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File: fc0d7469abf1972⋯.jpg (2.12 KB, 107x124, 107:124, Anger.jpg)

e08b34  No.16491405

What are some of the people (besides shitty devs and journalists) that give gaming the worst name? What are some of the worst players, mods, or just general idiots that you've encountered?

>people who dance around saying nigger then get absolutely assblasted when someone actually says it

>people who study the wiki of a game like it's the fucking Bible, know the lore of every single character, watches dozens of LP videos of said game, can read out the game's entire plot from memory, yet has never actually played the game itself

>12 year old server admins that are just doing it for the powertrip

>Players getting banned for bullshit reasons

What's the #1 thing that pisses you off most about gaming?

cc6629  No.16491423


SJW fanbases of games who would defend even the shittiest games as long as there's a narrative in the game that aligns with their point of view. These are also the same people who think everything has to be political, even if it's a fucking bing bing wahoo game.

c54b4f  No.16491429

People who defend shitty practices belong in a fucking gulag.

951f80  No.16491432

File: 5f16e68e7680e0e⋯.png (958.18 KB, 701x673, 701:673, tumblr_ted_ncxbo0wu571tr4g….png)


Celeste is the greatest gayme ever you angry neck-beard and it empowers men who want to become women living with crippling social anxiety! How dare you mental illness shame me you cishet manbaby!

53e6d0  No.16491433

Certain fanbases that seem less interested in ever highlighting what makes a series as a whole good, but instead bitching about how their entry is not only the best one, but the only good one, and all the other ones are bad for whatever reason. Dark Souls and Smash Bros are two that come to mind, and especially with Soulsfags, if you ever try to ask what makes the series good in the first place, you'll only get autistic screeching.

416204  No.16491434

People who want the game to change to suit them instead of getting good at the game.

>good people put in effort and unlock thing in game

>then proceed to use said thing because they earned it

>bad players want said thing nerfed instead of getting good and earning it themselves

>"but I'm a dad of 6 children and play the game for only 20 minutes a day, design everything around me or it's a bad game!"

fb9f13  No.16491435

E celebs as a replacement for game journos. I wish we could've just all come together to hate shills of any kind instead of trading one manipulator for another.

c98b81  No.16491436


>What are some of the people (besides shitty devs and journalists) that give gaming the worst name?

Politicians more than anything else.

c98b81  No.16491437

File: 234c1ba770e7c0a⋯.jpg (513.53 KB, 1539x1025, 1539:1025, (((who))) started attack o….jpg)


Image didn't attach

fb9f13  No.16491438


>I don't have time to play the game like a job!

<2500 posts on the forums

416204  No.16491439


We did this exact song and dance last time, didn't we?

955d36  No.16491440


Don't forget picking apart characters and plots for anything that fits "representation." Gets fucking annoying when the bulk of the western fanbase takes a character to be a closet faggot due to them reading that into him, and then the devs themselves saying he's not gets ignored in favor of said interpretation.

53e6d0  No.16491442


At least E-Celebs play the game.

DSP beat both Cuphead and Sekiro, so somehow, within this bizarre ecosystem, I'm forced to have more respect for him than any journalist.

fb9f13  No.16491444


I more mean paid influencer faggots like Game Theory.

53e6d0  No.16491449


True, I don't expect much from someone who shilled for the fucking Stadia.

955d36  No.16491453


And I specifically mean that the faggots looking for fag reps in vidya are loud enough to influence the more broad fanbase, not that the fanbase here as a whole would immediately see it themselves.

fb9f13  No.16491462


Really I'd go as far as to argue that let's plays in general are good for gaming because the only games they actually harm are terrible trash that you're better off watching than playing to begin with. The only exception I can think of is Danganronpa but that was getting the god awful official localization, not the game itself.

ca1518  No.16491477


>Certain fanbases that seem less interested in ever highlighting what makes a series as a whole good, but instead bitching about how their entry is not only the best one, but the only good one, and all the other ones are bad for whatever reason. Dark Souls and Smash Bros are two that come to mind

64 was the first; Melee took everything and turned it up to 20; Brawl got rid of the technicality, added useless features, and the only good thing about it was SSE; 4 tried to meet halfway between Melee and Brawl and failed completely, even less content and gameplay modes than either of the previous games, only the 3DS version is worth buying, and not to mention the introduction of DLC that breaks the game; and Ultimate is just 4 with even less content (Except for characters).

>if you ever try to ask what makes the series good in the first place, you'll only get autistic screeching.

Easy to learn controls, flashy and comical spectacle, technically deep gameplay when you start to test the game's limitations.

28ba2e  No.16491483

File: eb19bf134953421⋯.jpg (293.24 KB, 744x1074, 124:179, __oda_azumi_reki_connect_d….jpg)



People who develop streamerbait games

Most Youpedo let's players

Retsupurae ever since "they grew up"

People who supported Sarkeesian and Quinn (not they themselves since they were never interested in gaming at all, they just wanted to make some bucks off of some gullible idiots, also they're G-D Chosen) whatever happened to them anyhow

b5ec48  No.16491493

File: b19608461e3f71a⋯.gif (114.36 KB, 320x600, 8:15, 1394051223573.gif)


>game comes out

>it has a very specific playstyle intended by the developers

>some movement/animation frame exploit is discovered or maybe a specific weapon is too powerful

>devs pledge to fix it

>the community screeches at them

>feeling community pressure the devs leave it as is

>the game is now forever an imbalanced piece of shit and the intended gameplay experience is lost forever

50adf2  No.16491499


Howlers. They lose an online match, then they start howling about how the game is rigged, yell about racism, screaming insults at the opponents and sometimes even their own teammates before ragequitting. Holy shit, its just a game, calm the fuck down you stupid shitstain.

1d4790  No.16491517


Nearly every professional sport has had massive changes to its scorekeeping or rules of play for all kinds of reasons. Programmers and game developers aren’t perfect omniscient beings. They overlook stupid shit sometimes.

I hate when the fan base goes full on crybaby mode at every attempt by the developers to fix their mistakes. Some people just want to play the damn game, and prefer to adapt to the changing environment instead of screaming at how unfair it is they can’t just play the same technique over and over.

760f76  No.16491522

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Chivalry? Because as soon as people discovered how to exploit swings, the game turned to complete shit

At least Mordhau seems alright… For now.

Also in general tryhards ruin every game. They suck the fun out of it and turn the game into a job-like grind with everyone wanting to imitate what the tryhards do.

0b62ba  No.16491527

People who whine about "tryhards" and complain about how it's not fair that people who try to be better at the game end up beating them.

>waaah it's just a game, why do you have to actually try to win?

416204  No.16491540


I don't mean it in a gamebreaking way, that's the opposite side of the exact same community I'm drawing my first post off. It's

>"don't fix this absolutely gamebreaking shit that lowers the skill ceiling because using overpowered shit makes me feel good"

b5ec48  No.16491543


>if those exploits can be done by low level players.

holy fuck thats the opposite of what the problem is

how retarded do you have to be to think only the best players should be able to do exploits?



These anons get it

f13d00  No.16491547

File: 6068ea36362c4ce⋯.jpg (60.47 KB, 326x236, 163:118, 6068ea36362c4cebca46b18c70….jpg)


>"make it your way"

>forces you to put a pickle in it

2825a3  No.16491549

The French. It used to be Russians or Brazillians but its been the French for almost half a decade now.

d11dc0  No.16491552

Anyone that attaches themselves to it like it's an identity.

b5ec48  No.16491558

File: df7bb8d4c5086fd⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 209.11 KB, 530x720, 53:72, if you want to be angry op….gif)


i know what you meant m8, its just that those mentalities have some overlap and it triggered me.

2fc024  No.16491581

File: 8befa690af37853⋯.png (30.53 KB, 532x266, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6f98c06f994d862⋯.png (424.74 KB, 648x486, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7ac78e4bd523cfe⋯.png (889.58 KB, 671x1173, 671:1173, ClipboardImage.png)

So far nothing has surpassed the moderation team of Pokemon Showdown BETA

369220  No.16491600

People who act like they're experts on "game design" and say that every game that's too hard for them is badly designed.

1d4790  No.16491604

Also people who dismiss every criticism of their favorite game based on an individual’s skill and not the logic of the critique.

dd22bf  No.16491614


I'm going to assume you're champing here so weedie

60ab44  No.16491616

I dunno OP, every segment of gamers is pretty cancerous.

c8c050  No.16491623


Are you sure they were French? :^)

I'm saying this because when the French is actually an arab, it's even worse, they have no patience, they're worse than worn-out shoes.

I'd agree that they aren't the best when they're too much of them in the server. t.french

679845  No.16491630


Pretty much. It's why I have to be extremely skeptical about indie games. Celeste, Braid, Fez, Bleed. They're all examples of shitty games being brought up by the SJW clique. I can't even purchase indie games in good conscience, thank god GamerGate made it easier to rat these people out.

37c31f  No.16491634

File: be0d3393069a969⋯.jpg (51.92 KB, 602x450, 301:225, mother of god....jpg)


>There exists…

>…in our universe

>…in our lifetime

>…on our planet

>…on 8ch

>a rule 34 crossover of Kane from C&C and a horse from MLP

b9a87e  No.16491636

File: fb131635bda2e9e⋯.png (121.9 KB, 438x503, 438:503, fb1.png)

>plebs who watch LGR and think they know everything about old vidya

>plebs who watch (insert some casual faggot's "game design" ideaguy youtube channel) and think they know everything about vidya design

679845  No.16491641


Why are you surprised? Are you new?

