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File: 0b5d586f315770a⋯.jpg (56.62 KB, 300x200, 3:2, this is MY newspaper, and ….jpg)

a05cd3  No.16443826

>it's been a few years since I beat FFX

>decide to finally get around to playing X-2

>decent enough so far, I miss X's combat system but switching jobs on the fly is pretty cool

>get to chapter 2

>find out that I locked myself out of the good ending by not talking to a specific NPC in a specific place during chapter 1

Were FFX and FFX-2 the pinnacle of bullshit JRPG design? Admittedly I'm not well-versed in the genre, but it's like if you don't play these two games with guides, progression comes off like utter nonsense.

18ac41  No.16443934

X can be done without a guide if you aren't going for 100%. The bullshit in that game is how to acquire all the optional content like avoiding lightning 200 times or something. X-2 is up there since even minor things like fast-forwarding through an NPC's dialog or skipping a cut scene can lock you out of the best ending.

5d61ca  No.16443939


Too bad Final Fantasy was never as good as Dragon Quest.

a05cd3  No.16443957


Maybe I was just underleveled, but I remember the endgame of X being totally absurd, with some stupidly overpowered enemies inside Sin and Jecht having a one-hit TKO unless you've got protection from petrification, not to mention him and Yu Yevon constantly healing themselves throughout their fights unless you've zombified them, all of which you'd have no idea about on your first go.

000000  No.16443978


Square died the day that they started working on Final Fantasy VIII. Everything made by them since that day is shit.

5d61ca  No.16444000


Dragon Quest held out longer as a better series while Final Fantasy has had multiple failures. I wondered why FF was more popular in the West than DQ?

a05cd3  No.16444018

File: 199f04e42f937ea⋯.png (298.4 KB, 550x330, 5:3, dubs wheeler.png)


>I wondered why FF was more popular in the West than DQ?

I guess the first one bombed in the West because everyone was comparing it to games like Ultima and Wizardry, and Enix gave up on trying to make DQ a thing over here at that point. IIRC DQ 2-4 had limited releases over here, and Square just had better advertising for FF at the time. I'm pretty sure the only reason they even bothered localizing DQ7 was because they were trying to ride off the Dragon Ball hype at the time.

5d61ca  No.16444023


I'm still pissed DQ10 didn't come while FF14 had a lot of love.

To think that many Westerners had such shit taste.

18ac41  No.16444036


Without sidequests and armor skill grinding you would probably have to unlock the strongest skills in the sphere grid (double cast, flare, etc.) and pull off the better overdrives to beat Jecht comfortably. I can't remember how insane inside Sin was when I beat the game originally years ago on the ps2 since my last playthrough recently was 100% on the vita, and if a player has the autism to prepare for and beat Penance and the Dark Aeons then you become vastly OP when inside Sin.


FF was seen as edgier while DQ had designs that looked right out of a manga. Today you can see a slow changing of the tides since FF is declining while DQ has been consistent.

6829d0  No.16444039



Dragon Quest is the same shit over and over, non-specific demon lord is starting some shit, where as Final Fantasy actually had great characters and unique plots. DQ is only more popular in Japan where it's demographic is boring as fuck people and moderately stupid children.


Square died when they sold themselves to Enix after Spirits Within bombed in theaters but before the revenue from DVD sales came in. After that they were gutted and work as a hat by a company that very specifically doesn't develop games directly.

bf778b  No.16444047

File: 647eebafe64af88⋯.png (1.32 MB, 2637x1810, 2637:1810, ff.png)


Final Fantasy as a whole has a really shitty track record. Out of its 15 mainline games, only three of them were actually good, and one of them was just "okay".

3/15 is not the sign of a good series.

a05cd3  No.16444059


>Out of its 15 mainline games, only three of them were actually good, and one of them was just "okay".

Let me guess, you're gonna say that 5 9 and 14 are the only good ones, and 6 is the "okay" one? I find it genuinely fascinating how no two people on Earth can agree on which FF games are good and which are shit. I guess it's a testament to how willing the devs are to change everything.

5d61ca  No.16444069


>where as Final Fantasy actually had great characters and unique plots.

You mean the simple kind of villain that becomes some godlike being that tries to destroy the world in every game wrapped in some "2deep4u" mess of a storyline where protagonists are pretty much boy band twinks and runway models?

a319a1  No.16444080


The only good one is FF: Tactics, and maybe Tactics Advance.

5d61ca  No.16444082


The mana games is the best thing about Final Fantasy as well, despite being a spin-off series.

bf778b  No.16444096

File: cf1da822a5ca0a4⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 2572x1812, 643:453, ffvillains.jpg)


4, 6 and 7.

9 was "okay".

6829d0  No.16444099


As opposed to DQ where it's "oh its just some evil spirit or some shit", roughly half the FF villains at least have some kind of development. Kefka is a dickweed for no adequately explored reason but his rise to power is shown alongside his conniving nature and his casual disregard for life, Sephiroth is detailed as a powerful but somewhat tragic hero who goes apeshit when he learns the false truth of his existence, Jeckt is a real fuckwit who tormented his son while banging the shit out of his wife because he's a meatheaded sports star but then falls through reality somehow goes on a journey of betterment and as the big bad monster actually tries to help his son end the retarded cycle of destruction. Kuja is a douche but he's given some sympathy, and while FF13 was retarded from stem to stern they at least give detail for why the Cocoon gods were going fucknutty.

I actually lost interest in FF12 at the lighthouse after hours of sidequesting so i don't actually know what the ultimate villain was there, pretty much everything from FF5 and back didn't have any depth, FF8 is shithouse and while they give some backstory for Edea and a little for Adel the final boss is a top-class asspull, and i never played 11, 14, or 15 so i can't comment. But yeah, the closest DQ comes is Psaro the Cockgobbler, where they give him sympathy in the DS version and replace him with another, different generic monster boss.

569200  No.16444100




>Not XII

Plebs all of you

>inb4 le offline MMO meme

304cac  No.16444103

They used to do it deliberately to sell official strategy guides in Japan.

5d61ca  No.16444139

File: 8eedbf4c78d9816⋯.jpg (1016.24 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ltJCgF4.jpg)

File: 9b622b995efa521⋯.jpg (160.38 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, CydCI4bUcAENvYY.jpg)


And despite all that, Dragon Quest has had a better track record than Final Fantasy in games.

2 was awful, 10-2 was embarrassing, 12 is just an offline MMO with a poor storyline, 13 is just a self playing hallway simulator with the worst written plot in the entire series and Final Road Trip 15, the Backstreet Boys came back to fight monsters while being sponsored by Cup Noodles with Cidney being the best character on that game.

Sometimes villains don't need to have a complex backstory to be evil and heroes should at least look like heroes.

The best thing about Final Fantasy is Gilgamesh followed by Chocobo and Black Mage. I would pay a ton of money to play a Gilgamesh spin-off game where I could go on a weapon hunting adveanture and get into some hijinks. Clash on the Big Bridge is the best music in the series followed by Dancing Mad.

If anything, Gilgamesh's character may break his back trying to carry the shit games in the series even if it's just cameo or a DLC boss fight.

6829d0  No.16444166

File: 5d830d33e69fd25⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 549x303, 183:101, to be hacked away.gif)


Dragon Quest has the same record as fucking EA Sports games or at best Dynasty Warriors: same shit, different installment, with the same people buying it every time. Boring but safe, guaranteed to get money for Enix and work for Akira Toriyama. Final Fanatsy is at least marginally different and interesting from game to game in the brief period of Squaresoft's golden years before they hit the brick wall with that fucking CGI movie. Even the music, especially FF7 but anywhere from 6 to 10, has a wide variety to it to keep things fresh and interesting. I'm not going to deny in any way shape or form that FF2 is the worst, in part because i also hate SaGa with a burning passion, but for Final Fantasy the highs definitely outweigh the lows, at least until after FF10 because numbered games in a series shouldn't be MMOs for fucks sake and also as stated before Square is a corpse being marionette'd by Enix at this point. I actually like DQ and i have no problem with others liking it, but to trashtalk the varied tones and styles that is the FF series in favor of a bunch of by-the-numbers games, then you can go fuck yourself sideways with a rusty tuba.

594846  No.16444178


>I would pay a ton of money to play a Gilgamesh spin-off game where I could go on a weapon hunting adveanture and get into some hijinks.

That would imply Square being competent.


>This much asshurt

All you fuckers need Phantasy Star.

a13c5c  No.16444186


>Square is a corpse being marionette'd by Enix at this point.

It's more like Enix is being controlled by the Square parasite.

FF gets a lot more favoritism by Square because of the overseas markets and the series is getting milked and driven to the ground for all that profit. Look at how they are handling the remake of FF7 for instance and how they pretty much put product placement in their nu-games. It was a great series while it lasted until 10 became the slippery slope to wreck it all. But Square will continue spending an ungodly amount of money on making FF games to appeal to the AAA audience while DQ and their other IPs gets pushed into the niche corner among western releases.


