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File: 8efb4639b4ee35e⋯.png (981.32 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, MENUPIC.png)

e86b0f  No.16483335

http://archive.is/4Dcod - steam page

http://archive.is/97s2W - patreon page

If you don't keep up with Doom modding, there's been a total conversion, using GZDoom, in the works for a few years called Hedon. It's a pretty decent fantasy FPS, all things considered. However, in the last few days, the dev released the latest patch for 10 bucks (though currently 30% off), exclusively on steam, despite having a patreon (and making nearly 200 bucks a month off it) and already distributing the game on itch.io where people can optionally choose to donate money to the dev. The dev isn't working full time on it, either, and outright states on the patreon

>the game does not depend on a budget or crowd funding

and even calls it a "0 budget passion project". Yet he's now putting a price tag on all future versions of the game.

This comes across as incredibly shitty and money-grubbing, to me. Can't trust anyone to maintain integrity, anymore.

8a0864  No.16483344

It's called capitalism buddy, is a man not entitled to the sweat on his brow?

e86b0f  No.16483357


Not through deception and bait and switch tactics.

cb15e2  No.16483359


That's right! And it's some anons resposibilty- no his right to share his copy with whomever he chooses. Possibly in this thread. Looking at you OP. You worthless faggot.

d6746a  No.16483361

File: 5cd07b21d9788d8⋯.mp4 (736.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Nobody cares.mp4)


Stop shilling your gay ass mod here faggot.

fc7d51  No.16483368

Anon sages blatant shill thread, proceeds to ask everyone to check his dubs.

5eb058  No.16483375

File: d1fd549af7de721⋯.png (145.19 KB, 338x252, 169:126, boomercore.PNG)


>boomercore FPS

What the fuck.

ed8345  No.16483386


That's right, the 4cuck meme got out of hand.

54f870  No.16483391


Not buying it fag. Shill the shit somewhere else.


>check his dubs

I wish I could.

5a2c0b  No.16483394


It always looked extremely boring, lame and unappealing to me so nothing of value was lost. The people who pay for such a product are morons who deserve to get scammed.

e86b0f  No.16483403


Are you insinuating I'd buy this, after just seeing me criticize the new price tag? I can share the free version, but I have yet to see someone distribute the paid version.


Morality and legality are two completely different things.

45861d  No.16483404

Piracy will set it free.

6a9e4c  No.16483419

File: 27072ba8fb72d64⋯.gif (6.13 KB, 355x200, 71:40, 1448935084328.gif)



d6746a  No.16483433

File: 451b5687333496d⋯.jpg (115.67 KB, 1300x936, 25:18, 124435393.jpg)


you wouldn't pirate a piece of shit?

0ad81b  No.16483478

another piece of shit retro shooter

4gb minimum requirements??? ok retards

cb15e2  No.16483527


Well, what of it? You didn't buy it, aren't regaling us with the differences of the free and paid versions, or informing us in anyway why this matters to someone with a brain?

>No download link

>Didn't even play it

<You think I bought it

That leaves us with what OP? Your thoughts on the finances of a man who used to do it for free? Low effort. Better luck next time.

e86b0f  No.16483600


>aren't regaling us with the differences of the free and paid versions

I said it was a patch. You know, bugfixes and tweaks. Is your brain too small to know what a patch is?

>Didn't even play it

Please point out where I indicated that. No, saying I haven't bought it isn't indication of that, considering the entire point I made in the OP is that it used to be completely free.

>informing us in anyway why this matters to someone with a brain

A member of the long-standing Doom modding community is putting a price tag on a once free mod, despite already getting money for it. I thought this board loved to shit on jews.

5a2c0b  No.16483620


>A member of the long-standing Doom modding community is putting a price tag on a once free mod, despite already getting money for it. I thought this board loved to shit on jews.

So this is similar to TNT?

47d055  No.16483655

I knew I smelled shit the moment I first saw this mod. There's just something off about the whole thing that reeks of "how do you do fellow Doom fans?" that I can't put my finger on.

6502c8  No.16483667


You mean the pink tumblr hair insert? It was pretty obvious some pozzed dipshit was making it.

47d055  No.16483675


I was looking at screenshots with a minimal UI so I didn't even notice the protag to be honest.

e86b0f  No.16483684


Somewhat. TNT was never released for free, and it wasn't already receiving funding from other sources before being published. This mod was released for free, with no indication there would later be a price tag, was already receiving funding from patreon and whatever it got from itch.io, and then pulled a bait 'n' switch by suddenly putting the latest patch behind a paywall, on an entirely different distribution platform.


She's right there in the OP pic.

47d055  No.16483689


I'm talking about when I first saw it.

683dec  No.16483724

The mod auther is also a furry and commissions furry porn of the blue skinned chick. So his money grubbing is just so he can get more furry porn. Fuck him.

5a2c0b  No.16483739

e88ca2  No.16483742


Whoa, a whooping 200 bucks a month. What a jew!

683dec  No.16483748

47d055  No.16483758


He must've had someone help with the title screen because this stuff looks like ass.

5a2c0b  No.16483764


I ain't registering on that site just to see the ugly smut. No.

aa82d7  No.16483771

File: 336a109528306b8⋯.png (99.96 KB, 851x648, 851:648, angry.png)



That makes no fucking sense. baby boomers weren't playing video games. they were in their 40's during the 90's, far from actually playing games.

Why the fuck are they using the wrong generation when Doom is a game that defined Generation X or whatever.

Was this fucking meme made to distract people from the real baby boomers who have been killing off our country? Jesus fucking christ I hate these fucking memer beaner normalfags.

e88ca2  No.16483777


I've seen plenty of defense for this meme right on this very website. "it's a joke u ding" when pointed out it doesn't make sense.

Then again we also have /leftypol/ in one of our top boards.

47d055  No.16483780


Even if it's the cuckchan "anyone older than 30 is a boomer" thing it's still not right because 30 year olds now likely got well over Doom by the time the source port community came along. They were ~10 when things like Half Life and Unreal came out after all.

a3a7bc  No.16483789


>baby boomers weren't playing video games

>he thinks turning 40 makes them not play games

Nearly every boomer I've met has played Diablo. I don't know why that specific game but they have.

aa82d7  No.16483795


You sure you know what a boomer was?

Boomers spent their youth getting high in woodstock, dodging the draft and wasting their days in college because they could afford it.

the 40 year olds of today were born in 1980, when video games were new. 50 year olds are 1970's, but rarer, but they are far from being baby boomers, that's Generation X.

c60bae  No.16483799

File: f4714f483203451⋯.jpg (35.77 KB, 684x468, 19:13, foreman.jpg)


>"Money grubbing"

>Guy makes 200 bucks a month

Are you fucking stupid or something, OP? Maybe he would be able to live off 200 bucks a month if this were the industrial revolution. Even if his game pulls decent sales he probably still won't be able to cover his rent.

47d055  No.16483801



You're really bad at this.

a96797  No.16483811


>Doom is a game that defined Generation X or whatever.

Uh, what? Xoomercore would be Pong consoles to NES, with a second wind in the sixth and seventh generation of consoles. Doom is Yoomercore.

9112e6  No.16483812


the boomer meme from cuckchan doesn't refer to baby boomers it's talking about "30 year old boomers"

a3a7bc  No.16483818


>"the U.S. Census Bureau and many experts agree that the Baby Boom generation spans 18 birth years from 1946 to 1964"

I wasn't kidding. My dad's 60something and a number of my neighbors are around that age.

c60bae  No.16483820


It's a stupid meme and is quickly supplanting the actual definition of the word.


>Pointing out stupidity means you're samefag

Ok retard.

aa82d7  No.16483823


what the fuck is a 30 year old boomer?

How the fuck does that even work?

it would have worked in the 80's and 90's but not in this decade.

God damn, this is making me more angry than it should.

cb15e2  No.16483824


So you've played the paid version?

<I said it was a p-p-p-patch. You know, b-bugfixes and tu-tweaks.

>No insight into what was changed

>Not even a statement from the creator about price change.

ITT other anons find that he has a furry account

OP you're a lazy nigger. Shalom.


I'd imagine the few shekels this guy makes are from people that overlap between his doom and furry shit.

47d055  No.16483827


I seem to remember it coming with a lot of CD drives back when. Maybe they really liked burning CDs, that's something a lot of my mom's coworkers did for some reason, and it just happened to end up in their collection?

e86b0f  No.16483839


>How were you deceived?

>Hey guys this is a 0 budget passion project

>single player games don't compete in a market, they're personal art projects

>this game does not depend on a budget or crowdfunding

>just kidding, if you want the game's issues fixed, you now have to pay me

>also, I'm still demanding at least 250 bucks a month on patreon, before I work on the next chapter, despite now selling the existing content

Giving someone a good you know is broken, then demanding money to fix it for them, is deceptive.



What part of "not a full-time developer" do you not comprehend? Sure, if this was his job and sole source of income, you'd have a point. But all of this is just ''extra' for him'.


>So you've played the paid version?

Stop shifting the goalposts. You said I hadn't played the game, not specifically the paid version.

>No insight into what was changed

Do you want me to copy/paste the entire changelog?

>Not even a statement from the creator about price change.

I linked his patreon, which only provides links for the free version and makes no mention of a paid version. I also linked the steam page, which very blatantly has a price tag. I can also provide the steamdb link that shows the price change, if you'd like.

a9277e  No.16483850


I love FPS games but some of the fans are super obnoxious

e88ca2  No.16483854


>not a full-time developer

200 bucks a month is very low even if you worked only one hour a day, on weekdays.

e86b0f  No.16483869


You either don't get the point or are intentionally avoiding it. He's already making a livelihood through other means. The itch.io and patreon bucks are just sugar on top of the money he is already making. He makes is blatantly clear he isn't dependent on the money from patreon. This means there's no reason to paywall future versions of the overhaul, except wanting even more extra money.

6d3d6a  No.16483874


Boomer is a state of mind

e88ca2  No.16483886


That he's making enough money by other means doesn't mean he can't also make money this way, unless you're saying you can't charge money for anything you do after you have enough. I don't understand why you bring up the fact that he has another job into your argument. Do you consider it immoral to use Patreon if you already have a job? Is that your point?

e88ca2  No.16483914


A pretty desirable one if that's the case. The meme portrays those 30 year olds as hard working, self disciplined people that wake up early and are economically independent, have a nice house, car, and plenty of friends that share their same interests.

