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File: f7e96b5af1f02ee⋯.jpeg (26.2 KB, 700x500, 7:5, .jpeg)

66b016  No.16448015

>tfw no good stealth games in years

is there any hope for us stealthfags?

444f64  No.16448032

Would avoiding shit games for years counts as stealth related to video games?

12a540  No.16448042

There is no such thing as a good Japanese game.

The virgin snake vs the Chad Sam

6ad7b6  No.16448045

Why are you fags all saging? It's like you don't even care what the thread is about, you just want to act like cunts.

f4f052  No.16448047

Maybe the real stealth game was the genre itself all along.

7cd35d  No.16448053

File: 549afd576cc7ae9⋯.gif (968.61 KB, 245x245, 1:1, lol.gif)

241309  No.16448061


I know the Dark Mod is buggy as fuck and mostly contains just watershed horror maps but I would say that it is near the most fun to be had, if a little dated. If someone were to develop on that idea, make it a little bit more open world E.G Deadly Shadows, I think it would be a legitimately great experience.

9f3e9c  No.16448062

Wait for the next assasin's creed.

bdb6ab  No.16448064


You got that wrong mate. Every Western game is a Jewish SJW turd.

554947  No.16448065

It's not much and there's a good chance you've played them, but I can recommend

>Styx Master of Shadows(Haven't played Shards of Darkness so I can't speak on it): Play as a goblin, scale walls, be sneaky and get money. Very vertical compared to other stealth games with Styx being able to scale just about anything.

>Invisible Inc: Procgen turn based stealth game. Incredibly intense with every level being a race against time(As in guards change up their routines, more cameras/alarms turn on, more guards spawn in, eventually culminating in guards endlessly spawning and one of your agents getting their positions revealed every few turns). If I had issues with it is that it's very easy to eliminate like 70% of content since it's much harder and it barely gives you decent rewards in return. One of the hardest mission types is breaking into a safe that's boobytrapped and can very easily end your run since the resulting guard attraction might overwhelm your guys. The safe rewards you with a key card which is used in another mission type, and it gives you a fair amount of dosh and a piece of gear, but you can get a fair amount of dosh from just pickpocketing and decent gear from shops in/out of missions.

>Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun: Similar to the desperados games but set in japan. It's pretty good with my only complaint being long loading times and meh music.

Has anyone played Aragami? Is it any good?

ceeb30  No.16448085


Do the goblin character constantly make snarky remarks in Master of Shadows? That was really annoying in Shards of Darkness.

554947  No.16448096


Not constantly, no. I admit I didn't really notice and it didn't bother me because I like Styx's VA mainly because it was contrasted with a terrible orc in a previous game.

bae2a8  No.16448100


>Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

This one's great. They're making another one too.

f5e113  No.16448102

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



fucking youngfags

005d73  No.16448103

Stealth in real life behind women. If they don't blow their rape whistles, you win! But seriously, I can really think of anything that could help improve the stealth genre. It feels like it's been used as an add-on into other game genres. I wouldn't mind another Tenchu but what new stuff can you do to make a new stealth game fresh that hasn't already been done before?

554947  No.16448106


They're also making Desperados 3 I think, although I'm not particularly interested in that one since I think it's going to be more like shadow tactics than desperados.

241309  No.16448114

File: 59ae5bc89a3ce43⋯.jpg (16.04 KB, 244x361, 244:361, b7f2017f5123b2d5efd1cccf87….jpg)


That video is one of the most autistic looking things I've ever seen in my life.

216cf7  No.16448118


Alright settle down grandpa

66b016  No.16448134


>you just want to act like cunts.

the 8ch way

f5e113  No.16448145


It doesn't look like much but it is really stressful and nerve wracking. Difficult as fuck too. You need good timing and good memory.

c91f45  No.16448173


Try Wildlans in solo.

997d87  No.16448174


Consider how stealth hasn't been well implemented lately, MGS5 was actually a step back in terms of stealth, we went from alert levels to an absolute alert activated in an instant, you know, the whole "hostile! spotted in the whole 10km radius!"

c91f45  No.16448177


>Has anyone played Aragami?

I played it for few hours. It is like Tenchu with blink skill from Dishonored.

5c3b3d  No.16448189

File: e09f186731863a9⋯.webm (8.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sam Fishers farewell to S….webm)

dd96bf  No.16448214


Yeah, I prefer to believe that MGSV never existed and that MGR is the true MGSV

f02115  No.16448216


Aragami is so shit and I only say this because

>barely tested, can hardlock yourself into levels where you cant blink around without falling off and dying

>archers know WHEN you're crouching when you're near by, their line of fire clearly shows how bullshit they are

>dumb fucking bell move

>not that interesting of a mechanic

>can't have the thrill of trying to escape after getting caught as it's almost instant that you die

5fc1d8  No.16448221


Nope, Master of Shadows had much less obnoxious Styx, though he still had an occasional quip, but it was never the wannabe Deadpool meme spouting that shards of darkness had.

But even more unforgivable than the memes, Shards of Darkness removed the maps from the game and fully embraced the mark marker plague

f02115  No.16448227



actually looks really interesting, reminds me of a modern videogame that had multiple cameras

654b1e  No.16448231

File: c0809b2ee260605⋯.jpg (265.24 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, snaaake.jpg)


>open world E.G Deadly Shadows

You mean the piece of shit that couldn't load a section larger than a hallway and three rooms?

dc602a  No.16448237

File: e357b7ce14fceb0⋯.png (307.91 KB, 827x720, 827:720, 12c3a0852c4f60892463bcc5df….png)

I've never seen a good stealth game, and this comes from somebody whose favourite genre is stealth. they all share the same gay flaws and video gamey bullshit mechanics and, usually, they're really just "retry 20 times until you figure out the route the devs laid out for you so you could ghost this part" and it's so blatant it gets annoying. I'm done with stealth games, my new favourite genre is cuhrayzee games.

