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File: 0c9d3184f0f7ba3⋯.jpeg (357.57 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Viva Pinata banner.jpeg)

111de6  No.16391775

Can we get a thread for this going? Got this game from 2007 or so, after some people on /v/ saying how good this game is I actually tried it and I'm just amazed by how good this is. I play at least 5 hours a day, I'm so hooked.

Googled it, and there are more games: a sequel (Trouble in Paradise), a DS port and also a party game (?). Should I pick them too?

d8f912  No.16391967

File: 19d00f5618dc25b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 721.98 KB, 1638x2032, 819:1016, 1934452 - Dustindemon Leaf….png)

I had a girlfriend once who absolutely loved the show. 30 goddamned years old, and still sat down in front of the TV with a bowl of cereal and watched cartoons. Guess I can't say much, because even though I don't watch or care about TV - it got me interested in the game, but I never really got a chance to play it. Ended up getting a free copy of Rare Replay for watching some MS press event on Mixer, so I have VP and TiP, but I just haven't gotten around to playing them yet.

6a6a0b  No.16393444


I played the shit out of it on 360 a long time ago. Then sometime in the past two or three years I tried playing it again and couldn't stand how unbearably slow the cursor moved among other things.

054544  No.16393464

Listen OP, I humored you the first few times, and talked about the game cause I like it too. But there's just no reason to keep making threads for it like this.

6a6a0b  No.16393477


Sure there is. Post more porn.

054544  No.16393483

File: 61c4d81561163d6⋯.jpg (3.41 MB, 1900x4120, 95:206, disgusted ghillie.jpg)

7e2938  No.16393490


I used to watch it to.

6a6a0b  No.16393494


I never even knew there was a show.

ae144a  No.16394008

File: 2ca326b8ded0245⋯.png (237.85 KB, 498x371, 498:371, 2ca326b8ded0245672dfa564b7….png)

Last I knew TiP was a 360 exclusive and was somewhat shit, my siblings loved the first one but I recall initial excitement and then not seeing them playing it again after a few days.


>kids in early twenties meme

Enjoy never having any disposable income or getting to travel.

845b93  No.16394114


That pic is hot

i like

a6d89f  No.16395555

File: 586f97ebbf37aca⋯.jpg (59.21 KB, 446x576, 223:288, The fact that TiP isnt PC ….jpg)


Ignore the DS port and party game.

Finish up the first game and then start Trouble in Paradise. Its a straight upgrade in all regards to the original.

Its nice to see these threads happening more often. My dream of a VP on Switch could become a reality.

c43dbd  No.16395971

File: acf2aa12f020c04⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 615.27 KB, 1100x850, 22:17, viva pinata.jpg)

I remember wasting hours in the demo to the point I had to go and get the game. I got all the achievements and all upgrades, but couldn't find trouble in paradise.

93b8fb  No.16395987


>not chaining a 14-year-old to your stove

845b93  No.16400953

i ripped leafos' model from the pc game and might make a nude mod so people can make her getting fucked

6a6a0b  No.16400971


Doing G*d's work anon.

054544  No.16400993


You could at least make our resident viva pinata autist's dreams come true and doe it for petula.

b96fd6  No.16401074


40 is the cut off, retard. I don't know almost anybody who was born before their parents were close to 30, and most of the ones who were aren't doing too well financially.

3eade6  No.16401214

I remember liking it. I also remember enjoying the cartoon based on it.

ffaf60  No.16401241

I remember playing this when I very young sadly couldn't get into it, because my young self was fucking stupid and had no sense of taste, I wish I could pick it up again, is their a xbox 360 emulators yet, I'd love to play this game again.

a6d89f  No.16401248


I don't think there are any decent enough 360 emus yet. If you can hold out another year or so Microsoft is supposed to be releasing gamepass on a bunch of platforms and both games would be included.

