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File: cdb2a4887d853a6⋯.jpg (84.14 KB, 504x512, 63:64, Coverforpersona.jpg)

e5081f  No.16488792

>play Persona 1 & 2 and they're amazing

>see people raving Persona 5 as the second best JRPG to come out

>finally play it

>boring dating sim with a plot that could be good if it didn't focus on the fucking social links

Why do people even praise P5? It's pretty mediocre and watered down compared to games like SMT: III and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.

3933ac  No.16488802

Why do you feel so insecure about your own taste that you need to attack the biggest and newest installment around? Does your taste not stand on its own without a foil?

5921ed  No.16488812


>Why do you feel so insecure about your own taste that you need to attack the biggest and newest installment around

Because we haven't gotten a proper mainline release for years while this dating sim cancer has 3 different spin offs with multiple installments.

3933ac  No.16488820


You have gotten proper mainline releases, you just don't like them.

20d69b  No.16488824

File: 7ac35ce58327c18⋯.png (368.63 KB, 500x592, 125:148, devil_survivor's_new_groov….png)

I've been playing Devil Survivor Overclocked and it's really good, with my only big problem being the analyze crash bug. I'm about done with 6th Day with the option to choose either Naoya/Kaido or Yuzu; is there anything I should be aware of for the 7th Day?


I actually plan on playing the Persona series starting with either P5 before Royal releases or P3FES. I do plan on playing classic Purse-Owner after that. Even if P5 is as mediocre as you say it is, at least the OST's a 10/10.

e5081f  No.16488830

File: ef4dcd4c8306bdb⋯.gif (1.37 MB, 264x264, 1:1, 1532921562934.gif)


>You have gotten proper mainline releases, you just don't like them.

>SMTIV came out in 2013

bba547  No.16488835











3933ac  No.16488841


some series haven't gotten new installments since the early 90s, what's your point? OP is talking about purse owner by the way. I'm here for you if you need a sook.

e5081f  No.16488845


I can agree that the OST for 5 is pretty good, I just wish the story was the main point rather then hanging out with friends and the social links. Persona 1 and 2 mixed friends in with the plot and kept going with no stops, P5 treats the plot like traffic, you can only keep going if you waste a few days and build stats. I really don't like it. I should be woven into the plot.

5921ed  No.16488865


That means they aren't proper mainline releases you retard

e5081f  No.16488905

File: 59cbf2cad4f33ee⋯.gif (1.43 MB, 268x185, 268:185, 1534386752282.gif)




>Doesn't know ID system exist

>doesn't realize I'm OP

>the thread is literally called SMT/Persona thread

I'm sorry you enjoy a mediocre RPG, which looks like every 2010's anime.

3933ac  No.16488911


I turned IDs off a long time ago, posting with them on just leads to your flavor of autism. You got many mainline entries then. What's got you so hurt bud?


they are

c63701  No.16488931

File: 40166013f8864f3⋯.png (27.76 KB, 837x1022, 837:1022, eridanus.png)


>they are

Have you tried actually playing or even just barely lurking to gain any remote understanding of WHY people here like the mainline games, or are you just someone fresh off the boat from some other place?

3933ac  No.16488937


>WHY people here like the mainline games

Yeah I remember seeing persona 5 threads and smt4 threads for months after the games came out.

5921ed  No.16488944


>smt4 threads for months after the games came out

Yeah threads for a game that got released before this board even got populated.


3933ac  No.16488946


Where do you think we're all from?

5921ed  No.16488948


You're certainly from reddit

3933ac  No.16488950


never posted there, you seem to know a lot about it

5921ed  No.16488957


>never posted there


>you seem to know a lot about it

Gotten used to rats like you trying to fit in while making a fool out of yourself.

3933ac  No.16488963


Yeah? I'm okay with being wrong on an imageboard. So far that's yet to happen. How's those mainline installments treating you?

5d1d1f  No.16488976

>Classic SMT/Persona thread

>a chance to talk some good shit with people

>faggot shits it up by being gay and retarded


In any case, what I dislike the most about Personas post Eternal Punishment is that only the main character can switch out his personas. What's that, you actually want good variety in your party loadout? Haha fuck you! It makes me a lil mad. It also makes me mad that they decided to scrap what 2 had going for it and making every subsequent installment SMT-lite with dating-sim elements. I liked the Persona mutations, the co-op attacks and all that shit, but they just went and scrapped all of it.

e11c1c  No.16489063

File: 1a7e9b0ce78f530⋯.jpg (100.3 KB, 886x1200, 443:600, Demi Fiend.jpg)

>attempt to play shin megami tensei I & II

>attempt to play digital devil saga

>attempt to play persona 5

>nocturne finally has me invested into the series

I like the concept of the series, but none of the games appealed to me all that much before I got to Nocturne. I easily got lost within Shin Megami Tensei I & II, almost like I needed a "where to" guide or needed to read up on the game before playing it. Which I did some of and is how I figured out I had some interest in it. Digital Devil Saga felt like a "Lite" or "Diet" version of something it should've been, but that could be I gave up on it fairly early compared to SMT I & II. And my problems with Persona 5 might as well be the same as the problems I have with modern anime culture.

Nocturne is an absolute treat of a game so far and I'm confident I want to see it to completion. I love the options with the magatama system and plethora of moves and strategies to deploy. After this, I might go back to giving the first 2 games another shot or Devil Summoner Raidou since it has me fairly interested. My only gripes with Nocturne is that it's story is fairly uninvolved and somethings are honestly sort of bland.

Is Nocturne sort of the obligatory entry point? Tell me which one I should play next, I want one that touches upon the mythology or folklore of the actual demons a bit more.


>>Classic SMT/Persona thread

>>a chance to talk some good shit with people

>>faggot shits it up by being gay and retarded

Welcome to every game series ever.

64b9f5  No.16489074


P5 pulled in a lot of people who've not only never played a Persona game but have never played (or enjoyed) a JRPG before. Flashy graphics/artstyle goes a long way with normalfags, that's all there is to it.

5d1d1f  No.16489090


>I want one that touches upon the mythology or folklore of the actual demons a bit more.

There isn't really any game in the series which does this to any great extent. You have some instances of this across games, like in Devil Survivor where you have to defeat a certain mythological figure by using the item instrumental to his defeat in the myth.

98fe53  No.16489182

File: 49f1cc18eb2fe46⋯.png (307.49 KB, 493x609, 17:21, 1543897255113.png)


Naoya's 7th day will finally let you execute anyone who tries to murder your mc.

878c7e  No.16489233

This franchise is just Pokemon for edgy/emo teens.

Still pretty good, though. The Personas after 2 are too idealistic, preachy and friendship-power-anime for me to take seriously but gameplay ok and giving Chie meat is a good time

767594  No.16489250


The first megami tensei involves two reincarnated characters that fill in for the Shinto creation myth, with Izanagi and Izanami, it's just a spinoff sequel to the books though.

e11c1c  No.16489274

File: 6dafcf2eb73dfef⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1295x1617, 185:231, jack frost.png)


Ironic as Persona 5 almost had me give up the Shin Megami Tensei series entirely, this is ignoring the fanbase too. I was almost convinced that this sort of series or concept just wasn't meant for me, despite how much I love mythology, demonology, and paranormal lore. Didn't help that I felt let down by Digital Devil Saga and I was beginning to feel that almost every game was a "Japanese Self-Insert" power fantasy simulator (which they almost are or could be argued as being.)


Pokemon is just Megami Tensei for children.

On a serious note, I wish it wasn't or wasn't seen like that. I like the demonology aspect to it and it's interesting to see folklore creatures you recognize or get to learn and research about the ones you don't. I feel like it helps expose myself to more mythologies, philosophies, stories, etc I don't already know about because of how many themes and undertones the series borrows.

99874e  No.16489298

Is the Strange Journey translation good? What version is better?

c63701  No.16489310



You mean the remake? It was translated into english for the original one, too.

99874e  No.16489343


No, I meant the literal translation, or localization even though that implies that something was changed.

5921ed  No.16489398


The remake adds a typical atlus waifu which acts as a third wheel to the plot while being stronger than anyone and anything else in the game and has the "ultimate" endings locked behind her interactions.

Both versions are somewhat localized with the main character being American in the US release instead of Japanese.

99874e  No.16489433


>main character being American in the US release instead of Japanese

Does that actually change anything?

217d4e  No.16489460

20d69b  No.16489611

File: 26d5fd1db949dee⋯.png (2.53 MB, 1600x4054, 800:2027, How To Get Into Shin Megam….png)

File: a7e97f179fa291f⋯.png (1.09 MB, 970x2896, 485:1448, SMT guide.png)


Nocturne was my first big SMT game too. I was interested in playing the series long before, but it was the first one I completed. I spent 90+ hours on it. I'll admit that I left the game on while I left multiple times. My only gripes are:

>game ends when MC dies, good luck with two different types of insta-kill spells, jackass

>fusion does not allow you to directly choose what skill goes to the new demon

<Tell me which one I should play next, I want one that touches upon the mythology or folklore of the actual demons a bit more.

You might like SMT4 and 4A, it fixes some gameplay issues I had, while sadly adding others. There's also Devil Survivor, which I mentioned in my last post, which is like a LN retelling of SMT1. Strange Journey is also praised as a good point to get into the series. Man, I need to finish SJ.


I'm thinking of being a merciful overlord so everyone would know who their true enemy is.

b4bac1  No.16489702

File: 460502723fc4e0f⋯.jpg (286.99 KB, 934x1334, 467:667, DigcV4iW0AApiK5.jpg_orig.jpg)

Who was in the right?

it was musubi

558c7c  No.16489887


>Personafag that wants to make the jump into SMT but sold my 3DS

I guess I'll have to emulate and hope my toaster doesn't explode. Thanks for these, they're helpful.

608ddb  No.16489901


>why have alignments when you have reasons

And thats why SMT3 is best; ultimately each force is self-serving and the whole idea of reasons taking the place of alignments fleshes that out in a non-contradictory way that the law/chaos paradigm fails too since it ignores the persepective of order as a balance without excess of any kind.

c86795  No.16489936

>Its another SMT insecurity thread

e5081f  No.16489953

File: ae19bbe459569e6⋯.mp4 (1.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Play_a_real_Shin_Megami_Te….mp4)


>It's another P4 fag

c86795  No.16489969

File: e4b25e6eab9e410⋯.jpg (590.57 KB, 792x1089, 8:11, 1544159402693.jpg)


Case in point

729cdd  No.16489978


They have been praising Persona 3-5 due to its accessibility, Persona 1 and 2 was basically when the series was still more SMT than anything, they also had their "social" things here and there to access special demon convos but you wouldn't know without a guide.

e11c1c  No.16490017

File: ef74a66ada8937e⋯.jpg (282.25 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, wrong.jpg)

468d8f  No.16490079

I want to play P4 after getting bored and dropping it. I hear golden changes one or more of the endings to a more sappy version. Should I go with the original or golden? Using emulation.

729cdd  No.16490233


Go for Golden if you can, there is no reason to just play vanilla.

18c48e  No.16490255


Play the original. Golden shoves in an awful new character to the story.

71c36f  No.16490272

File: e3e2a87929a5f89⋯.png (454.11 KB, 599x983, 599:983, smt alignments.PNG)


Did somebody ask for a low effort shitpost?

81f41f  No.16490282

If you don't like the social links you can skip them, either by not doing them or using the built in skip feature that makes them take 10 seconds to complete.


Actually it is because it is the best game the PS4 currently has to offer.

You can take that how you will, but it's the truth. PS4fags were getting thirsty and Atlus gave them a river in the desert.

8ef14f  No.16490284


>wears fedoras

>pictured:no fedoras

You fags have such shit taste that you don't fags don't bitch at atlus for not being able to romance scathach or atleast pixie. You fags are plebs among plebs.

81f41f  No.16490290


Original, Golden adds shit that makes it take even longer, it's not worth. I like long games but I don't want to deal with Marie-Sue when the credits should've rolled.

5d1d1f  No.16490327


I know this is bait, but if you play Persona not for the monster collecting, but for the "story" you seriously need to be binned.

80c4bf  No.16490331



EO is the superior atlus series anyways

4b9ce2  No.16490343


Marie is annoying and her poetry sucks. If you want to deal with that, play Golden.

18c48e  No.16490367


If you aren't interested in the story, which takes up the majority of the game's play time, you shouldn't be playing Persona at all.

fc41bd  No.16490393


It's the last Atlus IP that is any good tbh.

5d1d1f  No.16490400


Fair enough. I guess I'll settle for that Persona post Eternal Punishment needs to be binned.

7d5696  No.16490421

File: 424841a62a74a75⋯.png (178.45 KB, 500x385, 100:77, Scan, Kill, Obtain.png)

File: 1f1eff7651572f0⋯.png (1.19 MB, 492x2512, 123:628, Snow Angel.png)

File: 474f902cb9c0aa8⋯.png (239.31 KB, 500x414, 250:207, tumblr_inline_onftoffLwh1r….png)

File: fc6d73b47c03b48⋯.jpg (195.15 KB, 500x714, 250:357, tumblr_n3xglcn35O1rpsmato1….jpg)

File: b92637680a30b92⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1350x950, 27:19, tumblr_oxudv0LxK71wrvfnwo1….png)


DoomGuy is the best protag

5b1e2c  No.16490457

File: f15ce1058a8b64d⋯.jpg (76.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, back to your country reddi….jpg)

81a8e2  No.16490564

File: efee7a59630b37f⋯.jpg (65.86 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ds5 never.jpg)



>advocating for anything other than slaughtering your worthless friends and ridding himself from observable existence

82f2f6  No.16490586

File: af7ce5e225b983c⋯.png (129.6 KB, 984x600, 41:25, Persona.png)



>He doesn't know

2d2a6a  No.16490709

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I played P3 once. The PSP version emulated on PPSSPP on my phone was just about the only thing I could play because I was high on codeine after dental surgery and had a horrible mouth infection. P3 was fucking garbage for many reasons but one I never hear people talk about is how fucking wrong it gets tarot and mythology. The whole thing reeked of cheap anime fantasy shit where they put absolutely no research into it at all. When you compare it with the shit Kaneko did for the other games it is flat out fucking insulting.

