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File: b7539713e9cb746⋯.jpg (38.48 KB, 540x410, 54:41, 50d.jpg)

32a9ca  No.16470564

Do you have any wacky video game ideas?

>Game is set prior to the discovery of agriculture around 12,000BC

>You and your tribe commit acts of sabotage, murder and general destruction against more advanced tribes

>Final twist is that it's the year 2200, Ted Kaczynski was never caught and started a revolution that took us back thousands of years

>Small groups around the world armed with knowledge of the past, passed down through the ages, work to make sure we never go down that road again

It's like Assassins Creed meets Far Cry Primal meets Metal Gear Solid V

b63a91  No.16470566

Game where you post threads in 8chan and try to keep your suicide meter from filling up. Every (You) lowers it by a little. Whenever someone posts lewd images you have to close your eyes to prevent fap meter from filling as well, because if it fills you'll fap which increases the suicide meter by a lot.

5ed1b7  No.16470572



eb3193  No.16470594


>It's like X meets Y meets Z

Also that's called kenshi

7804f2  No.16470598

File: d8fe656839568dd⋯.png (3.3 MB, 1500x2500, 3:5, alchemist.png)


>You play as an alchemist

>You spend the first half of the game exploring the world while gathering potential ingredients

>Fighting monsters is super hard because you are an intellectual, not a fighter

>As you gather items, you also slowly begin to build your lab in your house

>Albemics, mortars and pestles, stoves, texts

>The game has an incredibly complex alchemical database, including chemistry on a few real-world alloys and substances

>Proper heat, mixtures, experimentation with foreign things, the game is 99% experimentation.

>Over time, your breakthroughs through trial and error result in badass alchemical weapons

>Satchels of explosive vials, acid bombs, all kinds of awesome potion shit

>Fight monsters like a pro

>Begin on the main quest of the game, which was never a central point to begin with

37c05b  No.16470606



f8cc77  No.16470609

File: dc60de6df58bf6e⋯.jpg (159.37 KB, 960x1080, 8:9, u3UcqzK.jpg)

Akiba's Trip but with traps

ca7bdf  No.16470622

World Trade Center Bombing Simulator featuring Dancing Israelis mini rhythm game

f910ea  No.16470625


A proper Army Men game with plastic and real world interaction of both environment and the player, then a sudden realization of the army you've led that they're played with by real size human kids.


>Akiba's Trap

No anon, stop.

a01616  No.16470629


>autistic school homework spreadsheets + open world action

This is why /v/ doesn't make games. Pick a genre and stick with it.

94cabc  No.16470639

terrorist tycoon, you manage the reason for your fight which affect what kind of npc you will recruit…. you set yourself a target and get more points the harder it is if you want to bomb sheepyards in tibet you get 10 points, if you want to kill a celebrity you get 100* you decide what kind of weapon you gonna use bioweapon will be looked more into it than knife but less then nuclear if you succede the mission, you will get harder missions for the cops will be onto you**

missions plays as a RTS with pause function think doorskicker or shadow tactics or TBS and have the managerial part of it as in assassin creed brotherhood

e1a93c  No.16470640

File: b9d571e5c0e8d9f⋯.png (85 KB, 327x300, 109:100, thinking.png)


>Akiba's trap

f910ea  No.16470647


I think someone made an "Arms Dealer Tycoon" or was it the "Merchant of Death" game, it had stuff with what you wrote.

ef7d92  No.16470656

>Do you have any wacky video game ideas?

I have one modern triple A devs making a game that isn't pure trash filled with fanboys excusing the blatant micro-transactions in a 60 dollar game because "haha XD they need money you know :) :) :)"

000000  No.16470671


>if it fills you'll fap which increases the suicide meter by a lot

but anon, that doesn't make any sense

a better game mechanic would be if someone posts trap lewds and it slowly fills your fap meter and if it fills you lose it and burst a nut

b63a91  No.16470686


Fapping to traps fills your "xd so ironic lol haha" meter, but when you finish it fills your suicide meter by 80%.

4cede4  No.16470709


So Minecraft with mods.

cee26a  No.16470735


>believes evolutionary fairytales about the discovery of agriculture as if it takes deep thinking to realize the plant growing out of your shit was from the seeds that you ate

32a9ca  No.16470764


It's not important how agriculture came about, it was just the first step on the path to destruction

27789d  No.16470871

>game is similar to vampire the masquerade bloodlines

>but instead of vampires there are aliens

>there are several kinds of alien trying to their stuff

>you are a alien hybrid/full alien/recruited human

>must keep the secret of aliens

>must do ayy lmao shit

the new vampire the masquerade game will be shit, im sure of it, i dont trust paradox whit a box of matches

1c9d0b  No.16471070

File: e7053d948025dd1⋯.png (451 B, 10x10, 1:1, mysterious stranger.png)


>modern triple A devs making a game that isn't pure trash filled with fanboys excusing the blatant micro-transactions in a 60 dollar game because "haha XD they need money you know :) :) :)"

Well you're in luck my fellow gaming enthusiasts! me and a bunch of friends I hang out with have been working on this small survive sandbox space rpg, it's still fairly early in development with at least few years to go but keep an eye out here for updates. -T

dff0ff  No.16471123

I've made this post back on the YIIK thread, reposting here.

What I would personally do is make a hipster game that shits on hipsters and modern culture in general.

The game would be a RPGmaker style game. Where the MC is "special" and has the ability to copy others, this is to make fun of how Hipsters have no real identity of their own and just imitate others. I would always keep the MCs class as "Special" to imply that the MC never truly belongs to those he imitates. If I had time I would even add a faction system so you could join 20 different factions, a comment on the shallow nature of the hipster.

