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File: ec5fbab56f9e52f⋯.png (377.18 KB, 720x1070, 72:107, Western Bias.png)

0f863e  No.16483085

Steam bans anime games for "pedophilia" even if the games only have big breasted adult women over the age of 18.

Meanwhile, Steam gives an A-Okay stamp of approval to a Western game where underage realistic looking characters have a sex scene.


Mass report this game to Steam and make them live up to their damn rules or cause a huge fuss.

Post last edited at

f143ab  No.16483113

But anon, underage sex scenes are wholesome fun lighthearted entertainment for the whole family if your family is made up of members of the synagogue of satan. Considering that jewish interests own most of the planet at this point why would you expect any different?

c101df  No.16483119

File: d6c8200d12c320d⋯.jpg (64.98 KB, 767x565, 767:565, g34g344g3g34.jpg)

>The sequence doesn’t contain explicit nudity such as genitalia

>Additionally, we don’t actually see any thrusting or explicit forms of intercourse

what are you even doing?

3f0406  No.16483123


Some of the banned VNs didn't have any nudity either.

26c84f  No.16483140

File: 53958da4d69980f⋯.png (171.93 KB, 526x500, 263:250, 709ca5d529de671f6341c99eb0….png)

Life is Hella 2 should get the axe, but was the issue with the anime games, pedophilia or just hot anime women?

No 2D pedophilia is still pedophilia and you can drop dead if you're into that shit, but I want an actual answer on this shit

14576d  No.16483143

The main characters in Life is Strange are all adults. All those students are literally attending an adult school.

26c84f  No.16483151


So OPs a fag?

3f0406  No.16483157


In some cases, it was loli porn.

In some cases, it was characters with average breasts that were stated to be of age.

In some cases, it was women with giant fucking tits.

In some cases, it was women with giant tits and also absolutely no sex or nudity.

86233e  No.16483172

26c84f  No.16483179


I wasn't. It's why my post ends in a question mark, dumbass.

44c866  No.16483182


SJWs just hate anime. If they can't control it, they would try to ban it.

acb028  No.16483186

File: 6ad80b7db97d66d⋯.jpg (34.96 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Osaka Summer.jpg)

You honestly expect valve to go after a big studio the same way they did to little know VN studios?


>Underaged premarital sex

>Puritan moralism


Pretty much if it had sexy animu gurls and pissed off a curator that day. There is pretty much no rhyme or reason out side of that.

>Asshurt over loli out of no where

How did you do in school this year?

09921c  No.16483187


Too bad retards won't call out Valve on their "underrage porn is not allowed" bullshit excuses they use to ban VNs which sometimes don't even contain nudity. We need anime holocaust 2.0 to happen, fuck Valve and fuck Steam.

26c84f  No.16483195


>Asshurt over loli out of no where

>out of no where

>in a thread about an underage sex scene in a game and curation hypocracy

44c866  No.16483204


Especially when curation bans anime VNs that arent sexual and is just adult women. Yet they let in Western underage shit and Homosexual porn games.

e4fc19  No.16483213


This is like saying "SJWism is a religion", no shithead they are hijacking the innate social and moral proclivities within people to create contradictory belief systems, they might bear a resemblance but they lack all consistency or staying power. Stop letting your brain be colonized by subversive memes.

0f863e  No.16483216


Where's your archive?

Also, anime is the last place where girls are feminine and guys are masculine aside from the few trap characters that sparingly exist in the medium. Compare to modern Western shit that is all around pozzed with niggers, dykes and fags at every corner.

368a8f  No.16483217

File: 891a053e99843d8⋯.jpg (660.63 KB, 1000x1595, 200:319, 72551945_p0.jpg)

File: 195aa34a32bcedb⋯.png (1.29 MB, 858x1200, 143:200, 435c949acf7724bfbb2cd0f69b….png)


>Suddenly projecting your distaste for loli/shota

If you wanted some, then just ask.


>However, the real story here is that the depiction of underage sex also went unchecked by both Sony and Valve, two platform holders who have been aggressively enforcing censorship and bans on games that they either deem as containing too much “sexual content” or for containing “child exploitation”.

This is all about the hypocrisy. Most people wouldn't give a shit that this was in the game if it wasn't for the fact that a ton of JP games don't even get to have content like this without it being heavily censored. Sure the character is 16 which is legal in most of the USA but some would still say that's underage.


What's stopping people from mass flagging it then?

02cb3d  No.16483220


By that logic, violent video games turn children into serial killers. Get some better arguments, goon

44c866  No.16483225


>Sure the character is 16 which is legal in most of the USA

A lot of people forget that the 18 AoC laws are only in certain states of the union. The idea was propagated from Hollywood where California is an 18 AoC state.

5ec086  No.16483228


>t. degenerate

0f863e  No.16483229


That's the thing. This is a war on anime. They hate anime because they can't control it. At best all they could do is censor official Western releases and fuck with dub scripts.

26c84f  No.16483232


nigger there's no suddenly about it, it's directly related to the thread topic, and you retarded faggots are causing collateral damage

dbd79a  No.16483239

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is the most relevant song ever made. It will never stop being relevant.

5abf4f  No.16483242


>What's stopping people from mass flagging it then?

Remember the other week when Valve started removing any and all negative reviews for games that may or may not be because of "unrelated" things like DRM? Why would you ever expect the pieces of shit to abide by the same rules as others? They'll simply do nothing except disable flagging for that game and possibly post some news post about how they're taking steps to prevent mass flagging trolls from harassing game creators. When do leftists ever play by the rules they impose upon others?

fe0968  No.16483250


>mad 56%

go suck tyrone's dick after he is done with your wife

fe0968  No.16483253


>americans getting mad when the rest of the world rejects their degenerate ways

1864ea  No.16483265

File: 3dc124ba2a5ed97⋯.gif (35.71 KB, 514x197, 514:197, final_fight_page_i000067.gif)


Wrong faggot. America has been cucked about sexuality since it's founding.

26c84f  No.16483267


you do realize 90% of this shit was caused by 8 years of a controlled education system manipulating students into a situation of guaranteed debt right? Killing some retarded monkeys assigned to sit things on a digital shelf will not fix jack shit.

de931d  No.16483270


Truly TORposters are the worst posters.

c511ce  No.16483276


Too bad Rammstein is shit

44c866  No.16483279


It began with the puritans that settled here. Throughout the years it's been both the Religious Rightwing Moral Authoritarians and the current Atheist Leftwing Moral Authoritarians that have been puritanical when it comes to sexual content.

e4fc19  No.16483282


Deluded Euros and Americans alike love that song, since they believe that American media and corporate interests are actually America, thereby missing the point that their countrymen choose and crave to adopt these things . Upset that retards run the world due to democracy will always chase and manipulate the LCD yet they just eternally bitch and moan, or use it as a means to view themselves as superior.


