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File: 6cd683549390156⋯.png (978.28 KB, 952x960, 119:120, 6cd683549390156f55c06d7201….png)

9cbc7d  No.16470319

After getting back from Engelles, I had to kill the 10 mysterious darkies and now the bunnycop wants me to go to the Deep Undernet.

Can't fucking find it.

Where do I go?

(Also, Shanghai.exe/MMBN/MMSF thread, I guess.)

79397a  No.16470485

What's this?

9cbc7d  No.16470489

File: b8b4002874c1da1⋯.png (6.49 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 1479508815777.png)



It's a fanmade Megaman Battle Network game with 2HUs instead of Megamans. The story doesn't really follow 2HU lore as far as I can tell, though. It's preddy gud.

79397a  No.16470494


Sounds neat. Link?

a57727  No.16470496

9cbc7d  No.16470504

File: 37be24c8ba2db1c⋯.jpg (150.34 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1479508144453.jpg)


No need to be a smartass, Anon; this game requires a little more than just the usual cursory google.


The creator of the game stopped working on it pretty close to release so some anons from half /jp/ started translating it. Here's the latest build as of March 29th. I think the story is fully completed? but I can't remember.


9cbc7d  No.16470675

File: eecb0b9130dfe92⋯.png (481.2 KB, 623x565, 623:565, 198045698134695.png)

Fucking figured it out: Undernet 3 connects directly to Undernet 6 for some stupid reason. I found my way to Undernet 10 and fought off 3 more magic niggers.

996a8f  No.16470785

what mechanics it takes from the MMBN series?

does it have styles or souls?

9cbc7d  No.16470798

File: 4cb011d06a45947⋯.png (114.3 KB, 1166x637, 1166:637, 1456978451.png)


Styles, Program Advances, and Dark Chips.

Styles are references to some of the other characters and you can have up to 4 (not including default). There are 6 styles and on top of that there are 6 elements, which means you can have 4 of 36 styles saved at a time. Unlocking a new one will ask you if you wanna overwrite one of the old ones ala pokemon moves.

Program Advances use specific combos in the correct order to function. For example: Hakkero 2 (M or *) + Magibomb (M or *) + Marisa v2 = Masterspark

Dark Chips have only the downsides of not allowing you to enter any moods such as full synchro or anger while using it and only being allowed to carry one dark chip in your folder at a time. Shanghai is apparently already evil or something, so the chips don't have an effect on her.

d306a4  No.16470810

File: 969d6a89ce3bc11⋯.png (342.56 KB, 671x1047, 671:1047, 969d6a89ce3bc110895e82f9c6….png)

Is this game dead forever?

9cbc7d  No.16470831


Like I said, halfchan's /jp/ is working on it, apparently, so no.

996a8f  No.16471000


Been playing since my post, what a fucking blast from the past, will probably get Meiling style as i always do because panel shot and buster are my jam.

Too bad the creator gave up on the game.

9cbc7d  No.16471032

File: 788e554a3e79553⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.63 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 56071785_p5.jpg)


Turns out it's not quite finished yet.

Got to the very end where the final boss reveals their secret identity and I go to fight their navi and a fucking sprite is blocking the last area.

All that build-up, just to get blue-balled at the climax. Fuckin' sucks.

9cbc7d  No.16471038


Whoops, sorry; here's your (you)

b294fd  No.16471068

Battle Network thread?

I'm almost to the end of the 5th game. It wasn't bad or anything, just kinda mediocre. Liberation missions were a headache though as expected.

9cbc7d  No.16471086


I'll confess, I haven't actually played more than one official battle network game. I think it was the 4th one? Blue Moon or something. That was back when I had an SP.

b9d74b  No.16471125

Why does Capcom have to ruin good things?

