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Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.16496755

Is it going to bomb?

1580bb  No.16496766

It's japanese, they have some experience with bombs.

477d3d  No.16496784


thread over. go home.

8a5ba9  No.16496786

File: 122e4d4ae6b6c20⋯.gif (1.27 MB, 311x240, 311:240, a740381bff34f472b87a2731c9….gif)

213f22  No.16496787

Depends if the PS7 is a success or not.

433dff  No.16496795

It'll make the Sector 1 reactor look like a fire cracker.

bee77a  No.16496800

It can't bomb if it never comes out.

a15634  No.16496823

File: 974709ecc38c0a1⋯.gif (965.05 KB, 290x231, 290:231, notbad.gif)

56e5f0  No.16496944


Depends how bad it is. What crashfags refuse to admit is that the only reason the crash of 83 happened was consumers were lacking an easy to access source of game reviews. For the most part, they were essentially making blind purchases based on the box alone. People bought shit games, got burned, and then just stopped buying games.

Today, everyone who is playing vidya also has instant access to metacritic. AAA games live and die by metacritic, which is why publishers hand out bonuses based on metacritic score thresholds, and in the past have attempted to influence journos with score based embargos. Taste aside, shit games tend to get shit metacritic scores, which kills sales. Pre-release hype can only get you so many pre-orders, and for a AAA game that's just not enough. You have to have big sales post-release, so if the remake is dogshit, guaranteed they're going to lose money on it. If it's good, or even just decent, there's a 0% chance that it'll flop.

0a32f1  No.16496958

File: 86247897861a5d6⋯.webm (261.58 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 817324780513241325.webm)

43d144  No.16496959

File: 4f269e7e42c5656⋯.webm (221.41 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 2 nukes wasn't enough.webm)

33f3ca  No.16496999


46a6ca  No.16497024

File: 92acdb246023287⋯.png (216.32 KB, 317x466, 317:466, dubsbombing.png)

58ec58  No.16497027

File: ff90c77328a3187⋯.webm (700.2 KB, 360x360, 1:1, dreamfeet.webm)



Wonderful thread.

267cc8  No.16497046

File: 77d8dc3f9271d72⋯.png (118.03 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Japan.png)

433dff  No.16497054


Don't forget the part where they occupied one of your islands and confiscated so much food that the only thing your guys there had to eat was the cans of Spam and ketchup the occupiers gave you out of pity and the people there made entire restaurants out of it.

000000  No.16497069


>This exact same thread again

Yes. It will flop. Normalfags are waking up, and companies are so desperate to pretend that their pieces of shit are selling well that they are manipulating all sales numbers.

This remake will be nothing more than a corridor fantasy, much like FF 13, with the "hold 1 button to win" mechanic from FF 15.


>This is the level of brain damage that a corporate shill has.

e834bb  No.16497100

Final Fantasy VII was the one game Luciano's father bought for him before getting gunned down/knifed by a rival gang. Now he's filled with bitterness and hatred for buying things and any game other than FFVII.

433dff  No.16497107

File: e84c436636c2196⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1233x706, 1233:706, 1411154275891.png)



>playing anything other than KoF

0c3092  No.16497116

File: f9fffc05afa4257⋯.png (119.23 KB, 206x255, 206:255, f9fffc05afa425741b543c08e5….png)

968d7d  No.16497120

Didn't they censor some character or some of the things they say in the remake? I don't play soy fantasy, I just remember people talking about it

b20781  No.16497122

File: 50d05b4af72f777⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1602x1025, 1602:1025, SAW.PNG)


(you) deserve this

433dff  No.16497127


One of the character's tits is all over the place. It's less censorship and more they've restarted development and went through like 3 different studios at this point.

0c3092  No.16497130

File: 8949b952489300c⋯.jpg (287.8 KB, 1919x1080, 1919:1080, download (2).jpg)

46a6ca  No.16497131


>being this new

He's the TORpedo who always spams "hurr we must murder all leftists and women immediately, just go kill them now fellow goys!". He's like the counterpart to the niggerpill kike.

