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File: e8069c67abeaeb7⋯.jpg (12.09 KB, 220x264, 5:6, 677502ab0e298825b600a38f09….jpg)

File: 52a74626dd0ab25⋯.png (183.45 KB, 256x311, 256:311, a3698588acf454ba0fa40e53dd….png)

File: afdc92f01129e71⋯.png (4.92 KB, 320x200, 8:5, srb2kart.png)

File: 277008c62a1a281⋯.jpg (11.69 KB, 220x224, 55:56, f7f158e3fdb694660121823559….jpg)

793fe1  No.16403510

What are we playing? What anyone's willing, able and begins to host

Suggestions so far are:

10-player Saturn Bomberman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ipvb65ENJI

CS 1.6



Red Orchestra

Soldner Secret Wars

Wipeout 2097/XL

Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart

Revolt, the game from last week.

Any more suggestions?

If someone is already set to host something please make it known.

45a200  No.16403521

It's nice to preempt these. Also, does anyone still have the SWAT 4 version download that was used last time?

14ae78  No.16403535


>Any more suggestions?

m a r i o p a r t y

390e4b  No.16403601


yes, i do have it and played it even today

965e95  No.16403612

Would enjoy a Distance gamenight, only need to find a cracked version thath people can use.

ecec40  No.16403650

The recent thread reminded me that we play in one of the S4 League private servers since official has gone to chaotic shit.

a3fb7a  No.16403654


Been a while since I saw a Mario Retardy stream

d58099  No.16403668

File: bd1a66173fab087⋯.jpg (41.51 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, serveimage.jpg)



Maybe some arcadey dogfighting game?

694f0d  No.16403675

Bad Company 2: Vietnam

2fdc04  No.16403681

We played racing last time, it's been a while since we played a big team war game like Red Orchestra, CoD UO, Battlefield or Soldner.

319922  No.16403682


e0f1f0  No.16403687

File: 4f3d059711a38fc⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SvM.png)

we need to play this

2fdc04  No.16403692



And speaking of Red Orchestra, we didn't play Darkest Hour yet.

621c74  No.16403698


CS 1.6 is great choice i miss that game

0c88af  No.16403701

i'm down for some Counter-Strike

bc3ee8  No.16403709

d5db2a  No.16403730

File: dae496bdd620682⋯.webm (2.37 MB, 640x360, 16:9, The Hacker Known as 4chan.webm)

I'm hostfag for UT2004 and Q3A

I tried setting up a CS 1.6 server this week, problem is it's hard to find a server image that's Linux and doesn't requires Steam. So I won't be able to host like I thought I would be able to.

Basically since I'm a Linux retard I'd only able to host anything that's listed here


But if anyone cares the UT2004 server is still up and running at the same IP address, figured I'd keep it up since it's pretty fun.

bc3ee8  No.16403734


is that the game where one of the players is the zombie master and can trigger zombie spawns/traps against the other players

if yes then this too

319922  No.16403750


Sounds fun. That too

2fdc04  No.16403753


It felt pretty shoddy when I played it years ago, hopefully it's improved.

c5294c  No.16403794


Wipeout definitely


Toxikk is surprisingly good, but locked behind steam afaik

1f6bb8  No.16403864

File: dd548047fb5d1e4⋯.png (176.48 KB, 800x1134, 400:567, 163601-joint-operations-ty….png)

File: d66cdf37b86bcc0⋯.jpg (148.96 KB, 800x1022, 400:511, 22752-delta-force-2-window….jpg)

File: 5a52f65f6795e62⋯.jpg (34.02 KB, 413x500, 413:500, 8829-red-faction-windows-f….jpg)

File: 0ee97113014a4e0⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1360x766, 680:383, TITLEPIC.png)

File: 9f1d426682a382f⋯.jpg (11.07 KB, 180x259, 180:259, 220773-grand-theft-auto-th….jpg)

5046d9  No.16403897


No polls?


1) Lets try something else besides racing, we already have that and it's gonna get old quickly if we push too much

2) Consider games that support more than 8 players at once (forget my Saturn Bomberman option, 10-player mode sucks dicks and online multiplayer seems difficult)

ed0f75  No.16403898

File: cd41a5814846bcb⋯.webm (2.48 MB, 800x600, 4:3, romantic love.webm)

File: ea44be4d96517d2⋯.webm (2.27 MB, 640x480, 4:3, some0ne is retarded.webm)

File: 730fe849d0cad2d⋯.webm (4.32 MB, 800x600, 4:3, weebshit.webm)



I'd love to play it again too, but to be honest it's already been played a bit much. We had 2 gamenights for it in 2018 with one in 2017. I'm up for it, but maybe during summer months, a bit early for now since the last.

I'd love to do Firearms Source again, though. I missed it last time.


Joint Ops isn't fun and has been done 2 or 3 times + has shit netcode. Red Faction has already been done. We've played Doom 3 times and it was dead as shit during the last gamenight in Christmas. GTA multiplayer is a bit of a bitch and takes active hosts.

5046d9  No.16403908


Sorry, here goes again


It depends on who can host, anyway

45a200  No.16403931

File: 060cfd61412f0b7⋯.png (313.96 KB, 604x651, 604:651, haha.PNG)


Thanks cunt.

ed0f75  No.16403968


>red orchestra


No thanks, I'd rather do RO and mods again. RO2 is too large of a file, not too potato friendly and Steam dependant.

Add an option to add own choices too.

ed0f75  No.16404006


We've done BF2142 but that was during when Revive Project existed. Nowadays you have to use Goyranger or BF2hub, the former of which is shit and the latter requires an account.

BF2 has the same issue(s) – It's unplayable for people with high ping, like Eurofags in case of a NA host.