9cbc7d  No.16471140


Because goodwill is for chumps and customer loyalty isn't something you can put down in the fiscal reports.

b294fd  No.16471157


That's the shittiest game in the entire series. Try playing the first three games. 3 is a fan favorite. The first game has an enhanced DS port called Operate Shooting Star. I posted a link to the fan translation in the sharethread so you can either find it in the sticky or in an archived thread. I haven't played 6 but I've heard good things about that one, consider trying it.

d306a4  No.16471162


Why do these fangame devs keep fucking up and asking for money?

9cbc7d  No.16471167


Gotta pay the bills somehow. But yeah, it's like clockwork at this point.

9cbc7d  No.16471171


I don't remember it being that bad, it made me interested in the series at least, but I haven't played it in quite a long while. I guess I'll give the others a shot. For now, though, Shanghai.exe still has side content that I need to do.

b294fd  No.16471191


Yeah, if it's your first game out of the entire series then it probably wouldn't be that bad. But the problem is that the other games have set the bar too high.

d306a4  No.16471229


Presumably they were able to survive before they made the game. But if they really wanted money they could altered enough things to avoid the blatant copyright violation.

08986a  No.16471310

File: 15acac4cfcfc24b⋯.png (21.64 KB, 720x480, 3:2, ... .png)


It plays a lot like Battle Network 6. The MB system was taken straight from there, and some general "philosophies", like the ratio of offensive chips compared to defensive ones, and doing everything in your power to nerf AirHockey, seem to have been borrowed from there as well.

Form changes in this game are called styles, but they have the most in common with crosses, with how many features each style has. Unlike crosses, they aren't immediately cancelled if you are hit with something you are weak to.

The element system is different, too: it has 6 elements, unlike BN's traditional 4 or BN6's 8. And unlike BN6, all elements interact with each other instead of having two completely unrelated elemental circles, so each element is weak to two other elements, and can hit two elements for 2x damage.

Standard chips can have up to 4 letter codes, so there's a lot more freedom for folder building compared to BN4-6, but less than in 2 or 3.

The addon system is very restricted compared to what you could do with navi customizer in BN3 or BN6. It's about the level of BN4-5 in terms of how much variety you can afford at once, even though there are a lot of different addons. The dev had a huge number of addons planned, but some of them, including important stuff like Grimoire and Unshuffle, haven't made it into the last build of the game.

An important feature unique to this game is status effects, which act a lot like bugs in BN games do. Many chips and Doctor style's charge shot can inflict status effects on the enemy, and some of them apply 2x weaknesses that multiply with elemental weaknesses and panel effects. Unlike panels, which stay and apply the weakness bonus for the entire duration of an attack before disappearing, status is cancelled after one hit lands, so they favor single hit attacks. This feature can matter a lot when fighting SP5 navis.

The game also has virus breeding, and unlike BN3, you summon an AI-controlled virus to fight for you. They aren't quite as broken as Scuttle could be in BN3, but you can have any virus in any letter code if you are persistent and/or lucky enough.

9cbc7d  No.16471327


Got myself a Juragon and enough Reg memory to always have it on hand. That thing ends so many fights before they even begin.

996a8f  No.16471357


well, that sucks, is there plans for /jp/ to finish the game or are they just translating? cause if they are only translating there is not really a reason to play the game if i'm only going to get blue-balled out of a ending.


>Form changes in this game are called styles, but they have the most in common with crosses

cool, though even if i can change then my playstyle probably means i will maybe get shinobi and medic style, and maybe gaia because i like barrier enough for it.

Too bad i can't Marisa/Sakuya cross, i would've liked that.

d306a4  No.16471365

I'm kind of surprised no one ever bothered to make a battle network MMO yet.

9cbc7d  No.16471383


I believe they're adding content in. Last time I looked at one of their archived threads, they were figuring out how to construct maps. Plus the dev was really far along and left a bunch of stuff in the code. Also, the game is worth playing even without the ending. There's a lot of shit in it, I've got almost 20 hours in it.

You don't get the styles from characters, they just happen to be references. The characters that are referenced in the styles don't actually show up anywhere else in the game, as far as I know.

