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File: 93cd22ced383a2b⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1132x674, 566:337, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d0ba0f90b384bf3⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1129x568, 1129:568, ClipboardImage.png)

970540  No.16477995

Baro brings more trash edition

But at least I can RP as a unicorn operator now.

6f1d28  No.16478108

Vulkar Wraith worth anything ? Not sure if I should pass on sleep to farm dukats for it. But at least ignis is ok and target cracker.

08b46c  No.16478244

>primed <x> ammo mutation

Come the fuck on DE, you have got to be shitting me.

2f1f83  No.16478355

File: 5e36c7ae0517eb2⋯.png (180.31 KB, 700x950, 14:19, walkinggarbage.png)


>it's a "the void kike brings nothing but garbage items (again)" episode

Primed Continuity when

f02fa6  No.16478421


>people were jewing ignis bp too hard so DE made it a baro item


also why are fractures back again and again so quickly?

621098  No.16478468


It has something to do with their most recent orb mother fight, so I would assume that they really want people to play it, rather than farm the first one for those archgun mods

f9a88e  No.16478914


> ignis is ok

Don't people still trade ignis bp's for free in region chat?

0d589f  No.16480117


They said it would be every 2 weeks, I think fractures are Fortuna's ghoul purge.

0d589f  No.16480122


On PC as far as I know yes, some people do "background check" or something to make sure you aren't just trolling or something.

7c79aa  No.16480130



It's back every 2 weeks into infinity.

0d589f  No.16480134

6accc2  No.16480173


Why would you post this here? Cause it just screams "I am the OP"

0d589f  No.16480194


I always post stuff like that when there is a forum thread with shills very dedicated to their shilling.

7bbfcb  No.16480371

>WTB high voltage

<price: your left ballsack

why is the price so high? that's gay, I just want a mod for fuck's sake. guess I'll have to wait until baro the faggot brings one. I hate grinding for prime fodder just to convert into duckets. fuck you, that's gay, did they really need to make another currency just for this one faggot? why couldn't he just take plat? anyway that's some bullshit you kn ow what I'm saying

0d589f  No.16480384


Isn't it a Naeglar reward?

7bbfcb  No.16480398


yeah I guess you can do the hive mission to get one, so maybe i'll give that a go, but fuck me if I have to spend 3 fucking hours for one mod god dammit. oh I'll do it, but I'm gonna bitch about it.

3ff46e  No.16480414

File: af52f9989cbeb18⋯.gif (955.03 KB, 360x360, 1:1, [rattling].gif)


>mesa immortal

>ignis and vulkar wraith

Man, too bad I gave up on this shit after the fuckery that was nightwave, I actually want those things.

DE pls let me put the mute on nora, I want to pretend I'm a mysterious space ninja of mystery

0d589f  No.16480426


I can't say I do the mission a lot but you will also get Charged Shells which you can at least sell too and then get your High Voltage.


You can mute Nora, they had to patch that shortly after too many complaints (which I would assume someone would cry racism but never happened.)

474934  No.16480589


people actually paid money for IW?

f02fa6  No.16480643


put it on creator mode. its like classic warframe.


1-5p usually, then good goys got mad and started offering them free and i guess DE intervened.

0d589f  No.16480705

Is it just me or difficulty design and the general ways of making this game less rewarding and more punishing for using abilities smells of sadistic developers? is it just Scott or all of them?

4a5a67  No.16480924

File: eaea7e389a24b89⋯.jpg (50.54 KB, 640x717, 640:717, YES.jpg)


Creator mode mutes nora except for clicking the episode progress button. Much more palatable.

f9a88e  No.16481228



Yeah host migration can be annoying, but the biggest problem I saw was

>Got past 20 minutes, critical life support levels, time to extract

As if getting past 20 minutes was some difficult achievement like getting a 1% drop that was lost to migration.

0d589f  No.16481971


Not quite difficult but the team in that run was the usual survival bunch of hallway heroes.

a3b6b8  No.16483091

Too much gameplay time is dedicated to traversing empty hallways.

I feel like the map sizes should be cut down by at least half.

Or give us diablo 2 teleport

7bbfcb  No.16483100


You may or may not have a point, but that's the least of this game's problems. The grind is what gets you.

632b63  No.16483387


Speeding up missions is the last thing the game needs. If anything, the number of missions players play on average should be cut down and the time they spent within each mission increased, as well as the rewards to compensate for the time spent in those missions.

That's one of the fundamental differences between what veterans miss about the game from years ago. Everything felt more impactful and less like a treadmill, even if it was.

330a35  No.16483485


B-b-b-b-but grind is content! if you are so desperate just use plat!!

3ff46e  No.16484844

File: 7ba93cdb7f76b83⋯.gif (527.19 KB, 233x173, 233:173, 1413670683920-2.gif)




Well shit, maybe it will be worth re-installing and finally taking garuda out on a mission after grinding all the fucking toroids and cut gems for her.

330a35  No.16484878


You can easily get all those things from Exploiter Orb assuming you have hoarded some diluted thermia canisters, otherwise you can just find a group, I think there is no other requirement to access the boss.

6accc2  No.16496809

File: 5135f89fc2a21c1⋯.jpg (118.66 KB, 681x491, 681:491, bandit stares down thermit….jpg)

>trading now require 2 factor authentification

c35b24  No.16496827

So, uh, new update came out today. I'm guessing it's another frame you have to break your back to grind out, some mediocre or outright overpowered weapons, three new currencies and a rep grind, right?

3ff46e  No.16497060

File: da918fb8c310ee1⋯.png (39.76 KB, 310x396, 155:198, duke nukem with longer hai….png)


From what I'm seeing on the update screen it's actually just a new boss that drops a new frame, and another new jupiter tileset for some reason.

Why they're throwing in another new jupiter tileset is beyond me.

6a5e6e  No.16497108


m-muh corpus/sentient hybrids

also some new guns I think

f02fa6  No.16497157


>not even a ticker app available

>current warframe app still useless

>de using ancient email system to get code

08b46c  No.16497180

Sweet fucking god everything in this update is bad. It's either boring, broken, or both. DE needs to crash and burn at this point.

f9a88e  No.16497861


Disruption is definitely a meme gamemode. People will never play it after the event is over.

