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File: c8c4dcf71b8b8ee⋯.jpg (53.75 KB, 768x491, 768:491, sony-microsoft-05-16-19-1-….jpg)

7a360e  No.16475340

6194f0  No.16475350

Streaming games

>Can never own the game

>Modding impossible

>Censorship can happen much easier

>One second of internet spottiness or even a drop means the game is unplayable until you reconnect and buffer it back up

>Need a very good ISP for the speed needed

I bet the bloated file size of late is to get people ready for streaming. Why download a 100GB+ game when you can stream it and be free of that worry and time lol?

d21d97  No.16475353


So just live in a city lmao

7a360e  No.16475363


>Being a mentally ill urbanite filled with tar in his lugs and stab wounds while living in a shitty tiny apartment

Yeah man, cities are great

fe1d47  No.16475367

File: ff43f2fe994fcc8⋯.jpg (11.62 KB, 233x255, 233:255, 5ab8927d19716b57bb974999f7….jpg)


Or not bother with shitty AAA games. Thats a better idea yours is retarded.

d35835  No.16475371


>asking a jew not to live in an urban setting

how else will suck the life out of the goyim

c1ee2e  No.16475376

File: 4c21c46a48ea076⋯.png (348.01 KB, 999x633, 333:211, nu∕ v∕ .png)

>using goy unironically (assuming your a genital) like a nigger calling themselves nigga


Also who cares I have all my games saved on a 2TB hard drive. I don't need new games.

5200b3  No.16475379


learn when people are taking the piss pleb

95dfbb  No.16475385


reread the OP and try again

bd3859  No.16475386


Yes just sit back and let it be the norm.

fe1d47  No.16475393


Jews find a way Anon.


If its a joke then its fucking trash.

95012f  No.16475395

File: e5233d4f918c2f5⋯.png (347.77 KB, 600x805, 120:161, 844a907d917339d5dd5a267893….png)


In other news:

Pirating is higher than ever!

728364  No.16475397


>(assuming your a genital)

This board is filled with retards.

d35835  No.16475398

nothing wrong with streaming games as a service

software isn't a good anyways and anyone who claims otherwise is retarded

01a8c0  No.16475399

Piss poor control latency will go fine with modern art games walking simulators interactive propaganda. Hopefully the PC can still have video games.

fe1d47  No.16475408

File: a5de2b257be96b0⋯.jpg (12.12 KB, 255x255, 1:1, wut......jpg)


Did you just assume his genitals?

c1ee2e  No.16475426

File: 4dcd42fc66cdf95⋯.webm (4.89 MB, 854x480, 427:240, HW_012 - have a nice war_….webm)


>Oh shit someone spelled Gentiles with an "a"!

5200b3  No.16475427


>If its a joke then its fucking trash.

No for some reason you're too stupid to recognize a joke referencing the xbox always on debacle. Are you a teenager or just retarded?

95012f  No.16475431


Nice Freudian slip you genital.

97cd3d  No.16475433


I mean, ever thought of how good an idea this is? The normalfag cancer will finally flee either towards this new system or from this failure of a system and we can go back to enjoying our own uncensored vidya on peecee.

74b9a6  No.16475436

File: 6024171d99dbdd7⋯.gif (3.11 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 12396478.gif)


You failed harder than anyone ever could.

fe1d47  No.16475437

File: 00f7a01937b9964⋯.jpg (9.52 KB, 261x195, 87:65, 00f7a01937b9964befc46e8cef….jpg)


If you have to explain the fucking joke then its failed as a fucking joke.

1fad10  No.16475441

File: 7a3f09767c6e0eb⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1714x1000, 857:500, ClipboardImage.png)


>Jews find a way Anon.

They already did in Mexico.

000000  No.16475450

Expect daily terrorist attacks once they will start banning people for wrongthink. That is if they won't also send the police to take you to a reeducation center after they ban you.

5200b3  No.16475451


It was only 6 years ago kid.

ced1f3  No.16475457

2 bad things coming together to make 1 really bad thing. They are imitating Hollywood in every bad way.

c3cd11  No.16475497


I doubt anyone on here can stop the inevitable.

5200b3  No.16475506


it's not old enough to need explaining, it was 2013

675aca  No.16475510

Best case scenario, this just means that PSNow is going to use Azure for its services. Really this just means that PSNow is going to be dependent on Microsoft. Worst case scenario(best if you want to see the world burn) is that as the consoles go all-digital, Xbox is going to be a service on PS6 and the hands will be clasped.