I would have a tindr ripoff in the game called "Fyre", to imply a disaster on the level of Fyre festival and would have every girl in the game on that app to imply they were all sluts.

Another minor feature I would include how all Doctors in the game would sell you addictive drugs, a reference to the Opiate crisis caused by Doctors who gave their patients addictive drugs on purpose.

7b4c74  No.16471128


>technology bad!

This was always going to happen when cavemen started eating meat. To call that a “path to destruction” renders the idea that there are other paths meaningless.

e64693  No.16471181


I don't like this.

3dcfc9  No.16471183

>A game where you have to take creepshots and sell photos on the black market

>can be open world so you're challenged by having to find specific targets

The player can do other things like steal panties from celebrities or take bets on competitive creepshooting.

d60ad0  No.16471205


> burst a nut

I want niggers to leave.

e52ab8  No.16471222

Crazy Taxi but you're a cop and get more time pulling over speeders (low value), robberies (higher), or randomly searching niggers on the street (highest). You can wager less starting time to start with coke to plant on any search, or start with a shotgun so you can abuse law-abiding citizens at a much longer range!

52f472  No.16471231

File: c6adc7111c281d6⋯.png (470.7 KB, 941x358, 941:358, with all these stars it MU….PNG)


I know, how about we make a game walking simulator condemning christians, you play as a stronk and unfortunately white girl as they run through waves of rats.

Think nuGod of War, but without any combat!


e2c591  No.16471246

File: 66c10b5e0d79d83⋯.jpg (11.32 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 565741-bionic_arm.jpg)

File: c713c939dde5f10⋯.jpg (11.73 KB, 500x357, 500:357, x3c38gr5w3vz.jpg)

A beat'em up platformer with a cyborg loli as the main character. She has one gigantic musclefag arm and wields a giant techno-hammer as a weapon. You fight against stuffed animals, monsters made out of dessert and other cute stuff.

After you beat the game you unlock hard mode, which is an entirely different set of levels, but you're actually murdering people and innocent civilians because you're being controlled by a shadow organization.

I'd call it Lolihammer.

e2c591  No.16471249


Gameplay would be similar to Rabbi-Ribi.

e2c591  No.16471260

Non-horror game that gets increasingly more disturbing and aware of the player as time goes on. NPCs start staring directly into the camera, things start following you, reality begins to break down but it's not acknolwedged by the story or plot in any way. I think it would work best as a Bethesda-style RPG or a GTA clone.

52f472  No.16471267

File: d16db3a4eb8653f⋯.jpg (29.02 KB, 522x407, 522:407, collinwhat.jpg)


I'm pretty sure that first part already existed as an arcade beat 'em up, it was one of the playable characters, I think it was made by Capcom.

e2c591  No.16471269


Well shit, good thing I'm not actually working on it.

e1e854  No.16471273

i want a squad based survival/building game where i can fortify an area and defend/survive from some kind of threat usually filled by "zombies"

i want to be able to recruit, house, and defend/expand/build. i want to assign people jobs and have people farming/defending and be able to grab some along with me to loot supplies.

i expected this to come during the zombie game craze, but the closest thing i got was "state of decay"

70ee1f  No.16471318

File: fd93370a32cbb76⋯.jpg (50.24 KB, 438x600, 73:100, castlevania-sotn-faerie.jpg)

File: 9f3e2db10756d58⋯.jpg (202.1 KB, 650x930, 65:93, Verna_09.jpg)

>the game takes place in the real world and not a fantasy one

>but one day, you somehow end up taking care of a small winged fairy

>she was isekai'd from her fantasy world into yours

>her initial clothes are ragged/torn and she needs a place to stay

>but finding good clothes her size are so rare in your world

>you begin to buy her lots of cute doll clothes because they fit on her

>you can dress her up however you like and start building up her wardrobe

>and depending on your dialogue choices, you can end up with either a friendly daughterfu or a loving waifu

It's basically Teaching Feeling, but with a mini girl fairy instead. Personally, I like to collect doll clothes for my BJDs sometimes. I was playing Castlevania SotN and began wondering what it'd be like to live with a small flying fairy companion. I'd definitely be getting her a lot of BJD clothes & trying to form a deep bond with her.

46329b  No.16471323


Also, you have to pick between shooting the perp and getting less time/money, or taking them back to the station alive. It's a risk/reward that tests your knowledge of the city layout like Crazy Taxi, except it's the same destination each time.


Have you tried rimworld?


I'm trying, anon. My skills aren't good enough to match my ideafag brain, my motivation isn't strong enough to git gud, and my autism is too powerful to do things the easy/lazy way.

f27e2e  No.16471335

A stealth game where you play as a possessed doll, and can do things like teleport, move things telepathically, or induce rain or lightning in certain areas to serve as a distraction or numerous other functions, but being currently observed by an NPC/camera/etc. hinders your ability to do some of these things. And you can change the doll's clothing in between levels as well as design the doll's look at the start of the game.

f27e2e  No.16471336


I too would thoroughly enjoy this.

b0c020  No.16471345

File: 0fb3e87e3ac07b8⋯.jpg (169.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, b9b52e3a315117258003118c15….jpg)

>Starts off as a romance visual novel

>Suddenly you get NTR'd

>Protaganist doesn't take this sitting down

>His life ends motherfucking 30 minutes from now

>Game becomes an ultra-violent top-down shooter with a focus on speed and aggression

>It turns out the antagonist belonged to the mob

>Spent the whole game working towards putting him five feet under

>Finally do it

>The entire thing was orchestrated

>Hello anon would you like to join the anti-cuckold death squad?

e1e854  No.16471347


>Have you tried rimworld?

no, but i want to get into it because it seems to cater partially to what ive wanted for years now.

i just wanted it to be more of a 3rd person game with action elements where i could loot abandoned areas or areas occupied by enemies with a squad. then load up a truck i found and bring it back to "Base" where my squad will stay defending it. as the population grows, so will our ability to defend, which will increase our ability to expand and thrive.

i would love that in an urban setting.. like start on an apartment roof. then build bridges across rooftops. then eventually expand into the building… eventually take the courtyard and build baracades.. etc.

