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File: 07e97622d034580⋯.jpeg (423.12 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1555427157143-15405030149….jpeg)

6cb494  No.16373373

Last thread got hotpocketed (even though Mark explicitly looked the other way; it isn't turning /v/ into a personal army when they organize willingly, Vols)

This is the most recent archive; it'll tell you what you've missed if you're only just learning: http://archive.is/lOHde

TL;DR an Argentinian has been squatting on the source code for City of Heroes for 6 years, tried to run gay ops to say it's lost forever and got found out.

c61066  No.16373386

Leandro is supposedly talking to the NCSoft leaker on discord, some curious theatrics going on.

507301  No.16373390

File: 2e9662675df2b5e⋯.png (26.02 KB, 724x768, 181:192, 2457.png)



ff6caa  No.16373395

Why was the last thread deleted?

3a5467  No.16373397

File: e53f9c271730f79⋯.webm (2.84 MB, 800x480, 5:3, GRIIIIIIP.webm)


Is it free

507301  No.16373400


Not yet. Leo and this new mysterious stranger are now in a private text chat tough leo is still in voice.

e313cb  No.16373402


Which discord?

e2ec30  No.16373404

The worst part is we lost dynamite-kun's posts.

ff6caa  No.16373407

File: f3b1ad71f3dd23c⋯.jpg (61.92 KB, 1003x878, 1003:878, 4Xnde1G.jpg)

c61066  No.16373413


Keep in mind this could be a cultist friend pulling tricks to fool everyone

705517  No.16373414

File: 86d0d1b371437d3⋯.jpg (711.59 KB, 2000x1626, 1000:813, rock2.jpg)

File: 59fb91fef46ab22⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1493x5901, 1493:5901, out.png)

507301  No.16373415


SEGS discord. Jewgle it, first hit is an invite for it.

6cb494  No.16373417


Muh Rule 1, basically. A good deal of Leandro (the code-hoarder)'s info was posted in the hopes someone would use it to steal the code from his house before Leandro either destroyed it in a fit of spite, or was forced to hand it over by lawyers like what happened to StarCraft.

Besides most the info still existing in the archive in the OP, we set up a contingency board to continue the operation, >>>/leandro/

ff6caa  No.16373422

File: 4da6cff620f37f2⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 03e7652cbc7811f28b72c1fbb6….gif)

dbb818  No.16373441


Follow Ship of Heroes, they're going to launch sometime this year.

e313cb  No.16373457

File: 186c427b2d95944⋯.jpg (55.5 KB, 342x342, 1:1, 1550635067063.jpg)

NCSoft may or may not be involved but "in a good way" apparently

278623  No.16373458

File: d58896dc08b0603⋯.jpg (63.88 KB, 586x264, 293:132, spot the faggot.jpg)


Always remember to check the board logs so you know who to blame. Mark dismissed it, Pewter nuked it.

6c9654  No.16373497


to this day, i do not understand why some mods still didn't learn that they can't do their shitty burnouts on 8chan.

i know, pewterfag is in here, was it worth your mod position?

6c9654  No.16373500


the one who posted the shit, yeah, that post need to be fucked by rule 1

..but not the whole bread.

507301  No.16373502


He posted the authentication server.

6c9654  No.16373506

af796d  No.16373542


I don't believe it. Until we have a working private server for CoX, I refuse to believe Leandro's bullshit. This isn't over. Don't stop until we get what we want:

CoX back in the hands of the community that deserves it, not in the hands of a conniving, greedy little Argentinian fucker.

aca34c  No.16373547

>Leandro breaks down in discord

>admits an Anglo was behind it all along

Argentina was white the whole time.

044734  No.16373552


This is bullshit and you know it

507301  No.16373555

Leo posted the email britboy has been sending him over the past couple years.

>Hey there,

>I'm sure you're probably getting inundated with messages right about now, so apologies for adding to that - I'll be as brief as possible.

>You probably don't remember me - we spoke a handful of times in various places, but nor for many years now.

>A bit of background: played the game since the EU launch, up until close. As with everyone, very sad it's gone. Blah blah, you get the idea :)

>For the past 6 years I've run a small studio in the UK, and now that we're kinda on our feet and I've got a bit of time on my hands, I was planning at some point this year to make an attempt at re-engaging NCSoft through some of my contacts.

>The first part of that was to reach out to active community members such as yourself to figure out what happened with the last attempt and how it could possibly be taken from there, with the eventual intention of somehow getting the game back online.

>However recent events have… complicated things!

>So with that said, I've got two questions:

>Do you have any insight into the previous round of negotiations with NCSoft? If not, do you know who I could talk to about it?

>How is the current operation being handled? Legally is it just a one-man-band hosting it privately?

>Thanks in advance for the info!


Shit's probably written by himself seeing how that and Leo himself writes and the "brit" is just one of his croonies.

6c9654  No.16373561

File: aad4f561e9127d5⋯.png (206.05 KB, 1047x754, 1047:754, dhk.PNG)

File: 97a4c4026e04eb0⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, nTZsgKm.png)

lates update


>Please. Have patience. I am only human. And I am trying really hard to keep almost 3539 people from being harrassed and threatened as I have been for the last 4 days.

cbe6cc  No.16373570


Why is he babbling about people having cancer and having a sick puppy?

af796d  No.16373580


He wants to play the innocent victim card in all this. But he's not: he's a manipulative little cocksucker. If you go to the lengths of keeping a flowchart of who you've sent invites to, you're not the innocent guy just trying to revive his favorite game; you're a narcissistic powertripping dick.

6c9654  No.16373582


you have to feel sorry for him, thats why

he is playing the punished dog here.

many kiddos will fall for it, many fanboys will fall for it, normalfags will fall for it and so on.

but from a more objective standpoint, never mix your private live with your work live, if shit goes down in your private live and you can't continue your work, take a brake and hand out the project to someone else.

but all he did was keeping the server instead of handing it out to someone else… because money.

8107bc  No.16373585


>Those quotes of him telling Tony not to defend him no matter what happens.

>His 100% pure aryan spirit led him to sacrifice himself to the boiling rage of 7 years to save his friends


25f3fc  No.16373596

Halfchan faggots are coming here to stir shit up, just be aware and don't be someone's personal army.

e313cb  No.16373633


I just want the game back, anon. The gay ops need to stop.

25f3fc  No.16373728


Everyone is faggots in this, but some anons from halfchan are going full retard and actively working against it so nobody wins. By all means, go after the scummy Argentinian, but don't touch anyone else and don't fall for bullshit.

Faggot that posted this >>16373390 and guy behind El Dewrito are talking with him now so we'll see if anything happens.

8107bc  No.16373784

File: 901725c0013ac06⋯.webm (4.27 MB, 500x658, 250:329, Fixed_loop.webm)

>tfw /cohg/ soon

8107bc  No.16373966

>The fucking story structure was held in excel


f3236a  No.16374041

Apparently Leandro has been talking to SEGS. Can anyone confirm?

8107bc  No.16374042


He was in the discord server a few hours ago. He was pretty open about it and was talking about how he was going to release the source.

f3236a  No.16374065


Oh, I see, he said this on COHTitan

>I know the community is hurt and it's my fault. I am moving as fast as I can to try to make things better, but I can't make instantly get everything ready. I have not slept since my phone was published on Monday at 2am and notifications haven't stopped ringing since then.

>Please. Have patience. I am only human. And I am trying really hard to keep almost 3539 people from being harrassed and threatened as I have been for the last 4 days.

e313cb  No.16374073


It just so happened that hours after Leo left, A bunch of people not believing his bullshit just happened to get banned from the server.

f3236a  No.16374077


And he's only doing this because everyone harassed him and found his phone number and personal info and everyone exploded on him.

3a5467  No.16374123

File: 0cda1e6027b35f4⋯.jpg (33.32 KB, 286x269, 286:269, 1443095676554.jpg)

>Could just have waited for City of Titans or something not Ship of Heroes they cut off classes like Masterminds


>Lets do THIS

f3236a  No.16374124


Those projects were all fake.

8107bc  No.16374125


Here's an mp3 of Leo in the discord. He seemed pretty open about it.


e313cb  No.16374127


Ship of Heroes is the worst project and yet the one with the closest chance of coming out. Beta this year and release soon after.

3a5467  No.16374142


Citation needed.

f3236a  No.16374152


You're fucking retarded. They were started as scapegoats to avoid the private server being discovered and make it look like progress was happening in "successor" games

3a5467  No.16374175

File: 3d7ea5b1d610620⋯.gif (242.6 KB, 399x350, 57:50, Ohhithere.gif)


>Claim something wild which would take years of autism to make

>Can I have a citation?


I'd be retarded if I didn't call you part of the Cabal. Looks like desperate damage control to me.

8107bc  No.16374236

Leo's an idiot, but I can see how it could have slowly turned into this over time. As long as the code gets out, I don't really care about Leo though.

0be2f5  No.16374361

Someone is spamming the board to buried the CoH thread

8107bc  No.16374386


It's just halfchan shitters

c91812  No.16374396

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.




90d634  No.16374401

File: 5787276fc123b47⋯.png (56.26 KB, 1823x240, 1823:240, d45c8c7d55613c69ef3fa7e435….png)

File: 67dbe16460021b3⋯.png (42.74 KB, 1485x210, 99:14, 200dd415dbce56213729220dfb….png)

File: d1636c350048359⋯.png (29.58 KB, 1830x194, 915:97, 8d1cb0f3e52d033ce4f64dc1d4….png)

Hory Shiet.

>City of Titans allegedly a front to this guy.

>He siphoned donations from that project kickstarter and patreon to allow people to play on his server.

>He would make you gain XP at a low rate till you paid him.

>Was also a mod and censored any rumors on reddit.

8107bc  No.16374409


>CoT a front

Leo worked on it one time and then left

>Siphoned donations from the kickstarter and patreon to allow people to play

Haven't seen any evidence for this. Everything points to it just being a friends club where you'd get in after being recommended, vetted, and approved by Leo

>He would make you gain XP at a low rate until you paid him

I don't even think any of the leakers alleged to this. Correct me if i'm wrong. I haven't slept in a while.

>Was a mod and censored any rumors

This actually did happen.

81814e  No.16374410


just use the filter for TORpedos,they never contribute anything of any value anyways

6a5de1  No.16374435


city of titans was supposed to launch in 2015. it keeps promising alphas but here we are well into 2019 and theres nothing. 650 thousand dollarydoos pissed away on a scam

2f76c0  No.16374450


gib proofs

a7e4d2  No.16374452


show us, faggot.

898776  No.16374462


then it is fake

think about it what the fuck can there be to inform anyone who original leaker was.

d7c066  No.16374487

Leandro is in the SEGS discord right now looking for someone to help him scrub the code.

Get in here one of you faggots.

6ee1bd  No.16374494


A little more bullying and the code will be free from his clutches hopefully.

d7c066  No.16374496


All he wants is someone who knows Visual Studio 2005 to help him scrub his name out of the code then he'll dump it.

507301  No.16374498

File: 245740b3908aee3⋯.png (114.28 KB, 964x596, 241:149, Untitled.png)

aca34c  No.16374503

File: 269d2b0a4c4e1ad⋯.png (56.5 KB, 292x261, 292:261, Relax.png)


>Stick around the discord

>Some cool stuff happens but I get tired and go to bed

>wake up after 2 hours of sleep because I was thinking about this shitstorm the whole time

>Come back

>Everyone talking about how Leandro came by and apologized and agreed to dump the code

>Lurk more

>Go to work because wageslave

>Leandro comes back once I'm gone

a7e4d2  No.16374504


>doesn't know how to delete text in a code.

This Lea cuck is a complete idiot.

aca34c  No.16374508



>Scattered throughout the massive fucking codebase according to some obscure timestamp algorithm from 2005

>Durrr just delete the text, lmao, just Ctrl x

2f76c0  No.16374522

File: 1c43be702888167⋯.gif (627.5 KB, 516x402, 86:67, 1c43be7028881675f992c4fd40….gif)


post discord pics come on

898776  No.16374524


>doing something absurdly illegal

>lol l know l will put my real world name everywhere

he must be lying l cannot magine that a man can be so retarded

d7c066  No.16374528

We're losing him, cucks in chat are telling him to go to bed while someone "trustworthy" is found.

16a08c  No.16374532


you fucking ask for a copy then, cuck.

2f76c0  No.16374534



9dab2b  No.16374535


Jesus fucking Christ you're even more pathetic than he is. You really think a programmer has never had to find and replace text across many files? You really think that tool isn't in VS? It's called CTRL-SHIFT-F. Even if he couldn't use VS, all he would need to do is install grep, change to the root directory of the source file project, and type

grep -r -n "author name" .
(The period is necessary because it denotes current directory). That would tell you the line numbers of every single instance of an authors name in every single text file in tbe project

c85049  No.16374536


Why is his name in the code?

d7c066  No.16374537

File: 79aa3e02408098f⋯.png (61.27 KB, 729x599, 729:599, Untitled.png)


It's a voice chat you cretin.

Here's some of the comments from the dev code at least.

aca34c  No.16374539


Go fucking help him if you know how it works. What the fuck are you doing here?

a7e4d2  No.16374540


The fuck names all of his accounts by his real name, real location, and uses a real picture of himself.

So yeah, he is that retarded.

9dab2b  No.16374541


Turns out my skills demand a salary of nearly six figures, I have my own personal projects, and I have no interest in CoH so I don't really have the time or inclination to do that. I just came to this thread to see a dumb spic get roasted.