To get back onto more positive ground:

Does anyone have anything that has an atmosphere like the first SMT? I can only describe it as feeling like visiting a shitty fabric store where they play bad eighties music on old speakers. That's what the entire game feels like.

The second had a bit of this but was divorced from that "crappy eighties mall with fluorescent lights and cheap plastic shit" aesthetic that the first did so well to cultivate.

802ed0  No.16490742

File: 600cbe1c3b3dc97⋯.jpg (262.81 KB, 1200x772, 300:193, 600cbe1c3b3dc9708e6ff51c06….jpg)



>forced grinding and strategy guide reading to win



edea33  No.16490758

File: 85edd4bc53c8876⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1281x719, 1281:719, the absolute state of etri….png)

29ff3c  No.16490785


yeah but what's it say in nip? (((localizers))) are always shitting up games regardless of their actual quality.

20d69b  No.16490788

File: ad382c4f077cf78⋯.png (355.52 KB, 484x626, 242:313, Condescending.png)


>hating an entire series because some employee at Atlus liked Homosuck, named the characters after some from that, and having it go under the radar

280639  No.16491068


>If you don't like the social links you can skip them,

<if you ignore this shit part that the game is built around it its not as shit

869d46  No.16491073


I was attracted to the attention and praise nocturne received and decided to give it a try.

I'm not sure if it was the lack of QOL features such as weaknesses and analyse, or if I was bad at the game, I got so bored of it I stopped playing at the fairy yoyogi park, the one where you have to go through the maze.

I then went to play strange journey redux, and quit at the new last dungeon as I got really bored of it.

The same problems with SMT 4 and 4A for me, they were really boring at the end.

SMT games are fun at the beginning, then when you unlock -yne spells it gets boring

80c4bf  No.16491155

File: 4d1bee4fe27aa56⋯.gif (127.04 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 4d1bee4fe27aa56c921f27c10b….gif)


>he's so much of a shitter that he has to grind in EO

holy shit what kind of casual are you

d21983  No.16491488


You might have had a point if EO3 wasn't the best entry in the series. Who cares what the localization team named their characters


The only time you would need a guide is in the post-game dungeons but you can beat the regular dungeon no problem without a guide. I can tell you didn't play these games though.

7a0731  No.16491989

File: bb1776ef1d3c115⋯.jpg (288.02 KB, 480x640, 3:4, SMT SJ Main Character & Do….jpg)


Do yourself a favour and play Strange Journey next. The gameplay is reminiscent of SMT pre-Nocturne except there's no magnetite. Also, press turn is replaced by Demon Co-op which is pretty fun. When you or your demons hit an enemy's weakness any demons of the same alignment will do bonus damage. The story is excellent, the dungeons are great except for that one part in Eriadnus and the artwork and soundtrack is god-tier. It's one of my favourite games of all time!

Fuck the remake though.

7e837d  No.16492156


All three of your ending options are good for the first time around. The one path you probably want to leave for NG+ is Gin+Haru's. Other than that, the specifics of each ending will come down to decisions you have already taken over the course of the game. Namely, if any extra characters will follow you along your path, but you shouldn't have any problems with only the path specific characters in the event you managed to be a dick to everybody else. Enjoy your ending and then go for the others.

7e837d  No.16492246

File: 684d3a2db079029⋯.png (455.42 KB, 769x702, 769:702, ponr1.png)

>begin playing Revelations: Persona on a PSX mini I got at a flea market for $25

>10 hours in begin looking up info on the game and discover that I am effectively playing the absolute worst version of Persona 1 with

<longer load times

<10 second unskippable persona invoke animations

<butchered translation including americanized character names and demon contact options absolutely nobody ever uses in the guides you'll need to actually understand the game

<Mark is a nigger yes THAT Mark too but that's beside the point

<UI hell (sorry, the MC can equip but can't actually cast anything with Hierophant personas. Where does it say it? Nowhere because fuck you.)

<Shittier automap that will not mark half of the hazards

<one of the two midgame story branches was scrapped completely because the localization team just couldn't be arsed to do their job

<On top of that the PSX mini sometimes just turns off on it's own, forcing me to make restore points to diminish lost progress

at least the piece of shit still has serviceable versions of Mr Driller, Tekken 3, Twisted Metal and Jumping Flash

When I made it to the Kama Palace and took a gander at the floor plans I essentially said "fuck this" and picked up my Nocturne save again. Should I power through it in the event I get back to it? Start from scratch with SMT:Persona 1? Or just skip to Persona 2? I guess I would pirate Persona 1 and start over again.

c3e33e  No.16492671


>Fuck the remake though

wait, what's wrong with it? seems fine to me, besides the undubbed voice acting.

e2ecb5  No.16492686


PSP version of Persona 1. Yes they replaced the music with a bunch of JPop, but it's way fucking better and complete.

e27695  No.16492720


I was doing it as well but made a grave mistake with saves and ended up locked into the situation where you choose either the nerd or the blue haired chick and now I can't save both. Is it worth it to keep going or nah?

3f7c89  No.16492724


>Why do people even praise P5?

1) It has stylish graphic design

2) It is a vast improvement over the cringey trash that was P4

3) Newfags don't know better

20d69b  No.16492802

File: d72cece15885c3e⋯.png (985.35 KB, 722x730, 361:365, SMTIVF Bad Hair Day.png)


I plan on doing Gin/Haru for my last ending. Here's the order I'm aiming for:

>Naoya/Kaido > Yuzu > Atsuro > Amane > Gin/Haru

I'm at the part where I fight Belberith, looking ahead at the final boss, I worry I may have to grind macca, EXP, and get new demons.


Keep going. I fucked up and didn't get Black Frost, but I'm finishing the game anyway.

e84b8e  No.16492809


>make game easier

>dlc that lets you grind for no effort so you can outpower any boss

>make art shittier

>retcon endings from ds original just so they can force you to talk to the world's most retarded woman

>make game much MUCH easier

>game lets you not get a game over if your mc dies because you're a little baby

7a0731  No.16492820


>art style utterly ruined

>gameplay completely casualized with addition of auto commander skills and unlimited points for sub-apps

>said gameplay changes make the protagonist completely overpowered and goes against the original's design decision to have him rely on his demons because he's in a completely alien dimension

>original endings retconned for bullshit "true" endings for each alignment

>yet another "Marie" character

a8f4cd  No.16492932


It's got all of the new atlas bad habits.

>Removing Iconic artists work for generic anime

>Severely dropping the difficulty

>Adding a new girl to the game who's tied to the special new true endings that's now the good endings and retcons the originals into bad endings

>Breaks the balance of the pre remake version by making changes without thinking it through.

A lot of people bring up the difficulty being lower so I want to segregate all the ways it's done.

>No app point limit, instead of having maybe 3 or 4 in a set, now just have 15+ by the second sector and by end game have 30+ constant beneficial passives

>Made skills outside of the weapon equipped for the MC who's meant to be a summoner not a main attacking/support class, just without care gave him a bunch of skills which includes a passive skills that just gives free luster candies, remove MP costs for the turn and give the team full priority before the enemy.

>This means the MC by endgame will have at minimum 8 skills (demons get 6) and then an additional up to 3 from a gun which include broken passives and high damage skills on top of all the extra sub app shit

>New apps that invalidate dungeon crawling like working out teleporting puzzles and invisible wall dungeons for you when the point of them is to work out the path through them.

>Even on "expert" mode the game isn't as punishing as just playing the vanilla game even if you ignored all of the previous bullshit

>pick and choose inheritance which is the biggest mistake in the series since allowing it to even be manipulated, just turn every new demon you fuse into an objectively better version of the last without ever varying up your team or compromising your set up for better stats, just have a party of 1 man parties

Then there's DLC

>DLC that gives every fight a high chance to drop items that boost EXP by % to next level from 20%, 50% and 100%. easily get to level 99 with 0 trying, get to the level cap all by Bontas (you get 2-4 of these per fight for how common a drop they are)

>DLC that does the same but gives selling items for 1000, 5000, 10000 macca, pretty much infinite money since the enemy is irrelevant they all drop these now, (you get 2-4 of these per fight still)

>DLC that makes forma that gives stat increases that you can buy in the shop for insanely cheap prices (even more insane when paired with the last DLC)

I don't get how anyone can play a game this pushed in their favour taking out all risk of losing, might as well watch a lets play of the game at that point.

09d6bb  No.16493022

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Did the PSP version of P2:IS do anything to alter the difficulty, or was it always a really easy game? I'm at the semifinal dungeon, and thus far the most challenging parts of the game have been due to the encounter-rate being so high that I sometimes forget which way I was going. The boss music is so good, it makes me sad how quickly the actual boss fights end.

d21983  No.16493305


There's a patch to add the original music. If you use that you get the best of both worlds.

ccdc86  No.16493333

The dating sim social link bullshit Persona games are fucking trash. P1 + 2 are the best in the series.

81f41f  No.16493992

File: 93f645519fb368a⋯.mp4 (15.28 MB, 640x360, 16:9, P5 KANGZ RAPPING PYRAMID T….mp4)

just found this earlier today

81f41f  No.16493999


Do FES then, there's an aspect of 5 that is more meaningful if you've already played any of the previous games.

81f41f  No.16494015


I like both soundtracks, Meguro actually directed the P1 remake and it really shows, the music always fit each scene perfectly.


I'd play the PSP version now, since you've already heard most of the best tracks from the original you should just play it with the new music unless you really can't stand it. I'd also recommend some kind of spoiler-free guide because P1 has a ton of content you can miss. You already know about SQQ but there is some other stuff. It's pretty much meant to be played through 3 times, but if you use a guide you can reduce that to 2.

bba547  No.16494074

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>who hurt you?

f71f38  No.16494148

P3 killed the entire franchise. Instead of an unique art style and challenging combat it became a bad dating sim with Jpop all over the place. These days Persona defines the series and SMT is completely forgotten as it's own thing. You can expect nothing but bad spin offs on handhelds and cross overs featuring pop idols.

Basically the fanbase went from old nerds who liked the mythology to yaoi fangirls who just want to jerk off to lady boy dating sims. Don't expect anything more from it and just walk away from anything post PS2.

Try Raidou if you like Nocturne, it was heavily praised by the Nocturne crowd.

3adc35  No.16494237


>retrokid craving attention

The early Persona games are weebshit of no value. Just because it's japanese it doesn't mean you have to eat everything they shit.

f71f38  No.16494259


The later games are literal weebshit of no value. It's Jpop and generic anime art. The original SMT's art style is pretty unique in games of the era.

20d69b  No.16494260

File: e96e5fb700d16a0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.74 KB, 800x705, 160:141, yuzu.jpg)

Just defeated the final boss of DS1 with my bro, Atsuro landing the final blow. It was a really great game; the Bel boss rush can go fuck itself though. I decided not to make an 8th day slot and just start fresh for now so I can get new skills and demons for NG+. How good is the sequel? I know it's not as good as the first, but I still want to know what they did with it.

d21983  No.16494653


>and it really shows, the music always fit each scene perfectly.

The modern J-pop is pretty unfitting at times and is blaringly loud in cases like the overworld theme. Even not having played Revelations: Persona originally I didn't like the P1P music.

6fc232  No.16494781


It's still technically in the same series, P1 and P2 have a girl from SMT if as a waifu for the developers self insert. **It's also is an SMT AU but who cares**

785f12  No.16494843


They incorporated social link bullshit (as the "Fate System"). Fortunately, it meshes much better with the already present timeslot plot exposition system than the daily school VN they forced in Persona. You won't get the absolute best ending without a guide though, because while the Fate Levels are discrete, there are hidden counters to advance each action, so you won't know for sure if an event (or even a specific dialog option inside an event) was beneficial for that social link unless it happens to increase the Fate Level right after.

They revamped the Devil Auction system so that instead of calling raising bids like in an old-fashioned auction house, you only get one bid and thus have to guess how much to bid to still get the demon without breaking your bank. The old system remains only for tie-breakers. Personally I don't like it.

The plot is overall slightly more lighthearted than DeSu1. Which wouldn't be a problem if friendship didn't fix absolutely everything, which I guess was needed in order for the Fate system to make sense with the plot. Then again, SMTIV:A had Dagda as an alternative. There's also a LOT of ecchi comedy. Most of it is actually pretty funny, specially anything involving best girl Fumi, but it really doesn't fit the atmosphere.

Speaking of atmosphere, they quite ruined it in comparison with DeSu1. In DeSu2, you're essentially taken in by the secret govt organization JPs that takes care of housing and provisions for you and your crew. While how these provisions are being unjustly handled by the JPs becomes a plot point with good moral dilemmas, this entire business really takes out the "survivor" part of the game for me, considering in the first game you're constantly scavenging, sleeping outside with your crew all the while you're trying to figure wtf is going on by yourself.

The music is hit or miss. Some tracks are good, some are stinkers. I thought of the first game's soundtrack to be better but it also has some poor tracks as well. This might be my nostalgia talking.

The core gameplay is mostly unchanged, with only some updates on skills and the benefits of the Fate system, and that's good.

The 3DS version includes a lengthy epilogue/second quest which IMO is better than the 8th day from DeSu1, and you can replay it from a NG+ without going through the main history again if you'd like.

Overall I still think the first one is the better game, but you'll definitely enjoy the second if you can muscle through the first 3 or so hours.

724b9c  No.16494851


DeSu2 story in nutshell

>World was destroyed by demons which are actually ayys - living stars.

>Ordered to do so by symbol of all monotheistic religions. Not kike god, this time.

>FATE system which is social-links lite, only raised by giving correct answers during scenes - sometimes good answers are on /b/-tier.