1f9572  No.16471360


09fb9d  No.16471371


>/v/ makes a game

>it starts with getting cucked

like pottery

c692e5  No.16471379

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8522c5  No.16471390

File: 98c6541d6d1aaad⋯.jpg (855.75 KB, 3741x3887, 3741:3887, global-genetic-distances-m….jpg)

God game where you play as the spirit of a people lingering in their blood. There's no map divided into provinces to paint within the lines of. It's simple geography itself with benefits and penalties to terrain so it should form natural borders over rivers and mountains. Your people evolve to fit the land, so living too easily like in jungle with plenty of food and no room to grow will keep them stunted, but putting them in the arctic will limit their growth as well due to limited resources. Start with a single tribe and expand them over time into an entire culture and race of peoples. Influence the rise and then try and survive the crash when decadence causes their empires to bust after booms. You can attempt spawning in great men to be rulers, thinkers, inventors, artists and conquerors. Resist slavery and avoid being polluted or sublimated by other groups as you aim for ethno-globe conflict. Or play as Jews and try to survive within other cultures as minorities and influence peddle that way.

3dcfc9  No.16471415

9b2f73  No.16471425


What about making a game with no cuckolding in it whatsoever?

32a9ca  No.16471434


>This was always going to happen when cavemen started eating meat

And that doesn't make it right.

We're not ready for this level of technology, we need to go back.

8a051a  No.16471449

File: 5e9e53a7694e62a⋯.jpg (75.46 KB, 593x634, 593:634, 6ea4ed61556f6a995ddf52d84d….jpg)


I really want this.

caac86  No.16471457

>you're a mercenary/bounty hunter in space

>you get to choose from one of several factions to start in, each with their own unique alien races

>get to choose which ayy species you play as, with full customization options for each- even have have the option to make your own alien race similarly to how it worked in Spore

>gameplay is similar to elite/x-wing while in space with the option to land on any planet.

>ground missions play like your typical early 2000s fps such as Halo or the million idtech 3 games of the time

>can explore alien cities and shit while not on combat missions

>full modding/user content support out of the box as well as the ability to choose which servers you're pulling content from

I realize now the possibility of that actually working as intended is low, but damn it- I want my space autism sim.

2db172  No.16471468

File: 7c3149cac70d471⋯.jpg (324.49 KB, 966x1000, 483:500, 2nd century memes.jpg)


>condemning christians

Does it really? Where?

Otherwise it looks boring and, due to its obvious attempts at "realism" despite the rat horde, too improbable to care.

1bc048  No.16471505

File: a73b434f15825e9⋯.jpg (493.07 KB, 1377x1657, 1377:1657, It happened on a warm, win….jpg)

I always liked this anon's idea

178ef1  No.16471529

Name of the girl in the right?

ca4a56  No.16471537


I've got this genius idea: A first person shooter where the enemies are cuckime consuming weebs, the gimmic is that the weebs gain the power of the "animes" that they watch and it is the player character sacred duty to kill as many of them as it is humanely possible.

c974c4  No.16471547

Ranma 1/2 collectathon beatem up platformer where you switch sexes to enter different areas and different fighting moves/skills.

52f472  No.16471570

File: 448297415f2499d⋯.jpg (203.66 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, spanish-inquisition.jpg)

7b4c74  No.16471591


>a "Lovecraftian" detective comedy

Sounds like a Sam and Max sequel

76a39c  No.16471594


sounds fun to me

if you expose to much ayy lmao characteristics

cia niggers in black come knockin

you could have missions like breaking into Area 51 Roswell and other things

bbe4c4  No.16471726

File: 3a235fb51513adb⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1106x872, 553:436, fairy.PNG)

516673  No.16471755


>Not on PC


8522c5  No.16471803

File: a97ba9b4bc6bd51⋯.png (177.89 KB, 1274x1766, 637:883, fairymother.png)


>and depending on your dialogue choices, you can end up with either a friendly daughterfu or a loving waifu

There was only ever one option.

c29f4e  No.16471818

File: 58df582e3a3e738⋯.jpg (568.48 KB, 1813x1590, 1813:1590, 1520454657202.jpg)


anastasia from idolmaster, trash girl, the only cinderellas worth a shit are the little girls

0522c4  No.16471822


It would be more surprising without the twist.

85939e  No.16471846

File: 5ea8fe5af9834d3⋯.png (9.21 MB, 3111x1750, 3111:1750, 423423.png)


>Do you have any wacky video game ideas?

Team based class based FPS. liek Battlefield. Only wacky setting in the 2142 year future. 3 factions:

Aryans. Blond haired blue eyed seraphim themed power armor wearing superwarriors. Low numbers highest power of single unit.

Mongols. Short wanky asians wearing ushankas and armed with ak-47 and rpg7. Middle numbers and middle power.

AE (Africa Europe). Black skinned cannibal mutant zerg like race. No complex weapons just teeth, nails and clubs. Largest numbers and lowest power of single unit.

