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File: 68d1d90ba95e270⋯.jpg (216.48 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, H2x1_NSwitchDS_CaveStoryPl….jpg)

1cdd92  No.16361695

If you try to play any pre-current-year games you immediately notice the start contrast between now and then. For example, Cave Story is pretty great, but when compared to modern pixelshit games it is a fucking masterpiece. Games today just seem like not only are they designed shittier (with more technical problems and bugs) , styled shittier (we have all this processing power and somehow the REMASTERED versions of games look worse than the original), and composed shittier (what was the last current year game that had a wholly "good" soundtrack? not just one or two songs), but the fucking mechanics are shallower and less creative as well (look at five nights at freddie's or undertale, the gameplay is as shallow as your average thot, it's all the pretense of style and no substance)

How has the industry fucking devolved so drastically?

180c37  No.16361714

Some of us thought the same thing about Cave Story when it came out–a mediocre game that pales in comparison to past platforming greatness.

f0d45c  No.16361732

If nothing else nugames have just given me an appreciation of the genuine 5/10 games of yesteryear. Even when those games weren’t perfect they still had enjoyable things in them, and when you compare them to anything released by the western industry today you can bump their score up.

Finally getting to my backlog and taking the retropill was about the best thing I ever did. You forget what genuine fun was like. Another thing I find entertaining is how every game tries to emulate Dark Souls now when Dark Souls really didn’t do anything new. All the things in there used to be common practice in old vidya.

2b336b  No.16361738


Sounds like you're cherrypicking all the worst aspects from the worst places and putting them together into a games industry monster in your head.

There aren't a lot of good games and even the good ones aren't perfect, but that has always been the case. I think the biggest problem is the SJW pozz that causes you dismiss a lot of otherwise potentially decent games. Change the writing and/or character design to be less cuckfaggoty and suddenly there's a lot of games that are alright.

4a80b6  No.16361755


>How has the industry devolved so drastically

Four elements:

1: Big Bang Theory. It sounds retarded but we all know it's a huge part of why geek is chic. I personally know people who are lmao such nerds XD and rock Zelda shirts and have Halo parties, and only started since they saw those "funny" "nerds" on TV doing the same things.

2: Portal. How many fucking times did you hear that stupid goddamned cake is a lie meme, or that fucking Still Alive song? Everyone did, and they all parroted it because…

3: Facebook. Now that every single normalnigger in the civilized world has an audience, they are preening, and part of preening is doing what all the other kids are doing, which in this case was repeating shitty memes and amplifying their signals.

4: Streaming. And now the preening faggots and dumb sluts, who have audiences because they are surrounded by preening faggots and dumb sluts who want them to notice them, are doing this shit because they think they can make a living doing it. As a result, they're all playing the same shit and their audiences are playing what they're playing.

All of this adds up to an industry that is watching what is trending and is simply doubling, tripling and so on on the popular trends, which nowadays is battle royale, lootboxes, poz, faggotry and walking simulators. tl;dr: 2007 happened.

0b39f1  No.16361756


maybe hes freaking out but i do feel op on the drop in musical quality. im especially unfond of the boring orchestral trend. nothing wrong with an orchestra but everyone wants to copy world of warcraft i guess.

i thought wc3 onward had a boring soundtrack compared to the previous games they made.

1cdd92  No.16361765


I don't know, I can't recall more than like 1-2 games from past 3-5 years that had near-mind-blowing gameplay, art, music, or story AND that were well-rounded without any glaring flaws.

This isn't counting games that are still in development (dwarf fortress, ss13, cataclysm) but started their development before 5 years ago. Though tbh the three i listed have some glaring flaws if you arent autistic

5aba84  No.16361767


I cannot remember a single song from sekiro, the music has to be the most generic shit I've ever heard. Not even the damn title music

ba0d3e  No.16361789


the problem is nowadays games are made solely to sell, not provide entertainment, especially lasting entertainment. like they were pushed out of an assembly line as quickly as possible. new game comes out and they want you to migrate to it as quickly as possible so they can get on to the next one.

ba0d3e  No.16361790

File: 596bec5f5e9932e⋯.jpg (41.28 KB, 680x335, 136:67, consume.jpg)


forgot pic

f0d45c  No.16361797


I do think developers are starting to realize that type of business model is dying. It’s why you’re seeing the live service model trying to take off as well as a small resurgence of single player games.

a7d51b  No.16361799

File: 54172635f58363c⋯.mp4 (1.75 MB, 722x480, 361:240, whats with games these day….mp4)

322b18  No.16361801

La Mulana 2 came out last year and was great.

7c38fc  No.16361816


If you're going to narrate a thread can you at least do it with natural pauses and no estrogen induced voice cracks thank you

80cebb  No.16361829


but the whole point is showing how pathetic OP sounds

7c38fc  No.16361855


In that case he actually did too good a job because I couldn't sense the irony

601c6c  No.16361859



I don't understand even with the narration.

ba0d3e  No.16361869


>the live service model

On the contrary. releasing the same game with some changes year after year greatly resembles the "live service model", with the minor difference that instead of paying a montly fee for access, you have to pay for current year's version or you're left with a crippled, obsolete, outdated product (online dies and content is lost/locked off, lack of updates, bugfixes go to next iteration). The only actual difference I could see is that with a plain service they normally cut you off entirely from the game if you stop paying.

We are currently regressing to the 60's model based around centralized servers and services. It has proven to be way more profitable as it ensures a steady stream of income and allows tight control over users and their interactions. distributed computing has shown to be detrimental to profits, as the user can obtain an arbitrary amount of mileage for a flat fee. The move back to (((Services as Software Substitutes))) plans to put a stop to that.

1cf737  No.16361871


>the problem is nowadays games are made solely to sell, not provide entertainment, especially lasting entertainment

I don't know where you stupid fucking children get this impression that "back in the day", people were making movies/games/tv-shows for the enrichment of humanity or some maudlin bullshit, rather than just for profit. EVERYTHING IS MADE FOR PROFIT. You think fucking anyone is going to make a game out of the goodness of the hearts, if they expect to get absolutely nothing out of it? Even OMA games made their developers rich through recognition or merchandise or whatever else. Worse yet, you think FUCKING NINTENDO, a literal BUSINESS, was also making shit "for entertainment" and not for money?

How in the bleeding Christ do you shove your head so far up your asshole to possible get this motherfucking delusional?? It's like I'm dealing with Flat-Earth retards here: willing to bend every law of reason to fit their shitty agenda.

bc104e  No.16361884

File: 155c69a7490dde2⋯.png (82.88 KB, 790x359, 790:359, Przechwycenie obrazu ekran….png)


Cave Story was just a random freeware doujin game that somehow blew up in the West after Aeon Genesis published their translation patch in 2005.

Western hipsters like to take random Japanese games (Mother, Cave Story etc.) and turn them into blueprints for their uninspired clones.

c950ff  No.16361888

File: 101c83d6bc5d360⋯.webm (7.68 MB, 640x360, 16:9, everything.webm)


>Sounds like you're cherrypicking all the worst aspects from the worst places and putting them together into a games industry monster in your head.


ba0d3e  No.16361891



businesses have a profit motive, but they also have this thing called purpose motive. if you aim solely to milk your playerbase and profit, while disregarding the purpose motive, don't come back crying when no one will touch the terrible value, jewry-ridden cashgrab you made with a 10 foot stick.

c950ff  No.16361892

File: 50c1d45f3956953⋯.webm (7.97 MB, 320x240, 4:3, standards.webm)


>There aren't a lot of good games and even the good ones aren't perfect, but that has always been the case.

No, again.

a5147c  No.16361897



you could've put both of these in one post

7e7bf7  No.16361902

The industry has led an ideological purge, the current aim of most game developers is to spread their agenda rather than just make fun games. This explains the dip of talent and passion.

708369  No.16361905

old = good

new = bad


c950ff  No.16361908


The files were too b-


ba0d3e  No.16361915


while I don't like this "relativism" shit, this "objectivite standards" stuff is no panacea either; it's very vulnerable to getting co-opted by a corrupt committee/lobby group/academics in ivory towers/a clique of rich hipsters or SJWs (not unlike regulatory capture). I honestly don't know what the solution is sadly.