Also, you can friend chips in different letters than their starting ones. I have a Tankman * chip for example, when his default is a T chip.

9cbc7d  No.16471388


*can get: I accidentally a word.

b294fd  No.16471599


It's probably too difficult to fit Battle Network mechanics into a WoW clone mould for crapcom to bother trying.

3a4b79  No.16471784

File: 3103d283c53e6e9⋯.png (225.42 KB, 680x697, 40:41, aa7131588116e8d6193f46c252….png)


Fuck off cuckchan.

08986a  No.16471946


The 4chan anon was intent on reconstructing the game's ending. There isn't much left after the demo cuts off. The final boss is already in the game and is functional, but that still means remaking the penultimate boss and the story parts between him and the ending, as well as the ending itself. At least a video of those parts exists.

6944c1  No.16471963

I'd rather play the actual Battle Network games but at least it's better than Revolution 60

9cbc7d  No.16472341


There's a video of it?

Also, where do the bonus fights with characters like Youmu fit into it?


What does Revolution 60 have to do with MMBN, Anon?



Newfag (or someone so desperate to fit in) detected

9cbc7d  No.16475191

So is Starforce any good? I've never seen people talk about it, but it apes so much from BN and whoever designed Megaman's Final Smash apparently thought it important enough to include its main protagonist in it.

2b0e2d  No.16475219

File: b190bf164edb9fd⋯.jpg (121.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, butt ugly mandicks.jpg)

File: 7ddc1419caad97b⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, trannies in space.jpg)


Anon actual cancer is better than Revolution 60. Thats a pretty low fucking bar your setting there.

b294fd  No.16475240


>What does Revolution 60 have to do with MMBN, Anon?

He's probably talking about how the game uses a grid shooting thing.

0a6a8e  No.16475302


shanghai shanghai shanghai shanghai hourai hourai hourai hourai france holand tibet kyoto london russia oreleans!

9cbc7d  No.16475389

File: 501d2fd6f4b6880⋯.jpg (4.81 KB, 172x139, 172:139, 1460870588543.jpg)


nigger u fokin wot?

2b0e2d  No.16475404

File: 05be79f985bbf14⋯.jpg (7.49 KB, 190x255, 38:51, pathetic (2).jpg)


>Unable to see the strength and truth of Anons powerful and brave views.

0a6a8e  No.16475456


why why why why don't I miss you alot forever???

9cbc7d  No.16475553

File: bd3b83f9f6a8157⋯.jpg (322.29 KB, 743x1016, 743:1016, uuuu.jpg)



It's 2HU memes.

d306a4  No.16475743


Better story. Gameplay is a hit or a miss. It's more of an action game than battle network due to only having 3 squares to move on, but in practice you play the same way in both series: Just spam your most powerful chips/cards and combos until you win. No program advances in this game sadly.

Also Starforce 3 has a retarded system where up to 5/6 of your cards become unusable at random and you have to either convert them into a useless support card or wait it out.

9cbc7d  No.16475794

File: 2c6af7c5ea56f7b⋯.jpg (53.31 KB, 842x699, 842:699, 2c6af7c5ea56f7bcbf2615a333….jpg)


Well gee willikers, Anon: that sure sounds retarded.

On an unrelated note, Should I just start with BN 1 when I jump into the series proper? If not, what would be a good starting point?

9cbc7d  No.16475804


(I suppose I should have clarified that I was talking about the Starforce 3 system.)

3d3549  No.16475811


>Megaman Battle Network game

So shit?

>with 2HUs instead of Megamans

Yep, shit.

d306a4  No.16475817


The story of each game has strong relations to stories of the previous games so you should probably play the entire thing.

If you truly want the full experience you'll also collect every single battlechip so you can access each game's post-game. This is a massive pain in the ass in the third game because you need a chip from the other version which requires you playing through about 70% of the other game, and a massive pain in the ass in the fourth game because you need to beat the game three times to access the post-game, so no one will blame you if you aren't autistic enough to do this.

