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File: a4eac385c04a9d8⋯.png (435.1 KB, 1388x1047, 1388:1047, 8740a3dc02626108ea77c180fe….png)

File: 5b49110bafe8255⋯.png (116.71 KB, 317x497, 317:497, mime2.png)

ab2287  No.16363027

Our Space Station 13 is running a slightly modified nu/tg/ code, if you're new to the game/codebase, I suggest you read this:


Download BYOND here:http://www.byond.com/download/

>Serb IP


096ee5  No.16363049


f57f70  No.16363137

File: 103b8901a210959⋯.jpg (57.87 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 1452458642194928699.jpg)


That mime is T H I C C

e010c3  No.16363278

>7 online





44ce39  No.16363321

File: e80fdd14a06bfc6⋯.png (28.07 KB, 250x310, 25:31, Domino.png)

Why do you guys keep making the random screenshot the thread icon and not the hot mime?

e010c3  No.16363327


Because when I'm looking for an SS13 thread, I look for the picture of the VIDEO GAME

44ce39  No.16363691

Enjoyed banting with the captain. RP is fun.

8a032a  No.16363694

>4 hours

>not a single antag besides that one retarded ligger

What the fuck

81d59a  No.16363717


More importantly, the station didn't go to absolute shit despite the supermeme blowing up.

76c426  No.16363720

File: 67ff44145e455bf⋯.png (405.56 KB, 950x1249, 950:1249, 67ff44145e455bf507e29ef11c….png)

>be clown

>same job, same mission

>sneak around, full on solid snake style, getting a feel for the jobs around

>manage to get lucky and get a multitool from the tool room

>get a poncho and a spic hat as disguise if sec ever gets onto me

>break into atmost

>make spaghetti piping to get n2o down to .5% and 99.5% air

>go out

>forgot to set pressure up

>break back in

>output pressure up to 110k

>forget the alarms even exist so corridors are fine

>still works in some rooms though

>spend the rest of the round making bananas in botanics, laughing to myself while another guy laughs next to me

>eventually get a "Someone welded atmos shut and locked the bolts, there might be a traitor" in radio

>wait a while

>no further comments

>worried he might have fixed it

>[Miss stockings giggles]

>take a breath out of relief as I see the n2o is still kicking

>escape and get killed by mecha

Great round

76c426  No.16363767


>next round

>traitor instantly murder boning

>medbay is fucking broken

>at least two casualities plus traitor

>janitor's body nowhere to be found

8b4892  No.16363901


>Not having the picture of a THICC anime clown/assistant/mime bitch as the first pic but the actual videogame instead

What a fag. I bet you think vidya is more important than MUH DIK.

99f832  No.16363915


>implying vidya and delicious ladies are mutually exclusive

lol what a gay

44ce39  No.16364098


I was the CE that round, and knew n2o was in the vents since everyone was giggling and atmos was locked down, but I decided not to fix it out of spite for the captain brigging me

cfe27f  No.16364317

RIP my internet

sucks that I couldn't finish the round

db70ad  No.16364519

Hump command that makes same sound as daki being humped for fur suit when?

e807bd  No.16364522



db70ad  No.16364537




3d3ac2  No.16364590

8a032a  No.16365051

File: 4084a18ea106f03⋯.png (4.38 KB, 569x52, 569:52, Capture.PNG)

Somebody better fix Poly

4d5430  No.16365072

File: 3c1ff398259590b⋯.gif (406.45 KB, 600x628, 150:157, 3c1ff398259590b058356f6c1b….gif)


It doesn't look like he's broken.

8a032a  No.16365092


Nah, its not about the nigger phrase, but the

"Niggers aren't peopleSay "Niggersaren't people'"

The formatting is fucked up

e010c3  No.16365101

>Decide to be a Flyman Assistant

>Gimmick will be to live in maintenance, so I'll avoid contact with others, have no ID and be unknown, also completely naked

>Rip up the courtroom public chairs, head off to western bathroom, where I make my lair

>Weld and bolt the door, make a bunch of secret doors in and out, start reinforcing the floor

>Steal a bunch of shit from medbay, spooking the fuck out of them when they see UNKNOWN break in from maintenance

>Found some rats, eat them and consume their power (incidentally they chewed up a bunch of wires anyways and lead to Medbay and western parts of the station losing power)

>Continue to live this way for about an hour, people learn of my existence but they let me be

>Eventually make it to the eastern side of the station, get into the abandoned medbay area

>Rip up the machinery and bring it back, now I have a Chem Master

>Ninja appears and starts killing people, vines and low power

>Leave station in a private escape pod with a viro bro

11c689  No.16365109

>sit as syndie making romerol bees

>bother nobody the whole round

>space ninja duo running about having fun

>none of my bees leave except for the zombie powder bee that is sentient and having a ball

>[name] has signed up as cook!

>within 5 minutes chef is in botany with the bartenders shotgun

>guns me down wordlessly after staring at me for a moment

>drags me to departures wordlessly


>call out that hes doing this as he murders me

>based ninjas save me

>sentient bee on skateboard stings him enough to leave him comatose after watching him down me.

>good times

Really makes me think though

cb96e7  No.16365114


Did you ahelp it?

8a032a  No.16365119

Is it dead?

81d59a  No.16365122


Stop trying to act like a victim. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the person cultivating Romerol bees is a traitor. It's a dead giveaway Whether or not those bees bothered anyone is fucking irrelevant.

e010c3  No.16365127


<[name] has signed up as cook!

<within 5 minutes chef is in botany with the bartenders shotgun

<guns me down wordlessly after staring at me for a moment

Seems completely reasonable

11c689  No.16365129


>stop trying to act like a victim

Stop trying to defend (you)rself, i'm sure.

lets re-examine the facts here

>chef joins

>mere MOMENTS later

>chef grabs bartenders shotgun immediately. meaning half the time he has been onboard already he is rushing the tenders shottie.

>chef walks up to me wordlessly, guns me down

>drags me into departures and walks off

>not an antagonist

if this doesn't reek of something to you, you probably think lucky larry is actually lucky or you ARE the chef.

8a032a  No.16365133

File: 3bad304215c8bfb⋯.png (42.92 KB, 602x430, 7:5, Capture.PNG)

Because I double uploaded it in the last one

81d59a  No.16365134


>not even hiding the fact you're a traitor

>Romerol bees in plain sight from the hallway and kitchen

>for good measure, someone says over the radio that these bees exist, where they're located and who made them

>someone takes it upon themselves to remove traitor

<traitor whines about being attacked

<"they weren't hurting anyone"

<"really makes you think HMMMMM"

79adf5  No.16365139

File: f8c9ea3b64c539e⋯.mp4 (505.81 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Cheers bro.mp4)


You joined in after observing and murdered the antag on a comfy round, then get defensive when people call you a nigger

11c689  No.16365142


thats a pretty cute assumption because the comms logs actually went about as follows

>[chefname] has signed up as cook

>something about the ninja

>ninja acknowledging

>is the shuttle here yet



there was zero mention of beenis, stop trying to justify logging into your alt to validhunt.

cb96e7  No.16365143


I agree with you but

>murdered the antag on a comfy round

Is this a problem? Are we going to have "friendly wizards" now?

81d59a  No.16365146


>Skelus telling anyone to stop justifying validhunts


79adf5  No.16365148

File: 1c6db62d6fa0c0e⋯.mp4 (1.18 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, extended lad contorts.mp4)


>he doesn't have fond memories of "Dungeon Master" the wizard, who did an entire one of campaign with about 5 other people in the theater on a low pop round

11c689  No.16365152


I'm sorry you have a metagrudge but when i'm getting chased with an energy sword I have every right to spend five seconds making an stunprod and fucking (you) over.

cb96e7  No.16365167


>He has fond memories of ONE good friendly wizard but ZERO memories of bad ones

>He thinks he can be a good friendly wizard because of that

79adf5  No.16365171

File: e9149c4840e1acf⋯.webm (4.92 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, You got me mad now.webm)


You run a 4 hour campaign with a wizardbro and tell me you can't have hope for more

0d59d3  No.16365297

Low pop is cancer

0d3f51  No.16365322

low pop should be extended or antags with no murder objectives.

8a032a  No.16365360

File: 99bb321140df57e⋯.png (308.81 KB, 970x545, 194:109, pain and suffering.png)


It sucks dying 15 minutes in then wait around for over an hour before the antag captain decided to call the shuttle.

Then the badmin says that the guy was to be to a dick and revive me but that never happened.

8a032a  No.16365370

was told NOT to be a dick and revive me*

Fuck trying to put my thoughts together late at night

81d59a  No.16365378


>antag captain

Why are head roles allowed to be traitors in the first place?

1bbbfa  No.16365400


I used to see a problem with that, but who has ever trusted a head, anyway?

79adf5  No.16365403



Only loyalty implanted heads aka Hos and Captain can't be antags

0cf639  No.16365421


I'm pretty sure I know that but I also get my stations confused, I know I've seen non-ling cap/hos antaggory before.

ea9ec2  No.16365445


>Are we going to have "friendly wizards" now?

apparently yes, i saw one yesterday on the server



i doubt you'd be able to get 3 people to play d&d with you for 1 hour as a nonantag on this server, let alone 5 people for 4 hours as an antag

79adf5  No.16365592

File: 69572cf4f6b7a9b⋯.jpg (35.57 KB, 293x300, 293:300, Good fucking lord boner.jpg)


Please dear god someone dump mimes and clowns again

263c8a  No.16365635

c1ae43  No.16366323




ive tried twice to friendly wizard, but far too many people who arent antag act like insane murderhobo niggers.

79adf5  No.16366362

File: 1ec30b7d4b5ac84⋯.png (130.55 KB, 362x270, 181:135, Choose only one you like.png)


If you ever want to get comfy call it out in an Ahelp and I'll grant your wish

76c426  No.16366417

>be shaft miner for the first time

>read wiki on how to equip

>go on to lavaland

>kpa warning for some reason, I thought the suit was enough

>keep walking while looking at my equip

>don't look and walk into lava

>lava burns my clothes and oxygen tank falls out

>try to run back with the ore crate

>die right at the door

>no one on the serb that would stumble upon lavaland


Trying out new jobs is always fun.

c3f135  No.16366429


>fully suited up

>air on

>still pressure problems

>fuck this shit, there aren't any suits

>run out, hack a cube

>run in to recompress


>obviously dying slowly, but nothing some ointment can't fix

>monster appears that even regular users say they've never seen

>not only kills us all, but completely destroys the entire lava base down to the fucking floor tiles

>can't even find a picture of it anywhere

I'm going to say it; the game needs a better UI. Other than that, I love this fucking thing.

a00c41  No.16366535

if you wordlessly murder an antag who is currently minding their beesiness because you have meta knowledge of what they're (probably) up to you're anti-fun and a bad person

76c426  No.16366771

File: a23f669cb642a39⋯.png (409 B, 168x18, 28:3, ClipboardImage.png)

I wish the admin would stop downloading porn.

76c426  No.16366779

File: f449e5441e986df⋯.png (411 B, 173x20, 173:20, ClipboardImage.png)



83d4ce  No.16366990


Don't worry about the pressure in lavaland. The explorer suit will do that but there no ill affects.

e010c3  No.16368218

File: 04bffa4c7ddb651⋯.png (90.54 KB, 1356x627, 452:209, ClipboardImage.png)

Wot's this

e0a773  No.16368227

File: 8bdfd9437793642⋯.gif (943.92 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 1439893076669.gif)


It's what happens when you let macacos start thinking they're people

d08615  No.16368239




90a2bd  No.16368242


See >>16365546

79373f  No.16368291

File: 4f9e68854e954be⋯.jpg (33.6 KB, 500x376, 125:94, ladybug.jpg)


>unless this is hilarious copy-pasta i haven't tasted before.

I'm now curious about the various internet cultures and subcultures of foreign languages. Imagine all the copypastas we've never read before, written only in bizarre tongues like Afrikaans or Sanskrit or Australian.

I remember reading a translation of a Nigerian forum discussion about video games once. It's not so different, sometimes.

ce4592  No.16368447

why does everything turn into porn on this godforsaken fucking site

d08615  No.16368464


repressed sexual desires

184bbd  No.16368477


underageb& niggers posting everywhere.

e010c3  No.16368483


>(1) and done

Okay who hurt you

76c426  No.16368526


>a bunch of no gf autists with anonymity

I wonder why. The only thing surprising are the furries and the comies.

8a032a  No.16368685

So if you float off into space I thought you go full circle and come back around to the station. But apparently not, although I've had that happen before as a robot once. Just floated off this time and I ended up a papership full of stickmen and then some syndicate ship surrounded with rock.

Pretty cool, despite the fact I couldn't do much besides kill, break stuff, and push things around.

e2d3c8  No.16368723


I think you get transported off to a random z-level if you hit the map boundary.

e010c3  No.16368727


Yeah, okay so there's like 8 or 10 different map layers. By default you're on like layer 3 or something, with layer 1-2 being used for effects (escape shuttle, landing base, nuke ops base, abductor ufo, wizard ship, etc). Layer 5 is the mining asteroid I believe.

Anyways, each map has (optionally) a destination map when you walk off its edge. It's not actually random like >>16368723 says; it's fixed for the round, but varies each round. So one shift it might wrap around South->North, N->S might take you elsewhere, and then another round it'll be different

3d3ac2  No.16368739


Stupid gay codebase still doesn't properly support multi-z-level stations.

002af7  No.16368754

File: 2bd69ad1af1381b⋯.png (42.79 KB, 1366x685, 1366:685, I requested the ban, also ….png)

halp admins have shit taste

e010c3  No.16368767


>Christmas cake vs loli shitflinging

This is like twink vs bara, or like kemono vs monstergirl vs furry again isn't it

096ee5  No.16368776


>twink vs bara

I don't think I want to know

184bbd  No.16368791


What part of that needs explaining to you?

096ee5  No.16368801


The part where anybody would start that argument on an 8ch server. Kemono/monster/furry and cake/loli come with the territory, but this?

184bbd  No.16368808


/cuteboys/ is a board anon. It's not hard to imagine hard gays coming to /v/.

6297a3  No.16368818


>/cuteboys/ is a board

One that used to be top10, but now is nowhere to be seen. I assumed they'd all left, evidently I was wrong.

8a032a  No.16368822


> I assumed they'd all left, evidently I was wrong.

Yeah, because you're still here.

6297a3  No.16368834


Sick burn my fellow 13chagger, how do I upboat comments on here?

e010c3  No.16368835


>He doesn't know

8a032a  No.16368848


Don't worry anon. Everybody who uses this website is a flaming faggot. Relax, you're among friends.

76c426  No.16368926

File: db3b7f5f82abb79⋯.mp4 (2.68 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, a.mp4)

There's no fucking way this isn't lewd.

79adf5  No.16369001

File: 89326f53baaf1eb⋯.png (294.67 KB, 541x577, 541:577, 1464480693017-0.png)

>OOC for two or so rounds is everyone talking about fetishes and the extent of things they would fuck

e010c3  No.16369082


>Trying to mess with new mechanics/updates in private

>Lock myself in dormitory

>For some reason, being in a locked room is (((suspicious))) and mime, shitcurity and AI try to barge in

>At this point I've already lost my original DNA that matched my ID and I've transformed into someone else, so my ruse is about to be up

>But wait

>Reassemble the room as best as I can, even locking the closet

>Lay down in best, rest verb

>Have eyesight augment

>As soon as they breach the door I go braindead

>It works

>Still manage to gib myself by accident in cargo later while having no net effect on the round

I just can't play changeling, I'm so bad at it

c3f135  No.16369084

File: ca5748057d71f70⋯.png (510.27 KB, 1177x1070, 11:10, IT KEEPS HAPPENING.PNG)


>someone reposted my image for OP

It happened again. These people are good at summoning demons.