There is no such thing as the thing you call America in your head. Getting good copped bad copped doesn't make you smart.

368a8f  No.16483286

File: 2746438b0e4997e⋯.jpg (139.51 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, D2eLASKUkAAB4PY.jpg)

File: 49ec38ca628c105⋯.jpg (487.73 KB, 2894x4093, 2894:4093, 49ec38ca628c1053b50341ae47….jpg)

File: 7e9822441416105⋯.jpg (70.2 KB, 636x1000, 159:250, 72387774_p0.jpg)

File: 570948d8c4d2b85⋯.jpg (413.76 KB, 1280x1715, 256:343, tumblr_ot2e97qVeL1upo5cto1….jpg)


>Transphobic doctor claims anime makes people trans

>Most trans are in western countries and not the land that makes it

What a leap in logic.


>The idea was propagated from Hollywood where California is an 18 AoC state.

It's annoying having to correct people about that all the time. Many honestly think the AoC in the USA is 18 thanks to Cali propaganda.


Very true. I hope Netflix dies before it gets too much of its foot in anime because they'll immediately cuck it as soon as possible.


So what do you like, /ss/ or loli? Personally, I like brown and tanned lolis.


>Remember the other week when Valve started removing any and all negative reviews

I immediately remembered that after posting. Still, the whole "Adult games are allowed on Steam" damage control started when people were mass flagging and they were getting a bunch of heat. Doing it again might stir up something again.

01bb05  No.16483288


Let them do that, create a precedent and record of their bias, let these stack up until it reaches a boiling point where the weight of their own bias is too much for them and it enables some sort of pressure against it that they cannot ignore.

Or do nothing and nothing happens.

928b75  No.16483299



Normal looking guys like the one on the right make the woman on the left look even more comical.

97e584  No.16483301


>(((valve))) is hypocritical with what is allowed on the platform

Shocking but when they allowed that one western VN with gay bestiality in it, that should have been a sign.

6aee00  No.16483309


>if you use steam you're a cuck

Fixed that for you.

44c866  No.16483322


Shiver me timbers.

c41d8c  No.16483330

File: 3e5e7e4585263f5⋯.jpg (874.43 KB, 1243x1056, 113:96, Steam fag.jpg)


Not one of us chose to adopt "american" culture, it was forced onto us, it was specifically designed to manipulate the european people and subvert them, jews pushed it hard and it was so effective european culture is almost wiped out, in a sense that almost no-one practices european traditions or cares about their own culture, look at any poor teenage group in europe, they act just like niggers listening to rap, speaking like monkeys, consuming american media and american foods.Cant go somewhere without someone bringing up whats happening in america whilst they dont care what is happening in their own country. american media and corporate interests are 100% american because american is jewish, the founding fathers were jewish, the major players throughout america have been jews and the entire culture is that of judaism, so much so that millions of americans get their dick mutilated at birth.


>dont use steam

but how will i show people on facebook for games how much of a pathetic tranny I am if I cant join all the weebfag groups and buy all the weebshit VNs?

e4fc19  No.16483338


>too dumb to understand what I said or follow the chain that got us here

This is the problem that can't be fixed.

97e584  No.16483350



>would rather suck dick then get a job

>waaaaaah my family doesn't encourage my mental illness

>i'm going to kill myself if someone does do things for me

So the average tranny.

368a8f  No.16483365

File: b13135cfc646e16⋯.jpg (78.03 KB, 600x847, 600:847, 開栓注意kaisennカンナ.jpg)


This is nothing surprising. It's just more evidence. Honestly I'm glad some people aren't treating this as the norm. At that point they're accepting that anything resembling anime girls should be censored.


Female rights were only allowed because some men saw that manipulating women to gain more power would be easy. We're still suffering the consequences because of it.

02cb3d  No.16483366



Is the fag still up for grabs? I could use a slave for manual labour and could cover the room and board easily.

4d431e  No.16483369


the founding fathers were freemasons and masonry is based off of the jewish talmud

76e450  No.16483370

If it's underaged promiscuity, homosexuality, drag shows, destruction of the family being depicted earnestly as a means of propaganda, it's okay, because the west will ingest it wholesale.

Cute 2D anime girls are not okay, because (((they))) can't use it as a poison. That's the only conclusion I can reach with this kikery.

469376  No.16483373

File: 8675d0a2b3db439⋯.jpeg (66.24 KB, 454x444, 227:222, 7AF7DD66-ADB3-4A4C-A7D2-F….jpeg)

File: 234c1ba770e7c0a⋯.jpg (513.53 KB, 1539x1025, 1539:1025, (((who))) started attack o….jpg)


>Throughout the years it's been both the Religious Rightwing Moral Authoritarians and the current Atheist Leftwing Moral Authoritarians that have been puritanical when it comes to sexual content.

<Most communities (Especially religous groups) came to the U.S. because they opposed the regulations placed upon them in other countries

<The U.S. Bill of Rights is founded on the citizens of the country being from as free as possible from government control

<Also the Founding Fathers were extremely religious, even the agnostics and atheists among them

<This is all their fault

How about you actually learn history, dipshit?

44c866  No.16483374


And that's because the Yiddish Empire collapsed with only the UK remaining, so they went to leech off America. They plan on controlling China after the US because they are becoming a major powerhouse.

c41d8c  No.16483378

File: 4fd9ca60ec4a63a⋯.jpg (110.68 KB, 610x407, 610:407, George washington setting ….jpg)


Yep, these freemasons in full regalia look like hardline anti-kikes to me

f9aa42  No.16483396


Lieberman is very conservative as far as democrats go though. That said, they suckered plenty of Christians into going along with them. I'm sure we have at least a few people here whose christian parents wouldn't let them play Pokemon because it's Satanic.

3fb215  No.16483398


I'm told the first image isn't real. I would very dearly like everything you posted to be legit, but every extreme statement like that has to be sourced.

44c866  No.16483405


I remembered when Pope John Paul 2 said that Mewtwo was a pretty cool guy.

3fb215  No.16483407


Well, such opinions on the Jews were neither special nor uncommon. The shock is that it's Benjamin Franklin saying it, not that it was said.


He only knew that at the time because my dad told him. He worked at Nintendo.