>Not Wild Guns

abbf76  No.16444187

While I enjoyed FFX did not appreciate how they moved away from a open hub world. It was a trademark for the series and moving away from was disappointing. I haven't played anything beyond it. All the following entries felt "off". Adding signature FF elements doesn't disguise how artificially fabricated they appear.

5d61ca  No.16444193


I wished the merger with Square and Enix never happened. As much as I criticized FF, both series shines their brightest when they were in competition with each other.

6829d0  No.16444210


Square is dead; blame Enix for everything after 2003. I'd even say that Square was better since Enix put them in front like a human shield.

Phantasy Star up to 3 is worse than Dragon Quest since it's all 70's anime style and sci-fi bullshit on the god damn master system, which i honestly thought was an over-long GamePro april fools joke that kept going for years. PS4 is actually fairly good, it's just a shame i never heard of it when i was looking for JRPGs back in the late 90s. I played a shitload of PSO and PSUniverse and liked those, mostly because they were just RPG Dynasty Warriors. Haven't played PSO2 because as much as i hate foreigners in english MMOs, i really don't want to be the foreigner in that situation.


I see FF getting shilled on steam as Enix whoring out all of Square's old and good creations while they keep DQ in reserve because they don't think it'll turn a profit with whitey. Squaresoft, conversely, kept throwing out all these different SaGa games despite how garbage they are because Squaresoft were magical pixies that experimented with all kinds of shit like Einhander, Ehrgeiz, and Vagrant Story.

Also, did you mean Wild ARMs, you fucking heathen?

a13c5c  No.16444211


Competition is good. When two companies that own the two biggest JRPGs (that isn't Pokemon) merge, then it goes downhill in their hubris.

The best Final Fantasy games where made in the time when they had to compete with Dragon Quest, which is no longer the case.

deea1a  No.16444213

Since we're also talking about DQ, is Dragon Quest 11 any good or worth downloading?

abbf76  No.16444216




It honestly disgusts me how SE operates these days. I guess there's some validity in former Squaresoft CEO poking fun at SE over Twitter for their lack of vision. SE is basically driven all by suits now. I'm also beginning to think that the there is some truth to the rumors about Wada being jealous of Sakaguchi having a lot influence back in the day.

5d61ca  No.16444222


It's actually pretty good. Don't take my word for it, just look at the gameplay or do your own research to see it's worth it before you think of downloading.


I wish I could take an axe and undo the merger. I just want Enix back and FF fans want Squaresoft back. Everyone is hurt.

abbf76  No.16444227

File: 48c35bd9488fd97⋯.webm (3.74 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Hironobu Sakaguchi FF an….webm)

deea1a  No.16444229

File: 69dc9c1f1ee2e92⋯.jpg (284.79 KB, 800x900, 8:9, Christ's_Sake.jpg)


Well I guess I can't argue with those digits

a13c5c  No.16444234

I missed FF when it was mostly medieval fantasy swords and sorcery. At least I have the MMO.

bca9fd  No.16444241


Might as well call it "Final Sci-fi" at this point.

deea1a  No.16444244

File: 461ccf8a65b4077⋯.jpg (14.28 KB, 240x320, 3:4, disgust.jpg)



I fucking hate the "Magitech" Genre. No piece of media has ever done it well. It just makes the fictional world more confusing then anything. It was also one of the worst aspects of games like Breath of the Wild in my opinion

5d61ca  No.16444248


Hasn't that trend in FF started in 4 or 6?

Final Fantasy doesn't feel like Final Fantasy anymore, especially with the whole sci-fi modern world bullshit and Heroes dressed as college students going into a night club.

27b076  No.16444253


I don't know, I quite enjoy Discworld.

deea1a  No.16444256


Its on-and-off, FF 12 kind of pulled back on it

bca9fd  No.16444258


>Hasn't that trend in FF started in 4 or 6?

4 introduced Aliens and 6 introduced Magitech but were still heavily fantasy.

>Final Fantasy doesn't feel like Final Fantasy anymore, especially with the whole sci-fi modern world bullshit and Heroes dressed as college students going into a night club.

Don't forget that cars and motorcycles are a thing too. "Final Sci-fi" would be a better name. All they did was also Final Fantasy onto the game. If you get rid of chocobos, crystals and the iconic spells, it's easy to sell it as a completely different IP.

e5d874  No.16444259


Then again Discworld had a great author so that probably helps.

5d61ca  No.16444260


They should keep heavy fantasy more often.

bf778b  No.16444262

File: 665da7450184805⋯.jpg (138.02 KB, 638x1074, 319:537, ffages.jpg)



4 started the whole "evil empire" thing.

6 started the Magitech thing.

The problem with Square is that both of those themes were brilliant, for the games that they were designed for.

Instead, they had to shoehorn those themes into every following FF game since, and they long overstayed their welcomes.

a319a1  No.16444276


Evil empire is an overused trope that generally grates because it's never executed with any amount of nuance. As for magitek, I don't especially mind, but what FF has isn't really magitek, just bland sci-fi mixed in with magic bullshit, neither theme meshing particularly well with the other (this is most apparent with XIII and XV).

Magitek should be less plastic with glowing LEDs and more steampunk.

deea1a  No.16444281


>Magitek should be less plastic with glowing LEDs and more steampunk.

At that point its not even Magitek and its more like a Victorian fantasy. The point of Magitek is that it combines modern electronic technology with magic

54992f  No.16444291


>what FF has isn't really magitek, just bland sci-fi mixed in with magic bullshit, neither theme meshing particularly well with the other

I haven't played XV, but from the videos that I looked at, it really feels weak, same with Type-0 which has the same problems.

I don't even care what kind of visual theme they want to present, just make it consistent.

IX had a dominant style and it worked really well even with space age tech thrown in for the last several hours.

bf778b  No.16444300

File: 02ed45a0e2ab1ec⋯.jpg (53.56 KB, 565x564, 565:564, watch me drink your time a….jpg)


>Magitek should be less plastic with glowing LEDs and more steampunk.

That's actually what I really liked about 6. Because it felt like precisely that, and it was so unique to the series. Even 7 was unique in the sci-fi setting.

Now it's just fucking stupid because they have to reference every theme and trope of their previous games because they're creatively bankrupt. So instead of innovating, everything is now tie-ins and nostalgia baiting. Which is the single reason I couldn't fucking stand XIV.

008561  No.16444334


X-2 loops, so you can still get the other endings in the next playthrough.

3af6f4  No.16444364

File: 914a0b58079f9f0⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 640x480, 4:3, tumblr_o4wj78LUuk1shd224o1….gif)


When Square merged with Enix it brought out the worst in them. Horrible rage inducing mini games, obscure as fuck missable forever stuff, insane amount of grind and hiding important stuff like endings and endgame content behind all this bullshit.

54992f  No.16444368


It was all done to sell strategy guides back then.

Not that that makes it acceptable, but there was a reason behind such design decisions.

26b0b1  No.16444997

File: 122307d4c72aee4⋯.webm (2.73 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, (you).webm)


>Were FFX and FFX-2 the pinnacle of bullshit JRPG design?

f10a58  No.16445009


10-2 works around the new game+, keeping a record of which events you saw on the previous playthrough. You won't need to 100% it in one pass

492b10  No.16445035


evil empire actually started in 2

3efe4c  No.16445053

File: 4f33a5e76ae5c51⋯.jpg (42.61 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, szs.jpg)

Fuck all of you,I love both all Final Fantasy games up to 12 (except 2,but I didn't hate it) and all Dragon Quest games.

Phantasy Star too.

You could say that I enjoy videogames.

fee560  No.16445124

File: 869ae925d975579⋯.png (1.47 MB, 884x1342, 442:671, 869.png)

I'm playing through FFX again for the first time in nearly two decades and I have to say I find it to be pretty good. I may have slight bias and nostalgia goggles on but to me it's up there for me in terms of the best FF to play.

f10a58  No.16445246


>4 started the evil empire thing

try 2

eee302  No.16445366

Can I just take this opportunity to say that I detest when games put in missables in 20+ hour playthroughs? Especially since Final Fantasy games love do things like this.

If the game can be beaten in like an hour or even five, no big deal, just replay the game and get/do what is missable next time.

But if it's a game like an RPG, fuck that shit.

I don't want to restart my 80+ save file just because I didn't steal from a certain boss, or equip a certain skill to get an item.

Yeah, I know some of you will say it's just an item or random character, no big deal.

But why the hell even do it like that in the first place?

Do people really think it's fun to lock the player out of content just because?

For example, you can miss out on recruiting Shadow in FF6 in the later part of the game if you don't do an arbitrary method that no one would figure out on their own without luck.

Or how you can miss out on the best shield in Final Fantasy Tactics if you don't Move/Find Item on the proper tile that isn't normally accessible in a one time battle with some tough enemies around.

e788a1  No.16445431


only no taste plebs hate on VIII, take spoony's cock out of your mouth

e788a1  No.16445436


Except DQIII was the only good one and in particular IV, V, and VI suck.

