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File: 3e445b556cc7e47⋯.png (1.76 MB, 695x1055, 139:211, ClipboardImage.png)

4b1c6d  No.16471432

>Earthworm Jim coming back with a new game and 160 page graphic novel

>Toejam and Earl is back

>Crash Team Racing coming back

>Battletoads coming back

>Possibly a new Banjo at E3

Zoomfags eat shit, the superior past is now the future.

3bd9a7  No.16471453

>Possibly a new Banjo at E3

You jumped the shark there, anon.

9d8684  No.16471454

Can't wait for every single one of them to be disappointments that still manage to be better than any new AAA game.

91391a  No.16471455

File: a79a0c611bcecea⋯.png (31.44 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1462316258454.png)

Bringing back old franchises and raping their corpses is a really good buisness practice and really benefits us, the consumers :^). But seriously, I don't see the point in bringing back some franchises, Toejam and Earl are so 90s that they could only bring them back as parodies, Earthworm Jim is pretty overrated, Crash Team Racing is a fucking remake that didn't need to happen, new Battletoads is going to be shit because Microsoft is in charge. Also Banjo won't come back, and if you seriously belive he will you're a mongoloid.

also you forgot Bubsy

7b0f0f  No.16471463

>nostalgia baiting

It's only bad when Nintendo does it.

661cf1  No.16471483

why bring back old shit when you can new shit for us to enjoy?? nostalgia is fucking gay

661cf1  No.16471489

i want new experiences i don't care about what u played when u were 6 just give me new intellectual properties to enjoy

91391a  No.16471495



Are you okay, mate?

661cf1  No.16471501


Yes, im not a fucking nostalgiafag like you

9d8684  No.16471515


Judging by your posting I would imagine anything older than 2006 would be considered uncharted territory for you.

c2076e  No.16471520

Earthworm Jim isn't actually that good. It's pretty much a meme game that skirted by on looking like "a reel cartoon, guys!". McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure is a better platformer than Earthworm Jim.

91391a  No.16471521


Hey, fucking idiot, check out my first post, I'm not in favour of bringing old franchises back for a quick buck. Also I would suggest that you get the fuck out, faggot.

361fc9  No.16471524

Earthworm Jim is ok at best

stop being hipsterfaggots riding on the cock of the dev because he did an AMA here

661cf1  No.16471528


>assuming im a youngfag

I'm actually 30

the absolute state of imageboards

4b1c6d  No.16471534

File: 1c9744f84bc7806⋯.png (78.55 KB, 262x192, 131:96, ClipboardImage.png)



>faggots with shit taste


c2076e  No.16471536

Western platformers in general never felt as tight. Even a franchise no one really cares about like Bonk, kicks the shit out of Earthworm Jim.

057062  No.16471542

Earthworm Jim is shit, Christfaggot dev and irrational fans, Atheists Developers and Artists are better by default, Doug is a backwards bigoted Hack

7514c6  No.16471544



>pessimist fags

c2076e  No.16471549

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Now if they brought back Adventure Island, I might be excited. Those are some fun games.

4b1c6d  No.16471550


>Christfaggot dev

>Faggot who doesn't believe in our lord and savior

>Lefty atheists are better

>Hates Doug because he triggers tranny losers on twitter

Back to reddit cuck.

0a2fc1  No.16471556

File: ca8e0f6a5188270⋯.png (23.49 KB, 256x224, 8:7, video game heroes.png)

Nostalgia is only a detriment when it's used for marketing or profit, otherwise I think it's fun to see what other kinds of scenarios or things a character or world is up to. I blame it on being a bit of a lorefag, I think it's interesting to see how fleshed out things can get. Like how most everyone will consider Mario, Yoshi's Island, Donkey Kong Country, Wario Land, etc to be apart of the same universe. But I would also consider Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo-Kazooie, Kirby, Metroid, Legend of Zelda, Sonic, and Earthworm Jim to be apart of the same universe. DKC2 gets most of these connections out of way with Cranky's Video Game Heroes segment where we can see Link and then Sonic's shoes and Jim's raygun near the trash.

Everyone has at least some nostalgia, it would be hard to deny that some worlds, characters, etc just "click" or sit right with you, creating a sort of fondness. There are just certain intrinsic things that people are interested in or would be more likely to gravitate towards. Like how certain people will be drawn to spend most of their time with video games, movies, comics, etc. Or how someone has more interest in Fantasy over Sci-Fi, Mystery over Action, etc. Why is it so bad to like a pre-established property and wish for more or similar things to it?


What did Doug do? Also

>tips fedora

4b1c6d  No.16471562

File: 26773909fe11615⋯.png (100.66 KB, 1204x659, 1204:659, ClipboardImage.png)


He misgendered some retard on twitter which is why you should be supporting him

057062  No.16471563


Fuck you god botherer enjoy your skydaddy and people having more sex than you

91391a  No.16471564

File: 19096dad518df63⋯.png (10.72 KB, 178x156, 89:78, bda69f3a4f014306e403396b83….png)


>I'm an edgy 12 year old cuckchanner: the post

c2076e  No.16471565


No. Westerners in general just can't make platformers.