76e450  No.16483410

File: e5cf624331949e4⋯.mp4 (4.4 MB, 854x480, 427:240, healty way of raising kids.mp4)


Sexuality is extremely destructive, as logically, it is the biological foundation where all social norms sprout, and ripples out into every aspect of our society. It's why women getting the vote, along with the sexual revolution was so damaging, as they're (women) are the gateway to reproduction, the very thing that incentivizes productivity. It's why women with multiple sexual partners are more likely to divorce, it's why single motherhood is so emotionally damaging, it's why fags and trannies are so mentally deranged, for the last 50 years, Human sexuality has been used as a weapon, and honestly the kneejerk response to it doesn't really surprise me. It only explains why kikes really have no issue pushing homosexuality, casual sex, and open relationships, as all these things kill birthrates and ripple out into other aspects of life, further eroding social trust. That's why the whole "BUT WHY ARE THEY OKAY WITH X BUT NOT WITH Y" gotchas don't work on the people pushing this shit, because they know why at a very basic level why they shill it, because it's destructive to western nations.

I even remember during the 90's the people pushing against the "Evil right" are now the type of faggots spearheading the gayest shit now.

469376  No.16483428

File: 1496caf650d75ec⋯.jpg (39.61 KB, 382x491, 382:491, proofs.jpg)


>First pic


Where's the fucking source to that quote?

44c866  No.16483429


>I even remember during the 90's the people pushing against the "Evil right" are now the type of faggots spearheading the gayest shit now.

They do that while trying to ban healthy heterosexual content and romance.

3fb215  No.16483432


I mean, possibly. But if it were said, there should be a record of it somewhere. Otherwise we wouldn't know he said it.

9dc0e0  No.16483443



469376  No.16483445


Then post a link to the source.

e4fc19  No.16483452

The problem with the founding fathers is the whole, "Hey dad, don't tell me what to do, I deserve Freedom!" and then are surprised that this freedom is used to undermine every foundation that protects a group of people from malicious temptation. Same as people who are like "Give me my right to jerk off to what I want, media doesn't effect me!" and then are surprised at the increasing number of trannies, faggots, cuckolds, and other degenerates that will eventually eat them alive and leave no safe place to hide and masturbate. They use your desires and ambitions against you, that's the whole game. The peasants needed to be kept down, regardless of the you who might have the Will to overcome yourself.

2bf2e1  No.16483456


Freemasons used to be anti jew. But they got corrupted, first by homosexuals, then by zionists.

c41d8c  No.16483464

File: 4c5ef7e150fc492⋯.jpg (190.32 KB, 800x500, 8:5, big laffs.jpg)


WOAH!! are those random quotes?

e03820  No.16483469


>says the JIDF

e4fc19  No.16483470


No shit, but screaming into the void is useful to consolidate your own thoughts.

469376  No.16483474


I tried to, MONTHS AGO!! Even dedicated some threads towards finding it, and other Anons turned up emtpy on the search as well.

So, post the source, since you're obviously so smart in being able to find it, OR DELETE THAT FABICRATED PIECE OF SHIT!

d1865e  No.16483483

File: cc326896a66ccaf⋯.jpeg (63.49 KB, 732x488, 3:2, lincoln.jpeg)


No, it makes you look like a mentally deranged schizophrenic

9494db  No.16483486

File: 0fa33d4599afaec⋯.jpg (87.51 KB, 913x660, 83:60, DT9LXzaXkAETZkS.jpg large.jpg)


Loli is perfect for tucking into bed

e4fc19  No.16483490

People who care about source and not content are the problem, like if you are influenced by the fact that Franklin said it, and not what it says, you are a fool same as those who follow celebrities on Twitter and lap up their yammerings.


I'm not one, so why would I care what you think about me?

469376  No.16483500


>People who care about source and not content are the problem

And, why is that? If he did say it, then it only adds credibility to how reviled the Jews were by everyone, even the Founding Fathers.

f9411f  No.16483502


Then 2D murder is still murder and you're liable for every pixelated life you've taken, friendo.

d1865e  No.16483503


>more redditspacing

Please, please kill yourself.


>anything in this garbage thread

>on topic

Pick one

204b4d  No.16483507

File: 8fe3e079b9c598c⋯.png (311.18 KB, 471x1000, 471:1000, ClipboardImage.png)


Maybe their under the impression anything that's from Japan and drawn is underage.

I also respectfully disagree with your pedophilia comment though, as drawings and fake/fictional characters have no bearing to real life.

c41d8c  No.16483519


>muh content

its not about who it comes from its if they actually said it

e4fc19  No.16483522


Any history book could tell you that Jews have been reviled, but it really wouldn't matter if he was the one saying it or not, it's whether the quote contains wisdom or foolishness. That's why faking those quotes is so pathetic though, you scrape the bottom of the barrel to gain support, chasing the LCD just like the rest of them.

See, source, not content is the objection of the weak mind.


02cb3d  No.16483523


>not knowing what redditspacing is

lurk two more years

d1865e  No.16483529


>but it really wouldn't matter if he was the one saying it or not, it's whether the quote contains wisdom or foolishness

This is literally Jewish propaganda


Prove he isn't redditspacing

469376  No.16483531


>it really wouldn't matter if he was the one saying it or not, it's whether the quote contains wisdom or foolishness

Great, where's the source to the quote?

02cb3d  No.16483542


Making a space between different replies is not redditspacing. Redditspacing is making an empty line after every sentence. Just how much of a newfag are you?

e4fc19  No.16483550


Don't care?


I also don't care? That's my point. It's a foolish statement for the reasons I laid out in an earlier post.

d1865e  No.16483551


>Making a space between different replies is not redditspacing.

Yes it is, and it has always been like that. You're the only newfag here.

3fb215  No.16483552


Just click on his ID. He showed up mid-thread to offer literally nothing and start unprovoked problems, both throwing out non-sequitur complaints into the ether and then starting random arguments with everyone he can. I reported him, but Mark doesn't care about actual board quality.

9a6f63  No.16483559

File: 275e3fd2e579a95⋯.png (120.52 KB, 384x406, 192:203, 894489615.png)


Silly OP, its ok when the burgers do it.

d1865e  No.16483561


>claiming they care about actual board quality

>while bumping this garbage pile of a thread

Are you a brainlet?

3fb215  No.16483562


Oh, whoops, different retard. Same posting style though, so maybe he did get banned and cycled IPs.

469376  No.16483567


>I also don't care? That's my point. It's a foolish statement for the reasons I laid out in an earlier post.

You do realize that you have nothing to lose (That you haven't already) by posting a source, right?

99a4a7  No.16483571


Jews aren't American, anon, they're Israelis.

e4fc19  No.16483577

d1865e  No.16483582


His post was perfectly fine, you fucking nigger. Learn how to read.