000000  No.16445444


I specified Square. Enix had a whole different team and approach back them. And even then, they got poisoned by post-FF VIII Square.


There is nothing wrong in "fight evil because it is evil". Traditions are kept and repeated for a reason: they always work.


Literally who?

FF VIII won't stop being shit just because you like shit.

3af6f4  No.16445453

File: dbea93773548c07⋯.jpg (290.06 KB, 512x502, 256:251, 61308948_p0.jpg)


FF8 hate is a stupid meme. It was a mediocre game and a disappointment but it isn't the "LOL worst game EVAAA !!". Magic draw was an overblown problem, the real pain in the ass was micromanaging GFS for stat bonuses and skill learning (but same problem was present in FF6).

7cb566  No.16445454

>>16444000 (checked)

Both DQ and FF just limped along during the 8 and 16 bit eras. It was during the mid to late 90s that things changed, with Enix closing their American office (and causing DQ5 and 6 to go unreleased in English for decades) and Square and Sony marketing the fuck out of FFVII's release ensuring it would sell gang busters. That was when FF began to supersede DQ in popularity. Also didn't help that when Enix did come back stateside, they brought over DQ7 only months before FFX dropped. The visual disparity did little to get burgers into DQ.

e788a1  No.16445462


Your opinion doesn't even count tornigger


The problem was FFVIII was the first in the series caught between fanboy FFVI and FFVII camps.

962a78  No.16445484


>micromanaging GFS for stat bonuses

GFs affect the character stat growth? I just stick the same GFs with the same characters for the whole game. It's not like it's ever hard enough to need any extra stats.

0fe3d2  No.16445493



No? At least 3 had airships and V had some tech too

d227e8  No.16445584


I think Japan went thru some sort of phase where jpop, cosplay, and spiky hair was used as a way to stand out from the sea of black hair and pixelated genitals. FF always had pomp and regal themes to it, but the fashion brought in a disease that overtook it and it hasn't been cured. DQ barely changes and that is good for those who like it. Meanwhile SaGa fucks off and was better than both. This is the sad way of the world.

5cdb44  No.16445598

File: b76139b9a771a56⋯.gif (489.35 KB, 500x300, 5:3, 1516408938.gif)


>Read x-2 guides to 100% game for strongest costume

>Get last sphere, skip cutscene and save immediately

>See no costume

>Learn about 100% bug long after the fact

ff23cd  No.16445601

File: 302b00fce2e9341⋯.jpg (44.95 KB, 275x273, 275:273, 1368826427989.jpg)

>that one friend who beat Dark Aeons save scumming with Yojimbo

0fe3d2  No.16445608


No, they don't. Espers in FF6 affected stat growth and the best ones showed up endgame, so you had to keep your main team at low levels until the end. Retarded.

FF8 is the correct implementation of this; the characters only matter insofar as their Limit Breaks. Everything else can be changed. It's more about which combination of GFs you have equipped and what Magic you have access to.

0fe3d2  No.16445612


I did this a year or two ago and fucked up my Last Remnant 100% save file. I had 3 save files on the go, was power gaming, doing all the quests, etc., and I got stuck at one of the bosses in the Six Forts. I beat him and immediately saved and then ran off to beat and and saved again, and missed one conversation with a side character and couldn't go back

492b10  No.16445746


I used to get bothered by that but it really doesn't matter 90% of the time, since it's generally just extras and secrets you don't need to find to beat the game, and usually were a just reward for searching around and experimenting with stuff and also to sell strategy guides. With the internet, though, everyone just got used to getting everything handed to them for zero effort.

492b10  No.16445750


>HAD TO keep low levels

Only if you were a min-maxing faggot, since the game's difficulty doesn't warrant that at all.

b03e3d  No.16445762

File: fbb5dd52f36c879⋯.jpg (156.93 KB, 873x655, 873:655, drunkonabsinthe.jpg)


>yfw when FFX-2 wasn't a prequel about Braska, Jecht and Auron, and you don't want a FFX-3 to further rape the story's corpse

554840  No.16445780


Anon, there already was an FFX-3.



Yes, it's real.


I tried to archive and the text disappeared, so if someone could call me a faggot and do it correctly I'd appreciate it.

b03e3d  No.16445804

File: 839ca0dffa83602⋯.jpg (71.24 KB, 807x1266, 269:422, ffxnovel.jpg)


That doesn't count. I was talking about a full fledged game: http://archive.is/4H5Gh

Hopefully it never happens as I honestly wouldn't want it. Especially not from Square Enix

e788a1  No.16445805



X-2 was already shit and shouldn't be considered canon.

0fe3d2  No.16445837


I meant in the sake of powergaming though. On a normal run, you'll get minimal use of like, Bahamut and friends because you'll already be like level 40-60 by then and that'll be that.

f5bd80  No.16445870

File: 6ccb3719f2ea4e3⋯.jpg (36.43 KB, 500x414, 250:207, 6ccb3719f2ea4e38856240c828….jpg)


>yfw when FFX-2 wasn't a prequel about Braska, Jecht and Auron, and you don't want a FFX-3 to further rape the story's corpse

Why have you given me this feeling of sadness

962a78  No.16445871


But I don't want a FF game with all men, that's why I didn't buy FF15.

7d6654  No.16445896

File: 31727138eff6abc⋯.jpg (14.75 KB, 225x225, 1:1, What could have been.jpg)


Part of me wants them to come back and finally make it as FFX-3, but the other part of me knows that Lightning era Squeenix would fuck it up.

b7800a  No.16445905


>The new fayth has revived all dead life on Spira.

>Sin is reborn anew.

This seems really interesting but everything that builds up to this is absolute garbage. Why wouldn't you just start 2.5 on that premise? Cut all the cringe build-up and just go from there at the end of X-2. Tidus is back but oops, Sin is too and lots of really old gods / threats from the past / parallel universes. Let's have an adventure slaugthering innocent fayths and playing Russian roulette with Tidus existence at stake. Put a connundrum at the end of the road so that Yuna has to kill Tidus or some shit I don't know. Aren't there guys on SE payroll to imagine cool stuff?

791ab5  No.16445914


Were FFX and FFX-2 the pinnacle of bullshit JRPG design?

Nope, that title belongs to FFXIII. FFX's background designs are way too detailed, they need to be massive ass corridors like FFXIII's

3bc231  No.16445921


There's nothing wrong with Final Boy Band 15.

791ab5  No.16445922


Except: The Combat, The Plot, Characters, Worldbuilding (Or lack of thereof), Art direction, Summons, DLC, Ending and literally the only decent thing out of K-Pop XV was the Regalia

791ab5  No.16445927


And let's not forget that Square dumped Stella (An actually interesting character) for that generic ass whore Lunafreya whose only existence is reduced to being a plot device

492b10  No.16446001


I'll give it to you that it's very inuntuitive at least.

3af6f4  No.16447200

File: e11b5cb7ff59753⋯.png (141.8 KB, 313x382, 313:382, 1435683240400.png)


>No, they don't.

But that's wrong you fuckin retard.


Ifrit has Str Bonus, Siren has Mag Bonus, Brothers have HP Bonus, Carbuncle has Vit Bouns, Leviathan has Spr Bonus, Cactuar has all of them. Character gets those bonuses to stats when they have GF with that ability equipped and levels up. If you want a maxout party go low level till you get Cactuar.

962a78  No.16448687


Oh I forgot about those.

d49871  No.16448976

File: c262139b3588af0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 222.03 KB, 640x384, 5:3, quisty thinking about squa….jpg)

File: b3d825e678cbc16⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 5.99 MB, 3308x4252, 827:1063, quistis2x.png)

File: c1a325252893438⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.57 KB, 300x288, 25:24, quistis2.jpg)

File: 04f69e02a26387a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 540.27 KB, 832x1024, 13:16, quistis (4).jpg)

File: 6e8161ccc3ff3be⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.43 KB, 640x448, 10:7, selphie.jpg)

Here's the mandatory Quistis and Selphie appreciation post.


You should filter him on sight, anon. Luciano is an attention seeking faggot.

eeee9e  No.16449076


FFX wasn't awful so by modern standards its amazing, quality in vidya has become so shit that its pathetic.

0fe3d2  No.16449115


Oh fuck you're absolutely right. I had forgotten all about those. I was only thinking of the +X% shit

962a78  No.16449148


You should have been able to choose Quistis instead of Rinoa, she is clearly the best girl.

60cff8  No.16449165


Reminder that Rinoa did everything wrong.

Quistis was one of my first vidya crushes.

961c1d  No.16449855


The gut punch in X was realizing that there was no 3d world map. Worthy entry to the series beyond that.


>But why the hell even do it like that in the first place?


>Do people really think it's fun to lock the player out of content just because?

Yes. You complete your first playthrough blind, you check a guide afterwords and realize that there's a ton of optional content you inadvertently skipped, and now you've got a bunch of shit to look forward to for your second playthrough.


