8aSdNEVERsH8_LZ4gJdSIhbyzsLEARNJPfeoLw5ge73kU

>[YouTube Videos]

Namasensei: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqJ5wU4FamA&list=PL9987A659670D60E0 (entertainment purposes only)

JapanesePod101: https://www.youtube.com/user/japanesepod101/videos

KANJI-Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOXuIYVzyL4&list=PLE6S_Q0SX_mBtzG17ho7YER6vmzCPJ3B4

Japanese Ammo with Misa: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBSyd8tXJoEJKIXfrwkPdbA/playlists

Japanese VideoCast: https://www.youtube.com/user/LingoVideocast/videos

KawaJapa Cure Dolly: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkdmU8hGK4Fg3LghTVtKltQ/videos

1ab647  No.16341207

File: 2ebaed4dda8b950⋯.jpg (15.06 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1548235047722.jpg)

When do you fags think you know a kanji enough to count it as "learned"? Personally I count it as such when I know I can write it, know what it means and know at least the most common reading.

aa5a9e  No.16341210

File: 71f1fe14481c538⋯.jpg (310.3 KB, 1601x750, 1601:750, 06e809c8980918ccc1f265c0bc….jpg)

9d8962  No.16341224

Japanese is a gross slant language.

Go learn Finnish or Hungarian if you want a good Asianatic language.

2b6654  No.16341378


elmész az anyádba te fasszopó geci, ne it basszad a rezet a faszságaiddal a kurva életbe te nyomorék, hogy nem folytál volna le apád lábán amikor még folyékony voltál


I wouldn't care too much about readings, knowing the readings are useless in themselves. If you see a kanji in multiple words, you'll slowly learn the most common reading anyways.

d62082  No.16341454

File: e6947e4f1cbebec⋯.jpg (2.85 MB, 2480x4167, 2480:4167, suomi.jpg)



b57ce7  No.16341457


Too an extent, i dont disagree but the challenge of it has kept me around to keep learning. The language may be retarded because of kanji, but its fun to practice.

364f5e  No.16341595

File: bde808f7434e5ba⋯.jpg (393.12 KB, 1443x2048, 1443:2048, 001.jpg)

File: 356002c7cd4e769⋯.jpg (416.73 KB, 1024x1456, 64:91, 094.jpg)


This manga is among the, if not the easiest I've ever read for anyone seeking an easy read. There's a couple lines using (iirc) Kyuushuu dialect that might throw you off, but mostly simple.


Visual recognition, general meaning, and common readings for me. I don't go out of my way to learn onyomi that I haven't been exposed to through vocabulary, but with kunyomi it's usually just for a verb/adjective or two or the kanji alone, so I try to pick up those words and by extension readings along with the character when I look it up for the first time.


They can be useful for a few different purposes. With him caring about writing it will serve him so that he's not screwing up okurigana by including them in the character, for example. Even with jukugo it can be easier to picture the word when you can think of the reading for each individual character. But even as a simple reader it can be helpful with things like kanji puns or otherwise kanji puzzles in games as another example. I always mean to save images I can post to exemplify this among other things but am always too caught up reading to actually do it.

cedd5c  No.16341601

File: a393d13941e9ff3⋯.png (20.85 KB, 788x244, 197:61, 2019-04-08 20_43_09-nds.png)

So I figured out how to play DS games from 3DS CFW, any suggestions for good games to play in Japanese? Here's what I got so far.

a7f839  No.16341810

File: 6fd0a428e2a1170⋯.gif (833.15 KB, 500x283, 500:283, Clipboard Image.gif)

the stupid characters and radicals with unintuitive stroke orders always make me want to ragequit.

>心 and 必 (心 goes left, middle, up, right. 必 goes up, upright, middle, left, right)

>the 王-esque part of 金 (王's vertical stroke is 2nd, after 1st horizontal stroke; 金's vertical stroke is after the 2 horizontal strokes below the "roof")

>牛 part of characters like 牲 and 犠 (牛 has vertical stroke 3rd, latter cases have upwards-slanted horizontal stroke 4th)

>里 and any similar character, like 動 (normally the 田 part's vertical stroke goes 3rd, in 里's case the vertical stroke comes after finishing the "box" at the top and before the 2 horizontal strokes at the bottom)

>anything involving the radicals 斤, 厂, and characters like 成 and anything resembling them (斤 goes right to left then down. 厂 goes left to right then down. 成 goes downwards then left to right)

how do you remember this shit? are there tricks like in the case of 右 vs 左 (1st and 3rd strokes' directions match)?


I find it odd that you have gyakuten kenji but are missing gyakuten saiban. also how about hotel dusk: room 215 or layton games?

a4d691  No.16341813

Are the light novels sold on amazon for the kindle text with images (real ebook style) or all images (fuckload of jpegs in a .mobi)?

I assume a light novel would be text with images but I wouldn't be that surprised if they fucked it up. If it is text, why are 99+% of the light novels on pantsu archives of images? I can't think of any reason to prefer scanned text rather than the text itself. I thought piratefags would be on this shit, less filesize to download/upload/store, more useful, costs less than physical copies, don't have to microwave it and scan the pages, and so on.

Also, I've seen some manga with kindle versions. I'm sure they aren't autism-tier 4k scans, but other than that have no clue. Here's my main questions about the manga:

Are they scans or digital?

If they're jpegs, are artifacts noticeable?

What resolution do they come in?

a7f839  No.16341817


>牛 has vertical stroke 3rd

4th. I meant 4th

3e47ae  No.16341832


Fuck the stroke orders. Not even remotely importantly.

cedd5c  No.16341844


The Gyakuten Saiban games are ported to 3DS, Gyakuten Kenji aren't. Don't really like Layton but I've been meaning to try Hotel Dusk, thanks.

>how do you remember this shit?

Lots of practice. 右, 有, and 布 start with the vertical stroke, 左, and 友 start with the horizontal stroke.

56403e  No.16341858




Most of that is pretty unimportant. Which order you write the down stroke in 牛 doesn't really affect anything about the final character. I think things like 斤 and 厂 actually are somewhat important because stroke order and direction there determines what kind of mistakes you frequently see in handwriting. The first two strokes of 斤 are basically a single line and might often be drawn as a single stroke. The result is that that corner always matches up perfectly. If done correctly, 厂 cannot be made from a single line, and the corner will frequently not match up when poorly written (either producing a gap or an intersection).

a7f839  No.16341888

File: c31cbd9cbe63ea2⋯.jpg (14.22 KB, 640x101, 640:101, word processor idiot.jpg)


I'm trying to learn handwriting too you ワープロ馬鹿. also muscle memory does wonders for memorization.


>The first two strokes of 斤 are basically a single line and might often be drawn as a single stroke

yeah I've seen some people doing that, but my autism won't allow anything but the right and proper way.

>>16341844 (checked)

>Lots of practice

yeah, figures. at least I mostly got the pronunciation down thanks to Spanish being my 1st language, with a few minor corrections (the sounds of u, d, j, dz(づ's sound), etc.).

cedd5c  No.16341909

File: efa6085d7ebd1e3⋯.jpg (4.05 MB, 3648x2736, 4:3, P1010038.JPG)

>>16341888 (チェックした)

>muscle memory does wonders for memorization

Yeah that's the main thing. Here's my kanji practice for today.

d62082  No.16342116



dce6f3  No.16342540

Is it normal to archive previous threads? Seems someone did just that and I'd like previous tips to be preserved in some way.


cedd5c  No.16342541


8chan has an automatic archive, you know.

ff222b  No.16342606

So what's a good method to learn writing kanji? It seems i can't just do with recognition alone.

8473de  No.16342763


You can learn stroke order from just about any kanji learning tool. There are some oddities like mentioned above, but generally after you write out a lot you can usually guess the correct order or at least the stroke count of new kanji with good accuracy. Pick a resource you like and start writing them out a lot. You could try writing full sentences out too.

fef0db  No.16342852


Alright then, I'll start writing the vocabulary that I find while reading. And one final question, is getting to know the radicals/parts of the kanji worthwhile? After learning that some radicals are actually modified forms of kanji and actually might point to the meaning I thought I'd spend time learning them all but if what they said above about stroke order being altered then maybe it's not that useful.

5efec0  No.16343068


>This manga is among the, if not the easiest I've ever read for anyone seeking an easy read. There's a couple lines using (iirc) Kyuushuu dialect that might throw you off, but mostly simple.

Thx for the recommendation anon, I definitely need more retard friendly manga.

5efec0  No.16343070


How do you play ds games on a 3ds?

Thought that was impossible.

fab27d  No.16343086

File: 456b48b1619a563⋯.png (341.42 KB, 390x594, 65:99, 456b48b1619a56301acd8deeef….png)



You're just playing with us, right? The 3DS is explicitly backwards-compatible with the DS. Except for 3DS enforcing region lock even with DS games while DS does not, but CFW solves that, and honestly, if you aren't doing that you're doing it wrong. It opens up so many options and it's easy to do on any system.

5efec0  No.16343520


Yes my 3DS has CFW.

Yes I know it can theoretically play DS games.

But I thought you need a flashcard for that.

5efec0  No.16343611



I'm obviously talking about piracy btw, since anon said

>play DS games from 3DS CFW

4c530a  No.16343804



I think that is probably what you are looking for.

fab27d  No.16343820



There was a DS loader in development at least a year ago, and that was not enough to run most games but was for the Tetris TGM homebrew.. No idea if it's improved but get an R4i Gold otherwise.

d62082  No.16343988



Girls Mode series

女の子と密室にいたら○○しちゃうかもしれない (an adventure game where you have to write out the object you want to interact with in Nipponese)

d4c612  No.16344041


>Not learning as many languages as possible

cedd5c  No.16344248


Yeah, this one.

3e47ae  No.16344516


They're supposed to be 2 distinct strokes, but in cursive, the entire character seems to be drawn in one stroke anyway.


2711c5  No.16345993


Duolingo sends data to facebook

ad6607  No.16345996


>(n) traffic accident caused by a driver thanking another driver for letting him go first at a junction

why is this so funny

8473de  No.16346022

File: 994c78048862881⋯.jpg (42.61 KB, 1074x695, 1074:695, INSANE_time_commitment.JPG)


It's designed more as a game to make you feel good than an actual learning tool. If you already know some Nip then go check it out. I don't know how anyone would learn anything substantial using it, I don't think it even went over the basics of the writing system or pronunciation, just straight to games of matching up shit (that had English on it) to make you think you learned something.

022fc6  No.16346139


>no Finnish or Hungarian anime

fab27d  No.16346146

File: c0adac63eb43d07⋯.webm (12.95 MB, 640x360, 16:9, c0adac63eb43d074b46ad9e0d….webm)


Be careful.

ce8afe  No.16346155

File: 59205791f2c965e⋯.webm (4.6 MB, 800x450, 16:9, Hyadain no Kakakata Katao….webm)


That's peak nippon.


>tfw full conversion never ever

281fca  No.16346268




dce6f3  No.16346295

File: f3bf5f354909ab8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.73 MB, 1788x1920, 149:160, edd5e9bf0506ff23f60bf2db19….png)

File: df8213ac40a8f74⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.83 MB, 1920x1920, 1:1, 69eade561faf3f2549e08a2f69….png)

Not gonna try putting my "translation" into words this time. Not at that level yet. Simply put, first pic they're bullying her due to pubic hair and second pic she wants to pee but decides to do so like a boy and finds it fun? Incidentally, whose the artist for these? Some low rent booru didn't even have an artist tagged.

a9b64c  No.16346376


> Tendo Dokuta

Now "Lifesigns" is something I distinctly remember as being not particularly good, but it's the translation that took it to "kind of painful". I am rather happy that I am only recognizing some of the screenshots, since that's the best I can hope for.

