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File: a07395a1cb89edd⋯.png (452.18 KB, 640x429, 640:429, 6ethsdgfb1z21.png)

487ace  No.16485522


A few whales that make up less than 5% of the playerbase for a game are spending so much money that it pays for the game for the other 95%.

Now some games are very lucrative in their pricing. Apex Legends charges 20$ for a single pistol skin. Everyone in the ""community"" complains about it, telling Respawn that they'd make more money if they would lower the prices.

But it never occurs to these people that the guys at Respawn most likely are fully aware but it's not their decision to make. Which leads me to the hypothesis;

>Loot Boxes in video games are fronts for companies to launder money.

<Create shell company or persons. Funnel dirty cash through them into your bank account via buying cosmetic items no one would ever pay for. Tell other criminals that you can launder their money for them. The masses wonder who the fuck is actually paying to keep these games afloat.

See also:


Art collection





877ce9  No.16485534

You're going to get swarmed with shills telling you to take your meds.

6d4764  No.16485539

No you stupid nigger, they're taking advantage of the "it's totally not a good goyim" horseshit and they hire psychologists to most efficiently take advantage of people with addictive tendencies, because it's easier to make a slot than it is to run an honest business and make decent games.

While it's not completely beyond the scope that these retards are laundering money, you'd have to be actually retarded not to realize that this selling shit you already own to you is not just abuse of a broken copyright system and not being held accountable to regulations specifically for gambling.

3a32e7  No.16485541


Yeah,sounds reasonable.

6d4764  No.16485546

For fucks sake you stupid retard, this shit is literally why the first sale doctrine exists.

286684  No.16485552

Thanks for explaining this, seriously wondered what people meant when they said this shit is money laundering.

38550f  No.16485581

Maybe a part of it is money laundering, but most of those whales are socially isolated businessmen, NEETs or young people with otherwise disposable income and low impulse control. One of my gf's friends asked her for 110$ for fate Grand order because they wanted a lootbox hero that was a timed exclusive. They spend all 110$ and still didn't get it. They paid her back but it's ridiculous.

b852e3  No.16485599

I genuinely want to know what kind of person becomes a whale for any online game. First World/Third World? What kind of job? Why would they become a whale? What age?

6d4764  No.16485601


It's usually people that have addictive tendencies that run through the family. It's kind of hereditary but some people just end up losing at the genetic lottery and end up haplessly prone to addiction.

bd94e6  No.16485608

Step 1 - We find the names of all the major vidya CEOs and the people / organisations funding them

Step 2 - We're just gonna kill 'em

fed838  No.16485613

To launder money, you have to convert it into legit currency. Is having skins and emotes in fortnite currency? Spoilers : no.

I'm kind of amazed by the amount of clueless fuckers who will spout money laundering without a single shred of understanding of what it actually is.

2d5352  No.16485614

you need to buy that shit with a credit card genius, how are you going to put dirty money on a bank account

6d4764  No.16485626



You can funnel it through with prepaid cards bought at a third party and most of these games you can sell off the items to a third party for real world money.

9d7a5a  No.16485642

I don't doubt lootboxes are used for money laundering. Most of those absolute trash UE4/Unity asset flip haunted house simulators and CounterStrike clones on Steam also have been made for money laundering for the Russian mafia (almost all of them are made by slavs or turks).

However, don't forget that real people, who aren't even rich, have spent thousands on jpgs for Scam Citizen. So even with ridiculous shit made for money laundering, there are mentally ill people who actually spend hard earned money on them.

1f2d7c  No.16485657

Hey retard, money laundering requires a way for people to get the money back out, which your scenario doesn't allow.

Why is /v/ full of retards? It wasn't always like this. Everyday I have to talk to sub 80 IQ subhumans on here and it hurts.

bdce66  No.16485731


If there weren't countless videos of dumbasses pouring thousands into this shit, I'd believe you.

000000  No.16485779


Yes, they are.

As all entertainment is.

The whole entertainment industry exists exclusively to be money laundering schemes.

That is why you must never support any form of entertainment and the companies that create them.


Literally this.

Start with this one:


>money launderer working for one of the criminals/game companies

366e41  No.16485811


That’s not how money laundering works you retard, too many stupid people will spout ‘money laundering’ at businesses that (they wondered) have never gone bankrupt yet. Like that Mattress Shop that popped up a year back, i mean for fucks sake go watch a few Mafioso movies if you still don’t know how it works.


