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File: b20abe43ad61f48⋯.png (44.88 KB, 760x368, 95:46, ClipboardImage.png)

bd15a0  No.16482446

Only example I can remember is pic related. Batman is completely fucked up by endgame, curiously I don't remember any other games that do that.

56eb4e  No.16482510

File: 2cc1cf0ff2b6b15⋯.jpg (6.77 MB, 5128x4545, 5128:4545, SOTL_-_Concept_Art_(1).jpg)

Spec Ops: The Line

ba8378  No.16482516


56b40a  No.16482568

Dante in DMC3, but only slightly. His sleeve gets ripped off on his coat.

0b64b9  No.16482591

File: d8a9118d486ea52⋯.jpg (45.87 KB, 800x600, 4:3, POP-2016-02-20-07-51-47-65….jpg)

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

12bc81  No.16482637


4a4dae  No.16482673

KotOR 1 and 2 by going dark side, Illbleed if you let your friends die.

I think in one of MDickie's wrestling games there is a small chance to lose limbs.

07fdeb  No.16482677



I thought the Illbleed stuff only happened on new game plus.

4a4dae  No.16482713


Probably. It's still a valid example though.

9829a5  No.16482719

File: 1a663131343ef2f⋯.png (729.73 KB, 1057x698, 1057:698, ClipboardImage.png)

Metroid Prime 3

d33dce  No.16482871


Does it have to be a visual fuck-over, because people have pretty much said all the titles that do that(that I can think off). If it's just a general make-over, pretty much every Metroid game after the first one, to the point where the sprites change in more than just the appearance but properties as well.

Infamous kinda counts, depending on your Karma but not by much. Fable 1 and 2 gave you visual changes and the evil ones could make you look fucked up. Other than that, Hokuto Musou 1 / Ken's Rage 1, the Kurohyo PSP games and that one Full Metal Alchemist game on the PSP all have a body damage system where as time goes on the characters get clothes torn, bloody eyes, scratches, bruises and shit like that but they can heal after a match / healing / etc.

1e4875  No.16482885

File: 9077e885e2e98f0⋯.jpg (36.14 KB, 452x640, 113:160, 830717-rune_front1.jpg)

bd15a0  No.16482898


Going by KotoR logic, I think Fable *sadly* applies.

bd15a0  No.16482899


fuck, forgot the extra asterisks, I'm retarded.

5ea42b  No.16482917

File: 0e8623e25753575⋯.png (232.84 KB, 600x337, 600:337, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6fae42e0cdb471e⋯.png (288.97 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 01d8dfcbf3e1733⋯.png (441.73 KB, 600x337, 600:337, ClipboardImage.png)

MorphX (crappy 3rd person shooter, ruzge's attempt at cloning Prototype) had the MC slowly mutating as the story progresses after getting some alien AIDS from the first boss in the game's prologue also shit's a bit more complicated with a bit of plot twists, if you want to get spoiled: the MC had an mental-protecting mutation antidote (wtf is this shit? don't ask, I'm not the dev) so that's how MC kept his humanity, and that helped him to defend himself against alien sentient mastermind's minfuckery.

The changes are nice and not sudden. The first change is somewhat subtle if you don't focus on the character's model, he gets some weird deformations. The next forms add a claw as melee weapon and a "shield". The further changes make any handheld weapons unusable and force the player to fight with the quite effective claws and an energy biogun. There are a total of 5 mutations, including the "no mutation" one. Also there is "pipe-game"-like ability/stat customization, and the same minigame is used for "hacking" alien cocoons.

Also has some typical bosses (helicopter, big giant faggot, an alien boar/bull that has charged rushing attacks which are easy to dodge with strafing, etc).

I completed the game at least 3 times because my autism loved it. Kind of reminded me of Stalker, guess it's just the "grumpy dirty commieblocks with mutants and other bizarre fuckery" aesthetics.

Pics are the "clean" stage, the mid-way stage and the back of the final stage.

Other than that it's pretty generic in general.

6.2/10 would not really recommend

3bbe30  No.16482925


I watched this game in I think an ESA run. The idea of getting new powers and weapons from ingesting or absorbing enemies was pretty neat, but it looked like every low budget european TPS like Psi Ops.

3f2dfb  No.16482967

Touhou. Reimu has grown from a little loli to a big breasted adult.

617743  No.16482971

File: 1ef2f108def6282⋯.png (3.85 MB, 1531x1757, 1531:1757, 09h09h.png)


That's cool but it's best when your character changes appearance based on the players actions.

