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File: 355629ea8130962⋯.mp4 (2.63 MB, 640x360, 16:9, genichiro-loses-1st-fight.mp4)

File: fb2930b2b7df8fc⋯.gif (3.41 MB, 480x360, 4:3, ridley-drops-metroid.gif)

File: ed6593c491d0252⋯.gif (89.74 KB, 511x420, 73:60, mad-dalton.gif)

da1a64  No.16359581

>game expects you to lose to a certain boss

>it has a scene planned out for when you lose

>you manage to win anyways

>devs added a different scene in case you somehow won

In Sekiro, if you defeat Genichiro in your first battle with him, he kneels and calls you a "bastard" after losing.

In Super Metroid, if you defeat Ridley in your first battle with him, he temporarily drops the metroid.

In Chrono Trigger, you can unlock different endings depending on how early you beat the final boss. You can also make Dalton mad by defeating the Golem that was scripted to beat you at the palace.

298b56  No.16359585

Chrono Trigger's multiple endings frankly don't count for much because most of them don't predicate on skill but whether or not you're on New Game+.

298b56  No.16359595

File: 0a7644f1fa855dc⋯.png (2.93 MB, 808x3800, 101:475, scarlet queen.png)

Love secret boss forms/attacks that you can only witness if you're good enough.

df4a0b  No.16359644

>game has demo

>demo's content is stuff that's not in the full game

50f158  No.16359662

File: c51f649546d7100⋯.jpg (27.12 KB, 304x450, 152:225, Ss2.jpg)


>you bust your ass fighting the boss

>the boss dusts himself off

>"All right, that'll do for a warmup"

>heals himself to 300% HP

>gains ~5 new attacks

>you are at 5% HP

>there is no checkpoint


6dd465  No.16359664

File: 190d279f43feea6⋯.jpg (83.35 KB, 881x848, 881:848, 678.jpg)


Everytiem i hear this word I think of that jewess and her dumb gatcha videos for the mentally handicapped.

27340d  No.16359665

In Skies of Arcadia if you beat the green gigas without using the harpoon canon, it skies to the cutscene where he falls into the canyon.

be589e  No.16359672


>certain bosses that can be killed in one hit using obscure shit from early on

>starting equipment ends up superior to everything else

>secret character with his own entire story mode

298b56  No.16359675

File: 8ca9efbfa3811a5⋯.png (722.32 KB, 868x629, 868:629, R-90.png)


>boss dies

>its hands fly off and keep attacking you

73a05a  No.16359697

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memeories did this too. One of the first story duels you're thrown into is a supposed-to-lose fight.

If you win anyway (pretty much impossible with a starter deck due to what Heishin has in his deck at the time, but you can rice to get cards for a strat that can win), you get new dialogue where Heishin commends you, and then starts another duel with you. This continues until you eventually lose once, which continues the story.

7924bb  No.16359699



She's Armenian, but I also dislike the word.

be589e  No.16359729


>tfw weird brown devil autistically plays card games with you

>wins one out of several hundred games


Strong logic.

0fa9e4  No.16359742

File: 76416ee3cee9e9e⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Urizen_34.jpg)

File: 7e36e9eab2d0ca1⋯.jpg (248.11 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190312163656_1.jpg)


DMC5 just did this with 2 of it's bosses, in the prologue your meant to lose to the main villain's first phase, later in mission 8 your meant to beat that first phase only to lose again in the second phase.

It's actually very much possible to beat both fights, it's just takes allot of practice and skill, your pretty much guaranteed to lose from you just not being good enough yet. Actually beating the boss gives you an, and the all lived happily after… wasn't that a satisfying concussion, joke ending. it also counts as beating the game in a way since you will unlock the next tier of difficulty modes, meaning if the game is too easy for you, you can prove it by beating the unbeatable boss and unlocking a harder mode.

87bf02  No.16359911

File: 93f9205df300d9e⋯.jpg (22.78 KB, 330x310, 33:31, 93f9205df300d9ec6235c1d961….jpg)

>losing the fight

>music has long since gone silent

>get an infight upgrade that turns the tides

>music swells back up to a triumphant score to cheer you on

f8dfad  No.16359957

File: 73d5e88ecdf6dfc⋯.png (181.74 KB, 844x445, 844:445, drawfag heart pupils.png)

The little details.

