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File: 3d43a84469725ad⋯.png (204.31 KB, 640x320, 2:1, 81340c8710710ee3fc071896c0….png)

3d84e4  No.16394060

New data center and hoards of faggots ready to transfer to your server edition. You got your regalia mount though, right?

51c72c  No.16394200


>New data center

Where? SEA/Australasia?

3d84e4  No.16394232


There's a new NA and EU one, located in the same areas.

213ed5  No.16394235


>There's a new NA and EU one, located in the same areas.

Nuts. Guess I'm not resubbing then. Trying to play games with a 300 ping just makes me fucking rage.

f9c984  No.16394244


Unironically this. Trannyshit community, slow combat, Eureka, yawnworthy writing since the end of Heavensward. Suffering.

4f19a1  No.16394258


Isn't every MMO full of trannies?

bbc653  No.16394297


Man where the fuck are you? I get around 150ms to JP from WA.

213ed5  No.16394311


Rural NSW. I quit after trying to do Titan raids and just getting wiped over and over again.

Granted I had ADSL at the time, connecting to a US server, might be different now with NBN.

0d97b5  No.16394585

I was sitting on 500k MGP from just doing the daily mini cactpot and the weekly triple triad and minigame ones. Now i just have 4 levels left on PLD to cap everything and just have eureka to do as i only finished Anemos recently doing the challenges and never bothered with the relic -and i had a ton of relics in each previous 2.x/3.x version of the game.

The odd thing though? i don't think i've tome capped once with Mendacity. I can't even tell you my gearscore. Thats such a strange feeling whereas in WoW gear was literally everything but after getting my Omega weapon and slowly picking up the tomes for the last tier of gear which i then upgraded i haven't felt any need to chase Orbonne or Mendacity gear. I probably will when i finished levelling PLD and dont need roullettes for levelling XP anymore but its so strange to be in an mmorpg and go "i dont know what gear i've got because it doesnt matter".

0d97b5  No.16394586


Only if you play on american servers. 'American Time' doesn't just apply to imageboards. Mutts are just BR/FR with the limiters released.

52b94f  No.16394594


>I can't even tell you my gearscore

It's on your character sheet, in the bottom left corner.

66d5aa  No.16394732


>You got your regalia mount though, right?

I've got buyers remorse, i prefer being chauffeured around everywhere not being someones cabby.


press "C" look at the top right number above your character model.

> i don't think i've tome capped once with Mendacity

You mean genesis right? regardless you need one class at level 70 to farm those

0d97b5  No.16394783



I know what it is and where to read it, my point is i havent' had any reason to keep track of it since gear has been pointless since like the Lighthouse raid.

b218c3  No.16394843

Anyone here tank and notice the healer leaves when the pulls are big? When I run dailies on older content or over 50 content, I generally pull big or pull to the wall. The exception I make is if someone asks or I'm in a group of new players. I have a WHM at cap so I know how to heal if placed in the same situation. Its not hard to do and its a snorefest unless you do it. Some of this content is 3 years old and most of the gear coming in is adjusted to the top threshold. Usually if I see a healer struggling, I back the aggression down, but they usually don't let you get to that point. They just fail and bail.

What typically happens is they struggle to keep my health up and I ko. Then the group wipes and the healer just quits. I never used to see this happen. Now I see it happen all the time. Usually the just quit in silence, but every once in a while you get a whiny comment and then a quit. One run, we never received replenishment, and we finished as a three man with a RDM gap healing.

f07b93  No.16394845


If you have omega gear you’re already maxed gear.

f07b93  No.16394865


They need a mentor to teach em, I got some one to teach me to tank and now I do the same big pulls, my advice be a paladin and heal thyself you can’t count on some healers.

>don’t tank enough, healers bitches at you for wasting time

>tank too much another healer bitches at you because he wants to dps instead of heal.

be a paladin, they have no excuse when you're forced to heal yourself just tell them they suck and if they don’t wanna heal they should switch to dps.

649998  No.16394877


if you want to get banned sure, I can't believe you're forcing them to play how YOU want to. Fucking gamergaters at it again, transphobic comments, reported.

fbbd9b  No.16395579

File: 364b4912109a175⋯.png (166.85 KB, 271x396, 271:396, allin.png)


>I have a WHM at cap so I know how to heal if placed in the same situation.

roll a DD next so you know depending how low you're scaled pulling big means fuck all. I had a tank insisting to pull half the instance with 2 ACN in sastasha - a class that gets it's first aoe skill on lvl30 (while at the same time missing that one of them was still running with the fucking topaz carbuncle)

what happens is tanks pulls big, heal spams shit keeping the tank alive (and runs out of mp) instead of contributing some damage while DDs plink away at single mobs, usually not even the same one. there is literally zero gain pulling big in that range.

it makes more sense to simply chainpull so the healer can throw a heal every once in a while and DDs get less confused which mob to burn down.

another favourite is tank running off immediately as fast as he can ofc around all corners, completely forgetting that heal still needs line of sight and needs to be in range then gets pissy dying to the second group (if not outright leaving because MUH NOOBS)

475120  No.16395776

File: 5ebc27ee24cf16e⋯.jpeg (66.42 KB, 565x564, 565:564, 27122E53-CEF4-4E88-8C00-0….jpeg)

Dead game, just let it go.

ffb75a  No.16396361


Is there nobody from the FC still playing?

I wana bring my main into Exodus and play there with – hopefully – you guys.

I haven't played this game seriously and I'm hoping I can soon with Shadowbringers now that I finally trekked and finished the main story missions.

be592c  No.16396441

File: 95070b6cde031a3⋯.jpg (230.92 KB, 800x678, 400:339, meow.jpg)



full of faggots

>anywhere else

full of the same faggots, as of today all you need to do is share the same datacenter and you can go anywhere at any time. Specific servers are irrelevant.

440d75  No.16396476


Yeah we're still alive, come join the party

a58522  No.16396516


What the fuck am I looking at?

ddd5b9  No.16396521


handful of people that are on that idle but will jump in to help you clear extreme/savage level content

be592c  No.16396560


>needing help to clear savage

>15% echo

Eureka is the true endgame

ddd5b9  No.16396633


we also offer eureka uber service

c3becf  No.16396663

File: 418249af8e2753e⋯.gif (487.41 KB, 497x373, 497:373, D5A00CF4-8FBF-425B-9A8F-59….gif)

Sadly the game has gone to shit. The patch notes from 4.5 read like patch notes from 2.2. They refuse to change anything and the few attempts at trying something new are always poorly executed. Yoshi-p is out of touch and I have a strong feeling that shadowbringers is gonna be Heavensward purple edition.

ef253f  No.16396741



I hope these 20$ are worth it.

Healslut main incoming. I was in the guild fc a few years ago as a BLM and then quit.

f9c984  No.16396793


Transfers are free for a week

ec1d10  No.16396858



Also, I was on an EU server. So that was available last tuesday but I didn't know that back then.

Can someone invite me? My character's transfered now.

Name: Zielena Royal

649998  No.16396913

Why has this expansion had so many character bricking bugs in it. I don't remember there being this many in HW

894d38  No.16396933

File: 2243dd73fa679da⋯.jpg (95.42 KB, 800x585, 160:117, 1513180086036.jpg)

I've got a few days left on the free week they gave me and I'm trying to get back into this but I feel super lost. Does anyone have like.. tips for someone around level 15-20 a bunch of things or an FC?

e144bb  No.16396952


do msq or start fresh with a new job (that's usually when I come back after a break)

be592c  No.16396976


just do the main story quests, most content is endgame (of whatever tier you're in) and the fastest you can get to 70 the better

36f326  No.16397050

File: 42f2b73c04ced90⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1179x931, 1179:931, ClipboardImage.png)

don't forget to get your ozma mount before eureka is completely dead after shadowbringer launch

3d84e4  No.16397190


I was told to never play with a /v/ FC because they ultimately fall to shit. Not on Exodus though so I can't say for sure.


If people are still autistic in BA groups then I'll skip out on that mount.

52b94f  No.16397363

File: 4736946c4233ccf⋯.png (11.79 KB, 81x87, 27:29, Main Quest Icon.png)

File: bc5d2280c3d0b6f⋯.png (11.71 KB, 96x96, 1:1, Feature Quest Icon.png)


Only do quests with these icons. Don't bother with other quests, they're usually not worth it.

f9c984  No.16397378


How does it feel knowing they're gonna stuff it and everything else you got in eureka into daily grab bags halfway into ShB?

36f326  No.16397391


yooks, them sour grapes

be592c  No.16397512


Eureka is non ironically the best endgame content atm, that should tell you a lot about the current state of affairs. At least I can fucking pug it instead of suffering weeks and weeks of retards to clear any of the 3rd and 4th raid each tier.

b218c3  No.16397602


Ah I remember the joys of reading you guys bitch about the shitters who got dive bombed over and over. I can't believe its almost 3 expansions since then.

2c6a51  No.16397933


FF14 seems to particularly attract degenerates.

051cd2  No.16397942


Wait, is 8/v/ playing on Exodus? I thought most were another server.

pls help, I can't solo and keep my sanity

e2bf4f  No.16397951

Did they add bunnies yet?

2c6a51  No.16397955


Might join you. Even if what's left of them on Exodus are degenerates and Lalas I'm getting sick of blending in with normalfags.

I have people in the FC I'm in who tell people to be quiet about spoilers when they are just doing mild speculation about the ShB trailer. Or even just mild spoilers about the game in general. Among other things.

3d84e4  No.16398007


Wait till Shadowniggers.

314ad8  No.16398008



Yeah, we're still on Exodus.

Post your name and we can invite.

051cd2  No.16398035



I was wrong, I am on ultros apparently, I don't know why I keep mixing those up.

Is it worth it to use this free transfer for exodus?

314ad8  No.16398097


Depends how invested you are on Ultros. Only things that don't transfer over are housing.

3d84e4  No.16398103


They give you housing compensation. If you owned a house I think it was 3mil you get, and an apartment you get 500,000.

051cd2  No.16398179


Ultros feels very dead and I left my FC a while ago, if there are actually anons with bantz on Exodus, it can't be worse.

be592c  No.16398261

File: 4467797ae8fc0ad⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1008x890, 504:445, ClipboardImage.png)


>willingly going to exodus

e2bf4f  No.16398568


But I wanna be a bunny slut now.

66d5aa  No.16399819

My level 60 buff is gonna run out tonight and i've only touched two gatherer classes to 50, what should i do? Try and get the other crafter classes as high as possible or try to get the the gatherers to 60?

05ec1d  No.16399830


Are there any trannies in-game? I know ESO has put them in. Can always just play with the nips to avoid the mutts.

be592c  No.16399876


get your gatherers as high as possible but that would require access to Heavensward, which you may have not unlocked since you need a DoW/M to complete the storyline. If you cant level your gatherers, get yourself a combat class as high as possible.

66d5aa  No.16399909


ive completed stormblood my Miner and Fisher are at level 54. Should i get botanist up or just plow through with miner and fishing.

be592c  No.16400032


fishing is the worst to level normally, go for it if you can then.

66d5aa  No.16400033


Much appreciated anon

36f326  No.16400216



your friends list and linkshells are lost when you transfer too iirc

2c6a51  No.16400834


Not that I can recall. The most progressive the plot and characters get is "diversity is our strength" in regards to the different city-states working together despite their differences and is not necessarily a racial thing. Particularly since all races are already pretty widespread; for the most part.

The only character one could construe as being a tranny is Omega since, in its desperation to be perfect, it makes itself an OC player avatar for both genders in an attempt to understand how you're so powerful. However this is no more transgender than the T-1000 swapping appearances is. The focus in particular is on the machine trying to understand how humans can be so strong so it can return home, but upon defeat the cast explains how it would be very difficult for a human to make such a long, lonely journey.

So if you're a particularly mentally ill tranny you could ignore all that and insist Omega represents trans rights, but that would be the only character to do so. There isn't even a token trap or anything.

