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File: 516919f210957c8⋯.jpeg (477.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, E0005A09-76C4-44A4-982B-C….jpeg)

8c5158  No.16500870

Or is it the future of gaming? Its been out for a few years now. What do you think about the current state of it? And what do you think of the future of VR?

6e9c5b  No.16500884

i'm looking forward to h-game devs realizing how gay it is to be a female mc being raped by monsters

75c21a  No.16500900


I'd like to try it out but I'm poor as fuck. Looks pretty cool though. Unless it improves drastically I doubt it'll become much but it'll stay afloat because people are enthusiastic about it.

142ec6  No.16500923


VR is getting better with every update whether software or hardware

im hype for the next few years bring

6b9271  No.16500942

Is that lightsaber music game any fun? That's the only VR game that looks good so far

142ec6  No.16500944


with mods and custom songs its great

vanilla is ok at best due to lack of songs

36d928  No.16500945

File: f5273190903e8e5⋯.jpg (154 KB, 1280x1065, 256:213, IMG_20190522_105455.jpg)

It's still in it's infancy. Give it at least a decade.

36d928  No.16500947

1b3136  No.16500948

The only reason I want VR is for porn.

I saw a VR nursing handjob game, it's what I currently live for.

142ec6  No.16500955

blade and sorcery modding community


beat saber modding community


also look into Virt-a-Mate for great porn content

000000  No.16500962



VR is dead.

844fe5  No.16501001

I think vr will only really take hold when it becomes high resolution enough to be able to do the same tasks as a desktop monitor. The vr experiences out there right now are just too niche and few and far between for most people to justify purchasing a headset.

0fcdef  No.16501003


>I saw a VR nursing handjob game, it's what I currently live for.

Jesus christ I need this.

81bb89  No.16501045

Boneworks looks pretty cool.

21f4cc  No.16501065


Literally linking to dicksuck

107c4d  No.16501076


it has a niche in horror, porn, simulations etc but is just fucking garbage for anything requiring gameplay. there's no reason to ever use VR for something like strategy games or even FPS where somebody playing on KB+M can push your shit in with the click of a button.

7139ea  No.16501084

It's something new and innovation is coming out of it along with some pretty cool games.

It's not worth the pricetag but I feel like it will have it's place in the future.

e8cf74  No.16501092


>And what do you think of the future of VR?

Very limited due to the control scheme. It'll become something akin to a console – one or two genres it does well, several genres it literally cannot do, and a couple it tries to do despite not being suited for it whatsoever. The control scheme will be the main limiting factor – you want to have the hands do shit rather than putting a keyboard there (because then what's the point of doing VR?), so you need to use some gay remotes that can't have more than a couple buttons, yet you need those couple buttons to control pretty much everything save camera and attacking (which can be handled by tilting your head and moving your hands). This severely limits just how complicated a game you can put on there.

At the same time, there is no point in doing VR for games that aren't played in fist person. Imagine playing an RTS in VR – you'd need to actively abstract the VR part away by plugging in a keyboard so that you can have hotkeys and having the display show a computer screen, in VR, so that you can play it.

VR will probably grow a bit more in the future years before stabilizing. It will be a console for FPS and RPG games for the most part, only more expensive than actual consoles, which is why it won't drive other consoles or PC out of the market.

7139ea  No.16501157


>Very limited due to the control scheme.

Certainly you jest

Have you seen the input devices they're coming up with?

1cadac  No.16501222

File: d8f03d12eaef13b⋯.png (153.36 KB, 480x360, 4:3, .png)

Virtual Reality, as it's own thing is a totally separate thing from gaming.

Presently as an incarnation it's an alternative input method and presentation medium to most games.

As for it being a "the future of gaming" is akin to saying something like, "thumbsticks" are the future of gaming, motion controls are the future of gaming.

While things like those are in some cases improvements to games to argue that they permanently change the medium irreversibly change gaming as a whole, is frankly, silly.

7541d4  No.16501248

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It has some real niche applications as well as some intriguing tech that can be used to benefit other industries if not the world at large - moving machine parts from across the globe, having expert analyses on the go and even helping the disabled to do shit they couldn't possibly do, but it's just not for gaming. VRChat and the lightsaber game is probably as good as it's ever going to get unless they solve some major issue with the tech (price, occupied space, discomfort in wearing it, motion sickness induced by jittery movements, unresponsive controls etc.)

3c13cb  No.16501251

File: fcb30efe0c7f257⋯.jpg (132.23 KB, 1372x806, 686:403, Windwos-Mixed-Reality-Head….jpg)


VR will get better incrementally. Right now you can have some fun with it, but most games feel like tech demos. The windows mixed reality headsets are affordable (on sale) and do not require a beefy system to run. A 1050 TI is sufficient. You will need 2 HDMI, USB 3.0, and Windows 10. The resolution is high enough that you can do things like aim with open sights. Newer headsets and games do not seem to cause motion sickness as easily.

71bd6a  No.16501291

File: 9a090925ac6120d⋯.webm (15.72 MB, 1364x768, 341:192, nailed_it.webm)


>Certainly you jest

He jest's not.

0689fb  No.16501304



ec0aa7  No.16501462


Do you actually need windows 10?

1cadac  No.16501477


I remember reading somewhere the headset is set up to dummy out data when it's connected to a different OS but there (might) be software out there to get it working with other operating systems.

5a06a5  No.16501541

File: 81e72bc1e00a578⋯.png (246.82 KB, 453x435, 151:145, CantFindMyMotivation.png)


>Implying those degenerates wouldn't get off to it


Would an RX 480 work? Saving for a new desktop and would rather use the 480 I salvaged from my dead rig and save some money.

c23adf  No.16501552

vr is motion controls 2, a very expensive nothingburger

1cadac  No.16501556


Oh fuck yeah a 480'll work fine the only thing you might run into is shit from nVidia with crippleamd in it

5a06a5  No.16501569


Is that really a problem? I haven't done much research but as far as I know there's no VR games with Goyworks.

1cadac  No.16501576


It's more of a general warning.

2ed742  No.16501614

VR games are fucking joke right now, its going to stay that way for long time and making games just for VR means making exclusives for playerbase that doesnt exist on hardware thats too different for little gain in immersion

Sure its the most immersive device there but there is more to games than strapping a antisocial device to your fucking face

6bdb1f  No.16501634

Vr is picking up steam saw normalfags buy The Oculus S the other day, and the OCULUS QUEST is a self contained console capable of play shit like beat saber and is currently selling out.

It’s borderline affordable now, and I see the self contained console headsets becoming a thing

0720ca  No.16501659

File: c1645c663fa43e2⋯.png (180.52 KB, 559x682, 559:682, 1466449365210.png)


until it gets some fucking games its doa, vr will be the future… when someone comes along and makes something worthwhile. until then it's tech demos and waveshit till who knows when.

or even just port existing games to vr. seriously, payday 2 vr is the fucking shit. and it really goes to show if you just go in expecting to make a full game it'll be 100x better than "muh vr experience" memeshit. hell even phone game port dead effect 2 vr is better than a majority of "vr" games

e35c93  No.16501718


>Is VR just a meme?


>What do you think about the current state of it?

It's a mess. Onward and Pavlov are really good, but that's not enough to move hardware. Speaking of hardware, there's way too many competing devices in a market largely made up of savvy consumers who will avoid picking sides in a format war until there's a clear-cut winner.

>And what do you think of the future of VR?

I think it will remain a proportionately small facet of vidya for the foreseeable future. If it's the future of anything, I think it may end up being the future of porn.

1cadac  No.16501765


There is literally no need for nerve integration for a species that specializes in usage of tools.

1cadac  No.16501881


That really depends on your definition of good, and even if that definition includes "I want to physically run in place" there are solutions for that, that, in fact don't require nerve networking, and the inevitable ethical questions that come with giving that to modern game developers that have issues even dealing with the concept that you own your own games.

000000  No.16501899


VR is not going to last once Neurable's "control the game with your mind" shit actually works properly and basically kills any other control scheme with its ridiculous potential for making previously unfeasible games. Or if we get actual Full Dive VR, in which case "goggles and a pair of controllers" VR will be seen as a temporary stepping stone. Either way I look at it, modern VR doesn't seem like something that was designed to stay for the long haul. That being said, Blade & Sorcery looks like a good tech demo for the kind of shit that VR could potentially do well, as do Hellsplit and Boneworks but not really to justify investing strongly in VR just yet.

f61a47  No.16501914


Probably not that far. VR needs a closer approximation to the real thing, though.

A 2D treadmill will probably be enough to start getting more interest. I can see arcades popping up that are nothing but shit like Pavlov VR. If it was cheap enough it could cater to the same people who do paintball and lasertag.

e35c93  No.16502074


>I can see arcades popping up that are nothing but shit like Pavlov VR

There's already a few "VR arcades" (small rented space with VR equipped cubicles) around here. The problem is that while VR does seem like the exact type of thing you'd go to an arcade for, how do you prop up an entire industry on a handful of arcades per state buying ~6-12 HMDs and an equal amount of game purchases?

6855d5  No.16502161

File: cde7477b50955c2⋯.jpg (911.46 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 17dbf1459d0893e15d779934e1….jpg)

>is VR a meme?

No, nor is raytracing. That said, they are technologies and should be embraced in various ways, but what I do feel is a wrong way to go about this is to make EVERYTHING a VR title or put raytracing into EVERYTHING. A game like Dear Esther I think would be well-suited to raytracing and it's already VR. Whereas a game like Call of Duty or CSGO while they could be VR, I don't think they need raytracing until raytracing becomes trivial. Why would you use up so much of the CPU/GPU cycles to raytrace in a fast game based on action?

