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File: 7dec9ae377f0fff⋯.jpg (10.29 KB, 240x240, 1:1, Vivec.jpg)

668c52  No.16472370

Daily reminder that everything that Kirkbride says is canon if though he's not working for Bethesda. Regardless of who owns the IP the lore is still Kirkbride's baby.

Also Vivec is a tranny who murdered you and fucked your wife.

9a1816  No.16472373

>paid fanfiction


Storycuckolds ruined vidya.

668c52  No.16472386


Video games provide methods of storytelling that can't be replicated in any other medium.

Faggots like you equate good storytelling with pretentious walking simulators.

7979a1  No.16472395

Morrowind has terrible nonsensical lore and is a shitty place to adventure.

>b-but my giant mushrooms you nwah

509053  No.16472406

8db94b  No.16472410

668c52  No.16472429

File: 265318aee15bc1e⋯.gif (2.34 MB, 345x259, 345:259, 1452463059383.gif)


If I was in charge taste this shit would warrant mandatory execution.

509053  No.16472430

36fe6b  No.16472436


care to explain why?

deaee7  No.16472437



7979a1  No.16472486


The whole concept of chim and that fag in the OP. There is no point in going into detail with any of you though, because fags like >>16472429 obviously have no introspection and are unwilling to put aside their fanboy feefees to listen to criticism.

cae77d  No.16472509

File: 4452d8ac7b375ed⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 460.72 KB, 1280x1393, 1280:1393, Futa Politics.jpg)


He's not a tranny, he's a futa.

668c52  No.16472531


Futa's are women with an additional dick. Vivec is a dude with a vagina.

ee7ac0  No.16472533



<means of reproduction

Gommies are fucking retarded.

c5eba7  No.16472555

668c52  No.16472558


>Unwilling to listen to criticism

>Morrowind is shit and I don't like it.

Make an argument and i'll prove that your taste is platinum garbage.

509053  No.16472569


It is okay anon-kun, I'll listen you explaining why morrowind sucks. Go ahead.

ee7ac0  No.16472574

File: 5776fbbf6e82fdb⋯.png (18.6 KB, 144x199, 144:199, cloacas, eh.png)

>>16472555 (cloaca'd)

7979a1  No.16472584


I didn't say that Morrowind sucks in general. I am not talking about the gameplay at all. I said that the lore sucks and there is no point in debating that. You either get that it sucks because you have good taste or you don't.

deaee7  No.16472606

File: 9a148f0b68bfd72⋯.jpg (17.3 KB, 480x362, 240:181, 9a148f0b68bfd724a349a4d8d4….jpg)


>still won't explain why the lore sucks

Don't claim shit if you aren't prepared to back it up.

22dc11  No.16472629

Ayy hol up, imma let ya lil' peeps finnish but just wanna say that Oblivion is the best Elder Scrolls game of all time, of ALL TIME!

509053  No.16472641


Are you finnished? I for one think skyrim is literally the best TES.

10f572  No.16472658

File: a046ef10c6597bb⋯.jpg (61.77 KB, 680x779, 680:779, 1557731775.jpg)


>claims the lore is shit and its a shitty place to adventure

>doesn't explain why

>you get it or you don't

So you don't know why it sucks and just expect us to believe you.

You're a nigger, got it

115257  No.16472659

File: b510b05ecabb9f3⋯.webm (11.27 MB, 640x360, 16:9, dagothwave.webm)



668c52  No.16472708


Dagoth ur wanted to absorb all consciousness into himself and force all of reality to become part of him.

He would end up making the entire world solipsistic and effectively exterminate the dunmer.

a6f96e  No.16472726


This. The issue with story in vidya isn't that it should be ignored, but that it needs to actually utilize the medium instead of trying to bypass it.

668c52  No.16472732


Exactly you couldn't do storytelling like dark souls in any other medium.

4b2a4d  No.16472751

Morrowind is a boring slog that people only remember because Kirkbride used it to publish a rejected book idea. Lorefags are the worst.

668c52  No.16472761


You are a nigger and a faggot and you have awful taste in video games.

bd81d6  No.16472774


>tl: Tried to play an RPG as an action game; got filtered by a scrib.

Go back to Skyrim you smooth-brained flosser.

4b2a4d  No.16472782




>make a character

>do some quests

>the fags from the tribunal DLC show up because nobody bothered to put a check for whether or not the game is over yet

>you're basically in midgame now because their equipment is so good that it's better than half of the armor in the game and sells for retarded amounts of gold

>inevitably stumble ass first into some variety of gold exploit

>buy enough skills that character build is irrelevant because you're good at everything

>no more challenge either


inb4 muh mods

c615ae  No.16472824


*wave is soy

4b2a4d  No.16472832


If I'm given some of the best armor in the game for killing some random fag, I'm not going to refuse. It's the job of the developer to correctly balance their game, not the player. You're acting like I'm trying to break the game when in actuality I have to consciously and actively avoid using the tools I'm given to their fullest or else I risk the game falling apart and spilling all over my lap, which isn't fun in the slightest.

000000  No.16472834


>storycucks still trying to push the meme of "muh plot" in games

The Elder Scrolls games were never good.

6768ea  No.16472837


say that shit to my face on clearnet and not hiding behind Tor mother fucker

668c52  No.16472857

File: f03b9e5267e45c5⋯.jpg (84.94 KB, 805x807, 805:807, 41f40deeb6d2af066531918ddf….jpg)


I concur with >>16472787 you are insteed a massive unbearable faggot who should kill themselves for not liking a video game that I like.

And I mean that unironiclly.

668c52  No.16472860


Morrowind is one of the best RPG's ever made. Easily in the top 5.

7afcb2  No.16472868


Top 5 RPGs:

>Chrono Trigger

>Dragon Warrior

>The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

>Dragon's Dogma

>Monster Girl Quest

9950c4  No.16472890


>Dragon Warrior

Dragon Quest III was better.

c5eba7  No.16472894

File: 213b61a43ea3f61⋯.jpg (14.38 KB, 299x300, 299:300, 213b61a43ea3f61ac580359da9….jpg)

9cc11a  No.16472985


This has to be one of the dumbest posts I've ever gazed upon.

36f200  No.16473012


JRPGs aren't RPGs.

ec3158  No.16473020


>Dagoth ur wanted to absorb all consciousness into himself and force all of reality to become part of him.


Morrowind is a shitty Evangelion rip.

ec3158  No.16473025


Hey. Waking up from Caius' bed with 2 assassins hitting me while Caius takes a hit of skooma is a bit shitty.

31a50d  No.16473028


Solipsism has been around a lot longer than Evangelion you fucking brainlet.

6768ea  No.16473031


we've been over this, it is a pointless arguement that ultimately reduces to all computer games not being RPGs


6768ea  No.16473035


I never thought so, considering you save when you sleep so you'll never lose any progress by dying to them

ec3158  No.16473069


Yeah. It can get frustrating when your attacks get interrupted whilst fighting 2 of them… and getting paralyzed. This happened when I was relatively weak. There's no loss of progress but I'm not a fan of just reloading when I get in a bad situation.

ec3158  No.16473078

File: ce1839667582984⋯.jpg (27.39 KB, 416x353, 416:353, 1518537059212.jpg)


It was a joke. I was specifically addressing the desire to "absorb" everyone's consciousness to create a singularity, not the concept driving it.

c5eba7  No.16473084

File: 7b691de28d5b31d⋯.png (116.69 KB, 241x276, 241:276, 7b691de28d5b31d71c61021176….png)


No its hasnt you laying faggot, its always been split between "the game mechanics of D&D and D&D like tabletop games" and "the narrative and story telling (freedom and choice and consequence) of D&D and D&D like tabletop games".

Which I believe the latter should be what defines the genre because that is really what people see in the classic attempts at porting tabletop version to computer. All those top down games with focus of narrative and letting the player define a character through which they want to interact with the world.

ec3158  No.16473088

File: 49c3b465c8326fa⋯.png (541.81 KB, 800x804, 200:201, signal-2019-01-11-214035.png)


I have seen that mod and I don't know why Bethesda didn't implement a fix when it was released. I'm probably giving early 2000's Bethesda too much credit. They're usually not difficult to cheese like you said unless in a confined, one room, area.

6768ea  No.16473090


Yes it has retard, there isn't a single game that provides you as much freedom of choice as sitting around a table with your friends playing make-believe, like I said it is waste of time talking about this.


c5eba7  No.16473096

File: c34be2bfb627776⋯.jpg (107.37 KB, 1040x1055, 208:211, 1475948116973.jpg)


I'm well aware thats its an impossible emulation but stop fucking ignoring everything else I write.

31a50d  No.16473097


Morrowind was good because of Kirkbride, the freedom the game gave you, the sense of character progression as you got stronger, and the art design.