I want to say that they are mostly weebs with a upper-middle income bracket. The lower rung folks usually avoid weebshit and stick to cheaper alternatives, like actual gambling. I’ve met alot of people and it is always the ‘trendy’ weebs that spend the most. All of them are also male

However, none of them have any debt from the money that they had spent, so alteast they have disposable income to cover their whaling habits.


Why do TORfaggots always make the shittiest posts unironically? The leafs are a step above TORniggers and that is saying something.

b852e3  No.16485821


Yeah but it's not like only gachafags are whales, what do "trendy" weebs and say Star Citizen whales have in common?

fa7d63  No.16485836


I doubt the first/third world distinction is that important. It could happen to anyone with access to the games, which will mostly be first and second world, but give third world people those games and they'll get hooked too, I think. A bigger factor might be the availability of other gambling methods, like casinos. My country's been cracking down heavily on both casinos and online casinos, too, so they might be more susceptible than others. There's a reason it was big in Japan, too, since casinos were very restricted there.

cb6602  No.16485839


The same people that fall for heavy gambling.

It's nothing but virtual casinos masquerading as entertainment, it's literally digital pachinko.

5505b1  No.16485850


It can work.

But why bother when art auctions exist?

Gaming works with relative small sums, you need to establish rows of fake companies persons and its to much of paper trail. Art scam allows you to absolutely legitimately slap million price tag on any shit.

Also making games is too much of legit work. In this scheme cash owner is game company and cash owners usually are no ready to do work.

5505b1  No.16485861



Supposedly it works this way:

1. Game company has illegal cash.

2. It sell digital goods to their friend/friends with legit source of money.

3. Game company gets legit money, their "gamer" friend gets illegal cache+laundering fee under the table.

b454e8  No.16485907


>Loot Boxes in video games are fronts for companies to launder money.


<Create shell company or persons. Funnel dirty cash through them into your bank account via buying cosmetic items no one would ever pay for.


<Tell other criminals that you can launder their money for them. The masses wonder who the fuck is actually paying to keep these games afloat.

and now you see why the whole AAA industry went through the period of massive horizontal integration/assimilation

no competition?

no snitches

but becoming huge monolithic corporations means FUCK HUGE tax liabilities and absorbing some possibly bad debt.


pump out shovelware garbage, claim it cost $"x", then when it falls flat, or is cancelled, scrap the whole thing as a tax write off. presto, you just essentially made whatever the claimed cost of development for the game read: fuck huge liability from borrowing too much disappear off of this years taxes. also, since corporate debt is all interest, and no principal, and really just a huge game of kick the can; so long as the rest of the studio stays afloat, none of this bad debt ever needs to get actually paid back anyways.

some of these games dont get cut tho, and are strung along with these weird zombie communities like you outlined in your OP. these are some of the ones that become laundry machines.

the vidya industry is now valued at ~$140B/yr globally. around half that is mobile im remembering these figures, dont quote me. the mobile side is saturated in sketchy CCP-owned chink scam companies who no doubt already are involved in money laundering and the like. now, with the casual/mobile market making up literally half the total market share *~$70B/yr, well, you can wash a lotta fucking shekels with that. and the chinks, with these companies as well as half their own gommie party being their own clients when it comes to laundering are well set up to have their own companies look the other way while they wash their own money for essentially free. whatever the difference is can then be bounced over to whatever intl clients need laundering, at a rate of course.


look into CCP owned mobile game companies

b454e8  No.16485929


>But why bother when art auctions exist?

theres always more dirty money that needs to be washed my friend. art auctions are huge no doubt, but they need more.

especially certain recently industrialized nations with massive new oligarch classes that developed over the last few decades cough china cough

saige for dubble post

2dd305  No.16485955


this, there's guys that will buy winning lotto tickets so they can be like "see the lottery is how i got my money"

e80c99  No.16485963


I buy it

c6bddb  No.16485974


Sounds plausible, I'm sure some of these games are doing it at least.

b454e8  No.16485981

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

again, saige for e-celeb jibberish, but this vid is semi relevant

apparently US senators are proposing a bill that targeting children with obvious unregulated gambling mechanics should be reguated.