Which is why it seems silly to me that the current games with raytracing are action shooter titles. Why did no one adopt raytracing in massive droves when it got released? Because it's not a trivial task to implement raytracing even with an SDK to do it, and the market adoption is simply just not there. Not enough people bought RTX cards. Now nVidia's raytracing can be done on certain GTX SKUs so we could see more raytracing. And of course the DX12 VR module will also enable raytracing for more end-users. Raytracing is potentially going to become more common, and as such a thing becomes more common, more companies work on it, it gets improved exponentially in a short period of time, it becomes standard. More people have GTX and Vega cards, therefore, we will possibly see more raytracing proliferation. Which moves us back to VR…

VR is prohibitive in what it expects of the end-user. You need to have purchased a sufficiently powerful hardware spec, including having a GPU that's a enthusiast tier video card on either side of the situation. Vega 56, GeForce 970+, etc. It's pushing two frame buffers simultaneously which both have to be rendered and shaded, it's not just the simple sounding process of render once, cut it up into two splits of the same frame, reshape it and then draw it to screen. A lot of end-users are choosing to get out of the PC space in favor of consoles if the studies are to be believed (I don't really believe that's truth, but there's no point arguing about it here), so there's going to be even less people who are VR capable. There's cell phone VR, but that's largely garbage and those games are extremely simple I'm sure.

Until VR can optimize itself for mid-low end machines, VR is going to remain that sought after jewel of gaming that the end-consumer avoids because .. first you need a computer that's at least $800, then you need a VR HMD and those run another $400+, then you need games for the VR, you need a wide open space because Virtuix fucked everyone over and went business only so you can't buy an Omni treadmill, so they expect you to set up an entire fucking room to be VR. That is rather prohibitive, especially for most people who are apartment owners in this world where buying a house is a monumental task that young people can't even begin to joke about.

VR is not a meme, but the makers of VR live in ivory towers and think everyone can just devote large sections of their houses that they don't have to VR and they expect people to pay at least $1200 for the VR experience… At the end of the day, VR continues to espouse the idea of increasing availability while doing nothing to promote it.

1cadac  No.16502202


Real time raytracing is obscenely wasteful and is a meme. There's a fucking reason millions of tech demos for it exist but jack shit actually uses real time ray tracing

6855d5  No.16502215

File: 76e39a853a446d4⋯.jpg (202.29 KB, 1280x726, 640:363, 76e39a853a446d421c79dbe959….jpg)


At the end of the day, ignorance like yours damages us all irreparably because it makes other people think the same thing erroneously.

964e1e  No.16502238


>VR porn

so how does this work? you wear a helmet and it's like 3D POV porn where you can look left and right a lil bit? I don't get it

6855d5  No.16502257


By and large that's pretty well it, yeah, you can typically move the head around to see around the girl's body. I've also seen some interactive demos which feature use of the wands that they sell with HMDs nowadays. Of course I say demo loosely, they're just smaller developments because actually selling sex games with VR in them might be difficult. I know that at one point Oculus had some kind of restrictive license that required you to pay for the technology. This might be different now, but I doubt that it is, Zuck decided to closely guard what you do with VR to prevent tarnishing the Oculus name with porn. But everyone knows why you're buying an Oculus Rift or a Vive…

151487  No.16502269


Nah, mouthbreather whales like you buying into scams like raytracing, VR and every other marketing buzzword is what's holding the medium back. VR is a meme and will remain a meme until such a time the average man on the street can afford to make the financial investment comfortably AND plug & play.

6855d5  No.16502270


Oh I forgot to mention, there's actually some development being done with fleshlights and the like, with sensors and everything. So in the future, VR will be much like this one manga that /v/ posted once upon a time where you buy an entire VR suit and virtual women can stimulate you.

964e1e  No.16502301



>So in the future, VR will be much like this one manga that /v/ posted once upon a time where you buy an entire VR suit and virtual women can stimulate you

yeah I just watched a video on it and while current VR appears too primitive to be more than a meme, it will probably get pretty cool in the future. just need like a decade or two of technological advances and there should be some cool games and pronz stuff

imagine like an fps but you play with gun-shaped VR controllers and run with something like an eliptical, that's my idea, that could be cool

6855d5  No.16502321


That was why I mentioned the Virtuix Omni previously. The Omni is supposed to be an omnidirectional treadmill that you can turn around in and it was compatible with any kind of peripherals (gun peripherals already exist for VR). But Virtuix made the kickstarter something you could buy for personal usage for only like $400, then they had it listed as $500 for personal usage on their site for a very short period, then they made it business only .. now the cost to buy a Virtuix Omni is $6500 minimum… Just ridiculous.

7fd8ea  No.16502333


Or that one where it turns the user into a cock thirsty trap.

6855d5  No.16502354

File: df355bd47f1c791⋯.jpg (94.44 KB, 592x596, 148:149, mrr.jpg)


Not familiar with that one. If you want to deepthroat a dildo that's your business.

1cadac  No.16502366


nigger I work in 3d

9ffe83  No.16502376

File: 0b86a7da83c679f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.11 MB, 1600x2200, 8:11, npc00.png)

File: 9454be5fc7be737⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 1600x2200, 8:11, npc01.png)


I'm looking forward to the day where this doujin can be reenacted

6855d5  No.16502381

File: 50e73eadbb8e2c8⋯.jpeg (44.98 KB, 546x366, 91:61, bueno.jpeg)


As am I.

964e1e  No.16502388

does interactive VR hentai count as "anime being real"?

6855d5  No.16502392


Sadly, no. But you don't want anime to be real. Suddenly you have to deal with all the problems of a "real" being. Best to just accept the virtual.

74dea0  No.16502502



you don't really need a treadmill, unironically the psvr aim works fills the gap quite well.

on pc you'd have to 3d print something to hold your controllers, but it's a hack at best and works more or less depending on the game.

6855d5  No.16502509


The problem is that the simulation of motion without the user having any motion themselves induces VR sickness in a number of individuals.

74dea0  No.16502531


a treadmill wouldn't fix that either tho

aa1b2d  No.16502549


Fuck those individuals, they need to either toughen up or not play fucking VR games. The main reason VR remains nothing more than a gimmick is because no one CAN make a decent game while pandering to those weakminded retards.

Also, fuck controllers, someone should make an affordable combo of VR gloves like ManusVR and full body tracking suits like VREE's shit. I know for a fact the latter's just expensive because of XSens' kikery. Fuck XSens and fuck the current VR game industry.

41e89d  No.16502737


You could easily be replaced by a bot.

f09c85  No.16502790

It's just a fad similar to 3D goggles. Seems pointless unless they fully utilize human FoV (220 degrees), but then they'll have to simplify the graphics and normalfags won't buy it because it's not cinematic enough.


VR sickness can be caused by low FoV.

ad7137  No.16502812


>Is VR just a meme?

Try it for yourself. It's hard to put into words how VR feels and it's not for everyone.

>is it the future of gaming?

It's A future of gaming, but as a regular VR user I can tell you that it's never going to completely replace conventional video games. Having something strapped to your head and waggling things around is fun for about 2-3 hours, but afterwards you're going to want to sit down for a bit. The Oculus Quest came out recently and is currently slated to outsell the Rift so that might spark more interest in VR and entice developers to make more content for VR. It's a little too early too tell at the moment, but I guess time will tell.

e35c93  No.16502832


>VR sickness can be caused by low FoV

Weirdly, it's the opposite. Assuming you're maintaining your target framerate, restricting fov is the easiest way to alleviate motion sickness. That's what the vignette option you'll see in most vr titles is for.

f09c85  No.16502889


I find it hard to believe that. Maybe some get sick from normal FoV in current headsets, but I'd expect VR sickness to be gone completely with invention of quality 220° headsets, that should feel more natural.

bd45a7  No.16502926


Link me nigga.

601c70  No.16502938

It was the future of gaming right up until they decided they needed to make the Wiimote 3.0 x2 and restrict you to the physical size of your room and make you teleport around instead of using proper movement.

Facebook buying Oculus so they could sell VR ads was the beginning of the end. Now it will just be another niche peripheral for flight/space sim players to add to their flightstick setups.

491b65  No.16502963


>make you teleport around instead of using proper movement.

Using "proper movement" would mean it cannot be a home console.

<"quick, catch the enemy!"

>run straight into your wall IRL


>smash your head into the ceiling lamp

<"use kick to push enemy away"

>kick passing by roommate straight in his sack

cc6edf  No.16502991

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Its been out for a few years now.

>a few years now.


74dea0  No.16502993



there's no common cause, everybody reacts differently to different things. which makes it difficult to implement a fix that works for everybody.


> is fun for about 2-3 hours, but afterwards you're going to want to sit down for a bit.

depends on the game. main problem is most games are gimmicks that hardly utilize the options (in part due how fragmented the hardware is), and they still try to reinvent the wheel with the inputs. just use fucking gloves and an simple doodad for feedback like a gunframe, done. fuck those retarded "journalists" that can't use shit without having a phallus-like object in their hands because MUH IMMERSION

f61a47  No.16503001


They'd have to set up a rental service, where the devs would get money from either a subscription from arcades or based on how many players and hours are put into the game. Problem is that unlike the 80's there's not enough demand of these games to make these arcades cheap enough to be affordable.

Plenty of people would try and enjoy a set for a few dollars, but its hard to keep people coming when they could play other games and get more bang for their buck.

aa1b2d  No.16503031


By proper movement anon quite obviously means using directional input to move, not you moving around IRL

17be99  No.16503042


The FOV of your headset and the FOV of the game are two different elements, same as with monitors where a 4:3 and a 21:9 could have the same vertical FOV in game but the amount of visible space horizontally changes with the width of the monitor.

So your headset can do 220 degrees FOV for the eyeballs but really the max humans can perceive tends to cut off at about 180 degrees, but you don't really get particularly useful amounts of perception past around 110 degrees.

e35c93  No.16503044


It doesn't make sense at first, because the closer your monitor is, the higher your fov needs to be to be comfortable. So it makes sense to assume that when your screen is right up against your eyeballs, you'd need an enormous fov to comfortably view it. The big difference here is that no matter how close your monitor is, you're still "anchored" to the world with your peripheral vision. Your viewport on the screen may be moving, but nothing around the screen is, and this visual data lines up with what's happening in your inner ear.