Morrowind was not good because of the code quality and the combat. It is a Bethesda game after all.

ec3158  No.16473098

File: 5442ff5a27a82f5⋯.jpg (34.24 KB, 616x353, 616:353, c31a10a749055ec63bb9128a4c….jpg)

2510e4  No.16473099

File: b208ed2b64876ab⋯.jpg (46.42 KB, 479x357, 479:357, 9785132481324.jpg)


>locking people in rooms in Gamebryo games

Fallout 4 has specific cells which completely freeze in time if you're not in them. One of those is the institute cell where you first find your son.

>get into the institute for the first time

>finish the dialog with son

>shoot him

>of course he's essential

>he's sitting on the floor at 0 health

>everyone in the institute initiates combat with me so he can't get back up


>cell freezes in time with the son at 0 HP

>final mission

>have to get in there and kill son or people inside in general, fuck if I remember

>his essential flag is removed when this quest starts

>walk into his room

>he's just dead on the floor

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

31a50d  No.16473114


This is a Morrowind thread get the fuck out of here N'wah.

c5eba7  No.16473118


The idea is that they are starting a war at a terrible time vs other humans when the common enemy that is the jews elves is foaming at the mouth for the empire to be weakened.

1731d6  No.16473121


Around Khajit, hide your meat

31a50d  No.16473123


Hammerfell did just fine without the Empire.

Elves are bitches who lost to niggers.

ec3158  No.16473128


Whats the deal with Vivec and him dealing with escaped monsters? The wiki suggests it might all be fake and just written as a parable for the lay people. I still don't understand what Cityface is.

https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Muatra (The archive won't work. )

197992  No.16473136


Imperials bent over to the elves and banned the worship of Nord Jesus.

Nords are mad that they can't worship their Jesus.

c5eba7  No.16473143


Its not whether or not Skyrim can do or not with the Empire. The point is that its a conflict that no matter the outcome the elves benefit from the internal strife. Hammerfell isn't the same because Hammerfell just disconnect from the Empire without major conflict and they still technically operate as allies vs the elves.



That and just generally upset over Imperial culture starting to push-out the Nord one.

197992  No.16473145

File: e05cb0fb1b0d3ff⋯.jpg (11.93 KB, 180x180, 1:1, 180px-MW-creature-Vivec.jpg)

Also daily reminder that he throat raped Azura.

This is 100% canon.

6768ea  No.16473147


What was the point of the rest of what you said? I must be missing something. In the end all you're doing is being autistic about names. There is no such thing as an RPG video game by your definition. The closest things are what we call "CRPGs", because they try to emulate that experience. You have to accept that RPG as a video game genre means something different than RPG in the traditional sense, and quit whining, because this is so ingrained in the culture that it will never change.


That's close but can't really be called a game so much as a way to simulate games.

197992  No.16473151


Elves are eternally asshurt that a human ascended to divinity and they didn't because their whole history is "we wuz aedra and sheeet"

1731d6  No.16473156


Talos was a a man who ascended to godhood, and the elves are raysis against Nords and others who they consider lesser beings, so they do not want to acknowledge him for his greatness cause it makes their elvish women wet at the thought of being fucked by nordlings, which makes them uncomfortable, being miscegenation and all that, so they say "no fuck you talos was a bitch" which makes the nords even angrier.

197992  No.16473160


But it has IRL

c5eba7  No.16473161

File: ff3bbb7020a6b68⋯.png (616.21 KB, 500x707, 500:707, ff3bbb7020a6b68008f2d1cfc7….png)


Because what I said is the usual metric to which people define whether a game is a good RPG or not.

197992  No.16473162


Yes and elves are assmad.

ec3158  No.16473164

File: bede8d138c81b8b⋯.jpg (53.29 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 47583681_1990920677628482_….jpg)


I was just being facetious. :^)


Except the sub-elven wood elves.

Is Tamriel Rebuilt lore friendly or at least having the same art style as the original map?

197992  No.16473171


>Oh so elves are jews assmad at christ.

Okay take Jews but they actually wuz gods before the god that created humanity cucked them out of their immortality to create the physical world. And imagine that one of the sons of the god who fucked you gained the divinity that their daddy tricked you out of.

Elves operate on butthurt.

52a9ad  No.16473172


Nobody's going to judge you for it, just say why you think it's shit and people can agree or disagree with you and talk about it instead of calling eachother names. Nobody comes here to challenge face, but to exchange information.


The plot doesn't bother me, because there's much worse out there. But the constant awful voiceacting bothers me a lot, and exacerbates the plot being mediocre, because it makes me feel like I'm the only living thing in a sea of retards. Some of the English voice actors actually sound like they're playing the part of a mouthbreather. There's little in the way of expression. That's why, I think, most of the memes revolve around the guards, because they sometimes shout, and that difference in tone is rare enough to make it memorable.

de37b6  No.16473173


The thing about miscegenation is the child takes after the mother if I recall. It took a millennia of rape to create Bretons.

ec3158  No.16473177




Would you rather have Nord or (((Altmer))) culture pushed on you?

1731d6  No.16473182


>elves are jews

yeah that's about right, and the empire are a bunch of multiculti cocksucking fag enablers who want to conquer skyrim and prevent it from becoming a sovereign state. it's basically brexit (or the fabled texas secessionism) but with an actual racially motivated component.

c5eba7  No.16473183

File: b58f38ecb8c1489⋯.jpg (83.89 KB, 933x622, 3:2, boiko.jpg)


You know all this shit you are just trying to drive a conversation.

6768ea  No.16473188


So I didn't miss anything then, good. I actually knew that was your approach when you first posted, as I have said before that this conversation has been had several times. Like I said, what you call RPGs are what are generally called CRPGs. There's no reason to be autistic and say JRPGs AREN'T CRPGs, because we know that. It's just a naming convention. All it does is shit up a thread like right now.

197992  No.16473190


Oh and to add to this the dunmer are elves who rejected Altmer asshurt and decided that mortality was a test that they could overcome and use to grow stronger and wiser through suffering. So they decided that all the other elves were faggots and fucked off to Morrowind.

The only elves that have achieved godhood are dunmer. Confirming beyond doubt that the altmer are massive assblasted faggots who will never amount to anything.

c5eba7  No.16473197

File: d302209b2a14787⋯.gif (144.14 KB, 180x180, 1:1, d302209b2a147877b4e416d56a….gif)


>There's no reason to be autistic

ec3158  No.16473200


I thought the Altmer were relatives of the Dunmer and had nothing to do with the curse.

197992  No.16473201


To create the world the gods had to give up their power. However they didn't figure this before it was to late because Lorkan/Shezzar/Shor tricked them.

The altmer descend from lesser Aedra who lost so much power they had to resort to biological reproduction to continue to exist.

c5eba7  No.16473204


Also because you are fundamentally stripped of the ability to play as the role YOU want in J"RPG"s.

197992  No.16473207


To be fair the Imperials descend from the Nedes just like the Nords. It's not like they're actually different races like the mongrel bretons or the niggerguards.

1731d6  No.16473209


this is one of the biggest downsides with skyrim. they had a pretty interesting political scenario, but it never plays out in an interesting way. whichever side you choose will win, because you'll singlehandedly take down the other side while your comrades send you their best wishes from the safety of their tents. also, if you don't give a shit about the civil war, it will never fucking progress, so the two factions never just naturally defeat one another, and you never get to see what life would be like in skyrim after either side wins. it's shit. it's hollow. it's devoid of meaning, and it's a downright shame.

the better question is: why would you ever play skyrim?

197992  No.16473212


The Dunmer are Altmer who decided that the rest of Altmer society was for faggots and left.

Then 3 Dunmer became gods and Azura turned them into niggers out of butthurt.

ec3158  No.16473213


How can the heart of Lorkhan have enough power to give multiple people immortality and disappear an entire race? I thought the power was finite. If Dagoth Ur could actually achieve his goals, would he be on par with the other Aedra?

dd2e42  No.16473214


> Vivec

Anybody else find it weird that Kirbrides self insert is a hermaphrodite who gets raped by a male demon?

197992  No.16473217


To be fair he cuts the demons dick off and uses it as his spear.

197992  No.16473224


First off Aedra are weak as shit because they gave up most of their power to create the world. The strongest entities are CHIMsters and Deadric princes(who are Aedra who weren't retarded enough to self mutilate to create the mortal world).

Lorkhans heart is the heart of the world and Lorkhan was the self created soul of primordial chaos. He created the world and fucked over the Aedra for shits and giggles.

1c8bf9  No.16473229

File: 95bad011d248d23⋯.mp4 (4.68 MB, 600x600, 1:1, dagothur.mp4)

What would a Dagoth Ur ruled morrowind look like?

ec3158  No.16473231


I mean Azura was basically their "guardian " god and shit over her.