>Best relic reward is neo, as if anyone needed more of these

>Drop table filled with "niche" bad mods

>Enemies don't offer much fun or interesting mechanics. Sentient-corpus hybrids should do more than look different. Melee nullifier was cool though

>Supposed to have a "miniboss feel", demolysts just charge straight at the conduit

>Amalgams are barely a threat

>Event should just be running Ganymede. There's no reason to have each tier split into multiple missionsI'm mostly just annoyed at wasting my time thinking it was Ganymede, then thinking I could just run the event node for 3 rotations and get the three listed rewards.

>Some demolysts seem to be significantly more tanky than others. If they aren't going to fight, what is the point in having them with different stats?

>So long as the demolyst is killed, the conduit succeeds. The ideal strategy is to spend as little time defending the conduit as possible, instead having the team run and kill the demolyst

>On that note, the timer seems entirely pointless. The demolyst always approaches the conduit, and it never takes 2 minutes, so what is the timer for? No one will ever find out

Also, demolyst seems to not take damage from EV, maybe they are damage immune? Would be an interesting mechanic to improve arbitration drones with. DE doesn't know how to fix gameplay, so I doubt it'll happen

Overall this event is a solid 4/10.

53bca4  No.16497900

File: 15a5ba990b563d1⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 2091x2629, 2091:2629, t3_6cog7n.jpg)

Wow, I killed the new boss ten times, got all the mods and Wisp parts and will never touch it again. Nice 3 minute mommy monologue every time you run it. Same deal with the new mode, I did the operation and got almost all the set mods too. I had a login booster so I never have to farm the material either. So much for Day of the Ropalolyst; I guess the new weapons look neat. Hopefully Wisp is fun, I hear the buffs from her 1 are good, plus a movement ability and blind CC make me think she'll be at least better than the last few shitframes they put out. New War when?

c65e04  No.16498172


atleast you get a stupid vfx for enabling it.

6a5e6e  No.16498220

So the new update is shittier than usual somehow?

Is it even worth logging on? I don't even feel like it, I'm fucking burned out on this game again

c65e04  No.16498233


mastery fodder the update. if you wait long enough those 2 vandals will just show up from baro.

4377d1  No.16498254


Wisp is busted but will probably be nerfed. Requires a new resource to build, which is basically oxium but exclusive to jupiter.

New game mode is just a convoluted Mobile Defense.

New boss fight can be rushed but is prone to bugs.

New sentient guns are clantech, and one requires the other to be researched

Nyx Skin looks pretty good, shotgun skin works well.

47894f  No.16498261

just got back into warframe after a loooong haitus. my ps4 clan is completely dead, i have no friends, and they nerfed 2 of my 3 favorite warframes (saryn, ember, and nova) saryn is still OK just weakened, but the range nerf on ember makes her impossible to use… im still experimenting with her.

im trying to catch up on the quests and im convinced that this game's lore's writing staff has switched from teenagers to literal chimpanzees.

08b46c  No.16498277


The other guys forgot to mention that the UI just got overall worse and less intuitive. DE us a goddamned embarrassment.

7bbfcb  No.16498298



Why give a shit about that?

>hurr here scan all this random shit in missions and you can piece together tidbits about the world

Fuck you. Nobody wants to take time out of their grind to scan some random object, and all so they can piece together some encyclopedia that's ultimately supposed to compensate for the game's lack of a storyline. Imagine if in Dark Souls players had to collect 50 items from enemies that had very low drop chances in order to get their hands on one item description. That's what scanning in this game is like. Fuck you.

>b-but muh helios

Who fucking cares, there's so many items to scan in the game, it'll take months before you'll complete all the codex entries, and at that point will you really care? I'm just saying that it's not fun, it's more of a chore than anything else, and it hardly adds to the experience at all. Isn't this one of the things people bitched about in Destiny? The storyline was absolute shit and everything was posted online in some kind of interactive codex that nobody gave a shit about?

47894f  No.16498329


>Why give a shit about that?

i dont, but it really went off the rails to the point of comedy. i used to think the story was cool enough before they ruined it.

>the rest of your post

who were you replying to? does the game require you to scan tons of shit in a quest or something?

6accc2  No.16498347


He's talking about the codex and the cephalon fragments.

47894f  No.16498356


oh, i just ignored that shit. looked stupid.

dc7e09  No.16498379

File: 2828cc6ea5d1232⋯.jpg (27.02 KB, 635x353, 635:353, 18b94b9b.jpg)

I quit this game after 1600 hours or so. Feels so good to not give a shit about this brainless grindfest anymore. More people should try to quit this.

4377d1  No.16498395


Gr8 b8 m8

47894f  No.16498445


grinding is option. sounds like you have a gambling problem m8

f9a88e  No.16498586


I hadn't even checked. This is pathetic. I thought DE only had artists left and now they don't even have that.

6f1d28  No.16498696


>grinding is option

>in warframe


c65e04  No.16498732


Considering you need about 4000 of this new rarer than oxium, hexium and it only drops like a few hundred every 20-30 mins of continuous grinding this faggot probably bought everything with plat and saying the update was fantastic.

970540  No.16498738


>Says he doesn't give a shit about warframe.

>Is posting in a warframe thread.

Sure thing anon.

943727  No.16498779


>Rarer than oxium

U wot? It’s rare sure but I got enough to make the new shotgun within an hour of playing. What’s weird is the that you only get like 4 from the reward tables, but enemies drop packs of 13 or so at a time.

47894f  No.16498802



you absolutely dont.

i've never given DE a penny and dont think anyone should. its pay to not play.


its absolutely optional depending on what you think is the goal of the game.

6f1d28  No.16498811


>wanna try all weapons


>wanna try all frames


>wanna get to the top of mastery


>wanna get X thing


>want rare mods ?


>want to get the best wep build

forma it 5 times(grind)

>best frame build

grind as above

Fun is tied to grind here, unless you aim for some specific weapon and just log in to clear some levels/find some loot crates/

970540  No.16498814


Just done a 15 wave defense on Sinai, Jupiter with nekros and hydroid and got 131 Hexenon and 9 Oxium, it's not rarer.