968d7d  No.16497146




Like I said, I'm not much familiar with the game, I just was some soyboy streamer play thru it once, back when I had even less self respect for myself than I do now, but there was a character that sides with you, and he said or did or acted in a way that you simply can't do in the current year. I'm sure some final fantasy faggot will know what I'm talking about

93191d  No.16497147


>FF15 Engine

>overly focused on "cinematic gameplay"

>absolutely chaotic development process that took years to get started and is not even remotely near playable years later

>"episodic" release scheme

>banking on nostalgia while telling fans that they intend to drastically change and remove content because something something [current year]

>Releasing mock gameplay and pre-rendered cutscenes to tease the release of an announcement of what might be happening later for a game that isn't even remotely ready to release a teaser trailer announcing the release of a trailer announcing the preorder date

e834bb  No.16497154


I hope you don't mean you watched some faggot e-celeb play FF7 instead of actually playing it yourself.

968d7d  No.16497155


what was it they changed? I swear it was something really minute, even by today's standards

433dff  No.16497156


Unless it's the nigger party member's cussing I really wouldn't have any clue what you could be referring too.

968d7d  No.16497167


There was a party member that cussed even more, something to do with how he treated women, I think. I'm not looking this shit up, but some other anon already confirmed they announced changing content for the sake of the current year


to be honest, final fantasy is such a boring fucking cinematic "experience" of an RPG that I would rather lay on my bed and watch some soyboy who already knew it inside out play it again, while one hand goes down my pants, and another looks up some good doujins to help me out. Sounds like a better experience than actually wasting time trying to get thru it myself, especially since I remember the game being bland otaku shit

433dff  No.16497171


That's Cid, and there's no way anyone knows how much he's been changed because he doesn't show up until a good 6 or 7 hours into the game and all the trailers so far have only show maybe the first 5 minutes at most.

93191d  No.16497175


They've been talking about toning down things like Tifa's breasts, removing the Don Corneo segment where Cloud crossdresses and pals around with a group of bara bodybuilders, removing stuff like the sexy casino girls, and just plain sanitizing the game as much as possible to fit modern day puritanical standards.

968d7d  No.16497179


Yeah, that's him. What did he exactly do that is so "controversial"?


>go back reddit.png

>trump pic

looks like you're one of the niggers from the gamergate containment thread, go back there


So what, removing the only good bits? Maybe not the crossdressing part, but you would think the trannies would support getting more representation like this

433dff  No.16497183


Puritanism is not what is happening here. The people who screech about tits and whatnot only do it when someone they don't control is committing the act. They want a monopoly on titillation.

433dff  No.16497187


He called his wife, girlfriend? I really don't remember, a dumb bitch for fucking up and while it's hard to tell with the fucking lego tier graphics I think he hits her too.

71b1df  No.16497189


You really think, that other people besides you, care about TOR posters and their lives?

968d7d  No.16497201


Wasn't the game T rated? What's the problem? I know it's about muh equality, so I guess that Cid is gonna be raped over by this

FF7 tend to be rather obsessive over their game and muh lore of that game, or at least were when they were relevant, do you think they will still care enough to raise a shitstorm over lore rape?

433dff  No.16497213


I think they mostly got away with it because all the actually controversial shit was so deep into the game and Sony had more money than god back then. And no, I really don't think many people are going to care. Most FF7 fans either moved on or died at this point and the only people who will actually buy this shitheap are complete retards who don't have the mental capacity for criticism in the first place.

968d7d  No.16497221


Or young shitters who want to experience the "Classic" some streamer they like keeps talking about. What a pathetic cash in, might not as well bother remaking something if you're not going to be faithful

433dff  No.16497225


I have a hard time believing people like that are numerable enough to make a difference. FF7 is hardly a twitch juggernaut.

968d7d  No.16497236


There is plenty of the "Oldschool" Gamers who will inevitably talk about it, or be paid to talk about it, especially around the time of it's supposed release

433dff  No.16497245


With any other game, sure, but this shit's being released in 3 full priced parts and even the most dedicated faggot pretending to care is going to lose interest before it's finally finished.

