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File: 4a8de13b5fd2e92⋯.png (532.85 KB, 1160x470, 116:47, in stock.png)

b5243b  No.16471865

Oh shit, /v/! There's still time, there's still a FEW packages left in stock that you could pick up!

b37dd8  No.16471878

I'll bite. My penis is very small and I'm looking for a ship that will make me feel like a big man. Which one should I choose?

6f911e  No.16471887

File: f267fc1d2974a04⋯.jpeg (61.36 KB, 500x529, 500:529, D5vgsR5WAAIPRoY.jpeg)

I want Star Citizen to disappoint me one last time before I end it all

7e357b  No.16471903


buy the completionist pack for all members of your family and friends!

6451d7  No.16471909


Boomers are the first to bring one of those to the house you shit for brains retard.

We're all on our mid-late 20s here

cd78a0  No.16471912


Oh Boy! Can I master? I would sure love to waste over $30,000 on fictional spaceships that I can fucking create in less then a bloody week in a game that's nothing more then a tech demo.

I can't wait for this shit to crash and burn.

ea10f5  No.16471917


Boomer = anyone over 20 now.

b5243b  No.16471930

File: ae1987e57fea3f4⋯.png (970.58 KB, 1100x1050, 22:21, legatus.png)


You need to get the Completionist Package, my friend! Then you'll have the ability to get involved in the really big sales! But you better act soon! Supplies are running out FAST!

e9d4a0  No.16471934

>people pay the down payment on a mortgage for nothing but graphics on a screen that they don't truly even own

b5243b  No.16471939


No! You OWN that jpeg! You can even upgrade to a png for an extra five thousand!

b69cab  No.16471948


My wife's boyfriend recommends the completionist package. I saved up at least 20,000 good husband points for the past few years just to be able to purchase it.

240fc8  No.16471956

File: 9f1cd8c21c08861⋯.png (59.7 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1437154073505.png)


<noteworthy manufacturer of note

>forge a lasting legacy

>buy this to lead humanity towards a brighter future

I almost pity the cucks who have fallen prey to this excruciatingly obvious cult.

ab15f5  No.16471999

i unironically want to buy the base package just to play whats there.

0c74c4  No.16472004


Speak for yourself, kid.

bd3be9  No.16472008

File: 3aa341f55bd6901⋯.jpg (51.2 KB, 460x355, 92:71, 1514860730.jpg)



450d02  No.16472322

How can I sell jpegs for that much money? I missed out on bitcoin, but maybe I'm not too late on this trend.

b13c53  No.16472389


Make a f2p game with any trending gimmick, then add loot boxes and skins.

976ec8  No.16472392


Won't happen until you hire a marketing firm of bots to buy up your own lootboxes to trick investors into thinking your game is bigger than it actually is.

b13c53  No.16472397


Just get a shit ton of naive players instead.

976ec8  No.16472404


Gonna need a marketing consultant for that goy.

fb9fdd  No.16472422

File: bfe1ccb0263f46a⋯.gif (2.59 MB, 500x280, 25:14, HAHAHA.gif)

>Shekel Yidzen

9c5f66  No.16472433

>low hanging fruit: the thread

b13c53  No.16472441


You don't need marketing consultants when you can see the trends by yourself.

976ec8  No.16472446


Good luck starting a company by yourself when everyone else dog piles you for not being part of the clique.

b13c53  No.16472459


You can alternatively just recruit "consultants" from the student body so they can build up some experience, it is usually the same when you do some law stuff, you get some law students willing to work for small pocket change if they can gain experience in the process.

67bc1b  No.16472460

File: d91fd2f6614d818⋯.jpg (60.67 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, JEWS.jpg)


I know this is supposed to be a troll thread, but even so, bringing up this game should be a fallacy in and of itself. Report to the nearest shower block immediately.

976ec8  No.16472464


I don't think you get what a consultant is. It's a kosher stamp masquerading as an employee with a deferred task.

576483  No.16472490

Shut the fuck up and go back to making Sunk Cost Galaxy 7, Binky.

0601d8  No.16472492


Hey, just look at how Scientology gets around! Who wouldn't want to cut in on that racket?

The chans only hate Star Shitizen because they didn't think of it first, prove me wrong!

598e6a  No.16472494


fuck off, nogunz

976ec8  No.16472516




Here comes the 10bux brigade.

724252  No.16472524



>a mistaken belief, especially one based on unsound argument.

khajiit no understand

724252  No.16472532


I couldn't delete this post and reply to the correct one since the password shit is being fucking retarded, but here:

Was meant for


976ec8  No.16472551


Goons and furfags, remember when those two were diametrically opposed?, throw that at anyone who criticizes this game.

0550d5  No.16472556


$18,600 and they couldn't even find a different picture from the $12,400 one.

f27494  No.16472566


Boomers are like 50+ nigger, even wizards are having it hard trust me.

ee4844  No.16472575

File: 6f232133a66cbcd⋯.jpeg (371.99 KB, 710x508, 355:254, 6f2.jpeg)

I kinda want them to post how much effort went into the .jpg's to justify these kind of prices. Like the amount of time it took an artist and how long it took to write a description. I mean these are tens of thousands of dollars, I don't think most credit cards even go above $10k, so who the fuck is buying these that can afford it without becoming homeless?