0b2011  No.16475516

File: 3775ec716a06c3f⋯.jpg (64.07 KB, 770x578, 385:289, putin vodka and the twerki….jpg)


Go bomb a federal bulding, I'll wait.

af561f  No.16475544

Lmao like i care kikes

I might get a ps5 for destiny 2 but if they go full kike i can just buy old consoles

Hack them

Buy 5 dollar used games and have enough games to never care about any of their shit ever again

fe1d47  No.16475547

File: 3215fccb3836972⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, goaway_1024x1024.png)


>Its not an old joke its from 2013.

>Its 2019.

Your going to follow up with fucking Harambe memes?

c461d7  No.16475555


You can blame Mark for that. This place has been going downhill for the last 4 years. At least we're still better than cuckchan and hiffwechan.

5200b3  No.16475587


>reddit memes

it's well known last gen console shit, stop trying to cover for the fact you dont know shit

6194f0  No.16476041


Shit, it started going downhill with the second exodus.

679e5d  No.16476063


Not everyone is American, you know

4e665d  No.16476065

File: 7ddc71c0536438d⋯.png (558.65 KB, 668x698, 334:349, Kizuna Smug Laugh.png)

While there is a truth that streaming will become a real issue with software, the fact of the matter is, real programs (namely games and indie software) is not going to go away.

>meanwhile at Valve and GOG


000000  No.16476104

I can't fucking watch youtube normally

only game I could play over internet is a fucking game of chess

470b8e  No.16476119


>being a mentally ill urbanite filled with tar in his lungs and acid in his face while living in a shitty tiny apartment

Yeah man, Euro cities are great

04cd5c  No.16476163


He's not wrong. The fuck are you doing about it faggot? All I see here is bitching.

d6e847  No.16476180


stockholm is shit too, abdul

bc1fde  No.16476184

File: 04b63d1c67ff6d2⋯.png (161.41 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 04b63d1c67ff6d27516dd969e8….png)


So they'll both crash with no survivors?

78dd63  No.16476195


>shitty tiny apartment

Goy, apartments are a thing of the past, the new hip thing is living in a storage container. Imagine the prices, the dehumanization possibilities.

7bf395  No.16476288


Of course they do, every single American marxist company is working together with each other, this was the most obvious step after moving to commiefornia.


This is the most perfect business model for a company, with this they have ultimate control over their software even legally. With this system they would be able to fuck you the best way possible and you'd be able to do nothing about this, there is zero protection from this bullshit, at least in theory and at the moment.

I wonder how well westerners will accept this shit when companies try to push it further, it has pretty good potential to blow out like a nuke.

95012f  No.16476487


This will only push more people to piracy and retrogaming. Let the industry kill itself, it needs a good purge.

f23617  No.16476508


>Not too long ago faggots were sperging out on cuphead won’t be on the switch

How soon until people admit Microsoft going third party? SEGA suck up to both Sony and Nintendo before going third party.

7a360e  No.16476521


Microsoft never owned the Cuphead devs you moron.


>cuck/pol/ exodus

>Second exodus

You're part ofthe problem buddy

2117dd  No.16476554


Actually i think they're gonna handle streaming games the same way xbone lets you play games as you install them: have fun staring at the main menu for roughly 40 minutes and enjoy the silky smooth 10fps with input delay.

e0cce6  No.16476562


>Microsoft has an advantage so significant, even the direct competition is going to them to run the backbone of their streaming service

>Microsoft is going third party


No, MS isn't going third party. They're merging the Xbox and PC into a single platform and their server projects have never been platform exclusive. It's not even part of the same division, and might as well be an entirely different entity. The gaming division is what's considered an internal customer, not a collaborator or an extension of the same initiatives. This really isn't all that different than Microsoft games which use Sony licensed audio codecs, Sony music licensed tracks, or a Blu-Ray drive which is partially owned by Sony. Microsoft also does a lot of business with direct competitors, and it's not going to do them any favors to screw over Sony on this.

Sony might not have too much going on beyond gaming, and the Playstation brand being one of their bread and butter divisions, but Microsoft actually makes money as a whole and Xbox isn't really all that important to their bottom line on that front. They're not going to turn down money from Sony just so they can get a one-up on video games. At least, not until Sony stops bringing fat sacks of cash to the table.

