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File: a79ca9c8ee50995⋯.jpg (214.25 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 2214730-1212697328_fallout….jpg)

File: 14b76d2c6fefeaa⋯.jpg (149.37 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, fallout2logo.jpg)

da98e1  No.16469092

Which is the best one?

6aaef0  No.16469113

File: 66bd9bd9520191c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.64 KB, 938x896, 67:64, todd.jpg)


fallout 76

c0746f  No.16469114


fallout 1 because it came out first

32a4cf  No.16469121


a2ed7d  No.16469124

My dick

6aaef0  No.16469126

File: c3d11f8db09a4e6⋯.jpg (7.99 KB, 360x270, 4:3, tim cain.jpg)

c4552f  No.16469134

File: e27e91b44ffed05⋯.jpg (90.61 KB, 618x768, 103:128, 34aa1d8c8dd644ed6ddb5e4c95….jpg)

524e77  No.16469144

Haven't played 2 but 1 is a masterpiece and like an authentic time capsule of 50's Americana.

73435d  No.16469147

File: fa72b28d87f7d00⋯.png (632.8 KB, 634x659, 634:659, ringadingding.png)

Fallout 2 really didn't age well with the endless pop culture references. Spent way too much time being wacky and zany instead of being a looking glass into the future of the world presented in F1.

That, and the majority of Bethesda's ideas on what makes Fallout what it is comes from the mishandling of F2. The terrible attempt at humor/"dude 50s lmao" bullshit. At least the Enclave and Marcus were cool.

d290a1  No.16469154

Neither. Play an actual good game like Chrono Trigger instead of cucked (((Western))) garbage.

1e7d6d  No.16469158

File: 01b755b759c6b1d⋯.webm (7.9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Fallout4用MOD AnimeRace Na….webm)

Prease purachase my gaimu anon-kun

8decb3  No.16469164


They all look like they're wearing those fucking animu masks.

da98e1  No.16469166





They are old. Who would buy them (except for fans) since you could pirate them easily?

70a350  No.16469169


My thoughts exactly. They look like kigurumi rather than people.

ef9d25  No.16469227

File: 6d5f9382e0362bd⋯.png (619.64 KB, 1110x845, 222:169, FalloutTier.png)


Depends on personal preference but both are good games. Just don't waste your time with the rest of the franchise.

fe42a9  No.16469237

Both are good, but I prefer the second one.

4ec7a3  No.16469269

File: 2414eb11468fd49⋯.gif (866.88 KB, 545x451, 545:451, floater.gif)


>instead of being a looking glass into the future of the world presented in F1

Bullshit aside, Fallout 2 has far more content. Not to mention, it buffed out some of the chinks originally in Fallout 1's armor.

d3a0cc  No.16469278

Both are shit

2542e3  No.16469288

File: 5f422270d9a95b7⋯.jpg (73.37 KB, 700x460, 35:23, 5f422270d9a95b772ecee92e57….jpg)

b2bc22  No.16469517


Man Tactics was a great game, but why the


is 76, Shelter the fucking mobile game, and Brotherhood of Steel not in shit tier?

894907  No.16469597


Was Tactics really great, though? Or was it a decent game until St. Louis and then an awful slog that only got worse as you progressed (outside of the 1 or 2 missions where you're fighting reavers). There's nothing enjoyable about how they handled super mutants or robots.

2db357  No.16469676

I prefer 1, shorter more cohesive experience. talking heads are nice

912fe0  No.16469901


The gameplay and engines of both are terrible in general but Fallout Tactics has great art and audio assets.

c9b54a  No.16469955


I couldn't get into fallout 1 becuase of how slow it is, seemed kinda shitty, never tried 2 as a result

0e7a10  No.16470007

File: 6ddc00326fbbf2a⋯.jpg (32.97 KB, 291x260, 291:260, fallout wut.jpg)

I liked 1 better so 1.

58d5b5  No.16470017


1 had a better and more solid plot.

2 was a little less buggy and more mechanically sound.

58d5b5  No.16470024


This is undeniable bait, 76 is shit tier if not irredeemable shit tier.

The others can be debated a bit but god damn what are you doing.

c3fcb6  No.16470033

I wouldn't consider either as the best Fallout. But I do consider 2 as better than 1.

e43c05  No.16470059

New Vegas is better than the originals.

64b155  No.16470482


New Vegas is good, but it’s held back by Bethesda’s shitty engine.

6d2bcd  No.16470700


Is this a fucking joke? Fallout 2 is fucking garbage unless you fix it with mods. There's the shitty pop culture refferences, but more importantly, there is cut content fucking EVERYWHERE. The first fucking companion that you meet joins you to save his sister from slavers… only that goes nowhere because the quest got cut. Cattle rousers quest, again one of the first ones you get, goes fucking nowhere because the part where you'd expose them got cut. Even fucking ending slides have cut content.