9c5f66  No.16472585


A handful of rich fuckers with money to burn and lolcows who are dumb enough to not know when to fold em. All that's enough justification to make the jpgs

f27494  No.16472592


> I don't think most credit cards even go above $10k

Do you live in Uganda or something, i have a shitty job and the smallest credit card i was offered was like 6k with 10k being the next smallest amount, i had bad experiences with the merchant tribe in the past so i refused to have one.

0550d5  No.16472596


My credit union has a $500 credit card but they forcibly upped my limit to $2000 one day without me asking. Still upset about it.

692f03  No.16472700


People are misusing the term "boomer" because they don't want to admit that Gen X fucked up too.

51a25a  No.16472720

File: 898ddb5489a896b⋯.png (576.9 KB, 912x751, 912:751, 0fb232703291d2ad0bd5a1d828….png)



Has anybody hactually run through the BITE model with ScamCitizen?

Might be an interesting exercise. for people more deeply interested.

99f83e  No.16472725

File: ffcee6319618019⋯.webm (15.97 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Jpeg_development_circus.webm)


If I remember correctly each of the larger jpegs allegedly cost around 35000 shekels to produce.

f15914  No.16472731


>pay eighteen-thousand six-hundred United States dollars for THE COMPLETIONIST

>don't even get everything, not even close

Just what you'd expect from the master, Roberts.

2dfd3d  No.16472736

Oh shit the pixels are running out!

976ec8  No.16472738


Quick, someone tell Extra Credits!

27e758  No.16472746


loool Honestly most of the applicable bits can be checked off here

4bcbcc  No.16472755


The inter netz, too

t. merkel

1969f6  No.16472760


Lel, I instantly knew this thread was about Star Citizen when I saw it in the catalog.

ab0de4  No.16472770

File: 382fd4fd04ac1d5⋯.jpg (690.35 KB, 1121x973, 1121:973, 15,000 dollars.jpg)

File: 647beaa772af43e⋯.gif (63.16 KB, 320x303, 320:303, 1467744466955.gif)


That shit used to be only $15k.

b69cab  No.16472777


What are you talking about goy? I remember it always being 19k. At no point did it ever stop being 23k. Paying 30k for all those ships, what a steal!! I find it funny that someone would blow that much just to fly around in a computer model for a bit, when they could donate all of that to ACTUAL space programs.

80f552  No.16472779

File: 76e9028213bed68⋯.jpg (45.44 KB, 800x746, 400:373, sad renamon.jpg)

>18600 united states goyim bux for a digital product

Oh my fuck. I never even knew just how bad it was, I thought all those people who threw away thousands on this were just whales you got nickle and dimed to death. I didn't know a single fucking transaction could be that much.

4cfc76  No.16472792

so what is star citizen even suppose to be. i scam version of elite dangerous with like real life $$ ships that break get stolen and shit

028014  No.16472806



Have they been audited yet

Because they should probably be audited

b4c2aa  No.16472841

Anyone has the greentext/texts about adult men ruining their life and marriage over this?

b84aac  No.16472859

File: 23053e7e5d32066⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, yyhlaugh.png)


It never gets old.

390e64  No.16472863


The ULTIMATE space simulation game. Just think about how cool it is!

0550d5  No.16472874

File: ef7fddd00417b52⋯.jpg (175.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


I legit have had more fun with $20 on Rebel Galaxy than I have had in any other space game ever.

b7e752  No.16472885

File: 47fff0dc354225f⋯.jpg (58.48 KB, 700x700, 1:1, Cats_-_Stares_Into_Your_So….jpg)


Whatever you want it to be but also something else next week or so. Whatever, just sell your house and buy the image of a space ship for a video game that doesn't exist already. The more you spend, the better it'll be.

0550d5  No.16472886

File: a91e9bbc9f9a2a1⋯.webm (6.48 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - PS….webm)

23e203  No.16472898

File: 5d9585c3e4d2b71⋯.jpg (48.88 KB, 670x671, 670:671, 0a6d6cbac66287d8750b17f8e7….jpg)


Have we really reached the point where saying your product is an amount of money and not an abstract concept is marketable?

b7e752  No.16472912

File: a8c009eee8d97f3⋯.jpg (51.9 KB, 791x445, 791:445, cash_money.jpg)


We're well past that point. It's what the PS4 was sold on.

5869d4  No.16472919

File: 981f487753a6fbf⋯.jpg (46.26 KB, 201x279, 67:93, 32165497.jpg)


>every noteworthy manufacturer of note

ad6b7d  No.16472925

File: 8f76a5c707bc4f7⋯.png (127.41 KB, 489x424, 489:424, 724b28cf8900728cc4a7.png)


wasn't the ps4 sold at a loss for a period of time when it came out? or did i mistake it with something different?

sage because off topic

976ec8  No.16472927


They outsourced a lot of modeling and web development to BRs, no joke. I wish I had all the old somethingawful threads screencapped.

d68ebe  No.16472928


The PS4 is actually the first Sony console not sold at a loss, which is why it was and is so underpowered.

b7e752  No.16473027


This: >>16472928

The PS3 on the other hand was sold at a fantastic loss, so was the 360. When those came out they were arguably a bit ahead of most high-end PCs for a few months.

I don't think any of the current consoles are sold at a loss, which is an unusual situation for consoles and it shows in unspectacular hardware.

To bring it back to topic, Star Citizen is supposed to be a PC exclusive and what little of it there is to "play" runs incredibly badly. Unlike a "so bad it's good" movie, though, it's not worth the price of admission.

aef942  No.16473165

you guys are going to feel really fucking dumb when this game releases next year and those ships are several million USD EACH!