660a05  No.16483017

File: 586a941a86cb185⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1200x700, 12:7, shadow-of-the-colossus-wan….png)

Imo no game did it more subtle and well executed than SotC

695178  No.16483024

File: 710f6bdad95d93e⋯.mp4 (2.78 MB, 270x480, 9:16, YOU'RE_GETTING_BETTER.mp4)

File: 220760f4d0015ce⋯.mp4 (2.45 MB, 270x480, 9:16, YOU'RE_GETTING_BETTER_pt_2.mp4)



54844b  No.16483025

File: 3a723d287c0d556⋯.jpg (183.22 KB, 1600x1024, 25:16, Shantae Injured.jpg)

I feel like it is more common for the character to change temporarily based on damage taken. Half Genie Hero does this, which is pretty cute. I've noticed it in many other games too. Like in Ys 8 the characters will hunch over and breathe heavy at low health. I've seen Tales games change the character portraits in the main menu to show when a character is hurt badly. Then there are games like Senran or Neptunia Action Unleashed where the girls clothes break as they take damage. These types of damage indicators are way better than the fucking shaking red jelly screens some games have that just obscures your view and annoys you.

097ff3  No.16483036

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Wonderful 101

Thread: >>>16475585

78354b  No.16483038

GTA:SA had you getting obese, fit, slim, or whatever as you did stuff in the world.

097ff3  No.16483041


Shit, 3 > is only for cross board


8cfb1a  No.16483062

Mass Effect 2/3 and Fable.

07fdeb  No.16483075

Speaking of which, it took me until Budokai Tenkaichi, or maybe it was 2 or 3, to notice how often Goku's outfit changes throughout the series.

097ff3  No.16483101

File: dd2896e84ceab84⋯.png (448.85 KB, 512x384, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


barely any

2bad1a  No.16483106

File: bb9a7946df0db4c⋯.gif (5.06 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1442214481_5.gif)

Hatred's trenchcoat becomes increasingly dirty and tattered the closer you get to the end.

c45c4e  No.16483256

File: c322fbcdf55d529⋯.png (1.28 MB, 598x1625, 46:125, MGSV_Horn_Size_Comparison.png)

venom's horn can progressively grow and shrink based on the actions you make ingame


his name is Not Important

bd15a0  No.16483349


I never finished this game, and I really tempted to do it now. But I heard it doesn't work well on emulators.

05b2ac  No.16483358


Worst game.

660a05  No.16483397


It does by now. I finished it start to end on PCSX2 no problem. PS2 emulation has improved to a point where fps is less of a problem given you have a decent enough cpu.

1ce57e  No.16483509

Leon Kennedy/Claire Redfield in the REmake2 has this happen, where his uniform gets more worn throughout the night. The original had this to a degree, but only had two phases

c2f499  No.16483568

File: 3ee2585e2e4ea81⋯.jpg (71.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Die Hard Arcade.jpg)

Die hard arcade.

4ad16c  No.16483593


He turns into a zombie?

4ad16c  No.16483601


Wasn't it basically two textures and the game slowly shifts them from one to the other?

a91256  No.16483643


Mass Effect 2 had this, where Shepard gets more progressively "evil-looking" if you keep taking Renegade options.

It's silly tbh.

07fdeb  No.16483670


My horn grew looking at Quiet if you know what I mean.

e057da  No.16483743

File: e0bd982f1d8fa18⋯.jpg (211.22 KB, 552x999, 184:333, gradual-face-changes-in-Pr….jpg)


Until now, I never noticed that Samus' face gradually gets more veiny throughout Metroid Prime 3's story. Glowy blue eyes too.

562433  No.16484042

File: 1a6089114e15ac9⋯.jpg (257.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2341235-freedom_2012_01_09….jpg)

The main character in Freedom Fighters gets progressively more rugged with each mission. His hair/beard grows, he gets scars and bandaged wounds and his outfit becomes more reminiscent of a soldier.

b50e39  No.16484084

San Andreas

b45b5b  No.16484244


he basically turns into what BB was supposed to in Phantom Pain.

e2ba69  No.16484647

Eternal Darkness had some cool instances of this.

90061d  No.16484675

File: 22faed974ccff35⋯.png (2.16 KB, 202x70, 101:35, ClipboardImage.png)


>Fable 1 and 2 gave you visual changes and the evil ones could make you look fucked up

In fable 1 receiving damage or dying also gives you permanent scars over your body.


I really like when that happens ever since Megaman X4.

1a41c6  No.16484970

File: c63100c7dd43193⋯.jpg (47.23 KB, 478x353, 478:353, fatcj.jpg)


GTA: San Andreas.

By the time I finished, CJ was a chonker of a dude.

5ac8a9  No.16486101


from demon points from killing people. then when you max points out, the blood on you that you cant wash off gives a debuff to sneaking range. i always just cheat demon points away for maximum tacticool fun

74f4df  No.16486243

Far Cry 2 though it’s only in how people react to you.

You start off as a nobody and people talk crap to you.

As you progress people go from “piss off” to “this is a ceasefire zone pls don’t kill us” and they have a meltdown when you attack.

56b40a  No.16486247


>implying that was going to happen in the first place

Every game since MGS2 had the player characters not killing in cutscenes, so non-lethal is taken into account. MGS1 has mandatory kills, 2 and onward can be completely non-lethal. It should have been, I'll give you that. It should have been Big Boss/Venom Snake descending into blood fueled rage and madness, but Kojima was never going to do that to his favourite character. But I guess you can make the argument for interactivity as a story telling potential, as the player can become the demon they wanted Snake to become or not.