47894f  No.16498843


>i have to have all the weapons, all the frames, top mastery, rare stuff, best, best.

yea, all optional.

the best weapons dont even require top anything, and the "best" builds depends on how you use them. grinding is optional.

now i basically just help people play stuff i want to play and experiment with, but the way i always played the game was just helping other people go far in survivals/defenses… although i hate how DE killed the 60 minute survivals being popular, but i still find people to do that stuff.

i get credits and blueprints from playing missions, every now and then i check to see what i can build that i dont have. then i see if i like it, if i like it then i try modding it as best i can.

dumbasses that have to have everything have the same mentality of buyfags. the game for them is "getting stuff" and not shooting/modding but the fun is shooting/modding, not getting stuff. the getting stuff is endless. they just have an addiction and suddenly realize "why am i playing this shitty game about getting stuff" and completely miss the point.

943727  No.16498855


Even if you just want one frame, and one weapon set that can get you through the sortie, you have to grind for it. I agree that if you’re gonna be a hardcore completionist you don’t really have the right to complain about it, but saying grind is optional is like saying playing the game at all is optional.

6f1d28  No.16498879


Ok. Let's use your logic.

>I want tiberon prime because it looks cool

Oh woops I have to be rank 14

>I want to play equinox

Fuck man 9 parts that used to have abysmal drop rate

>I want that barduk frame

Fuck you get max reputation with that one faction

>I want that cool prime frame because my basic one is not shiny

Fuck you. Vaulted. Better wait for unvaulting, pay cash or grind parts to sell for it.

Neither of these bypass grind. These are basic wishes a player would have. There are not abstract things.

This is no wanting all frames. Just for 1 good one you need to grind.

47894f  No.16498885

File: 6fe8cd5148faa25⋯.webm (7.37 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Warframe Prime Access Tra….webm)


sorties are end-game, anon. not made for a low level person. im mr23.

maybe youre confused about what people mean by "grinding", but grinding is similar to farming. farming is an easy method of grinding. grinding is a boring action repeated over and over in order to make progress. like grinding levels in a game is fighting the same enemy over and over to gain XP, usually because this is the most efficient way to do it.

now if you just run around the map challenging difficult enemies and level up, thats not really a grind.

remember people grinding infested missions with trinity, 2 embers, and a greedy mag? THATS a farm method and a grind and horrendously boring. doing that is entirely optional. and saying "but i NEED that new prime part" is just bullshit.

remember people grinding T1E missions in order to get a hikou prime pouch and needed 2? video related

nobody needed a hikou prime. people walk away from the game going "oh this is bullshit, all you do in this game is grind", but it was optional the entire time.

its an addiction people have. they cant just not have something. and whats hilarious about that is months after hikou prime dropped, they moved the drops to be super common killing all of the pouches value. i got mine entirely by accident and built it. fun silent secondary weapon.

f9a88e  No.16498941


>sorties are end-game, anon

You pass sortie level enemies in like 30 minutes in Hostile mergers endurance. How are sorties end game?

4377d1  No.16498956



>sorties are end-game, anon

Thanks for saying that you were stupid right off the bat. I would have taken your post seriously otherwise.

47894f  No.16498968


sorties are endgame because someone with hundreds of hours into the game probably still couldnt beat one, and i know you probably couldnt solo one.


its not something you can jump right into, anon. did you have a group of friends carrying you? or did you give DE 100s of dollars right off the bat like a faggot?

4377d1  No.16498991


Neither. A requirement of progress doesn't make something endgame and trying to conflate the two is exactly why DE is so bad with this shit. Warframe doesn't have an endgame because they never bothered to set an upper limit on shit so scaling just gets worse and worse as things go on.

f9a88e  No.16499016


>sorties are endgame because someone with hundreds of hours into the game probably still couldnt beat one

Sortie 1-3 is something you finish in 10-15 minutes.

943727  No.16499023


I don’t think you understood what he was saying.

e32261  No.16499029


Have you thought that maybe people want to get many different weapons because they don't want to get bored of using the same shit over and over again?

47894f  No.16499037


ok, by "endgame" i mean anything after beating all the quests and the star chart. you will likely get that far before its even feasible to max serration or vitality.

hence why i suggested that sorties are endgame.

i guess theyre not endgame by single player game standards, but for an online game like this, i'd say sorties are within the endgame.


you can get new weapons, you just dont have to get them immediately. i have a ton of weapons. my favorites were all pretty easy to build and didnt require excessive tedious grinding to get.

f9a88e  No.16499062


If you can do Sortie 1-3 in 10 minutes sortie is definitely not end game. It's a daily task, nothing more.

6f1d28  No.16499063


Sorties are hard only on boss levels like the ambulas.

The real cancer are long arbiratio runs.

943727  No.16499099


Anon everything in the game can be done that fast, aside from endless missions which are in 10 minute chunks anyway.

f9a88e  No.16499117


Endless missions have scaling for challenge, eidolons have time optimization, both have skill checks and gear checks. Sorties only have skill and gear checks. A sortie can never give you enemies above level 100. Hostile mergers had level 180 corpus before my squad and I had to extract. There's a clear difference between these. Endless missions are not endgame, but they are closer to end game than sorties could hope to be. Eidolons are may or may not be end game, but they are closer to endgame than endless missions.

d5b4be  No.16499650

File: 9c5d5189765072d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 502.49 KB, 773x1282, 773:1282, 9c5d5189765072d906f06ba667….png)

File: 00d73a8360777f4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 349.27 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 00d73a8360777f4649b2aabf83….jpg)

File: 74b31f8a42b2e50⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 1181x922, 1181:922, t3_b2rl4x.png)

File: 850636e523d0823⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 764.59 KB, 1200x1082, 600:541, Qsy-543678-September_Patre….jpg)

File: 8a7ef8ffdedc327⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 854.25 KB, 1280x1501, 1280:1501, Banshee soprana by squishu….png)

I was interested in trying out the update, but with DE being greedy kikes and nerfing desecrate/pilfroid/whora strangledome and chesa interactions and calling it a (((fix))) along with the progressive retardation of the UI by Steve who wants things to be pretty instead of functional has only cemented my decision to not keep playing this piece of shit game. The only good thing now is the porn.

991fc0  No.16499659


>makes the UI better

>hurrr it's bad

409e32  No.16499664


>Make the UI worse

>Hurr its better

Two can play this retarded game.