It's like buying bitcoin for $0.02 and then selling when it hits $10k/per. I've invested about $20,000 into various ships and when the game comes out I'll sell them and be a millionaire. Keep crying, poorfags, the truth is that it costs money to make money. And I'm sitting on several million bucks while doing zero work for it.

591854  No.16473186


Epic games store exclusive


Day 1 pirate

23e203  No.16473198

File: 9f642dab535379d⋯.jpg (60.19 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 9f642dab535379dace30c4b40a….jpg)


>implying any remotely intelligent investor actually puts money in early access

9f257d  No.16473237

This shit is till going? Having known normalfags were an endless pit of money I would have taken advantage of them too. Is it too late for a Cancer fund KS?

25a792  No.16473291

File: f5995873e0823a0⋯.jpg (107.88 KB, 960x639, 320:213, f59.jpg)


>investing in digital ship

>not into comics

Sucks to be you, my comics will be worth billions in a few years.

7c4380  No.16473325

Serious question.

Has anyone tried to pirate these jpeg thingy and sell it to some dumb whale at a fraction of the original prices?

b13c53  No.16473334


How do you pirate those?

a58a87  No.16473359


Take a screenshot and cut out the jpg you want with MS Paint

e9d95a  No.16473369



Wait, those things don't come with any codes you can redeem on any sites? I thought those work like DLCs on some AAA games.

b13c53  No.16473370

File: 55982e9aac249b0⋯.png (166.67 KB, 295x530, 59:106, 386360_20190515210809_1.png)

File: c817ffaa5292ca4⋯.png (368.23 KB, 565x525, 113:105, 386360_20190515214340_1.png)


Does that mean this count as pirated skins? or maybe the XNA models would do?

2dfd3d  No.16473371


Are you actually retarded?

a58a87  No.16473383


I was just joking about the jpg thing. In reality you probably do get some code or bind it to your account.

Not that it would matter since there won't be a game to redeem your ship in

b13c53  No.16473415


I do 3D work for commissions so technically I sell pixels/code in a sense, still I do it for people to use in whatever stuff they want I guess.

d68ebe  No.16473441


you get an item in your account and a lot of them can actually be gifted to other people. i've actually considered buying some of the rare ships during their big sale (a lot of ships are only available during certain sales and are only sold once a year) then re-selling them at a huge markup to retards. thankfully better judgment has always prevailed and i never have but i feel confident you could really take advantage of some whales like this

9797ef  No.16473827

File: cc59c76ad15e373⋯.png (510.61 KB, 642x479, 642:479, 1369451915316.png)


>imagine going into debt to buy digital jpegs of ships you may never be able to use

9797ef  No.16473830


"You wouldnt download a slut"

2588d8  No.16473831


>boomer is anyone over twenty now

Exactly. Destroying the english language one word at a time.


Kill yourself.

b13c53  No.16473862


Sometimes I like to imagine I would make a game with a cosmetic system that would basically be a slap to companies like blizzard and hirez when it comes to the cosmetic delivery, first it would have a single player component, if it were some kind of hero/character thing at least each new one would need a mini arc, then when it comes to multiplayer and the dreaded loot system I would literally only make chests cost in-game non-premium (never premium) currency, but then I would make it so chests are just cheaper but random while skins cost X amount, I would even place the "this skin is always available" or something.

3fa356  No.16473896

File: abfc52aafac4dce⋯.jpg (63.03 KB, 588x391, 588:391, beef-final1.jpg)


Fuck off boomer.

ed0a47  No.16473911

File: 97783d6fe01997b⋯.gif (498.21 KB, 500x223, 500:223, 97783d6fe01997b116b297f1b5….gif)


Anyone who posts an OP like this should be getting unironic bans. I know /v/ has been on a decline now, but christ this is bad.

f3fd33  No.16473927


>those curly tentacles

now where have I seen that style before… Hmmm… All he needs to do now is rub his palms together…

7d6a1c  No.16473931

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>loud music

If it's not Dark Country again I'm going to be pissed

3fa356  No.16473937

File: dd5460752814c94⋯.png (140.91 KB, 553x798, 79:114, dd5.png)


Shit tier as this OP post is, part of me love it for how much of a train wreck it is as combined with the train wreck of a game it kinda like some autistic abstract art.

99f83e  No.16474185

File: 66f2f9e944f17fc⋯.webm (1.46 MB, 324x240, 27:20, the_missile_knows.webm)

Assuming Scam Yiddizen releases at some point now that external investors have gotten involved, what are the chances Christ Robbers will turn the in-game currency into a centralized proprietary blockchain ledger that can be exchanged for real money?

7bfcdb  No.16474247


I seriously doubt Roberts would still be around by then and not kicked out like Freelancer again

6f4ed3  No.16474255


it was okay but once you get your dreadnought the game is solved and nothing is challenging anymore

7d6a1c  No.16474259


The problem is that the combat doesn't really allow for much in the way of player expression, all you can do is strafe and fire broadsides and once you get your second ship you're pretty much invulnerable so the combat loses all its appeal. I hope being able to play as a fighter improves the sequel, but the jump to EGS is a serious concern even if I'm going to pirate it.

0390d1  No.16474265


>from every noteworthy manufacturer of note


6f4ed3  No.16474267


The progression was good for what it was, but I wish there was more depth to it. There was nothing to buy that wasn't ship upgrades, when a lot more could have been done with the economy.