9cbc7d  No.16475818

File: 4d0c5711d74399a⋯.jpg (42.51 KB, 506x789, 506:789, 99d311dae95f39113fb02df5e9….jpg)


>MMBN = shit

Whoa better watch those opinions, buddy.

>2HU = shit

Eh, I won't fight you on that one; not my battle.

9cbc7d  No.16475821


How do you get the chip from the other game in 3 if you're emulating?

d306a4  No.16475822



9cbc7d  No.16475826

File: c948b2c3e0bd412⋯.png (195.59 KB, 536x546, 268:273, c948b2c3e0bd412734c6214474….png)


Ah, cool; thanks, Anon.

a1c58d  No.16475828

File: 087148c1e5060a9⋯.png (87.36 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, omc30i.png)


OP should've linked the google docs, although this one isn't updated with the latest content. Is someone working on that?

a1c58d  No.16475830

9cbc7d  No.16475835


No fucking clue. I thought the google doc was upkept by a ledditor and so the translators and the google doc people wouldn't want anything to do with each other.

6944c1  No.16475843


The alternative solution is to patch it to the Wii U VC version which gives you all the chips you can't normally get if you enter the link screen.



Specific differences:


08986a  No.16476046

File: 349c0a8f8470116⋯.mp4 (14.92 MB, 640x360, 16:9, shanghai ending.mp4)



d8c197  No.16476230

File: 1c08dceec9d7bb0⋯.gif (44.75 KB, 560x582, 280:291, 1c08dceec9d7bb099d4b971b5d….gif)


thanks for the ROM, I found a anti piracy patch for anyone who doesn't want to do a default folder run with battles every half step.


b294fd  No.16476254


The game had antipiracy? I forgot to check for that. Thanks anon.

9cbc7d  No.16476297



Which game had anti-piracy?

b294fd  No.16476301


OSS, I think.

d8c197  No.16476365



Yeah talking about Operate Shooting Star.

9cbc7d  No.16476390

File: a4c8681ced6575c⋯.jpg (83.35 KB, 608x648, 76:81, 1472008027234.jpg)


DRM on a DS game? This is the DS we're talking about, right? Not the 3DS but the old DS?

b294fd  No.16476638


The Chrono Trigger port had it too.

9cbc7d  No.16476722

File: 08634d6a666c1bc⋯.png (221.49 KB, 692x552, 173:138, 1470436232634-0.png)


That is the most retarded thing I've ever heard in the last half hour or so.

9cbc7d  No.16476734

File: 00fa35c521f3b61⋯.gif (1.92 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 00fa35c521f3b61f049127276d….gif)

Also, fuck this BeetlemanSP son of a bitch. I'm doing the 8 boss in a row challenge in Shanghai.exe and EVERY TIME he ends my run.

b294fd  No.16476735


If SNES games had piracy checks, why is this so confounding?

9cbc7d  No.16476743

File: 3aef1f6c6a13c6f⋯.jpg (74.54 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 3aef1f6c6a13c6f93a5fbabcb3….jpg)


SNES games had piracy checks!?

3bc56c  No.16476753


Earthbound would fucking crash when you began to fight the final boss and delete your save data.

Not only that, but the amount of encountered enemies would be tripled so you couldn't really go anywhere.

9cbc7d  No.16476757


Wow. Nintendo were hardass idiots even then.

27d537  No.16476761


There's a shitty shovelware Cars game released late in the Wii's life that was designed to break dolphin.

9cbc7d  No.16476770




Also, I'm a dumbass. It's Beetleman V3, not SP5.

2924d3  No.16476797

File: 6050c1b7fcc2d91⋯.png (193.8 KB, 890x790, 89:79, SEREBII CONFIRMED.png)


Pokemon Black and White had anti-piracy features that prevented you from leveling up, and Joe Merrick aka Serebii got caught red handed playing a pirated copy.