Kanken Premium

d0b147  No.16346510


They have very little explicit instruction, and the ammount that they do have (which is a recent addition) is terrible; it's lacking a lot of information, is extremely over simplified and is often just outright incorrect. Not to mention, even on their most popular course (Spanish) they stop giving any explicit notes at all before you get to any of the particularly advanced topics where they're needed most.

All of that is because their focus is and has always been teaching through context, which is what the OP refers to. It has been repeatedly scientifically shown, for decades, that trying to teach adults that way is terribly ineffective if you're doing anything short of full immersion, which even then will probably not yield the best results possible. regardless, products selling it have skyrocketed in the last decade, because they are perceived/sell themselves as easy/natural ways to learn a language.

There are a lot more people who want to be able to speak a language but, the amount of effort they're willing to put in hasn't risen much. Most of these people are Anglophones who didn't like they're foreign language class in high school, and are convinced that because they didn't like it, the methodology must be wrong, so they lap up products like Duolingo because they think it will let them learn without any of the icky grammar that they convinced themselves that they hate in high school.

d17a9f  No.16346563

Hey you guys have a good sauce for what Radical's look like in kanji e.g. 水 is only the left 3 dots like here 活.

cedd5c  No.16346589

d17a9f  No.16346604


I see. Thank you.

517db3  No.16347080

File: b589661a762e534⋯.mp4 (13.43 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Käy Muumilaaksoon (Full Fi….mp4)


>no Finnish anime

Now you say that.

5a0cba  No.16347148

File: d8411a02a4b4558⋯.png (13.31 KB, 454x295, 454:295, 2019-04-10_15-37-41.png)

I've been trying to learn on and off for a year or so now, just whenever I can find the motivation too. Admittedly I've gotten nowhere outside having a basic grasp on kana, but trying to get into vocab is so shitty when the fucking core deck pulls bullshit like this. Well is it やる or is it やろう?? Are they interchangeable? Does context matter? Where would I use one and not the other?

This is why I find KanjiDamage immensely more helpful. So much fucking info crammed on to each card, and two versions of each kanji, but I'm ONLY learning Kanji there, not full on vocab.

084829  No.16347166


It's an conjugated verb, lad. Don't just learn vocab without grammar.

084829  No.16347168



fug always proofread after changing the wording

5a0cba  No.16347192


Well shit, thread OP has always said you could learn either at your pace, so I figured putting the words together would be easier if I knew what the words were first, but ok, guess I gotta do both now from the start if I want to make full use of either? Not that I'm going to complain about that, just that that's not the vibe I had been getting from the threads, what little I've lurked

2b6654  No.16347222


You'll have a hard time understanding anything if you have zero grammar knowledge. Verbs have various conjugations, that's one of the first things you learn about them. To put it differently, suppose that on an english learning thread you ask that you saw "to eat" in a dictionary, but in the example sentence it's "eating", and what is it.

Japanese grammar is pretty simple and regular (well, at least the basics), while vocab is a never ending story. Don't wait with grammar until you finish learning the words, because you won't do that.

5a0cba  No.16347231


Yeah that makes sense. I think I tried going through some textbooks on grammar before, but they used kanji without any translation or readings, so I thought I would have to know a little before stepping. Hopefully Tae Kim is a bit different, thanks for the help

a34e03  No.16347240

are there any non-weeb reasons to learn Japanese?

5ae110  No.16347260

5baf2b  No.16347288


Tae Kim has kanji in the examples but there is a short vocab list with readings for in every chapter.

"Japanese the Manga Way" has much simpler examples so maybe read through that book first.


Travel, general interest in how languages work (i find it interesting at least), conversations with natives etc.

25ce61  No.16347336


Learning a language, any language, is good for your mental health in general.

If you're interested in the literature of a specific country, it's particularly satisfying to read it in the native language.

Popular media is usually just a gateway.

6242e4  No.16347343


>are there any non-weeb reasons to learn world's the hardest language?

If you cannot find one, you are going to regret learning it.

364f5e  No.16347380


Personally I think the op would be better off stripped down to just the itazuraneko site. Most if not all of the resources in the op are all contained within it, except more organized and sometimes with a nice brief explanation about them. Never actually read text but as you've indicated it's just plain wrong with regard to what you've mentioned. That should absolutely be removed or fixed so that nobody else gets the bad instruction you did.

8473de  No.16347398


It could probably use a rewriting. I haven't modified it much from the last person who made the threads regularly, and I don't know if they were the one who made it either, so it could have gone a long time without substantial changes. If anyone wants to make a better version then go for it.

f73073  No.16347484


>Japanese is hard

I dislike this meme. Just because something takes time doesn't mean it's difficult. It's like saying that it's hard to eat a 2-year-supply of peanut butter because you can't do it in a week.

d86d08  No.16347688


It's not yaro.u, it's yarō, a conjugated form (the plain volitional) of yaru.


Yes, it's a much better idea to learn vocab and grammar concurrently.


Japan is the world's third or fourth largest economy (depending on the metric), and the largest economy of a non-English speaking country that isn't a shithole (China, and by some metrics India, are technically larger economies). If you work in an industry like electronics and don't want to be the poor fucker who has to deal with the Chinese or Indians, Japanese is a great résumé language

cedd5c  No.16347818


You don't need grammar to learn vocab, but you do need grammar to understand the example sentences.


a9b64c  No.16347923


I find it difficult to categorize every kind of Japanese learner or even Japanophile as a weeb. but you are in /v/, so no

If you wanna nerd out over Meiji era haikara aesthetic or some shit, go for it.

56403e  No.16348134


Eating a ton of peanut butter would be pretty hard. After a weak or two of that shit you'd want to throw up at the thought of it, which is about how if feels to do Anki every day.

cedd5c  No.16348141


Only in the beginning, or if you've poorly scheduled your new cards so you have hour+ long reviews every day.

21fc11  No.16348219

I tried Mother 2 and couldn't stand the font. Was not looking forward to grinding through that with the slow walk speed if I could barely read it. Do any of the rereleases fix that?

eb9a81  No.16349096

What is the best method of learning this shit without a srs/computer.

I've tried to learn nip and quit about 3 times now and it's always because i keep fucking around when i should be reading and memorizing shit, i can't trust myself to do what i should be doing when around a computer.

db3478  No.16349100

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Is this clip even remotely accurate? I wanted a translation for some time and I'd hate to be bamboozled.

8473de  No.16350070


I don't know about that. I've been using anki every day for like two years straight now and I'm getting pretty sick of it. My reviews + making new cards doesn't even take that long, the shit just gets old after awhile.


You could grab physical copies of grammar guides and kanji books, vocabulary might be an issue though. If you're not able to find the motivation to study though you may just not have the desire to learn.

a7f7ad  No.16350559


If you want to learn from one source and don't want to use electronics at all, I recommend buying a physical copy of Genki and making physical flashcards for the vocab and kanji in it. If you're willing to invest in more than one source I'd recommend adding a couple grammar reference books, because Genki's largest flaw is that the grammar information in it is often over simplified, and cross referencing with other sources will help you suss out an accurate understanding.

Get a notebook for it. For each grammar lesson, write your understanding of how it works in your own words, partially because making yourself articulate it will help you understand it, and also to use as a reference for yourself later. Do the exercises in the back of the chapters (as many as you can) in the notebook too.

cedd5c  No.16351377


How about you solve your lack of concentration instead? The computer is invaluable for language learning.

a9b64c  No.16351779


Well I only gave it a few glances here and there… I'll give it "remotely" just because of the translation horrors I've seen on YouTube.

The English is more closely related to the Chinese interpretation, basically.

f73073  No.16351961


Anki only sucks if

>your cards are too difficult

>you take more than about an hour per day

>you use it after the point you don't need to

>you have a retard's attention span

8473de  No.16352010


Your summary looks accurate.

2b6654  No.16353925

File: 65f7db3f16a3fb4⋯.png (17.84 KB, 756x260, 189:65, today.png)

File: 055afbfd0970e9b⋯.png (107.4 KB, 1080x1750, 108:175, count.png)

Welp, it looks like team buildings have a detrimental effect on my nippon learning skills. Don't go to a company with more than 3 people if you can.

cedd5c  No.16354119


Why the fuck do you have so many new cards when you're already at over an hour a day?

8ec968  No.16354818


So you can be in the Yakuza

d62082  No.16355054

Is there a Rikaichan for Brave?

2b6654  No.16355489


I have the same amount of new cards as before, it just happened that I've got a lot of "I fail them 50+ times in a single day" now. Plus I've already decreased the number of new cards a few weeks before, so I'm mowing an even more snail slow speed now…

cedd5c  No.16355569


I would lower them to zero until you get over your slump or whatever. Spending too much time on Anki is a surefire way of burning out.

a9b64c  No.16355572



Something about that accuracy level seems absurdly low. I don't know what your cards are like, so maybe your average 5 seconds a card is perfectly acceptable, but I can't help but feel like you're systematically fucking yourself somehow.

acddad  No.16355608

File: c4ee5d7de82c34b⋯.png (63.31 KB, 634x727, 634:727, ClipboardImage.png)

Hey hey my dudes

I have some good books for Jap learning or learning in general tbqh

Should I upload them to anonfile or are there better alternatives?

Also, sorry for shamelessly plugging in my board, but would you mind also populating >>>/subs/? I sadly didn't have much time to fill it with content, as it's a board about fan translations and language learning in general maybe even fandubbing who knows to circumvent the translation duumvirate of the Jap cartels and Nintendo Treehouse of Horror.

6dbc50  No.16355659

I'm still so goddamn confused about how the actual understanding process happens. Like I think there are often times I pretty much understand some dialogue in a manga panel without "very consciously" translating it into English in my head, but I often get unsure and then do that process just to be safe - but it's also a pain in the ass, especially finding grammatically correct equivalents and accounting for every subtle nuance that would inevitably be redundant in a non-literal interpretation. It's unfun, but I can't be sure I actually know/understand what I'm reading until I do that translation process

2b6654  No.16355742

File: d0a1e7e3f92fa18⋯.png (38.38 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, card.png)


The cards are as simple as it gets.

f73073  No.16355760


>literally just the fucking word

Have you considered having it in a sentence? The vast majority of the time you see a word, it's used in a sentence. Doing that also gives more context, which makes it easier. Why not learn it that way?

364f5e  No.16355775



Simple is good. If he truly knows a word he should know it even without context. Learning it in a sentence is good, hopefully he's doing that, but optimally he should learn it while reading and simply review it in Anki. Sentence cards are just going to make his daily Anki times skyrocket. If he's going to be spending all that time reading, it should be new material and not the same sentences over and over. If he's like me though, then the example sentence is on the back of the card and only used for reference in the case that he has forgotten the word.

8473de  No.16355793


I've found myself consciously translating less as time goes on. It seems to be something that just happens naturally over time. I do the same thing too where sometimes I'll need to reread something slowly to make sure I actually got it. Being that Japanese is such a different language from English, there often times isn't a great natural sounding equivalent for things, but as long as you understand the general meaning and intent it's probably best not to dwell on it for too long.