>Before that, they were the Chimer, a race of elves with skin like pale gold that followed the prophet Veloth to Resdayn (present-day Morrowind) seeking religious freedom.[1][11][12] But the Daedra Azura (the Goddess of Dusk and Dawn and the patron of Nerevar), became angry and cursed the Chimer, turning their eyes red and their skin ashen.[9][8] Nerevar's councilors, his general Vivec, the sorcerer Sotha Sil, and his wife Almalexia, broke an oath they had sworn to Nerevar and Azura by stealing divine power for themselves.[8] When this Tribunal of new living gods showed no remorse to Azura, she cursed them and all Chimer, and tied together the fate of the Dunmer and Tribunal until the end of time.[8]

ec3158  No.16473232

197992  No.16473235


Everything is just an extension of Dagoth Ur. Everything would cease to exist because Dagoth Ur is an egotistocal asshole and distinction would degrade until individual personalities were impossible to maintain.

Honestly I think that his faggotry would cause the Godhead to wake up eliminating everything.

197992  No.16473240


Vivec ended up raping and banishing her after the game.

701a52  No.16473243

File: 49f692e95be7c50⋯.jpg (99.39 KB, 1200x917, 1200:917, Dont lewd the dragon trig….jpg)


His headless corpse was also raped by molag bal for 88 days

1c8bf9  No.16473248


>Honestly I think that his faggotry would cause the Godhead to wake up eliminating everything.

I kinda want this to happen now, the Godhead waking up would make for a good reboot or whatever it is called

197992  No.16473249

File: 024caaf167dd3b4⋯.jpg (72.49 KB, 600x469, 600:469, Hitler and the Keions.jpg)



What was Kirkbride implying here

dd2e42  No.16473251




Didn't Talos become the God that was keeping the whole mortal plane intact and if everybody stops worshipping him he will stop being a God and the planet will fade away? The Altmer want that because it means their spirits will go back to being with the Gods.

ec3158  No.16473256

File: 32b09d58c170def⋯.png (29.24 KB, 527x594, 527:594, 1450654083056.png)


Thanks anon. That clears some thing up.

197992  No.16473258


It's proboblly gonna happen because Alduin lost. The world need to reset because if thing go on forever everyone either achieves chim or zero summes and then the Godhead wakes up because everything is way to fucked up.

197992  No.16473270


No to destroy the Altmer have to destroy the towers.

They just want to spite Talos out of asshurt.

197992  No.16473276


The entire elder scrolls world is the dream of the Godhead.

CHIM is lucid dreaming.

1c8bf9  No.16473278


The TES universe is actually the dream of a celestial being known as the Godhead, if it wakes up everything dissappears, that's why characters that have achieved chim don't give a shit about mortals.

701a52  No.16473285


Ur mum lol

b0ab14  No.16473287


Michael Kirbride in a drug-induced coma.

539212  No.16473293


So its like The Windfish from Zelda

ec3158  No.16473296

File: 907120f36ae9c4f⋯.webm (4.85 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Gondola_Morrowind.webm)


Was gonna say Todd but this is more accurate. Maybe Todd will force Godhead to wake up when the shekels stop rolling in.

197992  No.16473304


Nobody knows proboblly some guy in another dream who achieved Amaranth.

The elder scrolls universe proboblly operates on the basic idea of simulation theory where we're part of a simulation within a simulation except replace simulations with dreams.

ec3158  No.16473311


Then whats the point? Is there any intention of making the story conclude or is this just Michael Kirbride's peek inside a world that just "is"? or does only he know?

1c8bf9  No.16473313


The Godhead is just the Godhead, not a Daedra, Aedra or one of the nine devines.

Some characters even dissappear after learning this, that's supposedly what happened to the dunmer and that mage in Skyrim who dissappears into thin air

ec3158  No.16473319


This might help a little.. or not


197992  No.16473321


Sacrificing yourself to become the new Godhead of your own dream.

ec3158  No.16473335




Does that mean it's possible the Dwemer found this out and that's why they ceased to exist?

197992  No.16473338


Read C0DA faggot

197992  No.16473340


A common theory is that the Dunmer zero summed or ascended.

Nobody knows.

1c8bf9  No.16473352


Amaranth is the next step to CHIM. With CHIM you can manipulate the dream but CHIMers don't chose to do so since it could wake up the Godhead.

CHIM is basically the selfish form of Amaranth because you are aware of the dream and you can manipulate it, but if you sacrifice yourself after achieving CHIM you become a new Godhead thus achieving Amaranth.

Or at least that's what I remember it being

197992  No.16473365


>Then why doesn't everybody just kill themselves and become their own gods?

Because achieving Amaranth is fucking hard as shit you absolute retard.

>How did the first godhead create himself then?

God did God in real life create himself out of nothing or did he just always exist? How can something without a beginning exist? We aren't able to answer these questions in IRL theology, we sure as shit can't answer them in a fantasy universe.

Also Elder Scrolls lore is so good because it's real life religion+Tolkien+lots of Cocaine.

dd2e42  No.16473375


>How did the first godhead create himself then?

He had a fight with his brother and killed the woman he loved in the crossfire. This made him so sad he became God.

ec3158  No.16473378


So the mushrooms everywhere are a manifestation of Godhead's current shroom trip.

1c8bf9  No.16473380


>Then why doesnt everybody just kill themselves and become their own gods?

Because as I've said before, in order to reach Amaranth you need to achieve CHIM and that's hard as fuck, I think only five characters have achieved CHIM in the whole series and most of them are nowhere to be found, who knows, maybe they did reach Amaranth and their dreams are separated from the one in the TES.

>How did the first godhead create himself then?

I don't know dude, how did God create himself?

197992  No.16473382


The Psijic Endeavor

ec3158  No.16473387

This thread has cleared up some confusing shit.


dd2e42  No.16473388


Pretty sure thats what it states in C0DA.

197992  No.16473390

1c8bf9  No.16473396


No problem dude, I like talking about this shit, and I also like to Dagothpost I can only do it in here after all

197992  No.16473411

File: 05c88a7eae33b75⋯.jpg (26.37 KB, 360x240, 3:2, Todd.jpg)

Is there any hope that Elder Scrolls 6 will add anything interesting to the lore?

Will they get Kirkbride back? Or will Todd fuck it up like 76?

0f3d4a  No.16473413


Do we know if it still uses Gamebryo?

ec3158  No.16473418


Haven't they been spoonfeeding bland lore since Morrowind?


I think it has been confirmed.

1c8bf9  No.16473421



Bethesda stopped caring about writing and world building a very long time ago, that's why everyone loves to meme the shit out of Pete Hines

ec3158  No.16473424



>“For Fallout 76 we have changed a lot,” Todd Howard told Gamestar this year. “The game uses a new renderer, a new lighting system and a new system for the landscape generation. For Starfield even more of it changes. And for The Elder Scrolls 6, out there on the horizon even more. We like our editor. It allows us to create worlds really fast and the modders know it really well. There are some elementary ways we create our games and that will continue because that lets us be efficient and we think it works best.”

197992  No.16473425


I don't think it matters honestly. What I want is good writing, lore, and the RPG mechanics less casualized.

Honestly a clunky engine doesn't bother me. It doesn't stop me from enjoying Morrowind.

1c8bf9  No.16473431


Yes, but everyone forgot about it because Bethesda showed a development video where they put some granny streamer in the game

ec3158  No.16473436


OpenMW is also pretty great… at least for me.

The comparison martix is sad. So many mechanics removed.


197992  No.16473446


I'm still mad they removed spell crafting and casualized the stats.

197992  No.16473454


What bothers me the most is how in Morrowind I want from below dirt to a guy who killed a fucking God and then trapped her soul and stuck it in my fucking shoes to punish her for eternity for murdering and cucking my past life.

And in Skyrim i'm the chosen one from day one to the end of the game. None of it feels earned, I feel like a Gary Stu and it's retarded because you can become far FAR more powerful in Morrowind. My current character has like 9 million strength, can cast spells that can destroy city blocks and travels between cities with a single Jump.

2b0285  No.16473459

why are there so many TES and bethesda threads on the catalog right now? are they ramping up the shilling before announcing the next iteration ?


1c8bf9  No.16473463


Because the lore in the past entries is fun

ec3158  No.16473468


Character builds don't seem to exist anymore. Whats the point in playing if I can't truly customize a character to a play style? There's barely any replayability. Birthsign changing on a whim and removing attributes pisses me off.


I don't know how people enjoy it when there's no personal progression. There doesn't seem to be anything at stake, lossed or gained.

I get how Morrowind can be boring or overwhelming but goddamn removing most of the mechanics is overkill but that seems to be par for the course.


Bumping for Bethesda. Preorder TES 6, goy.

>I like Morrowind and want to discuss it.

<Why are you shilling TES 6?

/v/ is for /v/ideogames

2b0285  No.16473469


>>16472370 lore thread about tes

>>16466376 lore thread w/ fallout in the OP


197992  No.16473479


>/v/ is for /v/ideogames

That's where you're wrong kiddo.

Fuck Redguards and fuck niggers.

ec3158  No.16473480



UESP is a decent source of lore.


Its almost as if a game studio can create multiple franchises.

Hide the thread you fragile nigger.