I don't know if you assholes only ever play it with mods that restore cut content (which turn it into a great game, to be fair) or if you simply don't remember, but vanilla FO2 is full of shit that leads fucking nowhere, plot hooks that don't get used, refferences to shit that doesn't actually exist and so on. Now, FO1 also has its fair share of cut content, but it isn't nearly as blatant about it as FO2 and maintains cohesion. FO1 is better game because of it.

23ac7d  No.16470757


Fallout 1. I like Fallout 2 weapons and armor variety and towns, but it has too many ebin le 50s pop references. Fallout 1 tone is bleak and less colorful and I like it.

25ac5d  No.16470770

The average quality of 1 is higher, but 2 has more stuff making it the one that I have gotten more out of.

>I don't know if you assholes only ever play it with mods that restore cut content

yep, if you hadnt written that I wouldnt even have remembered that I have never played them vanilla

894907  No.16470817


>fucking garbage unless you fix it with mods … which turn it into a great game, to be fair

Come on anon, 'fucking garbage' is a bit hyperbolic since obviously the core gameplay is sound. I think 'moderately to severely broken' would be more accurate, and considering how many of my favorites were released in that state and eventually fixed by fans (Gothic 1/2, STALKER series, Fallout 1/2/NV, Dark Souls, VTMB, Morrowind, and many more), I'm fine with that. If mods can turn a broken game into a great game, then fuck it, a great game is a great game. The whole "if a game needs mods to fix it then it's shit" angle always reeks of bitter consolefaggotry.

dbb7de  No.16470876

Fallout one by a mile. It takes itself seriously, unlike the second game, and it has a much better story and better atmosphere.

c3e05b  No.16470887

Does it really matter? They're both exceptionally shitty games propped up by children who had no previous experience with RPGs.

c3e05b  No.16470894


>but more importantly, there is cut content fucking EVERYWHERE

Applies just as much to the first game. Whole fucking endings are broken because they couldn't finish the paltry amount of quests it already offers.

c3e05b  No.16470895


>The average quality of 1 is higher

Oh yeah, quality like ammo types not fucking working at all, or glitches that corrupt the interface and save files if you carry too much stuff.

c3e05b  No.16470901


>since obviously the core gameplay is sound

Both Fallout games are broken at a fundamental level. The "core gameplay" is trash.

6d2bcd  No.16470921


Okay, I might have been a bit harsh there, but FO2 is incredibly shitty with it. Most games, when they cut content, they have the decency to at least remove the refferences to it or mask it somehow, while FO2 just leaves it all in. "Yeah, I'll help you save your sister, let's go to Den!" only there's fucking nothing in Den as the quest does not exist. And this is far from the only occassion.


The first game was nowhere near as in your face with it and, more importantly, I can understand cutting some content due to time/money constraits, yet in FO2, they cut important fucking shit while having enough time and money to shove in a gorillion incredibly shitty pop culture refferences everywhere.

Also you can reply to multiple people in one post, fag.

0d9b3b  No.16470923





You know that it's possible to reply to multiple people without making a separate post each, right?

c3e05b  No.16470932


>I can understand cutting some content due to time/money constraints

And yet they had a ton of money to blow on worthless voice acting from Tony Shalhoub and David Keith. This has always been and always will be a bullshit excuse. They had money, they just used it on worthless crap rather than playtesting.

894907  No.16470940


>And this is far from the only occassion

Oh I agree completely. Vanilla Fallout 2 is a hacked up incomplete game, but with the amount of work killap put in to fix it over nearly a decade, we've got a finished product.





Anon are you okay?

c3e05b  No.16470943



Got an actual argument?

d0a2e3  No.16470951


What RPGs do you like?

c3e05b  No.16470959


Ultima VII and Exile III

dbb7de  No.16470967



Absolute pleb.

894907  No.16471011


Not really, no. I'm a big fan of most cRPGs published under Interplay, and obviously they aren't to your taste. That's perfectly fine by me, I feel the same way about 4X games or sportsball, for example.

0d9b3b  No.16471035


I wasn't arguing against you in the first place. I was telling you to stop making four posts in a row for no reason.

da98e1  No.16471047


>joke or not?

No, it is not. Thank you for the information.








>endings broken

>cut quests references still left in

>bugs bugs


>mods to make it playable and far better

Did this happen because of what >>16470921 said, or because Interplay's real name is InterBug?

Does the killap restoration fix all the bugs? Is it the "Restoration Project" that I have been hearing about?

