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File: fc44f7ab5e74978⋯.jpg (15.55 KB, 480x360, 4:3, argonian bruh.jpg)

a2a2fe  No.16466376

I'm talking about shit where a new team, or an idiot comes in and fucks everything up for future shit, erases cool possibilities and premises and whatnot, basically makes everything more shallow for their own retarded watered down vision.

Silent Hill post Hulett

>Tom Hulett turns the town from a mystifying dimension of representation and extension of the town's past, grudges and the general dark, unknown, subtle and hellish setting into a grungy violence fest with no real subtlety, which was almost fixed in Downpour, except the enemies were not very creative or even very scary, all biped humans with similar silhouettes.

>It at least clear that at least Hulett understood the appeal of the monsters, since the designs in Homecoming actually did match up with past designs, but Konami fully dismantled the original team and outsourced it to a newbie dev company with not much behind them

>Hulett was actually a fan and was literally the best choice considering, but this could have been stopped by just not sending the original team off into FUCKING MOBILE AND PACHINKO PROGRAMMING

Fallout post 2

>Did a lot of crazy awesome shit in 2, including introducing a talking deathclaw party member, Goris, who was a scholarly type who lived with an enclave of deathclaws of various intelligence in Vault 13, the first vault shown in the series, from the first game. His clan gets wiped out, which is pretty bad since due to FEV, if they banged non-FEV'd deathclaws, they eventually create a society and overall civilization, most importantly wiping out Deathclaws as a threat due to them becoming docile. When all the lore got fucked thanks to Fallout 3 and Bethesda's raping of the series, Goris was declared fucking dead despite being in the Chosen One's crew canonically, with no explanation.

>So the motherfucker deathclaw that could greatly improve stories and create weird conflicts central to Fallout's style dies a fucking virgin

>It's not that Bethesda can't make deathclaw followers, because their engine is extremely modular and easy to work with and people work in talking deathclaws all the time as companions, but thanks to their burying of Goris, all modded deathclaws all act like generic beasts, or have unvoiced lines where they just act like Hulk

>This is exactly ONE out of a dozen plotlines Bethesda outright fucked to hell in order to make a bland, glitchy ass 2 games, and one fucking atrocity on human taste, Fallout 76

still fucking mad that fallout got Bethesda'd, they made it bland as fuck

Dragon Age

>What was once a pretty solid RPG that had actual choices without a dumbed down morality system with room for sequel improvement got fucked extensively by PC politics.

>Come second game, the game tried to be actiony and the combat suffered for it and became shallow as fuck

>Come third game, gay politics infested at least half of the plotlines and writing so as to make the game unplayable because the fucking "comedy" and stories had devolved from a fairly complex sorting out of politics and semi-carefully choosing sides into a shitfest of Big Bang Theory laughtrack "humor", again because they kept letting people go in favor of literal Tumblr hired, rainbow haired intern "talent"

Mass Effect

>Had a plotline about Dark Matter getting set up

>Nearly everyone on staff got shuffled out of the dev team room

>No one knew what the plot was because of this

>Had to scrap most of it by 3

>And the original staff was all gone by 3.

>And it got worse because they kept shuffling staff out, which resulted in the travesty that was Andromeda.

Pretty much all of these were due to businesses treating their brands like products, by the way. They had no respect for the original vision that attracted so many, and ended up alienating even more to appeal to the fickle casual crowd, to the point that they got overconfident and essentially ruined their own reputations as developers and publishers. Even though they have the capacity to make good games, and they do from time to time, the industry's whole attitude is heavily self-defeating. They aren't going down because of competition. They're going down because of simple hubris.

And boy oh boy that fucking pisses me the fuck OFF.

Lore Destruction thread.

2f1fa3  No.16466399

File: 2681d5b0ee6799f⋯.png (87.32 KB, 220x378, 110:189, 220px-The_3rd_Birthday_Cov….png)

I will never forgive the people responsible for this "game"

018495  No.16466415

File: 8174e5b1f8d7800⋯.jpg (506.04 KB, 640x1042, 320:521, 622554_front.jpg)

74ebae  No.16466419

File: f122c662cee37f0⋯.png (56.87 KB, 1339x1344, 1339:1344, 4beb4f151493ae8728e17eee7e….png)

Command and Fucking Conquer. Everything after Westwood dissolved - specifically, with Command and Conquer 3.

>LOL JK tiberium is just lame crystals

>fauna? flora? nah that's gay, LOTS OF BLAND DESERT INSTEAD

>CABAL? lol I guess we can pretend he existed, we'll just retcon everything about him in a tacked-on expansion

>Slavick? lmao he ded offscreen, gg no re

>Mysterious aliens? Now they're IN YOUR FACE and GENERIC! Didn't you like War of the Worlds? WELL WE'RE GOING TO DO THAT, BUT WORSE AND WITH EVEN LESS SENSE!

>Kane? lmao he's just a jobber, gg no re

>Mutants? uhhh nah they don't matter LOL

I will never forgive EA.

172e86  No.16466432

One obvious example is Oblivion's Cyrodiil being retconned from a huge jungle into the Shire. Also there's Danganronpa V3 which was pretty much the most brutal lore annihilation of all time.

related post in another thread >>16465832

On a brighter note one game that did things well was Ace Attorney Investigations 2, it introduced a villain who is the series' prime mover. His actions are the reason for the dl-6 incident which led to everything else in the series happening, and it all occurs very naturally and leaves the previous games' stories untouched.

bc8e1a  No.16466440


It does absolutely nothing contrary to 1's story, it's just a diverging path.

de6fa5  No.16466451

File: ebb29b3deb182c8⋯.jpg (202.81 KB, 1270x1320, 127:132, 1378587_Aogami_15a.jpg)

I know it's ASSFAGGOTS trash, but I care and still do. League of Legends has some trash lore. It's very evident on the lesser champions.

Riot keeps adding completely unnecessary changes and retcons. Take Fizz for example; He was his own mysterious race of Atlantean-esque creatures and they just retconned him into a fucking Yordle. His old lore as bad as it was actually made sense and was better written. When they did this, they also retconned Yordles into a "mythical amorphous species" instead of them being their own race.

In other words, it hurt both Fizz and real Yordles.

07aca6  No.16466459


>the fizz faggot shows up

1b88fe  No.16466463


get the fuck out

bf8ed5  No.16466480

File: 024678acf075356⋯.png (105.86 KB, 266x273, 38:39, 024678acf075356e38e0901acf….png)


go away faggot, nobody cares that you are a homo for a fictional fish go avatarfagging somewhere else like cuckchan

000000  No.16466494


>businesses treating their brands like products

That is literally what they are. No business will ever treat any of their brands as anything more than products. Nothing wrong on their part, in this regard. What they do wrong is in misrepresenting what made people like their products in the first place.

As for lore rape, can we count games that got altered before release, only to be released with completely inferior lore to it's original premise? If so, i always like to point out how Final Fantasy XV got ruined during it's idiotic 10 years of production, until it's final release.

Original plot, shown in official trailers:

>The main character has insomnia problems and keeps "sleeping out" and waking up in different locations

>it is revealed that in fact, this happens because he is teleporting in real time from one location to another

>During his teleports, he travels through a dimension that connects 2 locations if filled

>Said dimension works without our laws of physics and time

>In fact, said dimension is the realm of the dead, and the character literally "dies for some time and then comes back to life" for each teleport, hence his "sleepiness" and "insomnia"

>When traveling through the realm of the dead, he sees and hears a girl that is always telling him about something horrible from his past

>There is an evil empire hunting down the main character, with their own heroes of the empire

>In his dreams, the main character sees visions of him becoming a king, gaining the favor of gods and using their powers to stop the evil empire

>By passing through provations by said gods, the main character gains more powers, and begins to recover his memories

>It turns out that the main character is, in fact, the son of Satan, and is destined to be the King of Hell, not only ruling over the dead, but also was responsible for killing his own fiancée, which was the girl in his visions, and he is also destined to bring hell to the world of the living

>Said girl was a priestess of the church of the good gods, and was trying to prevent the awakening of the son o Satan, that is, you/the main character

>After all that, you learn that the "evil" empire was good all the time, and that their heroes were the typical group of heroes from classic Final Fantasy games, trying to stop the awakening of the evil son of Satan

The final boss battle would have the player controlling that heroes of the empire now, which he fought many times through the game, and the final boss would be the main character himself, with all the powers and levels that you gained through your gameplay, now fully awakened as the son of Satan

And what we got instead:

<A boyband of androgynous retards serving a guy (the main character) that is destined to become king, waking up good gods to help him fight an evil empire that wants to wake up evil gods

<Said empire is being manipulated by a former king from the same lineage as the main character

<This manipulator killed his own companions to try to end his duties as a king, because the king must always sacrifice his life to keep some magical crystal from eating the souls of people

<Refusing to sacrifice himself made his power turn him into an immortal/undead, incapable of ending his own life as well

<His whole plan was to manipulate the whole world to force the main character to gain enough power to be able to kill him

<The main character still has to sacrifice his life to keep the crystal from eating people's souls

<Cup Noddles, American Master Card, and other brands appears as either literal side quests with their own plot, or are prominently shown all the time,in a world that is not our real world

<Everybody in the empire is just plain evil, misguided or manipulated, without any plot twists at all

<The main character dies, and is reunited with his fiancée (killed by the main manipulator/villain), only so they can sleep in the realm of the dead, tired of their hardships while alive, but "happy" to be together

All the original lore scraped because Square doesn't have any competent people anymore, and put the game under the direction of an even more incompetent hack, while also toning down everything so their damned sponsors wouldn't complain. We lost the "your character is the son of Satan and the real final boss of the game" lore, in exchange for "go get some Cup Noodles".

a2a2fe  No.16466509


It counts because despite all the cool shit they settled on a safe vacation theme park instead of the game. Final Fantasy got fucked up.

5c8372  No.16466519


I haven't followed FFXV development, but if the original really was like you described, sounds like an extremely retarded and convoluted story that tbqh isn't that much better than what we got.

e47ead  No.16466525


lmao trigger the haters harder with them squidbillies

de6fa5  No.16466531

File: 4b591b766cd4cf5⋯.jpg (964.32 KB, 1000x1027, 1000:1027, 1556306236.dariaarbuz_yuum….jpg)






What the fuck? I was literally using Fizz as an example. Calm your tits, you autistic fucks.

ebdb1b  No.16466535

File: 05ef3da68b300c4⋯.jpg (38.63 KB, 447x686, 447:686, 203b1184c194616d12b7b8e9ea….jpg)



>treating their brands like products

It's the other way around. As a series gets popular, the "brand" is the thing that starts selling. Many people had heard of Fire Emblem, but maybe didn't play the harder games. They pick up the easy games, not knowing how much worse it is, then consider it "good" due to their dull palate. The brand sold the product, just how Disney or Apple can sell anything as long as they slap their brand on it. Quality doesn't matter once brand recognition is in play, since dumb-ass consumers will always want to buy the newest Halo, or the Kingdom Hearts 3 they claimed to have been waiting for. Why else do you think 99% of games and movies are reboots of recognizable titles?

d55a97  No.16466651

File: c983575dafc498e⋯.jpg (189.56 KB, 600x842, 300:421, metroid other m.jpg)


This fucking thing right here.

Contradicts or retcons every other game in the series in some way or another.

On top of that the gameplay was "fine" but limiting it to the Wiimote sideways for muh NEStalgia was stupid. If it could be played with the proper Pro Controller it would have been godly (gameplay wise, nothing could fix that plot).

773512  No.16466654

File: 781b8c83b13682c⋯.gif (209.83 KB, 500x500, 1:1, AngryM.gif)


>intelligent, schoolary deathclaw

The idea of taking a violent, bestial enemy that was 100% evil and dangerous in game 1 and turning it into a good companion is so cliche.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Terrible, terrible idea.

Also, it pisses of furries/scalies, so a bad death of any scaly/furry is a GOOD thing.

2b919f  No.16466657


Confirmed for never reading the lore.

33237b  No.16466677

File: 2117425ba155bda⋯.jpg (26.55 KB, 460x215, 92:43, Today I will remind them.jpg)


>C&C3 and it's expansion being the worst section and Kane being a jobber

Sounds like you forgot a game, and forgot the story

af0a66  No.16466682

Metzen is probably the sole reason why I fucking hate Blizzard with a passion. He was a hack without any love for the lore they created who even forgot major plot points which resulted in heavy retcons just because the retard couldn't bother to read the manuals. His corruption fetish also didn't help. Every single fucking Blizzard game features some sort of hero that turned evil because of reasons.

7f3062  No.16466683

File: 389a53153639a53⋯.jpg (98.48 KB, 612x613, 612:613, 389a53153639a5303f6ee00c37….jpg)

Other M completely fucks up Metroid lore. Fuck that game and fuck Sakamoto.

a2a2fe  No.16466704

File: 228031f9a5ba3bf⋯.png (249.7 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Goris.png)


Actually, the intellgent deathclaws weren't "good" at all. They were sent in by the Enclave to claim Vault 13 for the group, the Enclave being the big bad for the game for a period. They experimented with the FEV virus to produce supersoldiers, and their main shtick involving Deathclaws was using the FEV on them to give them intelligence, to turn them into supersoldiers.