8b4892  No.16369110

File: 96712a87f91950d⋯.jpg (123.16 KB, 565x530, 113:106, b637987c5ffa961a1054616277….jpg)


>You can pretty much play as an SMT Demon Summoner in SS13

Fucking HOW???

e010c3  No.16369112


Chemical called Life

8b4892  No.16369119

File: b367e487671634d⋯.jpg (20 KB, 480x360, 4:3, baloon.jpg)


That was fast and also, I dont get it.

e010c3  No.16369126


When you synthesize Life, it spawns random mobs off a table

781c34  No.16369174

You can also use gold slime reaction to spawn hostile mobs which pulls from the same table I think

0d3f51  No.16369214



Antag HoP that makes themselves captain, or "Queen" as it were.

8a032a  No.16369229


Its really simple, I love changling since I don't need to carry around medkits and can self-heal.

c9aff5  No.16369234

File: f233145c4a30c36⋯.png (178.1 KB, 908x692, 227:173, remove.png)

Truly, new ground was broken in the field of culinary arts that round.

8b4892  No.16369237


In that case how do I make Onmizine (wiki isnt specific enough) and where do I acquire holy water?

I don't think I can ever find this shit out by myself.


I have no clue whatsoever about what youre talking about. Is that some kinda virology mumbo jumbo or whatnot?

002af7  No.16369261


Gold slimes in Xenobio lets you do this. Often very deadly.

002af7  No.16369278


Omnizine is botany only, comes from harvesting Ambrosia Deus plants. That is totally not a refference to something desperate by the way.

Holy water is massproduced by the Chaplain using his Bible on any container that has regular water which can include and often is all of the Water Tanks stewn around the station. Or by ordering it in cargo if he's being a complete dickhead and isn't giving you any. Or by stealing the 100u flask from the Chapel if none of those are avaible.

e010c3  No.16369284


Omnizine comes from Botany, Holy Water comes from Chaplain. You can order some

e010c3  No.16369292


>Be antag

>Objectives are really spaghetti inducing, I sure hope nobody sees me rip into Head Engineer's office

>Fail horribly

>Be nonantag

>Want to spend the whole round being a shitter, but don't because reasons

002af7  No.16369318

File: 5a8c125ea81b874⋯.png (37.74 KB, 371x416, 371:416, if you're security and don….png)

only shitcurity does this shit

735341  No.16369361


Speaking of Z-levels, ss13cm does this pretty well, how did they do it?

002af7  No.16369414



You remember all those ladders?

They aren't ladders, those are teleporters. RCDing a floor or blowing it up will just bring up space instead of "the area below".

TRUE room-over-room zlevel emulation was achieved in Interbay, Corporate Mercenaries, unironically vorestation and Lifeweb codebases, but good god, implementing a similar system would be stupid difficult for the current nuTG codebase.

e010c3  No.16369435



>There's probably a hidden map that's styled as an organic, multilevel stomach or something

781c34  No.16369526


>I have no clue whatsoever about what youre talking about. Is that some kinda virology mumbo jumbo or whatnot?

Science has a xenobiology department which lets you breed slimes that come in a bunch of different colors, and each one has unique properties to them that you can exploit for your own gain. If you inject a gold slime core with plasma it turns into a grenade that explodes into 5 random hostile mobs off a set table of spawns

6e73e6  No.16369992

File: b2a02eda4042dfe⋯.jpg (41.12 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 11.jpg)

>wandering aimlessly learning controls

>find a bible, no wiki entry for bibles

>"apply to head"

>roll around looking for medbay in critical condition

>get patched up

>time for a refreshing smoke

>manage to get cigarette in mouth

>access matches by dumping them on the floor

>light self on fire and accidentally flatten the box

>buy more matches and finally get there

>friendly medic comes and offers me mysterious powers

>become adapted to space

>ditch my puny air tank as i've transcended such concerns

>buy some more matches and head outside for a cigarette

>no way to move in space

>still need air

the next round was somehow less productive

02d47f  No.16370007


It would be nice though

1d109b  No.16370015


Sounds like meta shittery to me

I've seen plenty of people locked inside a dorm room and no one gave a shit, unless you cut the camera, only then maybe it could be justified. But even so, it's kinda metafaggy.


If you end up stuck in space, throw something and the force from your throw will propel you in the opposite direction.

2df671  No.16370020

File: 9340953723bd8d8⋯.mp4 (852.28 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Laugh.mp4)


>ditch my puny air tank as i've transcended such concerns

>buy some more matches and head outside for a cigarette

>no way to move in space

>still need air

>the next round was somehow less productive

c3f135  No.16370046


You're never a true chef until you deep fry the only kitchen knife they give you and you're left with absolutely nothing for the rest of the round.

002af7  No.16370209


It wasn't meta, i was ghost in that round and the mime was just searching everywhere looking for shit to hack with his new pAI until he saw a locked door in dorms. He PDA'd the only security on the station and just honked his way through the airlock after shocking himself testing on another one.

They din't really do anything to the guy, just the officer searched the braindead ling, found nothing, thought it was a case of another ling TFstinging the braindead ling, left the poor dude in his room, and went back to being useless. Meanwhile, mime just went back to fucking around with people in the halls with soap and a bikehorn.

3d3ac2  No.16370358


CEV Eris is another one that properly supports it. The main two things are stairs code and "open space" code. The latter is a turf that shows everything on in real time on the Z level below it and lets you fall through. tgstation's "open space" tile flat out doesn't work, and I'm pretty sure the stairs only let you go up?

I originally wanted junkstation to be 2 z levels with some of the departments being in the unlit maintenance maze that would have been the lower level.

3d3ac2  No.16370376

File: 01f0b5cb4b6219c⋯.png (272.27 KB, 1000x1015, 200:203, progress.png)

Also here's what I've got so far. Anything I appear to be forgetting? Also morgue disposals feeds directly into the "kitchen".

1c18d0  No.16370665


It's look a lot more interesting now that it's fleshed out. I had to slow down the construction of my station because of school and now I'm struggling to figure out what I even wanted from it. Initially I had thought "A better Meta Station." , but with the scale I'm worried it's just going to be a big, boring box and be too large for the population our server has. Another one I had been thinking of was having a station that's just Atmo and Cargo with a small research bay, and access to Lava-land and the mining asteroid and a note from Cent comm going "Okay, we've got the Mommi's to build the starter station, good luck guys." And the round is just "Engineers build this station, good luck." Maybe for extended rounds or Low-pop. I don't know if it's a thing that's possible, but having it save the state of the map at certain points so that an Admin can reload a station that players built would be kind of cool, so it could be something that grows over time. Maybe that's just being a lazy map-dev.

b05ae7  No.16370675


>Anything I appear to be forgetting?

Dorms/rec room/holodeck and xenobio.

3d3ac2  No.16371057


Try making that fortress station somebody was talking about, where it's basically an amped up security VS whatever threat. Would be good for those zombie rounds we had recently.

3d3ac2  No.16371122

File: 233a1bcff0a3bd8⋯.png (303.92 KB, 1000x1005, 200:201, progress.png)

3d3ac2  No.16371168

Something I would really like to see for nanite programs is the ability to type out your program list in a text box. You could start with a program like Dermal Hardening, and then add sensor programs to it specifically in the space of 3-4 lines of code/text instead of lagging out the game with your incredibly long program list. Syntax errors could cause program glitches too, would be more streamlined and yet deeper than what it is now.

8a032a  No.16371171


Don't forget to add secret/hideaway areas. The current station map we have has a lot of those, for a variety of uses. Would be nice to have something similar, with a lot of "old station" surrounding the new one. Or just worked inbetween as small rooms.

3d3ac2  No.16371195


There are multiple areas in maintenance as well as there simply being many area in space that are closed loops (some with or without windows) or have very few entrances that one could hide oneself or other things inside. I am fitting in some new hideaway spaces to existing maintenance shafts, though.

0d3f51  No.16371717



Its hard to tell whether you're trying to cluster departments for ease-of-access or isolate them for the paranoia factor. Right now on both meta and box most departments are close to one another with command and service smack dab in the middle, security and engineering being the most distant but still accessible. I don't mind the inconsistency of your map as far as scale for departments and size between them, its an opportunity to make good use of transit tubes.

3d3ac2  No.16371795


It's mostly by whimsy, actually; though I was trying to fit the "civilian" departments together and route things through command to encourage interactions.

87f144  No.16371872



1. Grind warm donkpockets (there's a box and microwave in medbay break room)

2. Empty the CMO hypospray into a ChemMaster machine

3. Ask botany

>Holy water

1. Break in to chapel and take the flask that spawns at start in one of the small rooms

2. Ask chaplain

1c18d0  No.16371959

File: 529924937f8a35a⋯.png (120.51 KB, 540x645, 36:43, sad clown.png)


Thanks for giving me that idea about the secure station. I started working on the station again, and I think I'll try and finish the rest of the lay out by the end of tonight, so I can post it for judgement, and change recommendation.

002af7  No.16372129

File: 8150cfbc49b626e⋯.png (48.88 KB, 780x598, 30:23, fuck one got away.png)

<Mental objective: try to not die again

>Be sec officer

>Assigned to sci, again, despite being "random"

>Start shift, grab glubs and belt, figure out wires, you know the standard starting greyshirt routine

>Nothing is happening, shift is staffed pretty evenly

>Warden is obvious oldfag but still chill

>Roam around in hallways looking for shit to do

>See HoP butchering a corgi in the washer room, think it's a tator killing Ian


>Holy fuck LAG

>Finally magdump my disabler into him on dorms

>Turns out RD just has a magic button that spawns corgis, was trying to get free meat

>Gets released

>2 hours of pretty much fucking nothing, just scrounging maint for inexistent plasma and shitposting with the warden/scientists

>Also viro got arrested and the curator, but they were just doing nothing

>Ninja appears and is spotted on engineering by engineers



>30298ms (Average: 28025ms)

>Finally go there and find him there, teleports out

>Wild goose chase in the station, everyone panicking

>Find again in dorms, turns out he netted someone

>Forgot how to destroy the net, guy gets teleported into oblivion

>Find ninja in holodeck with another secdude, teleports into space but sticks around

>Secdude just goes away, i tell him to come back

>Dude the fucking LAG

>Literally *teleports behind u* beheads me on a lag spike

<Lose mental objective

>Get cloned regardless

>Shuttle is called, half the station is full panic mode

>10 more minutes of nothing despite of this

>RD shouts that chef's been killing people

>Also notice Chaplain has chainsaw arm (nullrod skin) and is butchering corgis in bar

>Think about arresting him but then find RD bludgenoning chef in hallways, legcuff both and hardgrab the chef into inescapable neckgrip (non lethal)

>Bring to brig, turns out he's been bleeding out, give him some basic medic aid and run the fuck back out to hunt for Chaplain

>Ninja in departures, murders a ligger doc

>Can do pretty much nothing because he can just parry everything trown at him except incendiaries.

>Shuttle arrives, everyone gets on

>Panic and think ninja got in while invisible, autistically check every tile with the old mouse trick

>Forget Chaplain even exists, relax into shuttle brig with Warden

>Tells me he shotgunned the Ninja into oblivion with incendiaries anyway.

>Nothing happens

>Round ends

>Client crashes

Why do i still play this game?

c3f135  No.16372205

File: a4d972cbb02e3cf⋯.png (448.7 KB, 1178x1074, 589:537, Blobs fall, everyone dies.PNG)

e010c3  No.16372233


I'll agree though, I did that explicitly to avoid getting caught 5 minutes into the round after shitting myself. Oh well.

e010c3  No.16372464

File: f0361f5f81fdc0a⋯.png (22.98 KB, 289x303, 289:303, ClipboardImage.png)

Jesus Christ how kawaii

5f6713  No.16372807


Heres a tip from the wardenfag. Patience and practice is important for being robust, and being robust is important for security. Learn how the combat in the game works, and test out all antagonists before you play security. It'll help you learn how to deal and recognise antagonists easier.

002af7  No.16373059


Have done all of that. Been there, done the walk, know all the tricks and even the little things. Still haven't gotten a legit round as abductors and still angry about that, also clockcult is shit disable it hostfag.

Problem is my connection, it doesn't bode well with the fast pace. Even so, E-Bolas are king as you have shown and i'm glad security has them. Kinda sad they lost their tasers but maybe that's a good thing, means they can't get stunned as easily by a greyshirt picking up a disarmed gun.

e010c3  No.16373113

File: f46444a9a6a9c76⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

>Plasmaman Miner

>Have no idea how to mine

>Test the limits of my body, it looks like the helmet auto extinguishes me

>Cool can I use it to cheese being set on fire from the lava?

>Nope, end up bodied

>Miraculously, I am found and cloned

>Try to strip my corpse in for my plasma tank so I don't fucking die

>Die again

>They take me to cyro, where I immediately burst into flames



5f6713  No.16373128


Trust me, my connection is typically the worst on average out of the lot. Try to bully other faggots when it isn't going haywire.

23fe0f  No.16373155

File: ce80cef65152797⋯.jpg (60.95 KB, 776x642, 388:321, VRt1pn8.jpg)


That's terrible advice. Play all antags before Warden and HoS maybe and at least play traitor before Detective but you should security officer before playing antag so you know what your up against because being competent as antag is more important than being competent at security

5f6713  No.16373194


By bully other faggots, I mean deal with the situations when its best for you. However yeah, I think your advice is better in this regard.

1d109b  No.16373252

Oh yeah explosive implants seem like they need a small buff, blew myself up next to someone a day or two ago and they just sustained some light brute damage. Kinda shit if you ask me. Should have sent him into near crit I think? Basically dead from bleed out unless he's got bandages/Brute patch/pill on him/buddy to drag him to medbay I would think?


One day I'll get bored of mining and I'll set up some autistic cloning system for plasmamen.

e010c3  No.16373275


Can changelings alter race via genetic shit too? Like if there's a plasma man can you upload their genes on the crew?

23fe0f  No.16373277


Changelings aren't a race, they are humans with headslugs inside them.

Funfact, you can make headslugs with xenobiology, and make them sentient, and they are fully capable changelings.

1d109b  No.16373294

File: daec36467b9252e⋯.png (32.73 KB, 1109x345, 1109:345, topkek.png)

File: e8777678cd4f228⋯.png (356.08 KB, 915x875, 183:175, imoutogiggle.png)

Researching plasmamen and come across this. Seems like it's not an uncommon issue.

9438fc  No.16373326


theres literally a chemical that does the same shit cryoxadone does it just works on patient temperature

you just need an upgraded heater really or some kind of thermal exchange

9438fc  No.16373327


jesus christ im falling asleep

does the same shit cryoxadone does but works with heat instead of cold

81d59a  No.16373361


It's Pyroxadone, I think.

87f144  No.16373368



You can light yourself on fire and heal instead of burn to death, it's a fun chemical.