When you're wearing an HMD, the only information your eyes are getting is coming from the screen, and that's where things go off the rails with vestibular disconnect, because while your head is being tracked, and this will match up with your inner ear, your general locomotion isn't if you're moving with a thumbstick (that's why there's so many games using the teleporting gimmick). In that case, reducing the visual data you're being fed with vignetting works in a similar way that focusing on the horizon does if you're on a boat.

Shit like the virtuix omni can really help with that, since you walk in-game by walking shuffling in meatspace, but that's dedicated VR room levels of excess, so that's just not going to be an option for most people.


The common cause is vestibular disconnect, the fix is games that have rock solid 11.11ms frametimes, never take control of the viewport, and exclusively track physical based movement. Good luck getting all of that though.

9ffe83  No.16503077

6e9c5b  No.16503081

File: da6bc568ae1c509⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 955.24 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 惰眠ズ 🔞解散しました ‏ @daminzu 21 ….mp4)

File: 53b94a62b6944de⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 3.17 MB, 640x360, 16:9, VRカレシ ‏ @vrkareshi_IVR Mar….mp4)

File: f567c537927381c⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 5.17 MB, 640x360, 16:9, @mossspirit 11177336936179….mp4)


6e9c5b  No.16503082


i thought i spoiled that

fc32e7  No.16503096




Unless people can sit down or lie down and use it like a desktop then no one is gonna want VR because it's pointless. If I wanna move around all over the place I'll go do other shit in reality

f09c85  No.16503101


Not using peripheral vision in a gimmick that's all about visual immersion would be a big mistake.

e35c93  No.16503127



Ah, I see. Sticking your dick in an onahole rigged up to a piston while some fat gook with an animu girl avatar mime-fucks you. Not exactly the revolutionary multiplayer VR experience I was looking for, but thanks anyway japan.

17be99  No.16503151


Like >>16503031 said, I meant proper directional input, and not room+teleport. We had proper directional input in the Oculus Dev Kit phase, and then everything went the wrong direction. Waggle didn't work for 7th gen consoles, it won't work for VR, not if actual games are the priority instead of shooting galleries and head pats.


Ideally the game should be rendered at an FOV that matches how humans perceive the world around them. If I place a pole at either side of me, they are just barely in my peripheral vision. If I do the same in a game world but the game FOV is so high that I can see them as though they were each positioned 45 degrees from my center of vision instead 90 like the real world, I would imagine even the toughest users would be blowing chunks pretty quickly, as you are now viewing a dizzying, warping, kaleidoscope-like world move around you. What good is a tactical sight advantage if you can't stand more than a few minutes of it?

Some devs might be tempted to go for a less-than-real-life amount of FOV rendering in the game as an extra precaution against motion sickness, but just as it's annoying on a monitor I would imagine it would be annoying in VR as well. The effect would be like if you had slightly telescopic vision in real life. A 1.2x zoom or something.

c59744  No.16503171

File: 9d8ff9ef9225d6e⋯.jpg (68.42 KB, 232x288, 29:36, fucking casuals.jpg)


>he doesn't play on 200 FOV just to gain an advantage

6855d5  No.16503172


>200 FOV

>an advantage

Sorry we're not all spiders around here.

9ffe83  No.16503177

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Not 360 FOV

Casuals, both of you

1b3136  No.16503181


Can't remember the name, but I think it was on DLSite.

74dea0  No.16503216


>the fix is games that have rock solid 11.11ms frametimes, never take control of the viewport, and exclusively track physical based movement.

still doesn't fix sims fucking you up unless you can trick your body thinking it's actually moving.

63864d  No.16503303

hardware is very nice. i just wish there was a halfway decent VR game besides pavlov which is fucking early access and will never be finished.

f09c85  No.16503331

File: 08429f9237fc5ef⋯.jpg (441.59 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, panosonic-vr-headset-220-d….jpg)

File: df6b5d32a5e281e⋯.jpg (15.59 KB, 800x800, 1:1, vbiger-ladies-mens-black-f….jpg)


>game FOV

>dizzying, warping, kaleidoscope-like world

I'm not talking about software FoV. Wearing a proper 220 degree headset would be similar to looking through one piece sunglasses.

3c13cb  No.16504896


>Do you actually need windows 10?

As far as I can tell, the software only works for Windows 10. Upgrading to Windows 10 is still free if you supply a valid Windows 7/8 key.


>Would an RX 480 work? Saving for a new desktop and would rather use the 480 I salvaged from my dead rig and save some money.

The mixed reality headsets do not incur a large performance hit so they can run on budget PCs. Runs fine on an Athlon X4 and RX 470.

17a792  No.16505374


>I'm not talking about software FoV.

But I am, Anon. That's my whole point. The 220 FOV on the headset is all well and good but it still has no direct relation to the FOV of the game rendering. The headset FOV is just a matter of "do I have tunnel vision or not."

aa1b2d  No.16505463


>I would imagine even the toughest users would be blowing chunks pretty quickly

Can confirm you're wrong, but then again I've never gotten sick from VR even when using a controller to walk while standing and while someone else fucks around with the keyboard controls, back on the Oculus SDK1 prerelease. I'm fucking invincible.

I've always wanted to try set up a project where the left and right eye camera are linked to the wagglan controllers, but now that I finally have free time to do so I don't have access to a headset.

cadc88  No.16505505


It was in its infancy in the 80/90s.

f09c85  No.16505516


>That's my whole point.

What is? I'm saying that headsets need 220° for full visual immersion. In this case the object that is supposed to be 90° to the left will look like a real life object that's 90° to the left, because a 220° image can be fully displayed without distortion. Then you tell me that peripheral vision is not useful and then proceed to complain about software FoV distortion, which is used to emulate peripheral vision in the first place. You're either confused or you PREFER having tunnel vision.

e75b5f  No.16520526


172a20  No.16521823

File: df487fac8e781af⋯.png (277.34 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 0EBA848A-8A4F-4659-8513-FB….png)


So like if there was a console priced headset that didn’t require additional hardware but could also connect to your pc.

Sounds cool I wonder if that will ever happen.

772b15  No.16522252

I just wanted a big cyberpunk city with interesting stuff to do and see and a treadmill because teleport suck ass

>>16502215 role playing in this with friends would have been nice.

bbccb7  No.16522282


I bought mines for ~200.

9c4f7d  No.16522298


Quest is pretty cool, been playing Robo recall on the thing and streaming the pc vr titles to it with no real issue, I think a self contained console is the best bet

5e522e  No.16522329


Dude, Senran Kagura Reflexions is coming on PC.

No idea if there's VR though.

55c606  No.16522401


It's not gay if you say "gg"in the end.

924ed8  No.16522467

File: c6e251aeb389b22⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.27 MB, 3997x1440, 3997:1440, s1-jadf.png)

What advertisers, designers, "VR is dead' cool guys on /v/, and a lot of users fail to understand is that VR is just another periphery and should be treated as such. Implementing totally basic VR support into all kinds of existing titles, for seated mode play with KB+M, would suddenly produce tons of good, playable and worth playing titles, but everyone's obsessed with muh full body immersion and middle finger tracking and other useless gay shit, and keeps producing stupid experience games that you must play standing up in room mode, which no one ever does for more than 2-3 hours, then their HMDs either collect dust forever, or they only ever use them again for ERPing in VRChat.

fbc57d  No.16522490

There's commercial products out right now for non-military personnel that provide a much more immersive VR experience that combines mocap tech, motion sensor tech and augmented reality in a broader scale. If this is a commercial success, which is looking to be the case, you can expect tech of that nature to be scaled down to consumer use in about a year or two. Keep in mind all modern VR tech is outdated by at least half a decade in comparison to what the military has in stock so even if VR doesn't pan out there's still classified shit to steal incorporate into a new platform; all that needs to happen is for that extremely outdatedmilitary tech to be released to the public sector.

An example of what I am talking about would be: https://breakoutvr.ca/

While it may not seem like much this is innovation and can only lead to bigger things.

6e9c5b  No.16523356

File: f5e4049beee677d⋯.mp4 (2.12 MB, 640x360, 16:9, こなろふ‏ @konarofu 20 nov 201….mp4)

File: 508d2b3c5f5eae8⋯.mp4 (1.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 20181219_350987065_Divinit….mp4)

File: bf752c7ae92cb1e⋯.mp4 (4.78 MB, 640x360, 16:9, @gst_kkgr 1033234136381587….mp4)

File: c893f89779dbf7d⋯.mp4 (341.98 KB, 640x360, 16:9, custom order maid 3d2 Mogu….mp4)

File: 3f54eca9c826464⋯.mp4 (2.36 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, V!勇者のくせになまいきだR™.mp4)


but why

dd0bc5  No.16523417

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Never forget that weeb that is creating his own reality with his waifu in VR.

e8b909  No.16523419

File: 6037ea7f8751180⋯.png (418.54 KB, 631x677, 631:677, 86yqyuzjgdi01.png)


that arrow webm is top fucking tier. the lewd shit too.

2f8a3c  No.16523440

File: e65504c2f02faa0⋯.webm (15.69 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, GORN 04.webm)

VR is pretty fun if you have the space, cash, and PC power for it.