43d36a  No.16499666


>no longer tells you how many of each prime part you own when claiming rewards

>no longer tells you if you've mastered weapons when buying BPs

>weapon stats are buried further down in menus

>other totally random unnecessary changes that increase visual clutter

Fuck off nigger.

d5b4be  No.16499675

File: b370f40c2b668a3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.59 KB, 211x200, 211:200, b370f40c2b668a36c38b110858….jpg)

File: f2fed4425efd8e8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.32 KB, 892x1200, 223:300, ember vermillion.jpg)

File: 8a1f3faeb87624d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1799x1266, 1799:1266, JLullaby-368262-Commission….png)

File: c95b59e854347a2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.88 KB, 400x283, 400:283, Ivara (a_gentle_giant).jpg)

File: f992c35a2511f38⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 1232x1818, 616:909, Grakata733-658026-Valkyr_D….png)


They actively removed information and put it under hover bullshit, again. Linking a mod no longer tells you how many you have either, which is shit for trading. Not that I would trade considering it now requires 2FA and I haven't played for a couple of months at least.

652c8a  No.16499976

I'm slightly stunned at how completely non-threatening the Ropalolyst was. I had no idea how to fight it but also felt no danger at any point. Maybe once it filters into sorties i'll have to watch what i'm doing. Got an amalgam daikyu mod; can these just roll any weapon?

6accc2  No.16499983


Really? Cause the ropalolyst can fucking melt my chroma prime. Admittedly once I knew how to not get my butt touched by the rape beam it's a cake walk, but the damage output is fucking absurd.

43d36a  No.16500028


They don't roll any weapon. There are like 5 new ones for that fight and the only good one is a niche reflect mod for the Javlok.

6117f7  No.16501041

>New update

>Every pub turns to shit

>Have to figure out how the fuck the new game mode works

>No idea if its bugged like the usual DE shit or working as intended

>They "improve" some part of the UI again

>A lot more flashy but less information

Every fucking time, when will they learn?

c5ed59  No.16501390


I had 1 conduit run out the timer. Probably a safety for spawn fucking up. It's definitely not fun, the only reason it's possible at all is with magus lockdown and a large enough aoe to hit enemies far enough away to have time to get to the boss. It would be massively improved if they were marked before they were attacked.

Boss was alright, stumbled through it the first time then mostly kept the same group for the other 5 runs I had to do. It's definitely not threatening other than the cheese 1 shot it does after it cutscenes you back to the middle platform each time. Some of the jumps are a bitch if you have low speed.

I don't understand why jupiter was redone in the first place. All the jumping platforming tiles might make people see it as another uranus.


Wisp is 1200, gun blueprint from market is another 350, I didn't check the clan research ones. I got 2-300 from 20-25 minute 8 round runs. Volt rapes the corpus so you only have to worry about locking down the bosses. 3 times I had abilities get permanently locked out.

f02fa6  No.16501489

so the new tileset is just an old one reskinned with a darker shader used?

why cant they use that darker shader for other levels to i miss the old darker feel of levels.

632b63  No.16502042

Have they ever said why they redid a tileset that already was unique instead of creating a new one or revamping some REALLY ancient one like the asteroid tileset?

f9a88e  No.16502625


> It's definitely not fun, the only reason it's possible at all is with magus lockdown and a large enough aoe to hit enemies far enough away to have time to get to the boss.

That's what I was noticing. Since the only combat the mission requires is against the amalgams for the keys and the demolyst, I was figuring a strong team comp would be something like Trinity/Octavia for invisibility/Chroma/Support(currently slowva). Sit invisible, kill the amalgams, lockdown the demolyst and Chroma will spin2win. I'm currently at 10k for score, I'll probably try a few more times over the weekend for 20k but I probably won't do much more than that.

4014fb  No.16502774


Youre overthinking it. The level scaling is weak if youre doing endless, the only threat is the demolyst because they tank quite a bit. Take 2 dmg buff frames so you can do 2 conduits at a time and simply spray at a 360 angle. Any anti-corpus loadout will steamroll through the mode at ease. If you want absolute easy-mode take 2 to 4 explosion ignis guys with you, frame wont matter at that point.

Or just cheese it with Titania solo, as always.

c5ed59  No.16502843


It's not really a reskin. There are a couple rooms that obviously are the same ones remade but the majority aren't really recognizable and there are a bunch of large gap walkway platforming tiles that are jarringly different than the rest of the game.

I ran a capture mission to scan things and it seems like a single amalgam mob spawned with the radio stalker type message from Alad. Very underhwhelming.

6accc2  No.16502886

They showed new frames and tileset on devstream. Speedy one looks fucking rad, fat one is probably gonna be funny to make all pink and cosplay kirby for all of ten minutes and then chuck it in the trash. Gonna make new Eva cosplays with the fast one.

3ff46e  No.16505704

File: b6857a881fd77ac⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 500x281, 500:281, Look sir, free crabs!.gif)


>queue up solo for endurance, get glaxion vandal within 3 attempts

>queue up for event levels with a friend

>barely scrape past 3rd tier, carried by me while the pub shitters sit around and my buddy does no damage because he dropped the game back before they even added the orbiter and only just got back in

>he's also locked out of a shitton of stuff because of quest bullshit, so can't even do other farm with him

Is there some kind of matchmaking bullshit that's matching me up with people who actually know what they're doing while my friend gets matched with shitters 11 times out of 10?

74f400  No.16505742

I might have a retarded idea as to why they ended up reworking the Jupiter tileset, and since I'm a consolefag I have to ask: are there still gas vents in the reworked tileset? The ones you can aim glide over forever which made specific riven challenges (and probably nightwave challenges at this point) trivial instead of a pain to complete?

3ff46e  No.16505776

File: 9a20c532a8bafb1⋯.png (521.44 KB, 591x547, 591:547, nah.png)


>using the gas vents

>when the gas city defense tile is perfectly set up for the floor is lava challenges

If they changed that defense tile, then I'll buy it.