46a6ca  No.16497249


If you weren't a newfag just off the boat from cuckchan, you'd be aware considering he spams 90% of the threads in the catalog with his instantly-recognizable posts.


2a15f9  No.16497251

File: 4f9c66c39d1defd⋯.jpg (345.63 KB, 2324x1794, 1162:897, 1467422320169.jpg)

ccfc7b  No.16497255


Wait, for real, the game is actually going to be in multiple discs, like back then? What the fuck


>muh boogeyman poster I don't like on an anonymous anime imageboard

Take your own advice and go back to 4/v/, where you belong

ccfc7b  No.16497257


Since I got dubs, the bomb goes to /cow/

2a15f9  No.16497265


Now how it works newfag

897e71  No.16497270

I hate this combat system, because it's two thirds of the way to being an action game, and just makes me wish the game was an action game.

e834bb  No.16497271




It is? Phew, send it over then.

f91deb  No.16497272


I feel like there's enough mouth breathing retards high on nostalgia that will buy it so it's not a complete failure, but I don't think it'll live up to what SE is hoping for.

71b1df  No.16497273


I have been here, since the first exodus, it's just that I don't obsess with random TOR posters, like you do.

46a6ca  No.16497277


>I have been here, since the first exodus



Only one who needs to go back is you, nigger. You're obviously a newfag if you're unaware of what I was talking about.

c8861e  No.16497283


>Still says developmental footage

Are they just going to tell some intern to make the whole thing in a day and sell it to retards?

9a0d4d  No.16497297


As always, send it to


d55b6e  No.16497304


Looks like disposable trash. VA is garbage, combat is garbage, overfocus on graffix is garbage. Everything about that trailer looked intensely disappointing.

Except Jessie. Jessie is love. I will cry when she dies again.

2a9696  No.16497309


Give it up Luciano, your kite is never going to fly again.

Also check'em.

16f418  No.16497313


send it to /pol/

fucking had it with the demoralization shills and the accelerationists pushing the same blackpills

cce4db  No.16497319

eda5ff  No.16497350

File: 82470012ac0914a⋯.png (192.16 KB, 443x896, 443:896, 82470012ac0914af6e7c1c5196….png)

No, of course its not going to bomb you fucking retard.

Its going to sell millions of copies.

Weather it will actually be good or not is another question entirely.

5d7ffa  No.16497355

It's gonna sell millions but not enough to recoup the dev cost just like FFXV

56e5f0  No.16497375


Strange how often that gets repeated here. http://archive.is/oBCnZ

883898  No.16497399



883898  No.16497427


A bunch of blackpill lapers, but in reality it's just leftypol 2.0.

883898  No.16497429



f0188e  No.16497464

File: 8b6071aaf5d2bda⋯.jpg (92.84 KB, 855x625, 171:125, patrick_bateman_is_doubles….jpg)


Impressive. Very nice.

67fab7  No.16497506

File: a0259dfc2cb83a3⋯.png (79.35 KB, 400x400, 1:1, check it Nedd.png)


Gotta admit, that was pretty savage. Dubs time it is then.

56e5f0  No.16497531


>That was the case for both FFXIII and FFXV

Another anon stops by to prove my point yet again.

3ab9f8  No.16497638

Does a bear shit in the woods?

16f418  No.16497647

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e834bb  No.16497651


If a bear shits in the woods and nobody's there to smell it, did it really happen?

54cf44  No.16497666



on balance i am glad japan was nuked twice, they got btfo'd so hard that they stopped trying to conquer the world by force. now they're trying to conquer it with culture - i.e. anime - which is much better for everyone.

3d576f  No.16497679


>they got btfo'd so hard that they stopped trying to conquer the world by force.

Lemme guess Satan, you believe that the Tanaka Memorial is real but the Protocols are fake?

33f3ca  No.16497800

File: 9fe5cf12f2f19ab⋯.jpg (173.53 KB, 774x1032, 3:4, Explosion!.jpg)

433dff  No.16498005


What's up with spics not being able to read the articles they post?