4fe61b  No.16486300


FC2 was such a fucking good game man.

Shame it wound up the way it was. Another like year in the frier and that bad boy would've been a masterpiece instead of the kinda half baked "good ideas with mediocre implimentation" festival it was.

One of the only games ever made to portray africa as a hopeless shithole and not like grandstand/blame whitey about it

b50e39  No.16486313

Black and White 2 also visually changes your faction and cursor depending on the moral compass choices you make.


FarCry 2 was shit and it still is shit

Boredom sim filled with firearm inconsistencies and a godawful gameplay loop.

>Game forces you to take the same boring trips over and over and over

>Enemies are bulletsponges

>You're forced to be chased by the same checkpoints over and over

>Missions are godawful and have nothing unique about them outside the Fort and the end sections

But hey, the South African man will just tell you "Piss Off" instead of "Piss off Cunt" when you get a better reputation, yeah that surely makes it a good game.

The only thing that game has going for it is the decent art design that's shrouded by washed out colors for no fucking reason, the diamond system and he weapon progressin system.

Everything else is fucking garbage

c9dd12  No.16486320


Kenshi, its especially noticeable when you go from a starving AIDS victim to a bulky fucker on Chris Redfield's level

9f67d0  No.16486347

File: 8899f1b5b354e00⋯.jpg (22.6 KB, 640x559, 640:559, 8899f1b5b354e00e2a0598608d….jpg)


>not making him a gigga nig

7f448d  No.16486355


Go play one of your anime games.

303dc9  No.16486374


If I remember correctly, in AssCreed 2 the main character appears older as the game progresses.

e5b69d  No.16486441


He grows horns too.

e5b69d  No.16486445


>t. nigger

b50e39  No.16486450

File: 12a93a8a921930d⋯.jpg (155.01 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, communist_forces.jpg)


>Implying I'm from Argentina

Try again, FarCry 2 is fucking garbage and your character choices in said game range from a Hue mut to a literal Mossad kike

7f448d  No.16486451


Best game of the series. Better than fucking James Bond.

b50e39  No.16486458

File: a029470069a458b⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 480x270, 16:9, a029470069a458b5641ab31449….gif)


Even With Russia with Love beats FarCry 2, FarCry 2 is shit just like all your non arguments.

a0f5f7  No.16486462


If/when the civil war happens, remember to smash a bunch of bottles around where these faggots are to put the manlet out of commission.

7f448d  No.16486467


The guns and vehicles were good. The malaria added to the shitty setting of rusty guns, disease, and dumbfuck Africans.

8b0a10  No.16486471


Did Far Cry 2 rape your mom or something?

f555e8  No.16486493

File: 11eb43eab894545⋯.png (263.3 KB, 560x896, 5:8, 11eb43eab89454567061bed776….png)


cute canonical Reimu butt

b50e39  No.16486495

File: 1569e451e2ce2e4⋯.jpeg (23.49 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 800.jpeg)


>The guns are good

I'm a noguns faggot and they disgust me

Fucking pulling the charging handle on a bolt release weapon, early 20th Century manual rifle with the charging handle on the left side, it makes Half Life 2 look good.


Mediocre variety, ok handling


Literally a gimmick with barely any importance.

Just like all ofthe game just half baked and rushed out the door, that's what the game is, half cooked.


No, it's a shit game with pooy thought out mechanics and half the content it should have but for some reason some autists choose to fellate it so I have to keep reminding them that the game is shit and they're autistic minges for liking such a bad game.

7f448d  No.16486534


Ah, I see now. You're a Far Cry 3 kind of guy.

b50e39  No.16486541

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


FarCry 1 actually

At least that game had solid mechanics and actual variety.

7f448d  No.16486548

File: 74f69ba22412d4e⋯.jpg (650.05 KB, 2448x1836, 4:3, elderly pizza overdose.jpg)


I knew that you, as a Far Cry 1 man, would be sufficiently offended by my assertion that you were a Far Cry 3 man, that you would in fact admit to my original suspicion. You've fallen into my trap, and all but admitted that Far Cry 2 is the best of the series. If it were not, you would not have fallen for my ruse.

e2a8fa  No.16486549


<i cant argue so ill strawman

Christ, youbare fucking pathetic. I don't even fully agree with the other anon, but I want to side with him purely out of your complete faggotry.

<inb4 accuses me of liking far cry 4 to deflect further

b50e39  No.16486550

File: 6965da50276576c⋯.jpg (21.46 KB, 273x252, 13:12, slav laugh.jpg)


>RNG bullets

>Shit mechanics

>Weapon animations by Frogs

>Bulletsponge enemies with no armor

>No mission or enemy variety

>Best anything

Keep trying, we all know you only like the game because it's set in your homeland and it's filled with Mutts and Hues

86f6dc  No.16486553


That's not even as bad as he gets, post a screen from after he gets the last sword

b50e39  No.16486560


Hows Warrior Within?

I could never get into it due to washed out visuals and edginess galore.

