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File: 112b978143c7109⋯.jpg (225.64 KB, 653x613, 653:613, 112b978143c7109a8661bed9f2….jpg)

6fcc4d  No.16463097

Space Station 13 Thread

The usual thread maker is asleep, and I don't have any clown or mime porn. Please forgive me.

>Where do I start?

Download BYOND: http://www.byond.com/download/

Server IP: byond://

Rules: "Rules" tab in the server.


70b75d  No.16463101


Janitor is best class.

8c3d17  No.16463110

File: 2e6972a2fb0c5d3⋯.jpg (320.69 KB, 869x1081, 869:1081, moth.jpg)

Moth is best race.

6fcc4d  No.16463131

File: 0385cacafc19fe1⋯.jpg (34.52 KB, 576x768, 3:4, 39760727_1909482852450816_….jpg)

Hello gang, Regarding how slow I am taking with the jukebox and its songs, I'm going to tell you fucks how to do it, so you can upload the file into the thread so I can just directly upload it to the server.

To add songs to the jukebox, first you have to

>convert your desired song to a .mid, .mod, .s3m, .xm, .it, .oxm, .wav, .ogg, .raw, .wma or .aiff file because mp3 does not fucking work

>rename the song to [songname]+[duration in deciseconds]+[beat in deciseconds] with the format you converted to

>post the song in the thread so i can just fucking upload it and not suffer waiting 30 minutes each song because my internet is the same quality as the pile of shit that is the game's engine

Examples include; soundtest+3090+5, Cuban_Pete+1310+5.ogg etc

its not hard but i'm fucking retarded and slow

a25a4e  No.16463183


it's ok it resolved itself, there was no error message incidentally, it just would close the window after saying connecting.

Also who is the retard saying hoes mad and why?

6fcc4d  No.16463190


I don't know, some sperg who is trying to advertise his vorestation and citadel server. Either way, I enjoy it. Keep up the good work.

8c3d17  No.16463191


Is this info still reliable? I've never seen the monk staff block.

4921bd  No.16463199

ae8922  No.16463205


Have to wield it in 2 hands, it does have a block chance like a riot shield, but it's chance is rather low in comparison. If you want to go for a higher block chance, use any of the two wizard staffs.

8c3d17  No.16463209


How wield in two hands?

And by "only fits on back" does that mean backpack slot? I don't know if I am ready for no-satchel play.

7f86df  No.16463273

Is the host really in a relationship with the tranny?

2ffb14  No.16463277

Why is this newfag always playing det or barman?

6fcc4d  No.16463287


No. The only reason why the tranny isn't banned because they haven't technically broken any of the rules outside of their constant unfiltering faggotry.


Bartender is an easy job, so no wonder.

Most newfag detectives usually get pushed into the dirt.

e1c062  No.16463324


Too bad if there is no sec people fuck with you endlessly because you're always in public areas.

17f1e7  No.16463388


If sec is willing to help a janitor then they weren't doing their job properly.

316d09  No.16463389


Click on it in the hand that's holding it, or press z if you're in hotkey mode. And yeah, most stuff that says that will be backpack slottable.

70b75d  No.16463417


Public areas are always the messiest. If you want behind the scenes workers then talk to engineering.

225db4  No.16463418


They both spawn with guns.

e1c062  No.16463448


What do you have against lighted hallways and clean floors?

c22e80  No.16463541


>You all sure seem full of hate and unable to escape from it

fug of tranny :DDD

8f3168  No.16463546


Watching people boogeyman is sad as fuck. I played a shit game as Detective yesterday where I fucked up hard and apparently it's getting rolled in with a bunch of shit I'd assume multiple people are doing.

231bbf  No.16463551


>caring what anyone says in this thread in the slightest

91aae1  No.16463659


As a traitor darkness would be useful, and of course, if I were one, i would hide my desire to be unseen with retardation. of course, there's also vandals who pass the time breaking shit 'cause they are bored.


Yeah, any role that fucks up will be eternally remembered, any role that does its job will be inmediately ignored. That's customer service for ya.

94e2e8  No.16463924


Where you the detective the Virologist kidnapped, then amputated all the arms/legs and eyes off of? That viro was a fucking faggot. He was putting beartraps in the maints because I was lurking around in the maitns… as an assistant then spent the whole round trying to murderbone me.


>Yeah, any role that fucks up will be eternally remembered, any role that does its job will be inmediately ignored.

What sucks to is you have shitters that will leverage this against you. I was det once, caught the traitor because I had basically an entire file of evidence against him blowing shit up. Photos, forensics, etc. The dude just kept chimping the fuck out and yelling and acting as if there's going to be post-game bullying. You see 12 year olds do this on gmod a lot because they know the admins are cucks.

1a81fa  No.16463932

h0nk :o)

8ec137  No.16464026

Anybody know a good guide to genetics or at least a good jewtube tutorial? I tried watching a video but I cant wrap my head around it at all.

Or is someone willing to teach me how to do genetics?

94e2e8  No.16464082


Genetics is piss fucking easy. You basically have to figure out what mutations pattern is. Basically what each character is. The part where there's a | between two boxes. Those are linked. A's are always connected to T's and G's are always connected to C's. Vice versa is always true. The problem is you have




In which case it's basically impossible to know whether it's AT TA, GC or CG. The way you solve this is by running around with the genome scanner scanning everyone and everything. Also hoarding monkey cubes, and creating tons of monkeys to get their mutations works to. Then you copy all the mutations you found, paste them into a text folder. Then when you're trying to figure out a mutation just Ctrl+F the mutation # and you can just jump around to solve it.

Also when a mutation is listed, it's not left to right. Something like ATGC is actually


| |


cf6f66  No.16464083


Do you mean the new TG genetics? Because that one is piss easy, really. You can read https://tgstation13.org/wiki/Guide_to_genetics

Or if you just want Mutations:

Put a monkey in the machine and check the Genetic Sequence there, it should show you a few funky icons. Those are the available mutations for that specific Mob.

Click on one to begin editing it (although, if it's a monkey, find the one that makes him so and deactivate it - details on how to below)


You'll see a long sequence of pairs with letters above and below. To activate the sequence, you have to fill up all the Xs with the correct letters, at which point the panel updates and tells you what mutation is that.

It's not as hard as it seems since there are only 4 possible pairs: AT, TA, GC and CG. So if you see XA, then replace the X with a T to get TA.

The problem is when you find something that has XX instead at which point you'll have to guess (I hope the irony isn't lost on you). Fill all other slots first and then try any of the 4 pairs on it until it activates. If there are 2 or more XX pairs, you'll have to brute force them all like this, so it's very boring if it's more than 2.


Press Scramble DNA. It will reroll an entire new set while severely radiating the target and you can start from scratch. (Unconfirmed, I'm not aware if it rerolls all mutations or only the ones you haven't activated yet)

You also don't actually have to brute force attempts at figuring mutations out, you can take genetic samples from other people and if they happen to have that mutation, it may have the missing pairs spelled out for you. Dunno how this bit works, though. Go around asking for Genetic Information and I'm sure you'll find plenty of donors :^)


You have Activators and Mutators. that you can print once you have a mutation stored. Activators will change that mutation DNA until it's activated and therefore it only works on someone that has that mutation dormant in their body. Mutators will instead add that mutation to the target and activate it even if they don't have it.

NOTE: I still have not tested if mutators actually ADD more genes or replace a dormant mutation on it instead.

DOUBLE NOTE: Some mutations are only available by combining 2 other smaller mutations, check the Wiki for the list.


Powers have "genetic instability". If you go over 100 combined, you melt. That simple. Also cool murder plan.


Whenever you inject someone with an Activator or a Mutator, it will be filled with a spare chromosome. It's not like they needed it anyway, and you can insert it back into the genetics console. Whenever you're filling up a mutation, you'll see a line to insert a valid chromosome on it that gives a passive effect like less instability, faster cooldowns, etc. Check the Wiki for a list of Chromosomes.

Applying a chromosome to a mutation and adding it to the console means that every Activator\Mutator you print also has that chromosome applied to it, by the way.


Fill up mutations with pairs of AT, TA, GC or CG until it activates. Store in the Console, print Activators\Mutators. Inject people, store chromosomes and further mutate your mutations.

cf6f66  No.16464090


Oh, I forgot one tiny detail that's very badly explained in the Wiki.

When filling out genetic info and picking between A, T, G and C, you can also see a Joker there.

What this basically does is that it's replaced with the correct letter instead, so if you have an XX pair, you can use Joker on one of it and get an A, which means the other is a T.

The Joker is then spent but you do get it again although I'm not aware if it's by time, by scrambling the DNA, one per mutation or even if upgrading the machine gives you more or faster Jokers.

8ed8f5  No.16464223


Neat, i Didn't know X-X genes could actually be used for anything, I was just scrambling DNA every time I was left with any of those.

fce9b3  No.16464256

File: ef956401ffb3a5f⋯.png (499.82 KB, 824x1131, 824:1131, chechem.png)


I played the det when I was a newfag because I thought he was really cool.

8ed8f5  No.16464265


Detective is the Security role with the least responsibility, and has potential for dumb gimmicks, so it makes sense newfags pick it. The idea of security is fun. Newfags don't realize how crippilingly boring it is.

cf6f66  No.16464292


There's 2 different reasons to pick Detective: because you like doing some sleuthing or because you want to be Sec Lite.

The first kind enjoys the trenchcoat, the revolver and forensic a lot and they like not having to be somewhere or solve some specific problem in the station so they are free to do investigations on their own. It's a fun way to contribute to the station and be helpful that doesn't involve combat or even actually directly interacting with someone. You can pretty much scan prints\blood and then radio the details to anyone interested.

The second is either a new player or an asshole, who picks Detective because it's an Officer that's not expected to enforce the Law or be accountable for anything, really. If it's a new player, he'll likely try to work along side Officers and get some combat experience while helping as he can.

If it's an asshole, he will still try to arrest people (even though he shouldn't and likely can't) but he will prioritize his validhunts over actually helping anyone.

Expect him to start conversations with his revolver because it doesn't look like a non-lethal weapon and seems stronger than a tazer.

Don't expect any kind of sleuthing from him, though. Unless he simply can't find\guess who his validhunt is, he won't bother to even collect samples.

1334ca  No.16464458

File: fc55d5556bce32c⋯.png (1.14 MB, 850x1284, 425:642, 1546718254805.png)

I figure I should know most jobs inside and out before playing shitcurity, so what's the recommended order? I've mostly been playing medical because I figure the first thing I should know is how to heal myself and also because after getting memed literally to death as mime by shitcurity my very first round ages ago I realize how important resuscitation is.

What should I do next? I've never really been outside the station so I want to try a job that lets me explore that but I don't want to be relied on yet or get memed into assistant position either.


Unironically this. Detective has the quickest non-antag access to a lethal weapon and double barrel shotgun is incredibly stylish. You can even use a saw on it to make it sawed off.

402fe5  No.16464463

File: dbb4d8bf71ee5f0⋯.jpg (189.32 KB, 566x800, 283:400, dbb4d8bf71ee5f0b1e13125ead….jpg)


>that picture

Are you a faggot or something anon?

1334ca  No.16464476

File: aa22bfd3edb29d2⋯.jpg (218.72 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, egg_head_22419.jpg)



nyannyancosplay is literally a female with a vagina

402fe5  No.16464482


Sure. Totally.

1334ca  No.16464503



she literally has a functioning vagina she flashes to instagram followers that send her money

88c551  No.16464520









By looking at these autists, you can tell this is an action packed video game :^).

dcb8ff  No.16464547


>follow him into alley

>tackle him down

>begin to strip his pants off to expose that yummy girl benis

>its a vagina

>"WHERE IS IT?" you froth in a rage

<"w-wheres what? Please let me go" she says in a meek, weepy voice

>you grab her by the coller and hoist her to eye to eye with your purpled rage bloated face

>you scream out in a hoarse voice, glistening spittle catching the light "WHERES THE DIIIIICCK????"

1334ca  No.16464672

File: db3d2bcb50f2235⋯.png (717.59 KB, 850x927, 850:927, sample-db679a2ffb50826e1eb….png)


>woman fetish

28ca41  No.16464692

File: ac5e188a83a0415⋯.mp4 (401.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, get this through your head….mp4)


Traps are gay and so are you. Go to the appropriate board to post your trash, not here.