348da3  No.16483923


He's saying it's immoral to be a greedy kike and paywall a once-free mod for no good reason. If you don't comprehend this somehow you must not be white.

e86b0f  No.16483927


Looking further into it, it seems I was mistaken. In an announcement tucked away in the game's indiedb page (and nowhere else), he says he's moving to full-time development of the game. That still doesn't justify putting something as integral as bugfixes behind a paywall, but it at least somewhat justifies charging for new content, though ten bucks for what amounts to some balance and level tweaks, otherwise, is a bit much.

222d40  No.16483935


wait, I'm a boomer know?

e88ca2  No.16483937


I don't think giving away work for free (previous versions of the game) somehow entitle the people that played those versions to future bugfixes. Unless the previous free versions had bugs that corrupted your computer or something.


Previous versions of the mod are still free. Why should people be forced to keep working for free only because you did some work for free?

If it backfires on him for charging too much money for these new versions, then good. But that's besides the point.

e86b0f  No.16483942


Also source.


I feel like if you're going to be moving to a paid model so you can work full time on a game, you put that info in the most visible places, such as the ones where people are already paying you money.

222d40  No.16483945

File: 66c5f36bdaf57e2⋯.png (263.19 KB, 507x600, 169:200, 4651948651.png)

so where is the illegal link to download this game illegally?

348da3  No.16483947


>full time development

>while he's making only 200$/month off patreon

How many people does he honestly think will buy this patch? What sort of money is this guy making off itch.io?


Fuck off nonwhite, you clearly don't understand generosity to your fellow man.

47d055  No.16483961


Judging by his FA link I can't imagine he's raking it in on commissions either.

e88ca2  No.16483963


Generosity is something to be appreciated, not to be expected. I don't know what kind of government aid you have been receiving to have this mindset.

f3f018  No.16483964

File: 429277ac6944af1⋯.jpg (132.09 KB, 1885x1060, 377:212, I wonder who's behind this….jpg)

e86b0f  No.16483968


>Why should people be forced to keep working for free only because you did some work for free?

Why are we acting like money is the end-all be-all motivation for work? What happened to doing something for the sake of doing it? What happened to making something for the sake of showing it to others and bringing them joy? For the sake of creating and supporting a community of people that enjoy the same things? Modding has gone for decades and been entirely free (except when Bethesda decided to try and ruin it), because the modders just liked doing it.

348da3  No.16483976


I bet you defend day one DLC too, because why should you expect jewish devs to give you a full and complete game? They're under no obligation to, it's their choice.

e88ca2  No.16483981


>Why are we acting like money is the end-all be-all motivation for work?

Why are you acting like it is immoral to work for money or to have different motivations than you?

>What happened to doing something for the sake of doing it?

Nothing. That mindset is also is very much still alive. I would not be making the same argument in the context of a world where no one shared anything for free. Luckily this is not the case.


You can't defend your initial point and now bring other subjects to the table. Twice now you have moved goalposts.

Day one DLCs I don't condone.

e86b0f  No.16483988


>you should just appreciate people who are virtuous, not expect virtuosity from everyone

Holding people to low standards is why society is shit. You should expect people to be good, not expect them to be shitty and just say "good job" to those who aren't.

47d055  No.16483992

Looking around I've noticed this mod is getting an inordinate amount of shilling. Perhaps the brutal doom guy pissing off tumblrfaggots caused them to try and "take back" the community in a hamfisted r/SRS sort of fashion.

348da3  No.16483998


Why don't you condone them? What, just because you paid for some of the gamedevs' work you should be entitled to all of it?

e86b0f  No.16484020


>Why are you acting like it is immoral to work for money

I'm not. I'm saying it's immoral to give people expectations of a free good then suddenly turn around and say "too bad, I want money now". I'm saying you shouldn't boast that your good is a personal art project of passion that doesn't depend on a budget or outside funding, then then go "actually, now it does depend on funding, gimme some". I'm saying that, if you plan on ever charging for a good, you make it clear when you give it away. Imagine if you got a ticket for free access to an entire amusement park, then, one day, you go there and see there's a new ride, except the staff demands you now pay for a new ticket to get on it. Also, all the rides have had maintenance done, but if you want to get on them with your old ticket, the staff will undo all the maintenance until you buy the new ticket.

a37975  No.16484031

File: b54263cbe20b56e⋯.webm (5.54 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Jews chasing that big $$$….webm)


sounds like someone awakened his inner jew

e88ca2  No.16484070


I disagree. Having entitled people that expect generosity instead of being appreciate of it is what would make society shit.

Expecting people to be virtuous is not the same as being virtuous. The virtuous thing thing to do here would be doing the good deed yourself, not expecting others to do it. A world where people were entitled and not appreciative would be horrific. It's sort of where we are now unfortunately.


Because of the expectation that the game is complete at full price at launch. There's no such expectation for a game someone was previously making for free. Anything can happen after a while.


>I'm saying it's immoral to give people expectations of a free good

I don't think he explicitly ever said he would work on the game for free forever.

>I'm saying you shouldn't boast that your good is a personal art project of passion that doesn't depend on a budget or outside funding, then then go "actually, now it does depend on funding, gimme some".

Remember when you accused me of deliberately ignoring information? Now refer to the part where you mentioned he wasn't working full-time when the game was free, and now he is now that the new updates aren't free. Working full-time does mean he depends on funding.

>I'm saying that, if you plan on ever charging for a good, you make it clear when you give it away

He charged for updates, not for the good that he already released for free. The free good was already given for free.

348da3  No.16484095


>There's no such expectation for a game someone was previously making for free

You're a lying nigger, of course there's a fucking expectation that a game billed as a "passion project" is going to remain free.

50b362  No.16484099

The modder is free to do as he wishes with his project so long as it is within legal boundaries.

That said, the modder is a major dick sucking faggot.

e88ca2  No.16484108


It's not the same if he's working on it full time now. It's not just a "passion project" anymore if that's the case. You're either saying full-time jobs should be unpaid, or are ignorant of the fact he's working on it full-time now, which was mentioned several times on the thread, and on the very post you're replying to.

cb15e2  No.16484109


>Shifting goalpost

That was pertinent to both posts. What? Do you feel cheated over that free thing you were getting?

>This comes across as incredibly shitty and money-grubbing, to me. Can't trust anyone to maintain integrity, anymore.

OP, his only fault was not doing it sooner if he felt that his time was valuable to him. He remained shortsigthed and complacent with doing it for free. Again I just fail to see why this bothers you so much? He didn't take it away. He didn't break it and leave. Why are you upset?


Nope. Maintenance, happy workers, and building the amusement park takes someones labor, time, and money. Juvenile analogy when you consider the longevity of goods and services past your lifetime.

47d055  No.16484118

Love it when shills can't actually argue and just call people names. Happens every time.

2c4054  No.16484130

So he realized his work had value and after you have spent years leaching you are too cheap to pay for quality work?

47d055  No.16484136

>it IP hopped again

fcae32  No.16484137

Is it remotely as good as demonsteele?

47d055  No.16484139


It's just a bunch of needlessly huge with notes scattered around. Fuck no.

fcae32  No.16484149


Sounds like a walking sim to me

e88ca2  No.16484154


They probably realized they got entangled into defending an argument they don't even agree with because they didn't think it through. Namecalling is just damage control.

47d055  No.16484163


No, there's combat but it doesn't look any more complicated than your typical barebones total conversion.

e86b0f  No.16484168


>Expecting people to be virtuous is not the same as being virtuous.

Jesus expected everyone to strive to be like him. It was okay if they fucked up, but he expected them to make amends when they did. Virtue is about holding yourself and others to high standards, not just yourself. You forgive them when they make mistakes, but still expect them to strive to meet those high standards.

>and now he is now that the new updates aren't free.

Yes, keyword now. Meaning he changed it (though hasn't actually bothered saying so in most avenues of communication). Bragging that you're doing one thing, then later deciding to do the opposite, while still bragging about the former, is, at the very least, being disingenuous.

>He charged for updates, not for the good that he already released for free.

He distributed the complete product for free, then obsoleted it and charged for the new complete product. It's a baiting hook. You get people interested in a free good, then, once they've already invested interest and time into it, you start charging them for the privilege of continuing to use the complete good.


>It's not just a "passion project" anymore if that's the case.

But he's still saying it is. Just look at the patreon I posted in the OP. That archive was made today.


>OP, his only fault was not doing it sooner if he felt that his time was valuable to him. He remained shortsighted and complacent with doing it for free.

Spoken like a true suit. Money is not the only thing that holds value.

>He didn't break it and leave.

When you are provided software, there is an implicit expectation you will receive any fixes made to it, unless explicitly stated otherwise. If that wasn't the case, people could get away with charging a fee for every individual bugfix for their software. He started making the mod, set the expectation, for years, that it would continue to be a free passion project, then switched gears with little announcement before doing so. He's betrayed expectations he set, which, while not exactly a "wrong" thing to do, is still being a dick.

348da3  No.16484175


I acknowledged that too in a post you replied to, faggot. I still say he doesn't have the moral right to paywall his glorified mod just because, even if he's working fulltime on it and even if he has the ability to.

acacf1  No.16484186

File: 3d5d4368c572afb⋯.jpg (95 KB, 1492x1080, 373:270, disgust.jpg)



47d055  No.16484190


I swear it's this generation's equivalent of epic or the advice dog.

9c63e0  No.16484199


Giving stuff away for free and charging when it is worth buying is perfectly fine. You understand it is worth buying, which is why you are throwing a fit.

47d055  No.16484211

>still IP hopping this blatantly

6851c9  No.16484218


boomer is just a replacement for oldfag, whoever says boomer and isnt reffering to the baby boomers should get lynched


dont try to make sense out of a shitty cuckchan meme, it's a waste of time

348da3  No.16484223


>shilling this hard for a random walking sim-tier mod with a tumblr-tier protag and a furfag as designer

>changing ID

e86b0f  No.16484225


Bragging about having the virtue of giving it away for free, then betraying that virtue the moment dollar signs appear in your vision, is being a faggot.

e88ca2  No.16484226


I agree people should strive to be virtuous, but that doesn't mean people who aren't virtuous are immoral.

>Bragging that you're doing one thing, then later deciding to do the opposite, while still bragging about the former

>while still bragging about the former

He's not bragging about doing it for free if he's not doing it for free.

>You get people interested in a free good, then, once they've already invested interest and time into it, you start charging them for the privilege of continuing to use the complete good.

