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File: 4e8ae73984b00cf⋯.jpg (46.86 KB, 385x450, 77:90, 61t5W98uPQL._SX385_.jpg)

202f03  No.16494281

Sometimes theres a series that doesn't excel or reinvent a genre, but just chugs along without being dogshit and does something that appeals to your tastes and keeps you interested for the duration. We all have those series, whats yours?

For me my go to would be the Resistance series by the devs behind Ratchett and Clank and the latest Spiderman game. At its core its a series of 1st and 3rd person shooters where the tunguska event in siberia was the start of a bioforming invasion/colonisation in the form of a mutagenic virus. So WW2 happens but instead of Nazi's its a case of "russia goes dark for years, then nightmarish creatures with advanced future tech start to progress out across europe".

Part of the reason i like it is why i think the mainstream didn't for the most part: it never stays the same.

>Resistance Fall of man: Weapon Wheel using linear shooter with health packs and a gritty almost sepia toned art style as an american GI has his first mission in manchester go arse up immediately but prove he is immune to the virus.

>Resistance: Retribution: A PSP 3rd person shooter where a british soldier had to kill his infected brother and went AWOL, taking out conversion centers the chimera use to speed up the transformation process across the UK until the events of Resistance end the war in Britain and he gets court martialed for desertion. Then the French take him on to take out a new brand of conversion centers as the chimera start to undergo a change

>Resistance 2: The soldier from the first game returns to the US as part of a project headed by an ex russian military scientist to make super soldiers as the chimera return in force to invade the US. Now a two weapon jelly vision shooter in a hard 1950's americana setting with a large progression based multiplayer side game

>Resistance: Burning Skies: PSVita heavily scripted shooter with touch screen/motion control gimmicks about a fire fighter during the first attack on america discovering a conspiracy involving the us government

>Resistance 3: weapon wheel and health packs return in and extremely bleak US where the chimera have wiped out almost all human life and are preparing to ice age the earth to match their home and a side character from R2 is found by the russian scientist after settling down in a bunker with his family to stop this and end the threat.

The games could never settle on a style mechanically or artistically and shooters tend to be successful in the mainstream based on how similar they stay and experimentation is never met with positive reactions so unsurprisingly the series never got mainstream appeal. But i really liked the setting and each of the games had memorable moments. Though the 3rd mainline game was really the only one to get the horror elements really well and for one of the last few PS3 titles looks pretty damn good for the hardware that was over a decade old by that point.

But i know its not popular and its still pretty mediocre, honestly if not for it carrying over ratchett and clanks idea of ridiculous alien weapons and the alternate ww2 setting i might not be interested in it either.

What games would you consider a 'solid 6' that you still enjoy a lot?

3484ee  No.16494351

I honestly think the story in the original Resistance was good. They used real events and build it up with a sense of mystery and unanswered questions to let your imagination speculate what happened. The gameplay was quite okay and the weapons were imaginative too. Then they completely abandoned all that for some focus-tested derivative sequel. It was really disappointing. I have a strong impression the original story for Resistance 2 was initially completely different, but CoD dictated their change in direction.

It's kinda funny though. Because R:FOM was considered average at release, but looks/plays like a fucking masterpiece if you compare it to current standards.

3aa80a  No.16494379

File: 187d2f8587039f5⋯.jpg (244.22 KB, 800x1267, 800:1267, 02.jpg)

Activision O2.

Back when Tony Hawk ruled over alternative sports games, Activision was hungry for more. So they commissioned a handful of developers to make games under the O2 label. Barring THPS, none of them were received well enough to get sequels, and Activision O2 was dead in two years. To me, sports games are a guilty pleasure, and O2's lineup is actually pretty good. The problem lies in what they were up against: Neversoft was so good at making games that anything they released in the early 2000s would sell leagues above these modest efforts.

Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer is a personal favorite: The soundtrack fits the game like a glove, and the controls aren't too dissimilar from Pro Skater.

dafc07  No.16494406


You mean that game where bullets fly in slow motion for some stupid reason?

202f03  No.16494413


If you didn't play 3 i recommend picking it up for like a dollar used somewhere. It reverted all of it.

24e023  No.16494429


I don't like how the bullets would also hit a wall, stop/slow down for a sec, then go through it. They we're also the size of softballs.

89038b  No.16494458

Resistance 3 was great.

61c860  No.16494473



What's wrong with a fps not being hitscan? Also it's probably a deliberate decision to have bullets that can pass through objects appear in the wall for a moment or two before you actually take damage because that would just be bullshit and kind of annoying.

Resistance wasn't an amazing series but at least it tried to be novel and incorporate enemies and guns that actually made the game play differently against the backdrop of waist high wall cover shooters with 10 varieties of bullet sponge enemy games that were flooding the market at the time.