No, I think it's simply that you can make an effeminate male avatar as well as the tit sliders and jiggle physics not being that great.

6d4a76  No.16400858


REEEEEEera goes to that server. And their FC is the same hivemind.

a8171b  No.16402818

Is this game actually anygood? I heard it was better than most MMOs on the market but i cant run it, and i dont have a piss4 to try it out.

I played BDO recently on XB1 and it was quite shit.

66d5aa  No.16402951


Watch some videos, i enjoy the music and some of the story.

1ea66a  No.16402962


Wow ish type of quest (get 3 of these, kill 5 of that)

Boring main story so far i've played but good class quests storywise

Just try the unlimited demo where you can play every class to 35 you can't start groups tho so you either have to ask for someone to invite you and your friend or know somebody

1ea66a  No.16402966


was meant for >>16402818

9a14bf  No.16403005


Story doesn’t really pick up and become enjoyable til endgame and expansions, so unless you’re pretended to spend money i wouldn’t recommend. Although there are free trials and discounts very often.

Overall I enjoy it more than WoW,Swtor, and some Korean mmorpgs.

a8171b  No.16403025

What's the armour/clothing like? BDO had almost no difference in Armours apart from a colour change, and all the nice clothing was behind microtransactions. If there's a large variation in armour, and you're able to get outfits through in game means, then it's better than a lot of MMOs on the market.

9a14bf  No.16403072

There’s quite a lot but good luck getting some of em without running dungeons over and over again. You’re the one who changes colors with the dye though.

a8171b  No.16403088


Is the dye buyable with ingame currency? or are the dyes unlocked via achievements like ESO?

9a14bf  No.16403168


All are buyable the shit ones are buyable enmasse, the good ones sell for higher prices and can be made or unlocked.

a8171b  No.16403177


Sounds much better than other MMOs ive played then

9a14bf  No.16403186


It’s not, the dye portion is fine but the wardrobe and clothing is annoying, you have to really play to understand. I actually enjoy wow’s system and ui more.

e2bf4f  No.16403223


It's a subscription game so microtransations are obviously limited, though unfortunately there still are some.

36f326  No.16404217


one of the better mmos currently. best endgame (both crafting and raiding) and pretty comfy community


every piece of gear has a unique look, except for the belt slot. be prepared to look like a gimp in level 20-30 gear. there are some outfits available for real cash purchase, but they're the vast minority, and most of them are previous event items.

DO NOT play this game if you want top tier pvp.

649998  No.16404241


Please don't lie to the man about crafting, it's an absurd grind for next to no payoff. The horrific RNG involved certainly doesn't help either. Not to mention it's basically time/paygated with how you spam leves to level it.

36f326  No.16405582


no payoff? the only other methods of making money that even come close to crafting are running a casino and selling runs.

e2bf4f  No.16405602



I only level crafting because I find it fun. Is that weird?

36f326  No.16405668


it's a cool system. seemingly unique from any crafting system i've encountered in other games. I just wish it didnt take a gorillion years to level, though I suspect that's why it has such good money. high barrier to entry keeps it lucrative.

be592c  No.16405696


crafting is easily a money sink if you dont have gatherers and all crafters levelled up and are buying mats from the MB. You're better off networking with people like fc mates to get mats, raw and secondairy until you have all crafters levelled. You should have all of them levelled to at least 50, they give you so many great and useful skills that you can compensate unoptimal gear for. Its a bit of a slog tho, but its not a bad idea to level a combat class who uses your gear on the side, giving yourself a purpose.

e2bf4f  No.16405704


I level them all up at the same time, so I only have to buy basic stuff from vendors.

be592c  No.16405722


good, try keeping gatherers in step too, obvious level materials tend to be expensive given the bulk you need to buy

be592c  No.16405724

36f326  No.16405764


i've got most of them to around 50, leveing the rest to there. levekits from non-jewish crafters are pretty cheap at this level

f21e30  No.16405815


>Are there any trannies in-game?

Most of the players count as trannies, don't deadname them or you'll get permab&.


>Is this game actually anygood?

It's really easy so that the average mouthbreather can have a thrill pressing the same button sequence and win, most of the actual enjoyment you can get out of this game is clearing content for boomers that are too fucking retarded to learn 2 play but otherwise the game is complete garbage, take this cuck >>16402951 for instance talking about story and music as if that had anything to do with gameply.

f8e323  No.16408806

Grinding PvP to get the Garo mounts because I never gave a fuck before is retarded. Every single shitter is doing the same thing right now and they all seem to be part of my Grand Company. I keep getting partied up with this one retard who does nothing but feed the enemy kills and spam chat with

>Adders lose, lol

903ab1  No.16408828

>haven't played this game since Heavensward was released

>apparently the game was streamlined to shit too afterwards

can we get a FF multiplayer action game instead?

8ccdec  No.16408875


You sure you want another Dissidia?

be592c  No.16408962

File: 6bcc302f7a66ae3⋯.png (450.3 KB, 581x421, 581:421, ClipboardImage.png)

Never change PF

7d1012  No.16411405


Its fucking Keeper of the Lake. He shouldnt need to be blowing defensive CDs.


This is shit advice. I would say do all the sidequests you can, especily in ARR 1-50. Some of the stories can be pretty cute, and really help flesh out the world quite a bit. Not to mention you need every single point of experience you cam gwt to avoid grinding for levels to do the MSQ

b3bf46  No.16411475


Can confirm

> zoomer mainstream weebs SASUKE UCHICHAs everywhere

>otakus and creepy betas

>trannies and girl gamers who want to make houses and be cute

FF14 is endlessly worse than WoW regarding community. WoW has rednecks, soccer moms and normalfags, but FF14 has the SJW and full on lefties. Its worth noting Horde side has the SJW and hipsters in WoW, while Alliance is more normalfags.

649998  No.16411476


Road buff completely negates that, you spend more time waiting in DPS queues than being underleveled.

d31f6d  No.16411489

File: 3b9a40fc93e8c8a⋯.jpg (2.12 MB, 1400x1911, 200:273, cda.jpg)


Only if it's made by the team that did the original & 012, and they revert all the dogshit changes Team Ninja did.

66d5aa  No.16411554


When i have nothing to do i just switch to a level 70 class clear the quest, switch back to a low level quest and turn it in while waiting for dps que

be592c  No.16411627

File: 3fe265d3f5da135⋯.png (221.04 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, ClipboardImage.png)


>Keeper of the Lake

Anon, its Alphascape 2.0 Savage, Midgardsormr

b897ec  No.16411779


What the fuck is going on with the SJWeebs anyway? It seems they have been practicing an accelerationism of their own. They are absolutely everywhere these days, no Japanese related media community is safe from them. And this all took place much quicker than their taking over of Western tv shows and comics etc which took decades. And for some reason normalfags can bully regular weebs, ponefags and furries but tolerate SJWeebs.

c6e75b  No.16411800


Women wanting attention. That's the root cause of the constant co-opting of male dominated hobbies.

f8e323  No.16411805


>otakus and creepy betas

Holy shit. I was in Snowclock today and some beta orbitor comes in with wha tI can only assume is his FC "girl" and he is saying shit like her toon is so pretty. In the middle of a bossfight he starts chatting in the most awkward way possible about the new capeshit and talking about how he had the best torrent and maybe she could download it and they could both watch it at the same time. She is just completely shrugging him off the entire time. It was fucking embarrassing to watch.

2c6a51  No.16411883

File: 146fc11400eaa74⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1360x768, 85:48, ffxiv_01302019_032804_028.png)


I'm on Famfrit where one of our mainstays is the Jade Corle group. They all share the same name but with numbers to seperate them. While there is a wall of them in Limsa you can also find one of two sitting next to the aetherytes in the other city-states; except Ishgard. They are always logged in. Always.

I suggest to an old FC I was in that it is run by one autistic guy with several subscriptions. They all screeched about me making an "ablist" remark and to take it back or leave. So I left. I wasn't even joking. I 100% think that Jade is significantly on the spectrum.

3d84e4  No.16413835


I used to be on Famfrit a little over a year ago. I wonder if Top Nep is still there idling and doing with ranger pose.

e2bf4f  No.16414000

File: c47a6931017b2c2⋯.gif (402.09 KB, 420x360, 7:6, c47a6931017b2c2b7d3d181b51….gif)

2c6a51  No.16414014


Top Nep is still there in BiS all day every day, but usually dead rather than ranger posing.

5609e2  No.16414028


On Shiva theres a fat tranny that multiboxes two slutglamoured up whores by running two PS4's all day every day and they just stand dancing by the limnsa aetheryte as thirsty lalafell perverts mail them items and give them gil.

8f68c5  No.16414029


>Only if you play on american servers


So do hueniggers, only they're worse everytime they use hueclucking instead of English

f8e323  No.16416139


Are you upset? The HRT making you a little toastie, fake roastie? You should be glad WOW chads are moving over so you tranny faggots can see how MMOs are supposed to be played.

f179a9  No.16420009

glad to see you fags actually talk about the game here on 8ch - well, for the most part. the /vg/ thread is fucking intolerable. i really cant stand erping faggots in this game when there is shit like second life that is entirely free and actively encourages such degeneracy.

f8e323  No.16420073

So I'm doing pretty well in the feast. Made it to gold with a 76.65 win record. For the love of good though people that abuse the chat commands annoy me. Especially DPS who have no idea what they are doing but think they are the star of the team. They will hit call for an attack on whatever is their focus and then the moment they realize they can't immediately hit through the healers heals switch to a new target and call for attack again. The worst is melee DPS when the counter hasn't ever reached zero but the target moved out of reach so they hit it again for whatever is closest to them. This last match this little potato faggot would change targets every two seconds while the opposing team was focusing us down one by one. Then the moment he dies because the healer went down and the enemy focused on his he starts spamming chat with

>Good Job!

>Good Job!

>Good Job!

>Good Job!

>Good Job!

over and over again and decides to sit down in the spawn area and pout.

f8e323  No.16420084




b218c3  No.16420100




I thought this shit only happened on my server. Then again I've never played anywhere else and don't really talk to anyone about this game. I'm on Balmeme and I quit just before HW released. Theres a guy, one of many, who would dance by the Atheryte in Limsa and be logged in all day, every day. When I resubbed for 4.4, there he is, except now he's doing the sundrop dance and wearing an enormous moogle head. He may as well be an NPC at this point. I don't understand people.

3d84e4  No.16420621


Hey I'm on Balmeme too and I know who you're talking about. He's a Roe, forgot his name.

3b73bb  No.16421393

File: 68d27733c0405f1⋯.mp4 (2.04 MB, 800x600, 4:3, Gondola Died in Winter.mp4)


Got my Regalia.

Watched my FC fall apart this last week, everyone moved off of my server in droves.

I was the only one left behind, FC leader gave me the entire FC, mansion at all.

Shit is lonely, and being in a big, empty FC house is depressing as fuck.

be592c  No.16422392


I hear you. What server are you on?

3b73bb  No.16422690

File: c7eb1746cb3b73f⋯.gif (957.23 KB, 500x282, 250:141, meh.gif)



12f1c5  No.16423018

File: bc3beb9085c1c06⋯.png (713.25 KB, 1000x1400, 5:7, 1377172351712.png)


I'm sorry for your loss. It's not going to help to wallow in it though. Come join Exodus, there's two good FCs to choose from.

66d5aa  No.16423020


He didnt even bother to sell it? my condolences though

be592c  No.16423067


maybe its a good idea to leave this shithole while you can. You can always join Primal, there are 3 FCs to choose from, one from Lamia and two from Exodus. Lamia fc is pretty dead but is faggot-free while both exodus FC's are pretty active but filled with non-ironical faggots. Pick your poison.

ba3eb4  No.16423082


Yeah. SMUG and OwO are great.