Just watched the trailer posted in thread for Outlaw and wow I'll probably not even pirate that shit if they're going to react to criticism by being cunts "jokingly"

cb9145  No.16474312


They've got different radio stations you can pick from. It would be suicide not to include country music.

2b6140  No.16474315


The protagonist is an ugly mutt woman in her 40s and likely a dyke. I'll pass on the pozzed garbage.

0550d5  No.16474402


It's on the Switch too.

976ec8  No.16474404


Hey Mark.

d46e8c  No.16474456

File: d7267223e3c1df8⋯.jpg (382.84 KB, 1024x1598, 512:799, a7b7e51b49fe1b0f1e785053d5….jpg)


>Supplies are running out

>On a video game

I chuckled

0550d5  No.16474460


Anon it's not a video game. It's a jpg. They're selling jpgs.

2b6140  No.16474461


Nonfunctional jpegs whose gimmick gameplay mechanics have yet to be implemented.

cba0e1  No.16474765

Iirc didn't the biggest ships needed actual people to man them? Does it means that even if at some point the game is released and the ship made wouldn't people still be unable to use them due to not having enough crew?

976ec8  No.16474828


I think every ship with moving turrets has to have each manned individually at the bare minimum. You'd think there would be a "make your own robot crew" thing to help with that but I guess they thought monetizing robotits would distract from the ship models.

7592ff  No.16474957


True. I would download waifu.

0cd94c  No.16475235


Don't use jewish talk you heard from feminists in here. Overcompensating is psychoanalysis, which isn't science.

220a25  No.16475481



Holy fucking shit, we cracked the code

>sell jpgs for thousands upon thousands of dollarydoos

>game gets released I'm being optimistic here

>"well of course the bigger ships requiere other players to man the turrets, sensors, engines, etc, but don't worry, you can buy crew packs to have NPCs under your command!"

>"only 1.000,00$ for the small pack*"

>"*= the small pack is two crew members short of the minimum crew requiered to use your ship"


976ec8  No.16475493


>have to pay more for better AI

52f461  No.16475528


I'm sure you'll be able to hire crew for realistic salary.

abd0dd  No.16475530


Remember how Konami used virtual racketeering for MGS5's FOB system?

7d6a1c  No.16475562

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh, good then.

Fuck, this music would be excellent for space dogfighting, I really hope it turns out good.

51a25a  No.16475661


>Guy second crew pack

>"Oh dear, looks like you've got more crew than room for them to live in! You'll have to buy them quarters on a space station(tba), don't worry though, we're offing a special $500* for five basic bunks at the station! Better hurry there's only so much space available!"

>*does not include food and provisions

22b808  No.16475704

File: 9d8d47285c4db8a⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, rebel galaxy dyke.jpg)


>I really hope it turns out good.

976ec8  No.16475712


Good to see spoony lost a lot of weight.

22b808  No.16475715


Also aged to 43, got a tranny operation and injected some melanin. Hope you like playing as an ugly, stronk womyn with a dried-up womb.

99f83e  No.16475727

File: 3adeaed9fdfc647⋯.png (4.78 MB, 6125x3550, 245:142, ClipboardImage.png)

Which jpeg wuld you?

afaa58  No.16475748


They all look like shit.

115888  No.16475753


>spend $500,000 on jpegs and crew as well as enhanced AI for them

>fly into a system

>AI so enhanced that each of my turrets essentially has an aimbot, with perfect accurancy insta-shoahing anything alive in the system


>become the dreaded space death, feared across the whole game

>people bitch about some P2W nonsense, but it's obvious it's all skill based. Not my fault they're playing with the wrong ships

>suddenly ship explodes, lose everything


>some guy spent $750,000 for a system nuke, where he just picks a spot on the map and instakills the entire system, regardless of what's in it

>begin saving up for the million dollar pack that includes system nuke immunity

51a25a  No.16475764


If you held a gun to my head and gave me Bill Gates' credit card? Valkyrie, I guess. I've always had a soft spot for dropships.

d5987c  No.16475771


890 Jump or the Genesis. Both look like good maneuverable ships which would fare me well while acting as a rogue trader.

daf72f  No.16475829

File: 043f5946d1960fc⋯.jpg (128.2 KB, 959x720, 959:720, 1541386991443.jpg)


>I've always had a soft spot for dropships

>Immediately remember playing Battlefront 2 and gathering a boarding party of clones to fuck some CIS scum up on their own turf

Dropships are best ships

355c1c  No.16475836


They had a longer video with one of the devs where he mentions and shows that they now have multiple stations that each play a more specific music.


<look, in this game set in a space rustbelt you play as a washed up trucker

91a273  No.16475853


What country, nigger?

abd0dd  No.16475858


Too bad you couldn't use dropships in land maps outside of mods.

51a25a  No.16475865


Not that it's hard to mod or anything.

abd0dd  No.16475867


Not really, you just have to add landing zones in the level editor.

7e357b  No.16475870

File: 1adaecf5f2b5d72⋯.webm (689.14 KB, 400x300, 4:3, [laughs_in_Spanish].webm)


>he thinks literal pixels can cost real money

Bet you think you can become a millionaire by selling ugly low-res gun skins on steam too

591854  No.16475953


They still kiked to china so why would I give them money for ANY platform? No less playing an inferior version deliberately.