This is false and a misrepresentation. It's the privilege of receiving more work put into the game, ie the updates. The previous updates are still and will always be free. It is a bait, I agree, and it's a very normal and common way of marketing, akin to giving out free samples. Do you also consider free samples to be immoral?

>But he's still saying it is.

I take it back then. I don't care to argue about the semantics of "passion project", I've seen AAA developers in the past call their product a "passion project" so I don't think it's deceitful, but if you do, then I won't argue that.


Why not? Just because you don't consider it a good product? If it's a bad product then people won't buy it. Plain and simple. People have the right to charge money for their work, just as the potential buyers have the right not to buy it if isn't a good product.

515b02  No.16484234



Christ, what a fucking faggot. It's a real shame too since from what I've played he did a really good job.

093ba7  No.16484252

>Charging for your work once its far along enough that theres value in it and you think people are willing to pay for it so you work on it full time is some sort of ultra jewish asspull move

I hope you faggots never find yourselves in a similar position to the dev with people with your mindset as customers. You already got all previous versions for free, you're not entitled to keep getting free shit just because you'd like to.

e86b0f  No.16484258


>Do you also consider free samples to be immoral?

Free samples make it clear that they're samples the moment you receive them. Just like how demos make it clear they aren't the complete game when you download them. The dev wasn't providing version 0.5 out to people then decided he wanted to charge for v1.0. He wasn't providing the game under the purpose of being a demo or inferior version of a later paid product. He distributed it as a full, free product, and set the expectation that the full product would continue to be free. Then, without even a warning, he put a price on a new version. I need to emphasize that, when he said he was switching to full-time dev, he didn't mention he was planning to put a pricetag on later versions of the game. This new paid version came out of nowhere, as far as I can tell. There's no announcement of it on either the indiedb or itch.io, the most patreon seems to have is him going "I'm putting it on steam" without any mention of exclusivity or a paywall. It's possible he announced it in the zdoom thread, but edited out afterward. This wasn't a gradual build-up to a paid version, it was a brick wall slammed into the faces of every current person playing the game.

e86b0f  No.16484267



To put it more succinctly, the bait of samples are clearly marked as bait. The bait of Hedon wasn't.

e88ca2  No.16484276


> Then, without even a warning, he put a price on a new version

You said it yourself. He put a price on a new version, not the old version which remained free. As far as the free version goes, everything was delivered. The people who played the old free version aren't entitled to the dev's work, which for all the know it could be months of, for free, just because they received the previous versions for free. That's insane. If the guy decides to do everything for free, then good for him, but if he doesn't you can't blame him for charging money for his time and effort.

fa7e92  No.16484288

File: 3fc23ba89248134⋯.jpg (21.22 KB, 552x365, 552:365, woosh.jpg)

I was expecting someone to post that pic of an ancient readme admonishing wad makers for expecting to get paid, considering they didn't pay for any of the skills or tools or anything they got from the Doom community. Wish I had it, and I hope someone will post it soon. That's really the line for my judgement. Is he using freely given advice to make his mod, craft levels, and fix bugs? He should be grateful for money given voluntarily for his voluntary time. Is he using outside coding and development expertise, gained through significant expense in time and/or money? He should be free to put a price on his work. This looks fucking gay so I'm not going to go looking through changelogs or bug reports, but if users who got his mod for free are reporting bugs to him with repro instructions to make it easy to fix those bugs, then he puts a price on a version of the mod that has those bug fixes with not a day's notice, that's pretty scummy. The least he could do is release a final free version with all bug fixes up to this decision then make it paid going forward, perhaps with the exception of any bugs that required advanced coding knowledge to fix. Even then, those bugs would probably be major enough that if he respects the people who were playing his game (and giving him free money!) before he would still put those in the free version. Of course, the worst sin is that he's probably putting his newfound revenue into furfag commissions, so even if the price was on completely ethical foundations he still deserves pic related.

9c63e0  No.16484291


You have little sense of what virtue is. You want people to be held to poorly thought out rules for your own benefit. A person might see it fit to treat immigrants nicely if they follow laws and do not cause trouble. They are equally right to drive them from their lands when they pillage, rape, and murder.

6b4b4f  No.16484300

File: 187d7e20daa440d⋯.png (392.76 KB, 704x560, 44:35, search engine 'Talpiot Pro….png)


Yeah but where's the magnet, OP?

348da3  No.16484309


Why do Redditors fucking hate anyone standing up for themselves? During the CoH shitstorm, Reddit thanked Leandro like a bunch of cucks for doing what he should have been doing years ago and distributing the game, when Fallout 76 forced people to buy the game again Reddit did so, every time prominent figures fuck over others Reddit not only accepts it but attacks anyone for having standards. And now we get fags like this whining about muh poor dev and how we're "entitled" for expecting mods to be free like this was the Bioware forums.

e88ca2  No.16484310


>if he respects the people who were playing his game (and giving him free money!)

It does mention on his Patreon he gives out game keys to people who donate.

e86b0f  No.16484312


A new version which acts as a fix for the old version. This isn't distributing ep1 for free but charging for the rest of the episodes, once they're released. This is planned obsolescence.

Also, I forgot an earlier point.

>I've seen AAA developers in the past call their product a "passion project" so I don't think it's deceitful

Thing is, he doesn't just call it a passion project. Directly quoted from the patreon

>Here is where you can free handedly support the revival of the long lost art of FPS making, by tagging along this ass kicking 0 budget passion project.

>I believe that single player games do not compete with each other, and thus should be ultimately regarded as a personal art form instead of a service.

>Although the game does not depend on a budget or crowd funding, I greatly appreciate your support and feedback

He's directly calling it "0 budget".

ed0e15  No.16484315

File: b7280147eff600d⋯.jpg (4.54 KB, 250x141, 250:141, terror.jpg)


>that stupid as fuck 'oh cee doughnut steel' protagonist

fcae32  No.16484318

File: edffa00043ee13a⋯.jpg (31.79 KB, 611x544, 611:544, 1411679708898.jpg)


I was thinking maybe I could draw smut of her or someshit, but nah,

e88ca2  No.16484320


>A new version which acts as a fix for the old version

A fix which takes time and effort to do, which doesn't negate the existence of the older version.

>He's directly calling it "0 budget".

Probably because he forgot to update it. It doesn't have "0 budget" if he's working on it full-time now.

9c63e0  No.16484330


>He's directly calling it "0 budget".

A game's budget is how much money is spent on the game's production. You should feel like a jackass for thinking that meant it would be free.

e86b0f  No.16484350


>A fix which takes time and effort to do, which doesn't negate the existence of the older version.

But the old version is known to be broken and needing fixes. Like >>16484288 said, the fixes in the new version are, at least partly, the result of people playing the free version and pointing them out. Those fixes wouldn't exist if it weren't for the effort and generosity of the players of the free version, yet they're expected to pay for the very bug fixes they helped create.

>Probably because he forgot to update it.

He remembered to update it to call the game his "first commercial project". You're giving him too much benefit of the doubt.

I'm pretty sure we're going around in circles, so I'm going to try summing up things. Dev distributes mod/game for free, sets up expectations it will continue to do so. Puts a price tag on the next release with little warning, turning the old releases into bait and retroactively being deceitful in his description of the project and the purpose of the old versions. Marketing bait is fine, as long as it's clearly labeled as bait, but this wasn't the case.


>A game's budget is how much money is spent on the game's production.

If zero money is spent producing a good, what justification is there to ask money in exchange for it? If he's saying it cost him nothing, why is it okay for him to profit from it?

e86b0f  No.16484363


Ultimately, it's not about the fact he's charging for it, it's about how he went about charging for it. Had he done one final bugfix release, then stated every future version would be paid, that would have been fine. Had he announce, well in advance, in all major avenues, that he was going to make the next version have a price tag, that would have been fine. But, instead, he suddenly pulled the rug out from under every person playing the game.

fa7e92  No.16484391


Right, but there's a problem there that I'm unsure Patreon can even help him with. The $199 on his page includes even one-time donors. They don't get the tier rewards if he's giving out keys that way. Even if they will, do previous donors get the key? I have no idea if Patreon is keeping a list of everyone who's ever given him money so he can pass out keys to everyone who's given him 10bux, if he's even so inclined. A price change this sudden and opaque gives no indication.

9c63e0  No.16484408


>If zero money is spent producing a good, what justification is there to ask money in exchange for it?

Money is only one resource. He also contributed his time.

>If he's saying it cost him nothing, why is it okay for him to profit from it?

If he were working for a company, he should expect to receive a livable wage for full time work. As an independent developer, it is up to him to charge whatever seems reasonable.


Depends if he is willing to give out a free copy to those who ask for it. Take your case to him directly.

e86b0f  No.16484410


There is no "one time donor" with patreon, at least not as a selectable option. The closest you can get is setting up a monthly pledge amount, then canceling it after the first charge is made.

e86b0f  No.16484421


>He also contributed his time

Time is part of "budget." When you set a budget for a project, that includes the amount paid to the people working on it for the time they worked. If he calls it zero budget, that's saying he doesn't think the time he invested in it is worth being paid for.

fa7e92  No.16484437


Ah, could have sworn there was a direct donation option before. Still, someone could have cancelled their pledge as recently as two months ago and they would have had no idea they just screwed themselves out of a key.

c17f96  No.16484446


>despite […] already distributing the game on itch.io

Wait, so I CAN still get it for free??

e86b0f  No.16484454


Just the free version. All future updates, including the most recent one, are steam exclusive.

e86b0f  No.16484461


I'm more concerned about the itch.io people. Someone could have given him 50 bucks through that, for all we know, and I have no idea if the site gives him any tools to track down donators.

bfd145  No.16484467

I looked up same gameplay footage out of curiosity. Did I cherry pick accidentally, has Active Directory for quake1 spoiled me as far as passion project quality in doom and quake mods, or is hedon just a pretty crappy mod?

fc6acd  No.16484484


A business owner can choose not to take a salary, but they are still owed profit based on their ownership. A project can have $0 budget and require $0 of investment and be sold for a profit. What he earns would be self employment income. This may differ by country, but in the US, this labor cost cannot be deducted unless by guaranteed payment in a partnership or salary through a corporation.

000000  No.16484491


Never pay for any entertainment, ever.

Always wait for people to make piracy available, and pirate everything.

Never fund anyone asking for donations to create entertainment products or services. They will always, without exception, turn into money-grubbers as soon as they are compensated.

Get everything for free.

Give nothing in return.