3b73bb  No.16423129

File: c5de37fdaa8ba9c⋯.jpg (306.23 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, sad pizza.jpg)


It's not that I'm wallowing in it, so much that my experience in the game is now the polar opposite that it was last weekend. The shock and disbelief passed, now despair is settling in. Fuck, man. Thanks, though. I just might.


Nope, one of our FCmates went ahead and secured an FC and a house on another server, just so everyone could jump off while transfers are open.



I'll probably peek in on Primal and get a feel for everything. Crystal is pretty much fucked. I'm more pissed off since I was on Balmeme since launch, and it was a nice little place before all of the faggots and WoW shitters came in, but it is what it is I guess. Thanks, dudes.

be592c  No.16423224


great if you like taking dick and do shit like o12s and BA on the side.

f8e323  No.16423723


Fuck you nigger. They are both tranny infested fagshacks. I've been on Exodus and watching you since HW. You are all cancerous fucks and like to take your e-Drama and imagined slights into the real world.

Do not interact with these faggots without compartmentalizing your real life from the game as much as humanly possible.

0e0341  No.16424398


What if I'm a weirdo and actively want to do every quest? Is there some kind of reward for that other than getting to become the Postmaster?

52b94f  No.16424779


Your reward is having all your regional maps uncluttered by sidequest icons. So, probably worth it if you like picturesque maps. There's also quite a few Triple Triad NPCs who can only be unlocked via sidequests, but you'd actually have to look those up to find out who they are.

b79266  No.16424831


That is not true. Consmug has some very gay faggots that seem to be multiplying, incidentally something that happened after they started playing "we want male bunnysuits"-The Game, but there are no trannies. Currently they mostly play shitty MMOs and gachashit while the nonfaggots yell at them to play real games. It's also funny how they've become a fucking bogeyman on this board when it was just a group of faggots - no more or less faggy than the already existing FFXIV groups I might add - that wanted to play another MMO after the one that united them died. They now play shit games. You still play this shit game. And yes, it is shit, and you're unbelievable cucks for paying a base price, expansion cost and on top of that a subscription fee for a game with a cash shop, from a company that is increasingly appealing to feminists and degenerates, with a fan base that starts protesting when there are mildly sexy costumes for females to the point that gay cross dresser versions are added. Your object of devotion is no better, regardless of how you try to justify it. You're all a bunch of faggots throwing money at kikes. You can quit the retarded guild drama now.

Sage cuz this shit is not related to this kiked Skinner box.

6b1600  No.16424844

are there any private servers for this? I'm not paying money to play a game

12f1c5  No.16424896


Unfortunately, no.

f51d6d  No.16425011

File: 1bf0a1c97859713⋯.jpg (423.71 KB, 1066x1200, 533:600, 48170248_p2_master1200.jpg)

but when are they going to release catgirl (male) as an official race?

e2bf4f  No.16425034


I'm in the same boat. I enjoy questing and exploring more than dungeons.

3d84e4  No.16425036


You'd probably rack up quite a lot of gil if you're a poorfag.

f8e323  No.16425373


>That's not true

<provides list of proof

Disingenous faggot

c9ae0f  No.16425748

File: e30e96edc12f215⋯.jpg (538.51 KB, 2560x2930, 256:293, 7ce9e433c31ae11e04e7f3a9df….jpg)

Okay so the free standard version twitch prime was giving out's 30 days ran out, I looked on the store to get the expansion packs and it's a confusing mess, which one do I buy to just get all of them all if I already own the standard? I don't care about extra shit only access to the content.

Oh and can you buy sub time longer then six months?

52b94f  No.16425782

File: fc1a91a965c95f3⋯.png (726.57 KB, 900x731, 900:731, Au Ra cute.png)


Do you not own a copy of the game and want access to all available content? If so, buy the Complete Edition.

Do you already own a copy of the game and want access to Heavensward and Stormblood content? If so, buy Stormblood.

Do you already own a copy of the game, but want to save $20 and don't mind waiting 6+ weeks to access Heavensward and Stomblood content? If so, wait until Shadowbringers comes out and buy that too.

52b94f  No.16425787


>buy that too

Buy that instead.

649998  No.16425791


He won't be able to access SB anyways by the time ShB comes out unless he grinds the shit out and focuses only on MSQ and one class.

c9ae0f  No.16425794


Oh so if you buy one expansion you get all of them? then in that case I'll just wait until the new ones out, thanks.

649998  No.16425800


The best part about that is usually that the last expac launch had horrible game breaking bugs, and by waiting you get to ignore those

b79266  No.16425802


Do you know what a tranny is, you barely literate insect? A tranny isn't anyone you disagree with or even a faggot. A tranny is someone fucking up their body due to mental illness in an attempt to become the opposite sex. Or by the (((new))) definition, someone who feels that they are the opposite sex. That there are several degenerates in there is true, however the assertion that there are trannies in there is not true. That is what I said. Y'know, if you had the brain capacity to understand this concept that not all disgusting people are trannies, surely life would be easier for you. My condolences.

f8e323  No.16425850


It's a faggot that thinks he's a woman, i.e. you. Also you completely sidestepped the accusation and talked about why I shouldn't play the game and tried to play off the fact you are a delusional cocksucker. All your words words words in that post meant absolutely nothing because it was word salad vomited out by a tranny flustered faggot.

75000c  No.16426303

File: ee157c64e12256d⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1184x566, 592:283, hl.png)

File: 006065040aa8a91⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1442x487, 1442:487, ib.png)


sort of, but you'd need to host them yourself, most recently they got hunting log and instanced battle working, but gcd's still don't work so it's still more or less unplayable, iirc

ed733d  No.16427680


You got any names of trannies to back that up?

e2bf4f  No.16427704



7e8ac2  No.16427759

File: 9b53d74e3937967⋯.png (93.97 KB, 298x279, 298:279, ClipboardImage.png)

f8e323  No.16429205

12f1c5  No.16429698

Did they actually say for sure what roles Dancer and Squall Cosplay are going to be?

be592c  No.16429724


yes, ranged phys dps and tank respectively

6e7ac4  No.16429770

File: 6afd514bc86b31b⋯.png (81.52 KB, 252x215, 252:215, 6afd514bc86b31b0228815f046….png)

12f1c5  No.16429834


Will there ever be more healer classes?

90b20b  No.16429838


Nope, because then healers would cry about having to learn something new. Even though that's what makes MMO's fun.

2c6a51  No.16430587


They said for sure when the classes were revealed. They confirmed Gunbreaker was Tank months ago and Dancer ranged physical a month or so ago.

12f1c5  No.16431248


Why is Dancer not Support?

da6951  No.16431260


There is no "support" class in the game, only varying levels of team utility on a per-class basis. We don't know about any of its abilities, which would be how we find out where it lies on the utility/damage scale.

2c6a51  No.16431266


It is "support" in that its peers are Bard and Machinist which are DPS, but have valuable support abilities; Bard much more so. If you're asking why it isn't a healer then you're in the same camp as many others.

a00346  No.16431347

File: da8d1ebfc2c3047⋯.png (44.53 KB, 522x679, 522:679, Baited_FB.png)

File: f935a471ffe028c⋯.png (69.73 KB, 368x919, 368:919, Baited_stitch.png)

>you will never be a "girl"

>you will never bait a thirsty 30 y/o virgin into buying you a house in weebland with the promise of an IRL meet

>you will never take selective screenshots of the whole affair and send them to the FC officers

>you will never immediately kick the accused thirsty virgin while hes offine

>you will never create a whole new discord channel to post these chatlogs and a short essay explaining he was kicked for harrassment

>you will never accuse him of spreading misinformation as well and post his facebook too

>you will never be part of a normalfag FC for 3 years and get kicked one day suddenly because you tried to ERP with the wrong "girl"

I usually have no sympathy, but I'm leveling and this guy would always do roulettes with me when I asked in FC chat. They really put him through the wringer, feels bad man.

f10b70  No.16431480

File: 3bbf4097b737b21⋯.jpg (22.61 KB, 634x450, 317:225, REEEEE caught on camera.jpg)


Well, looks like your FC is shit.

62c771  No.16431596

File: 10455202b42424f⋯.jpg (65.7 KB, 614x572, 307:286, do you.jpg)


no one is upset. 'toon' sounds fucking retarded.

its right up there with call of duty players who say 'cod' outloud.

62c771  No.16431601


its too late for this one lad, but perhaps a young beta will cast off his foolish notions of being a doormat for affection and learn that the only real way to attract someone is to obtain attractive qualities.

f8e323  No.16431810

File: 5bc6c1e4b89838e⋯.mp4 (13.21 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Козырный туз.mp4)

I have been finding myself defaulting to AST more and more often when trying to pick a job to play for raids and roulette. I still like my main, but the utility, adaptability, and stimulating nature of AST has been appealing to me more and more as of late. The only downside is that the heals feel lower potency than WHM. This is especially noticeable when 50/60 or leveling roulette puts me in a team of low level shitters and I am struggling to spam heals and keep the team alive until my mana runs out and the tank spams chat like a child because he and the melee DPS insisted on standing in the poison and refusing to move for AoE templates while in Aurum Vale.


>says the anitranny that has to write an essay explaining why they are totally not triggered by having their toon called a toon.



doth protest too much, methinks

565040  No.16432069


WHM needs some work for next expansion. It is good to learn healing if it is you first time, but the healing potency doesn't compensate that his gameplay is duller than the other classes, the lilies are kind of shit that really doesn't do anything nor alters how you play, and it lacks serious utility. I used to be WHM, but AST and specially SCH are so much fun to play for me. AST forces you to take snap decision with the cards all while offering quite powerful healing tools and the nicest visuals of the 3 healers, and SCH can practically do anything, it just has an skill for any situation. I'll say though, the WHM for dungeons is just great thanks to Holy and being to Stun the enemies, it basically gives you a Hallowed Ground per pull.

62d027  No.16432135

File: 506243c3ff55c09⋯.gif (1.65 MB, 300x196, 75:49, 1409342420018.gif)


Whats your FC name? I want to go to your guys FC house and call you all faggots for being on Exodus instead of the superior server: Balmung.

f8e323  No.16433228

File: f73fbe703ae8027⋯.mp4 (13.53 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Retrostien_-_Black_Knight.mp4)


I don't like SCH for the same reason I didn't like SUM. Micromanaging a pet is cumbersome and distracting and any potential gains to be had from flexibility and utility are lost due to focus spent on the pet instead of the overall situation. If you are rerunning content for the millionth time maybe it could be the most effective solution but it's just not for me. Once you played with the cards enough to know what they are, what they do, and how they can be used it become second nature and your full focus is on the fight. You pull a card and you instinctively know whether to spread it, road it, minor it, or immediately play it. No matter what you pull there is a use for a card right then and you are contributing to your parties success with more than just healing.

Holy is fucking great and the lack of stun and smaller AoE on Gravity are comparatively major demerits. Factoring in Celestial Opposition(despite it's two minute cd) and Earthly Star AST would more than makes up for where it not for WHM's Assize. Being able to blast of a couple Holy's and then hit Assize to completely recover the lost mana in addition to healing the players you neglected while playing green DPS gives WHM a much more offensively oriented playstyle to compared to AST.