2b6654  No.16355803


I've tried sentences, but what I figured out that in that case I only really learn the sentence, not the word itself, which is completely useless unless I happen to find the exact same sentence.

b1af4e  No.16355823


He asked about Japanese, not Korean.

c0a835  No.16355828


business reasons, sure you might not be in demand as someone speaking Mandarin but you don't have to live in China also

6dbc50  No.16355943


thanks for the reply. That helped me a lot

a9e20f  No.16356159


Do you have kanjidamage materials?

3e47ae  No.16356231


Given how ambiguous Japanese words are, you need at least a dozen example sentences per word to get a proper sense of its meaning anyhow.

2887ea  No.16356754



One thing that worked very well for me is to put both the word and the sentence on the card but make the sentence a little smaller and distance it from the word; this way I can try to recall the solution with the word alone but use the sentence for help if it doesn't work. Of course, you need to personally judge whether to pass or redo that word if you used the sentence.

a9b64c  No.16357771

File: f4dba09fcdfef98⋯.png (135.77 KB, 626x258, 313:129, I disagree.png)


> Sentence cards are just going to make his daily Anki times skyrocket. If he's going to be spending all that time reading, it should be new material and not the same sentences over and over.

If you want to improve your reading speed and comprehension, you need to get fast at sentences and you need to have good accuracy on what should be old news. Drilling the same sentences is a helpful part of training both.

Yes, Antimoon/AJATT style approach takes more review time in the short run. View it as practice for the long run.

Furthermore, while "simple is good" (Woz rule #4), that only necessarily means "as short as possible" when it concerns answers. What makes a simple question is sometimes surprisingly complex; it can be dependent on potentially confounding, often personal factors.

Context and hints matter a lot in the real usage of any language. And the way Japanese works, you often need to know the particle that goes with a verb or the verb that goes with a noun anyway.


It's not useless to train on sentences themselves, especially in a language as cliche-ridden as Japanese. It's useless to learn every Japanese word in isolation because you will not be in the habit of thinking in Japanese structures. The solution is more sentence, not less. In the end you will not remember 18k sentences, only how to read >99% of the material in a timely manner without getting lost. You will get faster, I promise, Anonymous' honor. lel

That said, it's best to use a mix of card types so that you can still grade yourself strictly where it matters. Right now I'm evolving to clozes because I've got most of the reading thing down and it's time to stop sounding like a retard when I talk.

Wait… fuck

d2d2c5  No.16357918


from my personal experience, it goes like

learn a rule > understand the rull > be able to apply the rule (consciously) > able to apply the rule quickly > applying the rule becomes a reflex > applying the rule becomes natural

Same process for translations of individual words. the only way to move from one step to the other is practice, and you might have to do it separately in each language context (reading/writing/speaking/listening)

cedd5c  No.16357959


Yes reading is important, but you should get your reading practice from something other than Anki. It's not like there is a shortage of Japanese material to practice with.

Anki is just for routine review of the basics.

761a3f  No.16358000

Whites are going extinct, and Japan is the best non-white nation.

364f5e  No.16358038


>Drilling the same sentences is a helpful part of training both.

Again, I don't think nearly as much so as with unique sentences. That wasted time adds up. Take 30 minutes a day spent on single word cards, and let's be quite generous and say you spent 45 minutes on the same amount of sentences cards. 1 year later you've spent about 90 hours rereading old material. Time spent not learning new material. Not furthering your understanding of those words by seeing them used in a variety of contexts, deepening your personal connection to words through new, fun experiences, thus bettering your recognition and, by extension, reading speed. The guy not wasting 15 minutes a day has the potential to read entire novels more, think about the effects of that in the long run. It's not like you up and forget the ways and context words are used in just because during review you don't always experience that directly.

bae751  No.16358049


japs are the whitest non white. they got ancient white blood

ac6458  No.16358051


this is an example of bad bait

do not be an idiot like


thank you and goodnight

f5947a  No.16358075


The Jomon share genes with European whites. It's also rumored that Bushido code was formed by vikings that somehow found their way into Japan and taught them how to fight. Sounds like some we waz kangs shit to me though

acddad  No.16358543


No but I'll proper look into it and come back with it if I get any.

8ec968  No.16358547


Learn a langauge how you learnt it when you were a child. For me I didn't understand the rules of english (still don't really) but I heard it everyday, read books and what not. You just pick up shit by memorisation. You have to become japanese to learn japanese. Only watch, read and listen to Japanese until you forget English itself!

f73073  No.16358550


Sentence cards don't have to be long. Remembering a word in context may take less time than one without context, which could make up for any time 'lost' reading the sentence. Also, you could have audio on the back of the card, which could help with learning how it is pronounced instead of how you think it should be pronounced.

8473de  No.16358853


Children and adults learn language differently. The "learn like children" thing is not good advice.

acddad  No.16359332


>superpower by 2020

f73073  No.16359499

File: 2657adb72aad25d⋯.png (1.11 KB, 271x271, 1:1, 2657adb72aad25d9f0c55d66ff….png)


I've seen plenty of examples of adults learning languages "like children" and doing well. I've also seen some research suggests that languages are learned pretty much the same way no matter the age (see Stephen Krashen), but I've never really seen proof for the other side.

361674  No.16359576

Reposting this here since anons on the Share thread doesn't seem to care.

I have some links of NTSC-J PS2 games but they are all on Baidu.

I'm willing to post more them as soon as someone can download and reupload them on Mega or other English-friendly filehoster.

Here's one link to try:

Kenka Banchou [NTSC-J] [SLPM-65974]


Can't do it myself, JDownloader keeps failing.

d2d2c5  No.16359633

File: 95977b1c73cb42f⋯.pdf (3.77 MB, Principles_of_language_lea….pdf)

File: f70ff6e1e632151⋯.pdf (4.29 MB, The_Logical_Problem_of_For….pdf)


have you looked?

Here are only the two papers I saved from the last time this came up in a thread. At the time you could find these on the first page of Google scholar results, and you will be able to find plenty more today because this is the scientific consensus.

364f5e  No.16360008


Children learn languages far too slowly. Use the advantages given to you by age so as not to be speaking like a grade-schooler years in. That aside, by and large what I typically advocate is to mostly learn naturally through exposure, only plus the benefit of using your adult brain with a side of textbooks for aid when you get stuck as well as to build up a solid foundation from which you can get a good starting foothold from.


No, but it can still take twice+ the time to read 4-8 words rather than 1. Overly short sentences like some of the ones you find in core also aren't always great because they don't always provide a good context. Once more, you aren't remembering a word out of context, you just aren't constantly reviewing it in context. You are (if you're doing it right) still learning it in context. You've still experienced, and will continue to experience through further exposure, what particles it can use, what connotations it has, and all of that jazz. It'll all still be part of your register. And more so than someone spending their time rereading things instead of becoming more experienced by reading new things. Seeing a word used twenty different times will do more for your understanding of that word than seeing it used once a hundred times. If and when you do just outright forget a word 100%, then at that point you could spend a few seconds in a dictionary, complete with example sentences, but otherwise it's unnecessary to spend so much extra time. You can have audio for single word cards too.

4bf39d  No.16360025

How the fuck are people getting 5 or 10 second times per card? I'm having difficulty staying below 30 seconds per card and my sessions keep dragging out for hours.

cf88f6  No.16360045


A child's brain processes more information both in terms of speed and volume then an adult until 4-6 years of age, then it rapidly depreciates as they grow older. Don't overestimate your physiology just because you forgot what it was like to know nothing and have to learn from observing.

cedd5c  No.16360046


It should only take a few seconds to realize if you know the word or not.

364f5e  No.16360103


What's your review process like? For a vocabulary card what I would typically do is look at the word, say the reading aloud or in my head, think of the meanings, then mark the card. Might take a couple seconds unless I was stumped and insistent on trying to recall it.


I don't really understand the point of your post. I'm not making little of how kids pick things up, but an adult can use their prior knowledge to learn a language much more efficiently. I could easily out-read a 4 year old 1 year into study. They learn quick for learning from nothing, but learning from nothing is a stupid choice when you have a choice to do otherwise.

4bf39d  No.16360163



That might explain a bit of it. I usually let myself try for some period of time to remember a card before marking it, perhaps much longer than I should.

4e627f  No.16362506


Maybe they are using kanjidamage.

4bf39d  No.16362736


That reminds me – I've seen some posts over the last couple of threads, or rather, the aftermath of it, anons yelling at someone who was promoting Kanjidamage, all of whose posts were deleted by the time I read through it. I've been using it for kanji in addition to my vocabulary deck. Is there some notable problem with it, or was it just a matter of spam?

cedd5c  No.16362762


He keeps spamming it for some reason.

22952f  No.16362925


> Is there some notable problem with it

It's ran by leftist jews who hate whites.

http://www.might be a bot, summon Mark to correct/kanji/31-white-%E7%99%BD

4bf39d  No.16362960


Yeah, that's annoying. I've been replacing those mnemonics as I've ran across them. With how much they seem to mention rappers I had figured the site was run by a nigger, or something.

a4a2a4  No.16367659


>KIDF just getting warmed up to defend a website for subhumans to learn a language that's big on respect, using borderline ebonics

58086c  No.16367678



It's excellent when it comes to teaching how to learn Chinese characters by their components (the "official" way of studying is full retard) but wrong on other matters, like not knowing what jukujikun is or saying stuff like "on'yomi is as "Chinese" as the phrase ching chong" (it's based off middle Chinese and I can clearly see correspondences between varieties of Chinese after studying enough patterns).

fef0db  No.16367875


What's the official way?

a3f61e  No.16367902



cedd5c  No.16367947


Writing them 9001 times each?

5baf2b  No.16368496

I can't believe how bad Tae Kim's example senteces are. :\

>Person who did not eat dinner went to the bank she saw at movie

Mate…. come on

cedd5c  No.16368534


He uses more literal translations to help you understand how the grammar works.

58086c  No.16368602


As explained on the website, learning them as if you were learning words in an alphabetical language, where you'd often end up learning a whole complex character first and then it's individual components later. When learning Chinese characters, it makes more sense to pay attention to form and components first over their meaning.

a0464e  No.16368797

File: a7b6506ed43343c⋯.png (33.3 KB, 808x344, 101:43, 1.png)


>learning to read japanese when you can't read english

cedd5c  No.16369511


Nobody cares.

8cea1b  No.16369689


imo a literal translation still has to be a technically grammatically correct translation. It sounds like wants to use a gloss but doesn't think beginners would bother to understand it or doesn't know what they are, so he just uses this middle ground that is neither a valid translation nor an unambiguous rendition of the structure of the Japanese sentence.

If it were me I would follow the usual format of a sentence followed by a gloss followed by a literal translation.

1a4871  No.16369949


kanjidamage cares. *sniff*

8ccb50  No.16370131



literal translations are an invaluable tool for learning. shame language courses of today shun them (usually because to avoid retards complaining when they get marked wrong for blindly using word-for-word translations)

>imo a literal translation still has to be a technically grammatically correct translation.

that sometimes isn't possible when 2 languages have different ways of expressing the same thing. Take French's "avoir envie de" ("feel like [doing sth]", "have a desire to"):

I saw "J'ai envie de vomir" translated as "I feel nauseous". It's not 'wrong' per se, but the original structure becomes lost in translation and you don't learn anything. So you can use a more literal translation:

J'ai envie de vomir -> "I have want to puke"

it looks horrible, but you can get a rough idea how "avoir envie de" works and what the words actually mean.

And sure, you can say "I have a desire to puke" or "I want to puke" but they sound kinda funny to me, especially the former which says that you want to puke voluntarily. Moreover, "I want to puke" literally translates to "Je veux vomir", which may also give the impression that you want to puke voluntarity.