2b0285  No.16473487

>>16438003 tes iv was the best

>>16470541 classic tes

>>16469092 classic fo

>>16468360 OP bitching about tes

>>16276438 tes iv mods

>>16432852 OP about fo

this is neither natural nor organic you shills





24335b  No.16473488

File: d19027696139a44⋯.jpg (87.58 KB, 960x768, 5:4, 7j3i0nusr8yy.jpg)


because I installed a mod that lets me turn into a werebear and I have a home in riften and walk around naked in the days and as a werebear during nights and just collect honey and honey-related items, like beehives and shit and just hoard it all in my home.

its bad but it kinda helps when I get too blackpilled. it is a simpler reality that kinda soothes the pain if you know what I mean

b1dd30  No.16473493


UESP is the better source. I recommend going there instead

ec3158  No.16473496


Noticed that after I posted. Wasn't playing attention.

dc21b1  No.16473509

File: 99248c551933eb4⋯.webm (4.42 MB, 640x360, 16:9, dagoth_ur_fanfic.webm)

We have had TES threads for a long time, where are you niggers coming from? It's time to go back your bait is stale

31a50d  No.16473519


This whole site has been riddled with paranoid schizophrenics and I hate it. I prefered the old days when anons with mental illnessness where entertaining like the guy who hallucinated dick ants or the guy who went into a catacomb to fuck a skull.

The modern mentally ill anon is about as entertaining and predictable as a histrionic woman. It fucking sucks.

ac4d8f  No.16473525


Libertarian right is the best girl.

66e5b1  No.16473548

File: 570ba11b51c2745⋯.mp4 (1.3 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Just_walk_away.mp4)


Imageboards have grown up and aren't your playground. And that's a good thing!

2b0285  No.16473552

File: 77d47831de2582a⋯.jpg (147.63 KB, 1000x1485, 200:297, 7d83c348af4ad59cdc3560a8c0….jpg)


and you think this gives you power over me?

ac4d8f  No.16473553


What towers are even left? Adamantine I know still exists, but about Snow Throat? Was Alduin supposed to be it's stone - or was the Dominion's entire involvement in the Civil War and their patrols to flush out Talos worship just a cover to justify their presence in Imperial territory without a war they couldn't afford to wage while they deactivated High Hrothgar?

2b0285  No.16473558



0e493a  No.16473572


I want to cum inside Rin Shibuya.

36f200  No.16473579

>ITT: retards taking metaphors literally.

4b67ce  No.16473608

4bc7f8  No.16473769


>RP'g as a cartoon bear

You are one of the few people in the world who understand the point of video games.

t. Follower of S'wit Rohl the daedric prince of pastries.

2fb5c0  No.16473770


Man, RPGs must be steaming piles of garbage, if morrowind is one of the best of 'em

70dd86  No.16473790


Clever guy, playing off human's competitive nature.

ac4d8f  No.16473886


>Atheist & Agnostics put in the most

>Jews put in the least

I chuckled.

70dd86  No.16473907


I'm surprised there's even a penny there. But joking aside, without knowing how religion is distributed among the population where this picture was taken, it's hard to make any conclusions.

It would be funny if it came from Israel.

411205  No.16474287

File: 9ccf87e6cfef41e⋯.jpg (281.81 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, chim chim chim.jpg)

3793c1  No.16474342


>Dagoth Ur did nothing wrong

He's an elf, he was born wrong.

3793c1  No.16474344


>Buddist bowl has a carabiner in it


35ccc8  No.16474366

Daily reminder that Kirkbride was inspired by Aleister Crowley and Morrowind is just buttmagic propaganda.

7afcb2  No.16474399


OpenMW is pretty good on code quality though. Native linux too. It's fucking great.

ad7ef6  No.16474417


Given it's most likely in a semi large city then statistically it's probably got a higher jew/muslim/athnostic proportion than the general population. But phsychologically as a Christian I'd probably be less inclined to give him something being that it's a transparent attempt to get more cash by challenging the faith of passers by. Whereas the eternal atheist gamma male is most inclined to bite his bait hard in order to get one up over and show his superiority to those hypocritical crustians.

t.recovered fedora

e77789  No.16474422


It was a bhikkhu giving up his last earthly shackles.

298f4d  No.16474471


Green-Sap should still be standing, but it's debatable whether the Aldmer will allow it to stand for too long if they have control over the lands of the Bosmer.

Alternatively, Umaril might still try to fuck up Green-Sap in order to give the Ayleid a comeback.

5d1121  No.16474479


>from atheist to christian

You haven't changed at all. All the atheist types are switching to christianity now after seeing one too many /pol/ memes and concluding they have to repent for their past by going from one meme idea to another.

2fb5c0  No.16474498


In what country?

b76cc4  No.16474618

File: 19c58e28ef889a3⋯.jpg (68.52 KB, 374x374, 1:1, 19c58e28ef889a31b3a1811041….jpg)



Ada-Mantia is apparently untouched.

Red Mountain lost its stone and later exploded.

White-Gold lost its stone during the Oblivion crisis.

Crystal-Like-Law was broken during the Oblivion crisis but its unclear if its fallen.

Snow Throat is apparently ok for now.

Green-Sap has stopped walking I think, or something along those lines.

Orichalch was probably broken when the niggers exploded Yokuda.

Walk-Brasses stone was the Heart of Lorkhan.

I would assume that Ada-Mantia will feature in the next game, if we can assume Bethesda to give any fucks about lore anymore. Most likely the game takes place in Niggerfell and concerns itself only with we wuz kangz retcons.

ad7ef6  No.16474697


>2000 years of faith and tradition

<it's a meme guise

Sure thing faglord, have fun with your GRIDS larper

7c989d  No.16474713


It's not conviction that has turned these guys to Christianity, it's fear.

df6d1b  No.16474736


A singular penny in the kike dish. The jokes write themselves.

707963  No.16474738

File: e81903ca9c2e3f7⋯.gif (924.84 KB, 367x309, 367:309, vivec wrestling.gif)

Vivec is the peak of the series and it might as well just stop because it will never match or surpass him in his magnificence.

t. Michael Kirkbride

62f2a1  No.16474753


Let's make up some lore.

>After Vivec and the Tribunal achieved divinity using Kagrenac's Tools, Nerevar

attempted to use the tools for good against them. As he could not do so, Nerevar began to cast more spells and created more minions and wards, more powerful than the others, which could be used to defeat the Tribunal again later. Nerevar eventually took to destroying the ancient Dwemer and its artifacts for his own personal destruction.[2]

During the Third Era, Nerevar was approached by Khajiiti warriors named Asura and tasked with stopping the destruction of Tsaesci by a cult of the ancient Dwemer. Khajiiti warriors fought to save the city and Nerevar's army of loyal followers was victorious once more.[3] Despite this victory, Nerevar's followers were unable to halt the Dwemer's efforts to destroy the Tribunal.[4]

In 4E 6, Nerevar and his followers were attacked by a group led by Asura and his followers. After some initial fighting, Nerevar, surrounded by the cult's followers, was able to overpower the group in combat.

62f2a1  No.16474763


After Vivec and the Tribunal achieved divinity using Kagrenac's Tools, Nerevar's wife Sotha Sil made the choice to give him a mirror instead. While it was an unnecessary ritual as long as the Tribunal did not leave her behind, it left Vivec with the potential to forge a new life after his ascension. While Vigrid is believed to have been given many objects as gifts to Nerevar in his final days, one of his favorites is his personal mirror in which to meditate and reflect upon his many visions that had come to pass as his avatar.

The Elder Scrolls lore books, such as Oblivion and Markarth are filled with depictions of Nerevar, but few of them refer to his existence. While in Markarth, Nerevar is stated to have walked among his people and spoke to his old companion Dwemer, giving them wisdom as he was in his mortal body.

c5eba7  No.16474764

File: 2a97cd8cee62064⋯.png (91.7 KB, 237x287, 237:287, 2a97cd8cee620642231e5a3f33….png)


>appeal to tradition

Listen here, nigger. You can denounce established things for both wrong and right reason. It just happens that most did it for the wrong reason.

c5eba7  No.16474773


>Snow Throat is apparently ok for now.

No, I think Snow Throat has also lost its stone. I remember it being some abstract cave or something but I read that it could also be the people of Skyrim themselves and the Civil War makes them divided and not function as the stone.

94029d  No.16474791

File: 5763781ddb28944⋯.png (148.57 KB, 1032x843, 344:281, kirkbride regaurd cucking.PNG)


In Morrowind CHIM was just one of many nonsense words in the Sermons of Vivec. In Morrowind Vivec and the the Tribunal were exclusively powered by the Heart of Lorkhan, and Vivec was anxious about losing those powers. The united Tribunal could not overpower one Dagoth Ur, who was connected the Heart. In Morrowind and Redguard, Tiber Septim was powerful but greedy and deceitful warlord who needed Dwemer tech to conquer Alinor.