>Endings are: merciless meritocracy, utopian communism, killing god, kissing god's ass so he would leave for while and special freedom ending.

You can try playing it, but don't expect too much.

c89550  No.16495162

Is SJ considered classic?

I played and beat SJ and Soul Hackers and found those to be really good games.

Not sure if I'll ever touch Persona 1/2 for a while.

4fedda  No.16495190

I had P1 on my Playstation Classic before I decided to delete the thing as I heard it was pretty shitty in constrast to the newer ones and newer RPGs in general, though I've heard P2 has a fucking fantastic storyline. Should I play it anons? I'm not too well versed in actual RPGs, played some shitposty RPG Maker games here and there and aside from that the most I've played and completed is shit like New Vegas, Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

e11c1c  No.16495222


P2 looks fairly interesting, I'd say it's worth it. The only thing I know about it is that it includes Hitler with Sunglasses.

767594  No.16495954



Play P1 Portable with the music patch, it's the least shitty version of it and there's no niggers. The combat in Persona 2 isn't very good.

23aba4  No.16495963

a061bf  No.16496077


Can't stand the grind on P1, at least P2 has a rad story. P5 is ok, is the deepest of nu-sonas, that doesn't mean much though.

>Why do people even praise P5?

Waifushit, obviously.

dd6ffc  No.16496979


I never understood how SMT's writing managed to draw off of the turbo-heresy of Gnosticism but manage to forget the most important part of it; God is not the Demiurge that YHVH is, he's just being, to put it in so many words, "temporarily usurped" by him. The fact that SMT forgot this important part of gnosticism makes it seem more like an attack on christianity than it actually is, at least I am presuming that Ryutaro Ito and Kazunari Suzuki are not intentionally doing so out of good faith.

The one thing I did like is how it showed Satan ultimately being under the dominion of God, which is surprisingly insightful of a jap to understand, even if it was unintentional.

81f41f  No.16497761

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


But you're making things out like it's all J-Pop when really it's just around 5 songs, 5 pretty common songs, but they all fit the mood, I'd challenge you to find a specific scene where the music doesn't fit.

I know it's subjective but I think in the case you already mentioned the music fits the map really well. It's kinda somber and gritty without being depressing.

767594  No.16497815


>5 pretty common songs

That replaced over 30 tracks in the game, a game with unique themes for all the different areas and shops from multiple composers replaced by the same repetitive garbage.

7a9789  No.16498232

File: 4f3b66138733f4c⋯.png (232.75 KB, 640x240, 8:3, Mark and his shadow self.png)


>I had P1 on my Playstation Classic

Oh shit, I wish I was there to warn you. The "localized" PS1 version of P1 is an absolute butchery.

07d5f1  No.16498279


was it over 30 seemed more like 10

16023c  No.16498305


Does the Playstation Classic version even have SQQ?

4fedda  No.16498388


It was one of the games that came with it, so I didn't really waste any time in adding it to it in the first place. Though thanks for the warning, if I do end up playing P1 I'll make sure to at least get a mod or something to get the translations to a not autistic level.

1c4be5  No.16498420


Sortof. The entire branch is in there and it works, but they made it impossible to get one of the items you need to start the quest. If you cheat that item in, then it's all fine. Well, none of it was translated so it's all mojibakke, but it "Works".

Meh, between 'black dude' and 'anime nerd #3821', Mark was okay. Not something that should've been done, but it was the 90s. There's no excuse for "Now I'm super Guido!" eh, but it has a certain janky translation charm.

767594  No.16498517


It'd bother anyone in retrospect given the kind of token diversity shit pushed today. Just another harbinger from California.

07d5f1  No.16498552


Think about everything you loved in DS1 then out of a 10 point scale minus 3 points from it.

20d69b  No.16498592

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>P1P with original OST

Thanks, anon. Is there any bugs with this version I should know about?


Highly doubt it. The original still had it in the game and they planned to include it due to a localized Philemon FMV, but it was dummied out with all the text being gibberish.

979238  No.16498593


Does it have all the songs? I heard it was impossible to put all the songs, since the PSP version had half the amount of songs as the PS1 version, and they could only replace existing songs, not add new ones.

467ede  No.16498815


Did you forgot about Great Will which was mentioned several times in series already?



So is Nocturne.

767594  No.16498817



>Does it have all the songs?

It's half-assed (no) since the guy that did the patch just ripped and compressed what he could without resorting to ASM hacking, something from someone the old /smtg/ 4cuck thread years ago. Most of the shop themes are missing. It's definitely more enjoyable though and there's nothing's broken.

1c4be5  No.16498959


Yeah, you can't really apply modern era logic to it. Mark doesn't have the trademarks of "WE NEED BLACK CHARACTERS BECAUSE DIVERSITY!" it's more the awkward late woosley era and "How do we turn this Japanese high school into an American one? They have black people right?" line of thinking. The motives behind it are very different, if still very misguided.

Honestly I just think Masao's original design looks pretty stupid.

fcb4f4  No.16499380

I haven't used my Vita in like five years. Is it worth buying those overpriced memory cards to play Persona 4 Golden?

6e9ac1  No.16499389


>Is it worth buying those overpriced memory cards

Not when you can just crack it and use an SD card adapter.

>to play Persona 4 Golden?

Fuck no. It's a shit game. It's not worth playing even if someone paid you.

9a8146  No.16499609

>only seriously tried Strange Journey

>save keeps "corrupting"

>never go back

Game was fun from what I was able to play.

4b9ce2  No.16499934

File: 2aca2f05e3aae3f⋯.gif (479.05 KB, 500x455, 100:91, 3d4a08c743ff3919b23dc4f0f3….gif)


>he didn't hack his Vita

I think PS Vita is now easier to hack unless you updated recently. Never update!

f41abc  No.16499940

File: 2e62aab81048307⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.42 KB, 234x127, 234:127, kill me.jpg)

Because people want boring dating sims. Complex gameplay mechanics that come together to form a cohesive whole? Who gives a shit about that when we can have waifus and college grad-level symbolism for weebs to make youtube videos about? People don't want to play games to beat them, they play them for the experiences.

You're just a dinosaur who hasn't become a fossil yet.

81f41f  No.16501010

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Those 5 songs didn't actually replace 30 tracks, each replaced one. There were some other tracks that didn't have equivalents made but they were mostly shitty anyway.

You didn't actually try to find a scene where the music doesn't fit very well though, so I guess you're admitting it fits.

Some tracks certainly fit better than their PSX versions, like Kama Palace, which has a really, really strong 90s flavor to it, that doesn't fit its dungeon at all. It's a good track but just doesn't fit.

81f41f  No.16501011

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


and the PSP version

767594  No.16501131


To be honest you sound like a Persona 3 dicksucker so I have a hard time taking you seriously. Meguro's synth is typecasted., Sombre

piano, some guitar riffs, crass vocals, it's just homogenized, a lot of the sound from Persona 1 is New Age music from the time period, it's just a trashy reskin.

a8f4cd  No.16501160

File: 41b4d4836fa4d7d⋯.gif (162.45 KB, 880x655, 176:131, Jack frost.gif)


Classic would probs end at Soul Hackers since every game after that has new additions to the core concept but it's arguable it ends at IF and DS and SH are just late spin offs.

Nine through SJ would be like a stage 2 or renaissance (Nine was the first "mainline" game in 8 years after IF and it's models were recycled over and over for the series till P4G) where they bring it back but include additional hooks to the core series to modernise it (stuff like press turn, grid based combat, co op attacks, manipulate able skills upon fusing)

SMT 4 which a 10 year gap since SJ the last planned core title and on is modern with a new director and artist in the team that'll most likely fade out most non mega popular demons eventually, hell they pretty much tried to open their new shit by wiping out the only thing the series had to a real big bad.

a8f4cd  No.16501176


>10 year gap

4 Year* with nothing similar to space out between them

07d5f1  No.16501226


have you tried using a emulators with save states instead?

ab9b5c  No.16504518

File: 9bbad8f303994c7⋯.jpg (130.01 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Persona homeboy.jpg)


Those aren't even the biggest problems, from what I heard. The (((localizers))) ruined the game balance in an attempt to make it more kid-friendly or some shit.

1c4be5  No.16506284


The encounter rate was reduced, yes, and experience increased equivalently to compensate for getting in less fights overall. I believe SP regeneration was also made faster?

Does that ruin the game balance? I feel like the PS version had enough encounters as it is. Just reduces tedium of needing crap tons of SP healing supplies and getting into a battle every three steps. Perhaps it's easier overall, but I'd hardly call it 'ruined'.

99aba3  No.16506356

File: 5ba4cedea2f8793⋯.jpg (60.93 KB, 600x707, 600:707, BxL8kWwIcAAZw2W.jpg)



Yeah a8f4cd, did you not know that SJ is a mainline SMT game? SJ was referenced in SMT4 multiple times as happening before the events of the game so I guess thats what made it mainline I guess?

f1c9cf  No.16506637

I tried the snes translation of the first megami tensei but I had a lot of trouble getting into it. I beat Medusa but the game was too grindy. I didn't like how little fusion I could do unless I grinded high enough to fuse. There wasn't much straregy to use outside of building levels for better monsters. I also didn't like that from what I understand the game started with what I understand is the third part of the story from the original books, so being dropped in a big tower and told to save a goddess for no reason didn't give me much interest in the story.

558c7c  No.16507274


I just started playing it myself today and I'm surprised you think it's bad. The setup was lackluster but the game itself is actually pretty fun provided you have a map to keep track of where you are in the dungeons.

Definitely grindy but the music is good so it's tolerable.

50c5f7  No.16507461


No, it was on a DS card though so I think I could use savestate, I'd have to check. Or just see if the issue was ever fixed with a new rom.

92a261  No.16507871

File: c2a593d1b15cba9⋯.jpg (457.58 KB, 1163x1476, 1163:1476, P4G.jpg)

Why hasn't this been ported to PS4? It's being left on a dead handheld nobody bought and with Persona 5's success it's easy money.

a29028  No.16508252


I'm trying to pick up my old save midway through the Cathedral on neutral route, and promptly remembered why I dropped it. Its just not fun anymore. Each floor is about the size of an entire earlier dungeon, every single map square forms part of twisting featureless paths which are almost custom made to waste your time and not only that, the encounter rate is bumped to like a fight every 3 or 4 steps with 2-3 monsters each and guaranteed fights on every door. There's 8 floors up and another 8 down and apparently a neutral player is gonna run through all of them repeatedly.

The game until this point was a blast. Dungeons were varied in theme and floor planning, had traps, and sometimes even puzzles. You had more concrete and varied objectives at the time, beyond "kill the fat ass angel/demon at the top/bottom", the characters had development, etc. They made this fuckuge featureless dungeon to lazily pad out the game and I hate them for it. The boss fights are as interesting as all the others up to this point (not very). I could just grab a FAQ and Fuma Bells to bum rush to the bosses, but I'd rather just look up the ending at this point.

558c7c  No.16508579


I've only just started (just beat Minotaur) but I can see what you're saying. Hope I don't get burnt out.

99da6f  No.16508942


Are you playing KMT or the original NES release?

I would personally recommend that you skip the first one. Its not a good dungeon crawler nor a good RPG. The second one at least has an interesting setting but the first one doesn't even have the content to justify its length.

d91bb7  No.16509443


I am a retard, just noticed you are playing MT, not SMT.

fc41bd  No.16509824


Because they're too busy milking Persona 5.

50c5f7  No.16509862

Booted up my ds again and turns out there's a patch in the cheat section for Strange Journey. Going to activate that and see if it helps my game not get corrupted. If not I may just play Devil Survivor instead.

1b79d5  No.16510321

I've beaten Persona 3 but I've never played 4. Is it necessary to play 4 in order to play 5 or can I just skip right ahead to 5? Also right now I'm playing Soul Hackers on my 3ds and holy shit is it a great game. I may finally play Devil Survivor after I beat this one.

d76a48  No.16510832


>>pick and choose inheritance which is the biggest mistake in the series since allowing it to even be manipulated

Shut your nigger mouth, no one has liked you since you were complaining about elementals in nocturne

a8f4cd  No.16511380


>allowing you to make teams that completely shutdown enemies while having all possible wanted offensive tools

>not bad design


>no one has liked you since you were complaining about elementals in nocturne

Literally what?


>Quotes both my post and the correction I made but asks if I didn't know?

>Even calls me by ID so should know I corrected my own date comment

Strange but Ok?

>did you not know that SJ is a mainline SMT game?

I did, that's why the cut off between SJ and 4 is there, SJ was intended to originally be 4 but wasn't set in tokyo so they stepped back from that.

>SJ was referenced in SMT4 multiple times as happening before the events of the game so I guess thats what made it mainline I guess?

Nothing in 4 says SJ happened before, none of the endings even in SJ lead up a world like 4's, be like saying SMT1 leads into Nocturne because Thor is there.The games just share similar imagery.

Unless one of the new redux endings tries to pull this which wouldn't have been original intent since the original SJ director had nothing to do with redux

eb1ddd  No.16511393

File: 05dbfeba032496c⋯.jpg (397.36 KB, 827x1223, 827:1223, 05dbfeba032496cbef173ac6df….jpg)


>persona 1


3eb4c6  No.16511428

File: 30fcbff5a1edfbb⋯.jpg (150.21 KB, 521x406, 521:406, Persona Mark danced crazy.jpg)


Persona is the best Persona.

902266  No.16511504

File: bc59f4903d2ff1e⋯.jpg (24.23 KB, 336x361, 336:361, cb782089091df0970a8dcc9140….jpg)

So, now it's almost confirmed that Atlus USA cucked out for the """localization"""" of Catherine Full Body; does that mean that Persona 5 Royal and SMT5 will gets pozzed """localization"""" or even worse all of the western versions of Atlus' games gets pozzed """localization"""" from here on out? And how long until Atlus Japan themselves start cucking out for Sony and other SJWs?

558c7c  No.16511609


KMT, yeah. I hear you, if I hit a real wall I'll just skip ahead to 2.