TL;DR stop making a fuss over nothing

ffe4eb  No.16370396


I don't consider "I have want to puke" to be strictly grammatically incorrect so long as you allow want to be reinterpreted as a mass noun. You could also use the direct translation "I have desire to puke" while in English "desire" wouldn't normally be used this way, this sentence is still what I mean by strictly grammatically correct, in that it does not violate the syntax or morphology of English.

But when he says something like 'I'm going to omit all articles because Japanese doesn't have them", your translations aren't going to be grammatically correct. The use of articles in English is strictly governed and the article system contains a null article whose use is as strictly governed as "the" and "a(n)". When you say 'I'm just gonna drop them', you have probably changed the meaning of the sentence to some degree, made it unnecessarily hard to parse, and perhaps made it impossible to interpret unambiguously or even correctly. I.e. omitting the articles doesn't "preserve the Japanese meaning" because the lack of ome (I.e. the null article) either conveys a different, specific meaning or conveys no meaning necessarily because it's incorrect and depends upon the reader to correct it in a particular way.

7cff15  No.16371211


You're doing it wrong if you do it that way. You need to make sure you know how to read it, and make sure you understand all its contextual meanings, which can only be done by reading multiple sentences, which should take you at least around 30 seconds.

cedd5c  No.16371231


You learn context from actually reading stuff, not from daily Anki reviews.

d4a3f0  No.16376712

Can you guys help a begginer out?

"きっと言うから… あなたのおかげで幸せだったって…"

I can't make sense of the から.

Without it my translation was: "I'm will surely say… Thanks to you I was happy."

bf7834  No.16376815


Russia people is like black but wrong color by accident.

364f5e  No.16377177


It's the "because" から which is preceded by some reasoning and followed by the result or what have you, only the result need not always be said when the general idea can be understood through the context. I'm supposing the line is someone reassuring somebody, so basically what would follow から would be a "give them some time" or "don't worry" sentiment. It doesn't make much of a difference here, but just for future reference, it's always easier to understand and help when you have some context rather than just a one-off line.

d62082  No.16377212

d4a3f0  No.16377321

File: 9147558c916c482⋯.jpg (148.21 KB, 907x1000, 907:1000, 01.jpg)


Thank you very much.

That was from the very first page of School Rumble. There is no context and the next page cuts to something else.

4658ec  No.16379078


I can't touch kanji yet, have a lot of grammar to learn yet.

Using Tae Kim's guide and some youtubers lessons took me very far, but lately the lessons just don't seem to stick. That's why I'm training using manga with furigana.

2238a7  No.16379126


>I can't touch kanji yet, have a lot of grammar to learn yet.

What kind of stupid logic is that? Kanji is the thing you should be doing every day from the start and it is the easiest thing to follow a daily routine by doing it during openings of time or whenever.

8473de  No.16379233


Don't bother responding to the kanjidamagefag, they've just been spamming the threads with bullshit.

649428  No.16379453

File: 1c616f122a31ab5⋯.png (233.74 KB, 620x640, 31:32, 1c616f122a31ab591ca3b639ac….png)

How do I add a card to an Anki deck? To be specific, I'm almost certain that the deck already has the word, but I want it brought to the 'front of the deck' so-to-speak because I just discovered it and want to memorize it quickly.

364f5e  No.16379560



The logic isn't there, but I wouldn't say that about kanji either when you could do vocabulary. There's a lot more of it to be learned, it's generally more helpful, and you can pick up on some kanji naturally through them all the while. Grammar is the more important of the three in my opinion but there's no good reason to ignore everything else. You need some of everything to start properly using the language and that's what you should be aiming for.


Search for the word in the browser and if you can find it there's some options under 'card' to reschedule it to appear when you want. If it's too impractical to search you could make the card yourself and delete the existing one when it finally pops up.

bac2d7  No.16379612

So Manga translated is essentially comics right?

Is it improper to use it interchangeably?

Where can I find the JP dub of king of the hill?

2b2ecf  No.16379972


Studyabroadfag here.

People use 漫画 adn コミック pretty interchangeably. The only real difference is that 漫画 is obviously more Japanese-sounding.

5da5c8  No.16380100

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>JP dub of king of the hill?

>not the superior Japanese Dub of 24 with Jack Bauer played by Rikiya Koyama


3e47ae  No.16380140


The only difference is that manga is a chink loanword and komikku is an English loanword. Neither is yamato kotoba and thus not really "Japanese" sounding.

cf2561  No.16380158

File: 33a4d32d42a3004⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.51 KB, 450x375, 6:5, cock.jpg)

6df3d8  No.16380188


>tfw want to suck a big ween

cf2561  No.16380199



649428  No.16380721


I'm not sure I see what you're talking about. I found one of the cards I want and I see a cards menu but I don't see anything obvious showing how I can reschedule it.

364f5e  No.16381262

File: cb070295bc91c81⋯.jpg (44.21 KB, 567x256, 567:256, スケジュール表示順序.jpg)


You can find these options either in the toolbar menu or right-click menu while in the browser.

51451f  No.16381918




cedd5c  No.16384354

File: 00a474b7538eaca⋯.png (74.74 KB, 200x240, 5:6, 1471390205279.png)



Go back to China.

9675c4  No.16385121

Can someone give me some insight into the verb 費やす? Check these two sentences:

1. 私は語学の勉強にかなりの時間を費やしています。

2. つまらないことに時間を費やすな。

Is this verb really interchangeable with "spend time" and "waste time"? Seems kinda counter intuitive because there is a nuance between saying something is a "waste of time" and saying that you're "spending time" doing something. One implies a lack of productivity while the other implies that the investment of time on the activity will produce some kind of return.

cedd5c  No.16385172


Yeah it just means to expend. Though "waste time" you will often see as 暇を潰す

e95c7b  No.16393149

File: 63f5006df8e5182⋯.png (235.42 KB, 640x886, 320:443, 63f5006df8e518284dfac87c42….png)

File: eaa94b79477b38f⋯.mp4 (7.85 MB, 480x360, 4:3, sailor what.mp4)

Could someone translate this tweet reacting to this horrendous Sailor Moon (((adaptation)))?

cedd5c  No.16393170


He's praising it.

16199d  No.16393216


He said it was good.

95692f  No.16393218

7f7753  No.16394178



Fun haters go back to /a/

4dde07  No.16394272

813508  No.16394507


Look it's probably not a perfect translation but fuck you, take it or leave it:


In regard to why I'm so fond of Sailor Moon, (it's the type of) video I've wanted to see (at least) once.


It's because of the foreigner's various skills that this anime is being reproduced, I consider the mouth movements among other things to be more awesome than the original (lol).


I don't know how many times have I seen the same design that isn't any different at all and gotten tired of it (lol).


The smooth movements show the hidden absolute proficiency



dce6f3  No.16394678


Only managed one sentence without the use of machines. How long and much must one read before the training wheels come off?

2b6654  No.16395056

dce6f3  No.16395471


So most are stuck using Yomichan and the like? It makes sense but as I said before, to me it really feels like cheating and not exactly a sign of one adapting to the language. I assume fan translators never use them.

2b6654  No.16395556


>I assume fan translators never use them.

You couldn't be further from the truth than that. Someone who's better at screencapping things than me will surely supply you with an endless amount of examples of fan translations done by people who haven't the slightest idea of how Japanese work. Heck, there's even a rikaicake/rikaisama dictionary made especially for translating.

dce6f3  No.16395589


Too bad Rikaisama no longer works on the latest Firefox. So I should try to not feel so bad about using it when I stumble upon an unfamiliar or less familiar word or grammar point? My goal of course is VNs and the odd ero-RPG, if only because they seem to be the easiest to text hook and check if I identified a word correctly. OCR programs tend to be finicky sometimes.

dce6f3  No.16395594

Oh, a bit of heads up. Latest version of Anki is incompatible with Yomichan's real time import function and it has this all too small aesthetic I'm not a fan of. Kanji looks too handwritten for my tastes too.

364f5e  No.16395615



-ずき - a liker of; someone who likes ~. (This is) a video which I want fans of Sailor Moon to watch once.


Some foreign people are reproducing the anime in/with a variety of art techniques


No matter how many times I watch, because of the different styles I can watch without losing interest


There's gotta be pros amongst the contributors. Not so literal there, obviously.


A lot of fan translators are actually shit at Japanese. It's just one more reason to keep learning. Don't feel bad about using rikai, but you shouldn't be entirely reliant on it either. Looking stuff up in the dictionary is how you learn. However, you might learn more if you switched over to a Japanese dictionary.

51dc97  No.16395659


When I learned Spanish it took three years (of school) and then one day everything clicked all at once. If I we're learning over the summer too it probably would have been a lot faster than that. Japanese will probably take longer but I expect that click to happen eventually after enough study and practice.


professional translators still use machine translation and software made for translation. The technique is called post-editing, and it improves the speed and accuracy of their translations.

2b6654  No.16395666


I'm using Pale Moon, it works fine. I also heard it works with Waterfox, but I never tested it. Leave firefox for the SJW pampering mozilla.

2238a7  No.16395680


Just use rikaichamp. Same thing.

dce6f3  No.16396170


>A lot of fan translators are actually shit at Japanese.

Yet they exist. Shit, and I was looking forward to this VN someone at /hgg/ is translating (the kicker here is I had it and similar ones backlogged). Major reason on my end is to escape the (((localizers))), who I thought were the prime perpetrators of shit translations whereas fans (most of them, hopefully) lack any interfering agendas.


So there really is no shame in using Google Translate AFTER I take a swing at a news article (I simply skip what I can't make sense of)? Still prefer an editor around these parts but very well. Still, aren't places like Fuwanovel and ULMF rife with low quality machine translations?

>Leave firefox for the SJW pampering mozilla.

Considering that due to shit like incompatible add-ons and using a bunch of processes for some reason but SJW collaboration is news to me. I take it diversity hires are making the browser worse?



Just know that Rikaichamp lacks Anki real time import. As for pics, Kanjitomo or Capture2Text. Though it's a little inconvenient to open a text box in a browser just to use the former in order to read text fed by the latter.

8473de  No.16396257


I don't think it is always agenda pushing, many people probably just get cocky and try to translate above their ability, leading to garbage. It's an easy trap to fall into once you get some proficiency. Translating is hard.

>So there really is no shame in using Google Translate AFTER I take a swing at a news article

No shame in looking things up, that's how you'll learn after all. Best to try first on your own like you said. If you don't understand anything then you may just want to move on, but a few words or something isn't excessive. I'd be cautious of using google translate though, since it can be pretty bad for Japanese. It can sometimes handle small sections, but I've had it give me total nonsense a lot so I don't really trust it much.

3e47ae  No.16396281



a05157  No.16396438


and kanjidamage

364f5e  No.16396702



Yeah, I could name a number of doujin HRPG where the "translator" just put it through machine translate and then tries to cleans up the English, and the kicker is that more than half the time the guy doing it's doesn't speak English natively or well for that matter. I know that some people do the same with manga and an OCR too.

Besides cocky people who think they're better than they are there's also people who treat translation like practice or a study method when they shouldn't, people no different from localizers; changing and adding things for a "better" end-product, and then there's people who just don't really give a damn about quality and are just in it for the free dick-sucking. You could point out a fault in every sentence of something and a crowd will still rush to defend and deny. People will defend censorship, changes, and errors in fan-translation much in the same way they'll defend "professional" translation. Some people can know for a fact that it's just a fixed up Google Translate job and they'll still prostrate themselves before the guy in gratitude.