87a4bf  No.16491642


>What are some of the people (besides shitty devs and journalists) that give gaming the worst name?

gamers, sorry state of the industry only reflects the fan base

eafc75  No.16491650


>defending grind 2 win

Yeah, no. You managed to kill any possible rationale behind your original point with that retarded greentext example.

fb9f13  No.16491651


These clique faggots actually cost more to keep afloat and the overhead is hardly a problem to them. This is about control and keeping out competition.

b5ec48  No.16491656

File: ebdb3b0100a5269⋯.jpg (47.01 KB, 165x253, 15:23, 1364572714318.jpg)


strawman some more you dumb nigger

679845  No.16491658


Well yeah. Shantae, Ruiner, Cuphead, Touhouvania, Rabi-Ribi and Spark are really fun games. The main issue is having to look through the developers history to know if they'll fuck over a game via patch. Skullgirls is a good example of this.

df9f62  No.16491664


>With less content

Not True anymore matey

37c31f  No.16491669


I'm more surprised that there is a person who is a consumer of both IPs.

951f80  No.16491673

File: 55a48f4f17bfbad⋯.jpg (27.15 KB, 336x422, 168:211, 7c89751560e63b0b7efdf9a2b4….jpg)


what is this autism?

679845  No.16491675


Ah, well yes. That is kinda surprising actually. My apologies.

89fdd8  No.16491678


And then, their cousins from (((Warner Brothers)))) bought the IP and made abortions like MKX or MKXI.

cc66b3  No.16491679



I unironically like Celeste. It has horrible art/character design and story, but the gamepllay and level design are good and fun enough to make up for them. Pirate it, though.

37c31f  No.16491685


none needed

85c3ae  No.16491686



What's wrong with Bleed? The pink hair?

ca1518  No.16491688


So, after 6 months of updates, the game is now just as good as Smash 4 on the Wii U (Which is inferior to the 3DS version)? That sounds like such an improvement.

679845  No.16491690


I'm on to you Yitzhak


The creator is a huge SJW that blames PewDiePie and this website for the Christchurch shooting

de65b5  No.16491693

File: 59fe43c60edeae9⋯.jpg (50.55 KB, 720x530, 72:53, 59f.jpg)



To be fair, his videos are very informative and most of the time accurate, especially regarding old technology.

679845  No.16491701


The main issue with Smash is that no one wants to make a solid alternative. They either lack a large amount of content or are based off fucking Brawl. Additionally the fact that Nintendo won't let ArcSys make a 3v3 Nintendo Fighter is more frustrating.

fb9f13  No.16491702


Don't give KYM shitters (you)s.

53e6d0  No.16491707



I enjoy LGR, mostly because I never had most of that tech here. Not only did I not own it, but it simply did not exist Hell, we didn't even have actual NESes. Personally, I got a PS1 around the time the PS2 came out, and a PS2 around the time the PS3 came out. I remember first learning that the PS3 came out in 2006 and having my fucking mind blown. Shit like that interests me, though, unlike the NES or Genesis, old PC games and tech is not nearly as well documented. Neither are arcade games, for that matter. I learned of many great arcade games from home conversions.

eafc75  No.16491718


Yeah I'm surprised there aren't more Smash clones out there.

ca1518  No.16491730



>The main issue with Smash is that no one wants to make a solid alternative. They either lack a large amount of content or are based off fucking Brawl.

That's because they focus too much on competition and neglect, or even scold, the very idea of the game actually being any fun. Or, they do what Sony did and just think people will be sold on the idea rather than the game actually being good.

>Additionally the fact that Nintendo won't let ArcSys make a 3v3 Nintendo Fighter is more frustrating.

No, Arc lost my trust after locking away half of CTB's content behind DLC.

b0dd2c  No.16491732


FighterZ was really good though

53e6d0  No.16491733


Probably because Smash without the characters would be shit and forgettable. There are games like it, mainly PSASRB, Brawlhalla and that Brawlout thing, but no one cares enough because the cast is shit.

b440fb  No.16491735

People who say "git gud"

People who forget games are entertainment and treat it like literally anything else

6f4fc6  No.16491746

File: 6f9cb101947aa94⋯.jpg (23.16 KB, 220x312, 55:78, 220px-Guilty_Gear_Isuka_co….jpg)

File: 136c97607a08ed8⋯.jpg (82.3 KB, 507x507, 1:1, PA.71080.001.jpg)


They already made a couple of Smash clones though, they just weren't very good. Yu Yu Hakusho md is fun.

cd0dc5  No.16491767


>technically deep gameplay

you roll and you attack, even if you include glitches like toggle escapes and moveswaps it's still not very technical or difficult.

53ea64  No.16491780


I know skullgirls is a shitty non-game but what did the patch do to ruin it even more?

b483a8  No.16491782

File: d552e7855efcc49⋯.png (404.95 KB, 786x844, 393:422, DISDAIN.png)

This shitter right here: >>16491735

22a9c6  No.16491794

File: b07f43563247ff1⋯.png (274.23 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, a nigga real sick.png)




>Start meta drama that will shit up thread

>shocked it's shoah'd

b0dd2c  No.16491797



b0dd2c  No.16491799


Pretty much, it's the same people that bitch about Mark 24/7. Report and filter.

b0dd2c  No.16491801


You haven't heard about the censorship?

fb9f13  No.16491803


Half of it isn't even metashit. It's sometimes just coming into a thread and just screeching randomly about /pol/ or obvious "how do you do fellow channers" type garbage.

d2c128  No.16491806


People who act like everyone who plays vidya has to run PR for the industry so their shitty megacorp can keep pushing socialist propaganda and exploiting idiots for microtransactions.

9a1d82  No.16491811


E-thots and the white knights/panty sniffers that enable them

If anything remotely resembling a female comes along, games come to a stand-still to shower attention on these cunts

53ea64  No.16491818


But wasn't that shit in the base game since release?

fb9f13  No.16491823


The difference being that, presumably, any change from the concept to original release was because of a publisher or distributer while the later more drastic changes were done by themselves. It shows where their allegiances truly lie.

a930fc  No.16491839

File: 35f6a2a430fa7dc⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Slavery.jpg)

File: b89761500bc509b⋯.jpeg (369.59 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, worstretailchaininamerica.jpeg)

Consumer whores in general. Video games are host to some of the most spineless shit-eating consumer whores of any industry. In no other industry do you see consumers tolerate shit like this in mass. From the widespread tolerance of malware in their software to selling opened products as new. The games industry thrives on unbelievable shit because video game enthusiasts have zero self-respect.

a930fc  No.16491845


>hey gamer, mind if I shit down your mouth and fuck you in the ass

<Yeah whatever, as long as I can play that game!

Gamers literally can't say "no".

fb9f13  No.16491848



We have IDs here.

a930fc  No.16491853


I wanted to add one more thing.

46c573  No.16491866


Sure thing faggot

a930fc  No.16491886


What's also annoying is the dumb faggots who have been conflating video game reviewers for "journalists" ever since GG. Journalists look for stories and maintain sources. They bring those important stories to public attention. Video game critics might be amazingly shit at their job, but just like Roger Ebert they aren't making any pretenses at journalism. There are only a handful of genuine video game journalists and they usually don't review games.

b01458  No.16491887


eh, at lest he got a refund for that shitty incomplete trash pile.

fb9f13  No.16491891


They actually do call themselves journalists all the time. You're doing a very bad job trying to defend them.

a930fc  No.16491900


Really, which ones?

>using precise language so you can define and defend your position clearly means you're with the enemy


e08b34  No.16491906

File: ad035c0c2cc6f60⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, hmm.png)


>got a refund even though more than two hours were played

how he do dis

59b1b8  No.16491918


>worst people in gaming?

The French. The Chinese. Normalfags. Women. SJWs and Trumptards. Streamfags. Esportsfags. Children. Oldfags. Everyone.

28528d  No.16491920

Esports in general.

Esports players are always emotionless fucks with massive egos. Unsurprisingly, most are bugmen chinks.

94f73b  No.16491923


The worst people are always going to be the censors. Censor the game, censor discussion about the game, censor discussion within the game.

951f80  No.16491931


he's from New York.

32f743  No.16491942


bumpf btfo

94f73b  No.16491995


Balance patching is fucking cancer. Games used to be about finding cool powerful shit and now you get no choice since everything is meant to be equal.

6dcd1e  No.16492045


People getting mad at video games is one of my favorite things


>I'm bad at video games so I'm going to blame the game

231079  No.16492054

players that will disconnect if you dont exactly what they want you to. or they dont get a character or map they want. its just the most immature childish shit to me.

2150ba  No.16492061


i think it's justified in multiplayer to some extent, if there's only one weapon that's worth it what's the point in the rest of them, i do agree however that in single player games it's trash

2150ba  No.16492085

File: c5e2f349826acf3⋯.png (91.77 KB, 370x134, 185:67, ClipboardImage.png)


fucking up duel servers in mordhau is the funniest shit, especially when you're with a group and jump in the middle of somebody's duel or throw firebombs at them, everyone gets so fucking mad

>noob fucking idiot hahahhaha can't even fight honorable lol

pic related

0a3a85  No.16492089


That is not the point of balance patching.

Developers don’t think the way gamers do and their goals are not what most gamers understand them to be.

An individual gamer has a distinctive style of play that’s shared by some, but not all, other gamers. He might be a sniper or a support player. He might like to grind or he might be an achievement hunter or he might want a quick in and out or he might try every role. For him, there are “perfect” games that cater exactly to his style, purely by chance. It’s not like the developer made it for him.

The developer wants to sell as many copies as possible, both to make money and to build his player base as much as possible, the latter being the main way to bring value to the multiplayer audience. More players means better matchmaking and shorter queues.

If a game is all about skill shots or strategy or speed, and there are elements of the game that see no use, there is wasted potential. Developers balance so that players can increase the diversity of play styles and evolve the potential of the core game. That’s the actual definition of the term “metagaming,” although most gamers know only that “meta” means the opposite… “whatever strategy everyone is doing today.”

When everyone is playing one class of hero or one team composition or one weapon loadout and the rest of the game is going unused, developers will try to figure out what makes parts of the game irrelevant and fix it. They’re not doing it to Harrison Bergeron one group of gamers, even if it’s the largest group of gamers. They’re doing it to keep the game fresh and keep it evolving.