a couple problems though

>this wouldnt effect countries outside the US

>the lobbying forces are already hard at work to gun this down

>it makes no mention of the obvious laundering which is synonymous across all types of gambling based institutions potential

>seems to me like this is just US polis trying to drum up money for the state while looking good for saving "teh children" from eeevil corporashuns

6e352a  No.16485988

>been playing mobile gacha garbage for 2 years now

>haven't paid a single cent

>but can't quit it and know it's a waste of time compared to playing actual games

It's a real shit-show

2ccf03  No.16485990

tinfoil thread

ad6dc9  No.16485997

Honestly OP I don't think you're too far off. Basically, every art industry can be abused this way.


You have a fundamental misunderstanding of what money laundering is. In this scenario, people aren't exchanging money for the purpose of getting skins; the money transfer is occurring for something completely unrelated to the game. But the person receiving the money can say they got the money by selling skins.

It's like how in regular money laundering, people aren't actually paying cash-only laundromats to do their clothes.

aa36c2  No.16486055


>he can't articulate an argument

npc post

2b236d  No.16486064

File: 96ce7d5055e8552⋯.png (83.24 KB, 861x585, 287:195, 1558289967.png)

File: b4a17248e554f7f⋯.png (109.32 KB, 607x912, 607:912, 1558290262.png)

I am more concerned with the goyim that would rather play a game like it's a spreadsheet for digital ships than the idiots that would burn all of their money on the same virtual ships.

31024e  No.16486081

File: e4691f3201345d3⋯.png (522.98 KB, 582x684, 97:114, fweb.png)

File: e525beaa544b04e⋯.png (275.33 KB, 712x684, 178:171, fwub.png)

File: 8730ae47925cce1⋯.png (253.05 KB, 1022x664, 511:332, fwab.png)

File: d2411a228ca8e31⋯.png (696.24 KB, 978x720, 163:120, SCHLORP.png)

For the anons who think

"Money laundering in vidya? PFFF~"

How microtransactions and in-game currencies can be used to launder money


Fortnite is apparently fertile ground for doing crimes, like money laundering


Also Fortnite: Organized crime is laundering money through Fortnite's in-game currency


From 2007 - Internet security company Symantec is warning that virtual worlds like Second Life and World of Warcraft are being targeted by organised criminals to launder money and spread key loggers and ID harvesters.


Before you clearly either underage or dense faggots laugh, how about doing a five second web search before making asses of yourselves?

b454e8  No.16486097

File: e03aa5d67a05542⋯.png (418.71 KB, 1441x592, 1441:592, microtransactions.png)


good stuff

cappD for future pilling

2e7974  No.16486126


The internet has been a Golden Age for criminals and con artists. Those who adapted to it of course.

b03e14  No.16486139

File: b4925dc080ea01a⋯.jpg (43.74 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1462633828558.jpg)


They have better ways to launder money if they want. Lootboxes are more simple, they can milk the normalfags more with them, so they do it. It is an evolution of the trend started with DLCs.

Occasional DLC a year after launch -> Day one DLC -> Season's Pass -> Microtransactions -> Randomized MTX (Lootboxes)

Normalfags have been eating that shit since it's came out. Big publishers do it because it is profitable, not for some nefarious scheme. It's no surprise they've been hiring psychologists and (((social scientists))) lately, everything you see on the screen has been thought over a thousand time and specially placed there.

28621e  No.16486141


I don't think you know what money laundering is.

366e41  No.16486176


You’re moving the goalpost you dumb monkey nigger, anons are arguing that the game companies themselves are a front for money laundering NOT about video games themselves can (especially the ones with Microtransactions) be used for that. I repeat, They are talking about the business itself NOT about how vidya games can be abused to launder money.

Money laundering in video games have already been a thing since WoW anyway, but most people gloss over that shit since there are better ways to do it. Answer me this if you’re so knowledgeable, who is the party that buys V-bucks with Bitcoins?