5fc1d8  No.16448245

>tfw Thief is repeatedly hailed as the height of stealth and everything else pales in comparison to it's holy Glory

>tfw even Thief 1&2 only sort of lean, touch, and scratch at the incredible experiences that stealth could provide in it's good missions

>tfw only a few missions touch on the environmental storytelling that it's famous for

>tfw Thief was supposed to be an omen of the wonders to come

>tfw it was actually the peak of what would ever exist

396353  No.16448263


>friendship ended with Solid, now Raiden is my best friend

The easiest way would be to have randomized spawns, but then you run the risk of making ghosting impossible. Personally I'd be fine with that, but I'm sure normalfags would hate it because they can't pretend to be the absolute god of stealth.

cd492b  No.16448485



Alekhine's Gun

Alien: Isolation

Assassin's Creed Unity

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Dishonored 2

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

The Evil Within 2

Ghost of a Tale

Hello Neighbor

Hitman (2016)

Hitman 2 (2018)

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Sniper Elite 3

Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Splinter Cell Blacklist

Styx: Master of Shadows

Styx: Shards of Darkness

Thief (2014)



Assassin's Creed Unity

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Hitman 2 (2018)

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Styx: Master of Shadows

Is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice sort of a stealth game? Seems like it but I haven't played it yet.

Are there any upcoming stealth games?

5fc1d8  No.16448497


>Ass Creed


>Worth playing

cd492b  No.16448506

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Come again?

71fc8b  No.16448510

File: 0ef641bcdef46e4⋯.png (451.13 KB, 600x450, 4:3, disgusting.png)

c2a403  No.16448523


GR Wildlands, if you want to be tacticool.

71fc8b  No.16448528


Go back to reddit.

c2a403  No.16448536


You go first.

71fc8b  No.16448541


I don't play triple-Anus ubitrash games.

500f61  No.16448633

File: e680320f08109d6⋯.jpg (26.99 KB, 470x470, 1:1, 5beec4e65bafe3f90571f132.jpg)


This. Stealth is a shitty mechanic that's almost never implemented well and that's why it's dying. Most games with stealth mechanics, be those with optional/occasional stealth or those that advertise themselves as stealth games in the first place, often punish players who try to be a ghost and reward those who try to be rambo.

That said, Thief Simulator is a recently released indie game with surprisingly well implemented and satisfying stealth mechanics.

c91f45  No.16448881

File: 1e98df04e2ba297⋯.jpg (134.22 KB, 618x412, 3:2, nobody_cares.jpg)



8e66fe  No.16448888



c91f45  No.16448893

File: 395125b200f88bf⋯.png (518.48 KB, 550x367, 550:367, check_em_goebbels.png)



54340a  No.16448894

The Arkham games have fun stealth.

7a84d8  No.16448947

File: e11dd9a03115b70⋯.jpg (43.52 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, austin.jpg)


Every time

71fc8b  No.16448989


I care. I don't want to be surrounded by people with shit taste in video games.

877a8c  No.16449004


then what the fuck are you doing here?

9ad659  No.16449029


Well, that's really your fault for being too retarded to use your blackjack and water arrows.


That's not really an intended way of playing the game, so it's your fault, it's like complaining that you can't beat an RTS without losing any units.

216cf7  No.16449110

File: bd0914dbbd3ad30⋯.png (653.17 KB, 664x516, 166:129, Noble_6_check_em.PNG)


criminally underchecked digits

3f129f  No.16449150

File: 5b134221806d087⋯.png (287.89 KB, 710x625, 142:125, 806bef5d73d1ddae611fc68934….png)

Mark of the ninja is pretty good and rewards you for actually playing like a ninja by not killing anyone and just slipping by them. Too bad it ruined my feel for ninja games where killing is the only way through.

159ae8  No.16449238

File: 504b6640bc5b7ac⋯.jpg (763.24 KB, 1200x1476, 100:123, latest.jpg)


>Good Games

>Assassin's Creed Unity

>The one even Assassin's Creed fans say is bad

>Not even Dishonored but Dishonored DLC starring short haired black trans

I believe you are fibbing. Also, if anyone's keeping track of characters Social Justice praised from the rooftops and then promptly forgot about an hour later, here's another one for the pile.

Is Hitman any good?

396353  No.16449245


It's more of the same of Hitman 2016, and they both do their damnedest to imitate Blood Money.

It's a decent enough urban stealth game I guess.

71fc8b  No.16449265

File: 1d0641180f5d37a⋯.webm (13.72 MB, 640x360, 16:9, hitman-announcmenttrailer….webm)


>Is Hitman any good?

Yes. I love it even more than Blood Money.

4c7d99  No.16449293


browsing a place that has peak patrician taste in video games

92b3c4  No.16449304

File: bf31051721328c5⋯.mp4 (457.16 KB, 480x360, 4:3, tidus laugh.mp4)


>browsing a place that has peak patrician taste in video games

f89557  No.16449315


>Ghost of a Tale

How did this game turn out? I remember seeing footage of the demo when it first released and it looked okay.