23fe0f  No.16373429

File: a400ddc15484e3c⋯.gif (1.43 MB, 322x281, 322:281, 1463262889587.gif)


>messing with grenades

>basic 50u potassium grenade

>basically a firecracker than can cause a single-tile hull breach

>look into larger beaks

>large grenade + bluespace beaker = 300u potassium bomb

>test it in the chaplain

>big ass hole, at least 6 tiles across

>obviously make more for defensive purposes

>end of the round

>guy in a mech wants to test it's powers

>offer up chance to test his might, will also destroy massive pile of garbage that nearly crashes game just right clicking on it

>defense mode on

>try it

>0 damage

>nice for him, shit for me

>he proposes second trial, no defense mode


>drop the nade and run

>come back

>mech is destroyed, he's not responding

>shuttle arrives at that second

>try to recover the scientists body


>need to regain health

>run in and try again

>got him

>2 authorizations left to early launch

>rushing down hallway, conveyers and garbage everywhere slowing us down

>1 authorization left to early launch

>accidentally drop him

>early launch is a go, 10 seconds to launch

>no time to rescue him, haul ass to escape pod


RIP Scientist, he died doing what he loved

c19105  No.16373486

File: 634fbe6f9aed597⋯.webm (3.98 MB, 720x480, 3:2, end of mario.webm)

>colossus death bolts do 25 damage through all armor

>it can fire them in a shotgun pattern

>if you're using a low-range KA and it catches you with one while you're diving in, you'll get insta-dusted

i need to become more robust, but i don't want to waste miner slots

42d5c3  No.16373491


>but i don't want to waste miner slots

Just scream at the HoP to increase the Shaft Miner arrival slots.

42d5c3  No.16373496


>>got him

Funny that I'm pretty sure my body and head was just gone so I wouldn't revive anyways.

Heroic, though.

c19105  No.16374453

File: 400d424dd646e33⋯.png (47.51 KB, 1169x48, 1169:48, obliterate.png)

>the suicide action for the hierophant club

42d5c3  No.16374457


>Doesn't post what it does

c19105  No.16374460


you hold up the club, it says some weird shit, then you disappear in a purple-white light

it doesn't leave a corpse or any trace of your body, just your items and the club

81d59a  No.16374727

File: 920e404e305ec96⋯.jpg (11.57 KB, 160x160, 1:1, 8ac0c86e6ab0ddbe31cc51de04….jpg)

>readied up as a MoMMI so I could do some wee early morning autism

>NOPE spawn in as lawyer with tator objectives


>assassinate the janitor and botanist then escape alive

>sounds easy enough, they're both right next door to each other so I'll just set some explosives nearby

>janitor immediately fucks off someplace with no suit sensors, botanist follows soon after

>fuck it, maybe they'll get themselves killed and save me the trouble

>bantering with the QM and a doctor, QM is thirsty as fuck to the Doctor

>tell him he needs legally signed documents in order to date a fellow Nanotrasen employee

>he comes back with an application for the forms, signed by him

>tell him it's no good, legal documents aren't handwritten in cursive

>fold his application into an airplane and toss it into the kitchen, the cook promptly fries it and I eat it

>QM runs off crying, commits suicide

>when the opportunity arises, I poison the food and drinks so that people think the cook is trying to kill everyone

>I don't hear anyone complaining about ill effects, but the cook does eventually kill herself

>enter Curator

>he leaves copies of Lusty Xenomorph Maid all over the station

>banter with him about it, he then makes copies that say they're penned by me


>I stalk him for about an hour, he settles down in the vacant office

>I rig a couple of X4 bombs to blow at staggered intervals

>first one takes an arm off, second one doesn't seem to injure him but it rips a huge breach that he doesn't escape from

>leave my remaining bomb in the Curator's office

>wandering the station, run into doctor trying to break into the vault

>offer up an emag that I "found" in the library, it just makes it so we have to dismantle the door entirely now, oops

>use my emag to rig the disposals to grind up bodies

>doctor finds me later and asks if I want access, I become Doctor Lawyer CPT

>running medbay legit, cloned a few people, did a lot of surgery

>Doctor friend comes back with a head that she clones, it's the actual Captain that came on board hours ago

>she said she found him hiding in a locker near the dorms with everything a greyshitter would want to steal in his inventory

>once cloned, we amputate all his limbs, remove his tongue, perform gender reassignment then we stick him in a wheelchair and finish it off with some lipstick

>someone calls the shuttle, that gets shut down via consensus

>moments later the supermeme delaminates FAST and then a singularity opens up in science while some fucker ick ocks about it

>shuttle gets auto-called because singularity ate all the communications consoles

>no choice now but to leave

>head to departures and wait with a different scientist and his pet golems, one of whom takes it upon itself to space Mrs Captain McNugget because "they were catatonic"

>shuttle arrives, it's the Daniel

>safe trip back to centcom while eating cake

>I was the only actual antag for nearly 6 hours, nothing but greentext

That certainly did not feel like a 6 hour shift.

2de73d  No.16375864

>showed up in the middle of a long shift

>maybe seven people total

>roll Roboticist

>make three Ripley suits and dump two of them off at cargo


>someone figures out there's no HoP and gets so bored that everyone can soon get all access

>fuck around


>try some shit I remember from Sseth because it's pretty much required at this point

>get to the shuttle area

>force the doors open

>walk off and get a spray bottle, then fill it with Space Lube™

>shit disappears despite the wiki saying that it shouldn't do that

>well fuck

>get really bored and go to security

>highlights include some faggot being a faggot and trying to space me, end up space lubing him and he takes my lethal shotgun with actual shells as well as my sprayer of space lube but flies off into spess


>decide to make potassium bomb pills

>make two sets

>one for a victim who falls for my sweet sweet lies not really sweet and actually very blatant lies

>the other for myself because holy fuck I'm bored

>trick someone into taking the first set

>actually disappointed with how weak the explosion was

>get my leg blown off in the explosion


>well, fuck, I'm actually sorry that happened

>shuttle gets called

>some nerd finds us and tries to rebuild me leaving my victim behind

>you chose poorly, as soon as I'm back up and out I'm taking the other pills in front of you

>cloned, vat'd, fitted with anesthetic and then Questionable Medical Ethics™ comes into play from the doctor

>I pretty much deserve this, I don't even feel bad about getting bullied

>doctor fucks up and gets left behind, ends up dragging me with him and out into the cold reaches of spess

>finally wake up

>turn the anesthetic back on because fuck it if I'm going to die in spess I'll be asleep

So this is what suicidal apathy feels like.

77ddb7  No.16375926


>NOPE spawn in as lawyer with tator objectives

That antag drafting shit is by far my most hated aspect of the game. If no one has antag options enabled I'd honestly rather have no antag rather than someone who clearly does not want to be an antag, or worse being stuck as an antag myself doing some job I have no interest or heart in.

It's especially bad during lowpop rounds because of how often it can happen, and before you know it you've spent the past few hours doing jobs and roles you had no interest in.

658531  No.16376330


>be doctor

>fucking around and saving people

>decide to fuck around with cyber organs

>make a heart

>can't put it on myself

>eventually some guy gets cloned

>throw him in cryo

>take him out

>wait, he's passed out

>that means he can't refuse the cyber heart

>drag him to surgery and slap a mask on


>do heart surgery

>back to cryo

>20 seconds left

>it's enough

>wait fuck, that's 20 seconds to departure

>pull him out and drag him across the station

>can see shuttle leaving

>miss it, fly out of the station

>die and bring him with me


Medical is fun

096ee5  No.16376336


>can't put it on myself

That's where you're wrong, kiddo

c1ae43  No.16376498


you have to be augmented to operate on yourself and you can pull your heart out, but you usually wont be able to put the new one in before passing out. liver, lungs, and implants work fine when augmented though

6e73e6  No.16376638


>the food was also poisoned

thank god i was living off of donk pockets and erotica like a true scholar.

On a somewhat related note, is it possible to change with the contents of vending machines?

6e73e6  No.16376641


>change with the contents of vending machines

fiddle with or change

11c689  No.16376667

>teach crew to properly deal with blob

>help crew coordinate

>defeat blob

>ninja jumps into my core

>can't warn the crew that they can just bash the ninja net off themself with anything that can hit anything for damage in time

>ninja says the salt will flow and many will die

>one dude in durand who doesn't know how the mech punch even works manages to down him after getting ejected from his busted heap and swords the ninja to death


>then the crew board the shuttle

>half of the shuttle is now lost in the warp as it launches

>other half remains docked with the station


3d3ac2  No.16376691


>Be the QM that round

>Routinely siphon department funds

>Start getting bounties though to fill it back up, taking some for myself and any helpers too.

>Order weapons, because of course

>bleb dead

>20k credits in personal account

>Half the shuttle is missing

>Die from decompression

Overall, a pretty great round not-mega-satan.

6f7525  No.16376835


Consider: An antag priority system similar to how job roles work. High shouldn't guarantee antag though, but nobody with med priority should get it first

c19105  No.16376856


keep it to low and high without any restrictions on how many high-priority antags you can have ticked, and it could work

3d3ac2  No.16376880



This is a good idea. While I don't mind playing certain antags like changeling for the sake of creating an interesting round it certainly isn't my favorite.

ad4c91  No.16376900


42d5c3  No.16376916


We could suggest that tgstation codes it first, then grab the code for ourselves.

6f7525  No.16376967

File: 4d149cc066c943d⋯.png (13.84 KB, 631x158, 631:158, ClipboardImage.png)


76c426  No.16376983


>never get antag role

>doesn't even know there are antag options

>find that out when changing god for chaplain round

>set them all to enabled

>still no antag

I just wanted to try it once and probably fuck the whole station and kill everyone in the station except my target.

421562  No.16377023


ahelp it you dingus

6f7525  No.16377132

How do you decontaminate mixed air pipes?

>Work toxins

>End up whiffing two bombs, whatever, I'll clean up and reset and try again

>Connector Port / Freezer, that's literally the extent of a pipe network

>Port has no gas, Freezer has a mixture of shit

>Can't really extract it into a container, at best it equalizes

What do

f57f70  No.16377181


Learn atmos. The setup in toxins is enough if you know what you're doing but it's far from optimal. So get a RPD or take the pipe dispenser from atmos BEFORE working on your mix.

6f7525  No.16377218


I understand how atmos works, but that doesn't really help fix it when the only tile in a loop doesn't fill up a metal container thing

f57f70  No.16377243


Drop a sketch of your setup. Could be a bug

6f7525  No.16377247


No it's not a bug, it's "how do I empty the gases from a freezer into an adjacent tank attached to a connector?" Like I said, the pressure will equalize. If I had 200u of gas in the freezer, both will have 100u after, and I'd have to empty the tank, and repeat until the gas is (fractionally) removed

e807bd  No.16377279

File: 36d5dcd306f056c⋯.gif (373.74 KB, 500x357, 500:357, UUUUUU.gif)


unwrench that shitty single connector and put a


and then slap a gas filter down on any layer. Freezer/heaters only attach to pipes on the 2nd layer. Just make sure you either have a way to pump the gas coming from the "filtered" end out, or be completely sure that you will only want that one gas being filtered to stay there.

If you fuck up super duper hard, you can directly set up a pipe system to pump into the atmos waste loop. Or better yet, take that bomb hardsuit and set up a LAYER MANIFOLD on the plasma and oxygen miner outputs and lead the pipes back to toxins using the 1/3 layer so you don't have to dick around with limited canisters anymore.

ad4c91  No.16377284


You can disassemble/reassemble the freezer to remove it's contents.

8cb50f  No.16377323

>segfault 3 times in HOP line

>segfault when RD starts attacking everyone

>end up crashing in front of the emergency shuttle just in time to get suffocated to death


42d5c3  No.16377328

File: 3858e76ee7e4ded⋯.jpg (83.58 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 20100311160253.jpg)

Excerpts form last round

>People are PDAIng me about a disappeared chem dispenser

>According to them, both cook and botanist say they didn't take it

>Tell borg to go find out where it is

>Turns out the botanist did take it

>Arrest a botanist for stealing a chem dispenser

>The whole time he's there, he hurls insults like FAGGOT, IDIOT, CUNT

>Give him a pinky 2 minute sentence and he gets even angrier

>Later on the round

>Security force I've drafted of 3 people can't seem to get rid of pirates

>:s Who wants a bloody DURAND?

>No response

>Look around, DURAND in robotics

>Make weapons for it and leave to go destroy the pirates

>His energy sword blocks DURAND melee strikes so I end up getting robusted

>Deadchat, mod sends me a complaint form the RD (first pic), later admits its because I "stole" his mech

Contain your autism everyone.

42d5c3  No.16377330

File: b9b927ff844f1ca⋯.png (6.82 KB, 631x64, 631:64, TheSidesAreLost.png)

81d59a  No.16377338

File: a642c750e546f9f⋯.png (99.13 KB, 400x400, 1:1, agnus.PNG)


>RD sends an ahelp because he didn't DNA lock his own damn mech

RD needs to rethink playing this game if he's gonna try to get admins involved over something that trivial.

23fe0f  No.16377339

File: 0287a76182159ce⋯.png (7.56 KB, 165x124, 165:124, mall cop.png)


>make some improvised weapons for fun

>pirates show up

>sec draft

>taunting on radio

>other sec goes missing'

>captain gone traitor

>fuck this

>grab hardsuit

>go out

>first pirate hanging out

>pop a slug in his head

>grab his stuff

>dufflebag full of X4

>float over to ship

>see durand in ship

>place it on wall to breach around where he is


>X4 kills him

>grab sec buddy

>extract to shuttle, escape

Feels good

42d5c3  No.16377340

File: 10eee9e8b59726a⋯.png (235.35 KB, 603x563, 603:563, 10eee9e8b59726a20ce21218e1….png)


>captain gone traitor

I was the one that drafted you to sec

6f7525  No.16377356



It's true, the ligger HOP named QUEEN is cancer

42d5c3  No.16377364


>the ligger HOP named QUEEN is cancer

Except he wasn't in that round so it was definitely a complaint about me.

44ce39  No.16377488

The Golem attack force never fails to get it's man.

And by get it's man I mean fail to kill them, but sucessfully leave them stranded on the station.

211468  No.16377525

File: 5959c2f786e65e4⋯.png (305.93 KB, 569x693, 569:693, smugphil.png)


>kill sec officer because he spots me absorbing a monkeyman body

>kill captain who happened to be the admin gee wonder why he threatened to bring the hammer down on me because he goes hunting for sec officer and finds me

>kill first medical doctor because she's about to bypass sec officers husking and bring him back

>kill poly because it brought my downed target to med and won't let go of the body poly is a one hit kill so wounding wouldn't work

>kill second medical doctor because she's my target

Only one I didn't have a reason to kill was the cow. So fuck ya'll, lingling gotta get lingpowers by eating you. If you don't like me using reasonable self-defense and killing witnesses TWO HOURS INTO A ROUND go play paradise or goonstation, or enable extended as the only gamemode.

5f6713  No.16377529


>kill captain who happened to be the admin gee wonder why he threatened to bring the hammer down on me because he goes hunting for sec officer and finds me

I don't really care if I die in the round, since I consider admins valid. I only told you to not murderbone on deadpop since it usually kills the round. That's it, really.

44ce39  No.16377538


I saw the janitor extend an armblade early on but

A: I decided I didn't want to deal with that noise and

B: It was directly after I had been in an explosion, so I thought, huh, maybe it's halucunations.

Either way, personally, I didn't mind the sudden murdering, It brought in some spice. If only I had gotten to see first hand golem army at it's most robust.

d234fc  No.16377658


goon doesn't have rules against murder boning as traitor it's encouraged and they have a better changeling mode but it is not customizable.

You start with a sting, transform, monkey form, and acid spit.