7c4c64  No.16472345

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c976f2  No.16472355

File: e7ea2537a65ce06⋯.jpg (28.99 KB, 637x484, 637:484, e7ea2537a65ce06.jpg)


Not exactly wacky but here it goes

>CRPG set in feudal japan with yokai, magic and shit

>High emphasis on narrative, world building and writing

>Self contained plot, no saving the world BS

>Your job is to help people deal with their Yokai problem

>Quests riddled with no win scenarios and moral conundrums

>Chill and comfy atmosphere

>Somewhat grounded in realism with regards of how bloodthirsty and barbaric the japanese were

The closest analogies I can make are 1) If Mushishi was a videogame with combat 2) If the Witcher 3 was made using nip culture and folklore as its backdrop


The fact that this doesn't exists makes me mad

497c1c  No.16472384


>you'll fap which increases the suicide meter by a lot.

But only if you dont start filling that meter again!

Empty fap meter increases the rate at which suicide meter fills.

c974c4  No.16472394


VN at best. What would the gameplay aspects be?

c974c4  No.16472409


>open world spreadsheet

sounds boring.




ditch the weed pedoshit and you have a decent game.

dfa9e1  No.16472411


>Quests riddled with no win scenarios and moral conundrums

Sounds like nihilistic trash.

7804f2  No.16472496

File: 5e216ccb72967fa⋯.jpg (105.77 KB, 554x439, 554:439, shrug.jpg)



You must've hated Nier, huh?


I was thinking more Secret of Mana but with a chemistry set.


Boring for you, maybe; but you're not my target audience, so your opinion means fuckall. My target audience is me, and only me.

bbe4c4  No.16472501

File: 2d430d5deaf9904⋯.png (303.37 KB, 1260x879, 420:293, alien shinto.png)

File: 5941397d6449393⋯.jpg (145.05 KB, 1200x923, 1200:923, 13515.jpg)

File: acc10997e69531a⋯.jpg (159.95 KB, 1200x872, 150:109, 13516.jpg)


The magic would be Onmyodo right?

A Shinto based "morality system" would be interesting. It would be corruption type system, you'd start out being pure but every time you wound (a person/animal) or get wounded yourself, you'll gain a Tsumi point. Being pure would have certain perks (can make use of divine power, higher resistance to curses, less likely to attract yokai, can make ofuda, 10% critical hit vs a 1% critical miss chance) while being unclean gives the opposite effects. Being purified at a shrine would remove all Tsumi points.

c112d3  No.16472590


I meant it in the sense that quests have tough decisions. For example, in Japan there tales about women who become demons, let's use this.

You're hired by a noble to deal with a demon whose been causing a lot of pain and suffering in a village. Clues lead you to discover said demon is a cursed woman but you can still save her by purifying her or by lifting the curse. Purifying her or lifting the curse won't be easy though, you need to find out what caused her to become a demon and the act of lifting the curse would leave a visible mark on this woman's face revealing to everyone she was the demon, this means she'll be ostracized, exiled or killed.

You find out this woman became a demon after harboring immense hatred and resentment towards her father (the noble who hired you) because he killed the man she loved. He wanted her to marry a nobleman from the capital so that he'd climb the status ladder and wouldn't allow her to marry a commoner.

This revelation also tells the reason this noble wanted you to get rid of the demon was because it was affecting the village's economy.

So you have 3 choices:

> Kill the demon, get paid, move on

> Purify the demon, she'll have peace in the afterlife, get paid, move on

>Lift the curse, knowing what would happen to this woman and her father, not get paid and have this nobleman hurt your reputation. You could also kill the nobleman which would hurt your reputation even further and might block you out of certain questlines etc.

I know there are a lot of holes in that "quest" and it could be expanded but you get the gist of it.


That sounds cool

497c1c  No.16472599

File: 3abe08b2e4e9eb5⋯.jpg (104.49 KB, 500x378, 250:189, 3abe08b2e4e9eb508e5589c277….jpg)


Don't lie to yourself, Nier was only good because of 2Butt and even i lied about how good it was because i want more 2Butt

1bb0a8  No.16472613


Soulsborne/MonHon/Cuhrayzee hybrid where you start off as eponymous werewolf and game consists of gratuitous violence directed against other werecreatures of varying size and classifications. Attack combos, ranged attacks and magic capabilities vary between different monster types and upgrades consist of improving your creature type or shifting to different ones. Deviates from traditional lore in that lyncanthropy is not transmitted through a bite but rather is a sexually transmitted affliction. Unlocking new "classes" thus requires not just killing a specific creature type but getting them into a critical weakened state where you can proceed with the necessary transfer. Monster types loosely classified as mammal, reptile, avian, insect, and aberration, with increasingly difficult means of type acquisition, and some are not attainable. Not all creatures are humanoid and some are grotesquely monstrous. Possibility to unlock hivemind status, meaning you could exist as a pack of wolves or swarm of wasps, etc.

Final boss is a werehuman.

dfa9e1  No.16472638


If every quest or the majority end up having such an unsatisfactory assortment of ends then it is nihilistic trash. It isn't necessarily more realistic just because there is no perfect outcome where everyone is happy. That concept of reality is nihilistic and a cop out for bad outcomes that do happen in real life.

07f203  No.16472640


That's a story, not a video game you stupid faggot.

3f1985  No.16472678

>Game about cute magic girls in a school

>Basically Little Witch Academia the game

>You have to practise your magic and spells

>Alchemy is an option as well as many other kinds of magic

>You must study to pass the exams and not be an 1 int baka witch that repeats years

>But you must also balance it with time to go on adventures with your witch friends so that you don't get all stressed out and exhausted

>Exploring and going on adventures can also end up with you learning stuff and becomming a better witch

>You can also take part in magic competitions and tournaments either inside the school on in near towns

>It's all just made to be giga /comfy/of


>you'll fap which increases the suicide meter by a lot

Then your game is clearly not a simulator. Masturbating to cute anime butts is one of the few things that keep me from pulling the trigger.