Okay cum guzzler.

cf01d2  No.16486188

aa36c2  No.16486199

9a47f1  No.16486203

File: 0c62106a7d7fc8b⋯.webm (851 KB, 640x360, 16:9, WeWew.webm)


Unironically fpbp

aa36c2  No.16486211


>anons are arguing that the game companies themselves are a front for money laundering NOT that video games themselves are a front for money laundering

devs make the game, and the laundering doesn't work without dev participation. the money laundering is what pays the devs. these "whales" supporting 95% of the game is a group of launderers not 1 person

10f0f2  No.16487046

File: b8573fda7677c86⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1400x1050, 4:3, insufficient GTA cash.png)


This shit right here. Money laundering doesn't happen unless there is end-to-end throughput, and electronic purchases are visible through all major carriers unless you buy into the BitCoin meme. Which at that point, why would you involve the middle-man? Nobody is going to buy an account with a $20 item in it when they can just buy that same $20 for their own account.

Laundering MTX-to-dev doesn't work unless the entire dev house was designed for the sole purpose of laundering money. - aka, if you see some shitty Unity Asset Flips selling disproportionate amounts, and that dev house is Chinese, then it's absolutely laundering. But most developers are legitimate, even if they're shit at what they do.

Alternatively, overly-successful crowdfunding campaigns like Patreon etc., could also be noteworthy examples. Scam Citizen comes to mind. But MTX itself through stupid gacha shit? Lol no.

bdce66  No.16487090


>Devs are liable for the end users doing something unlawful within the game

That's stupid. That's like saying Walmart is at fault if someone deals drugs in their parking lot.

8e74d0  No.16487119

There's large sections of the economy that you would never think would work, but somehow they do anyways just because humans are much stupider than you'd expect, and being stupid doesn't necessarily prevent you from having a lot of money.

31024e  No.16487179

File: ddedebd11bcb646⋯.jpg (39.98 KB, 550x308, 25:14, Greatest Empress.jpg)


>moving the goalpost

What a dumb phrase. The point was to show that money laundering was possible and active in vidya, and therefore it's not impossible that developers for mobile games and especially gacha games would be partly funded by and/or willfully blind to criminal enterprises utilizing their game/game mechanics for criminal activities–namely here, money laundering.

That is is possible and that it would be capable of feeding the publisher while giving the criminals what they want is perfectly reasonable, and that there is such an underbelly to the lootbox/gacha craze is also perfectly reasonable suspicion (aside from it being addictive gambling), so the biggest "spenders", the whales, would themselves be criminals.

I don't understand what's so crazy about this considering we know Konami has been hips-deep in pachinko for years now and we all know who's had a grubby, moving hand in the pachinko game for even longer.

Or as a couple of informative faggots on a fagsite once put it:

>In Japan, chips can not be cashed directly into money, but in Pachinko, nominally, it is possible to avoid illegality in the form of exchanging customer chips for cash at a third party store, and it can be said that it is a gray area.

>It seems that the backscratching alliance with the police that checks the illegality is more problematic than the relationship with the Yakuza.

<Pachinko industry is mostly affiliated with police itself(天下り) and Korean general union(朝鮮総連), not really yakuza.

<Korean general union do shady business too and maybe have connections to yakuza but not really a yakuza itself, in the same way far right groups or cults religious groups are not yakuza.

>Who use pachinko to funnel currency to North Korea.

<There is a pretty large number of Zainichi Koreans sympathetic to North Korea in Japan, largely due to historical reasons. They even have a "university" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korea_University_(Japan) where they teach among other things Communist economics. A Zainichi co-worker of mine went there for his undergrad.

TL;DR It's not just a few shadowy mafioso rubbing their hands at lootboxes and bouncy yellow balls. Gambling for the longest time has been the avenue of the criminal, and just so when it comes to things which are legal substitutes for gambling. Yakuza, fat cats and even commies (or communist sympathizers) have been and are fully capable of using seemingly benign crap for nafarious monitary ends.

I think it's a bit silly to start claiming "Type-Moon has yakuza ties and FGO is just elaborate money laundering" or "EA is washing cash for commies" or something.

However, if criminals use pachinko and we see them using MMOs and multiplayer vidya, we have to realize that there's always the reasonable doubt the companies desperate to preserve their whales aren't just doing so for vast lumps of pocket change but may well be following in the swim of bigger fish, either because people among them are letting it happen and hiding it or because the company itself is directly involved with such organizations.

It's not crazy, that's all I'm saying.