494811  No.16374543


>i hope ill be able to play my warshade again


aca34c  No.16374547


>I am an even bigger faggot that Leandro


9dab2b  No.16374553


Sure, cocksmoker, just wash your hands of all responsibility. I just told you in detail exactly what needs to happen, you could go on Dicksword and tell Lazy Leo what to do, but instead you'll blame me, a party with no interest in the matter.

aca34c  No.16374563


>Leandro is literally offering to give the code to anyone who knows how to scrub visual 2005

>Faggot declares proudly that he could do it, but won't

>N-No! I-Its not my responsibility!

Literally Leandro is less of a cocksucker than you.

9dab2b  No.16374568


I am literally riding the bus to my wageslave occupation so I can have the money to continue paying for internet service to print Thai wood carvings with you on this board. Either be the change you want to see in the world or lick my taint.

bd36b8  No.16374571

File: f52e598138cdcfa⋯.jpg (168.4 KB, 576x930, 96:155, argentinian.jpg)

d7c066  No.16374574


He wants someone to install this shit and take his link then download the source code.

494811  No.16374575

im in the vc right now, basically what leandro has JUST said is

>ive already looked over the code

>i think its good

>i have over 1.3 gigs of source code ready to dump

>says he needs a third party with no biases to do a once over to make sure theres no tracing back to the devs

>some guy just jumped in and said they have a guy

>hes right now checking with him to make sure he can do this

>if he can then hes gonna go through then publicly upload it

c61066  No.16374576

I can’t believe people fell for this bullshit. Also, it’s probably holiday in Argentina today, it’s a catholic country, so he doesn’t need to go to sleep.

c61066  No.16374579


We’re probably getting another Leandro who will hoard the code to themselves

466b69  No.16374581


>faggot that kept a source code of a game to himself and harrassed anybody talking about it is less of a faggot than anon wiping the ass of said faggot.

top cuck

2f76c0  No.16374584

File: 21b26a9c4b19bfb⋯.png (207.81 KB, 320x300, 16:15, 21b26a9c4b19bfbdadc1a7b271….png)


what's with this paranoid bullshit? just dump the code already stop fucking LARPing a mission impossible movie you homosexual greasy argentinian

a7e4d2  No.16374588


He's getting paranoid cause the cuck heard yesterday that some anons have informed Ncsoft about everything and since he's a bottom faggot. He's worried about having getting new pair of cuffs.

c61066  No.16374594


Well, about fucking time, it’s been six years and it doesn’t seem he ever bothered scrubbing anything.

aca34c  No.16374599


Because he vetted everyone who got to look at it, retard. That was the whole point of the cabal. He's just trying to clean timestamps so people don't get crucified for leaking company property.

9dab2b  No.16374606


>He's still defending the actions of a slimeball spic because he knows nothing about opsec

Man you're half the LOL in this thread.

ad4406  No.16374608

File: dbf04354e9b514c⋯.png (74.8 KB, 251x251, 1:1, a4c60376389e1efdc52463d376….png)

Shitty song i promised last thread. My internet don't allow me to upload working .webm Edition.


aca34c  No.16374610


I'm defending him dumping the code because that was the only thing that ever fucking mattered in the first place.

a7e4d2  No.16374612


>six fucking years later.

>the cuck has done jack shit in cleaning the source code.

>has only been adding to it and living on a powertrip for years while gaslighting everyone.

The cuck deserves all the shit they get.


>all I want is the code.

then just take it from him, faggot.

2179a9  No.16374622

I just miss my robot mastermind, man.

aca34c  No.16374624


The faggot has two codebases. You would know this if you had actually listened to what he had said.

>Code 1

A copy fresh from the original dev leaker. This one is exactly the way he got it and has incriminating timestamps and shit in it. He's trying to clean this one.

>Code 2

The main code they've been playing on. It is clean but also has the improvements and extra content they made. No one wanted this one because he added his own shit to it.

He is a complete utter faggot for not dumping this the second he got it, but fuck he's dumping it now. This is the first positive thing he's done in 7 fucking years.

6ee1bd  No.16374629


>This is the first positive thing he's done in 7 fucking years.

Only say that after he dumps it, which I still doubt he'll do.

And even if that happens he still needs to be punished for being a complete and utter faggot.

466b69  No.16374633


i disagree having a liveleak/bestgore video of his death is important too.

a7e4d2  No.16374640


>he still needs to be punished for being a complete and utter faggot.

Last I heard Argentinian anons were planning on ransacking his house and beating the fag bloody. So far not a single Argentinian anon went through with it.

24dc35  No.16374643


just waiting to see if he can be bullied first

d7c066  No.16374648

He's getting desperate, one confident anon can get it right now.

9451fc  No.16374650

The first transfer has started. We're getting the code

6063d8  No.16374652



494811  No.16374653


its in the SEGS voice chat

f4b818  No.16374656

File: 90b576c39c75e5f⋯.gif (883.02 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 90b576c39c75e5f013b3295759….gif)

aca34c  No.16374658


Finally. Holy shit this has been a roller coaster the past 4 days

d7c066  No.16374659

He's transferring it to this guy:





Dallas Mabrey

2179a9  No.16374661


Been watching this story nonstop since it broke. What a fun ride full of murderous rage and autism.

9451fc  No.16374665


Just let them do their thing. A couple people are going to scrub it of anything that could implicate a developer and then release it.

ba426b  No.16374674


I imagine this stupendous faggot needs to clean the DB of people's characters as well, no? If not then if someone fires up Code 1 with the original DB and shit, I could log into my account no problem if they put up a sever and play my chars like nothing ever happened.

Either way I don't fucking care, I just want this homo to release it to the public and then get burned at the stake which is the ultimate fate of all homos.

d7c066  No.16374677


This guy just left the server, we might need to track him down and harass him too

494811  No.16374679


>This guy just left the server

no he didnt? hes still in the vc right now

aca34c  No.16374681


Fuck off, segs was confirmed innocent.

ba426b  No.16374683


To me the logical thing would be to get a hold of the SEGS people and have them go at it, of course after releasing it to the public.

Or were those fuckers involved with this secret garbage too?

494811  No.16374686


>get a hold of the SEGS people

that IS a segs person

9451fc  No.16374687


The actual SEGs developers don't want to see the code. However one of the admins will also be receiving a copy.

aca34c  No.16374688


The guy who has it is a segs admin, they're the ones who got it

ba426b  No.16374691




Thanks fellow anons, I never followed SEGS close enough to know the people involved. Just kind of whenever I remembered about it I would check the progress.

Hopefully they can do something with it and get something going we can all enjoy once more.

4adcda  No.16374695




This is 100% jew tactics. Every jew I've ever known who has wronged other people reacts like this when called out.

aca34c  No.16374696

This was one of the worst possible ways this could have went, but at least it had a happy ending

1dd733  No.16374700


I am going to wait until the source code is on my hard drive before I call a happy ending.

2179a9  No.16374701


It's not over until we're playing on our own server, anon. Today has certainly been productive though.

a7e4d2  No.16374703


>at least it had a happy ending

a happy ending would be seeing this fag on liveleak.

494811  No.16374708


its transferring right now, the guy who's getting it is one of the SEGS admins

048196  No.16374712

File: af5546b0b3cdc50⋯.jpg (103.99 KB, 850x601, 850:601, 0585ed870451d2a20bde038543….jpg)


>It's not over until we're playing on our own server

The suffering continues.

494811  No.16374713


hes still in the vc

f4b818  No.16374718

Are we still letting Leandro get away with this or can we release the Argentinians?

466b69  No.16374721


Wait for the code to be out there then release them.

6a5de1  No.16374724


tbh maybe its better, easier, if people were to wait. let the code go out, let him think he's free and then six months later…

2f76c0  No.16374725

File: 6b86be1173eaf5c⋯.png (826.23 KB, 695x900, 139:180, 6b86be1173eaf5c23e5a38cc59….png)


>didn't share his code until some dude leaked his sekrit club server that used to scam people with for 6 fucking years, and now he's releasing it because the argentinian mafia and NCsoft is coming for his ass

would you let him get away?

ecf1c3  No.16374728


494811  No.16374731


apparently to one of the SEGS admins

1dd733  No.16374733


Hopefully it isn't a bullshit stalling tactic.

494811  No.16374734


one can hope

9451fc  No.16374739


One of the segs admin is receiving the code. 30% complete

aca34c  No.16374743

>It's finally happening

I had lost hope more than once. But I'm living once again.

466b69  No.16374745


Don't forget to either stream it or make a video of it.

aca34c  No.16374751

Reminder that edgeposters never do anything. Real murderers don't make threats, they just fucking do it and then post a huge fucking pile of spaghetti on the internet.

494811  No.16374754


there was a certain mosque shooting that happened a little bit ago that says otherwise

c61066  No.16374756


Don’t harm dogs

aca34c  No.16374757


>Antifreezing someone's dog

Literal nigger

ecf1c3  No.16374760


dogs are fucking worthless

00d3ca  No.16374761


ends never justify the means, don't encourage being a cocksucker

aca34c  No.16374764


>Doesn't like dogs

Blacker than the void

7abaec  No.16374765

File: b960d1026be876c⋯.png (112.43 KB, 271x239, 271:239, D4CbZ0QXkAEbMMf.png)

As soon as I get confirmation that the code is transferred successfully I'm gonna shut down this thread. You got what you wanted, no need to harass this guy further.


>Being an edgy faggoy

494811  No.16374767


im in the VC right now, its apparently 75% transferred to the SEGS admin, so now we're waiting

2f76c0  No.16374768

File: 45df15f41845085⋯.png (242.37 KB, 515x417, 515:417, 1393114883479.png)


>i'm gonna shut down this thread


aca34c  No.16374769


It's true. The code was all that ever mattered.

c61066  No.16374770


t. Mohammed

c61066  No.16374774


Some person getting the code doesn’t mean anyhing really. Doesn’t mean he’s distributing shit. You should wait until it’s publicly available.

f4b818  No.16374777

File: c7602948c3d39b2⋯.png (128.77 KB, 241x314, 241:314, 1427929856690.png)

>all these cats in the thread

/v/ is dog territory.


>You got what you wanted, no need to harass this guy further.

There is EVERY reason to keep harassing him.

7abaec  No.16374778


Is there a mumble or discord? I'd like to get actual proof myself, since I'm not going to leave the thread up if the issue got resolved. It'll just become a bunch of edgy faggots talking about killing dogs, take that shit to baph.

aca34c  No.16374780


Also maybe keep it up for a bit longer so everyone can get the link?

494811  No.16374782


its the SEGS discord, its the first result on google

aca34c  No.16374784


Argentina is white. You're a full on sub-saharan nigger

9451fc  No.16374785

7abaec  No.16374787


The code is the only thing that matters.

00d3ca  No.16374789


this is /v/ video games not /v/ kill some asshole Argentinian's dog because he did a no-no

c61066  No.16374790


That’s nice

2f76c0  No.16374791


would be pretty funny if that was the case

f4b818  No.16374792



Now you're getting it.

b9bedd  No.16374797


>spending thousands a month on colo

>this is not something that is being run on someone's PC on a cable connection

lul. I could run this out of my house.

seriously, what kind of pleb doesn't have a couple of powerhouse home servers lying around?

4a7314  No.16374798

Who the fuck even cares he scammed some redditors

All that matters is the code.

and maybe make an example of him for being a faggot that kept the code hidden for 6 years

8bd863  No.16374799


>wowwww what the fucking shit.

lurk more before posting, faggot.

a7e4d2  No.16374801


the fag doesn't even own the City of Heroes IP and here they are treating it like they bloody own it.

This is fucking rich.

c3f6db  No.16374802

File: 409543907fb8ee6⋯.png (219.25 KB, 925x725, 37:29, Mark.png)

File: 3460947c8075390⋯.jpg (168.96 KB, 574x340, 287:170, BANG BANG BANG YOURE AN OV….jpg)



aca34c  No.16374805


We fucking scared the guy shitless and ruined his week, and got him to save vidya. I'd say we're done here once we get the code.

494811  No.16374806

i see you mark, platense is the guy, just so you know

c61066  No.16374807


I just want the code so we can distance ourselves as much as possible from this fag and play away from him and his cult

a7e4d2  No.16374815


>so we can distance ourselves as much as possible from this fag and play away from him and his cult

Not gonna happen, faggot. This kike and his cult will go where ever City of Heroes is.

494811  No.16374817



imagine being THIS much of a schizoid retard

f6bf78  No.16374818

File: 6bc9390c7f84a76⋯.webm (1.03 MB, 202x360, 101:180, LET_GO_OF_YOUR_GODDAMN_SW….webm)


>you're the next

Sorry Argentina but he's from Jew York. Only way he dies is clogged arteries

aca34c  No.16374819


>going to cuckchan to cry about your ban

Yeah, I'm lurking there, I admit it. But just to call you a mega niggerfaggot

c61066  No.16374821

File: 73c7528c811440e⋯.png (207.7 KB, 327x316, 327:316, 098EE0D9-EA91-4773-8AF5-87….png)


466b69  No.16374823


Take you moralfaggotry to reddit faggot.

83427a  No.16374825

goddamn all these deleted posts

466b69  No.16374829


048196  No.16374830


That's fine, faggots tend to play games but it's important they're not the sole owners of them.

865897  No.16374831

This thread is gettin' hot.