92818e  No.16472719


I havent played around much with the idea so its pretty barebones but

>Dungeon Meshi x Made in Abyss

>Hunt monsters, cook them, make gear out of them

>can rarely go backwards. always move ever forwards

>Since your mostly always moving making great gear is hard, sometime have to scavenge for sturdiest looking branch for a weapon

>people can get crippled, dysentery, etc. can leave party members behind and let the wilds take them or try to carry on till they get better/find something to fix/help them


I might, not like im doing anythng worthwhile with my life

13d681  No.16472728

>survival horror game

>locked at 30 FPS

>monster moves at 60 FPS


>character action game inspired by shonen anime

>enter the world's biggest martial arts tournament

>it's a round-robin league so you have lots of time between matches

>make friends with the other fighters and go on adventures between fights

>learn new moves and customize your fighting style

>fighters you defeat can be selected for NG+ and each gets their own storyline

>adventures are scenario-based; none of the filler you get from "open world" shit

34968c  No.16472734






I love this idea.

1bc048  No.16472765

File: 4c07fad55788295⋯.jpg (13.43 KB, 277x266, 277:266, lilian 2.jpg)


I dig both of these ideas, honestly

a4cdbc  No.16472766

>Stealth/Horror game where you can slow time

>There are monsters searching for you, and they are faster than you

>There's a drawback to the time use, where you have to "make up" the time you use, i.e. if you slow time by 50% for 30 seconds, you have to find a safe place to "make up" the extra 30 seconds you used

>The amount of time you have to escape some levels is limited

7c4c64  No.16472783

>Third Person Shooter camera.

>Diablo clone

>Arena and ASSFAGGOTS multiplayer. component (that is, not the whole game)

>No leveling up, only a two way talent builder.

>Single player component (Diablo) is basic dungeon crawling, small story components expanding for each character unlocked.

>co-op is present.

I am still brainstorming.

e57979  No.16472801


Aside from levelling up, and the camera, that's basically Destiny.

81ef88  No.16472843

File: ea9a167cd931fed⋯.webm (15.45 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, whos dat man.webm)


>tps parkour shooter/slasher game with fighting game mechanics like launchers, guards with chip damage, parrying, animation cancels and command grabs

>do sick flips and tricks in mid-air using your xbox sized weapons

>game format is like american football set in an obstacle course

>doing tricks/combos gets you style rankings which gives you a temporary score multiplier

>winner is whoever gets the most touchdowns, if touchdowns are even then whichever team has the highest combined score

like s4 league meets dmc meets ssx tricky

5e5b8a  No.16472879

Open world TPS, but rather than doing quests for loot or fighting the big bad, the main objective is SERE and getting the fuck out of the game world. The game world would be randomized eachplay through, but this would serve an actual purpose of forcing the player to collect intelligence: Who is friendly, who pretends to be friendly, which way to extraction, what resources you have. It would be relatively short, but designed for replays, with multiple different starting scenarios (downed pilot, POW, spy, civilian defector) that determined not only your appearance, starting location and equipment, but also the abilities of your character (the civilian can actually blend into civilian populations but is a worse shot and gets stressed more easily). Essentially a modern (Beyond) Castle Wolfenstein (the 1981 Apple II original, not 'Wolfenstein 3D''). It would have cute animu graphics and playable loli, which disguises how everything is a thinly veiled Yugoslav wars standin


>didn't play the first game

5e5b8a  No.16472880


Atelier series. First two games in particular.

bbe4c4  No.16472888


You could make both of those games with RPG Maker :^)

7c4c64  No.16472906


It will not have a focus on aiming and gunplay, kind of like SMITE.

7afcfb  No.16472965


>draw lewd pictures.

>Increase my (you) count while also pushing the competition to suicide.

I'm gaming the system.

92965f  No.16472979

I would like a modern-styled military shooter that does not take itself seriously at all. I don't mean Battlefield Bad Company, where the characters themselves are all assholes and funny. The scenario itself is realistic, but everything that occurs in the story is re-goddamn-diclious. This would never happen because for as full of contradictions and clown-worldy the real-life military is, these kind of stories would never be made. how can I have respect for a military that stopped yelling at recruits just because women joined

877f6e  No.16472982

File: cae72a97e20503f⋯.webm (13.35 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, genocidal.organ.2017.720p….webm)

I have a /tg/ si-fi game system I made that would transfer great into a video game. I have around 250 pages of character building options and several on lore and setting. Everyone who's played it seems to enjoy it.

A few hundred years in the future humans run into other races that have space travel and shit. At some point they get together and make a nice big alliance and eventually decide to send a bunch of colonists to the edge of the galaxy to start setting it and eventually the two will meet in the middle to colonize the whole milky way and have a foothold to go beyond. Except after the colonists get there they lose contact with the alliance and none of the re-supply and support they where promised. Around a hundred years later the Alliance shows up on the edge that has been isolated the whole time demanding back taxes and access to all resources while the edge has been struggling to survive the whole time. It turns into full war with most of the galaxy raining troops and shit down on a few solar systems that are too tough to die and give in.

Gameplay is overall Devil May Cry crazy with some slight gameplay altering factors dependent on what kind of build you choose, guns are a tiny bit more fps/cover based trying to pull of special trick shot moves, melee is super fast and aggressive trying not to get gunned down by ranged enemies, and space magic is manipulating the battlefield while using your choice of ranged or melee as a weaker backup. The goal is to free as many cities(treated as levels) from the alliance while helping and working with anyone who resists the alliance. Webm related, it's how I imagine the Alliance invades, while rebels have fewer numbers but attack more vial areas dealing much more overall damage with each assault.

caac86  No.16472988


>spider drop pops with mounted machine guns

Best thing I've seen in this thread.

1604e2  No.16473001



I think you're throwing the N word around willy nilly, nigger.

Jokes aside, how often do clearly good or bad things happen to you? Much less frequently than the humdrum either would do, I'd say. Either would do is much more common than we think.