Since deathclaw numbers are actually pretty big, but they just hang around certain territories and some occasionally venture out solo for food, AND the Enclave is a trained post apocalyptic full blown military with shittons of tech, they captured deathclaws to use as stealth troops, they populated that area specifically with FEV intellegent deathclaws to mask Enclave presence by using the local wildlife. People would assume that a family of deathclaws moved into the old Vault 13, which they did, and would stay away instead of reporting it to the other faction.

They did exactly as they were made for, but still created a little society, and protected humans partly out of instinct and orders. Goris is a freak albino where the FEV worked so fucking well that he became an avid reader and scholar, while the rest of the FEV Deathclaws have low to middling intelligence. They're still specifically on the bad guy faction and are keeping the original inhabitants as prisoners, but ended up protecting them out of pack mentality. The main big bad, Horrigan kills them because he's an FEV treated soldier who is pretty much insane from the virus, it doesn't benefit the Enclave at all to do that.

They all get slaughtered, and you get Goris.

However, there's a bug, and you could actually save the deathclaws with a patch or a mod that restores dummied content, I forget which.

e1e9b2  No.16466721


Only 2 things didn't make much sense to me. One, why was Samus scared shitless when Ridley shows up, even though she fought him before in Super Metroid (a game that Other M references in the beginning)? And two, why does Samus give a shit about Adam's giving her permission to let her use her weapons or not? iirc, she was boiling the fuck alive in one section, all because Adam won't let her use a certain armor upgrade.

Other than those two mishaps, I don't think Other M's plot "completely fucks up" and destroys the Metroid lore. You're overexaggerating.

65abf1  No.16466731


>No business will ever treat any of their brands as anything more than products.

Except every single business outside the vidya industry. Brands are not products they're the platform to deliver those products. In fact the drastic changes to video game brands is completely bizarre since companies try to stick to their brand as much as possible.

1954f4  No.16466732


From all the shit that Fallout 2 brought to the table, and everything that got shat on by Shithesda you go and choose the fucking intelligent deathclaws aka "totally not super mutants 2"?

Personally, fuck that shit, too wacky and didn't add anything to the plot, would have only created problems if they kept it.

3d936c  No.16466743


The biggest sin FO2 committed in my eyes was turning the Vaults from survival shelters to wacky social experiments, because the US government had the time, money and resources to build hundreds of technologically advanced bunkers they could monitor throughout nuclear armageddon and the ensuing collapse of civilization.

80592c  No.16466752


C&C3 is good though

9badb6  No.16466774


>caring about metroid lore

You faggots that hopped on with the prime series are to blame.

a2a2fe  No.16466792

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fuck yourself with a pike m8, the deathclaws were good. And there's literally nothing wrong with keeping shit like that on and using it sparingly, it wouldn't create problems, all you have to ACTUALLY do is that if you want to set a game in an area where you don't want a giant amount of deathclaws, all you have to do is say they moved, or got driven away and then you have the ability to either include them or not include them, or bring them in when it's least expected.

Killing off an entire concept because you think it'd be hard to write around is not only lazy, it's a show of retardation. Hell, even AFTER the whole Master deal in fallout 1, intellegent super mutants still popped up and literally no one had a problem with it.

Do you not like the horned death machine lizards? Are you gay m8? That shit is metal. You don't even have to go Mary Sue with this shit, you can write them however you like, as a threat, an occasional but shaky ally, or just neutral and want to be left alone, that's it. The writing is so neutral and the possible development over time means you can literally change everything about them to suit a story.

Same as everyone else in a story. You just personally didn't like them. Or you've seen so much furry porn that you're projecting your disgust at yourself onto the concept.

4bb10c  No.16466815


Anon, notice how Bethesda has been retconning everything that didn't originate in Fallout 3?

As far as Bethesda is concerned, everything that happened on the west coast (Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout New Vegas) didn't happen, it's why in Fallout 4, jet is a pre-war drug and Ghouls who don't need to eat or drink. Oh, and don't forget that there's an alien city underneath the Mojave, no doubt Bethesda being salty that people preferred New Vegas over Toddout:The Elder Scrolls with Guns.

c72abf  No.16466821


Only two things didn't make sense to you in that clusterfuck? OK.

Well anyway, as to your points. Firstly, she shouldn't have been scared of Ridley at that point. She'd already fought him multiple times. Although I like the idea of him being a furby in his larval stage. That was cute.

Secondly, Samus left the Federation, and Adam, because she refused to follow orders. Adam demanded Samus follow his orders before he would allow her to participate in the mission (mostly because she was so OP her abilities could destroy the station or cause collateral damage with her new teammates) so she stubbornly held onto the "well he hasn't told me I'm allowed so I can't use that ability yet" mindset.

As to your final point, Other M contradicts every other game in the series. It contradicts 2 when it discusses how Metroids evolve, it contradicts Fusion (no X parasites on the bottleship to feed upon to fuel evolution), it contradicts Prime (says that Samus has not worked with the Federation since leaving Adam's unit, despite Samus working with the Federation in all three Prime games), and other stuff I'm forgetting. But every game is contradicted in some way.

db9cf6  No.16466868

File: 65691e4519af9e4⋯.jpg (262.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, c59e96c4c882e59d4b21f63c07….jpg)

File: c019fff1b6b46be⋯.jpg (349.97 KB, 1450x1600, 29:32, ih_odst man02c.jpg)

File: 436909ac514772a⋯.jpg (549.98 KB, 1024x904, 128:113, 1553969809663.jpg)


>Humanity is completely restored to Pre-Covenant War size in just 7 years after getting all their colonies glassed

>Somehow able to decipher advanced Forerunner tech for use in bigger and better ships when all of their industry is destroyed

>Chief's visual design and the Forward Unto Dawn look completely different, armor handwaved away with muh nanomachines

>kill off Cortana just to bring her back with a worse visual design then before

>the Covenant also look much worse than they did in the Bungie games

>SPARTAN IVs are are basically SPARTAN IIs with none of the drawbacks, when ONI already had a cheaper alternative to IIs being the SPARTAN IIIs

>the Didact is built up as a tragic villain figure, dies in a shitty boss battle (we already learned from Halo 2 that bosses were shit)

>don't even kill him permanently, dies in a comic book

>have to read a whole bunch of supplemental bullshit

The beauty of the Bungie games was that the games themselves were simple and accessible plotwise, with supplemental materials available for those who wanted to dig deeper. Now you have to read all the books and comics, and watch the TV series in order to figure out what the fuck is going on in the 343 games.

60b818  No.16466873

File: 93f6aacf3b00950⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.72 MB, 2880x4320, 2:3, ilikethemallright.png)


>Are you gay m8?

I'm pretty sure hes not, he would propably like them if he was.

I know I like em

81d6ac  No.16466947

File: 68ba972c7602df4⋯.jpg (145.12 KB, 858x854, 429:427, thrall.jpg)


Can't have a Lore Destruction thread without bringing up the worst destroyer of them all.

World of Warcraft.

Never have I seen the legacy of three games become so swiftly undone when this piece of shit released. Metzen, Golden and Knaak are perhaps the worst lore rapists that I've ever seen. Though that piece of shit Oblivion comes in a close second.

af0a66  No.16467227


One question about the Halo lore. I only played the first game on PC and I remember it seeming like the Forerunners were actually ancient humans. Was that true back then and only retconned post Halo 3 or was that always ambiguous or just a misinterpretation?

2db1f1  No.16467253


WC3 was already a massive shit on the first 2 games that read more like some retard's fanfiction that introduces an entire race of self insert characters.

f53000  No.16467273

File: db71a140c52917c⋯.png (935.49 KB, 1024x506, 512:253, 1553973981870.png)


The Forerunners were implied to be ancient humans, or at least related during Halo 1/2's development, but it changed during Halo 3 to them being a different species handing over the Mantle to humans. Hence why 343 Guilty Spark refers to you as Reclaimer.

It's a shame that the prequel books about the Forerunners by Greg Bear were really good but 343 completely failed to take advantage of them. What I also forgot was that they brought back the Flood in Halo Wars 2, making the entire original trilogy completely pointless

b8eee8  No.16467292


>hurr durr who cares

This is the most shallow non-comment you could have possibly made. What they did with Other M wasn't great, but the very idea of story development in and of itself is not a negative.

198465  No.16467300

File: 1c4ffa757964624⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, T60_power_armor.png)

This shitty armor is one of the single greatest examples of lore rape I can think of.

>before fallout 4, the most advanced power armor developed before the war was T-51B, hands down

>completed and rolled out as standard issue just months before the bombs fell

>that isn't good enough for bethesda though

>retroactively go back and rape the lore

>now the most advanced power armor developed before the war is this hunk of metallic shit

>completed and rolled out as standard issue just before the bombs fell lol ;)

And what was the point of this, you may ask? What did they gain from this particular bit of lore rape?

These two chucklefucks wearing it in the opening scene of the game. That's it. Pic related is what they went back and raped several decades old, well established lore for.

I fucking hate Bethesda.

2f6e1f  No.16467306


Don't forget the retarded fucking X-1 proto or whatever the fuck bootleg Enclave armor that was apparently developed after the war, but you find it in abandoned Old World military bases.

f53000  No.16467321

File: 023b63412903c79⋯.png (784.1 KB, 780x603, 260:201, 023b63412903c79fbb58daeb36….png)


Trying to reconcile Bethesda Fallout with Black Isle & New Vegas Fallout will give anyone an anyeurism. Pete Hines doesn't give a fuck about any kind of in-universe consistency, so I consider everything made by Bethesda a reboot (shit) canon.

The irony is that most former Fallout 3/4 fans are starting to as well with 76 being a disaster.

e8b3e8  No.16467331

File: ff99fb0ea72fefc⋯.jpg (311.09 KB, 1583x1189, 1583:1189, 1430439369064.jpg)

File: 5ebff9bf9356e41⋯.png (145.33 KB, 316x283, 316:283, Facepalm.png)

File: 23c18daa1c42074⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 2617x2232, 2617:2232, Halo Escalation.jpg)

File: 52dd3f93b588a62⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1680x2583, 80:123, Hrrr.jpg)

File: 11ca743cfa795fa⋯.png (515.62 KB, 672x525, 32:25, Time to die now.png)


>don't even kill him permanently, dies in a comic book

Ah yes I remember that shitshow. At least it was fun to laugh at.

aeec1f  No.16467335

File: 63d4478c9e8aab9⋯.jpg (368.31 KB, 798x800, 399:400, Opinion Discarded.jpg)

>Dragon Age what was once a pretty solid RPG

>implying Mass Effect was ever good

198465  No.16467356


The X-01 power armor in FO4 was actually modeled pretty faithfully after the advanced power armor in FO2, so I'll give credit where it's due. You're right about the locations you find this armor being complete lore rape though. Especially the Nuka Cola Quantum version of the armor you find in the Nuka World DLC, fucking ridiculous.


You're a fag. DA:O and ME1&2 were fine games you little contrarian faggot.

dadc62  No.16467371

File: 9269a5052b35e0d⋯.gif (325.96 KB, 367x225, 367:225, 926.gif)

>could be climbing spires of metaphysical world stability where face abstract concepts reality

>nah, u go to valhalla

2f6e1f  No.16467391

Another nuFallout one

>every fucking raider in the world is a magician when it comes to making improvised weaponry

>make automatic pipe rifles

>pipe sniper rifles

>pipe revolvers

>pipe pistols

>optics out of pipe

>rocket launchers out of a rusty tube and some shit

>"it's fine because fallout 1 and 2 had a pipe rifle"

>the pipe rifle in those games is a piece of lead pipe with a trigger, and is extremely shitty, being able to fire only one shot before reloading

>all of the other weapons look completely different from their counterparts in Fallout 1, 2 and NV

f53000  No.16467404

File: 98504b4d867d350⋯.png (137.18 KB, 1326x318, 221:53, 1433268101748-1.png)

File: a3f5800304e68dd⋯.png (213.62 KB, 1899x575, 1899:575, 1411129577154.png)

File: ad49f4cd348c010⋯.png (81.22 KB, 1395x335, 279:67, 1411129599726.png)

File: 3353b744a5cf511⋯.jpg (265.47 KB, 1255x681, 1255:681, 1411130007774.jpg)



>main plot is about discovering how the entire religion of the Dunmer is a complete lie, forever changing Morrowind as you become the next incarnation of an ancient hero who was possibly betrayed by the very gods worshiped now


>you wander around the not-Shire fighting demons constantly while 7 voice actors with down syndrome rant at you about mudcrabs and also Patrick Stewart has hair

Fuck Todd Howard.