I blame Mark for this.

a02af5  No.16374836

File: e0ca10deb2a5c06⋯.jpg (42.62 KB, 947x960, 947:960, dcc2f483a8733eec728948b81f….jpg)



Don't delete the entire thread you stupid kike, just ban the edgeposters. There's still a lot more about the code itself and what's going to be done with it that people are going to want to discuss and keep up on.

cbe6cc  No.16374841



Cry more cuckchan nigger.

a27474  No.16374842

Should be up until the code is out there for all. Need to make sure it doesn't end up in a redditors hands. We all have seen how that story plays out.

95f32e  No.16374843

Can someone post his dating profile again? i wanted to show it to a bud so he could get a laugh out of it and for some reason the archived page isn't working for me

466b69  No.16374844

So now next step is proofreading the scrubbing and releasing the code.

f4b818  No.16374846


Don't type like a redditor and maybe you wouldn't get banned you fucking mongrel.

2f76c0  No.16374848


yep he's talking about hotpocketing the thread right now on VC

c61066  No.16374849


This. I want to talk about this and 4chan jannies are retards.

d7c066  No.16374856

There's no evidence that he even completed the transfer and the guy who he sent it to disappeared.

aca34c  No.16374858

>I've got work until 5 and an appointment at 5:30

Organizing, launching, and flocking to a new server better take a while.

453ae4  No.16374859

This thread seems bretty gud :DDD

c3f6db  No.16374860

ecf1c3  No.16374861

It won't surprise me if the code gets lost forever

8bd863  No.16374862


bumplock is enough for now

76fac5  No.16374863



Lurk in hell 4umfag

ab0515  No.16374866

I can't believe I mention a dog and it brings the fucking board owner in to start banning and apologizing to discord

2f76c0  No.16374868

File: 2303b2f309a5bba⋯.jpg (212.35 KB, 1080x1069, 1080:1069, 230.jpg)

start dog posting for mark

a7e4d2  No.16374871


even if Mark does delete this thread, some cuck created a whole board dedicated to hating on him, the board is legit just his fucking name.

4b6ea8  No.16374872

Any updates now?

16a08c  No.16374873

Leo said the file transfer finished, but Oddbrother left the server and never posted proof.

aca34c  No.16374874


Only a nigger would hurt a dog, and we don't take kindly to niggers around here

494811  No.16374876


code is transferred to a SEGS admin

2f76c0  No.16374877


mark wants to do a CoH gamenight if someone is willing to host

ab0515  No.16374879


Yeah this whole thing is a farce

d7c066  No.16374881


He's not a SEGS admin

2179a9  No.16374882


Over half a decade of lies and manipulation. Why the fuck are people trusting this guy now?

a7e4d2  No.16374884


cause the City of Heroes fans are desperate enough to suck anyone off for access into the game again.

248540  No.16374885

File: f5ef307d951c506⋯.jpg (177.41 KB, 1000x867, 1000:867, youridelikeayoungermanwith….jpg)


>there's no need to…

Where do you think we are?

c61066  No.16374887


I knew it was bullshit

aca34c  No.16374889

Who even gives a fuck about any of those assholes? The whole point of getting the code is security and indepenence. Codefags have already confirmed that they would be able to check if he fucked with the code in any way.

The only thing to remember is to avoid any servers hosted by Leo

248540  No.16374890

Also does anyone have the archive of the last thread? I went to bed around the beginning of the second one.

c3f6db  No.16374898

File: 804dfc3000e2083⋯.jpg (995.84 KB, 2403x1842, 801:614, Mark-Mann-Infographic.jpg)



c61066  No.16374900

It was bullshit all along

ab0515  No.16374907

A total bullshit transfer. Nothing was happening

b9ff64  No.16374909

Mark you stupid trusting bastard.

d7c066  No.16374910

The cuckolds in the discord server are making me genuinely angry.

We have no hard evidence and I don't know how long I can stand listening to them.

81814e  No.16374911

File: f47f139b9a5476e⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.32 MB, 426x240, 71:40, 08d2ba8cc7488704b2852547c….webm)


Only a redditkike would defend another redditkike hoarding a code for 7 FUCKING YEARS and then bumplocking the thread before anything is resolved whilst moralfaging over a mutt

494811  No.16374912


>over a mutt

ironic given who you are

9451fc  No.16374915

Transfer is complete. Just gonna scrub through this with some other trustworthy peeps and make it public. Give us a couple days.

ab0515  No.16374917


Post proof or die

248540  No.16374921

File: c28f0e72191690d⋯.png (93.71 KB, 367x350, 367:350, shockedchinman.png)



Is this guy retarded? He's just digging a deeper hole for himself.


A checksum takes all of five seconds.

b111a0  No.16374923



Post fucking images or fuck the fuck off.

466b69  No.16374925

The kike in chief anchored the thread.

c0a1e2  No.16374926


horseshoe theory really is true. unironically kill yourself you cringe nigger. stop looking for outrage bandwagons to hop onto just so you feel like you're doing something with your life

201ed2  No.16374933

Post proof

248540  No.16374935


>horseshoe theory is true

I think you have brain damage anon.

81814e  No.16374937

File: fc18f690b913657⋯.webm (8.56 MB, 480x360, 4:3, wa1588209e3a017c9acdaeaa9….webm)


Go ahead faggot,make my day

983758  No.16374945

File: 0cfb35ca578c6e1⋯.webm (2.35 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, BURN THE JEWS.webm)


A jew protecting another jew, imagine my shock.

248540  No.16374946

>mark unanchored the thread

He's so easily influenced.

8bd863  No.16374949


un-anchored for now

aca34c  No.16374950

Just ban the edge niggers and this thread is fine

248540  No.16374953


What the hell is an edge nigger?

8bd863  No.16374955


fair enough

ab0515  No.16374957


Apparently threatening him is fine but not his dogs

16a08c  No.16374967


Which person were you, Oddbrother or the other guy?

62a654  No.16374979

>The Discord servers are just raw shitposting and even mark showed up

This is it

62a654  No.16374984

File: 305500c5bdea3aa⋯.png (71.24 KB, 576x334, 288:167, ClipboardImage.png)

a7e4d2  No.16374988


>everyone is taking 4chan/8chan threats lightly in the discord chat. Just thinks its "poop throwing".

>most of them are defending leandro and prefer to just have 'leandro version' instead of the raw.

This is like a fucking sitcom of cucks.

983758  No.16374996

File: cafaa110b987c3a⋯.png (9.51 KB, 255x163, 255:163, Mark S2 Cosmo.png)


048196  No.16374997

File: 4a9ae756ff3e1d5⋯.gif (92.52 KB, 205x234, 205:234, 4a9ae756ff3e1d5e3f3015a2d0….gif)


A expert negotiation tactic.

aca34c  No.16375009

This discord is a shitposting storm the likes of which have never been seen before by man.

466b69  No.16375011


B-B-b-but muh thousand ch-ch-character slot.

7e03e2  No.16375012

so..wheres the code?

a7e4d2  No.16375013


>make server, don't invite people, wait until you have bots that can auto ban anyone.

this is one of the fucking recommendations said in chat.

These cucks are worse then bloody leo.

248540  No.16375017


The code will never be released. Leo plans to ride out the storm, and lay low before opening his secret club again somewhere else.

4b6ea8  No.16375024

File: db33cf50697dc15⋯.png (80.66 KB, 341x289, 341:289, you fuckin niggers should ….png)


>The code will never be released

It's getting released tomorrow

464b27  No.16375028


>the kike deleted it



Sounds about right.

048196  No.16375029

File: f00d73d1a64d673⋯.png (559.45 KB, 1132x666, 566:333, f00d73d1a64d673356b56f1d46….png)


Where's the code?

4a92c6  No.16375031

File: 2dcc2d2bb0d6c7d⋯.jpg (142.25 KB, 500x700, 5:7, leandro.jpg)

>code doesn't even get released

>everybody too busy shitposting against each other in (((discord))) to notice or care

Good job, you're making argentinian faggot monkeys look inteligent in comparision

248540  No.16375032


I'll believe it when we are on a CoH server made by /v/ anons.

c61066  No.16375033


Then Leandro should stop bitching about muh death threats

248540  No.16375034


That's what jews do. They attempt to keep their adversaries from communicating, or organizing since they know they are nothing but thieves.

7e03e2  No.16375035

File: 42e1fba238d32fe⋯.png (40 KB, 331x132, 331:132, trust.png)

16b811  No.16375040


>thinking anyone who uses (((dicksore))) actually does anything but circlejerking all day

4a92c6  No.16375044


>muh joos

Don't give them so much credit. You guys are just retarded

69bcfb  No.16375045


Someone who says some harsh words over the interwebs, it upsets the kikes and women

69bcfb  No.16375046

File: 19267afdaa88bd2⋯.webm (1.44 MB, 448x536, 56:67, 1553837417660.webm)

248540  No.16375048


Go back to /tv/.

048196  No.16375053

File: 387081014b381f2⋯.webm (8.83 MB, 480x320, 3:2, solar zionism.webm)

466b69  No.16375056


They both refused to show proof. It was brought to them to post proof of the transfer really happening.

d7c066  No.16375070






Dallas Mabrey

Just going to mention this here again.

865897  No.16375071


What a theatrics.

ab0515  No.16375074


How do we' hold him accountable

d7c066  No.16375077


Same way we did Leo, this time however he's in the good old USA in California.

466b69  No.16375083


does this mean dynamite anon will dynamite oddbrother?

4b6ea8  No.16375086

Anybody has his CUIT?

07f774  No.16375092


Birthdate: 23 October 1981

CUIT: 20-29084275-2

4b6ea8  No.16375093

d7c066  No.16375097

aca34c  No.16375102

He's back and posting proof faggots

ab0515  No.16375106


Post proof

507301  No.16375107


Copy and post it here, fag.

2f76c0  No.16375109


post it already

d7c066  No.16375111

I just tried to post it and my post got immediately deleted

466b69  No.16375114

File: 7b1d6490a4ed6a0⋯.png (70.6 KB, 666x922, 333:461, proof.png)




let me post chodemonkey

aca34c  No.16375116

File: 7b1d6490a4ed6a0⋯.png (70.6 KB, 666x922, 333:461, explorer_2019-04-18_09-24-….png)

ab0515  No.16375121



That's the game CD you fucking idiots

a7e4d2  No.16375122

File: 154e2917f52e998⋯.png (47.8 KB, 459x382, 459:382, sgvdsgf.png)


it was posted on the "CityofHeroes" discord, the brand new one they created.

248540  No.16375125

File: 6b62e861842807d⋯.png (1.15 KB, 400x400, 1:1, glare.png)


well than post it already you faggot.HOLY FUCK CODE MONKEY!

466b69  No.16375129


Hey don't shoot the messenger nigger.

ab0515  No.16375130






248540  No.16375134


>cancer and memey avatar

Also I had to solve the captcha 5 times to post.

a7e4d2  No.16375142


>I had to solve the captcha 5 times to post.

That's cause 8ch was fucking slugging.


Yeah, I know but that's all that this cuck have shown off.

507301  No.16375149

File: 6510dbb809a651c⋯.jpg (113.36 KB, 600x896, 75:112, 2kPZmzbh.jpg)

07f774  No.16375152


Has anyone in the discord called him out about this?

a7e4d2  No.16375164

File: 935b5475f89b4ad⋯.png (30.13 KB, 294x398, 147:199, sdagasgag.png)


other then this guy, nope.

84c1f5  No.16375171


>Visual studio projects along with header files

>In the install disc

Spotted the brainlet

248540  No.16375177

File: 65439a9db76b263⋯.png (611.82 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, v_with_stupid_hair.png)



Spotted the cuckchanner who needs to go back.

2ac356  No.16375181

File: d9db393845be02f⋯.png (142.12 KB, 920x562, 460:281, forced memes.png)



>implying server and client programmers keep their codebases in the same project folder

8e3e27  No.16375182

File: 66201661e1f16bd⋯.png (1.58 MB, 2200x874, 1100:437, 1541191017.png)


You're correct, 4um, but stop posting and lurk you faggot refugee.

93aa25  No.16375187


I'm not sorry but you just exposed yourself as a halfchanner. Please follow me while I show you where you belong,

6c9654  No.16375206

File: 649bbcd0032e094⋯.jpg (98.64 KB, 924x520, 231:130, 2-88.jpg)

hey, well, you know, since this code is out in the wild, hmmm, you know, i was thinking about m-maybe, he, maybe somene could uploade it somewhere and post the link here? anon-kun`?

2f76c0  No.16375209

File: 2f3dfe9a44ed1d8⋯.jpg (84.19 KB, 399x281, 399:281, 1555606912669.jpg)

e5bc52  No.16375210

File: 489e0c85669431e⋯.png (574.67 KB, 1440x2880, 1:2, 1555606687162.png)

File: 7afc41aba4c1df6⋯.jpg (84.18 KB, 399x281, 399:281, 1555606912669.jpg)


No way, bro. How about you guys just settle down for a bit, and I'll make you all a new server to play on? The code stays with me though.

2f76c0  No.16375212

File: 308f817d20575bf⋯.jpg (18.92 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 600.55ca7f230cf2f11db98a99….jpg)


i posted the pic first haha owned

e5bc52  No.16375214

File: a6946a87891b32a⋯.jpg (118.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1519573923677.jpg)

372c5a  No.16375222



> .c files

> .h files

> IDE project files

Certainly not the game CD. Don't be retarded.