000000  No.16476655


Translation: piracy is winning as always, but spreading to a larger user base than ever, and the industry is crashing faster.

79e6d1  No.16476760

It all falls down. They must be desperate and deluded by this point. Amazing how the universe handles shit this way, by spreading incompetency among the dominant who stagnate.

c1ee2e  No.16476781


He's defiantly not wrong. What are (You) going to do about it? You are a effeminate cuck with zero institutional power.

d3dd41  No.16476790


>nothing wrong with streaming games as a service

ברוך שלא עשני גוי, ברוך שלא עשאני בור, ברוך שלא עשאני אשה

f48d2d  No.16476823

File: e84708106ef7446⋯.jpg (99.62 KB, 800x584, 100:73, to the oven.jpg)


>games as a service

>nothing wrong

>turning a consummer product you pay for once and own for the rest of your life into a service you pay a monthly fee for and never own

>not wrong

46cd3f  No.16476843

>people thinks "cloud gaming" means streaming

You see those shitty mobile gacha games? Where the app is just a 5MB launcher then it proceeds to download hundreds of MBs of contents on the fly while loading? Where you can't play shit if you're not connected to the Internet? That's cloud gaming there. The console & PC gaming industry has been drooling for years at the amount of revenue and ROI that shitty mobile gacha games has. Now imagine if future console games are all like that, but with prettier graphics and gamepads allowing console-game level gameplay.

95012f  No.16476874


I'm already at retrogaming with a massive backlog of games downloaded to my custom console that can keep me entertained for life.

f48d2d  No.16476895

File: 34c1a4098a7f35f⋯.jpg (8.52 KB, 480x360, 4:3, sad bar.jpg)


i knew videogames were dead the moment i saw Nintendo be worth more in the stock market than the entierty of Sony just becos of Pokemon Go

dedicated fans making indie games are the only thing that will keep this hobby on life support in the coming years

hopefully by the time vidya completly dies out i'll have alzheimer and i'll be able to play my backlog as if it was the first time

it's not that bad when you think about it

if i'm doomed to lose all my memories like my grandparents before me hopefully i can die with an image of Sonic unsullyed by 3D games

i hope i at least can find some other oldfart in the asylum to play co-op with

79e6d1  No.16476896


Let the retards eat that shit pie up, it'll create a niche of "oldschool" gamers who love files on their computer and hate latency, which will be catered to by smaller developers. Let the AAA garbage, indie propagandists, and greedmongers move into GaaS and clean a space for the rest of us.

9532f5  No.16476929


You enjoy it infinitely, why can't you pay for it infinitely? Imagine "buying" hydro once and having electricity forever

f48d2d  No.16476973


kikes would have made VHSs and vinyl recods ilegal just to force the goyim to pay every time they want to watch an old movie or listen to a song

0b2011  No.16477060


Well what are you gonna do? All I see from you is bitching

b3810f  No.16477063

File: 5d2c3db3e505162⋯.jpg (15.06 KB, 613x587, 613:587, 5d2c3db3e5051627662b0bade5….jpg)


No, that's cities in general. Doing manual labor builds character in that it gets you to understand physical pain, releases endorphans so that someone doing the job will eventually easily tolerate it or even like it.

Cities, on the other hand are full of the shittiest job on the low level where people become dehumanized daily, retail, jobs that force social interaction in offices on mid level which leads to nothing but drama, and on high level the CEOs are out of touch with reality, people and are completely alone since everyone is a threat.

Cities are breeding grounds for mental illness which is why they always have a higher homeless population then farming or suburb areas. On top of that they're disconnected from nature, and the air there, coming from someone who was born and raised in a natural environment, is actually sickening and tiring because of all the artificial elements burning in the sun, trash that doesn't decompose and mix with the earth, human odors, smoking, exhaust and so on.

It's a high stress environment with few ways to release said stress alone. People join up in furry and other degenrate groups in great concentrations in cities, I think because they turn to extreme "pleasure" in order to relieve extreme stress, or turn to worse ways of degeneracy because there is no release from suffering in a city, due to all of these elements.

If it's not the people, it's the place, it's what you eat, what you are surrounded with. That's the deciding factor in mental illness.

2cbc21  No.16477082


A service is paid by the performance out of necessity. As per your example, there is indeed no earthly way water and energy supply can be a good. But games are goods by nature. Trying to turn them into services is completely artificial.