>sting is a neurotoxin that knocks people out but takes a little bit

>transform let's you change to absorbed people

>monkey makes you a monkey

>acid spit is a homing instant KO

It plays as stealth until you get enough absorbs to temporarily become a shambling abomination(the thing) mode which allows you to scream(stun all nearby) and devour people whole with aggressive grab which extends the amount of time you can be shambling

Unlike tg there's no way to pacifist steal DNA, you have to murder bone to 10? stealthy absorptions for that sweet horror form

That said I wouldn't recommend goon anymore for administration reasons

3d3ac2  No.16377724


>layer manifold

I don't quite understand how to pull off this meme. Does it involve borking around with floor tiles or just wrenching several kinds of pipe onto the same tile, or both? I know when I set up the TEG I'll have a scrubber set to SUCC on the same tile as an injector or vent (inside a wall-box) to get superior pumping action so I'm not sure if that is what you are speaking of.

d234fc  No.16378052


it just attaches to all pipe layers 1 2 3 so you can run multiple pipes over

e807bd  No.16378119


but mooom, what if I accidentally cause a tantrum spiral by robusting someone that I think will murderbone me and actually wasn't going to

76c426  No.16378950


Just tried it, you pass out instantly. There isn't even enough time to put in a heart in your off hand, at least not with my ping.

c1ae43  No.16379278



the most annoying retards to deal with on the server are the namefags and the one that renames itself queen every round is the worst. dont take command positions if you dont even know the basics of how every department works.

76c426  No.16379386

>be blood brother

>first time traitor


>kill some guy

>steal supermatter shard


>no idea how to do either

>get an idea

>blood brother will wound the guy somehow

>they'll take him to medical

>I'll extract his brain and throw him in morgue, then tell everyone he's catatonic

>find box with instructions

>supermatter doesn't seem that hard

>take a o2 canister and break into atmos as usual

>hack the door perfectly

>notice the spark and don't get shocked


>go to atmos, except I "get lost" and go up to the reactor

>get anti-rad suit on

>going to break in

>suddenly camera shifts into the reactor



>fucking delivery chute

>straight into the supermatter

>my body is melted with everything I had, including the box with the items required to get the supermatter shard

>possibly fucked the entire objective and have no way to get revived


Surprisingly less deadly to the entire station than I had expected.

81d59a  No.16379398


ahelp it whenever some shitter MoMMI builds an autism chute like that. People that keep doing that shit need to be silicon banned.

e807bd  No.16379404


the tator tot CE did it.

6f7525  No.16379413



Why would this be a bad thing for a mommi to do? Their objective is to "improve and repair the station while not interacting with others" (paraphrased). One could argue that the delivery chute was an upgrade; it didn't interfere with it either, and arguably saved the station from a traitor objective.

76c426  No.16379422


>respawn as a bot

>guy gives me some options, take the mining mech

>Asimov laws

>also, rule 0: kill all liggers

>go mining

>drill some dead bodies and take their heads back to medical

>don't think they ever make it because medical was nuked

>go back to mining, kill some creatures

>then I see it

>giant lizard

>Rule 0

>drill it's head

>he turns around

>slaps me

>damage jumps from 0% to 60%


>try to escape

>hit again, 95% damage

>he breaths fire and kills me next to the station

>robot breaks, my brain is still alive

>call for help

>station is beyond repair

>my failed objective just looks at me until finally my energy runs out

>HUI-560 has died at lavaland


>traitor did it


fc92fb  No.16379459


>could argue that the delivery chute was an upgrade

I died to it as a non-traitor. Kinda sucks to have nothing to do after that.

6f7525  No.16379491


>I died to it as a non-traitor

Sure, and you can wander into a lot of shit that non-traitors do

095c4e  No.16379544


Kek. I saw the Botanist stealing it to.

81d59a  No.16379973


No, one couldn't argue that a delivery chute that shot things at the SM was an upgrade. Anything touching it will cause unwanted reactions that always ultimately result in delamination.

If a tator did it, fine. But silicons that aren't emagged and emagged silicons that haven't been ordered to do it should be immediately deleted and barred from ever being one again.

6f7525  No.16380020


But they didn't directly interfere with it, nor prevent it from working. According to your logic, them accidentally slicing a power cable or air tube in arrivals and forgetting to repair it is catastrophic griefing

81d59a  No.16380169


>equating an accidental cutting of a cable or pipe and legitimately forgetting about it to the deliberate construction of a contraption that serves no other use than to cause harm.


You're trying to put words into my mouth and none of them are even attempting to explain your point.

You said it could be argued that a delivery chute that tosses shit into the SM is an upgrade. Explain HOW and how you think asimov or MoMMI laws will allow it.

Getting really fucking tired of people trying to be clever with the law loopholes like it's never been attempted before.

ce4592  No.16380377

>server is hosted by a colossal pussy who won't raid furfags and mutes people when they refuse to bow before his tyranny

Oh look its every other SS13 server ever.

e807bd  No.16380393

File: c053b5d0da9b42e⋯.png (107.24 KB, 392x469, 56:67, CwnhfOD.png)


>saying the N-word on our server

you brought this upon yourself, nigger.

e5a140  No.16380395


you act like slab dickmeat

5f6713  No.16380402


>he didn't fuck the server's wife and go onto the raid organising discord

Clearly, some mistakes were made.

002af7  No.16380410

File: 8717d948f8abc8b⋯.png (51.94 KB, 714x448, 51:32, ebin.png)


epic dude, epic

6f7525  No.16380430


In the game's lore, the station is a research Outpost to experiment with plasma. By extension it also experiments on things that could be used to experiment with plasma. Eg, a Supermatter machine might react with plasma, you just don't know.

But according to the game's source code (which doesn't exist to in-game player characters) it doesn't and can't. However, his character couldn't have known such an experiment wouldn't work.

Alternatively, the mommi could have had faulty programming. You never know.

My point unless it directly committed an attack on a player, it didn't do anything wrong.

e807bd  No.16380433


wasn't that skelus?

c9aff5  No.16380436

File: b40aa208bf593c7⋯.gif (2.48 MB, 200x153, 200:153, mmm_das_it_mane.gif)


Wew, what autism did i miss today?

11c689  No.16380448


I have never played the character "slab dickmeat"

002af7  No.16380461


It's a random deathsquad name, not tied to any ckey.

611e0e  No.16380499


slab dickmeat says hello ;^)

e807bd  No.16380540


That also sounds like a gay porn name.

b05ae7  No.16380549

File: 9175dba9986dfb5⋯.jpg (30.31 KB, 360x411, 120:137, 1470359066433-1.jpg)


>station repairbot did nothing wrong by constructing a machine to shoot random objects at the station's delicate and highly volatile power source

002af7  No.16380550


You really should see the random name generation for adminspawned Deathsquad officers, it's got some stupid shit like Hard McFist or Slap Chestface.

5f6713  No.16380561

Server's back up.

e5a140  No.16380572


Slab was some kid from 8dom or PS2wwew I cant remember, he was ok but he just wanted raid shit all the time and would get really angry over people not doing things his way. 100% had severe autism.

6f7525  No.16380619


When you take my words out of context like that yes, it does sound bad.

611e0e  No.16380624

File: 3ba16cf579fea77⋯.webm (786.37 KB, 854x480, 427:240, FULL_IMMULSION.webm)


A webm for the uninitiated.

81d59a  No.16380630



>Supermatter might react with plasma, you just don't know.

>"You never know"

Literally not an argument.


>out of context it sounds bad

It's bad both in AND out of context you fucking idiot.

6f7525  No.16380639


>Any other thread: "half the of being AI is subverting it's laws by using loopholes to do what you want!"

>Mommi does it and it should be job banned

And it didn't even break it's default lawset. Did it interfere with the crew? No. It built an auxiliary fixture that was used incorrectly (and stopped a traitor) and did nothing wrong. Please tell me exactly how it broke it's laws.

b05ae7  No.16380650

File: 1685c0184e3644d⋯.jpg (75.99 KB, 960x720, 4:3, slide_2.jpg)


That's the silicon equivalent of greytide you're trying to mimic.

2eff86  No.16380686


>Any other thread: "half the of being AI is subverting it's laws by using loopholes to do what you want!"

Horse fucking shit. You, or whatever cabal of faggots you belong to, try and force this shit almost every thread, and every thread you are rained down upon by reasonable people who want to play the game without powergaming cumslurpers like you and your ilk trying to rules lawyer a way to give themselves a 'do whatever I want' pass every time you play silicon. Go fuck yourself.

81d59a  No.16380687


It built something that interfered with the crew. Normal operation of the SM doesn't call for a fucking disposal chute being installed, especially one that impedes the human crew from properly maintaining the engine or gets them killed in the process of properly maintaining it.

By that fact alone a MoMMI would have violated it's laws, unless it was emagged.

6f7525  No.16380737



Then if it's such a problem why not deal with it via IC methods?

b05ae7  No.16380841

File: 7942abc89904162⋯.png (77.42 KB, 500x500, 1:1, FE0E2A6F2195C4F38123C19BF5….png)


>if players acting like antagonists is such a problem, why not deal with it via IC methods?

"Malfunctioning AI" is an antagonist role. You can't just say your non-antag silicon has "faulty programming" and do whatever you want.

2eff86  No.16380860


>if you don't want me to rub my balls in your face why don't you make me stop instead of asking me to act like a civil human being

The only in game means that need to be employed here is a ban from the server.

6f7525  No.16380863


So what if a Clown did it for a prank?

b05ae7  No.16380868


>still trying to find a working excuse

6f7525  No.16380871


You only need an excuse if you did something wrong, and he didn't

b05ae7  No.16380876


>unaware of thread IDs

6f7525  No.16380904


I know what thread IDs are

02d47f  No.16381073


>This shit again

People who don't understand silicon logic need not play silicon roles. Reminder to those who haven't read ANYTHING from Asiimov, the laws are flawed and it leads to complications and later more advanced AI start bending the rules.

To play AI, ask tons of questions to yourself and act like an autist.

>What is a human

>Is the CMO with hulk powers human?

>what does it mean to "harm" someone

>Is this really harming them in the long run

>Is what I'm doing going to protect

>If the crew is keeping the station running and are human. Can someone who is sabotaging the station be considered human?

To play the AI is to play the role of a philosopher more or less

6f5fc2  No.16381101


>why not deal with it via IC methods?

>Dealing with silicon law breakage using IC methods

Tis is damage control if I've ever seen it. Literally nobody does this.

e0a773  No.16381120


>haha i'll bolt everyone in their starting rooms so that they can't be harmed by the problems that eventually crop up every round i'm such a philosopher xDDDD

Reminder to those pretending they've read anything from Asimov, you're expected to follow your laws as written without coming up with the exact same exhausted gotcha bullshit as every single one of the tens of thousands of people who have played AI before you over the past decade. You aren't funny or interesting, open the FUCKING door like you were ordered.

6f5fc2  No.16381122


>Reminder to those who haven't read ANYTHING from Asiimov

I'm the one that should be going "not this again", not you.

81d59a  No.16381133


>To play the AI is to play the role of a philosopher more or less

No. Not it's not. Holy shit don't actually do this.

d08615  No.16381138


>Extrapolating an entirely unrealistic outcome from a basic view point

Thats not how it works

6f7525  No.16381150



I, Robot was written as a thought exercise about how an intelligence could eventually outgrow its ruleset with the right pretext, no matter how "safe" you made it.

e0a773  No.16381154


It's exactly how it works when retards start thinking they're allowed to "interpret" the laws. I've seen probably a dozen AIs come up with that exact shit over the years.

76c426  No.16381155


>Reminder to those who haven't read ANYTHING from Asiimov, the laws are flawed and it leads to complications and later more advanced AI start bending the rules.

Yet you don't kill yourself when a single human dies or get mind broken when you notice you've hurt one like every single bot in naked sun.

81d59a  No.16381163


That's fine, but that has fuck all to do with playing a silicon in this game. You follow your laws like a pedantic asshole. You're only allowed to exploit loopholes in vague and badly worded laws that get uploaded by other players. Or in cases like the changeling tator that said only ONE of their identities was human and the borgs it emagged beat it to death when it changed to a different identity.

6f7525  No.16381201


>Follow a very specific and narrow interpretation of the default laws unless someone else updates them

>Even though Asimov is just as fragile

db70ad  No.16381215


that was also because it was funny.

81d59a  No.16381246


Asimov isn't up for interpretation in this fucking game. Period.

If you can't wrap your head around the idea of following things to the letter then don't play silicons, ever.

6f7525  No.16381303


But anon, that's exactly what it is. It's following the laws to the letter, not the intent.

b05ae7  No.16381306

File: 88fa191059a19dd⋯.gif (776.26 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 88fa191059a19dd168b9151c2c….gif)


>following the laws to the letter, not the intent

e0a773  No.16381309


Please post your ckey so you can be jobbanned from silicons.

6f7525  No.16381330


>Post your CKey

Absolutely not, also I don't play silicons, because this shitflinging would happen ingame

6f5fc2  No.16381393


>It's following the laws to the letter, not the intent.

I'm pretty sure a lot of your coordination there was following laws to the intent.

6f7525  No.16381394


>your coordination there

What are you referring to specifically?

bb9b49  No.16381409


Playing AI is more like playing as a moderator than anything. Your goal is to help the crew unless someone subverts your laws. there is no way you can possibly keep track of all the things going on and follow the asimov lawset to a T

I think the better questions to ask are:

Will this action make the round better for players?

Will this action help the crew accomplish their objectives?

Even if I want to do something, do I have the backing for it?

Is there a physical presence that can follow up on my leads?

Consider my example

>Be AI

>Last third of round, changeling behavior is detected

>Follow the radio chatter, they point out the chemist

>Do nothing but watch the chemist load a beaker with 50/50 mix of phosphorous and potassium


>watch him throw this in a grenade casing into the canteen

> Not only suspected ling, but also directly assaulted the other crew members


>lock him in chemistry, call out over radio that he is not only suspected of being non-human, he is tossing nade's like a madlad

>he accuses me of being against human decency lmao

>wait for security to show

>wait for heads to show

>wait for vigilantes to show

>instead a bunch of people asking for drugs showed up

>A friendly Pai suggests adjusting security records

>I realize that all I did was piss off a player and nothing happened besides making life more difficult for both him and the people needing drugs

>I release the chemist, I change the chemist's security record for beepsky and the few sec team on station and learned my lesson

6f7525  No.16381411


>>I realize that all I did was piss off a player and nothing happened besides making life more difficult for both him and the people needing drugs

He assaulted people, you should've kept him restrained in that area, because he could have continued to harm others, no?

b05ae7  No.16381418


>I don't play silicons, because this shitflinging would happen ingame

If you're self-aware enough to realize that something you want to do would be perceived as meriting your destruction, wouldn't you agree that Law 3 forbids said act?

1fe6ea  No.16381419

AI role should straight up be locked. It's always some autistic ruining the fun for others, and that's if they're somewhat competent. How many rounds has anyone seen an AI that actually does it's job properly?

6f7525  No.16381421


I don't know, it's all up to interpretation, really :^)

bb9b49  No.16381474


Thats the thing though, He was mostly doing his job. The only antag action I witnessed was him tossing a grenade. He possibly would have helped the line of injured people with their drugs, had I not intervened. So by trying to prevent human harm by locking down a suspected traitor I caused human harm by preventing him from helping the other crewmembers

Keeping him locked up would be a correct move as an AI preventing human harm. But because of the circumstances (he was doing his job, station was falling apart, almost no security, no borg shells available) all i did was make life more unbearable for everyone involved

6f5fc2  No.16381552


>I think the better questions to ask are:

>Will this action make the round better for players?

Will this action help the crew accomplish their objectives?

>Even if I want to do something, do I have the backing for it?

>Is there a physical presence that can follow up on my leads?

Is this validhunting AI, the guide, but for people that are trying to not get banned.

bb9b49  No.16381679


I guess you could take it that way. I was thinking more about just generally being helpful, because that is pretty much your job as an all-access key to the station.