Game night games need to be suitable to these criteria:

>Easily pirateable,

>Potato friendly,

>Drop in, drop out, (i.e., why most racing games suck for these)

>Preferably light on file size, sub 5gb,

>Relatively simple to pick up and play.

ee2128  No.16404018

File: 232d581e633c137⋯.jpg (147.93 KB, 800x805, 160:161, tron.jpg)

File: 9d11f70298a1544⋯.jpg (223.72 KB, 800x1141, 800:1141, viet.jpg)

File: 1623b2c2350e100⋯.jpg (139.64 KB, 656x369, 16:9, avp.jpg)

File: 05b39526217a36b⋯.jpg (52.15 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 326983446.jpg)

5046d9  No.16404022


Again, consider this as well


Also, is there any strategy game that allows more than 4 or 5 players in multiplayer?

b44785  No.16404023


I wish Paradox games could handle more than a handful of people for multiplayer or I'd suggest them.

b62747  No.16404227



69cfba  No.16404240

Space station 13

2d0246  No.16404244

Ace of Autism until the end of times.

ed0f75  No.16404283

File: 3d732b7eb91099c⋯.webm (2.29 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, AoS6.webm)

File: 682d1b4fedcce3b⋯.webm (5.78 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, AoS1.webm)


B-blease no. I had enough of it for 2 weeks.

98e720  No.16404354

File: 84c502259d6ec4a⋯.jpeg (39.92 KB, 220x307, 220:307, D9D65D65-58A8-4371-A7CF-6….jpeg)

Only 4 player but goddamn air ride is so much fun

bc3ee8  No.16404369


Isn't there a pc version of the game for many players?

793fe1  No.16404396

bc3ee8  No.16404400


god, I miss playing this shit. What happened to the threads?

98e720  No.16404409

File: f3fbbfd50ecb5df⋯.jpeg (177.03 KB, 800x648, 100:81, C722769D-2EB1-4C8F-A9E9-7….jpeg)




ba4354  No.16404430

File: 1619541ebd4e731⋯.png (425.29 KB, 750x355, 150:71, ClipboardImage.png)


definitely not, it's run by discord niggers now


Science and Industry, since we got cucked out of playing it last time for Halo of all things

46181f  No.16404458

File: 5dcfd22329d58b6⋯.jpg (689.67 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, serveimage.jpg)

File: 373146f1973158a⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1440x816, 30:17, serveimage.png)

File: 8e7ae53d6e224d0⋯.jpg (91.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, serveimage2.jpg)

Why not Forgotten Hope 2?


>inb4 What is this shit?

FH2 is a standalone mod for Battlefield 2 that let´s you play in WWII maps with large amounts of players

6e4ab8  No.16404493

dystopia or the other spess sorce mod.

OOOORRR Mech warrior LL but I never hosted it, its prob easy as fug tho.

5adf7a  No.16404632


ignoring discordniggers is easy in zmr, although you'll probably want to get your own server obviously

moddb page for interest: https://www.moddb.com/mods/zombie-master-reborn

8dd9f9  No.16404820


This should be the game for gamenight.

e1469b  No.16404821

if the next gamenight is a shooter, it proves that people are really shit at playing anything but shooters

6e4ab8  No.16404839


Remember the CoC shit that was done? That should have been your answer.

4aa574  No.16404842

>Saturn Bomberman

Holy fuck this looks amazing, I feel ashamed for not having known about this Bomberman game.

6e4ab8  No.16404843


>CoC I mean CaC Command and Conquer

2fdc04  No.16404845


I like it.

793fe1  No.16404851



CoC Gamenight when?

4aa574  No.16404862


You should have also mentioned that it makes the game a lot more realistic. It came out around the same time that Red Orchestra did.

98e720  No.16404869


Seconded. Seems easy enough to set up.

690df9  No.16404897



Sounds good, but how many players can play at once?


But Battle mode is always the same, and 10-player battle gets old quickly

Also, i still don't know how to netplay with SSF or BizHawk

4aa574  No.16404912


>But Battle mode is always the same,

Not if you have a variety of stages. I have no idea what stages are available in Saturn, but 64 and 64-2 had some pretty decent ones that made it interesting. There's a canyon with bridges in 2 which creates this dynamic where everyone wants to get on the edges to not get shat on with bombs, but I think the bridges are also destructible.

4aa574  No.16404918


Also, it says that game supports 16 players on the front page of the Wiki he linked.

8dd9f9  No.16404921

4cb21f  No.16405376

File: ba01532eea92332⋯.jpg (33.54 KB, 640x684, 160:171, 3155184.jpg)

Hearts of Iron 3 BICE massive 3 days long 24 hours campaign

14aa73  No.16405438

File: 3a0e2a58896ca84⋯.jpg (17.06 KB, 220x255, 44:51, Quake1cover.jpg)

File: e4ba08a55dca851⋯.jpg (639.36 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ut99.jpg)

File: 226e7b691abc51b⋯.png (136.05 KB, 220x307, 220:307, day of defeat.png)

File: 9986298f69aba54⋯.jpg (33.06 KB, 460x215, 92:43, giants.jpg)

File: c45d393f75f81fe⋯.jpg (26.25 KB, 220x269, 220:269, supcom.jpg)


Fun game but getting it to work is a bit of a clusterfuck and usually only get enough people to do 1v1's. There's a board that archives how to play it but I can't remember what it was.


I think this is a great gamenight candidate.

These are the other games I'd nominate. We've had Quake III in the past but I don't remember ever having a Quake 1 gamenight, and I feel like UT99 is different enough from UT2K4 to justify its own gamenight.

14aa73  No.16405470

File: c2e411b3b7eee2c⋯.jpg (42.52 KB, 480x360, 4:3, mkdd.jpg)


Come to think of it, how does this work exactly? Is it a PC port/remake simply based on Air Ride or is it some kind of Dolphin modification that emulates the Gamecube's broadband adapter LAN functionality?

If it's the latter, is there an equivalent for pic-related by any chance? And if not is there a simple way to set Dolphin up to emulate LAN capability online like Xlink Kai or something?

178b73  No.16405791

File: 053e46965d275a9⋯.jpg (53.88 KB, 723x720, 241:240, 053e46965d275a9b603551b2a9….jpg)


pro tip number one, don't post your fucking local network IP as host that no one can connect to

793fe1  No.16405845


It's a fangame made in its likeness.

31fb16  No.16405854

File: 27b7e978b31077e⋯.png (294.67 KB, 785x384, 785:384, the plan.png)


I don't know the specifics but everyone needs the same copy of the game, the same config settings for their emulator and I think the save file function is a bit fucky when doing the emulated lan option.