4c98ea  No.16523495

File: 0ad21fc51a19d88⋯.png (4.63 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, blade_and_sorcery.png)

What my favorite thing to do in VR currently is to play Blade and Sorcery. In that game you can change the gender ratio for spawning, so I set it to 100% female. So you can have the feeling of a bunch of women feebly trying to kill you with weapons they found around the place as you hack them up one by one. I tend to sadistically push some off cliffs and hear them scream as they ragdoll towards the abyss. If I'm lucky I'd catch one girl off guard and dangle her off of a bridge while holding her calf with one hand whilst i sword fight her friends with the other. if her friends die then i pull her back up so she can see her dead friends while holding her by the neck. And when I'm bored of her too i smash her head in against the bridge railings until she passes out. Eventually when you win you can play with their bodies and move them around. Pic related is a screenshot from one of those times. turns out hacking up their bodies is pretty tough but once you hit that sweet spot it pulls apart like spare ribs off the bone. i highly recommend turning the maximum amount of dead bodies in a game so you can chop off each of their heads and put them on their friends' heads. real fun game.

tl;dr: rip and tear women in VR.

a16da7  No.16523503

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I think atm they're just figuring out what works best and where to go with inputs, standards etc. (and how to corner the market to make the most dosh later).

doesn't help when companies like valve go full retard with their shit

>work for years on full finger tracking that could be used for certain stuff

>make knuckles so expensive that it will be forever a niche feature since vr games already catering to the niche of a niche have to work with all kinds of shit like vive wands to even make a fraction of their money back.

don't forget how they basically aborted lighthouse tech with ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY DOLLARS FOR ONE! FUCKING LIGHTHOUSE (when the whole point of 2.0 was to make it cheaper).

>seated mode play with KB+M

you wouldn't even need that. the whole point of keyboard or gamepad in most games is to abstract input, why use a mouse when you can literally press the button or pull the trigger in vr?


>scaled down to consumer use in about a year or two.

try 5-10, if ever. consumer market has completely different demands, no normalfag is gonna put a treadmill in his house - not that it's needed in the first place, a psvr aim works well enough for fps movement and is still considered too high entry.

for broad adoption it has to be cheap and convenient enough, ironically the quest is a step in that direction by making it standalone but not as shit as mobile vr.



>not posting the whole video with sound

a16da7  No.16523526

b9024c  No.16523529

File: cf2ef22a52dfdc1⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 647.65 KB, 954x688, 477:344, Ass Shake.gif)



You don't need to go crosseyed for those to work. Making them a gif and closing one eye or putting sunglasses over one eye also works.

The sunglasses thing is really hard to explain, Tom Scott did a video about if you're interested.

b9024c  No.16523549

File: 2b27be511ff13af⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 647.65 KB, 954x688, 477:344, Ass Shake.gif)


Whoops, just realised I made that gif too slow for what I'm talking about to work.

e75b5f  No.16523551


I want to hold her underneath her arms and tenderly rub my cheek under her chin/neck while kissing her clavicle.

a5d85d  No.16523559



>look at gifs normally


>look at gifs with one eye closed


>look at the faster gif with sunglasses on one eye

>suddenly looks 3D

what black magic fuckery is this

b9024c  No.16523570


It's the Pulfrich Effect, it'll work for anything that wiggles like that as long as the frame rate is high enough

6e9c5b  No.16524044

File: 15240d51cb5fa67⋯.mp4 (601.35 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 4 Apr 2019 NathieVR 111392….mp4)

File: a9a67d8efbe08cc⋯.jpg (98.64 KB, 1024x771, 1024:771, 29932548.JPG)

File: 031096f229e98f1⋯.mp4 (178.56 KB, 224x180, 56:45, Keiichi Matsuda ‏ @keiichi….mp4)

File: 4d2ec5e0f97ab03⋯.mp4 (1.49 MB, 360x640, 9:16, 🕹Eddie Cooper🎮 - Add VR an….mp4)

File: df9e597a8648d73⋯.mp4 (2.36 MB, 852x480, 71:40, 20181218_350768759_Blade &….mp4)


>not posting the whole video with sound

so that's where that's from

c3afe7  No.16524093

VR was always going to be a niche piece of tech. Some surveys suggest that over half the population can't use it without getting sick. Now think of how small a percentage of the population gamers are and it gets even worse. I'm one of the lucky fucks that can't use it without wanting to puke, but I still think it can be a cool addition to stuff like flight sims or games like ArmA where you can free look just your head.

9ffe83  No.16524101

File: 8f33abca819747e⋯.jpg (157.43 KB, 467x777, 467:777, Turned on.jpg)


>5th webm

f8e5aa  No.16524104

I've actually tried a Vive before (several years ago, however, for what it's worth), and it was honestly pretty cool.

$800 dollars' worth of cool? No.

That's honestly the sole biggest argument against it right there imo, and it'll have to be tackled for it to be serious. I mean 800 dollars for something that still needs a strong gaming rig. Also no gamezzzz, though some recent shit like that boneworks game that's coming out look pretty cool (but AGAIN, not 800 to 1000 dollars of cool)

Of course I'm ultimately repeating myself because on re-reading some of this thread >>16502161 basically articulated all this far more adeptly, but hey, maybe if the idea's repeated enough it'll stick in more people's skulls.

2d7021  No.16524134

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Don't post that old one.

b9024c  No.16524393


Valve is coming out with another headset soon, it's 200 dollars more than the Vive but the specs make it seem like it'll be the best headset on the market for awhile.

402b68  No.16524399


I still don't know if the vive is gonna be discontinued or will be their "Budget" line, since a lot of the parts are compatible with the index.

b9024c  No.16524405


Well, the Vive isn't actually a Valve product, it's a HTC product. Valve just helped with it and apparently were dissatisfied with how it turned out.

Gabe indirectly said their new headset, the Vive, will value functionality and fidelity over cost.

b9024c  No.16524409


>their new headset, the Vive

I meant the Index.

402b68  No.16524422

File: 406c74b11ebedd6⋯.png (209.42 KB, 538x380, 269:190, 406c74b11ebedd643414b4f184….png)


>It's an HTC product

but Valve seems to still be operating within the HTC spec which makes sense, as you said, they designed it but it seems to be intelligent to have a cheaper option on the market, but I suppose that's HTC's decision, it just doesn't feel right that we're right back to where we started, with a headset at around 800 to 1k on the market with lighthouses When the Quest, and the Rift S just launched for 399, and the Vive is still selling for 499. I mean, I suppose it's good that there's Enthusiast gear, but the Vive as is is more than functional, and affordable. The Index just seems to be a huge step backwards in terms of price, the only feature of note really seems to be the eye tracking, the headphones, and the FOV; The resolution I don't think is any higher than some of the mid-range WMR headsets on the market.

2ed742  No.16524459

only difference for Valve Index is that Valve is in charge of manufacturing it

nobody asked for higher spec VR, its already dead in the water

theres practically 0 compelling games that can compete in regular market

when are they going to turn these things around? its been a decade

3b4590  No.16524490

File: 206fd91ece1ff7e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 2133x1200, 711:400, s1-hews.png)


>the whole point of keyboard or gamepad in most games is to abstract input, why use a mouse when you can literally press the button or pull the trigger in vr?

You need haptic feedback for accurate input, some games would work with finger tracking, but if you don't get a physical feedback from a button that you press your finger against, pushing a virtual button is actually quite difficult. Definitely not anywhere near on the level to, say, play competitively against KB+M+monitor players.

t. tried Leap Motion


The level of displacement is pretty low in the image, it's not that great in crosseyed or gif 3D, but just about right in VR, which is why it's side-by-side. This one had more displacement, but conversely it looks worse in VR, it pops out too much and looks unnatural.

6e9c5b  No.16524561

File: f937b8ba0b29783⋯.mp4 (3.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Beat Saber Vrc edition • S….mp4)

File: 434d1add6166508⋯.mp4 (1.27 MB, 480x480, 1:1, VRCHAT - THIS LEVEL OF CUT….mp4)

File: b4400eb97b3768d⋯.mp4 (2.21 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Where's Storm • anim May 2….mp4)

File: 49eb7af8046e24b⋯.mp4 (1.34 MB, 640x360, 16:9, VR박대기기자 • May 26, 2019 woo….mp4)

File: 37e1cfdf3632285⋯.mp4 (1.83 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Spider Check 🕷️ • ava May….mp4)

cc0297  No.16524576


>You need haptic feedback for accurate input,

ever played bridge crew? it works fine there. you could even go minority report style.

they also showcased a tech 1-2 years ago that simulates resistance by simply applying pressure to your fingertips, no idea what happened since then.

and even if you need haptic, why not simply go with a glove and gunframe? psvr works great, but the frame is the controller, which limits what you can do with it.

by having a glove that tracks hands and fingers independently and a cheapo frame with trigger you get the best of both worlds. also means you don't have a full fledged controller each time that makes shit expensive.


>Some surveys suggest that over half the population can't use it without getting sick.

they're already working on that, but it's gonna take it's time. first they need to figure out what exactly causes it, until then it's just try & error. in the end they just need to find a way to ruse your body enough to not think something off.

>I'm one of the lucky fucks that can't use it without wanting to puke

try putting a fan in front of you, and gradually get used to it. first time I couldn't play longer than an hour and still felt queasy afterwards, now I can get sanic in farpoint.

also figure out what works for you and what not. I do fine unless I use smooth turning for example.

2769ea  No.16524584

File: ab6b810f5eb3162⋯.png (2.19 MB, 785x998, 785:998, DIRTYDEEDSANDTHEY'REDONEDI….png)

The new oculus S looks pretty dope and it's somewhat affordable

I might get it

402b68  No.16524742


I feel like the obvious cause is just the brain getting confused as shit; For example, Minecraft or Skyrim, I can't play that shit with a controller sitting down in VR, I get sick as shit;

But same game, standing up, with Roomscale? No problem, Even with smooth locomotion, I just walk in place. There's something about the disconnect that throws the brain off.

c8465e  No.16524790

File: 799c91d8ab766b7⋯.webm (5.62 MB, 640x360, 16:9, First VR Chat experience ….webm)


fuck VR chat, nothing but traps and attention whores

7fa99e  No.16525444

File: fb6fb0f19f64f1c⋯.jpg (37.89 KB, 640x360, 16:9, muronic.jpg)

VR's an inevitable next step in how we play videogames. It's a testament to the limpdicked, imagination-less character of M$, Valve, Sony, Nintendo, etc. that none of them have made their console vr-based nor developed first-party AAA exclusives for VR.