>idle animations

>multiple idle animations

>context-based idle animations

>story/character progression based idle animations

>cute/funny idle animations

>interactions/animations that serve no purpose for the game at all besides adding little touches

>minigames/side quests whose gameplay differs radically from the main game while still using the game's core mechanics

>ongoing ingame gags that continue over the game and series

>appetizing ingame food

>ingame concept/image/sound/music/movie galleries

>ingame model viewers


>bestiaries that are expanded on how you play and fight enemies

>flavor text

>beatable unwinnable fights

>rewards for beating those fights, special/joke endings or secret character/weapon unlocks or etc

>dynamic music effects

>previous bosses joining in and helping you to defeat the big bad

>subtle revelations and foreshadows upon later playthroughs/NG+

>seemingly unrelated character/side stories tying into one another

>silly/unexpected/unconventional rewards for side quests

>developer/artist/muscian commentary on their works

>unlockable title screen artwork

>environmental storytelling, especially small stories and details

>rival boss fights

>rival boss fights in the previous game's protagonist

These threads and anons' posts remind me why I love vidya.sentimental faggots.

db8efd  No.16359974


Yakuza games?

18ce7c  No.16360346


>Strong logic.

It's (((logic))).


Little touches are nice, but should never take the place of good gameplay.

❶ I like when games have MORE THAN THREE GODDAMN FONTS for in-game businesses and such, and go so far as to actually come up with a visually believable world.

❷ Still, I was very impressed by GTA4's cell phones interfering with the car radio when you were about to get a call or a text message. That's exactly what 2G/EDGE did to FM radio.

❸ I appreciate when characters walk up stairs or ladders properly. Foot on each step or rung.

❹ I like when characters interrupt each other, the first speaker doesn't just stop talking mid sentence, with a gap before the interrupter starts talking. Pisses me off when they do that on TV (part of why I stopped watching it).

❺ I like when games acknowledge even obscure stuff from the previous game, other games in the series, or other games set in the same universe, at a believable level. I don't expect a character on another continent to know all about the minutia of events that happened in another game, but having them talk about that time when (other game's protagonist) blew up (enemy fortress) in (country) sounds like what people would talk about in a somewhat realistic world.

❻ When there is effort put into the crafting. Not "drain pipe, Coke bottle, bailing twine = reflex scope" nigger-rigging, and certainly not random "20 scrap metal, 3 rusted gears, 1 rusty chain, 2 old tires = motorcycle upgrade". When games do it right, I don't really make note of it, I guess.

❼ When non-famous voice talent is selected for the game, and they are also not using nepotism/cronyism to do the hiring. Good voice acting from "nobodies" is possible, if you actually do auditions properly, and have a good voice director.

❽ Writing with depth. I want to know that the writers know more about something than the characters. If science man tells gun man to be careful about not using depleted uranium rounds against the monster in the area near the reactor cooling pipes, one could infer that they didn't want stray fire causing a meltdown. But they don't have to be super explicit when mentioning it. Give the audience some credit. At least the audience that doesn't eat lead paint chips.

❾ When you can go all out upgrading cars with more than vague stat boosts. Better suspension, reinforced frame, better spark plugs, better fuel filter, and all that. It's just numbers on a table, really, but when you give people who know what things do, the ability to tweak to their heart's content, that's special.

fb7735  No.16361548


boss dies

exposes robot body

dies again

turns into an undead robot

dies again


723848  No.16362220

Don't know if it's a trope or not, but RTS games that allow for static defenses to shit on everything in a choke point when set up well gets my dick rock hard. UA was great for this, since Imperial Guard had the best turrets and best static artillery when maxed out would almost insta-gib weaker titans if you stacked them 4 layers deep each.

f3af3c  No.16362227

>Fighting the ultimate boss

>Remix of the main theme/battle theme

>Fighting the ultimate boss, fate of the world is on the line

>Its too powerful, you cannot win

>But the power of friendship and love has the world united in cheering you on, maybe even aiding you

>Their hopes and aid give you the strength you need to beat the final evil

The last one is cheesy as fuck but it always gets me.

a36779  No.16362228


does this actually happen, sometimes people make shit up

e78ce0  No.16362231


I think 2hu does similar stuff

9e8dfd  No.16362270


It is really cheesy but it brings me a little joy in this shitty fucking world we live in. I enjoy it regardless.

a36779  No.16362277




are you just spouting random nonsense now?