6944c1  No.16476836

File: 8d06bc73af2f608⋯.png (770.87 KB, 600x450, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

You can read up here


Here's my favorite:

At various points, the game tries to detect whether it's running on a copier. Bad things happen if it decides that it is. Each of these is a separate check, so any or all of these may be enabled depending on the specific tests you fail.

Most of the routines that implement these effects have other code that will attempt to detect if the routines have been removed or modified. If this appears to be the case, some effects may occur more quickly, immediately, or under different conditions.

You may lose all your upgrades (including sub-tanks) upon starting a stage.

The 128th time you take damage, the game will start adding random input to yours, and your charged X-Buster shots will be locked in place.

If the code that does this appears to be tampered with, this will occur immediately after picking up health instead.

You may be teleported to the beginning of the level when you pick up a power-up or go through the boss door.

You may have to repeat the introductory stage when an enemy drops an extra life.

After 128 explosions, enemies that repel bullets may kill you when they do. Power-ups will quickly vanish, and shooting while dashing will cause you to have to repeat the introductory stage.

If the code that does this appears to be tampered with, and the code that detects said tampering also appears to be tampered with, this will occur about half of the time as soon as the level starts (alternating between on and off every 128 frames).

After falling down 128 times, the next 127 jumps you make will alternate between normal jumps and small hops instead. You will also take damage while climbing walls and will be unable to use the Ride Armor. Firing shots will teleport you back to the start of the stage.

If the code that does this appears to be tampered with, this may occur after jumping 128 times, jumping a single time, and/or firing a single shot, depending on which parts of the code have been modified.

Most of these checks involve attempting to write to an area of memory typically reserved for SRAM, which real copies of the game don't have, by writing a value to a specific address and seeing if the same value is present at the same address afterward. Normally, on a real cartridge, these addresses point to ROM due to address mirroring, causing the writes to fail. However, the original Japanese 1.0 release suffered from frequent false positives due to the ROM inadvertently having the "expected" values already present at the right addresses in ROM for the copy protection to falsely think that the writes were successful.

Initially, Capcom solved this by physically rewiring Rockman X cartridges to partially disable ROM mirroring at the affected addresses. Later on, the 1.1 ROM was released, with the SRAM detection fixed to prevent similar false positives from occurring.

fca065  No.16477040


Its actually a pretty fun challenge to beat pokemon without leveling things.

d8c197  No.16477052



ran into a a few on my DS flashcart. In Radiant Historia the prologue would loop forever. In DQM Joker 2 every NPC vanishes after the few first intro cutscenes.

009a2b  No.16477085


You can experience this yourself if you play a 1.0 rom on zsnes. It fucked with me the first time it happened, I thought the rom was bugged

a1c58d  No.16477124

File: adc640c5af6d05a⋯.png (89.26 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, hq8iza.png)

File: 00377c977b6f02f⋯.png (88.66 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, bpyu6w.png)

File: 0ea80b09d8d4f62⋯.png (87.75 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, dhqjv8.png)

I stopped playing after working on an X-code folder… It's a very painful process.

7b9146  No.16478592


>Most of these checks involve attempting to write to an area of memory typically reserved for SRAM, which real copies of the game don't have, by writing a value to a specific address and seeing if the same value is present at the same address afterward.

I was wondering what if the address already had the same value only to be answered the following sentence.

They didn't think out that piracy check very well if a non-programmer can see the issue.

9cbc7d  No.16479396

File: a1dd5e2a825b8c1⋯.gif (60.08 KB, 230x270, 23:27, 1ee7c09bc34d0e6758b6572005….gif)


"From the mouths of babes" and all that.

9cbc7d  No.16480988

File: 087afc200e1ec51⋯.jpg (146.55 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 087afc200e1ec51e2279c212ba….jpg)


What the hell, Anon?

I thought you said the first three games were good.

They're rough as fuck. Games don't smooth out till 4 onwards.