I'm actually interested in this myself. If you have the time and autism to spare I'd be happy to fuck around with it until we get it sorted. This is one of those things where I can't tell if it's working unless I have someone else to test it with someone else.

Supposing we get the bugs ironed out we can bundle the game, saves, settings config. file, and all the shit everyone has to have for shit to run right in a single batch of shit and distribute it

46fb0a  No.16405864

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

DoW Soulstorm Ultimate Apocalypse mod, I don`t understand why we never tried it, I can`t stand another FPS weekend too.

cd2636  No.16405912


UA is resource heavy and very unstable. I'd love an 8 players /v/ map, but that'd fry my PC that can barely stand 4 or 6 player maps, if the game doesn't crash first.

cd2636  No.16405917

File: a3e9076fa07acc6⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 1919x1079, 1919:1079, relic00170.jpg)

File: bddf6e8813f5f94⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 1439x899, 1439:899, relic00204.jpg)

File: 91d97867917e346⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 1439x899, 1439:899, relic00205.jpg)


Forgot pics

ba4354  No.16405930


I'd love to play it but I only have experience playing it against hard mode bots and even then any harder than that and the bots become literally unstoppable. I'm hoping it's not that im missing some grand feature. I hope a battle against actual humans proves more possible.

12e90a  No.16405940

People suggested El Dewrito (Halo Online) multiple times and we never done it yet.

Whats the big deal?

1f6bb8  No.16406089

File: 02919ab44c358ae⋯.jpeg (17.83 KB, 338x245, 338:245, 0e180267ce3abb5ffe6fb2703….jpeg)

File: c22bc37c7d30769⋯.jpg (203.09 KB, 800x1157, 800:1157, world_in_conflict.jpg)


>It's been played before

You niggers host Ace of Spades and Faggot Fortress 2 every other week that's no excuse.

Also I'll add World in Conflict as a suggestion. /vg/ has hosted a few times but they usually play during euro hours & I always miss out. >>>/vg/125259

30f504  No.16406376


Hosting AoS wasn't a organized thing, it was done because the host didn't bother to take the server down, the thread didn't die and people thought "fuck it" and played it some more. Before that it wasn't done often, maybe once per year. TF2 Vintage is shilled by a clique of faggots on Discord.

Christ, I was there for the first game night thread and suggested maybe half of the games, seeing how badly this place has gone down the shitter since then really shows, no one has a fucking clue here. So many normalfags and dipshits.

76d91f  No.16406637


It was done fucking constantly in 2016-2017. Stop being a newfag.

14aa73  No.16406659


Sounds like a good idea to me. I have a laptop I can test shit like this out on and see if it would be feasible too.

0296f0  No.16406686

File: 450e76f3818f23e⋯.png (73.21 KB, 216x260, 54:65, kyaaa.png)




I'd be up for Bomberman. It sounds like a blast. Also, Kirby's Air Ride would be fuckin' rad too.



Should I host a Mario Retardy Stream?

e1469b  No.16406690

bomberman when? why not just flood the board with multiple gamenights

76d91f  No.16406694


Because there's a total of maybe 40 players who are interested and splitting them in half is going to make it even less populated.

690df9  No.16406921

File: 714ebe8d91593d9⋯.mp4 (5.54 MB, 852x480, 71:40, EENE_Online_PVP.mp4)

Look, in the end it just depends on who can host (i can't, for example) but i was trying to choose something beyond racing, as we just had Re-Volt last weekend and went for Dystopia or CS 1.6 (the zombie escape thread pumped me up). Battlefield 1942+mods sounded cool as well. Only now i thought of another Fightcade tournament

But if you guys want to do an Air Ride Modoki or Mario Kart Double Dash gamenight be my guest, I'm in.. Just make sure of knowing how to connect and host up to 16 retards at once.




Check again Saturn Bomberman video in the OP, the multiplayer really is basic as fuck, no stage hazards (although you can become Bomber Godzilla) and the 10-player doesn't even allow a style change. It is fun but only for a while, i don't know if it would last an entire weekend before getting boring. (And we still don't know how to enable netplay on those emulators)

7b550d  No.16406947


I'd really love Red Faction 1.

bc7fc5  No.16406985

File: 5a21119b2b21999⋯.png (182.29 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, by the emperor.png)


pic related, shame it doesn't support a lot of players


would be nice if all 40 anons here were actually going to play it

>Kirby's Air Ride

i'd go for this one since it supports 16 players and should be fun enough, I never really played air ride

honestly i'm up for anything as long as there's a decent amount of people playing it

66fdbd  No.16406991

File: f48b989e7ebd4a3⋯.webm (1.03 MB, 784x448, 7:4, James_Rolfe_tries_out_hen….webm)


Sonic RB2 Kart sounds like fun.

bc3ee8  No.16407002

Kirby Air Ride Modoki on Air when

690df9  No.16407200




bc7fc5  No.16407262


this tbh

8dd9f9  No.16407302


No one will object to this.

4cb21f  No.16407310

File: ea7f1f23486b4f0⋯.png (208.59 KB, 238x357, 2:3, todd howard.png)

I object

a22b62  No.16407322


I'm up for more Re-Volt, this time with a bigger and better selection of

mod cars and tracks to race on

We would have to make up a list of cars and tracks that we want to fuck around with so everyone is on the same page this time

5f395f  No.16407326

There's a NA server for Air Ride, I'll check it out to see how active it is. If its dead we could try using that.

31fb16  No.16407349


Give me a thing I can reach ya by. Whatever is the best way to do it.

0ea578  No.16407477

File: 3c57c38fb26eef2⋯.png (85.53 KB, 256x256, 1:1, gfx_fd101command.png)


I'm up for this. Didn't get to play last week, but that's probably for the best. I was getting a hang of handling these shitty RC cars and it was truly rage inducing. That said it was fun as fuck so I'd be cool with re-volt.

Also what class of cars should I practice with? I just discovered pic related and it handles smooth and is pretty damn fast.

1d861d  No.16407871

What do you guys think of playing some OG Quake Team Fortress or CTF?