>FF8 is the correct implementation of this

Level scaling so that the "correct" way of playing the game is a couple hours of triple triad at the start, getting encounters-none, and just staying low level while you blow through the entire game because there are precisely zero benefits to leveling up at all? Don't get me wrong, I love me some triple triad, but mechanically, 8 is an abortion, and if you're playing it properly it's a walking sim with boss battles.


We're getting good new games at about the same rate since the golden age ended with the arrival of gen 6.

26e89a  No.16450351


>Level scaling so that the "correct" way of playing the game is a couple hours of triple triad at the start, getting encounters-none, and just staying low level while you blow through the entire game because there are precisely zero benefits to leveling up at all?

This isn't true at all. The game is balanced whether you stay low level or not, which avoids the pitfall of every other RPG of getting too strong just from walking from place to place.

961c1d  No.16452669


>This isn't true at all

Yes it is.

>The game is balanced whether you stay low level or not

No, it's not. The entirety of your power comes from your junctioned spells. You can junction 99x top-tier spells to strength and health that you've converted from cards obtained right from the start which lets you instantly annihilate every mandatory encounter all the way through the entire game. If you level, enemy HP and damage scales faster than your largely static buffed stats do, which means you're actually getting weaker as you level, thus the player is incentivized to avoid leveling at all costs. Great RPG mechanic, huh?

>which avoids the pitfall of every other RPG of getting too strong just from walking from place to place

Which Final Fantasy allows the player to become "too strong just from walking from place to place"? Must be some real big brained nigger shit going on that I'm missing.

bf778b  No.16452684

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So this shit just dropped today. What do you faggots think?

65eb5e  No.16452689


>You can junction 99x top-tier spells


Funny how you also moved the goalposts from leveling to other shit you can do to beef up a character.

0fe3d2  No.16452692


>People play cards for 10 hours at the start of the game and then go fetch Squall's best weapon and limit break immediately, then complain the game is too easy

65eb5e  No.16452693


Looks like shit.

962a78  No.16452697

File: 1e10cfa6a2398dc⋯.png (258.17 KB, 549x560, 549:560, 1e10cfa6a2398dc37dcc0aff5b….png)



How about you just don't play the game like that if you don't like being overpowered? FF8 gives you a lot of choice on how you play.

0fe3d2  No.16452700


Is there an FF8 randomizer, that changes which GFs you get / the abilities on them? And/or lets you cut/skip a good chunk of the story?

961c1d  No.16452705



See: >>16445608

Then my response: >>16449855

Christ you niggers are stupid.

573ca4  No.16452707


Woah, what is the sauce for this? Reverse image search isn't helping.

abd112  No.16452714

File: 5cfd236349a6973⋯.png (857.19 KB, 760x638, 380:319, ff7N.png)

962a78  No.16452723


>Christ you niggers are stupid.

>says the nigger complaining about the game turning into a walking simulator after purposefully turning encounters off

DSP is that you?

961c1d  No.16452726


Why are you defending level scaling? Are you one of those mongoloids who pretends shitblivion's level scaling was actually good?

df65ec  No.16452756


I wish they'd just remake FF7 instead of skinning it into a hat for Kingdom Hearts to wear.

a95820  No.16452777

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Are those different voice actors for Cloud and Sephiroth? Changing Cloud is understandable because the previous "cannon" actor can't do anything other than mopey and depressed, changing Sephiroth I don't know about, he sounds super generic compared to the previous actor.

b4dbde  No.16452834

File: 5c15a971d7cd3fc⋯.jpg (89.72 KB, 960x856, 120:107, tbib.org 7594071 1girl alt….jpg)

File: 31bbb864613a38f⋯.png (356.93 KB, 509x609, 509:609, tbib.org 7593979 1boy 1gir….png)


Because nomura believes that Gamers these days wouldn't be able to sit through an old school battle system like the original final fantasies? everything has to be Kingdom Hearts mixed with monster hunter or some shit. Either way the dev team/ corporate overlords believe that they won't be able to justify the cost of developing the game if they only sell to original fans based on nostalgia alone, so they have to make it a fully modernized AAA Behemoth title. You know because they are completely out of touch and retarded. What they really should have done is just farmed it out to a third-party developer (made up of guys that grew up with the original) and had them do a slavish shot-for-shot remake with modern techniques and assets. Basically something like Resident Evil 2 remake, but even more true to the original.

ac4e76  No.16452865


Didn't Square-Enix say before that the positive reception towards the classic styling of Bravely Default was "shocking" or something to them? Though, I suppose that doesn't mean they're actually willing to try that when they've sunk such a high amount of money into a remake at this point, and doing so would imply Square-Enix was smart.

c3310b  No.16452868


I laughed way too hard when he said "Only I can ruin everything"

a95820  No.16452912

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Dissidia really has it's moments.

d3825e  No.16453176


The massive success of VII meant that everyone in charge could afford a reckless cocaine-and-hookers kind of lifestyle for a while and the games following it reflect that.

e5d874  No.16453210


They're retarded failed movie makers at this point. They really need to just die and let some other competent company take their IP's.

1bc9ae  No.16453227

File: fe0dfe93de8e816⋯.jpg (169 KB, 1000x1250, 4:5, Tifa.jpg)


>Tifa's name in the battle menu but taking careful effort to make sure she never shows up on screen.

They're trying to a hide a nerf to keep backlash to a minimum aren't they?

e5d874  No.16453245


it's almost definitely going to be similar to her advent children design. So yes.

a05cd3  No.16453299


>Because nomura believes that Gamers these days wouldn't be able to sit through an old school battle system like the original final fantasies?

That's fucking absurd to think when we live in a world where Persona 5 sold like hotcakes in both Japan and the west. I think Nomura just has a personal vendetta against turn-based gameplay, not a single game he's ever directed has it.

317ccf  No.16453797

File: 6aa1f302c1d5cac⋯.jpg (75.52 KB, 716x673, 716:673, aerith.jpg)


No info on source most likely lost in the great tumblr porn purge (shame cause a lot of Pixiv artists were starting to use it, as Pixiv has shitty design)


My only hope for this game was rippping the models for porn.Atleast Aerith looks fine. We don't see Tifa, she'll most likely look shitty, no matter most of SFM Tifa porn will be blacked by Barrett anyway.

6e2bbf  No.16453925


For all the shit this is going to be, I'm kind of wondering if they'll implement the entire roster of enemies and not just bosses. I see they decided to entirely scrub the prostitute angle, they missed a good joke there.

d49871  No.16453950


>Barrett's name has one T instead of two

Looks like they'll still be writing Avalanche and Soldier in all caps and calling Zax "Zack", too. Forgive my autism, but is it still to hard for them to use the correct translation now that 20 years have passed and the Beacause mod has been finished?

0e77c8  No.16453985


I'm pretty sure they're using the old names because that's what most people remember.

It's way too late to be changing that stuff now.


Well, they already said they were strictly against turn-based combat before, so that didn't surprise me.

If they can shit out a half-decent combat system I think everyone will be happy.

They already have old, memorable designs and if they don't fuck them up they'll have a remake that will print more money than your average central bank.

It might be worth a pirate, but it'll probably be mediocre at best.

61b59e  No.16453997


Such a negative nancy

c5f0e3  No.16454016

File: 7b4e78735f45c0c⋯.jpg (486.29 KB, 1280x1810, 128:181, 01_.jpg)


>Were FFX and FFX-2 the pinnacle of bullshit JRPG design?

<Not liking JRPG or RPG in general

They are not, they both have a nice gimmick with their combat system but that's it

FFX a good story with a cringy main character

FFX-2 the good story isn't the one you're playing


Pretty much, rinoa is maybe the worst girl in all the series, yet from that point many looks like her


Sad, people will buy it for the pretty pixels, also aeris looks weird?



317ccf  No.16454030

File: 471d7b2ba3862de⋯.jpg (232.09 KB, 1065x2271, 355:757, 1434550083172.jpg)


I have no faith in Squeenix, I tried PE 3rd Birthday yesterday and showing a PSP up my ass would be more enjoyable than their attempt at revitalizing an old franchise.

934eb2  No.16454064


>also aeris looks weird?

Jessie looks worse

80c153  No.16454188

File: 51fd88459dc3e82⋯.jpg (90.87 KB, 898x748, 449:374, pointy.jpg)

934eb2  No.16454220

File: 56326cbddea8ebf⋯.png (514.44 KB, 720x720, 1:1, not pointy.png)


Not my jessie

a564cd  No.16454232



>good story

Pick one and only one.

a564cd  No.16454252

File: 5dcfaa18b86264e⋯.jpg (20.59 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


FF1 had fucking war mechs as enemies, and FF2 has the big evil Palamecian empire, newfag. Also


>golden age

>implying it wasn't the start of the overtly cinematic linear trash "modern era"

80c153  No.16454253


Apart from the face and hair, she looks almost exactly like that art.

c5f0e3  No.16454273

File: 41391fb19ffd578⋯.jpg (108.08 KB, 589x470, 589:470, FF lacks good porn.jpg)


Kek its better than it sounds

You have this autistic jock that is only a dream of a monster born from a priest that decided to be a deity by force, bad church ghosts and some other tropes, those are well handled, but what it makes it awkward is the 2 stupid main characters

First time you can change your answers in dialogue

So its good, not a great game but its enough to be enjoyed

bf778b  No.16454334

File: 33043a50d96ab68⋯.jpg (92.66 KB, 800x560, 10:7, cloud.jpg)


Given the development hell that FFXV and KH3 were in, I'm expecting each fucking "episode" to be spaced out with a decade of crippling incompetence between each installment.