Depends heavily on the project, the programmers and the amount of shared code between the client and server. C++ doesn't enforce project structure on you, so how you do it is heavily dependent on your team and what the build system lets you do. I've worked on projects with a heavy client-server architecture that separated them and others that kept them joined. They're usually only separated if they need to be (like if they're written in different languages, or both in a language that enforces strong structure like Java) or if the team has a focus early in on separation of interests. I've seen both paradigms work well and both paradigms work really badly.

466b69  No.16375223


So the clique of faggot still have the code in hostage.


47e57d  No.16375225


>worried about some dev from almost a decade ago

i bet this "dev" plays on that private server or is still in touch with this fag.

9acab0  No.16375232

>whining about the source code of a shitty moba

Not only does the game look like shit, but it's written in Ctarded braindead UNIX code.

7a5090  No.16375235

Is this guy an American? If the guy does release the code, then once he does should he get vanned by the tax guy?

a02af5  No.16375236

File: a64facc2f75bc96⋯.png (77.99 KB, 283x306, 283:306, c0d6ac523eda78f5af99f996b3….png)



Where do you room temp IQ niggers keep coming from?

ecf1c3  No.16375239

>it just ended being held hostage again

sasuga Leandro-kun

372c5a  No.16375242

File: 5f5567c0818e559⋯.gif (15.04 KB, 304x285, 16:15, suicide.gif)


> City of Heroes


> "UNIX" code

> Visual Studio project file

How is it possible to be as retarded as you are?

a85aa6  No.16375254

File: 3752369d7b8d652⋯.jpg (51.27 KB, 552x504, 23:21, 0ae697a02317fd54a825cf4338….jpg)

File: 3c342bc714f0031⋯.jpg (48.53 KB, 580x435, 4:3, 6uy65bydfgvbbun56un46ybvtr….jpg)

File: a633bc47e5b8004⋯.jpg (18.53 KB, 330x330, 1:1, 1534838806985435436h54h54h….jpg)




What the fuck happened to this place? Reddlt 2.0? Does Mark and his anons need a safe space?

How is Mark allowed to show up whenever and tell anons what to do.

Change the board to /mark/ or make it Global.

2f76c0  No.16375260

File: 1dc36e6c92bf4d4⋯.png (1018.58 KB, 811x950, 811:950, 1dc36e6c92bf4d40331f557337….png)


honestly what do you expect from a board run by a kike?

ba426b  No.16375261


Imagine being this retarded.

98af23  No.16375262

File: 4a2a1c771a6df98⋯.png (193.16 KB, 427x409, 427:409, KILL YOURSELF NIGGER.png)


Well considering he didn't release the source code you should pin this thread so anons know who to squeeze for the source code.

Or are you so scared of what happened after the THQ ama that any sniff of controversy has you deleting threads, you absolute pussy? Who gives a fuck if some random totally white Argentinean gets his ass kicked for lording petty power by withholding data?

cdd99e  No.16375266

I heard about CoH the day after it shut down. I was pretty disappointed I didn't get to play. I'm jealous of this leo guy.

>Gets to live in that country with breedable spics

>Gets to play CoH

>Probably a neet

74b955  No.16375269


Politicaly yes.

Geographicaly no.

Argentina and Malvinas are united by a shallow. Its an extension of the territory, much like Italy with Córcega and Cerdeña.

Tho islanders are better under brit rule. Argentinian politics are a shit show. It makes a SS13 run of only clowns look like a security formal meeting before a G20.

As an Argentinian, this whole faggotry with Leandro here in question makes my blood boil. What a fucking nigger jew, this faggot is.

5588b2  No.16375270


>Probably a neet

Database nigger for local gov.

ecf1c3  No.16375274

Mark is acting like this place is a fucking hugbox faggot baby forum. Deleting threads and posts that you don't like shows how much of a nigger ass licker you are. Hope you rot in hell, far cock sucking jew bastard.

372c5a  No.16375278



I don't blame Mark for this. After the New Zealand shit, this place is in a bit of a hot seat (read: active government watch by multiple governments). If he explicitly condones this kind of shit while controlling this board, he could actually get visits from the friendly neighborhood federal agents, complete with a nice fun gag order and threat of imprisonment, and that's one of the better scenarios.

The amount of leniency that Mark has had with this shit is exceptional, and puts him at more personal risk than you faggots recognize. If some faggot from here goes down there and shoots the guy in the head, Mark could be argued to be complicit in it by allowing the doxing and organization to take place.

I'm all for shitting on Mark when he fucks up, but he's putting his neck out there even letting it get this far with the heat on us already. Mark's doing better here than most BOs would. He's doing better here than I would, because I don't want to risk being charged with any international crimes correlating to fucking murder.

cdd99e  No.16375282


>After the New Zealand shit,


9d1780  No.16375284

File: b6003b4f0c2aef9⋯.png (241.81 KB, 446x566, 223:283, nice bunny.png)

this is a nice chan

I stay here

8c7966  No.16375286

File: cbef6a35c3cc8de⋯.jpg (117.26 KB, 408x580, 102:145, shovel_time.jpg)

Imagine fully armored, lock'n'loaded squad, raiding the terrorist that holding source-code hostage and releasing the code.


Lurk more.

8d6f1b  No.16375287



I really hope whoever gets the code fucking releases it fast. Considering everything someone will jump that faggot Leandro with glee. Like that one doujin author who did an NTR story torturing that blue haired girl from ReZero and his house got burned.

3782ea  No.16375288


me too, based weebposter

cdd99e  No.16375290


>lurk more

I'm only here because the shitters at 4chan let reddit and tumblr move in.

7a5090  No.16375292

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

07f774  No.16375295



good post anon

372c5a  No.16375298

2f76c0  No.16375302

File: e4ee21e0f55ad7b⋯.png (117.82 KB, 1292x580, 323:145, leo 1.PNG)

File: 04cc49d28c7abc4⋯.png (34.18 KB, 1298x233, 1298:233, leo 2.PNG)

so leo apparently needs a server to make sure the cleaned code works

c61066  No.16375310


Works by me, make sure it’s public too

7a5090  No.16375313


Could this project be rebuilt to run better?

c61066  No.16375314


I hope he sets up a crowdfunding campaign so I can donate to see it happen

2f76c0  No.16375318

File: fe175f2c257eeda⋯.png (56.3 KB, 212x157, 212:157, shiggy.PNG)


>giving more money to this pathetic idiot

a7e4d2  No.16375319


don't give leo more money you retard.

47e57d  No.16375320



>some south american shithole

>having an impact on someone in the states

u wot

2179a9  No.16375322

File: d3386830f2f3b0b⋯.png (12.34 KB, 970x95, 194:19, 123123.png)

I feel only murderous rage.

6bdf9d  No.16375323

File: 91481ad80d9570a⋯.jpg (36.96 KB, 397x230, 397:230, 1552425615403.jpg)


>not understanding when people are obviously making a joke

07f774  No.16375327


Holy shit I am fucking livid. Please tell me that's some random and not someone with power

c61066  No.16375328


To be fair, a basic server wouldn't handle the massive amount of players it would get at this point anyway

6bdf9d  No.16375330

File: ee20f2c20056574⋯.jpg (22.97 KB, 435x399, 145:133, 6775ec32cf92a70b58e8f4d53f….jpg)


It's the Argentinian

c61066  No.16375331


Almost sounds like he's not actually crapping his pants

cdd99e  No.16375332

It isn't fair. This lanky beaner gets to live in a country full of spics ready for seeding AND he gets to play CoH whenever he pleases?

aca34c  No.16375336


By "could implicated" he's talking about a dirty copy with the names in it. He's got a clean copy being checked by a completely different guy and once it's confirmed that it's not fucked with it's getting uploaded.

Cool your jets

2f76c0  No.16375337

File: d65114c449a8a99⋯.png (13.28 KB, 1235x91, 95:7, leo defense force.PNG)


98af23  No.16375339

File: 23744e7aac10ca6⋯.jpg (29.5 KB, 400x465, 80:93, ANGER.jpg)


Needs a kick in the the balls just like the SS13:CM devs and their faggot mods when their source code got leaked in full. I didn't even play COH and this is making me angry, like the server blades from WoW classic being returned for some shitty trinkets.

07f774  No.16375342


I saw that dumb fucking faggot shitposting in chat last night too. Good lord, I barely even said anything in that fucking discord before leaving it and I'm still so mad.


Please tell me people are at least calling him out

c61066  No.16375345


Let him be a conceited bitch, I don't care so long as the code is loose

7a5090  No.16375346


>, like the server blades from WoW classic being returned for some shitty trinkets.

Why did they need to do that?

98af23  No.16375350


Because the finder of the blades was a huge cocksucker from plebbit who couldn't keeps his mouth shut due to the amount of actiblizz dick he was choking on.

7a5090  No.16375352


I meant why did blizzard need the old hardware?

372c5a  No.16375353


> An American crossing an international border to murder citizens of other countries

> Not having an impact on complicit parties

I'm not sure why you think the US government would simply look the other way on that. If the guy gets killed, the US government (which is certainly watching this thread) will see it as the operator of this board explicitly allowing a group of members to plan an international assassination with the goal of stealing code that's already being illegally held.

b111a0  No.16375358

File: b2c5dde9f074752⋯.png (132.31 KB, 400x462, 200:231, unrelenting fury.png)

98af23  No.16375361


Probably to prevent pirate servers being able to easily emulate the spell/ loot backend instead of coding it from scratch.

e313cb  No.16375362

File: 4b8e58b13b689b8⋯.png (173.99 KB, 557x605, 557:605, 4b8e58b13b689b84aba3efdd88….png)


After 6 years of lying we don't know whether he's just being consisted or buying time for another major gaslight. The fact that major members of the CoH community are involved makes this even more worrying. This is like a microcosm of Gamergate when it first hit. You can't trust anyone anymore.

8d6f1b  No.16375364


>this guy dies from natural causes somehow in the next year and a fed investigation happens anyways

cdd99e  No.16375366

>leo gets to spend his day having sex with thicc spics while playing CoH

>I'm just in a poor laundromat hoping to see a girl my age

>mfw it's all just fugly grandmas

7a5090  No.16375378

With the source code out could the COH be engineered to run better?

992362  No.16375385


Is your plan to pick up a single mom? That's a bad idea anon

466b69  No.16375388


Leave this place you don't belong here.


see >>16375322

Releases them.

3782ea  No.16375389


>not getting your dick sucked by experienced grannies

BIG dumb

992362  No.16375393


Yeah, he's never going to release it to the public though, he has a few buttfaggot friends who he trusts will keep fucking the community over who he will turn it over to privately

cdd99e  No.16375408


I've noticed that. The few spics in the laundromat that are actually near my age seem to be with little kids AND old ladies. I want to call them single mothers but spics hit the wall fast so both the younger woman and the little kid could be children to the older woman.

Why is it so difficult. I just want to nut.

0ea094  No.16375414

File: ebef6293d90be66⋯.jpg (75.73 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 500x_c20091201_gradiator_t….jpg)


If the code is not publicly available then the party doesn't stop.

Making a public server and not releasing the code won't fix anything.

40e223  No.16375416

File: 40ff3a2c8d5d971⋯.mp4 (911.36 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Frustrated_Disappointment.mp4)

So what, we just back to waiting until SEGS will deliver? Unless they are some kind of double agents.

e313cb  No.16375421


The website is owned by Leo and they banned anyone who questioned him on their discord. So yes, they are double agents.

25f3fc  No.16375423

e313cb  No.16375431


Don't you have crazy Argentinian Cartel boys to worry about, Leo?

cdd99e  No.16375440


They let their site get overrun by woman and numales.

c61066  No.16375443


Now we wait until the dust has settled and Leandro can go back to his cult with the code unreleased.

cdd99e  No.16375444

Would it be considered off topic if I dumped my spic folder here?

aca34c  No.16375456

>NCSoft comes in

We're in it now boys

c61066  No.16375457

Blaster Lv. 6 LFG Sewers

3782ea  No.16375461


>NCSoft comes in

>Shuts everything down

>Announces a CoH mobile game

2f76c0  No.16375464


are they? or is it some dicksord speculation? i got ding dong bannu'd from the server for being a nastry trorr so i don't know what's happening

c61066  No.16375466


If they keep the code hostage again, NCSoft can just C&D whoever opens the server and the code is lost forever.

aca34c  No.16375475


They're still checking it over. But they're on a clock. Apparently the NCSoft goons are sniffing

c61066  No.16375477


Well, that's good, because otherwise it would take another 6 years I guess.

ba426b  No.16375478


you shut your whore mouth you son of a bitch

02ffda  No.16375485


It feels great to be a part of history (87cf7e)

c61066  No.16375486

File: 5ea5df7e691bb85⋯.jpg (7.28 KB, 235x215, 47:43, 1528908034752.jpg)


Actually that doesn't seem too far fetched at this point, Koreans only care about mobile shit now

4b6ea8  No.16375489


>I just want to nut

Then just masturbate you retard

3782ea  No.16375495

File: 774316ae13f2ede⋯.png (362.87 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


You know that's the most likely thing to happen, anon


Its expected when mobile straight up shits on any other platform combined

a5bed4  No.16375499

File: 215f24d581f9c21⋯.webm (710.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, IT BEGINS.webm)


Saw this shit coming a mile away. Anyone who thought they were actually going to make the code public was a gullible retard- these people are addicted to the feeling of power, and will do anything to keep being the gods of their secret clubhouse. By keeping the source code controlled, they ensure that the only servers that people can play on will be ones that are controlled by the cabal.

cdd99e  No.16375504


Nutting from sex is far better than fapping. I'm getting tired of looking at the same spic porn. I want the real thing!