Very few people have bought VR machines yet M$ and other's have released such gear, without big marketing buildups, exclusives, or 3rd-party support.

It makes no sense. They understand to sell the Playswitch 1080 they need to advertise it's coming out, develop first-party killer apps to make it worth buying, and finance 3rd-party developers to have a strong library within the first year. But for VR they go

1. This won't sell.

2. Farts into the wind.

3. See! I knew it wouldn't work…

6a62cc  No.16525447

It's also a scam.

b5b69c  No.16525518

File: 6cddc970e1055d3⋯.png (540.75 KB, 1586x682, 793:341, 1 -3TmbCHsoqNhjIZwXNRFQQ.png)




>future of gaming?

Never. Instantaneous action via button press > gradual actions tethered to flawed, varied human movements

This is the same reason motion controls were a meme. Delayed human movement cannot compete with a button press

>Its been out for a few years now

<being so underage that you don't realize VR has been memed for decades with little success

b5b69c  No.16525524


>Very few people have bought VR machines

Because it fucking sucks.

c3afe7  No.16525572


Probably doesn't help that the first time I used it was an Occulus at a best buy expo and the 2nd was Skyrim on PlayStation VR at a friends house lol. The jumping and going up and down stairs was what really fucked me.

bd45a7  No.16525578

Anyone have VR Dougeon Knight?

ed0a71  No.16525605

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Future of Gaming

Depends, I think it there will be nothing like it and it will be unique.

VR is in its second generation which means we are getting improvements both on the headset level and on a software level. The problem for VR has been price and software. When making a game for VR the headsets would operate differently on a software level which meant you were developing for 3-4 different platforms for VR alone. What the industry has done this time around is standardize (OpenXR) and created tools in game engines to make the process of VR a lot simpler making the prospect of developing for VR a lot more feasible. Price is an issue for the higher end however unlike the first generation we have less expensive second hand headsets from the more premium companies and the less premium you can grab right now from $250 - $300. It costs as much as a PS4 however I do think you can get your moneys worth at this time.

For me the VR space is that fun small community where you have enthusiasts and people who are interested in a new technology. Multiplayer games especially as it seems that the community is untouched by the current year which is refreshing. Its like when computing was a hobby and you had groups of people trying shit out and having a good time doing it. One example of to older computation is that VR has somewhat of a demoscene in VRChat where you can explore some trippy tier shit.

I have invested into vr more than I thought I would because its an enjoyable hobby and if it stays a niche thing or most people dont get into it then so be it. Maybe it can be a hobby that nobody fucks with for once.

If you are interested in VR this >>16501251 anon was right about windows mixed reality as a good cheap jumpoff point. If you are looking for games I would say you probably have 20-30 good VR games which for me has totaled about 1,000 hours. A lot of these games I haven't beaten yet or they are multiplayer so there is more hours to be burned. The variety of software is something understated as if you like shooters, puzzle games, rhythm games, etc you will find at least something you like. I hope more software comes out in the future that utilizes the Index features and hopefully for the third generation we may hit that point where people who have been hesitating can give it a try since by that point a vive could be $200 bucks (you would want to buy the Index Controllers cause the wands suck).

If you are really drunk or if you do the devils lettuce going into VRChat you can do bar hopping but every bar is filled with the most crazy shit you have ever seen


Yes I do, its pretty fun with friends.

3a474b  No.16525643

File: af43041b465bbc2⋯.webm (2.86 MB, 960x586, 480:293, the future is now (virt-a….webm)

File: 5ff3350b9815089⋯.webm (551.51 KB, 960x540, 16:9, suicide_spot.webm)

File: 13c0a9458d13df1⋯.mp4 (1.35 MB, 400x224, 25:14, vr kanojo.mp4)

File: a1ebbf14520052d⋯.jpg (17.8 KB, 795x126, 265:42, valve index - literal canc….JPG)


>new valve headset is $1000

With those prices, VR is as niche as it gets, but it's not being marketed as so. The only games i've seen that are worth it are the FPS shooter which i do not know the name, Virt-a-mate, and VR Kanojo. A VR headset is a nice alternative for when your hand and your onahole are not doing it anymore.

e7a63a  No.16525674


You need a fair bit of living space for a VR set and most games. Most have apartments, not houses right now and the older folk don't buy into it. It's an ill fitting time for a gimmick technology that costs too much for so little.

361a5d  No.16525700


The limiting factor is dev creativity, not software. For example you could make a full fledged open world RPG in VR. How would you manage inventory/stats/etc? Your favorites would go on your belt or body for easy access and there would be a bag screen where you could click on something and it would be in your hand. For stat assignment and such, just make an abstract "levelling room" like in Fable where the controls are objects in the room.

361a5d  No.16525701



Meant hardware, fuck.

402b68  No.16525702

File: bf32cd14dd40702⋯.jpg (56.22 KB, 331x408, 331:408, bf32cd14dd4070215ee1e38056….jpg)


It's getting to the point that even mid-range stuff has a large market and is down in price; there are more headsets now at around 250 to 400 then there ever was 3 years ago;

Samsung is throwing in a new one, the HP reverb I've heard good things about, and the Quest and Rift S both are adopting the inside out tracking hard to great success, the Rift S works pretty good with it's 5 camera on headset setup; I mean shit, I saw even normies buy the S and the Quest the other day.

The only downside is if Faceberg becomes the leader in the casual market, then lmao which seems pretty realistic, right now the PSVR has the most headsets sold, but I've been seeing both the S and the Quest (especially the quest) selling out everywhere. It seems like shit is indeed picking up steam.

361a5d  No.16525707


I think this is the real factor most people forget about. Most millenials don't own a home and are worth $8k, which is hilariously bad. The average faggot living in a cramped apartment with a cat can't play VR, it's just not practical.

1cceab  No.16525769


> 20-30 good VR games

Care to name some. Been looking to get more games but only found blade and sorcery and beat saber to be the only good ones I've come across or at least worth to buy since they have replayability unlike job/vacation sim.

ed0a71  No.16525803


Well the Quest gets rid of the huge problem with getting people into VR and thats having a good gaming PC. They have made a simple single transaction and you get games like Pavlov, Beat Saber, and VRChat.

VR is something that is practical to things beyond gaming, I was talking to an engineer for a car company and they got the Quest given to them Day 1. The utility of being able to put that fucker on and do something on the assembly line or hold a meeting and being able to interact with diagrams of components in a 3d space is extremely useful. I think VR is getting more investment from other areas just other technologies before it.

I hope they improved the WMR inside out tracking on the Reverb because when I owned the Dell headset it was great for most games but it felt a little off and throwing sucked. The Rift S and Quest tracking seem to be better however lighthouses will always be a better and more consistent tech. If there was a way to do a hybrid system that would be best of both worlds.

I am grabbing 4 of the new base stations with my Index so hopefully I can have the best tracking possible with the controllers and vive trackers. Nobody has any real information on that config so its new frontier kind of shit.


The VR FPS shooter your talking about is called Pavlov.


Arizona Sunshine, Beat Saber, Blade and Sorcery, Budget Cuts, Gorn, H3, Onward, Pavlov, Space Junkies, VRChat, Pay Day 2, Fallout 4 VR, Space Pirate Trainer, VR Kanjo, Raw Data, Sprint Vector, Vacation Simulator, VR Dungeon Knight, Sairento VR, and SUPERHOT. Some of those are normal games but their VR versions/additional are substantial enough to consider it a difference.

361a5d  No.16525819


>Vidya are power fantasy

Stop projecting your perspective, faggot. If all vidya is a power fantasy, then why does hard mode exist? Why do games like Kenshi or Nethack exist?

491b65  No.16525822


>Your favorites would go on your belt or body for easy access and there would be a bag screen where you could click on something and it would be in your hand.

Works in theory, not practice. You couldn't have too many favourites (there's only so much you can cram on your belt and you can't make every square inch of your body a hotkey - the recognition would make errors all the damn time, especially when different people have different height and build. And you don't want the game to fucking scan you or something – that'd be worse invasion of piracy than Xbone's shit) and hiding everything into a massive navigational menu is extremely user unfriendly. It's just not something most people want to do (especially when they'd need to move their hand with the controller all the time because muh arms hurt :(((( ). Add to it dev laziness (it's not something you can discount). There's a reason why all the console RPGs tend to be many times simpler in this regard than PC games.

ed0a71  No.16525828

File: 8b90ff3b00f33bc⋯.webm (13.02 MB, 852x480, 71:40, VR TFPS2.webm)


When you are being an operator in shooting games you feel like a god.

361a5d  No.16525927


Of course favorites would be limited. The level of complexity I'm thinking here is something like Skyrim but with better combat. I guess if you really tried you could do something more like Morrowind but I have no idea how you'd do the dialogue.

5d4633  No.16525933

File: c96254b94defc24⋯.jpg (97.85 KB, 610x800, 61:80, c96254b94defc248f47aa027df….jpg)


>this post

loled IRL here's a lewd as a token of appreciation

361a5d  No.16525964


Okay then, let's break down the most popular genres.

>Battle royale

Not a power fantasy by any means

>Team class based shooters

Only a power fantasy if you intentionally pick OP characters. Some people do this, but many don't


See above

>Puzzle games, Bejeweled clones

No power fantasies here.

So which one of those mainstream games was only for power fantasies again?

e75b5f  No.16525995


>Not a power fantasy by any means

You get to put yourself in a situation where you weld a gun and can kill people without penalty.

>Only a power fantasy if you intentionally pick OP characters

You're to jaded from shooters to understand the normalfag mind then. Power fantasy implies you can do shit you normally wouldn't be able to without some sort of penalty.

>Puzzle games, Bejeweled clones

A puzzle game isn't a power fantasy you're correct. You typically work to understand how the game work and you are rewarded with completing it, that's it. If you're welding a gun in a game and can kill people however limited by skill or completion however, this is a power fantasy. As it requires you to just play the game without winning/losing.