000e23  No.16362289

Trails does this a fuck ton and it's not that great because it usually amounts to the person you beat going "heh, looks like I shoulda gone all out" as he walks away unharmed.

8c8ef9  No.16362300


Every other Boss in Sekiro has a surprise second phase of bullshit. The last boss HAS FOUR FUCKING PHASES

cc967f  No.16362306

File: 72dfba3eaad34f3⋯.png (1 MB, 1119x624, 373:208, 439ccc8cc42107d3cb8fc410a5….png)


>do bosses have more than 1 stage in video games

7cf2df  No.16362320


>tales of destiny

the game ends if you beat a boss at the begining of the game

7cf2df  No.16362327


bosses have life bar on touhou

and the red bar is a spell card

25129a  No.16362351

I remember replaying Demon's Souls shortly before the servers were shut down and I destroyed that fatass Vanguard with no problems. Afterwards you get nuked by Dragon God anyway.

5f35ab  No.16362362


This happens at the end of Superstar Saga if I remember right

597a6d  No.16362367

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

574dcd  No.16362369

>In Sekiro, if you defeat Genichiro in your first battle with him, he kneels and calls you a "bastard" after losing.

I like how you stop there, rather than giving the full cut-scene.

>In Sekiro, if you defeat Genichiro in your first battle with him, he kneels and calls you a "bastard" after losing. Then a random assassin projectile flies from out in the distance to distract you and he cuts your arm off like when you lose normally.

Why not just make defeating him in the first battle an alternate ending like Far Cry 4? It's not like any new player is going to first-try him.

e9d2fb  No.16362385


Superstar Saga took it one step further by doing an instant-kill move on you after the boss supposedly loses, at which point both Mario and Luigi have one HP. And on most equipment setups, the boss goes first, meaning she gets four attacks or so.

597a6d  No.16362426

on the note of touhou

>ultimate attack of the final boss has its own theme song

cc967f  No.16362430


Yeah, but you also get one or two bonus items you wouldn't have normally received.

25129a  No.16362441


You just get extra souls if I remember correctly, along with Vanguard's demon soul which is by far the shittiest in the whole game but it's good for an early game boost. The Dozer Axe you can make out of it looks like shit too, but then again I pretty much never used heavy weapons in Demon's Souls so I can't say if it's actually any good or not, but the lack of stats scaling makes it seem like shit.

5df123  No.16362476

>in RTS games

>have to defend a position for x amount of time, with the knowledge that eventually you'll be overrun

First time I experienced it was in one of the first few levels of Starcraft, when you start in the bottom-left corner and the Zerg waves increase slowly, from a few lings to lings + hydras, then towards the end mutas also. Was very comfy for some reason.

be9a03  No.16362519

>safe house/hub level/any other location you use as a base of operations

>starts out barren and empty

>as you progress through the story and side quests it gets filled with people, items and memorabilia from your exploits

GTA Online may be a shit game, but seeing the office fill up with illicit goods and piles of cash from running crates just tickles my autism in a very particular way.

83f6fe  No.16362526

>RTS with a campaign

>loading screen is the map of the world

>as you progress, you see the territorial changes on the map

Age of Wonders 3 had this and I loved it.

cc967f  No.16363874


That's enough for me personally. A unique item that you can wave as proof that you are better at video games.

cc967f  No.16363875


Well not unique, but unique that you can get the weapon at that point in the game, I guess. Sage for double post.

d35b3a  No.16363902



You can't really get the Dozer Axe that early on for bragging rights sadly, you need to beat Flamelurker at 2-2 to even be able to make weapons out of Demon souls and due to the open-ended nature of Demon's Souls right after you beat Tower Knight at 1-2 all other locations open up. Then you can go straight to 4-1 where Vanguard appears as a miniboss and then beat his fat ass again to get another one of his Demon souls (or beat him for the first time if he destroyed you in the tutorial).

Another sad thing is that due to the servers being shut down the Scraping Spear becomes useless too, I loved bringing that thing everywhere I went just by the off chance that I invaded or got invaded by an uchigatana user.