I can't host because I'm too poor for VPS servers and don't want to give you faggots my IP adress.

e4c784  No.16407879



Red Faction 1 already got played.

8158b3  No.16408039


d5db2a  No.16408079


Setting up BF1942 as we speak, expect a thread soon

d5db2a  No.16408118


Vanilla at first, might add some mods if there's a lot of demand, seems simple enough to install

895ba8  No.16408123



Just don't play FH1 again. That was shit.

e0f1f0  No.16408127

when are we gonna get a vore tournament gamenight?

d5db2a  No.16408150

File: a0fac82ddba7eda⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 5120x3680, 32:23, NO.jpg)

551bfc  No.16408153



So never?

bc7fc5  No.16408161

File: 342daec0eb024ca⋯.png (12.7 KB, 342x328, 171:164, genocide.png)

8dd9f9  No.16408178

6aa82c  No.16408181



who is that semen demon?

bc7fc5  No.16408331


31fb16  No.16409144

File: b1f515ea74481e2⋯.png (2.36 MB, 2316x1056, 193:88, sakura.png)


arrowed myself by accident. Gib me some way to contact you and we can fondle one another's joysticks over the internet until we figure out how to get the multiplayer working and cum from sheer excitement.


It's Sakura from Hyper police. She is a legit semen demon.

6aa82c  No.16413028


>It's Sakura from Hyper police. She is a legit semen demon.

Thanks, anon!

973160  No.16414259







d5db2a  No.16414354


>virusfag again claiming that every torrent is a virus


d5db2a  No.16414479


might be OpenRCT2, if I can get it running

4cb21f  No.16415162

File: 58aee28770b505c⋯.png (27.78 KB, 592x396, 148:99, 58aee28770b505c23ca2e69211….png)


how do you even play a management sim multiplayer, that sounds like the most non miultiplayer like thing ever. what the fuck is going through your noggings you stupid fucks.

7bef34  No.16416382

File: a589833fa148f5b⋯.jpg (86.52 KB, 1253x1080, 1253:1080, map exploration team.jpg)

File: 5116e024609f981⋯.webm (7.47 MB, 640x360, 16:9, the sewer boss gmod 8chan.webm)

Has any turbo autist managed to make Garry's Mod pirate friendly?

890146  No.16416396









d5db2a  No.16416541


there's a gmod server hosted at the same IP as OP

d5db2a  No.16419888

CS 1.6 won the poll so someone should probably host that

After that though I'd be down for OpenRCT2

792a74  No.16419904

File: 730b1666df4cc2e⋯.jpg (92.83 KB, 634x845, 634:845, 1527435613.jpg)


Fuck I love DoD

I'd be down for that 1000%

07f874  No.16420016

File: c5332fec059ec38⋯.gif (49.67 KB, 387x200, 387:200, 200_s.gif)


Have you seen what FPSbanana looks like today? Worse than a far cry if you ask me, everything has been pulled because there's money to be made doing it in lootboxes now, and infringements on IP claims are used as a bludgeoning threatstick

c6615c  No.16420086


>anons decide to play DoD

>teams forever unbalanced because no one wants to play allies

832f89  No.16420122



knowing the retards who organize gay night they would do dods

59b434  No.16420189

File: 5f45d6f15750248⋯.mp4 (7.77 MB, 640x360, 16:9, psa galant.mp4)


>implying I wouldn't play allies just so I don't get stuck with a shitty bolt action rifle

M1 Garand > LARPing as a German

d5db2a  No.16420205


payday 2 balance was so stupid but so much fun

2f1385  No.16420287

File: 003c7facde85f9b⋯.png (114.89 KB, 500x374, 250:187, 1451777128311.png)

I've been thinking about this shit for a while and I think its possible to host gamenight in AWS and automate parts of it.

You can easily use a Lambda or Cloudwatch action to launch a server and have said server pull the installers based on the game chosen. You can then use Route53 to add said servers to the gamenight domain.

Obviously not all of it can be hosted with decentralized games or the lack of dedicated servers.

The only issue I am running into is how to allow /v/ to select a game without people gaming the system. Also people trying to ruin the fun.

I'm tired of the gamenights being shitshows even though I never participate.

178b73  No.16420423


Play the original DoD mod instead of the version Valve ported to Steam:


>This is the vintage Day of Defeat mod, before it went retail and the development team joined Valve. The next version after 3.1 was 1.0 (Retail), and much was changed.

>In-Game Cut Scenes

>Para Maps

>No British Class

>Bleed-Out System

>Much More!

551bfc  No.16421118


I'd play this

965e95  No.16423513


Dunno if you would need AWS for it, the second Linode tier should suffice for most stuff I suppose and you could likely containerize alot of stuff for easy managment I too.

d5db2a  No.16423660


Original hostfag here, I've been using the Tier 1 Linode (Nanode) to host all the past gamenights and there haven't been any issues with it so far (with ping for eurofags being the exception, but there's only so much I can do about that)

9bdbc0  No.16423711

morrowind multiplayer gamenight when

2f1385  No.16424568



Yeah. The intention would be automation which AWS is known for. They have small nodes that aren't too costly. t2.small or t2.micro.

Digital ocean has userdata you can add when launching a server so the install can be automatic. Haven't used Linode in years.

Having a list of install scripts for each game would be nice.

69cfba  No.16424611


we play gmod 9

fad108  No.16424977

965e95  No.16425153



AWS advantage might be better locations, in that a good connection to the transatlantic cables could provide a better ping for EU or US players.

Using something like kubernetes might come in handy for managing instances of game servers and I am pretty sure you can save or automate container setups too.

319c32  No.16428508


If you're going to host gamenights on The Cloud(™) then I have no intention of playing with you faggots.

d671e4  No.16429937


Renting game servers has been done for a thousand years you tryhard faggot.

965e95  No.16431534


Opposed to giving out your residental ip and also potentially murdering peoples ping?

14aaf4  No.16431581


Believe it or not, everything on the internet is hosted on a server somewhere. Wow!

c5899a  No.16432237


I'd actually like this. We had some good freeform fun when OpenMW multiplayer first came out.