2759c6  No.16473019


Can you post the game?

877f6e  No.16473023

File: c5de737ca89574d⋯.pdf (3.06 MB, Edge v.096 Background.pdf)


Here's the beta test I've played with people if your interested. The tabletop has a lot more options for non-combat stuff. I know some of it isn't super original but I liked the way it all fit together.

0117f2  No.16473029

File: 8a9b83b109745e3⋯.jpg (42.78 KB, 599x399, 599:399, 0ymj9X3_d.jpg)

> Combat Flight with magical girls instead of planes in alt history WW2. Huh speed aerial fighting with guns, swords, and magic spells

< 4X/JRPG Hybrid where you play as or against the big bad demon king

> 6DOF Mermaid Action Adventure

72b540  No.16473049

File: 45ca94464923669⋯.jpg (221.54 KB, 1600x1497, 1600:1497, 40kart.jpg)


2759c6  No.16473126

File: 306807c9ff87944⋯.jpg (33.42 KB, 794x596, 397:298, serveimage.jpg)


Thanks. I'll give it a read.


A class-based sci-fi shooter similar to PlanetSide based around genetic engineering. Players would play as a series of clones. As people would die off, a server-side algorithm would determine the best general evolutionary pattern for either side in each class. By the end of a match, players would have adaptive camouflage, more cones in their eyes to perceive certain wavelengths, echo location, flying, web shooting, etc.

8af507  No.16473438

File: 7afb375a1dc8705⋯.jpg (377.1 KB, 1106x822, 553:411, 358589759873598.jpg)


My idea isn't really wacky. But here goes:

>Open world RPG where you can switch between first person and third person combat.

>You've been hired as an adventurer for the Adventurer's Guild and given various starter gear based on your class chosen at character generation.

>It's essentially just about comfy adventuring as you take jobs and rank up/level up within the guild.

>Game is optionally co-op with friends but playing solo is rather quite hard at first unless you manage to recruit NPCs who each respond differently on how you recruit them.

>The game also has third downtime segments before and after your adventures where you're sitting around a camp while delegating tasks for your friends like cooking, guard duty etc.

>The third downtime segment obviously being at an inn choosing a job from the noticeboard on a server with players and NPCs.

>No major storyline but there are arcs of connected quests.

>Also plays in real time with dynamic weather.

>The game ends when you decide to retire from adventuring at anytime.

46aba0  No.16473440

File: 6fc47d27ccd97ba⋯.png (555.68 KB, 719x720, 719:720, ClipboardImage.png)


>no digganobz

I would still love a gorkamorka racing game though

384866  No.16473449

File: ade757b4e5e35ba⋯.png (406.72 KB, 1064x716, 266:179, afx twank.png)

>used to imagine tons of beasts that would belong in hell and how they would behave each other in an doom-clone FPS

>no longer able to do so and the only ones that I remember seem to be Serious Sam 3 ripoffs.

My mind is dying

2db172  No.16473497


>LA Noire

>I always liked this anon's idea

You both deserve to get gibbed by a fan saw

0fd5d8  No.16473536

a game in which you are a reverse necromancer

112726  No.16473538

File: 7d416e25dbe8997⋯.jpg (45.44 KB, 540x540, 1:1, crying_seal_meme_cough_you….jpg)


You're just getting older. Sucks ass.

567c6b  No.16473549


So Zardoz the video game?

>Having to secure a spot for the giant statue to come and give you free weapons to keep killing

9ccdaf  No.16473935


The first four points are literally just describing Windwaker


< implying anyone other than chink bugmen have any god damn idea what that means

9dc4a4  No.16474279


Aeon of Strife Style Fortress Assault Game Going On Two Sides.

2ee8f8  No.16474293


So Atelier, but unfun

9a5a07  No.16474294


That sounds like Windwaker and Mega Man Legends smushed together.

acf820  No.16474441


what you mean? It clearly says PS3 there

0e2041  No.16474522

File: f71bf4653a7ef06⋯.png (236.91 KB, 620x349, 620:349, wolfamongus-conversation-1….png)

File: 6f08663a526a5d0⋯.jpg (27.01 KB, 640x359, 640:359, D4CBrtS_d.jpg)


Already exists, and it's actually very enjoyable.

09fb9d  No.16474534


who is that semen demon?

2169e8  No.16474538


[glass anon]

8d8c8a  No.16474542

File: f3379cb8b5c40ed⋯.png (18.2 KB, 1006x205, 1006:205, candlemen.png)

Not mine, but from a long time ago.

7a43b2  No.16474559

File: d6e35fddc6af5a8⋯.webm (9.61 MB, 320x240, 4:3, LOTR_ROTK_Peter_Jacksons_….webm)

An generic always online free to play battle royale game that runs at nearly the same framerate regardless of HW used to hide the bitcoin miner.

b6a469  No.16474563

A leftypol simulator.

e78ab7  No.16474565

File: ce04cc66b005112⋯.png (91.8 KB, 965x386, 5:2, gondola game with spoilert….png)

We're posting caps now?


So a mobile game, only BUILD THIS SHIT IN 24 HOURS is replaced with ARGUE WITH E-FASCISTS FOR 24 HOURS and USE GEMS TO SPEED THIS UP is replaced with BAN THEM FOR WRONGTHINK?

edb136  No.16474582

File: ec21d8e308eebec⋯.jpg (125.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, spoonfeeding001.jpg)


Boy is Saika Totsuka form OreGairu.

Girl is Anastasia from Idolmaster.

b6a469  No.16474622


Well you gotta play as a fat tranny communist with a speech problem too.