Donkey Kong Country was a fluke.

057062  No.16471575



>muh funny hate meme

Christtards really can’t argue logically and must revert to buzzwords, gg no re, you utter twat

2612aa  No.16471585

File: 9bab8e135dd743e⋯.gif (1.69 MB, 383x576, 383:576, Maximum Tipping.gif)

057062  No.16471586


Not an argument

91391a  No.16471593

File: 6a78714dd236e45⋯.png (34.9 KB, 625x626, 625:626, le tricky hook maymay.png)


I hope you see the irony on saying christtards can't argue and only use buzzwords while you don't argue and use buzzwords like "Christtard". Also

>Atheists Developers and Artists are better by default

Would you care to explain how this works?

0a2fc1  No.16471595

File: 9e154d380485f84⋯.gif (976.16 KB, 255x190, 51:38, 9e154d380485f843c4fd1bb202….gif)


Doug always seemed like a pretty nice guy, seems kind of odd to see people bashing him. But again, I'm never really caught up with any drama sort of stuff. His art style is nice, as is most of the things I see that he creates.


>Donkey Kong Country was a fluke.

By what merits?

1b8c0b  No.16471602


This is /v/ m8. Everyone hates everything here. Old games, new games, current games, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Sega, arcades, mobile, PC, Steam, GOG, piracy, paying for stuff, you, me, themselves, and everyone else. You'll get used to it.


What is it about atheism that attracts so many self-important smarmy douchebags with unwarranted self importance? You may as well just call yourselves Anti-Christians because I've never once seen any of you cocksmokers take a swipe at Islam or Judaism. A lot of you even seem to love Buddhism and call it "not a religion," which is ridiculous.




c2076e  No.16471604


It's a good western platforming franchise. Nintendo probably had a hand in that though.

2612aa  No.16471607

fc0720  No.16471609

File: 1d21f270dde5801⋯.png (39.24 KB, 370x368, 185:184, SmugSlut31361.png)

>unironically looking forward to nostalgiabait games that will be shit

The people who made these games are long gone, modern companies are just raping the corpses because they are that devoid of creativity and talent they are hoping to sell things based on idiots falling for nostalgia.

2a6ea0  No.16471618

File: 1a3e322274e0b02⋯.jpg (437.27 KB, 1167x1083, 389:361, earthworm-jim_00393884.jpg)




>Earthworm Jim

love it and nothing but respect for Doug TenNapel, big fan and might even buy a comic in fact pic related is some of my fan art but really hope EWJ4 gets a port to Switch and PC because I doubt I'm going to buy a OUYA²

0a2fc1  No.16471626

File: ca182df28d4d0a2⋯.png (198.8 KB, 1800x1578, 300:263, ca182df28d4d0a248d81c69e6f….png)





If you're so nihilistic, why does it bother you that people are talking about things they enjoy?

2a6ea0  No.16471630


>The people who made these games are long gone

Anon EWJ4 is being made by the original team.

3bd9a7  No.16471632


I'm happy about what looks like a new start for them, but what I really want to know more about right now is the console they're making it exclusive for.

2a6ea0  No.16471638

File: 79908e30c72b844⋯.png (25.38 KB, 645x594, 215:198, ClipboardImage.png)


Its going to be exclusive to upcoming Intellivision Amico console. Which is why I called it the OUYA².

c2076e  No.16471639


Some people played good platformers when they were kids, and aren't nostalgic for mediocrity.

2a6ea0  No.16471647

File: 1c2537bde12138c⋯.png (564.78 KB, 912x702, 152:117, time-honored ∕v∕.png)


Yes good platformers like Earth Worm Jim.

c2076e  No.16471652


Have you even played Rocket Knight Adventures?

057062  No.16471653


Atheists are rational and by default more creative and intelligent people willing to push boundaries due to not being a slave to made up morality with a skydaddy as arbiter

2a6ea0  No.16471663


Yes, its not half bad its a comfy casual game with cute graphics.

0a2fc1  No.16471666


>>[citation needed]

cf95b4  No.16471670



List more so I can gauge your taste. Most likely it will be filled with real mediocre shit like Super Mario World.

057062  No.16471671


Name one good Christfag Artist, Undertale for example was made by an educated Atheist as was LISA, both games are examples of what I mean

2612aa  No.16471672

File: 645c71038a16b95⋯.png (70.29 KB, 963x910, 963:910, Parents.png)


>made up morality

and look where we are now without that

fc0720  No.16471684


How much of the original team? It looks like it will be under a different publisher which will effect the game also, as interplay owns the IP.