43904e  No.16363922

File: 4f12f9273430c1b⋯.jpg (86.67 KB, 946x715, 86:65, fire-emblem-radiant-dawn-p….jpg)

>game has lots of playable characters/allies you can find and save/befriend

>at the end of the game you get to see what each of them did after you all parted ways

cc967f  No.16363944


You're right. I haven't played Demon's Souls since I was in college (Dark Souls hadn't even come out yet).

I prefer rewards to hidden bosses or boss endings that are either functional but not overpowering, or cosmetic. I hate rewards that make you overpowered, unless they're in the last third or quarter of the game, depending on the type of game. And then I still expect the last leg of the game to be challenging again. Maybe it would have been nice to get a ring which is useful but does not outshine the others (like the Cling Ring does).

7ebd56  No.16363952


wait, the golem was scripted? i beat him pretty easily what the fuck

de056a  No.16364045

File: 780081bdb594a6f⋯.jpg (55.7 KB, 720x405, 16:9, death route pad.jpg)

Fast paced, linear games with constant, optional challenges in plain sight. Like items in tough spots, or alternate routes. I think I like it because it's always giving you many extra choices, and doesn't break the flow by taking too long. Ideally, the possibility of not being able to backtrack adds some nice weight to the choices, but the rewards aren't very important so you don't feel like you NEED to have them. While a lot of games are built like this, it's a certain "arcade like" feeling I'm talking about that's different from games that are a little more open ended.

c58557  No.16364064



Of course she is, just like Jared Kushner is a white American.

To not be completely off-topic I like when games have hidden or subtle choices. The Souls games are pretty good with this with there being a clear end along with something else you can do that you may not have thought to do. I actually cannot think of many games that do this though.

Seems like most games do choice with a simple Press A to B or X to Y.

Fable 2 kinda had it where the if you didn't kill the end boss quick enough someone else killed him, but that's not really that hidden because most people are going to continue listening to the boss talk and so will end up seeing that.

MGS series has a bunch if I really though about it, I'm sure. The ways to kill The End and how The Sorrow boss works based on previous choices.

ad0090  No.16364077

I think litotes are not bad.

7924bb  No.16364248


More like "she's Armenian like Ana Kasparian and everyone else whose name ends in -ian". Jews aren't the only ethnic group from that part of the world that act like kikes. The Armenian diaspora behaves in much the same way.

I like it when games are totally complete and don't require a bunch of patches and dlc to become playable or fun.

7ec7ea  No.16364337


Last phase and first phase of that boss don't even count because it's like ur third time fighting genichiro and he now leaves himself more open because of his useless mortal blade attack, and last phase you just spam lightning reversal and he dies.

ddb0de  No.16364360

File: edee68bf3c8e4ed⋯.png (705.49 KB, 614x1040, 307:520, Hand_Canon.png)


>Beat the hardest difficulty of the game

>You get an absolutely broken weapon/powerup to blow through the game with

2b7d00  No.16364419

Sekiro has really downplayed this tho. I literally expected another ending.

6debf1  No.16364451

>if you already have the required items for a fetch quest you get a fun bit of dialogue and can complete the quest instantly

The opposite infuriates me, when you know you'll be getting a quest that involves collecting certain things in an area but those items won't appear until you've been given the quest. It's even worse when you'll have to do some substantial backtracking to get to the area.

e95c1e  No.16364469


I loved how Dead Space 2 did it.

88d9b3  No.16364545

>Game has multiple alternate main characters

>Each with a unique end boss and/or story where you can interact with or recruit the other main characters

Saga frontier and some of the Soul Caliburs do this and it's great

a3dccd  No.16364582



In persona 5 I just about shit my pants when I "beat" Prime Minister Shido but then he went into his 5th phase after I already beat 4 of his other phases.

After an extremely long and grueling 5 phase boss fight he looked like he was about to power up EVEN MORE and enter a 6TH fucking phase but then he keeled over and just died instead

I have no doubt the devs purposely fucked with the players by scaring us like that, that 5th phase already had me nervously giggling out of sheer anxiety.

f72463  No.16365099

File: e9af53890c5ff01⋯.gif (4.81 MB, 512x282, 256:141, Go_To_Sleep_Cat.gif)

>Villain is a representation of every problem you faced within the game

>You can argue with the final villain about his philosophy before the fight, even convincing him he's wrong

>You can join main villain

>Small safe zone with relaxing music in the middle of hellhole

>The ability to decline doing the first or final mission, simply ending the game

>(((merchant))) character that is always mysteriously nearby and waiting to jew you.