558c7c  No.16511620


You definitely don't need to play 4 to play 5, they're all pretty much self-contained. Just go ahead and skip to 5 if you're interested in that one.

17cbb9  No.16511650


It depends on whether those have any trannies.

d21983  No.16514561

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>thread is still up

Well might as well keep going


A casual look at the games soundtracks have the PS1 title at roughly 109-114 tracks and the PSP remake has only 67. So if you were to go down both games track lists you would undoubtably find that P1P replaces a good chunk of songs with either a single track or nothing at all. Still not going to be 30/song but it's going to be a large number.

While I 'll personally admit that some tracks are improved in P1P over the original (I prefer the regular battle track from P1P), there is a strong argument to be made for Souji completely missing the tone and feel of a post apocalyptic title like Persona 1. The overworld music is a prime example of this as the PS1 version is soft and ominous; reflecting a game that is still caught between the mainline series and what Persona will become. The PSP track is loud, obnoxious, and filled with vocals that remove the sense of isolation and desolation.

Really that's the difference; Persona 1 was a title that was still married to the mainline game so it had similar musical decisions like emphasis on guitar riffs in combat, new age synth, and soft jazz. Persona 3 and up had soundtracks that are lounder, modern, and filled with Hip hop. This doesn't translate well to a game where the atmosphere isn't as stylish as Persona 3-5. Plus the vocal tracks in P1P overwhelmingly sound pretty bad

e2ecb5  No.16515225


That I didn't know. Thank you anon!!!

659af5  No.16515950


>Implying that Reseterror won't take a mile from Atlus USA after CFB's """localization"""

fc41bd  No.16517025

File: f438af4d2ac4a91⋯.png (153.55 KB, 729x638, 729:638, 892447a9b29800567f7030fb1e….png)

>Persona Q2 is better than any MegaTen game released in the last 6 years

I'm more convinced that nu-Atlus can only make Etrian Odyssey style games now.

fd5ffb  No.16517055


>nu-Atlus can only make Etrian Odyssey style games now

Funny you mention that because EO Nexus was fucking awful despite EO5 being a good return to form.

fc41bd  No.16517077


I liked it despite the shrine overuse and poor selection of returning dungeons. I do prefer 5 over it though.

fdebbc  No.16517166


I haven't played it yet, how does it compare to the first Persona Q?

fc41bd  No.16517167


I'm on the second labyrinth but so far it has better writing and much better balance than the first one. Hama and Mudo are nerfed while magic is buffed. Dungeons seem more simple compared to the first one although they are more interesting aesthetic wise.

9d05a1  No.16518245

This is worth phoneposting about. I'm playing Persona 2 Innocent Sin and reached the Leo boss. Is skipping the previous 2 dungeons going to negatively affect the ending? They felt like padding to me. I'm thinking of redoing them because I picked the 'wrong' choice for Maya because patriarchy is evil or something. The demon negotiations aren't too bad but there's not much incentive to use other personas than the default because they're stronger and grind cards. It's a fun game though I'm always underleveled so pacts are a no go.

20d69b  No.16518349

I plan on playing P3 after I'm done with Devil Survivor soon, what version should I play?

>FES has "The Answer/Episode Aigis" and better presentation

>Portable has FeMC and the ability to control party members

eb363a  No.16518380


Play portable

It removes all the garbage to make it more palpable and the FeMC campaign is 10 times better than The Answer.

855abb  No.16518509

File: 0c142c534ab12e9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 984.62 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, enrica.jpg)


It's actually really good, and on Risky it's extremely brutal mainly on the first boss

I had to use the "poison and pray" method and even then it was just pure luck. All of my party was like one hit away from death


You can tell they were begging to make EO Nexus be EO 3 Untold by who's there. The Hero was meant to be the protagonist, the big titty viking was probably gonna be a party member, though I guess they didn't get far enough for me to guess who would be the EOIV class.

eb363a  No.16518543


>You can tell they were begging to make EO Nexus be EO 3 Untold by who's there

It certainly plays like an untold game where every boss has multiple stages and at 20% health they get busted shit you cannot survive forcing you to burst them down.

c845c3  No.16518704

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Atlus' best games are mostly tile dungeon crawlers.

SMT and Persona shouldn't have abandoned what worked best. But oh well. SMT's loss is EO's gain.


The most enjoyment you can get out of P3 is listening to the OST on jewtube and not playing the game at all.

a537d2  No.16519046

Anyone else dropped Soul Hackers? I found the combat boring and easily broken. Without looking for any sort of guide, I just gathered demons that could buff/debuff and pretty much shat all over the early bosses.

767594  No.16519105


The music and psp gameplay fixes do not save the fucking retarded plot at the climax of the game, otherwise it's a fairly average-to-decent dungeon crawler.

a07a9e  No.16519212

File: 26146704af0074b⋯.jpg (571.82 KB, 620x2752, 155:688, Persona_series_explained_b….jpg)

File: d5a99d496e60ea1⋯.jpg (406.38 KB, 1479x1100, 1479:1100, 239dc8.jpg)

File: 7005f20d18b64e4⋯.jpg (65.97 KB, 768x432, 16:9, 3829983-asura.jpg)

File: 6b292f7b305dbe1⋯.png (691.68 KB, 600x838, 300:419, FUCK.png)

File: 7743f1a93b87a1c⋯.jpg (69.02 KB, 500x803, 500:803, YOU_CAN'T_EVEN_BEGIN_TO_CO….jpg)

I will never not be full of anger and seething with rage at what could have been with the series :


>We could have gone a step further from Nocturne to make it an even better battle system

>We could have outedged the story and go full retard with the god battles(semi-happened with Strange Journey)

>Could have had a system where the gameplay was more active by taking ideas from Shadow Hearts

>Use that kind of theming to bond story and battles together like Shadow Hearts did

>Could have harkened back to the good old edgetardation of SMT2 or Megami Tensei with demons raping teachers as far as story went

>Could have an action game spin-off of SMT specifically that would somehow involve the second OVA characters and their antics


>Could have changed the gameplay to be more like Final Fantasy Tactics / Ore no Kodomo wa Unde Kure / Koudelka of turn based combat with positioning, extra options and spatial movement in the battle

>Could have fixed the Arcana and Persona system to not be fucking ass when training and merging them

>Could have fixed the system to have all the characters change personas for maximum team building

>Could have included even more high-school related issues that society creates and faces instead of the edgetardation of P3 and the blandness of P4 with the stupidity of P5 that fucking Super Sentai parodied with Lupinranger

>Could have included the cool overlapping-continuing spell chains from that Genei Ibun Roku #FE / Tokyo Mirage Sessions game

>Could have actually added some kind of job system related to the Personas one equips to make it even better

>Could have new functions for Personas, similar to Nioh's living weapon or merging with your Persona like Ryu could merge with other characters in Breath of Fire to produce an OP dragon

>Could have used Social Links as a way to actually influence battle even more and unlock actual rewards instead of the patronizing "now we allow you to craft the semi-OP persona you might want for the final pushover boss"



And don't you fucking get me started on the so called "localizations" and "translations".

eb363a  No.16519216


>otherwise it's a fairly average-to-decent dungeon crawler

It really isn't

The dungeons are all randomly generated bland messes. P4 has better random dungeons in both aesthetic and design but even that game is just serviceable.


Soul Hackers doesn't really get difficult as long as you know your way around the systems. I wouldn't play it without the ability to fast forward though. The dungeons ran at less than 30FPS on 3DS.

90d070  No.16519233


>And don't you fucking get me started on the so called "localizations" and "translations".

If you still haven't learnt Japanese by now that's entirely on you.

a07a9e  No.16519276


It's because I know Nip-fu that I'm so disgusted by what they've done with the games, before it was even a big thing. Been importing pure japanese vidya ever since 2008 and haven't looked back.

01f35b  No.16519322

File: 3d2bc6f86e58ad4⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1280x1808, 80:113, Persona interview TL 6.jpg)


They brainstormed some interesting ideas for Persona back in the day, like baseball and racing.

a07a9e  No.16519339


I miss the gangsters and their creativity. I wanna go to the flower fields Kaneko now resides.

767594  No.16520335


I didn't think serviceable was a different tier, I guess the equivalent would be slightly better than Gust and Compile Heart shovelware.

558c7c  No.16521691


After getting past Medusa I can finally see where you're coming from. Fusion fucking sucks, there are so few options that it's pretty much irrelevant unless you grind for ages. A party of demons recruited from the current dungeon will all yield fusion results 10-15+ levels above you. I remember one combination of two level 10 demons yielding a level 49 Thor. It's frustrating because the demons you have will consistently wind up 5 or more levels beneath you.

At least macca is no longer an issue after you get the lottery in Bien.

ab9b5c  No.16521933

File: 0b5013c0ff071fd⋯.png (14 KB, 868x610, 434:305, MegaTen wiki poll.png)

Seems the SMT fanbase just keeps getting more cancerous.

20d69b  No.16522152

File: f19113f9fea55c9⋯.png (4.11 MB, 1400x6550, 28:131, Why_Radiant_Historia_Remak….png)

File: a05a3af90730000⋯.png (2.99 MB, 2716x1064, 97:38, Deeper Strange Journey is ….png)


>"more remakes and remasters" in 1st place

>after Perfect Chronology, Strange Journey Redux, EOU2, and P4 Golden

Honestly, I could understand a remake of SMT1&2.

>and Switch ports over PC

I get that RPGs are more comfy on handhelds, but not everyone owns a Switch and it will not be around forever. PC ports, even digital-only, will allow everyone to play these games at any point in time with any PC.

0087e5  No.16525313


I agree with everything except thinking pick and choose is wrong.

In practice people just chose demon, saw abilities, if they didn't like them they canceled and rinse and repeat until they get what they want. Just avoid this RNG manipulation and tedious waste of time and allow them to pick their skills. What you can do is make it so some demons simply cannot learn some abilities so the player has to compromise, but RNG inheritance is not ok. RNG is never ok.

3e7b50  No.16525358


that's an issue for SMT/Persona games.

most people would want to have the optimal build for most parts of the game, else it would be a hassle to play through the game spending a longer time suffering.

910f67  No.16525379


Every video game should have a PC port, it's best for preservation. As for portability, it's only a matter of time till we get a windows handheld like the GPD Win with strong enough specs to do PS4 emu

a8f4cd  No.16526656


>if they didn't like them they cancelled and rinse and repeat until they get what they want.

I even say it was a bad move allowing for re rolling of skills in the first place because it just leads to the same result but with an extra step of going in and out.

Classic games would have a pre established method to decide what skill would be the one inherited and there would be no way to change this or wouldn't get to get inheritance at all because the new demon with new and supposedly better moves is the reward for fusing.

It takes out of each demons utility when you as a player can just use them as stat boxes for a fully dictated cumulative move set you're just gonna keep updating onto the next one over and over.

Might as well remove demon summoning and make DDS parties the standard at that point.


>most people would want to have the optimal build for most parts of the game

And the issue is within the confines of the game what's become "optimal" is now absurdly powerful and easy to obtain.

When it wasn't manipulable optimal meant you made your summoner have the stats you wanted to either have world of ST or world of AG builds and then building a party of demons you can currently fuse for is up to you, but this was still within a controlled confine of the game.

Now how can you balance a game around one player making a party of 3-4 demons who all have the functionality of 3 demons outside of these fused abominations while also expecting some players not to be as savvy.

The answer is they're not, nothing in these newer games are made around the player having these broken teams, the games each entry are getting easier because they can't make the basic demons have more skills then they do while the player is given more and more and even further more ways they can make busted builds.

In the older games the only difference between you using a Nekomata and the one you fought in a random encounter was it was backed up by a party of other varied demons to support it and maybe fusion dictated it could also have dia before, same stats, no manipulated moveset that gives it Wind breath + wind boost and wind amp and luster candy .

c86f51  No.16527968


I wouldn't be surprised if they voted for ports & remakes in that Atlus survey as well. They don't realise they playing with the monkey's paw.

be492f  No.16528526

File: a9268e34270b115⋯.png (102.09 KB, 621x498, 207:166, Magic 8-Ball confirms SMTV….png)

File: 268cff6d845820b⋯.png (1.15 MB, 600x800, 3:4, SMT Doi illustration.png)

There is hope


d21983  No.16528700

File: 666dee5fa152a38⋯.jpg (325.16 KB, 600x472, 75:59, SMT_fanart_.jpg)


>In the older games the only difference between you using a Nekomata and the one you fought in a random encounter was it was backed up by a party of other varied demons to support it and maybe fusion dictated it could also have dia before, same stats,

One thing I started to think when I first played Strange Journey was that allowing demons to level up was a mistake in the long run. In the older mainline titles you got a demon it had all it's skills right there and then, and you didn't get a deviation from the mold unless you fused but at best it was a couple different skills in the fusion than it's wild counterpart. Between both leveling up a demon, demonic sources, and analysis its become a slog to want to even just 100% the demons you'll be keeping as regular fixtures in your party once you get.

I think I prefer not having an incentive to keep demons in the party longer than when they start to fall off in levels. Nothing else really changes, you keep the demons in your party that have situational abilities that either aren't inherited (like resistances/reflections. Looking at you Doppleganger) or skills that are good regardless of the base level of the creature. I also agree that ability inheritance should have stayed far stricter than it's currently implemented, it creates a different mentality for what fusion is that makes demons a bit less unique in most cases.

Persona also changed to a more annoying format for handling level ups. Casting spells and getting a guaranteed ability each rank was the better system than flat xp with scattered abilities. But it's made worse by the fact that all the flexibility of the party is put in the hands of the MC and your party members are relegated to having a single move pool the entire game with the ultimate persona just increasing the level cap in which a character gains skills. There's a lot wrong with the fool arcana in the current titles.

a8f4cd  No.16528944


>There's a lot wrong with the fool arcana in the current titles.

Yeah persona does it the absolute worst when it can low key turn the rest of the party into meat shields.