Yes, this is often bad news for the guy who can’t climb a hill and own the enemy team by sniping them anymore but that guy’s good time is what makes the game stale and boring for everyone else, and that’s what makes sales taper off and what makes people go find another game to play.

d6ea5b  No.16492123


Damn, didn't know that about the Bleed dev. At least the game itself is rather clean of that crap.

1ea1a1  No.16492132


>At least Mordhau seems alright… For now

Until you get your based "MUH STRONG WYMENS AND NIGGERS" which are coming

fb9f13  No.16492136


Don't worry. He'll surely rectify that with his next game.

8c82f0  No.16492143


>fucking up duel servers in mordhau

Doing gods work.

8d8fcf  No.16492146


You're not a fan of any assfaggots or MMOs?


Efficiency autists are the worse. Especially with old co-op games.

231079  No.16492152


im not even talking those overly attached to efficency. i mean those shits you see in matchmaking that if you select a char they want. they disconnect. if everyone says "go left" and he wants to go right? disconnected.

|| yes i play apex legends i deserve to flailed ||

d6ea5b  No.16492188


Was going to say this, instead I'll bring up how these same types often complain that people who put more time and effort into a game typically end up being better players. It's like some guy who sits down at a piano and practices for a hour whining how it's not fair some guy who practiced for years is a better piano player.

fb9f13  No.16492199


Hey /intl/.

951f80  No.16492200



42ee97  No.16492206

File: 5b244ac46970d02⋯.jpg (274.27 KB, 625x790, 125:158, loss pre order.jpg)

File: 4510b5a21195979⋯.png (18.85 KB, 555x348, 185:116, loss video games.png)

le nerdy vidya game comic authors and everyone surrounding them. you know, those twats that wear t-shirts about cakes and arrows to the knees, those people who unironically get triggered by, you know, videogames that play like videogames and don't pander(and in turn post these "gamers rise up" memes when they bleed from their vaginas), those twats that think that you can't have a game without niggers, token strong wymen and gay characters, and cringe worthy wheadon like quips and "humor", not to mention memes, gotta have those. generally, anything that tries to attract the attention of the e-sports faggots is never good, either

624721  No.16492226


Cool it with the antisemitism.

42ee97  No.16492242

File: ab5937ff0fa7c08⋯.jpg (114.72 KB, 1024x837, 1024:837, boomer time.jpg)


How about you die already, grandpa?

I just thought of another kinds of people playing videogames: third worlders. Especially those with mics, nothing makes a better case for a "Mute all button" than some retard insulting your mother and every other type of relative he knows how to pronounce in his broken engrish, because he got killed by you

624721  No.16492253


lurk moar and learn to banter, son.

42ee97  No.16492265


and make them be unable to play possibly one of the only games they can afford/pirate? I hate them, but I'm not that cruel


How about you go back to cuckchan and try to get some upvotes there? I can tell you're trying to give me a downvote by saging, which is not how it works, so you're clearly not from around here

624721  No.16492278


Lurk 2 years before posting.

d54ff5  No.16492285

File: 7a7315e57805bb0⋯.jpg (53.65 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 7a7315e57805bb0577f77558f8….jpg)



a56ca5  No.16492331

File: 90d18b76f979413⋯.jpg (26.34 KB, 328x466, 164:233, anime girl in meme shirt.jpg)

a56ca5  No.16492345

File: 0f7e9f1a7597737⋯.jpg (24.24 KB, 500x170, 50:17, b& for cursing.jpg)

Fags who put filters on their servers are the fucking worst.

a56ca5  No.16492355


It's not my cap.

42ee97  No.16492380


Where did I say it did? many people only play on one server, or the game is so dead, it might as well have one or two that are viable. Are you projecting, by any chance? Your butthurt sage sure makes it look that way

fb9f13  No.16492388


Making up stores just to screech about Christians is dumb, anon.

ccd38e  No.16492401

Everyone outside of 8ch generally is fucking cancerous.

I just want everyone else to die already, that would be pretty relaxing: just being able to do whatever I desire and have fun doing without constantly being afraid of some cuckboy ruining it for me.

42ee97  No.16492410

File: 7d8eb9c3da6ca8c⋯.webm (432.3 KB, 444x262, 222:131, battlefield 5 men.webm)

File: a447a2f48f03ba4⋯.webm (519.59 KB, 420x250, 42:25, battlefield 5 white man.webm)


BF was always full of faggots, COD ironically had a better community, at least the dude bros that played it didn't have a problem with this sort of thing, and the games didn't get a swear filter until the latest one, last year, I think


everyone here is cancerous as well. stop being a little bitch and stop giving a shit about what other people think

fb9f13  No.16492418


Just get to the point and spam the pasta about Christianity being a communist religion already like you did yesterday for hours on end.

a56ca5  No.16492435


>oy vey nobody could possibly hate my semitic religion except for evil goyim

fuck off before you shit the whole thread up christkike

fb9f13  No.16492439

And there it is.

c436cb  No.16492441

electronic arts

ccd38e  No.16492453


>everyone here is cancerous as well

Not as much as the rest.

Your stupid fucking opinion I can handle, the stupid fucking opinion of others are way too fucking cancerous however.

41fe1b  No.16492457


>everyone here is cancerous as well.

You have no idea how bad it's gotten

9cd876  No.16492541


The only issue I see with that game is the rapier being too fast and that EVERYONE uses a 2 handed weapon.

Theres less reason to use shields other than dueling because its too easy to get a kill with a zweihander, superior damage, range and most weapons dont have any speed to really matter when clashing against someone with it. You would expect a stinky stick to be faster for the saker of self defense or a dagger.

79981c  No.16492549

File: df65a93aefda3e9⋯.png (2.15 MB, 1280x2910, 128:291, Media is a Business.png)


> Journalists look for stories and maintain sources. They bring those important stories to public attention.

I've only ever seen that from indies and fringe sites, and even the fringe sites is playing to your emotions. Get this into your head: they are not in there for any integrity they are there to make money, if they are there for reasons beyond money it is because they want to control you.

0c00e5  No.16492553


>What are some of the people (besides shitty devs and journalists) that give gaming the worst name?

That kid in sweat pants who gets disk scratch insurance from EB games.

d6ea5b  No.16492562



Honestly, I don't mind people who decide they want their server a certain way. It's better that people can host their own servers for like-minded people than the company dictating how everyone must be. Though auto-banning without warnings is rather dumb.

3ad568  No.16492569


>things that totally happened

6e36d3  No.16492588


Sweaty raging tryhard WoWfags in the olden days makes all MMOfags looks like sweaty no life basement sock-shitting trolls and gave excuse to the SJW and leftist fucks brand all MMO players that, swept in and say "we will get rid of toxicity" when what it means is "we will make this game and community another Slaanesh trans and fagnest and drive out everyone else that is not an HIV infested filth like us".

fb9f13  No.16492593

File: c12c95d6adbf80a⋯.png (527.85 KB, 1020x1600, 51:80, Tigole backstory.png)


Friendly reminder.

a874a5  No.16492601

File: c38a9a600e19756⋯.png (191.06 KB, 400x400, 1:1, veWTEEJ0_400x400.png)

This guy

0a3a85  No.16492625


One reason there’s nothing new is because gamers demand a homogeneous selection. Oh this needs skins. This needs battle royale mode. This needs to be more like call of duty.

It’s like taking a little kid to an exclusive restaurant. All the little shit wants is a hot dog and French fries.

fb9f13  No.16492627


9 times out of 10 that's the company itself sockpuppeting or cherrypicking to excuse their own laziness.

02ce0b  No.16492638


isnt that the guy with the star wars trailer reaction video

3ad568  No.16492652

File: 073e878a9c75f64⋯.gif (2.15 MB, 245x245, 1:1, amdrupita.gif)


>Or any multiplayer game ever made?

I have, that exactly why I made my post. Because its always the fucking opposite.

fc5616  No.16492694

I hate it when people are fine with excessive violence in games, and even celebrate it, but don't think any sexual content should be in games. Why is it fine to blow off a million people's heads with a shotgun but showing a titty is somehow indecent? This shit is just silly.

32f743  No.16492773


shoot the titties off too, then it'll be fine

2a4c93  No.16492806



no really, you people havent fucking seen smaller hotpocket "cocks" until you pay fullderp a visit. if youre lucky, you may even see their minimod orbiters

they make overwatch/rainbow six filters look like an absolute joke

3ad568  No.16492837

File: b04179c71645dd5⋯.jpg (33.21 KB, 301x301, 1:1, a horsecock that size.jpg)


I think that probably more related to something biological. Maybe because in a competitive environment we would face much more violence than sex so we end up programmed with the idea that violence is something common and sex is something rare so thats why sexuality in media and in general seems more jarring.

1bb6f4  No.16492854

File: d93ffdf4c423907⋯.mp4 (12.52 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, d93ffdf4c42390746cfbc28e9a….mp4)

c95634  No.16492858


Tipper Gore and crew also attacked music, and are the reason albums have explicit lyrics stickers

1bb6f4  No.16492885

File: f956f7d7a8da17e⋯.jpg (275.67 KB, 853x768, 853:768, Twitch_11.jpg)

>ctrl-f 'discord'

>0 results

People that hide in their discord or alternative spyware programs instead of speaking up in game chat are the cancer killing video games. Let's not forget about the pedophile/tranny rings and investments by tencent.

Twitch gets a dishonourable mention. Pic related.

42ee97  No.16492895


unfortunately, both are here to stay. They are nothing more than internet ghettos for losers and the mentally ill/attention whores, so you might as well be complaining that niggers smell like shit and and are about as intelligent, not much you can do about that

655815  No.16492910

People that buy NISA games for any reason, excuse or price.