>argument = fallacy

>fallacy = argument


d4f566  No.16361924

File: ccc6265fdec4e1b⋯.png (8.2 KB, 320x256, 5:4, Gods_1.png)

In the old days, the hardware set fairly low limits on how many pixels you could push, how big sprites could be (and how many you could have), how many colors you could display at once, how many audio channels could be mixed, etc. So this led to people working hard within those limits to make the best art and games they could. And hardware platforms tended to have their own distinct "look".

Now the hardware is so powerful that they effectively have a blank page, and nothing to guide them, and no limits to work within. Someone that tries to make a "retro" game just pumps out generic blocky/pixelized sprites and backgrounds that have no basis in reality, because they weren't tailor-made for any specific hardware. In the end, it just feels fake and gay.

c18636  No.16361941

>this post again

I disagree. The only difference between now and then is that the talented people who make video games are not in the spotlight and as such are often overlooked. I still maintain good games are being made, especially ones that can rival most classics(most is the operative word here) or surpass them, in the case of a few select genres.

c950ff  No.16361966

File: d1bcef72a3e8929⋯.webm (1.89 MB, 480x360, 4:3, goodnight, shit-lords.webm)



Maybe watch it again and sleep on it?


>I still maintain good games are being made, especially ones that can rival most classics(most is the operative word here) or surpass them, in the case of a few select genres.

And with that, I am reminded, I'm on /v/.

c314c2  No.16361971


Good games are being made, just not by mainstream Western developers. Battle Brothers, Kenshi and Risk or Rain 2 are good games, for example.

eeae5c  No.16361976

File: 61d8534bc039b08⋯.gif (2 MB, 360x270, 4:3, jewfly.gif)






d98b14  No.16361977


Couldn't agree more, and I hate it. "Indie devs" are embracing shit they know nothing about except at the most superficial level.

I'm making retro-ish games with my own limitations: Four colours plus an alpha channel per sprite (up from three and an alpha on NES), four sound channels for chip-tune music (there were four on the NES too but some channels would drop out for sound effects and I don't need to make that concession), and a limited colour palette (the NES had a specific palette and could only use half of them at a time. I'm using that same palette but without that restriction).

So my games will aesthetically look and sound like NES games that use some trickery (like Mega Man's eyes being a separate sprite added to his head due to colour limitations, or the additional sound chips that added more channels like in CV3), but unless you specifically know what's wrong you might not even notice that I've fudged the limitations a bit.

I've also adjusted the resolution for modern monitors to a 16:9 ratio, so instead of the 256*240 output of the NES I'm keeping the 240 vertical pixels and to maintain the 16:9 ratio I'm pushing the horizontal range to 426. So it will scale perfectly up to the current standard 16:9 ratio monitors.

But on top of that, I think it's too wide, so I'm going to add marquees to the sides to "box it in" a bit and make it feel more 4:3 and make it feel like an old arcade cabinet that had some sweet art on the sides, and this is where HUD informational will be displayed, like how move lists used to be stuck on there in the old fighters like SF2 and MK.

Or just sweet wizard and warrior art like on Rastan cabinets.

7632a6  No.16362025


Cuphead is the only modern game I thoroughly enjoyed exactly because it had effort put in all three directions, barring some minor glitches.


I remember Iji getting everyone's dick hard for doing what Undertale tried to do but immensely better even on release to be honest.


The point isn't that the old days only had good games, but that to make those bad games it took more effort than even the best games have in today's market. While bad games would just be forgotten back then, nowadays they have a longer shelf life, despite the shelf life of games being shorter y design.

f19576  No.16362034

File: 3383c6e03b005c5⋯.png (1.19 MB, 986x832, 493:416, 1439128798301.png)


>nugames have just given me an appreciation of the genuine 5/10 games of yesteryear

16fd97  No.16362041


Systematic deterioration to destroy a nation, piece by piece.

71adaa  No.16362043

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Yes, lots of indies are doing pixel art and many of them are doing it quite badly, but there are still some yet keeping the dream alive.


>The Messenger

>Sonic Mania

>Freedom Planet

>Cursed Castilla


>Stardew Valley

All of these have beautiful artwork and a high degree of quality. So there is still yet hope.

d98b14  No.16362046


>Stardew Valley

It does good pixel art but I wouldn't consider the art direction itself any good. All the characters look ugly as sin in their portraits.

63c129  No.16362049


Yes, and according to standards, video games have always been filled with shovelware. Semantics will not save you from that fact.


>Video games are made internationally and are rarely a pure product of their culture

>Hurr it's destroying a nation

Globalist kike.

1ff0e4  No.16362051

File: f7b767bfa6bc7ff⋯.jpg (123.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20823568iconoclaststrailer….jpg)



71adaa  No.16362061

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Blazing Chrome, Pizza Tower and Blaster Master Zero 2 look great too. BM02 is out now.

16fd97  No.16362067


>Video games are made internationally and are rarely a pure product of their culture

>Movies are made internationally and are rarely a pure product of their culture

>Books are made internationally and are rarely a pure product of their culture

>News are made internationally and are rarely a pure product of their culture

>Hurr it's destroying a nation

Do you see a connection yet, anon? There are no coincidences with the nation wreckers. None.

3c00e6  No.16362082



8b2169  No.16362087



I'll keep posting this article in every thread like this until I die. Art through adversity worked best.

d98b14  No.16362090


>“While they look a bit pixelated, the character models look quite good”-IGN review of KOF XIII

I do not have a reaction image of rage nuclear enough to adequately express myself.

54ea7d  No.16362096


Everything after the SNES era has gotten quantifiably shittier. Just look at cave story.

3c00e6  No.16362099


>Pixel art was the HD of it's day

>People are often stupid and have bad taste

He's just now realising all of this?

2cf30e  No.16362132

File: 43a4776fedfd3a1⋯.jpg (548.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ss_552bf9e99b3682d75c01ca4….jpg)

>all this nostalgiafaggotry

The reason pixel art is shit is because all the top tier artists are working on games like pic related, not placing pixels one by one. If this was possible from the beginning, then pixel art would have never been invented.

Meanwhile indies who are good at pixel art put stupid shit like >>16362051 in their games which makes it almost impossible to appreciate the art itself.

5aba84  No.16362136


you posted a pretty shitty game thoug. It's a game that has no memorable music, mediocre unchanging combat, and an example of an incredibly successful marketing campaign making sure more people enjoy it than the game being actually you know good.

640320  No.16362155



looks good

7c1f00  No.16362159

File: 54c36373be53475⋯.png (10.38 KB, 640x320, 2:1, 2000_21001.png)


Easily explained with a graphic.

c18636  No.16362166


What's with the butthurt with sekiro? It's a pretty solid 7/10, I don't get why everyone from journalists to anons think this game raped their families.

508764  No.16362169


I'd more generally blame social media as a whole in point 3, but this is pretty spot on. Normalniggers getting on the internet and getting into games ruined everything.

5e6eba  No.16362171

File: da47cbb0db0e050⋯.jpg (172.88 KB, 1200x803, 1200:803, a7f0d603-033f-43a8-a609-4f….jpg)


It's sensible from a business standpoint to cultural marxists. They are to the gaming industry what China is or was to Hollywood, a sizable consumer block that you cannot ignore should your goal be profit maximization. And because cultural marxists have little-to-no sense of aesthetics, innovation, or standards, and may possess fond memories of playing games from their childhood. You don't need to spend exorbitant amounts of capital on making better games. Cultural marxists couldn't care less about the cutting edge, but will shower you in money if you appeal to their religion. This makes them the cheapest market to cater to, especially for indie devs. Just make a generic pixelshit game to capitalize on their nostalgia without any regard for aesthetics or gameplay, and sprinkle in a few trannies, faggots, niggers, and stronk wymn characters into the mix, and voila, easy money. The only way it's going to stop is if cultural marxists stop being relevant as a market. Money talks. Only then can indie games get back on their feet.

f19576  No.16362172


The hell does that explain?

5aba84  No.16362176


I'd say it's closer to a 5/10, it's music and setting are all just far too generic, and the combat doesn't vary itself enough to be engaging. Aside from that, the journalists probably got a little encouragement from activision to push the "hardest game ever" idea after they saw how many wonders it did for the Souls games.