Quite disappointing if you were once ignorantly over-trusting of fan-translators.

2b6654  No.16396740




I mean, it's gab, and they ban loli, so they kind of deserve it. But still, it's a sign that mozilla is a bunch of SJW commies and you better avoid them.


>people who treat translation like practice or a study method

Been there, done that, then stopped before the I did an unrecoverable disaster. Don't do it, it's not fun.

On fan-translators vs professional: unfortunately both of them can be dogshit or bretty good. I have a feeling than fan-translations are usually more literal as they don't try to "localize" everything, like honorifics and other culture shit, and thus it's easier to believe they're more correct, but it doesn't mean they're not full of errors.

cedd5c  No.16397390


You having problems too? Latest version of Anki fucked up all my fonts. It doesn't use the stroke order font for my kanji deck anymore and I can't figure out how to fix it.

2419c9  No.16397483


Yeah, nobody uses network functionality """in actual practice"""* because everything is the FDO faggots' desktop or phone ecks dee. Fuck off.

* This empty phrase is always a surefire sign your opponent is bullshitting.

cedd5c  No.16397490


Oh nevermind, I guess restarting the PC fixed it.

4e627f  No.16407433


I use kanjidamage

1c8372  No.16408403


>that black sailor Jupiter and tranny Sailor Mercury

diversitytards are diseased

649428  No.16408467

How can I say, "It seemed like fun" as in you're referring to an event which happened in the past?

Here are my ideas, let me know if any or none are correct.




Furthermore, which one is more casual?

d8e582  No.16408529



That's casual for "It was fun"

419818  No.16408787

man I'm getting so tired of copula and aru/nai overlapping/confusion and j-en dictionaries not accounting for (english equivalent) grammatical forms for words that are all s-verb, na-adjective, noun-adverbs etc. I want to fucking kill myself all of this shit makes me so angry

manga is complete garbage cancer for learning and will make sure you develop bad habits and misunderstandings, the only reason it should ever be recommended is if you can't muster motivation to read in any other way

cedd5c  No.16409136

File: a0db94c24805353⋯.jpg (118.64 KB, 1350x760, 135:76, a0db94c248053530d31c2f4e99….jpg)


Can you say that again in a way that makes sense?

364f5e  No.16409560


Manga and anime are fine for learning as long as you're not so retarded as to mimic obviously unnatural stuff like 語尾 and suchぽよ and understand that they are fictional and real-life conversation isn't scriptedだぴょん. They don't just up and change grammatical structure of the language for them. Granted, you're most likely not going to get as much experience with written narrative styles, long-winded sort of stuff. I can't follow your first sentence fully, but just switch to a plain Japanese dictionary then?

419818  No.16409631



>worry; concern; anxiety; uneasiness; fear(U+200B was here)

it's what I mean. It doesn't give an example for actively worry (suru), be in a state of worry (adjective), and having worry/noun (ga aru and rest).

That translation above would only account for the 3rd, as a noun

Whenever I come across it in manga I only have a concept to think of and no other aides, so all three will just naturally/spontaneously amount to one grammatical form in my head, that of "being worried", even though I know there are, or should be, differences

look, here too


work; job; business; occupation; employment; vocation; task(U+200B was here)

look I don't know about you nigger but from this alone I can't clearly tell what the no-adjective version is meant to be. employed? or currently working?

and the second is just, I don't fucking know, dependent nouns and some other random aru/copula usage rules/habits(?) messing with my head

>sonna koto nai

In my head amounts to "that's not true/it's not that", but because it's nai, it should(?) mean "it doesn't exist for/in/at/towards someone/something"

>nan no you datta?

in my head "what business did you have", when it's probably "for you, what kind of business was it?"

>~hazu desu/~hazu ga/wa nai

obviously the fact that it's a rule that the negative is ga nai instead of ja nai confuses me yet again

I can't tell between dependent noun constructions and na/no adjectives and literal ownership/existence of (abstract) things and a state of being being vaguely connected to the (often omitted) topic or something, I'm not even sure myself

actually, maybe I need to completely go back to the core: is "kare wa benkyou da" a valid sentence? If it is you can attach pretty much any noun/concept to anything with the copula right?

56403e  No.16413081


When I use Google translate it's more for "inspiration" than an actual solution. There are times when what comes out is pretty much perfect as is, but usually it just gives me a better understanding of the sentence's intended structure and helps a bit with any set phrases. From there I put what I know are the correct words and context into the structure that google is trying to make out of it and usually end up with the correct result.

56403e  No.16413596

Well I've finally finished Atelier Rorona Plus. Took me about 4 months, counting the second playthrough in order to unlock all the endings (there were quite a few scenes I missed the first time). Not going to bother actually watching all the endings though, sitting through all the final day dialog and the credits every time is just too much, I'd rather get started on Totori.

I expect Totori and Mururu to go a little faster, I might even be able to fit Lulua in before the year is over, though I had only originally planned for 3 which is why I had a 4 month target for the first game. As for how I'm doing right now, I can pick up a surprising amount but there's almost never a complete sentence that I fully understand on my own. Something in the grammar or sentence ending usually gets me even if the vocabulary doesn't.

cedd5c  No.16414180


Okay the problem is that you are trying to make sense of Japanese in the context of English. Stop trying to translate everything to English in your head.

dce6f3  No.16414523


Easier said then done. Am I merely supposed to get the gist of what's said for now?

dce6f3  No.16414877

Any Yomichan users having trouble with the real time import function? Have the latest of both that and Anki complete with the AnkiConnect plugin installed into the latter. Despite several reinstalls, it keeps failing to connect.

364f5e  No.16415574


Good job finishing your first? RPG in the language. How many hours did it take you? There's a good chance the other games will go better than you think, especially since they likely share quite a bit of vocabulary being related and all. Its a bit contrary to what I'm about to say, but it might be good to make a little more effort towards getting a good understanding of some more sentences if there really is some difficulty with almost all of them.


Sometimes that's good enough. There will be some things that you'll just have a vague grasp of until you see it for the nth time and it just clicks. Rather than mull over something you've only seen once before and stagnate, it can be better to just move on and get a feel for it over time. Once you're a bit more familiar with how it's used, then you can delve into it's specifics.

Earlier your first idea for そんなことない was better. That's not the negative of はず. Just as if you said リンゴがない so as to mean, "I have no apple/s" should you say 彼女が行くはずがない it would mean "I have no expectation that she will go." Just describing the lack of はず.


Here >>16395589

364f5e  No.16415578


Sorry I linked the wrong post, try one below it.

dce6f3  No.16415636


Restarting the PC of all things fixed AnkiConnect. Still, your advice helps. Just gotta get rid of years and years of thinking that tools hinder learning and anything less then a perfect translation is 100% wrong. Not having an experienced or someone to vet my progress hurts too but I guess that's what these threads are for.

26cf5f  No.16415667


kanjidamage seems to be the answer.

364f5e  No.16415689


My bad, I didn't realize I was linking you to yourself. Just remembered someone mentioned it earlier so I responded without much thought or even re-reading the post.

56403e  No.16416177

File: 812d8533c538ff2⋯.jpg (416.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190420144747_1.jpg)


>How many hours did it take you

Save says 97. I'd estimate more than that from reloading saves, especially when I wasn't able to get through all the dialog at once.

I don't know how I can improve at this point. I've been through the basic grammar books already. Here's just a random example I was able to pull out of my screenshots folder (not sure why I screenshotted it, but it was there). For context, Geo just dragged Rorona out of the city running away from something, but never says exactly what. She said something about the situation to which he's responding.

I honestly have no idea what すればほとばりも means here. None of it comes comes up in any of my searches. I can't really tell what the な at the end of the second line is supposed to be either, and ことだから usually throws me off anyway even if I technically know how that's supposed to be used. Overall I know that this exchange comes to something like "don't worry, that always happens (maybe that doesn't always happen), it will probably cool off.", it's the details I struggle with here.

3e47ae  No.16416308


It means "your excitement will die down after a while". Do you even try looking shit up?


8473de  No.16416377


The な in this case is the one used at the end of sentences for emphasis. What grammar books have you read? If you only went through basic ones you might want to look into some more advanced material.

364f5e  No.16416387


ほとぼり in this case should refer to some person/s fired up emotion pertaining to or surrounding the (seemingly recurring) situation he was involved in. If he gives it some time, things will calm down. The な is pretty much just an alternative ね which is just emphatic. Similar to the Canadian "eh" in a way. That's kind of how I've always thought of it.

56403e  No.16416434


looks like I had a typo and that might have been half the problem. すれば still doesn't make sense to me though. The point of this wasn't to say "this is a line I had extreme difficulty with" so much as "this is the kind of difficulty I have frequently".


な can be negative, or it can be emphasis apparently. Wasn't too sure on the latter but I'm a little weak on sentence-final particles to begin with. It's usually more obvious when it's being used as a negative though, so I assumed that whatever it was doing here didn't change the core meaning.

56403e  No.16416450


come to think of it it's a negative command form with な, not a negative sentence. So yeah the only problem here is that I didn't remember な was an emphasis particle as well.

364f5e  No.16416485


Oh, just keep reading and such and you'll improve with time. It's like I say here >>16415574 even if you struggled with this sentence, the more you see of the same, the more your understanding of the specifics and nuances will grow. Though doing some proper advanced study or even basics review is good too as suggested. する used with a time word like 少し or 一時間 can mean "pass (of time)" So, if a little (time) passes, or 一時間すると if one hour passes. Another thing that could really help is checking a Japanese dictionary. Sometimes the EDICT entries in Jisho or Rikai can really suck. Getting a proper explanation of the meaning of a word as Japanese define it beats a simple translation almost every time. Not so necessary for basic nouns though.

56403e  No.16416529


How am I supposed to use a Japanese dictionary if I can't already read Japanese though? I really doubt google translating a dictionary in order to help me understand words that aren't google translating properly is going to help. Even if it did I wouldn't know where to look because searching for stuff online in japanese is currently beyond my knowledge.

364f5e  No.16416635


Gotta start sometime. You've made it through 100 hours of RPG, you should be able handle it. It will take a little getting used to as with any new topic you set out with but once you get common dictionary vocab down it won't be so bad. Here, the entry and sub-entry pertaining to the usage of する I just gave, just for an example:



or from a different dictionary:


Weblio.jp and dictionary.goo.ne.jp are good online dictionaries, featured above. Otherwise Google a word or phrase plus the word 意味. For the difference between two words, them plus 違い or 使い分け.

6cccaa  No.16416813

File: 38a1c94302c9401⋯.swf (5.4 MB, 空の帰り道.swf)

Thanks for this thread lads. I never intend to speak the language but learning to read it will be enough to expand the library of games I can play by a lot. Realkana is a terrific resource, it lets me just copy down the characters with their english meanings below and make sure my characters are written correctly when I use the study option. I look forward to being able to read swf titles and the language looks mad good in terms of spacial efficiency, possibly being able to smush a lot of english text into relatively few characters.

10db61  No.16417069


Start at kanjidamage

aee6e1  No.16418377















all me btw

6cccaa  No.16419119

>japs use two different runes that translate to the same letter in english

for what purpose? Writing them both down ofc, but surely both runes don't actually mean the same thing in moonrune even if they translate as such in english?

a54f6e  No.16419136


Every book about learning moon has an introduction explaining this shit. Alternatively, fucking google it.

29deba  No.16419137


Are you referring to kanji or the fact that katakana seems redundant? Cause for the former kanji is used to show entire words sometimes, so they’re special. For the latter katakana is used almost exclusively for foreign loan words, and sometimes is just stylistic such as making robot voices in text and for slang.