416204  No.16492916


>speaking up in game chat

Somewhat related, but I ABSOLUTELY FUCKING DETEST people who are terrible at the game, but try to suck everyone's dick and be overly friendly to sucker some loser to carry them to victory. You enter a game, do well, and then they start trying to fucking chat you up and ask if you want to keep playing with them, while they're solidly eating shit in last place. I'm completely fine playing with bro-tier guys who aren't shit at the game, but these fucking leeches make my blood boil.

e327fe  No.16492931

File: 12e2d1ebaf9b56a⋯.jpg (570.67 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, akuma-3s.jpg)

File: 3878e33e697b54e⋯.jpg (240.17 KB, 700x900, 7:9, genjuroz2.jpg)

File: 620abd49aabec5e⋯.jpg (35.2 KB, 539x794, 539:794, iori-shot-older.jpg)

People who main characters like these

e08b34  No.16492934

File: c6c7eff363e57ca⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Hades.gif)

>join game

>immediately votekicked unanimously

>just before it passes everyone on the team starts laughing

8d8fcf  No.16492942

File: 306a149514039d3⋯.jpg (121.4 KB, 1200x624, 25:13, ahaha.jpg)

File: 98619f25ac200ae⋯.jpg (345.91 KB, 1964x880, 491:220, black-ops-4-pc-compare-nos….jpg)


Many people who play video games now are mentally retarded by pro-female nonsense. I'd argue it's those people, self-hating women, and fun hating faggots that don't like breasts in vidya.


Why do you think that? COD for example isn't in anyones good graces after all the shit they've done with (((editions))) of their games.

416204  No.16492947


You know how well BLOPS4 is doing, from the fact that the Multiplayer/Battle Royale edition is going for 10$ on Humble.

42ee97  No.16492950

File: cb52d9daf2d62f5⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1221x3414, 407:1138, cod micropayments.png)


Friendly reminder that they expect you to pay 120$ for an ONLINE ONLY game with NO SINGLE PLAYER, and micro transactions up the ass, pic related

Welcome to the current year

e91702  No.16492953


Iori is always going to be stupid good. How do you survive KoF?

e327fe  No.16492973


By getting good and learning the matchup.

My point was that those characters tend to be picked by edgelords and/or Brazilians. Either way, it's not fun

d8d4a5  No.16492979

File: aed7dfd8643b413⋯.jpg (38.99 KB, 649x480, 649:480, v_in_a_nutshell.jpg)

I hate it when some sperg is complaining at length about a game he hates, but then later admits that he never actually played the damn thing at all. What annoys me the most is that even after revealing that little fact, they still expect others to take their opinion seriously. It's like, they have no grasp of Aristotle's Three Proofs: Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.

By admitting you never played a game, you are surrendering any sort of Ethos or credibility you might have had to speak as an expert about that game.

Tell me. Which approach is more convincing.

>i played the game and still thought it was shit. here are its flaws and problems i encountered in my playthrough

>i never played that game, but it's crap. sources: trust me, bro

And then spergs get mad when I discard their opinions over games they never played.

e91702  No.16493000


>and/or Brazilians


I think my statement stands. How do you survive KoF?

0b62ba  No.16493007

File: 83a1582a7c3ad7f⋯.jpg (52.21 KB, 802x437, 802:437, havent-played-it.jpg)

e91702  No.16493020


That image holds less water since it's in the series with sticker star in it. You don't have to eat shit to know it's shit and miyamoto to get his head out of his ass. Aristotle didn't have to deal with the video game industry so he can lick my taint when I see a post and a picture like this.

e327fe  No.16493029



There's quite a number of tough Brazilians on Fightcade, but then again there's also a few shitters. Admittedly I'm not that good at KOF but I know the only way to really get better is to play.

Having played SamSho V Special for about a year I don't think I would've gotten decent at it if I hadn't regularly fought those types who ride the random select and are great with pretty much every character. That being said, VSp is a game I have played much more of and am much better at as a result.

eafc75  No.16493040

File: b1ceef9f0de6de5⋯.jpg (26.16 KB, 524x336, 131:84, disgust.jpg)


>It's like,

aaa506  No.16493041

File: 53f790eee201f05⋯.jpg (150.62 KB, 1140x760, 3:2, D2cBuEiWkAAzSBu.jpg)


"Experimental SFF author, indie dev, chimera girl, 👾 writer for @CavesOfQud"

aaa506  No.16493046


TL;DR: Quasi post-apoc ultranerd RPG like Dwarf Frotress, but aliens and shit. There's a faction of racially pure humans who have right wing death squads you can ally yourself with. If you don't renounce them as nazis, you get B& from the offical discord server.

38d5e0  No.16493055


do they even talk about portal 2 and the skyrim arrow to the knee anymore?

fb9f13  No.16493065



>responding to blatant shills

He's probably assblasted his one line Fortnite thread got deleted.

6253f7  No.16493069

People who are hacking while pretending not to, you shit on them so badly they just call you a hacker (how could you beat them without cheats, right) and then start blatantly cheating to "give you a lesson".

Seen this shit too many times.

416204  No.16493071


>People always like to bitch about muh free speech, but if you know the game was made by AIDS infested niggertits then why would you even play it?

I don't know, Avellone and everyone at Obsidian were massive faggots but New Vegas is pretty good. Almost as if some people can split politics from entertainment or something insane like that.

d8d4a5  No.16493075


I never played Fortnite. Nor plan to.

197a73  No.16493076

File: 90ab9fca070ff33⋯.png (167.13 KB, 500x521, 500:521, kewows-me-the-guy-who-says….png)


fb9f13  No.16493079


New Vegas is also nearly a decade old and they've all changed for the worse since then.

e44859  No.16493080

File: d7ed0d502356e1b⋯.webm (7.42 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 「GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2」オー….webm)


>people who study the wiki of a game like it's the fucking Bible, know the lore of every single character, watches dozens of LP videos of said game, can read out the game's entire plot from memory, yet has never actually played the game itself

I love reading about fighting games lore and characters, but I don't play fighting games. I never played fighting game in online mode.

416204  No.16493084


Does that make the game worse, though?

37ece0  No.16493085


>the D means you're left-wing!

>implying that Joe Lieberman is or has ever been a left-winger

b440fb  No.16493091


Everybody poops!


No, but for a different reason. I hate any online-only games.

fb9f13  No.16493094


It means that claiming the people who made it can still do something as good today is retarded. Anyone capable of making something that isn't politically charged have either been mindbroken or purged from the American west coast subsection of the industry.

37ece0  No.16493095


You know who I hate? Shit-eating "fighting game community" fags willing to toss aside good games (3rd Strike, GGXX) for the latest dumbed down shitheap (SFIV, Xrd) just so that they can "stay relevant" or contemporary with a company's current output.

fb9f13  No.16493098


Eat shit and kill yourself trannypol.

416204  No.16493100


Of course, those evil right wing nazis make anything they touch evil by default! :^)

aaa506  No.16493104


I found out after the fact while looking at mods. I'm not bitter about being handed a stick to poke the pigs with; I wish more devs would tell me how to get to them. I never joined their dicksword server to verify.

Did you know you're in a thread about shitheads in gaming? That's what I put forth.

Anyways, it's a good game and really fun.

aaa506  No.16493123


Show me the games published by fashy outfits I can throw money at. I'll wait.

586d1e  No.16493130

File: 070badc227f1e5a⋯.jpg (96.93 KB, 614x627, 614:627, media consolidation.jpg)


This shit right here.


Except that picture misses the point entirely.

(((They))) take up both sides of the aisle. Left vs. right is all a distraction tactic so that (((they))) can profit from it and rob everyone blind.

Warner Brothers, Disney, Sinclair, ClearChannel; they all buy candidates on both sides. Doesn't really matter who is elected in the end, because (((they))) are just going to continue to roll back customer protections in favor of monopolies, force GaaS and everything will exist under the (((insurance premium))) model of business regardless of the medium.

f00f77  No.16493135

File: fee2f6415fbdc8e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.22 KB, 316x297, 316:297, Manspreading.jpg)

fb9f13  No.16493139


>Except that picture misses the point entirely.

It literally says right there that they're both Jewish. It literafuckingly blames the attack on videogames on Jews and rightfully so. Notice how the Juden star is larger than the D?

8d8fcf  No.16493153



IIRC the other parts of the game and future dlc is never on sale. So these kikes still expect someone to pay upwards of $60+ for a

complete experience.=


Yeah me too. Co-op games?

f00f77  No.16493157

File: 8fa8dec3ac10970⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.45 KB, 700x933, 700:933, e1f8eae8d7b900dd689d1bf9fb….jpg)

416204  No.16493164


>complete experience

Nobody actually bought the DLC maps, so even if you buy them you don't get to play them.

b440fb  No.16493172


Local copoop games aren't any better imo. The issue is the inconvenience on myself and on the other player I might impose. I like being able to pause for however long I want, quit whenever, and play at my own pace.

11d834  No.16493174





You wanna know what the kicker is? There actually IS a single player component to the game, the zombies mode, which you can play just fine by yourself. You even get extra maps from the season pass, and leaks showed there will be at least 1 or 2 more season passes, for zombies alone, meaning that there is a good lot of content for people who enjoy this mode

The kicker? As somebody here said, this is an online only game, meaning that once kiketivision shuts it down, you will never be able to play any of these maps, not even by yourself, in solo. About 180$ in DLC maps, and god knows how much you actually spend on the actual game and loot crate bullshit, down the drain. If you believe what people say, they're holding a pretty good game hostage, gun to head, and shackle it to the dying, failed shell that was once the multi of COD. That's what pisses me off the most, they should just give the zombies people some budget and let them make their own game

fb9f13  No.16493212


Really I think this is the main reason the series has been on decline. When I was in high school the people who played CoD would typically do some kind of single player thing during the week days and then get online on the weekends when they knew everyone else had the time. I'd imagine this was common so giving people nothing to "chew on" so to speak in between online sessions caused them to just stop bothering entirely.