71fc8b  No.16449332

File: 6277861f0ab3662⋯.webm (15.86 MB, 800x600, 4:3, ыеуфдер.webm)

fb2e10  No.16449335



I actually enjoyed both the Hitman movies. Second one was super fucking dumb though they made out as is if 47 had super powers and basically gave him a sister. A sister he then went out of his way to use as bait. I guess that was a very 47 thing to do.

000000  No.16449375


Literally every single game made post-2007 will automatically be shit. So, no.

All possible good games have already been made. Go play them.

ff5784  No.16449403

File: b62aeb271666b31⋯.jpg (37.81 KB, 282x400, 141:200, 0457d0e72b6fc1e05fc46cbf95….jpg)

>no good stealth games

They're out there, you just can't see them

df09e6  No.16449429

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Normally I would make this a webm, but i'm fucking lazy and don't want to put the effort in, but this should answer your question if i'ts good or not.

71fc8b  No.16449459

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6158dc  No.16449462


No interest in the still active fan mission community?

71fc8b  No.16449463

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

df09e6  No.16449474


Why is this game so perfect shit like this, moments like these, are why I love games.

71fc8b  No.16449504

File: f9a78b8aa4fd602⋯.webm (834.1 KB, 640x360, 16:9, _.webm)

bdccab  No.16449564



>Is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice sort of a stealth game? Seems like it but I haven't played it yet.

There is some stealth in Sekiro,you can check what's further like in any From games,if you manage to sneak the mobs won't chase you,and since there are mini bosses that you need to kill twice in a fight you can get the first kill by backstabbing them which makes it profitable at times,Some times you can clear a location of regular mobs before moving to a harder one,manipulating the battlefield for yourself,It affects how you think about moving forward when you can climb some of the walls,so for example you can walk on rooftops and avoid some enemies.like it was designed to throw Dark Souls players a little of balance.I'd say stealth is a part of the gameplay something like 1/3

There is one section where you have to hide from a big ass snake and pass through a valley,and that is as far as I am in the story now

bdccab  No.16449583



Hitman 2 is pretty good for playing around but so far I think it's not really well designed if you decide to ignore the "suggested canon event's",for example on one mission within 2 mins of the start I shot a target through a window when sitting in grass 3 meters away and nobody in her house reacted even tho she was dead in the kitchen canon event for that was statue of mary falling on her

on the other hand some targets seem almost impossible to kill without following one of those event's I can't find a way to kill the indian director because he is always with guards and has one lopped path,and it seems the only thing that makes that path change is if I disguise myself as an actor and show on set so he can start rolling

Also I play on a pirate and 90% of the starting points/gear or disguises are blocked

cd492b  No.16450269


<Good Games

<Assassin's Creed Unity

<The one even Assassin's Creed fans say is bad

Then I suppose they aren't real fans, since the original Assassin's Creed, Unity and Syndicate are the only stealth-centric games in the franchise. How about Metal Gear Solid V? I thought Metal Gear fans hated that one too. :^)

< if anyone's keeping track of characters Social Justice praised from the rooftops and then promptly forgot about an hour later, here's another one for the pile.

So you're a story fag? Then Assassin's Creed Unity would be right up your alley. Leftist French critics moaned about how Assassin's Creed Unity propagated counter French Revolution narratives.

Dishonored DotO has a crap story just like Dishonored 2, but at least DotO had the excellent bank level.

Dishonored - ★★★★

Dishonored 2 - ★★½

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider - ★★★½


Yeah, Ghost of a Tale turned out ok (very good considering it was mostly developed by one guy from what I understand), but it's very simple and there are numerous hiding spots throughout the game which make it very easy. And there are a ton of fetch quests. The collect-a-thon nature of Ghost of a Tale holds it back from being really special.

ed8647  No.16450278


Haven't played the disabled niggertranny DLC yet and Unity is godawful but I agree with the rest.

c91f45  No.16450291


But in Dishonored you see her face only in menu soo it is easy to ignore. I pretended i am still Corvo whole time.

9b795b  No.16450346

There's new Thief FM's all the time. Can't believe Scarlet Cascabel won the anniversery contest though, it was mediocre as fuck and I don't give a shit about the dev's sob story.

237982  No.16450375


You can download a 100% save and unlock everything. Worked for Hitman 1 at least.

9cfda3  No.16450538


>Expecting decent stealth gameplay from a historical furniture retail simulator

ae9868  No.16450571

File: c39aff1cd0bd2e8⋯.png (527.65 KB, 680x556, 170:139, Checked.png)


>I've never seen a good stealth game, and this comes from somebody whose favourite genre is stealth

Have you considered playing some actually good stealth games, faggot.


At least put some effort into your bait.



864511  No.16450898

File: b047894f4727b5d⋯.webm (1.83 MB, 512x288, 16:9, bandicam 2019-04-02 20-44….webm)

File: 8f80fd9cfe2e3ee⋯.png (279.24 KB, 1267x512, 1267:512, Untitled.png)


You can complete entire game by ghosting, so it's a stealth game.

205085  No.16450921


The Japanese are literally mongol-semites. They're sodomites.

4d81e4  No.16450947


>Ass Creed Unity

>Really Good

It has a lot of potential to be good but the AI is too dumb to know otherwise and the stealth is still too simplistic to really be useful. I made a more in depth post about it and someone apparently screen capped it, so maybe they'll post it later on. To be a good stealth game, Unity needs more precise parkour, introduction of some basic things like reducing visibility by staying in fog or shadows, altering guard shifts, guards having heightened awareness from things like casting shadows, blood, and footprints, and far more opportunities similar to Hitman.