6cccaa  No.16419148


kana specifically, hiragana/katakana. I haven't reached kanji yet. That's very interesting to know though, and makes good sense.

364f5e  No.16419213


RIGHT? GLAD we don't have something so REDUNDANT in ENGLISH. Sound effects, animal names (especially those with difficult kanji or readings), and some technical terms also get katakana treatment a lot or sometimes they're used in place of difficult kanji rather than hiragana.

d8b438  No.16419319


Are you making the suggestion that kana is capslock?

364f5e  No.16419462


No, katakana has a lot more practical uses than capslock but still I'm likening it to it because they're both separate sets of visually different characters that represent the same thing so that really shouldn't throw anyone for a loop.

6fd21c  No.16419482

Thinking about taking a into to Japanese class at my local uni. Thoughts?

8473de  No.16421433


From what I hear a class could be good or shit depending on the teacher and how stupid your classmates are. If you're motivated you might be able to learn faster on your own, but if you're someone who really needs the classroom structure it might help get you started. The main benefit to me would be if you had a native speaker for a professor that you could ask questions easily. Other than that there are so many free or cheap resources for learning that taking classes is certainly not required.

364f5e  No.16422559


If you can, find out what the class claims to cover to see if it's a reasonable amount of material to start with. Classmates and teacher aside, the texts they use could also be shit for you. Like, I couldn't work with Genki when I started, so I just switched to grammar textbooks better suited to myself. Can't necessarily do that in a class.

8473de  No.16423376

File: 78fb3c32d0e3ad0⋯.png (592.83 KB, 1300x840, 65:42, 74478645_p0.png)


56403e  No.16423416




I'm considering looking for a class myself. If nothing else just someone to talk to, both to ask questions and practice speaking. Plus a little bit of outside pressure would do me some good right now I think.

7f9d66  No.16423506



b87da2  No.16423530


can you find the syllabus for the class your interested in? If it has a schedule of topics, can you post it?

9fdd47  No.16423857


I'll check it out but it just had a shooting there so I'm considering another school.

d62082  No.16424247

File: 342089e79298579⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1920x1344, 10:7, gsdx_20190430211547.png)

File: 9841dfcf49ada11⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1920x1344, 10:7, gsdx_20190430211551.png)

File: 08929cf2fe29f88⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1920x1344, 10:7, gsdx_20190430211555.png)

File: f80694c7aacbef2⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1920x1344, 10:7, gsdx_20190430211559.png)

File: cab435cac44c75c⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1344, 10:7, gsdx_20190430211605.png)

cedd5c  No.16424255

File: 03728517e51466f⋯.png (35.05 KB, 117x191, 117:191, 1468374915006-2.png)


What game?

d62082  No.16424269

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


パンチら13. Latest SVN seems to run it and Steambot Chronicles (which uses the same engine) well enough. Minor graphical bugs in Pachipara and missing flashback filter in Steambot Chronicles.

cedd5c  No.16424285

File: 9e27d4348611e60⋯.png (157.23 KB, 397x420, 397:420, 9e27d4348611e60c87e98e62ea….png)




d62082  No.16424291


Yeah, everything except the Pachinko parts of this game are amazing. It has Steambot Chronicles sandbox but refined and a fun story. The Pachinko part is pretty much just auto-pilot (you can set balls to launch automatically) and loading a save if you don't get jackpot.

d62082  No.16424403


Oh did I mention it gives you the option to eat save points?

d72fe7  No.16424901


All right I'll give it a shot, what's the worst that could happen.

952f50  No.16425008

Reminder that learning japanese is useless, since America is forcing Japan to censor their media at the source.

cedd5c  No.16425031


That doesn't affect the thousands of games that are already made.

bfa632  No.16425494


Twilight Loader can now play a lot of shit off SD card. R4 is still better, but there's now choice.

a9e20f  No.16426774

56403e  No.16431228


Can someone explain to me the use of る” and に” in the third picture here? >>16430296 I'm pretty sure those are supposed to be the same "soft consonants" you see on がだざ and ば, but I can't even imagine what an る” would sound like.

Granted, sound effects in general are usually pretty incomprehensible to me, even if I can read the characters, but right now I'm just wondering about the characters.

6fe041  No.16431739

File: 3da9bf245d375c6⋯.jpg (322.41 KB, 1200x1709, 1200:1709, 07.jpg)

I heard someone recommend a Amagami VN for people that are starting to read. Is this the case? And if so, what's the name of the VN?

cedd5c  No.16431758

File: 3b77850f2af3f68⋯.jpeg (57.88 KB, 500x500, 1:1, b9af71b5826496e178999f799….jpeg)


>Amagami VN

>what's the name of the VN?

bfc5ed  No.16431796

is there any difference between

nanimo koto nai

nan no koto mo nai

6fe041  No.16431813


I'm guessing there are several of them.

cedd5c  No.16431825

File: a75a80c99519f5d⋯.jpg (108.81 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2017-01-19-222805.jpg)

File: 846f83d277a7a27⋯.jpg (116.61 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2017-01-21-220240.jpg)

File: 92f79789e0d8a4c⋯.jpg (118 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2017-01-24-011312.jpg)

File: 892eb891ca40ad7⋯.jpg (120.29 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2017-01-25-040714.jpg)

File: f704d2fb99b59f4⋯.jpg (111.1 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2017-01-25-040725.jpg)


There is only one.

6fe041  No.16431851


So, is it good practice for people that can barely handle childrens' books?

cedd5c  No.16431883


I dunno, can you read those screenshots?

You have to start somewhere though, so don't worry too much about if something is too hard.

f63b96  No.16431920

File: b5c3648d9d08a71⋯.png (2.8 KB, 29x73, 29:73, ClipboardImage.png)

What's this first kanji suppose to be?

The second one is 度 but even looking up words with it in the second half, I can't see find it.

f63b96  No.16431924


Oh, fuck me. Never mind. Now I found it.


8e8a5e  No.16431926

56403e  No.16431950



Better question. Is it voice acted? I've found being able to both hear and see the words helps a ton when starting out. Besides you get a lot of information out of tone and shit, so it almost makes things too easy to understand.

cedd5c  No.16431952


>Is it voice acted?


52b7ea  No.16432033

kore wa nani desuka?

56403e  No.16434348


You need to learn to do kanji lookups. Looking up words with the other kanji in them is the worst possible way to find what you are looking for. You need to be able to either do a radical search or a handwritten search.

bac2d7  No.16434406


>Man from new york wanders around rural Texas in cowboy boots and a stetson and can't figure out why people are annoyed

b19c9e  No.16434423


That's different though. I wouldn't be as rude to some foreigner coming down and talking english to me.

bac2d7  No.16434434


There's a reason I specified rural.

96432c  No.16434435


Why do you care what others think of something like that

ce9160  No.16434451


Since when did I portray myself that I tried to fit in? I was obviously a foreigner, and I was not trying to fit in.


Why did I learn the language if its native speakers don't care and/or negative to me?

6cccaa  No.16434452

File: 71767868c88a4ee⋯.jpg (37.68 KB, 530x384, 265:192, shark.jpg)


Heh. Funny happening anon, thanks for sharing. I hope you're happy and not disgruntled they treated you that way, it shows they have a healthy sense of self preservation and honor since they set up no pretense of using you, versus the cosmopolitans who pretend to welcome you just so you can get sucked into the same city sustaining machine they're trapped in.

5528a8  No.16434453


Not the same, as English is used as a diplomatic language and is spoken by a third of the world. Most of Japan can understand it to a sufficient degree for talking to some foreigner.

Saying that you learned Japanese to a Jap because of their cartoons is akin to going to Scotland and speaking Gaelic because you love whiskey.

364f5e  No.16434454


It doesn't change it in the same way the typical voiced consonants you learned do, it's just supposed to indicate the sound as having that sort of quality to it or otherwise being more coarse, forceful, strained, or whatever.

56403e  No.16434457


for the games and cartoons, you said so yourself.

8a0f7a  No.16434502


You dun fucked up. You just tell them you've learned the language because your own people are shit and you want some solitude without impacting everyone around you by being a big pest.

56403e  No.16438108

As of yesterday I've been studying for one year. My goal for the first year was to limp through one video game with massive amounts of help, which I accomplished a bit over a week ago >>16413596 I had expected to only get to the point where I could do that and then start the game in my second year, so I'm a little ahead of schedule.

My next major goal will be to play through a game that does not use "press to advance" text for most of the dialog. I'm thinking Tales of Vesperia (I think skits auto-advance) for that.This should probably be a goal for year 3 though, I'm going to be spending most of this year finishing the Atelier Arland series and I just don't see myself being ready to translate in real time by the end of it.

8473de  No.16438354

File: 267b414a6c1f9bc⋯.jpg (77.79 KB, 361x840, 361:840, Hifumi_talked_too_much.JPG)


You went through the game after only a year? Even if you had a lot of trouble that is certainly an accomplishment. Remember, these games are made by and for people who are fluent and have been using the language as their main or only language for their whole lives.

cb1bc6  No.16438616


How would you say that in Japanese?



56403e  No.16438711


The language and Kanji usage in Atelier Rorona really seemed like it was targetted at a younger audience to me. I don't exactly have graded readers to compare it to, but that's how it seemed. It didn't have furigana, but I expect that being near fully voiced (with the exception of the inconsequential NPCs you can talk to around town, which I didn't really bother with) compensates for that since native children who don't know kanji can still be expected to understand spoken language.

Anyway, my main point of doubt following that is that I feel like I probably read more of the game off Google Translate, Jisho, and KanjiTomo than off of the game screen. I do feel like I'm getting better (I'm going through Atelier Totori MUCH faster), but I'm not convinced that's not simply because I'm glossing over the details and just stopping at understanding the basic thrust of the dialog.

In any case, the goal is still the same. Finish the Atelier Arland series (all 4 games), then at some point before the end of year 3, play another game were I can't set the text pace, which ultimately means that I won't be able to type it into Google.

cedd5c  No.16440126


Rather than play 4 games from the same series, you'd learn more by playing more varied games.

302694  No.16440246

File: b78d583e78e1315⋯.jpg (105.43 KB, 629x390, 629:390, god.jpg)


At least you would have a personal use for the language. It's not like learning Chinese or Spanish for a "business advantage". Unlike those which would force you to talk to subhuman scum like chinks or spics, Japs are at least amiable. Learning any language is something that looks good on a resume, and if you're a NEET that isn't worried about employment why the fuck are you even considering the funds to go to a foreign country? You could argue Amerimutts should learn their "ancestral tongue" but that would require years upon years of learning several languages.


>Why did I learn the language if its native speakers don't care and/or negative to me?

You literally said in the original post that you wanted to play video games and watch animu.

8da398  No.16440439

File: 6d5229cd321decb⋯.png (476.67 KB, 1423x2677, 1423:2677, anki-stats-2019-05-05@22-0….png)

File: 5a4f99dc06bb01e⋯.jpg (26.62 KB, 361x315, 361:315, 5a4f99dc06bb01eb735d318c94….jpg)

>Go through 1000 cards

>Start to feel burnout

>Decide to take a couple of weeks off

>Weeks become months

>Whenever I try to come back I have 1000+ cards

>I go through 200 and feel the burn again

>Repeat this a couple of days

>Still can't go beyond 900

9cf881  No.16440476


Yeah, nanimo koto nai is ungrammatical.

cedd5c  No.16440482


>taking any time off of Anki

That's a guarantee you will never come back to it. That's why you're supposed to keep your reviews manageable (30 minutes or less), so you don't feel burned out from doing them every day.