0f2fc9  No.16467405

File: 5d64f8d74ede9c3⋯.jpg (10.04 KB, 480x242, 240:121, The_Lord's_work_must_be_do….jpg)


If I were hired to fix a game, I would declare that the previous hipster trash sequel games non-canon then proceed to unfuck the series by continuing the first game from where it left off, and that's just the start, because fuck them that's why.

If they can be so blatant about changing the very concept of the game and it's plot into their hipster shit karl marx romance interactive movie game, then I can do the same thing to them.

An eye for an eye.

a5af66  No.16467419


Want to hear some thing worse?

>Copy-paste Skyrim lot system

>flamethrower with magical frost damage

>these shit making no-sense-at-all weapons and armors every fucking where

5d6680  No.16467420


>Oh, and don't forget that there's an alien city underneath the Mojave


a52f1b  No.16467426


No it's not.

The only good C&C game after westwood was bought by EA is Generals.

And yes it even includes C&C red alert 2 to the trash pile.

2f6e1f  No.16467436


I can get something like "Modified Lightweight XYZ" that gives you +1 to Agility or something. As a random effect, that's perfectly fine, but how in the fuck do you explain away "+15% damage to ghouls and only ghouls"?

dadc62  No.16467437


Does New Vegas reference shit that happened in Fagout 3?

e52d99  No.16467445

File: 31a5185d51f61be⋯.jpg (121.67 KB, 940x589, 940:589, Art_of_Fo4_pipe_gun_CA.jpg)

File: 829019b7610e19a⋯.png (383.05 KB, 1613x509, 1613:509, FO4_Recoil_compensated_pip….png)


>The biggest sin FO2 committed in my eyes was turning the Vaults from survival shelters to wacky social experiments

V13 had a shipping mistake, V15 was testing multiculturalism, which created a dysfunctional copy of pre-war america and 3 most savage gangs on the west coast.

Did you press "2" instead of "3" due to their proximity on the keyboard?


you rage you lose

f53000  No.16467449


I'd treat it like the reference to Fallout Tactics, a quasi-canon nod to a game that doesn't fit in.

2f6e1f  No.16467454

File: 129e84e61d639ce⋯.png (42.4 KB, 1500x732, 125:61, 1554405990-1.png)


>knows nothing about guns

>but is trying to make gun-like contraptions

>proceeds to make an AUTOMATIC FUCKING WEAPON

e52d99  No.16467461


With a drum mag

After a nuclear apocalypse

cb561b  No.16467469


For games that were never strongly about the plot in the first place story development beyond the minimum is negative.

a52f1b  No.16467471


>Hell, even AFTER the whole Master deal in fallout 1, intellegent super mutants still popped up and literally no one had a problem with it.

No they didn't and yes we did.

"Tactics" style games were all about wiping the remains of the master army (as a plot hook, and the main villains turned out to be something else, SM not being a real threat anymore since dealt with in F1).

Fallout 2 had no supermutants except one that was friendly and random fighting encounter on the world map.

Bethesda clinging to them constantly IS lore rape. Hell notice how you barely fight any in NV?

There are some but they're just another small gang amongst a sea of enemies.

I'm glad they got rid of the talking deathclaws. They could never had treated them seriously and parsimoniously as BI did.

198465  No.16467483


Yes they do. There's a picture of Mr. House standing in front of Liberty Prime, just to name one.

Meanwhile Bethesda was too cowardly and insecure to reference New Vegas even once.

a5af66  No.16467484

File: 93128126b71c76f⋯.png (387.97 KB, 680x536, 85:67, Hines.png)


Just imagine the bullets chat with each other (Sex Pistol style) about how they want to fuck up some ghouls…

Also isn't it lovely how the Bethesda lore subtle shift the blame on the USA? Fallout 1-2 were anti-murcan too, but atleast they kept the fucking mystery on who started nuking who. Fallout 4 stray out hinting, how the US military might stated it. You know… the one which troops already sieged Bejing (accourding tot he Fallout Bible). Wew!

2db1f1  No.16467486


>people can make nukes out of a box of baking soda and some coke

>can't make buildings any more complex than a bunch of old timber and some rusted tin

2f6e1f  No.16467513

File: 884c94f1ad1a41d⋯.jpg (50.37 KB, 500x500, 1:1, his smile and optimism.jpg)


>west coast

>fucking californians have rebuilt a democratic republic

>have a standing army, trade, diplomacy, everything

>east of the Colorado

>a mad lad conquered half of America with some tribals and dudes LARPing as Romans

>also has a standing army, trade, has managed to secure the entire territory from raiders and is moving towards conquering the west

>east coast

>fifty niggers squatting in bombed out buildings and tin shacks

>they're all squabbling with each other and throwing shit at each other

>not one organization large enough to take care of this shit has come out of the whole thing

>can't even retake one city from leaderless super mutants

5498b8  No.16467515

File: 9e51efce8ec433b⋯.jpg (34.72 KB, 428x496, 107:124, may may.JPG)


To be fair, before in Mothership Zeta they implied the aliens did it.

af0a66  No.16467525


The insulting thing is that they didn't even put any thought behind it. They could have easily said that the T-60 power armor was an off-shoot of the T-45 which was more expensive and less reliable than the T-51 models but used by rear echelon troops and the National Guard, which is why you can find it in the US.

Like how both the Russian T-72 and T-80 tanks were used at the same time or how the Germans in WW2 repurposed the chassis of the failed Porsche Tiger tanks into Elefant tank destroyers.

7eff17  No.16467533

File: 43c1648715e1cb5⋯.jpg (102.62 KB, 708x398, 354:199, mendicant-bias-708x398-6ed….jpg)

File: 9d4b7f5b6588447⋯.jpg (146.72 KB, 576x788, 144:197, cortana_color_LG.jpg)


Don't forget.

>Cortana, a human AI, spent nearly a month in the clutches of the flood while the most powerful AI the forerunners ever built was converted to the side of the flood

>Based on the lore of the books and a few lines in Halo 3, it's heavily implied Cortana has been corrupted to their side- though the effects might be somewhat delayed

>Somehow this is never touched on in Gaylo 4 despite the story focus on muh rampancy and "muh humanizing chief"

>not to mention that plot thread about spartans being the next step of humanity and John having his DNA rewritten by the librarian was somehow dropped in halo 5

>Cortana somehow ending up in control of the galaxy without the rampancy/logic plague coming into effect

fuck 343.

Even if they manage to salvage this mess with Halo 6/infinite, it never should have got this bad to begin with.

2db1f1  No.16467538


Don't forget to mention all this east coast shit happens centuries after the west coast more or less has rebuilt itself. Bethesda is really bad at basic counting.

e52d99  No.16467567

File: 14c2f91e57c111b⋯.jpg (163.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Angry.jpg)

File: 562bb8e590e8645⋯.jpg (995.03 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1468339677676.jpg)

File: 7733e5652a42360⋯.png (253.83 KB, 1038x1325, 1038:1325, 1468166902268.png)


<the biggest city and most important "cultural" location of the post-war east coast is 5 tin shacks in a Boston stadium, over 2 centuries after the war ended.

<nobody had the idea to salvage, repair, repurpose or do anything with pre-war architecture

<they live in 200 years old plywood houses with no rooftops, windows, or walls

>NCR started from a mudhut town in the middle of a desert 60 or so years after the war; by the time of New Vegas, Shady Sands is a metropolis with its own hospitals and universities

>People in New Vegas have pristine condition housing thanks to House shooting down or disarming all but 3 chinese nukes

>Westside and freeside are niggers letting things go into disrepair because they didn't accept House's terms and conditions once he woke up from his coma.

f53000  No.16467572


After Halo 3, there wasn't really anywhere to go.

>The Flood is wiped clean from the galaxy

>Chief is in cryo above an undiscovered Forerunner shield world and won't be found anytime soon

>Cortana will be corrupted by the Flood/Rampancy, and will basically be completely insane once somebody stumbles upon them

>humans managed to survive barely, while Covenant is fighting it's own internal civil war

Bungie provided a definitive ending to the trilogy, and while spinoffs could be made and be successful, even ones taking place after the trilogy, the Chief's story was over. 343 shat all over this because god forbid we can't let things end can we so they pulled a Force Awakens.

aeec1f  No.16467575

File: 82d71057b180a9a⋯.jpg (101.29 KB, 584x649, 584:649, into the trash.jpg)


>implying ME1 wasn't anything more then pure mediocrity produced for console kiddo's

>implying ME2 was good

>implying DA:O wasn't objectively trash compared to the superior Black Isle studio titles it was trying to emulate


7eff17  No.16467577


Even still, they had something to go on. And since the Flood ended up surviving on the Ark in Halo Wars 2, they really had no excuse not to go with tgat plotline.

198465  No.16467595


I can't help but feel that your opinions are clouded by the sheer amount of cock you intake on a daily basis.

aeec1f  No.16467599


>If you don't suck cock then you are clouded by the sheer amount of cock you intake on a daily basis.

No anon, I just like good video games and actually good WRPG's like Fallout 2 and Baldur's Gate.

dadc62  No.16467601


>Or you've seen so much furry porn that you're projecting your delight at yourself onto the concept.


198465  No.16467609


I guess you're just too cool for games made in the last decade or two, hipster faggot.

000000  No.16467619


>Dragon Age

>Mass Effect

shiteater wonders why nobody gives a fuck about his beloved shit lore

protip: because it's shit

>Silent Hill

take off your nostalgia goggles, only silent hill 2 did it right

>Fallout 2

and this shiteater complains about destroyed lore lol

fallout 2 shat all over fallout 1 lore from the very fucking beginning with its tribal chosen one gag

deathclaws are good now, mutants are good now, ghouls are good now

no more post-apocalyptic despair, no more Glow

we gags now, we casino cities now, we drugs from brahmin shit now

fallout 1 had a solid carcass, all it needed was more content and polish

all we got was a joke

opinion fucking discarded

2fd972  No.16467621

File: 0583f21a31c03c6⋯.jpg (28.31 KB, 660x369, 220:123, Capture-3-660x369[1].jpg)

File: 16f7fc9f8bbe6b6⋯.jpg (173.78 KB, 600x549, 200:183, Carlo-pistol-2[1].jpg)

File: a19214cac0ff420⋯.jpg (227.03 KB, 1196x710, 598:355, smg2017-03-31[1].jpg)


Straight blowback open-bolt SMG would actually be more than plausible. Those are actually the easiest to make (easier than semi-auto). Rifle full-auto is just stupid.

Would also make sense for game balance purposes. Pistol caliber would have low damage and poor rifling could plausibly degrade that further. Would make perfect sense for an early game (or thing that it's not worth looting so you can make low level swarms a threat without showering the player in loot) weapon alongside slamfire shotguns and maybe some prewar bolt/single shot 22lr (has the advantage of being the only of the 3 to have actual accuracy, even though it fires something very weak).

Sawyer's "balance" ruined PoE, but he did make it so every firearm in New Vegas's base game had a reason to exist where it did and often past that, all while remaining mostly plausible in appearance. The "tier 1" guns have reasons for continued use, as do many later guns that get outclassed

>varmint rifle has a scope and silencer where the service rifle does not and remains the only one to do so till the sniper rifle mid-late game

>silenced 22 pistol is the only gun in the base game that can be brought into casinos/the fort with less than 50 sneak

>caravan shotgun has a higher burst speed than "better" shotguns

>recycler pistol has unlimited ammo

Late game you still had this with lots of people stick to the Marksman Carbine because 5.56 was much more common than its top tier equivalents (and with GRA's handloading perk you could make match ammo that made it even better). Cowboy and Grunt also helped stretch lower tier weapons while encouraging a character theme.

af0a66  No.16467797


I consider New Vegas one of the best RPGs in terms of weapon balance.

2db1f1  No.16467803


It's really the only one I've ever seen that even tried, at least as far as guns go.

18897d  No.16467807



The dark energy thing wasn't the original idea, that was just something they tossed around because they had written themselves into a massive corner and had no idea what to do with ME3. Also it wasn't set up, it was mentioned in what amounts to a throwaway line in a mission that wasn't even about that.

>Dragon Age

The fag shit really isn't in your face, it's only in Dorian's companion mission which you don't have to do. I would accept complaints about the Iron Bull and his tyranny, but you can tell all these people to fuck off.

If you really want to complain about something complain about how they butchered the Qunari lore to be progressive . In Origins, the Sten literally didn't comprehend the notion of a woman doing man stuff, while in Inquisition the concept of trannies was suddenly perfectly normal to the Qunari according to the Iron Bull.

af0a66  No.16467808


I think the melee options are also pretty great if you build the right kind of character that is.

850637  No.16467864

File: 4e4911f4b0fc19d⋯.jpg (118.47 KB, 500x542, 250:271, Goris.jpg)



How did they retcon goris into being dead? I never seen that anywhere

850637  No.16467869

File: b61d339c7aab5f7⋯.png (239.45 KB, 639x359, 639:359, Me.png)


>Oh, and don't forget that there's an alien city underneath the Mojave

Excuse me?