499749  No.16481164

18041f  No.16482779

File: 49f8da0b8215060⋯.jpg (8.89 KB, 512x323, 512:323, tmp_10415-1471502046646144….jpg)


Same Anon, different computer.

I'll admit that the story is probably better in the earlier games, especially compared to 4, but the gameplay in 4 is leaps and bounds ahead of the first 3 (and OSS).

121894  No.16482825



I don't get you jackasses, people were saying that 4 and 5 were shit compared to 2 and 3 for over a decade now.

dc4ffe  No.16482892


I thought they were specifically saying that it was 4 that was shit, despite 5 making things even worse.

905aee  No.16482948




Which one has back to back tournament arcs making up the plot? I remember that being a big complaint about one of those two.

27d537  No.16482949

7572b4  No.16483581


I am both of these posters, Anon. I wasn't talking about the story of 4 and 5, I was talking about the actual gameplay.

121894  No.16483617


I know but 4 being shit has been a meme for a while, it's why people just recommend 6 for the gameplay after 2-3 since the scenario is at least competent.

27d537  No.16483781

Do Alice and Mari kiss?

981f54  No.16483855

I keep getting a white outline that disappears as quickly as it shows up when I try to start up the game. Running it as admin or using locale emulator hasn't worked so far.

b294fd  No.16483975


I dunno. 3 felt like it gave you a lot of ways to handle a situation almost right out of the gate. 4 didn't come close in that regard. I think I shelved it a scenario or two after I was told that Dark Chips were a system not only with zero folder committal, but they also rewarded playing poorly. Does it get better?

9cbc7d  No.16484013

File: 1ce1dfb4af1e628⋯.gif (113.47 KB, 200x195, 40:39, 593dcf5898c3cdd25e9deb021a….gif)




Not sure, is there some directX shit or whatever that you're missing?


I suppose it's a difference of priorities. Did they introduce the Synchro system before 4? Battle was quick and snappy which is what I liked about 4 and what I love about Shanghai.exe

981f54  No.16484379


I know I got direct x installed, how do I check?

9cbc7d  No.16484550


I dunno, I was just throwing something out there. You googled around to see if others had the same problem?

981f54  No.16484628



I got direct x12 so that might not be the case.

9cbc7d  No.16486649


I don't even know if this game uses Direct X, I was just throwing general tips out there. What I meant was: have you checked Google for other people who are having the same problem with Shanghai.exe that you are?

fbfd70  No.16486879






From the game's own README file, which you clearly din't even check:

DirectX End-User Runtime


The game uses DirectX 9, which does not come installed by default

on modern computers (Vista onwards)

Microsoft .NET Framework 4


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5


The .NET Frameworks may already be installed on modern computers.

SlimDX January 2012 End User Runtime


This may not be needed, as a fresh image was able to run without

installing this.

9cbc7d  No.16487190

File: e764cdfc217e42f⋯.gif (4.88 MB, 227x394, 227:394, e764cdfc217e42f66e9037ff4f….gif)


Fuck you, nigger; the game worked for me just fine. I didn't bother looking in it because it wasn't my problem.

But thank you for giving the answer.

981f54  No.16487386

File: 47f9ecb672f4b77⋯.png (383.04 KB, 665x576, 665:576, Happy Virgil.png)


I never thought they were important at first so I didn't download them. All I needed was the first and fourth option is all. Thanks for the help anon!

981f54  No.16488261

Any reason as to why my save data seems to have been deleted? After I closed the damn game my save got wiped.

9cbc7d  No.16488299

File: 93b892362080d23⋯.jpg (296.09 KB, 996x966, 166:161, e0bf87c0dccfce7795781e669e….jpg)


Could be any number of reasons, Anon. Did you remember to actually extract the files instead of just playing it from the zip? That sounds retarded, but it's the only thing I can think of. Either that, or you didn't actually select "Save" from the menu. You gotta do that manually.

a1c58d  No.16489907


Is it saving to the right location? You should have a file named "save.she" in your directory.

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