31d268  No.16486561


how about instincts

b50e39  No.16486588


Streamlined and linear as fuck

The sandbox is very small and the game suffers for it, it's less about optimizing who to to kill and getting those pinpoint accuracy shots and more about getting in close to the small amount of enemies without being seeing, at least the PC version gives you that choice with the Silent MP5

Being able to wield weapons while driving or ziplining is cool though.

Decent game but feels more like something akin to Halo or Area 51.

86f6dc  No.16486590


The combat's good but different from sot in that you don't need to absorb enemies with the dagger anymore. I appreciated the freeform combo system. The length is good the first time through but after you learn the game it gets quite shorter. Dahaka chases are fun, the aesthetic is good, the setting is charming, the prince becomes an edgelord but he's not unbearable, just a caricature of an angsty teen and he's funny if you're not one yourself.

450fac  No.16486596


>making anything happen


7f448d  No.16486598


Heh WOAH I have the same plates as those old people.

b50e39  No.16486609


Aye thanks, I remember as a teen always dropping it off at the time travel section for some reason.

2af8f6  No.16486654


>the far cry 1 autist is back

How fun, wanna spam more webms that mean nothing?

b50e39  No.16486662

File: 4718b7544f236e8⋯.webm (14.38 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Spree Shooter laughing.webm)


>Gets BTFO with proof that A.I isn't fucking retarded



07fdeb  No.16486666


It's some discord spic straight out of /tv/. Guarantee he was like 3 at most when the game came out.

099978  No.16486669

File: cedfd2a967c74d4⋯.png (107.69 KB, 252x252, 1:1, Dark_Earth_Coverart.png)

Dark Earth revolved entirely around this concept. The protagonist was cursed, and devolved slowly into a monster as time passed.

b50e39  No.16486675

File: 39d91293040ad91⋯.webm (1.7 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, laughter.webm)


>Still hasn't made a single argument

>Resorts to ad hominem instead

Don't stop posting anytime

c625a2  No.16486680


>aesthetic is good

>the setting is charming

>the prince […] not unbearable

I'm not going to insult you, I'm just baffled by how anyone can say these things without any hint of sarcasm. They fucked up everything about the setting and aesthetics in an attempt to appeal to insufferable edgelords and grungefags, and here you are claiming that only edgelords would have a problem with the new prince. Your post makes so little sense that I have to wonder if you're very subtly trolling.

b50e39  No.16486696


Even if that's true I'd rather that and goth titties than the shit with no aesthetic or atmosphere we get nowadays.

228e04  No.16486702


far cry 2 is a great game.


nier automata





2af8f6  No.16486706

File: 1dd88efc2f879fb⋯.jpg (53.73 KB, 783x657, 87:73, chigga please.JPG)


>sperging out this hard when you haven't even posted "evidence" for me to "disprove" yet

Get some fucking help anon. Move on with your life.

86f6dc  No.16486719


I'll start with the premise that copypaste sequels don't make much sense.

WW is different from SoT and the new aesthetic is consistent with the plot's evolution. The setting fits the plot and it's enjoyable in its own right.

>fucked up everything about the setting

The setting is fucked up because of the storyline's progress. That's thematically consistent.

000000  No.16486728

Breath of Fire III set the gold standard.

b50e39  No.16486729

File: e1bf62bbed0e34c⋯.jpg (187.34 KB, 904x711, 904:711, Hold Still Cunt.jpg)


>far cry 2 is a great game.

Prove it faggot, tell me why African Walking and Driving Sim is a good game


>Talks about evidence

<you haven't even posted "evidence" for me to "disprove" yet

Do you even read what you write?

07fdeb  No.16486740


RPGs where you start as a child and go through time skips predate BOF3 by at least 5 years.

b45b5b  No.16486741


Well, you have to wonder if it was going to be that before all the (((((journalists)))))) raged to high heaven after the Ground Zeroes demo. Remember, before and in that demo there were supposed to be a lot of taboos in the game that were supposed to break Venom Snake but suddenly the game comes out and theres almost a complete tonal shift from GZ.

7f448d  No.16486742


It's a good game because it has lots of fun things and when I played it I had a good time. It's fun to roll around Africa with rusty guns and shitty cars, taking medicine for malaria and shooting at dumb people, so you can eventually team up with an arms dealer and attack the Middle East.

228e04  No.16486744


its a great game because fire spreading mechanics and nogs are the primary enemy.

thumper sidearm is great too.

the ai was extremely realistic.

b50e39  No.16486747


>It's fun

Not an argument and doesn't make it good

Normalfags have fun eating literal shit

Try again

b50e39  No.16486751


>It's a great game because of gimmicks

I guess RE5 is fucking good now

2af8f6  No.16486756


I'm saying you're sperging out about how I've gotten BTFO from "proof" that you haven't yet posted, and that's a telling window into your damaged mind.

I get it, you really liked Far Cry, and Far Cry 2 wasn't the game you were expecting. But that was 15 fucking years ago, sane people would have moved on, instead of throwing an absolute shit fit whenever the game is mentioned, regardless of context. Besides, Far Cry 1 was outdone by Crysis in practically every respect.