7bbfcb  No.16505950

The new boss is pretty shit, eh? At least I got all the Wisp parts in less than 10 attempts, so I'm happy to never have to do it again.

a2ca1f  No.16506680

File: e5bb5efb45b4356⋯.gif (591.43 KB, 400x225, 16:9, 2YFNwMm.gif)

>starting chains of harrow

>have to find some relic for them to contact someone named Rell

>it's a fucking fidget spinner

>look up the quest on the wiki

>find out there's a comic

>he is literally autistic and the reason he went crazy is because people thought he was weird and there was too much noise

>commits space school shooting because his fucking fidget spinner was stolen

I'm surprised he doesn't have a Sonichu warframe to be honest.

3ff46e  No.16507713


>they changed that defense tile

the fuckers


tbh expanding on the tenno lore was the biggest mistake DE could have made, the only reason I can even bear to continue playing is because they gave us a button to shut most of it off and larp as space ninjas like God intended.

94cf8f  No.16507800

You know how you need to have done Chimera quest to do all this update's content? And you got a sword with a bonus vs Sentients? And most of these new Corpus units are part Sentient? Take that shit with you to Disruption and actually kill Demolysts instead of tickling them with wet noodles and spitballs. Use the Umbral mods too. It works. So do Exodia Epidemic and Magus Lockdown, they get suspended midair so you get some breathing room. Demolysts always start on a path a good distance away from the console, so don't just hang around the console and wait on them, run off, look, listen for beeps. That health bar is NOT the console, it's for the Demolyst.


Rell's what happens when a kid's juiced up on space magic and doesn't have a support system like the Lotus. Psyche goes to shit, mentally locked in a warframe they had to make/fetch for him so he could focus his powers somehow. His body's probably long gone and it's just his mind and his mental disfunction left in there by the time he can't stop making void ghosts show up. He was just also autistic. The only relevance that had was an explanation for why he got singled out and ditched.


What's your measurement for it being shit? It's not hard, it has neat mechanics in the flight and use of ziplines, and the warframe part drops don't compete with the amalgam mod drops. It's also got reliable access to the old Sentient enemies if you need them for anything. The only shitty thing about it I can see is sometimes you get laser nuked while coming out of a cutscene animation.


You can always just walljump on the 2nd floor balcony that overlooks the cryopod on Akkad. Keep bonking your head on the ceiling (or jutting bit of wall) while you run up the wall and aim at the enemies who run to the center.


Desecrate/Pilfer still has synergy worth going for, it's just worse than before. Corpses can only be looted once, so each ability gets a shot at it. Halved corpses can still be desecrated on each chunk, and strangledome tends to mangle corpses. Sucks for sure, though, to have no chance at triple drops per corpse/chunk.


You have to like the general gameplay enough. The grind is just a guide towards where to play. I take breaks when I've played too much too often and am not having as much fun.

a2ca1f  No.16507879


I remember in the beta when capturing a target they'd scream and cry as you sucked them in. Always made me feel like I was a mercenary first, and since they removed that, I noticed everything else was softened up. I hate that.


That entire conversation with the Lotus about it was stupid.

>you didn't know he existed, that's why he's a little bitch

<nuh uh

>uh huh

If the lotus just said 'no autistic children in the Dream' I think a lot of this could be avoided.

0b3556  No.16507898

should i bother getting into this game or is it a curse i should avoid like most other mmos/loot shooters? the movement and combat is just very alluring

7bbfcb  No.16507899


>It's not hard

This is not a point in its favor, unless you think it's an accomplishment to defeat a boss without putting forth any effort, and that would be antithetical to the concept of a boss fight, in my opinion.

>it has neat mechanics in the flight and use of ziplines

<run along some suspended cabling until you reach some kind of energy core

<bait the monstrosity into attacking you with its laser beam

<hide behind the core until it gets charged with energy

<wait for the bastard to get close so you can press a button to gain control of it and force it into the charged core so it can be electrocuted

<Repeat 3 times and then attack it for realsies

You use the standard movement abilities to traverse the environment in the boss room, same as you would anywhere else in the star chart, so I don't think this is a point in its favor either.

>the warframe part drops don't compete with the amalgam mod drops.

You speak as if someone at DE would've seriously considered that it would be a good idea to instate a drop table for this boss that incorporated both the shitty new mods and the Wisp parts so that only one would drop when the boss is defeated. Should we praise them for not being retarded? It seems like that would be a pretty retarded thing to do, but I mean it is DE we're talking about here.

>It's also got reliable access to the old Sentient enemies if you need them for anything.

This is inconsequential to me

DE doesn't know how to design good boss battles. A good boss battle is supposed to test the player's skill with the game's underlying mechanics. This game's bosses are just damage sponges that have arbitrary invincibility phases wherein the player is expected to do some menial task until they get another opportunity to deal damage again. This game's bosses act merely as damage type and resistance checks. This shit is boring because low level players who don't have a good spread of mods and weapons will be locked out of being able to do any real damage, and high level players who have a tricked out meta weapon with a riven that allows them to deal a fuckton of damage will breeze throw the challenge without so much as breaking a sweat. What this game really needs is some boss battles that challenge the player to use the movement mechanics in combination with the weapon mechanics to defeat a powerful foe. The reason it hasn't happened yet is because this game's progression is built around individual stat increases and damage match-ups that, when coupled with the individual profiles of three other players, must be used to respond to certain enemy types. It's sad, too, because beneath the horde shooting nonsense there are some mechanics that are good enough to produce a more nuanced and engaging combat system.

>The only shitty thing about it I can see is sometimes you get laser nuked while coming out of a cutscene animation.

Not if you're Rhino, I guess.

94cf8f  No.16507915


Anon, you type like a whiny little bitch. Anyway, the boss fight is great compared to other boss fights in the game. You can always advance to the next step within a few seconds at most, no waiting until you're allowed to do something. You don't wait on it to get close, you do a big jump to get over to it. It's not just an enclosed arena, it's a minor skill check of using the regular parkour mechanics. The drop tables work well to get you want you want without 20 replays. The point about the old Sentient enemies isn't relying on whether you and only you need them, you dork. This boss fight better fits your description of what you say an improved version of a boss fight would be than any other boss in the game.

>Not if you're Rhino, I guess

Oh gee I guess I didn't think that a tank could tank damage, fucking brilliant correction. Right up there with repeating all the steps to the fight but with a blasé tone so we can understand you're underwhelmed and not just narrating.