061001  No.16432653


965e95  No.16432933


host something then

2f776f  No.16432985



890146  No.16433042


Gonna make thread in ~30 mins. Technical difficulties.

8dd9f9  No.16433278

>It's been an hour and there's still no thread

16c5d9  No.16433560

Gamenight never ever.

c04226  No.16433567


What's the game?

16c5d9  No.16433574


The ID posted before asking for TF2V, so that's what he'll probably do, if he'll ever do anything.

e1469b  No.16433580

File: 7edd401801889b9⋯.jpg (35.63 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 7edd401801889b9a4386176d50….jpg)


d8e81c  No.16433596


I'm up for this. SWAT 4 or BF1942.

54f15a  No.16433611

File: c1fc0c67437805b⋯.webm (2.64 MB, 640x360, 16:9, videoplayback.webm)

>gamenight thread appears on a friday

>anons complain about not having a thread to talk about what should be hosted

<gamenight organization thread

<159 replies | 46 images | 78 UIDs | 0 servers

890146  No.16433659

File: 9cc336b71260152⋯.png (144.92 KB, 702x397, 702:397, 1453081585780.png)


I gave up after downloading TF2V after 2 hours (no fucking patch on moddb download page), downloading Source 2013 server for 15 minutes and finding out that this shit refuses to combine properly. It'll probably work one day, but it's 2 AM and thinking is getting increasingly D I F F I C U L T.

59b434  No.16433788


I'd rather try something new, but since there's still no gamenight thread it might be better to choose something atleast some anons have already installed.

e1469b  No.16433814

File: 613602d95c93197⋯.jpg (110.85 KB, 660x495, 4:3, zandatsu.jpg)


fug it,


59b434  No.16433820


Make a thread, then.

16c5d9  No.16433821


Revolt is shit.

e1469b  No.16433863



965e95  No.16441487

Still waiting for an answer from the anon who wanted to host UT or CS on which one of us should go first

832f89  No.16441503


it's basically a neutered crash team racing/mario kart that gets boring after the novelty of rc cars wears off. If game night kikes had any taste they'd play pvk2 or dod 1.3

d026ff  No.16442336

File: 6739fc162d8f739⋯.jpg (57.36 KB, 640x640, 1:1, would you like to go back.jpg)


Getting a UT or CS server up requires renting a dedicated slot from someone else for a month IIRC. If you can do it without all of that, then good. Somehow I know 5/10 is going to be a shit gamenight again. If Morrowind Multiplayer anon can pull it off, then that might be one of the best we ever had. If not, then we can host something like Diablo 2, scorched 3D, or something quick and easy on the fly.

f0bf01  No.16442372

Battlefront gamenight when?

ef97d1  No.16442379

File: 692de9315ed8365⋯.jpg (361.56 KB, 1600x1323, 1600:1323, 4D chess.jpg)


NO gamenights this Sunday

Let's organize for next week. Enough time for mod testing and hype building.

Let's go away from racing for a while


btw, besides Scorched, Diablo or Morrowind, is it true that Age of Empires/Mythologies allows at least 12 factions at once? That would be a good option

965e95  No.16442380


To clarify I am the OpenMW-MP anon and I asked because I didn't see any answer on if whoever came up with CS and UT wanted to go first now or not.

On a sidenote regarding MW: I did find that someone already made a dockerfile but didn't document it in any way but at least I know that this is indeed totally possible.

9cf155  No.16442402


I'll check what the non-pozzed versions of AoII/Mythologies can do

c0f0b7  No.16442420



9cf155  No.16442423


AoE 2 can do 8, Mythology can do 12

I don't have the other two AoE games so I can't test them

435e31  No.16442590

File: c66250c96bdb985⋯.png (164.4 KB, 413x352, 413:352, c66250c96bdb9859cabb30130d….png)


>if we play CS next week there better be some good maps this time, instead of the same few ones that were played over and over

Suggestions would be nice. Any time faggots complained about them absolutely zero suggestions would be given as to how to have a better mapcycle. I got a list of maps I've autistically downloaded that seemed okay, I tested them to be sure sizes were okay and they worked if I rememeber right. You could sort through that for a start, although I think I went more on the "actual gameplay" side, which does include a good number of Nipper maps.

11dfe2  No.16442599

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>this entire thread

a25e57  No.16443721

Can we play aliens vs predator please

16c5d9  No.16443794




rats maps



You can just go down


and download whatever looks interesting. Click the next arrow on the top, the bottom load more button will not load things sorted by downloads. Gamebanana UI is trash. Just don't download shit meant for modded servers, like DM and zombie maps.

Make sure your server has RTV too you retards.

cd3788  No.16444532


If someone is intressted in hosting Morrowind here's a great guide in steam i archived it:


e1469b  No.16444576

daily reminder that the next gamenight will just be revolt again unless you guys actually host a cs server, (pro tip: you won't and accidentally post your local ip)

afe7af  No.16444590

File: 0c2e6370f4ec0f0⋯.jpg (99 KB, 750x532, 375:266, 1549144228375.jpg)


>Joint Ops isn't fun

2fdc04  No.16444638


Co-op definitely becomes unfun because the AI is absolute trash and most co-op maps suck. PVP on the other hand isn't hindered by such things and you can properly have fun with the game's content.

e78993  No.16444704

File: d2ca44859feba24⋯.jpg (27.03 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1542690335016.jpg)

We already played CS and according to this thread that means it can never be played again.

9cf155  No.16444968


I agree

f645ed  No.16445421

File: c50416091509682⋯.png (548.03 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)


>>walls have no texture in a massive underground maze

I checked that map since the developers couldn't be that retarded, it's caused by "Radmod". The base game has textures there.

551bfc  No.16445563


>Joint Ops isn't fun

Absolute faggot kys, last time we played it was great and had a good turnout

>has been done 2 or 3 times

You fucking faggots replay the same goddamn shit all the fucking time. Didn't you homos just play this faggot racing game like a few weeks ago?

7bef34  No.16449123

File: 922b2f82663daa2⋯.jpg (131.51 KB, 1755x542, 1755:542, cs2d_construction.JPG)

If we're playing Counter-Strike again, let's do CS2D. Build mode is fun.

f4265a  No.16449236


sounds gay

62b1a4  No.16449247

I host some games if you want to play any of those. Warsow, Morrowind, and Diablo 2.