It'll sure be fun to wait thirty years to see the credits roll for a game that I beat twenty years ago.

08cd79  No.16454367

File: e2cf3d7c771b516⋯.mp4 (4.57 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Tidus' Apocalyptic Shitsto….mp4)


FFX is basically a story about the literal fairy son of Satan going among Christians and his heathen ass exposes the corruption of the church, after which he bangs a nun at least twice, and then goes and kills Satan dad and the SUPER SATAN parasite inside him, after which he dissapears

And then the sequal is about said nun, who became a head preistess, casting off her religion and becoming a mercenary, using her influence to search for her dead demon boyfriend, during which she finds out her demon boyfriend took the identity of a revolutionary from 1000 years ago, who is literally Super Hitler on Meth because he wants to kill everyone.

And then after that happens, (in the Audio CD) she gets her demon fairy boyfriend back, he fucking dies, comes back a different person and they divorce, and that somehow ressurects fucking Satan again, and revives all the dead people

FFX is a ride.

62aa23  No.16454450



Just because its story has nifty ideas doesn't mean its good. It's still told through badly acted and translated unskippable cutscenes.

>So its good,

No, as a game it's even worse, with linearity that inspired FFXIII.

74c5bc  No.16454486

File: d3f9ded981f9659⋯.jpg (224.51 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, rich the shill.jpg)


You're right about XIV, it was just a Star-Wars-esque "this is a thing fans know" right down to the main Reapers being copy-paste style from VI. It's a shame because they can have sparks of worth in certain places, like Gaius van Baelsar and his butt-buddies having some sort of actual feelings and motivations, but as a whole series FF keeps just recycling all of the shit everyone knows.

IMO all of FF past the first is just a rip off of Star Wars anyway

962a78  No.16454497


The only one that's a ripoff of Star Wars is 12.

74c5bc  No.16454775


Well 12 clearly is a ripoff with the direct story, but a ton of the games ape off of Star Wars a ton. IV and VI come to mind as a big offenders. Or it could just be Japanese media being Japanese media, Star Wars ripped off a ton of Japanese shit anyway.

d49871  No.16454945

File: d67f721cc0337af⋯.jpg (64.4 KB, 640x802, 320:401, final fantasy vii remake™.jpg)



I forgot they were going to split the game into episodes. Guess it's time to post this again.

18644a  No.16454984


>playing X-2

Found your problem.

acb42c  No.16454985


>$10 price cut for the next chapter

That image is too generous.

317ccf  No.16455061

File: ea4f4613571a53f⋯.jpg (341 KB, 757x1024, 757:1024, 1441986150880-2.jpg)


FF7 Remake is their only big money cash cow for a long time and they know it, they'll milk it as much as they can. Episodes + DLC for them some micro transactions, mobile freemium tie in I think the whole package will be around 500$.

90927f  No.16455169


I don't think there is any serious, non-bait argument against 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 12 being "good" games. I don't even like all the games mentioned above, but I can discriminate between taste and quality. 6 bores me to tears, and I basically detest 10, but they're both good games. Meanwhile, 4 is my favourite, but I don't think it's objectively the "best", it just appeals to me more (for various reasons).

a75a4a  No.16455279

File: 635a8a65bbd95d3⋯.jpg (21.91 KB, 500x457, 500:457, Kool Kids Klub.jpg)


FFXV turned out shit and so did KH3, gameplay wise this looks like what versus was going to be before it got shit on which was pretty much what KH3 should've been gameplay-wise.

Sorry FFags but I'm hoping for this one to be alright.

4f5b20  No.16456476


You forgot the drag costume for Cloud as another DLC along with the DLCs of each party member date besides Barret and Nanaki since those are the only ones for free

e4d649  No.16456507


>Were FFX and FFX-2 the pinnacle of bullshit JRPG design?

No, not even close

000000  No.16456724


Prepare for Cloud, Sephiroth and that flower prostitute to star in commercials for cars and clothes.


Nomura is a hack. He is more interested in movies and clothing designs than making games. As he fail at all 3, he is just frustrated and does everything on a whim.


There is nothing wrong in wanting to be like Hitler.

94ecab  No.16456738

File: 08bbcfa4a563e32⋯.gif (401.23 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 065.gif)



>offline MMO


17b68f  No.16459332


They're too old and outdated by now.

aac769  No.16459338


My Final Fantasy would be to stick my tits in between Tifa's dicks if you know what I mean.

bf06e1  No.16459339


Its not the first time FF characters have been used in commercials. I remember the FFIX cast in a coca-cola one.

afa91e  No.16459381


IX was good

ba07e2  No.16459394

I actually Bought Zodiac age for the Switch and it still isn't open due to time;

I've had a craving for some FF11 and always had a love for the Ivalice games since FFTA, am I in for a good time? Or should I just fuck around on a private FF11 server or resub

afa91e  No.16459406



FF1 had a goddamn space station and a flying boat built by an ancient technologically advanced civilization. It's been magitek from the start.


2 started the evil empire.

80c153  No.16459432


>should I play this game I bought

8921b5  No.16459434

>Dumbasses keep thinking the battle system in the 7 remake is XV and not a modernized turn based system

Tired of the stupidity.

90927f  No.16459467


>They're too old and outdated by now

Is this bait? That's a meaningless statement. Make a statement with actual substance. Is your complaint with the graphics? The game mechanics? The narrative, plot, writing or characterization?


>It's been magitek from the start

The (relatively low-key) presence of magitek elements as well as ancient technology in FF is one thing, the increasing abandonment of the "fantasy" aesthetic has been noticeable and mostly one-sided, 9 being a notable exception to the trend of "sci-fi-ification".

In early FF settings, in-game people would have thought of technology as magic, whereas beginning with 7, it seems to be the opposite, that people begin to think of magic as technology. 6 is an odd example because it explicitly deals with the issue of the magic/technology line.

962a78  No.16459491


So it's either 15 or 13, both are shit.

d1ddf8  No.16459532

Is there any way of playing FFXIII on PC with the uncompressed cutscenes from the 360 xbone re-release?

90927f  No.16459572


>wanting to play FF13


Anyone who thinks FF7R isn't just going to be 15 with a coat of Advent Children paint is either brain damaged or a literal shill.


>modernized turn based system

This is a red-flag, the implied non-argument is that turn-based systems were meant to deal with technological limitations. I never encountered anyone who though that that wasn't a font of cancer.

d1ddf8  No.16459603


I bought a computer mainly to play FF13, yes.

962a78  No.16459622

File: 8b5a719a661a26b⋯.png (56.33 KB, 273x391, 273:391, 8b5a719a661a26bffe3c4a786c….png)

e61c1e  No.16459640

I loved the gunblade critical triggers in FF8 but the Junction System still sucks. You basically just draw and card until you are OP or you can just breeze through the game if you do not level up too much.

Overall the JS ruined the game.

d1ddf8  No.16459676


I don't need to justify anything to you faggot. I know what I like.

1ebe1d  No.16459698


post it, apparently it's within >>16459676 tastes.

90927f  No.16459702


>boldly proclaiming one's love of utter garbage

>not even arguing that it's good

I'm not sure whether to be disgusted or impressed.

e37e4f  No.16459710

Should we have gotten an FFX 0.5 instead of X-2?

c3b910  No.16459767


neither. but I do like the fuck out of yuna's desing for FFX-2

5d61ca  No.16459768


Your tastes are utter shit.

d49871  No.16459782


>I know what i like

Do you like scat?

ad3bf7  No.16459908

File: a5b27c593f8eab0⋯.jpg (28.35 KB, 601x416, 601:416, aoKndobr_700w_0.jpg)


Its ok tough that is very subjective


That is trash with budget


And this is the kind of people waiting for the remake

So they can play the game in their own shit taste

d1ddf8  No.16459948


I play games, I don't just rehash the same trite opinions ad nauseam with no original thought on /v/ like a self important retard. No one wants to read your dumb posts. FFXIII is shit and FFVII remake will be shit wow real big brain on you. You're opinion isn't interesting. Even I think FFXIII is one of the worst FF games and I've played the trilogy twice, but you don't play games you repeat opinions on nu/v/.

Nice anime image by the way, you're just like one of us :)


>badly acted and translated

You can play it in Japanese dumb fuck normalfag


FFX isn't the first FF you get dialog choices. FFVII's date mechanics had just as much depth.

bf778b  No.16460064

File: fefe6aa09028a0c⋯.png (564.17 KB, 580x711, 580:711, Fashion Fantasy XIII.png)


>Prepare for Cloud, Sephiroth and that flower prostitute to star in commercials for cars and clothes.