7bbfcb  No.16507923


If this is the best you can do, you don't even deserve a response.

f9a88e  No.16507956


It's not that bad. Early on is annoying because of jewing for slots but it softens up mostly reasonably and there are plenty of whales to use as plat mines.

aaf0ca  No.16508912


That qest was pretty godamn funny

632b63  No.16511168


>doesn't have a support system like the Lotus

Not quite right.

Lotus did jack shit to keep the Tenno sane. Margulis did by creating transference. The Lotus didn't want to take care of Rell because she knew she couldn't control him like she did the rest of us.

All that comes down to what the Void fundamentally does to a mind, and what the MitW really is.

94cf8f  No.16511212


She put us in the dream so we'd think the Tenno and warframes are the same thing. We were kept focused in a single very specific way, on controlling the only thing we could channel our powers into "safely" while we were still unskilled and volatile as our actual selves. Keeping us from controlling our bodies and other bodies at the same time also mate it easier to hide our vulnerable real selves. Even though Rell stubbornly fought it off, he still went nuts and had to sloppily compartmentalize the fuckery that was happening to his mind. The man's either a mental affliction made more real through the effects of void + transference + mental instability, or he's an already existing malevolent entity from the void that was able to find Rell since he wasn't as well hidden as us. These powers aren't natural for a human body, so this could easily be similar to X-Men mutants whose powers "turned on" only to be lethal to themselves.

632b63  No.16511272


No to pretty much every statement you just made.

Tenno are not put in the pods not to mislead them.

They weren't unskilled. Volatile, yes, but not in the way you imply.

The Tenno never had frail physical bodies.

The MitW isn't a unique entity.

94cf8f  No.16511279


The pods are part for stasis, part for enhancing transference. Being put in the dream involved a large measure of amnesia, and we had to work back up to our current level of transference mastery through story quests, so we did lose a measure of technique. Tenno bodies are human bodies, they're not instantly improved all-round just by having been exposed to the void. Durability and other Improvements come over time through practicing void mastery i.e. focus schools, which we had to work through from square one after waking up. It's presented as something we knew and practiced in the past. The exact nature of the man in the wall is intentionally left open but existing info leans towards both examples I gave.

632b63  No.16511312


Go play the War Within again, and if you're at it the Sacrifice and Chains of Harrow too. Most of what you just mentioned is outdated information based on the Second Dream and only that.

94cf8f  No.16512409


So I looked over it all again. The cryopods on Lua were in use during the Orokin age, Lotus just kept us hidden there. We had some measure of void training (focus schools, blast, transference, void mode) on the Zariman 10-Zero, and during the current age we've lost it upon reawakening in our real bodies and slowly redeveloped it. Rell knew of the Man in the wall back then, Lotus and others have heard him, and he's been growing "stronger" as we've gotten reacquainted with our void techniques, eventually able to overpower Rell and affect the outside world more than before. It was definitely just Rell's mind and the Man left inside Harrow by the time we intervened, and now he's much more freely doing what he wants since we "absorbed" the burden of him. It's pointed out that he's more likely both the things I said he might be than either one but still left inconclusive. Even if he weren't an extant entity, he could've been incorporated as a mental burden we took on the same as Umbra's memories and grief.

3ff46e  No.16512463


The new player experience really sucks unless you have a buddy to ferry you around the star chart, and the slot judaism is real bad especially now that the only non-plat system for getting more slots is currently dead while DE presumably tweaks it.

The real dumb shit is getting all the completion to so much as touch any new content that's dropping, but that's not a problem specific to new players.

618e83  No.16515329

File: db867d3eae5bc6d⋯.png (320.62 KB, 709x365, 709:365, 25.0.4.png)

f9a88e  No.16515773


>Added range for demolyst auto marking

When they randomized the demolyst spawn, why didn't they just mark them the moment they spawn? It's not as if the mode will be worse off if they do.

6a5e6e  No.16515956

how terrible are the new guns anyway?

spectra vandal really?

b58902  No.16517353

File: 4beec6e8e223c08⋯.webm (11.8 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ngrwf3124125412.webm)

CMs are competent as always

970540  No.16517376


>uR a JeRk

6a5e6e  No.16517515



hope the guy who did that used an alt, else he's perma banned from the game like everyone who hurts Rebb's feefees

f16b9e  No.16517607


isn't nightwave down for the time being thou?

but ya i could understand she way to token black girl for me

f16b9e  No.16517611

File: 7f6a545ae1395bf⋯.gif (2.42 MB, 360x276, 30:23, 1552348343007.gif)


to wield such meme power online to trick someone into saying something wrong with the fake bday name

016429  No.16518020

File: 227256eb026065a⋯.jpg (17.64 KB, 316x315, 316:315, 227256eb026065a6d2a2da317b….jpg)


>ur banned forever


because he made you look stupid?

i think my favorite part is how she had to say it twice to realize it, and that dumb look on her face as those seldom used wheels begin to turn.

c5ed59  No.16518958


Having someone carry you to endgame would complete ruin any personal progression. I can't see anyone enjoying the game if they did that.

The only thing a new player really needs is warframe market and how to farm capture relics.

476cab  No.16519424


>local woman is retarded

Sometimes I wish this country had hate speech laws so I could get people fired for being dumb like this.

6a5e6e  No.16519444


Canada has hate speech laws :^)

6accc2  No.16519462

File: 7a5c24382e42f16⋯.png (261.76 KB, 620x620, 1:1, disappointed.png)

Man, it's not often that I get a new frame and just… don't care. Guess I'm taking a break from wf for a while. Everything they added recently is just so inconsequential. Maybe speedy frame will be cool.

aa2a03  No.16519465


best gayframe?

c70a47  No.16520263


battles passes in most games give me something to do, other then a fucking random gamble in a box. the battle pass gives me a list of shit to motivate me to play the game dude its much better then the fucking boxes

b58902  No.16520923

ccd667  No.16520963

I haven't played this since they released that dragon themed warframe. How is the game in its current state? Still as grindy as ever?

9e072a  No.16521203


They've deliberately changed open world stuff to be less grindy, like mission outposts on PoE, and made arcanes no longer need crafting. All companions now have their own version of vacuum.

Desecration, Khoras cage, and hydroid pilfer no longer stack their looting, but that may be reversed from the MASSIVE outcry.

Otherwise the grind is the usual for the most part.