560024  No.16449260



Is that any good? I played it once years ago and thought it was pretty average

62b1a4  No.16449296


Best arena FPS in my opinion. Wall jump faggotry makes it feel like an improved cpma.

d8e81c  No.16450905


>only fun I ever got to have back in the /radcorp/ days was playing co-op missions with a few anons since barely anyone was playing anymore

I never even knew what the radmod brought to the game beyond the base game.



>when all these people were whining so hard about "Not the same game again, we already played that in the past 4 months" when it was BF1942/CS1.6

So can we agree it's just some hardcore revolt fag who's pushing this shitty racing game and screaming that every other option sucks?

d5db2a  No.16450915


no, that's just with Halo and CS 1.6

512599  No.16450933


No, the game is just THAT fun. But yeah, two weekends in a row made the game get old.

s l o w d o w n


Sounds like a good idea, but i think we should do it next weekend.

d5db2a  No.16450943


yeah it's fun, but the open-ended tracks with "turn left and drive around this barrel 7 times then go right back to where you came from" are fucking stupid

the hello kitty map was unironically one of the better ones

dff21a  No.16451976

File: 57e70de6d14e0ca⋯.jpg (299.25 KB, 816x1356, 68:113, Pancakes.jpg)


This is you.

b70672  No.16452044

What about Risk of Rain (the 1st one)? Surely we can cram more than 8 people in a lobby right?

8ee42a  No.16452060


I’m down to play

b34c95  No.16452086

File: 31669d6aa4c4836⋯.png (292.26 KB, 600x517, 600:517, heavystanza computer.png)


>he doesn't know

d02c10  No.16453860


Joint ops is like arma: it's a terrible game that's fun when you get a bunch of faggots in coop because broken is fun with friends.

e6caed  No.16455148


>You niggers host Ace of Spades and Faggot Fortress 2 every other week that's no excuse.

That's because both games never get old.

8dd9f9  No.16455153

I take there isn't gonna be a gamenight this week.

e6caed  No.16455156

File: 97f3589bdea1688⋯.png (711.19 KB, 640x767, 640:767, ClipboardImage.png)

My suggestion is the Blood remaster that came out today, could be pretty fun

951966  No.16455226



Well, who's gonna host?

551bfc  No.16455264


They got old after the first time

d5db2a  No.16455338

File: 491436e4e39a347⋯.jpg (208.48 KB, 850x1822, 425:911, 491436e4e39a3475006152cb8a….jpg)

Hostfag here

again, the UT2004 server is still up at if anyone wants to make a thread for it, I'm not going to since we've been playing the same handful of games for far too long

working on getting OpenRCT2 installed on the same server, but it's being a pain in the dick and not installing from the repo. I'm back home so I might host it from my home server instead, assuming I'm able to forward some ports.

aff624  No.16455348


Nah, UT's gay. I wanna play Blood

c8dd38  No.16455484


Better keep working on that server, amd next week we can vote if we go with your idea or with >>16449247

In any case, thanks to both of youto actually be able to host.

And if you want to play so badly, we can always go some rounds of Worms Armageddon or Re-Volt :^)

aff624  No.16455505


No, we're playing Blood

e1469b  No.16457419

File: 153c43de8bcd3e3⋯.jpg (124.94 KB, 770x643, 770:643, 13_s-5566.jpg)

>walk in

>no ones hosting a single videogame

man i was being the change that i wanted but yet it didn't influence anyone to get off their ass and host their own games, you're going to fall in the same loop where you ask 'i want x game', but wait until some other anon doesn't ask 'i want x game', but rather proceeds with 'i host x game'.

c8dd38  No.16458039

File: ac7b7e8ded0d69f⋯.jpg (27.88 KB, 300x300, 1:1, The_Dude.jpg)


Thank you for NOT reading the thread, where at least 2 anons already offered to host games and not only CS 1.6, but decided to wait for next week.




The bump is appreciated anyway.

36083b  No.16458163

File: cd312f75220f2d6⋯.png (73.3 KB, 676x673, 676:673, i_wish_i_was_in_ricochet.png)


Could be fun, especially with custom maps.

8a17a6  No.16458210


I tried to host a CS1.6 but it didn't then i tried to host a morrowind multiplayer ,but again it didn't work i port forwarded my router but for some reason it only works in LAN so i gave up on hosting anygame even though my pc rig is pretty good, i'm sorry anon but if you are experienced and could give some advice that would be great.

1d861d  No.16458407

File: 47c2b648a416dd9⋯.jpg (56.94 KB, 816x640, 51:40, rich.jpg)

>Tfw wanna host but don't want to expose my IP and too poor to get a VPS

af29f4  No.16458748


use gameranger

3c2533  No.16458772

I am lonely and scared

703126  No.16458789

I have a suggestion. Original Battlefront. You know, the best one from 2004. Just released on GoG and steam so pirating shouldn't be too much of an issue.

8dd9f9  No.16458821


That should be the game for next week.

512599  No.16458838


Nice idea, we can add it to the pool

Can you host?

703126  No.16458885


I've never hosted before so I wouldn't know where to start since the multiplayer is kill. I found two areas to start on the steam guides page for the game, however.



cc3a16  No.16459026

File: ad2e5e0e86d96d2⋯.jpg (26.04 KB, 384x384, 1:1, goku hates umaru posters.jpg)

So can we settle on this list for Non-FPS Shooters?:


>Civilization 2 or 4 (best ones imo)

>Morrowind multi

>Scorched 3D

>Diablo 2 (or a clone if it's too much of a bitch to setup properly for whatever discrepancies that might take place)

As far as D2:LOD goes. I am willing to hit up the 5th Act if other people enjoy it as much as I do.


I told you last time that renting out a dedicated server is the solid and easy option. People don't remember that all of the gamenight servers die because they were rented for a month or for as long as anon holds interest. That's what I know for the miscellaneous shooters at least. The alternative that is also pretty easy is GameRanger and Evolve. I played Diablo 2 through Evolve with an anon once and it worked just fine. It basically patches you up in a V-LAN type situation. I'm pretty sure CS 1.6 would work through it, but again you have to get /v/ to not be stubborn




Blood and Battlefront are also gud gaems.