9dd2f9  No.16464712


You fucking fags have no right to talk down to anyone. Cease existing.

1334ca  No.16464787

File: c6985ee6a360422⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_20190204-114709.png)

>having sexual preferences

Am I the only real gamer here?

83ea77  No.16464938


>am I the only real gamer here

Funny you say that but are the one who started the discussion and continued it. Stop being a faggot.

dfa44b  No.16465173

File: 827ec4d0a071b5c⋯.png (11.49 KB, 606x226, 303:113, dd2.PNG)

2ffb14  No.16465212

ling niggers got a taste of my gun

8c3d17  No.16465223

File: af0f8db4db64f21⋯.png (12.54 KB, 128x128, 1:1, brain hurty.png)

049c73  No.16465226


>not telling him to ERP with you in game then killing him for ERP

bc3164  No.16465308


>byond has chat

Wait what? Is that what was pinging me a week ago?

ba4e6e  No.16465394


He did the same to me. The started talking about a ton of weird shit, probably projecting his own issues, before I finally told him to fuck off.

Seems like Byond doesn't keep the logs though, what a shame otherwise I would've posted it now that your post reminded me. He is absolutely off on some deep end and in a round he is nothing but a nigger.

dfa44b  No.16465417

File: 9f01dd530fd8d64⋯.png (84.18 KB, 193x178, 193:178, 7.PNG)


yeah it's a complete nigger with a huge victim complex, your first mistake wasn't calling it a nigger and then ignoring them.

don't give these type of things a platform to whine and bitch to you, cause you're just wasting their time and validating their victim complex

dfa44b  No.16465418


your time*

8c3d17  No.16465457




I really don't understand.

c0acfc  No.16465505


If there's more than two XX pairs, I reference scans of the same mutation from previous attempts or other creatures. Usually they'll have one pair in that XX and you'll be able to fix it.

Also note that activators give you chromosomes, which are useful for buffing mutations, when you recyle a successfully applied activator.

8ec137  No.16465510


Bullshit. Do you have any proof? Any nudes what so ever?

My friend said that he saw a picture of her itty bitty titties but I could never find any proof of it.

6c6203  No.16465517


I need a list of mutations that are usable with the power chromosome.

8ed8f5  No.16465606

File: 921d09decc95d0c⋯.png (30.05 KB, 765x233, 765:233, reget medals.png)

File: efe0162125a871b⋯.jpg (261.52 KB, 1482x800, 741:400, a filename at some point.jpg)


> Secure things, go to HoP line to take access requests

> Midway through HoP line a moth starts strangling the Viro

> Go out and start thwapping them with the Baton

> They fucking explode

> Headslug scurries away

> Fast forward 15 minutes

> Someone calling for help in the bar

> Me, Chaplain, Atmos head there

> Beat the shit out of a ling

> Cut their legs off, drag them to the cremator

> They revive, murder the shit out of them again

> Meanwhile Solosec kills the headslug

> Reward the three with medals and all access

> Fast Forward

> Chaplain screaming for help in medbay

> Head there, CMO's super fucked up

> CMO Suddendly rises as a zombie, chaplain pulls out a laser, open fires at me

> Sec fucks him up

> Get critted, a miner drags me to cargo

> Run to robotics

> Perform a conga line of Festering Tumor removals

> Bunker hardcore in robotics

> Atmos meanwhile opens the incinerator

> Radioactive fire sweeps the station

> Call the goddamn shuttle

> Bunker in robotics even more

> Award more medals

> Escape

> Find out both the guys I gave AA became midround Ts


dfa44b  No.16465645

File: 849d45352725c5b⋯.png (67.58 KB, 240x240, 1:1, kpLO0aVq_400x400.png)


> Midway through HoP line a moth starts strangling the Viro

did a retard actually attempt to absorb a perfectly healthy and not downed crew member?

94e2e8  No.16465716


That round was bullshit. I still don't get why the plasmaman had to gas the entire station.

8ed8f5  No.16465752



And then, as they were on the ground getting kicked and cuffed, they put on Ling Flesh Armor, and then exploded into a headslug.

049c73  No.16465815

File: 95344ac5fa8e361⋯.jpg (96.07 KB, 962x1199, 962:1199, D42KFJrUEAEEjqy.jpg)

Reminder to fucking fix /tg/ code faggotry.

>can scan live bodies

<can't clone the guy if you've scanned him before he died, if you scanned him when he was alive you need to rescan his body

>can implant pills in your teeth for emergency situations

<can't use them while laying down

049c73  No.16465834


>be ling

>fuck I hate ling

>have to steal the identity of sec

>buddy ling fucks up

>"Hey do you want a body?"


>down barman

>we beat the shit out of him

>some fag walks in with me and the worm trying to kill him

>try to pretend I'm trying to kill the worm, but notice it won't work because the barman is still alive

>just beat the barman more and get killed

>retards behead me as if it did anything

>try to go worm mode

>oh shit, I fucking forgot to buy the upgrades

>do normal revive instead

>my headless body revives

>just run around headless with the entire station behind me for shits and giggles

>somehow last an entire minute

>get killed and cremated

>respawn in Charlie station


>wonder if shit's going down

>"Shuttle has been called"

>"Reason: half the station is dead and the other half is zombies"

>do brain surgery for shits and giggles and make myself into a retard until the end of the round

8ed8f5  No.16465857


I know cutting the head off a ling doesn't do much, but it means when you revive you're blind and deaf and have to blow chemicals restoring your limbs instead of screaming at us or something.

Same reason I cut legs off of ling corpses too.

c0acfc  No.16465865



If you down as a ling and they don't know your a ling consider not reviving, they'll probably just space or clone you and you're better off either way.

8c3d17  No.16465869

File: 2ef6c39a581cdc6⋯.jpg (14.29 KB, 280x210, 4:3, oldest meme.jpg)



For the past several games (that I've been in) there have been a handful of faggots with captain access comfyfagging and building NEET hovels to camp in and recalling the shuttle every time it was called and forcing rounds to go on FOREVER so they could ERP and I was salty as fuck. I behaved like a nigger and died like one.

c96d67  No.16465922

Don't respond. Its just bait from the resident retard that will never get banned.

5723bf  No.16465929

File: 58828037b8ec93a⋯.png (230.51 KB, 871x1109, 871:1109, 58828037b8ec93ad2ad1eca1db….png)


>shaft miner lizard

>captain offers access so i go ask for science to get the mining research done, cap gives me medical as well and tells me to upgrade medbay when i can later

>go to science and start doing the mining research, human robonerd walks in and asks if i niggered in

>says he doesnt care either way as long as he gets his materials

>go mine for shit, kill some goliaths, and run back to station when storm comes

>people are talking about a linh slug being on the loose

>dump my mats and get upgraded tools then go do more mining

>come back after a storm and head to sci to make an rped and get upgrades

>people are talking about monkeys in weird places

>head to medical and upgade the cloner and see 2 dead monkeys and one standing in front of the console

>take no chances and butcher the monkeys, fill a bag with the meaty harvest

>walk out of cloning to see a med person zombie and the chaplain try to kill the captain

>no idea whats going on so i grab the unconscious captain and drag him to cargo bay to heal him

>then begins the congaline of getting zombie tumors removed and killing zombies

>plasma atmos tech becomes a nigger and starts gassing the station

>shuttle gets called, try to find the atmos nerd and then head to departures

>fight and skin bears on the shuttle

somehow was still less of a clusterfuck than the round last night where i was a spacecat for like 2 hours

94e2e8  No.16466370

Why do lings always murderbone?

94e2e8  No.16466403

3 lings

3 lings

3 lings

c96d67  No.16466408

Three lings and one of them meta niggers the pirate shuttle location and steals it <5 minutes.

Great job, great round. Kill yourselves.

ae8922  No.16466418



8ed8f5  No.16466446

>Join as captain

> Be human

What is this racist bullshit

ae8922  No.16466447


Eat shit ligger.

17f1e7  No.16466532


there's only one race, the human race

171042  No.16466551






>implying you're not gay for posting shitty Gen Z memes

8c3d17  No.16466690

File: 84ddb6cb2ad139d⋯.png (7.75 KB, 270x170, 27:17, ss (2019-05-12 at 11.02.32….png)

Am I powergaming yet?

94e2e8  No.16466702

>Another ling round

>Ling murderbones and loses

>"If my target didn't have autism fort I would have assassinated him at the start and fucked off"


8c3d17  No.16466750

File: c4f49ac8f1d773a⋯.png (166.23 KB, 493x523, 493:523, what.png)

What the fuck am I looking at?

049c73  No.16466969


They knew I was a ling, they were already carrying me straight to the morgue.




905dd8  No.16466994

Where do you play during dead hours? ParadiseStation? BeeStation? One of the /tg/ servers?

ParadiseStation's character creation is pretty great but I am not fucking ready for 100+ players at all times.

905dd8  No.16467021

And what about /vg/station?

778ab9  No.16467047


If you're worried about the lag of 100+ people from paradise, from my experience it hasn't been that bad. The people themselves are a tossup, just beware the lizards and foxes play like they get paid real money for this shit but won't powergame your anus any harder than usual, and there's at least usually some actual security and medical every shift.

IPCs are the master race. Ave Synthetica

94e2e8  No.16467057


>Where do you play during dead hours?

On the serb because there's a ton of parts of the game that are unusable with too many players.

2ffb14  No.16467746


>muh hate

lmao sissy

3be59d  No.16467781

File: 10cf4f51b610ddd⋯.jpg (802.63 KB, 896x667, 896:667, sc007b3eec.jpg)


ae8922  No.16467785


>all that useless shit

>no table quickclimbing or drunken restoration

>using quirks at all

>thinking you're robust at all, when it's a state of mind

Tough luck kiddo, you've got long ways to go.

8ed8f5  No.16467840

File: c00c4ffb5089530⋯.jpg (9.51 KB, 217x320, 217:320, just fuck my shit up.jpg)

>Non humans banned from all command roles

Why do you hate fun

2ffb14  No.16467844


fuck off furfag

cf6f66  No.16467857


TG balancing that carried over here.

Lorewise, Nanotransen is a human company. It holds only humans in it's higher ranks including command positions and it makes no sense to let other races dictate anything that happens aboard a station. Their presence is only as simple labor to help as needed with their unique capabilities or just more slave labor.

Balancewise, playing human can be a boring experience since they are the "default" choice as it happens in many games. Despite having several drawbacks, playing a non-human race can still be more fun and interesting than playing humans so, to counter the likelihood that humans would become the minority in the station, aliens are barred from command positions.

8ed8f5  No.16467866


Did we get some sort of update?

This wasn't the case until literally yesterday.


This round was ligger captain, and then like 2 rounds later it was humans only.

685c3d  No.16467883

h0nk :o)

07558b  No.16467920

File: 2b7e7d392843aee⋯.webm (3.78 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 2b7e7d392843aee2d38927b7e….webm)

>Playing as a janitor for the first time

>Theres a fair bit of blood in the corridors

>Start cleaning it up

>Security runs up to me and cuffs me

>Proceeds to beat me to death

What the fuck did I do to deserve that, I was just cleaning the floors.

049c73  No.16467943


>play janitor

>nothing to clean

>people start dying in the cleanest way possible and breaking into medbay because no doc

>entire station is dying

>finally something to clean

>die in medbay

>everyone that is alive walks over my body for 30 minutes until I give up and respawn

>should've played doc instead

>play doc

>everyone is fine, but every single fag that gets cut bleeds all over the halls and medbay

>broken lamps all over

>no janitor

>everything is full of blood and broken

>should've played janitor instead

Every fucking time.

ecf8cb  No.16467946



A laggy, furry paradise with a shit playerbase and a shittier adminteam.


Used to be good, when it was empty because you could learn anything without people caring why a fucking medic is doing gas mixes. Was also LowRP and I used to metagame with an admin.Then a certain (((youtuber))) happened, and it's now "SSETH PLAYERS WELCUM :o)"

Also furfag bait, old host was a horsefucking furry.


They're ight, but I've only played Terry so no clue if the other servers are any fun. Admins are nice enough, Sec is pure aids and is either "Kill All Cargo LOL" or dead on arrivals.