09fb9d  No.16474638

File: 1ad3b6d42cfec96⋯.png (128.94 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>it's two different characters from two different shows

516c79  No.16474945

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Do you remember Muscle March

Imaginje that as a long JRPG with a not very logical/sane plot

You have your party of Musclemen(and fit women), Muscle monsters, Muscle Robots, Muscle Ghosts, etc (with some very muscular Hidden characters) on a grandiose quest to fight everything only Flexing their muscles. Attack effects, Crits, dodges, etc all the depend on the performance of your flexes

Flex your muscles, Flex fthem or glory

1d5ad3  No.16474953

Like Skyrim but with guns

29139d  No.16474967

Ted Kaczynski was a luddite nigger.

Fuck him

384866  No.16474988

File: b1d31f5fcd70ea9⋯.jpg (19.96 KB, 298x347, 298:347, brian and you could have i….jpg)


I think it's less getting older and more the fact that I didn't harness the ideas that I had with some outlet. Now it's only time for them to rot

1d5ad3  No.16474990


Luddites are based you faggot

e78ab7  No.16475011

File: 1a9756a516a377c⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 446x469, 446:469, what the fuck am i reading.gif)


>ludditeposting on an internet forum

29139d  No.16475046


Then destroy yout computer, idiot.

d1af84  No.16475077

File: fd2b8cfc2ad6333⋯.png (99.98 KB, 498x280, 249:140, ClipboardImage.png)


GTA clone.

Story is wizards and magic exist but they keep their secret society and proof of magic from the rest of the world, then they decide to kick one wizard, you, out of their gay little magic circle. Instead of some well planned assassination/revenge you decide to just ruin everything by committing a bunch of crimes with magic like bank robberies/terrorism etc and proving to the world that magic is real. You don't have any guns but your spella would be highly customizable, being able to throw objects, make things burst into flame etc. You'd mostly be fighting cops but you'll also have to deal with wizard assassins and other magical creatures that try to stop you. You would also have magic vehicles, like brooms, unicorns and dragons.

25afcd  No.16475091

>wants to limit certain shitty tech, not literally destroy it all




e78ab7  No.16475104


>post argument that was never given to strawman opponents on a (1) and done

great post

c7ecd6  No.16475112

File: e48ab9718a3f789⋯.jpg (85.88 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, what kind of person.jpg)



>imagine crazy stuff all my life, think nothing of it

>stop doing it once I started studying (which was more like full-time work, from 10 to 23)

>became very productive

>completely lost the ability to imagine anything

>just can't do it

>keep trying and somehow bring my mind back

I feel like I would have turned into a normalfag if I let things slide.

Maybe that wouldn't have been so bad, but who knows.

I also keep having ideas for a book I want to write.

I don't know if anyone would like the story, I like it, I feel like I really need to write it down even if it will never be published or read by anyone else.

6ce462  No.16475116


Alright, I'll bite, tell me more

c7ecd6  No.16475128

File: 05827d97b8ff3c9⋯.jpg (57.2 KB, 500x696, 125:174, ,.jpg)


Think of a humorous Alice in Wonderland but instead of visiting strange animals, she's witnessing the events of every major conspiracy theory under the sun.

The key word here being humour, it wouldn't take itself too seriously.

e78ab7  No.16475140


Prepare to shoot yourself 10 times in the back of the head for exposing elite jew pedo rings.

f65d5e  No.16475177


Tobal's supposed to be a bit like your second idea. It's still on my backlog, though.

9ccdaf  No.16475200

File: 413e28302a873e1⋯.jpg (6.48 KB, 260x194, 130:97, 413e28302a873e1186543cfde1….jpg)


> failing this hard at reading comprehension

I was about to tell you to read the anon's post but it's actually yours. Amazing.

d687c1  No.16475394


Or just go be a field researcher, basically what that is.

d687c1  No.16475405


Whatever happened to Masaya anyway?

c692e5  No.16475424

Spaghetti based stealth game. You play as not-tomoko, who has to sneak through a variety of school locations, malls, etc. without being spotted and dragged into dreadful conversations.

f9d0ee  No.16475474

File: c943ec6b009e8db⋯.jpg (273.83 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, locovox.jpg)

File: a8d778b8c4525e7⋯.png (253.74 KB, 500x313, 500:313, you have no idea.png)

A Locomia videogame of course

Some grown up men with fancy outfits fight evil sexy witches in 90s Spain disco-nights only using giant Fans and thier obnoxious dance moves.

the band and theiur music was crap, but i just like how it looks

6f6041  No.16476082



Speaking of, what about an assfaggot game balanced like it's ultra rapid fire? my friends dragged me back into League recently because urf was on and it's still very fun, it almost like a top down fighting game sometimes, and it doesn't make you angry because the game never drags on too long.

139c1c  No.16476108


Now this would be a nice unity 30 minutes game.

b58824  No.16476142


I don't mean for it to be pedoshit, it would just fit the theme. The character wouldn't be sexualized.

d4199c  No.16476253

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Loli Hammer

6f6041  No.16476259


I know it sounds far fetched, but the main reasons ASSFAGGOTS are so frustrating and unfun is because A) your skill has little bearing on the result B) you have to spend about half an hour for five minutes of game deciding team fights, C) ability cooldowns take away your choices.

Urf fixes both B and C, and A can easily be fixed by not making the game a tryhard "you only win when your team wins" competitive ladder shitshow.

141dbd  No.16476286

File: 0a70a0c2e164e06⋯.png (130.09 KB, 967x401, 967:401, shiomi.png)

You're a mob boss.

Turned into a cute girl.

You must balance managing your crime syndicate, getting good grades at school and keeping your real identity secret.

21b46b  No.16477145

File: 7ab90bb7c0bf1d6⋯.png (223.27 KB, 746x969, 746:969, Shitheads.png)


Would definitely play it, especially since it takes inspiration from a great manga.