9aec78  No.16477105


Nice one, you fucking soy suckling bugman.

Someone post the bugspray. We're gonna need it.

a817cf  No.16477116

File: b464a9ffdf900b3⋯.png (524.83 KB, 652x516, 163:129, Lizzie Crimson Gray.png)


>tfw someone else noticed it

>tfw your never assuming genital

04cd5c  No.16477196


I'll call you a faggot faggot. There I did it. Have a good day.

bd390d  No.16477289

Mating dinosaurs.

62bcd4  No.16477317


>Sony and Microsoft agree to surrender before Nintendo.jpg

Why not just sell your gaming division if you hate it as much as Sony and Microsoft does their own??

2c61dd  No.16477329

File: 2a16905355313c5⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


And in turn one step closer to the cyberpunk future of anons black market trading Genesis games, burnt Dreamcast GD-Roms, smuggled copies of the latest Nep game and usbs with Battlefront 3 on them while the vidya megacorps gun them down in the alleys

See you there

962b5b  No.16477382

File: cd445bfd5f16aa6⋯.gif (119.74 KB, 270x270, 1:1, cd445bfd5f16aa6939fa75be23….gif)


It started going downhill with Trumpsteinberg.

1da548  No.16477505


You give normalfags too much credit, they're the zero IQ morons who think Nineteen Eighty-Four is the "book they had to read in high school about governments and how rebelling is cool" and willingly hand over all their data to American and Chinese panopticons.

04cd5c  No.16477520


It was downhill before that but that shit put things in to fast forward.

500b05  No.16479526


What is the make up of that horrible human tragedy on the left?

500b05  No.16479531

Let's not forget cancer Reggie on the right there. Looks like he should be on RLM.

99e437  No.16479797

File: ee5f38407c8b496⋯.gif (1.38 MB, 300x270, 10:9, 0d5.gif)

Anyone here /vr/?

500b05  No.16480216

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Disgusting, isn't it?

132daa  No.16480753


Why download the game when u can grab it on disc

e03b77  No.16480765


because nowadays the game disc ends up being piece of paper with a steam download code or even when there still is an actual physical disc you end up downloading a day one patch that's double the size of the data on the cd.

e03b77  No.16480770


MS will try putting out an Epic style exclusive store front for PC/xbox before they finally go 3rd party

105cde  No.16480865


>Also who cares I have all my games saved on a 2TB hard drive. I don't need new games.


76cb36  No.16482951

File: ecb686480f7d5df⋯.png (230.72 KB, 500x531, 500:531, arinosad.png)


These days I've been so drained of rage, I just feel sadness and apathy towards these shit. The fucking things I saw in the army when the others played with their shit on their phones didn't help elicit visible disgust from me but t just affirmed that these generations are just pretty retarded and nothing can be fixed. We just gotta accept that the ephemeral glory of what was gaming from 1989 up until 2007, 2013 if one feels generous about the Nip-only action titles on the PStriple(sole exception being Nioh in 2017) is over. It was a good time but that's it. Just like the Attitude era in wrestling, it was glorious but it's over and what remains is a dead corpse only degenerates want to use and have fun with. And that goes for both customers and the creators. Vinnie Mac may not be jew but the way his "Wrestling Federation" is set up and operates is frighteningly similar to the way games operate these days and now Microsoft-WWF is absorbing Sony-WCW with Nindientendo remaining and sadly no game equivalent to the NJPW.

Most of us oldies on the imageboards, no matter where on the globe, are just relics of a bygone era that used to be great and was destroyed for the sake of mediocrity and dopamine rushes. It wasn't even destroyed for cold, hard capitalistic reasons to maximize profit so much both in the short and long run, it was just destroyed for everyone to be mediocre and having the masses get dopamine rushes doing menial shit while the big dogs of the companies get dopamine rushes when they hear big numbers without context nowadays.


At this point I'm more disappointed that the bleak grimdark future doesn't include cool superpowers for inmates like in Freedom Wars and more that its just the most mundane shit happening around us, with normalfags wearing the biggest, dumbest smiles they can have while starring at their phonescreens.

235816  No.16484028


Nothing that can't be solved through violence.