7c1f00  No.16362179



d98b14  No.16362180


Is that a 5/10 on a sensible scale or on a journo scale where it's actually a toxic dumpster fire of radioactive HIV positivity?

5aba84  No.16362182


Sensible scale, it's just an absurdly mediocre game that from fans are defending like it's the second coming. Like I'd probably put it a 4/10 normally because it fucks up stealth so awfully I can't personally overlook it, but I hate half baked mechanics more than excluding mechanics which probably isn't the case for everyone, so I don't dock it for that.

f19576  No.16362183


Then it explains nothing.

a15224  No.16362187

You saw the society as it is and abandoned it for its decadency, and now the society is coming back for you. There's only one difference between engaging in politics and abstaining from that: you either do that now, or eventually.

bbc15c  No.16362191


This is where the jews really are doing damage. It was identified early, many said games were getting bad after World of Warcraft. That is about 2008. Now 10 years later, it's been increased, while millions of moronic, detestable gamers have bought evey game dropped in front of their disgusitng, stupid faces. The jew loves this but you have to ID and attack the companies on a big scale to actually get anywhere and make the jew unhappy. It has to be done. White trash in games are also disgusting..

e49f4d  No.16362205

File: 1ca34d37004613b⋯.gif (58.48 KB, 132x140, 33:35, mysterious_hands.gif)


(((Certain people))) wanted the gaming industry to become more like the movie industry. Now in the west, it is; with all the propaganda, creative bankruptcy, worthless quota hires, focus-grouped decisions, nepotism, gatekeeping and degeneracy that comes with it.

c18636  No.16362216


I don't know. I found the game to be great as a package. Individually you can pick it apart and not break a sweat, but together I found it to be incredibly fun for a couple of playthroughs and I can't ask anything more from a game that was announced and released rather quickly. It's a 7/10, maybe 6.5 because From feels like they're complacent with too much shit, like hitboxes being wonky in some cases, or unfun setpieces like the giant snake, or even something like the whole dying and resurrecting is too slow and doesn't suit the game unlike Souls, and the fact that the combat not changing that much means your mileage will vary for how long it will take until it gets old for you.

I mean hell, a 2 man dev team made Valdis Story, a game with an insane amount of playstyles and that game was satisfying enough for like 6 playthroughs.

5aba84  No.16362217


You forgot the stealth AI being batshit retarded because it's the same AI from always uses.

c18636  No.16362221


Like I said, individually a lot of the aspects of the game are very weak, together they're good. I never gave stealth much of a chance outside of the initial kill, it was in my opinion not much of a viable playstyle if a playstyle at all.

5aba84  No.16362222


Together the entire thing feels like a lesson in compromises and leaves it feeling like a chore more than a game. "Well okay this part isn't good, and this other part isn't good, the story/setting/music are all incredibly generic, but…. ????? so it's good"

c18636  No.16362241

>>16362222 (nice quads)

Which is why I gave it a 6-7/10.

I can't really not recommend something I enjoyed, but at the same time I should recognize its heavily flawed.

f19576  No.16362243


It's pretty funny how people will be digging through the releases of the previous gen trying to find whatever can be salvaged because current vidya is such a disaster.

I can only pray the cycle does not repeat with the next gen and things get better instead.

5aba84  No.16362251


I don't know I enjoy games that I know are garbage and would rate low. Like hellgate london, it's an awful absolute shitshow of a game that no one should ever play, but I still find myself playing through it once every few years for god knows what reason.

c18636  No.16362259


That's the thing, I don't really think Sekiro is on the same level as X-COM Enemy Unknown.

5aba84  No.16362262


I'd actually put it about there personally. It doesn't have the character that makes jankier games work.

678610  No.16362265

File: 1eb10499b4c31b7⋯.jpg (82.59 KB, 471x544, 471:544, vampire_rain_as.jpg)


Same. It's baffling that what was considered a "7/10" or 6, is more interesting and unique than the average release this gen. I'm actually beginning to question whether or not some of the games that got low or unfavorable scores last gen may actually be decent.


I dunno man, I have a hunch things are going to take a turn for the worse. The push for digital only in itself is already worrisome because there's no guarantee a game download will be available long after it's release. Not to mention you're buying a license to play the game. I'm beginning to hoard physical games of past gen due to current trends.

Another thing that kind of shocked me recently is the amount of dead multiplayer modes/online components within previous gen games. Basically a significant portion of those games' content is gone.

sorry about the triple edited repost

c18636  No.16362266


Actually in mentioning EU I think I might have understood where you're coming from. A game that's absurdly simple and people seem to really like it, but you seem to dislike it a lot which is only compounded on by how much others seem to swear by it.

I see your point anon.

a5147c  No.16362305

File: eaeb0f95e89703f⋯.webm (4.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, dce59a5fbccf7db2cc48571b2….webm)


>that everything in that webm

get proficient


<mount&blade but with less features than the game it tries to copy

<Kenshit:No-Mountains-to-Climb Edtn

<Risk in futility:the game NOW IN 3D

>rivalrying anything

None of these games are actually good,they are all trying but trying is different than suceeding.None of them managed to effectively make something different and innovative enough to set them apart from the games they were trying to immitate and make them stand out on their own,therefore none of them have any staying power and 10 years from their release date nobody will even be mentioning them.

Deus Ex will still be mentioned,Rogue will still be mentioned,Castlevania will still be mentioned even Skyrim will still be mentioned;but none of these will.

In a puddle of mud even a white pebble may shine like a diamond but once you pull it out and realise it's just a pebble it will be discarded amongst a pile of it's own and you'll just get melancholic for a moment or two and then move on in search of an actual diamond.

4fde49  No.16362312


Cave Story was great for what it was, a freeware game made by a lone nip with a full time job. The fact that most dedicated indie teams can't produce something of equivalent or better quality is truly sad.

90ec80  No.16362318


Agreed. All the /v/ core games that are loved here will eventually be seen as the mediocre and soulless productions they are compared to legendary games of the past or those made by large studios.

c18636  No.16362383


I disagree. I do not believe no one mentioning a game to be a reason for it being a bad one or even falling short compared to others. And I will still have them in my heart, for when some anon mentions those games, I will know and they will know, that they are my nigger, for they share what fun I had with a game that I truly enjoyed just as I believe that a lot of classics burn that much brighter after the wisdom of age.

be5e88  No.16362395


There are far better games made by lone nips with full-time jobs and far better freeware games.

86370b  No.16362405

>How has the industry fucking devolved so drastically?

You haven't actually played anything new in years. You have 0 experience with new games and the great ones that do exist, and you'll do your best to pretend they don't exist so you can cling to the games you played when you were younger. Your growth is stunted and you're stuck in childhood. Quit projecting your own failures on to an industry you've been disconnected with for 10 years, they are irrelevant.

306e5e  No.16362410


Such as…?

3ce7a9  No.16362419

ever consider that in the last 3-5 years you might have actually grown up as a person and might not enjoy video games anymore?

86370b  No.16362421

4fde49  No.16362422


>tactically avoiding the fact that the guy is both a lone nip and has a full time job in nipland

Why did you bother replying?

86370b  No.16362436


To no one's surprise this retard is literally from 4um

d6ac3e  No.16362451

File: 2787d2d03bea250⋯.jpg (375.41 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, ss_849069b2208a21d5adfc00d….jpg)

File: cdc9103b84b3c10⋯.jpg (444.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, zone1.jpg)

crypt of the necrodancer is a modern day game (released 2015), has modern day graphics (pixelshit), and despite of that it has a fantastic soundtrack, several versions of it even. though it's probably cheating since it's a rhythm game so most of the budget probably went into that. gameplay wise it's not a letdown either, it's relatively easy to pick up and get into, it's fun, and it's addictive as fuck, "that's the mark of a good game, you can never have enough of playing it". even the retro styled graphics aren't too bad for what they are. shit isn't ugly for the sake of pretending to be retro. I'll never stop shilling it because I really like the game, I highly recommend yar harring the complete version with all the dlcs and giving it a spin.

1968f4  No.16362458

File: b55d3b94381a899⋯.png (45.97 KB, 700x378, 50:27, truth.png)


>How has the industry fucking devolved so drastically?

>it's all the pretense of style and no substance)

>composed shittier

The reason is so fucking obvious but these threads keep popping up.