If a game is on PC, then the least restricted and best performing version will be the PC version unless developer fiat deliberately removes functions from the PC version or degrades it in some way, like PC .hack GU being set to permanent easy mode.

6b1557  No.16475958


Don't invest in games.

54183e  No.16475980


It was Kojima idea, inspiration from GTA:Online

abd0dd  No.16475988


The whole "we protect your FOB while you are offline" was Kojima's idea?

99f83e  No.16476127


>luxury yacht

>passenger ship

>rogue trader

Has Chris ever written a design piece about in-game Space prostitution and human trafficking?

If not then someone should tell him to.


Reminder that the Valkyrie can carry vehicles but not cargo boxes because that wouldn't be immersive according to Chris.

0f6225  No.16476146


Invest in Deep Silver and THQ Nordic.

1c4b3e  No.16476164

File: a8655196ff5b0a0⋯.jpg (347.85 KB, 970x1300, 97:130, 1437966905256-3.jpg)

File: 5724b6799c8f028⋯.jpg (240.09 KB, 760x1244, 190:311, peter-elson-sci-fi-artist-….jpg)

File: 56fafc3458fd2da⋯.jpg (186.68 KB, 760x866, 380:433, vulcanshammer2.jpg)

File: 7203aac981e4962⋯.png (1017.38 KB, 500x728, 125:182, 1528468992-3.png)

File: a03989f74e88deb⋯.jpg (311.94 KB, 1128x1504, 3:4, 1437966857701-3.jpg)






Why do all those space ships look so shitty and unimaginative?

54183e  No.16476177


Well, he said GTAV/O was a big inspiration for him, and maybe he came up with real money insurance because fake money insurance for cars wasn't enough.

He came up with wolbachia and vocal cord parasites.

976ec8  No.16476324


Probably because, like all assets in all AAA games, they're made from third party sweatshops with small edits made on top.

8f039c  No.16476569


I'd like to see a chart like this that resizes the ships to reflect their relative jpeg price points

c22695  No.16476590

File: a646ded0d08fb4f⋯.gif (2.15 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1501358319195.gif)



>27k burgers

Oh fuck, when i heard of scam yidizen i thought they were jewing the fuck out of them with microtransactions, DLC and the like, but who the fuck even has that much money to spend on useless shit that you can't even hold in your hands? Even soymiibo/funkosoy collectors can at least play with their toys.

9103f3  No.16476607


I'm 99% sure that it's because Roberts is fucking retarded and wants everything to be capable of atmospheric flight.

bac1fe  No.16477731


>What is a intelligent way to invest in games then?

Day-1 collector's editions. Don't even play or open the game, just buy the Legendary Ultra Collector's Edition (game not included) for 400$ and keep it shrink-wrapped for twenty years. You'll thank me later, trust me.

But seriously, I once had a Collector's Edition of a game. The game was shit, but I got it for free in a contest, so I figured I would just keep it stashed for a couple of years to see if the value would stay at least constant or even go up. In the end I was glad I could get rid of that shit for even 10$. I should have sold it when the game was still new, I could have gotten three or four times the amount, which would still have been a loss if I had actually paid money for it.


If that happens I guess we'll all have eggs on our faces and the whales will turn their ships into real-life money and become billionaires.


>Just watched the trailer posted in thread for Outlaw and wow I'll probably not even pirate that shit if they're going to react to criticism by being cunts "jokingly"

Where does your pussy hurt, faggot?

7b2c7c  No.16477749






Hard to tell from just the top-down view

51affc  No.16477820

File: 2e3cf814f4759fe⋯.jpg (717.35 KB, 1248x858, 16:11, Baby-bottles.jpg)


Here kid, this should shut you up for a while

51affc  No.16477824

File: 26e61e23633d0da⋯.jpg (151.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vulturevsventure.jpg)


>how much effort

Have a guess

Eve Online vs SC

c48ef6  No.16477833


God, how I fucking despise modern sci-fi ship designs and the overly elaborate vomit they turn into.

Why can't more artists take inspiration from Homeworld?

cc6fc3  No.16477860

File: 07508e3c2893840⋯.png (196.31 KB, 1600x1724, 400:431, b771cae640283305d039f6fd7.png)


I guess we can't call them micro transactions anymore

99f83e  No.16478034

File: 0df8b894f3f74ac⋯.png (1022.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Erai-raws] Egao no Daika ….png)




A point defence fleet escort jpeg worth 600$ with a primary armament of player-manned turrets.


A concept frigate jpeg worth 1000$ that has a hangar for carrying 2-3 smaller jpegs.


A 400$ dedicated space salvaging jpeg with no salvaging game mechanics.


A concept destroyer jpeg worth 3000$.


A 275$ torpedo bomber with a retarded internal layout, specs that have long since been outclassed by later jpegs and zero attention from developers and/or Shitizens.


A long-ranged heavy fighter jpeg worth 220$-280$ depending on the version purchased.

Comes in fighter, EW, dropship and fighter-bomber versions all of which are either shit from year-long nerfs and flight model experimentation or obsoleted at launch due to Chris' wisdom (the Hoplite dropship variant in particular).


A 300$ stealth bomber jpeg. Nobody cares.


The result of a CIG-organized jpeg design fan contest, this 250$ concept jpeg is unlikely to ever reach a playable state.


A repair/refuel concept jpeg worth 200$ with no gameplay mechanics to speak of.