Ass Creed fans are fucking morons and still think that II is the best one. The more controversial releases like III and Unity, while not good, do a lot of interesting things that should be hallmarks of the series and are the best it has to offer.

864511  No.16450982


>in every hitman game there is a part where you cannot stealth

git gud

71fc8b  No.16451122

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


c91f45  No.16451243

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

New Ghost Reacon reveal.

4c7d99  No.16451268


this is fucking trash

c91f45  No.16451288



it doesn't even look like stealth game so far

c2a403  No.16451302


God they have no idea of how to make a Tom Clancy game. The story is so ridiculous.

c91f45  No.16451361


I don't care much about story. I like design of enemy soldiers. Still. I want to play stealth game. Not Army of Two in open world. Want to see stealth gameplay. Not Call of Duty: Advance Warfare 2.

39c1fa  No.16451368

MGSV was great gameplay-wise, if you disabled some casual options it was very very great.

I wonder if there is maps and mods for the PC version.

c91f45  No.16451462


>MGS4 had the best gameplay.


Story in MGSV is bad. Map is empty. But gameplay is superb.

0fd77f  No.16451574


>But gameplay is superb.

Unless you want to use more than 2 weapons.

c91f45  No.16451656


First it is not true. Second, even if it was true, there is no place to use that gameplay anyway. 80 % of game are movies. Only time i felt like i playing game was 10 minutes in final part on ship before elevator and Rex part in Shadow Moses. PSP games have horrible gameplay.

c91f45  No.16451831

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


792dec  No.16452074


There is no way in hell there is hope OP. The stealth genre as it was established is way too niche and difficult for people today. No developer would be willing to truly revolutionize it either. Instead they will just throw it in as a side mission or whatever into primarily action games.

71fc8b  No.16452095

File: a7cc8157ed8759f⋯.webm (10.39 MB, 640x360, 16:9, mgs 3 ghosting.webm)


All modern western AAA games are trash by default. They can't be good. Stop posting modern

western AAA games ITT. It's not even stealth.

cd492b  No.16452193

File: 505d376590bd3e2⋯.png (1009.12 KB, 1260x1126, 630:563, ACTier.png)


Agree. Unity is one of the best among the Assassin's Creed series anyway. They should've improved upon the formula seen in Unity and Synidcate but they threw everything out the window with Origins and Odyssey. I'm still mad. Assassin's Creed deserves to be a proper historical Hitman; not some discount Witcher RPG.

4d81e4  No.16452580


I recently played through Origins (just finishing up the final DLC now) and I have to give it some credit. It's not the direction I want to see AssCreed go in, but the first few hours I was convinced it was one of the best open world games I've ever played. My infatuation with it has diminished greatly since, but it does some things correctly. It now has a free diving system, allowing for underwater passages and caves, the water has current, so bodies can float down rivers and you can also pour oil in it to create a line of fire, and each NPC in the game has a schedule they follow based on the world timer and will do things like sleep. Other than that, though, I do not like the direction the series has taken. AssCreed is weird as in each game usually does something innovative and cool, but they never had the sense to distill it so all the cool features are in one game. Unity has most of these components, so while it's the most AssCreed of the AssCreed's, it's still not good. I would love to see a sequel to Unity following Arno and Bonaparte, which could go all over Europe if they wanted to including Egypt.

d06752  No.16452662


god tier shit is still shit

57d5bc  No.16453061

File: 87c87ec6a54ca36⋯.webm (15.45 MB, 320x240, 4:3, MGS3 サルタクロースからのプレゼント2009-….webm)


>retry 20 times until you figure out the route the devs laid out for you so you could ghost this part

That's a lie, MGS gives you plenty of alternate ways to handle a situation, and it just gets easier with each game. By MGS3 the whole map is practically your playground.

4c7d99  No.16453088

File: 219115cc78126d0⋯.png (687.41 KB, 1266x1735, 1266:1735, TRASH.png)

af8c2e  No.16453091

>tfw favorite stealth game was Payday 2.

71fc8b  No.16453095




>Payday 2


af8c2e  No.16453097


>he couldn't stealth in Payday 2


All stealth games are puzzle games. All games are puzzle games.

6d5a1d  No.16453118


Gameplay and exploration wise Unity is the best asscreed by a mile, it's the main story that's complete trash.

c91bba  No.16453126

File: ffa4e6350dd99b0⋯.gif (1.13 MB, 500x375, 4:3, stealth is an option.gif)


>being a stealthfag in payday 2

6cf709  No.16453162


Mankind Divided is a tad underrated, it's decent as a stelath game.

Using the enemies turrets and robots to kill them while you sneak past everyone is really damn fun and something that i rarely see in games.

71fc8b  No.16453166

File: d7847dc502ca84c⋯.png (24.06 KB, 114x139, 114:139, Untitled.png)

Do you like it?

71fc8b  No.16453170

File: cfd73935879a996⋯.webm (6.99 MB, 640x360, 16:9, DXHRDC 2017-12-13 14-19-0….webm)


hr is better and you can use turrets and robots in hr as well

6cf709  No.16453206


Liked more the level design of MD

71fc8b  No.16453214


Because you play it like FPS. HR is better designed for stealth.

6cf709  No.16453216


I played MD with stealth in mind but not ghosting though if that's what you mean

71fc8b  No.16453258

File: 8bb543ff9307ada⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DeusExBanner.jpg)

File: 1e5b117acd91025⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1092x1680, 13:20, frederic-bennett-jensen-tr….jpg)

I wish some japanese could acquire rights to Deus Ex.