The enemy of art is the absence of limitations. When you need / really want to do something without the means to do it you will end up either not doing it or doing it in a new or different way that circumvents those means. When hardware was non-standard and peculiar, disk space was a few megs and you had to have an intimate understanding of computer science just to make a simple addition every game produced would bear the marks of that process and those limitations; it would be stylistically and logically defined by the engine it ran on, the ingenuity of the passionate outcasts programming it and the hardware it was made to run on. Look at any game made for console or home computers / pc from 1985 to 2001 and you can tell what system it was made for just from the picture and sound.

And now we have insanely high-level object oriented languages, libraries, ready-made game engines, and more memory and space than we'll ever need so there's no reason to come up with unique solutions to problems, just copy to best documented algorithm for the job and let the compiler do the rest. "Remastered" games look better technically, but not artistically because in the process the quirks that were a product of said limitations were removed in favor of modern standards like bloom and dof, marketable characters/ animation, and female/sjw sensibilities.

Good respectible art is a form from function. Anyone can make forms but if that form lacks function it will be nothing but. And that's all games are now, both indie and AAA. Forms.

be5e88  No.16362462



Vacant Ark, Iwanaga, Genetos, Galshell for instance

If you wanna go the commercial doujin route there's even more amazing one-man teams than Pixel like Tonnor and Yotsubane.

8089a4  No.16362480


Finally, someone filled in the niche of kike ASMR.

3c00e6  No.16362490


I like the fact that people who aren't necessarily as talented or experienced have a way in. We live in a world where interesting little projects like Risk of Rain can be more than just a small hobbyist thing shared between friends, that never makes it out into the wider world. Sometimes there's charm to something that's crude and rough, and not the absolute height of human artistic ability. I would say a big part of what I like about the PC platform is this very thing. Some kid made a flash game in his bedroom, and I'm having more fun with it than the latest AAA release.

451d67  No.16362564

File: badab2b75a7c6f4⋯.gif (970.58 KB, 400x226, 200:113, 1449669595168.gif)


>Rogue was made by a large studio

184f8e  No.16362604

File: 0a2604290516ad1⋯.jpg (61.78 KB, 552x681, 184:227, quartering drinking semen.jpg)

File: f5be13624c4e819⋯.jpg (45.11 KB, 409x600, 409:600, quartering puncher.jpg)



0fea5d  No.16362653

File: 8348edf3b5856ae⋯.jpg (68.52 KB, 468x445, 468:445, 1554821032.jpg)


>How many fucking times did you hear that stupid goddamned cake is a lie meme, or that fucking Still Alive song? Everyone did, and they all parroted it

I remember how back in high school, the science teacher and her tumblr tier students formed a "GEEK Club"; some how it became one of the biggest clubs in school and every year they would sing "Still Alive".

None of them ever played Portal or even heard of Half Life

0c913b  No.16362685

File: e12a88780270736⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1428159313438.png)


Games are a product. But that doesn't mean you can't want to make a GOOD product. That's the big difference between the profit motive of today and yesterday. Back then the motive was "We want to make a lot of money off of our cool video game idea". Today the motive is "We promised our investors a 26% growth by Q2" and you can clearly see why video games today suck ass. Lootboxes, casualization, season passes, undercooked releases, all of this is a result of the modern profit motive.

0fea5d  No.16362689


do you know a good place about limitations according to consoles?

I'm trying to go for either SNES or 32bit shit like Sega 32X or Sega Saturn

ede979  No.16362722

File: 969e9c065c63b2b⋯.png (149.38 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 573c7dc51cf44c3f0a68aeb26d….png)


<objective reality

>indie games

<things I like

>"classic doujinshi"

<things I don't like

>"modern pixelshit"

>using a single example to prove an existence of a trend

>using remakes/remasters the whole idea of which is selling the same game several times as an argument for deterioration of the entire game dev industry as a whole

>using claims and assertions that aren't substantiated by anything but "common knowledge" just to make a rhetorical question

Unless one finds circlejerks valid emotional support I don't know why anyone reasonable would even bother responding seriously to this garbage.

d1b59a  No.16362743

File: 6573ddcb85d29e5⋯.jpg (626.46 KB, 1324x1931, 1324:1931, Hotline-Miami-Poster-2.jpg)

File: 342e37da7f52ec5⋯.jpg (68.04 KB, 460x215, 92:43, gungeon.jpg)

File: d6f0f1242a2088c⋯.jpg (95.5 KB, 464x640, 29:40, MOTHER-RUSSIA-BLEEDS-cover….jpg)

File: 6e8d6254459e86d⋯.jpg (55.62 KB, 665x373, 665:373, Broforce.jpg)

>tfw the only good pixel games is from Devolver

ede979  No.16362751


>Enter the Gungeon


2d19f2  No.16362793


>the tim & eric of video games

no thanks

0d1b5f  No.16362798


Cataclysm is pozzed I heard.

It's possible that Dwarf Fortress is going to add transsexual dwarves which also would be pozz, and that only is possibly going to happen because toady partnered up with (((kitfox games))).

e2bf7b  No.16362813

File: ac9261db32028b2⋯.jpg (769.69 KB, 2140x1200, 107:60, 2007_was_a_bad_year.jpg)

File: 8b4a2e9ca1b79dd⋯.jpg (1.82 MB, 1513x2704, 1513:2704, 2007AD.jpg)

File: 0446173c338d1a8⋯.png (280.65 KB, 1177x1128, 1177:1128, 2007 (1).png)

f29b24  No.16362823


i've played all of those. none of those are really good… especially mother russia bleeds. mediocre at best.

broforce is ok but gets boring quickly. it would have made a great browser/flash game.

enter the gungeon could have been good if they removed the reload mechanic. added more enemies and guns. for a game advertised as a bullet hell shooter with crazy guns… its slow paced and pretty lame with very few choices in guns. also, the RNG is way more important than skill in regards to how far youre getting.

ede979  No.16362842


>hotline miami

>not really good

0d1b5f  No.16362845


You can look up information about the hardware of the console, which also should tell you, and/or by intuition, how many different colours the console could have, etc.

Some consoles, like the original game boy, and non(-halfway)-consoles like the apple ][ have dedicated wikis for this purpose, including the memory registers, etc.

f29b24  No.16362865


its ok. its like a good flash game.

i dont really like stealth games much and thats all it really is most of the time. i stopped playing when they started overusing windows and made the maps bigger because getting shot off screen by enemies you couldnt see was becoming annoying.

0d1b5f  No.16362915


>some interesting ideas, but then

>hurr durr we must "embrace the medium"

>hurr durr we must make horrible modern art

>hurr durr we must make things on a language people understand

>aka normalnigger pandering to get more money

>hurr durr slave to trends

the blogpost

2e3b25  No.16362929

File: ddce2206a3c72b6⋯.png (93.29 KB, 385x344, 385:344, painfulloli.png)


I swear this was done on purpose, there's too much shit happening that year to be called a coincidence.

494a6a  No.16362948

File: 99bb848e95b7d01⋯.png (479.14 KB, 616x353, 616:353, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9aa83b24d3f8e2f⋯.png (4.87 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b8097a42e76f504⋯.png (4.52 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b685d313990e43b⋯.png (621.15 KB, 670x384, 335:192, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e8fa1138dcca728⋯.png (504.95 KB, 616x353, 616:353, ClipboardImage.png)

wrong, and now fuck off.

e2bf7b  No.16363008

File: 3bff3d0487f34d4⋯.jpg (17.89 KB, 296x314, 148:157, Pure coincidence.jpg)


>What's with the butthurt with sekiro?

Fromsoft has a magical ability to cause huge salt bombs from sjw bloggers to butthurt anons who act like this game is the worst game to ever come out.


It's pure coincidence

af8b2a  No.16363053


Iconoclasts is actually a good game tho, even if not exactly challenging. The story is gay but the grafix are fucking beautiful and the gameplay is responsive and fun.

5f8825  No.16363097


Pixel art is a good compromise for people who need graphics but don't have the resources to do any better. The problem is that even if it takes less budget to render a game with low resolution sprites, it doesn't take any less skill. You still need to have artistic skill, a sense of aesthetics and an understanding of good visual design, and that applies across the board right from pixel graphics to modern AAA games. The technology you use to render a game doesn't matter as much as knowing how to use that technology.