057062  No.16471687


Bad data collected by Christfag Organizations, also Correlations does not equal causation, you troglodyte.

2612aa  No.16471702

File: 1a0c945564e9dfc⋯.jpg (190.64 KB, 906x1024, 453:512, The Gay Community.jpg)

File: cdbc32f6051e0ab⋯.png (450.88 KB, 1907x2074, 1907:2074, Porn.png)

File: 632ab7fd8326147⋯.jpg (178.81 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Coexist.jpg)

File: 84bd1162872d545⋯.png (334.99 KB, 870x1730, 87:173, Christianity.png)


>present data with citations


you really are a nigger aren't you

d8cf67  No.16471704

File: df766a4fcb0742e⋯.jpg (90.94 KB, 736x556, 184:139, sistine chapel.jpg)


>name one good Christfag artist

Even niggers aren't this dumb


>le correlation /= causation meme

Then post some sources yourself you cunt

2a6ea0  No.16471705

File: 087ee93cb387670⋯.png (378.02 KB, 474x467, 474:467, ClipboardImage.png)


Anon atheist can't be rational by definition because they don't have any metaphysical justification for there world view outside of perhaps nominalism. Even more hilarious is empirical sciences imply an ordered univers that is not justified by the flux and change implied by nominalism, thus atheism if logically consistent would also be anti-science despite the rhetoric of the propagandist who promote the idea.


Doug talked about it on a live stream. He say's its going to be the old crew. The original game was just 16 people.

c2076e  No.16471711


Well, SMW is a better game than Earthworm Jim. Megaman, Castlevania, Kirby all goes without saying. Adventure Island is the most underrated platforming franchise. Bonk, Umihara Kawase, Taz in Escape from Mars, Wario Land. How big a list do you want? You could probably go all day listing better platformers than Earthworm Jim

fc0720  No.16471714


But is the publisher going to be the old crew also?

the point still stands for the other games regardless

2da8f6  No.16471725

File: c306dbd4e1a2ed2⋯.png (27.03 KB, 320x239, 320:239, return_fire_ps.png)

Give me Return Fire or give me death!

Preferably have it done by the War Thunder or Advance Wars teams.

2a6ea0  No.16471728


I don't remember, there was a thread about EWJ4 a few days ago with a link to a live stream with Doug talking about it.

7faefa  No.16471731


Don't you still find it amusing that they simply cannot make something new as successful as all those series? What's better is that they can't make good shit even if they use successful names in most cases.


You're not atheist though, just another judaism/mudslime believer faggot. You're just like retarded feminists who defend transfaggotry, a huge fucking joke. I absolutely love how you ignored >>16471602 anon which is calling you out.

91391a  No.16471736

File: 6fef054f10dcfc6⋯.jpg (21.15 KB, 480x456, 20:19, 6fef054f10dcfc6bc970cb2b48….jpg)


>Atheists are rational and by default more creative and intelligent people

I'm pretty sure that just because someone believes that the universe was created by an intelligent life form doesn't mean that he's less creative or intelligent.


>Name one good Christfag Artist

Basically every fucking artist from the renaissance? Salvador Dalí? Even some good movie directors like Alfred Hitchcock were christian.

>Undertale GOOD

Imagine actually believing this.

>LISA was made by an atheist

I think Austin Jorgensen was christian, actually. I remember seeing a website where it mentioned his religion as christianism


At least he presented some evidence, you stupid faggot.

2da8f6  No.16471737

File: e8ed1264fb71472⋯.jpg (266.64 KB, 768x575, 768:575, louvre-nature-morte-jambon.jpg)


Flail for bland wikisourcing

(Someone get Bethesda to hire this cheesefucker!)

0a2fc1  No.16471739

File: 002b43648d58572⋯.gif (1.15 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 002b43648d5857221577a27c64….gif)


J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Roald Dahl, Andrzej Sapkowski (The Witcher), Doug TenNapel, John Carmack + John Romero (Doom), etc. Not to mention all the great historical paintings done for the church. And almost all good fantasy is exclusively written by Catholics who use their love of mythos and storytelling as basis.

Keep in mind, I'm an Atheist / Agnostic myself, but I don't take kindly to this nonsensical religion bashing. Please, think it over and refrain from posting.

cf95b4  No.16471742


>SMW is a better game than Earthworm Jim

Stopped reading there.

c2076e  No.16471747


how is it not?

70e494  No.16471749

File: 7c77d09635a650c⋯.png (1.47 MB, 4472x2824, 559:353, GetOut.png)


>Undertale for example was made by an educated Atheist

>implying undertale is good

Go back to cuckchan, faggot

2a6ea0  No.16471756

File: f70591ad5d56f8d⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


to be fair SMW is a very good gamein its own right and has many fun testosterone pumping based and redpilled rom hacks designed for alpha gamers.

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