Plenary Indulgence is quite possibly the worst 70 job skill. The potency is barely greater than Assize and is entirely dependent upon a short lived stack that requires consistently spamming high cost AoE heals. All that is on top of a 33% longer CD time of Assize and without the AoE damage or MP recovery.

be592c  No.16433373


plenary is only useful in some raids, but when it does it shines. And beside its a free 150 everytime you hit an aoe heal, which happens often while raiding.

ddd5b9  No.16433869


The pet is incredible easy to use and doesnt require that much effort, its about as much effort as AST star and cards, the only downfall of it is shitty AI where it doesnt listen to orders.

be592c  No.16433938


pet is used for 3 things, 1 raid heal and two situaitonal skills, rest is auto heals you can buff with Rouse. And thats if you're using the healing fairy, if not you just let the other fairy on sic.

dcad41  No.16435088


Summoner doesn't need pet managing at all, literally all it is now is garuda on sic

565040  No.16435110

File: 4a904167d821a10⋯.jpg (295.75 KB, 784x1024, 49:64, FF XIV SUMMONER.jpg)


>Summoner doesn't need pet managing at all, literally all it is now is garuda on sic

Pretty much this. Unless you are optimizing your DPS to reach top damage for the most part you ignore your pet and do your own thing while telling them to use their attacks once in a while. SCH has the same problem, where the fairy is just a healing turret that you use once in a while to give a nifty Regen effect to the party. Hell you have literally a skill to make the fairy disappear in exchange for increase personal healing and aetherflow stacks. While I think the SCH is ok gameplay wise, as the concept of the job as an strategist is reflected in being the healer with more answers to any situation but usually having to manage resources, being forced to chose the best answer among a great number, which can induce a bit of hesitation which can be fatal and being more focused in shielding means knowing the fight is more important that with the other healers A shame the fairy feels like an after thought but the job is fun and it works.

The SUM though? I like the class, a lot, but it just doesn't feel like a summoner. Aside from the decision of giving you "Egi" versions of the primals, which suck, and FFXIV team's declaration that we cannot summon more than Garuda Ifrit and Titan, while explaining it lore wise, and making Bahamut work more like a "super-mode" turret that just shoot when we use skill, the pets have even less use than the fairies at time. Instead of going all the way and making the class skill all about giving orders to the pet, spell to support it and give their attacks different effects, and giving a reason to summon different primals through the fight, SQ just feel like they don't know what the fuck they want to do with SUM. It was a DoT class, now is a Burst dps class. I don't know how much being part of the arcanist class fucked it up design wise, but I would level it from level 1 again if it meant to have a real summoner instead of what we have now.

Also what are your prediction for the jobs in Shadowbringers? I bet the removal of TP will homogenize the tanks even more, and that DRK will lose its identity as the MP tank.

12f1c5  No.16435127


They're getting rid of TP?

565040  No.16435137


>Press: On the subject of battle system revisions, you announced that MP and TP will be merged into a single resource. Are there other user interface changes in the works as well?

>Yoshida: As you are no doubt aware, MMORPGs feature quite a few elements that players have to keep track of mid-battle: damage-over-time effects, ability cooldowns, buffs and debuffs, etc. Adding in yet another layer of resource management would be very challenging for the development team. To your point about MP and TP being merged, that isn’t necessarily a monumental task from an engineering standpoint, but we have to be extremely careful with how it will affect job balance. Even so, the party window still needs an overhaul, and the UI team is giving it their all to make sure everything comes together nicely.

cgmagonline dot com/2018/11/17/final-fantasy-xiv-shadowbringers-interview-with-naoki-yoshida/

649998  No.16435695


I'm predicting it'll ruin about half of the classes until a much later patch, either from being unable to keep DPS up, or the where they don't balance the MP/TP costs properly leading multiple classes to becoming dead weight. Also more 90002 errors because they love them

57dbca  No.16437572


If you don't mind the (((mogstation)))

07b430  No.16438688

how do I set up a house buying macro so I can spam a placard

f8e323  No.16440071


You brew a couple pots of coffee, open a fresh pack of smokes, and queue up some MrE on youtube and click every minute until it is yours. I's how my grandpa did it. It's how my pa did it. It's how I did it. And it's how God intended it.

2c6a51  No.16440128

File: b3b1cda85a0a54a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 562.02 KB, 600x595, 120:119, Nice.png)


>queue up some MrE on youtube

1d6dc7  No.16440180


It's not clear that they actually are removing TP in an effective sense, or if they're simply going to just smash it into MP and have it act pretty much the same. This lets them streamline stuff like goad, tactician/refresh, mana shift, etc. into a single set of skills affecting all party members equally. It may be that, for example, PLD plays pretty much the same except AoE spam drains your mana.

I wouldn't mind though even if it did become "just free", since it's not like AoE spam is a particularly compelling gameplay mechanic anyways. The biggest impact the TP system has is discouraging shitty players from AoEing (since they'll run out of TP) while punishing the good players that won't receive tactician/goad from the bad ones.

TP management hasn't been relevant as a system since midtier Heavensward, and if it'll make the shitty samurais I get in expert actually use AoEs instead of plugging away individual combos I won't complain.

On topic though, MCH will be conceptually better but functionally shit. SCH will get nerfed, and then buffed, again. Nobody will know what's going on with WHM until 5.3. DRK will be functional but in a way completely different from how its been in stormblood, pissing everybody off.

f8e323  No.16440227

My finger hurt and platinum seems so far away

f8e323  No.16445161

File: 1ead32bd14b7b66⋯.webm (308.73 KB, 480x480, 1:1, If you're happy and you k….webm)

I am getting pretty god damned sick of healers, who player search usually don't have much experience in healing let alone tanking, deciding they are going to tell the tank where they need to tank and Rescue them to a specific spot. Do they even think that maybe the tank is positioning the mob to aim templates away from the party and provide themselves with the room needed to move around? Do they think that where ever they dropped their Sacred Soil or Asylum may not be the best place to for the tank to be? Evidently not because doing my roulettes today they keep dropping their bubbles where ever they feel like and dragging me right into the middle of it. Which, as luck would have it, is usually in the middle of the party and aiming all the enemies right towards everyone else.

I don't know why this shit suddenly started happening in every party I joined today. Maybe some reddit made a video on "how to play healer." I don't know and I don't care. Next time, and from every time onward, the moment they do that I am going build as much agro as I can and shirk it onto them. If you want to decide how the tank is going to play than you can have all the responsibility that goes with it.

0b80e7  No.16445181


Plz post the chat logs. I have an appetite for autism.

565040  No.16445201


People should be made to play all roles. Some people just like to talk shit without having the faintest what the fuck each role entails. For some reason the worst players seem to be the one that complain the most. Guess they have to cover up their insecurities.

>I don't know why this shit suddenly started happening in every party I joined today

I feel since the division of worlds and the data centre and all of that DF parties have become worse. I haven't find much problem in dungeons, but yesterday I was in a awful run in Osbornne that just keep wiping. Our DPS was abysmal, most folk didn't do mechanics and at one point there was a vote dismiss, in a fucking 24-man raid. We end up winning after Party B just straight up left and new players filled the gaps, and still it went slow as shit and we wiped once in T.G.C. It is just that the good players are taking a break till Shadowbringer or has the datacenter fuckery has somehow bring all the shitters together?

5418dc  No.16445202

File: fcbcc7c23b7a420⋯.jpg (543 KB, 1080x1197, 120:133, 10.jpg)

What server should I join? Will anyone invite me to a guild that's not full of trannies? I'm on NA, but it seems from what I could glean that I might want to go to JP servers

f8e323  No.16445308


There is the usual party finder fuckery sure, but this Rescue shit almost never happened before and when it did I could brush it off as a new heal who hasn't quite got the ropes yet and doesn't know when it is actually needed. But today it is literally every single dungeon I have tanked for. I straight out left two dungeons in a row between pulls after asking the healers to not pull me and getting told that I don't pay for their subscription so who the fuck am I to tell them how to play their class and they were going to report me for my toxic playstyle. Let me reiterate I asked, and did not tell. I used no profanity or made any insulting comment I simply said,

>please don't pull me you are screwing up my tanking

and got these rabid reactions. The second one tried to immediately run to the next mob and agro it after I said I was leaving. I assume they were going to try and trap me in the instance so that I would be forced to tank or face a disruptive gameplay ToS violation. I got out in time.

This shit is really pissing me off since I finally got the Gloria mount from Feast I decided to focus on getting the tank mounts.


Avoid Exodus like the plague. It is an absolute shithole. JP servers are the promised land from what I gather. If you don't have property tying you down I would give it a try. I just know that when I comment on pics or blogs from the JP players on Lodestone their responses are usually really polite, friendly, and enthusiastic in their genuine enjoyment of the game.

t. Stealth Exodus Player Pro™

e05b9a  No.16445355


Lamia's got an 8ch FC that's relatively drama-free, though most of the members are off doing other shit until ShB.

5418dc  No.16445371


Who could invite me? Also I want to go to tonberry but I'm not sure how to at this point, do I have to pay since I already selected NA

d7cf0a  No.16445385


Yeah you'd have to pay for a transfer to Tonberry

12f1c5  No.16445587


oWo on Exodus is currently active. Don't know what these other guys are getting at though, kek. But yeah, Lamia FC is cool too.

e2bf4f  No.16445610



There is no way that isn't full of faggots.

f8e323  No.16445620


You'd be wrong

there are more trannies than faggots tbh

e2bf4f  No.16445665


Trannies are faggots.

f8e323  No.16445711


Castrated faggots

b9d545  No.16447036



What happened to the people on these IDs that makes them hate Exodus so much?

7e8ac2  No.16447056


It's a mystery, they can't even name the supposed trannies.

b9d545  No.16447062

What do the Hand and Land jobs actually do? Isn't all the best gear direct raid drops? And there's like eight of the classes.


Literally any IGN could work to make a convincing lie but instead nadda.

f51d6d  No.16447070


Aurora soulwood and Robin Atmora were the two notable ones.

b9d545  No.16447092


Neither of these characters seem to be active and the first one isn't even in an FC. Kek.

d7cf0a  No.16447098


Former was very clearly a dude and the latter was an unbearable attention whore dyke.

12f1c5  No.16447133

File: b510745dcbf70d6⋯.png (73.37 KB, 644x402, 322:201, theirony.png)

36f326  No.16447208


at the start of each raid tier, there's a massive demand for crafted sets because they're 20(?) ilvls over the BIS of the old tier, so they're a large boost in gear for people pushing for early clears.

aside from gear, there's consumables like potions and food that are mandatory for any remotely serious raiding, and glamour items, and furniture, etc.

disciples of land fuel the crafters and can make good money on their own at the start of expansions or new raid tiers by supplying the brand new materials for the new crafted sets.

36f326  No.16447211



you can get by with having them on sic 24/7 but swapping garuda between obey and sic to get her to contagion when you want it (she uses it faster when you swap to sic for some retarded fucking reason). before they nerfed radiant shield, you got the best use out of ifrit by having him on obey.

500119  No.16447242

>3 PLD levels left to cap.

>Last class to cap, totalling in 1870 levels.

>Just in time for 270

>Will have grinded over 2000 levels on one character at the end of Shadowbringers

>Don't even like jobs like PLD but im a completionist with OCD.

This is suffering.

da6951  No.16447272

File: e173b77f75d6190⋯.png (195.93 KB, 388x440, 97:110, drink.PNG)


Couple folks can do it. Rin Kun'kida, Momeen Dapoulet, Bridgid Luciere, or Akane Kowata have been the most active players recently. Alternately just drop a time and location in the thread and I'll try to pick you up.

5b894d  No.16447331

File: c3a5cd5763fad9d⋯.png (211.41 KB, 400x600, 2:3, maid.png)

Man, being on Balmung is fucking weird.

I met this qt Auri slut while I was tanking, and she chatted me up for a while. Took me back to her place and became an insatiable cockwhore. All she wants to do is screw and buy me things, she's lonely as fuck and it shows, but the head is great and she has a cute little cock and it feels kinda comfy to tank for her and protect her and decorate her place together. I could get used to having an anal slut on demand like this.

The mass exodus really fucked people up, didn't it?

c9ae0f  No.16447414

File: b6fa9820774125f⋯.png (605 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 559a39b2e915c201c2193466ad….png)


>She has a cute little cock

f8e323  No.16447533


I play on Exodus and I am too poor to afford to buy a new house on another server.

c3becf  No.16447764

File: 47c6629bda9aa69⋯.jpeg (56.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, C210A252-064B-46BB-9BDC-F….jpeg)

xiv is shit now and I don’t see ShB improving it. I want to play but the game has lost all its charm. The gear treadmill is too blatant and boring. Glamour system sucks ass. The content is stale and predictable down to the day. Sadly ShB looks like more of the same. They butchered the story in SB, the only good part was Xenos…..