7f448d  No.16486757


Don't try to erase my experiences like that, anon. It makes me feel invalidated.

228e04  No.16486760


i cant trick nogs into trapping themselves in a brush fire in re5. you can destroy an entire squad of enemies by scaring them into getting themselves killed.

its great fun

4fe61b  No.16486797


>I'm a noguns faggot

Agree with you there, Faggot

b50e39  No.16486798

File: 5b86ba3df6757a0⋯.jpg (103.38 KB, 500x591, 500:591, toe sucking.jpg)



Wait let me elaborate and be less of acunt

>A gimmick makes the gameplay loop good

>A setting which has more whites and less nogs than many games with an USA setting make it good

>Rushing at you with a SPAS12 in the middle of a field with no cover is extremely realistic A.I because one dude carries another wounded dude somewhere

>That somehow makes the main gameplay loop of following markers on the other side of the map by taking the quick travel bus, and tediously driving your car for 10 minutes while nothing ever happens to kill the same amount of same enemies somehow good



>References the webms and previous thread

>Proceed to reference that in previous threads you were BTFO

<Huh you're a sperg because you didn't post the webms

That sure makes alot of sense anon, I'm the brain damaged one here

And I simply brushed off FarCry 2 as trash and moved on with my life, seeing autistic retards are pretending it's a good game with literally no arguments besides that they're mentally ill is just too funny for me not to push their shit in.

>Crysis beat FarCry

Nah, weapon variety, atmosphere and pacing was much better in FarCry.

Crysis is the better game though, you're right about that


Too late, gib argument or fuckoff


Fun =/= Good

4fe61b  No.16486803


>How fun, wanna spam more webms that mean nothing?

That answer is "yes", anon.

b50e39  No.16486807

File: 7c9240cf8e8eec3⋯.jpg (24.64 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Billy.jpg)

File: ca8b18faa35f07d⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1212x708, 101:59, Forward Assist fix.PNG)


Pretending like FarCry2 is a good game makes you an even bigger faggot than I'll ever be for not owning any firearms

1e4875  No.16486812


>Far Cry 2 guns are good

Don't make me post Far Cry 2's imfdb page, sonny.

7f448d  No.16486820



Yeah I know the guns were Fallout 3 tier in a technical sense, but they were fun to use in game.

228e04  No.16486839


pretty sure a nog rushing with a duct taped together shotgun while wearing clothes he thinks give him magic invincibility has actually happened irl.

its not a gimmick though. my favorite way of clearing an outpost is to do something like this:

>sneak from south and plant explosive on supplies.

>launch flare into north east and west. confused enemies run away from fire to your toward your bomb.

>detonate bomb

>they frantically run away from scary boom noise into brush fire

>hear africans screaming

>enemy/fight music fades away

it can be pretty fun to play around with.

7f448d  No.16486854

File: ed593f3d7527fec⋯.webm (5.43 MB, 488x272, 61:34, black army.webm)


It's true, blacks can't into proper weapon handling. It's why they fire 200 rounds in a drive by and only manage to hit a child across the street.

1e4875  No.16486856


>but they were fun to use in game

>AK jams and blows after just a few blasts

Indeed they were fun.

The constantly respawning checkpoints were fun too.

68726a  No.16486862


Same with Rage and Rage 2 but those games are shit regardless.


You're leaving out the horrendous 20 minute gap where all you do is go back to Pala or Mikes Bar to get a new mission or the fact that most outposts play the same with not much variety.

f555e8  No.16486906

File: 929217f6cd48456⋯.mp4 (8.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wariolaughing.mp4)


>nigger at the end with a rocket launcher

>he has to hold that sideways, too

09c754  No.16486951


Warrior Within's shitty changes are crass pandering just like current year Ubisoft's. You were just too young to realize how obvious and dumb it was, when they picked the original and rebuilt to appease edgelords.

86f6dc  No.16486958


You're crassly overestimating the size of the edgelord demographic.

09c754  No.16486993


> The setting fits the plot

The same can be said about DmC. A shared theme has no intrinsic good to it, it can still be low brow commercial exploitation.

WW is not bad because it's dark, but because its dark themes are cringey and stale.

b25c9e  No.16486997


this is a test please ignore

09c754  No.16487010


Edgelord is being thrown around ironically, this isn't the Hatred crowd. WW was developed for impressionable teens, the common denominator of tryhards.

228e04  No.16487057


the traveling was usually dangerous because of roaming nogs. they also littered the map with treasure/enemies/diamonds. or you could just drive quickly to the objective if you hated exploring and fight with driving nogs.

i liked the weapons and the upgrade system too. the price of weapons worked well too because they came slow forcing you to use lesser weapons then build up to ideal builds and approach missions differently. then later really get to plan out a strategy based on information and how you wanted to approach it.

i really wish future farcry games followed this approach and just improved on it instead of going the goofy route

b50e39  No.16487295


Yeah, but they pandered to a demographic that gave a fuck about gameplay and aesthetic.