99a4a7  No.16483588


>Implying the Jew doesn't fear the samurai

204b4d  No.16483594


It's not even burgers, it's from the fucking baguettes if I remember the writers for the game correctly.

14b8a6  No.16483598

Whether you agree with the laws or not, can someone explain to me why "Life is Strange 2" isn't outright illegal due to CP laws?

e4fc19  No.16483611


Why would he repeatedly ask for a source when I didn't initially post the image or defend it? Additionally I had already informed him that I care more for the content, which I gave my opinion on in an earlier post. It's not the grammatical structure of his post, it's that he's not following along.


Laws have to be enforced, and those enforcing laws see easy targets in some places and not in others. Attacking Life is Strange would pit them against groups they fear, while attacking Japanese games doesn't. Simple as that.

50527d  No.16483616

File: d09b4e6a1291600⋯.mp4 (13.34 MB, 800x450, 16:9, Life is Strange 2’s Undera….mp4)

469376  No.16483630


Honestly, I winder if these guys are genuine /pol/tards, the newfags that hopped on the site after the election, or a genuine shill just trying to disrupt discussion.

da6ecf  No.16483632


Just don't be anywhere near USA, its that easy. And be aware the standards they apply to art is not what they apply in personal real life actions.

af01e5  No.16483633

File: 3f1fa265dac3205⋯.jpg (21.23 KB, 351x351, 1:1, 3f1fa265dac3205666728b7cca….jpg)

204b4d  No.16483640


God the sex wasn't even that detailed and that girl was gross, damn SFM degenerates did a better job.

e4fc19  No.16483646


Social constructionists aren't completely wrong in their beliefs, it's just that what they are constructing won't work in the long term.


No, I didn't, I said that the ideology the Founding Fathers believed in left them open to the subversion being mentioned in a post one deleted post responded to. I also said faking quotes is pathetic and self-defeating since you chase fools. If you don't want to read the thread, that's fine, but don't misconstrue what I said, like you said context is important.

563261  No.16483647


What "sex"? All they did was flop on each other.

da6ecf  No.16483653

Lets talk about how oneangrygamer are bunch of false-flagging kikes instead?

50527d  No.16483658


How are they wrong in this instance?

563261  No.16483665


Except is isn't just that, putting any unneccessary line breaks is reddit spacing.

da6ecf  No.16483674


Life is strange is respectable politically correct product with a fade to black implied scene, and japanese vns are not respectable pornography? Sure its a mistery why its not double standard.

After all this i expected Life is Strange 2 to be about two homos, that's what first episode implied. I am pleasantly surprised the protagonist is straight at all.

469376  No.16483685


> also said faking quotes is pathetic and self-defeating since you chase fools. If you don't want to read the thread, that's fine, but don't misconstrue what I said, like you said context is important.


>People who care about source and not content are the problem, like if you are influenced by the fact that Franklin said it, and not what it says, you are a fool same as those who follow celebrities on Twitter and lap up their yammerings.

50527d  No.16483691


Odds are I'm feeding a troll from ResetEra (wonder how they're reacting), but haven't even non-h VNs been banned for bullshit reasons?

9a6f63  No.16483692

File: 1e609d0c4c3f1d8⋯.png (604.92 KB, 660x1137, 220:379, Smugness.png)


>it's from the fucking baguettes

b5167d  No.16483696


>the founding fathers were jewish,

I'm sorry, are you retarded?

is your next line going to be something stupid like saying Socrates was Jewish?

ecea13  No.16483698




Its just another "pokemons are satanic" idiot who tries to gather money and fame on popular and familiar to everyone thing. Imagine being modern child, like 14 and edgy and watching anime in your room when mom bangs on your door and screams that anime makes you gay and takes your monitor away or something. Just yet another ride like in the 90's, early 2000's. All that while your school preaches gay to you way more.

ecea13  No.16483704


Have to be a total incel to not realize what shit flow would raise Life is Strange 2 ban on steam compared to some niche japanese vn. Like entire internet would stand up against that except retards here.

10ca13  No.16483705


That's supposed to be a girl?

779968  No.16483708


Yep. Dontnod studios is french.

b5167d  No.16483710


>it's not my job to educate you

Fuck off nigger, if you want more people to be awake to the Jewish Question, you have to actually provide sources, not evreyone is going to throw their arms and say "I guess I hate jews now".

it takes time to unlearn all the stupid bullshit the modern world has poisened our minds with, so the very least you could provide the antidote rather than just flaunting it around.

ecea13  No.16483713


Well go for it then, make Gabe's mods ignore your reports like something pathetic and journos write another article on "hategroup organizing review bombing" or something.

f37a35  No.16483718


It does seem fabricated. In fact it seems he donated, along with other signers, to the first synagogue in philly.


697b2a  No.16483721

File: 6b9ea54e0c1c21f⋯.jpg (52.51 KB, 640x347, 640:347, real-in-my-mind.jpg)


>I have no proof to backup anything I'm saying just strawm– I mean, anecdotes!

e4fc19  No.16483726


Of course, I wasn't disagreeing that his flavor crazy isn't really bad. Just wanted to clarify that you can make people become trannies or other types of degenerates through coaching and narrative control, so social constructivism isn't completely wrong that what people see and hear affects their behavior. It's just they turn into broken people almost immediately. You'll see that argument from some people now and again that nothing you consume has any effect on you.


Do you think those statements are in opposition or something? The first is about using lies to manipulate fools to join your cause. The second is about how people won't engage with an idea, but quibble over source. Both are condescending towards morons.

b5167d  No.16483730

File: 484f0c5b334f4fe⋯.png (37.26 KB, 929x271, 929:271, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 73035ea804d7dd9⋯.png (478.71 KB, 644x803, 644:803, SCARED ANON.png)


Fucking great.

469376  No.16483751

File: 7c77d09635a650c⋯.png (1.47 MB, 4472x2824, 559:353, CUCKCHANNERS_GET_OUT.png)

6cb70f  No.16483761



>get out

That's a very good word for this thread, because it really depicts perfectly people arguing if you're allowed to have sex when you're 16, and if that particular part about our life is worth of note in art and story writing, when everyone pretends like they don't know most lose their virginity even earlier.