28ca41  No.16467951

423bca  No.16467970


Most pug servers are shit and I'm either banned from them, following in the footsteps of a good friend. Or I just can't be arsed enough.

121f3e  No.16468008


What about the citadel station? :^)

ecf8cb  No.16468106



Perfect server, no flaws what so ever. Very robust and likable playerbase, admins are total bros who will suck your dick and give you the insta-gib gun. Totally not furbait and full of sex and vore.

Don't you need a (((discord))) account to join the server anyway?

c96d67  No.16468180

serb dead

049c73  No.16468262

File: 6c6f2f53658c3a0⋯.png (1.24 KB, 379x33, 379:33, ClipboardImage.png)


Just you wait faggot.

7de2ac  No.16468328

File: 5fe521770dde931⋯.gif (15.54 KB, 410x359, 410:359, Never.gif)


>He's trying to RP on a *chan server

>He's trying to do his job without considering valids

>He's making decisions like an actual human bean

Buckle up for disappointment there friendo. It only gets worse from here.

ff3271  No.16468471

File: 8d6495e50e1c7c5⋯.png (143.01 KB, 500x706, 250:353, try-hard-hey-man-wanna-pla….png)

My ideal server would be 15~35 players, no furries, no ERP, Paradise Station character creator + quirks

063579  No.16468533


what did you think would happen when the admin implemented vore code?

c96d67  No.16468570

File: bea987cc4baf48c⋯.png (72.17 KB, 530x631, 530:631, erotic.png)


Better time for everyone of course :^)

063579  No.16468583



Why would anyone fetishize being eaten? How do you even RP that? I mean the outcome is DEATH. Are the rounds just over in 5 minutes?

fb943b  No.16468586


Oh no, not the hall of death again! The only way out of here is death!

ecf8cb  No.16468595


Voreing in SS13 at least doesn't actually kill you. If I remember correctly, you can actually force your vorer to throw you up just like you can break out of the welded, locked locker.

bc3164  No.16468605

File: 53d5f553ff99ad2⋯.jpg (40.01 KB, 180x162, 10:9, what.jpg)


>going in and our of someone's stomach like a revolving door

People get off on this shit?

063579  No.16468621


That's a helluva meme.

2ffb14  No.16468633


8ed8f5  No.16468664



cedf93  No.16468668


Just google why people like it, the question has been asked many times before.

99cd3f  No.16468680


I have to pay for the game to play. What is this gay shit?

64e87c  No.16468698


wait 30 seconds anon, it's not hard.

e1c062  No.16468707

Who called the mining shuttle preventing me from going to the asteroid?

Whoever did is a world class nigger.

8c3d17  No.16468781

File: 75e3d8f3d64af93⋯.png (533.98 KB, 1000x996, 250:249, nyanpasu.png)


I'm all for insults and racial slurs but can't we at least start using the proper ones?

>Stealing shit without asking


>Killing people in broad daylight

Puerto Ricans

>Begging for shit on comms


>Rushes to kitty ears at round start


>Refuses to help others, give access as captain, give nanites as scientist, etc.


>Bombs the cloner


>Takes a non-assistant job and suicides at round start


bc3164  No.16468786




7f012e  No.16468809


Shut up faggot. I am not giving (You)s

8c3d17  No.16468811

5723bf  No.16468816



fucking up this badly, pathetic.

7f012e  No.16468820



Nice double post failure you nigger

8c3d17  No.16468825



8ch.net has IDs

7f012e  No.16468829



Go back

5723bf  No.16469038


>doesnt understand how hes fucking up

>keeps doing it

>thinks it was a doublepost

the absolute state of newfags

94e2e8  No.16469112


>Using google

>Searching vore anything

I always assumed it was a power/domination thing.

bc3164  No.16469140


>not knowing how to deny (you)s

The absoluite state of newfags

61ab9d  No.16469202

>doing genetics

>having an interesting discussion with virologist about a virus that could instantly heal

>we mutate a monkey to a human to test it out

>suddently robotics walk in with mechs and blow my ass up

oh boy.



I guess this sorta thing is pretty normal.

121f3e  No.16469298

>whole station's getting shitted by murderboning mech's

>admin is like "uuuh guys dont do dis pls"

bc3164  No.16469377


>mechs murderbone

<negroid does nothing

>someone does minor ick ock


I will never understand.

8c3d17  No.16469383


>local admin bans european boy for calling him "daddy"



e1c062  No.16469431

>Tired of being murderboned

>Decide to weld myself into medical to prevent murder

>Some asshole decides this is an affront to his gods

>Starts breaking the glass because i'm a "pansy" for playing the game to avoid dying

>He wont stop

>Wait till he breaks into maint on shuttle

>Blow up fuel tank taking him with me

The greatest joy of this game is killing those who fuck you.

801fd6  No.16469440


nigger I was fine you literally just killed yourself


e1c062  No.16469453


No you weren't but you seem pretty fucking upset

Next time I go a good chance of being antag I'll think I will work on Aloha Snackbar the escape shuttle.

ae8922  No.16469465


>welding medical shut when it's the most-concurred department in the station

Just play scientist or miner if you want to be alone you autist.

801fd6  No.16469473


alright buddy, you go and feel good about yourself

c0acfc  No.16469484



Hide all the medkits, make a lot of deadly grenades and syringes. Lexorin works wonders, 15us will put anyone into oxyloss crit before they know whats happening. Don't fucking mix phlog like a retard and burn down chemistry. Everyone breaks into medical cause there are buttons that open the door. weld those two doors shut and deconstruct the table; then you can get in and out as you please and all the monkeys will ree at you impotently at the front. I get faggots breaking into medical all the time and when you stop them from stealing the medkits and offer some real medicine, they run away when they're being watched and then come back when you're alone to kill you because you got in their way. Those faggots post in this thread.

e1c062  No.16469485

File: 88f0196cbed43d0⋯.jpg (23.47 KB, 671x361, 671:361, aryanmasterrace.jpg)


I'm talking about the escape shuttle as that's when things start blowing up.


Yep you're pretty upset.

8ed8f5  No.16469498


Who are the niggers that demand into medical storage for things that are very easily solved by a dip in the sleeper.

c0acfc  No.16469512


Nigger that window into medical storage is one of the most if not the most broken-into window on metastation.

e1c062  No.16469521


Sorry I should clarify again it was the emergency shuttle evac

3be59d  No.16469530



Has anyone ever actually been banned, other than the joke bans? There've been any number of such cases, at least one including an Asimov borg, and I've never seen any actual punishment for anything. Considering the clear "do whatever you want" message that's being sent here, I'm honestly surprised things aren't even more ridiculous than they are now.

c96d67  No.16469537


If anybody should be banned its the nigger Gwen.

8ec137  No.16469628

File: 4b51466fc4ac8fc⋯.mp4 (240.64 KB, 480x270, 16:9, B0F8ABfAxh5fVogn.mp4)

O N L Y 2 K I L L S




b3b3bb  No.16469885

File: b477fbe76860619⋯.jpg (53.64 KB, 603x393, 201:131, b47.jpg)

>give positronic brains mechs because i like giving them a choice and i enjoy making them

>most of them choose durands which is to be expected

>make them a durand in hopes they'll protect the station from evil or at least have fun exploring the portal or something

>they end up murdering innocents and causing destruction instead

>will have to start only borging people because it happens nearly everytime i try to be nice and hook them up with a battle mech instead

28ca41  No.16469918


To be fair, we did it because the changeling bartender told us to. and there were only 2 kills

I could have complained to the admins that the nonantag shitter broke into sec and murdered me without a word, but I didn't bother. Chill out.

d086d7  No.16469948


>Chill out

I just dont want to end up job banned over me constantly giving people the benefit of doubt and having others ahelp to negroid over it. Since according to negroid I'll be getting punished as well if the mechs i make start acting up.

c0acfc  No.16469963


Put like 5 mech tracking beacons in each one, that way they can be blown from console like borgs.

28ca41  No.16469968


My suggestion was giving all posimechs the tyrant lawset so they have something to go on instead of just "do whatever" which can include murder, since they're sillicons and not crewmembers and sillicons exist to murder carbons.

d086d7  No.16469988



>they end up murdering innocents and causing destruction instead

Wasn't necessarily just about you or that specific shift, however i do admit that even when speaking of the whole, that sentence was a bit dramatic.


That doesn't sound like a bad plan, i just need to read up on the space wiki on how to blow rouges but >>16469968 also seems like a good idea.

fb943b  No.16470124

friendly reminder to dab on a vore memer

9f1415  No.16470164


Is making out with a flydaddy and throwing up back and forth considered vore?

fb943b  No.16470182

8c3d17  No.16470304

File: e4825d732854277⋯.jpg (121.52 KB, 696x402, 116:67, nydu.jpg)

I hope every last one of you that joins and plays on this server gets sexually assaulted in real life by a black man

8c3d17  No.16470423

File: 5c1949a61e2a713⋯.webm (1.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, whatyoudo.webm)













8ed8f5  No.16470441

File: c3b451d34d156fb⋯.png (250.24 KB, 969x953, 969:953, M A X C O M F.png)

We're reaching levels of COMF that shouldn't be possible

5723bf  No.16470460

File: a1ecff50534857b⋯.png (277.23 KB, 927x924, 309:308, cargonia club.png)


everyone deals with the jelly nerd, giant swarm of monkeys, and then space vines. then miner lizard, bartender, and the QM work together to build the grand cargonia club. approaching peak comfy.

8ed8f5  No.16470471


Wow the antenna looks really dumb if you don't cover it. Remind me to wear a hat.

913bfa  No.16470500

File: c920dffd0d0b82f⋯.png (218.2 KB, 575x347, 575:347, 6a460276b93a5a7fc956e0905c….png)


I'm remember many instances where the tranny has broken the main rules, yet nothing is done.

Clearly a favorite of the admin. But what would a ss13 server be without modern human cancer being let to freely participate?

6fcc4d  No.16470506

File: d1b3e8cf319f1c0⋯.png (15.7 KB, 710x148, 355:74, removed.PNG)


Thats pretty funny, because I permabanned them today.

fb943b  No.16470548


imagine being this assblased

why do you have a victim complex?

6fcc4d  No.16470555


Nah, I asked him why he had a victim complex and he proceeded to sperg out about it. You win some lose some in life I guess.

Hows furryburner going anyway?

b8414c  No.16470558

File: 69cbac8889a5e33⋯.png (416.27 KB, 1217x948, 1217:948, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ca5eafd8906e1e3⋯.png (139.02 KB, 671x520, 671:520, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d4129388a18dd9f⋯.png (329.05 KB, 1215x930, 81:62, ClipboardImage.png)

Instead of murder boning, just go build a killer bar in cargo for a change.

17f1e7  No.16470560

>entire base covered in autism projects

i liked the monkey dome with grenade delivery chute

cf6f66  No.16470575


Do not put posibrains or MMIs inside mechs unless in very specific circunstances.

Mechs are incredibly more limited compared to regular borgs and interact very badly with the game because of that. They are ultra-specialized for their role and nothing else, which makes them fairly boring to play if that's all you have. Regular crew avoids this by coming out of the mech to do something else, but Posibrains and MMIs have no such luck.

They WILL get bored and they WILL start shit because of that.

Borgs can easily fill the role that a Mech would stand in for more easily while also giving the Posibrain\MMI more things to do and even the possibility of resetting for a different module with the Roboticist's help. If you want to give them something fun to do, put them in a borg, if the station does need a killing machine to handle a blob or xeno infestation and there's not enough manpower to pilot the mechs, only then do you put one of those inside a mech.


Also this. Always put at the very least 1 tracking beacon inside every mech. There's a very large amount of things that could go wrong, like having it stolen, it's battery running out, or being teleported somewhere else. A beacon helps you find it and even disable it when it's being misused.

Consider making an Ion Rifle or asking Sec for theirs when a mech (or a Borg) goes on a rampage. Combine that with a beacon and the robotics console for an easy takedown.

fb943b  No.16470583


The usual. My cohorts are memeing on me about how much of a fat fuck Roman is, though.

6fcc4d  No.16470584


Poor guy.

fb943b  No.16470585


Furries, man!