In P3/4 (not played 5 because I couldn't be asked to play it so maybe this changed) I always just tell people to ignore the party members until bossfights and just solo areas and scaled EXP can carry the rest because your main characters DPS will always be absurdly better then the rest of the parties and some members don't even have a full move set until level 55 while you have 50+ skills

54bfd8  No.16529001

>P1 and P2 are amazing

Stopped jerking off to old trash, P1 was good when it was released and P2 was completely butchered for us, they aren't worth wastting time playing.

446229  No.16529527


Don't be butthurt about Persona 5 being treated as just medicore. Plenty of highly "praised" games here are treated as just being meh or trash.

446229  No.16529531



Oops meant that for the other one. Sage for doubleposting.

9fe677  No.16530493



>When the nu-SMT team is developing it


c8963f  No.16530588


The "new" team can make good games, as their core made the extra content for Nocturne Maniax, they just don't want to because Persona makes an ocean of money and SMT's sales range from languid to depressing. Hence IVA, and IV to a lesser extent.

6cbce3  No.16530658

File: da73b3abcf08e61⋯.jpg (283.6 KB, 852x482, 426:241, Pokersona.jpg)

File: 7e58308da9d3d0c⋯.jpg (615.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SMTV_Shekinah_Glory.jpg)


>P1 was good when it was released

Still is. Got it 10 years ago and I'm replaying it again because it's fun as fuck. The casino is excellent as well.


I'm no fan of Yamai, but at this point I'm desperate. I just want an HD SMT title that isn't on a phone.

4b9ce2  No.16530995

File: 26afe04e2da1fba⋯.jpg (108.31 KB, 500x584, 125:146, d392027-873321f6-1b84-40da….jpg)

File: 384970dee69dbc1⋯.jpg (220.31 KB, 1024x723, 1024:723, summer_festival_by_kutty_s….jpg)

File: bce226ecb395bb3⋯.png (408.16 KB, 536x763, 536:763, 69b.png)

File: 5e1270f36e3f491⋯.png (406.62 KB, 500x710, 50:71, p3punofficialfanbook.png)

P3P aka Cute High School Girl Simulator with RPG-lite on the side. <YAS NIGHT QUEEN SLAY

d21983  No.16531025


Persona 5 didn't do anything to improve this. They have planned obsolescence in each of your party members skillsets so bad that Yusuke stops being your most viable melee damage dealer (after the MC of course) in the late game purely because Ryuji is the only one of the two to get the charge skill which automatically makes him a better pick for boss battles. It's not like Persona 1 and 2 were flawless battle systems, but they had a setup that let you feel like you were controlling a party of characters of equal importance to the plot and the mechanics reflected this. P3 and up is about the god emperor MC stoically fixing everything himself while towing along a cast of increasingly irrelevant orbiters.

daf825  No.16531258

File: c48074bbef2bc12⋯.jpg (109.02 KB, 500x314, 250:157, Gangster in a flower field….jpg)


You forget about how only the super-perfect and ultra handsome MC of Chadsona can influence the universe and make it move, otherwise your confidants have no lives outside of your almighty presence radiating big dick energy.

e57941  No.16531262

File: c9025924c0796ca⋯.png (49.55 KB, 300x380, 15:19, not canon.png)

538af9  No.16531850


>More DLC


There's still hope.

d46142  No.16532124


I disliked this Trend since 4, The MC was always Super duper Charismatic and even if you went out of your way, people still wanted your dick, or you to solve their problems.

I remember at least in 3, you could play an absolute sperg and be seen as such.

34c3e7  No.16534741


Not really since they want more shitty remakes/remasters from nu-Atlus.

ae06f2  No.16535181

File: 9f155cdc78ea3fa⋯.jpg (327.86 KB, 648x1152, 9:16, Cozy _ Okada.jpg)

File: 1628fe337ccbf54⋯.png (469.37 KB, 491x816, 491:816, just_fuck_my_career_up.png)

I still miss Cozy.

I wonder what he's up to these days.

558c7c  No.16535245


To elaborate further on this since I've almost beaten the game now – fuck the Sea of Flames, the area looks cool but every step you take draining your health was fucking annoying. Even after you get Izanami's clothes, the whole zone seems designed to drain your magnetite since so few enemies seem to drop it.

>Tfw I need to go back to get the white dragon gem but I forget where the fucking vase is

20d69b  No.16535338


Don't forget to grab the Hinokagatsuhi Sword at Bien. Copy and pasted from a guide I used:

>You can find it by going to the 4th floor of Sky City. By going to what was previously a dead end, you will find that Rusu tells you you can cast Map to open a secret door. There are holes all over the area that this leads, but if you can manage to make it to the Southeast most tile, you will fall straight down to the basement. From there, try to get to the Northern area of the basement to reach a set of stairs which will take you to the best sword in the game, the Hinokagetsuchi Sword.

c86795  No.16535390


The thing I really liked about 3 is that your party had their own development and moments that weren't tied or directly connected to the player charterer, like yukari and mitsurus conversation after misturus dad RIPs or, junpeis goth girlfriend or fuuka and her degenerate gyaru friend. 4 started and 5 continued the whole thing where the MC is the center of the fucking universe and a lot of important moments and development for other charterers always had you tied to it, significant or not. Had 3 been like 4 and 5, mc would somehow be hamfisted in all the moments i listed before whether it was necessary or not. It makes any development feel cheap to me and not genuine.

daf825  No.16536159

File: b86ff81966e7894⋯.jpg (38.46 KB, 259x445, 259:445, 51MAdAXTwHL._SY445_.jpg)

File: 60ae889dc35d893⋯.jpg (57.71 KB, 350x405, 70:81, It's actually Folk Soul in….jpg)

File: 28435e139f6a310⋯.jpg (21.23 KB, 300x300, 1:1, PSP_MONSTER_KINGDOM_JEWEL_….jpg)


He formed GAIA, a studio that was partly owned by Sony that allowed him to do pic related games. The Soul games are really good, Coded has a very, very Persona 1 like story but in a Digital Devil kind of universe. After those games and the disbandment of the studio, I'd be hard pressed to tell you had happened. You can feel how old Atlus those games are, probably had some of his favourite design elements as Monster Kingdom seems to be what he wanted to do with DDS, Folk Soul seems closer to that one cancelled action game that would take place on the SMT series and you basically steal enemy souls to use as crude Personas while Coded Soul has all that I mentioned and the gameplay system is like his idea of Raidou, except with the ability to either have the demons follow you or use their souls to alter the digital swords you get to get stronger weapons.

558c7c  No.16536205


Man, that was some bullshit. You think they'd be satisfied with pitfalls on the 4th floor, but there are warp panels all over the basement too. I got the sword, but that was some developer sadism.

8d8010  No.16536569


Nobody is ever actually happy about DLC and microtransactions, but too many people just buy it anyway

6da3e5  No.16537387

File: bda481a47efd53b⋯.jpg (36.02 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Cozy Okada on microphone.jpg)


I heard about Gaia. The company went under pretty long ago. The gaming industry's in a sad state where the bad live and the good die. Oh well. At least we'll always have the classics.

d21983  No.16537569


Funny enough I'm towards the end of my playthrough of Folklore and it's disappointing how bad it is given the pedigree. The story is pretty boring, a girl goes to a village where her supposedly dead mother is waiting for her but what follows is carried mostly by Keats, the guy who looks like Otacon. Ellen herself just bumbles around for a while before someone tells her what to do next or Keats shows up to exposit the things she hasn't figured out herself.

The actual combat feels like it's caught between Trapt and Devil May cry, Ellen uses the spirits she captures as summons or area denial tools. She has few summons that can combo and her MP gauge fills up slowly overall but can fill the area in front of her with lots of minions for brief moments. Keats mostly summons creatures like stands for briefer attacks his MP gauge fills up almost instantly, and has a devil trigger mode so you're encouraged to get in your opponents face and wail on them. Neither of these two styles feel realized or polished.. The game also makes you play through the same areas twice since each character has their own storyline they follow in separate chapters. And the areas themselves are bland locations filled with identical encounters and bosses the game outright tells you how to beat with admittedly some interesting puzzles to them. But they drag out the encounters and there's a motion gimmick since this was in the early months of the PS3 and everyone was doing it. The gimmick is frustrating to say the least.

It's still an interesting title, but it's not a game I'll be revisiting once it's over.

daf825  No.16537910

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>It's still an interesting title, but it's not a game I'll be revisiting once it's over.

Same feeling I have with Coded Soul as well. It's a shame but what can you do?

I think it's the only title who actually really uses the gimmick as well, beyond Titty Gaiden Sigma 2.

008f1b  No.16540290

Persoyna 5 is one of the worst games I've ever played. So glad everyone ITT is exposing it for the abomination it is.

3e0ded  No.16540296


>dating sim

>5 minutes of actual romance content total

pretty shitty dating sim

20ff9b  No.16540317

File: 92459597114336b⋯.jpg (20.76 KB, 640x480, 4:3, sddefault.jpg)


>The gaming industry's in a sad state where the bad live and the good die.

There's a reason many of us gave up solo gamedev. The medium is controlled 100% by (((them))).

>Oh well. At least we'll always have the classics.

Surrendering the future of vidya is basically the only thing we can do. Just look how much praise (((Stadia))) is getting.

31911d  No.16540366

After trying out the Devil Surivor games, Nocturne, and soul hackers, I've grown to hate Persona 4 and 5. Those were my introduction to Megami Tensei, but I can clearly see that the games were full of pandering to shallow waifufagging. For example, in Devil Survivor there are mechanics that encourage character interaction, but those have a reason in the game and don't center the whole of the experience around it. I still find Persona 3 fun to play and the cast of characters enjoyable, mostly because it was not all dick sucky(in my experience), and a good majority of character growth was not spurred by (You). If Atlus wanted to make a character interaction-centered story and game, they could've done so without effectively decimating the rest of megami tensei. Yes, there are remakes, and that was how I played DevSuv and Soul Hackers, but that's all thats coming out now compared to the 6 billion Persona related games. My last comment being is that it's funny how Persona's only decent innovation in its battle mechanics was something that has been in Megami Tensei since forever.

b4bac1  No.16540457

File: e23d8dc13c37396⋯.png (190.05 KB, 784x522, 392:261, JackFrostScreenPC.png)

Well, after 133 hours of persona 5, i finally finished it and i think i'm ready for the big boy SMT games. I'm starting with nocturne and i want to know if there's anything i should keep in mind before starting also which characters can be named? The hardest part for me is deciding what to name everyone.

b772f3  No.16540510


pretty sure only the MC is nameable. Keep the starting pixie. I think you can fuse her with other demons but don't sacrifice fuse her.

9d8adc  No.16540567


DeSu and Soul Hackers remakes are good. In fact those are the only good ones to come out of Atlus these days.

b4bac1  No.16540620

File: fc6b9ab3f5491a3⋯.png (187.25 KB, 400x690, 40:69, heehoes.png)


No, Takao, Nitta and Chiaki are all nameable, but i'm unsure about Hikawa and the more minor gharacters.

73fb8a  No.16540850


I wasn't able to get into SMT3 but I was really able to get into SJ and I still really really like SJ. Even though I loved the setting and music of 3 I just couldn't get into it as easily as I could SJ. Not sure, maybe because everything about it tickled my autism.

7a0731  No.16540864

File: 2de3f8bf36be785⋯.jpg (11.09 KB, 258x303, 86:101, b32ac5dd0f89303721fbee029c….jpg)


Fuck off niggerpill.

d07438  No.16540865

>play Persona 1 & 2 and they're amazing

Really? Even people who love Persona 2 Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment agree that P1 is pretty horrible. I'm starting to feel like people who praise P1 and hold it higher than anything else in the series are just trying to be contrarian faggots.

767594  No.16541595


> Even people who love Persona 2 Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment agree that P1 is pretty horrible

I like 1 since it's a fun dungeon crawler, that's about it.

daf825  No.16542014


It's because it's a dungeon cralwer with a very heavy emphasis on story. It's just like when people go on and lump praises on Dark Souls' gameplay just because it's an RPG that lets you be the ultimate buildfaggot. So for old Atlus fans who have been with them ever since the really dark ages of Dragon Quest-inspired FP battles and Wizardry-inspired FP dungeon crawling, they love Persona for breaking away from that and having an also amazing story only topped by P2.

981b83  No.16542066

File: ae8c11b67096312⋯.gif (38.08 KB, 399x369, 133:123, 3D Aussie.gif)


>muh Stadia


be1a42  No.16542092

File: cb0b9ebf08c4600⋯.jpg (32.38 KB, 707x490, 101:70, cb0b9ebf08c4600cfb3a8394a5….jpg)


>3D Aussie.gif

558c7c  No.16542127

File: 9f1444a1c78ca83⋯.jpeg (157.94 KB, 1024x832, 16:13, Ketamine.jpeg)

>Beat KMT 1

>Before starting 2 want a change of pace and figure I'll start Digital Devil Saga

>Figure that getting a PS2 emulator to run on my toaster would be as simple as the SNES emulator was

>2 hours and 20 tabs of forum troubleshooting later I get everything running only for it to crash immediately

>Now buying an old PS2 on ebay

bba547  No.16542151


>shitpil fag

Calling everything thing shit is what we can do. Our opinion matters so much that journalist were literally shaking as google blacklisted us and they continuously wrote smear articles anytime a dev even winks our direction.

c0c7b5  No.16542911


Month old post, but if you don't like the original game, you won't like Golden. Also, you can't emulate Golden.

672377  No.16543130

File: a6ea6b6b0257f54⋯.jpg (263.72 KB, 776x411, 776:411, Persona Phaleg fusion.jpg)

File: 7d6d55479070e4b⋯.jpg (73.05 KB, 380x256, 95:64, Persona demon card.jpg)


P1 has its flaws, but it has far better dungeon crawling and fusion system than P2.

That said, P2 has some advantages in other places.