After Morrowind (as early as the Trial of Vivec) Kirkbride was afraid of his OC being powerless so he made Vivec a a Mary Sue - turned CHIM into superpower enlightenment that could summon and expel Azura (who Kirkbride portrayed as a literal retard) with ease. Tiber Septim was also given CHIM which made him a perfect god-emperor who can change the land and history at will.

Kirkbride is a faggot.

65be1f  No.16474813

File: 569d2088cc56d58⋯.png (47.48 KB, 588x384, 49:32, talk to transformer - a fr….png)


A love letter from The Fifth Era.

This was actually something I generated the other day just using a random prompt. Hence the prompt having nothing to do with TES.

f39365  No.16474830


All memes are is mental and social traits determined by their philosophical offspring worthy to pass off to a next generation. By definition Christianity is a meme.

It's also semetic and Jewish, so it's also a shit meme.

efcd8f  No.16474863

File: b4e4dd8439aa6b6⋯.jpg (166.23 KB, 1080x920, 27:23, b4e4dd8439aa6b65e2ed0307b7….jpg)

With how much of the lore has just gotten retconned out of the setting's official canon over the years, would it be possible to make an "original" fantasy setting based of off all of that lore that would be considered legally distinct from "The Elder Scrolls"?

707963  No.16474880


I wish I saved it but I punched in 'Vivec is a pretty cool guy eh' as a transformer prompt the other day and got a rambling paragraph of nonsense about some guy trying to impress some girl by saying it (itself a good meme) only to then branch off into Sermons level rambling about a two-legged gazelle creature that was bothering homeowners and you nearly expected it to get skewered by Muatra at some point.

c5eba7  No.16474973


They probably still own all the rights to said lore since its technically still set in TES. Maybe if you snatch something NEVER mentioned in the official games and use it for a new setting then I guess it would be ok. However Bethesda could probably give its blessing to some small fan project using the TES universe how they have given the ok and many mods and shit like Prequel.

efcd8f  No.16475039


>They probably still own all the rights to said lore since its technically still set in TES.

But all of these things really can't be said to be "set in TES". Just for one thing, there's all of the lore about Cyrodiil from before Oblivion that's just blatantly incompatible with the official version of Cyrodiil we see in Oblivion. The "TES" that all of that lore belongs to isn't the "TES" that Bethesda recognise as theirs.

So I'm imagining someone making their own fantasy setting where, e.g., there's an equatorial jungle that's the seat of a dragon-worshipping one world government. Even though the setting I'm describing is blatantly just made from retconned-out TES lore, would Bethesda actually have any legal argument to make against it?

Keep in mind: We're talking about a company that regularly plagiarises fan content and that have a working methodology of tricking other companies into signing agreements with them that allow them to then take those companies over in order to cannibalise their talent and IP. Bethesda are carrion birds and if they see something to gain in fucking you over, don't think they aren't going to go out of their way to fuck you over.

c5eba7  No.16475053


>Just for one thing, there's all of the lore about Cyrodiil from before Oblivion that's just blatantly incompatible with the official version of Cyrodiil we see in Oblivion.

But it exist with-in an official published property that they own(the previous games) thus they still own it.

6de418  No.16475058




They are sand niggers, anon

The furries are the niggers

94029d  No.16475081


Who are the Jews? The Sload or the Dunmer?

c5eba7  No.16475089


The furries are gypsies. aka loo niggers

40ebfb  No.16475096


gypsies are kikes

efcd8f  No.16475099

File: c2712f081b2a63e⋯.gif (1.28 MB, 330x312, 55:52, c2712f081b2a63ef1b10a473b6….gif)


To rephrase things:

When one of your writers gives you an outline of an idea in a short story, and then you fire that writer, and then you make a whole game that goes totally against the idea that former writer of yours had written his outline of - how much ownership of that idea do you actually have?

There's the question of whether you'll even recognise you're getting played, but if you do recognise that you're getting played, is your ownership of a brief outline of an idea that you've since totally disavowed enough grounds for you to do something about it?

c5eba7  No.16475113

File: 111bac71d0322cf⋯.jpg (55.96 KB, 384x522, 64:87, a6b0fb23a3e6888b1e64d7c844….jpg)


They were the equivalent, not sure if actual generic kikes. But they were basically the lowest cast of Loo society and they were roaming merchants know for mystic incantations(aka snake oil salesmen). They are probably worse than niggers in their low-life(ness?)


>When one of your writers gives you an outline of an idea in a short story, and then you fire that writer, and then you make a whole game that goes totally against the idea that former writer of yours had written his outline of - how much ownership of that idea do you actually have?

Depending on the contract. Usual such jobs the publisher/the guy who hired you owns the rights to your work and you are merely allowed to use it as a portfolio and nothing else.

However you could probably create a blatant copy-cat property and just straddle the line of being not exactly so it avoids plagiarism laws.

efcd8f  No.16475117


>However you could probably create a blatant copy-cat property and just straddle the line of being not exactly so it avoids plagiarism laws.

Right. Because I'm imagining how great it would be if fans just made their own totally-not-TES setting that would just be totally immune to all of Bethesda's bullshit.

622616  No.16475170

The Elder Scrolls lore perfectly mirrors the games and even their marketing, all flash and no substance, relying on the player to fill in the gaps, and keeping everything vaguely relative and unreliable enough to avoid saying anything that can be pinned down. Kirkbride is a hack the same as any of them.

1466af  No.16475176

File: 9df9947ae77702e⋯.png (608.61 KB, 740x1016, 185:254, the_dreamer_is_awake.png)



You spelt dagoth ur wrong.

eda7c6  No.16475209


The elves namely the Aldmeri dominion believe if they destroy the towers then Nirn will be destroyed returning elves to their divine form.

Which is fucking stupid as they would lose all individuality.

Also only the Altmer want this, Dunmer thing Nirn is pretty neat, and Bosmer are fine with their forest.

I'm not planning on buying the next elder scrolls as it will be shit but I am curious to learn what has become of the Aldmeri.

2a9bd9  No.16475210

File: 4929801381a497e⋯.jpg (211.49 KB, 1216x1062, 608:531, The edge is awake.jpg)


Dagoth Ur is an overrated edgelord that got killed by a local drunk.

1466af  No.16475217

File: 2034b65bce9dc86⋯.jpg (266.37 KB, 600x840, 5:7, moragtong.jpg)



Shares godhood with anyone who joins him when he could horde it for himself like you know who.

>local drunk

Pretty sure he was the leader of 3 houses soldiers, prophet of 4 dindu nuffin ashlander tribes, unaging, immune to all disease, and possibly the reincarnation of a guy so awesome he was nicknamed "god killer"

eda7c6  No.16475232



Oblivion was an okay game, Skyrim was shit but they are still pretty deep lore wise.

ESO fucked that all up.

deaee7  No.16475239


>shares godhood

Turning into a mindless zombie or a shoggoth with a hunchback doesn't sound like godhood to me.

2a9bd9  No.16475242

File: e730eafbecf7217⋯.jpg (40.93 KB, 600x456, 25:19, darkelf.jpg)


>Gets wrecked by a magic meth head that used a fucking flight potion to skip half the game and chugged a dozen other broken potions just to kick Dagoth's dick off because Dagoth gave him scary dreams.

Anon he got killed by the fantasy equivalent of the psycho next door that jumps over your fence to murder you because you said you do not care for NASCAR. Dagoth Ur is pretty lame.

c5eba7  No.16475248

File: ddee4b85c2ea825⋯.jpg (35.62 KB, 512x544, 16:17, ddee4b85c2ea82530bebe95c42….jpg)


>Oblivion was an okay game

Skyrim was dogshit and was still better than Oblivion.

6d7787  No.16475249


You've never been stabbed with a lockpuck before, you don't know what he went through.

1466af  No.16475252


The mindless zombies thing was reserved for enemies of dagoth ur, as for the shogoths you simply can't comprehend the beauty of the sixth house, and their incredible stackable furniture.


>fantasy equivalent of a psycho next door

>killed him because he didn't like thing

Your describing the situation the happens when anons play video games.

2a9bd9  No.16475273


>Killed him because he didn't like thing.

Pretty much the plot of Morrowind. I mean I like the game but thats the plot. Some asshat dressed like a gay sunflower is giving you bad dreams so you kill the fuck out of him.

Its relatable we would all do the same as the Nerevarine if we had a dancing homosexual invading our dreams.

1466af  No.16475280


Yah that's the plot if you ignore almost all of the plot.

2a9bd9  No.16475284


I do fucking love flight potions.

deaee7  No.16475287


I gotta give them some credit for the stacked chairs. Coupled with the low lighting it unnerved me the first time I found them.


>better than oblivion

In what way? Pretty environments aside, just about everything was better in Oblivion. Even the fucking "combat" had more variety.