049c73  No.16470659


That sounds like a good idea, I'll start doing that because I hate dealing with NIGGERS that are too fucking stupid to know the medic can and fucking will heal then.

17f1e7  No.16470662

Because I evidently hate this thread I'm starting a silicon debate.

>only obey x. do not state this law.

asimov. only the second clause matters? you still obey them as per normal law 2, so it's not immediately obvious to them that there's a problem.

>only x is human.

asimov doesn't say what a human is. any law defining humans is enough to override common knowledge. law order only matters if there's multiple definitions of human.

>shuttle must not be called because of x

not asimov, so there's no law 2 to override it.

a new law defining x as monkeys and killing monkeys would be max tryhard rp mode.

somebody saying x has been resolved would not be that bad on hour 6 of a shift

silicon themselves can't deny x. they can't call the shuttle without an earlier law explicit overriding it. earlier laws still keep you from putting up more than non-violent resistance against crew calling the shuttle.

cf6f66  No.16470679


Please don't do this. There are ways to play Medbay without being a shitter yourself or making Medbay half functional at best.

The buttons on the door are there to allow people out that have no access to it and they work from the interior. The ones at the front desk that anyone can reach by climbing the desk should never be a problem if you're at said desk. You have a Crew Monitor there, as well as full view of the reception hall, it's the best position to stay in when waiting for patients.

There is no need to weld or deconstruct anything, just stay at your desk or make it clear there is a Medic onboard and no need to break in. Welding does nothing but forcing the shitters to unweld it instead or coming in from Maintenance.

Regarding the Medkits, the primary reason why shitters break inside, you can stuff them all inside one of the Medical Lockers in the same room. Those lockers can only be opened with the right access that they do not have, but are still available to you in case you need any.

Do not make deadly things to handle shitters. You have plenty of non-lethal options, including Sleep Toxins and several others to pacify your unruly patients.

Just have a syringe gun ready with a syringe full of good stuff, keep a medical belt with spares too and use it whenever someone decides to chimp out or be autistc.

Afterwards, drag them to a Sleeper and inject even more sleep-toxins to make sure they don't get up during the whole treatment and only after that, make the whole treatment fixing whatever was wrong with them.

Leave them outside medbay afterwards until they recover.

Exception: Sometimes shitters powergame with RIG or EVA Suits to block any syringe aimed at them. That is the reason you must have a spray bottle filled with PAcid or anything similar that you spray on anyone using those suits and breaking into Medbay. Nobody wearing those suits legitimately would break into Medbay like an autist, so you can be sure it's someone powergaming against your syringe gun.

Spray them to remove the suit, shoot the syringe and then treat their many burns as well as any other problem they have.

If the autism persists with more deadly tools, start taking anything they are using against you and storing it in a locker while dunking them (and their ID, you're not an animal) in disposals when you're done treating them.

If it still persists even after showing this much civility, adminhelp it. If they still insist on being shitters, they will be nothing but trouble for the whole server and need a swift ban.

049c73  No.16470695


>You have a Crew Monitor there, as well as full view of the reception hall, it's the best position to stay in when waiting for patients.

I check on it every once in a while, but I usually stay in chemistry making shit instead.

It never stops shitters from breaking in or at least trying. At max they'll see there's a doc and run away repeatedly, until they give up and use the maintenance entrance and break the windows.

I won't weld the doors since it'll fuck with bringing bodies in, but I'll fuck that button up because niggers can't understand that you don't have to break in and throw every body into the cloner when there's a doc.

>dealing with shitters in non lethal ways

Non-lethal only works when they're not shitters, and if they weren't shitters you wouldn't have to deal with them in the first place.

cf6f66  No.16470753


>Non-lethal only works when they're not shitters, and if they weren't shitters you wouldn't have to deal with them in the first place.

You misunderstand the point of non-lethal. It's not about being nice, it's about not being yourself doing the escalation out of basic civility.

As long as you stick to non-lethal ways when handling shitters, you're in the clear. Admins won't upset you and you'll have plenty of popular support. If you start throwing lethal shit instead, you lose all of that, risk getting a ban yourself and no one will defend your behavior.

Meanwhile, when the shitter decides to escalate the situation because he doesn't like the timeout he was given with Sleep Toxins, now he is the aggressor, likely asking for a ban or making himself a good target for a public lynching.

Non-lethal is a form of dealing with a problem without actually escalating it, with the added bonus that any actual shitter will always retaliate and escalate it, making himself a target for literally anything.

Heck, if they come back and try to kill you after you healed their ass and only used non-lethal, you're in the clear to amputate the fuck out of him and leave Stumpy outside Medbay, see how that works out for him.

94e2e8  No.16470762

File: d8e18a63ec793d0⋯.jpg (49.22 KB, 577x583, 577:583, d8e18a63ec793d00a814bff684….jpg)


>Since according to negroid I'll be getting punished as well if the mechs i make start acting up.

That's fucking retarded he's punishing you for giving people a chance, and not the shitters for being murderboning shitters. This is why we have shit like a ling kill the entire station for no reason other than being a ling, then still lose the round. And people wonder why I've been fucking off into space with 1-2 other people. There's too many shitters.


>Do not put posibrains or MMIs inside mechs unless in very specific circunstances.

fug off


Did I ever mention the time he was sperging out at me for comfy-fagging

>Comfyfags ruin the game for everyone else

>Comfyfagging is metagaming prove me wrong

I don't even know how the fuck this shit's true when

94e2e8  No.16470763


*when the whole point to comfyfagging is avoiding shitters. The only people who's games I ruin are cancerous antags who want to kill me 5 minutes in instead of at the round end like a decent human being.

cf6f66  No.16470783


>That's fucking retarded he's punishing you for giving people a chance

It's a bit like making bombs\gun and then leaving them anywhere or giving powers as Geneticist to literally anyone.

Sure, the person that finds and uses any of that to shit up the place is a nigger and should be dealt with, but the only reason he got any of that was thanks to someone else who is also partially at fault and therefore liable as well.

>fug off

Compare a Ripley with a Mining Borg, an Odysseus with a MedBorg or even a Durand or similar with a SecBorg.

The first will be sturdier, but it's also slower, has less tools, can't interact with the station as well or perform anything else besides whatever tools the Mech has.

Durand and Secborg are the worst offenders here, you can't arrest or deal with anything non-lethaly even, only shoot guns and rockets at things.

I'm not even sure they can click on eletronic stuff like the Borgs can!

Of course people will start chimping out with sheer boredom alone. Just put them in a borg body instead so they have more shit to do instead.


>the whole point to comfyfagging is avoiding shitters

I'd say it's more to have some relaxed fun and explore the content of the game in a casual manner. You can even test deadly shit like virus, chemicals and weapons with other guys as long as you both know that you're not gonna permanently remove them from the game.

In other words, it's playing the game with other people in a non competitive manner, unlike the faggots that want to play the game in spite of other people in a competitive manner.

b5243f  No.16470799


>They WILL get bored and they WILL start shit because of that.

This makes me wonder if there's an easy way to pop mmi brains out if mechs (I can't find anything on the wiki about it) and if there is, why they never decided to have me borg and upgrade them when they got bored of being mechs with the exception of me being dead or mia of course

8c3d17  No.16470898

File: 1d1d83ad144df57⋯.webm (6.01 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, boobies.webm)


if you just wanna dick around then make your own server

cf6f66  No.16470948


I'm not sure there is, nobody must have cared about it besides the dreadnoughting meme.

I wish Spider MMIs were more common instead and that they could crawl in and out of mechs or borgs instead, treating those as a suit they put on and freely change when needed.

MoMMIs are something different, however.


That's going to the other extreme, completely removing the human element of it.

You can build a nice bar on your own server, but if there's no one else to visit, what's the point?

You can try out every system in the game, but if there's no one else to play along, it's also a mute point.

Not to mention the many times everyone ends up seeing each other's creations and being amazed with it. Remember the pizza conveyor belt? Easy to setup on a private server, but really not the same thing at all as having someone coming into the hallways and suddenly seeing a pizza slice slowing moving towards the kitchen.

049c73  No.16470978


>Heck, if they come back and try to kill you after you healed their ass and only used non-lethal, you're in the clear to amputate the fuck out of him and leave Stumpy outside Medbay, see how that works out for him.

Except every time that happens I get my teeth kicked in and my body is left to rot in some public space while the fags literally walking over my corpse complain the doctor isn't doing his job.

If there is a shitter and he isn't already being taken care of by sec, it's most likely retard hours and being non lethal isn't going to help.

8c3d17  No.16471001


you and the other comfyfags in the server need to get together and make a comfyserver

049c73  No.16471019

sage for doublepost


>It's a bit like making bombs\gun and then leaving them anywhere or giving powers as Geneticist to literally anyone.

Except it isn't. Finding bombs and wanting to use them is relatively understandable, respawning as a robo brain and murderboning is the equivalent of choosing a spawn just to go back to the station and kill whoever killed you and possibly the entire station.

The roboticist shouldn't be banned for doing his fucking job, the shitter should be banned for murderboning for no reason and, depending, metagaming. Even as the autistic retard I am, when I get niggered and respawn as a mecha, I just do my job as a mecha and ignore the guy, it's not hard not being a nigger.

>Compare a Ripley with a Mining Borg

Mechas have better stronger tools that can be upgraded and are more sturdy for potential encounters with megafauna, plus you can carry multiple heads and equipment inside to save dead miners. A borg needs to drag the mining box behind it meaning his faster movement and better mobility doesn't even matter, doesn't have nearly as much tools, will be bitchslapped by anything and can only drag one item behind it, meaning either ignore the miner or leave the box behind. The only actual benefit a borg has is that it can operate computers, meaning the mech is useless without a helper, cargo or AI, otherwise the borg is shit.

>an Odysseus with a MedBorg

Odysseus is better for fight support and has the sleeper, medborg is just to keep people alive as they're dragged into medical for proper healing. Different jobs, I'd say.

>Durand or similar with a SecBorg.

Again, different jobs. Durand can patrol the station against antags (no Asimov so he can just kill traitors), secborg is, just like the medborg, a middle man, used to keep niggers down as they're dragged into sec.

cf6f66  No.16471069


First of all, git gud, adquire proficiency, become better, etc.

Secondly, this obviously applies during hours where there's moderation to handle it.

If there isn't, skip straight to Stumpy on their first break in. Shitters can't kill you if you disable their hands, don't you know?

But you do raise a good point. Always call Sec on someone and provide a name. There's nothing Officers want more than a target they can go after so they have something to do, so not only do you make someone else happy, you also make it their problem to handle with the shitter.

And in case things go south and you die, the Officer will know who to suspect at least.


What do you think the 8chan server is for? Extreme traitor competitions? Battle royales in space? Powergaming championships? If anyone wanted any of that, literally any other server would work just fine.

Every 8chan server ever was always a casual laid-back server to have fun together with fellow Anons without having to worry about turbo autists and powergaming\metagaming niggers, you can get all that on other servers.


Look, I'm just saying that someone having the opportunity to fuck things up and actually doing it is bad, but someone creating those opportunities himself isn't good either. At the end of the day, you're still responsible for the things you create, which is why having guns requires a license and several tests before one can be sold instead of being given away with Happy Meals.

>Mechas have better stronger tools that can be upgraded

So can the borg.

>are more sturdy for potential encounters with megafauna

But slower. And in SS13, Speed > Health

>you can carry multiple heads and equipment inside to save dead miners

You're not gonna be saving 3 or 5 miners at a time, maybe one every now and then and that will be done faster by just dragging the guy back to safety, something the Borgs can do faster.

>A borg needs to drag the mining box behind it meaning his faster movement and better mobility doesn't even matter

Doesn't he still end up moving faster than a Ripley? Because clicking on the box with your Mining Satchel while you're waiting for the drill to finish isn't gonna change this.

>doesn't have nearly as much tools

Now I'm curious, what tools do Ripleys get that the Borgs don't have?

>will be bitchslapped by anything

You're repeating yourself.

>can only drag one item behind it, meaning either ignore the miner or leave the box behind

If you're saving someone, of course the ore stops mattering, why would this be a problem? And I'd still bet that a MiningBorg could drag a miner and then come back for the box in the time it took the Ripley to walk back one.