410eda  No.16484100


It can't due to insurance and globalization

04514c  No.16484403

It’s disgusting to watch these people bridge their differences to fuck their consumers in the ass

410eda  No.16484407


Welcome to 2006

e0d82c  No.16484687


I live in a city you fucking nigger

It's just that city is in Australia

920626  No.16488787

File: f91b62598007a98⋯.png (74.73 KB, 884x722, 442:361, not suspicious at all.PNG)

80fc8e  No.16488789

File: cf19cb0d4c40093⋯.jpg (137.07 KB, 1026x876, 171:146, counter_ai.jpg)

File: c9a9e5e17d2387b⋯.png (212.71 KB, 500x773, 500:773, autistic_screeching.png)






All me

2d101f  No.16488813


>relative timestamps

You're almost as bad as niggerpill himself. Almost.

4294cc  No.16488816






So what these completely organic posters are saying is: we should just destroy shit for the lulz?

4294cc  No.16488854


>No, we'd get killed either way.

So we should suicide bomb things or pull a Brenton?

f95e17  No.16488878


People said the same thing about Denuvo.

99bcf6  No.16488890

But I'm not wrong about you am I?

Your sole purpose of posting niggerpills is trying to bring anons down to your prefered defeatist level, whether you post truths or lies across many boards. So like many anons who replied to your suicide proposals

You first

9d925d  No.16488929

I hope they pull it off. I won't miss multiple updates for steam or origin plus updates per game every time I start up the pc or updates for playstation plus updates per game every time I start up the console. I also won't miss having to buy a new graphics card every couple of years to play 4k at 60fps. The cloud will save us.

920626  No.16488943

File: d41605b5457bae8⋯.jpg (16.54 KB, 300x301, 300:301, classic.jpg)


>At least we're still better than cuckchan and hiffwechan.

<shills arguing with shills ITT

I'm not so sure about this

410eda  No.16488996

File: e124d0adf5da4b3⋯.png (240.85 KB, 512x436, 128:109, Max PAYNE.png)

Why was my thread bumplocked?

7cf2ab  No.16488998


>There are no new games worth pirating anyways


>Literally every game since 2010 has been abysmal dogshit at best

Look, I get being blackpilled with how bad AAA has gotten, but this is crossing into NEW GAMES BAD unironic contrarian territory.

7cf2ab  No.16489081


>AA games don't exist

Come on, anon. You're being silly.

679914  No.16489083


>AA games don't exist

Not amymore they don't.

7cf2ab  No.16489099


Grim Dawn, Divinity OS 2, Kingdom Come. AA is still out there.

34f906  No.16489109

It's time to hoard retro games and put them in a safe. They will go after them all, it's obvious.

002c3d  No.16489177

I work for one of the big Telecomm companies and they're having employees test this stuff now. All the big companies are pushing it and believe it's the future. Casuals will probably eat it up.

3b3a5c  No.16489243


[https://archive.ph/tNKDf] https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-05-19/sony-s-deal-with-microsoft-blindsided-its-own-playstation-team

>Sony's Deal With Microsoft Blindsided Its Own PlayStation Team

>When Sony Corp. unveiled a cloud gaming pact with archrival Microsoft Corp., it surprised the industry. Perhaps no one was more shocked than employees of Sony’s PlayStation division, who have spent almost two decades fighting the U.S. software giant in the $38 billion video game console market.

San Francisco division going rogue, will repost in the GG thread

c75986  No.16489313



then they can say goodbye to platform adoption and sales outside of Yurop, NA and Nipland: slow, spotty internet + no piracy + $70-100 per game + ~$200 minimum wage = no sales.

piracy is the reason wii sold so much, same with ps3 and ps4 towards the end of their lifespans (also xbone sucks in the case of the last one).


>everyone but us is eating the streaming shit up.

you know it's wrong to lie anon.


>Nintejew already does that

which is why copyright never should have been extended past 14 years (with optional 14 year renewal). or better yet, copyright never should have been invented at all given that it's achieving the opposite of its purpose in promoting the progress of science and the useful arts.

410eda  No.16489315

File: 060cecfe7786ef8⋯.jpg (109.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Disneys Starfire.jpg)


Casuals eat anything up


>which is why copyright never should have been extended past 14 years

But muh Mickey

c75986  No.16489322



western yurop*. forgot to include straya as well.

eb9ba0  No.16489325


>Debating that which is self defeating.


Why are there anons who will celebrate when "Liberals eat themselves" and then think blackpills are any different than the typical Liberal is the better question.

410eda  No.16489339


>Western Europe

You mean Central and Northern Europe, barely anyone pays for shit in Southern European countries.