2f76c0  No.16375521

File: 4ef49d8e25bdbfd⋯.png (204.26 KB, 565x442, 565:442, thinking soy.PNG)

is Leo proof that argentina is white?

a7e4d2  No.16375524

File: eeaebd889945b40⋯.png (17.76 KB, 248x216, 31:27, code.png)

c61066  No.16375526


Based oddbro

0ea094  No.16375527


How would you classify his behaviour?

What insult would you call him in light of his behaviour?

aca34c  No.16375530



507301  No.16375532


Holy fucking shit, I didn't think I'll see the day.

4b6ea8  No.16375533

File: 845b11021c8f44d⋯.png (530.98 KB, 2138x1362, 1069:681, jew wealth distribution.png)


It's definitely proof that is kike-ridden at least, so probably

07f774  No.16375534


09619c  No.16375536


Checking to make sure it's not dolphin porn.

c61066  No.16375539


So…uh…would someone actually be able to set up a server today?

4b6ea8  No.16375540


Better not sing victory yet, this might be a dud

aca34c  No.16375541

507301  No.16375542

File: 1c6d046cc02126d⋯.png (59.38 KB, 1423x758, 1423:758, Untitled.png)


Looks real to me.

0ea094  No.16375548

File: d8c23c963a6b7fd⋯.jpg (143.35 KB, 2186x1646, 1093:823, Halt-2.jpg)



Make sure it is real and includes everything before celebrating.

363245  No.16375550

File: ef927ecb0002f51⋯.png (599.67 KB, 841x921, 841:921, 1428533034410-0.png)


Leak it all as it is, let the developer burn if need be.

Burn those who are not anonymous.

c61066  No.16375552


Spread it to all the corners of the internet, so long as this is out there we can have hope

4b6ea8  No.16375554

File: 3e6dcf520603700⋯.png (41.84 KB, 1419x221, 1419:221, ClipboardImage.png)


What did he mean by this?

002cad  No.16375555

Release the code, as they say. Let someone else have a crack at it. (42%, 1,497 Votes)


Enjoy your pageviews, Bree :)

002cad  No.16375557

"Surely, sir, There's in him stuff that puts him to these ends; For, being not propp'd by ancestry, whose grace Chalks successors their way, nor call'd upon For high feats done to th' crown, neither allied To eminent assistants, but spider-like, Out of his self-drawing web, 'a gives us note The force of his own merit makes his way- A gift that heaven gives for him, which buys A place next to the King."

a7e4d2  No.16375559


bree is one of the reporters on Massively that was given access to the server in the start up phase. She's been actively defending this faggot while downplaying everything.

7a5090  No.16375561


Was she riding his dick?

a7e4d2  No.16375564


Lea only rides dick, they don't like getting their dick ridden.

aca34c  No.16375566


No she wasn't. She was actively telling him to dump the code. Also who the fuck cares?


46b156  No.16375567

>less than 500MB

There's no way this is everything. Someone build it and confirm.

3782ea  No.16375568


He's gay

She's a reporter, so she's naturally against anything that improves gaming communities

ba426b  No.16375569




So is this the original leak with everyones characters, or the cleaned one?

c61066  No.16375571


I don't think this has the characters. I honestly don't give a shit about the characters anyway, so I don't care

2f76c0  No.16375572

File: 7e6573b96092f8c⋯.jpg (54.72 KB, 576x432, 4:3, 7e6573b96092f8c00f0d16e5d0….jpg)


but can we mod it to oblivion to make something that is not CoH like SS

b111a0  No.16375573


This seems to be the bare server files. No assets, no information.

63a023  No.16375575


who fucking cares about your characters. You can make them again. We got the fucking game bro

3782ea  No.16375576


>Everyone's characters

>Only 400mb

I'm going out a limb here and guess that thers no player data

aca34c  No.16375577



3782ea  No.16375581



Finally I'll be able to do giantess eRP with my furry friends

09619c  No.16375582

File: 013e66fa04f54ca⋯.jpg (34.8 KB, 640x852, 160:213, 013e66fa04f54ca9f57940aa9b….jpg)

Now all you need is to rent Ukrainian server space.

aca34c  No.16375587

Dance thread?

2f76c0  No.16375588

File: 5931af9718cfa7b⋯.png (315.31 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 7bbaab2ff58785e3a19cd59fc9….png)


goddammit mark

645311  No.16375590


Only when the leaked files have everything we need to make a /v/ server of our own.

4b6ea8  No.16375591

File: bd870adebdb205e⋯.jpg (17.46 KB, 274x400, 137:200, smug.jpg)

Now we only need to dox the guys from Novalogic

d5342a  No.16375593

File: 928864be9536fe6⋯.gif (2.97 MB, 250x250, 1:1, 1422494548242.gif)


Dance thread.

40e223  No.16375596

File: 3f3d3c77d0b68e2⋯.png (521.96 KB, 692x677, 692:677, 3f3d3c77d0b68e259bb6f90d2b….png)


But what about Joel, the final boss of Novalogic?

4b6ea8  No.16375597


I dunno, ask him

3782ea  No.16375600

File: 8d3aba820c8b58d⋯.gif (768.69 KB, 330x566, 165:283, Akane dancing 1.gif)

2f76c0  No.16375604

File: b00906900fd6f59⋯.gif (67.69 KB, 246x264, 41:44, epic.gif)

File: ca2e03046ed8142⋯.gif (75.37 KB, 336x269, 336:269, kris.gif)

File: c10f1a6503e68bf⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 600x634, 300:317, 0da1a8c818ec55543f5bc6f19c….gif)

File: f13908bd58e65df⋯.gif (167.69 KB, 205x230, 41:46, f13908bd58e65df43e7781dba7….gif)

File: ebaae5f6b53af49⋯.gif (73.8 KB, 560x442, 280:221, 1106668a72ed990b8b8dd70bdd….gif)

d5342a  No.16375605

File: db303ee3ba4c468⋯.jpg (9.8 KB, 705x114, 235:38, missiondata.jpg)

It's not quite everything. The code we were given will launch a server with no NPCs and no mission data. But it's a fuckin' start.

4b6ea8  No.16375606

File: 6191728f62c0537⋯.jpg (104.97 KB, 626x626, 1:1, sandnigger.jpg)


See I told you we didn't have to celebrate so soon

c61066  No.16375607


Of course Leandro wouldn't release his holy grail to the public

aca34c  No.16375609


He's a sleepy boi

2f76c0  No.16375610

File: 12b3c4bf477fecb⋯.png (56.29 KB, 194x200, 97:100, 12b3c4bf477fecb2fa53bb0281….png)


what a coincidence he went for nappy time so he doesn't get shit flung at him, this is literally a sargon tactic

b9bedd  No.16375613

File: f999a4b93f91506⋯.png (811.82 KB, 623x833, 89:119, rack 2-18.png)


>rent server space

/cyber/ reporting in. We've got your back.

2f76c0  No.16375617


is the calico part of the hackerman server?

7dfe8e  No.16375623

File: 87f930f90b4f3fc⋯.gif (255.46 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 87f930f90b4f3fc45aff26790c….gif)


why do you keep calling this "holy grail"?

I've never played it but from the screencaps it looks like gay mmorpg #29423194 with a capeshit skin on top, what's so special about it and why should I fucking care?


is that a goddamned calico

aca34c  No.16375631

>You lived to see a /cohg/ thread

4b6ea8  No.16375633

File: 8d5d172aba6e2de⋯.png (30.68 KB, 1024x776, 128:97, jenkem.png)


>not doing this just for the sake of having something to do

Fucking faggot

d5342a  No.16375634


Even if he bitches out now, the mission text and NPCs can be recreated. It would take more time and work, but fuck, there are people who'll do it. It's fucking nothing compared to the work that it would take to recreate what we were just handed - SEGS still hasn't even come close.

b111a0  No.16375635


Unlike pretty much every other game, there was ALWAYS something to do in CoH. Not busywork grinding shit, but genuinely fun content. On top of this, the community was leagues above the next best thing likely due to the paywall. Players were literate, there were no BRs, furfags stayed out of the public eye, and the devs actually played their game (with us).

a7e4d2  No.16375637

File: 3ded806ce197666⋯.png (15.78 KB, 571x656, 571:656, fsafasf.png)


>find updater.

>it's zipped.

>unzip it.

>load updater.

>forever connecting.

>realize this whole thing is nothing but call outs to stuff that's not even there.

Lea you fucking faggot.

b9bedd  No.16375641

File: 900ee508da5ffc6⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1728x2304, 3:4, cybergun 1.jpg)

File: 2638a5610e9dccd⋯.jpg (32.67 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, vufine.jpg)



Yes, it is a Calico. Having a proper cybergat is critical to cyberoperations in cyberspace, and ensures that you will never need to reload when the megacorps kick down your door.

It's not quite done yet, I need to buy the accessory rail that goes over the mag. I intend to mount a gopro, loctite the shit out of it on a mount, and wire that to a Vufine display (second pic related) so I have a first person view at all times. Corps and cops can't touch you if you can non-blindly blindfire around corners.

No, they don't jam as much as everyone says, just treat your mags right and read the manual and use 9mm NATO instead of 9mm Luger like they say to.

c61066  No.16375642


It was too good to be true

3782ea  No.16375644


>furfags stayed out of the public eye

Big lie, I proudly walked around in my virtual fursuit

That's your nostalgia talking

53b1d2  No.16375645

File: 45467789fa8b180⋯.png (879.33 KB, 1269x1920, 423:640, 45467789fa8b180c40af023b5f….png)

Hashes of 'We were there.rar'

BLAKE2b (We were there.rar) = c4cd27e26d477a7240c596f41cd2d8d04fb0469606d920f15279d37e1ab7576db4e9eea0786eb08c52c27c5d0684fed785da93af555ca30c556c506e058ccb55

SHA256 (We were there.rar) = cc3df5a38d15aa43520d734ab6de72449e6528a155d4ada664cf387a41ab94ca

MD5 (We were there.rar) = b56fed122d1448bb59104c1e7be1a4ae

sha256sum of every file in it:



2f76c0  No.16375646

File: 1d45e29f2034569⋯.jpg (17.66 KB, 240x280, 6:7, 1d45e29f20345699f87177c6dc….jpg)


10/10 gave me a boner

d99e4d  No.16375651

File: 914c4621c339867⋯.jpg (109.99 KB, 960x960, 1:1, hack the planet.jpg)


Make sure to keep the room as dark as possible so you can see them glowing.

aca34c  No.16375653

We don't have maps, NPCs, or quest text. But we have the tools to make them all.

b111a0  No.16375655


We could also just bully the cunt into dropping the databases.

3782ea  No.16375658


>Community-made quests

I'd rather have simple, low word count quests texts than whatever cringe shit people will come up with

53b1d2  No.16375660

File: f1d539d41cd2be4⋯.png (582.81 KB, 963x683, 963:683, liberator.png)


>But we have the tools to make them all.

But not the knowledge.

I severely doubt every single one of those things was recorded in full somewhere and that we have enough people able to recreate them willing to go through all the trouble.

Better to just do what >>16375655 says.

a7e4d2  No.16375661


or we can just take it instead, that'll be alot faster then waiting on him.

d5342a  No.16375662


He may still do so. Claims the code may include usernames of people on the server so he wants to scrub those himself instead of handing them off to another like he did with the server data.


Paragonwiki has a lot of the original mission text. You'd be surprised how many server emus recreate that kind of shit from scratch.

ba426b  No.16375664



I'd rather not have nothing instead of some faggot fanfiction by a gay niggerspic.

7dfe8e  No.16375666

File: 339462e3219f021⋯.jpg (19.34 KB, 432x264, 18:11, we loved your post.jpg)


>intend to mount a gopro, loctite the shit out of it on a mount, and wire that to a Vufine display (second pic related) so I have a first person view at all times. Corps and cops can't touch you if you can non-blindly blindfire around corners.


aca34c  No.16375667


We have like everything on the wikis

c61066  No.16375678


Working with ancient engines can be insanely difficult if you're not familiar with it. Seriously, Leandro isn't giving the code because he's afraid he'll stop getting thousands of dollars monthly.

c61066  No.16375679


This would take years, all because the faggot is not releasing what he's supposed to. It's not even his stuff

ba426b  No.16375681


He can just go back to sucking cocks with his asshole then.

aca34c  No.16375687

He's also still asleep and might dump more when he's awake? That's what I'm getting from the chat anyway.

6cb494  No.16375693

0ea094  No.16375697

File: 2c2ce9a1a973842⋯.png (8.63 KB, 659x306, 659:306, I'm asleep.png)

aca34c  No.16375703


The faggot has been awake for the past 3 days.

c61066  No.16375706


He was awake all night.

d5342a  No.16375707

File: 66736e800d34099⋯.jpeg (7.32 KB, 259x194, 259:194, passedout.jpeg)


Someone who's barely slept all week might be asleep during the day, you say?

507301  No.16375708


>we have enough people able to recreate them willing to go through all the trouble.

If anything the last couple days showed that the will is there for it for sure. It would just take a stupid amount of time. Leo needs to release the rest of the code.

c61066  No.16375712


We don't actually know how much is missing. Maybe it lacks the AI the other shit. Seriously, there is no reason to stop now, this shit isn't leo's to begin with.