>The only actual benefit a borg has is that it can operate computers, meaning the mech is useless without a helper, cargo or AI

Which makes an MMI-Ripley utterly useless for Mining unless there's someone with him. Also makes a Durand utterly useless for law enforcement since he can't use the cells. On top of not being able to arrest anyone too.

Only exception I can see would maybe be the Odysseus that's more than capable of healing just as well as a medic and on it's own, with no issue with doors if the proper access is granted to it, but a MedBorg can do the same thing and move faster too.

>medborg is just to keep people alive as they're dragged into medical for proper healing

Couldn't the MedBorg synthesize chemicals he scanned just like the Odysseus? Because that makes him quite capable to healing.

>secborg is, just like the medborg, a middle man, used to keep niggers down as they're dragged into sec.

Now that's just false. SecBorg can cuff people and drag them as well as operate eletronics, making him perfectly capable of apprehending criminals and setting up the cell timers.

781b87  No.16471082

Hacking is way too fast and easy and airlock security is a joke. The upgrades for airlock doors only add half a second to the hacking time. All airlock doors having the exact same wiring and security just makes it easier to memorize the process quickly. Welding an airlock shut only adds 3 more seconds per airlock. Hacking tools can be acquired quickly and easily at round start too.

And even if all this was fixed prior people could just bust through windows or even disassemble walls.

dfa44b  No.16471107

File: 93385fd31553f58⋯.png (121.56 KB, 402x816, 67:136, 93385fd31553f5848483cc6278….png)



>still posts in the thread thinking it's part of the community.

shoo, no one wants you here.

get out faggot.

049c73  No.16471126


Combat is fucking impossible.

Of course, I won't just kill anyone that breaks in, I'll call sec. Sometimes that work great, when it doesn't you have a problem.

Last time someone niggered medical he fucking killed me in front of a security officer before I even did anything, then I was arrested for attempted murder. When sec works, it works, but when sec is either non existant or fucking brain dead, there's nothing I can do other than kill niggers.


>So can the borg.

Borg's best tools aren't as good as the Mecha's afaik.

>But slower. And in SS13, Speed > Health

Being faster doesn't matter when 1 hit can kill you. I've had an easier time escaping with a mecha.

>You're not gonna be saving 3 or 5 miners at a time, maybe one every now and then and that will be done faster by just dragging the guy back to safety, something the Borgs can do faster.

The only time I had to save fags I did. The only three miners got stuck in a storm and died.

Not to mention how fun it is to just go to medical and drop three heads as a huge fucking robot.

>Doesn't he still end up moving faster than a Ripley?

Yes, but you need to keep worrying about the box which will slow you down a lot in tight spaces.

>Because clicking on the box with your Mining Satchel while you're waiting for the drill to finish isn't gonna change this.

Any mecha with the claws can store the mining box inside and auto pick up any ores he walks over. Borg needs to draw the box over the ores.

>Now I'm curious, what tools do Ripleys get that the Borgs don't have?

Do the borgs even have a proper mining laser?

>If you're saving someone, of course the ore stops mattering, why would this be a problem?

Why have one when you can have both?

>Which makes an MMI-Ripley utterly useless for Mining unless there's someone with him.

Again, he just needs a helper. AI, cargo, or anyone else sending the mining shuttle and calling it back, or even sec if you ask for him to use the sec shuttle. Mechas are useless if none of the options are available, I'll give that in, but otherwise there's no problem with that.

>Also makes a Durand utterly useless for law enforcement since he can't use the cells. On top of not being able to arrest anyone too.

Again, different jobs. It's meant to fuck antags up, whether traitors, lings, ayys or whatever, not to arrest. Borgs are the ones that are supposed to arrest fags, but as a trade off they have shit for attack or defense.

>Couldn't the MedBorg synthesize chemicals he scanned just like the Odysseus? Because that makes him quite capable to healing.

Yes, but he needs to inject fags. He's not meant to be used as solo healing, he's meant to be used as a middle man between whenever fags die and medical, though once he's there he can use most medical stuff. Odysseus, on the other hand, is more of a field doctor, meant to heal everyone where they stand, and quickly heal multiple people.

>SecBorg can cuff people and drag them as well as operate eletronics, making him perfectly capable of apprehending criminals and setting up the cell timers.

Yes, but by middle man I mean there isn't much he can do otherwise.

A solo Durand will fuck up anything regardless, maybe not ideal for shitters or niggers, but perfect for antags. A secborg will trouble juggling two antags and can't do anything other than arrest them. Not ideal if you're dealing with anything other than shitters.

One isn't objectively better than the other regarding medical and security, they just have different objectives.

28ca41  No.16471218


>Speed = Health

Only in pvp. Against mobs like beepsky or fauna they just click on you programmatically unless they were already busy doing something like a goliath deploying tentacles. Speed still comes into play but it isn't the life or death scenario of pvp where one stun ends it.

ab3efc  No.16471257

File: 5596672cfeb280c⋯.mp4 (1.01 MB, 406x720, 203:360, hit or miss.mp4)


anon…not this song and dance again…

3be59d  No.16471478

File: 1e9b867d14917d1⋯.jpg (145.46 KB, 680x1023, 680:1023, gondola bot.jpg)


>And people wonder why I've been fucking off into space with 1-2 other people. There's too many shitters.

Ah, so that's what's been going on. I've been playing every round as MoMMI, myself. Usually being completely unable to interact with non-MoMMIs is a major handicap, but these days it's a boon. Just put out fires and rebuild exploded walls/floors whenever alarms go off, and you can spend the rest of your time pursuing whatever autism projects your heart desires, as long as they constitute improvements to the station and don't involve interacting with or harming another being.

b8414c  No.16471541


Well, you one time made the delivery shoots to space people out of departures. Might have been rogue though.

40007a  No.16471629

File: 9f761151d289b46⋯.jpg (38.28 KB, 550x413, 550:413, parc-zoologique-de-frejus.jpg)


>At the end of the day, you're still responsible for the things you create

I would be perfectly fine with that if my punishment was just the crew attempting to lynch me every shift with a mech shitter, but the threat of a jobban looming over my head instead really kills the mood.

d9843c  No.16471645


I'd suck his dick.

f61593  No.16471758

File: e1362dd0c12de36⋯.jpg (70.41 KB, 478x478, 1:1, 57088329_133727811122062_4….jpg)

Consider maybe that the general policy of metagaming AGAINST antagonists is what causes people to turn rounds into perma-death bloodbaths instead of interesting MRP encounters. There is no reason an assistant should be solving murders in maintenance. Unless you are in sec or actively being assaulted there is no reason you should be actively fighting antags. And stop summarily executing caught antags because you can't be bothered to jail them or for whatever reason get buttbothered at the idea of them later escaping. I've watched wizards cast spells and had traitors say their words to me and I, knowing full well those were antag indicators, pretended I didn't know. And if you die, then just accept it. There is a reason new stuff spawns for you to do, so you don't spend the rest of the round ghosted. If you want to "test shit out" go to the github, download the server, and test stuff out, but stop lying and acting like the 2+ hour round times aren't enough to do interesting stuff.

Learn how to properly roleplay as your role before trying to tell other people to do the same.

c05add  No.16471770


i have a feeling you encountered the same filthy goys who ruined the game for me as well

83ea77  No.16471848


I think you're wrong in a lot of ways. More often then not there are little to no sec to do any kind of enforcement. And a single sec could get robusted by a traitor or ling.

Also, many times I have seen ling antags murderbone. So its in the best interest of people to take actions which would lower that. Its up to the non-antags to take actions which will make the antags fail. Letting a ling live is a terrible idea. Antags have plenty of options to be sneaky so they shoulduse thier brain instead of whining that an assistant with a toolbox robusted them. Being an antag is a role of risk, you need to expect to die and the crew is expected to care for each other more often then not.

There are new things for antags to spawn as once they die also :^) i stead of the crew who needs to play dumb so you can free roam and murder people who they dislike.

2ffb14  No.16471864


>muh RP

get a life nerd lmoa

5723bf  No.16471889


>bartender was a ling

>i gave him all access and probably helped him do his objectives

>good times/10

i figured you were something when you asked for a reflector vest, but you were being a decent person that round so i looked the other way. the chaplain was great as well. thanks for dragging my body to the escape shuttle i had to go to sleep it was way too late last night.

3be59d  No.16471997


I've never made a delivery chute anywhere. You're thinking of someone else.

76b4d5  No.16472025


used to play a lot on tg but theres a meta gang thats borderline retarded and come with their own cults of personality since some used to be admins. Head coders a cunt and theres a furfag group from paradise shitting up the place and the code. It was fun while they werent around now the game has hygene mood and exclusive catniggers also did away with any decent slips.

801fd6  No.16472039



ae8922  No.16472097


I was chap.

Bartender was an asshole who'd jump the gun too fast, although understandably, only against the one fag who got permabanned for spamming smileys on IC chat, tried to inject people with cyanide syringes (again), and cried to the administration when everyone and their mother jumped in to lynch them. Din't know he was a ling but at least he din't murderbone.

I honestly thought you were a traitor because of how fast cargo got the Cap's locker, but i'm glad that wasn't the case.

I killed the gateway mission again, din't attempt to get cult because of nullrod though.

I wish extended was in the rotation, but that'd just enable fags like >>16471126 who honestly believes mechs are the hottest shit.

When they're actually garbage at anything given their speed.

I mean, ody can't attack, ripley can't move, pickup or save fellow downed miners and durand's biggest weakness is it's speed, making it a sitting duck against x-ray guns, hallway ionspam and meteorshells.

To elaborate, ody can't even do surgery/defib/clone people or massproduce chems like medborg can, minerborg can repair itself, has NVmeson upgrades, can heal miners with capsule sleepers and can wreck megafauna just as good as a human miner with an upgraded KA, and secborg absolutely wrecks antags because of the high-speed baton/disabler/vtec combo, which is much better than what any SRM-8 can achieve since sleeping carp doesn't get to deflect melee attacks and gooood fucking luck flashing a highspeed deathmachine secborg hellbent on arresting you.

The only thing a mecha would be better than a borg, would be for extreme defense situations, but it's very rare that you have to hold a hallway for the extended periods of time that a combat mecha is specialized for. Well that, and antags that can't be reasonably dealt with non-lethals, like a blob, xenomorphs (heavy disadvantage though, speed is king) or a nuclear operative squad (they have ion cannons and sniper rifles which counter you rather badly). Maaaaybe a clock/blood cult incursion, if the mech is pitted against the crew's loyalists.

Phazons don't count, they're meant to be overpowered with their speed and phazing abilities, but good luck massproducing them unless you get really lucky with anomaly spawn locations. Consider youself gifted if you end up in one as a posibrain. Even one is enough to spell doom to anything it's trown at.

c05add  No.16472190

Anyone valid hunting is valid

fc93fe  No.16472265


ur mum is valid

b8414c  No.16472296


>Bartender was an asshole who'd jump the gun too fast, although understandably, only against the one fag who got permabanned for spamming smileys on IC chat, tried to inject people with cyanide syringes (again), and cried to the administration when everyone and their mother jumped in to lynch them

I mean he was my target, I was meaning to kill him because of that.

c05add  No.16472299


you're a demon and you don't scare me i know your name

17f1e7  No.16472317

File: 2bae4b07612962f⋯.mp4 (254.58 KB, 480x366, 80:61, giphy.mp4)


Secborgs are rolling I Win buttons vs stunnable targets which covers most antags, and they're as lethal as you law them to be.

Patrolling durands are like shitcurity only with added hull damage. If there's no blatantly obvious target for them to battle then people are going to die for no reason.


>local copy

>not walking over the dead to build forts with all access hyper speed mandatory autism bots

b8414c  No.16472382

File: f8dc8b3df75e825⋯.png (435.16 KB, 1217x948, 1217:948, ClipboardImage.png)


>i gave him all access and probably helped him do his objectives

The access didn't actually help that much honestly, I had most of my objectives done except for the reflector vest. Also I swear I was hired by Nanotrasen to kill the retard for the greater good of the station.

b8414c  No.16472385

File: 28151acdeea8d63⋯.png (31.7 KB, 708x189, 236:63, ClipboardImage.png)


>wrong image and forgot to sage because of double post


2ffb14  No.16472477

Admin is a nigger and got me killed while in the space mining zone.