Generic light fighter jpeg worth 90$. Dev testbed and one of the oldest and most prominent in-game jpegs, it sees frequent use among the playerbase despite its somewhat lackluster armament.


Mainstay fighter jpeg worth 170$. The Sabre Raven variant of this jpeg was sold as a tie-in with an Intel SSD.


A 60$-85$ bounty hunting/police jpeg with a small storage space/prison. Part of the first wave of flyable jpegs, it has been reworked more times than a Thai prostitute in downtown Bangkok and comes in various variants all of which are shit.


$75 dollar light fighter jpeg with shit armament and no armor.


$100 dedicated bounty hunting jpeg with a pod for storing a single captured bad goy, ostensibly for RP purposes.


Mainstay fighter jpeg worth 110$-180$ dollars.

Part of the first wave of flyable jpegs, it comes in normal, two-seat, stealth and AWACs versions of which the $180 dollar Super Hornet two-seater is the only one viable for PVP.


Anti-capital fighter jpeg worth 195$.


$165 dollar light torpedo bomber no one gives a shit about.


A small, heavily armored exploration/picket jpeg worth 220$.


Super exclusive concept fighter jpeg restricted to AI usage due to its OP stats with the only way for players to obtain one being derelicts and/or space theft.


$375 dollar multi-role dropship that currently rapes ever other jpeg in its price range but doesn't have cargo racks in its hueg belly because Chris said it wouldn't be immersive for a military dropship to carry things beyond vehicles and men.


A dedicated $350 repair concept jpeg unlikely to leave the 2D realm.


Dedicated exploration concept jpeg and/or redditor masturbation aid worth $400, carries a snub ship for some reason.


Dedicated dude weed lmao space farming jpeg worth $350 doomed to an eternal existence in jpeg format.


56% lmao starter jpeg with a retarded design and shit performance across all its $65-$90 variants.

>Hull series

$60-$650 Concept trade jpegs which mount their cargo on large external spindles. Its biggest version is so hueg it can't land on planets.


Multipurpose refueling jpeg worth $300-$340. One of the first flyable large multi-crew ships, it is well known for its confusing interior layout, tiny cargo bay door, lack of refueling gameplay and bugged ladder mechanics.

>Freelancer series

Multipurpose 56% lmao jpegs worth $110-$175. Has seen six million design works none of which have improved its crappy cockpit and generally retarded aesthetic.


The game's only playable mining jpeg at $155. It actually has mining mechanics implemented!


A $145 dollar dedicated formula one racing jpeg.

>890 Jump

An $890 luxury yacht concept jpeg aimed at the rich and beautiful, with an affluent design+various amenities free of any homophobic tendencies. Carries an M85X.


Mid-size multipurpose luxury jpeg worth $435. Has a martini bar and can't land on water, as Anon discovered during his free fly pilgrimage last year.

>300 series

The Scam Yiddizen equivalent of the BMW 3 series, these $55-$75 jpegs had long since been neglected in favor of other jpegs until a recent rework brought them more in line with the gay community.


This $50 roundabout included with the 890 Jump was made available for seperate purchase a while back to a surprising success. It pioneered Origin's homosexual-oriented aesthetic and carries a jump drive of its own, which is unusual among bypurchased jpegs.

>100 series

$45-$60 Starter jpeg concepts for wannabe richfags.

99f83e  No.16478042

File: 922ed9426feea11⋯.jpg (65.33 KB, 793x764, 793:764, smile.jpg)




The game's first flyable dedicated racing jpeg, worth $100.


A $40-$50 space bike jpeg designed to amputate the driver's lower legs.


A $150 Space tow truck jpeg.


A small cargo/personnel carrier utility jpeg with no jump drive. Why anyone would want to spend $35-40 on these is a mystery.


$45 ayy space racing bike jpeg. Commonly used for obtaining LTI tickets.


$170 ayy space fighter. Its retarded engine layout and piss poor cockpit view are a common source of discussion among intolerant racist bigots.


See above, but this time in pure jpeg form for $220.

>P-52 Merlin

A small snub fighter jpeg with no jump drive. Comes as standard equipment on every Constellation and can even be purchased and flown separately for $20, despite the fact that the mechanics for docking/undocking from its mothership have yet to be implemented and likely never will. The Constellation Phoenix comes with a souped up version called the P-72 Archimedes, which is yet to be made flyable.


Pirate explorer concept jpeg worth $195.


A $295 pirate trader jpeg. It was once said to possess modular, detachable hull sections with various options for outfitting beyond the simple trade role, but little has been heard of these game mechanics for quite some time now.


$110 pirate fighter jpeg with no ejection seat.


$100-$150 light-medium multipurpose jpeg. Comes in Black, Blue and Red, of which only the Black version aimed at bad goy pirates can currently be flown with Blue being some military patrol refit concept and Red a dedicated space ambulance concept with custom gameplay mechanics tied to it.


A literal copypasta of a ship from EVE online, now sold at the Scam Shitizen store for only $140.


A $1650 jpeg carrier concept. send help


A $40 space bike jpeg that looks like a heap of trash.


A dedicated data running jpeg for $85. Its gameplay was implemented at some point and it goes fast.


A $750 torpedo destroyer corvette jpeg concept that bullied the Retaliator to obsolescence.

>Constellation series

The game's iconic mainstay medium multipurpose jpeg. One of the first flyable large jpegs, it pioneered many a bugged game mechanic and played host to various fantasies of Christ Robbers throughout the game's development, leading to various strange design choices, bad cockpit views, multiple versions and a snub fighter that can't detach from its mothership and never will.