928a93  No.16525123

File: d0dbde1f1041241⋯.jpg (146.11 KB, 600x600, 1:1, d0dbde1f104124110c2137c08f….jpg)


Grind. Grind never changes…

3ff46e  No.16526013

File: b9ebe740a99e6c2⋯.png (670.17 KB, 961x961, 1:1, 8db3fde38460605cb78f1d3256….png)


I can understand hydroid not stacking with khora, but as it is right now nekros is the only viable farmer because he outright doubles your chances, while hydroid and/or khora only give +25% drop chance.

What I'm pissed at is the sheer amount of hp they stacked on the demolysts in endless hostile mergers, if only because my friend keeps dragging me back for attempts at his glaxion vandal

30fa22  No.16535853

When omega forma?

77727e  No.16535938


We technically already got it. The sprite they used for it went to Aura Forma which makes your Aura slot have a universal polarity.


Dunno if they'll ever implement a forma with the function of Omega Forma.

d70360  No.16550956

Next week, nightwave intermission.

Didn't think 3D stills were such a hassle to render and arrange in a narrative. Tennocon apparently delayed the next episode.

No more clan/friend weeklies, 3 ayatans needed rather than 5, most time challenges halved, and you can catch up with last weeks challenges after completing the current week.


3ff46e  No.16550997

File: a245dae16942c3d⋯.jpg (41.05 KB, 245x204, 245:204, 8chan.jpg)

>day's sortie is another fucking ambulas assassination sortie

I'd take a fucking hour-long gift of the lotus alert over this shit.

Whoever was behind the new ambulas bossfight needs to fucking kill themselves, holy shit

6accc2  No.16551005


just go wukong or valkyr.

4377d1  No.16551166

File: 521be25f7a57813⋯.jpg (615.62 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Warframe4939.jpg)




Just run Hildryn. Her 4 shuts down everything that could be an issue. If you have a mesa to focus down ambulance then it's practically brainless unless someone intentionally irradiates themself and kills the squad.

On a slightly related note I'm trying to find ways to safely irradiate myself to kill my squad in non-sortie content. Because I'm bored with PvE and want to play the secret PvP mode

6accc2  No.16551177


Shouldn't be too hard. I'd say get an ogris and mod it for radiation, give it that -99% self damage mod. Then run baruuk with adaptation, at least 200% str, and then health and armor, you'll also want some efficiency to keep your daggers cheap. Then just activate your daggers and shoot your feet a little.

f9a88e  No.16551255

Threadly reminder to not bring bless trinity to ESO.



Doesn't phantasma still self proc rad on its alt fire?

6accc2  No.16551285



I just tested it in the simulacrum, evidently the no fun allowed squad beat us to it and you can't self inflict radiation.

12dc02  No.16551376


>reminder to not bring bless trinity to ESO.


2ffee6  No.16552998


>new ambulas bossfight

What? It takes even longer now?

4a5a67  No.16553042




Just nuke 'em with Magnetize bubbles.

56b5fa  No.16553057


stand in front of laser orbs in orokin tilesets

irradiating disarm makes it so enemies can rad proc you on hit

f9a88e  No.16553065


If you're going for 8 or 16 waves which is pretty standard, bless duration brings 0 benefit. You hide behind volt shields so damage reduction doesn't matter, and if Saryn is running around they'll just use molt for survivability. EV builds main benefit is it provides more energy, faster. In the time it takes for a bless trinity to cast EV and kill the EV target the EV trinity could cast EV twice. ESO is dependent on trinity supplying energy, so anything that slows down that supply directly harms the ability of the squad to succeed in the mission. If you're focus farming its worse, because you want to do as much killing while the convergence bonus is active, and if you are able to cast but can't because of a lack of energy, that is sometimes a significant amount of focus you could lose out on. I've done runs with a bless trin and then an EV trin where I'll lose out on 15-20k focus because the bless trin didn't or couldn't supply energy fast enough to power discharge/miasma. Also, because everyone runs ESO with a trinity, efficiency becomes a dump stat. You don't need it because trinity is supposed to provide all the energy you need. So if trinity builds are slow to provide that energy, the team suffers more.

9e4aa0  No.16555013

File: 53af7330269516a⋯.mp4 (1.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, absolute_truth.mp4)

Haven't played for a long while.

Is Wisp any good? Might return and get her, since her movement looked pretty "wiggly" and "full-figured".

926b82  No.16555108


She's better than wukong is the impression I get from youtuber hot takes, but at the same time the massive laser attack is 'eh' even after her first three powers buff it.

6accc2  No.16555184


Her buffs are pretty fuck good, the rest of her kit is pretty meh. She's entirely usable though, and has some meme build usage.

ba3b53  No.16558286

Just played the game for 3 hours and it seems like a typical shooter looters mmo.

Should I keep going?

926b82  No.16559337

File: 5dd33c5213e007b⋯.png (565.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, REMOVE SPACE JEW.png)


It's an odd amalgam of game elements, with most of the story taking place 20-60+ hours in depending on your approach.

If you get hooked then you'll always have more content to unlock for the rest of your days.

Getting a nice vertical slice in my opinion would be unlocking most of the systems on the star chart and grinding a primed frame's pieces.

f9a88e  No.16559503


Warframe is a horde shooter in gameplay, so try doing an excavation or survival mission for as long as you can. That's basically peak warframe and if you don't enjoy it you can drop the game without regrets or you can become a forum shitter whining about how you want frames nerfed because you can't git gud. Non-endurance gameplay exists but its mainly relevant for running fissures. It's not very enjoyable or interesting. You can also safely skip the open worlds if you want to have fun.

6accc2  No.16559566


There awaits nothing but disappointment here. Even if you come to love the game, it will never become a satisfying experience. DE has trapped themselves on the content treadmill and can't get off until the game dies.

d63750  No.16559728

Why has no one crashed the Warframe economy by glitching in Platinum, buying normal items, and then getting banned causing a scarcity and a skyrocket in prices? If people get banned because of it, they can just apply and maybe DE will fix that shitty system

4377d1  No.16559769


Why haven't you?

6accc2  No.16559916


Cause no one cares enough.