21d2f2  No.16447776


What sucks about the Glamours?

c3becf  No.16447807


The shitty god awful glamour system. Jesus what a broken clunky mess of a design. I refuse to use the glamour dresser because the plates are so poorly thought out and implemented. It’s clear the devs just used live as a beta for the glam system. You can literally trace their iterations: calamity salvager-prism-armoire- glam dresser- plates

12f1c5  No.16447859


I thought the Prisms were fine.

c3becf  No.16447901

File: ed011ad6819a017⋯.jpeg (120.7 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1B1BCEA2-F9AB-4FB0-ABD2-0….jpeg)


No, they are shit. They need a complete glam overhaul. It should just be a glamour log, that holds every glam you’ve ever unlocked. For some fucking reason every item in xiv is a whole item with all its data tracked instead of simply being a code that can be linked from a master glamour list. I’d flay my lead alive if he did this on one of my projects.

52b94f  No.16447905

File: 253d181e6ec6c5b⋯.jpg (53.55 KB, 775x520, 155:104, Jiren.jpg)


>The only good part was edgy Jiren

c3becf  No.16447935


What part was better than xenos? The shitty Lyse reveal? Lyse was worst maiden of revolution. Saving the worthless ala mihggers? The idiotic yotsoyu amnesia plot? The War with Garleans being interrupted by the fuck boy from another reality who wants to drag you off on a bullshit side quest on the eve of the war they have been building to since ARR?

Come the fuck on man, SB was a disaster. Everyone I know talks about how shitty the SB plot was.

c3becf  No.16447942

File: a93d5f360f42d7c⋯.jpeg (95.51 KB, 680x1483, 680:1483, 7251DACE-B5D9-4A64-9460-7….jpeg)

God damn do I hate Lyse, the more I think about her whole plot the more I hate that cunt. Pic very related

f8e323  No.16448025


I hated every fucking thing about it. I remember going through the MSQ and just listening to the stupid shit coming out of this quimm's cockholster and the complete inconsistencies in her character drove me nuts. Luckily I have brain damage and forgot the details.

565040  No.16448073


And yet he still is. He is the kind of boss that just works well with videogames, particularly those where you can upgrade or level up your character in some form or way. He pushes your shit, you get stronger, you come back and beat him. He was menacing, his personality archtype wasn't anything new but well done, the kind of warrior obsessed with battle that respect you and sees you as friend in a very twisted way, and even a bit of a reflection, as your own character desire (and the player) is to get stronger, but while Xenos does just because he sees it as the pinnacle of what being alive means, you do it to protect what you love. Besides, the bar wasn't very high to begin with.


Nothing was better than him, but there were good parts. The Doman side of the story in general was rushed, but enjoyable, with the Azim Steppe being probably the highlight, followed by a nice little climax in Doma Castle. Hien, Yugiri and Gosetsu were quite likeable. It wasn't spectacular, mind you, but was ok considering how shit the Ala Mighan side was. I swear I just wanted to join the fucking empire at that point. Also the deeper insight in the empire situation was nice, I want more of that. But for the most part, yes, a great step down from Heavensward, and that one has its own problems, but in general was pretty good.

> the fuck boy from another reality

I think that guy is supposed to be the Cat Boy that helps you and N.O.A.H in the ARR 24 man raids, the crystal tower. At least the shape of his face looked like a Male Mi'qote face.



Fuck do I hate that stupid bitch. Worst goddamn character so far in my opinion. From moment one she is just "can't believe that after being oppressed and kicked down by the empire you won't take up arms just because you are afraid of losing you loved ones, you fucking traitor". Bitch, you ran and hide and lived happily far away from all that shit and then comes back all like "I'm a true and proud woman of Ala Migho". Fucking piece of shit. There is not a single point in the story where I believed she got what it takes to become a leader. She is retarded, violent, has no charisma and she isn't even that heroic. For fuck sake, what the fuck does she even know about her own nation and its people? Raubhan was better leader. It is even worse, because Estinien, Iceheart and Alphinaud were the companions of Heavensward, and all of them went to different character arcs, some beginning since the beginning of ARR, all of them were very likeable and, despite being powerful, the game didn't feel the need to fellate them like Lyse.

But you know what is the absolutely worst part about Lyse? They killed Yda for her. And I'm not talking about "muh dead sister that I impersonated" shenanigans, I mean the character Yda in ARR. There is no fucking well in hell they planned all of this shit from the beginning. They decided it wasn't the real Yda. So we lost a character that was funny, likeable, was part of a great duo with Papalymo and still had many memorable moments through the Main Story line in place for this absolute bitch. She died at the end of 2.5 and what we got was Lyse. At least she will remain in Ala Mhigo with all those pieces of shit and won't be around the Scions any longer.

be592c  No.16448229


thats how people get groomed anon.

53e527  No.16448450

File: d617d2ac39002e8⋯.jpg (49.89 KB, 592x586, 296:293, 1552277811595.jpg)

I'm on tonberry, anyone want to level with me?

f8e323  No.16448472


You have to go back

c8640d  No.16448503


Lyse was easily the worst part of SB. That character had an absolute shit arc and whats worse is that arc was central to the story. The other pile of shit was Zeno killing himself. He was better served fighting until the last drop of blood poured out of him. Though what I can tell, actual Zenos is back in some type of capacity in the next exp. Also Gotetsu should have died with that woman under the rubble. That whole amnesia arc was a contrived pile of shit. He had a gar exit and it was totally ruined.

da6951  No.16448517

File: e6d9bbd1ee1c1c2⋯.png (847.05 KB, 1032x728, 129:91, fish.png)


>playing with gooks, japs, and aussies

c9ae0f  No.16448540

File: cb0b9ebf08c4600⋯.jpg (32.38 KB, 707x490, 101:70, It appears my superiority ….jpg)

7d04f7  No.16448543

File: 26edde130dd5262⋯.png (231.7 KB, 721x612, 721:612, 9ccdd603cc228658630509cd38….png)

Rumored changes are the removal of these skills

36f326  No.16448564


sauce my dude

da6951  No.16448720


couple of us are on right now if you're online anon

be592c  No.16448782


get to Shirogane, ward 8 plot 8

565040  No.16448819


Too good to be true. Trick Attack is good, but is sad that Ninja is only a Trick Attack machine, I would like if SE actually give them more utility and make it more fun to play. Dark Arts dissapearing would have been interesting, and it would mean that DRK would actually receive an extensive rework at a base level. Aetherflow is actually quite interesting, it would either mean that SCH and SUM will be changed radically (which is not going to happen, despite how much I want SUM to be changed to a more proper Summoner instead of the weird Arcanist/Summoner hybrid of now), but is probably going to mean we would gain Aetherstacks by other actions. Protect gone is weird, necessary, but Yoshi was quite infatuated with it. Now, surprised to see diversion, Refresh and Lucid Dreaming gone. Guess it has to do with the MP changes. But why diversion? Will jobs receive more aggro managing skills?. Also why is Sword Oath and Blood for Blood gone? I though they were allright. It doesn't matter though, it is probably fake, but some of thos could be quite nice.

On another topic, is DRK supposed to take so much damage while leveling? I can tank quite safely with WAR and didn't have too much problem with PLD, but DRK really takes big hits. There was a pull that sadly we fail, but after rotating all my cooldowns, using Abyss Drain like a madman and even Living Death. Is DRK shit until it gets TBN or something? I find it fun to play and challenging, but is quite surprising the difference in survavility comparing it to the other tanks.

e2bf4f  No.16448830


What's wrong with Japs? I made a new character on Tonberry last time I played, not knowing it was the EOP garbage dump. I got out of there fast after realizing my mistake.

f8e323  No.16448836

File: 3d4cfa8a3867e5a⋯.jpg (39.81 KB, 395x395, 1:1, DRK basically.jpg)


>DRK supposed to take so much damage

Poor little DRK guy

b60573  No.16448850


I can 100% confirm this. Joined voice chat with both of them for a grand total of 40 seconds before I left the FC. A few months later I saw somebody with a FUCKING UNDERTALE name have the FC tag and then I transferred servers.

d7cf0a  No.16448854


If you cycled all your cds in 1 pull and died your healer and dps in that party were probably dog shit

565040  No.16448880


Perhaps they were. It was at Doma Castle. I'll say I actually hold quite a lot, but still got killed. I was a bit undergeared though, and so was the healer, so it may have been that. Though the DPS did felt quite slow, despite being a SAM and a BLM.

f8e323  No.16448903


The beginning of Doma is a shit to tank if you are undergeared. I had problems with it the first time I ran paladin though it. Didn't help that the healer couldn't handle it at all and bolted after the first wipe. Once you get past the first boss it becomes noticeably easier to tank outside of a few hot spots. Gynwhald is cake as long as you aren't an idiot that stands in front of his chainsaw like I did.

e1d34b  No.16448995


>missed out on 3 primals, a raid tier, and a 24 man

>dead queues for the non raid instances

see you guys next expansion when these shits get added to wonderous tails i guess

967561  No.16449011


>Doing Ex primals in DF rather than just setting up a PF.

Please end yourself. You are the reason no one good uses mentor roulette.

e1d34b  No.16449026



oh no, anon. this is normal

da6951  No.16449100


normals will be fed by the trial roulette, but you'll have to wait.

7d04f7  No.16449303


my friend sent this to me then fucked off so source is my ass at the moment.


Yoshi said during the fanfest that paladin and tanking stances would change a lot and tanks spent to much time tanking outside of tanking stances.

be592c  No.16449344


>Be Yoshi

>Be mad that tanks arent 100% on progging stance

>maybe cutting diversion off

>"Prease use inner beast/rage of halone"

dbdd51  No.16449510




haven't even touched the game in over a year now and for whatever reason someones accusing me of being some degenerate tranny ?

I'll have you know I enjoy my penis thank you very much, and I won't be getting rid of it at any point in time.

as for no longer being in the FC, fuck if I know or care if it happened. Haven't touched the game like I said, and if Yoshi keeps gutting the game more and more then there's even less and less of a reason to come back to it.

e2bf4f  No.16449527


Fuck off tranny.

f8e323  No.16452024

The most satisfying thing about going through your blist every so often is seeing all those (Unable to Retrieve)s. I just cleaned my list for the first time in three months and ended up removing 93 of them. That is 93 fresh slots to fill with shitters.

074090  No.16453460


Looks incredibly fake. Hide is used in job quests IIRC. They can't remove it.

d7cf0a  No.16453485


Stoneskin is a removed spell but quest NPCs still use it. The skills remain in the game but our access to it goes away

500119  No.16453637

File: 871e8d96346a6e4⋯.jpg (58.9 KB, 600x570, 20:19, D6MDgriUYAEV2b2.jpg)

>Even though they were told not to the team went behind Yoshi's back and made 340 headpieces fit viera and Hrothgar because "Viera ladies with glasses are justice".

I see there are many patricians on the XIV team.

8f55a6  No.16453656

File: d135e9f48b20cc6⋯.png (323.08 KB, 576x467, 576:467, mr freezejack.png)



It's rough for it's level. Even going in with full HQ gear for your level you'll still run into some problems if you mass pull before the first boss.


I don't see them removing Fluid Aura. It's niche, but has actual use while leveling and sometimes in dungeons too. Plus it's used in an early CNJ quest. About half of the rest I can't see them removing because that would necessitate a class rework, and it doesn't make much in the way of sense to do something like adding the Riddles to MNK only to up and take away that mechanic the very next xpac.

Then again, SE has done crazier shit before, so who knows.

I still miss Overpower+BB spam

51c16e  No.16453984

File: 3c92d1f3fdd1a1a⋯.jpg (51.51 KB, 400x330, 40:33, sweaty guy is gonna need t….jpg)


>"Viera ladies with glasses are justice"

I'm inclined to agree

66d5aa  No.16453990


thats just a good idea. Good on the team

500119  No.16455463


We have blouses, glasses, mini skirts and high heels. We just need pantyhose for the ultimate peak female form.