It comes in 4 versions starting at the $150 Taurus freighter, the $225 Andromeda multipurpose, the $310 Aquila explorer with a free Ursa rover and finally the $350 Phoenix richfag version feat. a working Piano.


A $250 medivac concept jpeg with a $275 version that has more armor and missiles.


The default starter jpeg for every new player post-release. As Scam Yiddizen is in eternal development the Aurora is currently available in a variety of $20-$45 versions all of which can't do shit other than suck dick.


A fuckhueg asteroid mining $450 jpeg concept that can't land on planets.


Alien space jew concept jpeg for only $350. Will never see the light of day.


Alien space jew fighter concept for $185.


$450 military cargo jpeg concept.


$225 blockade runner jpeg concept.

>Genesis Starliner

A $400 space passenger jpeg concept.


Dedicated $850 basebuilding/terraforming concept jpeg that allows the player to construct various facilities on ingame land he previously claimed with a $50 geotack beacon.

>Mustang series

The slightly more expensive poorfag starter jpeg alternative to the Aurora. Considerably less shit but still shit, has several cuntpasted versions ranging from $30-$65 and a rare AMD exclusive variant.


$425 ayy dropship concept jpeg.


Bad goy aylamo $275 light fighter jpeg built without license by man.


See above, but for $350 and with giant blades for ramming ships or some dumb shit.


A crappy $50 planetside rover jpeg.

>Cyclone series

Niggered planetside buggy jpegs for $55-$85.


A fucking jpeg MBT for $105.

why did I write all of this down.

51affc  No.16478073

File: 1b4e274e563dea9⋯.jpg (39.31 KB, 620x460, 31:23, we-didnt-start-the-fire-13….jpg)


>why did I write all of this down.


948d34  No.16478075


>weird and tacky is imaginative and original.

f36e57  No.16478085

File: 2e2449e181b6e6a⋯.gif (3.97 MB, 478x258, 239:129, 2e2449e181b6e6ac8baa131616….gif)


none of these shits you call space ships could even remotely exist in this universe, i prefer realism and coherency so that i don't get taken out of the experience rather than having "imaginative" and straight out retarded designs

894fa5  No.16478101


>clearly ignoring the fusion sail

bc8801  No.16478281


I already paid $500 for the Constellation, Retaliator and Gladiator JPEGs back when there was lifetime insurance and that was about half the ships. I thought I would get to play with /v/ and now I don't even follow what ships they come out with. The reason for my pics were they carry multiple people so I figured it would be a few crews of /v/irgins, but now I just keep them because I don't believe I deserve a refund for buying into this shitshow.


You're a cool guy



>All my JPEGS are shit now


f4134b  No.16478299

976ec8  No.16479027

e83d74  No.16479094


>lifetime insurance

For fucking what?

976ec8  No.16479095


In case the jpg compression screws up.

fd2364  No.16479139

File: 3c6e9dbd0b2f6cc⋯.png (1.2 MB, 849x1200, 283:400, 3c6e9dbd0b2f6cc5c734c83c7c….png)


If you have not unloaded your jpegs on some pay pig by now you are a moron. I unloaded a 275 backing for 375 and bought myself a switch to play anime tiddy games on. Much more bang for my buck. But nothing is better than the feeling of freedom and not being shackled to the sinking ahip that is Cloud Imperium.

51c664  No.16479194


depends what it's function, from the first look it looks more like an industrial hauler or freighter without freight.

976ec8  No.16479237


It looks like a model scorpion made out of power tool batteries.

51c664  No.16479325


industrial tincans are usually not designed to look good

bac1fe  No.16479507

File: b447dde3e104213⋯.jpg (389.84 KB, 1051x1500, 1051:1500, 91eQLKjiw2L._SL1500_.jpg)

Serious question: what the fuck is Star Citizen even supposed to be? When it was first announced my thoughts were "neat, a new Wing Commander style game" and I let it drop off my radar because I don't buy games that aren't even out yet.

Then I checked back on it and the company was selling 50,000$+ models and even insurance for your space ships and you have to shower and take shits in-game. Is this supposed to become some autistic life simulator where you have to do every real-life chore in the game as well? And what is the deal with insurance, don't tell me they plan to have permadeath on a virtual good that costs more than a real-life car. How the fuck we go from "shoot at enemy ships" to "mundane life simulator, but in space"? I used to think that those German forklift simulators were weird, but at least you don't have to sell your kidneys for those.

db28c2  No.16479532

File: 257a5f33ad952c6⋯.png (240.62 KB, 555x370, 3:2, 2c94a2863ac1c1fe512d2a8ab3….png)


How do whales, whom's spending habits and decision making are beyond bad, get that so much money to spend in the first place?

aa616f  No.16479538

File: ac374b969837062⋯.png (528.24 KB, 640x380, 32:19, ClipboardImage.png)


It doesn't need to become anything, anon. It's already everything it was supposed to be.

22b808  No.16479540


Buying jpegs is the gameplay.

fe5817  No.16479545


Trust fund kids.