04b2d2  No.16484493


The only thing more disappointing than the dishonesty/shilling from the guy you're replying to is you being dumb enough to fall for it.

>why should people be forced to keep working for free?

>you should work for your passion!

It isn't about passion. The entire premise of the kike's statement is that the dev is being "forced to work for free," which is untrue because he isn't being forced to work and he is receiving financial support.

Don't reply to people who deflect like this. By not acknowledging this duplicitous tripe you inherently accept it as a true foundation for argument, which is is not.

9c63e0  No.16484540


>Never fund anyone asking for donations to create entertainment products or services. They will always, without exception, turn into money-grubbers as soon as they are compensated.

In their defense, society pushes them in that direction. From personal experience, people will actually complain if you don't give them a way to give you money. They want people to make the things they enjoy and cannot create themselves. There are some niches that haven't seen a decent title in decades.

e86b0f  No.16484554


Bugs are objective flaws in a program's code, not subjective matters of taste. You gave me a slice of blueberry pie, only you accidentally put some strawberries in it. Then you tell me you can take the strawberries out and put blueberries into the empty spaces left by the strawberries, like was intended with the original slice, but I'll have to pay you to do so.

9c63e0  No.16484571


At what point did the pie maker owe you a piece of pie?

62458e  No.16484596

File: 73c7528c811440e⋯.png (207.7 KB, 327x316, 327:316, 73c7528c811440e3d5930c0c4f….png)



9c63e0  No.16484603


What if someone leaves a free recliner on the side of the road with a sign that says, free recliner, but it doesn't recline? Fucking homeowners, pushing their broken garbage on others.

e86b0f  No.16484606


He never "owed" me, but that still doesn't mean he's not being a greedy dick for offering a flawed product, without stating that it's flawed, then demanding money for a fixed version. It's a total bait and switch.


If someone provides a good with the statement that it will perform in a certain way, only for it not to, is that not deception? Especially when the producer releases the good as "complete"?

bfd145  No.16484607


Arcane Dimensions


62458e  No.16484608


just ignore him, he probably also defends EGS exclusive deals with the argument of "isn't the developer entitled to a little chink money to put bread on the table?"

5928eb  No.16484625

Woah! He makes 200$ a month on patreon?! That's tottaly enough compenation for spending hundreds of hours making this mod!

If you don't like it just pirate it you faggot

50b362  No.16484691


No modder spends more than 50 hours a month on a passion project.

e1e11d  No.16484713

File: 5b2b51a04b485dd⋯.gif (432.46 KB, 500x394, 250:197, 5b2.gif)

This deeply upsets me.

e1e11d  No.16484725

File: d85ed2a6cad4530⋯.png (316.53 KB, 600x668, 150:167, d85ed2a6cad4530a51fcbb6904….png)

File: 1a4b47c2746b8ec⋯.png (84.28 KB, 448x682, 224:341, revenant girl.PNG)


Who the fuck even finds that atractive, like what is that cock nightmare, how do people not understand hoe sleaves work, cocks don't extented like that. I'm glad i'm never going to adabt shit like that.

72f333  No.16484737

File: 2ace3b5b9a48927⋯.jpg (11.53 KB, 296x219, 296:219, 1452460979835.jpg)


Memes shape your mind, to utilize and therefore internalize the Zoomer meme is to internalize a cognitive dissonance in the very environment you're living in, making you weaker mentally and easier to manipulate. Boomers are the only generation of their kind in the entire history of the US, the circumstances that produced them cannot really be repeated again unless the US miraculously survives World War 3 intact, all Nukes fail, and the soldiers come back home to fuck like rabbits instead of being disintegrated into ashes.

Millenials are living their entire lives constantly exposed to chemical toxins that either fucks with their own body's systems or accumulates in the body and doesn't go anywhere doing who knows what because the body wasn't equipped to deal with that, probably even got a shot of dangerous chemicals as an experiment and it's only luck they merely have abnormally small testes. Even without the issues of chemical exposure from kindergarten age their parents abandon all responsibility to raise them and they essentially fend for themselves while they're put through public schools to be whipped into good little drones who worship Communism and Karl Marx. If it wasn't for videogames Generation X wouldn't even have half the mind to think about things outside a politically correct paradigm because a lot of games in the 90's got away with all sorts of shit while cartoons were just a cesspit with writers battling lobbyists forcing them to include cripples (this is why cripples are always laughed at and mocked). For all their similarities the cause is entirely different with newer generations being mindfucked to not care, to hate themselves, to cuck themselves, to be entirely unambitious machine men and just coasting through life thinking that's a good thing to not have any dreams. Boomers are selfish pricks, but Gen X onwards is fueled by Narcissism that only comes from self loathing.

e1e11d  No.16484745


>Who the fuck even finds that atractive, like what is that cock nightmare, how do people not understand how sleaves work, cocks don't extented like that. I'm glad i'm never going to adapt shit like that.

2e1512  No.16484751


without knowing any of this history of hedon, i just saw it pop up on a steam search and picked it up for 6 bucks. enjoying it so far, and i dont really have a problem with spending a bit of cash for a game i enjoy

i havent played it much yet, but am enjoying the atmosphere. and 6 bucks is less than id spend for a greasy meal at taco bell, so w/e

117bba  No.16484778

Wouldn't even pirate it.

6a8932  No.16484797

File: 79bcd5fdf31b6ef⋯.jpg (103.39 KB, 540x335, 108:67, laughingdickgirls.jpg)


So you really expect people to pay for a half-assed Doom .wad, with stolen assets/music from other commercial games, (that trailer music isn't fooling anyone, fucko) all while featuring your shitty horsedicked futa Draenei OC from furaffinity?

>unironically uses shit like "boomercore"

You're a faggot of the highest order. Why would anyone play your shitty mod when Brutal Doom exists?

fa7e92  No.16484803


Yes, exactly what I was thinking of. Not sure why I called it a readme, I guess I was confusing it with something else. Sad that the last part isn't as applicable anymore. Can't really bully this faggot if he's holed up on Patreon and discord.

d81221  No.16484813


This fucker here is greedy, but that's a bullshit argument. It's a bit like arguing that somebody who makes music shouldn't sell their work if they learned for free, and because some other musicians also release their work for free. Or the same about artists who work on commission.

If it's worth the money, buy it, otherwise don't. It's a simple rule of capitalism and we still have people bitching about things that they don't want to buy. Complaining that somebody has the audacity to sell something is retarded. Just don't buy it, and scoff at the people who do buy it.

02742e  No.16484823




Bob 'Bubba' Frewin

Frag 'em, Tag 'en, and Bag 'em

93bfeb  No.16484831


>Complaining that somebody has the audacity to sell something is retarded.

Nah, it's the most capitalist thing I could possibly do. That and telling other people not to buy it. If I didn't do either of those things, that'd essentially make me some retarded commie the became a bitch to a giant soulless corporate entity as some bizarre attempt to sabotage those ebil capitalisms and start a revolution.

d81221  No.16484839


The standard is that people release shit products all the time. To bitch about every one is a waste of time. Scoffing at idiots you happen to see takes no effort, compared to complaining specifically about every shit product you find. Either way, it doesn't make it a good argument to claim that somebody's work and effort should be free just because their learning material cost them nothing. That's arguing that education, time, and labor are worthless.

55c702  No.16484840


>I'm a boomer know?

Were you born from 1946 to 1964?

d81221  No.16484842


If you're having fun with it, or you see it as really worth the effort, sure. To me, it seems like spending time to tell people that a product that is clearly not worth the money is not worth the money. The people who will listen already know it's shit, and the people who would buy it clearly won't listen to your reason.

701ff1  No.16484855

All things aside, Hedon actually sucked. It's a fantasy FPS where you have insanely large levels, but instead of filling said levels with enemies they're mostly empty with lots of notes scattered around for "puzzles". Combat-wise the only things worth noting is that the first melee weapon, the axe, was also the best ranged weapon since its alt fire was that you got to throw it and it went through enemies. Otherwise, the rifle was shit and it takes a special kind of dumbass to make a shotgun w/ flamethrower altfire feel like one of the worst weapons to use in a game.

Also the use key doubled as the moan button, but the moans weren't hot or that audible for that matter.

2a2ff4  No.16484856


What it really hinges on to me is whether this mod is truly standalone or if it's using assets from other games. The majority of Doom mods, as much fun as they are, are a grab-bag from other games when it comes to sound and graphics, but they are also made as passion projects for the most part and for free. Otherwise my only real beef is releasing the game for free in the first place, when it actually looks interesting as far as its level design. It feels a lot like Thief.

47d055  No.16485011


I like how he says "or", too. He straight up just lists a bunch of shit and pretty much straight up spells it out that he doesn't know which of those it's even remotely like.

69b8c7  No.16485018

>paid orc futa trash

I wouldn't even play that shit for free

f74add  No.16485026

File: 1a9756a516a377c⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 446x469, 446:469, 1421263734568.gif)


>Blood,Serious Sam

>alongside Thief,Arx Fatalis

Did he just google "first person games from the 90s" into google and simply copy/pasted the results into that description?


$10 worth of bitcoin say cuckchan is somehow involved in this/vg/ most likely ,/vr/ less likely

47d055  No.16485037


I have a hard time believing this guy would be able to get a post in on /vg/ in between the S'Arais spam.

2a2ff4  No.16485050


Doubtful. The maps actually do look a lot like Thief visually and in how sprawling they are, but it's not about stealth.

d3b33e  No.16485056


Games does take inspiration from all of those, and isn't half bad. Alas, it's made by an insufferable, subhuman furry/futa fetishist so it's worthless now.

62458e  No.16485058

File: 9efaff6f469cae9⋯.png (121.23 KB, 457x506, 457:506, 9efaff6f469cae92816f17e9a9….png)

1606bc  No.16485059

File: ae728fbf62332eb⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 900x1194, 150:199, c7cc45e4a4c0f0159ecf5cd879….png)

File: 90dfac4bf429f6d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 627.19 KB, 800x914, 400:457, 85490719977631c6847abedd1b….png)


I feel sick. This is the shit this guy draws.

He literally made a game just to put his OC donut steel horsedick character in.

This feels almost like MajorMinor allover again.

d3b33e  No.16485069


At least now I know why there's no mention of men in the game.

1606bc  No.16485072


I did not know about that.

d3b33e  No.16485075


Playing through the game pretty much every orc/goblin you encounter is female and every one of them you read about is female as well.

There are males, but those are only human cultists and dwarves. Seems you're fighting for the futa kingdom.