2383d9  No.16453334


>I wish some japanese could acquire rights to Deus Ex.

it's literally a squeenix property. The japanese are to blame for the failure of Mankind Divided

30c3a6  No.16453350

The problem with stealth mechanics in games is that unless you instantly kill your target or successfully sneak by them, your stealth is broken and normal combat resumes. Instant kills in stealth are not rewarding. Sneaking past targets is boring. I actually liked that shitty ghost recon game where you could line up your team to coordinate a strike at the same time with sync shot.

64c2f3  No.16453353


Nah, japs don't have the same idea of what a conspiracy theory means. The original deus ex was good because the setting was believable yet absurd (like a conspiracy theory). The japs don't have that in their society.

38044c  No.16453375

File: 8d7ae10d5363d04⋯.png (329.68 KB, 457x582, 457:582, ClipboardImage.png)


Aren't there a ton of popular animes about conspiracy theories? Also Imperial Japan was a creation of the Anglo elite lol

4bb212  No.16453376

File: 3310b6d52a15384⋯.jpg (439.42 KB, 1221x687, 407:229, Thief 5.jpg)

64c2f3  No.16453391


Japs don't have the same mistrust of the government that Americans have. No one really quite does, but our distrust of our own systems is wildly more imaginative than anything a Japanese person would come up with.

693c27  No.16453408

File: 8beb60a1b123970⋯.jpg (70.13 KB, 1080x1079, 1080:1079, ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.jpg)


>140-something different guns, flammenwerfers, grenade launchers, crossbows etc.

>he doesn't shoot them

>he fucking goblin squats through rooms and hides his head in walls to avoid being detected

dc602a  No.16453451

File: 8ae66173a572262⋯.jpg (29.91 KB, 247x353, 247:353, 8ae66173a572262b82b766a9e2….jpg)


>manipulate AI weaknesses in the most retarded unrealistic ways

>exploit every single limitation in game mechanics

>look at le good stelth XD

yep, pinnacle of stealth right there

6e5221  No.16453593


He pretty much said the game was all about dicking around and using whatever tools you have.

6f274d  No.16453941

File: b357471484361b6⋯.webm (4.91 MB, 700x394, 350:197, tap.webm)

File: 155cfeb32f61b5d⋯.jpg (14.2 KB, 208x241, 208:241, 1468552498784.jpg)

File: 07f2753a9f90ad9⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fdk7hPD.png)


<don't have the same mistrust of the government that Americans have, noone really quite does

>government bans guns

<americans turn their weapons in

>government puts fluoride and birth control in the tap water

<nothing wrong with that, helps against tooth decay

>government forces people to buy and inject vaccines that haven't been tested in double blind trials

<oy vey stop being a conspiracy theorist.

>government sends 30 billion dollars as aid to israel

<our greatest ally needs our help, sampler fry


Original deus ex was libshit creators asking

<haha what if all the silly alex jones conspiracy theories were true

Deus Ex didn't predict anything, the "tinfoilers" the authors had disdain for were vindicated however.

093429  No.16453969


Maybe the real stealth was the friends we missed along the way.

d8c4e9  No.16453974


I've never had a girlfriend, I'm a master of stealth

9c7494  No.16454024


because it's a cuckchan template thread


1161f3  No.16454066

File: d330f0111a7ea9a⋯.png (17.09 KB, 208x238, 104:119, denton.png)


>Original deus ex was libshit creators asking <haha what if all the silly alex jones conspiracy theories were true

093429  No.16454078


>he never saw the GDC talk

1161f3  No.16454085


>he never read the Deus Ex Bible

6f274d  No.16454099


Check spector's twitter.

Pacoti is writing woke cyberpunk about a negroid getting a medical experiment by evil hwite corporation that raised his IQ above subhuman levels.

1aa6a4  No.16454148


holy shit I love Death to Spies

37176c  No.16454508


Not just spawns but the AI should act with random dice-rolls kinda system for choosing patrol routes, perhaps with several AI-presets to choose from the guards too which would maybe depend a bit on the difficulty as in how many of the guards have the "lazy/tired-AI" preset which would just make the guard find a quiet spot to doze off etc.

c91f45  No.16454535


>It's not even stealth.

>Post worst "stealth" game ever made.

Why do you cry about Ghost Reacon reveal? If you don't like it, don't watch it. For my Naked Penis is worst MGS game ever and unplayable boring shit. But i am sure for you it is awesome pure fun. People don't have same taste.

8c381d  No.16455108


Sage =/= dislike


ff05f6  No.16455129

File: 85d33a221371061⋯.jpg (61.57 KB, 504x470, 252:235, Thank_you,_Jesus.jpg)

f717e9  No.16455435

File: 5503b6bbdb4cc4b⋯.png (465.05 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1557422283474.png)


c13ca2  No.16456445

someone please make a new good stealth game the drought is real ive put over 300 hours in the original dues ex because it was new to me god damniut it was new to me in my late twenties I played it as the intended audience and it was so fucking great god damn it new video games are such cancer aids ebloa i hate it i hate them all so much fuck

c13ca2  No.16456451

File: 3b830b7d6f73ea6⋯.png (536.24 KB, 681x573, 227:191, 1557450919173.png)

4d94ee  No.16456523


Very nice

e184da  No.16456539


they can't stop making kids games or else there will never be new customers

1d62f0  No.16456605

File: 75e0a37b6e34f3c⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 267x260, 267:260, 050dacb05e538f740df5e7e070….gif)


I uh, never had to do any of that. The only time I ever got detected in stealth missions was when I wasn't the host and the AI wasn't standing or looking where it looked to me like they were looking. The game had shit netcode.