054544  No.16401252



There's a port of the first one.

ffaf60  No.16401274


That sounds nice, It would be real nice to play rare games more optimized on pc, than using a shit emulator.

a6d89f  No.16401276

File: 829f87e50e291c4⋯.png (123.17 KB, 730x1095, 2:3, 829.png)

6a6a0b  No.16401278


>It would be real nice to play rare games more optimized on pc, than using a shit emulator.

Oddworld got HD ported to PC and runs better on an emulator. Looks better too because they fucked the aesthetic.

845b93  No.16401309


no idea who petula is but ill look into it

054544  No.16401311

845b93  No.16401315


in that case some serious scissor action is gonna have to go down in the world of viva pinata

6a6a0b  No.16401373


I thought she was the fat one? Who was the fat one?

a6d89f  No.16401390


I think thats Storkos, she was the lardass who delivered eggs after pinatas danced.

985225  No.16401396


Is the port very buggy? The last time I tried to torrent one it just seemed to crash at the main menu.

a6d89f  No.16401412


I think that's because the game never got properly cracked. The windows version used to require games for windows live but that shut down. I have the actual CD version of the game and I can't get it to work without jumping through hoops to emulate GWL.

845b93  No.16401440


you just have to download a specific build off pcgamingwiki, thats all i needed to get the build i found on youtube running

a6d89f  No.16401756

File: a2172e8bb5d3d67⋯.jpg (124.3 KB, 920x598, 20:13, a2172e8bb5d3d671d3d8739e58….jpg)

File: 36356d9550dbd25⋯.png (51.51 KB, 564x1772, 141:443, 36356d9550dbd25fdce5b7d6ca….png)

It always seems to be the same story for anyone who plays VP. What could they do in a potential third entry to recreate this feel for veterans of the game?

935aac  No.16402300


Enjoy your autistic and downie kids. Enjoy being too old and tired to play with your kids.

a7ba90  No.16402356

File: c2d58f92f328c26⋯.jpg (34.51 KB, 445x677, 445:677, .eJwVzFEOgyAMgOG7cABaCzr0N….jpg)


I have disposable income now and I'm miserable, I only use my money on the gym, and hobbies, which is cheap as sin.

Why would I want to Travel? I hate leaving the state for work, and doubly hate leaving the country for it as well. I might be fucking autistic, but I don't see the appeal of traveling at all, even when I did it with friends, it was a massive chore and made me hate things even more.

e1daf4  No.16402371


It's a case of society and biology not matching up, so you're damned regardless of which way you go.

e1daf4  No.16402373


I definitely am autistic but I completely agree with you. Unless there's something particular you want to do that you can't do where you are, and even then the "travel" part of it is a huge drawback, not a benefit.

d8f58e  No.16402577



30s are peak for women, faggot

95f74a  No.16402608


Women start producing downy children at like 25; your hags are genetically inferior for their main purpose at that point.

a6d89f  No.16403366


I'd advise planting roots and having kids then.

14e1e3  No.16404404


Travel is something normalfags do to convince themselves that their lives a) have meaning, and b) don't suck. It stems from the misguided belief that it's not possible to be satisfied with a simple life, that if you haven't seen much of the world you "haven't lived".

In a way it's a form of escapism, but unlike our vidya they spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on just a couple of weeks a year.

a6d89f  No.16411424

File: 612368e7d14325b⋯.jpg (171.91 KB, 835x552, 835:552, kanga.jpg)

What animals should be included in the inevitable sequel?

3dd487  No.16413288


Man kangaroos have some weird fucking legs.

5e1b57  No.16413871

>>16413288 (heil'd)

Stop judging others because of differences. A Kangaroo can jump nearly 30 feet with a single jump, can you do that? No? How weird are you? A kangaroo looks like this because it has a different purpose in this ecosystem, it was designed to do it's job, and help sustain the ecosystem for all of us. Judging others by their appearance is part of your survival instinct, but humanity has corrupted that process to the point where they try to create superiority out of thin air by judging others, thereby lying to themselves, and acting against their own survival instinct.