>So which one of those mainstream games was only for power fantasies again

Literally any game that allows you to live out scenarios you couldn't otherwise in the real world.

361a5d  No.16526025


You're confusing all escapism with just power fantasy, which is a subset of escapism. Battle royale games require some skill and lots of luck. You can easily get stomped just because you chose the wrong place to land or got unlucky loot spawns. That's not a power fantasy at all because you have no control over your situation. Control is power.

A game I'd consider a real power fantasy is the Grand Theft Auto franchise. You can do literally anything with impunity, as you describe. The worst you'll get is some chump change knocked off for a visit to the hospital. Most shooters on easy mode are also good examples.

A good example of escaping without experiencing a power fantasy is a game like KCD, which has pretty environments and music and amusing dialogue, but you don't feel all powerful (at least not until part ways into the game).

8ccec2  No.16526031

Im still waiting for more simulation shit.

Give me a cooperative fucking tank game where you and some tards manouvre a tank.

Give me a fucking ww2 bomber or smaller warship simulation with coop, even better if there were more teams of cooperatively controlled vehicles you had to coordinate with.

What about Guns of icarus, that would be rad as fuck with some better grafix and vr, or some sort of vehicular combat game ala Mad Max.

Come on dev cucks use your soy powered brains.

361a5d  No.16526040


Yeah the lack of vehicle games is truly depressing. It's perfect; requires little to no movement from the player, and the only thing you have to make detailed is the cockpit. I need my VR MechWarrior where I can flip all the switches, damnit. Of course that would cannibalize their BattlePod sales but I have to wonder how much they actually make from those.

361a5d  No.16526053


>Riding cars with no survivors and shooting people.

Except those other people are players, and they're not having much of a power fantasy.

Can you really say that someone who is good at a game like Quake or Counter Strike plays it for a power fantasy? I mean, it's not much of a "fantasy" if it took months of practicing to get to the point they're at now. Winning at PUBG is similar.

091231  No.16526062


>the fix is games that have rock solid 11.11ms frametimes, never take control of the viewport, and exclusively track physical based movement.

That ends up excluding a huge variety of games on the market. VR is always going to be niche, even when it's affordable. The setup time and the limitations on gameplay ensure this.

402b68  No.16526076


Is VR dungeon knight any good? is it fun co-op?

e75b5f  No.16526078

File: 92f5bae768fabdd⋯.png (251.03 KB, 405x266, 405:266, Screenshot_129.png)


>You're confusing all escapism with just power fantasy

I'm not. Escapism is putting yourself away from current situation for multiple reasons. A power fantasy is one of said reasons.

>Battle royale games require some skill and lots of luck.

And you're still typacly some badass rogue assassin if I'm correct. Typacly somebody who gets things done in a more direct way without answering to others. In other words what your average day joe schlub plays to think they have control in their lives. And because of that "luck" factor their usually guaranteed get it every once in a while.

>You can do literally anything with impunity, as you describe

Half of said things "killing/enacting crime on others" is still relevant towards most FPS games. Conflating genre's with what's appropriote as a power fantasy is retarded. They're 2 separate entities. Shit even puzzle games can be power fantasies if the context is right. Just replace gems in bejeweled jewels with minorities severed heads and /v/ would be having the power fantasy game of the month.

TL;DR: It's more about context and less about gameplay. WHatever a normalfag perceives as being capable in an area they otherwise wouldn't could be construed as a power fantasy. What you should have really been arguing was semantics for what the term "power fantasy" actually means in context to vidya.

361a5d  No.16526082


I guess there's truth to that. It's difficult for me to imagine because I've played shooters since I was 5, and they were the vast majority of what I played until I became a teenager. I see games as purely sets of rules because I studied game design a lot in high school and college and I know most people don't see them that way. Still, I'd imagine the novelty of killing a virtual person wears off quickly when you suck. But then again, I know my 8 year old self sucked shit at TFC and Quake, but I still enjoyed them.

105513  No.16526089

Interesting but still too expensive.

105513  No.16526157


We all work in 3d man.

e40eb7  No.16526342


I don't disdain well-made power fantasies, but I do love to struggle. It's the equivalent of video game welfare. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes with going from nothing to something.

8ccec2  No.16527211


And yes of course, how could I forget about mechs.

I would sell a kidney and buy a kit immediately.

6e9c5b  No.16527266

File: caa7022bc14c225⋯.mp4 (1.56 MB, 480x360, 4:3, x_hisabilly_x nov 9 2018 1….mp4)

File: 64c396f94a52af6⋯.mp4 (2.41 MB, 570x360, 19:12, プリンちゃんのボクシングジム2 x_hisabill….mp4)

File: a166690dc25fedf⋯.mp4 (3.41 MB, 640x360, 16:9, @x_hisabilly_x 1081538655….mp4)

File: b70dceb72809021⋯.mp4 (1.13 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 『女体盛りVR』 @x_hisabilly_x 11….mp4)

File: 763322f6aed1100⋯.mp4 (1.11 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Love Obsession VR @x_hisab….mp4)

d014d9  No.16527735


They REALLY fucked up by not letting porn fuel the mass adoption. Porn did that for ALOT of things. The dick is strong in technological advancement.

17bcba  No.16527816


>The jumping and going up and down stairs was what really fucked me.

the intro in the cart alone made me feel uncomfortable, might be the fps tied to the jerky movement, dunno


>It's perfect

vehicles are the easiest way to make people vomit. ever tried reading in a moving car?

17bcba  No.16527818


you can get a headache from the wrong fps on a monitor, there's certainly more going on than just movement.

b3046d  No.16527827

File: c1092b9b3e67c40⋯.jpg (13.97 KB, 221x279, 221:279, crshit.jpg)

VR will never get mass adaption until the following:

-Massive reduction in price

-Better optimization so even lower-end PCs can run it without issue

-Actual good shit gets developed for it instead of just gimmicky crap and VR slapped onto existing games

-Leaving lewd shit alone rather actively going out of their way to shun it like some VR sets did

b01245  No.16528341

File: cfeedb7ba8a5ccf⋯.png (628.23 KB, 913x465, 913:465, e3403700eaf3b45113f79e7354….png)

Like other anons posted I think space fighting games could work really well with VR.

My personal autism project would be historical recreation of various places through the ages, complete with the normal day to day lives of the people, from the poor to the top of society, their festivals and holidays. Witnessing wars, from recruitment to deployment and aftermath, and posterior celebrations, tons of shit like that.

I don't really expect this to ever be made, and even if it is I don't believe it will be honest about what we know but they'd rather try to go full on poz and have womyn, trans, and niggers in position and places where they don't belong and whatever other degeneracy they can fit into it.

15cf40  No.16528359

The VR fad is dead now Ray Tracing is the future of vidya

353be4  No.16528684

the problem isn't VR. VR is really great technology.

that works well with high end hardware. the problem is that no one makes good games anymore. period. and that includes VR games. so no, VR games will never be good because the entire industry is fucking trash

6e9c5b  No.16540841

File: 996ad7e51d0486f⋯.mp4 (869.22 KB, 524x296, 131:74, shinn87 113576453877355725….mp4)


ab50fc  No.16540871


Pavlov is fucking dog shit.


>Fallout 4 VR

No. Arizona Sunshine might be ok but it's not worth the purchase price. Sairento is decent. I highly recommend Rec Room to anyone with a VR set. It's free and some of the most fun I've had in multiplayer in a long time.

a3bc38  No.16540982

File: 59d672439bd1ad6⋯.webm (3.56 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, slasher flick.webm)

It's pretty fun. The main problem I have with it is that all the games are for pick up and play and each session is self contained. There are barely any which have any form of continuity between play sessions.

a3bc38  No.16540992

File: 6143bc6840ac226⋯.webm (4.28 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, gotta train you up rocky.webm)

b9fecc  No.16541011

984f01  No.16542442

File: d3728fcad09f548⋯.png (19.72 KB, 493x466, 493:466, 1329309959964.png)

When you really think about it vr is just three 3d mice that are independent from each other, two for the hands and one for head tracking. That fact alone means there's room for potential beyond the 'immersion' novelty.

5a06a5  No.16542718


Operating is my sole purpose for wanting to get into VR


Those would be Vector3s or more likely be Quarternians (Vector3s with rotational information as well such as yaw and pitch). Which pussies and people who've never used them will tell you they're scary but they're really not. It's just some extra data values you have to account for in your thinking that if you properly account for them means minimal coding and debugging related to the extra information Quarternians store.

77e64a  No.16543343

File: feaee2b8c544a06⋯.jpeg (96 KB, 520x480, 13:12, FCBE3008-80D4-473A-AD3F-6….jpeg)

I’m not really sure.

Went over to my brother’s place for christmas, and he bought his kids a vive as if they weent spoiled enough. I had a bunch of fun screwing around on games like gorn and pavlov, but there’s certainly much room for improvement.

3896de  No.16543610


His autism really impressed me.

9a2351  No.16544653


>I don't really expect this to ever be made, and even if it is I don't believe it will be honest about what we know

that usually what educational funds etc are for. when VR gets broad enough adoption it will happen for the simple reason that it puts you literally IN that scenario compared to some 2d movie about something (and it doesn't have the stigma of being a "game", not yet at least).

and that's just the public funded stuff, imagine an asscreed VR (ubisoft is one of the few big thirdparty VR devs dabbling with all kind of shit, they already have a museum mode iirc, VR is only a matter of time).

>but they'd rather try to go full on poz and have womyn, trans, and niggers in position and places where they don't belong and whatever other degeneracy they can fit into it.

depends how long that shit will go on. pendulum swings back and forth all the time, depending how hard it swings back a future generation going full fourth reich is absolutely possible, either due to generational shift or ecology/economy shitting itself so hard we simply don't have time for some retarded identity politics.