Dangerous but boring, you get fucked on the same checkpoints over an over, the game is pure tedium.

bd15a0  No.16487543


That's correct. Useless trivia: He has the same age as his father when executed by the endgame.

bd15a0  No.16487548

Shit, I just remembered: Dark Souls 2.

bd15a0  No.16487549


>nier automata


338892  No.16487593


I guess he was thinking about 2B's skirt staying off after you self-destruct, but that comes back if you reload. Maybe how 2B wears battle dress immediately after the first ending?

228e04  No.16487715



this also applies to a2 and 9s in different ways

self destruct removes it but repeated combat tears it until it eventually gets destroyed. the skirt maintains the majority of how you left it.

if you play the game skirtless 2bs skirt will be gone by default, if its always tattered, itll stay tattered. if its mostly intact it will be intact by default.

3b3187  No.16487721

I remember seeing some puzzle game (I think) that involved a fantasy party. The party had an elf who was pregnant during it and she progressed through a pregnancy during the game. I think it was made by germans.

ce0dba  No.16487783


What when does this happen?

c1afdd  No.16487967


9S removes his blindfold and reattaches a different arm to his own. And 2B is slowly consumed by the virus, although that's more of a matter of hud than 3D model.

In the original Nier, papa got an eyepatch and brother got older. And Emil himself went from kid to moonman.

86f6dc  No.16487977


DmC wasn't commercial exploitation, it was Tameem's masturbation. That's the real reason people hated it. Had Itsuno directed it, people would have been fine with it.

e057da  No.16487990

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Reminder: Fat CJ got a lot of exclusive lines of dialogue. This vid is just a fraction of them.

e805d8  No.16487999

File: b023f4603a54300⋯.png (237.33 KB, 564x563, 564:563, mgs2.png)


MGS2's change was almost as subtle.

6a16c6  No.16488161




18ed44  No.16488544


>That's the real reason people hated it

<Colored enemies

<Edgy story

<Shitty character design


Sure thing, anon.

>Had Itsuno directed it, people would have been fine with it

Sure thing. Itsuno directed DmC 2 and everyone was fine with it.

86f6dc  No.16488553


Oh, I see you're mentally deficient. Carry on then.

9829a5  No.16488581

File: 896e364b89b4447⋯.jpg (131.46 KB, 998x1024, 499:512, D0huD3-W0AUeLUy.jpg)


>Dmc 2

Jesus Christ /vg/, could you stop making it so obvious it's you everytime you come in here and try to shittalk DMC5?

35cd60  No.16488589


FC1 is amazing, shut your dickhole!

981cdc  No.16488620

MGS3 has the player get an eyepatch and monocular vision by the end. Additionally if you fail to remake bolts from The Fear they'll stay in you (not sure if this lasts until the end of the game or not).

There's probably other things, but the laundry list for the game is enormous.

fbfbb5  No.16488684

File: 6adb388ea012df4⋯.jpg (85.96 KB, 640x647, 640:647, Monster Rancher 1.jpg)

File: 7dda55d417b4e7e⋯.png (1.24 MB, 838x960, 419:480, Monster Rancher 2.png)

File: ad340c7a21255f3⋯.jpg (72.26 KB, 640x908, 160:227, Monster Rancher 4.jpg)

Considering the "player character" is technically the ranch/farm, as you go through the game and get better equipment as you get higher ranks, it might count.

f489c2  No.16488702


Big Medic wanted to use nigger child soldiers but his mom Miller stepped in and turned them into hamburgers instead. That's outside the point that Big Boss was pretty evil in Peace Walker

>Che Guevara is his role model

>takes money from KGB to remove CIA from Costa Rica making room for Soviet takeover of South America

>destroys multiple american AI weapon prototypes

>uses actual child soldiers (Chico in Intel team)


The taboo kojima meant was false advertising and getting away with it

>If I don't succeed I might leave the industry forever

Unfortunately Sean from No Man's Buy beat him to the punch.

18ed44  No.16488727


Cool no argument.


Fuck off with your crack head.

2b849b  No.16488765

File: 5caadeab4be9a2a⋯.jpg (259.18 KB, 853x480, 853:480, keeping my money.jpg)


>We will never go back to a time when Video Game developers actually care enough to do stuff like this.

>Rockstar will never be uncucked long enough to make a GTA as grand as San Andreas ever again.

86f6dc  No.16488771


Big words for the one who started with the non-arguments! Better luck next time, buster.

07fdeb  No.16488778


Even if they did care the VA union would probably come in and make everyone slip on a pile of loaded shotguns for daring to make them record for than an hour's worth of dialogue a day.

18ed44  No.16488801

File: 38432af167c6d94⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1009x1080, 1009:1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3ef45f6e10becdc⋯.png (327.51 KB, 340x479, 340:479, ClipboardImage.png)


>Enemies using color coded weapons to be defeated, which otherwise would interrupt your combo, is not an argument against DmC

>Donte opens his own cheast to confirm he have a heart, withing Emo Kid's first writing

>Deliverate edgy design because that's what kids like, right?