Shame about the

>console fps


002eeb  No.16494533

File: dc19af8be03bd8d⋯.mp4 (5.31 MB, 480x360, 4:3, kaneandlynchtheme.mp4)

resistance's a good one, only played the first one but really enjoyed it, good online too

i don't know if it counts since there's only two games but kane & lynch is my favourite shitty series. i loved the characters, dialogue and all the unique locations (mostly the first one), just had a dirty and gritty feel to it but admittedly the gameplay itself isn't great

the online was one of the best i've played though, fragile alliance were you and about 4 others rob a bank/store and get to choose whether or not to betray each other to keep all the money for yourself (used to buy weapons/body armour for the next round), really fun shit, you also come back as a cop which was cool

7b639f  No.16494662

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Resistance is gay

feeb3c  No.16494723

File: 0a5cb3651e14b6e⋯.jpg (23.38 KB, 220x271, 220:271, 220px-Rage_cover.jpg)

File: f55c06e24e5fb7b⋯.gif (2.78 MB, 338x252, 169:126, sadly go karts.gif)


RAGE 1 had its flaws for sure, but many of the guns felt great and I liked the collectible cards to play with NPCs in the game. Reminded me of New Vegas a bit in that way. Could have been better if they went more open world but it was still alright.

Fuck RAGE 2. Such wasted potential with an awful aesthetic for no reason.

66653a  No.16494725


>Rage 1

Did you also have a problem when telling enemies were dead, or was that just me? Does that go away after awhile?

7514da  No.16494932

Resistance FoM and 3 were great. 2's co-op was also good.

I'd kill for PC ports.

dafc07  No.16494996


>What's wrong with a fps not being hitscan?

Real bullets don't fly slow enough to allow you to pretend you're Neo from the fucking Matrix. They are fucking supersonic projectiles.

They didn't even explain why the bullets in the game behave that way. It's like I'm playing a jarring bullet hell game except it's an FPS.

b72a6d  No.16495114


I had a lot of fun with Rage 1. I never played the DLC, is it worth pirating

f58f43  No.16495191


It felt rushed, a lot of little ideas that needed more fleshing out. It was decently optimized though.


The scorcher DLC is kind of short, I don't think it's worth re-downloading rage for it. The reward you get at the end is something you probably won't see in gaming anymore though it's a trophy room with a woman in a lewd outfit that is implied to be a trophy for you as well.

4e0c19  No.16495225

File: 659ad84df6161c9⋯.jpg (17.03 KB, 220x310, 22:31, 0a51f91929e19de1152095b12f….jpg)

Pic related

It's a turn based strategy/RPG kinda thing set in WW2, except you have vampires, magic, werewolves and other things like that added into the mix. Game felt right at home for me, but what turned me off is that the game forces you to play a certain way towards the end: If you're not a lightweight magic user, your equipment will slow you down, big time, and that means that enemies will move 3,4,5 times before you will, and just kill your guys, before you can take one potshot. Kind of pulls a suckerpunch on you there, because the game never pulls you away from USING guns, hell, MG42 is more effective than many spells in the game, and bazookas and other anti tank weapons are always needed, since you never know when a tank will appear out of nowhere.

Really, it's one of those games that is janky around the edges, it could have been something better if it was balanced to let you play how you want, I would have loved to see sequels set in the cold war and modern era, like the devs wanted to

Ultimately, what sunk it into "Eternally a solid 6/10" for me was the fact that swastikas are censored. Yeah, it's one of those games, I will never tolerate this bullshit. At least hitler gets some sick magic spells, and ends up being the final boss

002eeb  No.16495243


sounds decent, 360 exclusive ?

202f03  No.16495262


wasn't that a low key spin off of another franchise like shadow hearts or koudelka or something and got caught in a copyright problem?

4e0c19  No.16495263


Correct, might he hard to find, but you can buy it off XBLA

I heard there was something like this on the PS3, and it was much better than just a 6/10, or so they tell me

And again, don't repeat my mistakes, keep a sniper and give the random grunts bazookas, and let everyone else focus on magic as soon as possible, that's the only way to win some of the later missions

4e0c19  No.16495275


I dunno, but I do know that this game was kinda in development hell, and it looks like a PS2 game specifically because it IS a game that was developed for the PS2, but the devs decided to port what they already had for the back-then brand new Xbox 360 for better performance

Also, the reason why swastikas were cut was because the english localization team had one guy, whose GF was jewish, and she literally cried when they were watching a holocaust movie that one time. Not even kidding, he then decided to request that the devs pull all references to the holocaust and all instances of the swastika out. The medic isn't even wearing a red cross on his armband, even tho the manual shows him wearing one, in the game, it is just a plain white armband. The devs cucked out, and the game wasn't as polished as it could be, and it's a damn shame, because it had so much potential

398e96  No.16495278

File: f330f21d4f460b8⋯.webm (2.14 MB, 640x360, 16:9, oy gevalt.webm)


And here I thought that Unteralterbach was just meming when it had this shit in it.

f58f43  No.16495283


>he then decided to request that the devs pull all references to the holocaust and all instances of the swastika out

What a faggot. Does that mean the JP version has the swastikas?

f26a0a  No.16495285


>no sound

4e0c19  No.16495289


I dunno, but I think the JP version at least has the red armband. Hard to find info on this game, but I do know that the red cross thing was because the red cross foundation cried about games "Glorifying violence" or something, first I ever heard of this

59e4c6  No.16495294


Do you have a source for this? I can't find anything about it when I search to support your claim.