Also VP rocks, VP TiP was too bloated and the party game sucked ass.

df3dd3  No.16413884

File: d0e131dd8977bd9⋯.jpg (47.85 KB, 345x290, 69:58, REMOVE DESERT LEAF.jpg)


get glassed, cunt

5e1b57  No.16413891


Oh, I didn't realize that I'm in between the kindergarten group here. I that case…NO,YOU!

87b7bd  No.16414059


>le ebin weeb retrokid from the sikrit club

>plays microsoft pokemon

The problem with cancer like you, is that you were TAUGHT what old games were good. You didn't learn through experience, so when you see something new, you either 1. compare whether it's identical to the old glories, or 2. evaluate it as naively as any other millennial who doesn't understand shit.

579a22  No.16415115

>download iso


>it just werks

Well that's nice. Now I can get infuriated over the small spots of dry dirt that won't go away, all over again.

054544  No.16415182

File: e8c5f1e0962e8ca⋯.jpg (40.49 KB, 782x438, 391:219, swooced.jpg)


What are you even going on about? And if they ever made a pokemon game that rips off viva pinata, I would the fuck out of that.

054544  No.16415184


*play the fuck out of

a6d89f  No.16415571

File: 4c49e02a504c44b⋯.png (755.33 KB, 1540x1494, 770:747, imagine.png)

9d6c6c  No.16415587


Fuck off retard.

445bbc  No.16415603


I've noticed normalfags religiously rave over a lot of things so hard it feels like propaganda being shoved down your throat due to how they can't actually explain why they think you should do it.

3eddbd  No.16415634

File: ba15bb4ad65cc2c⋯.jpg (113.43 KB, 497x732, 497:732, 1421162624447.jpg)


Serious nostalgia boner. Wanted to play. All versions for PC I can find are garbage broken russian shit. Well fug.

579a22  No.16415677


The iso I found had a Russian installation wizard, but could install an English copy. Unless you're a computer retard, you should be able to handle a simple installation wizard in another language.

c58c43  No.16417181


maybe capture pinatas michael vick style by beating them with your pinata? then capture the new one you knocked out, put them on a farm then go home and fuck your wife because you have a yard sale to set up tomorrow

3eddbd  No.16419064


Language ain't the problem. Neither is the hardware considering it's running in a virtual machine with pci passthrough. Trust me under -ideal- conditions with different versions of windows the installer stalls and crashes before it gets done. What setup are you running?

579a22  No.16419641


I'm just running a standard Win7 machine. I also happen to have some version of GFWL installed, from Lost Planet 2, which may or may not be significant.

3eddbd  No.16419979


Tried with GFWL as well. Fuck this shit pisses me off. Game is comfy as fuck. Guess I'm stuck stalking anomalously for the next while.

579a22  No.16420040


You aren't telling it to install GFWL, itself, are you? That was one of the options in the installer on my iso.

8f4916  No.16420198

Which Pinata would you fuck?

92eb05  No.16420211

File: ee90bb4b421d733⋯.jpg (192.46 KB, 1101x778, 1101:778, Jaffe_Memo.jpg)


Kids in early twenties was how it was done in the recent past (in older times they were had even earlier). Having children in your thirties or later is a (((brainwash))) made so that families are formed later, less children are had and (((somebody))) says "we need immigrants bla bla". Instead, if you have kids earlier, you will be exposing (((them))) to a lot of people.

Disposable income is something wealthy people get to enjoy, but in some countries even middle class families have it but no methods to spend it, so it goes to daily life and physical items instead of invisible, intangible internet goodies.

Not everybody needs to travel. You can do so when you're older (but some countries have horrendous pensions, hmm…)

6a6a0b  No.16420231



How're those nude Leafos and Petula models coming? You're not gonna do what 90% of shitty nude mods do and slap on pre-made nipples and manko that clash aesthetically with the overall style of the model, are you?

9d6c6c  No.16423043


Yes, the jews have brainwashed me into wanting career prospects, savings and life experience before having kids. I swear to god anyone who took life advice from 8chan would top themselves after realizing how badly they fucked up.