56e5f0  No.16498449


If you actually read it, you'd understand the difference between

>profitable, but failed to meet wildly optimistic sales projections


<failed to recoup development costs

In the article we see that their sales projection was 10m units. We also see that they shipped (I'll cover this momentarily, because this is probably where you're getting hung up with that room temp IQ) 5m day one and became profitable. Let's just go with the worst-case scenario and assume that they needed all 5m sales to recoup dev costs. The most recent sales I can find are 8.4m, so at worst that's 3.4m sales beyond their break-even point, roughly 68% of the profit they expected to make. To put it another way, you spend $50 on pachislot, expecting to walk away with $100. Instead you ended up walking out with $84. You didn't quite double your money as you had hoped, but you still walked away with a decent profit.

With that out of the way, let's talk units shipped. Anons are quick to point out the supposed difference between units shipped and units sold when attempting to claim that a game flopped or lost money, but what they fail to address is that from the publisher's standpoint, there is zero difference between a unit shipped and a unit sold. Wait, what? How could that be? Because physical games aren't sold on some bullshit consignment system, they're sold just like every other retail item. That is to say that retailers purchase the games wholesale from the publisher, mark them up (say, $30 wholesale / $60 retail) and then attempt to sell them to you, the good goy consumer. So all 5m of those units were bought and paid for on day 1, recouping all dev costs on the spot.

I don't expect you to admit you were wrong (I've seen that maybe three times here since 2014). I fully expect you to double down, because that's what retarded niggers and women do.

3f1d91  No.16498463

File: f9eea4016cfd519⋯.png (749.48 KB, 800x483, 800:483, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 628bb310724fda7⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1920x620, 96:31, ClipboardImage.png)


Tifa's boobs guarantee its going to be successful.

968d7d  No.16498470


but boobs are going to get nerfed, tho

3f1d91  No.16498477

File: dfd01ea7bca7684⋯.jpg (110.27 KB, 736x919, 736:919, d9ffcea8510eb1139ced53c1cc….jpg)

968d7d  No.16498483


read the thread, boobies are not allowed in the current year

3f1d91  No.16498499


Boobs are allowed for FF7

969908  No.16498505

File: c713c939dde5f10⋯.jpg (11.73 KB, 500x357, 500:357, x3c38gr5w3vz.jpg)

d207e2  No.16499354


it's using UE4, not crystal dynamics

1da5a6  No.16506856

Wait, they show Aeris but no Tifa? Do we even know what Tifa looks like yet?

Also, why is this thread being sagebombed? Are we being raided? Have a bump for a good thread gone to shit.

000000  No.16507109

Stay mad, shill.


Every single game after 2007 will automatically be shit. Companies started to be infected by leftists, and those still free from them are trying to pander for them in order to keep their bank accounts intact, threatened by jews.

So, yes, the remake will be shit. Never contract the mental disease known as "hype". The (((marketing))) mafia will use that disease to manipulate you into wasting your money on low quality products.


Don't forget that the "muh 'epic' fight with chorus chant" in the opening is literally a kindergarden brawl between two manchildren that want to be the though duded in the school.


No. You can beat the game without any of it's prizes. And it doesn't have any scene relevant to the plot.


So? It is still a better franchise than Final Fantasy at this point. And there's nothing you can do about it.


All Final Fantasy games are. It is their lowest point, shared among the whole franchise, even the spin-offs. Every single game's plot ends up with "kill a god with the power of friendship".

Some of the games are good to play. Just ignored the plot completely.


>impotent leftist being an impotent leftist


>fuck higher morality, do whatever you want. Just be happy and true to yourself

Be a mindless communist without any higher purpose?


Nomura is a cancer that must be removed.


It is not even a feeling. It is a fact.


>manchild exposes himself unironically

Your Pedowood make-believe productions/movies are meaningless. Nothing more than jewish propaganda.

Stay mad, literal manchild.

0bc73f  No.16507133

File: a70fd30eaf587f4⋯.jpg (10.24 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Vince.jpg)



>those digits

Could it be possible?

000000  No.16520100


They're going to fuck this up somehow, I just know it.

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