Also, Killzone. It's shit, but they nailed the atmosphere in 2 that keeps me coming back. The ISA is so dumb, most of their vehicle designs are laughably awful, and the fact we never got to play a proper Helghast in the trilogy is a damn shame since they did nothing wrong

c2872c  No.16495298


Current standards have fallen hilariously low.

All you have to do to make a hit FPS game these days is have flashy graphics, NUMBERS constantly flashing on screen and EPIC LOOT OBTAINED popping up every once in a while. That once in a while could be anywhere to every 5 minutes, to every 30 minutes ( lol Division 2) to once your payment clears.

That reminds me. I loved MAG.

>Shotguns actually shotgunned,they weren't bb-guns that vanished after 3 feet.

>Sniper Rifle bullet drop was insane.

>Game actually had accuracy and movement penalties for retards since Friendly Fire Full Damage was always in effect.

I still remember the first day I made Platoon Leader. I accidentally gassed my own bunker.

>The retards that knew how to use Company Chat and Platoon Chat always beat out the retards who only know how to use Squad Chat and Area Chat.

>Game was kryptonite to the Call of Duty fanboys who didn't get their instant gratification.

>Game attracted BF and SOCOM players who enjoyed Teamwork.

Also, speaking of Socom. Real shame about Socom 4.

Those were the days. Now it's all flashy shit or uptight shit like Squad and Arma. Yeah, there's some real bros in Arma but on a bad day you fun into the no-fun allowed crews.


Janky is a fucking understatement. That's like saying Vampire Rain was serviceable. That's like saying Deadly Premonition was graphically impressive.

4e0c19  No.16495314


There was this one site that had a pretty decent guide on it, as well as a review and an interview with the devs. I can look for it, but that site had about all the info on this game that there is on the internet, it was never very popular or anything

4e0c19  No.16495329




Here it is. I should say that this has spoilers in the review, so scroll to the bottom for the interview, if you want to play the game

> When translating the game from Japanese to English, were there any sort of cultural sensitivities you had to observe, or vice versa, or were you more free to say things in English that would not be allowed in Japan?

<I remember watching “Band of Brothers” with my girlfriend for reference before working on the project. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of watching the concentration camp episode, and I should mention that my girlfriend was Jewish, with relatives who had been held in those camps. She didn’t handle the visuals very well, to say the least.

<In the game, the developers were sensitive enough to take these sentiments into account. Although the Holocaust is a significant and important piece of history, it was not specifically necessary to our heroes’ storylines or the development of their characters. Therefore, it is not explicitly referenced in the game, and we on the localization team decided their judgement was very sound. We took it one step further and removed all references to “concentration camps” altogether, just to be safe.

<We agree that, artistically, making people feel uncomfortable can have its merits, especially when trying to make a bold statement. However, we’re happy to report that in both the Japanese and the American versions, all parties are in agreement that the Holocaust is just not appropriate subject matter for this particular game.

<Other than that, there were no boundaries. There are incidents of torture, depictions of blood, and of course the requisite anti-German and anti-English slang words!

a8f1dc  No.16495370


>The 50 Cent Games

The games may be just one massive Ego Trip for once respected rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, but the games were a guilty joy to play anyway. Maybe it's because I used to be a fan of G-Unit before rap went to shit (way back before Young Buck got kicked out for wasting money). But the games on their own are massive guilty pleasures. Especially the Bonus Content and the Soundtrack.

Only later was I old enough to understand the stories, and they're pretty awesome for what they are. The awesome things about the shooting mechanics were the Counter Kills way back before Doom popularised it. And the Supporting Characters are out of this world. They actually got Dr Dre and Eminem in there, and they do an awesome acting job.

Do you have any different opinions?

a8f1dc  No.16495375

File: 6477df638a31f47⋯.jpg (18.67 KB, 256x326, 128:163, 50_Cent_Bulletproof.jpg)

File: 8724421aeb13b18⋯.jpg (68.52 KB, 256x320, 4:5, 50_Cent_Blood_on_the_Sand.jpg)


[nearly forgot]

59e4c6  No.16495779

File: f52b3bd26d7a06f⋯.jpg (590.82 KB, 2500x2930, 250:293, f52b3bd26d7a06f33225888713….jpg)


>However, we’re happy to report that in both the Japanese and the American versions, all parties are in agreement that the Holocaust is just not appropriate subject matter for this particular game.

>Other than that, there were no boundaries. There are incidents of torture, depictions of blood, and of course the requisite anti-German and anti-English slang words!

Fuck this guy, and fuck his Jewish girlfriend with their it's okay when it happens to white people shit. Kudos to you for pulling it up.

398e96  No.16496035

File: 24474e1cf6bc525⋯.png (131.09 KB, 445x365, 89:73, kobayashi stops reading he….png)


<Other than that, there were no boundaries. There are incidents of torture, depictions of blood, and of course the requisite anti-German and anti-English slang words!