002cad  No.16375714


Did you read the text file explaining that the updater doesn't work anymore?

4b6ea8  No.16375724

File: bd8829633f19faf⋯.jpg (65.23 KB, 560x499, 560:499, niggermacs.jpg)

In the meantime I uploaded the leak to anonfile


b7c74e  No.16375737

File: 62385efe35a28a9⋯.webm (15.99 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Bad_Friends_60fps.webm)

466b69  No.16375743


They didn't included character db they don't trust the people to handle it and it's most likely the vanilla game, because giving his code because would need a lot more of scrubbing too.

53b1d2  No.16375751

File: c42208e8f95ea41⋯.png (20.33 KB, 956x124, 239:31, upload.png)


Very good. Uploading a 7z version myself for an extra mirror.

d5342a  No.16375753


It's the raw source code that was originally leaked to Leandro, minus any edits made to it since, according to the person who posted it.

7dfe8e  No.16375757

File: 937fc8e2ddc36da⋯.webm (8.64 MB, 640x480, 4:3, bad_apple_alpha.webm)


shame you can stilll see the white outlines and the artifacts

c61066  No.16375773


I very much doubt leandro got zero npc and mission data, because no one who played on his server reported anything missing.

aca34c  No.16375780


There's gonna be a second dump, nigga

b7c74e  No.16375781

File: 7bfad0783b1f968⋯.png (93.21 KB, 935x599, 935:599, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3f3c42bc9552aaa⋯.jpg (35.67 KB, 362x346, 181:173, kaguya question.jpg)


>white outlines

3782ea  No.16375789

File: a71597618c59f65⋯.png (50.02 KB, 595x282, 595:282, ClipboardImage.png)

7dfe8e  No.16375791

File: 595c6918f8fc0a9⋯.png (93.77 KB, 943x574, 23:14, 2019-04-18_22-31-29.png)


perhaps the theme I'm using highlights them more?

62a654  No.16375836

Has anyone actually gotten anything open yet with the files we have?

b111a0  No.16375837


No sir.

aca34c  No.16375838


No, we're waiting for the second dump

0ea094  No.16375861

File: d44fd640a829033⋯.jpg (64.91 KB, 800x560, 10:7, all_darby_salute.jpg)



Once we actually have everything I slapped together something that can work for a custom memorial in game. First some theme music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ELFxB-tGhE

>It was at this site on the 15th day of April in the year 2019 that Destroyer Stroyer, knowing full well his chances of success were slim and he would be banned regardless, made the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the City of Heroes and City of Villains community. In blowing the whistle Stroyer revealed the existence of intact server data that had been used by an Argentine named Leandro for years for the operation of a private server 3,000 users strong, while simultaneously accepting donations, from the community he claimed to love, under the false pretense of trying to reverse engineer a working server. Leandro did this while using his influence and that of his 3,000 spineless yes men to sabotaged the community's attempts to revive their game. Through his act of bravery Destroyer Stroyer alerted countless Anon's who made it their mission to not rest until, through any means necessary, they made sure the server data was released. Then on the 18th of day of April in the year 2019 after a mere 3 days into the campaign against Leandro, Leandro surrendered the server data to the people, who then spread that data to every corner of the internet ensuring our city would never die.

>Let the name Destroyer Stroyer forever live in the annals of history as a true hero of the City of Heroes and City of villains community, and let the name of Leandro live in infamy as Villain the likes of whom is only equaled by the Korean head office of NCSoft.

>Remember those whose righteous actions saw the server data released, and those who did not live to see this day.

d5342a  No.16375874


There's a difference between source code and database dumps. We have one, now we need the other.


There's a "Coders" channel in the new COH discord where they're dissecting the code and trying to figure out how to get it running.

aca34c  No.16375885



0ad0d7  No.16375890

Plenty of people got it right? Looks like the mega has already been deleted. Happened in the middle of trying to download it for me.

09619c  No.16375894


Yes, it's too late. Plenty of anons here have it already.

c61066  No.16375896



That didn't take long.

d5342a  No.16375898



Mirror courtesy of the Discord: https://ufile.io/5ksguh1h

a7e4d2  No.16375901

File: 8f14c3a849af2ff⋯.png (13.34 KB, 407x263, 407:263, afafaf.png)


can confirm. Cuck me has both unzipped and zipped

aca34c  No.16375907

>tfw it's over

>tfw we got NCSoft in the end

We'll be back for Exteel you peices of shit

53b1d2  No.16375910

File: fe9fc9551f192f9⋯.jpg (43.54 KB, 500x563, 500:563, sleepy.jpg)


Read the thread, an anon has already mirrored it and I put out a hash list.

I'm about to finish uploading to another mirror too.

323f1f  No.16375913

File: 0092f5d5af18a1a⋯.gif (363.12 KB, 480x270, 16:9, OaES0.gif)


Good job, anon

6cb494  No.16375914

File: 2ff708a0a471fa7⋯.jpg (9.67 KB, 379x451, 379:451, 1469241429170.jpg)





Good Job. All of you, from the bottom of my heart.

0ea094  No.16375917

Mirrors are good and all but torrents are a whole different thing.

323f1f  No.16375920

How about muh NPC stuff?

a7e4d2  No.16375921


lea is holding everything else hostage.

d5342a  No.16375922

File: a501e20d47134be⋯.jpg (71.51 KB, 688x387, 16:9, I salute you.jpg)


Let's thank the real hero.

Disgruntled Paragon Studios employee, whoever the fuck you are, I salute you.

d99e4d  No.16375923


>We'll be back for Exteel

Jesus do I miss cruising around in that Mech.

4b6ea8  No.16375924


check the anonfile >>16375724

2f76c0  No.16375925


is it time for another doxxxxxxing?

aca34c  No.16375929


He's already agreed to help when he wakes up…and he's already doxed so… Who cares.

a7e4d2  No.16375931


Not unless there is some anon that'll go say hello to him.

4b6ea8  No.16375940

File: a9d608f04c0d8e9⋯.png (23.08 KB, 135x101, 135:101, a9d608f04c0d8e9e915eba4a41….png)


We already have the dox, it's just a matter of ethics now. Should we go and harass his property with vandalism or just wait for another guy to leak it again? I can afford to go there, 'd take two hours

aca34c  No.16375946


Just wait for the leak. He's already agreed and has cooperated so far.

d7c066  No.16375948


See what develops tomorrow, if he tries to backpedal on releasing the content DBs then we can see

2f76c0  No.16375950

File: 3d931970f4422e8⋯.png (602.36 KB, 793x794, 793:794, 3d931970f4422e8c49ba85cc77….png)


wait for him to finish up his beauty sleep and we'll see if he delivers, if he doesn't livestream the house raid

81814e  No.16375958

File: bb15286fed85ad3⋯.jpg (336.69 KB, 751x852, 751:852, 88.JPG)





Currently uploading it on volajust in case

53b1d2  No.16375995

File: 89f41dd89b5f709⋯.png (73.8 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Uncle_Says_Hello.png)


>anonfile mirror


>ufile/uploadfiles mirror


>openload mirror (has been extracted and recompressed into 7z, otherwise untouched)


>Hashes of 'We were there.rar'

BLAKE2b (We were there.rar) = c4cd27e26d477a7240c596f41cd2d8d04fb0469606d920f15279d37e1ab7576db4e9eea0786eb08c52c27c5d0684fed785da93af555ca30c556c506e058ccb55
SHA256 (We were there.rar) = cc3df5a38d15aa43520d734ab6de72449e6528a155d4ada664cf387a41ab94ca
MD5 (We were there.rar) = b56fed122d1448bb59104c1e7be1a4ae

>hashes of 'CoH priv server.7z'

SHA256 (CoH priv server.7z) = 7989d2432649f7f6723ab53a0844696e9b36e23660f021c749cc668da4c7a7ee
BLAKE2b (CoH priv server.7z) = e1504757785dd8d10ad40c064de8e2e401e18185801dce83c34ebe74cba89071f05a19ce4516a2009e5311c33ffc84336a89450912a472e4a083f6785c7d8a33
MD5 (CoH priv server.7z) = cd071d88e302f3153a2b2c85b8aa9749

>sha256sum of every file in the archives:





>pastebins containing this post (minus the pastebins before them, chicken and egg problem there)






b111a0  No.16376026


Bless ye for this post.

248540  No.16376038

File: dcabe90ee71bf96⋯.png (112.81 KB, 565x565, 1:1, TGT_anime.png)


Fucking finally.

42203f  No.16376059


coh /v/ server when?

6f8465  No.16376091


What is We were there? Is that the characters from the offical release?

248540  No.16376099


Think long and hard about it anon.

aca34c  No.16376104

>CoH was such a massive autism vein ready to pop at any moment that 8ch, 4ch, and fucking Reddit united

07f774  No.16376126

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cbac16  No.16376130


IPFS hash of "We were there.rar"



a7e4d2  No.16376134


>It appears that there is information going around that is incomplete and we wanted to set the record straight. It has been said that the SEGS team has the AuthServer from the CoH source code. One of our contributors had an archive dropped on him while he was moderating the voice chat. When he realized the contents of the provided archive he removed it from his PC, without sharing it. To be clear, no member of the SEGS development team has the source, has distributed the source, nor will utilize the source for development. It is currently, and has always been, the policy of the SEGS Project to completely avoid utilizing leaked source code as this may unnecessarily jeopardize the project, and undermine the long term viability of our City of Heroes client interoperability efforts. SEGS has already reverse engineered the AuthServer and any use of such a file would only expose us needlessly.

47e57d  No.16376157


xD 4-8-Red alliance checking in

3165bc  No.16376160



This explains why he dropped out of the discord and came back with a different name

>haha whoops, I'm handling stolen code right now in front of everyone, haha

>yeah uh, I deleted it immediately guys, haha

c61066  No.16376180



That was Leo's plan all along.

f3236a  No.16376187

So when do we get the fucking npc and mission data

a7e4d2  No.16376190

File: e4363bfbd5d10c0⋯.png (68.47 KB, 1351x522, 1351:522, afdsafasf.png)


The fag makes another excuse for why they didn't release more.


07f774  No.16376203


>there are multiple others with access to the data

>leandro is scared they might release it and shatter what little power he has left

I wish they would

53b1d2  No.16376208

File: fbfd7aafd6c0fae⋯.jpg (133.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fbfd7aafd6c0faef5cf3f9cb08….jpg)


We can always use some light persuasion.

4adcda  No.16376214


This one doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. The guy has working servers. The data required for NPCs and missions are running on his servers right now. Why can he not just release that data alongside the files for the server he's running?

f3236a  No.16376215


Someone remind him on the Titan forums what he's risking.

c85049  No.16376223


Anyone else get the vibe that this is like an old mob film. With the Titan forums being the guy trying to convince someone to tell them where the safe is while us being Vinnie in the corner slowly tapping the bat on his palm waiting for the word?

f3236a  No.16376227

What his address again? Do they deliver pizzas in Argentina?

07f774  No.16376229


Apparently, it has everyone's characters and potentially their personal information mixed in with the data we need. He can't release it without getting in trouble, or so he claims

6a5de1  No.16376235


i've already been banned and had my posts deleted multiple times even when i was being civil so yeah

002cad  No.16376238

File: 3b05e30adca0ea3⋯.jpg (80.47 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, 620e975995c96e5794620f8967….jpg)

f3236a  No.16376247


Thanks mate.


c85049  No.16376263


What kind of pizza?

Oh, Hawaiian. What better sinister good-will reminder than to give him pizza that has been poisoned by pineapple?

a7e4d2  No.16376267


Hawaiian style pizza with anchovies would be better

d5342a  No.16376271



The source code he's released will be more useful in the long term for people looking to begin from a "pure" CoH experience the way it was when it shut down and develop from there. In order for that to happen, he's going to have to do the work he's talking about even if he does release the modded binaries and databases.

I personally think having just the one open-access server running on those binaries, rather than having a bunch pop up and then getting people upset when they decide to wipe and roll back to a "pure" server when that option is open, is a better way to go about it.

Just releasing the source code he has does us far more good than we could have ever hoped for. SEGS has been working 6+ years and not yet fully recreated that server environment. Frankly, he could fuck off right now and the community could still rebuild those databases from scratch, even if it would take a while, so I don't even care if he's bullshitting or not.

0ea094  No.16376285



no cheese

no meat

no veggies

63a023  No.16376288


none pizza with left beef

8107bc  No.16376295



The code is out and a private server is inevitable. It's only a matter of time. I'm happy. From what I've seen Leo do and heard him on the stream, I've forgiven him. It just doesn't matter to me anymore. As such, I'm out of here. Later lads.

f8587d  No.16376299

File: 71c4cf4798385b8⋯.jpg (29.56 KB, 580x750, 58:75, 71c4cf4798385b853011172a2a….jpg)

God damn it's been so long. Never thought I'd be able to play this game within the year, I've been keeping tabs of SEGS and CoT, but this development is insane.

0ea094  No.16376308


Wait, no. An extra crsipy thin crust pizza, no cheese, no sauce, extra anchovies, extra pineapple. That shit will turn into a fruity fishy hunk of charcoal, and if you can get an olive oil drizzle it will be oily too.

f3236a  No.16376311

Pizza order canceled for now sicne he's working in the discord.

But he needs to hurry the fuck up

a7e4d2  No.16376342


Dont cancel it, send it to the fag.