25ba23  No.16456881


>muh israel

>no mention of any mass mind control experiments

Yep, found the retard.

2a5b67  No.16457381

File: 8de5d52284ff57e⋯.jpg (74.47 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, IMG_20190417_144232.jpg)

Indie games are single handedly carrying the stealth genre. Mark of the Ninja and Deadbolt being the best examples in my opinion

71fc8b  No.16457402


Everyone itt can confirm that your taste in video games is bad. If you play modern western aaa sjw casual garbage then you deserve to be banned. Everyone report him.

c88dc4  No.16457406

Stealth games as a genre are dumber than platforming for the sake of platforming. Stealth is a gameplay feature, not a genre.

c88dc4  No.16457408


Stab yourself in the throat.

71fc8b  No.16457409

File: 358a0b602ce7247⋯.jpg (944.41 KB, 1920x2170, 192:217, __.jpg)


Stealth is for cowards.

b436a8  No.16457424


Wait, we do? I've been waiting on a good singleplayer fps for years, nothing has showed up.

bb078b  No.16457751

File: 7913d62dafb1881⋯.webm (592.74 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, prettygood.webm)

File: c93663059a07261⋯.webm (284.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, prettybad.webm)

d08175  No.16457760

File: 8121932e12332c6⋯.jpg (102.4 KB, 938x512, 469:256, rmber.jpg)


Absolute shit taste

ea030c  No.16457802

File: 745e917e803452f⋯.jpg (25.33 KB, 300x245, 60:49, 1507122340118.jpg)

bae2a8  No.16457919





ba2e6e  No.16457957


Reported for shit taste.

6f31a4  No.16457977

File: 4256785f237166c⋯.jpg (143.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, arino sexual harassmernt.jpg)


Don't ever speak to me or my memory ever again. Your post hurt me in ways I was unaware of.

237982  No.16458019


>GTA Afghanistan

Minus the driving and the… everything. MGSV controls like a dream. The gameplay barely exists and there’s no story or game progression. It’s “stealth,” sure.

6e5194  No.16458025


creepshot simulator 2014

6f274d  No.16458622

File: 89386d5931935d0⋯.jpg (229.19 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190202214506_1.jpg)


>Warner kikes didn't allow them to model pantsu for female characters, unlike based Sqeenix.

Maids in Santa Fortuna have a mysterious void under skirts

At least models from Paris still have them.

96b02c  No.16458959


It’s because they think the OP is low effort.

Ehhh, it’s subjective. At least they aren’t using >>>/v/XXXX to down vote like that one newfag was doing.

96b02c  No.16459005

Stealth games got consumed by Open World games.

Stealth games were like platformer lite games. It was never about RPing as a super duper secret spy. It was about sneaking around a spiderweb of passage-ways in exotic locations and taking out or evading enemies in creative ways.

Once open world became a thing all the people who came to stealth for exploration left for Skyrim or whatever. Then all that was left was stealth vs enemy AI. Which eventually got folded into other games like the Batman Arkham games, the Shadow of Mordor games, etc.

The genre still lives on, most notably through Arkane’s games like Dishonored and Prey. But I think Kojima saw the writing on the wall and is probably why his last Metal Gear game was open world before he jumped ship.

c88dc4  No.16459029


>It was about sneaking around a spiderweb of passage-ways in exotic locations and taking out or evading enemies in creative ways.

Sounds like Katana Zero, but that game doesn't have to be played as a "stealth game"

Technically no game requires stealth.

It's near undoable in some cases, but not impossible. never impossible.

ee43af  No.16459058


nice filename, faggot

ba2e6e  No.16459164

File: 960feb43043823a⋯.webm (4.25 MB, 768x432, 16:9, Hitman 2 2019.05.12 - 02.….webm)

da2c3c  No.16459188

File: 42af74710044898⋯.png (75.62 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1435005289939.png)

6f274d  No.16459459

File: d12d891a68dc6de⋯.png (2.9 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Didn't check there, here's santa fortuna.

a83b21  No.16460083

Still waiting on a spiritual successor to Chaos Theory. Where are you spies vs mercenaries and why have you been forsaken by this industry?

92b3c4  No.16460087


Say what you will about blacklist, but the SvM mode was really fun. Shame about the rest of the game.

d8c4e9  No.16460124


tbh, Blacklist was better than expected after the shitshow Conviction and next-gen Double Agent were.

92b3c4  No.16460137


It was on par with conviction to me. You still had hax o vision, with a million little gadgets to do stuff for you, and features that were still missing like the ability to interrogate. It also still had mark and execute.

0ec145  No.16460170


The Hax-o-vision could have been balanced okay but the weird fucking upgrade system meant that you could make it overpowered really easily. Mark & Execute thankfully didn't pose a problem to me since I aimed to be a ghost with no guard interaction and the game was gracefully designed around that so I actually enjoyed the game to some extent.

824c7e  No.16460182


>try blacklist for a spin

>first level after the tutorial, one where you're supposed to do something on a lighthouse island

>every single logical entrance or path is locked off with BRO YOU GOTTA HAVE A CO-OP PARTNER WITH THIS BETTER GO BACK THROUGH THIS OTHER PATH :^)))

6e5194  No.16460205

File: 6fea5d9e4ed9d21⋯.png (145.07 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1387038041682.png)


Are the new hitman games any good? For some reason I feel like I'm missing out..

e30c30  No.16460392

What's to be done about stealth? The genre doesn't evolve, its pretty much the same thing every game. A more complex AI system could work, where they won't fall for thrown items over and over, where they won't reset after an alert, where they call for help when they hear a disturbance, when their patrols change after a discovery of you, a guard incapacitated or even stuff like open doors and unlocked doors. We can't go full realism as stealth games would be immensely harder to the point of not being fun. You could try throwing in gimmicks, like powers. A stealth game with someone who can pause time, slow time etc. for just a few seconds, mimicry of guards and scenery and so on.