Just because you stuck on computer pornography instead of having relationship during that age doesn't mean you're better than other sinners of this damned world.

f37a35  No.16483766


A source is important. You can still jack each other off over an idea or beat each other up, but a source is important. If there had been a source for the franklin prophecy we would have known at least two things 1.) He actually did hate jews and 2.) The founding fathers being jewish argument would take a beating. Instead you spread the idea that franklin was a jew hater by never citing this quote not a bad thing when in fact he along with many others allowed the strong jewish influence in early america to happen. A source is important

9a6f63  No.16483774


remember to not give out your precious (you)s

469376  No.16483778

File: aef92bb237475f4⋯.png (28.83 KB, 154x271, 154:271, Leave, fool!.png)


>That's a very good word for this thread

It's a word that started on Leddit, and was pushed by the baizuo as the "new cool way" to call someone a virgin.

This is it.

b5167d  No.16483782


is that all you can fucking do?

just say one sentence or just a word?

this is a fucking imageboard, not IRC.

you fucking faggot, if you're not going to post anything of value, don't post anything at all.

God fucking damn.

341ce1  No.16483791


No, it actually came from puahate. And it's sad how it triggers so many incels in denial.

e4fc19  No.16483792


>Instead you spread the idea that franklin was a jew hater by never citing this quote

No, I didn't. Damn, I hate going old man, but how dumb are you kids now?

0770a2  No.16483798

File: 67e0259bae388b0⋯.png (91.11 KB, 635x729, 635:729, Sparkless.png)

File: c17a2279b3bc971⋯.png (63.62 KB, 638x523, 638:523, Sparkless 2.png)

File: 356df745357397a⋯.png (54.01 KB, 628x539, 628:539, Sparkless 3.png)

File: 636274485a67a23⋯.png (50.84 KB, 513x732, 171:244, Sparkless 4.png)

Do you agree with this individual from steam forums?

4d0d30  No.16483800



The same people who criticized 8ch for hosting "CP" are the same people who have no problems with child drag queens.

469376  No.16483805

File: 4671e172811e61a⋯.png (253.18 KB, 480x360, 4:3, What is going on.png)

>All these (1)s all of a sudden

4d0d30  No.16483806


Fuck no. Japanese games are rated 18+ (see: DoA) but they still get censored overseas.

0770a2  No.16483808


Because shitty article from oneangrygamer. Always gathers a lot of newcomers/read only's.

3d5d80  No.16483815


every time some one complains about a (1) they sound like some bitch on a forum clowning about post count.

469376  No.16483816

File: d612ef9361e8aee⋯.png (41.5 KB, 684x646, 18:17, You're serious.png)


>Only source talking about Steam censorship

>Only source talking about Sony censorship

<Why are you posting him all the time?

50527d  No.16483831


See anyone else besides Sankaku reporting on this?

0770a2  No.16483834



Whole site is just click baits for cuckchan crossposters.

563261  No.16483840


None of what you just posted is true in the slightest

469376  No.16483845



Then post links to other news sites talking about Sony censoring games and Steam banning games.

563261  No.16483853

469376  No.16483887


A search result is not a source.

563261  No.16483891


You said "post links to other news sites". I gave you a list of links to other news sites. Quit being picky, nigger.

469376  No.16483983


>Quit being picky, nigger.

So, you're saying that should stop caring where I get my news from?

8bf274  No.16483991

File: 53f89dd6831f4d0⋯.mp4 (3.71 MB, 720x900, 4:5, KuriEmi1.mp4)


Yeah no wonder the fucktards who hate on anime don't mind that shit. The girl looks fucking old and ugly. They love that crap because they hate the idea of girls being young, cute and hot so they push that gross faggotry. Here, have a real, fresh-looking girl. For the real men who haven't had their minds warped.

563261  No.16483997


>real, fresh looking girl

>shows some chick who clearly has had plastic surgery done to her face

You're retarded

563261  No.16483999

Trips btw

0d6677  No.16484000

File: 8285e1f540e0c5b⋯.jpeg (32.03 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 8285e1f540e0c5bdf29618a31….jpeg)


I remember this article appearing on /pol/ and everyone shitting at it because the opinion of some random faggot not being a fucking argument.

Why didn't you fucking learn?

469376  No.16484004



That's great, now answer the question:

Should I stop caring about where I get my news from?

d4c2a3  No.16484012


Took me a moment to figure out which one was male. Even now I have my doubts though.

563261  No.16484015


You claimed Angrygamer was the only outlet reporting on Sony censorship. I gave you a list of links for a variety of sources proving that wrong. You're free to pick and choose which sources you want to follow from that list but the evidence remains that Oneangrygamer isn't the only source talking about any sort of video game censorship, which is what you claimed, you retarded faggot.

0d6677  No.16484018



I wish it was just American, the list of "No fun faggots" is far longer than that, England, Kikes and Germans leading the fucking way.

b2def5  No.16484033


The french are, after all, more sexually depraved than any other nationality. Public indecency is legal and socially acceptable there: jacking off on a park bench won't land you with even a fine. It all goes back to their fucked revolutions, which conversely decriminalized and the psychosexual disorder of homophilia (which should, in accordance to human law, always be punished with death).

b2def5  No.16484035


Stupid fucking flag.

563261  No.16484040


Matches your stupid fucking post that doesn't make any sense and cites nothing.

99a4a7  No.16484041


>Attacking Life is Strange would pit them against groups they fear

It would put Marxist kikes against Marxist kikes anon. The tribe never turns on itself.

563261  No.16484052


>The tribe never turns on itself.

>Trotskyists vs Leninists never happened

b2def5  No.16484087


The French decriminalized sodomy with their penal code following their shitty revolution in the 18th century. This was not a case of them merely forgetting to put the law in either, as it was in Communist Russia, they had many, many years afterwards to rectify this abhorrence to natural law, and they simply did not.

14576d  No.16484090


Well, it shows how much I know about a sjw-tier game.

4167e5  No.16484094



>psychosexual disorder of homophilia


Decent LARP, almost had me fooled.

9670c6  No.16484103

File: c66bbfc10c20dfc⋯.gif (2.55 MB, 300x250, 6:5, c66bbfc10c20dfc1f58cbbb843….gif)



021a69  No.16484106


>I am pleasantly surprised the protagonist is straight at all.

I don't want to shock you, but in that episode there's an option to pursue a male love interest instead. I don't think there's a sex scene, though.

b2def5  No.16484114


You don't know what that word means, faggot, and you seem to be unable to see the sincerity in my words. The french are disgusting semi-people who feel as if they are free from natural law. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if the french believed themselves genetically immune to STDs: they are delusional people who are being punished for their immorality and rejection of biology.

469376  No.16484129


>I gave you a list of links for a variety of sources proving that wrong.

You do realize majority of those links referred to the Time article, not Sony's censorship throughout the months?

>You're free to pick and choose which sources you want to follow

But, you just told me: >>16483891

>Quit being picky, nigger.