8f55a6  No.16456098


>We just need pantyhose for the ultimate peak female form.

Thighhighs you mean. With garter belts of course.

e38b29  No.16456132


>they were told not to make 340 headpieces fit viera and Hrothgar

<How dare you make content you've already made work on all characters!

Those nips are alright, Yoshi sounds like a nigger though.

8f55a6  No.16456192



>live letter specifically says 540+

I question the source that says Yoshi said not to do it when they can't even get the numbers straight.

649998  No.16456505


Yoshi only plays BLM but gets assmad when people don't play other classes in exactly the way he wants.

da6951  No.16456592


Prioritization of team resources. They weren't supposed to put development time towards it, so the team did it when they weren't on development time.

45160d  No.16456666

File: 7b63bc84bcc8ed1⋯.mp4 (5.35 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Degradation of a Fanbase.mp4)


yes, women are literal cancer.

000000  No.16456773


Then, you aren't able to read into subtle mentions. Just notice how in both scenes, Aeris is put in a place and situation that would imply prostitution. Remember that both games were still forbidden to mention prostitution directly, by the industry's (lack of) standards at the time. The writers let it implicit instead.


The flower prostitute wanted to substitute her boyfriend for anyone that she could perceive as him, in appearance. Anyone would do. That makes Cloud a cuck.

Zack dated the prostitute. That also makes him a cuck.

f8e323  No.16465272

File: 47115a44589ce27⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 777x1510, 777:1510, me_on_right.jpg)

Had Castrum Meridianum pop up in mentor roulette today. So we start and for once the tanks don't try to pull everything in sight and only draw the enemies away from the searchlights back to the party to get burned down while the lights are shut off. However right as that happens this RDM bombs straight up the road to grab all the enemies and starts pulling them towards the boss arena. The party starts to break up with half going with the RDM and the other half starting and stopping trying to figure out what to do. Tanks say fuck it and run down the road pulling the whole mob with them. Everyone gets to the end of the road and the RDM is trying to solo the boss before the mobs have been burned. Thing turns into a giant clusterfuck but eventual the boss gets taken care off. During the cut scene I tried to explain the searchlight mechanics to the RDM and I get met with

>Dude chill out it's just a lvl 50 MSQ it doesn't matter. You should be grateful I sped it up.

So I try explaining how doing 10 seconds with of dungeon mechanics will save you two minutes later on. All of a sudden one of the other players chimes in about how every mentor is an asshole and how I am disrupting gameplay by forcing a playstyle on other people. Other sprouts start chiming in and all of a sudden they are telling everyone that they have to report me. I noped out of there and took the time out but I can't help thinking what the fuck is wrong with these people? I have literally run that dungeon hundreds if not over a thousand times, with every class possible. I thought the point of being a mentor was to help people learn to do runs so that mistakes don't make things drag out or blow up into wipes. Is being told that there is a better way to do things if you play smart instead of rushing in regardless of role or mechanics some such a condescending thing that even mentioning that someone is playing poorly tantamount to harassment and abuse?

I haven't had a GM contact me yet but if they actually followed through with their threats I can expect one tomorrow.


Way to kill the thread, faggot

088290  No.16465357


If a GM does contact you ask him to pull up the chatlog from there. If you weren't cursing at them you'll be in the free.

Odds are a GM will look at it before contacting you and ignore it since the RDM was encouraging everyone report you instead of letting it happen naturally.

f8e323  No.16465436


Yeah I used no profanity or insult of any form. I was just explaining, in the simplest terms possible why the way they were playing was not just bad for the party but themselves.

649998  No.16465682


but you did actually break ToS. You tried to get them to do mechanics (which is dumb as hell, it's castrum the only mechanic is B-lining it as fast as you can to get the awful dungeon over with).

You were in fact trying to force a playstyle that's against the new ToS. So who knows, the GM may just put a week suspension on you because fuck you pay them more money you useless pay pig. Or ban you because you're addicted enough to get a Cardboard crown, and make you rebuy the game.

f23b6d  No.16465685

>>16456666 (checked)

I remember there was a happy ending where they beat the people up and get their hobby back

f8e323  No.16465696


I have a cardboard flying horse for two. I just do roulette to help people. And you can shave literal minutes off of Castrum by actually doing the searchlight mechanics. I have timed it.

649998  No.16465701


So you do it to force a playstyle confirmed eh? They're not asking for your help you vile toxic hellbeast. I bet you're a gamergater creepshow too.

No seriously it's fucking castrum there aren't mechanics, just let them do whatever.

66d5aa  No.16465747


lol, had the exact same thing happen to me. Not mentor but we were in that dungeon forever. Try to explain how to cut run times and they bite your head off about forcing play styles.

Its mechanics bitch the way its supposed to be played, we do it the other way we'd be there for hours. Finally i gave up and just told them that within a week they'd do it the orginal way because they'd be do so tired of going through the same shit over and over.

Shit i love it when a mentor teaches me secrets,

>stun Rubicante at 75-80% so his shield never goes up

>use cannons


We didnt use those cannons once until they wiped.

f8e323  No.16465755

File: f8df1e82828d6a1⋯.mp4 (15.51 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, What did he mean by this.mp4)


At the opening of the dungeon by turning off the searchlights and not agroing the mob in the middle of the road you have 6 less adds to deal with. By not turning off the alarum and not tripping the searchlights second area after the first boss you have 6 less adds to deal with. In the third area after the second boss if you don't agro the extra mob and turn off the alarum 3 less adds to deal with. In the fourth area after you open the gate if you turn off the alarums you have six less colossi to deal with.

All of those adds add up to a lot of extra time you are wasting that could be mitigated with under ten seconds of patience each time. Depending on the party it can be up to five minutes not wasted on useless confrontations. Taking the time to pay attention to how the level is built saves you every one involved time and effort. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

I am not forcing a playstyle. I am helping others save time and learn the most efficient way to do things based on a retarded amount of experience making the exact same mistakes that they are making. If you figure that the average player is going to run Castrum hundreds of times those five minutes add up to days of their lives that could be better spent grinding the Feast or grinding out the Ultimate Thrillseeker title. Most people aren't filthy NEET scum like I am. They don't have 18+ hours a day to spend playing. Teaching them how to do shit right helps them utilize the meager time the life of a wagie allows them.

649998  No.16465762


>hundreds of castrums

In what fantasy world do you live in that people actually want to do castrum.

Also you seem exactly like the type to obsess over some stupid bullshit, get heated when someone doesn't listen to you because "it's like 20 seconds with this group comp in a level 20 dungeon who the fuck cares". So a perfect holder of the esteemed mentor title.

66d5aa  No.16465765


>In the fourth area after you open the gate if you turn off the alarums you have six less colossi to deal with.

Did you also have to go through those 6 colossuses? I was screaming stop the entire time.

That was our third wipe of the night.


Bitch i want to head to bed, aint got time for 1hour long runs dealing with idiots who attack bosses that are clearly invincible.

649998  No.16465773


Then don't do castrum, it's not hard. Castrum is the "whammie" of roulettes, long, painfully easy, boring, and it's a full party of people who probably don't comprehend any written language. You honestly deserve whatever you get if you're trying to do a castrum run before bed.

f8e323  No.16465783

File: 628a047e559d723⋯.webm (11 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Children of Darkness.webm)


You can farm Castrum for Poetics that you can use to buy gear at Idyllshire to donate to your Grand Company to increase your standing. If it is run correctly it is a good way to raise your GC standing at be at top of your server's weekly standings. If you are a Free Company of one person it is especially hard to compete against FCs that have hundreds of people so when it comes up in Mentor Roulette, and is run right, it is a treat that will help you struggle against the likes of oWo and their several dozen no-life trannies.

66d5aa  No.16465787


I want exp,poetics, and i want to complete a journal entry, i dont deserve to be saddled with idiots who decide fighting 6 giant robots is a good idea and then attack a boss for 5 minute straights when it clearly states theyre only doing 1 point of damage for each attack.

649998  No.16465793


No you deserve it. You're playing a game that constantly caters to the lowest common denominator and expecting people to not be retarded.


>Normal people care about GC standings

once again what fantasy world do you live in.

f8e323  No.16465797


>once again what fantasy world do you live in.

<Says the shitter as he continues to cope

649998  No.16465798


Yeah everyone knows real players do castrum runs for grand company rep. Really don't even talk to me if you're not in the castrum trenches at least 10 hours a day for that sick GC rep.

66d5aa  No.16465805


I deserve a medal for carrying them through that hell and you know it.

f8e323  No.16465819


Trying to play it off when you just spent the last half hour talking about how you don't care about mechanics and let others carry you really shows what a bad as O12 prog motherfucker you are. Senpai show me get the best discounts on market board to flex your glam for all the spoutlings.

649998  No.16465827


>don't care about mechanics in an absurdly outdated dungeon that barely matters

>I want to flex to all the sprouts

>gets asspained he somehow gets reported when the sprouts see that the cardboard crown is a sure sign of a douchebag

f8e323  No.16465838


lmao you came to defend the shit players, doubled down on defending shit playing, and now are desperately struggling to avoid explaining how you are not a shit player for playing like shit.

You absolutely smell like an oWo shitter.

649998  No.16465844


Castrum is obviously what separates the men from the shitters. Once again, don't talk to me unless you're in the castrum at least 10 hours a day.

f8e323  No.16465876


Again lmao

You say your a shitter. You go to great lengths to explain why you are a shitter. Your defense is sarcasm and apologetics for being a shitter. You've shown me nothing but you are sad and can't do, by your own admission, the mechanics for the most basic of basic things. Cry more bitch nigger.

282c63  No.16465893

File: 24ebdbb020609b0⋯.jpg (73.05 KB, 540x483, 180:161, disdain.jpg)


>millions of people subbed to the game.

>they have no shortage of money to pay artist to work all kinds of pointless cosmetic shit. just take one look at their cash shop with all kinds of nostalgic money grubbing bullshit they try to get you to buy

>"armor modeling is hard if we have different body types :("

>most of the armor models are very simple polygon wise and in most cases are merely stretched and warped to fit various races.

>95% of the work is done.

>the other 5% is just nit-picky polishing to keep hair models and bunny/cat ears from clipping in the wrong spots.

>Never mind the fact there's already in game models that suffer from various clipping issues from all sorts of races and classes they haven't done fuck all about since ver 2.0

I wish they'd just be honest about it and say "We're too fucking lazy to port the armor models over, now gib us money you faggets." Whether you have male VIera or not, no one on their team needs to be complaining about the difficulty of porting armors over or remodeling current armors/accessories for new races.

So much for the hard working nippon meme. Fucking worthless Nipnongs.

fcb201  No.16465905

File: 4b31a1f4ece11b8⋯.jpg (36.77 KB, 500x431, 500:431, 4b31a1f4ece11b839d9c74ebee….jpg)


>the FFXIV team actively worked on making the game better even when they're not being paid to do it

thanks japs

f8e323  No.16466565






Imagine being this much of a shitter, that the most basic of basic runs is too much for you to handle that if, god forbid, you got thrown in there by a roulette you would have to come up with post after post excusing your shit performance.

That is what the average "experienced" player on Exoshit is like. Where the mere suggestion that there is a way to optimize run hurts your ass so much that you have to make post after post telling anyone that might run it that you are a bad player for knowing the basics.

Basically that is oWo

12f1c5  No.16466602


I don't think that guy even said what Data Center he's on.

f8e323  No.16466625


You can tell how much of a shitter faggot a person is by the time of day they post at and the lengths they go to to excuse shit playing.

And of this moment I have single-handedly brought my one man FC to number three based on last month's standings. I have less than 24 hour to over take number one and two FC which have hundreds of players between then.

e2bf4f  No.16466630

File: bf91430fe7ef493⋯.jpg (92.73 KB, 790x719, 790:719, bf91430fe7ef493a12d502b46f….jpg)


Imagine giving this much attention to a troll.