3d42a3  No.16471052

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I used to prefer Fallout 1 but replayed them both a few months ago and now prefer 2. Mechanically speaking it has a bunch of nice QOL improvements like being able to move NPCs out of your way, more fleshed out dialogue options for low INT runs and the car, which I also thought made travelling throughout the world more interesting. Both soundtracks are fantastic but 2 has more tracks I like. 2 having more content is also nice.

I also found the amount of pop culture references in 2 to be really exaggerated. 1 isn't much better in that regard, and even if it were, 2 still has plenty of locations and events just as tonally harrowing as most of the content in 1. The text that comes up when you first enter Modoc, coupled with the music, is probably my favourite. But apart from that there's pretty much all of Broken Hills, New Reno (goofy mafia aesthetics aside), Gecko, being able to get drugged & raped by Myron if you play as a low INT woman, the state of the Brotherhood, etc.

1 is still very good though.

da98e1  No.16471057


Lefty propaganda?

da98e1  No.16471063


How so?

86df3f  No.16471076

File: 3455a3bebfa4c15⋯.jpg (82.1 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 52920c091e8e481461e244d7b7….jpg)


>game has a handful of brown people in it

>"hurr durr lefty propaganda"

Are you clinically fucking retarded? Do you even know what propaganda is?

894907  No.16471097


2 definitely has the advantage when it comes to replayability with the nearly horizontal progression that's possible outside of the southwest corner of the map. 1 is the more cohesive experience, but the intended path of progression is very tight which works great in delivering a consistent experience your first time through, but feels overly restrained on subsequent playthroughs.


>responding to a blatant trannypol false flag

Come on, you're better than that.

86df3f  No.16471098


I just noticed your fucking redditspacing. Suck on a shotgun you double-digit IQ turd-wrangler.


Asians and assorted South American mongrels fall beneath the category of "brown people," anon.

bc8a46  No.16471106

File: 4b460854dea539a⋯.png (93.86 KB, 629x1173, 37:69, 4b460854dea539a37ced2b08df….png)


You aren't people either, anon.

eb13b7  No.16471211

I prefer 1 over 2, but the later is objectively better than the former in terms of amount of content. What I like about the 2D games (especially 1) is that the the setting and atmosphere reflect on the gameplay and aren't just there for aesthetic. Like the world feels like a bleak, desolate wasteland. Armor and decent weapons are rare, people are hostile and horrors are committed on a daily basis.

I feel like I've made a this exact post in this exact thread earlier. Weird.

da98e1  No.16471264


Hum. Curious. Thank you for the information.

665615  No.16471274


This, I like 1 more than 2 but I also think 2 is actually better in general.

1e0027  No.16471279


Ive played every fallout except 76 and tactics is by far my favorite. The engine does surprisingly well at tactical squad combat.

It only has a bad reputation because it was rushed out in a broken state by the devs but you can fix everything with user mods and patches.

a3f8c7  No.16471311

They're both highly overrated pieces of hot mediocrity.

dbb7de  No.16471400


>cut quests references still left in

Such as?

da98e1  No.16471592

ecfe05  No.16471995

Everyone always rips Fo2 apart for the pop culture references but I just enjoyed the game for all the content and gameplay improvements it brought along with it

b8ab44  No.16472537


BoS had co-op and that instantly makes it great. I had a blast with a mate of mine. Do you not have friends?

0cb1dc  No.16472710


Fallout76 had multiplayer and that instantly makes it great. I had a blast with a mate of mine. Do you not have friends?

2d248e  No.16472739

File: 95a2bde90e81666⋯.jpg (73.9 KB, 742x639, 742:639, 95a2bde90e81666221d6c52714….jpg)

fallout 1 is as much as a meme game as fallout 2 mentats are a reference to dune something that is part of the series today

dbd827  No.16483070


better fucking not be i just got fallout 4 and was gonna start tonight. fallout 3>NV anyways

9f167a  No.16483129



Is it…

Can it finally be…


708d97  No.16483248

b8d53a  No.16483453

Is there a mod that makes shooting in new vegas fun? i just can't stand the feeling of gunplay in fallout 3 and nv.

0ce885  No.16483496

File: bee535ad4a1c674⋯.png (4.31 KB, 79x91, 79:91, s.PNG)

whats going on?

55ecf3  No.16485049

6b9f6e  No.16485166

bleak hopeless world full of technology gone awry > shitty disjointed desert full of memes and talking animals

894907  No.16485275


Depends what your primary issues with the shooting are. I think the gunplay with energy weapons is generally satisfying, and mods like WMX and EVE can further enhance that, but if you're asking if there's a mod that fixes the general shitblivion with guns sloppiness that pervades the overall in-engine handling of ranged weapons, then no.

d9d1f7  No.16486354

Neither. The UI is terrible, the combat is shit, the exploration is garbage and the writing has aged like milk. Its just hipsters that say they are good. Even the first System shock held up better and thats a DOSbox nightmare.

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