112726  No.16477164

File: 94b0cdf504ebdc1⋯.jpg (59.46 KB, 960x770, 96:77, me irl.jpg)


Isn't this basically tranny shit?

7b4c74  No.16477181


Probably no more than that guy dressed in drag on MASH.

6515f9  No.16477186

File: c5de37fdaa8ba9c⋯.jpg (306.23 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, c5de37fdaa8ba9c4f6aa37fb12….jpg)


Huh when I was a kid I thought she was busty

Man I haven't seen this game since I was younger, isn't it multiplat? if so I might find a ps2 version of it

6515f9  No.16477187


The poor fool wanted to get out of the army

c5625e  No.16477191

File: c7e360b320c7ba0⋯.jpg (136.06 KB, 1000x1772, 250:443, bumba cuckderp hotpocket.jpg)


at least we aren't cuckchan

c5625e  No.16477198


slightly different

I haven't read the manga or anything like that but transformation into an actual girl, while probably appealing to 90% of trannies, is different from taking hormones and getting your dick cut off

also typically it is played up as being something the protagonist is reluctant toward, at least at first

c5625e  No.16477212

I guess I'll share one idea I have too, since it's a backburner idea and not really one of my silver bullets that I really don't want stolen.

Basically, a game like Daggerfall/Morrowind with all kinds of amazing and crazy deep lore but with the ascii graphics of Dorf Fort/ Nethack. It wouldn't be randomly generated or anything like that.

I just really like the idea of a game in that graphical style that isn't a roguelike but a crpg, with tons of deep lore and secrets to explore; a world like Morrowind where nearly everything at least seemingly as a great amount of human attention and intent put into it.


I liked the idea before but after seeing >>16472734 I really want it to be made

c5625e  No.16477224

File: 34e4f82dc890d2d⋯.png (4.61 MB, 1987x3056, 1987:3056, ClipboardImage.png)


reminds me just a tiny bit of Batman vs Elmer Fudd

13d681  No.16477248


it was the Korean war. A section 8 is a great plan for getting out of that shit

6515f9  No.16477250


That was a gud comic

2759c6  No.16477252


This was a great comic. So was Wonder Woman vs the Tasmanian Devil.

13d681  No.16477255

File: c9f6abf6b9ae807⋯.png (110.26 KB, 250x309, 250:309, 250px-Sam_&_Max.png)

File: f390fcb13180e10⋯.jpg (38.16 KB, 643x362, 643:362, 643x0w.jpg)


Sam & Max vs. The Tentacle!

6515f9  No.16477266


I never read that one I only read Bamham & Jonah Hex meets Yosemite Sam

8bb2bd  No.16477700


I thought of something similar, except that it's a tactical shooter like Rainbow Six, in a world where NTR is a plague that destroys families and society, governments all over the world have decided to create Special Vanilla and Tactics forces to destroy extremist NTR groups with guns.

a01616  No.16477714


You're probably too young to remember but everyone always hated that fucking racing minigame or whatever stupid shit developers used to shove into their platformers and action games and such for the sake of ""variety"". People play action games for the action, being made to stop for some other completely unrelated game that's completely different is annoying as hell. It's like playing a fighting game and then being made to grind in a cookie clicker minigame for 4 hours before you can get to the next opponent, it's not necessarily that either game is a bad idea, but they're just not compatible, the gameplay appeal and pace are in completely different places.

>You must've hated Nier, huh?

Most people like it because of visual or muh lore reasons, not gameplay reasons (liking the combat because it's flashy and shit = visual reason), besides I don't think anyone actually likes the non-fighter game parts of it. And even if they did, the game modes are very similar and have shared gameplay elements, unlike that guy's suggestion.

21b46b  No.16477836

File: 871cce43be16b8d⋯.png (342.56 KB, 1100x1606, 50:73, 012.png)

File: da283d32cf0650b⋯.png (773.25 KB, 2243x1600, 2243:1600, 013.png)

File: ec4d2769624858d⋯.png (302.36 KB, 1100x1599, 1100:1599, 014.png)

File: 20d00ea3c444e3a⋯.png (414.5 KB, 1100x1603, 1100:1603, 015.png)

File: d8dfd22ca7ff952⋯.png (440.64 KB, 1100x1608, 275:402, 016.png)


>different from taking hormones and getting your dick cut off

One of those things definitely happened.

939cdc  No.16477840


Careful what you wish for. Next thing you know, you'll get a new adventure from Tim Schafer.

e3ff4f  No.16478619


i liked how every character from Looney Tunes was some sort of crook, even Tweety

c5625e  No.16479345



okay that is a literal tranny manga

still reluctanct though

02cf35  No.16479409


That's literally Telltale's Sam&Max Season 3

1bc048  No.16479416


Eh. It's the only Telltale property I ever liked, but The Wolf Among Us didn't have much of a comedic slant to it. It is pretty close, though.


Something wrong, anon?

271977  No.16479608


There is a game with a similar premise called princess maker.

7ce5a0  No.16479633

File: 07a553ca22cfce3⋯.jpeg (229.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, serveimage (9).jpeg)

Wargame Airland Battle (or Red Dragon) + Advance Wars

Basically Advance Wars but you build a card deck of real life units and you capture territory to gain points to play those cards. Fog of War is always on

01f7e1  No.16480543


A video game that is actually good

090e3d  No.16480646

Dark Souls, but instead of cool bosses, you fight minorities.

Dark Streets

92965f  No.16480681

File: 23795dfa2227655⋯.jpeg (353.72 KB, 1075x742, 1075:742, maotd_kyonko2.jpeg)


You know, since reading your post, I've delved into the manga and have found it very entertaining. Thanks anon

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