565040  No.16466640


>millions of people subbed to the game.

>they have no shortage of money to pay artist to work all kinds of pointless cosmetic shit.

It seems there is quite a considerable siphoning of money generated by FF XIV. Can't give you any source right now, but I seem to remember that a great amount of the money went to other projects, particularly FF XV and KH3, which as we all know were fucking expensive and not profitable, while the team just received an adjusted budget. It would be no exaggeration to say FF XIV is keeping the company afloat at this point, with the occasional small game that becomes a hit (Bravely Default, Nier Automata, Octopath Traveler). Not to say you are wrong about them being incompetent and lazy in certain areas (still for the life of me cannot understand why we can't go barefoot)

f8e323  No.16466641

File: d22ba0e4a9d7ec7⋯.webm (7.15 MB, 360x270, 4:3, Feminist BTFO.webm)


Imagine being this much of an anitranny that you run away from confrontation instead of prolapsing the rectum of those who oppose you.

Beta bitch is you

52b94f  No.16466932

>4.58 patch notes

>it's fucking nothing.png


The reason you can't go barefoot is probably the same reason why high heels shorten your character's legs instead of making you look taller. Only God and the development team know why, but it's probably something stupid.

faa0f6  No.16466943


Are you sure you didn't mean 8th, on GC standing?

36f326  No.16468175


it's to cuck feet fetishists, clearly

3d84e4  No.16468745

So is SE planning on having a music video for Shadowbringers? Like Answers, Dragonsong, and Revolutions. IIRC they usually release those songs like 2 or 3 months beforehand.

3d84e4  No.16468759


Oh nevermind, I looked it up and those songs came out on the 21st of May which is a month before release.

282c63  No.16469470

File: 917e8ec3598b5e7⋯.gif (6.88 KB, 307x362, 307:362, sucessful merchant.gif)


Shadow Bringers

Strorm Blood

>Did you get the new SB expansion?

>Yea, I got the new Storm blood expansion, now I don't need to buy Heavens Ward right?

>You still need to buy Shadow bringers for the newest content.


>Yea, Storm blood was the previous expansion. Shadow bringers is the newest and includes all the old expansions.

I bet some kike in marketing got a fat bonus for coming up with that brilliant title.

ea745e  No.16469531


If someone is stupid enough to actually make that mistake then they deserve losing their money

282c63  No.16469539


I agree, but that's easily 2% to 3% of sales right there easy maybe more. The fanbase for this game is not that bright.

36f326  No.16470628


get a static if you dont like pugs :)

36f326  No.16472529


a goblin

95d6f4  No.16472776

File: 33337ff1d170a35⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122.73 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, roe-gay-dyn.jpg)


The game has bara and is adding furry bara but exposed feet is going too far?

07b430  No.16473466


it's worse than nu-wow which is quite impressive

>combat slow as fuck

>raids are boring

>have to slog through a shitty ass singleplayer campaign that takes a fucking million years before you can actually get to the fun stuff

>even then the "fun" stuff is only mildly satisfying at best

unless you're a turbo weeb I do not recommend

36f326  No.16473581


>combat is slow as fuck

found the goldfish attention span zoomer who never made it past level 50

856199  No.16474357


So you admit that the combat is slow but SE knows this and tried to fix it in HW on? Considering all the content out that that syncs you to or below level 50 it isn't much consolation.

565040  No.16474407


>combat slow as fuck

To be honest, this is pretty much a non argument.. Why is slow inherently bad? Why is it slow? Slow compared to WoW? It says nothing.


Here though, >856199 has a very good point. It is not that combat is slow, is that the way the game is design to ease first timers to MMOs has, as an inherently problem, that you receive your skills bit by bit, and classes are braindead until you get to 50, with most of them still being incomplete and janky until 60, and a few until 70. There is clearly a big problem in the design of classes in leveling content and of how synch works right now.

>raids are boring

This is no argument. You are no saying absolutely anything with this statement beyond the fact that you find them boring. I find many of the raids fun. Some better than others, usually they add unique mechanics so they feel varied while still making you use what you have learned. They also compensate the simplicity of the many of the classes and skill rotation by actually requiring good execution, which means, keeping your damage rolling, reacting to any mistakes or RNG element a fight may have and do mechanics. Of course, this mainly apply to Expert (though some EX easier than other), Salvage and Ultimate. Not all are good mind you, some become simple meat shields that can be done whit your eyes closed, but others are quite demanding. If anything, you can criticize that they relay to much in memorization and execution and not so much in quick thinking and reaction.

>have to slog through a shitty ass singleplayer campaign that takes a fucking million years before you can actually get to the fun stuff

Totally valid complain, as is stand. SE ought to cut down on filler, specially ARR. They are remnants of the troubled development of the game after the fall of 1.0. The fucking jewish chinks wont do it though cause then they wouldn't sell so many "jump" potions.

>even then the "fun" stuff is only mildly satisfying at best

Again, same that with point 2, this doesn't tell us anything.

> worse than nu-wow

I doubt it, then again, I don't play WoW, so I can't tell.

Overall, you could argument your shit better. The games has quite a lot of flaws, that probably won't be fixed because of it established player base,a mix between casual players and raiding players, which mean they would want to keep content for both, so we can rule out deep class customization or horizontal gear progression, so braindead players don't fuck up. Furthermore, as Yoshi seems to want to play it safe, and avoid any WoW situation by changing the game so much they alienate their playerbase, a lot of the major problems the game has won't be addressed; empty and boring overworld, lack of risk and sense of adventure, deep in the class design, non conventional classes (DRK won't ever use HP, there won't be any class that doesn't fit neatly on the trinity, etc. Just look at Blue Mage), trash in dungeon being just "pull and kill", linear dungeon, crafters and gatherers being "second class citizen", with making their best crafteable gear usually 2 tiers behind the current patch, relegating them to being "glamour" crafters most of the time unless you do consumables. Shitty glamour system despite how much is the system used and how popular it is, serious problem when designing new and different content that aren't raids, 24 man raids, trials or dungeons, meaning things like diadem and Eureka have failed and most people find them not "fun", with the only exception being the Palace of the Death, which is actually quite a nice bit of content. Bad PvP, where classes are gutted and have a very reduced skill set, very unbalanced with ranged classes dominating and modes that are not that exciting, as well as lacking incentive to play, as the gear is just for glamour sake. Add to all of this that SE seem to have problems when designing some classes while they nail others, and you have the 3.0 situation with many classes feeling like shit to play while being underpowered, and having to wait 2-3 patches to be fixed, while others like DRK, MCH and MNK have to wait for next expansion.

tl;dr: I like the game, and even I can argument better that you did some of the things wrong with it.


>unless you're a turbo weeb I do not recommend

you just sound like the fucking retards that play WoW and criticize FF XIV as being "weeb" just because it has Japanese elements to it, like, no shit, a game made by a japanese company has typical japanase aesthetics?. I swear to god, every single retarded normalfag blizzardrone use this as an insult why FF XIV is shit. Which is even more ridiculous as they will "cringe" when they see mi'qotes or lalafells yet they play a game with fucking Pandaren, Gnomes, Tauren, Vulpines, Wolfrem and Draenei, as it WoW didn't have some goofy looking shit too.

07b430  No.16475007


K, I'll break it down.

On my lovely lovely journey from 1-70 my biggest complaint combat wise (aside from the lack of abilities which you already pointed out) is the global cooldown.

The reason why slow is bad is because it's absolutely boring, hotkey combat is an inherently dogshit way to do combat which is why wow in part was so popular when it came out, it was fast, it was fun, classes felt explosive.

You sort of get this feel with summoner at 70 but it takes absolutely forever to get there. Summoner is fun at max level, honestly it is. But, the game is filled with so many stupid level sync activities that it feels like my campaign slog in many places was pointless.

Now, onto the raids, some of them are ok, even fun but a lot of trials and raids feel too simple and due to them mostly being a single room of just a single boss it feels quite dull.

I realize this is to make it easier to grind but fuck, it feels almost like warframe in how unsatisfying and robotic the entire thing ends up being. I liked alphascape though and some of the ARR raids.

Still, when playing the different jobs and classes I found myself feeling like I was just playing a worse wow, sort of like when I played rift back in the day.

Also the story fucking sucks and I HATE that not only does it take forever but 90% of the cutscenes aren't fucking voiced. Jesus, no wonder SE is going under.

Idk maybe if they revamped the combat and allowed progression through other means that the msq I'd play it more, also FUCK the housing system. What the fuck were they thinking

565040  No.16475179


Now I think I can agree with you in everything but the MSQ, though here it may be more of a subjective thing. Not voiced cutscenes do not annoy me, I actually like them but perhaps is because I have become disillusioned with them after so many RPGs had to dumb down their dialogue trees for them, plus I'm quite used to them. The rest, I agree.

>Still, when playing the different jobs and classes I found myself feeling like I was just playing a worse wow

Can't say how WoW as, as I played very little, but each time there is synch content I just wish they would let us retain our skills. Also yeah, so many raids are way too easy, with the one you mentioned being the best. Have you tried Savage? They are quite a lot more fun, but nowadays it may be a bit hard to find parties for them. That is the problem with the game catering to everyone, a lot of the content must be made easy for everyone to do, and daily grind is as easy as it gets, but it ends up feeling mechanical as you mentioned. I enjoy optimizing and trying to master all classes, so maybe it doesn't gets to much as it may get to you, but it is probably one of the biggest issues right now. What is worse, they plan to play it safe, so this probably isn't going to change much. I wish they somehow came up with fun alternative content like Palace of the Dead, instead of Eureka and Diadem. Even Eureka has good things that the overworld could use (quest with no markers, strong design on the landscape to help you find your location and a sense of real danger and having to party with others), but they won't.

>Idk maybe if they revamped the combat and allowed progression through other means that the msq I'd play it more, also FUCK the housing system. What the fuck were they thinking

Let's see at the end of this month if the Live letter sheds some light in what changes the combat system is going to get, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.

Also this

>FUCK the housing system. What the fuck were they thinking

7d1012  No.16475222

File: d46aa56bd22d640⋯.png (235.59 KB, 579x458, 579:458, 1466271044740.png)


>FUCK the housing system. What the fuck were they thinking

..What's wrong with the housing system?

07b430  No.16475260


>Have you tried savage

you know what, I really haven't. Maybe I'll try them sometime. To be honest I do want to like the game but there's so many quality of life issues that make the whole experience feel unrefined and frustrating when it should be enjoyable.

I really hope shadowbringers is able to bring in some improvements


>what's wrong with the housing system

>what's wrong with being required to camp a plot for 18 hours for a CHANCE at a house that you'll most likely lose because of botters and auto clickers

what ISN'T wrong with the housing system? It's an mmo, who the FUCK thought limited housing was a good idea?

e2bf4f  No.16475291


I don't like how you lose your house after a period of inactivity. I'm the kind of player who would enjoy building a house, but I also don't stay subscribed for long periods at a time.

565040  No.16475318


Same here, i would like to buy a house but the lack of availability and the risk of losing it, when I usually go long periods without subbing because of personal reason sucks. We have apartments but they are to small and limited without gardens.


> It's an mmo, who the FUCK thought limited housing was a good idea?

I wonder when SE would finally accept their mistakes and give us unlimited housing similar to FF XI. Let the current wards as they are and give houses for the rest of us. They had to implement the auto demolition shit because of they lack of foresight. Also, it reminds me how there is some fucker in Gigalmesh that is trying to buy a warden all for himself using alt characters/accounts or something like that and had like 20 houses already.

7d1012  No.16475327


I mean, I can understand that much. But it's sorta necessary, since if the auto-destruction didn't exist, there would NEVER be an open spot anywhere, as people who haven't logged on since ARR would still own that property.