3c00e6  No.16363118


What is Shovel Knight?

f58420  No.16363228

File: 574b2a51b224889⋯.png (60.67 KB, 854x480, 427:240, sjwknight.png)


>tranny knight


494a6a  No.16363246


What defines a male body when I can have a beard and say that I'm a woman?

d93cd6  No.16363250


This is s non issue and you know. We should feel proud that our hobby is becoming accepting of this marginalized peoples

f29b24  No.16363258

File: c6d57838e13b6fd⋯.png (33.62 KB, 298x268, 149:134, c6d57838e13b6fdf8924195375….png)

c18636  No.16363370


An incomplete game being sold as otherwise for the past how many years now?

It's pretty good, but seriously I'm pirating Yacht Club games from now on.

51a69f  No.16363420

File: 6b6855018e54344⋯.png (20.58 KB, 625x790, 125:158, 1432053971815.png)



c18636  No.16363442


From what I recall Body is supposed to change the sprite(minor changes like a skirt I think, or it might not change anything and it's just a fucktarded statement about how male and female knights are identical), text involves dialog. He or She, etc.

It's such a stupid fucking feature I loathe how this was given priority over the fucking boss campaigns that were promised.

aacb15  No.16363462


Opinions on the quality of the game aside, the fact the devs thought that was what players wanted over content they kickstarted the game for should be a massive red flag.

2ebd56  No.16363477


I'm sure we've all considered it. Then we went back and played some old games and found they were still great. Even games that I never played before are still great. I only got into Mega Man last year. Never had nostalgia for it, but now I can see what all the fuss was about. I check out what people are making a fuss over these days and it's always shit.


Kim Possible was obvious feminist propaganda from day 1, and its cancellation was one of the few good things to happen in 2007.

c18636  No.16363484

File: fd223d4d0a7cd72⋯.png (220.31 KB, 395x694, 395:694, ClipboardImage.png)


I had to recheck for the stretch goals, check this fucking niggerdry. 160k so that faggots who don't play games can go "yay love is love gay shield/shovel relationship". This is loathesome and I regret ever paying for the game before I knew it was even kickstarter.

c18636  No.16363505


Personalities, I don't think so. Colors, sprite appearances, I'm fairly sure there are, but I've somehow forgotten them.

aacb15  No.16363507


I remembered the final campaign dlc, I forgot about the battle mode that they still haven't put in the game.

d54a5d  No.16363547


Ar Qoga had fairly cheap DLCs to change the BBEG's personality into various Japanese Animu stereotypes (tsundere, yandere, dandere, etc). But it is a lot of extra work re-writing (and re-coding) large segments of game dialogue for funsies, so unless they're doing it for the lulz, it isn't going to happen much, and if they do, often it'll just be limited to pronoun shit.

Sprite-changing is pretty common. Most games with sprites will let you palate-swap, or will palate-swap with equipment changes.

4b2845  No.16363588


Cave Story has multiple endings as well and it wasn't made by gay/tranny leftists who plagiarized hot takes from their twitter feed.

d98b14  No.16363645


Wikipedia will give you the basics, but your best bet is just to search "Saturn limitations" or similar and get a thorough tech breakdown from a fellow autist on an emulation forum or something.

35d37c  No.16363708


Why did you pick nothing but shoot em up games? Cave Story is a platformer.

b6dca6  No.16363715


Iwanaga is a cabal shooter. And Cave Story is a run 'n' gun.

35d37c  No.16363732


If you thought that Cave Story was intended to be a run and gun shooter it's no wonder why you don't like it. It's never going to give you that sort of frantic action you seek because it's ultimately an adventure game with platforming elements.

4f9819  No.16363837


>censored series

>microtransaction filled shit

>butchered remake

>no idea

>good game

You tried.

3c00e6  No.16363856


I'm guessing functionally it just gives you a choice between male or female sprites? What's the problem?

455ca7  No.16363884


>What's with the butthurt with sekiro?

It's a non-DS game from DS creators which is set during medieval Japan. Apparently in people's mind games set in medieval Japan are considered overdone, even more than medieval Europe setting. The reason why people think it is overdone not even because Japanese love to make Sengoku era games, no, it is mostly because of Nioh, just because of one game which is so happens to be inspired by DS and never mind there are shitton of medieval Europe and fantasy inspired games, this one is for some reason "boring". Ironically there aren't many games which have Japanese mythology references, especially compared to countless western fantasy games.

Oh and it's "insanely difficult" by modern standards hence all the hate from miserable literal retards called "journalists". They would shit their pants if they tried to play Ninja Gaiden or Castlevania on NES.

However I wouldn't call it something great, a masterpiece. It's indeed just a solid decent game which is suffering from typical issues those AAA games are suffering from, it is just quite weak, don't know how to explain it perfectly well. Sekiro reminds me of AC7 which is a decent game too, but it lacks something, it's not just the story which is weak, the game itself still feels quite off. Perhaps like every AAA game it just plays safe, it surely lacks complexity even though it's somehow difficult. only compared to other AAA games

I imagine majority of anons on this site don't like it because it is yet another AAA game and they don't really like to play AAA games in general, this is what I pretty much feel about Sekiro and other AAA games at least. It is actually good compared to every modern AAA game because it's made by Japanese, but it's still a typical big budget game. There are just better video games to play.

7632a6  No.16363893


Even if poz'd, more options are better than a rewrite, as done in other vidya. The real shit comes with the stretch goals over here >>16363484

Frankly, I dislike the gays as much as your next guy, but I'd rather the game gave me plenty of options to fit it to my best experience than just being forced to play or do something I don't want to. No one put a gun to my head to make me play a female character in a boys' game, they sure as hell did with Rust though.

c18636  No.16363913



Two things to consider

>Genderswap didn't come in the base game

>Shovel Knight has been "released" since 2014 and it is still missing two important gameplay content, King Knight and Battlemode

I just want to play the three campaigns already. I uninstalled since Plague's announcement and I've been waiting nearly four years now for the full fucking game to come out so I can play it once and for all. I'm just angry at how this game has been incomplete for so long and still it gets overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam and such and gender swap mode to me looks like it's effort wasted on bullshit, even though logically it shouldn't have taken much effort at all and was probably a few weeks/a month's work for minor sprite changes and pronoun shit.

I'm just vindictive.

c18636  No.16363921


I took what I could get really, it was 20-ish hours of mostly solid fun and I might replay it should DLC be introduced or later for alternate endings. All the upcoming ninja games I know of are 2D indie projects so I think that might have played a big part as to why I enjoyed it.

dc4550  No.16363941

File: e0026658960656d⋯.jpg (50.4 KB, 497x500, 497:500, how did it come to this.jpg)

>start typing up a response about how retarded it is to use Cave Story as an example of a "non-modern"/old game

>look it up

<Cave Story came out almost 15 years ago

5d3ca4  No.16363949

File: 0f898619aa15442⋯.jpg (612.21 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, hgss.jpg)


>Literally every single game since 2007 is shit.


7c38fc  No.16363957


>Literally remakes of games from 2000

bc104e  No.16363961

File: e3fef2bc34e6a95⋯.gif (2.6 MB, 250x250, 1:1, 1442940919372.gif)



>mfw we're all fucking old

7c38fc  No.16363970


We've all been here too long.

35d37c  No.16363982


The majority, if not the entirety, of this board is under age 40.

Not really that fucking old.

7c1f00  No.16364122

0c913b  No.16364126

File: 00a1774c84869e3⋯.jpg (673.77 KB, 2500x2085, 500:417, 1551669296.jpg)


>"Wah everything is 'shit' because I have imossible standards" the post

Go back to /vg/ faggot

4f5480  No.16364130


Then clearly state what it is if it's so important.

Or just fuck off forever with your cryptic bullshit.


But is he wrong?

5b1027  No.16364139


>0 wasn't censored

>REmake 2 well regarded by most, including /v/

Can't speak for the rest, but that's already a failing grade.