1605a7  No.16484155

File: cfa167b5de90a8a⋯.jpg (21.43 KB, 436x365, 436:365, 1414293877396.jpg)


>No digital murder is still murder and you can drop dead if you're into that shit

>but I want an actual answer on this shit

Too bad, faggot.

f71639  No.16484157


>imagine /v/ actually succeds in raising a shitstorm and causing this shit to be taken down

>imagine if Cuckmann was retarded enough to include something similar in LGBTLOU2

>imagine if we somehow can use the precedent of Life is Cringe 2 being nuked to presure Soyny into axing that degeneracy

>imagine the butthurt that'll bring

i'll never happen but an anon can dream

if dubs it happens

563261  No.16484160


>still no citations or sources

563261  No.16484164


>You do realize majority of those links referred to the Time article

They didn't, though.

44c866  No.16484167


Looks like a cute doll.

10ca13  No.16484185

File: 830e16e79b1ad7f⋯.png (5.4 KB, 326x78, 163:39, reported.png)

File: 3334704f6c251bc⋯.png (969.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, SFMisstrange.png)


Here. Here's also a shitty SFM pose of one of the original game's models I made.

779968  No.16484195


I like where that sfm is going.

c3811e  No.16484302


>Literally it's OK when we do it

God dammit I hate NPCs

d5403f  No.16484529

Fuck Steam.

704ebd  No.16484562

File: 0f3e7a85c16653d⋯.jpg (49.31 KB, 480x600, 4:5, 7cf.jpg)


Not today you cunt.

ded477  No.16484677

File: 64d57f2ed8c63f6⋯.jpg (127.69 KB, 750x750, 1:1, Today.jpg)

File: c5b463a58b86544⋯.jpg (79.64 KB, 950x689, 950:689, Sony censor.jpg)



>child drag queens.

6b881b  No.16484731

File: 3e8492a5490dea7⋯.png (108.67 KB, 794x173, 794:173, nerds sex.png)


everyone looks like a disgusting degenerate

7342dc  No.16484735


Fuck off vargtard.

7342dc  No.16484760


>Sex scenes are mature and artistic as long as I don't personally dislike the art style!

This has gotta be some kind of subtle trolling, I refuse to believe someone can have such obnoxious double standards and not be aware of it.

5ec086  No.16484775

File: c0cf5d55e2853cc⋯.png (159.24 KB, 960x444, 80:37, 1499454630343.png)



b334d4  No.16484786


The founding fathers didn't have any reason to have strong views on jewish people because America's jewish population in the 1700s was several hundred people. If you're living in a country that's virtually all Anglo-Americans of English descent it's not something you think about

780adc  No.16484927


jew detected

4db6f1  No.16484941

File: d78740a2250af31⋯.png (4.04 KB, 35x113, 35:113, who.png)


which would you prefer, the ebin chink store or (((steam)))?

i definitely prefer (((steam))), fuck the chinks amirite fellow goyim?

kikes and reddit spacing aside, i can't even be bothered to login to steam and report this. do it yourself op you fag


>anime makes people trans

clearly false or japan would be full of trannies, not thailand or burgerfatland

682143  No.16484978



Also post yours anon.



76e450  No.16484980



if dubs, faggots will eat each other alive and tear down their AAA products to damage control and roll back their faggotry

4a176a  No.16484994


>full arm sleeves


682143  No.16484995


>the world isn't that degenerate now

whole lot of implying going on here…

4a176a  No.16484997


They still card at tattoo shops anon. I have no clue what that game is about but she looked at least 20.

Was he the underagefag?

4a176a  No.16484998



the guy*

682143  No.16485000


>They still card at tattoo shops anon.

They're SUPPOSED to, yes. Illegal immigrant Juan operating out of his van probably doesn't give a fuck.

4a176a  No.16485006


Sure. For tiny tain tattoos and wrist tattos. But full sleeves I have some doubt.

But like I said: I have no fucking clue about the game, are they written as underage?

682143  No.16485014


>But full sleeves I have some doubt.

Well okay, I've never tried to get a tattoo so I don't know how that all works, but I still don't know why Juan would give a fuck. As for the game I have no clue about the ugly tranny gf either, but someone posted a link earlier in the thread citing the male as 16. >>16483172

4a176a  No.16485019


Oh. Well yeah then fuck steam.

682143  No.16485028


So either the tranny gurf is a sexual predator preying on minors, or she's just a really fucking ugly teen girl (which, knowing western dev's proclivity for ugly females, is a very real possibility). Not sure which is worse kek.

4a176a  No.16485031


Probably the former seeing the giant push for generic pedophilia that's been pushed by (((them))) on and off for the last like 4 years.

28c474  No.16485034

File: 641c1a559303b63⋯.jpg (34.33 KB, 395x389, 395:389, 641c1a559303b63df2770301a6….jpg)


>sexual predator preying on minors


All right, that's enough burgers for today.

3c4c7d  No.16485038

File: 450188c28c02c83⋯.png (651.48 KB, 1632x981, 544:327, 126452.png)

>Late-teens having sex, most normal thing in this degenerate times, and not rare before either, and it wasnt that punishable or wrong before, compared to today.

>And modern society have no problem promoting sex to less than 18 years old, even by a huge margin. Make love, and no war!, no constrains to sexual freedom!

>And this case is not pornographic at all, its just showing that two people (No kids at all) will make love.


I hate this stupid shit. This modern puritan-morality shit have ruined the western world concept of sexuality & marriage. You cant have a lease sexual morality for society (Gay & degenerate shit), and then be so mad about two almost-adults having sex (JUST AS SOCIETY PROMOTES IN FUCKING SCHOOLS). Its easy to go against 9 year old lolis being ganbanged by 40 old men in a japanese visual novel, I even disagree with promoting that shit and having it easily accessible for people. But just two over-puberty (By a big margin, not just recent 13 year old people here in this case, these are at almost 17-18) lovers having a romantic & sexual relationship, with no sex being shown; And yet its considered sexual exploitation, even when shit like >>16484677 is shown on the news, and no punishment happens!

Still, I agree that Steam are being hypocrites by being against japanese games featuring loli & shota shit even if its vanilla shit and no character is a kid, yet no problem with gay & bestiality games, and neither with this case that in theory is the same of the stuff they censor, yet they are ok with it.

682143  No.16485041


It's not my personal opinion because I don't give a fuck tbqh, it's law for nearly half US states where it's being sold. The issue is anime games with school girls of the same age are treated differently, not that this in and of itself is allowed at all.