2041c2  No.16489426


Niger, stop polidicking everything. Just because vidya is going largely to shit doesn't meant you have to go full Hitler and start kvetching about >MUH JOOS . Newsflash: jews, germans and the fuckwads who take capitalism to its illogical extreme, no matter which side of the coin, have always been the enemy of human civilization, no matter what their name was : Israel, Nazi Germany, the USSR, USA, China, current Germany, Luxemburg, Brittain, AustroHungarian Empire they all deserve the fucking rope for the shit they have done.

Shit has little to do with vidya outsie of Burgerland because not every company is controlled by your kikelords. However, the status quo and current culture demand that the masses must adhere to the law of lootboxes and gacha because people pushed for that mediocre shit for so many years that it became the norm. it was a stupid idea, that yielded minor profits for a lot of hustle and now everyone is paying in some way, no matter how big the numbers presented are. Big numbers mean jack shit if 90% of those big numbers were what you initially lost.

Apathy isn't the same as misery. And that's what a blackpill is at the end of the day. Not a dose of truth.


The age of piracy will end when the content is just so shit, nobody would want to have that gay shit on their PCs anymore. It's approaching but not because the big spoopy Big Brothers and glowniggers are so awesome and amazing that they can cyberfuck the pirates, they are still huge morons and incopetent as fuck, it's just that the fuckers who kvetch about piracy produce such stale filth it's not even worth the trouble.


Western or nip? The second still has some left from time to time but they are dimminishing every year ever since the PS4 arrived. The first...I guess Divinity 2 for RPG fans? Darksiders 3 I guess? The Surge? Can't think of anything else these past 4 years.

19d977  No.16489440


>Can't think of anything else these past 4 years.

Battlefield V :^)

2ffc30  No.16489468

Reminder that sony couldn't sell game streaming when they locked all backwards compatibility behind it and even microsoft acknowledged they couldn't sell game pass without letting people download the games

2041c2  No.16489485


I wonder what kind of amazing asshurt will be caused if someone just goes and says :

>Books aren't for everyone, even if you can read

>Games aren't for everyone, even if you can play

>Movies aren't for everyone even if you can see and hear them

In response to those "gaming is for everyone" speeches.

410eda  No.16489509

File: e7d0c3d25d427ef⋯.mp4 (2.67 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Eat_Dat_Watermelon.mp4)


Their ass will hurt because you're hurting potential sales by stating the truth.

Why do you think these shit companies keep pushing for games with 40 over half baked mechanics instead of polishing 2, 3 or even 1?

It's even funnier seeing them fail when Battle Royal shit is literally that, 2 or 3 polished mechanics with decent design.

a17f5b  No.16489561

File: 18eb5268d9a5d42⋯.gif (2.07 MB, 343x332, 343:332, lollo.gif)


>blackpill is a glownigger AI

I suspected as much. I wonder if there is a keyword for it that makes it post that kikes always lose. You know who else shows up usually at the same time as blackpill and does template replies? That fucking torfaggot Luciano.

581792  No.16489631


>All the big companies are pushing it and believe it's the future. Casuals will probably eat it up.

If casuals are going to eat it up then it is the future. The Jews already won. Name one space on the internet outside of here that's against cloud gaming. You literally can't. We lost. The fact that you're already here confirming this information to us just sealed our fate.

7c591e  No.16489632



go away

36e863  No.16489645


Letting it become the norm means people will get sick of kikery faster.

b7c3fe  No.16489740


So does Juicy Boy, I think we're on to something here.

3522da  No.16489752


Let's try.

Piracy never worked.

4294cc  No.16489783


Shitty game is the best drm.

c75986  No.16490032


>don't be "toxic" now

I can imagine (((player behavior teams)))' responses already:

<"just accept our CoC and help create an inclusive community. only people who are dicks would refuse"

<"what do you mean our thought policing community management is alienating our existing playerbase? only toxic incels say that"

<"you got flagged by our discipline team goy? our anti-toxicity system is flawless, you must have been toxic. end of."

Now that "streaming is da fyooture", I hope they make it so bans make you lose access to your games outright, so normalcattle will revolt against (((digital distribution))), especially (((streaming))), (((CoCs))), and the (((toxicity))) meme.

b9e01a  No.16490287

File: fcdb4847116cfd5⋯.png (389.95 KB, 610x435, 122:87, 1432448951822.png)


Imagine "buying" solar panels once and getting free electricity thereafter. Imagine "buying" a computer once and getting compute power indefinitely. Imagine "buying" a bicycle once and being free to use it forever. Imagine "buying" a book and being able to read it whenever you want forever. You enjoy it infinitely, why can't you pay for it infinitely? This is literally another holocaust!