2a2ff4  No.16485077

File: 6f90b639bb7829b⋯.webm (56.89 KB, 1135x800, 227:160, 6f90b639bb7829b352fe16746….webm)

582f27  No.16485083


>There's just something off about the whole thing that reeks of "how do you do fellow Doom fans?" that I can't put my finger on.

It's just that hidden air of superiority masked by false legitimacy, like they're "one of you" but secretly way better.

tbh that blueskin girl looks pretty cute, but could look cuter with the right artist.

a18731  No.16485087

File: a8a6bcfc25e3bab⋯.png (135.12 KB, 598x224, 299:112, Self inserter returns to r….PNG)

File: 1cc18ddbb20c25e⋯.jpg (77.33 KB, 1418x1418, 1:1, IM NOT AN ELF IM MY OWN OR….JPG)

>Unironically using their fetish porn OC (Oh wait, it's not even theirs, it's a bootleg World of Warcraft thing) as the main character

>Expects to be taken seriously

What >>16484797 and >>16485059 said pretty much nails it.

ea9ade  No.16485092

File: 3ce361119aef4b0⋯.jpg (17.49 KB, 460x288, 115:72, questiontime.jpg)

Okay but what about the game though? Is it fun? Challenging? What's unique about it? That's all that I care about.

d3b33e  No.16485094


It's a pity he's a disgusting futafag, because shortstack goblin girls + fit orcgirls with big tits is a killer combo.

d3b33e  No.16485100


It's got a magitek aesthetic going, with the kind of level design you seen in Build engine games. Lots of interactivity and exploration, great music and sound design, each level is pretty big and usually has a gimmick to it (in the forge level you can mine ore and crystals to make rare ammo for the more powerful weapons as an example).

As for gameplay, it's not bad. There's enough enemy variety, the guns are mostly standard fare (albeit with alt fire, i.e. shotgun has a flamethrower alt, grenade launcher has two types of ammo, etc.), though it tends to ape Serious Sam in putting you in an arena and then throwing waves of enemies at you from time to time.

Basically, it's a good game made by a massive tool.

57a953  No.16485102


>it tends to ape serious sam

more like blood from the look of it

bfd145  No.16485106


It looks vaguely like majalis.

I didn't think I'd ever see anything quite as shameful.

47b421  No.16485109

File: b20de3125a852f2⋯.png (246.63 KB, 610x298, 305:149, rekkrthing.png)

Fuck GZDoom and fuck Graf Zahl. Go play some vanilla or boom megawads or TCs instead. There's shitloads of them and all free on the idgames download mirrors. Link for pic is here:


69b8c7  No.16485115


That's an insult to Majalis and I don't even enjoy their content

ea9ade  No.16485119

File: 707fcfec0f50837⋯.gif (982.65 KB, 500x364, 125:91, 1373932475161.gif)


Thanks. I'll give it a shot then. I don't care that he's charging for his work (it's super cheap anyway) and though I think his fetishes are a bit strange, mine are pretty fucked up as well (most people would think they are far more fucked up actually). Someone touching their benis to weird shit is vastly preferable to the typical anti-white SJW nutcases that pollute most western devs. The mix of slower Thief like exploration, note reading, etc mixed with DOOM style action sequences seems like a fun combo.

ed0e15  No.16485120

File: e4b75bc57916eb5⋯.jpg (18.27 KB, 250x323, 250:323, I have no ass and I must s….jpg)



dadb2b  No.16485121

If you can't sell your total conversions, then what about Heretic and Blood? They are "paid mods" too?

From my standpoint, you can make game about your horsecock waifu all you want, and charge your pitiful price for it, if it's totally stand alone.

Then, even if levels are stunning visually, gameplay looks on lower half of scale. Something about enemy and weapon variety is really off.

d3b33e  No.16485125


To be fair there's no furry or futa shit in the game, and if you're up for a System Shock game that plays like Doom and has magic in place of science it's pretty cool.


I think the issue is that he's asking for Pateron money, selling something that was offered for free before and still has the arrogance to say he's not going to be working full time on it and doesn't guarantee we'll ever see Episode 2.

I would be mostly okay with him commercially selling Episode 2, with Episode 1 being a demo, like in the shareware days. Episode 1 is a solid 8 hours of content.

4e8fb7  No.16485126

>he made a game with his fetish OC as the main character



9fb581  No.16485127

File: cbe31a3568e0dbf⋯.jpeg (466.43 KB, 843x1047, 281:349, life is HUGE.jpeg)


I would be too embarrassed to put out art like that online knowing that it looks that amateur-grade. I feel you need to have at least a basic set of standards to acknowledge when your art looks remotely decent and presentable. Like shit son, have some self-awareness

752716  No.16485130

>some autist made a paid Doom wad about his sissy-fucking dickgirl OC

This is /cow/-tier, if any of you try to defend this you can fuck off.

2a2ff4  No.16485132


You don't need to pay for 1.2.0. I've only played through the first couple of levels, expect some degree of frustration in what the fuck do you do. You will have strong appreciation for the automap which you don't get with Thief.


Basically this. There's nothing illegal about it if you are using original assets, and any of the GPL source ports. I'm not a fan of people charging for mods though, even in the "tip jar" form that a few do, just because so many of them are ripping from other games.

dadb2b  No.16485134


Can't say my feelings about this. I would have bought standalone High Noon Drifter, if it had campaign, for 5$ like a retard i am, regardless of patreon shit.

But i agree, shareware option would be great.

9fb581  No.16485135


>Can't say my feelings about this. I would have bought standalone High Noon Drifter, if it had campaign, for 5$ like a retard i am, regardless of patreon shit.

A full-sized standalone game version of Project MSX or Demonsteele would be an instant buy for me

47b421  No.16485139

File: 7b2aaf9c2d14e7b⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1305x1680, 87:112, moldvay-000001.png)


Pong was more of a boomer thing tbh. Gen X were teenagers from the 80's through 90's, so those are the games that really define that generation.

For me 1980-94 (when the Amiga died) had the most impact. Basically everything from Galaxian through Doom, and especially real arcade games and pinball machines.

I also played a shitload of tabletop D&D, but there were boomers in that hobby too. Bunch of them started with the 1974 OD&D, whereas my first was the 1981 Basic set.

ed0e15  No.16485147

File: a63be1e5e072edf⋯.png (907.79 KB, 843x1047, 281:349, L O L.png)



We gotta make it fits Zan's taste, anon :^)

ed0e15  No.16485148


I wouldn't play this even if it were free, it's too fucking weird to be playing as some pervert's weird erotic OC.

2a2ff4  No.16485150



I can agree with these feelings somewhat. Gameplay-wise there's a lot of really great stuff in Doom mods. However unlike with TCs, I do not agree with mods charging even if it's voluntary, in part because almost all of them are using things from other games. Like with High Noon Drifter, just, extract its pk3 (it's a ZIP file) and read through the credits.txt it's quite ridiculous what games, it even uses graphics from Touhouvania 2 of all things. Also it got a bunch of help from other people in the community for sprites, and for testing it.

tl;dr I don't want a "paid mods" situation to ever take root in the Doom community. It's one of the few things I value despite its shortcomings.


I can get over that. Then again I also play a mod that some Finnish furfag made. At least that aspect didn't leak into it though, only the crap art style.

2f4fa2  No.16485153

File: 8fd947e540cde79⋯.jpg (200.84 KB, 861x929, 861:929, 30yodoom.jpg)


It's supposed to be a reference to the "30-year-old boomer", silly meme about millennials acting way older than they are, but apparently this shit got a little out of hand now that it's used to market actual vidya.

69b8c7  No.16485154


>a mod a Finnish furfag made

Which one, anon?

47b421  No.16485156

File: 9b49239074c4bc4⋯.jpg (69.69 KB, 630x637, 90:91, xaktsaroth01.jpg)


Looks basically like most art of modern era tbh. You have to go back some decades to be in a place where not everything is sexualized and pozzed to the max.

82b9ef  No.16485159


>someone charges money for his wrok

Don't really mind that but

>it's a mod

isn't that illegal or something? Charging money for a mod without the IP owner's consent?

2e663f  No.16485164

File: 03fe716c77d6b37⋯.jpg (80.85 KB, 1080x602, 540:301, liberal detected.jpg)

>main character is female

it was already garbage

2a2ff4  No.16485167

File: 0e8ac6b1e64898f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 191.6 KB, 1118x1300, 43:50, __nagant_revolver_girls_fr….jpg)


GZDoom, or really, any of the GPL Doom source ports at this point is just an engine that you can make standalone games that aren't based on Doom, or can even be fully original content without ripping from other games. Besides Hedon, there's The Adventures of Square, and Total Chaos as other examples at least of not requiring Doom.


La Tailor Girl.


>hating sexualization


>not being a lolly weeaboo faggot

0d1903  No.16485171


Anyone got the source of this? all image-searches give me nothing.

47b421  No.16485180


Making everything about sex creates an imbalance. There is a time and place for everything, but clearly the mdoern world is out of whack. It's like saturating all your food with sugar. You lose the subtletly of taste as you become accustomed to sugar (which overwhelms the other flavors), and also it makes you a fatass.

6b4b4f  No.16485182


the ballbustketta man

f74add  No.16485207

File: 3530d215dde504f⋯.jpg (12.36 KB, 340x343, 340:343, 435164ac6ebde9d2950b09a892….jpg)


>game does take inspiration from all of those

>and isn't half bad



baa8cd  No.16485209


>Bitching about a stupid release is not ok and somehow a waste of time but bitching about people bying it is ok and not a waste of time

>Posts to bitch about people bitching.

You're not fooling anybody you fucking faggot.

2b016a  No.16485211


It's call greed and dishonesty.

There's a difference, faggot.

2b016a  No.16485213


It's funny how they stick out.

Always trust your instincts.

47d055  No.16485217


Friendly reminder giving an animal that naturally grazes too much sweet feed will make it stop eating grass altogether. This same principle is being applied to humans.

813269  No.16485218


Arx and Thief would absolutely go great together. Serious Sam and Blood are already basically the same genre. Thief and Serious Sam though have no business being in the same sentence.

d3b33e  No.16485219


The Thief inspiration isn't the gameplay you mongoloid.

ea9ade  No.16485223


>I haven't played the game

73fb3f  No.16485224

File: fa1201f615ff410⋯.jpg (7.55 KB, 137x200, 137:200, 1238902574685.jpg)

>faggot in the video game industry turns jewish after the oppertunity to make money shows itself

Imagine my shock




Why do people keep calling recent games retro? Retro is shit from the 70s-early 80s


Atleast they give fags a sure sign to NOT buy their game, most games claiming to be retro are extremely modern, nothing like FPS of the 90s.