Don't give up on indie game development. It may not be the most profitable, but there will always be demand for it.

The (((Google))) console will probably have normalfag appeal and not much else.

daf825  No.16543217


That's not a wrong way to think but it is misplaced if you think the western indie studios can produce anything of value, at least not one in a billion. All I'm saying is better put your eggs in a japanese and maybe an old chinese basket to find the good indie games by the droves. (((Stadia)))the name fucking makes me sick given the jews once again use greek words to spread their shit is basically for the normalnigger teens and twitch influencers rather than most normalfags and jewtubers who just do their normal shit. It's probably gonna be a way to get a big pile of cash in very short intervals and billions on events but they might have some plans to somehow make their money back without bleeding milions just to keep their shitty services 24/7 all year long.

ad6a33  No.16543488


PCSX2 is really easy to set up, though. The problem is that those games are very blurry in the emulator. Probably because they were never meant to be played in 1080p, but boy are they gorgeous when it doesnt hurt to look at them.

bb9e43  No.16544271

File: 4e8f2fcc718c3f0⋯.png (99.52 KB, 206x262, 103:131, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0d002a1f4380cec⋯.jpg (152.31 KB, 1024x1468, 256:367, 07.jpg)


They`re just reusing Kaneko art but it`s great to have 3D models for his persona designs

336d10  No.16544882


Persona 1 is weird, I started out loving it then beat the game and hated it then 100%'d the game a few months later and loved it. It's the opposite of the experience I had with Undertale.

498312  No.16544915


P1 is in that state where they're transitioning out of the SMT mold but they're still not quite entirely out of their roots yet.

b2c26e  No.16544928


Was just about to make a post about this. Lovecraft mythos was one of the things I was hoping they'd add.

Still not sold on P5R though, most new content seems unnecessary while things the game does need are nowhere to be seen.

1c4be5  No.16545712

P1 is great because "Holy shit it's eye of the beholder with an actual plot." Character driven story is VERY rare in dungeon crawlers.

There's still very few games like P1, and that awkward genre-mix is what attracts a niche fanbase. Like Actraiser 1 came out as a mix of city building and platforming game, then Actraiser 2 cut out the city building bits and became a generic run of the mill platformer. Neither actraiser's city building or platforming were particularly strong, but the combination made the game something unique and fun. P1 started as a mix of dungeon crawler and jrpg, and with each installment has become more generic jrpg than dungeon crawler. This makes the legions thirsting for JRPGs happy and they'll proudly proclaim P1 as shit. Meanwhile those who like P1 grow more and more dissatisfied and find what lured them to the game in the first place completely written out. That's why opinions are so polarized.

daf825  No.16546523


That makes a whole lot of sense. It's from that era of games where you could see the weirdest combinations of genres being so common but they unfortunately almost never stuck around or became the watered down shit it is now. Games like Actraiser 1, Persona 1 and Shaolin / Lord of Fist that was an RPG-Fighting game with an age systemfor the PSX or how Monolith Soft would implement fighting games elements in their JRPGs like in Xenogears having its entire battle system which was then refined to a point with the Mugen Frontier DS games, where elements like combos, assist attacks, bounces and juggles were crucial elements for dealing damage.

It's a shame we don't have these kind of ultra bold combinations anymore with the innate wackyness the devs put into them.

bb332e  No.16546635




>Cyberman McShoot-Demons was Japanese in the original

That explains why they gave him that Tadano Hitonari name, and also why some of the npcs talk about how global the joint project was when being introduced to an american of all thing. Incidentally I'm a couple of hours in and I'm pretty confused but one thing I'm sure of is that that Mastema guy seems pretty trustworthy, I reckon I ough to place my faith in him.


Tentatively agree, but it's hard to pick an absolute surperior, especially when SMT has so many different games.


This is easily one of the cheapest ways to get (you)s any time EO gets mentioned, however it is very self-demeaning so I'd reccommend getting some less painful bait to use.


Strange Journey sucks because the localisers used a name from a modern simpsons character in it too by the way.


Did you actually AP patch it or use a decent emulator? Save corrupting is the #1 symptom of getting AP fucked.

d21983  No.16549370


The PSP was the last console where I really saw genre mashup titles being either republished or freshly made. Sting re-released their Dept. Heaven titles like Yggdra Union which is part deck builder, part fire emblem, and part some kind or real-time combat where you control the "pace" of your fighters. Knights in the Nightmare was an isometric strategy game mixed with a bullet hell game. And then you got stuff like Patapon which was a real time strategy game and rhythm game rolled into one.

I know I played some genre mashup game recently but looking through my Library nothing pops out.

c63701  No.16549382


>Strange Journey sucks because the localisers used a name from a modern simpsons character in it too by the way.

Wait, what?

4e9388  No.16549764

File: b83fc028a17d906⋯.jpg (132.87 KB, 636x405, 212:135, Persona Thanatos battle.jpg)

File: 099058ce7aa2924⋯.jpg (4.48 MB, 1156x5810, 578:2905, how to win in politics.jpg)

File: 811fefc42058814⋯.jpg (309.14 KB, 811x454, 811:454, Code Breaker Bingo.jpg)


Also don't forget about the excellent combat, negotiations and casino minigames.

Persona got a lot of things right.

bd7a62  No.16550022


in the manual, some of the screenshots apparently use simpsons names. I haven't watched modern simpsons any so I don't know if it's worth throwing a fit over.

8d8010  No.16550107


An atlusUSA youtube trailer from 2010 having homosuck references is not worth throwing a fit over either

daf825  No.16550408


Wasn't nu-Sting's aka Super Sting's first game a mix of strategy RPG with rhythm based commands for the probability of attacks and criticals? Generation of Chaos 6? At least Atlus released the remaster of P1 on PSP so there's that.

0b3c33  No.16553102

File: ef358a01c6dc8b0⋯.jpg (896.41 KB, 1380x1840, 3:4, Kazunari Suzuki photo.jpg)

File: a467dc504b0d83b⋯.png (68.6 KB, 1031x938, 1031:938, Kazunari Suzuki Quora post.png)

In case you didn't know, Kazunari Suzuki (one of the original MegaTen writers) has an active Twitter account under the name of Baelzebub. He's been answering some questions on Quora, and it seems someone recently asked him about the Japanese-Jewish Common Ancestry Theory. I just happened to notice it and thought it might be interesting to share.

Seems I can't archive the page for some reason, so here's the raw text:









Sadly, I don't know nearly enough Japanese to translate this reliably, so I'm not gonna try (yet). For now, I've saved the text and run it through Jisho, and will study it more later. I hope you guys enjoy it though.

bb332e  No.16553522


At the very least he thinks it's very unlikely that Japan has judaic roots but he's inclined to think that there's a large possibilty of cultural influence and bloodlines in Japan. I'm pretty confused about what this 秦氏 is though. From what I understand it's some kind of species of tree but I don't really understand the significance of it, it could also refer to the Qin dynasty and to the maple leaf tree, which he could just be referring to in a shorthard/abbreviated form.

Incidentally I did find this anecdotal article while trying to research it:


>A memorial grove planted in honor of a Japanese diplomat who saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust was quietly razed several years ago to accommodate the expansion of a neighborhood in the Jerusalem suburb of Beit Shemesh.

Holy lel, that's what you get for trying to help out god's chosen people. Lawfags literally scummier than dirt.

Quick and dirty translation:

>Many similarities between the teachings in Judaism and Shinto can be seen., as well as other cultural artefacts (torii, mikoshi etc. he lists a few)

>Japanse shrines are built with the ash tree/maple leaf (torineko, see above).

>Supposedly these trees are thought to come from the korean peninsula, who in turn are descendants from the Qin Dynasty's first emperor.

>The trees were also brought for reasons other than making shrines (sake brewing etc.)

>Like this culture, which they (he? if this is in response to someone's hypothesis) asserts, coming from western origins is very likely to be true. Further, the Qin dynasty is word that carries a meaning of people from many different origins being present. As seen by Persians and Romans using their own word for the Qin Dynasty..

>In truth, the kigdom of the Qin dynasty is said not to be the same askingdom of the Korean peninsula, including tibet, there were a great many persons present. In that group, it would not be strange at all to see the jews that had been taken to babylonia.

>Having said that, I don't believe that Japan has it's roots in the Jewish people, however taking into consideration the maple leaf/ash tree I do think the theory that Jewish bloodlines and culture had been brought in Japan is very likely to be true.

Please feel free to do a proper translation though, 'Summary' is too kind for how much I skipped in writing this and frankly most of the historical knowledge goes over my head anyway so it wouldn't really matter if I understand it in Japanese.

bb332e  No.16553528


I also didn't proofread for some bonus illegibility.

d21983  No.16558895


I looked at some gameplay and without seeing how the previous titles played, this one definitely looks like a Sting game. You control your units by issuing movement commands with a cursor and if/when they bump into an enemy you initiate an attack. There's yet another Rock-paper-scissors weapon triangle and each unit seems to have 2 weapon types you can utilize when attacking. Picking only 1 before going into the rhythm game you mentioned.

4a397a  No.16567855

I've never tried the Megami Tensei series before and want to make my way through starting at the beginning. Is there any reason to play Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei I and II over the remake that puts them on the same cartridge? Also any essential info I ought to know before going into this series?

3e0ded  No.16568174

smtv is going to be shit

558c7c  No.16568359


Having just beat MT 1 in the KMT remake, there's very little reason to play the original over the SNES version. The later version ties the two games together and is the definitively better choice.

My advice for the first game is to rely heavily on the game's auto mapping feature and to use a guide if you get stuck. Outside of boss 1, every subsequent boss will instakill you unless you acquire a specific item in each dungeon. They can be a huge pain in the ass to find, so just keep your eyes peeled and explore all the floors as thoroughly as you can and keep track of where the healers are.

4a397a  No.16568406


Thanks for the heads-up. I'm going into this series about as blind as can be, but I'm looking forward seeing what I've missed out on.

4ba171  No.16585818

File: f8ba1b0b8c151d9⋯.png (229.19 KB, 622x900, 311:450, Depressed Jack Frost.png)

File: 4fea4793bcb8c81⋯.png (360.16 KB, 710x801, 710:801, SERVES HIM RIGHT HE TRUSTE….png)

File: 02deb4b84676913⋯.png (369.61 KB, 700x775, 28:31, SERVES HIM RIGHT_HE TRUSTE….png)


>tfw the Nintendo Direct is over and still not even a hint of SMTV

Looks like the Magic 8-Ball has failed me. Technically E3 isn't over, but I'm not gonna hurt myself anymore. The game is vaporware for sure.

100% honestly, I feel more betrayed by the 8-Ball than by Atlus at this point.


Maybe so, but my curiosity won't leave me alone.

8d8010  No.16586075


Atlus never shows anything at Nintendo directs

446229  No.16586224

File: 661158e51bdbd95⋯.jpg (103.14 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 64-053.jpeg.jpg)

Does anybody remember him having eyes?

468d8f  No.16586363


Same poster here, I just finished the original P4 a few days ago. It was okay, don't see how people like it more than 3 or 5. 5 has better gameplay, social link scenes, and style while 3 has a better story and characters. Also all the girls are shit besides Naoto who the devs clearly put more time and effort into than the others for some reason. It's a good game but not a great game unless it's your first Persona game or something. The music is pretty good from Naoto's dungeon onwards, and the two songs from the puppet master final boss should have been reversed IMO since the second part isn't as good as the first. At least Teddie is better than the piece of shit cat. Probably gonna replay P3fes now.

468d8f  No.16586370


Also I said "same poster here" because I wasn't sure if my ID changed or not.

93b22a  No.16586441


In what order should the SMT/Persona games be played, such as storywise, chronologically or from decent-to-best?

b83781  No.16587074


You may as well go Chonological to establish what the theme of Persona is in general, before they started going more High School Simulator with spooky elements.

b83781  No.16587077


Chronological even.

6efafc  No.16587092


I don't remember, but I think he had eyes in psp

446229  No.16587144

bb332e  No.16587187

File: c3d8450fc0f860c⋯.png (5.19 KB, 129x138, 43:46, OwOss.png)


>Also all the girls are shit


>besides Naoto


I mean whatever arguing over which nusona is best is a moot activity but I still have no idea what gives you the impression that naoto had more effort put into her character.

489cf9  No.16587299

File: ca56d165bcecf71⋯.png (6.83 MB, 4500x3375, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

548c6f  No.16588441

File: 32807cfb55c31e3⋯.jpg (491.04 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, SMT_Mara figma.jpg)

Is Mara cut or uncut?

20d69b  No.16588862

File: 032faa3da842d9b⋯.png (140.96 KB, 346x454, 173:227, ClipboardImage.png)



No, he didn't. I thought he had eyes too, but they are always obscured by his glasses.


Probably start with the PS2 games, Nocturne and P3 are always praised for their accessibility into the franchise. Digital Devil Saga could also be up your alley if want something more traditional gameplay-wise. I've also pointed out Devil Survivor multiple times in this thread. Also: >>16489611

53e04a  No.16589082


>Maybe so, but my curiosity won't leave me alone.

You should simply stick with the SNES-DS era of mainline titles. Wouldn't be surprised if V is even more worse than Apocalypse and Redux.

d21983  No.16590128

File: 0d68c8ea9055a10⋯.png (3.25 MB, 1600x4491, 1600:4491, SMT_Starter_Guide_Apr14201….png)


I'd say pick a PS2 era title as a starting point. Digital Devil Saga is a good starting point, Persona 3 is the best of the nu-Persona titles, and Nocturne is hard but not cruel if you pay attention and learn to use buffs. The Nintendo DS also had some great titles for the franchise, OG Strange Journey was my first MegaTen title and it got me into the rest. Devil Survivor is also worth playing although there aren't many MegaTen titles like it.

The SNES games should only be your first title if you don't mind a dated Interface.