0a1bfe  No.16490354


Why do people complain about this but not about PC games? Physical games were always gay, now you just pirate em

c75986  No.16490355


>software isn't a good anyways

it is. it's just non-rivalrous and non-excludable, like air or sunrays. you're the retard here.


2 things wrong with your argument.

>1. if you see nothing wrong with the equivalent of being forced to pay monthly to use a washing machine (analogous to streaming) as opposed to being able to buy one (analogous to one-time payment for copy of game) you must be retarded.

>2. electricity is an excludable, rivalrous good, and its generation requires spending resources and has externalities (e.g. pollution). video games, for their part, are non-excludable and non-rivalrous, they do not degrade upon copying/playing them, and doing so doesn't consume anything.

18b714  No.16490406


Just get better internet infrastructure

df41c5  No.16490455


>oy vey goyim you don't need the game files on your computer just trust us to let you keep accessing what you paid for

I feel like this is something normalfags will eat up unfortunately.

e0cce6  No.16490466

File: 2fa967e46724b5c⋯.jpg (87.06 KB, 511x457, 511:457, Neck Yourself Inc.jpg)

>We're Sorry! We seem to be experiencing greater than expected load for [[Insert overhyped AAA garbage here]], and your stream has been interrupted. Please try again later. In the meantime, feel free to play our wide selection of last year's trash that nobody cares about, or upgrade to GameStream Pro Platinum to jump directly back into the action for just $39.99/month.

9eddcf  No.16490744

Social justice is corporations trying to make their public reputation look better and their public image look good, it's just turds pretending to like other turds.

9a4aaa  No.16490757


you're joking right now, but people made posts like this around the time horse armor was released. Lo and behold, about 10 years later, not only has DLC gotten shit, paid mods and loot crates, essentially giving you a never ending supply of shitty little "horse armor" like DLC you can endlessly pay for

85a43f  No.16490803

File: 5e8fe3643b341d3⋯.jpg (51.53 KB, 511x509, 511:509, 1477575981888.jpg)


Its already the case for the current generation.

Hackers BTFO by security.

85a43f  No.16490813

File: 05520a78183dd06⋯.jpg (128.49 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, 4234.jpg)


One thing. Streaming wuln't work with current games

They need games specifically build for streaming

Same was with console FPS. They needed to reinvent FPS to make it work in console environment.

Current that are ready for streaming with little changes are JRPG with turn based/auto combat. Just remove manual pan and zoom which would be lagging.

dc775c  No.16490822

File: 849032a25c22631⋯.png (883.13 KB, 944x1452, 236:363, microsoft.png)

410eda  No.16490825


Sometimes I think I died and went to hell without even noticing.

4294cc  No.16490841


>defag tools

1a867a  No.16490852

streaming will be the future when majority of the country has 30-50mb internet connection, never going to happen in bigger countries and Silicon Valley retards in their walled gardens dont buy million copies of your game idiots

d83ac1  No.16490853



At least he's white. I'd rather have white trannies than pajeets, niggers or women as devs, at least some white tranny devs can program and can be pretty autistic.


>Why was my thread bumplocked?

What thread? Maybe you made a shit thread. But Mark seems to be on his period again, he's been more bumplock happy and deletion happy than usual these past few days.

a0f019  No.16490864


Reminds me of that greentext story an anon made about half a year ago. Did anyone screencap it, by chance?

5b1b7d  No.16490868


This thread you stupid faggot. It was bumplocked and then unbumplocked.

d83ac1  No.16490882


>I didn't see it

>ctrl+f bumplock and there wasn't any other mention

>Said it was his thread but different id from OP

So I assumed he was talking about some other thread. But well, this lock / unlock faggotry resonates even more with what I said.

eb2c8b  No.16491402



Everyone agrees streaming is the future now. We are the only people against it.

410eda  No.16491486


>More white genetic dead ends and mentally ills is ok if they're white

Oy vey

d83ac1  No.16491612


Don't put words on me, I didn't say it's ok, only that compared to niggers, women and pajeets I consider them the lesser evil.

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