Duke nukem is better than doom anyway

ea9ade  No.16485227

File: 3b33aa83452f3fe⋯.jpg (84.49 KB, 768x432, 16:9, kaminaisnotimpressed.jpg)



>food analogies

47d055  No.16485228



You aren't even trying.

b0a8ae  No.16485230

File: a08d9a3847956c2⋯.jpg (1.9 MB, 10000x10000, 1:1, dissassociative.jpg)

>paying for not just a mod but a patch for a mod

>a patch that's exclusive to steam

>a mod that originally patched itself for completely free

>a mod that is actually just the author's fap fuel for his horsecock oc donut steel

>he probably put a price tag on an established free product to probably fund more commissions

>we're probably going to see him blow up in an autistic fit over people (rightfully) complaining about all this



ea9ade  No.16485234


My bad, you're right, ham sandwiches are exactly like sex. I finally see the light.

47d055  No.16485241


>we're probably going to see him blow up in an autistic fit over people (rightfully) complaining about all this

We already are in this thread. He's been IP hopping from the very start.

200e30  No.16485244


>a mod that is actually just the author's fap fuel for his horsecock oc donut steel

What did you fags expect whe the name of the mod is Hedon? as in hedonistic?

Also, tried it once, too mucuch labyrinth level design and not much of of shooty-shoot. Woldn´t want to touch it again even with a tenth-foot pole.

47d055  No.16485248


>What did you fags expect whe the name of the mod is Hedon?

Not running around reading notes for one thing.

c0ad65  No.16485252


>When the kid snatches the hat off the kike's head and throws it at the ground

I chortled

df402b  No.16485259

File: b783143aa1d41d4⋯.png (838.12 KB, 699x543, 233:181, boomer memes 5.png)


These are the kinds of shitposts we need, but not the kind we deserve.

17d7fb  No.16485261

File: d2072dc07fe61cd⋯.gif (241.62 KB, 388x364, 97:91, d2072dc07fe61cd252ef07432d….gif)

I wish I had the autism to put my horsedick oc in a game of my own making. I make pick up coding just for horsecock.

8b4e87  No.16485262


>26 years ago is recent in terms of software

dadb2b  No.16485264


If he can, you can do it as well. Just stay motivated.

2f4fa2  No.16485266

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


GZDoom is actually an extremely modable engine, especially now with ZScript. Unfortunately the renderer for OpenGL still leaves much to be desired in terms of features and performance compared to other (free) engines.

e0f4a0  No.16485270

File: b2eeef22cab64ad⋯.png (84.05 KB, 671x643, 671:643, ClipboardImage.png)

>Greentexts in the description

f74add  No.16485284

File: da20360427eabfb⋯.webm (449.68 KB, 626x360, 313:180, we're waiting.webm)


Then what?Is it the worldbuilding?The story?Does it have the deepest plets?



Why?Because they don't matter in their respective genre.Thief wouldn't be Thief if you could dual wield pistols or machineguns or even have firearms to begin with for that matter and as for the story and lore of Blood?Here: You are a guy that is back from the dead for revenge on those that killed youand that's literally it plus some pop culture references that the game could've done without.


cc6242  No.16485299

Where's the fucking magnet you god damn faggots? FUCK!

73fb3f  No.16485305


> pop culture references that the game could've done without.

But thats what makes blood feel like your playing an abbott and costello movie

19e348  No.16485309


If he made it then he can do whatever he wants with it. Dont be an entitled commie who thinks everthing should be free

2a2ff4  No.16485319

File: fc321439be1c33e⋯.jpg (561.57 KB, 1380x920, 3:2, 41065536_big_p0 - 食べすぎとからく….jpg)


It's a total conversion numbnuts.

19e348  No.16485323


>people should waste their own time to make products i like FOR FREE!

Really, commie?

73fb3f  No.16485326


a total conversion is still a mod you faggot

2a2ff4  No.16485329


That's like saying Heretic or Hexen is a Doom mod, or Jedi Outcast is a Quake III mod.

19e348  No.16485335


They're free because the retards that made them didnt care enough to sell them or didnt make them good enough to be sellable. Total conversion mods require a lot of time so it's perfectly reasonable for the creator to expect something in return, you retarded commie.

9f2b83  No.16485351


tc's are basically the only mods that count

ea9ade  No.16485355

File: b692cad17b0a2a0⋯.png (279.12 KB, 512x384, 4:3, patrickwat.png)


>do you even know that tons of dood wads are for FREE already you dumb oligarch?

There are already tons of video games in general out there that are free. Thus every game must free.

47d055  No.16485356

>it took this long for him to try and pull the classic "ur a commie ;DDD" card

19e348  No.16485365

>so in your in options gud wads like av.wad, mm.wad, av2.wad, scythe.wad, epic.wad, epic2.wad, scythe2.wad, 32in12-14.wad, DaWill.wad, rebirth.wad, requiem.wad, hr.wad … are made by retards?

Yes, because they wasted their time and they will never get anything in return. Nobody will even know the authors' names and they are already forgotten. Making edits "For fun" might as well just be called slavery even if it's to your own self because you aint gonna get shit in return.

d3b33e  No.16485368


>everything needs to be monetized

Found the kike.

53de40  No.16485369


Kids born after 9/11 are so uncreative, they see "boomer" being used as a derogatory term for actual boomers and conflate it with anyone older than them.

2a2ff4  No.16485370


You're not wrong that the openness is in part why Doom saw such an active modding community. That doesn't rule out people using it as a framework for developing their own games or charging for them. Not always at least. If they were using ZDoom commercial use is prohibited. But GZDoom did a purge of any problem code and is GPL, and not even the FSF are against commercial free software. At that point it's just a budget Unity or Unreal Engine but still enough to support some games.


People sometimes make things because, y'know, they're fun.

47d055  No.16485371


As opposed to you, who was forgotten immediately because your mod is goatshit?

19e348  No.16485374


Go back to cuckchan, kid


Their loss and their time (also lost), but it's stupid regardless


Nice projection there m8

82b9ef  No.16485380


>redditor sending people to cuckchan


19e348  No.16485384


I am not arguing with you. I am merely pointing your stupidity to you. It appears I struck a nerve too considering all you can spout is >muh jooos meme all over. Kindly consider killing yourself.



2f4fa2  No.16485388


>some of the best megawads ever made

>Nobody will even know the authors' names and they are already forgotten

You're a funny guy

f98b32  No.16485391

File: b27ae64f13872e8⋯.png (256.16 KB, 420x420, 1:1, kuhi.png)


>implying he actually sweat over this shit

dde409  No.16485392


>being hypersexualized in Anno Domini 2019, half a century after the sexual involution

82b9ef  No.16485393

47d055  No.16485394


He probably did but not from hard work.

2f4fa2  No.16485395


He probably did sweat while fapping to his horsedick waifu

73fb3f  No.16485412


They are

f87887  No.16485418


I remember looking at that, thank goodness it appeared too autistic for me to bother with.

9fb581  No.16485428

File: 9171d9112d2ccc7⋯.jpg (148.65 KB, 992x1403, 992:1403, hello darkness my old frie….jpg)




Please stop trying to falseflag as /pol/, it's fucking embarrassing to see

348da3  No.16485429


inb4 obvious IP hop

348da3  No.16485432


>it's merely falseflagging

cake kike pls go, didn't you learn when Sir Brenton shot up the Christchurch mosque?

82b9ef  No.16485442


he's absolutely correct, though.

f87887  No.16485450

File: 4da598ed8a24336⋯.jpeg (39.12 KB, 720x998, 360:499, keep on smiling.jpeg)


I'm not seeing much of anything I would consider a falsehood going on with that anon. They're running a bit hot, I suppose.

47d055  No.16485453


That's rich coming from someone who flat out admits he'd be willing to pay for a mod.

2a2ff4  No.16485462



Stop being retarded any time now. For that matter, people might actually be justified in paying for the Aliens Colonial Marines TC. It's better than the piece of shit from Gearbox.

f87887  No.16485469


Justified, you say? You seem awfully proud of shameful behavior. I'm not sure why you would go about propping up such a thing. Unless, of course, you're some sleepless in straya shitposter.

69b8c7  No.16485472

File: 2338864e8d851cf⋯.webm (4.2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, I Like good pussy and i l….webm)

>retards itt saying they'll gladly pay for mods

Bethesfags should be shot on sight

47d055  No.16485473


You think I can't see your ID you braindead dipshit?

9fb581  No.16485474


>If Gitler images triggered you well then too bad have some more, free of charge.

Yes, I'm sure that by overcompensating with Hitler images is how you try to fit in. Literally the most obvious basic bitch shit.

f87887  No.16485479


Why waste good brass when you could work your way into their lives and give them a good old fashioned hugjob?

348da3  No.16485482



I would have pegged the Hitlerposter as a schizo at best, I don't think he's so much falseflagging as retarded.

f87887  No.16485487



Ah, that old chestnut. I'd say they're being a bit spastic but they certainly aren't the worst thing in this thread. There is far more mental illness afoot than he.

2a2ff4  No.16485491


Beyond GZDoom there are other source ports that are GPL, and even obsolete ones like Doom Legacy are still being developed, for whatever reason.


I assume you're referring to the HND remark? Yeah I said that with the caveat that they'd need to be original work. Most Doom mods are not. There's only so many times you can try a mod and get sick of seeing the Hexen gauntlet. But in general I also think it should always be voluntary. But, the main thread and context of what you're responding to is about a total conversion which is equivalent to a standalone game.

73fb3f  No.16485505


>Steam workshop

Why do people use this shit again?

c60bae  No.16485508

File: d34b2771fba99d9⋯.jpg (5.39 KB, 261x193, 261:193, dededeweary.jpg)


>He works a part time job and gets 200 on patreon for game dev, that's more than enough

So you really are this stupid. Thanks for confirming.

Assuming he works part time 32 hours a week that's 1100 per month, oe 13200 per year. That's like a quarter of what a city bus driver makes a year and might just be enough to cover rent in the most busted ass roach infested dungeon of an apartment. Maybe if he's lucky he gets to eat something that isn't a roach too.