6a6a0b  No.16423092


What a strawman. How retardedly ignorant do you have to be to not know that traditionally older men, who have had time to get career prospects, savings, and life experience, married younger women. Unless you're old as fuck, only the woman's age matters towards having healthy kids.

6a6a0b  No.16427603

File: 9fd742128c354dc⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 357.53 KB, 660x510, 22:17, ClipboardImage.png)

2eba6a  No.16429003


> I play at least 5 hours a day, I'm so hooked.

as someone who played this game, im genuinely curious what you find addictive/fun/good about it?

i always found it was mediocre at best.

the build limitations bothered me. the plethora of cutscenes bothered me, the mating minigames bothered me, and the way they handled multiple gardens bothered me.

even the way money worked was kind of annoying.

a6d89f  No.16429038


The things you described just seem to click for some people.

845b93  No.16429049


No. thats why im taking my sweet time with it. The usual sfm (now blender) porn creators are inspiration for what not to do with my work.

Im pretty much trying to go with the pic someone else posted of her raising her shirt. Sticks with her body proportion and height.

2eba6a  No.16429074



i require screens of what the nude mods looks like. cant fnd screens for them anywhere.

2eba6a  No.16429198

File: d72c03f59b99852⋯.png (392.21 KB, 405x567, 5:7, 2016-08-25 13_42_16-.png)


i'll wait.

a6d89f  No.16430247


Doin pinata god's work Anon.

a6d89f  No.16430254

File: 2bb3e438be015ce⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Pinator.png)


Forgot image.

6a6a0b  No.16432560

File: 9ff083e03bf6202⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 427.98 KB, 730x680, 73:68, ClipboardImage.png)

c8fa95  No.16432583


If you have a pussy, then yes, you were brainwashed, women who strive for a career are absolutely retarded

054544  No.16432597


stop posting this shit you fucking nigger.

6a6a0b  No.16432672


That is the first time I have ever posted that image.

054544  No.16432699


You are one of the two people ITT who's posted faggot horse porn. Now fuck off.

c43dbd  No.16432945

File: b5fb6cde45ba4ba⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.63 KB, 660x510, 22:17, Crowla glowsticks.jpg)

9d6c6c  No.16433053

File: e6384ab357e75c2⋯.jpg (42.89 KB, 560x560, 1:1, e6384ab357e75c2f31ce7f77a8….jpg)


>women on 8ch

44467e  No.16433180

File: 86e2ca712008f88⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 423x360, 47:40, 86e2ca712008f883501eff9d98….gif)


Finally! A picture of spiderman.

6a6a0b  No.16434189


No one else has posted faggot horse pinata porn but me.

054544  No.16434192


So this post >>16395971 is just you on a proxy?

6a6a0b  No.16434218


Where is the faggotry in that? I only see one dick, and it's going into something that does not have a dick, and is most likely female.

054544  No.16434239

File: a6f4d9f0f7fd2ef⋯.jpg (25.38 KB, 251x413, 251:413, what in God's name am I lo….jpg)


Well I looked it up. Obviously the horse is male, but they apparently both characters from the show. And the snake is both male and female, one head is male and the other is female. And the one sucking dick is the female head. So I will begrudgingly admit that it is not strictly gay, but about as close as you can get to it while still having a female involved.

6a6a0b  No.16434278


>they apparently both characters from the show.

I never watched the show, and didn't even know the show came before the game. This raises some questions about breeding Twingersnaps. Are they they the same as the show? That drawing has a clear difference in eyes, the female head having eyelashes and the male head not having them. I assume this is mirrored in the show. The Twingersnaps in the game don't have that clearly male/female difference, but they do have the same difference in facial pattern.

>the one sucking dick is the female head. So I will begrudgingly admit that it is not strictly gay, but about as close as you can get to it while still having a female involved.

No, you were right in the first place, it is gay. The male head is obviously getting pleasure from it implying that the female head sucking the dick feels like either being fucked in the ass or vagina to him. To say it's not gay would be like saying futa isn't gay as long as the guy doesn't touch the dick.