20d69b  No.16604231

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


489cf9  No.16604240

File: 426cbc851e16f29⋯.mp4 (1.86 MB, 640x360, 16:9, bump.mp4)

815278  No.16604250


I played Persona 1 the year it was released. It became my favorite game. I liked that the translation was flawed, I expected that of Japanese games and had no issues with it. Played Persona 2 and I can't remember a thing about it. Played Persona 3, liked the musical tempo but social link fucks with your head about what to do and when to do it. Still good game and fun. Have 4 and 5 and never played them. Personally, I blame FES and the psp re-releases. You should never play the same game twice in your lifetime, you lose interest as the mundane nature of grinding and collecting the same shit over again just to see how they were supposed to look and translate 20 years ago. Having played the SMT releases, still think that Persona 1 is still the best entry of all the series, Nocturne coming in second, Souless army third. I have all the 3DS games, but I haven't played them because somewhere along the lines collecting SMT shit became a game in itself. I have plushies and art books still in shrink wrap.

I don't think you are supposed to grow old with SMT games, I think they are for young adults up to 20-22 and now the latest games seem to be for softer boys and girls.

bb332e  No.16604251

File: 21a669cca611d71⋯.png (993.24 KB, 850x709, 850:709, alicearmwrestleoni.png)

Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with mother meme in strange journey? I looked at some 'guides' and basically the only strat I've found is 'grind like 15 levels and summon these password demons', which would probably still take straight up three hours or something. In fact the level curve in general seems really fucked, for some reason I was always way, way below the average level of enemies and anywhere from 5-10 levels lower than most bosses, meaning I got 1 shot from just about anything if the boss wasn't at -3 atk with protagonist at +3 def, which is something I couldn't even pull off on mem regardless of it having remove all stat change skills. On top of that I've been using an alice for a while due to how good die for me is in random battles and she's still only like level 52. I don't know if there's just a better way to get levels that I'm unaware of or something but it almost feels like some one of those anti piracy things devs do with how little exp I get for killing demons way higher level than me even with the exp up sub app on.

3d220f  No.16604318


Mod the FES version for controllable party members.

86aa88  No.16604321


The quick way to level up in the original SJ is to win battles solo next to the last heal/save station. To beat mother I just summoned the strongest demons I could make from each of the alignments and had a ton of healing items on hand.

f15961  No.16604325


>this guy again

bb332e  No.16604352

File: 6c1ff178d2a43e1⋯.png (1022.23 KB, 760x1050, 76:105, 死んでくれる?.png)


>Win battles solo

Wait you mean exp gets divvied instead of flat per demon? Well that explains a lot. Off to grind then, thanks for the tip.

558c7c  No.16604900

>Just started Digital Devil Saga

Any tips?

e0387c  No.16604931

I personally really like both Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series before and past 2. I enjoyed P3 tremendously, although I'm dissapointed at the fact that the mechanics of the game were simplified from Persona 2. I don't mind the high school dating aspect, but generally the random dungeons were just fucking boring in comparison to the dungeons of Persona 2. I think if they were going to make it a life simulator, they should have put a bit more effort into it. Actually I think that they should have dropped the random dungeons entirely. Imagine how could it would be if you had to actually travel through the normal locations of the city at night to hunt shadows, with Tartarus maybe being only a boss location. Still Persona 2 is vastly superior to Persona 3, but I wouldn't say that I disslike P3 because I still like the story and characters even if Persona's 2 story and characters are more interesting.

Nocturne is the best and really other mainline games become less and less interesting the further you move away from Nocturne.


Strange Journey is so fucking great but at the same time so unbearably boring after some time. It's not a game I could stand to play in huge sittings, I don't imagine being able to play it without taking a few breaks.

86aa88  No.16604934


With the way skills are learned in DDS it's advantageous to teach the hunt abilities that maximize the consumption of your enemies to every party member. It will lower the grind when the nicer mantras appear.

bbdb4d  No.16604944


Buff and debuff, make a party of demons with repel. I had a level 50 Doppelganger which managed to survive Mem Aleph's elemental attacks while reflecting the physical ones for massive damage.

With a repel party, as long as you survive you'll keep doing damage to the boss which allows you to focus on buffs and heals.

558c7c  No.16605013


Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

912fd5  No.16605176

>waaaa why can't we sacrifice children to the rain gods every weekend

>waaaa you'oppressing us with your Christian basic human rights

Every fucking Shin Megami Fedora game.

c5dcc4  No.16605206

File: 01c420527ed5ee8⋯.png (261.07 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 01c420527ed5ee84ae5e277e0b….png)



>I turned IDs off

we still can see your id ,reddit

8d8010  No.16605253

72f6a5  No.16605328


Pretty much 80% of western media too nowadays

73fb8a  No.16605396


I wasn't really sure where you got the idea of a tree from, then I googled it. Yeah 氏 can also mean clan though in the modern day you see it with politicians as like a Mr. or Ms. ex. トランプ氏. Here it means clan though, 秦氏 Qin Clan.


9fc461  No.16605808


Japs feel resentment toward Christian proselitizing, but in the process forget that their olden days had quite bloody practices including human sacrifices to appease angry deities (or mountain bears). Cue to the Brian of Nazareth sketch where the jews condemn roman colonialism, except for those responsible for the irrigation system, roads, sewage and so on.

7123fd  No.16606337


Not to mention the practice of leaving elderly to die of exposure.

e22b11  No.16607375

File: 78af093f3439326⋯.png (153.77 KB, 1024x896, 8:7, Todd YHVH.png)

File: 7aef8995367230d⋯.jpg (439.61 KB, 1147x867, 1147:867, ITS BOOMER TIME.jpg)




Holy shit, no. The SMT series is an amazingly redpilled commentary on snaky zionism posing as "Christianity" and fucking up the whole world. That's exactly why (((they))) didn't allow it to be localized until the internet age.

You must be either a clueless boomer or a shill straight out of (((PragerU))). What are you doing on this site?

a8f4cd  No.16607394


Dedicate 5 slot between all 3 party members to the anti-element skills, a majority of enemies and bosses in the game lose to you just setting up a fuck off barrier to their main element. This is a relevant and powerful strategy for the entire game until NG+ post game stuff.

Can straight up lock down the final boss of DDS 2 by doing this.

e22b11  No.16607528

File: 8a754a9181a5673⋯.png (334.56 KB, 662x969, 662:969, eirikr img.png)


Samefag here.

I read eirikr's SMT blog from time to time, but it seems I'm not the only one ITT.

Apparently someone copypasted part of my post and sent it to him. Thanks to whoever did that, it made me laugh my ass off when I saw it.

446229  No.16607682


How is it a redpilled commentary on zionism? From what I seen, it takes a gnostic approach to religion.

e9e143  No.16610305

File: ba88bd53dfbecee⋯.png (20.26 KB, 120x60, 2:1, SMTI picture for ants.png)

File: ce627df16684ea4⋯.png (61.64 KB, 520x700, 26:35, yhvh face.png)

File: dc66439ba175d23⋯.jpg (2.65 MB, 2344x1435, 2344:1435, SMTIV chosen.jpg)

I'm a bit slow to notice, but the SMT Imagine private server (reimagine.online) recently got a bit of a content update:

>Version Update 1.702 (Peorth Content Update) - 2019-06-14

>Cerberus is now back online and running the Peorth content update. This update brings the following content: - Nakano Underground Ruins (Bronze) - Invoke NPCs - Pentalpha (reduced to Class B license requirement temporarily) - Electric Corridor (1-36F, EV-JF, EV-GL, EV-GA) - ○○ in the box global drops - All servant ○○ item quests - COMP hack instances Mu, Theta, Iota, and Kappa The following changes have been made to CP gain: - Nakano Underground Ruins (Bronze) will 80 Yagiya Reports (If you notice a run that should drop CP isn't dropping it let us know straight away!) The following changes have been made to the client: - General English translation fixes - Casino cooldowns fixed - The version number has been updated to 1.702. (If you find you're unable to log in after the update, please run ImagineUpdate to download the latest files.) Thanks once again to the devs, content team and GMs for their hard work, and to the players for making it worth the time spent. Enjoy!


The series' main conflict is with the deity explicitly named "YHVH". It's as obvious as possible.

While it's true SMT's lore adapts just about every religion there is, there's no mistaking (((who))) the main enemy is.

4254c4  No.16610345


All of Japan has been like that for years concerning the true identity of the world's (((enemy))). YHVH is basically the same kind of God existing in Go Nagai's stories, the ultimate asshole, big bad baldie fuck who toys with the lives of the multiverse for shits and giggles and even his "sons" the angels are no different, with Satan being a male futa who wants to say "NO U" to daddy dearest instead of seeking justice like Devilman and Dante want.

e9e143  No.16610469

File: 8cebdd285be43d5⋯.jpg (1.78 MB, 2092x1651, 2092:1651, Satan artwork by Kazuma Ka….jpg)


SMT definitely takes a lot of inspiration from Devilman.

I wish Kaneko would come back and make more designs. I miss his dicks and nipples.

ae1d30  No.16610700

File: 56870e7015aebd5⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1011x1556, 1011:1556, 11 Mermaid concept 3.jpg)

File: d9e75370946b8a9⋯.jpg (371.51 KB, 832x1000, 104:125, 1 Dagda concept 1.jpg)


Doi can be better if he isn't forced to make shitty designs (like Demeter) at behest of Fatlus' higher ups.

8d8010  No.16610807


Demeter was so terrible I didn't believe it was even Doi's. I was convinced it was the same interns that made the character portraits

ae1d30  No.16610989

File: 789b2356f404142⋯.png (346.7 KB, 600x788, 150:197, 1cc.png)


Literally all they had to do is make Demeter an adult woman. Making her a loli is something I would see in shit like Fate.

>mfw demon designs can get worse from here thanks to nu-Atlus' retardation

45353e  No.16613479

File: 280162fd98fd6a3⋯.jpg (752.14 KB, 1476x1844, 369:461, dsj_13_cs1w1_1476x1844.jpg)



>Not liking this cutie

Nothing wrong with adding some more lolis.

f178d8  No.16613487


that design much better fits Persephone

a grieving or depressed ara would fit Demeter (for the months of winter when Persephone is with Hades)

ce6472  No.16614035


This. I've put the game down for this reason. I don't think my characters have been closed to even getting ko'd.

86aa88  No.16614375

File: 1a96333e95fd87b⋯.png (15.92 KB, 583x340, 583:340, 7543345.png)


The game wasn't insanely hard to begin with but lost a bit of its edge in the psp version. Along with the changes in pic related I always thought that the encounter rate was lower as well.

20d69b  No.16614405

File: c3c1104bff12846⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1280x1600, 4:5, Satan_concept_1_SMT4A.jpg)

File: a309739eca0b00f⋯.jpg (866.21 KB, 1179x1600, 1179:1600, Satan_concept_2_SMT4A.jpg)

File: b435f156a342f18⋯.png (223.71 KB, 373x554, 373:554, ClipboardImage.png)


>new Atlus staff wanted to make a lighter toned game during the original development of SMT4, wanting to make the game "sweet" and making the female characters "saying nice things"

>they got their way with SMT4F

>Nanashi was originally a cool looking adult, but the director wanted to turn the cast into teens to "fit with the themes"

No wonder SMT4's gotten a bad rep with hardcore fans.

20d69b  No.16614408

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's a source to these claims.

polite sage for double post

767594  No.16614449


Jewtube celebrities are not sources.

6f9d4e  No.16614465

bb332e  No.16614499

File: 49909f4f7d6e076⋯.jpg (14.86 KB, 246x213, 82:71, [doubt].JPG)


>You mean that even though it becomes a major title, you want it to maintain that rebellious spirit.

>Yamai: If it loses that, then it will become just one of the many other RPGs.

Oh god my sides I'm dying.

edcee7  No.16614519

Sorry for the retard question but how hard is it to hack a 3ds game (the one in question being SJR)

Is it possibly to replace the potraits of the main crew from the new ones to the old with some programming wizardry?

ae8886  No.16614585


there was a decensored cia for Bravely Default 2 and a Pokemon Sapphire romhack that restored May's bustalso adding making all pokemon catchable and changing trainer loadouts but those were just small changes to 3D models. You would be looking at bumping up the resolution of every portrait in the game, redrawing them if you don't want a blurry mess and praying they don't clash with the new artstyle.

8d8010  No.16614593


Not too hard, there's some programs called Kuriimu that lets you extract and replace files from games and edit STEX images, the 3DS file format. The DS images were lower res than the 3DS ones so you'll have to find official artwork or something and downsize it

bb332e  No.16614597

File: 7a5c83f3250cd63⋯.png (242.68 KB, 400x732, 100:183, SJR_Maebe.png)


An interesting question but you're probably dealing with a lot more issues than just portraits. I read some details about the changes and even the secondary crew members all get full-blown nusona tier close-up portraits that don't look a damn thing like what they're meant to. Not to mention shit like instant level up drops after every battle, commander skills, and literally lucifer's daughter who, and this is a quote from one of the megaten wikis:

Alex comes off as highly intimidating, as well as fearsome. Despite her human form, Jimenez and Zelenin are terrified of her and consider her a monster.

which might be the most offensive introduction of a mary sue into a game to date.

Anyway it might still be possible, especially if they're using the same engine as the Etrian Odyssey 3DS games, since those have been broken apart to some degree.


To add to this, using the old are you'd also need to replace the cut in sprites for conversations, which would mean looking at pixels as big as your fingers most likely.

Pic related spoiler for your safety. This is meant to be Maebe from the med-bay.

bb332e  No.16614598


>no spoiler

I blame codemonkey for this

610c60  No.16615291

Majin tensei 2 has been fucking fun. It takes a little bit to get used to, map layouts are strange, but its got a cool aesthetic. Soundtrack is nice, too.