9ec43f  No.16459059


Command & Conquer, Company of Heroes, World in Conflict?

2fdc04  No.16459067


warcraft 3 custom maps

fc104b  No.16459102

So is someone hosting right now? I have about an hour and a half before I need to go meet my friends.

cc3a16  No.16459104

File: 5a0b9acf7fe2c36⋯.png (227.6 KB, 400x296, 50:37, axecreepstealing.png)


Meh. I really didn't like CoH, but C&C is a good suggestion.


Would definitely have to be over Evolve/GameRanger. I really miss those TDs and FFT:RPG. Also TreeTag, Werewolf Transylvania, Kodo Tag, and Vampires vs Slayers.

8dd9f9  No.16459148


Doesn't seem like it.

c8dd38  No.16459454


Change AoE for Mythology, since apparently allows more players (up to 12) if needed

Add OpenRCT2 if that anon or another ever manages to make it work

Add the already played, but still worth considering for a distant future: Worms, racing games in general (Air Ride Modoki, Wipeout, Re-Volt )

Simpleplanes Multiplayer dogfights never ever :'(

b0432c  No.16459634

File: 9709eecba6d17e2⋯.png (104.75 KB, 235x403, 235:403, Colonel Campbell.png)

Other thread was bumplocked because Mark got a wee bit upset that everyone hates Mario Kart 8 kek.


AoM added. You can add your own suggestions on the poal as well.


>don't like WC3

Tis a shame. Well then Diablo 2 might be a good option and it will have to be on a free VPN like Evolve/GameRanger. It's worked before, so at least I know it's a sure option. Anyone who wants to play D2 will have to use a throwaway email, make an account on (probably evolve), and then I can add you as a friend and get everything going. My connection is good enough for D2 via VPN.

I just made a poal meh, so have at it.





560024  No.16459906

If anyone's interested, jewgle cloud gives you $300 in credits for signing up with a credit card, more then enough for a few months of game nights I already used all mine so don't ask

c8dd38  No.16460501


It wasn't. Previous time CS 1.6 ended up most voted and we played Re-Volt anyway. Polls really don't mean shit, but at least we got a list of good games ready.

We should discuss it around Tuesday

551bfc  No.16460967


That's a good game, set it up

62b1a4  No.16461061




fc104b  No.16461088

I'm done for an FPS game, but I probably own most of the games that are played here legally, would those legal copies work for game nights or will I need to get the pirated version just to make sure I'm on the same version?

62b1a4  No.16461110


Pirated 90% of the time. Rarely will retail and pirated be exactly the same, if you're talking steamshit.

8ab739  No.16463506


D2:LOD seems like the best bet now.


Glad to hear that we can have a proper host. Thanks anon, much appreciated. What time shall we play then? 7:00pm Pacific Time US?

d622aa  No.16463565


what version? 1.14d or 1.13? also is there any chance we move it an hour or two earlier? Eurofag here, 7 PM pacific is 4 AM for me and I'm wagecucking first thing in the morning

8ab739  No.16463612


Might as well just use the last version that pozzard put out since almost everyone is going to be pirating this and thus will be unable to actually log into BNET. 5pm Pacific is fine for me as well.

de4c75  No.16463713


alright, but that does mean I can't log in with my PlugY guys, which have 80% of all my broken shit.

de4c75  No.16465358



make a separate bread or just keep it here?

62b1a4  No.16465689

d2 server info & download links


You niggers can choose the time, keep in mind it'll take about 4 hours to go from a1 normal to a5 hell baal.


90% of servers use 1.13c so that's what I'm going with. Or rather a slightly modded version for muh quality of life meme. Depends on whether or not I get too many people bitching about 1 additional file.

62b1a4  No.16465703

You can also come play right now if you want, it's not like the server is going anywhere lmao

2fdc04  No.16465704


well shit, I like diablo 2 but is it gonna be powergamey as fuck, as in someone's gonna load a lv99 maxed out nigger and mop the game?

62b1a4  No.16465708


Nobody from the current (read: dead) ladder has a 99 giggy niggy, but I suppose I could reset it if it's what you want. The only issue is that I have to figure out how to do that.

551bfc  No.16465734


Well there's not much point in a gamenight if we all aren't on the same starting point

d5db2a  No.16465831

File: 84f9a51142499bf⋯.gif (8.29 MB, 420x236, 105:59, Dis gon b gud.gif)

>just picked up Diablo 2 + Lords of Darkness at local flea market

>installed on my period correct Win2K machine

62b1a4  No.16466177

Alright the ladder has been reset, I think I'll take the game server down until it's time. You can still make accounts and chat in the meantime.

8ccf57  No.16466205

File: 52d883901f66192⋯.jpg (31.7 KB, 455x306, 455:306, 1373092738624.jpg)

File: 23e5f6ea6fda9cb⋯.gif (411.32 KB, 250x183, 250:183, d3 threads.gif)

File: d84d75a4dfbc7e0⋯.jpg (153.63 KB, 488x1059, 488:1059, d3 is shit the list.jpg)


>Lords of darkness

its lord of destruction anon

glad you got around to playing it eventually though

taking this opportunity to repost some classics.

2259c3  No.16466471

File: 050a97799920a37⋯.jpg (40.89 KB, 700x544, 175:136, boromir1.jpg)


It looks great anon. The custom patch is more comfy than usual. I'll just hang around on Friday until enough of you guys trickle in and we can start a party.


>Lords of Darkness

Top Kek. I think I'll use that as my account name.

2259c3  No.16466520

File: 9b016779f2b31ce⋯.png (371 KB, 900x900, 1:1, cheeki breeki1.png)



>Account Name: LordsofDarkness

>Character Name: SorcCunny

>Total Character Accounts on serb: 2

Start making accounts and joining up lads.