>Fucking dubstep as soundtrack.

DmC is just mediocre, sure, but it pales compared to DMC 3 or even 4.

On the other hand, you have DmC 2, which is followed by the same shitty character design, this time with ultra realistic garbage as cherry on top, with the same shit music sprinkled all over for Nero.

18ed44  No.16488805


At this point, voice acting should be something not only optional but far from important. I wouldn't mind having no voice acting, or better, having actors do the roles outside the union just to fuck them over.

86f6dc  No.16488815


Seeing as you have an IQ over 70, why do you expect to be taken seriously after typing "DmC2"? Are you some sort of masochist?

18ed44  No.16488876


Because it is. You have Itsuno constantly sucking DmC dick, to the point he actually wanted to make a sequel, and he managed to. He only coated it as DMC, and yet managed to pass Donte as Nero, shitty music and the big "QUE TE JODAN!" included. And only because it is Irsuno and he actually knows what he is doing he actually managed to fix some parts of the gameplay, and the story is no brainer, you just had to give the continuity the fans wanted even if you had to shoehoerned, but it worked, drooling retards ate it.

I don't give a shit if you enjoyed the game, it certainly is better than DmC. But well, what can you expect from an spiritual sequel? It's better than DMC3? Fuck no, and it's only better than DMC4 only because Itsuno actually had tons of money and time to burn on it, mostly I presume went into the (((actors))) and the shitty graphics.

86f6dc  No.16488885


So you're putting a deliberately inflammatory spin on a good product to make others insult you, according to what you're telling me. Masochism doesn't begin to describe it.

18ed44  No.16488914


Shitty music and shitty character design IN THE VEIN of DmC still predates the game, plus itsuno sucking DmC's cock. I'm not spinning anything, if you like garbage, good for you, but it's still garbage.

86f6dc  No.16488924


So you're putting a deliberately inflammatory spin on a good game with a couple of problems unrelated to gameplay to make others insult you, according to what you're telling me. Masochism doesn't begin to describe it.

18ed44  No.16488960


Keep moving goals, faggot.

86f6dc  No.16488984


I'm just accepting your gracious corrections to my despicable errors, o great one.

b50e39  No.16489011


> having actors do the roles outside the union just to fuck them over.

Capcom did that with the voice actors for REboot 2 due to that failure of a protest.

422415  No.16489038


>Cristal treatment.jpg

282ab7  No.16492363

File: 952e29900c14dc6⋯.jpg (40.68 KB, 680x793, 680:793, 1508297469071.jpg)


How did I not know this?

f0e643  No.16492432


Why isn't the graffiti mirrored in the reflection?

07fdeb  No.16492437


There's shit tons of dumb errors like that in all the promotional art.

28f432  No.16492458


Anon, that's not promotional art, that shit is in-game.

07fdeb  No.16492470


It was still made to advertise the game and put in after the fact to fill blank space. Or are the promotional renders for FF characters that show up cropped for character portraits suddenly not promotional images anymore?

28f432  No.16492507


You'd thing they fix that in-game, though, but they didn't.

d6e9e6  No.16492539


Fable 3, except it's your weapon that slowly changes.

07fdeb  No.16492547


I wouldn't, really. Anyone lazy enough to CTRL+V like that probably isn't going to do any more work.

f3a0dc  No.16492552

Your mum's vag. My sperm is so powerful it made her 20 years younger.

72225a  No.16492596

File: 89f8566bb13790d⋯.jpg (35.11 KB, 625x366, 625:366, bloody bloody.jpg)

Dishonored. Spilling blood with your sword stains your blade permanently; even reloading a previous save won't clean it off, you have to reset your game.

975e22  No.16492621


Not a character, but in Elite Dangerous your paintjob decay's after every jump. Turning white into some black blob.

bd15a0  No.16495977


Repeated deaths make you progressively hollow visually, it accompanies how your max health decreases a little each death.

fd5ff1  No.16496411

File: a3c6891c7a0b379⋯.gif (267.98 KB, 398x384, 199:192, a3c6891c7a0b379e08b27a1058….gif)


as a frog i'm offended by this

REEE nigger

topkek m9

5316f9  No.16496472

File: 0bd3206a74f94dc⋯.gif (354.95 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1477331498_preview_hello.gif)

File: 054c99c6b0d74ae⋯.png (19.98 KB, 175x196, 25:28, bc68922e595b0353fedd8c03fa….png)

You turn into a clown.

569c42  No.16496503

File: 51d0a156e0e7519⋯.png (55.52 KB, 192x154, 96:77, rZOaHhx.png)


>Voice acting is already the most bloated and expensive part of video games

>Unions come in to make them even more expensive and bloated

07fdeb  No.16496510


Well, no shit. They wouldn't have swooped in like the vultures they are if there wasn't plenty to eat.