I love the last one especially when said (((merchant))) shows up in unexplainable locations.

8e6d08  No.16365170


Why does her crotch plate look like a coin slot?

7d60c1  No.16365174

File: 4ffb3dfc9bd03d5⋯.gif (109.54 KB, 294x233, 294:233, 3166dd9eb68ef0a096476b92ac….gif)


Why though?

>cool you beat him and beat the game,

>now you can sit through the credits and replay the prologue/tutorial

>die on purpose this time to get to play the rest of the game

It's cool the game acknowledges that you beat something you shouldn't have been able to but for me what Sekiro does is enough.


I want a new Dead Space just like 2 so bad, fucking EA

28b35d  No.16365257


Metal Gear Rising's demo had that VR room where you were supposed to blade mode the three targets, but if you ignored them, there was a rather large room FULL of shit to slice and dice and you had infinite blade mode to just fuck around. Even a box if you looked carefully enough, so you could equip it and run around.

28b35d  No.16365263


>starting equipment ends up superior to everything else

Cave story was brilliant in that regard.

>get shitty gun to start game

>get offers to trade it off for better shit

>keep it

>return to where you got it

>"hey fag, you took that before it was finished with it. I'mma finish it now."

>"Enjoy your ultra gun of death, now that has no level system."

28b35d  No.16365277


>Small safe zone with relaxing music in the middle of hellhole

The peaceful as fuck interior of the moon in majora's mask will never not freak me out. Same with how the final room of the ruins looks in PSO just before you fight Dark Falz.

38c50a  No.16365311

File: 7ea33f1cc121226⋯.png (46.2 KB, 189x152, 189:152, 38527652cd25a02f7dc16e6bd9….png)


>When there is effort put into the crafting

What games have done crafting right? I like to ideas guy a lot but I've never been able to think of a good crafting system or a game where it would be applicable. I can't think of one off the top of my head where crafting isn't either

>a way to justify there being shitty clutter items all over the world, basically a way to get resources in a really inefficient way

>a way to gatekeep the player in non-linear games, by being a checklist of items he needs to obtain so the devs can know for sure the plot is ready to be advanced

>a gimmicky way to purchase items and upgrades, just with a different currency (and in the case of a lot of shit MMOs, an excuse to introduce time delays and the microtransactions to remove them)

The more I think about it, the more 'crafting' just seems like a bad concept to begin with. The technology isn't there yet to replicate the interesting parts of making stuff in real life.

47fbb9  No.16373965


The Witcher had a really good alchemy system (that got abandoned in the sequels). Basically all the monster guts and flowers you collect have alchemical attributes, both primary and some secondary. You combine them with a base (alcohol for potions or fat for blade oils) and depending on the mix of the secondary alchemical properties you can buff the primary effect of the creation.

deadec  No.16375143

How do you get your hand cut off if you beat Genichiro? Do the credits roll from the beginning?

f8dfad  No.16375178


You get distracted from a knife thrown at you from the sides and you get it cut off after deflecting it. You could have just looked up a video of this online you know. Or gitgud yourself to personally see it.

9b8e87  No.16375746

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Most iconic fight of the entire game too. Practically feels like a different game for this one fight by virtue of the bosses charisma alone.

757ee2  No.16375771

>game has pixelshit graphics that wish they could approach snes era

>amazingly detalied anime character portraits though

fa5755  No.16376286


I think Cataclysm had a good one, where you can jury rig anything from any ingredient as long as it's sorta what you're looking for.

Does your wooden plank need a nail in it? You can use iron spikes you cut out of a locker door, or a curtain pole beat into shape with a rock, or you can disassemble anything that has nails and use that instead.

89f483  No.16377278


While it does have alternative items for crafting it still fits his first issue of crafting to a tee.

d69ecf  No.16377436


The atelier series, as shitty as some of them are at least attempts to do shit with crafting that almost always devolves into a practice on how quickly you can rig broken shit into broken shit to win everything incredibly quickly.

There's a massive amount of item bloat though depending on the game, which is annoying.