6d3aa3  No.16493275


Nope. This is the liking big ol Ara tits makes you a pedo guy.

Weird how (((they))) all look alike, huh?

6d3aa3  No.16493282


>nose ring


>short hair


>eyes that say, "There are only 3 things I suck and that is your money, your soul and my bull's cock while you watch in the corner."

d6ea5b  No.16493293


That hurts to read.

624721  No.16493326


You can always buy Ms.2.5

9977b3  No.16493329

File: 5dc7e2271e68ab2⋯.png (32.26 KB, 1245x117, 415:39, Liberman.PNG)


>endorsed Hillary for president in 2016

>introduced and helped repeal don't ask don't tell

>not left-wing


181a5f  No.16493330

I spent an hour yesterday watching Ninja stream. It was the first time I've touched Twitch in three years and the first time watching an even remotely popular streamer.

He played the game pretty well from what I could tell. His commentary was just pointing basic stuff out like "alright bros, I think he's gonna do blah blah blah, I'm moving over blah blah blah" and so on.

Chat was moving faster than the speed of light, making any kind of communication impossible, plus he only ever acknowledged it when someone spent like 10,000 bits in one go on him or something significant.

I really don't understand why this stuff is so popular. There are more people watching people play games than actually playing games. It's bizarre.

fb9f13  No.16493342


I guarantee a large part of it is viewbots. Some Overwatch tournament had a connection issue and the stream went out yet their viewer count never went down. The entire fucking thing is a sham.

65ad70  No.16493387


The only way to consume twitch shit is to watch some compilation of a retard getting angry because 12 year olds troll him ingame.






Wouldn't surprise me since their chink tier censorship is practically turning every community they moderate into a no-fun-zone.

Their entire "e-sports" nonsense is one big and forced joke.

aaa506  No.16493406

File: e328278e35593e8⋯.gif (35.96 KB, 305x200, 61:40, 200_s.gif)


Fucking hell. That was depressing to read. Poast moar.

017770  No.16493430


i would add that violence has had public acceptance in society in a way sexuality has not.

as far as i know the coliseum never hosted orgies for entertainment. Executions hangings stoning etc all have been a community act

cb5ffb  No.16493545


"e-sports" is such a joke now it's not even funny. It came out of the gate like the shockmaster in WWF stumbled around for a few years, retarded people started taking it seriously, now it's back to being a shockmaster clown show. "Esports" is for retarded people.

1bb6f4  No.16493596

File: 7ecbfb8e15b7b18⋯.jpg (403.79 KB, 776x1036, 194:259, 7b3b9851897b3e34901aaf80e8….jpg)


If you insist, but thats all I have in regards to twitch.

951f80  No.16493604

File: f32fa52f99d2a71⋯.jpg (107.47 KB, 672x1008, 2:3, Alison_Rapp_Maria_Mint_Esc….jpg)

File: ac9dae8df7cff7a⋯.jpg (292.44 KB, 1250x1128, 625:564, Jake_Rapp_says_he_wasn't_a….jpg)


but anon Alison Rapp is a Jew

aaa506  No.16493605

File: 3e3a0c86925c26e⋯.jpg (19.49 KB, 400x266, 200:133, No-Country-for-Old-Men_Tom….jpg)


>"e-sports" is such a joke now


cb5ffb  No.16493611


well you gotta understand the reference. I said "It came out of the gate like the shockmaster" which means it was a shitshow since day 1 but a funny and endearing shitshow.

aaa506  No.16493616


Oh, I'm dumb. I don't get wrestling references.

065526  No.16493618

File: 658501d5f676fad⋯.jpg (332.16 KB, 963x429, 321:143, acm.jpg)

File: ae03e9649ea743f⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1008x2704, 63:169, therappening.jpg)


reminder that Alison Rapp's pussy rated lower than Aliens: Colonial Marines

cb5ffb  No.16493625


What kind of dumb faggot cuck thinks he's gonna get pussy for being a mod?

6cd5f8  No.16493632


>I gave a whore money and she called me sweetheart

>things are looking up for me


cb5ffb  No.16493643


>Many people who play video games now are mentally retarded by pro-female nonsense. I'd argue it's those people, self-hating women, and fun hating faggots that don't like breasts in vidya.



THe worst part is that these people aren't artists in any sense of the word. Maybe they are all failed graphic artists though or some shit who latched on to this for payday idk. These people don't have the programming ability to even recreate the trajectory of mario's jumping ability in the NES game but they make "Spiritual Successors" and endless pixelshit "homage" games IE I have no talent but I must code anyway.

acbc33  No.16493661

File: 4bbb70899e6cd37⋯.jpg (9.45 KB, 270x187, 270:187, its time.jpg)


Get maiden mashed scrub.

aaa506  No.16493675

File: 4e7cdadfc2ff3ef⋯.jpg (116.01 KB, 475x475, 1:1, 9095053.jpg)


AHHHH nice! Thanks!

99e5e1  No.16493688

File: 858514d32259df0⋯.jpg (104.01 KB, 992x718, 496:359, orc spunk slurping woman.jpg)


>If I mod for this girl maybe she'll give me s0me p0$$y!

>What! Thwarted! How dare she lie to me like this! Now my plan to sleep with you is ruined! You bitch! GRR. I'll just moderate for some other female! I already donated her $30 and she gave me a cookie cutter compliment! Hah! You're fucked now you slut! Good day to you m'lady!

aaa506  No.16493701

File: 2e24be9652c468b⋯.gif (875.21 KB, 490x276, 245:138, tumblr_mb1rdsYMLI1rhh1t2o1….gif)





I don't know if it's the crippling alcoholism, but I think I can see how being on the other end of that coming out of homely apes every day since you're 15 would make you cold and apathetic to their aspie-rations.

cb5ffb  No.16493765


I think the crippling alcoholism is just fucking up your grammar.

aaa506  No.16493798


Is it run on sentences? I should know this for the future.

624721  No.16493822


You got the one faggot who got a tattoo of his favorite camwhore?

aaa506  No.16493834


I need dis.

cb5ffb  No.16493838


>but I think I can see how being on the other end of that coming out of homely apes every day since you're 15 would make you cold and apathetic to their aspie-rations

Nah it's just this one sentence it just does not make sense. I don't understand the part about "being on the other end of coming out of homely apes since you're 15"

cb5ffb  No.16493840


Because in person these people are very easily spotted in the wild when you mention gameplay details etc. it becomes glaringly obvious that they haven't played the game. It's like imagine if some guy at guitar center keeps talking about all the shows he's played etc. and then you listen to him play and he can't do anything.

aaa506  No.16493846


Yeah, I can see that now. Good point. I'll go drink some water.

a8f3ae  No.16493849

File: 125c6b91ec58119⋯.jpg (67.14 KB, 700x540, 35:27, alison rapp.jpg)

53e6d0  No.16493856


She looks older than my mom. How old is this bitch? Mid-20?

d180a8  No.16493857


I was going to say at least she has a pretty nice ass but then I took a closer look.

aaa506  No.16493866


Post mom pics. Don't leave us hanging.

a8f3ae  No.16493868

File: 51079058c39c7e9⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1189x1070, 1189:1070, reddit streamers.png)

2f4d77  No.16493873

GTA Online has the most toxic community on earth. The entire gaming experience is being constantly attacked and harassed by hackers who gave themselves 3 billion dollars and a flying motorcycle with infinite rockets. You cannot play the game because there will almost always be some shitfucking cuntflap who can only enjoy the game by making sure nobody else enjoys the game. If I could track down these people in real life I would fucking murder them slow. Like tossing them into a pit full of broken glass, and salt with a bullet in each kneecap so they have to crawl out. Fuck them.

aaa506  No.16493884


That's the e-equivalent of a bunch of niggers on a corner yelling muhdick at fat chicks and sneering at people with jobs.

aaa506  No.16493901


Yeah, they dropped the goddamned ball trying to encourage players to interact the way they did. It's a bunch of edgelords swatting at anything sentient. Anyone worth playing with is already in a private lobby with actual friends.

5c2788  No.16493934

File: 7b63bc84bcc8ed1⋯.mp4 (5.35 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Degradation_of_a_Fanbase-H….mp4)


People who KNOW they bought a 'hardcore attention-intensive' game that depends on people taking the effort to help the team, more people trying on both teams the more fun, but instead focus on something else (from language policing to AFKing in discord to taking special roles and never using them to making fun of the original/founding autists carrying them) or even actively hinder teamwork to watch others stick their necks out and get fucked. I'm tired of finding all my fond memories of quirky competent players in great games with great communities get overwritten with stupid, selfish, obnoxious, lazy people doing their best to force everything interesting into something worse than even a ftp clone, complete with 1/6 of the team doing nothing. The good game drought (look at that $180 CoD 'experience' >>16492950) has brought these types to games and servers they have no business even knowing about, they are the Sea People of the internet.

98eb8c  No.16493956


>Going into a server that wants to do x separate from y and doing y there is so funny they get so mad xd

This type of guy, OP. The type of person who thinks it's the funniest thing to generally ruin the fun everyone else is having for the sake of le epin troll. Then everyone once in while they'll get banned and throw an autismal fit like they have no idea what they did wrong. literal children

2f4d77  No.16493967

I like to play CS:GO casually in deathmatch and have some fun killing people. Generally a good time is had. One day I decide to try a ranked match. 15 minutes of autistic screeching that I wasn't at the bomb site they autistically demanded I go to. Suck my dick faggot. I do what I want.

2f4d77  No.16493989

Survival games get their fair share of professional cuntflaps doing their best to ruin everyone's fun. I was really enjoying my time on this one Ark server and had a nice base built by me and a few friends who were just playing casually. But then we got in the sights of this band of microdicked shitstains whose only tactic was to attack my base naked and chuck spears over the walls killing all my tame dinos. We battled the cunts for a couple hours but we have jobs and lives so we eventually log off. When I return, the whole base has been trashed. They broke every container. Despawned everything. And then the egotistical cumguzzling cockgobblers tried to recruit me as some sort of conquered vassel. I wasn't having that shit. I never returned to that server. It almost turned me off to the entire game.