850637  No.16467881


>Fallout 2 had no supermutants

There was the town of broken hills that was literally a mining town inhabitted mostly by supermutants, that's where you meet Marcus

3e31cc  No.16467907

Doom received the worst fate: shitty lore injected into a game that barely had any lore to begin with

>Original lore

>Accomplished NCO in a corporate security force for the largest corporation in existance is stationed on Earth

>Fills riot duty

>Dickhead CO orders him to shoot unarmed civillians rioting, Doomguy punches him

>Gets rank stripped to private and is relegated to being the radio bitch for a guard detail on Mars

>Is outside staring at a bunch of rust colored dirt when he hears his squad dying on the radio and goes inside, trusting his instincts to help a bad situation and hoping for the best

>Relates to the player through facial expressions and pain cries

>Delivers lore through brief and skippable text intermissions

<New lore

<Edgelord killer of demons is chained to a table because the UAC acknowledges that demons are so dangerous, this guy exists, but is too stupid to just pursue another avenue of innovation for their R&D department

<Doomguy has to have a mythological title and backstory of being a superman that is NEITHER DEAD NOR ALIVE and LIVES ETERNALLY TO SLAY DEMONS because a normal guy killing a bunch of demons isn't "believable" enough, ignoring the fact that the whole premise was unbelievable anyway

<Emotes his displeasure during cutscenes in a bizarre attempt to be more relatable to the player even though the cutscenes didn't need to exist and supernatural demon killing demigods aren't relatable

<Never utters a sound because doing so would be weak and un-edgy

<Demons already fear him in their legends without the player having to do anything; would have been cooler if you only started to see hints that they are afraid of you midway through the game

<Delivers lore through unskippable cutscenes, skippable holograms that do nothing but show science staff getting killed and skippable engraved rocks

850637  No.16467909

File: 39587d8ec348588⋯.png (81.3 KB, 411x460, 411:460, Hmmm.png)


I think they made it canon that the new Doom is actually a sequel to all the previous doom games, so the old lore still applies

c0091d  No.16467915


That's why it's lore destruction. Otherwise it would be a reboot.

3e31cc  No.16467942


Yeah, it doesn't stop the fact that their injection of lore was totally unnecessary. I'd rather have a different Doomguy.

dadc62  No.16467949

File: a159a7cb7246665⋯.jpg (24.21 KB, 363x389, 363:389, sip.jpg)


I remember the showcase.

>We are proud to announce that it is officially a fully fledged Doom universe

<fucking crickets in the audience

I would have laughed if I didn't have the same reaction as the crowd.

aeec1f  No.16467968

File: 1865e834225e7a8⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1279x720, 1279:720, ClipboardImage.png)


>t. low testosterone Bioware apologist

But anon some of my favorite games have been make in the last decade.

aeec1f  No.16467969


60e7de  No.16467981


>you become the next incarnation of an ancient hero who was possibly betrayed by the very gods worshiped now

And it's not even that simple. I'm rusty as hell with Morrowind lore, but doesn't the PC become the Nerevarine only because of Azura picking a good time to fuck the Tribunal over, as well as Dagoth Ur and pretty much the rest of Morrowind (reminder that Baar Dau falling was foreshadowed in MW) as payback?

93c133  No.16468016


Was the chosen one a id or a Bethesda decision?


>maybe you are the nerevarine maybe not


>you've been chosen to be the chosen one's errand boy


>But… there is one they fear. In their tongue, he is "Dovahkiin": Dragonborn!

Being a hero is more fun if you get to be a zero first


I'm pretty sure Azura had been throwing idiots at the problem until one of them manages to not fuck every thing up. The PC is just the newest idiot.

f53000  No.16468031

File: 513526aadb5adc7⋯.png (161.39 KB, 1200x700, 12:7, 1411129191161.png)

File: ad04a683180e7f9⋯.jpg (185.79 KB, 556x876, 139:219, PGE1-10.jpg)

File: 90053e9045fab5a⋯.png (233.05 KB, 733x356, 733:356, 1411130411301.png)


Yep, it's true I kinda simplified it so I could compare it to Oblivion in a sentence rather then a length expository paragraph. Oblivion was such a massive downgrade in almost every way, and it really began Bethesda's cycle of

>release game

>get good sales/reviews

>few years pass, everyone now knows it's shit


Skyrim is basically casual mentality incarnate. I don't want to work for anything, I don't want to suck, I don't want to read the icky lore I just wanna hear the quest completion noises so the dopamine can rush into my head while my wife is being railed by Tyrone.

65abf1  No.16468037

File: 18f043a86f06a69⋯.png (614.53 KB, 402x593, 402:593, Fuck My Shit Up.png)


Cures cancer.

07bd94  No.16468071


What annoys me most about the Oblivion retcon is rice.

Rice was supposed to be the main export of Cyrodiil. Yet, in the entire game there isn't a single rice plant. There's an argument to be made for leaving out the jungle, even if it's just laziness, but what's the reason for replacing rice fields with corn fields?

At that point, Bethesda was just retconning for the hell of it.

2db1f1  No.16468077


Because there wasn't any rice in the LOTR movies.

c3a196  No.16468091

>US started war

>ayys started it

I thought it was vault-tec that launched the first nuke

e52d99  No.16468104


Who started the war was irrelevant, it never mattered.

The war starting, lasting less than an hour and extinguishing most of humanity and making most of the land uninhabitable all because of a resource was the point.

For how much bethesda loves shoving "war never changes" they every time fail to understand what that simple sentence means.

718f6a  No.16468107


It seems that bethesda doesn't even care about the lore anymore. Power armor never required shitty fusion cores in the previous games even in 3

43084e  No.16468114


>item in a Bethesda game cures cancer

Maybe that explains all the glitching, then; it's like an auto-immune disease.

e52d99  No.16468122


Power Armors were using fusion cores (or some other nuclear power source), thing is, those had lifespan of centuries without needing refilling or repairs.

17bb47  No.16468147


>it was mentioned in what amounts to a throwaway line in a mission that wasn't even about that

It was mentioned again by a couple of characters off-mission, in addition to further foreshadowing from a number of stars prematurely going out.

5498b8  No.16468178


One of the scientist characters or something says it's a legend. Whether or not it's meant to be true or a gag is another matter.

a6432f  No.16468188


Halo 4 could have been about finding chief's cryo pod and being in a race againt time to retrieve it before some other faction that were also trying to get it.

Cortana has info you wouldn't want to fall on enemy hands

And then maybe you discover that the pod malfunctioned and chief is already dead or something

d61634  No.16468214

Kingdom Hearts II when they changed bad guy in the first game from Ansem into another guy's heartless that was pretending to be Ansem. I know Kingdom Hearts has one of the most retarded stories in all of fiction, but the first game had a relatively simple and coherent story so all of the convoluted bullshit was unexpected at the time.

Also, the entirety of MGS4.

f0c907  No.16468294


>His corruption fetish also didn't help.

Always struck me as off that raynor never got the corruption treatment. He actually had a good basis for it, having a huge grudge against kerrigan, and he's an established character which would make it have actual weight, compared e.g. arthas who's a blank slate who we barely see before he starts getting corrupted.

906162  No.16468308


>It seems that bethesda doesn't even care about the lore anymore

Pete Hines has publicly admitted that established lore does not factor into their writing or design for the Fallout franchise.

18897d  No.16468311


I honestly don't remember, it's been quite a while since I last played it. My point still stands, it was less of a setup and more something to fall back on in case they decided to go that route.

Honestly, I'm somewhat glad they didn't, from what Karpyshyn wrote about it it wouldn't have been much better.

af0a66  No.16468325


His corruption fetish only applies to proud warriors (Arthas, Sylvanas, Kerrigan, Diablo1 Warrior) whereas he has a lesser fetish for the downtrodden and righteous rebel type character (Raynor, Thrall) who always triumph in the end.

2db1f1  No.16468430


Jim is already evil forever on the basis of being a white fucking male.

>t. Blizzard's new lead narrative director

1954f4  No.16468493


>Do you not like the horned death machine lizards? Are you gay m8?

Big words coming from the closeted scallie.

Fuck off to furaffinity.

17bb47  No.16468522



It couldn't have been worse, even with the barebones foreshadowing at least it had some foreshadowing. The synthetics conquering organic life plot was way out of left field, and the solution made so little sense that they had to retcon it as a mistake.

Sure it wouldn't fix the fact that nothing you did made any difference, but atleast the story would be coherent.

db905b  No.16468545

File: 05deb3f075098bb⋯.png (97.38 KB, 640x480, 4:3, scr00023.png)


>Did you press "2" instead of "3" due to their proximity on the keyboard?

Fallout 2 introducted exactly what he said, but it was cut content.


a2a2fe  No.16468557

File: f94f7954a26f873⋯.png (979.99 KB, 676x1000, 169:250, deathclaw diamond city.png)


Avellone killed him off in the Fallout Bible. However, he himself made the entire document non-canon later because it was exceedingly retarded because it was a Q&A document, people asked questions, and he answered shit.

And later on he pretty much regretted making it.

850637  No.16468560

File: 19bf55aa38044be⋯.jpg (55.87 KB, 329x306, 329:306, Woah.jpg)


I've read the bible actually, I didn't remember anything regarding Goris, but I guess that's just me, why did he regret it to the point of making it noncanon though?

a2a2fe  No.16468578

File: 17f3e119c630ed2⋯.png (250.76 KB, 707x706, 707:706, 17f.png)


It just sounds like you're taking opinions off of youtube E-celebs and what you consider popular opinion because you haven't actually played any of these games.

Mass Effect 1 and Dragon Age:Origins were made during a time where SJW shit was in complete infancy in regards to Bioware, so they were largely unaffected. Silent Hill has more then one game attached to it, and 2 was a gaiden story compared to the overall overarching plot of the cult that was the main plot in SH1, 3 and 4. Walter Sullivan was a cult kid and Alessa was the original driving force in Silent Hill. Silent Hill 2 did a lot of shit and the story's great, but it's overrated, especially since people only focus on that game.

Fallout 2 simply built on the FEV virus and made a society with actual conflicts instead of "EVERYTHING BAD AND OUT TO KILL YOU" type of shit. Having all those as JUST enemies makes the game shallow, but having culture clash and keeping to a theme of despair doesn't really give a draw to the NEXT game, which is supposed to be different, not just improved, otherwise it's the same rehashed story. fucking Pokemon syndrome, man, it's not fun.

You have shit opinions and you don't speak for anyone but yourself.

a2a2fe  No.16468592

File: f200d81887e93f1⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 450x254, 225:127, brooklyn.gif)


It was mainly written for the Van Buren project, but he out and out declared it non-canon on Twitter for whatever reason, called his thoughts on canon "old" and "cantankerous", bad-tempered. So he looked back at his old writing and regretted it. He kinda killed off a bunch of stuff and set a lot of shit in stone with the Bible, instead of leaving shit open.


3e31cc  No.16468600


>largely unaffected

I'd be on board with that if BioWare wasn't blatantly shoving in token gay characters and token gay romances that cheapened all narrative aspects of their games. Everyone's bisexual in the final frontier/high fantasy land! Because that's how real people behave right?

850637  No.16468601

File: 0631ed0077ceac8⋯.gif (1.04 MB, 480x360, 4:3, When the joke lands just r….gif)



My headcanon is a lot better anyway

db905b  No.16468602


He only declared it no longer canon because Bethesda owns the series and he clearly doesn't want to ire them.


a2a2fe  No.16468669


Except in the first games, you had one token character relationship that went gay, two in Dragon age, and the characters had reason for that.

Dragon Age


>French fantasy woman from frenchland, former bard, the spy kind, who's employers encouraged promuscuity and sin because the french land in Dragon Age is notably all about backstabbing, wine, sex and betrayal. She joined a church because she had visions of god. May actually be mentally ill even though the setting's magical, and her visions are possibly because she got some brain damage when her former employer betrayed her.


>Elven assassin from birth, his childhood and adulthood were spent killing and being encouraged to fuck around because the assassin guild used "positive incentive" and sexual rewards, along with copious amounts of drugs to keep their child assassins with them for life.

Mass Effect

the blue alien chick

>Asexual one gender race that relies on mental connections or a mental link to take the other subject's dna to produce kids. Had no concept of anything beyond two sexes and breeding with other asari causes genetic defects. So naturally, they bred with animals before they met sentient alien races.

>basically a literal parody of the alien chicks that always seem to fuck Kirk from star trek, with promuscuity and fucking aliens/humans being a literal part of their biology.

Everyone else was straight or uninterested.

That was it, really. After they got sequels, they had gays up the ass. That was due to the radical shift in staff at Bioware.

2db1f1  No.16468677

>Biodrones still defending their faggot propaganda a decade later

While posting KYM images no less.

a2a2fe  No.16468692

File: 3a08901fb1832a7⋯.jpg (143.45 KB, 960x1080, 8:9, whos jew.jpg)


KYM images are stolen from Reddit, Reddit steals from chans, chans steal from google, google steals from Facebook and your personal saved images, and KYM.