83f6fe  No.16377497


The only good crafting I know of is in games centered around it, survival sims like The Long Dark and similar, and that's because there are no alternative ways of getting better gear (who likes to spend 5 hours gathering components to build a sword that he can throw away right after he levels up for one at the shop?) and because the crafting options aren't bloated to shit. Whenever I see a crafting screen with 6 gorillion options of which 99% are just useless clutter I just give up on it – I'm not going to waste time filtering through that garbage to get to the 1% of useful crap.

As far as RPGs go, I guess I liked the way Atom RPG did it? A lot of the stuff in the crafting list was useful and further upgradeable (IIRC if you dedicated the skills to it, you could keep on upgrading a shitty zipgun until it became better than actual guns) and the resource distribution meant that most things required shit that was relatively uncommon, so you couldn't spam shit but weren't forced to go to one specific location either.

735793  No.16377511


>Eventually manage to beat him


Castlevania could have absolutely no mercy, at times.

93818b  No.16377524

File: 0bb591c7b0ec03f⋯.jpg (131.88 KB, 850x630, 85:63, 20190421.jpg)

File: c79b56a2e4aafe4⋯.jpg (144.04 KB, 850x478, 425:239, 20190428.jpg)


insert coin to continue…

f84414  No.16377544

File: 0108d3fce59a5fb⋯.jpg (66.31 KB, 477x360, 53:40, 0108d3fce59a5fbccf7db2cc48….jpg)


because she want's you to take responsibility

5edb8a  No.16377548


Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast nad Half-Life 1 did this too. I have mixed feelings with this trope since both of the demo stages were awesome.

fa85fb  No.16378618


>The only good crafting

Speaking of crafting it's really neat when the game allows you to use nice looking but albeit shit gear effectively if you manage to craft/upgrade it up to par as you go.

Most games, rpg's especially suffer from the christmas-tree syndrome which honestly makes me eventually quit the game as progressing forward means my character looks even more wackier and retarded.

Skyrim for an example had a "good" system in a sense that even the shittiest worst fucking piece of shit could be up to par on Daedric if you just took a few minutes to craft/upgrade it with +smithing/enchanting gear entirely circumventing the turning into a bright as fuck fucker or spikes, spikes everywhere grimdark edgy faggot.

fbd477  No.16383382

File: da1b3d743f10f09⋯.png (71.43 KB, 320x240, 4:3, silent-hill-ntsc-u-slus-00….png)

I like games that have interesting design elements that play off technical limitations of hardware. Some examples would be Silent Hill's fog, Rayman not having arms and Samus' morph ball. It is always cool when a dev is able to turn a roadblock into a main feature of a game.

87bf02  No.16383427


Why are female versions of male characters always superior to the original female ones?

6a788b  No.16383435

File: 4e26d1384260fb0⋯.png (207.1 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


This guy walks into your arcade and puts up his quarter on your gf.

wat do

4199aa  No.16383467


You also get a bunch of upgrade materials that let you upgrade your starting weapon enough to oneshot almost every enemy in the first area.

9602cf  No.16384073

File: 56dbcc4a0a30f8e⋯.jpg (58.31 KB, 800x450, 16:9, dmc-5-mission-19-walkthrou….jpg)

File: 48a39f7ff8c5fde⋯.jpg (85.66 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Halo: Warthog Run (OPTRE).….jpg)

File: 91d5e3db1c295b3⋯.jpg (45.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, metal_gear_solid_4_guns_of….jpg)

File: ca28644ef6d835e⋯.png (889.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8bf751a02a520e6⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1536x1152, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

>Last game of the series comes full circle and ends in the same manner as the first game

God I love that kind of shit.


>powerful enemy in earlier games that are usually reserved as boss fights or scripted fights become lesser enemies that you encounter multiple times or fight multiple at once throughout the game's sequel(s) to show how far the character has come in terms of power level

3a7de4  No.16384110


>Halo 3's Warthog Run

>Halo's Scarab

Forgot how great this game was before 343 fucked it up. Might replay every one of them later.

800b2b  No.16384119

f25790  No.16384146

File: 230e73c997cc46d⋯.png (94.45 KB, 211x356, 211:356, TSR_Metal.png)

File: 298af8c8adf4ff2⋯.png (974.87 KB, 1084x2048, 271:512, HW_Dark_Link.png)

>the only opponent tougher than the antagonist is you

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