11d834  No.16494025


so, in other words, you got culturally enriched?

875203  No.16494034

File: 123daf82af59b26⋯.jpg (204.17 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 1453771334714.jpg)



I prefer to believe those are not true. But deep down I know redditors degenerates exist and they help perpetuate the 21th century beggars known as streamers.

9bc860  No.16494064


It makes perfect sense. He is speaking from a male perspective, and comments that he understands how being on "the other end of that" (that is, being a female approached by a male) could get tiresome and annoying if you constantly have to deal with delusional autists with unrealistic expectations of marrying you just because they donated fifty bucks to your titty stream.

624721  No.16494103


It's poorly written.

2f4d77  No.16494114


Streaming isn't e-begging. The streamer is performing a service. The viewer is entertained. It could be the gameplay, or the conversation, or the big tits on a twitch thot. The viewer is getting something they want. The streamer is getting paid. This is a good exchange. Actual e-begging is like when someone just puts up a kickstarter to get pity money because they were too stupid to succeed in our competetive world.

4f8424  No.16494129

File: 6ce6e8f4e0dfa33⋯.jpg (76.31 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DTluI5CW4Acrgtx.jpg)

>people who study the wiki of a game like it's the fucking Bible, know the lore of every single character, watches dozens of LP videos of said game, can read out the game's entire plot from memory, yet has never actually played the game itself

Yeah well, until bloodborne gets a pc release or the ps4 gets cheap that's just how things are.

624721  No.16494191



6eda77  No.16494336

File: 43f337cd71691c3⋯.jpg (11.76 KB, 255x234, 85:78, reaction6.jpg)

Faggots i absolutely despise:

>non-12 year old power trip mods (think of a reddit mod but in a server)

>Faggots who get triggered when you kill them in a game where killing other players is an option but not necessary

>Lefty faggots who start the whole "racist bigot" list in the game chat when you say a no no word and then report you for said non-12 year old power trip mod to permaban you

0dfdaa  No.16494340



Females ruin everything.

416de5  No.16494382

>5 hour game with 200 total kills

>finally give up and just let the game end

>dude with 2 kills and 35 deaths pipes up

>"ez game"

>burst into flame

>fly to brazil by screaming the air apart

>land in the retards hut like a fucking tomahawk missile

>rip his flesh from his skeleton like pyramid head in the silent hill movie

069d1e  No.16494396


>actually getting triggered by "ez gaym"

eafc75  No.16494400


>tolerating that faggotry

069d1e  No.16494407

File: 111bac71d0322cf⋯.jpg (55.96 KB, 384x522, 64:87, a6b0fb23a3e6888b1e64d7c844….jpg)


>offended by words

071c83  No.16494412


>assists matter

L M A O every single time,

eafc75  No.16494417


>tolerating that faggotry

0b62ba  No.16494421


>playing game of DotA

>decide to play safelane carry for once

>every other game I either go offlane pos3 or just hard support

>first time in forever I feel like playing pos1 carry

>lock downt he lane and say "carry"

>all heroes are picked besides the last guy on our team

>he picks alchemist and puts his marker on my lane

>goes to my lane

>competes for cs

>all-caps spanish speaking when I tell him to fuck off

>decide to just say fuck it

>run down mid over and over, feeding the rest of the game

>buy all the wards and drop them on enemy side so they'll have more vision of us

>tell enemy wherever my team is going/farming, when their ultis are off cd, etc

>entire enemy team commends me after they win




069d1e  No.16494424


>giving him what he wants

0b62ba  No.16494431


I mean he wanted to win, and we lost, so in the end did he really get what he wanted?

2eeba2  No.16494435


Depends on the game and the way you assist really. If you're a medic in Team Fortress that assists 1-2 offensive classes in mopping the enemy defense you were as important as them.

Another good example would be focusing on Recon as the infantry player in WiC which can also be a tide turner if your team knows to utilize the visual advantage.

951f80  No.16494499

File: e93ed94819449f2⋯.jpg (26.51 KB, 625x626, 625:626, bait.jpg)


>they have no grasp of Aristotle's Three Proofs

>By admitting you never played a game, you are surrendering any sort of Ethos

111276  No.16494518


Yeah, you gave him the lane like a little bitch. Also you completely ruined the experience for your teammates. Shit like that is what gives ASSFAGGOTS a bad name.

e08b34  No.16494538

File: 60e988415a44bc3⋯.png (572.65 KB, 600x694, 300:347, Abs.png)


playing with spanish/beaners is the worst fucking experience

>in every fucking game server, even ones nowhere close to majority spanish areas, like US East or even fucking US Midwest

>laughs at literally fucking everything, shooting, getting hit, fucking walking, they just love hearing their own voice

>no way of communicating with them, even if you try to speak the language they will just ignore you and do whatever the fuck they want

>IQ of -16, gets themselves hurt/killed from the stupidest bullshit then laughs their ass off over it

>will votekick you at a completely random point in time during the game, it's always unanimous

f00f77  No.16494558

File: a05251d3f06ee06⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.36 KB, 497x662, 497:662, KKj8jB0.jpg)

fb9f13  No.16494597


The conquistadors sided with the tribes who were exiled and hunted down for a reason.

de494c  No.16494622

File: 05dd2fa9be9be57⋯.mp4 (1.04 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 05dd2fa9be9be571bce5723464….mp4)


fuck me this is a big one, i've played with 13-14 year old americans (tehe) that knew how to wind people up and it was funny but the fucking shitty spanish/shitty euro countries who are in their 20's or 30's are fucking beyond retarded

"you mother, you mother suck dick"

i hate muting/censoring people in general but those faggots deserve it

since most of the gripes i have with gamers has been touched on, another thing i hate is faggy mod creators who don't let pirates play their shit

fb9f13  No.16494626


I get the feeling a lot of modders are either interns on some illicit contract or just desperate to get a job at the studio. At this point too many of them are just as bad as the publishers and developers themselves.

dc1107  No.16494656


If they'd stop buying the garbage being shoveled the SJWs would have been gone years ago.

fb9f13  No.16494661


If you honestly think insolvency is going to stop them then you haven't been paying attention.

3142ba  No.16494667


fucking hell… I have seen this so many times but i've always avoided reading it. Top-tier cringe material. Says alot about western men

fb9f13  No.16494704


It would be better if both went broke and spared us the misery of their company.

e30468  No.16494717


He probably told his parents already about being in a relationship with a hot girl.

Damn this picture is sad

8f341c  No.16494722


Bolivia, Peru and Colombia spawns the worst kind of shit for online gaming, not just Brazil. Ecuador, Argentina and Paraguay are not THAT bad.

Expect them to play bad on purpose just for shit and giggles, or because you didn't specifically followed their known strategy. Also

>neutral spanish

<Vamos idiota, tira unos buffs y ayudame

>latin spic shit spanish

<Dale po, quel cabezon tire galaxia. Ctmr ql gg, pto d mierda ql wey

ad3535  No.16494745


I bet you're a faggot who plays BFA and FF14 kill youself. worthless trash

e30468  No.16494766


>defending Press X to win games

I agree that, for example, koreans mmorps have an insufferable amount of grinding, but in general only the effort gets you results, not just having everything from the start.

a56ca5  No.16494770

File: 15481a8f7c0552d⋯.webm (409.4 KB, 490x360, 49:36, wew.webm)

>get killed by admin 5 times


>kill admin once

>get banned

Was pretty funny but still a shitty thing to do.

11d834  No.16494905


>Admin kills you

>Acts like a smug son of a bitch and tries to make himself look like a "badass" for doing so

>you kill the admin

>he cries like a little bitch and tries to make it seem like banning you will be a "badass" thing to do, and that tries to justify your ban before he makes it

aaa506  No.16494917

File: 20a7b2689578981⋯.jpg (18.3 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 20a.jpg)


People need to stop giving cunts what they want. We'd all benefit. Women only really appreciate generosity if they already wanted to fuck you.

Eg: If she already wants to fuck you: OMG he's so sweet, I hope he likes this outfit I have blahblahblah

If she barely knows you exist: This loser gave me some money. Let's go out tonight!

a56ca5  No.16494919

File: 2cebe8f4e999fa5⋯.jpg (22.85 KB, 432x264, 18:11, we loved your post.jpg)


982332  No.16494922


there you have it folks

069d1e  No.16494926


It doesn't have the cognitive function to deduce that it the game loss was also his fault. If anything you just fucked over your other teams mates over a spic. You are just as bad as the spic. And the fact that you left lane is positive reinforcement that he can do that and get away with it.

aaa506  No.16494929


I want pics of THAT.

069d1e  No.16494930


Race mixing.

aaa506  No.16494934


That last one. Pretending that banning the badbadnono person makes the badbadnono words go away forever.

8e4725  No.16494941

>SJW's who only play indie games like my ex GF

>graphics fags who refuse to play or appreciate any older games that don't melt their video cards like my dad

>morons that will defend shitty business practices because "at-least it's fun lol" like several of my best friends

aaa506  No.16494942

File: 78a7259140c1e61⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 314x228, 157:114, H6hAO.gif)


They told us you were colonizing indigenous lands, so, you were in the wrong, my dude.

a56ca5  No.16494949


>my dude


11d834  No.16494951

File: e89af7cabcf5462⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1578x2028, 263:338, Pride.png)


To add onto that, when they make a mod or a game that has pure leftyshit virtuesignaling, but then make it seem like banning people who are against it will make the badbadnono nazis go away, and treat it as some sort of "Victory" and snarkily mock the people they've banned. Pic Related

I hate these kinds of people the most because the drama surrounding them has nothing to do with video games, and it is clear that they shouldn't be playing videogames in the first place, if their feelings are this fragile that they need a safespace and a ban for every meanie that breaches it, let alone the fact that they care more about inserting politics into their game than to actually play it

aaa506  No.16494958

File: f373fa69f1fd78f⋯.gif (861.28 KB, 500x282, 250:141, My Dude.gif)

aaa506  No.16494966

File: b5fc1af90a54d2b⋯.png (219.97 KB, 964x564, 241:141, Pronouns mod for Qud 2.png)


Well, y'know, creating an echo chamber just means you won, right? I like to bring in politics just to be a shit in reaction. If that weren't a thing, we'd all be trying to outdo each other with usernames involving lolweedude puns.