3c4c7d  No.16485052

File: 8f326b2a1df0553⋯.jpg (274.73 KB, 576x864, 2:3, jewsdid911.jpg)


>Marriages are archaic anyway...

I wonder who could be behind that post...

f3aee1  No.16485082

I just reported LiS2 for child explotation.Rules for radicals, motherfuckers.

abadc8  No.16485086


It's not healthy to devolve back into apes. We're civilized men now. The most intelligent species on Earth, and we better start acting like it. Primitive animals often engage in polyamorous sex because they can't understand high level concepts like Love & staying faithful.

af801b  No.16485111


> implying they don't

Look at this board.

724ea2  No.16485113


>No 2D pedophilia is still pedophilia and you can drop dead if you're into that shit

no u fagot

02cb3d  No.16485116


I see tons of LARPers but not a single school shooter, anon.

af801b  No.16485118


> Christchurch

02cb3d  No.16485128



>/v/ instead of /pol/

6b881b  No.16485138

File: 7059d7422d27270⋯.jpg (38.8 KB, 716x567, 716:567, degenerates.jpg)




cb44ac  No.16485144

I find it regrettable that anons report this kind of hypocrisy to Steam in the past with GTAV and make it known widely in the internet. There is and has always been a problem with Steam given that they've almost gained powers of monopoly for years through DRMs and everyone can see that, so a censorship issue shouldn't surprise anyone.

But by pointing out that this hypocrisy had being practiced, now Steam are allowing porn games, especially Japanese VNs to enter the stores and as a consequence, the Japanese market is no longer independent from the rest of the world. This caused Japanese game producers to face exponentially more American pressures to self-censor.

If you guys had gotten quieter, the cancer wouldn't have spread.

93956f  No.16485151

File: cb3359ea7093887⋯.png (63.69 KB, 212x266, 106:133, Discarded.PNG)


That bitch is unironically more attractive as a fucking cripple.

Perfect fictional representation of what would be a perfectly acceptable looking girl, but she deliberately destroys her body with ink, hair dye, piercings, and other nu-womyn trash thinking it looks "cool."

c41d8c  No.16485190


freemasons were always jewish you disinfo faggot

01503b  No.16485200


Back to facebook faggot.

b79181  No.16485282

File: 10f6004dc802ca4⋯.jpg (85.73 KB, 512x522, 256:261, 10f6004dc802ca435ee219ac15….jpg)


What a little cute faggot

30c324  No.16485291


The exception that proves the rule. Now show me the evidence this applies to the majority.

b79a24  No.16485300

File: 376ea5c948de434⋯.jpg (387.33 KB, 579x567, 193:189, 376ea5c948de4340511c6e36da….jpg)

File: 3880c6ef6879e42⋯.jpg (53.47 KB, 463x293, 463:293, 3880c6ef6879e42a6aa7ffe0f6….jpg)


Stay mad you little nigger

26c84f  No.16485311



The desire to fuck children is not comparable to the action of killing another human being.

c41d8c  No.16485316

File: cbc8fb7e8802cba⋯.jpg (19.75 KB, 435x441, 145:147, roast beef.jpg)


>sex is worse than murder

26c84f  No.16485317


Wanting to fuck children is wrong, regardless of whether or not they are fictional.

It's a different situation entirely.

7d84ca  No.16485318


Wamting to play violent video games is though. If you want to play violent vidya you need to fucking drop dead.

bdf934  No.16485320

one angry gamer has to be controlled opposition with articles that are this fucking stupid

c41d8c  No.16485324

File: e1a74334c49cbc8⋯.jpg (157.62 KB, 880x907, 880:907, nerd female.jpg)


>fucking children bad

>but murder is fine

787c94  No.16485330

File: 75161928a89d0d7⋯.png (10.85 KB, 560x102, 280:51, DoJ CP age.png)


>reported game on steam.

>find out my report was auto resolved.

>report game again.

>auto resolved in a second.

Looks like Valve is protecting the game. Well, it's a good thing I never bought any of this companies games.

>BuT tHeRE 16.

Steams is under US Federal Laws, therefore all characters under the age of 18 that conduct sexual activities is illegal and any distribution of it on steam can land the CEO some heavy jail time and since the characters are all under 18 years of age guess who's distributing CP under Federal Laws in the states? its valve

e6bc40  No.16485357


Dew it, faggot; for justice and for the lulz.

cd3e18  No.16485358

File: 79cc36da0664e89⋯.mp4 (128.31 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Cool it with the anti semi….mp4)


c57bc9  No.16485367

File: 919085976afcf84⋯.png (130.83 KB, 633x682, 633:682, Report.PNG)


"In this episode/DLC, two characters, one stated to be underage, engage in sexual intercourse on screen. I believe, this is against store policy. Please, take action."


In all honest, (((Valve))) should absolutely be made to enforce their own rules.

787c94  No.16485389


>do it.

I'll take more then 1 person to get the attention of the lazy fat feds, anon.

19ed03  No.16485390

File: b4c1db4f63fabec⋯.jpg (76.51 KB, 800x495, 160:99, 146818432495.jpg)


I didn't even know Mark had a sister that you could date anon,let alone one that worked at the ACLU ADL

ecb190  No.16485410


>bro, like, just ignore the jewish double standard dude

baste and redpilled™

c41d8c  No.16485433


Being american is the jewish double standard

bac354  No.16485572


>Gets shut down by Twitter

I bet he doesn't even look at Twitter

84d6c4  No.16485574

Those kikes are relly doubling down for election season.

682143  No.16485605


Not to mention most of the tweet responses were probably just variations of "I can't even" and personal attacks anyways.

96685f  No.16485615


>Being american is the jewish double standard

there has to be named fallacy for this

cc39c3  No.16485623

File: 164b40b67d5af3a⋯.png (433.31 KB, 496x491, 496:491, who.png)

File: 51e305f592cb546⋯.jpg (111.9 KB, 1024x748, 256:187, 51e305f592cb5466e975e12e7d….jpg)


You want fun? Improve yourself and get a girlfriend you good for nothing loser instead of caring so much for digital titties.

I get that it's a slippery slope but I find it so fucking hard to care about VN's and similar Japanese games getting censored. They literally offer nothing of value than to keep people like you complacent.


More like you need your digital titties because you can't get laid, kike.

2c69cc  No.16485624



c9a905  No.16485641


this chick is hot

c41d8c  No.16485645

File: 8c41586508eed11⋯.png (18.23 KB, 443x327, 443:327, Le Reddit Fallacy.png)


No, but there is the fallacy fallacy. Just because something has the same perameters as a fallacy doesnt automatically invalidate it.