2179a9  No.16376354


This whole situation has been an emotional roller coaster. From the death of hope after 7 years of zero progress, to murderous rage upon finding out that an argentinian has been hoarding the code and directly manipulating and gaslighting the community this entire time. And here we are now, where the thought of playing CoX again isn't just a fantastical pipe dream. I still want Leo to die though.

07f774  No.16376376

>testing servers going up today or tomorrow

How the fuck do I get in on this? Where can I download the client?

6cb494  No.16376380



I never got the chance to play COH when it was still around, but I was still pissed to hear that a dead game's revival was being stonewalled by some faggot trying to play NWO. When a private server eventually exists, I hope I'll get to see what made it so loved and enjoy it with you guys.

a14472  No.16376388



fuckoff back to faggot town

5b2481  No.16376417


>tfw you actually like pineapple pizza

d5342a  No.16376437

File: ad971caf4459830⋯.png (47.1 KB, 500x468, 125:117, 1421718714663.png)


But anon, I'm already there.

466b69  No.16376461


Coh game


248540  No.16376465

File: 5027180c096f12d⋯.jpg (48.15 KB, 561x560, 561:560, bike_cuck_cucked.jpg)


>I've forgiven a person who did the right thing only after his crimes were discovered, and still he needed to be forced to release it.

Is this you?

c61066  No.16376470

So what exactly are we getting? And how come Leandro's server has been working 100% since 2014? And what exactly makes his server an emulator and not the real deal?

6a5de1  No.16376483

File: 36cc016c6e75728⋯.gif (5.85 KB, 172x228, 43:57, here comes a huge fag.gif)


thats what i cant let go. not that a cool kids club existed and i wasn't part of it, but that they used their positions of authority to silence the conversation. if you have a secret, you don't talk about it. ever. if someone else is talking, don't even respond to it. and then when they got caught with their hands in the mmocookie jar, they played the role of the abusive spouse by saying its our fault their bullshit got exposed. oh no honey, you fell down the stairs again and gave yourself a black eye, so clumsy!

tbh part of me doesn't even want to play the game again because I'd end up rubbing elbows with """those""" people and why would I want to play a social game with a bunch of lying niggers?


its not an emulator its the real deal. when people say its an emulator they're just helping cover for the owner's shitfuckery

c61066  No.16376501


>tbh part of me doesn't even want to play the game again because I'd end up rubbing elbows with """those""" people and why would I want to play a social game with a bunch of lying niggers?

Just don't play on the retard's server. I don't even care about old characters, character restore would just be a way for people to reforge jurassic relationships and ignore anyone outside their clique.

c61066  No.16376516


He was a fucking asshole. He just did the right thing 6 years late, and it still doesn't fix the time we lost, we could have perfectly stable shit with everything by now. Also the fact that they tried to discourage anyone from trying to make an emulator is disgusting.

f3236a  No.16376547


Leandro is going to spin up an identical working server on someone's server.

c61066  No.16376552

Would it be wise for me to start thinking of character builds?

2179a9  No.16376553


I don't know, anon. I'm genuinely afraid to show any optimism less this all somehow prove to be some cruel joke.

f3236a  No.16376554


People are working with the source code right now. We're missing mission and NPC data but the game is coming, no matter what.

aca34c  No.16376555

I'm going to go join the fucking party in the discord and paragon chat Hope to see you guys in /cohg/ sometime.

d5342a  No.16376558


The open server being planned is using the build with content Leandro's team developed. That's going to include some powersets that never made it to live or were created from scratch (using existing particle effects and animations in new combinations).

c85049  No.16376572


My current plan is:

Remain optimistic until the Leonardo build gets put out. Which should allow servers to be brought up almost instantly. Make fun characters but not get attached to any of them to much.

Wait for the raw, editable data to come out and then wait to see what servers do well and join them. This is when I start making characters I'm willing to get attached to.

But it wouldn't hurt to go over power sets and potential builds.

bf993b  No.16376575

File: 12246e925ae6698⋯.jpg (63.31 KB, 731x620, 731:620, 1555471368259.jpg)


vandalize regardless of what develops

c61066  No.16376613


Hats off if he actually releases his build.


I personally don't like the idea of playing with his custom shit, but it's better than not playing I guess

144621  No.16376621

So now that we have everything…. the fuck do we do now? How do we get this shit up and going?

f3236a  No.16376622


Leandro is tryin to load his shit on someone's server

e412d8  No.16376707

Does this mean SEGS has been wasting their time?

3a5467  No.16376709


I believe SEGS can't be copyright striked, so that's a benefit.

e412d8  No.16376717

File: 4b874b7943854c1⋯.gif (755.66 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 4b874b7943854c1262d3d42a6b….gif)


Anything will do for now. We can reboot shit and look at other options as they develop.

When can we expect to see it?


That's a good point. I hope they wrap up, then. We could play with leandro's shit until segs is established.

f8587d  No.16376721

How easy or hard would adding custom content be? I'm a modeler and I think it'd be pretty sick to add content like costume parts and other things.

6f8465  No.16376738


Presumably not hard because this guy added his own.

aca34c  No.16376758

Leo is ready to send off the data. We're scrambling to get a server set up.

This is the last bit he has. He's actually dumped absolutely everything he has.

e412d8  No.16376765


Amazing stuff. Any estimate for how long it'll be? I have to imagine shit'll keep popping up for a couple days

323f1f  No.16376767


We must secure everything.

e313cb  No.16376769


Not really. SEGS will most likely remain way more stable than the servers using the stolen code by virtue of being built from the ground up, not from the mess of Spaghetti code that is CoH. But they can look at the source code for guidance and it will speed up their work immensely. Even if legally they can't use that code.

4787fd  No.16376770


Tokusetsu costumes would be pretty cool, Riders and Rangers, etc.



b111a0  No.16376772


Including the existence of our people.

0c419d  No.16376773


I keep refreshing.

I just want to play as my evil nercomancer witch qt again

aca34c  No.16376775


Not really. We already have the plain code which will be getting heavy work to make a heavy duty and easy to run server. That will take a long time.

But Leandro is also dumping the second codebase for the score server straight onto any assembled server we can produce (according bto his specs that he dumped). That will be a playable one held together with duct tape to tide us over

da56ff  No.16376777

File: 2606d0254c6ccff⋯.png (305.56 KB, 597x574, 597:574, 1555344570070.png)


>necromancer witch

You're my nigga Anon

aca34c  No.16376781

4d0c19  No.16376785

As someone who's unfortunately never played City of Heroes, is there a set that lets you punch and kick the shit out of everything, I'm a sucker for using nothing but your body to attack

aca34c  No.16376787

Also if they launch anything tonight, it's gonna get fucked hard by the amount of people trying to get in.

f8587d  No.16376788


Fuck yeah there is.

da56ff  No.16376789


YOU BET YOUR MICROPENIS THERE IS, super strength, kung-fu, fighting like an animal etc

aca34c  No.16376791

Also, you godless zoomers better pay attention. This is what people liked about MMOs.

e313cb  No.16376793

File: c331935f810d87d⋯.png (3.96 MB, 2560x1080, 64:27, Base Profile Screenshot 20….png)


You can make some pretty cool ones already

4d0c19  No.16376798

File: 73bdaa2e83ea3fe⋯.jpg (81.27 KB, 500x500, 1:1, !!.jpg)



Alright nice, thanks, next time I get back into MMOs then I know where I'm going.

4787fd  No.16376800

File: 246a762a25477f3⋯.png (581.09 KB, 800x618, 400:309, ClipboardImage.png)


those are good sentai, but was there any way to do the trademark Rider Bug Eyes?

aca34c  No.16376813

>people asking questions about character creation when they can get paragon chat and experience it right now

e313cb  No.16376816

File: 30844b4734595dc⋯.png (2.01 MB, 2560x1080, 64:27, Base Profile Screenshot 20….png)


>They are actually called bug eyes.

4787fd  No.16376822


sheeit, that's perfect

0c419d  No.16376838


This I'm playing with my old designs right now.

I'm still fucking glad I kept all my .costume files.

f3bc6f  No.16376852

I'm not on the discord, how is this going to work? Hes actually releasing the last chunks of the complete files for the game?

aca34c  No.16376865


It's done, he's released everything. Now people are making servers. Leo is done, he doesn't have anything else.

53b1d2  No.16376882

File: dd3c5dd5cb6be96⋯.png (2.8 MB, 2048x1406, 1024:703, f06fcac4783f98d42392e1c93f….png)


Where are the things lacking in the first release then? we have to create mirrors.

429019  No.16376883


He hasn’t released the databases to the general public, only direct server tranfers, he’s not done.

aca34c  No.16376891



We aren't getting mirrors for the databases. We're getting a temp server which is a copy of the score server until the old stuff is worked up to completion

e412d8  No.16376892


Anyone done setting up?

213f55  No.16376893

File: e6e1e9ef9810e1f⋯.gif (983.89 KB, 500x210, 50:21, dontmakeme.gif)


Sociopathy must always be put to light

aca34c  No.16376904


Over time all the assets will get gathered up. But it will take time.

In the meantime, we will be fucking around in the first server they can connect together

2179a9  No.16376938

>just been dicking around creating characters for the better part of 2 hours now

This is some serious untapped nostalgia. If this recent drama has done anything it's made me remember how much I once loved this game.

53b1d2  No.16376950

File: 19f0dd7f09970dc⋯.jpg (229.01 KB, 835x773, 835:773, xbawks hitler.jpg)

>COH priv server opens up on hitler's birthday

>server name: Third Reich

c85049  No.16376961


>not 5th column


53b1d2  No.16376970


That will be the /v/ group name.

4b6ea8  No.16377001


>just been dicking around creating characters for the better part of 2 hours now

How? Is this something from the leaked code or you just have the game on your hard drive?

f8587d  No.16377007


Paragon Chat has been a thing for years, where you can make a character and kinda walk about, but not anything else.

e301d3  No.16377046

server when

e313cb  No.16377060

File: d8a7a044d440390⋯.png (430.26 KB, 617x774, 617:774, Base Profile Screenshot 20….png)

Soon, brothers. Soon.

4d0c19  No.16377121

File: 03b5e3ab3a863bc⋯.png (407.56 KB, 500x500, 1:1, viper i can't read.png)

We're able to just make base profiles/just use the character creator with the stuff we've got right now right? Or are anons here creating their own characters by using Paragon Chat? I wanna have some shit prepared in case I just wanna hop in a private server.

4b6ea8  No.16377145

File: e02d52433f59046⋯.jpg (8.84 KB, 179x179, 1:1, mmmhh... that p0$$y sure i….jpg)


>Paragon Chat

This thing just asks me for a login that probably is from the mod clique. I'm not eating this up

e412d8  No.16377155


I did the same thing. Switch from Paragon Chat to Titan Icon in Tequila.

4b6ea8  No.16377237


I can just imagine what would happen if the whole game was leaaked, we could have fellow anons larping as moonman and naziniggers without any limit on animations

Hope the spicjew caves in

84e28c  No.16377320


That's already the name of the Neo-Nazi faction.

b111a0  No.16377383

File: 6b0187356629446⋯.jpg (60.72 KB, 534x725, 534:725, Mu Spider.jpg)

Can't gotdamn wait to bring the Bane Spider back to life.

cbac16  No.16377469

File: 9a98271fe20708f⋯.jpg (4.45 MB, 2160x3112, 270:389, check_these_byzantinumeral….jpg)



d34c14  No.16377504

File: 947cc2a6cad0843⋯.jpg (342.82 KB, 1019x690, 1019:690, Screenshot_20190419-042158….jpg)

>tfw going to be able to make my villian El Goblino a reality

1b918e  No.16377510


>You got what you wanted

Not until the code is public, dumb kike.

3782ea  No.16377527


Damn you stole my idea

I was planning on doing a bald el goblina

42203f  No.16377566

File: e5c62c3bdbe496e⋯.png (915.92 KB, 1467x711, 163:79, 1517581701487.png)


Like a bald version of venti?

3782ea  No.16377572


Exactly, no idea how I would do her eyes though, were you even able to increase the spacing between then in coh?

466b69  No.16377579

466b69  No.16377587

Anonfile backup.


a7e4d2  No.16377603

File: b3e96bff2e9d3a3⋯.png (160.53 KB, 914x640, 457:320, asdfasfdasdf.png)

Reddit cucks made a Patreon for this shit.


Time to get Ncsoft involved.

63a023  No.16377616


thanks anon. i hate discord, really appreciate you sharing that here.

aca34c  No.16377655

How long do you think it will take for the CoH community to realize that they're split down the middle in modern politics? After the initial wonder and joy of being in a server wears off, eventually they'll have to talk about something else.

63a023  No.16377657


nobody wants to talk about politics in a superhero mmo

3782ea  No.16377671


>he doesn't know about the transgender part of the future CoH server nor the rewrite to make each villain support a political party

62a654  No.16377685

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

thread theme

466b69  No.16377697


Hate it too but we need to get those files out of their hands especially when those fuck are already tired of making mega link.

e8cde6  No.16377700


I have access to the hidden coder channel and they're already talking about setting up private servers and taking donations.

Redditors are a fucking blight

466b69  No.16377701


Those retard don't even seed their torrent.

62a654  No.16377704

File: e3b298fd61517cf⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.53 KB, 850x479, 850:479, __atago_azur_lane_drawn_by….jpg)


>Immediately jumps to making profits

Anon-kun, these aren't redditors.