31024e  No.16487181



Man I need sleep

31024e  No.16487199

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Let's also not forget the verifiable FACT that it's not just about potential money laundering but, as that '07 article warned, ID harvesting, or rather data mining.

vid related mentions just snippits of news reports on 1st and 3rd party phone apps secretly monitoring everything from your location to your web searches, etc. PRISM from the NSA is just a small part of what the government has been and continues to do.

But PRISM isn't the only program dedicated to cataloguing your data, and what better way to obtain data on your accounts and behavior than through lootboxes and gacha trash.

skip to 0:55

614925  No.16487275


>which your scenario doesn't allow

It does if the game publisher is complicit.

c412be  No.16487325

File: 2250797cd66c031⋯.gif (2.05 MB, 500x391, 500:391, 1430488203623.gif)


>bloggers that made the money laundering articles made this thread

366e41  No.16487390

File: dc8eb81b70250d4⋯.jpeg (105.46 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 865C10A4-CEA4-47FC-9748-E….jpeg)


>The point was to show that money laundering was possible and active in vidya, and therefore it's not impossible that developers for mobile games and especially gacha games would be partly funded by and/or willfully blind to criminal enterprises utilizing their game/game mechanics for criminal activities–namely here, money launderin

Well you elaborated your point here unlike your last post, so i commend you for actually making an effort this time around. By all means i’m glad to be proven wrong by an actual good post. By the way, i do actually agree that games can be used for laundering money it’s just that

>I think it's a bit silly to start claiming "Type-Moon has yakuza ties and FGO is just elaborate money laundering" or "EA is washing cash for commies" or something

Is what OP trying to say. Well almost, since he thinks of it as that the lootbox games themselves are built from the ground up as a money laundering front, but his understanding of how the money gets around is sketchy at best. He’s right but for the wrong reasons. Denying that criminals have ZERO ties with laundering in the game whatsoever is fucking naive. I guess i did jumped the gun on my last post a little bit so it’s nice to be informed.

Although that fortnite V-bucks money laundering scheme is still pretty fucking dumb, i mean why bitcoins? Because cryptocurrency spooky? And how does this ‘mom’s credit card thief’ gets back his clean, legal money then? That fucking blog reeks of clickbait.

>It's not crazy, that's all I'm saying.

When you say it like this post rather than your last one, it does starts to click. 10/10 post

>TL;DR It's not just a few shadowy mafioso rubbing their hands at lootboxes and bouncy yellow balls.

This shit is fascinating but the sad thing is nobody can be held accountable except for the launderers and the police. The players have zero incentives to care about this since they can’t really do anything and the publishers only see a whale mucking about in the game.


>Data mining

Probably obsolete with the advent of Kikebook and Thotstagram. People no longer cares about anonymity these days.

f52f54  No.16487430


There was supposedly an actual large-scale money laundering scheme attached to Fortnite. It was reported on by the major journos bloggers so we aren't really talking about a conspiracy theory here

18d58c  No.16487438


anon, why do you have a naked guy saved on your hardrive?

501199  No.16487465

I was literally saying this shit like two years ago. Also I suspect Steam might be a laundering front as well. Nobody listened then, nobody'll listen now.

c95e19  No.16487488

File: 6cf38c50a18027e⋯.png (111.15 KB, 262x222, 131:111, 1414274034475.png)


people are listening, but because of the inherent silence of the act, you might not get the reciprocation you are after. consider this one a free (you)

6c801a  No.16487536


he has like a 6 inch flaccid

literal chad god among men

4d74b6  No.16487580


Star Citizen is fairly unique in that it's primarily middle-aged manchildren indoctrinated into a moneyhole cult. They tend to dip into retirement funds and at least one even mortgaged his home.

Many of them are also then divorced, though, so their whaling is a finite resource since they'll end up borderline bankrupt and paying alimony.

02911f  No.16487590



>two one and dones pretending this is not possible

Interesting. Anyway, not too sure if a digital only transaction would be good for laundering money, isn't it normally done with cash sales? Digital sales would mean the government could track the purchasers whereas with cash sales that's not really possible.

31024e  No.16487592

File: bfaf2281b09fa4b⋯.jpg (50.76 KB, 540x720, 3:4, Ancient Roman Selfie.jpg)


Ah okay

>He’s right but for the wrong reasons.

That's a fair assessment, mate.

>i mean why bitcoins? Because cryptocurrency spooky?