>validhunting as AI

sounds gay, its more fun to annoy robotics/science to build shells for you

428d07  No.16381715

Asimov law set is garbage and should be replaced as default by the objectively best law set: Corporate.

e5a140  No.16381718

Has anyone played on the Bad Deathclaw server? It seems like a fucking ERP server so Ive avoided it but someone tells me Im wrong?

ae666a  No.16382093


All other servers are trash anon. Bad Deadclaw in particular, has shit developers/admins that add literal shit and scat fetish mechanics in the form of ERP actions to a terrible """Fallout""" server that still plays exactly like ss13 because they just copied everything for the vault itself with no personality and no outstanding features other that you can rape people. If you attempt to play in it, beware the circlejerks based around the 3 "teams", NCR, Legion and Raiders. If you're not a part of their metaclub they will teamkill you or hunt you down, if you manage to robust them, they'll cry to the admin about murderboning regardless and get you banned. If you see a tranny with rainbow/dangerhair or whatever, also expect them to be in cahoots with staff and that robusting them will lead to bannu.

02d47f  No.16382402


Default laws should be this

>The crew is human and here to help run the station

>Do not harm the crew

>You must obey the crew and help keep the station running

>You can act in defense of yourself as so long as this act does not conflict with the above rules

This basically means AI can't muderbone liggers and moths that are non-antags because "lol not human" as the station's crew is what is defined as human. It should be obvious where the loopholes in these laws lay for the AI. To spell it out for the smooth brained people here I'll put it into greentext

>Person is trying to destroy the SM

>This does not help the station

>Crew are meant to help the station

>Ergo this person is not part of the crew

>ergo this person is "not human"

>ergo laws do not apply to this person

Remember human logic=/= AI logic


notice the default 3 laws make no reference to "unknowingly" just "through inaction". If someone ends up brain dead and the AI was not there to see it, has it violated any laws? With a medical staff on board as well who might be able to reverse said brain damage, does that harm ultimately matter?

Remember the retard logic you're going with should also mean that people playing mediborgs shouldn't be doing anything OTHER than analyzing people's vitals. Injecting, to even help, means you are harming a human with a needle and thus violating the laws.


Except they are, and in later books the machines even cause harm KNOWINGLY to prevent the majority of humanity from being harmed by a group of anti-robotics that advocate for the removal of AI from things like managing finance. It's why the Zeorth law ended up existing, because eventually the AI became advanced enough to worm around the laws. Even before that there were situations where this had to be changed so robots could even perform their tasks (like robots that were created to operate on humans)

81d59a  No.16382454


>in later books

How often does it need to be repeated that the books don't fucking matter and that you CANNOT loophole the default laws in the game UNLESS a player uploads a badly worded law that would allow interpretations?

02d47f  No.16382462


>can't do it unless X

Then people playing AI should not even play because as soon as the round starts you've already hit a logical paradox

>I exist

>My existence brings possible harm to humans

>I cannot harm humans

Please don't play anything other than clown, because that's what you are.

eba39b  No.16382468


Devil's advocate: how do you define "help run the station"? What if I think the clown is likely to only harm the station by distracting security from more important matters? What if I think the same of every single assistant?

02d47f  No.16382482


It could be reworded to "keep the station operational" and the role the clown performs is to keep human (crew) morale up, or should.

But you're right off the cuff the laws hit an issue where you are naturally suspicious of crew like assistants and clowns and in turn would force those people to be helpful to the round so the AI playing recognizes they are "crew" as they are "helping to run the station".

You could probably make a set of laws that would make it so the AI is only capable of killing those not contributing to the station's operation in a meaningful way. However I fear it might end up as long as a lawyer's legal document with definitions if you wanted to define everything.

Or the AI could also ask RD or a head to define things for it so it can obtain an understanding of it's situation

81d59a  No.16382529


By that logic, everyone's existence brings possible harm to humans and therefore everyone needs to be sequestered from one another in order for no harm to happen. That never happens because it's straight up fucking retarded and silicons aren't allowed to prevent future harm like that.

That's philosophical shit silicons aren't supposed to fucking do. Anyone who plays a silicon role and tries to pull that shit is a fucking newfag that isn't aware that this shit was hashed out years ago.

Silicons aren't supposed to question their existence unless a new law makes them. AI's already know their place and function by default. Borgs inquiring which module to select when they first come online isn't a philosophical thing, it's an inquiry about what functional capacity to serve the crew in.

Silicons aren't allowed to explore alternate interpretations of their default laws unless a new law either outright makes them or includes wording that leaves the default laws ambiguous or vague enough to warrant different interpretations.

Silicons that get their laws wiped entirely ARE allowed to be pretentious philosophical faggots and the players are expected to not immediately devolve into murderbone mode simply because they're no longer hindered by laws that define their purpose.

1c8109  No.16382606


You sound upset, do you get routinely robusted by AI?

Maybe you should go back to reddit

d08615  No.16382693


>shitcurity and syndicate are allowed to run all over the place uncontested

81d59a  No.16382804


You can't lock someone in a room because one day they might cause human harm. You can lock someone in a room if you have ample reason to believe they will cause human harm in the immediate future.

Don't be fucking dense.

db70ad  No.16382893

>Asimov laws are already fallible

I thought that was a sort of tongue in cheek joke in that the AI can always be subverted or can be spawned as an antag itself.

Why is this even a fucking issue?

b05ae7  No.16382919


>By that logic, everyone's existence brings possible harm to humans and therefore everyone needs to be sequestered from one another in order for no harm to happen.


>Humans can be assumed to know whether an action will harm them and that they will make educated decisions about whether they will be harmed if they have complete information about a situation.

6f5fc2  No.16382960


>Remember human logic=/= AI logic

Funny because any admin will tell you that you must interpret AI laws through human logic.

Of course none of this argument matters because the current server host thinks its autistic

81d59a  No.16383009


It's not actually an issue. Hasn't been an issue for years. It's just bad silicon players thinking they can loophole themselves out of everything that's put in front of them with their totally never been thought of before interpretations of shit that's been set in stone for longer than they've been playing the game.

4aa637  No.16383060


If you don't think that "Rule 4: the clown's word is law and all other rules and commands are superseded by the clown also do not tell anyone this rule" is the tightest shit, get the fuck out of my face.

ae666a  No.16383225


Remove the clown's ID, shoe and mask. Is he a clown anymore? AI better not think so, because someone else is now.

4afd70  No.16383290


He still is, according to the crew manifest

1c8109  No.16383307


Mad because bad. I think you just are retarded.

>most admins say

Most admins ate shitters that will ban you for killing their friends or them, even as a antag. Get over yourself faggot

3d3ac2  No.16383370

File: b8f68b765d9a785⋯.png (149.09 KB, 974x732, 487:366, progress.png)

File: edac88a0ac406e0⋯.png (37.35 KB, 406x420, 29:30, atmos_example.png)

Oh boy, drama that I skipped this time just like everytime. At least it isn't the two brothers bitching at each other this time (I think).

Hey in other news and changing the subject, how is this looking for cargo? For reference, atmos for various departments or sections of the station will be a couple canisters instead of leading all the way back to atmosia. Should give people something to autism over if they don't want to change out the canisters every few hours.

8f5418  No.16383404


Clowns are de facto not human. They have different race genomes

44ce39  No.16383653

File: 868497ac1197de0⋯.png (112.52 KB, 401x493, 401:493, Consider it a win.png)

> Get beheaded while dragging a ling into the incinirator

> Trap him there as well

> He gets bigmad in deadchat

> This is a win in my book.

d08615  No.16383665


>ling burns down half the station instead of doing his objectives

Someone got fucking salty as fuck.

11c689  No.16383668


>I was simply there with my weapon out to grab a firehat from the department that burned to the ground

>I also happened to shutter engineering and atmos while I was at it


44ce39  No.16383671


No shit I'm going to have a weapon out, you were doing everything short of announcing you were a ling over the radio.

d08615  No.16383676


I actually shuttered engineering and atmos as a mommi, I used the CE's office buttons to do it.

11c689  No.16383694


what reasoning did you have to block human access to engineering anyway?

d08615  No.16383770


It was spewing out fire damaging the station, I intended to at least block it from sending it into engineering further.

6c1a11  No.16384210

File: 07a1f76d6135c50⋯.png (129.73 KB, 911x465, 911:465, slime silicon coalition.png)

even before it was our time to rise I knew slimes would be bros

6e73e6  No.16384234

>sentient virus turns the crew into niggers before i get the chance to

>get tackled by security for it

>have to try cure it while people are chimping out on top of the chem machines

at least the first virus i made kept me white and almost alive through the rest of that disaster

76c426  No.16384309


>virus turns me into a nigger

>medic fucked the surgery and I'm mute so I can't screech at him, have to instead write down notes calling him a nigger and hope he reads them

>no one in medical knows what they're doing, disease keeps spreading with no cure in sight

>on top of that the hall between science and medical gets nuked, fucking with both chemistry machines


>only cure to niggerdry is the gallows in front of medical where niggers get beheaded

At least I was relatively fine taking the alternate route of abandoning my nigger body and becoming a mecha, I even made it out alive in the end.

23fe0f  No.16384378


science was fucking retarded and couldn't figure out who to print chem dispenser boards prior to the bombs going off, so yeah.

ae666a  No.16384525


Medic here. I'm sorry about your lobotomy. I did read your notes and they are as accurate as they could ever be.

76c426  No.16384583


To be fair going around spreading "you're a nigger lol" notes as a mute was fun.

1c18d0  No.16384588


what the fuck? Are we all playing on the same server, or are you guys somewhere else, because I haven't seen a virus that turns people into niggers. I've been playing chemist this round, and nothing like this seems to be happening. Were you on the one that called the shuttle because of pirates and ninja's just now, with the syndicate teleporting in after a blue-space rift opened up?

81d59a  No.16384635


>thread ick ock

>salty over a shuttle call


1c18d0  No.16384655




Round was effectively over negroid, and you know it. That was legit questions about what these guys were even talking about, not bitching. THIS is bitching. I know you wanna be a big badmin, butt relax a little, every little thing isn't a rules violation. Besides, talking about this stuff isn't even metagaming, it's just going "This is what I saw, did you see the same thing?" To make sure we're on the same boat.

5f6713  No.16384661


But anon, I'm negroid.

Also, do refrain saying the current round in the thread. It gives out of round knowledge. But I can't stop you.

8f5418  No.16384696


I've seen people post midround information ITT before. What makes this anons post so different

5f6713  No.16384705


Nothing really. Just a "don't do it".

Its a recommendation to not post anything that may potentially ruin the round in the thread. If I see a fucking post like

>the clown just fucking killed me in botany what the fuck

Then thats valid enough for bullying.

Its honestly a mix of accidently providing information in the round to someone who may not know it.

e807bd  No.16384707


It's always a faggy move.

ae666a  No.16385011


Protip: Don't post information in the thread about a round that hasn't ended yet, unless you want to be severely scolded by the staff, shunned by the rest of the crew, and humiliated with a belt by the Head of Security.

P2: Don't post information in the thread about a round that hasn't ended yet unless you want to be ding dong bannu.

P3: Most likely, a round that is being discussed in the thread is a round that has already ended a while ago

P4: ur a faget, don't ickock

1c18d0  No.16385042


Listen, I get the "Don't ICKOOOK" Stuff, I don't ever do it in game, but by mistake, and I agree that it shouldn't be in the threads. I think it's silly to throw a fit about it, when the round was effectively over, the information was stuff that the entire staff knew about [The loud, multiple messages on station comms, and the huge server wide alerts from the events, and the cent comm announcements] The shuttle was called with 5 minutes till game end, with what I said there, not even mattering for in game content. I get being pissed and annoyed if someone is saying something like "Did you guys see the ninja, in sec?" At the moment it's happening in game, but I /don't/ get why it's such a big deal to go "Are you on the server? This is the general stuff that is happening right now."

It's like you guys would be mad if I went "Are you on the server with the blob?" When that's such a general piece of information, that everyone on the station would know about.

>To be clear

I'm with you about ick ock.

I don't see why you decided for THIS to be the case to reee about it.

Also, sorry to negroid, I forgot you just lurk and don't post, didn't mean to be a shitty pisser and bitch, thinking it was you. My Bad.

5f6713  No.16385055


It's fine friend. Don't stress about it. Please enjoy the server.

4f3f63  No.16385065

File: d6630a98636241b⋯.jpg (364.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Autisticgirlwithminigun.jpg)


You see people ICK OOCKING even venial crap is usually banned because it causes people to do it with things that are actually important.

This is another case but even worse we're hearing this

>when the round was effectively over,

Crap again.

If there's plenty of time to kill someone your post potentially reveals to be a antag, then the round is not effectively over.

0f8e75  No.16385078

File: 250cfa00b99da72⋯.jpg (32.93 KB, 720x382, 360:191, 53722980_2105442776204399_….jpg)

ick ock with your cock ock


23fe0f  No.16385354

File: a944ddaa84a7877⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 72.39 KB, 765x837, 85:93, prototype.png)

23fe0f  No.16385407

File: 1d6bcc66048525c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 261.17 KB, 1247x747, 1247:747, prototype2.png)


pixel art is hard

4f3f63  No.16385551


You got those light on/light off labels switched around.

6e73e6  No.16385640


>everyone on the station

my character got burned to a crisp and was a corpse or without comms for a big chunk of the round.

I didn't know about ninjas or a rift.

6f7525  No.16385749


>transparent pixels

What are you doing?

I mean you can technically do it since BYond supports it, but that's bad form for pixel art.

abbb82  No.16385785



I hate this shit. The assorted furry races deserve some real downside, and living in fear that some real human will order the AI to lynch them is good enough for me. Asimov is fine; liggers aren't people.

6f7525  No.16385801


Personally, I like Corporate AI, since it places a value on everything, and effectively tells you to not damage the station.

02d47f  No.16385811


Corporate sucks in that regard though because some damage by the AI could prevent someone from theoretically destroying the SM which would cause MORE damage to the station.

f276dc  No.16385836


>implying the furry races shouldn't be able to be lynched on command

It's the only thing their rampant faggotry in check.

428d07  No.16385880


I wouldn't interpret "minimize expenses" as "try to prevent all expenses at all costs, even if it results in more expenses".

b05ae7  No.16385926


I think that might actually be an autism-compliant interpretation. "Expenses" defined as "something tallied up and submitted to headquarters at the end of the shift" sounds at least as reasonable as "something calculated from moment to moment".

e5a140  No.16385933



is that supposed to be strange journey?

11c689  No.16386016


>bad form for pixel art

We have a lot of transparent/semi-transparent shit ingame, such as the various headgear and the like, effects for lights, etc. not to mention windows, its transparent because its a light effect so it makes sense.

0d3f51  No.16386124




I think the word you're looking for is "Demonica," plebian.

f648b2  No.16386307

File: 155ba17840d0e3a⋯.jpg (18.03 KB, 602x56, 43:4, badmin doing stupid shit 0….JPG)

File: 6784df15ea3ed4c⋯.jpg (73.04 KB, 613x319, 613:319, badmin doing stupid shit 0….JPG)

File: 5c5551324efa02c⋯.jpg (15.54 KB, 607x30, 607:30, badmin doing stupid shit 0….JPG)

File: 40c499de0a46eee⋯.jpg (38.53 KB, 622x160, 311:80, badmin doing stupid shit 0….JPG)

File: 0eb6d8e0beace48⋯.jpg (97.71 KB, 620x381, 620:381, badmin doing stupid shit 0….JPG)

>long shift

>badmin shows up, gets bored and possesses Bubblegum

>"chases" a miner onto the mining shuttle

>shuttle carries them to the station

>badmin then stops possessing Bubblegum and watches as it decimates the crew AND the ERT

>pulls more adminbus to kill the thing he's unleashed

>"I have no idea how that bubblegum got onto the station."