0c913b  No.16364155

File: ee03309ab4a4c92⋯.png (995.66 KB, 554x792, 277:396, ee03309ab4a4c923ae90f2ffe5….png)



>Microtransaction filled shit

DMC5 doesn't advertise it's microtransactions in-game Which means they're not actually microtransactions by definition. Or at least as far as I saw after 80 hours. Not to mention that the microtransactions are basically fucking useless. If you want to get the orbs for EX provocation just use Dr Faust in bloody palace and you can have all of them in no time. It is entirely inaccurate to state that it's 'filled' with microtransactions or that it's shit.

71ba08  No.16364160

Look up O’Sullivan’s Law and apply it to gaming, there's your answer to why everything is shit.

494a6a  No.16364161

File: 0dff0403892c02b⋯.png (486.53 KB, 688x880, 43:55, 0dff0403892c02be3e7c909a95….png)


>censored series

Yakuza 0 isn't censored in any way.

>microtransaction filled shit

I might give this to (((you))) if it weren't for the fact, that the microtransactions are all useless time saver bullshit that only gaming journalists would buy.

>butchered remake

shit taste

>no idea

Of course you don't, because you don't play games.

>good game


>You tried.

And you're a faggot.

c3454a  No.16364172


Cave Story is a shooter too you know.


Run 'n' gun = shooting and platforming. Metroid is a run 'n' gun too. Hard linearity is not hard requirement.

4f9819  No.16364179



>no microtransactions

>not a butchered remake of a classic game

Mind explaining to me how these are impossible? Censorship can be a bit hard to tell as devs may censor things during development without it ever coming out but the last two are quite easy to pick out. If these standards so so impossible, I guess Grim Dawn doesn't really exist?

Fuck off, back to 4chan faggot.


I said censored series, though it looks like the censorship started after that one released so it may very well be good.

Remake may be fun, but it's still a butchered remake. Feel free to check out the original, you'll quickly find out the the game is very different.

While I was referring to the series, I'll grant I was wrong about Yakuza. 4/5 is not failing, anon.


>DMC5 doesn't advertise it's microtransactions in-game

Thus it has microtransactions?

>It is entirely inaccurate to state that it's 'filled' with microtransactions

Fanboys are pathetic.



Wait, so opposing microtransactions is jewish now?

>shit taste

I'm not saying it's good or bad, merely that is it a remake that butchers the original. I prefer the new controls but still think it's lame how they changed it. They should have remained true to the original or made a whole new game.

>didn't play one game, thus I don't play games

How do you even reconcile that with me enjoying Grim Dawn?

de0b49  No.16364184

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>first pic is actually real

>like/dislike ratio is normal

>Cucks in the comments cheering him on and ordering cum themselves to emulate being an actual sargon cum slurper

Get me out of clown world.

0c913b  No.16364193

File: 9842b99d81cb26b⋯.jpg (76.46 KB, 650x652, 325:326, 5a867ac4bd6682877834f1411c….jpg)


Your standards are impossible because I can already tell you're the type where if even ONE FUCKING THING is wrong with it then the whole thing is shit.

>Thus it has microtransactions?

Microtransaction by definition has to be an IN-GAME purchase. Because they can only be purchased outside of the game, they're not microtransactions. They're just shitty DLC

4f5480  No.16364203


There's no way that's not a joke.

I'd like it to be real because it'd be amazing in the worst possible way, but it's not.

71ba08  No.16364209


It is a joke, that's clearly milk or something.

Doesn't change the fact that quartering is a pretty big homo.

455ca7  No.16364213


>All the upcoming ninja games I know of are 2D indie projects so I think that might have played a big part as to why I enjoyed it

The truth is, the game is still quite unique, at least when it comes to the setting, mainly because it uses Japanese mythology. But as for ninja, there are better ninja games even if there aren't many of them. The most niche of ninja games are Shinobido games perhaps.


If anything, Cave Story shows how lowered people became.


>"Wah everything is 'shit' because I have imossible standards" the post

You're a perfect example of someone who has low standards though, in fact you even go and trying to justify microtransactions in DMC5 by saying that it's less of microtransactions compared to other microtransactions because this shit isn't forced. Here is a kicker, back in 90s or even 2000s there were no micros, instead people could rely on absolutely free of charge cheat codes to make games easier to play, but this is probably "impossible standards" in your opinion. This is how bad it is, you actually think that having high standards equals impossible. Do you by any chance like that companies are selling you characters and other shit when a decade ago you could unlock most of such content for free?

And there is still a room for improvement if we speak of DMC5 along with REmake 2. Both failed to top, let alone surpass previous games. DMC3 is still the best DMC3 and original RE2 is still the best version of the second game.You however cannot say the same thing about original RE because it was surpassed by REmake, for example. Honestly I liked even DMC4 more, at least it doesn't have this shitty westernized art direction and I bet you like the way it looks more compared to the sequel. DMC5 was saved only by the people who were in charge of gameplay, the rest is mediocre and design was completely ruined, though I consider it to be a perfect westernized Japanese video game. They finally found a way to appease western audience. This is still not a good thing of course.

455ca7  No.16364221


how lowered standards of people*

0c913b  No.16364240


If "low standards" is being okay with "microtransactions" as long as I NEVER see them while I'm playing the game? Then I guess the bar for low standards here is WAY fucking higher than it is anywhere else on the internet. They're so subdued that I didn't even know they existed until someone told me. The average player might not ever know they exist.

4f9819  No.16364267

File: a4a6a3381823f94⋯.png (454.29 KB, 720x775, 144:155, 1515509817309.png)


>I know your type, you must hate games because they are not perfect

Fuck off with your shit. All games are flawed but I enjoy them despite that.

>It's not a microtransaction it's DLC

Call it what you want, but it's the same thing. No different than buy xp in some other game. You're just arguing semantics.

0c913b  No.16364292

File: c732cb6a150f3f3⋯.png (102.79 KB, 597x800, 597:800, I_am_kike_man.png)


I knew you'd show your ugly mug in this thread

a88e0c  No.16364293


Hopefully this destroys the myth that DMCV AKA DmC2 is anything but a Sonic 06-tier turd. Literally no good games have been released since 2007.

1ad5d8  No.16364296


Fucking so what? He's right for once. Name 5 good games that came out recently, that aren't remakes or ports.

4f9819  No.16364298


Just filter the blackpill fag.

a6ffcc  No.16364306



Marxist propaganda is easy money, niggers. We're literally the only people pushing back against SJWism anyhow.

e2f86f  No.16364314

File: 7e0f8aa1ce06f66⋯.jpg (122.97 KB, 1200x1117, 1200:1117, D1Tf8dqU4AAha09.jpg)

Why make a thread about how so many things are shit or the industry is getting worse instead of making a recommendation thread? All you'll get out of this thread is people circle jerking and preaching to the choir about the industry getting shit in certain aspects, which we all know. If you want to find some new games to play. You'll get much more out of a recommendation thread.

455ca7  No.16364319


This shit is right on fucking Steam under DLC, sitting there and visible to anyone, same goes for DMC4 re-release. No fucking way can you miss this shit unless you just ignore it on purpose.

However, having low standards is to believe that having high standards and asking for video games to be as good as they were before, free from some unnecessary bullshit like micros or countless DLC equals "impossible". Bull fucking shit it is "impossible", people aren't asking for total perfection because such games do not exist anyway, people simply want to play quality video games with as less flaws as possible, at least on the level of older ones. If wanting a game to be as good as DMC3, for example, means having "impossible standards" to you, it's no wonder why American industry is in a broken state and why big Japanese companies are trying to chase after this market.



I consider it to be in-between of original DMC and shitty DmC reboot, in no way it is as bad as this irredeemable pile of shit, not even art direction is as terrible in it. But DMC5 is a perfect westernized reboot of the series, I can give you that. If it wasn't for gameplay this game would be still a turd, a bit of better than DmC, but still a turd and wouldn't sell any better. Otherwise it's mediocre, decent at best if you can grasp yourself and try to ignore those shitty "realistic" designs and play the game for gameplay alone.

3c00e6  No.16364326


How recently is recently? This year? The past five years? Ten years?

3c00e6  No.16364331


>wants a new DMC without microtransactions or DLC

You could play all of Platinum's games. Astral Chain and Bayo 3 are coming.

24c50d  No.16364344

File: 8496085638e85e7⋯.gif (893.51 KB, 320x213, 320:213, 1383616539735.gif)


>Game nails everything but artstyle

<"It's mediocre"

0c913b  No.16364350


Because negativity causes more engagement than positivity. Why do you think the media is all about fear marketing and "that thing you like is racist"


Don't even bother. Because it's just going to turn into that cyclical argument where no matter what you say he'll say it's shit.