07144f  No.16468697

File: 5d125826aeb4668⋯.jpg (75.16 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 18x6urssu1tk9jpg.jpg)


>That was due to the radical shift in staff at Bioware.

Yeah it registered on the richter scale.

000000  No.16468701


That is precisely why brands are sold as literal products, and why companies aim to have their brands as the selling point, and not the other products associated with it.

In any industry, every single company sell their brands, while the other things (movies, games, music and so on) are merely the commercials/trailers for their brands.

The whole "pay for it because it is Disney", or "pay for it because it is Final Fantasy" is not a meme. They are literally selling names, with the medium being used as a commercial.


Better than "go camp to fight evil empire and get Cup Noodles".


Can you list the contradictions? I always saw the rage about Other M as nothing more than the typical useless feminists screeching because Samus was portrayed in a better way (that, as a fragile and easily scared woman) than in previous games, where she was basically a dyke.


>muh contrarian

Plebit soyboy spotted again. Follow your programming and call us all virgins and tell about how we don't play video games.


>because you haven't actually played any of these games

It didn't took long for your programming to start running.

e52d99  No.16468703


Other than the harem vaults are reasonable and within boundaries of what contemporary US government does to its subjects, bethesda came up with their wacky shit like gary clones

a2a2fe  No.16468716

File: 0c408be681ae5c5⋯.jpg (11.21 KB, 248x270, 124:135, 0c408be681ae5c5ca73d0b5401….jpg)


Ultimately it's all just your opinion. And you failed to argue for it because you assume your opinion is fact.

>silent hill got lorefucked

<lol only silent hill 2 was good

>Fallout 2 got lorefucked

<lol Fallout always sucked after the first game

>Dragon Age and Mass Effect got lorefucked

<Lol playing games

You have a one-up mentality so you can fit in the most. It's not about what you like specifically, it's about what you can say to establish yourself as the edgiest motherfucker in the room with the most popular opinions.

So when I say you're a faggot, you'll try to one up me by literally sucking dick, that's how your brain is working right now. You have a serious, serious issue with interaction, it's not about what you look like, it's what you LIKE. So stop being dishonest.

04a8d4  No.16468815

File: 0d63d96acc43703⋯.png (37.14 KB, 1310x330, 131:33, Other M canon.png)

File: 2ca4b4c3c87c11f⋯.png (256.23 KB, 1242x1145, 1242:1145, why.png)

File: eccbf8d4fc35289⋯.png (4.11 MB, 2764x3008, 691:752, why other M is shit.png)


I don't like feeding TORpedos, but I'll at least give you why people hated Other M and it's more than just the lore.

c096df  No.16468860


>chans steal from Google

First things first, you’re wrong, second


07bb83  No.16468947


A freak of nature like Goris managing to achieve a high degree of intelligence is nothing compared to some of the other freaks of nature in Fallout 1 and 2 respectively. Need I remind you of the Floaters? How about the Wanamingos, the creature which is actually debated to be literal aliens? I have no problem with the 'wacky' elements, I just don't want people thinking the games were always based in reality. There was always a bit of a disconnect.

My biggest personal gripe is that Ghouls lost their luster a lot in the transition from 2 to 3. I really liked how they were basically just rotting yet somehow living humans who were desperately nailing metal and makeshift prosthetics to their bodies in an attempt to retain some form of humanity while they inevitably whither into dust (or a tree, in Harold's case). Now Ghouls are just 4th degree burn victims with a chance of going insane. Raul is my favorite Ghoul.

a71eba  No.16468968

File: dbb33e6b36f3bdd⋯.jpg (63.13 KB, 1157x772, 1157:772, dbb33e6b36f3bddf400860633a….jpg)


><lol only silent hill 2 was good

Who actually says this, though? I know some anons here believe it's the best in the series, myself included, but all of the Team Silent games are quality titles. Hell, I even give a pass to Shattered Memories and Downpour. At least the former had the bombshell of an ending, and Downpour was just a fun experience to romp around a big ass Silent Hill unfettered.

People who say "lol only silent hill 2 was good" are just bandwagoning faggots that hard through the internet zeitgeist that it was the best, and therefore no other in the series can measure up. Bullshit.

a71eba  No.16468971



Shit, ignore me. I'm a faggot

2db1f1  No.16469010


More like they're people who watched Yahtzee and never actually touched the games.

87bc7f  No.16469023

File: 0f2a6a26946069c⋯.png (149.09 KB, 400x356, 100:89, 0f2a6a26946069cd413d85b770….png)


>Squeenix fucked it up so astronomically hard, it made Hidekai Sena to not get involved in viedogames ever again, holding the rights to his book

>This is the reason why there're never be a HD remake, let alone a decent PC port of the 2 first games

Fuck Square Enix

c0091d  No.16469033

File: 4cb8adb61770099⋯.jpg (25.47 KB, 249x255, 83:85, youhavetogoback.jpg)

240741  No.16469041

File: ec36ce704fb4d95⋯.png (15.94 KB, 957x558, 319:186, ec36ce704fb4d95f42d3f3d36a….png)


>red anon


Your meme is outdated.

4a11c1  No.16469070

File: 9cbe1406c6950dd⋯.webm (556.86 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 9cbe1406c6950dd8c504e579d….webm)

f368c5  No.16469315


I remember when they started to rework all the lore and deleted stuff they didn't like without replacing it. For years, Urgot's lore page was literally, "Urgot has a dark and mysterious past." What's annoying was that even when I was balls deep into that game, the lore was actually the most interesting part to me. I loved the characters and little snippets you got, but they never did fucking anything with it. I would have bought the shit out of a Blitzcrank book or something.

49240e  No.16469368

File: ba1c0a99ecb3b0e⋯.png (474.12 KB, 1275x1386, 425:462, Sonic Lore 4 - Theology.png)

File: ea2bc39e9368e1e⋯.jpg (22.61 KB, 480x338, 240:169, Sonic Adventure character ….jpg)

Sonic starting with Colors. Up to and including '06, each main series game followed from the last and referenced past events. Despite what casuals say, Sonic Adventure didn't change the story, it concluded the arc that was going on since the first game. Sonic Adventure 2 starts a new story, but one that still explicitly references events from Adventure 1, and builds upon foundational elements around since the first game (like the legends behind the Emeralds). Heroes, Shadow, and '06 then largely build upon this second story arc, though in very different ways each time (Heroes tries to have less of a story and call back to Metal Sonic, but still doesn't disregard the other major games. Shadow is obviously a spotlight spinoff that concludes that story. '06 uses Shadow's story to continue the themes and character development in his previous games).

Since the beginning, Sonic was basically a shounen anime. Mostly Dragon Ball Z, which is pretty obvious since you turn into a Super Saiyan starting in the second game. Like Dragon Ball Z, it's mostly a fantasy story first, but sci-fi elements creep in over time and merge with the fantasy elements. Some people say that Shadow's story, with its heavy emphasis on new backstory, is too different from the earlier stuff, but the games, from the beginning, always added new backstory detail with each game. The backstory added post-Adventure 2 does become more sci-fi than fantasy, but it's still built on top of the fantasy elements, and doesn't ignore them.

Unleashed doesn't quite do this, it is clearly trying to differentiate itself a bit. '06 bombed, and it's not like that was because it was an alpha prototype or anything. Clearly the solution is to throw the baby out with the bathwater and start from scratch. But at this point Sonic Team wasn't quite willing or able to let go of all of their old habits. So the story, at least, still follows some themes and patterns seen in the earlier games, though it has a somewhat different tone, and its plot isn't built upon anything in particular that came before. I think it's a fair compromise to appease the casuals that never paid attention and claimed that old Sonic games never had a story, even though they did. Fine. Here's a less plot-heavy one, but the plot clearly still has some thought put into it. They tried to minimize the number of supporting characters, who normally carry the character development (going back to Knuckles in 3&K), but this is the first game where Sonic seems to have any depth to his character, which is kind of neat. Still, people got butthurt about the Werehog, and Chip defeated the point of not including many other supporting characters, so this didn't appease them either.

So then Colors comes along, and Sonic isn't allowed to have anything beyond an excuse plot anymore. Sometimes they make references, but nothing meaningful. Generations could have had a super interesting time travel plot, going back to the old games, fleshing out particular memorable scenes, showing stuff from different perspectives a la Back to the Future II. Maybe actually elaborate upon the fact that the time shenanigans even brought back the '06 timeline. Maybe the Time Eater is actually the remnants of Solaris (like the smoke that escaped when Sonic blew out that candle). Maybe try to fix the complete clusterfuck that is Blaze's story after '06 (and maybe clarify Eggman Nega in the process too). The levels certainly provided the opportunity for it for all sorts of cool stuff. Show Sonic fighting Knuckles and Eggman stealing the emerald from Hidden Palace Zone, but now we can elaborate a bit on it with voice acting and hindsight. Idk. I'm sure there was plenty that could be done, though.

Lost World has more plot than the ones before, but barely, and it again is completely independent and doesn't have anything to do with anything that was established before. So much for being like the Genesis games.

Forces pretends to try to cater to the Adventure audience, but it's clearly the same people as the last few games, and they clearly don't like or understand the Adventure games. Instead of being a shounen anime, it comes off like a 13 year old's fanfiction based on that shounen anime, like the deviantart shit that (rightly) made everyone make fun of Sonic fans in the first place.

Now there's the movie. I have no hope.


>For games that were never strongly about the plot in the first place story development beyond the minimum is negative.

I disagree. It can always be a nice extra on top. However, the game should never rely on it. No game should. The best game stories are the ones that you can ignore, but are there if you look for them.

d95990  No.16469384

File: 162c5e98614b1c2⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 346x194, 173:97, 1361505341809.gif)


It always bugged me how little character they bothered putting into the game.

You'd think that having an actual cast instead of generic troopers would have everyone get more than just 2-3 lines for being picked and being ordered around, with one generic taunt line, all while clearing the bar that the entire RTS genre set.

d6ec2f  No.16469412


The worst thing that Other M did was muddy the conception of Adam. It made him sound and look like a faggotnigger, when I thought of him as a caring father figure when I played Fusion.

1dc63c  No.16469452

File: ba9e834a92a6645⋯.gif (1.42 MB, 246x177, 82:59, take a seat.gif)


I love it when this is posted but, I'm sorry, there is no way that anyone at sonic team actually thought of all that sonic lore that thoroughly to connect each story like that. I need to see an interview during development for some semblance of proof that they actually knew what they were doing. I can only believe that sonic autists would try to see something more in a story about a blue hedgehog trying to fight generic bad guy of the day.

075f59  No.16469640


And here I thought Morrowind "deep lore" fags were insane.

49240e  No.16469683


Just play the actual games. All the mainline games up until Unleashed and Colors directly build upon things introduced in the previous game, and usually go back to the things from the earliest mainline games (the ones that everyone loves). A lot of the spinoffs build meaningfully too. The trick is just that in the pre-voice acting days, you had to read the manuals. Though S3&K does a good job at showing things visually.

>Sonic 1

Introduces Sonic & Eggman (though this isn't the first time they fought). Introduces Chaos Emeralds and says they are the source of life but also destruction. Introduces South Island and says it moves through the seas.

>Sonic 2

Introduces Tails. Introduces the Death Egg. Elaborates on Chaos Emerald backstory to say it destroyed a civilization that abused them.

>Sonic 3

Introduces Master Emerald and Angel Island, the part of the civilization that was destroyed, as well as Knuckles, its last remnant. Continues Death Egg plot.

>Sonic & Knuckles

Obviously just Part 2 of Sonic 3. Finishes Death Egg plot. Knuckles becomes a good guy. Elaborates on the legends of the emeralds (Hidden Palace, etc).

>Knuckles Chaotix

Shows the tool the dark elders used to abuse the emeralds in the past (Dark Ring), and the part of the ancient civilization that was sunk into the sea with that tool, paralelling how the Master Emerald was thrown into the sky.

>Sonic Adventure

Shows all the stuff mentioned before but gives a name to the god that destroyed everything and the dark elder that started it. The only really new element added to the backstory is Tikal, and I don't think anyone has a problem with her.

>Sonic Adventure 2

The only direct dialogue reference to Adventure 1 is mentioning that Tails won an Emerald for saving Station Square from Eggman's missile, but the Emerald Shrine on the ARK is another obvious one, even though attention isn't called to it. There are also of course the Artificial Chaos, though they're not yet explained (though you can infer they were made by Gerald for GUN given the levels they appear in).


Obviously brings back Metal Sonic and Shadow. Also the Chaotix but their previous game isn't really referenced beyond the fact that they appear.


Obviously expands greatly upon Shadow's origin. In a lot of ways it just makes clear things that weren't strongly explained in Adventure 2, like the Artificial Chaos.