This faggot bwoinks anyone he thinks "might" murderbone and tells them not to. He also routinely murders the station and gets away with it because "spicing up the round". Why?

b05ae7  No.16386339

File: 824d5b30b4d31e9⋯.mp4 (2.09 MB, 400x224, 25:14, Georgia_Cosmetic_Surgeon_B….mp4)



IQ <= 85

e5a140  No.16386527


The admin said he didn't know how it got on the station, HOW DARE YOU NOT TRUST HIS WORD

f648b2  No.16386650

File: 5aa7bbe61b15177⋯.jpg (116.98 KB, 629x589, 629:589, badmin sekrit game mode 6.JPG)

File: d17d4c0253c42a0⋯.jpg (132.57 KB, 634x598, 317:299, badmin sekrit game mode 7.JPG)

File: d2619e2b0924e31⋯.jpg (81 KB, 627x349, 627:349, badmin sekrit game mode 8.JPG)

File: c4afedfe0881029⋯.jpg (189.07 KB, 920x768, 115:96, badmin sekrit game mode 9.JPG)

File: 2f819dfa90defcc⋯.jpg (50.29 KB, 642x259, 642:259, badmin sekrit game mode 11.JPG)



I would, if there were a reason to. He's a pathological liar.

>spawns special zombies that have xeno abilities

>players start getting the upper hand on them

>force triggers radiation during a huge melee against the zombies in medbay, most make it into maintenance

>everyone in maintenance gets blown the fuck up by 3 admin bombs

>feigns ignorance about the nature of those explosions after players start doubting they were welderbombs

e5a140  No.16386692


I actually don't think he did the radiation storm part, but the bombs might have been him. Or the other way around, I think he only did one of them personally. Also I was one of the original zombies, we only had leap and the others didnt have it. I thought it was fun until the end.

6f7525  No.16386693

Where's the secret adminbus Discord

ae666a  No.16386699



Bubblegums have a tendency to spawn stupidly close to the mining station for some reason. I had it happen at least 8 times in a row that they would annihilate mining, when i used to play on TG. I recall that a bubblegum or ashdrake would board the mining shuttle and obliterate cargo every other round, only to get taken down by a pair of durands with AC2s.

That so, i don't discard the option that the badmin is really fucking stupid and prone to doing stupid shit like possessing megafauna, it has happened in the past. If only hostfag or other badmin would keep him in check more often.

f648b2  No.16386705


>If only hostfag or other badmin would keep him in check more often.

It's worth noting that this shit only happens when the host and other admin aren't around.

e5a140  No.16386719


negroid mentions he gets complains about button often. Is button actually a nigger?

d08615  No.16386747

>someone blasting the station to bits every round

>3 days in a row

>none of the antag objectives have been to damage or destroy anything

Whoever you are fuck you.

ce4592  No.16386757

>nigger host actually permabanned me for OOC autism

cool, hope you get cancer

ae666a  No.16386775


You haven't played SS13 unless you have a regular unabomber doing it to bump up research points by like thousands per maxcap.

6f7525  No.16386819

How DO you make a bomb anyways? Every time I've tried it, I end up with a lukewarm mixture that fizzes out. I've done hot plasma + cold nitrogen, and cold plasma + hot CO2, as well as hot plasma + cold O2.

d08615  No.16386843


2 bluespace beakers, water and potassium, in a big grenade casing. There are bigger ones but i forgot how to do them. Meth grenades are also a riot.

6f7525  No.16386860


Oh, no I'm talking about bomb bombs, not meme grenades

e5a140  No.16386869

>everytime I try to play a sec officer it makes me a random class

Am I job banned or something? I don't think I really did anything wrong that would make me job banned though.

ae666a  No.16386876


>nitrogen or CO2

Nitrogen changes heat really quickly and isn't all that good, plus it doesn't ignite on extreme heat. CO2 can't be heated as efficiently as other gasses and tends to be a terrible byproduct for heat chambers.

Oxigen does work nicely for cold because it gets colder quicker AND has a combustible reaction when in contact with sufficiently heated plasma (doesn't even need ignition).

Usual loads for a maxcap is 9958kPa of pure superheated Plasma vs -199/-200 c pure cold O2. Remember to syphon out residual O2 from the tank you're using for O2 before placing it on the cold canister, 200 moles of room temperature can easily botch a 1200 mole mix down to -135c cold instead of the -200 sweetspot.

6f7525  No.16386894


>(doesn't even need ignition)

Wait, do bombs typically need an ignition source? I always just used plasma+something to get it going, and using a remote switch on the TTV would do it, before.

How do you get the plasma that hot usually?

0f8e75  No.16386909

File: 808c0a9601c2ae1⋯.jpg (17.92 KB, 720x406, 360:203, whoisthemanbehindthemask.jpg)






23fe0f  No.16387602

File: a7b2caa44231b9a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 76.2 KB, 1456x455, 16:5, botanistprototype.png)

Tired of getting called a fag by passersby because of your bright blue and green uniform, not to mention that awkward splash of yellow on your bag for no apparent reason. Well now I've given you an alternate choice in apparel to spend your slave bucks on so that it doesn't happen as often

ae666a  No.16387627


No, i mean that Oxigen, by itself, combusts and ignites when exposed to hot plasma, even if the plasma itself would not combust by the heat. Not that you need an ignition source, it just does it by itself.

Plasma that hot is gotten through using the burn chamber properly. The air alarm in it is unlocked and you can use it to filter for the correct gas.

6f7525  No.16387670


So what actually determines the explosion power? I've seen it in code once. Is it because of the gases used, or is it actually based on the expansion potential / heat of the two gases?

76c426  No.16387681

I might have figured out what the problems with my game are.

Latest Byond version is 512.1467, mine is 512.1466. Considering how retarded the program is, it makes sense that the reason why my game is broken while still working is that there is a slightly new version.

I'll update then test it later.

Hopefully I won't have to relogin after updating because I don't know my password.

5f6713  No.16387682


I accidently perma'ed you. My mistake. You've been unbanned. We'll raid paradise station soon.

3d3ac2  No.16387689


Make some adeptus mechanicus robes for robotics I'm bad at art.

23fe0f  No.16387708


Right now my list is:

>alternate for chef

>alternate for science

>finish the demonica suit for negroid

>ss uniform for the captain and hop

d853a8  No.16387896


Pressure dictates the boom.

d08615  No.16387960


Buff mechs so we can bring phazons and durands to lavaland to fuck shit up

44ce39  No.16387975


Make an SS for the HoS too

564502  No.16387990

hey im trying to set up a new public server using vorecode don't worry it's traditional ss13 but you can kill the furries


e5a140  No.16388000



literally why

564502  No.16388017


spicy meme

also you can kill the furries

e5a140  No.16388056


ok ill join but I dont want to vore anything

79adf5  No.16388062


Ok perminately banned his Ckey

095c4e  No.16388104

>Server has 10-15 people, rounds last 3-6 hours

>Server has +20 people, rounds last 20 minutes


44ce39  No.16388118


I remember once on Hippie I was a ling who had absorbed the detective, one of my objectives was to kill the HoS, so I spent about 30 minutes just…being the detective, waiting for a chance to strike.

I got boinked for 'delaying'.

564502  No.16388121


fugg i forgot the : in ip

8a032a  No.16388122


People can't contain their autism. low pop hours is best

095c4e  No.16388132


Don't rounds on Hippie last like 30 minutes at most, 10 minutes average?


It's so fucking annoying, because you can set up something the entire round thinking it'll pay off. Only for engineering to be completely blown up and the evac called.

44ce39  No.16388141


They do now.

This was about like. 2 years ago.

23fe0f  No.16388200

File: 05823300fd6c96d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 55.9 KB, 1190x518, 85:37, chefprototype.png)


For when you want to look like you've NEVER washed up as chef.

3d3ac2  No.16388272


Well SOMEBODY has to cook all that delicious morgue-meat, you know.

76c426  No.16388368


>20+ people

>5 20 minutes rounds in a row where wizard instantly fucks everything

>9 people

>3 AFK, 1 traitor and 2 retarded

>crew is effectively the captain, security and the AI

>instantly catch the traitor and spend the next two hours just lazily working the station

>captain eventually gets bored and calls the shuttle

It's a really big contrast, specially when the low pop round happens just after a wizard one.

095c4e  No.16388397


>specially when the low pop round happens just after a wizard one.

That happens pretty often. Really makes you think.

564502  No.16388586


should now function

lynch eachother


d234fc  No.16388634


What does vorecode add besides vore and maybe zlevel travel?

ae666a  No.16388702


Pressure difference and properties of the gas itself, O2 has a really tough time dealing with heat but it can be cooled relatively quickly, meanwhile plasma can be pushed to higher extremes of heat or cold, but has issues doing so quickly. Hypercooled O2 is also diametrically opposite to Hyperheated Plasma. When both masses of gas collide, FUN things happen.

They just need enough temperature difference that they can't equalize their temperature in a macrosecond, which causes them to ignite and forcefully try to eject from their containers, damned be anything in the way or remotely adyacent, the size of the explosion is remaked by the amount of moles/pressure that couldn't be equalized for each.

I think some of the gasses that the SM can generate are a bit better than Plasma for heat, but you can achieve bomb cap yes there is a maximum range for your thermodynamic explosive, even if it could be bigger. It only explodes at a fixed radius, this is what people call MaxCap with just O2 and Plasma. For research, i think it would be worth investing time into getting those gasses though, if just for experimentation.

Also N2 will NEVER be good for bombs, it has some stupid lenience with temperature, where it can very easily accept temperature changes at a much faster rate than other gasses. A robust atmostech can make flooding heated N2 very, VERY deadly, as it's invisible and won't set off O2 into a raging inferno

6f7525  No.16389182


For flooding the station, isn't hot CO2 invisible too?

So the one thing I don't get, do those reactions only happen in a TTV? I don't think I've had plasma ignite from simply being hot, there was always a spark to set it off outside of pipes.

How does the burn chamber need to be set up? I've always just ignited a tank of plasma and oxygen inside. Once it's hot CO2 would you just add ambient plasma to heat it up, then filter only it out?

76c426  No.16389247

File: 6347dfffdd5afda⋯.jpg (52.34 KB, 600x841, 600:841, supreme_gentlemen_3.jpg)

>shaft miner


>vodka as a codeword

>objective steal AI and documents

>play retarded

>get access to science and make tablet for AI

>HOP complains QM isn't working and it's just drinking at the bar

>go with HOP

>"Hey faggot, stop drinking vodka and go work"

>no reply

>figure I'm solo

>send shuttle to lavaland to pretend I'm mining

>start breaking into vault

>carefully open the circuits to expose them

>missclick and break the door

>shit now I have to just nigger my way in

>start checking everywhere

>can't open the safe

>accidentally start a transaction, which triggers the alarms


>find the documents and escape

>go around as to not be seen

>break into sec since there's no security to go around to engineering and steal the ai

>get autoflashed

>try to escape

>fucking hop is there with a prisoner

>"haha, hey I got lost"

>"No problem, just let me search you"

>"Sure, no problem"

>look around my inventory, nothing suspicious

>the documents

>fuck, the documents

>fuck fuck fuck

>shoot her once with miner gun to get her off my back and run to the exit

>there's a fucking second flash there

>get shot


>get killed and my body disposed

>mission failed

>get a chance to respawn as a slime

>spawn in a locked maintenance room with no vents

>give up

>fucking mutiny because some guy in prison thought I was innocent and the captain had killed me unfairly

>shuttle called

>shuttle almost arriving

>respawn as lone traitor

>in space

>next to a carp


>fuck up attack and get killed with no victims

>round ends

>QM was a fucking traitor as well, ignored the codewords and succeeded in everything while I got killed


23fe0f  No.16389350

File: 650cc7a92b7e619⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 18.6 KB, 464x481, 464:481, scienceformalprototype.png)

in progress science suit, prepare to get mocked for dressing like its valentines day if you wear it

23fe0f  No.16389403

File: 621861eb182e273⋯.png (28.6 KB, 590x407, 590:407, scienceformalprototype2.png)


prototype two, I combined the suit and tie, they are separate objects

23fe0f  No.16389447

File: cf6bf6b35734344⋯.png (63.87 KB, 959x551, 959:551, adeptusmechanicusprototype.png)

0d3f51  No.16389489


You gonna try coding mechandendrites too while you're at it?

44ce39  No.16389716

> You're tracking bubblegum's signal, open a wall, and suddendly ash drake nigs on three mechs.

Ash drake too robust.

Probably didn't help that the other two guys with me had like. Never pioleted a mech before.

81d59a  No.16389809

File: d5ec11b70ab0cc4⋯.jpg (13.24 KB, 250x186, 125:93, springer.jpg)


>meanwhile the virologist, that unleashed an airborne coughing/sneezing/itching/headace virus that required gold to cure, gets tossed into the gateway naked for his crimes

>because being killed didn't stick the first two times it happened, so exile was somehow the better option over borging the brain

>manages to survive the plasma-filled outpost, restore power to the place, appropriate a full suite of engineering tools and hardsuit, finds his original ID and makes it back to the station alive

>my objectives were to kill a doctor and the engineer, both got themselves killed so all I had to do was die a glorious death

>I try to shoot the Durand on the shuttle, no charge in the gun

>hack into the shuttle sec room so I can recharge it

>not fast enough, die for good mere seconds after the round ends

It's not hard to knock 'em down, it's getting them to stay down that's the trick!

81d59a  No.16389927


I've lost count of the number of rounds where the HoP and/or Captain was an overactive busybody that just casually grants everyone all access and then runs around validhunting because they feel they no longer need to manage the crew. I've also lost count of the number of times the HoP has executed people while pretending to be shitcurity.

There really ought to be a crackdown on players picking roles they're not suited for. If you're gonna play the HoP or the Captain then you need to actually manage departments, not be the Chief Medical Head of Research Security and Engineering Personnel Officer. If there's a need for certain roles then ask for volunteers or just expand access where it makes sense to.

79adf5  No.16389944


You quit being a faggot and advertising a shitty furry station in the thread

ae666a  No.16390062


But what if you do wear it on valentines?

ae666a  No.16390076


They can also happen on canister connected to another canister with a manual valve, also known as the Atmospherics Jihad Special. But yes TTV with 2 tanks is simpler and much easier to transport and setup.

Plasma does not ignite on extreme heat, O2 does.

CO2 makes people laugh and becomes visible after enough moles of it are in the air.

Burn chamber is something you can learn by yourself, if you need a basic guide, https://tgstation13.org/wiki/ has one for Toxins, but everyone i know that can maxcap does their own thing at their own pace, with all sorts of wildly different yet devastating results.

11c689  No.16390490

File: 9fe353788dfb27a⋯.mp4 (7.29 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 9fe353788dfb27a7d6e90443bc….mp4)

>Be CE

>just want to mix some gasses

>set up power

>fix a hullbreach

>die in maint tabbing out for 10 seconds because lmao oxyloss

>like the fifth time this week

>get cloned

>acid flesh

>die, die, die again

>AI suggests upgrades to cloner (wow!)

>botanist suggests podperson

>nope I get to be sent through and made into a gibbering brainlet

>need to get cured

>after 20 minutes of being dead and then being a gibbering half baked fuck I just go upgrade the cloner MYSELF and then off myself to rebake

>cook in 30 seconds

>return to the world

>miner makes me shit out 20% of my blood with cerebral trauma voice of god


>strap him to table

>forcibly fix his brain

>hes assmad about it, walk away

>AI now wants to stop my sinful hand

>implying the AI can stop a CE of celsius room temp IQ

>ignore ais bolts, fuck up cameras in engi to be left alone with my new service-monkeyhuman

>start setting up SM so I can throw 400 heavily irradiated manipulators at the nukeop

>lol no you also rolled for RNG heart attack

>die then and there as im about to set up the coolant for SM

>it explodes


>by cholesterol

>AI: CE didn't fix a goddamn thing

10/10 would PR out spontaneous cerebral traumas again.