>anti-German and anti-English slang is OK, but anti-kike words are baddy bad goy, g-d forbid anything hurt the feefees of g-d's chosen people

9e94ba  No.16496341


>I heard there was something like this on the PS3, and it was much better than just a 6/10, or so they tell me

Probably valkyria chronicles, and it got a PC port in case you want to try it, 2 and 3 were PSP exclusive but they emulate perfectly, 3 even has a 60fps patch.

46ad90  No.16496342

Legend of Zelda is, in my opinion, a 6/10 series. I've already tried 4 different entries and they were all more or less meh.

4e0c19  No.16496359


this, it's your average action adventure. Maybe OoT and MM were good, but the rest, maybe average at best. All the ruckus about zelda is mostly just soyboys and their nostalgia for what they played 20 years ago, it's kinda sad

c0dc78  No.16496420

File: 142c9babc5cec6e⋯.jpg (95.9 KB, 500x709, 500:709, serveimage.jpg)

This game give me a feeling that this was the game the developers wanted to make and bided their time and funds porting games to do so. it feels incredibly short for what it is, with the actual ending up on youtube by one of the devs, but you can tell that they gave a shit making this.

c0dc78  No.16496422


gave me*

6eb301  No.16496452

File: d538117bb65ec6d⋯.png (557.97 KB, 700x525, 4:3, okage.png)

Probably Okage. It seems like the kind of game that "quirky gamers" would like alongside earthbound but it doesn't usually get mentioned.

4e0c19  No.16496459

File: f31d049f01ea552⋯.png (122.89 KB, 440x423, 440:423, yiikes you have to play al….png)


>Quirky Games

>"How we doing, fellow weird, nerdy gamers?"

Can't think of this phrase and not think of pic related anymore

398e96  No.16496463

File: 340d189af6d68d1⋯.png (161.22 KB, 565x442, 565:442, soy thinking.png)

5bf77a  No.16496473


As always with these posts, you'd better put forward a series which you think is significantly better. You won't though because you're fully aware you're not here to put your money where your mouth is.

9653d5  No.16496476



But guys, he's supposed to be a piece of shit. You guys just don't understand art.

9e94ba  No.16496491


Darksiders 1 and 2 shit on every LoZ game but ALttP and Majora's Mask.

c2872c  No.16496532


>Implying "Quirky" gamers care about the majestic combat abilities of our lord Stanley Hihat Trinidad the Fourteenth.

Okage was part of that special time in gaming history when everything was playable. From Okage, Mister Mosquite, Chulip, Stretch Panic and even Magic Pengel.


>Blood on the sand.

>Game had a fuck you button on top of being a well built.

You know- Some pretty good games were endorsed by hiphop artists. Getting Up, Def Jam Fighting Games and that hilariously bad Wu Tang game that my cousin destroyed in a fit of rage.

I'll never forget that day. I absolutely wanted to murder that shit with a plastic bag. I was TWO INCHES from pulling the bag over that little fucks mouth and suffocating him. But my mom said she'd buy another copy.

She didn't. I had to buy it myself with my own allowance. She did buy me Legend of Dragoon for my birthday. I am going to leave this thread.

I am starting to develop feels for quality games.

202f03  No.16496534


did they ever make this run on the xbone? i picked it up and enjoyed it even if it felt like 60% of a game, then my xbox HEUG died and the 360 didn't play it, like fucking most xbox games, but i do have an xbone s i got off my brother thats dustier than my dreamcast i would finally turn on if i could revisit this one.

fdcf58  No.16496579

File: 16119b0b62e6657⋯.jpg (57.93 KB, 600x450, 4:3, pff.jpg)



>I used to be a fan of G-Unit before rap went to shit

>implying rap was ever good

That said the Fiddy games were surprising to me too. (BotS at least. Never played Bulletproof) A friend of mine got it as a "grandma gift" and they were surprisingly not shit. They functioned well enough as TPSes but the story was a special flavor of stupid that made it incredibly fucking entertaining. Only a complete stick-up-the-ass could play a game about an American rapper cutting a path of death and destruction across the middle east over a fucking shiny skull and not think it was the funniest shit ever. For fucks sake this game not only has a dedicated swearing button, but you can actually use your looted Middle Eastern gold to upgrade your fucking swears. I'd be surprised if the game wasn't intended to take the piss out of Fiddy and he was just too much of a uppity narcissist to notice.

c9a5fa  No.16496604


>the hardware that was over a decade old by that point

The PS3 launched in 2006. Resistance 3 released in 2011. What are you smoking?


R3 brought back all of the wacky guns, which became even wackier as you used them because they passively leveled up. My personal favourite is the rocket launcher, which goes:

>rocket launcher

>rocket launcher with explosions along the rocket's line of fire

>rocket launcher with explosions along the rocket's line of fire, and the rocket carpet bombs the area beneath it as it travels

The characters were as compelling as they needed to be, too: the protagonist is gruff but loves his family, the scientist he travels with is very smart but also callous, etc. The game doesn't have unfunny characters screaming in your ear every few minutes, too, which is something I really appreciate because the levels are quite atmospheric when they want to be.