6cfab0  No.16556905

f26429  No.16558444

You can't perform fine movements/interactions so it's a big fat blundering club where a samurai sword is needed. It is as fucking retarded a system as a touchscreen to use for gaming.

69e9dc  No.16558461

File: 70a9f7a34168740⋯.png (49.17 KB, 360x249, 120:83, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b49fdd81200d5ba⋯.png (20.06 KB, 480x480, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

VR is just the latest incarnation of a shit fad that already died TWICE before

3 times if you count the 3DS

69e9dc  No.16558499

File: f9ad7e6aab0d4dc⋯.png (163.01 KB, 1405x706, 1405:706, ClipboardImage.png)

also people should post more stereographs

cbda60  No.16558554


>No. Arizona Sunshine might be ok but it's not worth the purchase price.

>buying games

I hope there aren't people out there that legitimately think you can't torrent VR games.

cae230  No.16558680


>Or is it the future of gaming?

It has a place in gaming, but it won't be the future for a long time to come. It's best bet for widespread adoption at this point is retroactively modding old games to be VR compatible - since nobody seems willing or able to make proper VR games, and the requirements for them are really light. People are too eager to chase the immersion meme, when the reality is we can barely do audio/visual simulation well on a consumer level. Stop trying to re-invent the wheel when it's going to be years before the axel and cart are even ready.

In general, it's not going away. There's far too much potential for commercial application for it to simply go away, though it may take a back seat to augmented/mixed reality. Even if it doesn't take off right away in gaming, it'll be around when that perfect storm of a high-profile game, price, performance, ease of use, and marketing all strike.

cae230  No.16558685

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If you're going to get Beat Saber, get the PC version and mod it. The stock game/PS4 version is largely garbage due to the terrible track listing which I think was mostly just the author's garage Rave band or some shit.

4b20f7  No.16558736

Oculus Quest now has Pavlov and Onward coming out for it. Quest is getting pretty good software for what it is (phone processor with in and out tracking) however the issue is that something usually gets cut/downgraded to be on quest compared to P. At $400-500 and no PC cost the value of the quest may be better than I first thought if it's getting all the PC hits over time.

0608ce  No.16558823


#2 looks pretty promising though

bed3fc  No.16558952


VRcades are becoming increasingly popular in cities. It's worth trying out just to see if it's something you'd be into or not.


Incredibly fun if you like rhythm games, but PC is required due to mods. Vanilla is going the Guitar Hero/Rock Band route with music packs as DLC, but community beatmaps are just as good and free.


Agreed I'd say current VR is like the clunky early 3D of the early 90s.

000000  No.16559061

VR games are a shitshow right now. You have some gems like Beat Saber or Onward, but other than that it's mostly just garbage.

Having sex with people who have FBT in VRChat is amazing though.

791418  No.16559158

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't know, but it's spawning some great size content.

65e216  No.16559182

File: a0ba2c7756398bd⋯.webm (7.81 MB, 852x480, 71:40, Virtual Cuckulator.webm)


recently got a vive myself. i guess i'll review my experience so far.

i dont think its the future per se but i think its a very good parallel thing.

the best things about it that makes it worth your while are that:

-everything's tactile.

you can just walk up and pickup things instead of just pressing a button. very simple but very effective.

-everything's got a sense of scale.

big critters and fantasy environs look cool as heck. you don't get how cool it is from a flat screen at all. go visit map ports of your favorite video game areas. its totally worth it and fun.

-it makes you feel like you are there, in the game which is nice.

its pretty neat to just lie down on the couch and just drink in your surroundings sometimes. can be a real mood booster at times.

though tbh, the technology isnt there. the very low FOV and the screen door effect is annoying as hell. its like sitting too close to a CRT but without burning off your corneas. they got newer ones as of late (pimax, index) but until they get a reasonable handle on those two problems, it wont be a future.

the other thing i think is that the various companies should all work towards some kind of common standard. they are trying to treat it like consoles with all their proprietary tech gimmicks but it wont work out for everyone cause nothing works good with anything else. its annoying having to deal with compatibility software.

the biggest issue going forward, i think, is a lack of killer apps that takes advantage of the fact that it is VR. there's like only handful of games that are, at the very least, extremely VR friendly if not VR only that are worth a damn. there's too many low effort ports and way way too many minigames that are a dime a dozen.

even for porn! with all the talk of how good the porn is on VR, i havent seem much of it. most i've managed to find is just VR conversions of existing stuff, which imho do look very nice in VR, but you still have to fiddle around with menus and keyboard controls. it totally sours the mood. it doesn't have that satisfying tactile interactivity that's one of VR's major strengths. if you got any good recs i'd like to see them.

as for buying it. i'd say wait till it goes down in price or buy a used or refurbished unit off ebay or something (i'd clean it and replace the face foam tho. very grody.). it doesn't feel worth the $500 they gutted me for it yet. not with the famine of decent software. that new quest thing looks nifty for a budget option (but still only 100 bucks off from a vive) but until you can run your own shit on it, i'd avoid it.

in short. VR is neat but costs too god damned much and currently there aren't too many genuinely good unique VR experiences that make it worth the inflated price of admission.

anyway.. has anyone tried out that vorpx shit that makes non vr games work a bit with vr? is it worth fooling around with?

5a06a5  No.16559243

File: b97867b7b434801⋯.jpg (467.8 KB, 618x824, 3:4, fuckingfries.jpg)


3D is not the same as VR.


There are two things currently missing from VR that I think prevent it from taking over gaming. It'll have it's place in gaming and I'm sure it's here to stay, but for it truly to become the next big thing, it needs these two things:

1. A way to to track hands in a 1-to-1 way. So basically we need to perfect the Power Glove technology

2. A way to track player movement, either with the currently way too expensive omni-directional treadmills or some other method

Until we have that level of full body immersion, traditional video games are going to remain way better.

ff28d3  No.16559339


Don't forget the virtual boy and some experiment a company and/or educational place did back in the 70s/80s (earlier than the virtual boy).

5a06a5  No.16559398


But that's not a fair comparison. Because that was made with technology that we'd laugh at today. Anyone with a brain knew that VR wouldn't work with the technology of the era. It wasn't until the mid 2010s (of which I'm sure it's no coincidence that this was when companies started pursuing VR en masse) that we had computer hardware that was even remotely capable of making good VR experiences at a price point that'd be commercially viable.

4f4fa6  No.16559713


holy crap they know how to eat well wish you could do this stateside without being stared at

5a06a5  No.16559793

File: d98e0c08ab89013⋯.png (17.33 KB, 448x120, 56:15, ClipboardImage.png)

Fuck it I'm taking the jump


My friends and I go do this at McDonalds every year. Usually in August

4f4fa6  No.16559860


I promise you instant buyer's remorse

172a20  No.16559908


I hope you have an average IPD, or that is literally going to do nothing for you. Mine is 70 and when I tried a Lenovo I could not see out of both eyes at once.

5a06a5  No.16559927


My IPD is 65, when I googled the average it said it was 64

63c51f  No.16587788

I had some extra money so I got the Rift S, my first foray into VR. It's true that there are very few actual games, most of which are shooting galleries. I'd say Lone Echo is a good example of VR done right, an adventure game that uses the medium for immersion and is built around it. I'd say the next tier down is the escape room, a much smaller experience but one that works well in VR. And then you have glorified dioramas, tech demos, etc. Not much to chew on but most of them are free or pocket change, and they're good for showing off VR to the newbies. Put your grandma in an artsy simulated carnival dark ride for her to ooh and ah at.

357230  No.16587834


Isn't that one of the headsets that makes VR even worse by making you unable to actually put your hands behind you?

bd45a7  No.16588140


Too robotic, would be better to ERP with a real girl. Or do it irl

5a06a5  No.16588417


Name one VR game where you have to put your hands behind you?

c4bed6  No.16593190


i dont have a decade

c4bed6  No.16593194


>he doesnt have 1200 € to burn on VR Porn simulators

bbccb7  No.16593208


No. Losing sight of your controllers screws up the tracking on them.


Above is a big problem with Super Hot because everything moves when you move and only when you move, which forces you to constantly look at your controllers.

cbd784  No.16593286


>No. Losing sight of your controllers screws up the tracking on them

So in other words, yes, it is one of those headsets that makes VR even worse by making you unable to actually put your hands behind you.


>Name one VR game where you have to put your hands behind you?

I'll do you one better and name one VR game where you can.

It's all of them.

cc0297  No.16593489


> The stock game/PS4 version is largely garbage due to the terrible track listing which I think was mostly just the author's garage Rave band or some shit.

licensing and shit. record labels go full retard when it comes to music in games, just look at time-limited deals (fucking why?) or how they're are super butthurt someone might rip it and then not buy the mp3 or some other shit (when they tried to revive rock band that was one of their biggest issues).


>with all the talk of how good the porn is on VR, i havent seem much of it.

never was into POV but the first time vr porn with all the eye contact made me legit afraid I'm gonna shoot a hole in the ceiling. hs/koikatsu/cm3d2 already had enough people using it on a normal screen, vr will probably have some of the dehydrated regularly.

>in short. VR is neat but costs too god damned much and currently there aren't too many genuinely good unique VR experiences that make it worth the inflated price of admission.

psvr is 200 bucks on sale if not cheaper. firewall zero hour with aim controller could legit be big if the devs wouldn't be fucking retarded. rogue mission as a full game could've sold more than battlefront (adjusted for install base), but they only made a 20 minute demo for it.

pc still has to try to cater to everyone from vive wands to valve index, meaning the experience will be a bit shit due to the input alone. least it's open so everyone can dev and play around with it. then there's the whole motion sickness issue with has no general fix that works for everyone.

15ef75  No.16593891

Without proper tactile interfaces, VR will always be gay.

c69b29  No.16593909


>>few years

They've pushed this shit for decades, OP. This is just another iteration and it sticks around somewhat longer this time because graphics got better and nerds have become overpaid computer janitor paypigs. It'll never stick for good though because it inherently sucks for anything but tech demos that make you go "well, that's neat" for five mins.