These are jews.

e8cde6  No.16377705


They can be both.

Either way, I'm keeping an unedited version of everything dumped and once it's complete I'll redistribute a full torrent here.

Also quality taste in waifu.

a7e4d2  No.16377730

File: 3c0281351b5d405⋯.png (195.6 KB, 315x530, 63:106, CoH_Steampunk_Pack_Guy.png)


>Redditors are a fucking blight

Just sent Ncsoft Business Development Department an anon-email informing them about the theft and illegal redistribution of a property they own, along with a crap ton of links for them to get more information even linked their shit pateron too. As long as my email isn't registered as Spam then shit should be hitting the fan for them real soon.

These reddit blights deserve to get shitted on.

4adcda  No.16377734


were they talking about closing off server access to people who don't donate, or providing donors with special in-game content? because if not, there's really no issue with asking people to help financially support a project that's being funded out-of-pocket

aca34c  No.16377740


Yeah, literally every private server for anything has a site and takes donations. Some people exaggerate the costs of servers, but they do actually cost money to run.

b4ea8e  No.16377763


NCSoft doesn't care

b4ea8e  No.16377792


No shit it costs money to run a server it's not charity

b111a0  No.16377828


Are these files something to do with the database? In any regard, thanks for posting them.

aca34c  No.16377833

>A crack team of literal glow-in-the-dark hackers came out of the woodwork to help the coders because they want to play CoH

63a023  No.16377933

466b69  No.16377965


it's score build, issue 25 files

4b6ea8  No.16378223

File: b0b3ced27a1dd02⋯.gif (2.54 MB, 390x373, 390:373, 1555422112573.gif)


>upvote post

63a023  No.16378337


kys nigger

aca34c  No.16378374

Server is going to be up any minute.

63a023  No.16378386


please share the details when it's up

aca34c  No.16378392


You need the client, so if you don't have it already, get Paragon Chat

ffc3ea  No.16378433


Is there gonna be a connection guide? Or will the server going up only be accessible through the Paragon Chat client? Will the client via >>16376461 work? How about login info? Also just routed through Paragon Chat?

aca34c  No.16378441


This is a copy of score. It only connects via paragon chat. Just a rip of the game won't work in this case I believe. Score works through paragon chat. Could be wrong though.

aca34c  No.16378448


The point of the score dump is to hastily put together something to tide over the masses until an actually well made server is complete. That might take a few months.

aca34c  No.16378461


This looks like it's gonna be unstable as fuck and screaming under the weight of all these people.

a7e4d2  No.16378467


it's only around 2k people at most. If their servers can't handle that then these cucks are running on some crap severs.


Install Tequila, not Paragon Chat. The thing apparently needs it to run of something.


4b6ea8  No.16378488

File: f93cfa62c7021fb⋯.jpg (110.75 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, i have no idea.jpg)

Anything new? Any leaks? Did Lean say something or passed anything?

63a023  No.16378492


read the thread

aca34c  No.16378494


Server is almost live, faggot. Leo has been shocked at how much gets done when you actually give code to the wild. We've made more progress in a day than he made in weeks.

d9475a  No.16378511

Are we going to make our own Server of /v/illans, or are we going to just rely on the reddit servers until things settle down?

Regardless, which faction or starting zone should we use so we can team up?

07f774  No.16378516

File: cf1e3887065cc6a⋯.gif (2.51 MB, 320x240, 4:3, freedom.gif)

>everyone in discord is a massive fucking retard

>pings out the ass for no reason

>it doesn't matter because servers are finally going up

We're almost free

aca34c  No.16378525


Gonna be a few months before a small, easy to set up server package is ready. For now absolutely everyone is gonna be clamoring into a single server. Once this thread hits pg 13 we can make a new thread

000000  No.16378530

So (((/v/))) is sperging out some guy didn't share source code and risk law suit?

e8cde6  No.16378538


Leo is offering to set up servers with his i25 package if you provide him access to the server.

We could set one of those up immediately but it'd have his stinky spic finger prints all over it.

aca34c  No.16378552

>still no new news articles or jewtube videos

It's like the world outside is moving in ultra slow mo

07f774  No.16378588

The servers are going up, and the admins are great, but goddamn are the mods in the discord absolute retards

63a023  No.16378604


what a faggot. he still wants power over a new server

3782ea  No.16378609


What kind of channel would even comment on this stuff, though

I could see big ones talking about the secret coh server, but making a follow-up video when theres really nothing to show? I don't think so

Maybe when a open server goes up we'll see a huge amount of spam about it

aca34c  No.16378610


>I don't understand what's happening, and I didn't even read the thread to find out.

000000  No.16378614

63a023  No.16378622



that's 4 days old

aca34c  No.16378623



>About score, not the release of the code and the coming unstoppable wave of private servers

Yeah, and thanks for proving I did.

000000  No.16378627


Did you try reading?

000000  No.16378635

>April 19

>This article has been heavily updated to reflect clarity on the terms emulator, private server, and what we’ve decided to use as a new umbrella term for all unsanctioned servers, rogue servers

I'd call you (((/v/)))irgins retards but that wouldn't be fair to retarded people.

466b69  No.16378650

>>16378588 (heil'ed)

Discord mods are the reddit mods iirc so it's not surprising that they are huge faggots.

000000  No.16378653

07f774  No.16378682


No, they're literally randoms recruited from the discord. They asked last night in chat if anyone wanted to mod, and they took in 11 people who said yes. It's retarded.

One of the admins pinged me to answer a question I had, and I pinged him back to ask him to elaborate some more, only for some retarded mod to come in

>could you PLEASE stop pinging him while he's at work? It's not hard to just read his name that SAYS NOT TO PING HIM

>he pinged me first, so I pinged him back, it doesnt seem like he has a problem with it

>i'm deleting the messages in this chat not related to server discussion! You guys should know better than this!

What fucking idiots. I can't wait for actual servers to go up so we can get away from this dumb shit

63a023  No.16378685


bree sounds like a dumb cunt who has no idea what she's talking about

53b1d2  No.16378688

File: 0cd43bc2299ce5f⋯.jpeg (73.86 KB, 716x768, 179:192, CIA.jpeg)


Looking at the filenames in the zip, I take this is the actual game content we were missing?

I'm mirroring it right now.

000000  No.16378690


Chances are the server those mods will be running will be the biggest if not the only.

So better get used to it :^)

07f774  No.16378696


Well, the server isn't going to be hosted by the people in charge of the discord who gave those people mod powers, it will be hosted by other people who joined the discord who offered to host. It looks like multiple servers will be up at least

6cb494  No.16378697


Biggest maybe, but so long as the code is public, they definitely won't be the only.

35ee39  No.16378698






Stop being a TOR niggers, Leo and Brea.

000000  No.16378703

If a private server does go up will it be hosted in Europe?

Private servers seem to last the longest in Europe for some reason.

aca34c  No.16378705


Everyone has the code and is srambling to put together anything. In time there will be servers absolutely everywhere

4b6ea8  No.16378709

File: 940e19044bf91ff⋯.gif (471.07 KB, 359x316, 359:316, ▄█▀ █▬█ █ ▀█▀.gif)


Didn't you know fag argentina is yuropeean:^)

53b1d2  No.16378724

File: c535a3106407c1b⋯.png (242.16 KB, 468x468, 1:1, mamma mia here we go again.png)


Europe may be an orwellian shithole but it's where all the money is, you're more likely to find people with the time and income to do this.

That's my theory anyway.

466b69  No.16378727


>the actual game content we were missing?


466b69  No.16378749

35ee39  No.16378759

File: 540be796b74a369⋯.jpg (11.55 KB, 450x295, 90:59, 540be796b74a369bbe2f19ab03….jpg)


>connection problems

>just 5 seconds after link getting posted here

000000  No.16378761


Connection Problems

Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later.

aca34c  No.16378763

This server is gonna fucking detonate when it opens up, lol

3782ea  No.16378766


07f774  No.16378767

07f774  No.16378776

35ee39  No.16378783


Cucks doing what cucks do.



3782ea  No.16378789


Its too gay over there, ironically

466b69  No.16378791

Re-validate tequila is the next step

6cb494  No.16378794


>leandro appreciation thread

Do these people have the memory of goldfish?

aca34c  No.16378800


The guy owned up to why he did, apologized, made it right, and is currently as we speak still helping everyone. People forgave him. I did too.

466b69  No.16378805



He's working on the server.cfg right now, we will have 3 character slot.

63a023  No.16378814


I forgive him but still think he's a egocentric faggot. Is he going to be the admin of the new server or will someone else be in charge? I don't want to play if he's running it like his little cabal

3782ea  No.16378815


>Almost 900 people waiting in the forums

We aren't making past the login screen, right?

Server will go up, and basically get ddos'd with the amount of people trusting their CoH-starved dicks into it

51cf9e  No.16378816


people forgot the only reason he's doing any of this is because of the threats he received

07f774  No.16378818


He won't be in charge, and hopefully he'll be kicked out of development once everything goes up

466b69  No.16378819


Nah faggot, it's still 6+ of private server lost because of him if not for his stupid decision i wouldn't have to be on diskike reading redditor faggotry.

3782ea  No.16378822


When was the last time online threats actually worked this well? assuming this whole thing actually ends up okay and some random dude doesn't invade the white argie's house and beat him up

07f774  No.16378837

They say they're getting a server up and then distributing it. Unfortunately, it seems that leandro will have veto powers over who can get the code. If anyone here is on the team, could you try to get access to it and then distribute to the public? Obviously don't make yourself known to the thread or the public until you have the code

aca34c  No.16378840


Who cares about that code? It's the shit code that's going to be outdated in a week.

46b156  No.16378849

Are forum accounts on score.savecoh.com actually going to be used for a server? Do we have confirmation on this? And what about the client, which one is it going to use?

07f774  No.16378859


Am I missing something? I thought that code was essential to set up a server if you didn't want to recreate everything by hand

aca34c  No.16378873


The code Leo is dumping onto servers is flat score code. It's "functional" but put together with duct tape and gum.

The codefags are working on putting together sleek, sexy code into a convenient package for easy unzip and run servers. But that will take a while.

466b69  No.16378881

File: 784a317deeed3fd⋯.jpg (82.64 KB, 1364x301, 1364:301, hu-oh.jpg)

What is saying >>16378837

a7e4d2  No.16378942


>"leandro isn't going to be incharge of this"

>leandro is totally incharge.

fucking reddit faggots ruin everything they touch.

466b69  No.16378952

File: 401afe56d8242c3⋯.jpg (16.03 KB, 1353x65, 1353:65, missing function.jpg)

466b69  No.16378959

Update he can't disable chat so chat will be up.

35ee39  No.16378960

File: 5c4d3cfee9d16f9⋯.png (338.19 KB, 546x600, 91:100, EnteringTheThread_crop.png)

I'd rather wait ∞ until ∞chan's own server than join with rest of redditors and 4um traitors.

53b1d2  No.16378978

File: 2ca326b8ded0245⋯.png (237.85 KB, 498x371, 498:371, 2ca326b8ded0245672dfa564b7….png)


This is part 2 of the COH leak containing the actual game content, things such

as NPCs and quests.

>Part 1 pastes










>Extra part 1 mirror

IPFS hash of "We were there.rar" QmRJSBezvTseuR-bc5oQhSUBiTSuMprsK_uNG3bNQ6HreQ69

>Extra part 1 hashlist mirrors



<Now onto the actual part 2 leak

>hashes of stuff.zip

BLAKE2b (stuff.zip) = 2c642a9a47490b5e10921a28aa60d56bb945cf99e54c3af46e7ab8a39476d4644be33b60e9f7b19514a554fead4b24b06d47eca7a5f048e93e748d8860b6371b
SHA256 (stuff.zip) = b8be2a8f25cc16a76b67bf11b245b40faf1b6caa9fa93705f23ec92313762630
MD5 (stuff.zip) = 11951f09b3cdc98edff57c503d0fa357

>sha256sum of every file in it

















>pastes containing this post (minus the pastes after them)











07f774  No.16378981

>Leandro literally claiming the massively writer was the one to get him to release it

>everyone will pretend that the death threats and doxxing didn't happen, weren't necessary, or didn't do anything

Is this a good or bad thing?


Holy shit it's actually happening

3782ea  No.16378983

File: af3292f9777158a⋯.png (778.61 KB, 673x719, 673:719, ClipboardImage.png)


That's a lot of links


3a99e7  No.16379017

File: 3811998400feddc⋯.png (26.64 KB, 213x200, 213:200, 27810e3d18d1183d19dae189b9….png)


Good job anon thanks

434bef  No.16379046


Unfortunately not at my home computer, I hope some anons are already downloading and storing for future proliferation, even if you have no intent to run a server.

5588b2  No.16379060


>beat him up

Rape, if he gets raped he will never tell anyone.

3782ea  No.16379077


>Raping a gay dude

50/50 between leo enjoying it or the guy getting infected

35ee39  No.16379094

File: 9dc32dfc24ae0cf⋯.png (131.37 KB, 311x278, 311:278, ae3c63018614bf0a0ef49a3416….png)


>raping a dude who has GayCupid profile and made anon writing techno lyrics about it.

466b69  No.16379098


>raping a bottom.

0 int.

07f774  No.16379101


>GayCupid profile

>he doesn't know that was faked

aca34c  No.16379110



7e268e  No.16382016



>t.reddit faggot trying hard to demoralize the whole thread


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