The only real negative thing I can say about the game is that it's downright kneecapped by its hardware. R3 runs at 30FPS, and even that dips when the larger actions scenes happen, or the screen fills with explosions. I'd love to see it receive a PC port, but nobody remembers it.


That's one specific gun, whose signature ability is shooting through walls. I can't imagine why you're complaining. Could you imagine if that gun were hitscan?




This industry has been rotting for a long time. Thanks for retrieving this.

0da56e  No.16496610

File: a2bdaef5d2f48a1⋯.png (2.46 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, knightfacepalm.PNG)


>dedicated swear button

>tfw you never got to realize the untold joy of VGSing NIGGER at enemies in literally any game

d6fd1f  No.16496612


Rap is like pizza from a chain. It's not good for you, usually doesn't taste the best, and it's definitely not some culinary masterpiece, but sometimes you just want some shitty grease pizza.

398e96  No.16496635


>having shit taste

c2872c  No.16496652


You could have gourmet Full Moon, 100% Italian Pizza certified by the kidnapped Italian people in the basement or you could have Gigantic, Greasy, Papa Johns Sausage,Pepperoni, Extra cheese smothered in Garlic Sauce.


You can have both at two different times.

>We can't go back to the simple days of Mario Kart and Mortal Kombat while eating pizza and ice cream in our pajamas.

eabd53  No.16496659

File: dd5bfaca2059a5c⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



I can't get over this piece of shit has a reference in Travis Strikes Again, legit having a great time until I saw that shit


202f03  No.16496676

File: 2f276e6674bfd2d⋯.jpg (88.71 KB, 640x640, 1:1, self professed No More Her….jpg)


Why? No more heroes is the same "REMEMBER THE 80'S" shit soyboys love. There isn't a more soylent nintendo exclusive ip i can name.

46ad90  No.16496684


>you'd better put forward a series which you think is significantly better.

What? Why? That's like saying "You can't criticize Steven Jewniverse without naming a better tv show" It doesn't take a better series to figure out that the one on hand is shit. Also, I don't have to do or prove anything.

But if you really want to know of a better series, then I would say that series is The Elder Scrolls (with mods, bite me). I don't know how much of a Zelda-clone you're asking for, but I can tell you one thing and it's that the other game better distance itself from LoZ if it's going to be any better.

c9dda6  No.16496722

File: 7008378e1cd795c⋯.png (21.2 KB, 300x258, 50:43, SpidersLogo.png)

File: 24eb6bb5914165e⋯.jpg (265.14 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bound-by-flame-12.png.jpg)

File: 3ff5274b1111183⋯.jpg (602.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Technomancer2.jpg)

File: 3bfad3f5e983442⋯.jpg (235.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, greedfall-07.png.jpg)



What about developers? I doubt their upcoming game will do anything to change that.

e0c48c  No.16496739


This is the second post I’ve seen of someone trying to say No More Heroes is shit, and the same photo was used on both.

The only thing you prove is that Matt is a faggot, which is why the best friends split, because Pat and Woolie wanted to play games and he wanted to transition over to his shitty “Did you know gaming” tier variety show. Show me one other example of “soyboys” gushing over NMH.

01a06e  No.16496745


It's word for word the exact same post from the last time he tried. I think DmC2 fag might be expanding his autism.

c0dc78  No.16496872


If you actually read the full article, it's more him wishing he could go back and fix it the same way it was with DMC2 to DMC3. It's not him being enamored with the design like a westaboo.

9ba0aa  No.16496892


faggot, you're replying to a dmc2fag

c2872c  No.16496920



You can't trust anyone who thinks No More Heroes is Remember The 80s shit.

Everything about the game mildly futuristic and the main character is a faggot NEET who decides to get off his ass and get knee deep in pussy. By murdering people.

Travis, while a shitty main character in a world full of excellent characters is anti-soy.

4d055c  No.16496929

Every single licensed LEGO game. There is no such thing as a bad one but there is no such thing as a great one. They are fucking solid no matter how shitty the source material is. Every game has some sort of quirk or gimmick that I feel makes each one stand out compared to the others. Star Wars plays different from Indiana Jones which plays different from Batman which plays different from Harry Potter etc. I will say one thing, though. The voiced characters were a downgrade compared to the more emotive, charming and funny mimes that the older games had.

f58103  No.16496939

resistance 3 was alright for a consoleshit FPS, reminded me of Crysis 2 which also was a consoleshit game

a3349e  No.16496975


I agree on all points. They're an acceptable way to kill some time, and they're all varying amounts of good, but there's none that I would say would be a must-play game. I do hate that ever since TT took over making Lego vidya, we haven't really gotten much variety in Lego games. Back in the 90's and early 00's, there was a large variety of Lego vidya to choose from: Island, Loco, Creator, Racers, Rock Raiders, and others I'm probably forgetting. But ever since the success of Lego Star Wars, it's just been the same formula rehashed for the last decade+.