I want to see a male/female Twingersnap making out with itself.

054544  No.16434289

File: dea8921d7efd1a3⋯.png (353.86 KB, 472x436, 118:109, ClipboardImage.png)


>That drawing has a clear difference in eyes, the female head having eyelashes and the male head not having them. I assume this is mirrored in the show.

It's actually not. The model has no difference in eyelashes, and the only way to tell the two apart is the eye color, snout pattern, and voice.

6a6a0b  No.16434308

File: 1098ac700027252⋯.png (570.38 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)


>Pink and blue eyes

Another more clear distinction than the patterns. Interestingly, this is also not mirrored in the game, and instead a middleground is chosen for both of them at purple, giving neither head any clearly gendered traits.

579a22  No.16434552

I forgot how annoying it was to try finding color variations, legitimately. You just try randomly feeding things to a pinata until something works.


>I never watched the show, and didn't even know the show came before the game.

It's more that both came out at the same time. 4kids agreed with Microsoft to make a show tie-in to the game, while the game was still in development.

cf46c9  No.16434979


You want to know the most bullshit one? Dragonaches have a different color depending on what ground you hatch the egg on, and one of them includes the hard cracked dirt that filled your garden in the beginning of the game. If you didnt save a patch of it before hatching your egg, you were shit out of luck.

579a22  No.16435381


And now I'm glad I haven't yet played enough to unlock the last garden expansion.

6a6a0b  No.16435884


Aren't there tiny little bits you can't satisfy your autism by fixing that can be used?

a6d89f  No.16435918


Yeah but now you also have to position the egg just right onto those tiny bits and you only get one shot at it.

a6d89f  No.16438943


But I think if you start a new garden there will be more dried ground to use. The egg can also be transferred so it shouldn't be a big deal.

6a6a0b  No.16439344


I can? I thought Pinatas were stuck in their gardens and you could only have one Dragonache per garden?

579a22  No.16440247

File: 96e2f646f9a3f56⋯.webm (1.44 MB, 854x480, 427:240, ABSOLUTELY LIVID.webm)

>plant toadstools to turn into mushrooms

>entire garden makes a beeline to them once they're finished growing

6a6a0b  No.16440256


>What are fences?

579a22  No.16440257


Bart needs to be able to get to them.

6a6a0b  No.16440264


I should probably stop commenting since I haven't played this game in years.

a6d89f  No.16440276


The post office. You buy a crate and you can pack it up with 5 of one item or pinata. Then you can send it to yourself and open it in another garden. The dragonache you can only have one of per profile but you can choose to send it away from the menu while its highlighted and Gretchen Fetchem can then bring it to any garden. The egg has to be moved form garden to garden via the post office though.

579a22  No.16440277


Like, you were sorta on the nose. I ended up surrounding all but one side of them with fences, to make managing all the incoming pinata easier, but it still feels like bullshit that every single pinata that would even entertain the idea of eating one suddenly knows exactly where they are and feels like having a toxic snack as soon as the fungus is fully grown. I didn't mind them getting sick, but gobbling down the things I had already paid Bart to tinker with was very infuriating.

6a6a0b  No.16440291


>it still feels like bullshit that every single pinata that would even entertain the idea of eating one suddenly knows exactly where they are and feels like having a toxic snack as soon as the fungus is fully grown.

They smell, obviously.

f147db  No.16440621


Seeing this thread from the index I read this as the pinatas were getting infected with a fungus and eating each other.

abdd70  No.16440655

>thread still has no pictures of nude mod


6a6a0b  No.16440820


Have faith. Even if anon can't get it perfect, I'm sure he'll at the very least upload the base models online for others to try and possibly his own failed attempt.

2eba6a  No.16442185


that's not really acceptable, anon.