>Its not the first time FF characters have been used in commercials. I remember the FFIX cast in a coca-cola one.

Let's also not forget that Final Fantasy turned into Fashion Fantasy. Where FFXIII was just a giant Louis Vuitton ad, just like FFXV is an ad for Cup Noodles and Coleman.

The Honeybee Manor segment will be nothing but a drawn-out ad for fashion faggotry.

ad3bf7  No.16460165

File: 980134610ec45f5⋯.jpg (288.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 980134610ec45f5e15fb7cda0c….jpg)



So angry, Shame you got to answer~

>FFXIII is one of the worst FF games and I've played the trilogy twice

You need to have some good masochism, and have nothing good to play or to do, to go trough that, a friend has the game, so i know first hand just how bad it is

>but you don't play games you repeat opinions on nu/v/.

If believing that makes you feel better

>you're just like one of us :)

Oh no~ i should kill myself then~

317ccf  No.16460285

File: 01e0811a66ccb6b⋯.gif (1.49 MB, 346x261, 346:261, 1471599023704.gif)


>FFXIII was just a giant Louis Vuitton ad

> FFXV is an ad for Cup Noodles

Did Square really think their audience could afford stuff from Louis Vuitton (maybe few cosplay sluts with sugar daddies). Cup noodles is more in line with their audience income.

a52741  No.16460346

ITT people obsessed with games they don't like at all.

If you were playing for story you were always doing it fucking wrong. Thanks for killing the genre.

bf778b  No.16460389

File: 8a1772b5ce7e60e⋯.jpg (209.91 KB, 950x1037, 950:1037, Final Fantasy Cast.jpg)


>Did Square really think their audience could afford stuff from Louis Vuitton

FFXIII wasn't made with any audience in mind. It was purely Nomura's personal vanity project for himself, and only himself.

It's a perfect example why literal faggots should not design games in any capacity.

c3b910  No.16460590


>Nomura's personal vanity

XIII was Toriyama

d1ddf8  No.16460636


>a friend has the game, so i know first hand just how bad it is

no, you don't

f2b969  No.16460651

File: 74bbe2649b3fa1e⋯.jpg (2.88 MB, 1607x2535, 1607:2535, Tracer X Mercy.jpg)

121b7f  No.16460661


>this picture is 14 years old

>these twinks are now at least 32 years old

I wonder if they kept themselves slim. especially that brasil ass.

c3b910  No.16460663


I well I bought and played the game and it is as bad as everyone in this thread has said.

17b68f  No.16460760


My Final Fantasy would be to miscegnate with Tifa if you know what I mean.

52b937  No.16460934


What are you? Some kind of nerd?

000000  No.16460951

Is the fat/ugly landwhale from the remake thread sperging our here too?


True. But you can argue that the team that made 9, even though it had the creator of the franchise in it, was a B team, and the main body of Square was solely focused on FF X. The same situation with Nier Automata: it is "from Square" in name only, because almost no one at Square's main body really worked on it.



Automatically shit.


> Is your complaint with the graphics? The game mechanics? The narrative, plot, writing or characterization?

And remember that all of that is better in the old games.



>muh i play shit and you don't

You like shit.

d1ddf8  No.16461248


>stop liking things

Must be depressing being to ADHD-riddled to play a video game but still believing your opinion is important

d1ddf8  No.16461265


>1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 12

Leaving 8 out is predictable, but why 11? One of the only good mmos.

90927f  No.16461302


>wants to play FF13

>bought a computer to FF13

<gets shit on

>f-fuck you, I know what I like

>FF13 is shit but if you point that out ur dum

What the fuck is wrong with you?

>you don't play games

I bought 13 on release you dumb fuck, and brought it back the next day, it was the first FF I ever dropped, because it it's not just the first truly bad Final Fantasy, it's one of the worst JRPGs I've ever played.

90927f  No.16461319


I never played them or even payed attention to them, so I'm not in a position to make judgements about them, and I consider the MMOs spin-offs rather than mainline entries anyway, despite the numbering. I personally like 8, but there are "serious, non-bait" arguments against it being a good game, so I left it out.

7aacc5  No.16461403


>dlc episodes

>button mashing "jrpg"

Why do people buy into this shit? So far this is getting as far from the original FF7 as it can possibly get. Also wouldn't a turnbased battle system require less animation work so they can potentially work on the world, add cool side missions and shit? Jesus fuck what are these execs thinking?

d1ddf8  No.16461404


>ask specific question about game's pc release


it started with this post >>16459572

>FF13 is shit but if you point that out ur dum

Yes. Repeating a ten year old consensus to spam any discussion of a game with "stop liking things" is why 4chan became shit. That fag isn't shitting on FF13 to discuss, he can't contribute to anything, he has nothing to add, original or not, to any thread. He might've never even played FF13 and it wouldn't make a difference because his sole purpose for existing on image boards is to repost his opinions with confidence and feel validated someone else has read them. Pointlessly derailing any discussion to signal your opinion is why the internet is shit now. You can't even discuss pc mods on /v/ without dumb fucks chiming in about how ff13 is shit. Congrats on your revolutionary opinion faggot, you agree with almost everyone that ff13 is one of the worst ff games.

And unlike a game that's inherently normalfag like The Last of Us everyone thinks FF13 was bad. It's not an opinion exclusive to /v/. You're not derailing normalfags from feeling welcome here, you're detracting from real discussion by people who actually play video games with "look at me! read my opinion! notice my post!". You're stopping anyone from wanting to discuss games outside of the few orthodox pre-approved list of games that don't get derailed. And even with those games you might as well be talking to bots who only repeat back the same memorized paragraph of what /v/'s thoughts on it are. It's rare anything is posted on this board worth reading.

74c5bc  No.16461462

File: 7ef18144d8dbf1e⋯.jpg (48.16 KB, 600x600, 1:1, consider the following.jpg)



Both XI and XIV 2.0 are both the best MMO's of their time, they nail both the Final Fantasy feeling and the feeling of being a part of a fantasy world in general. The gameplay just takes whatever was big at the time and makes it better, XI is basically "what if Everquest was better" and ARR is "what if Guild Wars 2 wasn't an atrocity."

Arguably XIV 1.0 nailed the "feeling" too except it just mechanically sucked in every single way possible, and also nobody played it. It was neat that they canonically nuked the world because the game was so shit, though.

121b7f  No.16461486


That's a great reaction image, anon. Just wanted to let you know.

bf778b  No.16461608

File: 59c45fd76e45dd1⋯.mp4 (12.04 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Final Fantasy XV Cup Noodl….mp4)


My mistake. I'm much better with faces than I am names. I saw one ugly mug in my head while I said another.

But let's be real, they're both shit.

317ccf  No.16461650


Suits are busy witch chasing normalfags and they want MUH GRAPHICS, cinematic action, and easy as fuck dumbed down gameplay mechanics. Thanks to that consoles lost all the edge they had over PC games (consoles will always loose when it comes to graphics) actually finished and polished games on day 1, no DLC bullshit and unique games from different genres.

c5afc6  No.16461735


>no tifa


80c153  No.16461982

File: 5533a83fe1a78ca⋯.png (156.67 KB, 418x400, 209:200, goblin.png)

File: b35d62da3a3f599⋯.png (242.25 KB, 570x480, 19:16, elvaan.png)

File: 6e4deee630bbc5e⋯.png (608.99 KB, 854x480, 427:240, longfall.png)


FFXI didn't nail the Final Fantasy feeling at all. It was weird and drab. It didn't look, sound, or play like any other game in the series.

99662e  No.16462073


>ARR is "what if Guild Wars 2 wasn't an atrocity."

ARR is "what if World of Warcraft had a Final Fantasy theme."


Odd, I'd argue that it's the culmination of everything else in the entire series. While it's maybe not the most fair thing to say since base FFXI is bland as fuck, every expansion pack added more color, and more exciting final story areas.

And the bigger irony being that the FFXI goblin you posted, among many other monster designs, has become the canon appearance for them.

ebe4a6  No.16472989


You just aren't familiar with the genre or possibly mentally retarded. I never got deep into the genre but I never got lost playing FFX. In fact the games got some of the most linear easy progression of the series. Very good game though.

I'm not sure which FF to play next. I was thinking either NES FF1, FF2 SNES which would be FF4 I guess? Also was thinking to maybe just play 8 or 9 since I haven't played those yet either.

6197dc  No.16473033


Color be damned. Each expansion made the settings worse. Areas in vanilla FFXI were fuckhuge, had a ton of secrets (most of which lead to other areas just as big), and great use of vertical space to make rolling hills on plains, actual mountain paths, or vast cave systems. Then comes Chains of Promathia, and suddenly the areas are now the typical corridors of cliffs that railroad the player to their destination that we see in modern games. Aht Urgan doubled down on that, with areas generally being 1/4th to 1/3rd the size of vanilla areas and again following the railroad design philosophy with near zero use of vertical space.