424a1f  No.16479552


Also all those simulators are used for training for actual IRL use of heavy machinery. Not total scifi wank like star shitizen has become

22b808  No.16479557


I imagine it's the same deal as with Full Spectrum Warrior. Software developed for a non-gaming purpose (in the case of FSW as a training tool for squad tactics) where the developer later decided to reuse the tech to make a game out of it.

d68ebe  No.16479569


i backed it at the lowest possible level that came with a ship (i think fifty bucks) back when it seemed like a good idea and before the unbelievably huge feature creep began. i check in on it every few months/year or so to see what's different and to see if it's a game yet. it isn't

>what the fuck is it even supposed to be?

nobody really knows. every autistic whale who has pumped triple digits or more into this thinks that their own retarded personal idea of gameplay is going to be in. i ended up getting too exasperated with the cult-like mentality in the forums to keep reading, but there are people who genuinely think they are going to make money selling player characters that they have taken hostage for ransom, or people who think that they're going to be able to actively terraform planets. i think a conservative idea of what it's actually going to be is "a slightly bigger elite dangerous that costs way more to play"


the insurance system that is in place right now entitles you to a free replacement of a stock version of your ship if it gets destroyed. insurance is going to be available for in-game credits. i think we're coming up on something big insurance-wise; they've painted themselves into a corner on the idea of insurance and they need to shit or get off the pot. is your multi-hundred or -thousand dollar ship going to disappear when {420}xXxBoNgLaSeRxXx rams you or not? I can already see the lawsuits and i have a hunch that the system they'll end up settling on will be "if you bought a ship for real money it permanently has insurance, if you bought it for in-game credits you will have to buy insurance"

>shower and take shits

not going to be a thing, and if it is i think it'll be one of those things you can do if you're bored or are in FTL travel or something. they've stated a couple of times that this isn't going to be a survival game, you won't need to eat or sleep or anything like that

i don't want you to misunderstand me here, i think they have already failed at delivering the product they initially proposed and i think it's going to end up being a pretty bad game even when it's all said and done, but hate it for the right reasons

407ea8  No.16479602


I was under the impression that it was gonna be Freelancer but shinier and more "realistic"

99f83e  No.16479619

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


So you can have infinite reimbursement if your jpeg goes bust.

Supposedly in the final game jpeg insurance can expire and will probably be pricey as all fuck so good backers make sure to get LTI when they can.


>Is this supposed to become some autistic life simulator where you have to do every real-life chore in the game as well?

Oh my sweet summer child.

b62eab  No.16479642

File: 06c00e438263b14⋯.jpg (7.14 KB, 251x189, 251:189, indifferent ralph.jpg)

>was excited for a first person VR space pilot adventure

>bought in for the most basic package way back in the kikestarter

>bought another ship at some point because I believed we'd ever get the fucking game and wanted to contribute, plus have a cooler ship to fuck around with in the alpha

>game is coded like fucking trash and won't run faster than 15 fps on my i5 and 1080ti with 16gb ram

>wait it out, surely it's just trash because they're releasing vertical slices, they'll eventually integrate all the pieces properly

>I don't want to buy a top tier i7 for just one game that's still in alpha

>each update only gets worse

>the controls get worse

>the menu functionality gets worse

>the framerate gets worse

>the game hangs at startup for six entire minutes before it even begins to actually load

>decide to stop giving a shit about this pile until they actually release a finished product, if that ever happens. feel stupid for giving them money

>don't check on the game for 2-3 years

>update it yesterday and see if it's playable yet

>not really, still shit but now has a character creator

>worse character customizer I've ever used, they literally have eight /pol/-meme-tier amerimutts who are the basis for each sub-option

>manage to make a hapa girl who doesn't make me want to vomit

>no body customization at all because adjusting skeleton size would ruin everything else they've hardcoded to interact with one specific size of person

>finally get into the actual game

>my 2nd ship is missing

>they've updated a lot since last time I checked so I go to my account page to see if it still says I have it, or if it got lost in translation somewhere

>account info says I gifted it to some fucking boomer-tier email address a year ago

>I haven't even booted the game or visited the website in that time, so my account was clearly broken into by some fuck who's even more pathetic than me who goes around stealing peoples jpegs to sell for real money to retards who still expect this game to happen

>submit help request to get it back

>haven't heard anything since

I fully expect to be ripped off because giving me back my digital spaceship that costs nothing to reproduce would upset their carefully manufactured fake economy. I don't even care anymore. I have lost any fuck I could possibly give about this shitpile. It's just astounding. When did they start development, 2012? Has it really been 7 years? Are they gonna hit a decade without even going into beta?

b62eab  No.16479646


Oh yeah and I forgot to mention they've COMPLETELY dropped the VR aspect and they're pretending like it was never part of the plan, despite trying to make the entirety of the game happen in seamless first person. VR was the reason I got excited in the first place.

b62eab  No.16479657


Serious answer, it's usually fat old IT guys who never got a wife and never reproduced, so they're making like $70,000-100,000 a year and have nothing to spend it on but TV dinners and rent.

976ec8  No.16479661


And people wonder why American infrastructure if fucking terrible.

b516fc  No.16479745


Glaive or (((Merchantman)))

51affc  No.16479807

File: b5e818cbabd23c1⋯.png (887.34 KB, 864x631, 864:631, tumblr_no2ou76NQQ1rlmcw3o2….png)

e31c7f  No.16479931



>putting merican dollars in an Argentine bank

6d5f97  No.16480205


>VR was the reason I got excited in the first place.

it will probably run like shit even on a high-end rig. difference is a vr game running like shit makes you puke like a mofo, so even if they put it in it's literally unplayable.

a55844  No.16481015


now that's just plain retarded

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