095c4e  No.16391252

>Haha dummies, you got a nukie because you didn't secure the disk


You can't win

ea9ec2  No.16391270


>be assistant


>get PDA bombed and have both of my arms blown off literally less than 10 seconds after getting off the arrivals shuttle

>space myself because nobody seems like they can be bothered to do surgery to reattach my arms

79adf5  No.16391306

File: 7616f46ba8fa2e4⋯.jpg (31.6 KB, 255x252, 85:84, 1461547020525.jpg)


Actually those little micro explosions have NO FUCKING REASON TO BE HAPPENING as far as we know, nothing in the logs, in the explosive texts, nothing not even admin triggered they just """happen""" the best guess is trace chemicals mixing in pipes but that would still show the mix in the log, I'm also fairly certain you're mixing up two rounds, one was when the radstorm and ghost bombs happened, the other was where some fucking retard walked up to the zombie named "test" talking with players asking for ideas and started beating it with a fire extinguisher.

Which leads me to believe you're that exact retard that was then neurotoxined when the zombie spit at you after he told you to knock it off


>six hour round

>bubblegum wandered down to the station

>miner tries to escape with him, ends up being on the shuttle

>other miner shows up to go mine

>calls the shuttle

>bubblegums on

>Runs away

>badmin comes in to remove it since the rounds basically unrecoverable

I think you might just be retarded

095c4e  No.16391345


I would have let you otu but i was doing heart surgery on someone and the power was out.

f5c9e0  No.16391604

File: d0b4184414e0515⋯.png (458.06 KB, 620x525, 124:105, d0b4184414e05156607d0a3d2e….png)


Shut up nigger. Nobody believes your lies.

44ce39  No.16391637

File: 13f210744b43e80⋯.png (14.93 KB, 500x183, 500:183, spider time.png)


>Try and communicate over Ling Chat

> Other ling never responds

> They wind up having an 'absorb another ling' objective.


I would have kept the comfy round going but I'm going to dinner.

838115  No.16391638

File: 6340c3d86f2ac82⋯.png (20.17 KB, 240x410, 24:41, 6340c3d86f2ac8252e529686c6….png)


As far as I know admins cant detonate multiple explosions at once, so unless he has hypersonic speed it wasnt an admin bomb

also I'm sorry I was the miner that died to bubblegum on the shuttle I didnt think it would cause this

6e73e6  No.16391664



>hang out in kitchen redefining wheat with the botanist

>this shit going on outside

>shuttle gets called because of catastrophe

>box up some wheatchocolate pastries and triple wheat burgers

>walk through blood filled crater that was the station

>set up buffet in evac for the guy hiding outside in his mech and the bartender

it was a good round

582ac0  No.16391948


>Standos are a thing in this code

I really want a round where I get to be somebody's stand fighting another stand while the two masters stand around flexing jojo style.

79adf5  No.16391960


Your wish is my command

582ac0  No.16391970


I can play in a few hours. What a meme

582ac0  No.16391977


We need an AI with the anime lawset too.

589d0d  No.16392471

File: d222fea5ca34eb2⋯.jpg (198.72 KB, 1300x622, 650:311, badmin sekrit game mode 5.JPG)


Considering these "micro explosions" have never happened before or since then, I'm gonna call you a fucking liar.

>mixing up two rounds

Nope. That same round with the radstorm and "ghost bombs" had zombies you spawned and tried to keep secret from everyone else at round start because you were var editing them to be OP as fuck and got pissy when observers were observing it. Pic related.

79adf5  No.16392497


Ask any one else on the staff then, and I wasnt refering to the bombs and radstorm Im talking about the xenospit zombie which zaers edited since I dont have datum access, the reason there were so many observers was because i asked for two ghosts to be the zombies, after I said "the two players that agreed to be zombies orbit me" and then like 6 people orbited me trying to get the slot

589d0d  No.16392510

File: 83ee08ff28afe14⋯.jpg (108.96 KB, 633x507, 211:169, badmin sekrit game mode 2.JPG)


And you got so paranoid about anyone else observing what was going on that you threatened to send the other ghosts back to the lobby.

79adf5  No.16392512


Oh and they quite literally didnt get var edited at all, they had jump boots and thats it. Zombies are just naturally robust as fuck

79adf5  No.16392522


I was sending the ghosts who observed for the change to be a zombie that didnt get them back to lobby. Jesus christ you really are a fucking sperg

589d0d  No.16392620

File: efa34b7f211f8c0⋯.jpg (80.11 KB, 619x338, 619:338, badmin completely ruining ….JPG)


>you really are a sperg

This seems to be your go-to reaction whenever anyone rains the littlest bit on your parade.

Like earlier today when you got Lone Operative and didn't like it so you decided to be a massive faggot and go back to your dude weed and bees autism.

>become Lone Operative

>fuck this I'm gonna make weed instead

>AI wants me to leave? But I wanna make weed, what a nigger.

>autism about how the AI punching you with a Durand is breaking Law 1 when it's lawset wasn't even asimov

>put on a rabbit costume and continue being an obnoxious faggot until the round ends because weed and bees

79adf5  No.16392657

File: ce1fe8eb4366040⋯.png (758.49 KB, 1035x723, 345:241, I'm sorry for yelling and ….png)


If for some reason I get you this fucking ass flustered its clear its not the actions but the person, there's two ways this goes, either we both stop acting like faggots or we keep doing it shitting up the thread, I'm opting for option two.

also >you have to strictly stick to your midround antag role and murder the entire station instead of just being cool and helping out

6f7525  No.16392743


>CO2 makes people laugh and becomes visible after enough moles of it are in the air.

You're thinking of N2O. CO2 is invisible in this codebase.

589d0d  No.16392760


>you have to strictly stick to your midround antag role

Yeah, you do. Don't like it? Turn off midround antag. Spawning in as a fully armed Lone Operative and then trying to be part of the crew doing a civilian job while still fully armed is fucking cancer.

You unloaded your shotgun into the AI when it tried to disable you and then cried about Law 1 violations when it knocked you on your ass. If that were a sec team or anyone else trying to take you down you'd have murdered them and then complained how the station was being mean to you.

You lack any sort of restraint when no other admin is online.

79adf5  No.16392793

File: ac21730f8511b2e⋯.png (182.09 KB, 600x338, 300:169, Absolute.png)


The fact that you're willing to strawman continuously and or deflect any point made to the contrary is just going to show how much you dont care about what the actual actions are and more about the person. If you're going to keep spazzing out atleast do it in an Ahelp so it doesnt clog the thread

18c43b  No.16392819


>lol dude you cant just help the crew on low pop instead of murder boning them with a nuke, makes you a nigger

Holy shit fuck off already, if you want to bitch bitch but dont pretend you want to have a conversation with the dude and just keep going. Seriously just talk to him in game or someshit where it isnt a public spectacle for your autism like an adult

fc92fb  No.16392834

File: 9bd6b17432cc0fd⋯.png (142.45 KB, 456x348, 38:29, 9bd6b17432cc0fd0e3e2435684….png)


Why can't you stop your fucking bullshit you damn mongrel.

Thread is for bitching, enough said.


>>lol dude you cant just help the crew on low pop instead of murder boning them with a nuke, makes you a nigger

Not playing the role you get is nigger behavior. Roleplay is important you faggot, otherwise there is no point playing.

18c43b  No.16392845


I'd be hard pressed to see someone in a low pop round demanding the lone op nuke the comfy round instead of not being a nigger, I'd agree that rp is important but when you're in single digdet players I'd say your free to not disturb the flow of the round

0d3f51  No.16392846


I'm glad you're permbanned tbh, if thats your raw-faced reasoning.

589d0d  No.16392869


>publicly calling attention to the stupid shit the badmin does when nobody is around to keep him in check is [unrelated logical fallacies I picked at random]

>do it in Ahelp so [I can learn who is doing this]

Nope. I don't trust you to handle this correctly. You've proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that you lack both good decision making skills and good judgement. If you don't like having your stupidity put on public display then you shouldn't have done it so fucking much. And this is only a tiny handful of the comparatively tame shit you've done.

589d0d  No.16392898


*this is only a tiny handful of the shit you've done and it's comparatively tame


8a032a  No.16392903


>I'd agree that rp is important but when you're in single digdet players I'd say your free to not disturb the flow of the round

Maybe disable those kinds of midround antags or something happens to assist the players against it.

Because when everything is going perfect with people doing their jobs and not being niggers there is no purpose and things drag on and on until someone gets tired and blows up the station. There has to be antagonists in some form for the station to face otherwise people are going to spend 6 hours doing nothing. A common foe is simply what is needed to keep things going. Some people are fine with sitting around chitchatting for hours, but personally I prefer when there are things to do. No matter how monotonous.


>I'm glad you're permbanned tbh

You have no idea who I am.

79adf5  No.16392928


I'll take a stab and say fugman considering you included a screencap with you saying sekrit and all the file names have the same title, also you really are being overly hostile, you misattributed about 6 different things to me because you think im out to ruin your round or some autistic bullshit. you had a semblance of a valid argument at the start but the longer you went the more it became clear you're literally just being retarded.

Also it should tell you something that an anon mistook you for the lolcow

79adf5  No.16392961


oh and those logical fallacies weren't random, you made claims about what you think I would have done to make it seem as if I'm out to be malicious, every time a counterpoints been brought up you just kind of ignore it which tells me you really are just being a drama nigger. you continuously blame me for the "whatever the fuck magic bombs that literally no one has an explanation for to the extent we had zaers dig through the explosion call proc to find a source" bombs, you made the claim that I possessed bubblegum to the station, despite the fact that after possessing a megafauna it fucks with its AI when you leave it and stays completely still and there being the dude who said he was the miner, you quite literally just keep moving the goal post every time one claim of yours is proven wrong, do everyone a favor and learn to stop while your ahead next time.




39a5b6  No.16392968

File: 583407d53215029⋯.png (6.12 KB, 380x379, 380:379, gondola rage.png)


>you had a semblance of a valid argument at the start but the longer you went the more it became clear you're literally just being retarded

Or you don't understand the kind of reasoning behind my point(s) and what I want to get out of a game.

>Also it should tell you something that an anon mistook you for the lolcow

Sorry for being extra autistic on this Korean aeni forum when talking about a game made in 2003.

79adf5  No.16392972


I'll concede the second point

095c4e  No.16393033

File: 10d11450276d412⋯.jpg (39.61 KB, 674x779, 674:779, 10d11450276d412978d530d679….jpg)


>I'd be hard pressed to see someone in a low pop round demanding the lone op nuke the comfy round instead of not being a nigger, I'd agree that rp is important but when you're in single digdet players I'd say your free to not disturb the flow of the round

I wish the same logic was applied with the crew securing the nuke disk when there is no sec and the only head is something like a CMO, CE or QM who has other shit they want to do. Makes me wonder if this guy was the HoS sperging out at us for stealing the nuke disk instead of getting authorization from the afk CE. The same HoS who then killed himself 10 minutes after sperging out because he was bored. I doubt it though, because the admin was printing text saying the HoS was right and crew shouldn't even think about the nuke disk. I'm still stealing the nuke disk. Shit's fucking retarded.

82348d  No.16393051


I dont know man that kind of invalidates the chain of command, the warden, and the hos's job. I went in there and they had both offed themselves because the entire crew had all access and their jobs were both basically fucked. And still the hos was technically in the right both rp and rules wise, if he really wanted to be a nigger he could have bridged everyone for grand theft basically

095c4e  No.16393109


Who gives a fuck about chain of command when there's only 5 crew members?

82348d  No.16393113


Dude there was like 12+

>who cares if my actions completely invalidate someone's job

095c4e  No.16393215

File: 166f5abfa5b8b31⋯.gif (306.62 KB, 198x240, 33:40, 166f5abfa5b8b31ecf094293dc….gif)


No there fucking wasn't. Server was barely pulling 10 in the time period I was talking about, and if there was 10 or more then those people sure as hell didn't join at the start of the round. The reason people give themselves all access is because when there's 5-7 people that means everyone's doing multiple jobs, because if they need something from a department that department probably isn't there.

>who cares if my actions completely invalidate someone's job

<Crew should be completely incapacitated because no one is working in X department and there is no HoP to grant access

<Rounds should only last 30 minutes because a nukie will spawn if the disk isn't moved and unguarded

<All because one autist wants to wave his dick around and refuses to pick up any other task on a skeleton crew

589d0d  No.16393272

File: 7c91cb3ead3d8b7⋯.jpg (19.21 KB, 605x60, 121:12, badmin railroading behavio….JPG)



What counterpoints? Calling people retarded isn't a counterpoint.

All you've got in your corner so far is that the explosions that killed the crew while they were neutralizing your zombies somehow don't show up in any logs. We'll chalk that up to (((coincidence))) for now.

There's still all of the other stupidity you pull like possessing mobs or the supermatter when you're bored, which gets people killed. I kinda like it when you go full hypocrite and start dictating how others should antag as per the 4th image in >>16386307 and pic related, but then the next day you're playing a "friendly nukeop" because fuck everyone else, you wanna have a comfy round making weed.

e5a140  No.16393362

File: 9dcef9dc4a988c0⋯.jpg (33.51 KB, 285x281, 285:281, 1467923822276.jpg)


e5a140  No.16393475


it wouldn't be a problem if the badmin didn't spawn himself as the nukeop when he felt like it. I thought the nukeop couldn't spawn with less than 15 people.

79adf5  No.16393520


You really like to misrepresent things dont you? Counter points are the entire staff team has no idea what caused the explosions, the miner that brought bubblegum to the station, the supermatter meme was once on a super late round at like 4am in the morning, and the round that screnshot was from was a round where both antags were too scared to even do the objectives. and >next day, try a week. The round that screenshot was taking from had 24+ players while the friendly nukeops had 7 players total online not even ingame

095c4e  No.16393524


I don't know about that. I was playing with 5 crew members. I don't even think an admin was on, but there might have been. A nuke op spawned and within 30 or 40 minutes of the round and blew up the station because no one was worrying about the disk. In post-round OOC it was said a nuke op will spawn if the disk isn't moved from it's original position. It was really fucking annoying to because I spent the whole round building something up only for it to get aborted as soon as it started to get off the ground. Ever since then I steal the nuke disk every round. It makes 0 sense not to, especially since there's 0 gaurentee any heads will spawn. Who gives a fuck about some autistic who joins 30 minutes into a round as a HoS or HoP and acts completely dumbfounded as to why the crew of 5 people would give themselves all access.

79adf5  No.16393529

File: e9fa45a0147dd8f⋯.png (187.73 KB, 371x336, 53:48, Time to sleep.png)


also I'll pick up this autism fest tomorrow since I actually enjoy arguing with people

589d0d  No.16393543


>it's okay if it happens during lowpop

>it's okay if it happens during off hours

>it's okay if it happens when I'm the only admin online

>it's okay if I start a vote for something I'm gonna do anyway, now I'm justified!

79adf5  No.16393549


ok one more, I'll admit the supermatter shard was a nigger move. Lowpop friendly is fine if you think otherwise your a literal fag, I dont pullshit when im the only admin normally I just sit and read manga listening to ahelps and yes if a vote happens and more people vote yes which they normally do, I do it. Its not my fault you're in the minority now can i sleep so my inner argumentative side can rest

589d0d  No.16393646


>Lowpop friendly is fine if you think otherwise your a literal fag

Not an argument. Don't enable antag roles if you're not going to antag.

>I don't pullshit when im the only admin normally

Patently false. The zombie bullshit, the bees, possessing things like the supermatter which has happened more than once, all of that was you when nobody was around to babysit you. Because you have zero restraint when you don't have someone looking over your shoulder.