I also miss the gibberish from the early games. Really added to the humor and charm.

dafc07  No.16497026


>Critiscizing shit that doesn't make sense means I'm a simfag

Look, it's a bullet. It's supposed to go fast. Fast enough so you can't see it coming to splatter your brains. Most basic shit you need to do correctly (or excuse for being silly) in a shooter of all things.

04e108  No.16497035


Bound by flame fucking sucked ass. Not a 6/10 more like a 2/10.

869fa6  No.16497043

File: c242f7e3e087ceb⋯.png (232.12 KB, 361x319, 361:319, Crash.PNG)

Crash Twinsanity, it had a very rushed development and is a shell of what it could've been, but the gameplay is mostly solid, looks great, and has a fucking kickass soundtrack. Highly recommend.

4e0c19  No.16497085



NMH reminds me of dead rising, except instead of zombies, you skip straight to the boss fights. Or that's the game, I think there is a bit of a grind to get to each boss, not like I would know, I was never a nintendo shitter

899e3b  No.16497302


>Darksiders 1 and 2 are shit


2edb70  No.16497497


mein neger but there were some very frustrating segments in that game

c2872c  No.16497909


Frankly, the game was insultingly meta.

>You never needed to grind to get the boss fights.

>You were being jewed out of your money every single time.

>Negative continuity makes it hard to tell what the hell is actually happening.

011ef6  No.16498033

File: 7c2f47203e6a06b⋯.jpg (474.49 KB, 1305x1500, 87:100, 81s22WOCH7L._SL1500_.jpg)

Uncharted 2, the whole series seems insanely overrated, I've only played the first 2 and the second one is maybe a 5 or 6. I haven't played the other one and I don't really plan to.

352220  No.16498037


Any western AAA is overrated. Big budget, army of slave developers and zero creative work of game design. Everything is made to be standardized in these games. The gameplay work starts at the very end of the project when the writting and the cinematics with actors are done and is mostly made of scripts.

b72a6d  No.16498043


The Uncharted games are stupid fun. Pretty enjoyable if you're into that, and they're cheap on PS3/4

eabd53  No.16498072

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>mein neger but there were some very frustrating segments in that game

See that mountain? You can climb it

eabd53  No.16498088

File: 4f8aaa4da000db7⋯.png (354.07 KB, 555x250, 111:50, ClipboardImage.png)


All No More Heroes games, including the mobileshit one, are pretty goddamn cool. Obviously the main character is built to be as unlikeable as possible by design. The "remember the 80s" shit is purely your own fabrication, my dude, that's more of a Hotline Miami thing, which is still a great game unlike its sequel which only had two good songs in it.


I mean, at least you kill up a shitton of literally-glow-in-the-dark CIAniggers at the end of the game so at least Goichi Suda knows who're the real enemies of Man.


All the games have a bunch of unique kinds of grind, in the first one the hardest thing is to deal with the shitty minigames necessary to get enough cash to buy in the assassination games. Problem with auteur games is that you can't really say whether they're being obnoxious on purpose or for technical problems. A shame though because when NMH is good it's really fucking great, when it's bad it's forgettable and never really bad. People will forget a lot of the games in favor of the good parts, and again, problem is that the people behind them KNOW this and relegate some important shit to jokes, like skipping half the lore through a fast-forward'd exposition that you can slow down and listen to if you're patient enough or give a shit about.


Actually it's established really early on that nothing really matters and that Travis is in a videogame. Like, actually acknowledging it's a vidya and he's in there. It's in the intro to the first one, even.


Only good thing about Uncharted was the humor and the gimmicks you could fuck around with like fatty drake, too bad it's insensitive so they have to put stronk independent negresses that can beat you up in the games

202f03  No.16498116

File: 892df551c990ac7⋯.png (224.12 KB, 854x480, 427:240, we looked at the data.png)


>my dude

bdb1eb  No.16498117



>sequel which only had two good songs in it.

Them's fightin' words boy. Pistols at dawn.

398e96  No.16498138


haha not liking /v/eddit is for losers my dude

Jim should totally implement a upvote/downvote system here my dude

d12e35  No.16498157

File: b40594dbbd1461f⋯.gif (8.76 MB, 600x311, 600:311, Speechless.gif)


i am literally speechless

>jumps to 10th dimension with literally no cutscene or loading, just OOB and selectively hitting event triggers

feeb3c  No.16498242


I never had that issue tbh. Usually when enemies would explode or get decapitated I'd call them done.

8b1140  No.16498276

File: 704f68ab362a68b⋯.webm (1.86 MB, 600x311, 600:311, speechless.webm)


> 8.76 MB GIF

Jesus fucking Christ, man.

eabd53  No.16498282


oh shit I'm sorry for using the fucking English language on an English based imageboard hosted on an American server


I don't particularly think the sequel was that good, at least compared to the original. Even in tone, the first had a much more memorable soundtrack. Couple of zingers in the second though.


More like the only truly Punk game out there. Tells you you're dumb for liking it and enjoys putting meaningless shit in front of you knowing you'll go the extra mile to see through the end, but it's still good on its own merits. You're thinking more of The Stanley Parable there with that comparison.