0b7f16  No.16473048

I'm about 1 hour in each to FF8,10, and 13. Tell me which one to play. Yes I have X-2 and the FF13 sequels(all pirated). I don't have a particular interest in any of them, and got done replaying 7 recently. Just wanted to try one but cannot decide.

f06bca  No.16473076

File: 3b90f0c825ebf0d⋯.jpeg (141.55 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, X.jpeg)


I really liked X for music and aesthetics. Its the reason i never got rid of it. I think its barely replayable thanks to linear progression, but remembering story bits and listening to its music brings me joy. X-2 was load of bullshit though, i agree.

978a47  No.16473082


Power through 13, it gets better at the end. Then play 13-3, which is good the whole time.

f06bca  No.16473083


If you played 7 recently, 8 is a good choice.

000000  No.16473174


>not liking shit is somehow bad

>muh must like shit just because it is new

And some still say that soy doesn't rot the brain.


They are execs. It is mandatory that they are incapable of thinking, in order to be execs. They are in the company only to follow trends and try to take money away from programmed normalfags.


>look at me! i call everything an opinion and every person who doesn't agree with me is because he doesn't play the games!

Next, you will pull the "muh contrarian", "muh virgin" or "muh hive mind" from the database in your programming, right?


Cuckchan down again?


>8, 10 and 13

Poor soul. Why are you playing the 3 worst in the mainline franchise?

d49871  No.16475525

File: 9a71f6f2adb677d⋯.webm (2.62 MB, 320x240, 4:3, pencil sharpener.webm)

File: 48e2a9ea1dd5ba4⋯.webm (8.18 MB, 320x240, 4:3, SECRET♂♀AREA.webm)

File: be6b04c751eae77⋯.webm (1.72 MB, 320x240, 4:3, strip triple triad.webm)



I've tried watching his FF8 review to see what the fuss is all about, but it's so ancient most of the videos are unavailable. At least he knows who bestgirl is.

962a78  No.16475576


Never seen it, but from what I understand he's a retard who sits there for hours drawing magic and that propagated the idea that you need to draw magic in FF8.

0b7f16  No.16475582



I drew the numbers out of a hat and am going to play 13 first. I never played it when it first came out, so it doesn't have the Final Hallway 13 connotation as it does to other people.


I recently broke out of my shell of not liking JRPGs that werent 7,6 and Mario&Luigi games. These were the games I had on my PS3 so, to hell with it, ill play em.

950415  No.16475686


Its got my favorite beginnings of all the games. Blitzball Tournament. Winning that was a challenge and well worth it. It just sucks it wasn't a bigger part of the story. Wakka basically becomes useless to the story afterwards. He's just there going "Gas the Al Behds raceward now" And "Muh Yevon" and thats fucking it. Its a fucking travesty what they do to the best character in the fucking game.

c40e0d  No.16475723


> never played it when it first came out


I tried it out last year and the linear hallway shit comes from the environments literally playing themselves, tilting the joystick automatically makes you jump over linear pits and there's nobody to interact with beyond copypaste enemy encounters.

485059  No.16475736

File: be9fa4e9c8b25f3⋯.jpg (19.91 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 2e4b047e38fc2ee1eedf67665d….jpg)


>most likely lost in the great tumblr porn purge

962a78  No.16475737

File: 18975a45697def3⋯.png (29.42 KB, 467x400, 467:400, 61e74e936b657680aaea489eb9….png)



>best character

950415  No.16475749


It was a love story between CaptainEmo and his girlfriend Doesntloveyoulikequistisdoes. There were neat things that happened along the way, but it keeps coming back to boring coincidental bullshit. Also you can just easily abuse basically all of its mechanics on the first disc super early in the game if I remember correctly. I can see why it gets a lot of hate.

950415  No.16475761


Name someone who's better. Or, rather, you could have but you didn't, because there is nobody better.

c40e0d  No.16475809


It's just Bender with a retarded accent, never mind his va being a pedophile. X doesn't have good characters beyond Auron, Rikku and japanese Tidus.

ccec6d  No.16475855


Wakka is absolutely the strongest character in the game with Attack Reels. Narrative wise, he also has the most development, going from hating the Al-Bhed to realizing he's basically related to one, and all the while experiencing an existential crisis that breaks his faith with the religion his entire island believes in.

I'd say he is overall the best character.

a4eac7  No.16475863


>It's just Bender

>A simple man who loves church, family, and sports in that order. His will is entirely engulfed by blind faith, but he loves his imouto enough to press on in a journey that challenges all his beliefs.

>Exactly the same as an amoral robot who lives for excess, hates everyone, and driven entirely by his ego.

They're both bros to the protagonist and that's about it. Why on earth did you think this was an apt comparison?

The actions of a VA also have no bearing on the character they portray.

c40e0d  No.16475937


Going to church isn't a character you fucking loser, if that was the case then X is worse than Bioshit marxist writing.

a4eac7  No.16475966


>going to church isn't a character trait

>having religious values isn't a character trait

>Tries to deflect and misrepresent rather than respond to criticism

I don't know why I bothered giving a retard like you a (you) let alone two.

c40e0d  No.16475997


It's not when the character is nothing else beyond that when everyone that isn't al bhed or a guido is religious in the fucking game you stupid bastard.

ac4e76  No.16476011


There are far, far better JRPGs out there than to feel a need to have even put something like Final Fantasy XIII in your backlog.

d49871  No.16476754

File: e47b9b312c03140⋯.webm (2.05 MB, 854x480, 427:240, SWAT 4 The fal'Cie Syndic….webm)


>Final Hallway 13

Are you really, really sure you want to do this and waste ~60 GB? I was just as curious as you and i couldn't last until the part with the glass trees. Be warned, this is hell you're walking into.

000000  No.16476910

The VII remake is going to be terrible, isn't it? Look at those character models.

e94145  No.16476962


>The VII remake is going to be terrible, isn't it?


b175a1  No.16477174

They can fag up the mainline series as much as they like, the only one I care about anymore is FF11.

But I would kill for a new Tactics game.

6829d0  No.16477234



>its just a repurposed Valkyrie Profile 2

39c1d4  No.16477303

>TFW you will never get a good Final Fantasy spin-off where you are a loli with a crystal arm piloting huge magitek armor Armored Core style.

Can also say World of Final Fantasy makes me want to literally fuck God.

903f32  No.16479021


I never bothered to play ffx2. Looked like shit

2b3031  No.16480137


> At least he knows who bestgirl is.

Indeed. This is why ff8 was a fucking joke. FF7 you could get which chick you were into. FF8 railroads Quistis hard.

b63b01  No.16484943

I've never played the series so started 7 recently since it's the one most people will agree is the best. I thought the story was good and interesting enough at all times to keep me invested throughout, although the translation really drags it down in some places. Some of the goofy moments really jarred with the serious tone, the scene in TotA with Cait Sith right after finding out about the black materia being an example. Combat was just above average. Fun to mess around with materia but most encounters were just

>spam all-magic until dead

I didn't like how the party members had no distinct roles beyond limit breaks. It takes away an element of strategy and decision making, during boss fights especially. The gameplay in terms of traversing the map and areas was good. Most of the minigames were fine other than snowboarding which had terrible controls. The music was really good and added a lot of emotion to the story segments. Definitely the thing that drags this game down nowadays are the graphics. It really does take away an element of immersion when your characters look like lego bricks. Also Red XIII was a useless character with literally no relevance to the plot beyond breaking him out in Shinra HQ. I don't know why people shit on Cait Sith when he's a much more interesting character in regards to the plot than Red XIII.

I'm now playing 10 and I'm 20 hours in at the point where you get washed up on the Al Bhed island. The story so far is good enough with the whole Sin thing and not really knowing what it is, along with killing Seymour. It's an interesting turn since games like this usually paint the main party as being universally good, although I suspect Seymour is just tricking them and isn't really dead. The characters so far are average or shit. Tidus would be infinitely better and more tolerable if japanese voice acting was available. His voice is so fucking screechy and obnoxious even at points that are meant to be sombre or serious. It's obvious the voice actor was out of his depth for the role. Kimahri infuriates me both in the sense that he's completely useless and expendable to the party and in the fact that he treats Tidus like shit while worshipping Yuna yet the game hasn't explained why he's so protective of her. I guess they wanted to copy the useless asshole dog trope from FF7. Lulu is just there. Like Kimahri, I have no idea why she exists other than because they needed a black mage character and someone with big tits. The rest are all decent enough characters, but obviously Yuna and Auron stand out since the whole game is centered on them. The combat so far is fine. Better than 7 but it feels like rock paper scissors most of the time. I wish magic wasn't so pivotal to most of the boss fights. It makes it so Lulu gets way more use than the other party members. The gameplay in terms of traversing the world is definitely a huge step down from 7. Even though 7 was linear in terms of story, it still felt like you were traversing an open world that was visually interesting for the most part. 10 has literally just been corridors so far with a branch leading off to a temple here or there. The environments themselves are really boring: a grassy plane, a desert, a snowy area, a forest. The towns are a lot more visually interesting at least but they're few and far between. The graphics are decent but look dated in a lot of places. I can't help but laugh when Lulu, Kimahri and Auron all walk in unison like robots, or when the others are having a serious discussion and Rikku is just doing her goofy animations in the background. So far it's decent enough to keep me hooked with the story and combat but I can't see myself replaying it in the future, whereas I'd replay 7. It just feels much more unique and interesting. 10 has been streamlined to the point of taking away personality in my opinion.