>Sonic Battle

Expands even more on Shadow's origin and makes more explicit Gerald's knowledge of the Echidna lore, though this could already be inferred from previous games.

>Sonic '06

Shadow's story picks up right where it left off, with him actually having developed as a character and no longer being an emo bitch. The game then tests him and gives him reasons to be an emo bitch, but he doubles down and just acts cooler. Shadow's story in this game is actually cool and doesn't get credit. It's a bad game, but certain elements are good. Blaze is fucked though because Sonic Team doesn't care about spinoff games but was probably told to use this popular character that they didn't want to read the backstory of.


Introduces the new Silver created in the new timeline. Also Eggman Nega but he's all fucked like Blaze.


Eggman finally gets the emeralds, shoots a giant laser at the earth and establishes Eggmanland. He finally did it. Gaia also fits somewhat with previous gods like Chaos and Void.


Eggman makes Eggmanland again but in space but it's built on the slave power of space animals, and everyone is surprised even though his whole thing is using slave power of animals.


Eggman captures another God of Time even though Solaris already was that. Time is all fucked up so they visit old levels, but nothing is really done with this concept story wise.

>Lost World

New floating continent with weird godlike beings on it who Eggman teams up with but not really. They have nothing to do with anything before. No reason why Lost Hex floats or anything. No allusion to Angel Island being very similar.


Instead of actually playing the old games and seeing what people liked about them, Sonic Team looked at Deviantart fanfiction made by 13 year olds in the mid-2000s and made a game based on that.

There are also other, less deep things that slightly resemble story arcs or backstory in the early games, like stuff about Metal Sonic or Rings or South Island, but this is obviously autistic enough as it is.


The best video game stories are the ones that the game works fine without, but are there if you care. Sonic also does a good job since most of it, especially early on, is done mostly with visuals, unlike Elder Scrolls which just expects you to read tons of text instead of actually playing a video game. Early Sonic expects you to read one to three pages of manual text, but it's a pretty minimal amount.

2fd972  No.16469718



It really makes Sawyer's future failures at balance all the more bizzare.

bc7971  No.16469735

Starcraft 2.

I'm playing the trilogy up to Legacy of the Void and I'm honest to say this shit is just pure cringe.

bc7971  No.16469830


But muh prophecy dawg, muh prophecy.

Then in Heart of the Swarm, bitch re-infests herself, making the event of the 1st part pointless.

Jesus christ, who writes this shit?

d61634  No.16469943


You left out Sonic CD which introduced Amy and time travel.

49240e  No.16469992


I left it out because it's not relevant to the Chaos Emerald plot. However, there is a bit of a plot going on with Metal Sonic.

>Sonic CD

Eggman creates Metal Sonic specifically to defeat Sonic, while he tries to take over Little Planet to gain its time control powers. Little Planet appears once a year over Never Lake. Sonic goes up there to stop Eggman, Amy follows and is kidnapped by Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic is defeated in Stardust Speedway. A good ending can be obtained either by getting a Good Future in every level or by getting all the Time Stones.

>Sonic 4

A year after Sonic CD, Little Planet reappears and Eggman tries to build a Death Egg II on top of it, using Little Planet for power. Apparently the future from Sonic CD was only one year in the future, because Eggman rescues Metal Sonic without time travel and repairs him, also directing him to gain some sort of new power. Notably, Metal Sonic is rescued from Stardust Speedway's Bad Future, implying that Sonic got the good ending by getting the last Time Stone in Metallic Madness, not by getting a good future in each individual level. In the end, Little Planet is freed and disappears again, but the Death Egg II is left in space, but with no power source.

>Chaotix, Triple Trouble, several other game gear games

Suddenly, in the games that take place after Sonic 4 (which is stated to take place right after Sonic & Knuckles) Metal Sonic appears a bunch of times. Sonic 4 essentially justified why he was missing from Sonic 2, 3, & Knuckles (and any other games you'd say take place between CD and 4).

>Sonic the Fighters

The Death Egg II has been modified and apparently has a new power source. Sonic and his friends fight for some reason over who gets to go up there and finally destroy it completely.

>Sonic R

Since Sonic's friends keep helping him beat Eggman, Eggman builds Metal Knuckles and Tails Doll as counterparts to Metal Sonic and lures them all to be destroyed by his creation. I guess he doesn't give a shit about Amy, even though he knows she likes to race since she's in both Sonic Drift games. What a shitlord.

4687d8  No.16470001

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4e9450  No.16470029

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Remember, this was the original trailer. Which actually looked pretty cool.

aa00d2  No.16470058


Arthas was also a Paladin. People with corruption fetishes always go after paladins or anything else that is considered holy and righteous.

f406ef  No.16470089


I'm a big fan of hot nuns getting turned into sluts in my degenerate cartoons.

Metzen should write for TV soaps.

e79d96  No.16470167



While Other M is the biggest example, the franchise was destroying it's lore far quicker then that with all the retcons starting all the way from Prime 1. Other M is just the most egregious and ruins everything and not just bits and pieces.

aa00d2  No.16470455


I prefer nuns falling for a guy instead of turning into sluts. Satisfy the vanilla and slight bit of corruption I like. His writing is about on that level, yes.

aaa5ee  No.16470731


Shattered Memories is the least deserving of a pass out of the entire series. There isn't one redeemable thing about it.

2db1f1  No.16470732


Because that was before all the people who fixes his shit left.

44e63c  No.16471226

File: 9e973fe5c73e9e2⋯.png (381.18 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Babby's First Metroid.png)

File: e02516e9acf7f6c⋯.png (618.52 KB, 550x886, 275:443, Metroid Zero Mission conce….png)

Sakamoto might as well have been a new time. Thanks idiot.

44e63c  No.16471228

0ce657  No.16471244

Baldur's Gate EE fucked around with wild mages. Originally wild mages were mages who actively seek to study wild magic. Beamdog retconned it so that wild magic is something you're born with so they can come up with a series of sidequests about being persecuted, with very similar writing to Dragon Age.

66ca96  No.16471349

File: cdea7451b166829⋯.jpg (51.43 KB, 750x692, 375:346, cdea7451b166829d820aacd7c6….jpg)

Out of all the examples ITT, the more I think about the potential of TES or Fallout, the more I hate Bethesda Game Studios. Until thoroughly proven otherwise, I am convinced that no-one working on these games—from the lowest play tester to Todd Howard himself—actually cares about anything but money; nobody at this studio appears to be interested in doing something fundamentally new and exciting. What's more infuriating is that, despite the profound flaws BGS' games have had since the mid-2000s, they sell well, which means their core design philosophy is mimicked by other studios looking to cash-in, which, with very few exceptions, has caused the entire Western RPG segment to stagnate for the past decade and a half. It's maddening.

0ce657  No.16471361


>questioning capitalism

Careful stranger we don't take kindly to that kinda talk around these parts.

1b88fe  No.16471364


Shut up, fag.

8bef28  No.16471366


Capitalism is jewish.

6bcf31  No.16471370

File: eff5e8a167c8e6f⋯.jpg (70.42 KB, 806x605, 806:605, Oof.jpg)


Shut the fuck up, /leftypol/.

66ca96  No.16471409


>le big bad capitalism

No. BGS has the resources—and, despite what one might think, the talent—to create what TES (to pick one of the two franchises) should have become, which is D&D on a computer. If Todd & co. actually tried to do this—basically Daggerfall but on modern hardware and software—they'd probably succeed to a large extent and, what's more, make a ton of money all the same as if they'd continued down this watered-down horseshit path of making their games inconsequential rollercoaster rides. The only thing stopping them from doing this is stupidity and laziness; you only have to compare Fallout 4 to Skyrim to see that the very core design philosophy at that studio is in ruins. If they had a few management changes, employed some real writers instead of that cunt Pagliarulo and stopped it with all the marketing faggotry—in essence, had a rethink about what they are actually trying to achieve as a studio—they'd be back on form. Money isn't the point, it's attitude. All the bigwigs at this company are stupid bastards who don't play, understand or appreciate the medium which they produce.

000000  No.16471420


>reddit spacing

>everything is just an opinion

>objectivity doesn't exist

>only opinions exist

Again, keep following your programing, plebitor soyboy. "Edgy", "doesn't play games", "contrarian". What is next in your programing lines? Calling people "virgins"?


>I'm sorry

>posting 3D/ugly whores

Plebit is down today or what?


Everything from the first announcement up until the "omen" trailers was good. Then, everything was abandoned to accommodate for Cup Noodles and other sponsors' shit tastes.


Thanks for that. Indeed, it is a good way to teach people on how to not write a plot.

But, as always, the journos only sperg about the "muh stronk womyn" cancer.


So? So is the internet, and it is good and useful when you take it away from jews.

Capitalism is great.

a2a2fe  No.16471436

File: 78ea4abe9b39a4e⋯.jpg (32.88 KB, 525x384, 175:128, 78ea4abe9b39a4e76b95d92490….jpg)


You're doing exactly what you say I'M doing and you have been doing this in exactly every comment you've written since the first.

All you're saying is whether things are bad or good, with no elaboration, and then insulting people who disagree with you. You're not articulating anything like the rest of everyone in this thread is doing. You are, again, sticking to a single story that isn't your own, spouting opinions you were given.

173f2b  No.16471460


>Was the chosen one a id or a Bethesda decision?

What's the difference? None of the people who ever worked on any of the real id games are employed there any more. All that's left is just another ZeniMax shell company.

245882  No.16471751


>The beauty of the Bungie games was that the games themselves were simple and accessible plotwise, with supplemental materials available for those who wanted to dig deeper. Now you have to read all the books and comics, and watch the TV series in order to figure out what the fuck is going on in the 343 games.

It's because at the time when Halo CE and Halo 2 were new, the focus was on the games. The books were just tiny supplementary materials for core fans to indulge on.

However now it's completely different. They only see the game as just a single arm of the franchise. They want to force fans to buy all of the supplementary material like novels and short films while also playing the game. It's done this way because they noticed how much money Marvel makes off shilling merch and comics. A lot of franchises are going this way and people are only just now waking up to how tedious and hamfisted it is.

aff30f  No.16471850


>When your brain has been infected by hipsterism and the TVtropes mantra "destiny is stupid" sounds intelligent or insightful to you.

177733  No.16471918

File: 068ea1ee70cdacf⋯.jpg (267.97 KB, 1152x1440, 4:5, TrundleComparisons.jpg)


>Complaining about Fish Dicks

>Not the person they destroyed the hardest to ram them into their then latest event

I loved Trundles original story, but they threw out the scapegoat angle who turned the tables on his shit bag species and replaced it with Big Bad Brute - The End.

Not to mention all the shit they did with Lissandra, who apparently isn't even a bad guy anymore and the Iceborn are just hyper cool magic ice knights.

But then again this is the company that thinks it's a good idea to hire Anthony Burch to write stories for them, so fuck it all.

I fucking miss the journal of justice

66d690  No.16471951


I'm sure that in Swarm Heart she nows willingly gets infested and retains her will so it's completely different from her Queen of Blades form despite looking exactly the same.

I still enjoyed both Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm, but as gaiden spin-offs from another continuity.

Also, to BroodWars lorefags, I remind you that when the troops from Earth arrived they just happened to have the same troops and ships from Terrans, except for Medics and Valkyries (which is weird but whatever). We all pretended that the plot made sense.

2db1f1  No.16472186


I don't think they care about money, either. They just do whatever is the easiest way out.

7a97ca  No.16472276

File: 9b353911ea67cce⋯.jpg (85.06 KB, 616x353, 616:353, Deus Ex HR.jpg)

File: fd638d6bd844773⋯.jpg (47.88 KB, 662x372, 331:186, Deus Ex MD.jpg)

>makes the Original Deus Ex tech primative by comparison

>despite OG Deus Ex taking place after HR & MD

>nano augs are already a thing in MD way before they are a thing in OG DE

>the conspiracy backdrop of OG DE is non-existant and is replaced with muh-augs

4e9450  No.16472307


Also they could have been done something cooler with the original plot.

>On MC's journey he reaches out to those both in his country as well as those in the empire since no one in any position of power is willing to help them. Even going so far as to enslave monsters/demons to towns as to protect them from future harm.

>Doesn't understand why he feels the need to help others but soon understands through regaining his memory that he does it to somewhat redeem himself.

>The problems he's fixed for towns/villages are then upturned by the typical heroes who believe the MC cursed the people's he's helped or has threatened them. Regardless of the people's insistence that the MC only helped them when no one else would.

>After the revelation comes, the MC decides to fight against his own fate in honor of his fiancee as well as to gain full redemption for his past crimes and rejects the crown that he was destined to claim.

>Fights the shadow remnant of Satan inside him, a fail-safe in case his own son's life as a human has made him soft and refuses to fulfill the prophecy.

>Defeats said remnant after a long and hard battle only for the typical heroes to roll up on him and fight him in his weakened state.

Of course this could be better written to fit the story by a good writer but you get the gist.