If you're new, I can understand the frustration. However, the only reason the housing market is so tight right now, is because SE only recently lifted a pause on auto-destruction. In the coming month you should see a lot of houses across the four neighborhoods become available.

I would also argue that limited housing is a better idea. if anyone could own a house it wouldn't be as special. If you really want some land though, I suggest you could try buying an apartment first. Those usually have a ton of availability, and are only 500k Gil. Alternatively, if you are in a FC that has a FC house, you could buy a 'private quarters' which is the same as an apartment, but only costs 300k. Both are the same size as the inside of a small plot, sans the basement.

e2bf4f  No.16475438


>since if the auto-destruction didn't exist, there would NEVER be an open spot anywhere

They could just add more lots. Or at least increase the limit to a year or so.

e2bf4f  No.16475443


>if anyone could own a house it wouldn't be as special

Well that's why they are so expensive.

07b430  No.16475460


>if anyone could own a house it wouldn't be as special

you're a fucking retard, artifical scarcity is idiotic. What makes a house cool is how you customize it. Give us fucking runescape housing where we can make dungeons and everything, it would be amazing.

Sadly they'd never do that because they can get away with putting in no work because brainlets like you will lap up whatever shit they throw at you because "uhhh I'm special muh exclusivity"

kill yourself

3f200e  No.16475664


Again, the housing market will begin to open up as the auto destructuon was paused. On Malboro there were TONS of open slots for houses, escpeially in areas like The Goblet.

I would also say that there are plenty of houses as is. As of now, there are 1080 houses per residential area, with 4 residential areas. Thats 4320 houses per server, not including apartments.


1.5m-3m Gil for a small plot isn't /that/ hard to get. A very easy way to make more money, is to check the prices for the random monster drops on the marketboards. Some things are used in crafting and worth quite a bit, way more then the 20 gil you can get from just vendoring it. A great example is Dhalmel Hides which go for about 600gil at the moment on Hyperion, while vendoring them only gives like 18 gil. Remember to vendor old gear and start looking into how Retainers work. You can make a lot of extra money by sending your retainers out on hunts, and them bringing back rare items.

If you really wanna get into house decorating and customization,THAT is where the money put is. I easily spent 5m decorating my small plot.


WoW did that in WoD and everyone lost their absolute shit over it. I would argue that FF14 has a way better customization. Have you seen some of the official housing contest winners? Some people get ultra autistic with it.

07b430  No.16475683


>Comparing the abomination that is garrisons to actual player housing

Brainlet detected

3f200e  No.16475769


I mean, it's an instanced base that you can customize. If differs very little from Runescape's in terms of the basic mechanics. The only difference being that Runscape allowed for more rooms. With a bit more customization on how the rooms were laid out.

36f326  No.16475864




the average casts per minute is actually similar to wow at max level. it's not any slower, just less spammy

565040  No.16476002


That is actually quite interesting. Is there some kind of source or math anywhere where it state so?

On another topic, why are the DRK storyline so much better than the rest job quest, and even MSQ? Like is amazing how consistently good the writing for those are, specially in contrast with the job story lines of the other two tanks, which just suck ass. 30-50 and 60-70 were the best, while 50-60 was still pretty good. 60-70 in particular feel like the epilogue of the Heavenward story line and give very nice closure while still exploring the character of the Warrior of Light. The fact that they used mostly HW music helps, and it explored some of the characters of the HW MSQ expanding them more. It also has quite a number of memorable lines and the execution of the scenes and emotional moments are so much better. Hell, they give a better feeling of the "tragedies of war" than the whole SB story line. It actually makes me curious on how they will do it in ShB, but I doubt they can still make it so good.

One of the things that worries me about the future of FF XIV, speaking of the writing, is that it is becoming way to much fan service. Not gonna lie, I found the Return to Ivalice 24-man raid great, love it, but the Omega Raid was underwhelming, even if Alphascape was fun. It was just the " 'membe Kefka? 'membe Ex-death? 'membe, 'membe…". It was weak as fuck. It is becoming ridiculous. And as much as I like Vieras, their addition is very worrying. It is not longer a piece of fan service content, but now a constant of the game world. Viera are a part of Hyedelin, and the canon with the 13 worlds seems to be designed to justify all this shit. And don't get me started in the next Nier raid. I like Nier, but I'm becoming increasingly worried that the identity of the game will be completely lost at this rate. The lore of the game is good, it has always taken nods and references from other FF, some cameos yes, but not this much. At least it is a bit of a consolation that next expansion only the Nier raid will focus on a "guess" game, instead of how both of SB were more about fan service. Let's hope they tone it down.

In a happier note, I found the Return to Ivalice raid great, particularly the last one, both gameplay and story wise. The fights for a 24 man raid were decently challenging (God Thunder Cid in particular was pretty good), visually they were impressive, the had quite a lot of voice acting for the bosses, that was fantastic, and the plot was surprisingly competent at mixing both FF XIV and FF TT worlds. It felt, in a strange way, as the true ending to FF Tactics, even in a way explaining certain things that may not make that much sense in the original ending. Spoiler aheads basically, it touches the fact of how the hell Ramza and Alma survived Ultima's attack. The answer? They didn't, Ramza had to sacrifice himself using the aurecite to seal himself and his companions with Ultima, until his descendants could find a way to defeat Ultima. Alma though didn't join his brother, instead she escaped and had a child with Cid's son, Orran, securing that the Beoulve bloods survives to carry out their fate. Delitas learns of Ramza sacrifice, and together with Orran decide to try and safeguard the truth for future generations, despite Ramza's own wishes to remain anonymous in case someone decides to seek the aurecite for themselves. Also Ramza was considered a Warrior of Light. So after the descendants of Ramza brings the present day WoL to fight Ultima, he together with Agrias, Cid and Mustadio manifest themselves to shield the WoL from Ultima attack, as they had enough power to do so after their souls have been living for hundreds of years in through the power of the aurecite, saving the WoL for dying or going through their same fate and finally defeating Ultima. The closing scene with Ramza and Delitas joining in the afterlife was quite touching, specially when all the characters that are supposed to represent the player's party in FF TT appears. Also I found quite a small and touching how the ending of the original FF TT becomes a made up happy ending to assure that Ramza lives on in the hearth of people and become inspired by his tale It is not perfect and is very bittersweet that this is in a fucking MMORPG of all things, but I would lie if I say I didn't find it touching to say the least.

36f326  No.16476210


yes, compare logs on fflogs and warcraft logs and look at the CPM in the casts chart to get a general idea of how fast each job/class plays. ff is still a little slower but not by a whole lot, but wow has some classes (rogues and shadow priest) that have crazy high cpm

07b430  No.16476589


>that you can customize

no one tell him

be592c  No.16477361

Installing usb 3.0 drivers tru a bootleg win7 boot usb is hell, tell my fc to water my plants while I'm gone

928264  No.16479028

File: 213f4d064da2e46⋯.png (218.02 KB, 398x300, 199:150, WFpDMHC.png)

lillies still worthless

3f200e  No.16479077


How is a 15% bonus to output worthless?

85436e  No.16479078

>People planing to make their viera short and white


e2bf4f  No.16479092



16570b  No.16479106


why are people doing that that sounds terrible.

i love being tall as possible to literally be hey LOOK AT ME reason why i loved being a norn or charr in gw2 was at the start of the game faggots were being mad they could see their short stacks when everyone tried to do jumping puzzles.

also when does the benchmark come out i wanna make the bunbun of my dreams

c9ae0f  No.16479141

File: fbe19839c408d6c⋯.jpg (28.32 KB, 500x500, 1:1, cc2168578d3a3edea6ef67bd7c….jpg)

>Instead of adding the Bangaa or Seeq as a playable race they add in a furry one

928264  No.16479154


the 5 second duration gives you 1 dps spell to cast or 1 medica before having to spam cure 1's again.

When we see the new skills next week maybe WHM will play differently from now

8db803  No.16479164


Who do you think this shitpile is made for?

12f1c5  No.16479187


>implying either of those fat scalies are any better than furry

e2bf4f  No.16479268


They should have just added two new female races.

286834  No.16479290

where are the leaks?

823555  No.16479294


>DO NOT play this game if you want top tier pvp.

I don't care about balance but I'm looking for a good pvp mmo. Preferably one that looks as good as FFXIV. Any suggestions?

823555  No.16479317


Reminder Guild Wars 2 fired their feminist writing head and the game has a boob slider.

A shame the game isn't that great. Especially pve and the class system is shit but the pvp is not very interesting either.

aeb0d8  No.16479326

Are they still going to do weekly caps for the new expac? That shit is why I can't stay subbed after catching up to the story since it turns the game into a scheduled bullshit ride you play one or two days a week, but still get to pay for the whole month

286834  No.16479330

File: 0a30726875fdfa0⋯.jpg (138.33 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, deadspacemilkers.jpg)


The only reason I ever finished the base story line in GW2 was because I wanted to see how dumb it got. I was not disappointed.

52b94f  No.16479357


They did it in ARR. They did it in Heavensward. They did it in Stormblood. Of course they're going to do it Shadowbringers.

649998  No.16479663


It's a modern MMO, they specifically weeklock shit to keep milking you as a player. Don't be surprised

8f55a6  No.16480189


>It's a modern MMO, they specifically weeklock shit to keep milking you as a player

I see that as more of them trying to avoid "Tigole Syndrome" where a subset of stupidly hardcore degenerates that poop in their socks to avoid getting up plows through new content in the first few days after it drops and then bitches that they have nothing to do and that the devs need to cater to them because their the real group that drives the games success.

aeb0d8  No.16480246


They could just ignore the bitching. The poopsocker gangs are always a minority and even if they all throw a tantrum and cancel their subs, it will amount to nothing.

There is absolutely zero reason to timelock shit besides keeping addicts trapped

649998  No.16480256


If they wanted to avoid the syndrome they fail, the hardcore poopsockers still beat the content usually within a week of release.

36f326  No.16480449


they still have to wait a few weeks before they're fully geared out though

649998  No.16480509


yeah, but that's not really preventing them from complaining about the content at all, because they already beat all the content. I mean if not having 100%'d the game is the only requirement why not just have a .001% drop on a bird that flips and call that endgame content. The only reason the weekly lock exists is only to milk sub time from people who don't have a static to progress through the content quickly while "undergeared"

36f326  No.16480556


im sure it looks that way from the perspective of someone who considers merely beating content as having it done and over with. the poopsockers play the content far after it's been beaten for speed kills or personal logs

8f55a6  No.16481033


Savage maybe, but I don't know anyone who beat the ultimate stuff the week of release. Even the poopsockers had to take at least another week for that.

be592c  No.16489290

File: e07e4dfdc39e102⋯.png (1005.45 KB, 827x620, 827:620, ClipboardImage.png)

156cd5  No.16493850

It's just me or every single DF fucker turns twice as retarded on Alphascape V2? Not even savage, just the normal version is a fucking wipeland every time because apparently some simple visual tells are beyond all these cocksuckers with mentor crowns and every job at 70

f8e323  No.16494738


No pretty much every df party for everything in this game is retarded. I was just doing an anima victory lap on S1T7 with three other cardboard crowns in the party and they could not understand the concept of earth shaker markers. One of these fuckers is constantly in Novice Network strutting his shit and reading redditposts to new players while he flexes, what I can only assume, is his purchased glam. We wiped three times and every time we did I tried to explain the mechanics to these people but instead they chose to run at top speed towards the Sepirot as soon as they were able to. Last run I didn't even bother fighting and was promptly knocked off as I was hammering away at my keyboard giving commands and hoping some of them would pay attention.

Specifically for Midgardsormr though I had a df party as PLD and in the end it was myself and a pretty capable DRK soloing the thing for the last 10% or so since shitters couldn't be bothered to learn three very simple patterns that had been spammed since the beginning of the fight, That DRK was legit good though I kinda wish I had sent him a friends request after the fight but I was so drained I just wanted to not play for a while.

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