Maybe this'll make more sense to you once you become older than 16.

e86b0f  No.16485514


Lot of assumptions you're making there about the kind of job he had and his wage/salary.

f87887  No.16485516


It makes keeping some mods updated conveniently, I guess. I find it to be too impersonal myself. I much prefer going to check for updates and reading over their posts about what they have done. Far too automated for my taste.

73fb3f  No.16485524


>mod updates

It also removes the mod from everyone that has it if the modder decides to take it down

204782  No.16485537

File: 91beac307e20047⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.58 MB, 1671x950, 1671:950, does this make you want to….PNG)


Why does he want to associate these things together? Why isn't he keeping his work and his pleasures (?) separated? How is the knowledge that he's a faggot supposed to help people appreciate his game?

e86b0f  No.16485540


No it doesn't, at least not for all games. I've specifically had a tabletop simulator mod get taken off the workshop, but it was still there in my files to back it up.

47d055  No.16485554

>forgetting which ID he's on

2a2ff4  No.16485571


I don't get that either. At the very least have an alt handle like Wokada does for his trap shit. Also >>16485147 underappreciated post.

47d055  No.16485582

>yet another IP hop

348da3  No.16485590


Haven't you been proven conclusively wrong already?

47d055  No.16485594


He isn't going to stop until you pony up and commision some orc futa pegging with anal piercings.

771f42  No.16485602


The first one actually didn't happen, right?

10b1bc  No.16485618


>selling GZ doom files under a patreon wall

>hurr durr capitalism

2a2ff4  No.16485631


Open source is not at odds with capitalism. After all, it's the cornerstone of the Internet and a lot of critical infrastructure. Doom aged like wine in large part due to its fan modding community, and the tools the developers gave to people, on top of it being a good game in its own right.

Also even the hard-liners at the FSF are 100% fine with selling open source software, which GZDoom is GPLv3. Actually I lied. Older versions aren't, and also the contents of zd_extra.pk3 are not. That's stuff like fonts and mouse cursors.

ed0e15  No.16485632


>I can get over that.

I wouldn't be able to. That shit is just too off-putting for me. I don't care how fun this wad is, I'm not playing as some furfag's autistic OC.

4e8fb7  No.16485637


People are mostly mocking him for making the game about his futa OC now, did you not read beyond the first few posts?


It did. I remember furfags on Twitter started claiming it was a false flag by the alt-right to make furries look bad, I shit you not.

ed0e15  No.16485646


What is this? A naked mole-rat? An African bat?

ed0e15  No.16485648

File: 96bf2a91be1e63e⋯.png (42.44 KB, 161x199, 161:199, wuut.png)


Forgot to post image.

ea9ade  No.16485650

File: 198a36b16abc3a2⋯.jpg (76.46 KB, 523x929, 523:929, smugbush.jpg)


>I shit you not.

I c wut u did there

348da3  No.16485651


Seeing as you write the exact same way as the earlier IP hopping faggot, use sage as a downvote and generally act like a kike defending your right to grub for every shekel you can I'll say you were.

e6ccdf  No.16485653

File: cfffc33b5282230⋯.jpg (62.9 KB, 749x500, 749:500, cfffc33b52822305196821b726….jpg)

d3b33e  No.16485658


Not only did it happen, but due to all the alcohol drinking, vomiting, orgies, public pissing and defecation, throwing shit and shit filled diapers around and the general chaos and destruction created by the furfags they've been banned from having a convention by every hotel and public venue in the state and the states around it.

a06674  No.16485664

File: 64fce6541bd164d⋯.png (150.73 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1522013553586.png)


>futas with giant dicks

>charges money for updates

So when are you anons going to start making your own doom wads? If 5 anons dedicated a month, they'd make something 10 times better than this "passion project".



2a2ff4  No.16485670

File: 9a848f573e3b969⋯.jpg (42.75 KB, 500x391, 500:391, 9a848f573e3b9696d5ceee9700….jpg)



Holy fuck I thought I'd heard it all. Then you hit me with THIS.

1606bc  No.16485689


>So when are you anons going to start making your own doom wads? If 5 anons dedicated a month, they'd make something 10 times better than this "passion project".

Moonman Doom, check it out.

On another note this shit proves to me that I really have to make my own FPS game. Can't let this stuff win by merely existing.

2a2ff4  No.16485721


The licensing side is more complicated. Doom's original source license was a non-commercial one, only later did it dual-license under GPL. Heretic and Hexen unfortunately didn't do that until 2009 so source ports that wanted to work with all 3 had to use the non-commercial one, or use loopholes. Using proprietary libraries was another reason, with FMOD by far being the biggest pain-in-the-ass. Its terms are only free for non-commercial. Most flavours of ZDoom are non-commercial, except GZDoom version 3 onwards which are GPLv3, and there's no issues with using or selling that as far as Hedon is concerned.

348da3  No.16485726


>another IP hop


>Y'all are closeted. :P

Sure smells like summer in here.

ed0e15  No.16485733


>Sure smells like summer in here.

I'm pretty sure he's just shitposting.

69ef25  No.16485738

>Furry sells his own shitty doom mod

If he can, why don't you?

914acf  No.16485745

File: ac22a5cb37572f7⋯.jpg (28.73 KB, 480x740, 24:37, ac22a5cb37572f7f05b38422c8….jpg)


>~200 smackaroons a month

<for totally-not-40-hours-haha

1eb1b4  No.16485749

>op makes a thread about a shitty conversion mod that went full kike

>this must be a shill thread!

I fucking hate half the niggers on this board but the one I hate the most is myself for actually thinking people could have a brain for once.

a06674  No.16485763


>Moonman Doom

Damn, it's been 4 four years since I heard about it. It was really fun when I played it.


Same, as soon as I finish college I plan on starting a project of some sort.


Wheat from chaff, anon.

348da3  No.16485774


"Merely pretending" by proxy doesn't make it any less retarded a thing to post.

1606bc  No.16485776


Sounds great. Any ideas so far? Not that I wanna know too much if you want to keep it a secret.

cc1385  No.16485808


Game dev is tremendously tough, requires a lot of motivation, willpower, and time to complete one. The majority of people fail to complete it. It makes sense that the dev used his fetish as a primary vehicle to complete his project, so more power to him.

cb15e2  No.16485815

File: eacf5f21aa38f25⋯.png (2.49 MB, 1530x2040, 3:4, 「Glo-s-s」s Profile - pixiv….png)


>All these posts

> Feel I was fucked over for free

786535  No.16485819


It's called integrity, you subhuman yid filth. I don't even drop my shit on /agdg/. Banish yourself.

a06674  No.16485822


I plan on making a melee wad for Doom. Ranging from a simple weapon mod to a full conversion, depending on my skills. It's going to be medieval themed with some inspiration taken from berzerk. The main focus will be on making the arsenal as autisticly real and bloated as possible and all the assets original or traced from other games like warband There will have to be a few ranged weapons like a crossbow, because this is Doom, but I feel like there a lot of wads out there that would really benefit from this.


No, I don't mind. In fact I'd like to see others try their hand in making a pure melee mod.

701ff1  No.16485831


Hexen/Heretic have a fair amount of medieval weaponry, if you want to use that to trace or even just a reference.

1606bc  No.16485846


Sounds good. I'm currently trying to make my own game. I just started and there isn't much but I got a decent movement mechanic going that fits what I have in mind perfectly. If you see a Blood-inspired FPS with a sexy nun as protagonist pop up somewhere the next year or two, you'll know who made it.

15ca83  No.16485863

File: 6a7ef027287d16e⋯.jpg (137.63 KB, 556x433, 556:433, kind of hot overwatch.jpg)

ea9ade  No.16485902


People who self employ themselves instead of slaving away for a jew boss have way more integrity. Doing something you're good at for free is just a complete waste and really fucking stupid.

775879  No.16485905


It looked OK, but gameplay wise there's far better looking and playing doom mods released on a semi-frequent basis. He's a complete cocksucker.

ea9ade  No.16485934


Also if you don't post your shit on /agdg/ then you are just robbing yourself of tons of extremely helpful valid criticism on the game you are making. Pull your head out of your ass and try to endure the withdrawal of your fart sniffing addiction.

03112f  No.16486033


>open source

what does that have to do with anything. and in any case, while you can 'sell' open source (and libre) software, people can also legally make copies for $0. everyone knows the only way to fund open source is to get paid to make stuff, not unlike a plumber.

47b421  No.16486063

File: 0be5a3fb274be3f⋯.jpg (32.19 KB, 404x270, 202:135, hm.jpg)


This one-dimensional attitude of monetizing everything is exactly why the Internet bacame a complete shithole with ads and lame bloated crap all over the place. Plus of course the other stuff that goes along with it, like corporate control, censorship, and so on.

ed0e15  No.16486067

File: fbf1e2947aa28fa⋯.png (882.19 KB, 843x1047, 281:349, not futa.png)


How dare you

Now I'm going to make it less gay

16b610  No.16486103

File: 17251d8cad9289c⋯.png (1.34 MB, 640x1106, 320:553, ClipboardImage.png)


Who could've seen that coming?

2a2ff4  No.16486119


As you say, pure melee would only work with some map types. A few would become impossible due to things like hitscan triggers but also things like the expectation of being in range of enemies to kill them like with sniper nests. But even as someone who enjoys mods like GMOTA and Demonsteele, melee combat has often felt off to me in general with Doom. It's partly things like the square hitboxes, the way enemies have instant reactions when you're close, and that so many of them expect really close proximity even for things like bigass swords.


>everyone knows

Don't force a concensus, that's slimy. Not every business model needs to be based on "sell thing for profit". A slew of big tech companies did VP9 and are working on AVC1. Neither carry patent baggage and the format and encoders are open. Why? Because it turns out having an open standard for video removes a lot of friction that would otherwise hinder its adoption, and Google obviously make bank on video streaming, and can do without them, or any target platforms, getting gouged by MPEG. This general pattern of eliminating friction is why it's everywhere, with notable examples being GCC, and the Linux kernel, but also because all users are potential contributors, including big companies for which it might be actually more effective to contribute to open source projects they use instead of licensing software.

Also pointedly, with how complex software is getting, eventually the open development model may well be the only viable one. It would also be much preferrable to the situation of seven programs jumping one foot than one jumping seven. Lots of reinventing the wheel is bogus.