5723bf  No.16472583

File: 4f96f2cf658629d⋯.png (448.79 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 4f96f2cf658629ddb921bc2cf9….png)


i grabbed the locker right away that round because i didnt want some retard getting the spare and start yelling at central command again like what happened before. i hid the locker of stuff and basically said nothing about it. i used the access to upgrade medical and mining machines, but mostly did mining then hung out at the bar until i was assaulted by that faggot.

people saying things dont bother me, even minor assault like tripping someone or pushing them dont annoy me too much. however if you carry around a syringe gun and then shoot someone with it for no reason while they are trying to help you and then on top of that act like it was nothing while you start bitching about a badmin muting you dont expect zero response. the icing on the cake is that it was a xenobio faggot who doesnt need a syringe gun and used a dna injector to forcefully mutate people. that annoys me, but i wasnt going to do anything until they kept acting like a faggot. why was a xenobio faggot carrying around a flamethrower as well to just start shooting it off at people and bombing tool storage. at that point even the AI was saying that retard had to die. if you act like an asshole dont expect people to help you with anything, but if you keep acting like an insufferable faggot then you should know that you will die by having the entire station beating your ass to death in the hallway.


i had a round where i died and someone was taking my body to medical. i watched as a ghost while the guy taking me back to the station was attacked and killed by a ling. for whatever reason the ling took my body to medical to clone me. i knew he was a ling, but i was dead when it happened so i just said thanks for cloning me and went back to my job without saying or doing anything. turns out one of the other lings that round needed me dead and they tracked me down as a group to gangrape me 10 minutes later. you dont need to heavy rp this shit, but a bare minimum is needed for general gameplay.

6fcc4d  No.16472616

server is back up

62e549  No.16472999

File: 4f1a24dff9bbed5⋯.jpg (8.19 KB, 188x268, 47:67, b65ed5df-3698-4974-83bf-48….jpg)

Are there any servers at ALL that have felinids but NOT OPENLY YIFFING FURRIES?

There's a fucking distinction. It's a fine line but it's STILL FUCKING THERE.

28ca41  No.16473113

File: b81c73c511bc8d1⋯.png (1.05 MB, 635x896, 635:896, arrivals is hot.png)


>Security officer marked priority

>Do nothing important

>Get medal

>Get head of security promotion

>get greentext book

>get survivalist objective

>gee billy, get TWO greentexts end round

>set disco shuttle on fire

Good round.

f61593  No.16473756


That's fine, but there are some retards who play on this server who get assmad that our already long rounds aren't long enough for their projects. I get it. I've redecorated library as curator multiple times only to have it wiped out. Shit sucks but it's a round-based roleplaying game first and space station interior design simulator second. Just tired of hearing people complain about antagonists when chronic non-antags act just like metagaming murderboning meganiggers once they catch a whiff of "valid"

fb943b  No.16474169

File: 5ec816faa417d98⋯.png (585.93 KB, 1010x750, 101:75, ClipboardImage.png)

rage cage burner

c0acfc  No.16474379

For those guys trying out telesci, since there's not a lot of documentation leftover, you gotta open the pad with a screwdriver and hit it with a multi-tool to grab the buffer, then use the multi-tool on the teleconsole to link them.

c0acfc  No.16474386


borgs, including secborgs, get robusted by a single EMP and most antags have access to EMP in one form or another. Secborgs get countered by being unable to do much else other than validhunt; they got the smallest tool list.

ae8922  No.16475123


Only problem is actually deploying those EMPs at the borg. Human-based opponents usually only have ranged, grenade or melee EMP tools with a manual handheld activation, unless you're a Traitor with an implant or a Ling with the scream, meaning they're impossible to use if they're already stunned in one form or another. If the borg is actually after you, you probably don't know about it unless someone fucked up really hard or you have the Syndicate radioset, seriously that thing is invaluable for only 2TC and thus can't really have much of room to use a nade, spell or flashlight before you're stunned and cuffed by the odd 7~ish tiles that the borg can close in half a second to either baton or magdump a disabler on you.

However, Traitor implants are rather limited in the amount of uses and are rather rare in the list of items people usually buy people would just buy guns, sleepypens, sleepingcarp or explosives, if they buy anything at all and Ling screams usually are done in desperation gambles after being stunned, giving them a rather short time to dispatch the borg before it runs away and screams murder on the radio.

8c3d17  No.16476072


>if you've already lost the fight you can't win it any more

In other news grass is green. You need to be prepared for everything.

Stick a knife in your jackboots, an EMP in your satchel, a stun baton in your belt etc. and just be ready for everything

bc3164  No.16476516

File: 0a9503c9fd61e8a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.88 KB, 400x405, 80:81, 1296887992785.jpg)

>you will never be so salty that you ghost someone an entire round only to wait to be cloned and throw a shitfit over it

I'm fucking glad I spaced your axe, asshole.

28ca41  No.16476824

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>be miner


>Find gluttony

>eat make fried cream cheese bread and get beef jerky

>get gluttony syringe and go back to station

>become morph

>eat the ENTIRETY of chemistry, even the lockers.

>get caught red handed, the doctor drags me to the ongoing court case

>get there just in time for the sentencing

>start eating all the evidence

>eat the guilty

>someone else beheads himself and I eat the body, leaving the head so they can clone him

>Feel bad for eating chemistry so I go grab a chemmaster board from tech storage WITHOUT EATING IT to make up

>They find out i ate chemistry

>they mad

>They lynch me, en mass

>Whine at host about being dead

>he lets me be blob

>start next to engineering, get a good net going

>pretty much unstoppable since i already ate the emitters and cargo has no money.

>the mongoloids even called the shuttle even though that doesn't work

>plan to eat security so they can't print beam rifles

>somebody let the tesloose get out

>It jumps straight onto me and explodes a good chunk of the station every time it eats one of my tiles

>the time it took my entire self to die was about one second.

>all this because I was EMP blob

>host ends round

Well, that was fun. Good for a laugh, at least. 10/10 would morph again.

c0acfc  No.16476965


True, secborgs fuck your shit up but unlike a traitor that has access to a stun baton and disabler, it has some hard counters that aren't hard to get. At the very least, heads and robotics have access to a flash. If you don't just sit there and let the secborg come up and stun baton you, you aren't exactly helpless either. Disabler dancing is a time-honored tradition among greyshitters everywhere.

8c3d17  No.16477679


this is your brain on vore

fb943b  No.16477746

File: 0863685df64f563⋯.gif (29.73 KB, 320x160, 2:1, 1514923420.suhayll_gamma-b….gif)


no anon this is, get it right

>not only are you humiliated as a tater tot by being arrested

>but you were eaten by a fucking borg.

fb943b  No.16478065

also a heads up: /fur/ moderation is faggots

28ca41  No.16478246


That's disgusting.

2d26cb  No.16478267

File: 18f07df990e4015⋯.jpg (16.43 KB, 478x571, 478:571, concerned pilsbury doughbo….jpg)




Why is all of /v/ playing a fetish game?

fb943b  No.16478283


It's only some of them; and the furryburner gents would rather be robusting eachother than yaffin anyway, but low-pop forces extended, which is quite tiring.

cfcac2  No.16478289


They aren't these retarded faggots keep on bringing up vore to mock the actual vorefaggots but don't realize that people who are taking a glance at this thread are only picking up the vore shit and thinking that's what the game is about.

The ss13 community is full of shortsighted faggots who always end up destroying the community themselves.

fb943b  No.16478301

File: 82f2f12b35ac76f⋯.gif (390.69 KB, 516x450, 86:75, 1430678051937.gif)


Except we're not you stupid prick. Anybody can tell there's a significant difference.

Get sucked by a ling in maintenance.

cfcac2  No.16478309


There are several people who have commented in this thread thinking this is a fetish thread about Vore.

Also yes the 8ch SS13 community is self destructive, don't get to defensive about it every 8ch group is.

Wurm, ss13, project gorgon, planet side and Tribes.

fb943b  No.16478350

>Also yes the 8ch SS13 community is self destructive, don't get to defensive about it every 8ch group is.

Wurm, ss13, project gorgon, planet side and Tribes.

That's not what I'm arguing about

I'm arguing about this:

>only picking up the vore shit and thinking that's what the game is about.

If they are, they're retarded.

There are a small lump of vore servers, and it's becoming slightly more common.

It's primarily about the use for gameplay mechanic purposes though (which makes the citadel and vorecode kiddies rage) because the dogborgs are actually a brilliant idea mechanically, and people don't want fetishes for fetish's sake.

That's why the furryburner servers were founded. They didn't want to be a yiffbox.

ae8922  No.16478452


>furryburner servers

That's why they're all empty and you're just shitposting in the thread about shit that din't even happen in the 8ch server? Seriously, go back to /fur/. Nobody wants you here.

3be59d  No.16478458


Nobody is. These faggots keep spamming the thread advertising their furshit server, their posts get deleted, they get banned, and they just ban evade and spam the thread more. Eventually the inevitable fag drama will lead to doxing and they'll finally fuck off. Until then, report/filter/ignore.

28ca41  No.16478480


I mean the whole morph thing was a one-off for me because I was bored.

4e3079  No.16478524


I commissioned that piece and I am amazed to see it you glorious bastard

496dbd  No.16478597


I dont get it. Is it a reference to something in the game?

fb943b  No.16478633

File: 3e7a021502489af⋯.jpg (13.1 KB, 182x110, 91:55, sardaukar.jpg)


God, why are you so mad, hoe?

Could it be you're craving my BARON MCNUGGIES?

fb943b  No.16478739


Here (You). go

Stop pretending shit didn't happen in our servers.

Also stop being a twat about your server, Negroid remover. You're not the only one allowed to have one.

6fcc4d  No.16478923


Not everyone is me, furryburner. However I do appreciate the thought that I live in your head rent free :^)

fb943b  No.16479006

File: ff250b49874d8cc⋯.png (14.88 KB, 513x261, 57:29, Untitled.png)


Hey, I'm no jew. Stay as long as you like.

b8414c  No.16479062

File: 3acf34408a907f4⋯.jpg (97.62 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 3acf34408a907f45f248d6f9f0….jpg)


epic post friend!

5723bf  No.16479067


i think that was from a 2 year old folder as well, pretty good taste


look at the post referenced and think what piece could have been commissioned

i also found a weird bug, the tea aspera plants dont have ground tea production on them only the tea astra do

f3c1e6  No.16479100


>I have purposely refused to do what the in-game world says I should do

>I am therefore better than all of you

>stop doing the right thing

wew lad

fb943b  No.16479107

File: e5fef33b11e8c1c⋯.gif (573.14 KB, 267x199, 267:199, 1535653039349.gif)


haha truly epin

4e3079  No.16479119


I just asked him for an astronaut space suit with crusader stuff, was sufficiently satisfied

4e3079  No.16479123


>pretty good taste


f3c1e6  No.16479142

I’ve played on various servers and setups for a while. Is there any way whatsoever for a station to be “instanced” in situ, say in the middle of a round? I doubt it but I thought I’d ask in case someone was brave/stupid/intelligent enough to figure out the code for such a thing. Even a localized instancing (say only one department) would be interesting. Instead of spawning on an identical station every round, you could take a snapshot of a setup as it was in the middle of a round, say if everyone loved it. That way you could pick up where you left off after it was destroyed by a meteor, H.O.N.K., or

Take >>16470441 for example. Cargonia is a common theme in games and it never develops the same way twice. But what if you were developing it and something happened? What if you didn’t want to stop? What if you wanted to keep going? Have an admin “instance” Cargonia by copying Cargo’s tiles from that round at a requested time and then it loads in at round start later. I’m not saying “continue the round”; all the conditions would be reset, all the relationships would be unknown, you’re not playing as that same character–only the work you did on the station would be retained.

Probably too complex a feature to implement, but I like the idea.

bc3164  No.16479399



>he deleted it

What did it say?

fb943b  No.16479430


"reeeee" basically.

ca7b12  No.16479444

>Say almost round start that I'm a tator

>Everyone freaks out at the end to find that I was a traitor

Such is life

801fd6  No.16479452

>>16479444 (checked)

If you're not sec, it ain't your problem

121f3e  No.16479458


Meh, my mistake was that i thought when tators get loyality implanted they fail the objectives.