11d834  No.16494974


>absolute retards

>posts a cuckchan meme


It's funny that when right wingers, or even moderates, make mods, they usually don't sperg out when people attack them for it, it's always leftyshits and the mentally ill LGBT fags. Not like you see much of it, mind you, most websites ban Right wing mods, and anyone criticizing left wing mods

11d834  No.16494985

File: 6852d62f2eb1768⋯.png (1.03 MB, 991x1426, 991:1426, cuckchan go back.png)


cfcc3a  No.16494986


Nah he's right. That shit's fucking circulated to Funnyjunk by now niggertits. Get better material or make your own.

aaa506  No.16494988


I hope it stays this way until I die. I'd rather be lumped in with a group known for being dumb freedom advocates than repressive sexual deviant/party clowns.

2c0d10  No.16495048

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I learned a lot about retro vidya from Classic Game Room HD and really obscure consoles like the fucking VECTREX

32f743  No.16495080

File: 5dc1e64cd4cceb5⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 47.8 KB, 680x680, 1:1, reformedrandywillfuckthei….jpeg)


Aliens: Colonial Marines has a higher rating than Alison Rapp's pussy? Sega and Gearbox btfo former Nintoddler? Wow, that's pretty badass!

2c0d10  No.16495098

File: 1415c0f52ef17ac⋯.gif (723.37 KB, 450x360, 5:4, 42643263_1579428015492483_….gif)

Anybody who unironically says "It's early access, you can't criticize it" and the type of people that go beyond fanboyism and into cult-like fanaticism. I'm mainly talking about Tarkov's rabid fanbase that suck Nikita's dick and unironically post things like "Thank you Nikita for this great game!". Praising a game's fine, however these dickheads treat it like the devs are making the game out of their generosity, rather than making a product.

Doesn't help that th lead dev, Nikita, has an ego the size of the continent of Asia partly due to the echo-chamber he created of his devout followers and often spergs when someone on YouTube makes fun of him. You need criticism to make something better, otherwise you'll think your shit smells like roses.


COD had a built in shit talking feature where you can hear the guy you ventilated for 2 seconds after you've killed him, and vice-versa. I wish every game had that because it's genius.

d03cbb  No.16495104


>tarkov's rabid reddit fanbase

There's a reason I call that shit "Russian Star Citizen".

2c0d10  No.16495108


Only difference is they haven't sold gun.jpgs yet.

However, if that e-celeb DevilDogGamer is to be believed, they were going to do that with the Springfield M1A but Springfield told them to fuck off.

d03cbb  No.16495125


It's not that Springfield told them to fuck off, they don't have rights for any single non-russian-produced gun in that game, nor the attachments. Not to mention that the fucking game is still absolutely riddled with terrible performance and completely gamebreaking shit relating to every single mechanic in the fucking game, TWO YEARS after it started getting sold, but the airshit LARPer community just eats that shit up and asks for seconds because of "MUH CHEEKI BREEKI MEMES MUH MOSIN HAHAHA" and niggered /k/ memes. It's the single worst community I've seen in a game in my fucking life, I'd sooner play TF2 on The Furry Pound than talk to anyone in the Tarkov community again.

1f30b1  No.16495136


Why were all my posts deleted?

I was contributing to the thread, some butthurt mod must have gotten pissed that i was calling out Rockstar's faggotry and deleted them.

2c0d10  No.16495155

File: 452fd04f6c776e6⋯.jpg (41.87 KB, 448x598, 224:299, 6687c081450d127d0dda765722….jpg)


>It's not that Springfield told them to fuck off, they don't have rights for any single non-russian-produced gun in that game, nor the attachments.

IIRC Springfield was going to give them the rights to use the M1A for free, but told them to fuck off because they were about to make it a microtransaction. Also even without DDG revealing the fact they're not using rights, it was pretty obvious they weren't doing so in the first place. Not that I mind that because who gives a shit.

>Not to mention that the fucking game is still absolutely riddled with terrible performance and completely gamebreaking shit relating to every single mechanic in the fucking game

I find the health system really fucking retarded. Once you blacked out a limb and you start shooting it, all the damage that would've normally gone to that body-part gets equally distributed to every other body part, making the meta of the game to just aim for the knees because why shoot armor when you can just shoot through it via the knees? Of course if you mention this anywhere you get a bunch of fags that just spam "hurr hurr butthurt fortboy xd". The managed to fuck up the quest design by adding pre-requisites now that are just so fucking stupid, like "Kill 20 Scavs at Customs in time period from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m." or "Kill 15 PMC operatives. You must be wearing a PACA vest and 6b47 helmet". That's assuming you can do those quests if your game doesn't stutter, freeze, desync, or have the damage desync so you start taking damage minutes after you actually got shot.

Squad's pretty great though.

d03cbb  No.16495167

File: f6112e9c72c7cd9⋯.gif (2.46 MB, 512x512, 1:1, 1554405990-3.gif)


>springfield was going to give them the rights

Some company offered to give them the rights to use their guns, as long as they wrote a contract that the guns won't be used to kill American soldiers or police in the game, but Nikita apparently told them to get fucked for whatever reason. I don't remember who I heard that from, but it also might've been DevilDog.

But the entire community of that game is airshit larpers and old faggots who start screaming at you as soon as you imply that something might be bad in the game, or that fun > realism. On the other hand, most of the streamers aside from DevilDog, are absolute fudds who want the cheaper guns nerfed into the ground because "like it's a bolt action rifle from WW2, it should jam every 30 shots and shouldn't be able to kill in one hit".

2c0d10  No.16495217

File: f5589d6019ad080⋯.jpg (42.42 KB, 600x390, 20:13, acb.jpg)


>Some company offered to give them the rights to use their guns, as long as they wrote a contract that the guns won't be used to kill American soldiers or police in the game

That's Springfield's requirement for anything involving their products, and for whatever reason BSG/Nikita was like "lol no" even though the game doesn't have any police whatsoever.

>But the entire community of that game is airshit larpers and old faggots who start screaming at you as soon as you imply that something might be bad in the game, or that fun > realism.

Nikita said he wanted the game to be a "combat simulator" yet the game is 99% shooting for the knees. I think the funniest shit is the fact that you got fags complaining about the fucking Mosin-Nagant being "too OP" because you got guys running with nothing but a nugget and a pocket full of 7.62 outskilling guys decked out in endgame gear and the fucking dipshit Nikita is actually going to nerf it by making good 7.62x54r "hard to find". I can't wait for him to ruin the game by introducing the Karma system where you get bad karma and lower trader rep by killing players.

Also the fact that containers exist kinda defeats the purpose of risking loot. They could just easily fix it by making it so you can only take things in the container with you to raids and not being able to put things into the container, but no, what Nikita's gonna do is make it so you get bad rep if you die a lot.

08b2c7  No.16495498

File: becf5e71fea205a⋯.png (65.89 KB, 150x150, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


How do you guys manage to find games made by mentally ill communist trannies? I never found that type of shit at all.


They're not fashy types, but they're not PC either. You'll find one based on the genre and difficulty.

aaa506  No.16495640


Buhhhhhhh. Fuck. That thing isn't even trying.

I look for a certain set of features which tend to be very inward and escapist instead of social and competitive. Tranny, commie shutins make most things I like. One of my favorite games is Dwarf Fortress, but the bros who made it also made a game I can't tell if poe: http://www.bay12games.com/lcs/ http://lcs.wikidot.com/questions

725dd8  No.16495727


wait until you hear puerto ricans speak.

be glad you don't speak spanish.

f8db4a  No.16495787


Pootoricans and other Caribbean folk aren't reallly hispanic (meztizo, which is bad enough as is). They're a mix nig, inbred island injuns, and whatever Spaniard was retarded enough to stick their dick inside of that mix.

Needless to say, they aren't sending their best.

d03cbb  No.16495812


Be glad you don't have to listen to Turkniggers and assorted Arabs, because those languages sound like a man choking on a bag of dicks while trying to gurgle water.

725dd8  No.16495841


I have arab coworkers, I thought they were puerto ricans because their language sounded like the same gibberish the puerco ricans call a "language"

then I realized one of their phones was in desert squiggles and realize they were Egyptian.

they shared with me some tea and cookies, breddy nice guys, unlike Puerco Ricans

11d834  No.16495867


>Play on a EU server

>Turkish flag/clan name

>Ahmed or TURK in playername

>Speaks in a non-european sand gibberish

d03cbb  No.16495886


>clan tag either [TR], [TURK] or [xxTR]

Every time. Every single time. And they're always terrible.

fb9f13  No.16495911

File: 1d37befe213c813⋯.jpg (84.58 KB, 689x768, 689:768, 1424840558844.jpg)



>has a German flag

d03cbb  No.16495919


Actual German Germans are also universally shit-tier at games, and are always no-fun-allowed faggots who will never use anything aside from the most meta of meta weapons or characters.

725dd8  No.16495929


>has german flag

>hear goats and crying baby in the background

08b2c7  No.16496103


>inward and escapist

Tranny commies make those type of games since they're unironically under the delusion that they're in a nazi capitalist dystopia where internet natzees plow them with cars. They're mentally ill shutins who become radicalized through RTing debunked twitter takes about a non-existent tranny holocaust (from people refusing to fight them) and anti-Trump hitpieces.