Can't believe how hard I laughed at this.

>The players have zero incentives to care about this since they can’t really do anything and the publishers only see a whale mucking about in the game.

There's that, too, and it's true.

>Probably obsolete with the advent of Kikebook and Thotstagram. People no longer cares about anonymity these days.

And that's the asinine world in which we now live, mate. What a deranged age to be in

02911f  No.16487638


>why bitcoins? Because cryptocurrency spooky?

Probably, just like why they added the spooky dark web.

Not really sure how back in 2007 wow could be used for money laundering though. Trade your partner some gold, then claim you sold it for $X? Seems like you'd have better options that wouldn't involve spending $15 a month or grinding to get things to fake sell.

6d4764  No.16487640


Only if you believe that software is somehow not ownable.

e6b9b4  No.16488066

>less than 5% of the playerbase for a game are spending so much money that it pays for the game for the other 95%

That's because those 5% are the ones actually making money (from streaming and such) so have the justification to pay for that cosmetic stuff. You can't say, for example, a huge Apex streamer is a "shell person" because they clearly exist; and it's people like them who are the ones buying EVERY SINGLE THING. They do that because they have to, because showing off those cosmetics is part of their business model of appealing to the kiddies who watch their streams and want to see the new shit.

I don't think anyone would attempt to launder money $20 at a time. It's just inefficient.

caf3a8  No.16488147

File: 1a56c9f9d938a07⋯.jpg (14.71 KB, 380x300, 19:15, Nice Numbers.jpg)

>>16485522 (Nice, very nice)

Wew, so you finally find out what everyone know?

Not like it's a problem, more vocal people about this shit the better!

60b9b6  No.16488217



I just looked up "buy csgo skins" and got about a dozen relevant results. They claim to sell below the Steam Marketplace price and can afford premium google ads placement. This business model makes no sense without involving hookers and blow.

60b9b6  No.16488220


>I don't think anyone would attempt to launder money $20 at a time. It's just inefficient.

There was a time where we thought vending machines weren't capable of turning a profit vending a freshly baked burguer on the spot and yet here we are.

Automation is one helluva drug.

5b3df2  No.16488316


>They spend all 110$ and still didn't get it

>for grand order

$110 US only gives you about a ~36% chance of getting a timed exclusive character during their rate ups, so it's no surprise they didn't get it. And grand order has relatively high rates compared to a lot of other gacha games. Only absolute retards actually spend any money at all on gacha games. Even if you spend $1000 you still have about a 1% chance of not getting a single copy of the character, and some retards, like the reddit and cuckchan fgo players, are actually stupid enough to just buy more premium currency and keep gambling when they don't get their waifu after spending that much because of the sunk cost fallacy. And the best part is, you need 5 copies total to max the character's ultimate attack out.

And this is all assuming it's a solo rate up. Some limited time characters share their rate ups with other characters, so you're only half as likely to get them, or possibly even less if they share it with more than one other character.

7949f1  No.16488364

File: 0e980100653ec12⋯.png (809.69 KB, 1000x1312, 125:164, __nero_claudius_nero_claud….png)


>And grand order has relatively high rates compared to a lot of other gacha games.

This is completely false. While there are certainly a few more Jewish games (Kingdom Hearts is PvP gacha for god's sake, and SMT is fucking trash) compared to it's contemporaries in popularity GranBlue and FE it has fucking dog shit rates. Only reason there's less bitching about this is because Grand Order doesn't have anything close to the power creep of other gacha shits like those two so even if it's fucking hard to get the good units you can reasonable complete most challenges with F2P ones.

23e108  No.16488384


There is an element of truth to this, much like the prices of older art, whose painters died dirt poor but whose paintings are now sold for a million.

That said this does not mean that whales do not exist. They are very real and probably more than the money laundering guys.

000000  No.16488396

cashing out and laundering are 2 different things. you are confusing turning fraud related digital income aka "stolen" money into cash and laundering cash from violent organized crime aka "blood" money into clean and crisp digital fiat.

947eba  No.16488405


>how much money you can push through at any given time

with it being electronic you can pretty much automate it, since you already need people on the inside to get the money back out (unless it's more than straight up laundering service) you can even make it easier circumvent the protections and possible stats.