0bc6aa  No.16559926

I haven't played warframe in a while. Haven't been hearing good things. Player count is dropping, content is starting to stagnate. Sounds like the game is dying

6accc2  No.16559939

File: 9712ba6c9e43f92⋯.png (215.93 KB, 471x453, 157:151, they faced defeat.png)


Probably, but it's possible that with railjack and the new war the game may see some more life injected into it.

335309  No.16565427


because you are limited to, at best, 25 or so trades a day

0cff2c  No.16569020


Tennocon is right around the corner :^)

I'm so fucking sick of these long content droughts and when we do get new content it's shit. DE needs to spend their time refining the gameplay than making shitty open worlds and crappy remasters of tilesets that don't need them.


Like always the player count will go up for a few weeks and then drop back down again because there won't be enough interesting content to play more than once

6accc2  No.16569040


The new war will definitely be just that, but railjack could give something actually interesting like raids once were.

77727e  No.16569195

File: f8cff7631fc9ed7⋯.mp4 (15.25 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, With the Help of Senko-san….mp4)

6accc2  No.16569275

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

70b4fd  No.16569961


their company is run by literal chinese. They are a shit company, and shit developers who have no idea how to make a proper game.

4377d1  No.16570049


There's not a single redeemable part of this thing. Everything is just awful.

Why would you make this?

Who told you this was a good idea?

77727e  No.16570174


It randomly showed up on the Volafile. I just ran it through Xmedia real quick for filesize. Why? So anons could LOL at it of course.

abccc5  No.16578756

File: b983ba95dad35a8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.7 KB, 1133x640, 1133:640, WISPASS.jpg)


She has great buffs and a great ass.

989a66  No.16589180

>Login for the first time in ages for update

>Play one match of new game mode

>Its boring and not fun and all i do is kill suicide bombers because dumbdumbs are all dead on the floor thinking this is the new sanctuary to level shit rank 0 frames in

>Finish a match and quit

>Can't even be arsed to do 3 for the alert

I can't believe how bad Nightwave burnt me out on this game. Battlepasses truly are cancerous.

4eadb0  No.16589666


The new game mode is missing polish.

I can't help but feel the whole studio is focused on something else entirely, leaving a b or c team on the regular updates.

111007  No.16590847


Nah, what's happening is that they push their individual teams to always be working on SOMETHING to maximize profits. Problem is that they don't have good management so no one is focusing those groups to work on similar content in order to get it out. Everyone's just doing their own thing. It's a good strategy for a small company or one that develops a game which isn't out yet, but for something like an MMO like grinder, this shit can be infuriating.

07c19d  No.16591019

Who's your husbandoframe?

f9a88e  No.16597544


I think it's just DE places more emphasis on cosmetics and art than gameplay. There are loads of things they could do to keep people playing if they just improved the gameplay, but they don't know how to anymore so they stick an ephemera on rotation C and call it a day.

9076fc  No.16598438

File: 14598a651184581⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 2480x3507, 2480:3507, divinespears.jpeg)




I like Rhino with the Palatine skin too, there's nothing good for Atlas though unfortunately

a23e4d  No.16598578


>human faces


3ff46e  No.16598890


The core gameplay works fine, DE just needs to stop chasing after the muh endgame crowd since there is no endgame in this sort of game in the first place

b27d23  No.16598904

File: 2098053e2b057b6⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1500x2138, 750:1069, warframe_girls.png)


because fuck you

34cb6d  No.16598956


when will you faggots play something new?

f9a88e  No.16599090


DE isn't chasing after the endgame crowd, that's everyone's issue and that's why the game is stale. DE doesn't want you to spend more than 20 minutes in a mission so everyone runs low level, trivial content that gets boring fast.


I wish I could anon.

f683df  No.16599111


ember is a tranny

111007  No.16599432


>trivial content.

Newsflash, fighting level 500 mobs isn't more difficult compared to level 5s. No, really. All you're doing if you turn everyone into one shotting bullet sponges is restrict the range of gear players can effectively use.

Combat difficulty can't improve unless they don't require you to engage the enemy in new, specific ways, but DE reserves those improvements only for new boss fights.

f9a88e  No.16601299


>fighting level 500 mobs isn't more difficult compared to level 5s.

It really is. You can be a lot less careful and a lot less optimal in your build if you're doing easy content.

>All you're doing if you turn everyone into one shotting bullet sponges is restrict the range of gear players can effectively use.

All that means is that a lot of gear is poorly designed. If you're suggestion to "Y frame is bad" is "Make all the enemies weak so no one notices" then you are a bad designer. You would be par for the course at DE though.

>Combat difficulty can't improve unless they don't require you to engage the enemy in new, specific ways, but DE reserves those improvements only for new boss fights.

The game does need mechanics that provide more action and interactivity, but that doesn't mean enemies need to be designed like bosses. It's antithetical to a horde shooter to fill it with non-horde enemies. That's one reason why no one plays against the corpus very much. They are filled with specialized enemies and no one enjoys playing against them because of it. They are also poorly designed, but that only makes it worse, fixing that wouldn't suddenly make them a fun faction to fight against. The infested are a really good faction because

>Ancients and support enemies not overwhelming common

>Ancients and support units primarily augment the horde enemies(chargers, leapers, etc)

>Have fun enemy types that enhance the core enemy types(boilers, volatile runners, mutalists enhancing chargers/leapers/etc)

>Ancients and support units are a threat that need to be prioritized without making them overwhelming

The infested are fun to fight at level 30 and they are fun to fight at level 300 because they are a well designed horde faction. Each ancient and support unit has one specific purpose and they don't go beyond it. The healer heals, provides DR and absorbs status. The disrupter protects against ability damage and provides magnetic procs to infested to cut down your energy supply and weaken some CC abilities. Well focused, clear and consistent design. The faction is challenging because it has a good cast of enemies and it is challenging without changing anything about the gameplay we have.

87a5e1  No.16604791

File: 86b5b1468632faa⋯.jpg (124.8 KB, 518x660, 259:330, Ember burning heart.jpg)


I wouldn't mind the infested if Ancient Healers didn't sit in a corner and make everyone invincible and if I could play squishy frames with getting hit by eight second toxin procs through my shields.

e430e1  No.16604891

File: 2bc6a8bc7089fbd⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 183.42 KB, 518x660, 259:330, BgLl2zO.png)


You can't escape its girth with merely an edit

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