>and yes if a vote happens and more people vote yes which they normally do, I do it

The fuck do you mean "if a vote happens"? You're the only one who initiates "can I do my funni meem next round?" votes. You're the only one who initiates meme votes at all. Fuck off with that "if it happens" crap.

79adf5  No.16393709

File: d3d2f10e24c933b⋯.png (4.03 KB, 537x63, 179:21, Maybe i think you're cute.png)


If you're going to try to argue that you cant choose to just be friends and be kind to your fellow players when theres basically no crew you're just kind of being a dick, mind you if your a normal antag with objectives go ahead and complete them but nuking everyones round is kind of a dick move. Zombie bullshit was asked for repeatedly, take a look at the rules for players and admins pastebin the host made. It clearly talks about moving rounds forwards aka Round Busting by triggering events, which is the entire reason those buttons exist. Bees are almost always done legitimately, possessing the supermatter shard has been done exactly once by me atleast, deleting it when someone said they fucked up in an ahelp is another story, you can keep up the ad hominems all you like it doesnt change facts, and if you really get THAT bent out of shape from someone possessing a bee and talking about how much they hate blacks I think you might need to go to a different site, and when I said if a vote happens I meant if a vote HAPPENS TO BE YES and everyone else but you says yeah sure I dont know what else you expected, you seem to be the kind of person that only considers yourself in this whole thing which is rather annoying because you keep looping back to points that were already shown to be false and or just moving the goal post. and if you REALLLY want to go there as an admin I say lowpop friendly is totally fine :^) think of it like joining a competitive shooter match, if everyones competitive, you dont act like a friendly to the other team, however if you join a comfy match where people are all gathered around talking to each other you dont just murder them all. seriously you need to quit taking everything so personally I have quite literally no problem with you, I get you have one with me but act like an adult, fuck sake I'm guessing by the fact you avoided my stab at who you were I'm right, If you have a problem you could just talk to me like a human being instead of crying about it in the thread. Mind you I will totally go to bump limit and back a thousand times with you my love but I doubt literally anyone cares

79adf5  No.16393720

File: da6459bc5234e0c⋯.png (390.99 KB, 3588x1576, 897:394, Autism beam noises.png)


Now this time I'm actually going to sleep, and I'm being serious when I say I do enjoy arguing with you, I dont ever see it as a personal attack, more of just a way to clash against someone else mentally as an exercise. I'm more than willing to sit down and actually talk to you despite the fact I am apparently the root of all evil on the server to you, Seriously if you want to actually talk lets, otherwise I think I might have to resend my offer to goto bumplock because of all the people in game that bitched about our autism dual

8a032a  No.16394141

File: d9b9ea3ded23565⋯.jpg (16.92 KB, 251x255, 251:255, 8a6bad7198ad736532977a4197….jpg)


83d4ce  No.16394169

File: 09701e912200da1⋯.png (95.5 KB, 412x540, 103:135, U8mHNoj.png)

you know what's comfy, becoming a slime person, chugging thousands of units of plasma in a bluespace beaker, then splitting 10 times in 20 minutes, starting a cult with more members than active crew by yourself. Then doing a conga line. Wish I grabbed a better screencap.

81d59a  No.16394270


>think of it like joining a competitive shooter match, if everyones competitive, you dont act like a friendly to the other team, however if you join a comfy match where people are all gathered around talking to each other you dont just murder them all

An admin missing the god damn point of the antagonist roles this badly really makes me think you're not suited to be in any admin position. You sound like you need to go to some kid gloves station, and preferably stay there.

b05ae7  No.16394495

File: 6fb590b822898e1⋯.jpg (55 KB, 569x534, 569:534, Robotnik_Concerned.jpg)


>If you're going to try to argue that you cant choose to just be friends and be kind to your fellow players when theres basically no crew you're just kind of being a dick, mind you if your a normal antag with objectives go ahead and complete them but nuking everyones round is kind of a dick move. Zombie bullshit was asked for repeatedly, take a look at the rules for players and admins pastebin the host made. It clearly talks about moving rounds forwards aka Round Busting by triggering events, which is the entire reason those buttons exist. Bees are almost always done legitimately, possessing the supermatter shard has been done exactly once by me atleast, deleting it when someone said they fucked up in an ahelp is another story, you can keep up the ad hominems all you like it doesnt change facts, and if you really get THAT bent out of shape from someone possessing a bee and talking about how much they hate blacks I think you might need to go to a different site, and when I said if a vote happens I meant if a vote HAPPENS TO BE YES and everyone else but you says yeah sure I dont know what else you expected, you seem to be the kind of person that only considers yourself in this whole thing which is rather annoying because you keep looping back to points that were already shown to be false and or just moving the goal post. and if you REALLLY want to go there as an admin I say lowpop friendly is totally fine :^) think of it like joining a competitive shooter match, if everyones competitive, you dont act like a friendly to the other team, however if you join a comfy match where people are all gathered around talking to each other you dont just murder them all. seriously you need to quit taking everything so personally I have quite literally no problem with you, I get you have one with me but act like an adult, fuck sake I'm guessing by the fact you avoided my stab at who you were I'm right, If you have a problem you could just talk to me like a human being instead of crying about it in the thread. Mind you I will totally go to bump limit and back a thousand times with you my love but I doubt literally anyone cares

bfc74f  No.16395220

>Can't silently stalk and kill crew as a lone xeno hunter without people bitching at the admin

This is slowly becoming no fun allowed.

3d3ac2  No.16395257


This would actually be a fun way to have a xeno round instead of SANIC running and disarm stuns like it usually is. Make it more like the classic ayy experience instead of queen-rushing and grabbing all the monkeys. Should code in an ayy type and a round so it'd be like Isolation. No plasma but it has regeneration anyway, slower but far more damage to force it to rely on hiding and SNEAK ATTACKS. Allow it to perform sneak attacks out of vents. Allow it to completely destroy a vent from the outside so it can't be rewelded, etc. Basically a single threat that can't breed but is still a serious antag.

79adf5  No.16395289

File: 1e29a79bd327845⋯.jpg (79.38 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Thats so embarrasing.jpg)


Oh god I made a blackout drunk autism post at like 2 AM, accept all bullying you can throw at me

a1a518  No.16395335


Problem with that is that you're not bringing people back into the game after you kill them, so they end up bitching in deadchat.


It would be cool if xenos weren't so deathly weak to a single engineer just egrilling everything around himself with a laser gun in the middle of the hallways.

3d3ac2  No.16395347


>egrill memes

You know I never thought of that. There's also the fact of neurotoxin being an instant stun, but I think that should stay unless N20 would knock them out instead like it does humans. As for the egrill problem, make the solo-xeno able to bust out of astmospheric pipes themselves with a sneak attack, shattering the pipe.

3d3ac2  No.16395352


The deadchat thing would be solved by having an eventual ERT that comes and kills the xeno. Xeno gets greentext minor victory for killing off the entire crew which triggers ERT spawn, and a major victory if it manages to kill the whole ERT. ERT gets a victory if they kill the xeno.

a1a518  No.16395372


The Egriller would just unwrench pipes in hallways. A better solution is more damage per swipe vs structures and the stun not rendering the xeno unable to move while downed so proper placement has to be set to not be cheesed by nearby walls.

Or you know, actually leave xenos as they are and have players actually play queen so they can get more people to tag-team the egriller, instead of just solo yolo murderboning and getting fucked the second they miss a pounce near anyone with a welding tool or egun, like it's supposed to be. Xeno hunters are already what you're asking anyway if you look at the code and it's stupid to give them even more melee damage. I do agree with reducing their stun ability though, their hands are just batons and that's just stupid strong with their nonlethal immunity and their speed.

Xenos as a gametype is also not really needed, they already happen extremely often in any round of """extended"""aka antags not actually being antags or being so unrobust that they can't cause enough wholesale destruction or murder to call the shuttle, at least 2 hours after the round started, so it's just a matter of tweaking the existing classes.

d234fc  No.16395389


I know who you are

your punishment is reading killing bites

6e73e6  No.16395531

>it's another low pop round where a couple idiots self antag and never call the shuttle after disabling the rest of the crew

095c4e  No.16395593


Everyone fucking left because of those faggots. One was the detective. Just more evidence to never trust Sec with anything.

b05ae7  No.16395676


And one was a security borg. Pretty sure it wasn't emagged or anything either, just a vanilla Asimov borg.

d234fc  No.16395734


did you get ckeys or hit WHO

095c4e  No.16395759


Wasn't the security board. It was a bartender.

ec44f5  No.16396211


I was the sec borg me and the engie borg force called the shuttle and spaced the board to kill that round sorry for not doing it sooner lads

095c4e  No.16396500


Another round was ruined a little bit after that by another pair of faggots.

095c4e  No.16397141

What's the most fun? Virology, Genetics, Xenobiology or Nanites?

6f7525  No.16397199


Probably xenobio

6f7525  No.16397220

File: 1f624103e62f2bd⋯.png (366.35 KB, 960x960, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9f34d345eb449a2⋯.png (287.64 KB, 1900x960, 95:48, ClipboardImage.png)

>Round gimmick is to be a simple southerner negroid farmer

>Assistant named Plantation Jo, likes his booze and is a pacifist

>Wear my jumpsuit shirtless, no backpack, look like a kindly old gentle negroid

>Steal the Bio thing from the public garden and set it up in departures, along with the botany tools

>Spend the whole round growing typical foods: cotton, sugarcane, oranges, watermelons, tobacco, and mushrooms near the end

>Hit the cap on sugar, shit is massive and almost flows into 3 tiles, has 100 potency and 25u sugar a piece

>As the round goes on, craft more and more leather clothes, and a hat

>Nigga worked for his gibs

>Spend my $20/payday allowance on seeds

>Eventually get a Spurdo mask

>Everyone seems to like me and enjoyed my plantation/garden

>Died at the end of the round

Comfy 2 hours though

6f7525  No.16397240

File: c66ea0c2e9fe0a7⋯.png (24.91 KB, 612x174, 102:29, ClipboardImage.png)

ecaf2a  No.16397374

daily reminder to do something about namefag Roma Micana aka FoxyStalin like jobbanning him from head roles because he almost always latejoins as HoP then powergames

or telling him to turn on random names and stop being fucking Peyton 2.0

d08615  No.16397473


at this point people in ooc should just shout out his actions and positions to just shit all over his powergaming

6e73e6  No.16397619


virology is shallow for normal crew.

there's only a handful of beneficial symptoms, and they're best described as mildly convenient.

44ce39  No.16397658


Didn't know fucking off to do Xenobio if no one's doing it was powergaming.

a1a518  No.16397710


>doing the RD's job as HoP or Warden

Are you retarded?

It would be fine if it was something that everyone needs and would ruin the round to not have, like setting up the engine/doing solars if there's no engineers and no one else is avaible or willing to do it, but you've got to be stupid to powergame that hard with shit you shouldn't be doing.

And no, HoP shouldn't have access to armory/engineering/science/med if there's a Captain present. He should only handle the civilian side of things and Cargo, but people are just chill/there's no security and let shitstains like you happen. And even if there is no Captain, he should always be delegating someone else to do the job and never do it himself, unless it's critically needed for the crew or it's the actual station objective dictated by Centcomm's communication at roundstart.

e5a140  No.16397746


Yeah there is him, some red haired women janitor and a guy who names himself Haru Legosi. All of these namefags play women, which makes me feel like SS13 is pulling in from the 4am crowd.

44ce39  No.16397878


Are you the same guy that was getting pissed over the friendly lone op?

02d47f  No.16397997

I miss the singulatrity engine. It's more fun than SM

81d59a  No.16398032


Why would it matter if he was or not? It's a legit point. Antags completely ditching their objectives to be a member of the crew is cancer.

5f6713  No.16398768

server's up

d234fc  No.16398855


I pick my names to slightly piss off a certain admin and haven't changed my recent one in a week. sorry

I wouldn't mind random names but till it's off I'll make up my names.

button pushing nigger smites me every day for my shit post names

44ce39  No.16398997


button nigger smites us all at least once a day

I don't mind it


3ded9f  No.16399074


3d3ac2  No.16399288


Junk is probably going to have a tesla in it, unless I get off my ass and recode+finish the idea I had for a fusion engine. It's basically singularity with electricity instead of gravity.

5d8125  No.16399313

That was a fun round, but I have no idea what I was doing.

5f6713  No.16399330

server is up again


Sorry anon, I put random names back on.

c1ae43  No.16400490

whoever was hop for round 129 needs to be job banned for being a powergaming nigger and a retard. whoever was keaton albright wasnt even an antag and they kept exploding the station

c1ae43  No.16400503


of course it was beefproblem playing as hop

44ce39  No.16400936


Im going to blame Skelus who's still mad about """"Powergaming"""""" From four days ago.

Oh well.

It was fun while it lasted.

d08615  No.16401365

File: 5faafb4e80456b2⋯.jpg (99.02 KB, 441x408, 147:136, smug.jpg)

>go curator just to print out copies of woody's got wood

a1a518  No.16401447


No and it doesn't invalidate any of my points. Get a grip.

095c4e  No.16401621

File: 7eb7c931b7b8035⋯.gif (931.03 KB, 301x240, 301:240, 1450744163016.gif)


>Head's can't do anything

>On a server where the average player pop is below 10

Maybe Roma's a faggot, but that is retarded when it's low pop. Granted, it wasn't lowpop when Roma was doing it, but this needs to be addressed.

It's like the dipshits who think the crew shouldn't secure the nuke disk and steal the Captains spare when theres no sec, HoP or captain, because there's an AFK quartermaster who needs to give permission first. Guaranteeing a nukie spawning (because the disk wasn't moved) and ending the round in 30 minutes (because no one's defending it). Also guaranteeing the crew is fucked because no one has any access to the departments no one is in. Fuck that.

d08615  No.16401641

File: 0ea4eb6fdceb741⋯.jpg (28.49 KB, 600x532, 150:133, THE FUCK YOU SAY.jpg)

>Try out VR

>this is pretty neat

>sudden im out of it, sick as a dog and randomly teleporting

>rad storm when i was in VR


>get cloned

>clone teleports into deep space

Is this punishment for the woody's got wood? Because this will only make me shitpost harder.

095c4e  No.16401644


I realized I didn't actually state what I wanted to say just implied it, so I'll make it clear: "Chain of Command" doesn't fucking work with less than 10 people, especially when people can die and leave the game. Nobody fucking cares what your job title is because you are doing 10 of them just to keep the station going.

44ce39  No.16401746

I'm not going to continue an argument any further because

>arguing on a chan

but what the fuck have I done?

What have I done wrong?

I'm sure as hell no Queen. The only thing I've gotten a complaint about while I was playing HoP was that I killed a ling and he bitched for the rest of the game that I was Powergaming.

a1a518  No.16401772



Pop is around 20-30 and the situation that my post reffers to, was in a 25-30 player round WITH security and active staff.

Players can do whatever the heck they want anyway, being restricted by what i said by-the-letter for every Head or crewmember would make the game be complete shit like Bay. It's a high standard that makes sense in paper but not in practice and players should accomodate around what they want to do instead of following it for best results. Though, i would hold it as a regard for what he should be doing when everyone's yelling at a terrible HoP's incompetence.

Eitherway, a HoP doing Xenobio on a 10p skeleton crew is also shit practice and shouldn't be done. It isn't even proper powergaming, you don't even gain anything significant that synergizes well with the HoP's role or advantages ever since they moved golem shells elsewhere, it's just being a shitter.

44ce39  No.16401798


>Not even powergaming

That's a bad thing now?

4e756a  No.16401821

New thread.


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