411548  No.16475309


>giving money to the homeless

>not the bullet

Stop enabling parasites

c5eba7  No.16475310


>more variety

You had a few more spells but it was all the same floaty garbage. Even with Skyrim's combat being shit it was still better than oblivion's. Skyrim is superior in absolutely everything expect writing. Maybe beside the dungeons where you had to walk back to get out and MAYBE there is some side path in Oblivion.

41313e  No.16475316


TO be completely fair ESO wasn't made by Bethesda and Todd had nothing to do with it.

411548  No.16475332


>God did God in real life create himself out of nothing or did he just always exist?

Did a programmer exist before creating the program? Obviously. But it is impossible to ascertain anything more about the programmer from within the program other than mayhaps his intentions. You do not know the natural laws governing the place he is from, therefore your base of knowledge does not apply. It would be like pacman trying to infer the nature of his creator from the things within the game – he wouldn't be able to. He's not even in the same dimension – any answer he might come up with would be most certainly wrong.

1466af  No.16475348

File: 068ec3d3ac93131⋯.png (302.31 KB, 635x457, 635:457, dagothurdoesnotwelcomeyou.png)


>skyirm better than oblivion in every way except writing

It's the other way around you brain dead mongoloid. Skyrims quests were the worst in the entire franchise. I pirated the damn thing and I the only one I could finish before either being bored out of my mind, or the quest chain becoming so shit I left to do another one was the dark brotherhood.

2a9bd9  No.16475383

File: 2c3ddc96372e7fb⋯.jpg (8.34 KB, 262x193, 262:193, todd.jpg)


>I pirated the damn game.

You pre-ordered special edition didn't you?

1466af  No.16475406

File: b91de881c04ca47⋯.jpg (55.71 KB, 447x604, 447:604, crassius_curio.jpg)


No I did not. In fact I pirated it twice.

41313e  No.16475409


Why are you posting a homo la la mega penis enthusiast anon?

1466af  No.16475417

File: 18358f9dbe75339⋯.png (126.44 KB, 1229x899, 1229:899, vurdoe_vardae.png)


>implying vivec isn't a homo la la mega CHIM

2a9bd9  No.16475429

File: fdc9984c7d78d91⋯.jpg (325.94 KB, 899x1770, 899:1770, The legend of vivec.jpg)


Vivec's chim powered faggotry is a matter of fact and not up for discussion.

eda7c6  No.16475435


I understand that it was made by Zenimax, but the faggots who play the game honestly think ESO is the new cannon.

Can't talk lore of morrowind anywhere but here because

<ESO lore debunks that

deaee7  No.16475458

File: 2b71a9129ae7384⋯.png (166.21 KB, 500x375, 4:3, ^120E124154A0E998E1C1E65C7….png)



>for melee you have blade, blunt, hand to hand

>each of these has different animations depending on your skill level

>they also have different ranges and speeds depending which weapon it is

>at certain tiers you get different power attacks that can disarm, knockback, or paralyze


<one handed and two handed

<no difference in animation between a beginner and a master

<no difference between swords, axes, or maces unless you take a perk

<even then its just one change such as 25% armor piercing

<barely any difference in speed with weapons and no difference in range

<can't disarm or knock down enemies

<almost all perks are just damage increases

This isn't even getting into how the spells in Skyrim are a joke with barely any utility.

You need mods just to put it roughly on par with unmodded Oblivion.

31a50d  No.16475466

File: a3462efff01fe82⋯.png (2.54 MB, 1400x1131, 1400:1131, Vivec Vaginia.png)


I made it very clear in the OP that Vivec is a massive homo man who murdered you, cucked you, and then proceeded to suck the lord of rapes dick and give birth to 88 demon babies.

"He" a literal hermaphrodite who used his god powers to give himself a Vagina.

31a50d  No.16475468


ESO isn't canon.

1466af  No.16475473


I'm not dagoth ur, or nerevar anon, it's just a video game. Also vivec didn't do shit he was a neet stuck in his temple until some guy showed up to bail him out.

94029d  No.16475482


By "bail him out" you mean kill him right?

c5eba7  No.16475485


>>each of these has different animations depending on your skill level

>>they also have different ranges and speeds depending which weapon it is

And all of them were just spamming floating attack at a health sponge.

>>at certain tiers you get different power attacks that can disarm, knockback, or paralyze

Which were had no meaning because you just do it once in a while whiles spamming light attack.

><one handed and two handed

<no difference in animation between a beginner and a master

<no difference between swords, axes, or maces unless you take a perk

<even then its just one change such as 25% armor piercing

And you just spam light attack in an enemy's general direction and occasionally block or power attack to break block. Only now with slightly better animations and sound.

Don't act like they arent the same shit.

eda7c6  No.16475490


>but the faggots who play the game honestly think ESO is the new canon.


In oblivion they even ADDED mechanics, like how the mastery system worked, when you got to 100 athletics or acrobatics (forget which one) you could fucking walk on water.


With Dagoth Ur going on his ability to use Chim to change things was risky as he had a good chance of waking the Godhead.

dec103  No.16475509


Honestly the most egregious thing that Oblivion and Skyrim removed was Jump and flying spells.

Morrowind made me feel like a literal god at the end. In Oblivion you become a fucking Deadric Prince and you still feel like just a powerful mortal.

eda7c6  No.16475593


How did that idiot that made the jumping scrolls not think of casting levitate before he landed?

c5eba7  No.16475636


You answered your own question.

1466af  No.16475678

File: 0542d353ba67d97⋯.jpg (151.98 KB, 760x596, 190:149, chain_letter.jpg)


He cast levitate twice, and failed due to low willpower. By then he was out of mana.

eda7c6  No.16475714


At least its some kind of explanation. What a fucking dunce, when I do a play through I leave his looted corpse and his book next to his body as a warning to other mages to think before they cast.

ac4d8f  No.16475750

File: 963dbf947534795⋯.jpg (25.24 KB, 430x404, 215:202, P1040247-2.JPG)


>A singular penny in the kike dish.

Anon, that's not a penny - it's a button.

ac4d8f  No.16475793

File: c7de5c1c8dac320⋯.gif (29.88 KB, 220x314, 110:157, Hmmm.gif)


>Dagoth Ur

Which reminds me… would the HoonDing be correctly called the Nigg-Ur?

9cae60  No.16475968


A homeless person doesn't have an insulated bag to carry drinks in, don't trim their hair, and probably don't have a bunch of clean plastic bowls and packing tape for begging. That motherfucker isn't homeless.

c45e9c  No.16475998


>having atheists throw money at you under the guise of BTFOing religiocucks epicstyle™

Seems like a clever idea.

292593  No.16476061


745e13  No.16476078

File: c0c8c22126e7945⋯.png (347.87 KB, 820x4220, 41:211, 1370981641987.png)

7e609b  No.16476107

File: e0d21936b8c66ee⋯.png (582.03 KB, 495x923, 495:923, Tribunal.png)


>Also Vivec is a tranny who murdered you and fucked your wife.

f114c4  No.16476125


I take it you've never been a mage in Oblivion have you? You can't fly but you can certainly do some god tier shit such as

>become invisible with 100% chameleon and break the game

>boost speed and run faster than horses/anything and break the game

>detect life for miles and break the game

>boost magicka or regenerate magicka so fast you'll have an endless source and break the game

>buff any element and magicka damage and 1 hit any enemy and kill them and break the game

>Literally thorn buff yourself so any damage taken is reflected 100% and break the game

>not even half the shit you can do to break the game with magic

Honestly I don't mind not being able to fly. Once you become able to move anywhere a lot of the fun in exploration is lost.

1466af  No.16476154


>not wanting to have 100% chameleon, 100% reflect damage, AND be able to fly.

Do you even know what fun is? Make a spell that paralyzes everyone in the largest radius so everyone falls on their face.

dec103  No.16476214


Redguards aren't actually niggers because they apparently have actually accomplished things.

I mean it is a world where lizards and cats are people, so why not niggers?

bb5478  No.16476217


Oh how I wish it was, but the majority of fan faggots treat it like such. The worst part was how they initially introduced senches as just the Khajiit name for big cats rather than keeping with the original lore of Khajiit birth cycles. Also the fact that they just made Cyrodiil into Oblivion 2.0 without using anything from its pre-modern interpretation like jungles, sophisticated tribes and a rice-based economy. Instead they just use the kalpa/time fuckery shit as an excuse to retcon the past.


>Redguards aren't actually niggers because they apparently have actually accomplished things.

You mean physically or behavior wise? Could they pass off for pajeets minus the shitting?

dec103  No.16476218


Man I really want to get back into Oblivion but the level scaling ruins it for me.

Are there any good mods that get rid of level scaling without fucking up the game?

1c8bf9  No.16476220


>Honestly I don't mind not being able to fly.

And you call yourself a mage? Pathetic…

dec103  No.16476225


>You mean physically or behavior wise? Could they pass off for pajeets minus the shitting?

Behavior wise, they're actually really good at war and fucked up the Altmer.

However their intelligent stat is lower, Todd has some explaining to do. I have no idea how Todd has gotten away with it, it's amazing honestly.

dec103  No.16476234


I think that they got rid of flying because they had to instance the cities.