3c00e6  No.16364356


I know. I just want to poke the fucker.

4f9819  No.16364357

File: 56326377064d51d⋯.png (128.65 KB, 314x278, 157:139, 1468803928635.png)


>microtransactions are artstyle

3c00e6  No.16364364


It's an allowance for idiots that shouldn't impact your experience unless you have no self control.

But if that's too much for you, wait for the next Platinum game, or play Wonderful 101, since you probably didn't.

e2f86f  No.16364365

File: 00d405af396bb86⋯.jpg (244.92 KB, 1012x1200, 253:300, 00d405af396bb86cb6ef2dfa74….jpg)


>The video game industry has many shit games

<Yeah, we know.

The only discussion now is people arguing what recent games may or may not be shit.

455ca7  No.16364369


>Why make a thread about how so many things are shit or the industry is getting worse instead of making a recommendation thread?

Because it's easier to complain. Though there is obvious solution, but people need to learn how to boycott for starters for the change to happen. That's impossible to achieve because tools for influence are corrupted and controlled by the companies themselves. The only thing left is for companies themselves to piss off people enough for them to stop supporting those companies.


>You could play all of Platinum's games

Absolutely. The point is that Capcom is still a shitty company and they're a former shadow of themselves. The only good things they are capable of is to re-releases of old good games, better even if those games untouchable beyond bug fix.

>Bayo 3

This is one I actually look forward too and don't think they will fuck it up at all. I also wish SEGA released 3 and 2 on PC though. You can hack Switch, but I want to play Bayo on PC. I wonder if Bayonetta 2 works well on emulators though, could be a good alternative.


Not everything, it nailed only gameplay. And sure, in DMC4 story didn't matter either, but DMC4 isn't the best DMC game anyway. Still if I had have to chose I'd take DMC4 over 5 any day and DMC3 is still the best DMC game in the series which arguably had everything.

3c00e6  No.16364371


Oh sorry. Thought you were that guy who literally thinks there hasn't been a good game since the PS2.

e2f86f  No.16364401

File: 136ae299d91bb58⋯.png (2.71 MB, 1240x1748, 310:437, 70823581_p0.png)


Depends on how the microtransactions work. If they alter the flow of gameplay to incentivize people to buy them. Then that can damper the game for many people. Like having important mechanics tied to your level while the EXP flow is shit in game. This is an obvious thing in mobage/gacha. Saying that, it's not a problem in DMCV or Tales games which have been doing that for a while now. If anything, DMCV is too easy. We don't hear journalists asking for a super easy mode in that game.


>but people need to learn how to boycott for starters for the change to happen.

>The only thing left is for companies themselves to piss off people enough for them to stop supporting those companies.

That definitely is a problem. You would think EA would be fucked by now or move away from video games.

I also hope Bayo 3 turns out well. Speaking of Platinum, I'm looking forward to that Granblue Fantasy action adventure game and Granblue Fantasy Versus. More gacha should be turned into better game genres.

4f9819  No.16364433

File: 60bba03e245ffe1⋯.jpg (93.54 KB, 908x1000, 227:250, 60bba03e245ffe1d95d96060b8….jpg)


Devs balance the game around this shit, so it will effect me at least if I was dumb enough to play it over replaying something better or waiting for something better

455ca7  No.16364437


I'm not. Actually, this thread wasn't a total waste and I found some shit worth looking forward to, especially Blazing Chrome which reminds me of Contra Hard Corps. There are still good games being made, but almost none of them are AAA games with some exceptions like Yakuza, a perfect example of exception of the rule, the series is actually niche too. Plenty of devs still make good games, with free cheat codes and other fun shit like unlockables too. But the market is getting worse and worse, even fighting games genre is getting shitted on. People were saying that fighting games would be immune to corruption too, but they were wrong. I've been on a year trip with little to no access to the Internet or PC and noticed that quality dropped quite significantly compared to 2017. It was changing for worse even before that, but it's less noticeable when you observe the industry.


>You would think EA would be fucked by now or move away from video games

They literally have nothing left aside from sports games which is giving them shitton of money, from the leaked PS4 data their games were in top in term of playerbase. The number was fucking insane and that was just shitstation numbers. I seriously hope they're starting to lose sales.

>I also hope Bayo 3 turns out well

This is one of a those cases when I'm fully confident in the game and Bayonetta 2 was better than the first one, to me even Bayo herself looks better in 2, though maybe that's because I like short haired women. I hope she retain her hairstyle, it's fucking perfect.

3c00e6  No.16364442


They haven't done that though. That's what people have been trying to explain. They made a DMC game with normal drop rates for orbs, and then through the microtransaction thing in after the fact.

b9e746  No.16364448


It's incredibly shallow, even more so than the souls games which themselves were pretty shallow. That combined with all the retarded redditors sucking it off as if it were the 2nd coming of Christ makes me hate it.

4772ae  No.16364452


Kevin's a fag and the forums are filled with unthinking leftist drones, but the game itself doesn't mention sexuality, race, or politics at all, aside from some shit with a post-apoc faction that claims authority from being the remnants of the Fed.

If you get triggered by fursuits, though, you may have an issue, although I think Dino Dave is a boss pimp.

c950ff  No.16364487







>Your standards are impossible

Only to someone who has no standards.

>Microtransaction by definition has to be an IN-GAME purchase. Because they can only be purchased outside of the game, they're not microtransactions. They're just shitty DLC

So, not only do you have no standards, you don't know what you're talking about.

(((You))) just might be,

part of the problem.

db321b  No.16364677


>They haven't done that though.



so yes they have i don't pay attention to that many new games anymore so i don't know of more examples,

e2f86f  No.16364743

File: 61229257dfa5b68⋯.jpg (992.34 KB, 1735x2313, 1735:2313, lolibooru 193567 eyebrows_….jpg)


I've made a few recommendation threads that have turned out just fine. The problem I see with most recommendation threads is that the OPs aren't well thought out at all. Usually having it where others are asking OP more questions because he didn't state exactly what he was looking for in the initial post. Then they proceed to leave their thread for dead.

This place isn't cuckchan /v/. You can actually have a discussion here.

262cde  No.16364834

File: 07afd8abcf37293⋯.png (308.56 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 1531260013066.png)


Witcher 3 is unironically a perfect summary of everything wrong with modern games.

>Characters are all retarded quip machines that do nothing but bounce one-liners and exposition off each other

>Missions are all retarded murder fetch quest that do nothing but have you run in a straight line towards a giant yellow circle that then has you follow a neon red trail with your Toucan Sam vision to instantly complete the mission

>The Toucan Sam vision itself is just a pointless feature that does nothing but dumb down and already dumbed down experience so the retarded player can feel like he actually did something when he actually did nothing but run around in a circle wasting 10 minutes of his life looking at a screen with a shitty filter over it waiting for a red footprint to show up

>Game does nothing but pander to retards and horny teens by flashing tits every 2 seconds because it has to show the player that unlike other "mature" games this game actually deserves it's M rating because it showed a woman's nipple

>Game makes every "consequence" as hilariously overblown as possible because it knows the majority of it's players are retards that think the more severe the consequences are the better

>Consequences don't actually change a damn thing besides the ending and some flavor text that comes up a few times at best because the game knows it's players are retards that have the mind's of goldfish that wouldn't actually notice nothing changing after the game made a big deal over how serious the consequences of their choices were

>Enemies are all copypasted versions of other enemies with minor changes even if they make no damn sense(griffins and basilisks) because the devs are lazy fucks who know their players are too retarded to question why half the enemies in the game are just the same half dozen enemies being endlessly recycled over and over again with minor visual changes

The product ends up being nothing but a bunch of traits ripped straight out of popular media at the time, lazy design choices, and idiotic game design that treats the player like they're too retarded to do anything but walk in a straight line and do the same combo over and over again. And people can't get enough of it.

c18636  No.16365020


>there are better ninja games even if there aren't many of them

I think I've played just about every 3d ninja game that isn't Ninja Gaiden Z and that PS4 Shinobido title.

And the tittyninja games, but those don't count.