Probably going to play 4 next but not sure which after that. Would you say 10-2 is worth playing? I've read that it ruins 10's plot and character development.

6e2bbf  No.16485033

File: c938eda10a634f5⋯.jpg (474.5 KB, 976x1112, 122:139, ugly FF8 btich.jpg)


The chibi style in the FMVs helps (pic related), the FF8 main "heroine" just looks creepy and unsettling. Replaying the game I can easily see why some Anons who didn't first get into gaming on the PS1 or older thinks FF8 is batshit and see the whole game as just one big mindfuck. Just look at the opening sequence, while pretending you don't know who any of the characters are and you're seeing this for the first time. With no context this whole thing is just one big acid trip, the whole thing makes you feel like there is this omnipresent dark subtext to the relationships of all four characters shown:

>a beach with dark chanting

>camera starts to move forward across the sea at a faster pace

>landscape rapidly switches to a desert then a flower field

>bunch of cryptic words on the screen while rapidly moving across various landscapes

>some rapid flashes to some women while the landscape changes again to sunflowers

>one of the women (Rinoa) in the flower field lets petal fly off into the distance

>the iconic gun blade hits the ground after transforming from said flower petal

>ominous opaque couger (Edea) in the distance while the sword shines

>a man in black (Squall) picks up the blade

>dukes it out with another man with a similar sword but entirely in white with a red cross (Seifer)

>they fight with no context crazed murderous looks in their eyes

>Final Fantasy 8 and some other logo shit is flashing during the beginning of the duel

>Seifer is dominating the fight he isn't even being serious

>suddenly Rinoa and Edea are quickly put in and out of focus with flash cuts

>Squall is pushed to his limits and does a desperate rush with his hand

>more cryptic flashes to Edea and woman but this time with a scar faced Seifer sporting a rape face inbetween

>Seifer meets Squall's desperation with a fireball and slices his face

>the dark chanting been getting more intense during this whole sequence of events and now it's picking up

>the flash cuts as Squall does one last desperate charge for Seifers face are now getting more erratic and bizarre involving Squall and Rinoa

>by the time the duel is over the images of Squall and the woman has overtaken the scene and the music is at it's most intense before an abrupt cut to black

Then you wake up and start the game proper and realize everything you just saw before you even started the game means jackshit so now you're left wondering what the fuck you just watched while the game now introduces you to the mechanics proper. The entire game is like this.

d21556  No.16485176

>FF7 condor defense minigame

I have never even tried doing that shit in almost 20 years simply because of how much there info the game just throws at you.

Is it worth it?

eba8c2  No.16485242


Yeah it's actually very simple, explained in the most convoluted way possible. You get a handful of units that do one specific thing, and you position them as best you can, and then watch how it plays out. It's a very simple and clunky tower defence, more than a proper RTS.

Give it a go, because I'm 100% certain it will be considered "filler" that will be removed in the remake, because modern SE is allergic to all the sorts of random fun things that made the golden age of JRPGs good.

37799c  No.16485253


>Seifer is dominating the fight

Uh it was even until he used magic, got his cut in, and then got cut back.

18123f  No.16485255

any xiv players?

37799c  No.16485263


>I didn't like how the party members had no distinct roles beyond limit breaks. It takes away an element of strategy and decision making, during boss fights especially.

That element was changed over to materia so that you can have your strategy regardless of party member the story sticks you with. That being said you are wrong, because the stat builds of the characters are not the same and they are more suited for some particular roles than others.

a00bad  No.16485268

File: c01b4dd92c17357⋯.jpg (13.8 KB, 257x200, 257:200, cheat.jpg)


DQ will never (EVER) be taken seriously by us, and there's nothing you can do about it.

b63b01  No.16485279


Sure but those are minor stat differences.

It's not as if the main game ever gets hard enough that you ever need to take those into consideration. Maybe against the superbosses but I'm sure even then you can use any party member as long as you have the right equipment and materia.

37799c  No.16485293


What FF are you thinking about when you imagine one where you were seriously limited by the characters talents and had a choice in party composition to use them in a strategy? FF1-3 your entire party is built how you want them to be either from the start or as you play in FF2. FFIV and FFVI both restrict your options to what the game gives you and FFVI only stops doing that toward the end of the game. FFV falls into the same category as FF-FFIII in being able to build your party how you want.

My problem with this complaint about FF7 is that it is often made by FFVI fans who think FFVI embodies the spirit of FF and FFVII just "seriously departed from that" when FFVII comes closer to FF-FFIII&FF5 in how you handle your party but uses materia instead of job classes to do it.

d8de60  No.16485312


>Would you say 10-2 is worth playing? I've read that it ruins 10's plot and character development.

X-2 completely ruins the entire impact of X, particularly Yuna's character. There are interesting story ideas in X-2 but instead of handling it seriously it's handled like a cheap moe anime with gaudy fanservice and horrible additions to the game's setting. However, if you completely ignore the plot and the fact Yuna becomes a fucking slut, X-2 is one of the best FF games out there. The battle system is like V on steroids. It's got an incredibly autistic 100% completion run that demands, amongst other things, several replays and not skipping any of the million hidden cutscenes and dialogues. It's really fun to play, it's just a shame it's stuck with a raped Spira setting.

a00bad  No.16485328

How do you measure if you're "good" at final fantasy games? or rpgs in general?

Fighting games, platformers, racing games, shooting, all pretty easy to tell when you're good and see how you've progressed skill-wise as a player. But with FF…how does that work?

37799c  No.16485350


You can at low level with shit equipment.

a00bad  No.16485362


know any youtube examples of that?

962a78  No.16485666

File: eb741e015fa652e⋯.jpg (55.69 KB, 455x455, 1:1, 756ced611d532ae206982b6c6d….jpg)


>Yuna becomes a fucking slut

>spends the entire game obsessing over the ghost of her pretend boyfriend

37799c  No.16485761


No, I know examples of myself doing that. It isn't even something to really be that proud of as anyone (who isn't retarded) with some dedication and knowledge about the game can do it unlike a game that requires physical skill.


Yuna in X-2 acts nothing like who she was in X. She dresses like a slut, doesn't take things seriously, is a pop star, and has a completely different personality. The entire world of X-2 is retarded and absolutely not worth experiencing. The gameplay of it isn't even that good and comparing it to V, let alone saying that it is better than V, is an insult. The dress mechanics are the worst implementation of job classes in any of the games that I have played.

fe4f84  No.16486362


Squall over exerts himself, so even though it starts even It's Squall's fatigue that gives Seifer the opening for a Fireball.

5b0dee  No.16486694

X-2 is fucking garbage for a few reasons, but the biggest offender is that they took the cool battle system they had in X and threw it all away for a fucking ATB system. ATB is a retarded, gay middleman between turn-based combat and actual ARPG systems. It's so shit and I fucking hate it and I don't understand how you could ever like it.

6829d0  No.16486822

File: 55ec88f8d714e39⋯.png (123.27 KB, 652x869, 652:869, jazz music stops.png)


>FF4-9 is ATB and so is Chrono Trigger

>unquestionably among them are the best games of Square's legacy

>retarded gay middleman

I'm not defending FFX-2, having never played it and having no intention to based on the chocobo theme, but FFX was the death knell of the series for several reasons and the stop-motion battle system, while a lesser one, is still on the list.

5b0dee  No.16486869


Fucking hated the ATB in 9 as well, though it wasn't X-2 levels of dick. Chrono Trigger was a while ago, probably should replay it. But having a turn-based system in which the enemy can get several turns as long as you don't do anything pisses me off and stresses me out.

fe4f84  No.16486876


You're gonna hate 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Although 7 amped it up where enemies act even when using stuff like Tifa's limit break hitting the slots. 6 will stop everything for the martial arts inputs which is good because the game is bad at explaining how that shit works.

725572  No.16486889

I remember playing ffx for a few hours before i hacked in all the shit for triple XP I hated ffX's grind.

FFX-2 didn't feel anywhere near as grindy. although the need for a guide is the hamstring on it. and i love the ap leveling up system and i loved the active combat.

If you want the good ending you gotta do ALL THE THINGS. Even do a dating/matchup thing and get EVERY question right.

Also terra is the ultimate char.

962a78  No.16486895


ATB was pretty bad in 9, because of the 4 member party size and the long move animations.

5b0dee  No.16486911


I feel like I should still play 7 because everyone fucking loves that game and I kinda wanna see what the hype is about.


>ATB was pretty bad in 9

Don't remind me. Enjoyed most of everything else in the game. The parts with the elemental guardians especially gave me a bit of a "I CLAPPED BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT THAT IS" moment since FF1 PSP was my first FF.

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