66d690  No.16472332

File: ba9082e3f578d17⋯.jpg (65.24 KB, 640x462, 320:231, Lol-wild-surges.jpg)


>Enhanced Editions

Unless you play in a touchscreen (fag), there's no point in playing this recycled garbage. We've been playing at any resolution with little mods that safely do exactly that (I also recommend one that at least change in the inventory the weird shields in BG2 by those from BG1).

Also, wild magic is never worth the risk. Enjoy getting your gold disintegrated, casting a fireball on yourself or having a permanent sex change.

1ccb04  No.16472408

File: 2f4633f5f3f516e⋯.png (607.58 KB, 640x400, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)


Honestly I just never think about Dude Sex and Human Revolution in the same timeline or universe, both games are centered and talk about very different things.

Like with HR it's all about augs and shit, and considering we are actually getting close to that level real life augmentation, it is somewhat relevant.

Though it is unforgivable if it does collide with OG's Deus Ex's story in any way.

f406ef  No.16472488


Isn't that a violation of the FR contract terms? Publishing anything going against Ed Greenwood's lore should result in the rights to the setting reverting to him.

d95990  No.16472600

File: b9ebe740a99e6c2⋯.png (670.17 KB, 961x961, 1:1, 8db3fde38460605cb78f1d3256….png)



It had to go, otherwise how else could they shuffle around lore whenever and however they want?

00e971  No.16472875

Wing Commander 2: Hobbes was the captain of the defecting ship you saved in a side mission of WC1, he rescued a human child who became one of your wingmates, he proves that the cats are not all evil.

Wing Commander 3: HA HA! Hobbes was always secretly evil.

240741  No.16472884

File: 1a13599f7aeb63e⋯.png (722.92 KB, 768x558, 128:93, WRONG.png)


>the talent

a77eab  No.16472998

File: 0c992a2c5e8a11f⋯.jpg (134.64 KB, 726x1000, 363:500, Sims 3.jpg)

>Sims 1 aesthetically based on the 1950's. For the most part, technology is about at that level with a handful of exceptions (personal computers, arcade games, the more advanced tvs, etc.)

>Sims 1 has a few prebuilt households, the characters from which and their passage through time can be understood to indicate when in the universe the games take place

>Sims 2 is a direct sequel to the Sims 1 taking place about 1 generation later as you can tell by the fact that Cassandra Goth, a child in the original game, is now an adult, her dad Mortimer is now an elder, and household text descriptions inform you that Bella Goth got abducted by aliens and disappeared (but in-game she can be found not aged in Strangetown)

>The technology level in the Sims 2 is approximately modern, the more archaic cheap furniture options (such as the Monochrome tv from the original game) are gone.

>Sims 3 is a prequel to the Sims 1 as is evidenced by neighborhood descriptions and the fact that Mortimer Goth and Bella (Bachelor) are kids.

<Yet the level of technology is far beyond anything in the Sims 2 (even if you ignore the expansion that lets you go to the distant future) and they shat up the game with a Katy Perry expansion pack

7eff17  No.16473007

File: 9245eb799bcfccf⋯.png (18.58 KB, 320x200, 8:5, caleb meme.png)


>sims lore

51e90b  No.16473024

Monster Hunter was supposed to be fake doll monsters or something and not really real but I guess just giant puppets. They completely abandoned it though.

e79d96  No.16473117

File: e988b5912f191ef⋯.png (57.93 KB, 240x416, 15:26, Metroidzero04.png)

File: 7d8def22ec23535⋯.jpg (640.62 KB, 772x947, 772:947, zss_hallway.jpg)

File: f88ddaf3881e158⋯.jpg (16.11 KB, 90x267, 30:89, Zss_backside.jpg)

File: b61cc1fff0f0b70⋯.png (13.91 KB, 256x160, 8:5, ZSS.png)

File: 5fe5b4220e2e5bf⋯.png (23.19 KB, 240x319, 240:319, Samus_in_her_Zero_Suit.png)


>"I'm really going to enjoy drawing this!!!"

it shows, there's tons of shots in Zero Mission, whether in-game or promotional that give a good shot of her backside.

240741  No.16473178


I don't know about you but those toned thighs make me feel very warm.

e79d96  No.16473193


In Smash Bros defense that was obviously only done to make her moves look flashier, in comparison to how they look in Brawl.

a7e7f4  No.16473194


>Master Chief figure

In universe, there is zero fucking reason to put the Master Chief in that type of armour as a toy. He has never been seen that way ever before, his only two known designs were during the pre-reach days in Mk 4-5, or in his Final Battle® Mk6 suit. Or did they really have a thriving consumer economy on what should essentially be a more benevolent Starship Troopers government at this point.

90c36a  No.16473266


At least they make sense in Smash Bros because she can take them off before she gets in her Suit that has flat shoes.

82304b  No.16473277

File: 930dde26333a5c5⋯.webm (2.15 MB, 854x480, 427:240, oedipus can't handle the ….webm)

File: 4d8d0305fa3dd95⋯.png (24.05 KB, 636x264, 53:22, stroke_inducing.png)

I'm not going to make a thread for this but I needed to post this so that others would share in my wrath.


6a0b5d  No.16473303

File: 9063807e6e88254⋯.jpg (46.5 KB, 640x480, 4:3, samus 4.jpg)

File: a3b13d1141ba4f3⋯.png (683.88 KB, 1287x739, 1287:739, zss suicide.png)

File: f2079cf64883d97⋯.png (558.68 KB, 802x721, 802:721, zss1.png)







a77eab  No.16473317

File: ddf9547ea9f230f⋯.jpg (7.76 KB, 259x194, 259:194, Typical Subhumans.jpg)


Brie Larson may be terrible, but her being particularly terrible is a meme. If Hollywood ever gets their shekel grabbing claws on Metroid whatever they do will be an abomination for roughly the same reasons, with or without Larson. There are a legion of actresses who are just as mannish, unlikable, and cuntish as her.

1bacf2  No.16473327


It's gonna happen.

44e63c  No.16473346



Why do you even care at this point? Are you underage? The franchise was raped into the ground way back here:


82304b  No.16473357


>raped into the ground

>implying that it somehow stops and doesn't get worse

3c4fe9  No.16473444

File: fd51a1452c7bc21⋯.jpg (73.68 KB, 1200x640, 15:8, Quotation-Andrew-Carnegie-….jpg)

File: a69401d21069304⋯.jpg (74.42 KB, 1200x640, 15:8, Quotation-Andrew-Carnegie-….jpg)

File: 32a137a0f113b90⋯.jpg (104.96 KB, 1024x1353, 1024:1353, 2a9290e0a2621e3aff0271f4e1….jpg)

File: a3f31a380c0b9a1⋯.jpg (106.67 KB, 2000x832, 125:52, Andrew-Carnegie-Quotes-4.jpg)

File: 59f20c8b1382025⋯.jpg (35.54 KB, 404x404, 1:1, spring-in-the-desert.jpg)


Pieterszoon (((Coen)))

It all starts here, my guy.



But there is….another way….

To put it as first year as possible, we, and capitalism, are only in the collective mess we are now, because JPMORGAN, Jay Gould, and by extension, Coen, won, and Andrew Carnegie lost.

I feel like Gates and Sinegal (Costco guy) are currently the best bet to reset the dial.

Fortunately, "evil" capitalists were stupid and full of hubris enough after having "their guy" win so often, that they created a variety of names to set themselves apart. Neoliberalism and Globalism being two of these, but inevitably it boils down to one specific point. Socialism for the wealthy. Only. Businesses never fail, and executives never fall an income bracket short of pissing off the whole bloody military industrial complex. Failure is always "rewarded" by "falling sideways" into easier industries you can't possibly fuck up. And despite records of failures, your "golden parachute" gets loftier each time. (Look at the incompetent church potluck wine-swilling socialite "leading" Yahoo off a cliff)

This is a massive mistake, because it means we can now look at and judge business practices and determine what kind of capitalist they are! Do you believe that everyone should know how to pull their own weight, but are free to bequeath charity upon them if you know they're capable? (Also known as the "Mises School") Or do you think risk itself is "sinful" and the journey to create new industries must be bolstered through government backed "fractional loans" and subsidies? That some failing businesses cannot be allowed to go under "as a cornerstone to our national security" and must be bailed out no matter the cost?

Now of course there are way more determining factors, but that's the quick rundown.

There's also some unexpectedly "non capitalist stances," that would make further sense looked at from a capitalist perspective.

Free health care, for instance. Socialism's major failing here is to cure the sick. Cure them. As in, they are already coming to you sick. The far less expensive option, isn't curative but preventative care. An employee out sick is already harming "the bottom line." If you look at the medical plan the German royalty under Frederick were pursuing, it's this same idea. Society pays now, to avoid paying later.

You'll have to bear with me on the cringe, apparently all sites about gathering quotes are geared towards Facebook boomers, but this shows a bit of where his head is at.

Essentially, eliminate ignorance in youth, eliminate disease before you grow up and contract it, eliminate hunger and poverty to wipe out instability, and prosperity for everyone goes up! Doesn't socialism proclaim it's the only thing out there that can solve these? Yet there goes a capitalist saying "Let's do that, it just makes good business sense."

At the risk of sounding plebbitty, yes Leftypol, the "bad guys" won. Over a century ago in fact. And yes "Porky" is real, but very often you (collectively) mistake him "as one of your own." And target capitalists against such rapacious practices instead. It is entirely OK with the average leftist (especially those indoctrinated through neoliberalist run public schools) if Nestlé or Coke destroys an aquifer. So long as the destroyer presents acceptable "lgbt credentials." (One major non-sexist reason the rise of the "female CEO" really is immensely bad for everyone)

Getting the shell game yet? They love modern day socialism because of those BS ID politics squabbles, even if they occasionally trip on them themselves. It is so much easier to placate those who never had real demands in the first place. Which is the reason for this mass "new green deal socialism/intersectionality" push for "representation." It effectively kills whatever revolutionary group you had in mind dead, on the spot. The masses are sated with the "bread" of "representation." Even if they're still dead broke at the end of the day. "At least there's finally someone on TV who looks like me!"

Neoliberalist/crony capitalism then, could be said not to be obsessive with the accumulation of money (merely a beneficial side effect) but obsessive about the prevention of others gaining the same wealth and status. These greedy little Tim Kaine looking gremlins, that is what they're really all about.

Of which South America has been all too obvious an example ever since Sam Zemurray, Lee Christmas, and United Fruit arrived.

So all that said, it would actually work in the left's interests better *not* to harass certain far right leaning capitalists (gaming wise off the top of my head, Wardell). They're busy trying to tear down the same system! If not directly, then through enforcing better standards through example.

9da784  No.16473461

File: a849d5514b3a08b⋯.jpg (332.01 KB, 2295x1535, 459:307, serveimage.jpg)


This. It would already be compromised regardless of the actress. Brie Larson, though, does not have the looks or the height to be Samus. Someone like Kristanna Loken, who played the Terminator in T3, would be a better choice. Unfortunately, T3 came out nearly two decades ago, so she doesn't have the youth for the role.

44e63c  No.16473477


Tempted to respond to this autismal bait, but I know I'll just be censored for wrongthink like so many other times.

999834  No.16473484


My nigger, please educate me on Sims lore I am genuinely curious

8215e8  No.16473515

File: f5ee38caafa25ce⋯.mp4 (797.18 KB, 480x480, 1:1, takeonme.mp4)



When the fuck is somebody going to make a proper good Sims clone?

EA pretty much has a monopoly on that shit and yet nobody has come to challenge them on it with something better.

Imagine a new not-Sims with proper optimization, more depth and content, and no microtransactions and other dogshit.

a77eab  No.16473516


I can't really elaborate on much past what I've already said. The Sims lore doesn't really run that deep. This would be the best resource I know of if you want to read more.


eb1bae  No.16473539


You're also pretty much guaranteed to fuck up what little lore there is just by playing the game, in my experience.

cc0ddd  No.16473566


EA would probably sue them for property infringement. These days you can (((own))) certain gameplay aspects. Such as minigames on loading screens.

f406ef  No.16473617


My brother and I are hashing out the systems in Godot but we will probably switch to Urho3D because Angelscript is so much better.

d524d6  No.16473702

what are the best wikis for reading original unraped lore?

7d0461  No.16473832


Fuck off, WC3 is good

38ea71  No.16473848


I would say UESP for elder scrolls but they have all the new shit included and all put under the same Lore category so it's not that great. The worst offender imo is ESO, all the lore I've read that comes from it is retarded, such as there being a ghost snake minor deity that is friends with Sithis or something

8d8592  No.16473883


OG DX's augs were completely and wholly terrible though, and unrealistic as shit for a setting this far into the future.

>Hey, we've got this possibly stealthy operative with a whole new generation of cyborg tech

>We need him to see in the dark, among other things, how do we do that?

<Just make his eyes flashlights lmao

Any more primitive than that and you have nintendo labo.