56403e  No.16441409


You are probably right, but I want to finish these games anyway. Getting started is always the hardest thing.

56403e  No.16441410


Not him, but the only way I can keep anki reviews at 30 minutes or less is by having 0 new cards. Mature cards alone hit 30 minutes if I'm not completely half-assing it. That's exactly what I'm doing right now. I figure an hour or two or six a day translating game dialog is probably better than anki anyway.

cdd0e9  No.16441537


If you're going to use anki again you need to start over and rethink how you're using the program and studying. Reps are only useful if you're able to do them consistently.

cedd5c  No.16441564


>Not him, but the only way I can keep anki reviews at 30 minutes or less is by having 0 new cards.

That means you started with too many new cards. It's hard to get back on a good pace if you start with too much.

364f5e  No.16442312


Picking up something for more of a challenge can be good too, but there'll still be plenty to learn for you regardless, especially with that having been your first game. If you had any issues with reading for extended amounts of time, it will probably become easier to keep at it with not having to look up as much stuff. It'll be more of a good time that feels less like actual study so you can put in more time. Sometimes going for that easier stuff is the better choice just so that you can go for twice+ as long and not burn out. Skipping over difficult passages some of the time can provide the same benefit. Plus it will serve to reinforce all that you did learn in the previous game. You still want that practice reading the stuff that you do know for the sake of improving your reading speed and such.

dce6f3  No.16447710

Is it just me or is this Core 2k deck is getting ridiculous? I'm starting to get multiple meanings for identical shit like 上下 back to back and it's fucking with my reviews. I heard criticisms that the thing's a little archaic and I'm better off using my own deck but I thought they were exaggerating. Doesn't help it's the only one with sentences.

433fa3  No.16447763


Should I really start from the the beginning? I figured I can repeat just the ones I don't really know, since out of those 1000, I know a good 700 or so. I'm actually around 500 cards now, once I get to zero I'll pace myself.


I've seen very few instances of this, and I either discard the card or something along those lines.

dce6f3  No.16447872


I figured discarding or massing "Good" would be cheating in a way. The most fair thing I came up with is simply ignoring the deck beyond reviews. Talking about shit like 上–which I thought only had うえ, じょう, and あ as relevant readings–suddenly throwing かみ at me. Meaning superior and/or authority. When I'm sure I know a word or two that means about the same thing unless this one is just general use. Been using VN Core and the words in that are a little too common at first. Best if I just stick to that and my own mining deck (hoping they don't overlap in the process).

cedd5c  No.16447895


The かみ reading is not uncommon, so it's good to know.

433fa3  No.16447902


Pretty sure those are valid readings/uses, so it's always good to keep them in mind. Japanese is kind of redundant.

dce6f3  No.16447916


>Japanese is kind of redundant.

Annoyingly so, I noticed.


Was afraid of that, but I rather run into that reading in the wild instead of a deck, even if that deck has an example sentence. Always touch and go with this self-learning thing.>>16447895

cedd5c  No.16447917


>I rather run into that reading in the wild instead of a deck

The problem is you wouldn't really know, unless there was furigana or voices. It's something you have to deduce from context.

56403e  No.16447927


You also wouldn't really care, unless you are doing something voice-only, and at that point you don't care what the kanji is.

e0ae2e  No.16448127


Do you mind telling where do I get the raws?

56403e  No.16448131

Is there like a primer or something on dialects somewhere? At this point I wouldn't know the difference even if someone told me which characters had them.

364f5e  No.16448342


Try manga-zip.net, their ddl site of choice is a little less shitty than other raw manga ddl listing sites, I find. Other than the modest-sized collection in the guide I don't really know any especially good sites for raw manga, unfortunately. It's all shitty ddl sites or torrents which often aren't comprehensive for less popular series.


Japanese Wikipedia articles for different dialects can be relatively good, maybe a bit too much for a primer though. I usually just Google as I go or try going off of the context. Weblio has entries for many dialectical words and stuff too which is helpful.

8ab4ad  No.16448963

File: 37c1003c63e465f⋯.jpg (110.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, question.jpg)

I don't know how to describe this.

What is the rule, associated with taking a Japanese name, ordered [family][given] in kanji, and turning it into Roman characters [given][family].

Is this a rule of "Romanization" or is it called something else?



3e47ae  No.16448971


Yes, in Japanese, if you understand Japanese.

1b6ad6  No.16448980

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If you can't tell the difference between something like this and something standard Japanese, I have to question whether you know it at all. The only way you would not be immediately aware of the difference is if it's all gibberish to you either way.

56403e  No.16449206


First, I can't understand spoken at all really. I can usually pick up some words and very simple sentences, but nowhere near enough to make sense of anything. Whether that lady is speaking an odd dialect or just not enunciating like a voice actor would I don't have a clue. I'm mostly referring to dialects in fiction/written form. I often hear comments about certain mangas having characters who speak certain dialects, like >>16341595 saying there are some lines using Kyuushuu dialect which is the post that made me think to ask the question. When it's all in text form I wouldn't know how to know if the line I'm looking at is using a non-normal dialect, or if it's just a particularly hard line to translate.

364f5e  No.16449543


If you can handle reading to a basic extent, you'll recognize when character sounds different than everybody else. With Japanese dialects, a lot of the time there's changes in basic stuff like particle usage or with conjugation or common words like conjunctions. Very noticeable stuff unless it's something extremely minor in their usage. Here one of the like 3 or 4 lines featuring the dialect from that manga: そげんこつ言わんと小遣いやるけん or in more standard Japanese: そんなこと言わないで小遣いやるから. Not everything dialectical you come across will be that thick, particularly from younger characters/people who typically speak more standardized language, but nevertheless it's not something you're likely to overlook.

b90d8f  No.16449894


The international convention of name order, as dictated by English and most European languages/cultures. Hungarian names suffer the same reordering when outside their own language. The local Yuuyuuhakusho anime dub was especially annoying for me, because I know there is no need for this reordering here.

56403e  No.16450136



The annoying thing is just the inconsistency. You honestly never know, even in native Japanese media, which name is their family name unless you also know the names of their family members.

0ec112  No.16450682


I don't think I've ever seen Japanese media use the Western order.

8ab4ad  No.16450717


I don't know if this is how they meant it, but this reminds me of just being able to distinguish first and last names in general.

>Everyone please welcome, Smith Smith and his "wife" Tanaka Tanaka

56403e  No.16452080


For the most part, if the characters are intended to be Japanese with Japanese names, they get the Japanese naming order. The problem is that in fiction, that line can get blurry. Maybe the fictional character from the fictional country has a Japanese sounding name that is presented in Western order, or maybe they have a Western sounding name that is presented in Japanese order. Could go either way although I think the more common one is to use the Western order.

e19106  No.16452127











8473de  No.16454881

File: d0a355716fb17bd⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1341x756, 149:84, News Robot.png)

File: 16a56f94cd14794⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1345x753, 1345:753, ヘビ.png)

>Turn on Japanese TV

>androids as talk show members

>people getting bit on the head by snakes


cedd5c  No.16456189


How do you get Japanese TV?

aa6760  No.16456779

File: a7fe8758aff0b90⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 498x342, 83:57, ClipboardImage.gif)

In my experience Anki has helped me with recognition (and vocabulary). However, it doesn't seem to be as effective for writing, even if I visualize the strokes in my head while reviewing. Any way to supplement it?

Is there some list of tricks to remember stroke orders? like for example:

>the stroke order of the right part of the 癶 radical (e.g. 発) works similar to the 2 last strokes of 水, 食, 長, etc.

>⺾ radical's stroke order. whenever I see a character that has a horizontal lines and 2 vertical strokes going through it, it tends to behave

exactly the same. see 度, 乗, 世, and 選 (strokes after 2 己), 鹿, 皿 (vertical strokes don't go through but mnemonic still works) for example

>in the case of enclosures like 匚 and 可, horizontal line goes first, then insides, then finish the enclosure

>the 戈 radical (カ, ほこ, or however the fuck it's read), fucks up plenty of characters' orders (e.g. 厂 in 成 and 感, the 手 in 我)

Also fuck 以(イ, もって) and 似(ジ, に.る) , they're one of the few characters where the レ-looking part is actually 2 strokes, unlike, say, 長

By the way, has anyone come up with dumb (yet effective), off-the-wall ways to remember kanji (to aid in writing)? like

>沢 and 択 are visually similar and share their on-readings 沢山(たくさん) 選択(せんたく)

>生, 性, 姓, and 牲 sharing a reading and radical

>題(ダイ) helping remember 匙(さじ)

0860bb  No.16456907


write with IME pad/drawn input. Use a phone or preferably a tablet if you have to, or get a pad with a stylus for your PC.


You've discovered the phono-semantic compound, congratulations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_characters#Phono-semantic_compounds

2238a7  No.16456939


Does the 2k core not have writing? I thought it would. Never used anki for Japanese.

Use obenkyo or kanji study. Obenkyo is free and I generally prefer it exactly because of the way it handles writing (though it can bit wonky in detection, but you can tell it you were actually correct). Obenkyo also has vocabulary, but it is with the old kanji lists. Kanji Study is with the revised list (just the levels are a bit different), has perhaps a better dictionary use. You might have to play a bit with options to get what you want. Try both and decide for yourself. Here is a link for unlocked Kanji Study

https://anonfile.com/sefaV8l3nf/Japanese_Kanji_Study_v4.2.10_Unlocked_apk - this is only one version behind the newest one

ebc300  No.16456959


Why waste your time if you don't have a genius level IQ. Do something useful to occupy your time, because brainlets are just wasting time with Japanese unless you plan to live there.

8473de  No.16457435


This has a few channels: http://aqstream.com/jp

0ab369  No.16457468


Do you know any good jisho apps that don't have terrible ads

2238a7  No.16457521


If you mean jisho the site, I would say it is kind of shitty.

If you mean just any dictionary, JED - Japanese Dictionary and/or Kanji Study (the free version can be used as a dictionary no problem). Obenkyo works too, though it is not made for that, you can search kanji if you know how they are written/look like. It is very convenient in Obenkyo when studying with it you can easily check your previously written/recognized kanji (all) and all words with them without exiting the study session. Kanji Study actually has this option too, but it requires a few too many clicks, which can be annoying.

As a whole I would recommend installing all 3 of the apps.

aa6760  No.16458032

I have a autistic word game I used to help me jog my memory when I was learning Spanish: assuming you already have a foundation, choose one word in a language, then find equivalents or related words in the other language, then the do the same with those words but in the 1st language, and so on. e.g.

card -> carta, tarjeta, naipe

>carta -> letter

>>letter -> letra (letter of alphabet, lyrics)


>tarjeta -> gift card, credit card, invitation card, postcard


>naipe -> playing card

>>playing card -> baraja, mazo (both mean deck)


wave -> 波動(wave in Physics), 波(sea waves)

>波動 -> wave (as in wave your hand)

>>wave -> 手を振る(wave your hand)

>>>手を振る -> shake(振る)


>波 -> tidal wave

>>tidal wave -> 潮汐(tide)



>You've discovered the phono-semantic compound

I thought those were more of a thing in Chinese?

Also the characters I mentioned don't have similar meanings (life, be born, etc.; sex; surname; one of the 2 chars used in sacrifice (犠牲))

>website and stroke orders

not a bad resource, but I was referring to more specific tricks, like the observation of ⺾'s order in a character,


Anki lets has support for writing answers. you just need to make cards show the appropriate field I think.