It's a fucking disgrace, I want flying back.

bb5478  No.16476237

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>However their intelligent stat is lower, Todd has some explaining to do. I have no idea how Todd has gotten away with it, it's amazing honestly.

It is honestly. I mean it makes sense how ES lore got away with shit in the 90s, 00s and a bit of early 10s, but with the upcoming release of Hammerfell, that might change for the worse what with Bethesda determined to fuck shit up on ever level.

Also looking back on that one ES Harry Partridge cartoon about the Dovahkids made me realize that scene where he had the black girl be the redguard would never fly well today. Also I want a shitty Dovahkids show.

b60bd1  No.16476248


>Is Tamriel Rebuilt lore friendly or at least having the same art style as the original map?

Tamriel Rebuilt and other province mods disregard anything post-Morrowind that cannot be used (Oblivion Ayyleid architecture is used in Project Cyrodiil, but that's about it so far). ESO is disregarded as well. As far as I know, when the mod gets finished, the main quest will be altered to accommodate the rest of the province (Hortator quests for example). As for the rest of the province mods, they'll be making their own mainquests, but in strict consistency with TR and each other. TR somewhere uses the same artstyle as Vvardenfell, but in most regions they're doing their own thing, but only to preserve the alien atmosphere and not be the same. All of the other province mods follow the same principle, so I hope they'll be good.

d5907c  No.16476256

File: 347c761bc757f19⋯.png (55.08 KB, 300x250, 6:5, wot.png)


>Draggy the Dragon

I'm so sorry but I must sperg…


d5907c  No.16476261


There's no way that shit will ever be finished.

dec103  No.16476267

Honestly I really like Oblivion because it doesn't force me to have the soul of a filthy non-human race.

I don't the soul of a Dragon or Nerevar I want to be pure human like Talos(peace be upon him).

bb5478  No.16476276


How big do dragonlings get anyway? Do they stay permanently small? Are they the result of Dovahs who gave up their immortality to become mortal and sire young? Or are they just reptiles who merely resemble Dragons? I find the last one hard to believe since they have their own language like Dragons.

46bd82  No.16476278


A man can dream, though. Still better to do that than believe Bethshit will ever be good again.

d5907c  No.16476281

File: de8893636302e03⋯.jpg (20.5 KB, 400x390, 40:39, cdee69cfa0966a16e7d2d364e4….jpg)



dec103  No.16476287

File: 8c241354252ce0f⋯.jpg (27.38 KB, 550x281, 550:281, Angry about elves.jpg)


Dunmer are the coolest Elves but they're still Elves and thus niggers.

f114c4  No.16476292

File: 6f28ccdcf872a5f⋯.gif (493.32 KB, 160x160, 1:1, matsumotowow.gif)


Talking about magic that breaks the game. If you want fun you can

>turn entire settlements against each other

>spam wabbajack at the local farm animals, turning them into bears and watch as the farmers get mangled

>increasing speed on imperial legion or mail horses, making them run so fast they literally fly off of mild declines and shoot off for several yards before they die upon landing

>do the same to NPC's who are running at you, but when they're at their peak velocity cast paralyze on them

>make a damage stamina weapon, add it into NPC's inventory, cast reflect 100% on yourself and make them angry, they then proceed to attack you and faint after 3 hits

>make AOE destruction spells with 1 damage so shit everywhere goes flying

>max out your CHR and purchase shit from vendors with max value

>run across water for an infinite amount of time, making angry guards swim

>Summon deadra while 100% chameleon and just watch as your minions do your bidding in dungeons

>turn enemies on to your side temporarily, including the dungeon masters

>simply just make insanely powerful destruction spells and cast them on small animals and watch them fly away at mach 10 when you cast a billion volts of thunder into their ass

That's just off the top of my head. You can mix and match like crazy though.


Honestly Flying's boring as fuck. Makes movement from place to place tedious and it's slower than just casting a reinforce speed buff. Also you don't get the advantage of feeling like a Japanese film ninja, jumping on tree branches and shit.

deaee7  No.16476296


>missing the point

Of fucking course the combat was shit, I was never disputing that. I was pointing out that there were far more options and rather than attempt to improve them Skyrim took the route of dumbing everything down to where it no longer resembled even an RPG, let alone an action/adventure game.

>slightly better animations and sound

And zero variation between animations.

The combat in Skyrim, like nearly everything else, was objectively worse than Oblivion.

292593  No.16476308


You could play imperial or nord in morrowind you double N'wah

dec103  No.16476315


In Morrowind you are Nerevar either by mantling or reincarnation you are a spiritual dunmer and you have no choice. In Skyrim you have the soul of a Dragon.

In those games you can at best be a non-human in human skin.

f114c4  No.16476335


They aren't if I recall. They were resurrected in Skyrim.

3ad1e4  No.16476337


Yeah, but there's something amusing about being a xenophobic race's reincarnated savior through the blood, skin, and customs of a race that systematically slaughtered them.

d5907c  No.16476343


There are no new dragons. There's a limited number of them because they have no need for reproduction thanks to their Aedric nature. In the chance that their physical form perishes they can be brought back to life by another dragon. The reason there's so many of them in Skyrim is because they're set up that way due to the fucking spawn list.

bb5478  No.16476347


You don't need to have kids if you're immortal dummy. If it was like that, the limited space of Nirn would become overpopulated with dragons if they just kept pumping out kids while never dying.

d5907c  No.16476352


They don't have genitals you dumb fuck. They're fucking immortal, they don't have a need for it. Their revival is due to them being creatures attuned to time itself.

Fuck you are a retard. >>16473104

bb5478  No.16476362


If you have no need for sex or reproduction, why would you ever need to get horny? That's like having a compulsive urge to lick doorknobs with your non-existent second tongue.

dec103  No.16476366


>They don't have genitals you dumb fuck. They're fucking immortal, they don't have a need for it. Their revival is due to them being creatures attuned to time itself.

So they're a dick of dickless eunuchs.

I'm sorry I can't respect anything without a penis. Dragons are faggots to me now.

dec103  No.16476375


Did you know that Khajiit canoniclly have barbed penises and the Queen of Morrowind fucked a Khajiit and complained about chafing?

a53564  No.16476381


Really? You use dragons and not someone like Dibella who's sole purpose is for sluts to feel like they have a place in society? Anyone else feel like Dibellan Monks is incredibly oxymoronic?

a53564  No.16476394


>never heard of her

So you've never played the games is what you're saying?

ec3158  No.16476997


I too watched the meme YouTuber's video.

55ad50  No.16477315

File: 4a51657545d1575⋯.jpg (20.89 KB, 474x358, 237:179, niggeranus.jpg)




>pagan larpfags talking to anyone about "tradition"

lol, and yeah, it's supposed to be driven by fear, the fear of god sending you to hell for being a shit person and having satan gape that ass for the rest of eternity. That fear has created western civilization

58725c  No.16477365

File: e3f9d2e265f9c84⋯.jpg (130.1 KB, 1359x376, 1359:376, TES RACES.jpg)


Was Kirkbride there since Arena? If not, then although what he says holds more water than the current heads, it isn't the end all be all.

58725c  No.16477370

File: cb26e81d69e936e⋯.png (4.18 KB, 150x97, 150:97, trash_force_squad.png)


>8fag logo

a36fd5  No.16477373

Morrowind started the decline.

527596  No.16477375



>not niggers

>israel flag


58725c  No.16477376




58725c  No.16477378


Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

If you're serious, you used to be able to change your flag on 4chan's /pol/ board before moot fucked it over for the last time. Newfag.

527596  No.16477386


Right over your head.

a36fd5  No.16477389


>the whitest race of them all are niggers

>the actual race of niggers aren't niggers

d59de8  No.16477390


>that mage in Skyrim who dissappears into thin air

Which one is that one?



Wow, nice to know all my years of playing these games is for naught. Why would they think that was a good idea?

58725c  No.16477393


Why do you think I wrote "ironic shitposting is still shitposting", moron?

1eb014  No.16477397


Oh shit, sorry, I read "ironic" as "unironic".

58725c  No.16477400

File: 40c962cf88eaa25⋯.gif (361.92 KB, 444x524, 111:131, =_= huh_rustle.gif)


Oh, okay then.

a36fd5  No.16477405


>niggers don't act like niggers color is only skin deep!

58725c  No.16477412


He didn't say that. He's saying that we hate niggers because they act like niggers. If blacks didn't act like niggers, acted white and were respectable, no one would take issue with them.

6768ea  No.16477436

There is one other guy named Ted Peterson who contributed a great deal to initial lore. Peterson has basically said that Arena's lore is inconsequential, just a mash of stuff from other games and fantasy books, nothing new.

Peterson also left after Morrowind. From the two of them came probably 95% of the interesting lore. Kirkbride is more important though because of the crazy, expansive stuff he wrote. Mysterious Akavir is a good example, one of the most interesting books in the series.