6b4b4f  No.16486148

File: bb3df2ebf34eb70⋯.jpg (55.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, alexander.jpg)


>mfw he's probably in this thread and saved this image

582f27  No.16486162


>Cry of Fear

>Sven Co-op

Now, what have these former mods done that Hedon hasn't? Build off the source material, perhaps?

b235f2  No.16486172


>Making edits "For fun" might as well just be called slavery

If you like playing video games, you better start that streaming channel so you can get some fat shekles out of it, because playing video games "For fun" might as well just be called slavery.

701ff1  No.16486193

Hit me with some good .wads. I played both Hell Revealed and Preacher and that's about it.

dcde51  No.16486195

File: 367f870e0ec453b⋯.jpg (17.18 KB, 272x153, 16:9, thumbs up 4.jpg)


God speed, anon. Make sure to post it here when you're done.

dde409  No.16486202


>sexy nun

Original/10 literally on the edge of my seat

1606bc  No.16486217


Will probably do so even before it is done in the /agdg/ threads.


I just like Crusader type characters and I like attractive girls too. Not much different from Space Marine dude number 2152.

914acf  No.16486220


There's nothing wrong with jugs&ammo: crucifix edition

582f27  No.16486222


You're not even making a legitimate argument.

2f4fa2  No.16486226

582f27  No.16486235

File: 917a391746205dd⋯.png (84.71 KB, 288x206, 144:103, ClipboardImage.png)


I'll admit, this is the most innocent out of all of them.

47b421  No.16486295

File: 215bb08db66ffa2⋯.png (17.59 KB, 590x764, 295:382, UACLABS.png)


Couple dudes in the 90's started making wads IRL after getting tired of all the non-stop jewry.


dde409  No.16486319


>Not much different from Space Marine dude number 2152

I agree that they're exactly the same: boring. If you want to do something memorable you could play it as her being sexy despite her best efforts, otherwise her being a nun would have nothing to do with the content of her character and she'd become just sex on a stick.

1606bc  No.16486357


You're taking this too serious. I am not trying to create a deep and meaningful character-driven story. I want a classic FPS game with a cool character. That doesn't mean there can't be a backstory and personality attached like how Caleb or Sam Stone have backstories. I simply explained the character in the simplest and roughest way possible without going into detail so you shouldn't be surprised if it sounds boring.

You can describe almost all videogame characters in that fashion.

>Dante is a half-demon devil-hunter

>Caleb is an undead gunslinger

>Master Chief is a supersoldier

4a026d  No.16486360

File: 5fd09cc21fea24e⋯.jpg (217.82 KB, 720x714, 120:119, e62c8919867fdf4ae94622addf….jpg)

You can sell anything as long as it doesn't harm profits and its customers.

Because Doom isn't being sold anymore and its source code being open source, it does not detract from iD's profits. You're just pissed off that you can't get your games for free.

Free market, faggot.

dde409  No.16486369


>Doom isn't being sold anymore

[X] Doubt

73fb3f  No.16486372


Isnt doom being sold by steam and GOG right now?

597c27  No.16486377

File: 0dc0ca4c69b04df⋯.jpg (67.24 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 0dc0ca4c69b04dfe1a96a9afbc….jpg)

File: 1ce0c99f27e59fb⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 1ce0c99f27e59fb389d4340c35….gif)


>This faggot has a FA account and even a custom theme.

>Reminder that Mark banned the other anon who pointed this out and deleted the post.

4a026d  No.16486380



Legally, only its assets are being sold, not its code since that's open source.

Since Hedon provides all custom assets being used, it's free game.

dddcd5  No.16486381

File: ac10c7a23fbb1d5⋯.png (196.03 KB, 472x347, 472:347, 1399222481858.png)

Did a nigga really delete my posts for shitting on OP? When did this place become a fucking hugbox?

4a026d  No.16486385


>When did this place become a fucking hugbox?


73fb3f  No.16486388


yeah, a bunch of people are getting their posts deleted for no reason, and its been happing all day.

597c27  No.16486399


Mark's on the rag. The ASS rag.

47d055  No.16486492


How many more times are you going to post this?

4a026d  No.16486515


Prove me wrong, commie faggot.

91a68d  No.16486519


Looks like a goo girl made of cum.

ad338b  No.16486544

File: 9a999cd80fa54df⋯.gif (445 KB, 712x438, 356:219, 1495637327.yuffaart_hcoldr….gif)

File: e4750b92b4767b9⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 960x828, 80:69, 1507655016.yuffaart_twinca….gif)

File: 451d3ea951700bf⋯.gif (374.05 KB, 840x648, 35:27, 1512923542.yuffaart_yuffa-….gif)

File: c1e33e45ff23ecd⋯.gif (752.76 KB, 756x540, 7:5, 1513456620.yuffaart_awakin….gif)

File: 93a4f176b01bd51⋯.gif (1.65 MB, 936x648, 13:9, 1513887614.yuffaart_feedin….gif)


Just what kind of "game" is this?

2f4fa2  No.16486551


wew lads

775879  No.16486627

File: 5387cac52826da6⋯.png (407.8 KB, 833x557, 833:557, when u game hard.png)


>not just porn of his character, but porn of his character IN his doom maps

a30dd8  No.16486642


I know right? Guy is living the fucking dream.

6b31ff  No.16486664


Futa shit aside it looks animated well

e49818  No.16486678


>it looks animated well

Nigger are you blind?

6b31ff  No.16486686

e49818  No.16486705

File: 9552b4e6f672f23⋯.png (52.9 KB, 202x231, 202:231, 1401233297970.png)


I mean you can read and write but I can't discard the possibility you're using some type of disability-accessible keyboard and browser settings

6b31ff  No.16486808


Well I use Palemoon, that's pretty much a disability in itself.

6b31ff  No.16486817

c8af37  No.16486823

File: e9ce6cbeba5607c⋯.png (110.91 KB, 671x685, 671:685, calmly agitated.png)


What a time we live in!

e0f4a0  No.16486829


>Game cover character has great fucking design

>Actual drawings of the character are pure dogshit

what the fuck

e49818  No.16486834


He probably commissioned the art that doesn't look like trash

e1e11d  No.16486835

File: 737d656c8b849fa⋯.png (69.92 KB, 800x676, 200:169, Revenant girl done-ish.PNG)


It sure is a shit show, also nice Revenant picture anon, I made my own, people want me to draw with tits, other's want a benis on it, while even more want it to have a vagoo, I don't know how I feel about all that.

1606bc  No.16486837


add sandals

e1e11d  No.16486840


Odd request but I can do that.

5afe14  No.16486842


In response, buying video games or any luxury is a waste of time because it is a net loss. You have to draw an arbitrary line here with your opinion on what should be monetized. You aren't thinking deeply of what SHOULD be monetized, you are just acknowledging what IS being monetized.

f57d2e  No.16486861

File: 06316ba837a16db⋯.png (47.9 KB, 284x246, 142:123, Smug bitch goblin.png)


Why not all three?

c022ff  No.16486872

File: 5116665d9060a32⋯.jpeg (68.32 KB, 700x459, 700:459, rip and tear.jpeg)


Those sexy eyelashes are enough to get me going

e1e11d  No.16486873

File: e84bdc481362b70⋯.png (74.02 KB, 800x676, 200:169, Gave her a hat.png)


I'm not really great with shoes, so on top of the sandles I gave her a hat as well.

e1e11d  No.16486874


That's one really happy turtle.

e1e11d  No.16486901


The problem with that logic, is where do I even put vagoo and benis, their's no meat?

7a2956  No.16486909


>he doesn't know

e1e11d  No.16486913


Please, enlighten me on what I don't know anon, I feel like I'm missing out a lot on something.

82b9ef  No.16487024

File: 575e71f1a64793d⋯.png (713.96 KB, 1906x1064, 953:532, ClipboardImage.png)

ebin :DDDD

73fb3f  No.16487049

File: 7cd4880a29583ad⋯.jpg (48.41 KB, 680x588, 170:147, 7cd4880a29583ad5fffcb67be9….jpg)


>backround is low poly and characters are sprites

>FPS view is relatively high poly

For what purpose? shit looks bad and contrasts with literally everything else

df39a8  No.16487074


Are you genuinely retarded? If the game doesn't use any content of DOOM2 Iwad, then it's an entirely new game made on Doom engine - which is free and open source.

Do you think this is the first indie game that started out as freeware, and got put behind paywall as dev decided to put more time into it? Epic Battle Fantasy, Cave Story, ADOM, Dwarf Fortress, La Mulana… This is not the first time this happened.

Look, you always spend your time or something. If he can spend only his free time working on the game, he can spend max 8 hours a day working on the game - his free time( and more realistically thats closer to 1-4, as he needs to relax too). But if this becomes his job, he can spend extra 8-9 hours on gamedev - the time that would be taken up by his day job.

And if you're THAT bothered by a paywall, just… download older free version, you shitwanker.

Every creative person has to do this kinda math. OP, you're the densest motherfucker alive.

df39a8  No.16487079


He probably plans to replace all assets with low-poly down the line, it's a WIP.

e1e11d  No.16487172

File: 57cb6ab9b24c430⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 70.84 KB, 800x676, 200:169, she now boobies.png)



Well everyone, was wanting boobulars for my skelly, here it is, It's weird how many want to fuck it.

b9369e  No.16487212

File: 9ea23f479c4b824⋯.png (50.94 KB, 610x645, 122:129, asfdsg.png)

I mean I don't give two shits about this but I gotta play the devil's advocate and say the guy already mentioned he was gonna put it on steam one month ago. seems pretty transparent to me.

62458e  No.16487530

File: 08339a81cdf5908⋯.png (381.28 KB, 720x800, 9:10, hedon checkem.png)

3093bf  No.16487664


>reddit spacing

Eat a dick, shill.

50b362  No.16487799


No mention of a paywall.

But like I said, he's free to do what he wants.

70c810  No.16487865



c9e923  No.16488258

The creator is trying to wipe away all the futa smut he made and requested. What a faggot.

50914d  No.16488329



c9e923  No.16488347


Few moments ago you could still find a big futa cock, the nigger is really trying to erase it all.

c9e923  No.16488352

He's also purging his HF account, I have a feeling the dev is in this every thread.

c9e923  No.16488363

File: 4bce2a8adbfe7fb⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 412.82 KB, 600x708, 50:59, Yuffa-305291-Day_Off.png)

el oh el

821831  No.16488760

File: 73817ef478ef60b⋯.png (2 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Artwork Gallery for YuffaA….png)




Looks like he just set it as members only so you have to be logged in to see it.

45d2a5  No.16489237


Poor fella can't let go of his futa.

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