649f19  No.16485652

File: d0262d569cc337c⋯.jpg (73.84 KB, 480x615, 32:41, lmaosing.jpg)


I remember always writing something like you after i jerked off to pictures on /hebe/ rip so CIA thinks I'm not a pedo and doesn't storm in my room.

649f19  No.16485654

2110af  No.16485665

File: 34272f978c67a8e⋯.jpg (151.31 KB, 600x800, 3:4, the_rape_of_persephone.jpg)


Is the Rape of Persephone rape?

a1b24d  No.16485677

Really reminds me of the weird restrictions against Ninjas in Europe in the 90's.

>your character can wield a sword, but he can't wield a Ninja sword. Woah, we don't want any of that weird foreign violence here.

682143  No.16485695


Jesus fucking christ I forgot all about that.

>The censorship was so strict, that in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze, a scene in which Michelangelo uses a pair of sausage links as faux nunchucks was also edited out, leading to the following note from the British Board of Film Classification: "After turtle takes down sausages and uses them as a flail. Reduce to minimum dazzling display of swinging sausages indistinguishable from chainsticks."


682143  No.16485797


You aren't wrong, but regardless it's not the evangelicals getting anything censored now days.

6e9981  No.16485802



Your LARPing is pathetic.

e67ea3  No.16485835

File: 581a637e56dc23a⋯.png (410.71 KB, 680x704, 85:88, 581a637e56dc23ae2781fa0cfd….png)

>mcs first time was a roasti hippi whore with tatoos and lots of piercing

i feel disgusted poor sean it must have been very loose

2c69cc  No.16485866


The human race is inherently Jewish, and thus worthy of extermination.


fcf4dd  No.16485904

Valve kept this title because this actually promotes underage sex and is written by progressive ideologues (thou company otherwise makes good games at times too), also because its backed by AAA money

indies get screwed again by Valve, but i cant defend GARBAGE piling up either on the Steam storefront itself

0b9fdd  No.16486283


That cat girl in the second pic is great, I like when cute lolis wear clothes too loose for them.

c5f270  No.16486398

File: 8d52279c228a89b⋯.png (188.71 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 23b38ea19e010aaa1662c8212e….png)

>anime tiddies are banned

Then why do I see shitloads of crappy "Hentai Puzzle 13" games all the fucking time? The place is flooded with shit-tier browser games with assets presumably stolen 4cuck /h/ or something.

d08288  No.16486427

File: 6798c483ada4ff4⋯.png (166.82 KB, 718x526, 359:263, 6798c483ada4ff4b2579046a27….png)


It's really cute when they do. Jahy is a demon though; not a cat girl.

f6f22b  No.16486473


>BuT tHeRE 16.

This argument doesn't matter since Valve do not follow this "rule" when it comes to VN for obvious reasons. "Rules" are irrelevant when you deal with hypocrites, those "rules" exist to protect them which is why they're always not strict and specific. There is no "peaceful" solution in this situation.

84a037  No.16486477


>someone finally understands that age of consent laws don't apply to cp

>thinks digital images are legally cp in the US

And you were so close.

a1b621  No.16486478


Where did you find out your report was auto resolved? Is there somewhere you could view pending reports?

402e37  No.16486491

File: 288a5d733b853db⋯.jpg (776.02 KB, 2894x4093, 2894:4093, 49ec38ca628c1053b50341ae47….jpg)

File: 94239e5009957a7⋯.jpg (116.79 KB, 816x720, 17:15, wat.jpg)


do demons get polyo like humans do too?

4e0487  No.16486558


Why is it always young boys with these people? Why specifically boys? What am I missing here?

4e0487  No.16486574


>Then why do I see shitloads of crappy "Hentai Puzzle 13" games all the fucking time?

Your response is exactly why. So they can say "We're not banning anime titties. Look you have [Shitty hentai puzzle game #314]. You just want to look at anime titties right? You won't even miss games like Senran Kagura, right?"

It's like when they'd fall back on the argument "If you just want boobs, look at porn" when addressing censoring anime tits.

64d655  No.16486591

File: 769e0b03166422e⋯.jpg (28.05 KB, 355x263, 355:263, 1468704349911.jpg)


I can't fap to this.

779968  No.16486597


Cause it always starts with homosexuality. Always. Just look at trannies and furries.

72f281  No.16486606

>game published by SqEnix

Yeah, you can get 90% of the Steam userbase to report this, and this game still wouldn't get banned.

06c81b  No.16486607


Because kikes love fags and hate based cunnylovers.

88d3cd  No.16486630


that thing is supposed to be a woman?

5057d9  No.16486631


>People talking about virtue and love and other fake shit are most likely virgins who can’t get laid

posting same thing from another thread, but the only people who I see saying this shit are pseudo-intellectual faggot bugmen, spics and niggers.

Fuck off

65da1c  No.16486750


>its art, so its ok to show underage kids having sex


682143  No.16486773



>if I like it its art, and if I don't then it's not

1253ad  No.16486937


In primitive societies men don't know or care who their children and are and fathers aren't even considered related to their children. Just look at the Trobriand Islanders or Mosuo of China. In a matriarchal system men never leave the family they were born into and continue providing for the family they were born into instead of providing for their children, with uncles playing a father like role instead.

d5130d  No.16486946


Irrelevant, you shouldn't be using Steam or paying for digital distribution to begin with.

dbdb86  No.16487400

File: 274d9bbd34df25f⋯.jpg (33.54 KB, 777x435, 259:145, sfsdfsdf.jpg)

The boys looks more girly than the trashy sjw woman.

It's more like gay sex.

9693a1  No.16487716


Fuck off. Everything since GamerGate has only shown humanity deserves to wither and die from its own stubbornness, retardation and delusions of grandeur.

I'm helping that along now.

5c08cb  No.16487736


The only extinction you're going to get is your particular brand of hopelessness going out of fashion again.

508d94  No.16487822

Why is this bumplocked?

839117  No.16488059


both 8ch and 4chan have been taken over by sjw. 4chan deletes every single thread about this hypocrocy, 8ch is sjw-lite in order to appease to advertisers.

9693a1  No.16488683



Shut the fuck up.

682143  No.16488701

Wow, it really is bumplocked. What the fuck, mods?

ec1c68  No.16488884

File: 1127690e91770e2⋯.png (130.33 KB, 764x448, 191:112, confused anime girl #247.png)


>2D pedophilia is still pedophilia

If I draw a painting of me blowing your brains out with a shotgun would it make me a murderer?

9804b2  No.16488928


Can you up your confused anime girl collection to a mega folder for my enjoyment, Anon?

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