There's a longer, older version that doesn't use the same glitches and still does a huge amount of skips through other levels. Walls aren't there to stop you in this game, just to guide you.

637c97  No.16498300

File: a6117c2a646e9ca⋯.jpg (129.6 KB, 705x847, 705:847, wew.jpg)



I'm not knocking webms, but come on dude

8b1140  No.16498318

File: 0028f4cb83db5a1⋯.webm (2.21 MB, 600x311, 600:311, speechless.webm)


Works for me. Maybe your browser isn't handling vp9 right. Here's a vp8 one.

637c97  No.16498332

File: 9076d5101cd3f62⋯.mp4 (5.67 MB, 640x360, 16:9, the full vlc experence.mp4)


vp8 works, but the vp9 crashes my VLC player as well.

8b1140  No.16498336

File: 7ade0168d027b5b⋯.webm (279.38 KB, 600x311, 600:311, speechless.webm)




Figured it out, without extensions, most browsers don't support 4:2:2 subsampling. Here's a 4:2:0 one that should fix the issue, and for some reason, it's way fucking smaller.

869fa6  No.16498348

File: 851406e2403740c⋯.png (66.51 KB, 250x237, 250:237, Grin.png)






>got anons to optimize my shitty tumblr-tier gif by doing absolutely nothing

8b1140  No.16498399


It wasn't a tumblr-tier gif because it wasn't a half-second loop at 3 fps with subtitles of what the person in the gif is saying.

99a506  No.16498509


>Same faggot that keep posting the same picture with the same argument all over the board whenever NMH is mentioned

8363d7  No.16498518


>Travis, while a shitty main character in a world full of excellent characters is anti-soy.

He loves star wars, is a fucking loser but still somehow a badass top assassin.

It fits shit like Ready Player One and Soy Pilgrim to T.

0eb96d  No.16498524


>VLC player

use mpv, anon

637c97  No.16499279

File: 6bb76b4b5fc7224⋯.webm (679.1 KB, 480x360, 4:3, no.webm)


no, shit never works like it's advertised by gnu fags

194cf2  No.16499346


I recently replayed this. It's still pretty good, but the writing tries a little too hard to be quirky. It does land most of the time, though.

e6f72d  No.16504937

Looking for a SNES or GBA jrpg that's never been rereleased. Suggest me something please.

a9bf55  No.16504947


'Quirky gamers' are ewhores you stupid fuck.

ee49c3  No.16505057

File: 9806026b030b839⋯.jpg (25.14 KB, 300x300, 1:1, kings quest.jpg)

Most of the reasons I hear why people disliked it was just for it being such a radical departure from other games in the series. I haven't played it since I was a mere baby boy, but I'll never forget it for its eerie, isolating, "lone survivor in a doomed world" type atmosphere where the few things left breathing are trying to kill you. Kind of like the feeling I got from my first run through Dark Souls.

aaf15b  No.16505087

File: 6aaf09493a96a8f⋯.jpg (38.66 KB, 640x360, 16:9, sr2.jpg)


Saints Row. It's always been a "meh" series. 2 included.

But I don't even know if it classifies as a "meh" franchise anymore, because now it's gone into "absolute dogshit" tier.

2d5226  No.16505089


3 was fantastic and one of the best games of all time, but all others were merely average.

62fcb6  No.16505636

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>loves Star Wars

I don't remember many references to the series beyond the beam katana and Dark Star. Travis' favorite media franchise is Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly 5, which was a fanservice-filled loli magical girl series. Numales absolutely despise loli fanservice because they'd rather people fuck real children, so if anything Travis is negasoy.

c103c2  No.16506220

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Matt Hoffman Pro BMX 2 was my shit back then.

783e65  No.16512625

File: 958dcc27013cbb6⋯.jpg (156.58 KB, 800x1137, 800:1137, 263160-aliens-colonial-mar….jpg)

Aliens: Colonial Marines sp campaign is a "solid 6/10 game" I happened to enjoy a lot - actually it's more a 6.5/10 or even 7/10 for me. I've played it back in the day and thought that it wasn't even nearly as bad as everyone was saying. I'll admit, while AvP 2010 is undoubtedly a more polished game, I had more fun with ACM

My guess is that maybe because of the franchise, people's expectations were just too high. Then again, I played the PC version, and apparently the console versions had more problems.

I recently played through it again (this time using the ACM Overhaul mod) and my opinion stands.

e8270f  No.16512700


>I honestly think the story in the original Resistance was good. They used real events and build it up with a sense of mystery and unanswered questions to let your imagination speculate what happened.

I despise alternate history due to is close proximity to subversive historical revisionism, see Asscreed for examples. That said, Resistance was a decent series and worth playing thru quickly. Some cool environments. The aliens and weaponry were not so exciting. Resistance 2 has the honor of having my last gaming wow moment. There is a part where you are going thru sewers and coming out witness a vast space battle and my new and first HDTV captured it perfectly. I also have fond memories of the sawmill areas of the third game, capturing the feel of the times quite well.

b41de7  No.16514638

It's a game and not a franchise, but I enjoy Time and Eternity quite a lot. It's a shame the developer went bankrupt.