000000  No.16594058


VR will always be gay period.


>It'll never stick for good

As long as furries have money, VR is here to stay. There are quite a few people out there willing to spend exorbitant amounts of money just to have better vrsex. People like this don't give a shit about anything other than VRChat. I've seen the future of VR, and it's full of gay furry sex.

9a02c2  No.16594162


I believe VR as a mainstream method for playing games is absolutely a meme.

But, this doesn't mean that VR is doomed to failure. VR has some very practical uses and some very specific entertainment uses.

The problem is that companies, media and gamers are viewing this as a kind of one size fits all scenario, that if you can't play an fps in VR, then it's a failure.

But is it really an abject failure? Racing games, flight simulator games, and even virtual tabletop games translate extremely well into a vr environment.

Just because the average mainstream genres don't do well in VR, doesn't mean that it's a failure. Sure you might never storm the beaches of Normandy in VR, but you might one day soon be able to command a Tiger tank during the Ardennes Offensive.

I think the biggest issue that VR faces is the expectation that there be a seamless transition from a pc monitor to a fully immersed VR experience for any game/genre.

Once people drop the expectations that VR be able to do what it can't, is the moment you'll see VR specific genres open up and begin to prove their value on their own merits.

I've personally considered buying a VR headset + driving wheel to play some racing sims, and I'd absolutely be into the idea of playing a tank commander simulator game with some buddies as my tank crew.

5a06a5  No.16594179


Because you can has no impact on functionality. Like I said, name one game where it matters if you can't put your hands behind you. Also, Mixed Reality headsets do track when they're out of sight, just with less accuracy because it's only using gyroscopes to track the position when they're out of sight. But it's still functional that if a game told me that I had to draw a sword that was sheathed on my back, it'd most likely be doable.

ba3158  No.16594421


>name one game where it matters if you can't put your hands behind you.

raw data. or any other game where it simulates a quiver or weapon.

also has you put shit on your hips which are out of sight as well.

>it'd most likely be doable.

maybe, but if it will be inaccurate as fuck which can make a noticeable difference. yes, WMR works fine for the most part but it's still miles behind lighthouse.

8106a7  No.16595488

It's a porn device. I'm stocked that mindgeek doesn't make their own cheap vr headset for porn.

b8fbc0  No.16595695

File: a02377f070d6054⋯.mp4 (9.85 MB, 854x416, 427:208, VR weeb couple caught in t….mp4)


"VR" as it exists today is only good for goofing off in VR chat and maybe porn. Not worth the investment, in my opinion. You can just watch funny VR chat videos on YouTube or in the webm thread here on /v/, and VR porn isn't shit (yet?) compared to conventional porn and just jerking off normally.

5a06a5  No.16599311

So I've gotten my headset and it's pretty damn cool. I can see why people are getting excited for things like the Index having better resolution, because with the Lenovo it's kind of hard to quickly aim with iron sights in Hotdogs, Horseshoes and Handgrenades because there's not enough visual clarity.

Not a problem with the hardware itself but I currently (and thankfully temporarily) live in a very small space, too small for the 2mx2m that most games want as a minimum. I might be able to squeeze that out if I could get my roommate to clean up his side of the room.

6e9c5b  No.16599711

File: 6d46406095242ee⋯.mp4 (1.1 MB, 640x360, 16:9, @Kikikikikikyou Jun 3 2019….mp4)

File: 846bd99e7ed535c⋯.mp4 (987.95 KB, 640x360, 16:9, VRchat in 2019 • Jun 7, 20….mp4)

File: 1b6599c3cac72cb⋯.mp4 (408.7 KB, 480x270, 16:9, @hamkimchi_ 11346672515279….mp4)

File: 56a54f38202ab06⋯.mp4 (4.57 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 20190601_432746088_VRChat ….mp4)

File: e95125574be0940⋯.mp4 (204.16 KB, 852x360, 71:30, @NotGoodatEng Apr 11 2019 ….mp4)

06e0f8  No.16599718


>Or is it the future of gaming?

As soon as it goes full body immersion, you are looking at exercise market for fat kids and chunky gamers who will take the chance. Imagine a King's Field VR with your sword in hand and your feet doing the actual walking. Billions.

cae230  No.16600220

File: 5e046272facf13b⋯.jpg (122.55 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, 1000x-1.jpg)


>firewall zero hour with aim controller could legit be big if the devs wouldn't be fucking retarded.

I saw it on sale in store today, and was tempted to get it, but I saw on the box that "Online is Required". I know SOME PS games don't require plus, but it's rare enough that I wouldn't bet on it. And I'm not going to buy a game that's only going to be playable for as long as they have the servers up, and that I have to pay a monthly fee to an extortion scheme. The only reason I even have Xbox Live now is because I legit find value in GamePass as a rental service, and they just enabled Xbox Live along with it for no extra cost.

The two Xbox 360 or Xbox Original games a month aren't a bad deal for the price either, since you get to keep those after your subscription ends. They can shove their Xbox One games and their "only playable with an active subscription" bullshit right up their pisshole.

a9d316  No.16600309

VR won't be truly good until we get Matrix-tier where you control the game as if you're controlling your own body, with nerve impulses. But until then we must endure and support the steps towards that goal.

de21ad  No.16600490


Cyberpunk as fuck.

5a06a5  No.16601959


I think everyone who wants to workout would probably prefer that. Considering the alternatives which are:

>Go outside where the drivel of society all give you judgmental stares

>Go to a gym where there's much fewer judgmental stares but it smells like ass and you have to pay money

>Spend an exorbitant amount of money on buying yourself workout equipment

Or you could get your workout from full body VR which has endless possiblities. I think a most people would be down for working out if working out meant they got to LARP as a knight and kill some fantasy monsters and explore another world.

6e9c5b  No.16602971

File: 3e2ce822b305984⋯.mp4 (1.71 MB, 480x480, 1:1, lsa2.0 October 6, 2018 vrc….mp4)

File: 4a1c82adfe4aef7⋯.mp4 (3.51 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ARCHETYPE_YYK 105944688784….mp4)

File: 2ebbd492cc98190⋯.mp4 (257.98 KB, 270x480, 9:16, Akaneko ‏ @Akaneko7779 113….mp4)

File: 28341ef5128301f⋯.mp4 (990.87 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ノココリ@VRChat用 ‏ @nokokori_v….mp4)

File: 66b4e5358b8cc0e⋯.mp4 (1.68 MB, 960x720, 4:3, rairai7280 113214904325201….mp4)


> exercise market for fat kids

i'm guessing there's demand in japan because of social factors

402b68  No.16602991


They gotta do something about the sweat though; It's the main reason I don't use it as much, Despite working out for years, and being fit, I still sweat like a motherfucker;

I bought some Purell Non-Alcohol antibacterial wipes, and they were hard as fuck to find locally; Only one store near me has em' but it's not the smell I'm worried about, it's mainly the sweat leaking in and frying the electronics (which can be avoided by simply not storing your headset downwards so they sweat doesn't leak in)

if they want the exercise market they gotta seal that shit better, I've never personally had the problem of sweat killing headsets, but I've heard it said, maybe I should lurk around a VR arcade and ask them how much of an issue Sweat is.

fc32e7  No.16603015

File: 54e31c858cdd3cd⋯.jpg (98.18 KB, 903x656, 903:656, iglasses.jpg)

Fucking apple stole the i shit

a3bc38  No.16603045

File: c0b74c4db64fa0c⋯.webm (5.7 MB, 960x540, 16:9, dose.webm)

cbb784  No.16603078


VR teaches you bad habits because it doesn't have any means of reinforcement when you make mistakes. This can actually lead to injury later in life depending on what it is you are doing.

000000  No.16608263


>second webm

I've had that happen to me before. Luckily the person that walked in on us wasn't a streamer.

1cadac  No.16608704

File: 65b2854a4fdaf2d⋯.png (140.23 KB, 442x743, 442:743, 39817293712.png)

It's still a meme, but it's a fun meme.

1cadac  No.16608722

Was buying a Vive with tf2 hats a good decision?

6e9c5b  No.16609827

File: 30ea3f04e9724f6⋯.png (337.51 KB, 570x891, 190:297, famous.png)

File: 980f796de324e8b⋯.webm (9.39 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, solongVR.webm)

oh god, they know. are they going to be coming after virtual sextoys now?

ecb5c0  No.16612597


It's a meme until I can simulate unlimited monitors for more efficient desktop work. Anyone who games with VR is probably a fag or a cuck, or both.

fefeb6  No.16613028


Found the poorfag

63d3a2  No.16613034


I was just thinking when watching that webm, would VR be useful as an animation tool or does it take too much effort to handle interactions in VR for that to be viable? Basically you could use your hands to move around objects and characters like you were posing a doll IRL which should be much more intuitive than adjusting bones and dragging 3d objects around a 2d screen with your mouse.

ecb5c0  No.16613035


>thinks buying a $1000+ headset instead of 3 $200 monitors means the person doing the buying is poor

Are you fucked in the head cunt?

5a06a5  No.16613051


That's not the argument you put forth. Don't try and shift the goalpost

cc4489  No.16613061


One would think so because of the depth perception VR gives you, but there's enough assistance with tools and numbers in modern animation tools that moving by hand wouldn't be nearly as accurate. Would be neat for people who don't know how to animate though, just as a casual toy.

e13044  No.16613064

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's alright.

cc4489  No.16613065


But a decent new lenovo headset is like 200 bucks with the controllers. All those expensive headsets are made just to show off retarded resolutions.

aed0fa  No.16613727

File: 08491cba6889600⋯.jpg (19.01 KB, 472x534, 236:267, 211655.jpg)


>just to show off retarded resolutions

bc799b  No.16613981

meme for rich americanos on credit cards

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