0cd5db  No.16496511


sequel never ever.


bf0742  No.16497099


<itsuno sucking DmC's dick

>same itsuno that threatened to quit if capcom didn't give him a blank check to work on a game of his choice and he chose DMC5 to undo tameme's trash fire

DmC2fags are such pathetic liars. At this point you faggots must be masochists. That's the only explanation for why you keep humiliating yourselves.

1c3151  No.16497186



How is DMC5 bad?

07fdeb  No.16497197


Buying it gives Capcom money.

90061d  No.16497286

File: af658e25f70c797⋯.png (69.64 KB, 723x395, 723:395, ClipboardImage.png)


>to undo tameme's trash fire

You are full of shit.



bf0742  No.16497379

File: 2b353cb14abb35b⋯.png (53.68 KB, 561x378, 187:126, take_the_L.png)


>the usual pr talk shit versus itsuno's actual actions

Sure thing, you pathetic faggot. RENT FREE

90061d  No.16497434


>Takes plenty of elements out of DmC

>Including but not limited to music and art

>Down to Nero being an exact same copy of Donte

Sure, actions speak more than words.

b037fb  No.16497452

File: 20732e8ee1c60fc⋯.png (330.6 KB, 630x477, 70:53, Expert.png)




Okay Okay Here's the real deal.

For one thing Yes Itsuno does like DmC or at the very least I don't think he's a liar. And I don't give a shit if he does either way, he had a large hand make the game less of a dumpster fire, just like he did with DMC2. The whole point of DmC was to have Ninja Theory do something radically with the series, and Allot of people at Capcom seem to be happy with how DmC turned out. it just so happens that What Capcom wanted was fucking retarded. by we all know why DmC failed.

On the whole ""DmC 2"" meme, the best you can get out of that is that since Itsuno had a hand in allot of shit that went into DmC he obviously was going to take what worked and incorporate that into DMC5. You can't deny that shit like the Style announcer wasn't taken from DmC. but the things taken from DmC is fairly minimal, since 90% of DmC was just cherry picking the best bits of the rest of the series and "streamlining" it.


>How is DMC5 Bad

It isn't but i'm sure you know that. There is no way someone who considers themselves a fan of Devil May Cry could look at DMC5 and say it isn't a clear improvement on DMC4 in just about every way.

You know unless they're a combo autist who has played such a ridiculous amount of DMC4, that they needs to use cheat engine to mod in inertia and reversals.


>Nero being an exact same copy of Donte

You need to be a fucking retard not to see that Donte was always just a copy of Nero, just with Nothing that makes Nero likable.

263d39  No.16497481


Play generations, the best armor for a blademaster is the hellblade glabenis set.

fee347  No.16497585


This, in SotC, wanderer looks like he's been wanking too much near the end

3ea0fb  No.16497663

File: 90dc36bf81145e9⋯.png (5.24 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, RE2-Remake-PowerUp-18.png)


They made them look even more fucked up on the remake thanks to the reengine. In the original Leon only had bandages on his shoulder and Claire without jacket at the end. In the remake you can see visible particles of dust, disgusting remains of sewer water, and visible cuts and bruises on their face by the end of the game.

adce7a  No.16515343


9829a5  No.16515895


The RE Engine has shown it's good at data persistence which makes me wish that as dust, blood and grime got on your outfit, it'd stay there. Meaning that depending on how people's playthroughs went, their version of Leon/Claire would be filthy in different ways.

1d4f77  No.16515925

Far Cry 2 is the greatest game of all time.

599d75  No.16515928


Well you do get more gooey depending on how much you get grabbed by birkin and G fmbryos.

981cdc  No.16518585


>PS2 emulation has improved to a point where fps is less of a problem given you have a decent enough cpu.

But what about all the poorfags on 12 year old AMD Phenoms saying it's garbage????

07fdeb  No.16518593


Really the worst thing about the engine to me are the teeth. They look too tiny and overly detailed in a fake way. It wouldn't be a problem if characters didn't constantly grimace.

00c9e2  No.16518630

File: ecb06667386d668⋯.jpg (22.5 KB, 325x408, 325:408, ecb06667386d6682115225e425….jpg)

>Only example I can remember is pic related

00c9e2  No.16518635


>>Enemies are bulletsponges

Try aiming for the head.

f1543d  No.16518831

File: 2cec1cc487529fb⋯.jpg (59.66 KB, 660x330, 2:1, Bound-By-Flame.jpg)

Bound by flame comes to mind. Its a small action RPG where your character is possessed by a demon and based on your decisions you become more or less demonic. It also changes the ending, dialogue and combat(albeit slightly) as the game goes on.

Pretty good game. Would recommend it but be prepared for some B level voice acting and environment recycling.

fcc8af  No.16518857


It worked fine on them a decade ago.

The only issue you will have is the horse being annoying. The creator designed it to be this way 'because a real horse would ignore you'.

ae6c6a  No.16518960

>FC1 autist and DmC2 autist in the same fucking thread

Woah shit.

62eb7c  No.16519847


>Only manage to hit a child across the street.

>Through a ricochet and the child just happened to walk into the bullet.

>Child doesn't even die

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