As for writing, you can use IME handwriting (PC) or your touch screen (phone) as >>16456907 said. For checking stroke order, Anki has an add-on that shows it so you can check. Also thanks for app.

cedd5c  No.16458037


I use a kanji deck and this http://www.nihilist.org.uk/ to practice writing.

8ab4ad  No.16458101

File: 0ec95f4e691f2b7⋯.jpg (47.85 KB, 640x468, 160:117, 1519037804676.jpg)


How can you blame man for this? It is not his fault.

0860bb  No.16458446

They're phonosemantic compounds borrowed from Chinese, which means they're On reading(s) are going to be the same or similar, which is why all of your examples only apply to On readings, except for the last one, where the on reading of one is coincidentally similar to the kun reading of the other, and significantly less so than the others.

The rules of stroke order are farely regular, so instead of learning many 'tricks' based on analogy between radicals, your better off learning a smaller set of more powerful rules. Here's a better source that explains both of your examples (#4 and #3) in terms of rules that apply generally https://www.archchinese.com/chinese_stroke_order_rules.html

0860bb  No.16458455

ddd801  No.16458458

Why would you want to learn Japanese of all things? It's literally the worst culture in the world.

cedd5c  No.16459358

File: e5609b46f137c93⋯.png (692.5 KB, 585x585, 1:1, 1385139378466.png)

>playing Gyakuten Kenji 2

>the recipe for the poison gas that's at the center of one of the cases is ヨクアリウム + トドメサスン


Anyone know what the fan translation used? I feel like this kind of dumb gag only really works in Japanese.

fa7004  No.16459874


yes it is. white men need to reject the Asian gf meme.

6fe041  No.16460644

File: 175fdda65faa19c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 207.44 KB, 1200x1033, 1200:1033, makesmethink.jpg)

File: 0a8c802c1fe365b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 142.17 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, jhdtktyk.jpg)


But they're so much better than white women.

8ab4ad  No.16460699

cedd5c  No.16460836

File: cc4b14148bc61f8⋯.png (327.93 KB, 530x633, 530:633, 3fe1f6186fe5c2b1128601bac0….png)


This thread is a gook free zone. No plastic allowed.

22952f  No.16460843


>W*stern cosmo

<work harder, don't have kids


<oy vey I'm a rape survivor because I didn't nejoy it enough

<oogling a faggy guy as a psyop


>worst korean cosmo


>"global love report" ???

>High heel workout to make yourself prettier and somewhat healthy

>103 new bags and shoes


because you should clean your room, wash your benis man up and marry that slut who had so much dick in her, every child she spews out will have 5 different fathers' DNA


Even a plastic korean is superior to a western "woman", the korean being equally shallow at least has enough decency to look palatable.

8ab4ad  No.16460888

File: f68c08e1fdc496d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.76 KB, 500x468, 125:117, 1b034fc8a8dde20ff6ba9ee1f2….jpg)

File: 3ba1525073fefbf⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 507.47 KB, 588x617, 588:617, 1476538723353.png)


Japan is honorary white, it's not divergent.

22952f  No.16460933



Reminder that Japan didn't send any help to Germany because Third Reich violated Anti-Comintern pact by signing Ribbentrop-Molotov.

6c6ef6  No.16461773

File: 83958e3c3150aa8⋯.jpg (431.65 KB, 1024x1456, 64:91, 065.jpg)

File: 176f38086a1976a⋯.jpg (353.4 KB, 1024x1456, 64:91, 066.jpg)

File: be0554b772a38b3⋯.png (369.9 KB, 832x868, 208:217, 828ca19a0e2812b92c4f7af169….png)


Well that was unexpected, I thought I was misreading this at first.

8473de  No.16461807

File: 61ca4ad0a4ed158⋯.jpg (279 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Vesperia Settings.jpg)


The skits in Vesperia auto-advance, you can choose to have the subtitles on or off too. All the other text requires you to manually advance them though.

cedd5c  No.16461822


I wonder how much the localization ruined Patty なのじゃ

3e47ae  No.16462482


So why don't Korean or Chinese names?

Xi Jin Ping is Xi Jin ping., not Jin ping Xi.

Kim Jong Un is Kim Jong Un, not Jong Un Kim.

8473de  No.16462683


Not sure what that is since this is my first time playing it. I don't trust English localizations at all any more though so I'm sure it's fucked up in some way.

302694  No.16462729

File: 8cb13d064229991⋯.png (294.41 KB, 1501x716, 1501:716, Dumb English.png)


>look up Japanese politician names

>English wikipedia articles reorder their names and specifically have to note they fucked up the order

That is fucking dumb. I can understand it in media but that's retarded that they do it with irl politicians too.

cedd5c  No.16462767

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


She's the game's lolibaba.

56403e  No.16462807



Judging from this, it looks like everything auto-advances or at least all the major dialog cutscenes as well as the skits. It's gonna be tough, but that's why it's a goal for year 3, not now.

96ed21  No.16462872


I have no fucking idea, I only know that it's near constant for Japanese and Hungarian. Both seem to do it automatically in English like it wouldn't be possible to communicate without this kind of name ordering. The faggots who could research this are definitely not interested in doing so, I've never seen anyone analyzing this stupid phenomenon.

d41889  No.16462938

File: 27935ab7172e098⋯.jpg (27.12 KB, 770x483, 110:69, cat-niqqa.jpg)


I normally don't care about Japanese or weebshit but I just wanted to chime in to say I always liked the idea of saying your family name before your given name instead of the conventional western way. It forces you to actually think about your family and where you're from. I like that

9bd644  No.16465167

Who decides the N level kanji lists anyway? What are the revised ones?

99a2bf  No.16466916


>pretending an actual deathfat is healthy and beautiful and if you don't like it you're a mysoginerd nazi

This is how they'll kill the whites, by making them all believe it's acceptable to be so obese that your knees creak from the strain of holding your massive girth up

still better than marrying plastic though

0ab369  No.16467817


Then just don't marry a Korean girl and marry a Japanese girl instead. Easily fixed.

1231f8  No.16471487

File: 9d3deadafeba28e⋯.png (673.78 KB, 974x721, 974:721, 123412347890890.png)

Sorry for the noob question, but how does what Natsumi says in the left panel mean "can you do all of it for me"?

I mean 全部 and 代わりに kinda imply that, but the verb is やってくる isn't it?

Does やってくる also have a meaning of "come and do" or is it implied and it actually just mean "can you come in my stead"

cedd5c  No.16471506


やる means "to do". くれる is just basic grammar.


1231f8  No.16471589


I thought about くれる but negative form would be くれない so I thought that's not it.

But I'm retarded and didn't recognize the additional ん, I read くない all this time.

Thank you.

cedd5c  No.16471596


Yeah she is slurring her speech. Also the negative of くる is こない, not くない

1231f8  No.16471980

File: 6820d19169fbf99⋯.jpg (532.84 KB, 1280x1192, 160:149, 1530520570375.jpg)

I just noticed that I can easily read "textbook" Japanese, but the second I start literally any manga and there is slang or a dialect I'm fucked big time.

Any advice other than read more?

I only have time for reading 1h per day so I would like to make good use of it.


Thx once more.

cedd5c  No.16472098


read more

3e47ae  No.16472652


ら行 is often reduced to ん in casual speech.

e1a1a4  No.16473003

File: 2d0b25817203d1a⋯.png (535.16 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 53125.png)

Hey everyone, I'm having no problem learning Japanese with Duolingo. It's way better and easier to use than your garbage weeb programs. Maybe you should stop with your cave-men amateur sites and start learning like a professional

9d6070  No.16475552



0860bb  No.16475747


well surely that would be the organizations that make the JLPT, which you should be able to find on its website. "Revised" probably refers to when the test was rewritten in 2010.

a1e255  No.16476374

Are there any resources that have info on the difficulty level of text in Japanese video games?

I saw some really good info-images that had PS1 games and their text difficulty once but I've never seen any for any other consoles.

cedd5c  No.16476399


That's kind of subjective. Like if you play a lot of fantasy games then another fantasy game will be easier, but if you're playing your first sci-fi game then you'll have to learn more terminology.

35f7fd  No.16476436

Does anyone here know where I can get some good Yotsuba raws from?

8473de  No.16480026


Did you try the first link in the OP? There is a mega link there, not super high quality but readable.

733f89  No.16485636

Bumping this thread from page 13 with a question.

I trying to grasp how to use ながら in a negative way.

From [1] there's this example:


>I know how he feels about me but I have been ignoring him."

I was reading:

>I'm ignoring his feelings while noticing it.

Another example:


I had to use a translator to get this right:

>All humans are born free

I was understanding:

>All humans while being born have freedom



eab1ce  No.16485661


Too bad the bumplimit is 350.

733f89  No.16485673


That's fine, I'll ask in the newer thread.

364f5e  No.16486118


There's no real difference between using it in a positive or negative manner. She probably mostly mentions it because the word you use in a translation might change (while>but or w/e) to be more fitting. But all in all it's just while doing action > action in that case. As with most particles and such, ながら modifies the whole clause prior, that is, the entire 彼の気持ちを知り(while knowing his feelings.) It's simply joined to 無視をしてる, not affecting it otherwise. Your link shows this as well toward the end, but the 生まれながら is a bit different of a usage in that it's not about performing the action, but about being in a state of being born. Hope I didn't fudge anything typing this out quick.

efa40f  No.16486245

I have a question. There's a pair of katanas in Dark Souls III called 鬼切と姥断 [おにきり・と・うばだち]. I get that the first one is essentially named "demonslayer" but what's the other supposed to be? Old Reliable? Faded Judgement? Also, why is 断 pronounced as だち here? Is this one of those play on words?

733f89  No.16486296


The thread is not bumping anymore, but thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

886c15  No.16486395


This is an example of not having enough linguistic vocabulary to describe what she means.

What she means is that it can be used in an adversative manner in addition to a cumulative manner (see link). In general, I don't think Japanese makes a distinction between adversative and cumulative, at least not most of the time.


6c6ef6  No.16486439

File: e8cdcb017c29392⋯.jpg (40.89 KB, 584x728, 73:91, 1904c3ab1f783451ca4ef90ef2….jpg)


Finished reading this and it was pretty nice. Any more recommendations for retard-friendly manga? Other than Yotsubato.

I tried a few shounen from the manga list on the DJT site, but they seemed much more difficult than this was.

8473de  No.16486593

File: c90e85c0fd09cac⋯.jpg (137.72 KB, 747x732, 249:244, akari drink.JPG)


ゆるゆり isn't too bad and is pretty entertaining if you like slice of life.

364f5e  No.16486870


Just as with the 切り in 鬼切, 断ち too drops it's okurigana. Having just the kanji looks cooler. You'll see that sort of thing with move names and the like as well. Maybe worth noting that 太刀 is a thing.


Glad you could enjoy it. You may like ぷくゆり by the same author since you liked that, but it probably wasn't quite as easy. I can't quite recall, but still don't feel like it was overly difficult. Their 4-koma manga あまゆる, however, might present a challenge because there's some more prominent dialect usage in that one as it's a topic of an ongoing joke. 千と万 is a single father-daughter SoL that I believe was mostly on the easy side of things to break away from yuri a little bit for a moment, but I'll also second ゆるゆり and add ゆりゆり which is by the same author. It's more romance, less humor-focused and again, iirc, on the easy side. Haven't actually read a whole ton of shounen manga myself in Japanese, so not much I can recommend there.

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