6768ea  No.16477439

I meant to replay to you >>16477365

with my post >>16477436

Basically, both guys are gone and that's the reason why the new lore is so inconsistent or just bad

6ffc07  No.16477463


>correctly balance their game

life isn't balanced, commie faggot. There are winners and losers

f114c4  No.16477483


Except you can't replay real life you fucking mong.

7c989d  No.16477524


>everyone who disagrees with me is pagan (I don't know what that means though)

>everyone who disagrees with me is going to hell

>all white history is christian history

>all white culture is christian culture

>nothing existed before christianity

You didn't even reply to any of those posts in the first place. Christcuckery is in practice just organized normalfaggotry taken to an extreme.

>we wuz everything

1fca64  No.16479072

File: af85b5e6dc6c523⋯.png (356.06 KB, 690x950, 69:95, af85b5e6dc6c523577115b7ee7….png)


>Not knowing that our Lord Dagoth won that belt in the ring

c5eba7  No.16479082

File: 3e5447c43e90fcb⋯.jpg (30 KB, 538x491, 538:491, 3e5447c43e90fcb60c59586dc2….jpg)


>if you don't worship my jew then you are a larper

ac4d8f  No.16479539

File: 8af1a29a8213f48⋯.jpg (16.05 KB, 650x366, 325:183, Don't be so sure.jpg)


>Except you can't replay real life you fucking mong.

You're going to end up getting reincarnated as a grub with that kind of attitude.

6768ea  No.16479693


>paganLARP continuing to shit up the thread

deaee7  No.16479700


>we wuz everything

>implying this doesn't work both ways for self proclaimed pagans

f114c4  No.16479742


Everybody on this board isn't going to end up anywhere above a goat.

b3d132  No.16479784


Tiber Septim didn't have CHIM until Oblivion. Bethesda had to empower him so because they couldn't get jungle trees out of SpeedTree

Kirkbride did not write Oblivion and beyond

8749ab  No.16479817


That's the quality of people bethshit employs now. They won't ever achieve the glory of Morrowind ever again, it seems.

31a50d  No.16479877


Kirkbride wrote knights of the nine.

31a50d  No.16480125

File: 7e9089493caafd3⋯.jpg (139.11 KB, 600x323, 600:323, Dagoth Ur.jpg)

Where would I get a Dagoth Ur bodypillow?

For reasons.

6768ea  No.16480132


you could custom order it from the chinese probably

you'd need to provide them with the pictures to print on the pillowcase

31a50d  No.16480259

File: 34e3603cb384a17⋯.jpg (106.28 KB, 704x704, 1:1, Questioning anime girl won….jpg)

Why couldn't you take Martin to fuck some whores before you beat Dagon to make sure the Septim Bloodline isn't lost?

9c5ee9  No.16480340


The only whore here is ur mum and no one wants her

He's probably a celibate as he is a monk you tard.

3e586f  No.16480538

File: 5b89a76d6ca5893⋯.png (7.88 KB, 458x223, 458:223, ClipboardImage.png)


It could be a dragonling from Daggerfall.

01d0f1  No.16480559


>watching my friend play Oblivion, He's really into it and has broken the game in multiple ways, like debuffing your skills then training them so he has skills over 100, or making spells that can't even be cast unless you cast several magic buff spells

>Come up with fun enchanting idea

>Find pants that most closely resemble daisy dukes

>Enchant fire damage on wearer, 1 point a second

>Wear the hot pants, catch on fire and start burning to death

>Created the hottest hot pants

The most fun I had in skyrim was leading the giants to town and watching them smash the villagers. I stopped playing before I hit 10 hours.

deaee7  No.16480597



Because even if he knocked up some broad Tamriel would be lost by the time the kid would be old enough to light the Dragonfires.

Also after being taken to Cloud Ruler Temple there was no way the Blades could allow him to leave the place as there were Mythic Dawn agents everywhere. Only reason they let him lead the battle for the Great Sigil stone was because the troops needed the morale and there was no way the plane would succeed if they failed at that stage.

9c5ee9  No.16480627


Any kiddo would essentially be a lost thing like the british "royal" line :^)

01e6db  No.16481192

File: 0a925f764c6b339⋯.mp4 (2.72 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Fitting_right_in.mp4)

914ec3  No.16481803


>Get spell for 1 second of paralysis on touch or the mage's staff of paralysis, win the whole game immediately

>Damage an NPC's strength down to 0 and the NPC can never move again, just standing there being angry

>Long-lasting drain fatigue effects

953361  No.16484983

Morrowind is one of my favorite games of all time. It really defined to me what a story-driven quest RPG should be. But to this day I still remember the first time I encountered a cliff-racer near Moonmoth Fort. The trauma still haunts me to this day. Some nights I still wake up in a cold sweat.

The only thing that saved me in that dark time was the free grandmaster alchemy set in Caldera mages guild.

7b8ef0  No.16485064

File: 50810ced575f5ce⋯.jpg (51.85 KB, 431x599, 431:599, 1a6007f6a78907cd596ef16e78….jpg)

Any essential mods that I should install for a new playthrough? I'd like to actually play Morrowind to completion for once.

7afcb2  No.16485692


Because nobody knew that Martin was gonna turn into a god damn statue at the end. I'm sure they all thought he was just gonna, like, sit on the throne with the amulet and all the bad daedra would just go away.

94029d  No.16485727

File: 235b4885180f792⋯.png (112.21 KB, 373x385, 373:385, 235b4885180f792ea4f3c019f8….png)


Why did they need Martin? Literally every major character in Daggerfall except the PC has Tiber's Dragonblood.

55ad50  No.16485732

File: 775c81de05c1f5d⋯.jpg (613.25 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 5535-5-1270927177.jpg)


Graphics Extender so it looks somewhat better

ce9b84  No.16485736


>that dogshit graphics

Ayyyy dropped no thanks

83a7f5  No.16485755


The Godhead can't be woken as it's not really a person. It's just a metaphor for how everything is connected as one force, or something like that.

b4bbb6  No.16485764


There were chicks in the Blades at Cloudruler though. They could always lay back and think of the Empire, so they get a backup in case Martin happens to die while fighting the literal incarnation of a god of destruction.

08ce6c  No.16485786


>Why did they need Martin?

Because he was the chosen one, while you were just an NPC, tasked with protecting him. The true question is, why did he need you, when he could have used any other soldier?

31a50d  No.16485788


No it's a dream of single person.

7afcb2  No.16485790


He needed you because you had something more than "the chosen one". You had CHIM.

94029d  No.16485795


No, I mean the blades could just pick a noble at random and they would probably find someone with the same amount of Tiber Septim's Divine blood as Martin had.

94029d  No.16485804


>martin accidentally dies

>the blades have to make the count of bravil light the dragon fires

a651ab  No.16485813


>The true question is, why did he need you, when he could have used any other soldier?

Because the other soldiers died in like 2 hits from the Daedroths and I could mow them down by the dozens.

Yes I did main quest at level 20, what of it

08ce6c  No.16485828


Considering that Martin never dies, and can turn himself into a dragon, he could just as well had CHIM.


>level 20

At that point the Blades might as well have hired random bandits since all of them should be wearing glass armor.

b4bbb6  No.16485838


>hired random bandits

But how would the Blades prevent themselves from getting robbed, considering their equipment is slightly above Steel-tier, along with that of all the guards?

7afcb2  No.16485842


>Martin never dies

I consider turning into a statue dying.

08ce6c  No.16485847


Well it's in the bandit's best interest to rid himself of the demonic invasion, I mean do Deadra even carry gold for them to steal?


How can you be certain that he died, maybe he went to another realm, and left his physical body behind?

Also don't you kill the Emperor in Skyrim, and isn't that a sequel, or what about the emperor in Redguard Adventures, certainly there are other Tiber Septims on the planet.

a651ab  No.16485906


Daedra carry teeth which sell for a lot more gold than most people carry.

>it's in the bandit's best interest to rid himself of the demonic invasion

Is it? There's tons of sweet loot in the realms of Oblivion. They're adequately prepared for it and can make off like a bandit with a few trips in there.

08ce6c  No.16485940


Who will buy the teeth and the sweet loot, if every merchant gets killed by the Daedra?

a651ab  No.16485951


Why would criminals think that far ahead?

f4ace5  No.16485959


The new emperor is Titus Mede II who has no connection to the septim bloodline. Technically it should belong to the dragonborn who can wear the amulet of kings and presumably light the dragonfires.

01e6db  No.16486089

File: 0fafb8c02a57745⋯.webm (5.35 MB, 640x360, 16:9, brighteyes.webm)

31a50d  No.16486150


Could Fyr clone Bagrum like he did to his "daughters" to bring back the Dwemer?

298f4d  No.16486180


The corprus would probably fuck everything up.

31a50d  No.16486228


Is Corpus even a thing after Dagoth died?

6768ea  No.16486335


don't use graphics extender use the watercolor mod

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