845b93  No.16442191


what's not acceptable are a bunch of horsefuckers shitting the thread up

6a6a0b  No.16442207


I'm just posting the least shitty looking viva pinata r34 I can find occasionally so the the thread doesn't fall off the catalog before you can potentially deliver.

f21a8a  No.16442296

What accessories do you put on your Pinatas.

ea1425  No.16442560


>I had a girlfriend once

>30 goddamned years old

Just how old are you?

bc5f8d  No.16442850


I put a saddle and riding goggles on my Limeoceros. Then I will play the racing mini game for a couple hours.

Her name is Shiela :).

054544  No.16442864


I have doubts about it being the least shitty, and you could also just post anything else to bump rather than awful porn.

6a6a0b  No.16442882

File: 371cea7d3cdd093⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 26.25 KB, 361x373, 361:373, ClipboardImage.png)


>I have doubts about it being the least shitty

There's not much Viva Pinata porn out there and I'm only pulling from rule34.xxx

29be3b  No.16443125


you're doing god's work, you fucking scholar.

a6d89f  No.16445476

What do you think the actual likelihood of a new VP coming out are? I feel like the next couple years are the absolute best bet of it ever happening. Microsoft wants to move to PC, rare replay will likely be a port to PC and maybe even Switch. So long as Microsoft wants to continue producing new software and not just port their backlog they will consider the Rare IPs. But then out of all the Rare IPs why would they choose Viva Pinata over say Jet Force or Blast Corps for new entries?

c43dbd  No.16445573

File: b210dae949aae06⋯.png (234.06 KB, 499x451, 499:451, Fourheads.png)





The game goes a step farther in the insane manner needed to make them show up.

>get Syrupent and make them romance

>when the egg is hatching, when the egg is bouncing up, smack it with the shovel and a Twingersnap comes out

it goes farther

>breed twingersnaps together

>smack the egg like you did before

>you get a fourheads

Fourheads are really powerful and the only thing that'll get a sour bonbon to fuck off, so they are somewhat needed, but hot damn,

579a22  No.16446149


>But then out of all the Rare IPs why would they choose Viva Pinata over say Jet Force or Blast Corps for new entries?

Well, VP did the best of all the franchises Rare has done under Microsoft, except maybe Banjo Kazooie, if we're counting the XBLA ports of the first two. Games like Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero didn't do that great, while VP got a sequel and spin-off title.

807f8c  No.16446207


The real reason is that Rare doesn't own Jet Force or Blast Corps, Nintendo does.

579a22  No.16446265


Dude, both are included in Rare Replay, a currently Xbone exclusive title. You might as well claim Nintendo owns Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark.

579a22  No.16446565

>look around the garden

>fucking wild salamango just strutting his stuff around the perimeter

I didn't even know pinata like that could show up wild.

3088f0  No.16446573

>be playing the sequel

>asshole red animals kill my friends

>voodoo man turn friends into candy

>upgrade full totem

>build fence so voodoo guy gets stuck and can't get in

who else played exclusively on /comfy/ mode?

anybody remember using the shitty xbox camera to scan shit. you could get all EVERYTHING, any animal, even in colors like solid black. there was even an item you could spawn which was the title screen in japanese. it crashed the game though

054544  No.16446578


Pretty sure every pinata can be found in the wild as soon as you've met the appearance reqs. Only thing is that for pinatas that rely on transformations, the appeatance req is that you own one. Kinda like the sours.

579a22  No.16446589


>Only thing is that for pinatas that rely on transformations

That's the thing, though. Salamangos have to be evolved from Newtgats, and I don't have any current Salamangos.

054544  No.16446599


Did you ever have any salamangos?

579a22  No.16446603


Nope. It's why it was so surprising. I had no idea what the thing was, the game announced no new pinata appearance, I looked in my encyclopedia only to find it wasn't there, and had to look online just to figure out what the fuck it was.

054544  No.16446610


Huh, I never knew that could happen either.

579a22  No.16446619


I'm not sure if it was even intended. The PC version seems buggier than I remember the console version being, but it's been years since I've played the console version.