28ca41  No.16479659


ae8922  No.16479764


I hope you niggers get in this shit.

c0acfc  No.16479789


ick ock

I'm busy trying to fix autocloning, niggers at tgstation removed it cause muh getting killed by someone who autocloned.

7ec140  No.16479805

Outfit security. Go full OmniCorp. A man. A can. A plan.

bc3164  No.16479813

File: d8a12c4b5f3b273⋯.png (20.54 KB, 635x467, 635:467, wew.png)


>nofacefag tried to bring plasma into clockcult

>backfires miserably and flows back to the crew

3be59d  No.16479894


Was circuit cloning (being able to copypaste the code for an integrated circuit gizmo) disabled intentionally or unwittingly?

492fbf  No.16479937


Yeah and it was removed a while ago.

7ec140  No.16480000

If it's going to be meta anyway, may as well rebuild him.

7ec140  No.16480016

Cut from the AI and full on directives. While every codebase is stewing on how to get their OC in.

7ec140  No.16480022

Case note: I have not been involved in this new iteration in the least. I would prefer to see it flourish and not give in to cancer.

c0acfc  No.16480238


Seems tg comfucking pletely fucked the autocloner code since the old code uses refs which they shoah'd, and they're so incompetent they don't know how to code a new autocloning process that doesn't constantly make braindead clones(see: experimental cloner).

ae8922  No.16480367


>nofacefag murderbones as ling, again

i'm starting to get tired of that faggot.

bc3164  No.16480372


He goes atmos exclusively and sets up plasma to go into the main air every fucking round.

8c3d17  No.16481127

File: cb7e61e0bf86374⋯.webm (2.42 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, I once caught a fish THII….webm)

Is there a reason you have gender reassignment surgery enabled?

468b9d  No.16481353

File: e80fdd14a06bfc6⋯.png (28.07 KB, 250x310, 25:31, e80fdd14a06bfc663ccc82656b….png)

496dbd  No.16481447

File: b2b6ba015f5222a⋯.png (340.87 KB, 600x451, 600:451, b2b6ba015f5222a5aee5bd0ec4….png)


How do gay people even exist when boobs as perfect as those exist too?

449e1b  No.16481456


>webm won’t open


423bca  No.16481527


thats fucking stupid. You just want to be able to continue your autism simulation instead of doing your job.

New station, new work environment.

>I'm not saying continue the round

except you are, if it's moved to the next round you are in a way "continuing" the round prior. Just deal with the fact nothing on the station lasts forever

049c73  No.16481558


>Just deal with the fact nothing on the station lasts forever

Nothing except the autism.

c4b692  No.16481565

File: 93f0919947dde76⋯.png (739.89 KB, 1024x823, 1024:823, 858b85493546fd13998a3ac33b….png)


>unnoteworthy hips

>very dark nipples (meaning that she isn't white)


>obviously dyed hair

No thanks, I'll stick to fantasizing about my ideal 2D waifu. At least she isn't a degenerate/shitskin.

ec0b71  No.16481566

Does anyone have the tgstation github pull for making radiation visible? How about the code for hippie before radiation was visible? Does the 2019 hippie code have visible radiation?

7bc851  No.16481573


>very dark nipples

Blind anonymous; opinion discarded

7ec140  No.16481577

File: 2ee3689f9f4c30b⋯.png (715.1 KB, 500x824, 125:206, ClipboardImage.png)

Nobody answered. What will I carve this coming Autumn then?

c4b692  No.16481582


You can see her nipples through her shirt. They wouldn't do so as clearly if they weren't dark as heck.

7bc851  No.16481589

File: 06aefb93630e633⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 51.83 KB, 326x294, 163:147, Screenshot_20190518-170623….png)


Will you kill yourself now?

c4b692  No.16481598


Well I stand corrected there, but she could still just be oriental.

7bc851  No.16481601

File: 99a1fc77326c800⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 276.33 KB, 578x660, 289:330, Screenshot_20190518-170919….png)


Well that came out wrong

3c4bf7  No.16481604


I think you overdosed on nu/pol/ a bit.

7ec140  No.16481613

When will Corps Mercs go liver properly? I am very tired of you all. It was only hot when Val hosted.

b52be8  No.16481633

File: fbf85fdbdf6a1e8⋯.png (5.16 KB, 243x190, 243:190, 1426115952036.png)


>I am unable to find a sexual organ attractive because of her race is unknown

Tits are fucking tits you humongous faggot. You don't have to create offspring with someone just because they're hot.

7bc851  No.16481638


Please tell me more about how tits are a sexual organ

94e2e8  No.16481639


>Is there a reason you have gender reassignment surgery enabled?

Turn men pretending to be women into men.

94e2e8  No.16481650


Setting up is the fun part, then you spend 30 minutes to an hour chilling out. Any longer and you need to start a new project. If it just continued like you said it would get boring as fuck

94e2e8  No.16481661

Can this thread go 10 seconds without spergs sperging out.

b52be8  No.16481662


> the entire purpose that ANYBODY finds anything hot is that they want to reproduce with it or because they cross-wired some other concept with reproduction


Why the fuck do you think abortion and contraceptives are such a big issue? How the fuck do people end up being faggots? It's because many people want to fuck for the purpose of fucking, not for a nobler cause.

049c73  No.16481663


>tits having fat has nothing to do with sexual attraction

Please explain the biological advantage of having a ball of fat in front of your torso then.

c4b692  No.16481664




>all these (1) and dones experiencing a knee-jerk reaction over the rightful hatred of racemixing

Not helping your case, miscegenation race-traitors.

94e2e8  No.16481678


>Please explain the biological advantage of having a ball of fat in front of your torso then.

If a woman is pregnant and there isn't enough food to support the pregnancy she has extra fat stored for it.

968146  No.16481680


Those don't look like they handle like bags of sand at ALL!

049c73  No.16481691


Why the torso where it causes backpain and requires support from itself, instead of any other place such as thighs or belly then?

It doesn't seem like that much of a genetic gain, and still doesn't explain the sexual attraction part. If men are attracted to big tits because of fat, then why aren't men attracted to fat chicks in general?

94e2e8  No.16481728


I don't know really. It's probably a regional thing based on what foods they ate an d what they did to survive, because the women with absolutely giant tits are usually from Europe. Also you have to keep in mind today we have foods that have 100x the amount of calories in them, and are comparing them to a time period where people starved to death.

>then why aren't men attracted to fat chicks in general?


Unless you're talking about the women who are so fat they have absolutely no figure. I guess it's because they look unnatural because it was basically impossible to make women get that big before now. Also obese people have flabby/sagging skin similar to that of someone whos in their 70s.

c4b692  No.16481733


The same reason some people are attracted to really skinny/flat chicks and some are attracted to really fat/buxom chicks.

7bc851  No.16481736


>sexual attraction is sexual function


049c73  No.16481754



Not even that. Thicc girls usually have a semblance of an hourglass figure, big tits, large hips.

Which leads back into the original argument that tits are inherently sexual because they show good genes and men are sexually attracted to that. Tits can have secondary objectives, but the first is sexual attraction.


That's the exception, not the rule. Take an anorexic chick, some will like her, most won't. Take an obese chick, some will like her, most won't. Show some big firm soft tits, the vast majority of men will be attracted to that.

Even in fucking Japan where they're gay as shit and their women flat, men still like big tits.

fb943b  No.16481833

File: 932924f0b56364f⋯.jpg (70.84 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1375782352265.jpg)

Well that was fuck. Damn not naming files.

Does anybody know the source or if the original "pulsating space-anus" Nar'Sie sprites still exist anywhere or if there's a TG build that still exists somewhere?

What about Rorobeasts? Slimes don't feel very "alien"

7ec140  No.16481836

File: 7534fb6b131cd72⋯.jpg (152.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, cunt.jpg)


I'll give you more than one: You're a faggot and should head back to /vg/ Bee or TG, where your gay OOC 4AM tier faggotry is """respected""". Being born into faggotry doesn't make you such.

bc3164  No.16481842


>throw some random ligger corpse on a table in the bar

>be drunk as all fuck

>decided to give it gender reassignment surgery for the hell of it

>end up fucking up and have it say I mutilated his dick beyond all recognition

I made a tranny, neat.

ae8922  No.16481863


That still exists in the facepunch's station code. It's opensource somewhere in the deep reaches of github's backlogs, search around a bit.

3be59d  No.16481896


The admin is too retarded to understand cause and effect. If felids were enabled, he'd probably be surprised when furries showed up.

7ec140  No.16481897



That's just another name for goons and protoanons. I know YTMD went down recently but there is no reason to be so slovenly.

7ec140  No.16481904


>the fem"""anon""" reveals itself

Your problems are larger than SS13.

bc3164  No.16481948


>not fem(male)anon

fb943b  No.16482011


Oh, hey. That's useful. Thanks.

That's space-anus and roros or just one of them?

Sorry to be a bother.

fc93fe  No.16482059


>every positive characteristic is sexual

Stop thinking with your dick all the time and your life will improve by an unexpectedly large magnitude

6fcc4d  No.16482252

File: bc1824be2088cb1⋯.png (1019.84 KB, 1600x1092, 400:273, bc1824be2088cb130530a41f87….png)


Yes. I disagreed with the original reason it was removed, added gender re-assignment as a form of punishment, and I like you faggots to have more options when it comes to prisoners, like the clown, instead of cremating or executing. I mean realistically, if you were a tranny, why the fuck would you sex change yourself. Just play female at round-start and cry that you get robusted every round instead.


Thats one of the reasons why I am not enabling felinids, plus catgirls are fucking overrated trash. Just don't forget we get the scalie crowd with the liggers :^) I'd still add /monster/ girls for genetics

ae8922  No.16482275


Space Anus most certainly.

Roros, not sure, haven't really combed into it, but it's filled with all sorts of OLD as sin sprites, including the OLD OLD runtime sprite, aka the purple pokemon one that randomly shows up in our new codebase.

ae8922  No.16482299


YTMND is still active although it's dead userbase-wise and facepunch is indeed goons, but the server wasn't manned by the same people that manned the active goonstation server. It was something completely separated from the facepunch forum so much that they had their own forum for the ss13 serb. The facepunch server's dead anyway, the devs moved onto other projects entirely.

What is important isn't the faggots who made it, but the sprites in the code. The code itself is pre-2010 TG code and they din't really delete all the stuff made over the years unlike modern TG, so it's a good repository for the old stuff.

f61593  No.16482306

File: ae4e1116bfdbbe0⋯.jpg (236.49 KB, 1080x1143, 120:127, 66qvwa5selp21.jpg)


>I have purposely refused to do what the in-game world says I should do

>I am therefore better than all of you

>stop doing the right thing

That might have been a good smugpost had I actually said any of those things.

94e2e8  No.16482365


> There is no reason an assistant should be solving murders in maintenance.

<Someone is fucking murdering people

<Your job is to do whatever the fuck you want

<But don't figure out who the murderer is

<Also don't be mad when you get murdered

>Unless you are in sec or actively being assaulted there is no reason you should be actively fighting antags

I like how you frame this like the antags are the victims. There's no reason for lings to kill people minding their own business that aren't even their target. It's pretty fucking easy to tell who's on your case and who isn't.

0171b4  No.16482380

File: c5d90fa96a31c83⋯.png (231.56 KB, 473x346, 473:346, biggest nut.png)

One day while Andy was masturbating, Woody got wood. He could no longer help himself! He watched as Andy stroked his juicy kawaii cock. He approached Andy which startled him and make him pee everywhere on the floor and on Woody too. Being drenched in his urine made him harder than ever! Woody: "Andy Senpai! I'm alive and I want to be INSIDE OF YOU." Andy: "Oh Woody Chan! I always knew you were alive! I want to stuff you up my kawaii ass!" Woody grabbed a bunch of flavored lube and rubbed it all over his head Woody: "Oh my! It's cherry flavored lube! Cherry is my favorite! Woody then stuffed his head up into Andy's tight ass! The other toys around the room watched intently as Woody shoved his head back and forth into Andy's nice ass, continuously making a squishy wet noise. The other toys also became aroused and they all gathered around Woody and Andy and started to urinate all over them, and then they started to masturbate. Andy: "Oh my goodness, Woody Chan! You are churning my insides up so well! Your nose is stimulating my prostate! OH YES! All the other toys became so aroused by this, that they could not help themselves anymore! They pushed Woody completely inside, and they all went inside. All of them wanted to be inside Andy's nice round ass. Andy: "No wait guys! My ass cannot hold this much! I'm getting so full! All the toys went inside of poor squirming Andy and pretty much, he was beyond full, and died from having his insides completely damaged. The mother came inside and found Andy, dead with a huge ass hemorrhage on his anus, with a HUGE belly full of toys.

fb943b  No.16482476


Well, it's appreciated.