9c3ee5  No.16473899

File: 57f0fbf689fcc92⋯.jpg (23.54 KB, 680x456, 85:57, 57f0fbf689fcc9219d2b44717c….jpg)

i never really liked what they did with warcrafts lore and it felt like it degraded with each game

originally in WC1-2 the orcs were straight up satanists, had pentagrams and references to hell and everything while the humans were catholics that referenced archangels and the power of god, maybe a little passe and too rooted in reality so i can understand wanting to move away from that, but they could have done something more interesting for the human culture than just "the light". the burning legion being space demons is sorta cool i will admit but i have mixed opinions on making the orcs noble savages who got tricked into being demon worshipers, i guess it gives them a little bit more depth as characters at the very least

night elves were also supposed to be much darker and more savage, the females were supposed to be cannibals (you can see this in the concept art for WC3) but by the release they were made a little more mild but at least still sorta rough around the edges and extremely xenophobic, and by wow theyre just fucking elf hippies which was honestly really disappointing, i would have liked a contrast of blood elves being lawful neutral/evil, high elves as lawful good and night elves as chaotic neutral, but i guess lets just make them faggy ass generic wood elves, completely destroying the point of combining wood elves and dark elves to make night elves in the first place

i also dont like what theyve done with sylvanus, i dont really have anything to comment on it, just that shes become boring badass female#9439, in WC3 she was an interesting character, basically a banshee condensed into a pure form, nothing but revenge and bitterness that drove her. idk what the fuck theyre trying to do with her now, i think they lost alot of the direction for her once arthas and the scourge got removed

cc0ddd  No.16473930


it's all offtopic anyway. Report and move on it if it botheres you.

2db1f1  No.16474335


Hey underage. The writing in WC3 is embarrassing.

773512  No.16474362



I know, I played the game. And I don't care.

It was a terrible idea and all deathclaws must die.

As must all the lizardfolk in Eldr Scrolls



You are definitely a scaly/furry.

Horned death machin lizards are not metal, they are STUPID. Totally unnecessary and impractical.

You got soliders, power armor, drones and big guns. Why the FUCK would you want wild animal soliders? It's a classic example of villan stupidity, doing things for the sake of doing things, rather than any practicality.

2db1f1  No.16474367


It would make sense if they were meant to be sent out to some remote location to kill everything there discreetly and then die off within 48 hours or something but the fact they stay around and only get more dangerous is retarded. It's just "Alien did it" with no more thought put into it.

1f9bc9  No.16474374



>knowing anything about WC3

I swear, some "people" on this board are just here to say words they don't care the meaning for to sow discord in a community they hate

773512  No.16474376


Morrowindfags are so obsessed ith the "oh-so-deeeep lore" that they can't smell their own farts.

cc0ddd  No.16474380


If you've been here for more than a year you would hate this place to.

2db1f1  No.16474383


There's a remake coming out you dumb faggot. Of course everyone is going to pretend it's a flawless masterpiece instead of a poorly written trashheap with good custom games.

2db1f1  No.16474385


Where did I say the game is bad you illiterate cocksucker?

2db1f1  No.16474389


So you're a moron, got it. Of course you would think Blizzard writing is good.

04c887  No.16474457

File: 1adad2795a9693b⋯.png (2.02 MB, 2916x2682, 162:149, fallout4 1.png)

I would say fallout 4 is the worst lore raping of all time, but fallout 2 paved the way.

61c112  No.16474467

File: 3d43303dae6639a⋯.png (283.97 KB, 650x600, 13:12, Dededead inside.png)


>No Covenant Civil War game

a5af66  No.16474477

The Metal Gear Solid series is a big retcon of the original Metal Gear series.

cf3fa9  No.16474492


>posting literal facebook boomer tier quotes

what fucking planet did you fall from faggot

65abf1  No.16475220


It's just like Star Craft II's remaster, graphics upgrades and only changing stuff in the story to match "current" cannon. That's about it really.

5f9da5  No.16476294





The problem with WC3 is Arthas, it's always been Arthas.

>Cover-Art Protagonist

>Decent as a protagonist as the human campaign.

>Mission where it turns out undeath-tainted grains have spread to a giant settlement

<"Help us kill these tainted humans to stop the undead or fuck off!"

>"Whatever, fuck you prince asshole, we got lives to save"

>several missions later…

>goes completely fucking off his rocker in northrend, at this point, I don't even want to play as him anymore.

>decides to use frostmourne to kill Mal Ganis, and lets frostmourne kill Muradin Bronzebeard for it.

>Oh hey, Arthas is undead, and now you got another campaign with him.

>He wins in the frozen throne expansion

I was a kid then, even then I could tell they tried to copy starcraft's schitck. Shit, at least with Starcraft, Kerrigan's twist was actually pulled off right, and not some dumb build-up of insanity that made me hate the character.

Everything else about WC3/TFT was fun, but Arthas can go fuck right off.

2db1f1  No.16476339


Kerrigan is legitimately one of the worst characters in all of fiction.

>finally done with the human campaign

>get to play these bug, manta ray eyeball things

>4 missions in

>your main character is another human again lol

It's like they just did it so they could pad out the actresses lines or something.

aa959d  No.16476384

>Elder Scrolls

>Pre Morrowind the Khajiit are anime style kemonomimi

>post Morrowind it's all furries

What went wrong?

000000  No.16476422


What elaboration is needed beyond "the game is shit"?

Unless you are a shill or, as you have already proven, a soyboy programmed to praise shit and to call people "muh you don't play games" when people expose facts that goes against your programming.


That would be just plain good, but the original pitch of "you are raising the final boss who is also the main villain without you knowing it until the very end" truly made for a great twist mixing both plot and gameplay into it.

The worst thing about FF XV is that almost everybody can come up with better ideas than the official ones presented in the final game.


Zero-suit Samus was the best thing that Nintendo created.

They should use her in all marketing, instead of the armored one.

Play as armored Samus for fun gameplay. But all images are with Zero-suit Samus. That is how it should have been.

712d6d  No.16476506



Kerrigan gave me a weird boner as a kid, specifically after she was turned into a zerg queen

65147b  No.16476616


Parsons says his father found an alien city in ARABIA you moron. Fallout 4 is trash

d7d3e0  No.16476644

I did not like the lore rape of Final Fantasy Tactics A1 and A2, FFT ended on a good cliffhanger in a realistic setting and it ends up having cartoony shit.


That was flat out terrible. The first one was a great sci-fi horror story too.

f30727  No.16476826


So it's a cuck thing? Truly interesting, but sounds like it.

From what i have been reading, i note that if i play a the elder scrolls game, it will surely be morrowind, daggerfall and arena.

8215e8  No.16476904

File: 8ec5f0fbe2e012f⋯.png (314.27 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 0J9dW3U.png)


>I did not like the lore rape of Final Fantasy Tactics A1 and A2, FFT ended on a good cliffhanger in a realistic setting and it ends up having cartoony shit.

Are you retarded? FFTA isnt related to FFT at all.

Its only a sequel in the sense of being "tactics game with FF shit", not an actual story sequel.

Theres no lore to be raped because its a separate universe entirely from FFT.

a2a2fe  No.16476914

File: d1218cc6cbf1232⋯.jpg (51.47 KB, 640x312, 80:39, [scientists_laughing].jpg)


You don't understand basic elaboration because you don't understand basic conversation.

Most conversations have a three tier explanation.

"It was shit"

"The combat was horrible"

"Specifically, the magic was clunky and badly designed."

and then you go into farther tiers, where others would throw in their opinions and thus, conversation. Like this

"What about the magic was bad?"

"The cold spell didn't fucking work, didn't freeze anything."

"Lol you didn't max out cryo you mong"

"Fuck off, that doesn't change the fact that the game fucking sucks"

and repeat. You come off as unintelligent, because you are. Without any elaboration, your opinions have exactly ZERO merit. You can easily be called out. And if you can't articulate your thoughts, all you think with is feelings, which is cancerous bullshit.

You see, I'm elaborating to clarify what something is with this very post, and you will respond with an insult because that's the only way you communicate. You're fucking retarded.

7170b3  No.16477017


FF12 characters appear in FFTA2.

FFTA and FFTA2 are obviously connected plot wise.

And there are connections between FFT and FF12

All that to say, that the games take place on Ivalice, but are just separated by a lot of time and distance.

With that said, the FFTA games are good even if they aren't grimdark like FFT, and given how much time passes between all the games the lores barely even interact.

8215e8  No.16477048


FF12 characters appear because the world of FFTA is a fantasy created by a loser kid who found a magic book and used it to make the real world more like his favourite video game.

Its a imitation of Ivalice, not the actual Ivalice.

The FFT+FF12 Universe is not the same universe as FFTA+FFTA2 universe.

aa00d2  No.16477415


Even the retarded blood elf origin storyline? For that matter, why do these writers keep having magic be some kind of drug like substance?

65abf1  No.16477454


>and given how much time passes between all the games the lores barely even interact.

Were you paying any attention at all to FFTA's plot? Or the implications of any of the FFTA references? The world of FFTA is artificially created by the book, all the references to it that the world existed implies it was a borderline fusion of two worlds smashed together and any blanks in between being created entirely from the book. There is no "history" to be remembered from anyone who wasn't characters from FFTA who literally popped into existence out of no where.

a5af66  No.16477970

File: c8f5544052f38fe⋯.jpg (27.5 KB, 220x312, 55:78, 220px-Heroes_of_Might_and_….jpg)

>LMAO let's nuke the whole universe in a seconds long intro

f7b7f2  No.16478097


> harem vaults

pretty sure thats a Dr strangelove reference, og fallout was infested with pop culture references

657f8b  No.16478874


because a character needs a weakness, imagine blood elves could just go LOL MAGICK, would be pretty boring not to mention play like dnd 3.5 (casters can do anything, why would you even need fighters?).

2db1f1  No.16478913


They already had a weakness before the magic addiction. It was their physical frailty and the fact they tend to underestimate their enemies.

b755c9  No.16478918


Hamburger Helper there isn't actually the one who fucked up Bioware, surprisingly enough - at least, not directly. She was one of the writers for the first game, and from pretty early on at that. Her main role was Dwarf lore and all of Orzammar, and then a few side quests and other shit. If I'm remembering right, she left Bioware before DA2 was even completed, and had a much smaller role. Even from the start, though, Gayder had a much heavier influence, which only grew in time.

Hammy's problem was that she herself was about as left-wing as they come, and even if she tempered it a bit for writing the game (though not in her personal "writings"), she had an awful habit of surrounding herself with people that were like her, but less controlled. She essentially trained up most of the writing staff for DA2 and Inquisition before leaving - that is to say, she left Bioware behind with a bunch of inferior writers who couldn't resist shoving their politics into everything. That was her main sin.

000000  No.16479114


>reddit spacing

>is also a programmed soyboy

Always. It never fails.

>elaborate why the shit that i like is shit

The game is shit. It is that simple.

You like the game? Then, you like shit.

The game won't stop being shit just because you like shit.

Have you played it? So did everybody else. And the game is still shit.

Why discuss shit being shit? Unless, of course, your programming doesn't allow you to operate when someone exposes the truth to you.


Destroy the material components of the casters, and you solve most of the problem of dealing with them.

8efe66  No.16479131


>Complains about reddit spacing

>Uses a format almost functionally identical to reddit spacing and reddit spaces his replies

The only acceptable times you should ever hit the enter key are when you're greentexting, or are forming a new paragraph. Of course, you wouln't know that, you ESL faggot.

1fe423  No.16479146

File: adcff841dbbe2d5⋯.jpg (61.34 KB, 500x569, 500:569, 1401552633250.jpg)


Still loved the game, it had it's downsides but base set campaigns were written with heavy charm of those times

6b37cb  No.16479341


Yearly reminder that vidya theories fall apart when they require/can only be explained with things from games that never came out or were cancelled.

5d7c3a  No.16479436


>Mad Max/Trigun inspired world filled with psychos, vehicles, and guns.

>Wild West themed soundtrack.

>Great visual style.

Borderlands 2


>Anthony Burch

>Every character is now wacky/crazy.

>Given the impression the series was going to be about fighting Eldritch alien horrors, but nope here's a living meme villain, and his fire dog.

>Solid Art direction is given a kick to the curb for DUDE WACKY COLORS LOL.

I never felt more betrayed by a game.

2db1f1  No.16479645


Borderlands is proof that when frauds have nothing left to rip off they just start masturbating with their own shit. Same thing happened to Blizzard, Bioware, the list goes on.

8562cc  No.16479674

File: 4699b525b131105⋯.jpg (31.87 KB, 344x511, 344:511, Mega Man X games in a nuts….jpg)

The Mega Man X\Mega Man Zero series timeline.

f30727  No.16479868


Trips wasted on (((jewed))) words.


Perhaps. But this place will mostly not ban you for wrongthink, unlike many others.

266a63  No.16483494


>that image


exblain to a brainlet

f406ef  No.16485160


It's an old urban legend. Note how it never mentions which war it was.

Polite sage for off topic.

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