6a6a0b  No.16446650


I think some random untameable pinatas show up to give you the hint that they exist. Say you saw a wild twingersnap or fourheads. It'd be an obvious hint that there's some way to get it related to the Syrupents.

a6d89f  No.16450886


This seems to happen to me consistently when I start new games. I really wish it was possible to interview someone about these quirks but I doubt any of the devs even remember too much about coding this game.

ae51da  No.16450999

File: bed102b9b4402bd⋯.jpeg (111.03 KB, 680x576, 85:72, 1439894714068.jpeg)


>played this game to the death when it first came out

>don't remember a single thing about it

It's like a nostalgia cock-block.

6a6a0b  No.16458080

File: 6be17ae13ee3288⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 850x850, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

There needs to be less terrible Viva Pinata porn.

a6d89f  No.16462711


Then pray for a resurgence in this dead game's popularity.

14e1e3  No.16462790

Is there any good way to find which pinatas can evolve and how besides talking to Leafos? I don't want to just look them all up on gamefaqs.

Also I just got a dragonache, are they actually good for anything besides value?



You can grow the toadstools right at the edge of the garden and build a three-sided fence around them, with the fourth side being the garden's edge. Your pinatas won't be able to reach them, but Bart can since he comes from outside. He may get stuck once he's finished, but at that point you can safely delete the fence.

6a6a0b  No.16462831


>Is there any good way to find which pinatas can evolve

Not a good way, but occasionally untameable evolved pinatas may wander through the garden and their similarities to their unevolved counterparts act as a hint to what can evolve.

6daabc  No.16463530


Dragonaches scare off all Sours and Ruffians.

That's interesting about the three-sided fence working, I think I tried to do that but put the outer edge at the wrong side and Bart couldn't get there. Could make one of the fences an outward swinging gate, then you don't have to worry about him getting stuck.

57c258  No.16463692

File: 2c037932ccb8b72⋯.jpg (7.9 KB, 214x318, 107:159, PLEASE.jpg)


Anyone got a live torrent they're willing to share? I'm finding hueshit ones which I don't trust.

eb3598  No.16463709


>I don't trust torrents so I'll trust the one a random person on the internet will give me

57c258  No.16463825

File: 28c2255487f20e0⋯.jpg (45.73 KB, 500x315, 100:63, now listen here you little….jpg)


I don't trust spics, anon. There's a difference.

845b93  No.16464192


back to cuckchan faggot

only thing worse than a spic is a faggot

ad6101  No.16464310


I don't trust spic torrents either, pretty much anything that comes from any spic specific domains. I've been burned too many times.

60f05d  No.16464338

File: a2b4bee14555fd6⋯.webm (2.58 MB, 536x362, 268:181, jsf ur a faggot.webm)


time to kill yourself then m8

2620e5  No.16464342

Wait a sec, Rare made this? I legit thought it was a beaner game made by spics.

a6d89f  No.16464558


Nope, they just chose Pinatas for stylistic reasons.

b1a5a3  No.16464881

File: 3cd46f1f1174678⋯.jpg (53.46 KB, 382x359, 382:359, 3cd46f1f117467861ec8ffa9d1….jpg)


Das is a bit rayciss ese.

845b93  No.16467748

last and only update from the anon that mentioned wanting to make some models of female characters, if i do ever finish them they won't ever be on 8ch. Probably artstation or some form of NSFW models site. This place has gone to complete shit and it's purely good for nintentoddlers and redditors. Good luck to the incredibly tiny viva pinata fanbase.

6a6a0b  No.16467816


What a faggot.

9cb4f6  No.16468020


Rune Factory is already Harvest Moon but with monsters you can collect and use.

6a6a0b  No.16468105

File: 5b51264fc7cfcc9⋯.png (796.32 KB, 1540x1494, 770:747, ClipboardImage.png)

a6d89f  No.16473547


Maybe Digimon World for VP+Poke?

579a22  No.16476121


>whines about "nintentoddlers"

>in a thread about a game series that would have been right at home on nintendo platforms, by a dev heavily associated with and much more popular when under nintendo

Amazing joke, anon.

a6d89f  No.16476477


Godspeed Anon.

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