I've heard they are good, despite the earlier one being online and Jewed with DLC/episodes. I've never been a big Hitman fan though.



Blacklist was only fun for the predator stealth and even then, it was barely fun.

595646  No.16460397

Did anyone end up playing The Slater? It doesn't look particularly great but I've been meaning to give it a go.

595646  No.16460400


They laid quite a bit heavy into streamerbait shit, but I guess they're having fun. I find it repulsive personally. Taste may vary, like some homosexuals like cilantro.

595646  No.16460421


Peculiar pantsu. Are those meant to be lacey? Looks more like ivy in that second one. Tappu tappu flippu burgu. :DDDDDDD

595646  No.16460424

I suppose what is more prescient to be noted is that pantsu look like they are modeled, which means, it could potentially be modded into a pantsu thief game.

b16d3b  No.16460709

File: e10069b265609ff⋯.jpg (11.56 KB, 284x350, 142:175, Agent_video_game_cover.jpg)

Whatever happened to Rockstar's Agent IP? It could be an interesting competitor to MGS and Splinter Cell.

391d6d  No.16460782


I think they cancelled it.

6c9aa7  No.16460815


Syphon Filter 2 had a crossbow, which would be realistically a better weapon while operating silently.

595646  No.16461269


I wonder if they even still have anyone there that worked on Manhunt.

595646  No.16461276



I wonder what the forensics are for tracking a crossbow bolt. I know about boolets but not something like that.

db1408  No.16461819


Go drink some bleach, shit for brains.

c5b835  No.16463074



What I see is that the pure stealth genre will be refined by independent developers, far from the noise of an industry desperate to get the taste of the month. It will be video games by and for fans with an hermetic community that will gradually cease to be so present in the media of the entertainment industry.


>Styx Master of Shadows

I like it but I dropped it. Maybe it was because it touches the subject of an addiction and it hits close to home. But nothing against the game. Maybe because of your post I'll take it up again after Sekiro.

>Shadow Tactics

>View gameplay

>You can hide bodies

>Just like Commandos.

You got me there fam.


I liked it a little, but I don't know the reason why it runs so slow on my machine.

I recommend you try playing Crysis but in stealth mode and delta difficulty mode. It's like playing the upgraded predator or just The Predator Killer from The Predator (2018).


I'm absolutely intrigued by this footage.


I really believe the ultimate stealth mechanics are in MGSV.


Ghost Recon? Is it worth it?


I think is more realistic in MGSV but I get your point.


Is have never seen an interaction between franchises like the one between SC and MGS.


You cannot leave the stealth. That's no how it works. But I understand what you mean. There are people with very high standards. I once came across a very intense discussion about why Spliter Cell Chaos Theory was trash and both positions had valid points.


I'm going to save your post anon.


Yes. But bosses and minibosses cannot be played in that way.

c5b835  No.16463117


Very interesting.

ba2e6e  No.16463189

4d81e4  No.16463195


The new ones are the best in the franchise. It just suffers from a terrible progression systems. Items are unlocked through completing challenges rather than purchased like before and said challenge completion is an online service, so the game is neutered when it's offline. Most of the items that are unlocked later on are likely a functional duplicate of something you had before and because the AI doesn't react to blood, the garrotte is useless compared to other concealable lethal alternatives.

I put something like 200 hours into both games combined. I didn't play as much as 2 and got pretty bored with some of the newer missions, but I'm sure that you could have some fun with it. The multiplayer was also pretty cool.

542f3a  No.16473067

File: 5e609f0a380be2c⋯.jpg (96.18 KB, 252x376, 63:94, scissors.jpg)


you see, I've come to grow out of stealth because after playing quite a substantial amount of stealth games, most of which hailed as the pinnacle of the genre, you eventually start seeing through the cracks and spotting the problems that blatantly plague nearly all, if not all of them. and you have ideas about how x and y could be fixed but nobody does it. after you've gone past the "oh fug I need to be sneaky snek" and figure out that you can still "stealth" running around like a fool and doing things like >>16453061 every game just falls apart and it becomes a parody of itself. and when I say EVERY GAME, I mean it, because they all fucking have the same glaring issues, even the "best" ones here's a comprehensive list of shit I notice in every single fucking game some may be absent from some specific games:

>crouch walking is some sort of magical trick that makes you more silent and less noticeable, regardless of surface or if you're in the middle of the road

>unrealistic exaggerated lighting

>be in shadow = invisible

>generally ultra retarded guard AI

>guards have 100% fixed routes/patterns/cycles

>guards have a bad case of tunnel vision

>guards have shit eyesight, you can spot them just fine from afar but somehow they can't

>guards have selective hearing, they'll hear you step around but reloading, unsheathing, opening doors etc is AOK

>"am I crazy or did that door just open on its o- lol WHO CARES"

>throw shit at guards, no fucks given, must've been a strong gust of wind

>after an "alert" phase they seem to forget about you and resume their routines as if NOTHING HAPPENED

>"nobody will ever think about looking in this closet. I am a genius"

>tonnes of guards around, somehow they know those footsteps were yours

>guards have PSI powers for several seconds even after breaking line of sight

>guards don't notice things out of place and raise alert levels

>guards don't notice other guards missing from their posts not communicating via radio and raise alert etc

>leaving mags, bullet casings and whatnot is all fine nobody gives a shit

>knock out guard, never wakes up

>the whole concept of "stealth" isn't any more advanced than skyrim's

and I could add more to it if I went into the detail of specific games, like the retarded mgs3 camo system or the "ratings" of hitman. granted I've only played, hitman, mgs, thief, splinter cell, sly cooper and hidden & dangerous, but I'm positive most of the shit I mention above can be applied to any other game.