5aba84  No.16365026


Tenchu games handle stealth way better even if the games are a little rougher due to the era

c18636  No.16365036


Shadow tactics gave me a newfound appreciation for ninja stealth.

d7390d  No.16365061


>I'm actually beginning to question whether or not some of the games that got low or unfavorable scores last gen may actually be decent.

One might consider that a given game might not have been "pushing industry standards" within the release frame, or not what a particular outlet or reg was wanting at the time. Such as the often used "it looks like a PS2 game" complaint in seventh gen that ignored visual style in favor of simply the outright graphical capability. Or how Tsugunai got shat on back in sixth gen for being very different from the formula people seemed to have wanted from a game like it, but in having played it personally, those differences aren't necessarily bad, and some of which even made for a somewhat unique experience. I honestly rather liked it.

Of course, one ought to also keep in mind input cost vs enjoyment: in theory, aftermarket prices should be lower than a game costs at launch (and of course there's also piracy). Thus there's a difference between a game being worthwhile at however much it was obtained preowned, if not for free, and having been worth the original $40/60 price. Which is not to say journokikes need the benefit of the doubt, but is still a potential factor.

0b39f1  No.16365155


over 40 is a mummy

b4da20  No.16365244

File: ee5223afbd2fc39⋯.png (123.25 KB, 1876x1200, 469:300, ee5.png)


Pretty close, but you can call me daddy.

7c1f00  No.16365385


>being this uncultured and low IQ

Kinda sad, this stuff is starting to depress me.

5ec924  No.16365429

>be multi-billion company publishing games

>only serious income comes after the game releases, the game only earns chump change afterwards

>meanwhile expenses stay constant, high even when no game is being released

>every flop means the loss of millions in expenses and, worse yet, no income to refill the coffers => afraid as fuck to experiment because if it doesn't work out, you'll be culpable for millions in losses

>try shitting out games as quickly as possible. More releases means more periods of income. Making complex games takes more time, meaning more expenses and thus bigger damages if the game turns out to be a flop, so you don't make complex games

>quality steadily drops to the point goyim are wisening up

>realise current model is unsustainable

>decide to switch to constant income model, where you earn money even long after the game's release period

>model is built on DLCs and microtransactions

Here, this is what's going on in the industry. Massive game companies became slaves to their own size as they are incompatible with the model of occassional and unpredictable large income while maintaining constant expenses.

490cfb  No.16365661


Shinobido games never were released outside of PS2 and PSP, so I'm not sure what you're referring to. I still wish the same fags who released Way of the Samurai 3-4 on PC got their hands on Shinobido series too. But since those cheap lazy fuckers didn't even bother to bring "Plus" content for WotS4 my hope isn't high.


Tenchu started as an indie series and its devs Acquire are responsible for many other great games, another most notable series is Way of the Samurai. Their games never were polished enough for obvious reasons, Way of the Samurai 4 was actually a huge mess on consoles, so that shouldn't surprise you. Tenchu is still great though and is very unique just like WotS, probably the best ninja game to this day and you can create your own maps.

3c00e6  No.16365882


They didn't do that in DMCV, you utter lemon.

7a81ec  No.16366636


DF is adding trannies, that's been confirmed for awhile.


746ad2  No.16366706

File: 386b54ed85bf372⋯.png (202.45 KB, 430x456, 215:228, 386b54ed85bf372c7d76d146b9….png)


Cheap business and niggers that buy it

Why bother making a decent product?

Why waste resources finding how to make things work?

Why hiring and searching for talented personnel to work on you project?

When you can sell half or even the full sales of a good game with enough marketing

Still this will bring a collapse, not to the size we would like, but many will lose their jobs while the CEOs run with what they can

There are still good games tho, but you have to be careful when buying

412f9b  No.16366821


I'm pretty sure there was a PS4 or Vita Shinobido.

72dd0b  No.16367052


You have to be either underage or generation z not to remember expansion packs.

1cf737  No.16368138


>Literally every single one of those little shits are brainwashed goyim who only care for their smartphones

$50 says you browse /v/ on your smartphone.

5f2ab7  No.16369706

File: a28d6cdc074f78f⋯.jpg (54.74 KB, 468x596, 117:149, Shinobido 2.jpg)



There's a shinobido 2 on the vita.

a6aa1c  No.16369727

I'm making a game about shooting schoolgirls' clothes off. I made a thread about it, but didn't a lot of good replies other than adding in crossdressing shotas as newgame plus. I'm hoping for more suggestions.

4904cd  No.16369740


If literal faggotry is your only idea of a good idea, why would anyone even remotely sane care even slightly about your shit game?

6cbdb0  No.16369743


Try using the /agdg/ thread instead of attention whoring your game idea, newfriend.

3613c7  No.16369765


This, and wait for demo day to show it off and ask people what they thought of it.

648c83  No.16369798



the microtransaction tactics become more and more greedy. That is another bog factor

d7390d  No.16370233


I still don't get why the digital version got taken down. Odd case of a game suddenly rendered physical only now, at least as far as officially intended means of play. I mean, an actual cart is obviously better (assuming you don't just yarrharr it), but this just imposes an availability limit and potential for scalping.

0c913b  No.16370242


Isn't that just GalGun?

8eb79e  No.16370781

What's the best way to play Cave Story nowadays ?

7a4b67  No.16370869


This. In simpler terms, limitations make you adapt and create a better product. Constraints of time, space, memory, spriting, and what-the-not will make you deal with decisions, such as how to deal with your super big boss sprite, or to prioritize backgrounds, stuff like that.

Having absurd amounts of memory and resources available dilutes the final result. Just look at today's modern bloated software, especially the goddamned "Apps". How can a freaking program that converts units or turns on the flashlight be 5-10MB in size? For fuck's sake.



Official Saturn documentation is available for your perusal don't pay mind to all those "CONFIDENTIAL" notices…



c950ff  No.16373523


>You have to be either underage or generation z not to remember expansion packs.

I have heard this same argument before. Expansions were EXPANSIONS on to what was originally a completed game. Of course over time, (((they))), subverted the meaning of the word.

9c6b26  No.16373529


I really don't feel like any of the remakes have a real edge over the original CS. They have difficulty modes which are superfluous, you should be playing the game on Normal which is what the original game was designed to be. I think the remakes have boss rushes, but then again the original (iirc) had a boss rush hack which serves the same purpose. The original music is still the best, the original fan TL script is still the best.

From the usual story buying a copy of CS doesn't end up with any money in Pixel's lap so even if you want to be a good goy and support a good dev there's no reason to buy it, you're better off buying Kero Blaster if you want to support Pixel. I don't even like Kero Blaster but I bought it as a form of compensation for how god damn good Cave Story is.

9c6b26  No.16373534

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Forgot to embed

ea74db  No.16373541


The freeware version.

3f3627  No.16377370


>I am so great

>My opinion is the only valid one

>Lump praise onto me

0b39f1  No.16377414


they spend so much more on marketing though. they arent trying to be efficient, theyre trying to "win"

0b39f1  No.16377420


maybe there was some kind of change of hands or other swing of power within the illuminati

cd88e2  No.16377424

File: 4a911e3a6931156⋯.jpg (243.87 KB, 512x384, 4:3, Lamulana.jpg)

File: b5956d4e0381276⋯.png (15.7 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 174971924_ac00553a19.png)


since few of them actually follow the limitations of their purported target system's look, your argument seems to lack merit.

meanwhile, La-Mulana is so faithful to the MSX's limitations it has been successfully ported to the MSX with no content or graphical loss

9529e1  No.16377433


It's about chasing a particular aesthetic.

Most indie games that use pixel-shit do so without understanding the limitations of the systems that brought about the aesthetics of those old games, so they just throw a bunch of pixels and chiptunes together and think they've done "retro".

Since I'm essentially a one-man band making everything myself, using these artificial limitations prevents the kind of feature-creep budget blowout on assets by sticking purposefully to lower-fidelity assets that still capture the essence of the type of game (and game console) I'm inspired by.

Devs from the indie clique are fuckwits, no mistake, and they're incompetent in every area including following simple technical standards that are clearly laid out for them, but that doesn't mean those technical limitations are themselves shit.

Stuff like Oniken and Odallus manage to capture the NES feel perfectly without being pozzed to shit.

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