7eea89  No.16514640

The original Resistance feels like a mediocre Halo clone, it wasn't offensively bad but it definitely didn't hit anything out of the park for me. Pretty well paced overall and there was actually some pretty cool technology. Resistance 2 I hated and dropped within the first hour but 3 was an amazing game to me. It was legitimately one of the last good shooters I've played. The upgrading, the levels, the variety, it was all excellent.


kill yourself realism shitter, cancer to video games.

59cdc0  No.16519943

File: 024f0cf7825706f⋯.jpg (69.58 KB, 630x420, 3:2, Hunted.jpg)

Hunted: The Demon's Forge is probably the closest I have, since I'd say that 6/10 is a fair assessment for single-player mode. On the other hand, it's one of the last games released that seemed made for split-screen, and it does a damn good job in that one area. The story is nothing especially amazing, but the plot twist at the end is a nice fuck you to the scrubs that took the easy way through the game (though I can't imagine anyone who's enough of a bitch to not get the good ending on their first time through the game). The only real disappointment I remember was the final boss, who was a bit underwhelming.

It's a shame they never went and made other games in the series. Maybe not direct sequels, necessarily, but just further games in the series.

107ca4  No.16520894


the multiplayer was great fun for this one though. i loved it

3c28cf  No.16520907


Played it a lot with with my ex gf. It still hurts.

52ba4b  No.16527127

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Embed related. Even if it was basically a hypercasualized game before they became cool, it's still comfy as fuck when you don't feel like actually challenging yourself.

Of course, the music was great too.

99d34e  No.16537484


this, one thing they got right

d07ba3  No.16537543


>memorable characters, even in their simplicity

>simple yet solid story that never has to worry about confusing the player with poor translation or space fleas from nowhere

>can see enemies on the map

>enemies change their appearance in combat as you wear down their health

>weapons are used to interact with the environment and solve puzzles

>music is a mix of ballads, marches, and speed metal

Squaresoft's babby's first RPG is better designed than a lot of RPGs that followed. I honestly wouldn't mind a sequel–Benjamin and Tristam set sail for a new land in the ending, after all.

05d78c  No.16537574


More the factor that such ideas could get funded, at least at a AA company level (though Zener Works had collaborative help from SCEI), whereas now they'd probably get devoted to indie and/or kickstarter, and all the issues that come with the territory.

4397e7  No.16537596

File: fdf097e96e9b880⋯.jpg (19.61 KB, 240x290, 24:29, nep despair.jpg)



>tfw /v/ tried to get the 3rd ending of this shit-hole game just to spite the game's fans.

>tfw OP quit because the game was agony to play over and over again.

7e365d  No.16538081


This was my first JRPG, and I've loved the genre ever since

524849  No.16538094


I seem to remember that they gave audio cues on death.

dafc07  No.16538100


Imagine being this retarded.

Go back to gaylo if you like easy-mode slow bullets like the failed abortion you are.

524849  No.16538107

File: bcacc971a7c1e7f⋯.jpg (97.5 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 491c5acf3ba5784670aa104249….jpg)



>A game with numerous hitscan weapons that are hard to avoid because you move slowly

Either you're a total idiot or this is some 4D shitposting. Either way, you should stop.

1149c9  No.16545100

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SF x Tekken

59d235  No.16545112


>hurrrr its projectile therefore its slow

goes to show only kikes hate halo

660aef  No.16545113


>post halo 3 image

>muh hitscan

Every gun in halo 3 used actual projectiles, the only sorta hitscan weapon is that spartan laser thing

d68827  No.16545145

File: f1736d190c31ca2⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

perhaps a 6/10 is too low though.

0c0b86  No.16545235

File: 140ae2acafc8918⋯.png (6.63 MB, 1407x1234, 1407:1234, latest.png)

File: ca358d3710b921e⋯.jpg (130.62 KB, 900x506, 450:253, driver__san_francisco___wa….jpg)

File: 1ff8878a4f05828⋯.jpg (522.14 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, driver-parallel-lines-03.jpg)

File: 637628e39ad3844⋯.jpg (144.12 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 3545.jpg)

File: f95a4d35b4dce6c⋯.jpg (329.8 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, _-Stuntman-Ignition-PS2-_.jpg)

>The Driver Franchise + Stuntman

In my opinion, even the good games in the franchise aged horribly (except Stuntman), but they're fun to play non-the-less.

The only reasons to even play them to the end (even Driver 3 and San Francisco) is because of the glitchy appeal, awesome driving mechanics and stories. I mean, it's like watching a movie franchise go from its best to its worst and back to its best again.

Atari really fucked Reflections over and set a low precedent for modern game companies to take advantage of the wisest of second parties and wring them dry until they've outgrown their usefulness (I'm looking at you EA).

Stuntman was the only awesome thing that remained out of it, even with all of the cut content in both games.

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