I'll say it again stealth hasn't been done well once.

ironically enough, the best stealth experience I've gotten was from cod mw2 multiplayer on console. then again one has to wonder who's more retarded between the cod crowd and the AI of "stealth" games.

ce034f  No.16473109


>be in shadow=invisible

i'd give you this one provided you are moving. human eyes need movement to see in dark conditions, and if someone is blended into the darkness and unmoving there is a pretty good chance you'll miss them

>after an alert guards resume their routines

going back to metal gear solid 2, if you lost your pursuers after an alert, if it was at all possible the guards would call in a clearing team to sweep the area (this was hyped to fuck pre-release, since they consulted and motion captured actual SWAT teams investigating and clearing rooms). in later MGS titles they would call in additional backup, bring a helicopter in to search the area etc and otherwise step up their patrols because they knew you were around

>guards don't notice other guards missing

MGS3 and all games forward have this as a mechanic. it's lax at the beginning of the game but will get stricter as the game goes on, and HQ will absolutely raise alerts or send in additional teams based on guards not answering their radios (this may have been in MGS2 as well, I can't remember)

>knock out guard, never wakes up

every MGS has had guards who will eventually wake up on their own

i agree with the rest of your points at least

4d81e4  No.16473206


Wait, you think Wildlands is mechanically superior to MGSV? If so, I'd like to hear more about it. I was under the assumption that Wildlands was as generic a game as any.

542f3a  No.16473208


yes, I'm well aware of those and that's why I said

>some may be absent from some specific games

but let me address them anyway

>i'd give you this one provided you are moving. human eyes need movement to see in dark conditions, and if someone is blended into the darkness and unmoving there is a pretty good chance you'll miss them

if I, as the player, am able to spot people in the dark, moving or not, they should too, and besides, at least in thief and splinter cell you can move in shadows just fine, even right next to guards in fact.

>going back to metal gear solid 2, if you lost your pursuers after an alert, if it was at all possible the guards would call in a clearing team to sweep the area (this was hyped to fuck pre-release, since they consulted and motion captured actual SWAT teams investigating and clearing rooms). in later MGS titles they would call in additional backup, bring a helicopter in to search the area etc and otherwise step up their patrols because they knew you were around

that was still evasion so technically not done with the whole alert thing, finished that they go into caution and then all is good and forgotten, water under a bridge.

>MGS3 and all games forward have this as a mechanic.

in fact, mgs2 had it too on higher difficulties. raise alert? no. send in guards to check? yes. all they do is look around, if the guy is sleeping they just wake him up and that's that, if he's missing they send in a replacement and that's that and if he's dead they go into caution and that's that. I don't particularly recall this being in either pw or mgs4 honestly, 5 I can't really speak since I've yet to play it. still, no other game has this.

>every MGS has had guards who will eventually wake up on their own

not if you stuff them in lockers lole! hitman doesn't unless they're found by another guard unconscious before you strip them of their clothes, thief definitely doesn't, can't remember if other guards did wake other guards up in chaos theory and before it but they definitely didn't wake up on their own.

0dd216  No.16474726

File: d813164e007472c⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Jasper Knight.png)

File: 28df2cb38d88185⋯.webm (1.02 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Shadow Client.webm)

I found Hitman easter eggs in Dragon Quest XI

131441  No.16474797


Do you have autism?


If someone is found naked he's waken up and will rush to the closest wardrobe to get new clothes.

there was an oversight in whittleton creek where disguising yourself as the nig in coat and a turtleneck, the nig wouldn't be an enforcer against his own disguise.

badf06  No.16474912



>really good one worth playing

Only with mods, anon. The AI is fucking braindead unless you turn it's sight and hearing up.


The magic of it fizzles out depressingly fast once you realise you can get chased into a locker and the AI won't check it.

0dd216  No.16474965

File: 4424ca667de6f43⋯.jpg (70 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, MV5BNjg5ZTA0N2EtNmQzZC00MT….jpg)

Alpha Protocol.

8ddbed  No.16478574

File: 86d54b845113bf0⋯.jpeg (39.42 KB, 323x640, 323:640, anime is alien sex progra….jpeg)



i play stealth and dont consider myself a fag thank you.

8ddbed  No.16478579


nothing is more stealth than the sage.

8ddbed  No.16478629


looks pretty cool. will have to check that game out

baed44  No.16480425



Found about this game due to a streamer talking about it being shoaed and watched this review, seems decent.

7f5dfc  No.16482239


what was wrong with d2? i only care about gameplay + level design, did it shit the bed?

c5b835  No.16483497

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You sneaky bastards don't even play 'Shoplifting Boy'

353372  No.16483521

File: cfdd3ae2b93b6f7⋯.jpg (40.97 KB, 250x326, 125:163, Hideo Kojima Newsflash 01.jpg)

>implying there where any stealth games other then MGS that where good.

shouldn't have made fun of Kojima

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