I mean look at fortnite or any other successful game - they are all shit, no one in their right mind would spend money on them, let alone several digits, but here we are. who's gonna question if a certain number of accounts make a high amount of purchases? who's gonna look where the finally end up profits going?

if anything the whole MUH LAUNDERING angle could work out better than anything else. who cares if some kids deplete their parent's credit card? that just makes them better and more desperate wage slaves. but possible tax evasion and terrorism funding? that's gonna clench a few asses.

366e41  No.16488603


>And grand order has relatively high rates compared to a lot of other gacha games.

Holy fuck atleast do some goddamn research, FGO has absolutely atrocious drop rates for SSRs to the point that it’s some sort of weird pride for the community itself. The drop rates are so bad that they dip into below 3 percent, the usual ‘golden standard’ of drop rates for other gacha’s Five Star / Legendary / SSR / Moneysink jpegs.

5b3df2  No.16488625


SMT and KH are the only other gacha games I know anything about, and they're the two I usually see as examples of other gacha games having worse rates than FGO. Sorry for the misinformation.

8d567e  No.16488634


>But most developers are legitimate,

How do you know?

9acd55  No.16488647


>random articles from bloggers mean proofs

[insert link of article about drumpf being in bed with russia and a litteraly SSnazi]

936126  No.16488734


You misunderstand Money Laundering.

Money Laundering is to make the money appear legitimate.

When you funnel money into a P2W game, the source of the money is still questionable , but no action be can taken against the people who receive the money.

A cartel funneling a million dollars into a game is not going to get a direct recoup out of it. Now, if they had stock options - The large influx of cash can easily manipulate the market into believing that the game is doing well for the quarter, boosting the stocks. Once the investors are no longer afraid of dumping money, they will. Then, the cartel can sell the stocks they have to make a massive clean profit that nobody would question.

Well, except the people asking why these companies stay in business.

Now, there's economies where normal people can launder.

When you funnel money into a virtual economy, like Lindendollars, Gaia Dollars, TF2's Key's and Metals. Then you can set up a valid exchange .

Step 1. Steal a credit card.

Step 2. Make a 1000 dollar key purchase on an account you can afford to lose.

Step 2a. Trade those items on to a semi-new account.

Step 3. Trade those keys for 2000 worth of metal.

Step 4. Trade that 2000 metal for $ keys.

Step 5. Withdraw your now cleaned money into a new account via a fast sale.

The steps have to be done fast, within the first 3 steps someone can file a claim against you. At Step 4, you can withdraw your money out of the system and profit.

Note: Crypto is the odd duck out as both these strategies are primo for fucking with the value. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything.

936126  No.16488743


I forgot to mention, this is exactly why Steam revamped the entire trading system. Too many people that were not involved with Valve/Steam were getting rich over night and the sheer number of complaints from credit card companies being unable to reverse the charge.

It only took almost a decade of scamming for them to do something about it.

5e2c0e  No.16488797


Tell me anon, explain to me how you think tax write offs work.

366e41  No.16491450


>revamped their trading system

More like fucking over their customers by forcing them use a gay 3rd-party phone app if you want to trade / sell / buy items up to a fucking week. Holy fuck i hate their shitty fucking trading system now ever since they decided that they have to play the role of a parent to cover up a dumbfuck kid’s mistakes. Retard normalfags will be the fall of everything since they demand ‘inclusivity’.

6144d2  No.16491472

File: 424039c45ebaad4⋯.jpg (197.68 KB, 1500x843, 500:281, DsU--dAUcAARIq_.jpg_orig.jpg)

But pokies are called gaming machines!

d0e502  No.16491822


You get it backwards.

Not illegal money going into game developers pocket and legit money out.

Its opposite. Illegal money go from developers pocket out and legal money go in.

877ce9  No.16491828


Really reminds of all the "ANITA ISN'T TAKING AWAY YOUR GAMES QUIT COMPLAINING" shit, doesn't it?

9f6c19  No.16494536

File: 9d476cba33d9ba1⋯.jpg (12.41 KB, 474x473, 474:473, hotaru_kek.jpg)


As as aside, I've always found the extreme Japanese hatred for gooks – that makes them responsible for literally [anything] – absolutely fucking hilarious.