4bf3c1  No.16615316

File: 10b4324db82405d⋯.png (3.8 MB, 2088x1709, 2088:1709, SMT4F_-_bg.png)

File: 9963202d2d6a5b6⋯.png (86.6 KB, 661x383, 661:383, SMT4F official script draf….png)

tfw I'll probably keep the SMTIV Apocalypse 3DS Theme forever

Even though I'm not a fan of the game itself nor the character art, the theme music is godly. It feels amazing to hear it every time I open my 3DS. Kozuka is one of the greatest talents in the industry.

226dc8  No.16615346


Speaking of SMT4A

>Playing SMT4A

>Take into cinema class at college while playing it

>Never bothered to watch movies before

>Watch Martin Scorsese' Taxi Driver

>Get to the ending

>Realize Nanashi's finger pointing pose, haircut, and green jumpsuit were lifted from the character Travis Bickle

>Realize that I was also playing the game the wrong way and that Nanashi would likely take the dialogue choices that would make the most amount of people around him uncomfortable and would go for the massacre ending

Almost made me want to do the NG+ as I thought Travis Bickle would do, but the lack of NG+ content put a damper on that.

e7aeef  No.16616212


Like Hashino, Yamai is a hack.

fb6812  No.16617436

File: 26588936aef1787⋯.png (36.44 KB, 256x256, 1:1, chb608_04.stex.00.png)

File: 36e6abd615b85eb⋯.png (87.38 KB, 256x256, 1:1, chb637_04.stex.00.png)




Thanks for your help guys. I'll look into it and see what I can do. All changes I'd make are optical for now.

I wouldn't put the crews pixely sprites as closeup but remove all closeups except for the main cast(Doomguy, Gore, Zelenin, whatshisname Chaos Mexican and femLucifer) They'd all get the Kaneko art back.

For everyone else, including Yukiko, Demeter and the crew, I'd remove their potraits altogether.

Sure, in the cutscenes you'll still see it but they're tolerable.

I liked the lack of potraits for the crew in the original. Their sprites were vague enough to make you fill in the rest but distinct to tell everyone apart.

It may seem like a lot of work for little but the new art was a dealbreaker for me.

767594  No.16617458

File: f64f17b4e419fac⋯.png (76.31 KB, 622x716, 311:358, mobygames.PNG)


He took credit for Nocturne, of course he's a hack.

20d69b  No.16617488


>Director of Nocturne

He only did the Maniax rerelease a year later. According to (((Wikipedia))), Hashino and Kaneko were co-directors for the original. While I did like the new content, the TDE kind of took away motivation for selecting any other ending.

>Scenario for SMT4

I'm pretty sure Kaneko made the scenario draft for that.


686082  No.16617582


Why go through all that trouble when you could just play the superior original?

fb6812  No.16617621


The 3ds has better speakers for the godlike OST.

The new dungeon is fun and I like the endings and new bosses.

ac13a6  No.16620629


Is Apocalypse really that ass?

I've heard people shit all over it but also heard people describe it as entry level.

767594  No.16620644


The scenario is more involving than the original but the story and characters are somehow more fucking retarded and the battle system is still a broken mess.

7e6b8a  No.16622896


The only good thing about Apocalypse is that you can side with Dagda and kill your friends.

f353cb  No.16623873


It's entry-level in the worst possible way. I think having 4A be someone's first experience of SMT would give them a very distorted view of the series.

39fd36  No.16623898

File: 3cd27c45e789421⋯.gif (60.89 KB, 350x350, 1:1, b021c7b7f703f80defbc0365db….gif)


Short answer is yes, it takes SMT4 (which wasn't very good to begin with) and proceeds to make everything worse. Story, characters, gameplay and more micro transactions DLCs including a fucking beach DLC like FE Awakening and its all a trashfire.

Its a insult to the series and the persona tier friendship bullshit is so poorly executed that Dagda ends up being right anyway, the "friends" just ride the coattails of the MC's success and don't even try to bring him back on side if he goes massacre route and the fact they made the ending a fucking choice between "good" and "evil" is the biggest sin this game ever made for me.

Even characters like Toki so say they will stick with you no matter what choice you make still turn on you, its retarded.

45353e  No.16624450

File: 227e6b169e06090⋯.png (136.16 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1456525920382.png)


It's more focused on friendship/edgy-individualism while leaving the law/chaos endings as bad ends which really devaluates the setting of IV for me as at least they didn't straight out tell you neutral was the "good ending" in IV.

I was waiting all game for some sort of betrayal or something from the cast to give you a real reason to go with Dagda's plan but nothing really happend which was a dissapointment.

The battle system is overall a direct improvement from IV and they made the battle partners an actual mechanic (which fits in well with the friendship theme) as opposed to an annoyance like in IV.

Overall I didn't dislike the game but it should have been a spinoff title in it's own smt setting.

229c3c  No.16624888


>and more micro transactions DLCs including a fucking beach DLC

I never played apo dlc but someone explained the beach dlc as not strictly SoL shit, but more like an existential dilemma. the beach day is an illusion of happiness created by some demon to trap you forever, which is pretty smt if you ask me. "you know you have to pull the plug because it's not real", or something like that

7db1c7  No.16625877


It's still awful though and it shows that the current SMT team is taken over by those that want "Sweet" things in the games.

7ba9a3  No.16626317

File: b30e82ea0405351⋯.jpg (577.61 KB, 1196x1700, 299:425, 1508857588908[1].jpg)

9a4bca  No.16626711

File: c7c000099d801b0⋯.png (3.44 MB, 1105x1600, 221:320, ClipboardImage.png)


Honestly, the most logical way to end this power struggle is just

Make SMT If… 2, the first one was the perfect balance of everything that the picture said

569d26  No.16626723


Or put the ones that want weebshit in P-Studio or Studio Zero.

9ee2df  No.16626742


Play FES. It at least looks not like a shitty VN for cucks.

9ee2df  No.16626757


imagine being enough of a cuck to like th route that replaces all the dark parts of the otherwise shitty game with fanservice for fujoshis and faggots

f85a59  No.16626808

Honestly, would love more Persona and SMT games. Surprised we don't have a Switch Port for SMT4

187a2a  No.16627059

File: e6ba290efe1c731⋯.jpg (40.63 KB, 680x630, 68:63, 5 scientific reasons to ki….jpg)

Persona 5 is good you retard

d8b24c  No.16627103


Chaos is left wing propgranda. Literally all progress ever made is the result of order. Science? Order. Math? Order. Civilisation? Order. Language? Order.

Thought itself is a form of order, and our brains are hardwired to make order of things, to recognise patterns and to learn.Life itself is in fact an ordered structure. The concept of value? An ordered concept. The individual? An ordered being. True chaos is a big mess.

tl;dr lucifer is a massive hypocrite for speaking, thinking, and not being a giant blob of sporadically changing garbage.

569d26  No.16627124


Hashino please go be a hack somewhere else.

a634df  No.16627135


The entire thing is the video game embodiment of a South Park episode. One mediocre idea stretched out to cover an entire game.

The palaces concept isn't terrible (although the way it's explained is needlessly convoluted) but is executed dreadfully. None of them are interesting environments to explore, and apart from a few gimmicks they all come across as the same collection of hallways with different textures on them. The palaces also all become an annoying grind after the novelty of the gimmick has worn off because they take too long. Mementos is the epitome of that grind and by depicting it as a network of subway tunnels they gave themselves an excuse to shove in a large amount of 'content' in an incredibly lazy way.

Ultimately they fucked up by making the overworld more interesting to spend time in than the combat areas.

229c3c  No.16627142

File: 49abbb9c64a34c9⋯.jpg (60.15 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1561064590776.jpg)


>get into childish temper tantrum every time atlus does something for persona

I know this is bait but this is exactly what personafans did when smtv trailer dropped

>wheres muh p5 swiiiitch

8d8010  No.16627147


It's what personafags do every time atlus announces anything

Go look at the youtube comments of Catherine: New Body or even the literal nothing teaser for EO Next Stage

45353e  No.16627291


>Literally all progress ever made is the result of order. Science? Order. Math? Order. Civilisation? Order. Language? Order.

And who do you think created progress in all those areas? Was it the pathetic mob of weak will and mind or those individuals with a strong intellect and motivation?

A ordered society which encourages and idolizes weakness only creates a weak humanity that not only stagnates progress in all areas but also degenerates into eventual chaos.

>Thought itself is a form of order, and our brains are hardwired to make order of things, to recognise patterns and to learn.Life itself is in fact an ordered structure. The concept of value? An ordered concept. The individual? An ordered being. True chaos is a big mess.

Yes, an individual is made of ordered chaos but the rejection of that chaos is a rejection of human nature and life itself.

A humanity which has rejected it's own nature and degenerated into weakness is not worth preserving.

a0b077  No.16627420

File: edd53b18cbbf868⋯.jpg (784.25 KB, 1366x2048, 683:1024, P5 Ohya cosplay.jpg)


>tl;dr lucifer is a massive hypocrite for speaking, thinking, and not being a giant blob of sporadically changing garbage.

I think Lucifer is more about resisting a rule monopoly.


>Persona 5 is good you retard

If you rush through the calendar bore, sure. But that still puts it on the low tier of Atlus RPGs.

bb332e  No.16627635


Actually those are all the result of balance. True order supresses all change, true chao destroys all growth. The balance of order to protect that which is born from chaos is what made all of those things. If anyone who ever tried to develop things (i.e. change them) was allowed to proceed then you wouldn't have a true system of order. At best you might be able to argue that a meta-being might exist within a system of true order, however this meta-being would be subject to chaos even if it's components are not.

Also language is also a terrible example of order, look at how much English has changed over just a hundred years, or how retarded quebecois sounds compared to either northern or southern french.

229c3c  No.16628428

File: b09de75bf863e85⋯.png (361.9 KB, 429x561, 13:17, 1550706467066.png)


>besides the undubbed voice acting


229c3c  No.16628485


>nobody bought the Vita

you would think people know by now that some things that don't sell too well in the rest of the world sell incredibly in japan

a2e0c6  No.16628641


Its the JRPG equivalent of Fallout 4. Stop shilling for fucking garbage games.




Based and fucking redpilled. Personacucks can't discuss anything but waifufaggotry because the games they circlejerk over are fucking shit.

5572f0  No.16628680

What happened to Persona series since Eternal Punishment is a crime against all that is holy. SHAME!

d8b24c  No.16628806


>an individual is made of ordered chaos

No such thing, a bunch of chaotic matter that has become ordered ceases to be chaose entirely.

>but the rejection of that chaos is a rejection of human nature and life itself. A humanity which has rejected it's own nature and degenerated into weakness is not worth preserving.

Do you have an actual arguement or are you just going to appeal to emotions?


>I think Lucifer is more about resisting a rule monopoly.

That's not true chaos though, in fact you could argue that resisting something is a type of order as well. The thoughts that make up the concept in one's mind certainly are anyway.


>Actually those things are the result of balance

First of all. balance is order. So any balance of order and chaos is an impossible paradox since as long as there is a balance there will be more order than chaos, which means there won't be a balance, which means there'll be less order than chaos, and it goes on forever. Second of all, chaos isn't "change". it's definition is "complete disorder and confusion."

I think your confusion is coming from the misconcieved notions of the two concepts the SMT/Persona games peddle for the sake of their plot.

608ddb  No.16628898


>demand every game have a male teenage MC

what the fuck why I hate these fuckers with a passion.

7ba9a3  No.16629037

File: 9c3ed42668750f4⋯.png (660.53 KB, 542x1607, 542:1607, 1535134366104[1].png)

File: 049e96eb1239d14⋯.png (642.74 KB, 542x1429, 542:1429, 1527216355634[1].png)


Here, have two more.


Lowest common denominator. Teenage male MCs are the easiest for the Jap market to self-insert into and Fujoshis to flick the bean to. Grandfather clause plays a part in it too.


Despite hating the remake, the prospect of a Strange Journey dub was the one thing I was looking forward out of it. Mainly because out of all the SMT games (except maybe Soul Hackers) it was the only one where a Dub would actually make sense, in a Hellsing sort of way. Without that, I didn't even have interest in pirating it given the other shit like a Marie and gameplay casualization.

8d8010  No.16629122

File: 3aa570c57e4f983⋯.jpg (18.23 KB, 231x254, 231:254, tatshiggy.jpg)




29bc8a  No.16629184

File: 7503d9151d49c95⋯.jpg (656.41 KB, 1184x1417, 1184:1417, dmnsj.jpg)

Reminder that the best alignment is


I fucked up the last post's redtext pls no bully

and deleted it in shame

fcf94f  No.16629194

File: 40a13f1b4125bf3⋯.png (446.31 KB, 728x883, 728:883, MegaTen devs GOTY 2015.png)


>That's not true chaos though, in fact you could argue that resisting something is a type of order as well. The thoughts that make up the concept in one's mind certainly are anyway.

Of course.

I don't think the Chaos alignment was ever about covering every possible sense of the word. It's a socio-political philosophy, not a psychological one.

The very idea of "alignment" is a form of order, obviously.

Keep in mind SMT was made by Japanese people who aren't perfect at English. For a more accurate literal meaning, a name like "Anarchy" would have fit the alignment a lot better.

But then again, it's probably for the best that they went with "Chaos". It's short and snappy, and branding is everything.


>Like Hashino, Yamai is a hack.


229c3c  No.16629799


tbh I'd like to see some of the dialogue dubbed by people who're actually german/hispanic etc but this would never happen. the voices i had for them in my head are probably less disappointing than whatever we'd actually get

489cf9  No.16630114

File: b92f317596ba727⋯.jpg (29.82 KB, 480x360, 4:3, level up.jpg)


>as long as there is a balance there will be more order than chaos, which means there won't be a balance, which means there'll be less order than chaos, and it goes on forever.

(Human)Life itself is a function of that oscillation.

You are making a mistake by thinking these concepts are constants stuck in a single instant rather than the continious form that they actually possess as descriptors of change.

139ad3  No.16630922


Commander Gore is an American hero.

551331  No.16633117


Where's the DMC timeline connection followed by the viewtiful joe timeline connection because alastor is actually blade master alastor?

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