Although "Social and competitive" games aren't necessarily right wing or fashy, but they contain people of all types that you're expected to cooperate with. In my experience, I found plenty of non-PC types. I was even surprised to find redpilled zoomers in PUBG mobile/PUBG Lite. Most commies don't like those games because it's "toxic" (aka they can't deal with the shit that they throw at others).

I think a major appeal to them is having complete control over their character without being severely punished for it, which is why they like RPGs so much. It sucks that they pozzed your favorite genre though. There are exceptions to this of course.

aaa506  No.16496283

File: 812ca74341718db⋯.jpg (82.17 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1439830640549.jpg)


That makes a lot of sense. I'd prefer these things be MP, but design preferences/limitations are what they are. I appreciate the freedom to be a weird dickhead in games, but they were probably expected sticking it to the man('s trash bins), but I like hate crimes and vandalism.

As long as there's some bit of freedom and a lack of plot armor, I'll still play it. I'm always an anti-elf, half-[anything] racist. I didn't even know about the IRL fashy worries from the qud game and I was allied with the faction they intended as nazis. WHOOPS.

5c1dce  No.16496437


Quick rundown on this incident?

fb9f13  No.16496465


They also like fantasy settings because for their psyche to stay in tact they have to be constantly living in one.

acbc33  No.16496593



>Pro-Pedophile Activist works for Nintendo.

>Moonlights as a whore.

>Sells photos of herself dressed up as the young boys of her company.

>Abuses her husband to the point he lets her peg him and pimp him.

>They become a poly couple.

>Decides to pick a fight with the internet.

>Internet finds out about her lifestyle.


>White knights launch a defense that ultimately fails because she's really a pedo.

>Nintendo cans her. Not for being a pedo, not for picking fights on the internet but for moonlighting as a whore.


>Loses her customers.

>Husband decides to uncuck himself.

>The Mad Lad actually succeeds

>Cucks her with his poly girlfriend and they stop being poly.

>Alison is left all alone posting nudes and begging for money.

6fd038  No.16496601

The destiny 2 devs

They know how to make a fun game and they sabotage it to either be dicks or make more off mtx

God i hate them

Why are there no good loot shooters that play like destiny 2

Preferably offline

6fd038  No.16496606


But we do live in a dystopia

This society is a facist millitary dictatorship run by psychotic liberal satanists

fb9f13  No.16496617

Don't even respond to it.

4b1ac5  No.16496834

People that talk shit in MOBAS like league of legends have to be the lowest subhumans on the planet. Individual skill is irrelevant and winning the game is based solely around the two decent players on every team wrangling the other 3 retards.

d03cbb  No.16496840


>two players wrangling three retards

It's actually about four people trying to mitigate peak retardation of one guy, who's always there. One bad player with 4 great players always loses a match, while five average or even mediocre players win.

fb9f13  No.16496852


I thought it was about 5 retards vs 5 other retards all trying to convince themselves they aren't retarded with varying degrees of success.

92b759  No.16496902

File: e9d036c7e34b856⋯.png (106.03 KB, 1410x560, 141:56, THIS IS HOW YOU REMIND ME.png)


I agree, but given the state of game journos, can you blame normalfags for taking up even the shittiest replacements?

aaa506  No.16496909


I've watched the mental midgets who play this shit and take it seriously. They raise their blood pressure over nothing and end up losing to gooks with early onset arthritis and myopia.

39853f  No.16496932

File: 2321122008dd622⋯.gif (3.47 MB, 550x400, 11:8, Are you fucking serious.gif)

Anyone who defends microtransactions

012340  No.16496953


The entire "ethics in games journalism" thing was over the actions of people who honest to god call themselves "games journalists".

And yeah, they're basically glorified game critics. People have been pointing that out before GG was even a thing.

aaa506  No.16496965


Who actually buys that shit?

afc0fd  No.16496976

File: 2cbab1485c48e7f⋯.jpg (30.1 KB, 487x271, 487:271, 2011-09-14_MOG_Forecast.jpg)

File: e9c13afa57e61b9⋯.jpg (27.88 KB, 646x512, 323:256, image4(2).jpg)

File: c7132af4c710eb4⋯.png (61.32 KB, 960x884, 240:221, Screen-Shot-2017-11-21-at-….png)

File: f99805625b64055⋯.png (225.57 KB, 2250x1154, 1125:577, SuperData-Battlefield-1-DL….png)


retards. millions of retards

fb9f13  No.16497004


Interns on an informal contract and shell companies.

b35c00  No.16497021


>t. whale

fb9f13  No.16497036


>admitting you're so new to games you don't understand the concept of playing a game more to get better at it instead of spending more money on it

250f2e  No.16497048

File: 0f6541cb1bbb041⋯.jpg (94.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3a2cbf0505937c8443f547c776….jpg)


Jesus christ never post this again

aaa506  No.16497104

File: a2f84226f3b2d0a⋯.jpg (242.3 KB, 800x563, 800:563, 349179addb10e3d6e895f85648….jpg)


Oh fuck. Nevermind.

fb9f13  No.16497111

File: c71ec0a690cdcc7⋯.jpg (187.53 KB, 549x563, 549:563, 1353460339652.jpg)



The worst part is the retarded investors falling for this shit.

3e70a0  No.16497148

File: af1a3b61a88b9b3⋯.jpg (27.35 KB, 281x246, 281:246, Absolutely disgusting.jpg)


How old is that thing?

aaa506  No.16497267


Why? It's great to collect e-celeb nudes.

aaa506  No.16497269


There's one of that big bulldagger from GG, Patricia Hernandez, wearing just a venetian mask and her hairy muff.

3e45c6  No.16497377


Sometimes life does have a happy ending. Delightful to see she got what she deserved.

a761ee  No.16497593


Jake was absolutely broken by Alison, and it breaks my heart

Anyone got that webm of him getting a vibrator shoved up his ass by his "wife"

d27330  No.16498050


Is that fucking Ted (Exand Shadow) he's such a fucking retard it's infuriating.

fd9b69  No.16500970


abso-fucking-lutely disgusting, wouldn't lean my bike on her

fc8ad1  No.16518198

Forum moderators

01b347  No.16519267

File: 4fe95ba37e97ebe⋯.jpg (9.53 KB, 480x242, 240:121, The_Lord's_work_must_be_do….jpg)


>plebs who watch (insert some casual faggot's "game design" ideaguy youtube channel) and think they know everything about vidya design

Them and those "vidya design" people need to be roasted in a very special place along with Quinn and Snortesian.

Everyone involved with e-sports, MMO cancer and Blizzard products(includeds WoWniggers and former mmo shithole players like Tigole and his ilk), MUH VIDYA COMMUNITY / MUH DISCORD / TWATTER / KIKEBOOK GROUP, (((localizers))) and those godless mongrels that worm their way into anything likeable and turn it into shit. Doesn;t matter if they are a twitch thot, a twitch gamewhore, an influencer, a "pop culture consumer", Faggot Theory or even programmers, "indie devs", mobage devs, Apple and their "phones" and worse, the faglords that decided to bring DLC to consoles and support Microsoft and their XBAWKS360 shit and practices these fuckers need to answer for the reprehensible damage they've caused.

eeedd3  No.16519691


I've been screeching about fr players forever and you didnt listen. They are journo levels of bad, cant communicate and like to screech in frog. Seriously, if you ever get stuck with a fr player on your team close that shit and never look back.

I used to play some shitty themepark that had the option to filter the french out and I dont know why this feature isnt more widespread. Fuck french players.

7820b4  No.16519783


Try GTAO on 7th gen consoles, people welcome you by blowing you up with an hydra then they shoot you with a money minigun so you can gear up and kick their asses or introduce another newfag to the game the same way he did. Fun for just fucking around but pretty much impossible to get all the achievements.

03c43b  No.16520609


>It's just turbo dude


85e5a1  No.16534742

File: 88b343715907739⋯.mp4 (10.07 MB, 600x336, 25:14, 8chanLamboBumpV1.mp4)


>What are some of the people (besides shitty devs and journalists)

any and every flavour of the month fornite player

bonus point if they try to be relevant by having a fanbase who spam their name everywhere

b3ec10  No.16534744

the gamers themselves

ae71e4  No.16534754

File: 1e8099c05875313⋯.jpg (15.43 KB, 255x251, 255:251, 00bf56f452adeb05d0713fc974….jpg)

smash autists

the FGC is full of niggers and autistic people of no class

but the smash autists take it to a whole other level by also being autistic and manchildren

ae71e4  No.16534759


alison rapp is a whore and i feel bad for that poor man

ae71e4  No.16534760


feminists shouldn't exist

ae71e4  No.16534763



american women are not to be taken seriously

85e5a1  No.16534863




well.. funny because even if i suck at english, i can still understand this perfectly.

it's pretty clear that this sentence mean that:

>"a hot girl who get spammed by man since her puberty (15) become desensitize over the year and become a bitch at 20"

after all: she never had to work for anything, and had all thoses "men" at her feet.

what's written here >>16493596 is so pathetic i can't even feel bad about the guy.

i just hope he will fall for a nigerian princess scheme next so that we could read their hillarious discussion.

0bdd8a  No.16535429


Twitch is like youtube, the top of it are all disgusting talentless losers while the real talent is much lower down and will be specific to your interests.

d27826  No.16537314

File: 8e8673faadf4ddc⋯.jpg (220.78 KB, 1740x1070, 174:107, IMG_20190604_065127.jpg)


I fucking hate fuckers like these.

a90095  No.16537363

*if it has been said already, i'm sorry

Console fanbases, ugh… It is a place where normalfags are fighting wars on which piece of plastic plays games better and they tolerate paying money to get "free games" and to play online. Sure, there are diamonds in the rough but for the most part, they are so deluded in their world that they don't give anything besides "Call of battle royale advanced dances" a chance.

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