672416  No.16466768

File: 8f84193581127bf⋯.jpg (46.81 KB, 599x449, 599:449, bump_it.jpg)

6d8edf  No.16468455

File: 4ba3c35678d152f⋯.jpg (47.54 KB, 567x564, 189:188, a70090b0d23086efe67427e91c….jpg)




barring that register a domain name on a free domain service to redirect traffic to your location and then delete it after you're done.

c6d0bc  No.16468495

Call of Duty gamenight when?

d5db2a  No.16468496

File: 5ede45479678de2⋯.jpg (35.93 KB, 600x1001, 600:1001, Disappointment.jpg)



I couldn't be fucked to read the manual five feet away from me and darkness sounds close enough to destruction so fuck off nig

81588d  No.16469349

File: 6dd937d31a22218⋯.png (160.14 KB, 1885x2440, 377:488, Vablo 2 copypasta.png)


This Friday we are going to play Diablo 2: Lords of Darkness.


Perhaps next week if you're lucky.


You bought the game and it works correctly? Now you need to download the modified 1.13c patch called Konkey Dong. Look at, >>16465689 's pastebin or the image I posted, follow the simple instructions, and make an account preferably before Friday for efficiency purposes.

c62a60  No.16469400


>bullying people on an anonymous skateboard

81588d  No.16469486


Teasing anon for a funny mistake isn't really bullying. No need to be so sensitive, it's just a game(imageboard).

7b9805  No.16470169

File: ab265f59c50fa38⋯.jpg (31.25 KB, 262x320, 131:160, fur fighters.jpg)

I want to play Fur Fighters.

d622aa  No.16470596


alright, I created a dude altho I can't create a game yet. Is that fine?

81588d  No.16470633

File: 96690e0b94776ba⋯.png (162.58 KB, 344x356, 86:89, caracal.png)


I don't think furries are allowed on /v/ broski.


That's just fine. 3 accounts registered so far. I think we might get about 14 people in total and half of them will leave within an hour and never return, so no big deal. 7 -10 people is fine.

6e07f8  No.16470641


Also can you provide a changelog of what the mod does as well as the approx time we begin? I feel like a fucking racecar in A1 already

a1c899  No.16471127

File: 4630538fc7ad54a⋯.jpg (53.58 KB, 419x750, 419:750, 463.jpg)

>Diablo 2 LODarkness gamenight

Neat, i'll join during Thursday or Friday

f4265a  No.16471148


Just leave it vanilla, as I've learned in hosting is there are always retards who can't figure out why things won't run and then quit

cb7666  No.16472984

File: 20a26b85d3cfef3⋯.png (122.15 KB, 1676x1640, 419:410, Vablo 2 copypasta 2.png)


Approximately 4-5pm PST/Mountain Time UTC -8/7 on Friday. (Most of the WestCoastUS)


The admin wiped everything and you can't make or join a game yet, but you can chat. It's going to be Friday, so just make an account until then.


The custom patch isn't much different, so if anyone has trouble it's probably a graphics card issue.

d70e4f  No.16473592

File: 39fac6fd1bdb631⋯.jpg (697.36 KB, 3264x1836, 16:9, cat blep.jpg)


d8e81c  No.16473833

Just registered, gonna make a pally of never ending freezing.

7b9805  No.16474107


I just want to play Fur Fighters because I haven't played it since elementary school computer lab.

Everyone would play it during lunch until the teacher sold the game.

d622aa  No.16474277

File: c4a65c506f1222f⋯.png (25.48 KB, 383x129, 383:129, ClipboardImage.png)


b5a813  No.16474722

Anyone got a download for UT2004 or quake 4?

80094e  No.16474881

File: 6cea2e88b2e5068⋯.jpg (151.28 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Screenshot.jpg)

what's up nigs

005448  No.16474951

If a generous anon could supply a copy of CS 1.6 that would be most appreciated. Haven't played the game since teenage years with my bro, I'd like to relive the old days with you dudes.

d5db2a  No.16475075


it's complicated

cracked copies can't connect to steam (legit) servers, so you're stuck with cracked servers. it's also difficult to host a cracked server, the only guide I've found is all in russian and the links are removed.

d8e81c  No.16475105


I don't have Q4, but I'm slowly uploading the GoG version of UT2004 to the volafile room.

f4265a  No.16475161


Never can be too sure.


Revemu might help with that issue

d37c56  No.16475237

File: 6ed17c80d19ef70⋯.png (65.88 KB, 200x250, 4:5, 9d57d2d6811db4eca6ef899900….png)


absolute madman

d8e81c  No.16475559



And it's uploaded. Get both .bin's and the .exe, then run the .exe to install.

de4c75  No.16475875

File: cb17f0a9790e8df⋯.jpg (197.68 KB, 960x721, 960:721, 60351619_2511177492228004_….jpg)

I've been taking this mod for a quick spin on sp and nm baal just did this

also most noteable changes OP didn't mention:

>no gems needed to upgrade runes

>you can downgrade runes

>Ladder only's in single player

>Necromancer can summon 2 golems(is this a bug?)

>you start with like 50% frw or some bullshit from the get go

>a2 maggot lair and a3 dungeons are omitted thanks to 2 cube recipes

>area in a1 mausoleum where you can speed level to like 23 and then rush to ancients

>literally every combat buff e.g. fade or burst of speed lasts practically forever

>you can teleport in town

fuck it I might just play this on off days

62b1a4  No.16476222


I think the idea behind it was muh quality of life. There's also some more runewords that I don't care to learn about and probably some hidden shit nobody knows about. I got it off the 4/vg/ server of olde circa 2013 so the creator is long gone.

d622aa  No.16477609


the new runewords are in the 1.3.4. version, and it's only updated to 1.3.3. So I guess we'll never get those unless he decided to come back from the dead or some shit

d622aa  No.16477612



also, at what time do we start, adjusted to CET?

62b1a4  No.16477761




when I wake up roughly 12 hours from now lmao

d622aa  No.16477815


nvm, I'm retarded. The image you posted says it's 1.3.4, but ingame it reads it's still 1.3.3., guess that part never got updated

8dd9f9  No.16479061

No Gamenight thread?

62b1a4  No.16479133

3 hours

de4c75  No.16479140

I made the liberty of making a new dedicated thread so some jannie fuck can pin it


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