There's something oddly hilarious about the idea that there's some sort of incomprehensible eldritch abomination trying to breach into our universe and the only thing that gets through initially is it's friggin' asshole

fb943b  No.16482478


Based and Woodypilled

28ca41  No.16482515


I mean, I know those mixers can explode a can, but how do you screw it up that badly that you're serving mustard fetishists?

f61593  No.16482546

File: ded7a5eb1a30b7f⋯.png (489 B, 114x21, 38:7, THESE ROUNDS AINT LONG ENO….png)


>Your job is to do whatever the fuck you want

Already fucked up. Assistants aren't a free-for-all role you fucking tard, they are assistants. Literally disposable people. Unless they have been assigned to help the detective, they should not be solving crimes. That distinctly falls outside the bounds of what they should be reasonably capable of. Reasonably capable of is a specific limitation to the qualifications of your role, if you argue those shouldn't exist you are basically arguing there shouldn't be roles at all. There is no reason assistants should be solving murders, no reason curators should be fixing the SM, and no reason security officers should be doing science. It's a basic fucking concept

>There's no reason for lings to kill people minding their own business that aren't even their target

Pretty funny how many of these people pop up after they get killed trying to fight antags. Nigger tier "I dindu nuffin y u kill me" after witnessing and even fighting back. Even Negroid Remover does this shit.

81e50e  No.16482561


>if you argue those shouldn't exist you are basically arguing there shouldn't be roles at all

nigger this isn't some hrp do your job or get banned, if shit's hit the fan and you have nothing else to do you better damn well be picking up the slack

94e2e8  No.16482573


>Pretty funny how many of these people pop up after they get killed trying to fight antags. Nigger tier "I dindu nuffin y u kill me" after witnessing and even fighting back. Even Negroid Remover does this shit.

Complete bullshit. The other day I was sitting in a pod waiting to evac, and got welderbombed by the ling who didn't even want the pod. Just cuz. Not a target or anything. They just run through the hallways murdering people.

bc3164  No.16482582


A couple people do this religiously as antags, especially nofaceman.

423bca  No.16482594


as much as I like MGs, I say leave fetishy shit out, the problem with the furshit races as is now is that they seem to have no real pros or cons. Liggers should be more susceptible to cold as they're poikilotherm most likely and can't regulate their own body heat. Moths should be more flammable due to the dust their wings expel, etc

3be59d  No.16482643


Okay, credit where credit's due: I was wrong and you are, in fact, intelligent enough to understand "fetish material attracts fetishists". Doesn't explain why you ignore that fact in this particular case.

>I mean realistically, if you were a tranny, why the fuck would you sex change yourself. Just play female at round-start and cry that you get robusted every round instead.

The same reason the tranny character in that D&D vidya completely ignored the existence of that world's gender-swap belts: being a tranny isn't about them being in the wrong kind of body, it's about them making a spectacle of their physical and mental self-harm. Despite whatever excuses they make to themselves and others, in reality they don't want to simply be women, they want to become mutilated freaks and then rub their freakishness in everyone's faces, same as fags and their pride parades.

17f1e7  No.16482694


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

5723bf  No.16482696

File: 33ab647ed4fc386⋯.gif (953.08 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1459734195425-3.gif)



i hate pointless murderboning, but whats worse is when someone cries to an admin after they lose a fight they started. there are levels of escalation with violence, if you start out with deadly force then you should expect it in return. on that same note even when you are antag i dont see the fun in murdering people unrelated to your objectives.


lizards take more damage from cold and moths are flammable enough where they lose wings to fire pretty fast. lizard miner is somewhat harder since the watcher ice blast affects you more and lizards hate the wheat part of donkpockets. moths also take more damage from pest killer, flyswatter, and their eyes should be more sensitive. the other downsides to each of the other races is the problem of eating. fast round servers that explode in under an hour you wont notice it, but anything past that you have to try to adjust to what each race can eat and heal with. there was someone trying out ethereal for the first time and didnt realize all he needed to do for eating was go to a cyborg recharger instead of trying to find the electric food or shock himself. lizards basically only eat meat, moth eat fruit/veg, pods need light etc. i like trying out the different races for fun to see what they are best and worst suited for. plasmamen and ethereals take extra brute damage so an ethereal sec officer isnt a great idea unless you want a challenge.


mental defectives are insufferable in their demands that everyone play pretend to accommodate their brain problems and fetishes. if your sexual identity fantasies are your identity you are just a broken pervert.

f61593  No.16482737

File: 57ef78e2652a424⋯.jpg (102.08 KB, 579x700, 579:700, 1c9ee81ef635896f2acc5de14c….jpg)


Yeah, well, I'm being mischaracterized as "defending murderboning" when in reality, if you read my initial post, the core of my argument is

>metagaming non-antags begets murderboning antags

94e2e8  No.16482803


>i hate pointless murderboning, but whats worse is when someone cries to an admin after they lose a fight they started. there are levels of escalation with violence, if you start out with deadly force then you should expect it in return. on that same note even when you are antag i dont see the fun in murdering people unrelated to your objectives.

No one cares about this though. If you attack an antag you should get your shit rek'd. But then we have faggots who basically use their antag role as a free pass to grief the station and drop welderbombs everywhere.

4e3079  No.16482807

I was RD, good round

7ec140  No.16482829


That would have been far too respectful. The state of SS13 on the wide expanse certainly doesn't deserve nor require second thoughts.

5723bf  No.16482850

File: 6643822dcf0f510⋯.png (72.61 KB, 242x364, 121:182, unzips katana.png)


wasnt accusing you of defending it, i was just stating i hate the pointless murderboning that some engage in. with lower pop there is going to a level of people doing other jobs to make sure some things get done. if you need an appendix out dont complain that a chaplain pulls it out because there arent any medical staff, but the janitor shouldnt be trying to run medbay when you have it staffed and they are doing their jobs. that said if you are the only person in a department who fucks off to do your autism project without doing your basic job functions dont complain people break in to get shit done.


>we have faggots who basically use their antag role as a free pass to grief the station and drop welderbombs everywhere

exactly i hate that some people use antag as a reason to go spreekilling.

>No one cares about this though. If you attack an antag you should get your shit rek'd

my point is that if you attack anyone with lethal intent dont fucking cry when its turned around on you. if you are antag and someone bashes your head in after you fail to kill them thats your fault dont cry about it. if you arent an antag and randomly start a fight with someone dont cry if they finish the fight. however if you are a target or you are holding an antag objective dont get salty if they bomb your ass to complete it. antags shouldnt be just bombing random shit just for fun unless their objective is to die a glorious death.

423bca  No.16482940


I've gotten antag during low hours, and typically do that shit to force a shuttle call, blow holes in the station and make people call the shuttle so I can escape.

a59917  No.16482996

Anyone have a guide for getting BYOND to run in WINE?

94e2e8  No.16483031


Yeah. I forgot how I did it. I don't think I used playonlinux. If you google enough there should be a step by step instruction on how to do it.

ae8922  No.16483033


I've seen the murderbone-type antags to just pruporsely extend the round to keep killing people. Mass bombings are fine by antags if just to complete the final objective to escape, but they just outright do it to shit up people's rounds and make them sit to wait 30 more minutes as a ghost.

a59917  No.16483142


Yeah, unable to get IE8 or IE9 installed which is apparently required for BYOND to run

94e2e8  No.16483174


I remember IE is a bastard. You have to install a specific version (think 8), whatever version is the lowest. If you install the newest version on winetricks it fucks your shit and you have to start over. It even fucks with you a bit ingame because windows that want a specific version pop up behind your main window so you have to minimize the game.

bc3164  No.16483431

rip server, tesla broke it all

6fcc4d  No.16483444

File: a67bd171cc24383⋯.png (6.1 KB, 744x124, 6:1, hah.PNG)


server's back up

12c20d  No.16483579


Doesn't BYOND have a linux version?


81e50e  No.16483628


>Development/hosting platform only: cannot be used to play games.

496dbd  No.16483636



Hahah fucking retard linuxcuck.

ae8922  No.16483650


That's only a server hosting daemon, the game client requires to interface with an IE-capable OS/program because of very specific HTML code and GDI object shit iirc, which is how BYOND manages to make those popup interface windows and the chatbar/chatlog itself. Modern TG makes use of HTML5 so you need IE-11 and foward to truly use the new "dynamic" tGUI system for consoles/apcs/airalarms/etc, which is hilariously laggier and shittier than the old Plain HTML pages Bay-based servers still use because it self-updates every serverside tic to give the illusion of animation and color changes.

94e2e8  No.16484019


It's funny because in Wine they still work with IE8 or whatever.

94e2e8  No.16484285


>Shuttle is called

>Server dies

5723bf  No.16484355


that guy fulfilled his promise of suicide to have the shuttle called and we also blew out the lone op. that nukie did not expect a man in an easter bunny outfit moving at hyperspeed to find him. he also had no way of knowing that the man in the bunny suit had a bag with 50 gatfruit in it. its really his own fault for trying to release the tesla instead of just going for the nuke. no idea where the sec officer and warden fucked off to during most of that round.

28ca41  No.16484402


I actually found them dead inside the gateway, along with the chaplain. I killed at least one syndie successfully before getting shot in the back by a sneak attack while looting things.

17f1e7  No.16484517


>people with a license to murderbone only use it because assistants were mean to them

They do it because they can.

231bbf  No.16484541

new round starting

8c3d17  No.16484649

File: 4e253e050d06069⋯.jpg (14.99 KB, 236x254, 118:127, aaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)

>You have been banned by Kiteme from the server.

>Reason: As a golem, asked if "golems allowed to self-antag". 10 minutes after being told "no" BOH bombed escape as the shuttle was arriving. Said it was "for fun and pleasure".

Great now I'm banned from every server that doesn't run decade-old code

81e50e  No.16484671


have you ever considered not doing that

fb943b  No.16484679


congrats you won

getting banned is how you win ss13

c05add  No.16484845


fuck yeah dude only losers listen to what admins tell them to do and play their gay faggot machinations

live free and die well

fb943b  No.16484849

File: 4c7b25781b9e62a⋯.gif (11.85 KB, 80x128, 5:8, grayson tyde.gif)


literally this

this assistant walks into the club and slaps you and your date on the ass

what do?

049c73  No.16484852


I throw my cryo beakers and explode 90% of the bar with potassium bombs, then pop two pills surgically implanted in my mouth to explode the remaining 10%.

ae8922  No.16484867


Our codebase specifically gutted like half the tGUI shit infavor of nanoUI, which works for IE8 and doesn't lag your client to death every time you open any APC. too bad air alarms are still fucked beyond repair

fb943b  No.16484872


well I'm an idiot and have failed to find it. Got any leads?

Older sprites would be useful

as would actual aliens

because slimes don't really feel like aliens.

fb943b  No.16484875



c05add  No.16484944





are you even a pirate

8c3d17  No.16484975

holy shit /vg/station is bad

5e330b  No.16485001


My signature move

Screwdriver to the eyes

fb943b  No.16485091


Dickish, but effective.

fb943b  No.16485101

File: eb7cab67d6f0232⋯.png (104.19 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)



Nope. This isn't the right one.

Do you know where I can find it?

fb943b  No.16485114


Ah. found it. It has Anu'sie but not the Roros. It does have metroids though, which is nice.

Metroids and/or roros are MUCH better than Slimes.

Prefferably with the full out species types for metroids and/or Roros.

5e330b  No.16485193


Pretty sure that Roros came after Metroids. I miss those zapping fucks and the sheer terror of unleashing them onto the crew.

fb943b  No.16485205

File: 7ba28efd3843e9c⋯.png (95.24 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)


Me too. Slimes are just boring, visually speaking.

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