>chemtrails, racemixing, pachinko, the atomic bombings, suicides, shitty beer, konami, manhole covers, womanhole covers, late trains, hangnails, baka gaijins, white baka gaijins, brack chocorate gaijins, bad anime adaptations, shinzo abe, otakus, takeshi's challenge, and overpriced crepes


Nihon, you so silly.

3b1365  No.16494552


When a society become too homogeneous and insulated they just end up blaming everything on an out-group. The jews used to be treated the same way in the west.

02dccf  No.16494567


It's the same type of people who get hopelessly addicted to gambling. Could be first or third world, could be a rich guy or a guy who just spent his last paycheck on the game.

bdce66  No.16494821

File: 307382fb540a414⋯.jpg (100.49 KB, 750x927, 250:309, 6634646494.jpg)


To humor this idea as a thought experiment (because I think OP is a retarded conspiracy theorist), I'd argue that because there are easier ways to launder money would actually make this one better.

The government can't prove that any of these customers are false unless they wanted to go through the purchase data of every single person who ever bought a micro transaction from that game, find where they live and personally question them. This would not just be difficult but most likely illegal. Since it's processed through legitimate electronic money transfer services the income is tracked and taxed appropriately so the government cares less than they would with a front where people can pay cash. Also, video games is a multi-billion dollar industry so a lot of things that'd be suspect in other cases are not for video games.

For all we know that $19 million sign-on bonus the new Activision CEO got was paid for entirely with money from a child sex slave ring. But because Activision as a whole makes way, way more than $19 million in just a single year through it's actual functioning as business, this doesn't look suspect to the government

If loot boxes were an actual money laundering front. It'd be one of the most effective and hardest to take down money laundering schemes. Because good luck proving that the money that's coming in is fraudulent.

79191d  No.16494845


Can you blame the Japanese, though? China's been breathing down their necks forever, and America dropped two nuclear bombs on their heads for virtually no reason out of the goddamn blue. If I was a Nip, I'd be wary of anybody that didn't look like me, too.

4a3529  No.16494969


>virtually no reason

04c0f4  No.16497859


>muh purrl hurrburr

Surely the greatest ally to the Soviets was justified in fire-bombing everything then dropping not one but two nukes for losing one fucking forward outpost out in the middle of the sea, at least they freed China and Korea from Japanese oppression so those could blossom into wonderful democratic nations.

9f6c19  No.16498073

File: 155b22b49fd182f⋯.png (211 KB, 448x463, 448:463, azunyaa.png)


>used to be

9f6c19  No.16498075


Don't start shit if you don't want shit. Seems pretty simple to me.

877ce9  No.16498103

Ever notice how /intl/ desperate tries to derail any thread that sheds light on their corporate masters?

bdce66  No.16498113

File: d25d3f983d1ed6b⋯.jpg (63.35 KB, 600x529, 600:529, getoutjew.jpg)


>This whole post

79e7c0  No.16498118


>implying there's literally anything wrong with treating foreigners differently than your own race

Get out kike.

bc0ba0  No.16498665

File: 0d846f3ad955df4⋯.jpg (140.41 KB, 1200x674, 600:337, HLYKZZFJU5GYBJDRBYKXB6DAFQ.jpg)


This bill probably won't pass. It's better to hope for a big EU country like Germany to legislate it.

>this wouldnt effect countries outside the US

That really doesn't matter. If it passed in the US then companies wouldn't do it. It wouldn't make sense to build a single game with different monetization schemes depending on country. And it would be extremely bad P/R. It doesn't really even need to be the US to do it, it could be just a really big EU country like Germany. Or another like Australia. For example

>Valve fights Australian courts

>Claims they don't sell games just licenses, you don't own what you purchase

>Australian courts go "under our laws you either provide goods or services. And your "software licenses" are goods not services. Therefore you must provide refunds

>Valve loses

>Valve puts out refunds globally because it's either put out refunds, or stop selling in Australia. And financially the hit they'd get from not selling in Australia is greater than just doing refunds. And they can't just start doing refunds in one country because it would be really bad p/r

all they need is a really big country to ban it, then it'll come tumbling down as other smaller countries will notice and propose legislation of their own.

5505b1  No.16498896


>or stop selling in Australia.

I am thinking STEAM is fine with that. More dishonest company can even "officially" pull out but still run businnes in country letting players "illegally" breach their country ban and buy games. (those Australian hackers, bad hackers, bad)

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