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File: f226711b5807711⋯.gif (4.67 MB, 950x530, 95:53, crazygroundboilovesit.gif)

9c9ef2  No.16504048

What's the most "insane" game you can think of?

I'm not talking like "WOW SO ZANY LOL!" i mean genuinely like "This creator has deep mental problems, or was on some psychadelics"

Shit like LSD and that.

1ebdd3  No.16504081

File: 4afaaca46bd863c⋯.jpg (1.9 MB, 1500x3000, 1:2, deepweb.jpg)


You're probably not going to find a whole lot of games made by people with legitimate mental problems, since mental issues tend to fuck with someone's sense of discipline, especially when it comes to game dev. And even then, mental problems/psychedelics by the user don't directly translate well into a project, especially in the banality of development and design.

Terry was batshit fucking insane, but all of the games in the TempleOS suite just seem like half-assed projects. You'd probably get into some much deeper territory through things like .wads and mods.

9c9ef2  No.16504087


Wasn't there a game made by somebody who had deep autism for perfecting his game? yuyulalilo?

81af89  No.16504092


>no mention of Eric's WADs like UAC Labs anywhere in that picture

2c4a51  No.16504106


LSD should be much higher now because of how popular it's gotten from normalfags


Those would be level X for sure.

da6f03  No.16504108



9c9ef2  No.16504111


That sounds like it.

543338  No.16504122

File: f089db3b94504db⋯.jpg (61.54 KB, 657x877, 657:877, dogcostume.jpg)


there was a ps1 game where the dev recreated his batshit crazy dreams. forgot the games name though

a2a9be  No.16504125

closest i can think of is Crypt Worlds

b1f1ed  No.16504137


Majora's Mask seemed like the product of a disturbed mind. Reliving shit over and over, scary-ass mask-seller, confirmed hints of Link being dead, plus that fucking moon.

9c9ef2  No.16504142


Crazy ass mask seller was in ocarina too though, i'd say it's just more the game is intended to be creepy and forebiding about doom rather then made by somebody sick in the head.

d68180  No.16504152


>explaining the joke

Fucking tumbler

You're thinking of LSD: Dream Emulator which OP already mentioned.

f40a65  No.16504153


LSD: Dream Emulator.

It was based off one of the main dev's female co-worker's dream diary though, not the main dev himself.

bffb7f  No.16504157



>Below Gamer


068143  No.16504174

File: 19f77c212a02577⋯.jpg (39.54 KB, 592x443, 592:443, moartbatel.JPG)

Kimberly Kubus. Thank me later.

982800  No.16504203

aaf537  No.16504231


7233e7  No.16504244

File: 839bd5456ab4b79⋯.jpeg (62.57 KB, 192x196, 48:49, time for death.jpeg)


Unironically Borderlands Pre-sequel. It came after Burch was widely ridiculed for being a cuck, and the writing in it is proof it significantly fucked him up. The obvious one is that the NPCs are constantly busy grandstanding and virtue signalling with self-reassuring so blatant you can almost taste it, but there's more to it. Without going into a wall of text, the morals in this game are fucked. Good guys become gleeful sadists and vice versa in the span of two lines, then back again. It's so jarring it can't just be a consistency problem. It's like he had episodes of sudden frothing at the mouth with hatred while writing.

2a88f2  No.16504257


Why not go into a wall of text ? Threads pretty empty, and what you wrote so far sounds interesting.

fc84ee  No.16504266


Ulillillia has started conquering his autism. He can swim in blue water sea water now and he has a job. In the process of this he's pushing all of the turboautist projects he worked on in the past out of his life, the channel that had the Platform Masters dev videos on them doesn't exists anymore iirc.

9c9ef2  No.16504268


What was he even making?

36094c  No.16504277

Drakengard is pretty fucked, but I'm not sure there's anything particularly wrong with Taro.


Allegedly Aonuma had stress-induced nightmares because of the deadline while making Majora, and he put some of the shit he saw into the game. Nightmares are more of a short-term thing but even fairly stable people can have some fucked up ones.

fc84ee  No.16504286

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I've only watched some of the videos of this, but it looks like the big issue is instead of actually creating levels he just kept adding mechanics and background detail leading to nowhere. Definition of feature creep, but at least it looks like it was all implemented funtionally.

0f56f0  No.16504288


>Allegedly Aonuma had stress-induced nightmares because of the deadline while making Majora, and he put some of the shit he saw into the game. Nightmares are more of a short-term thing but even fairly stable people can have some fucked up ones.

I think he also wasn't the biggest fan of the game itself and even was unhappy when the remake got announced because he thought that MM was such a bad game.

36094c  No.16504293


I have no idea if that's true, but I could see someone who hates their creation having nightmares about it.

0f56f0  No.16504322

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Skip to 1:48

e7fdbd  No.16505426

fuck the alacrity daemon

9c9ef2  No.16505660


Man's got impressive skills

0b55e6  No.16505677


He does not have autism ffs. He's too competent for starters.

9c9ef2  No.16505700


>you have autism and therefore can't be competent

are you retarded?

5b763b  No.16505755

File: 2f7669067fe97b5⋯.jpg (36.54 KB, 500x350, 10:7, caimshoes.jpg)


>but I'm not sure there's anything particularly wrong with Taro.



de0ec5  No.16505809


Yume Nikki

Anything else either nobody knows it exists, or it's not even that crazy

9c9ef2  No.16505965


Yume nikki was just a dream journal though wasnt it

20b078  No.16505988


Is this game any good? I remember seeing it on youtube, but I never got around to playing it.

072207  No.16505993


>Shit like LSD and that.

Eastern Mind and Chu-Teng comes to mind.

8b1471  No.16506041

gone home

71307b  No.16506062



He and some friends climbed some roof tops as a kid and he saw one of his friends fall off and die on the street. He started laughing because the friend got a boner as he was dying.

Also, if I recall, Giygas from Earthbound was inspired by the creator of the series walking into the wrong movie at a theater and watched a rape scene, and it messed him up for a while.

f9b8c2  No.16506134


'All of our Friends are Dead' and other works by the same indie dev. They're all recreations of his recurring nightmares.

8068b0  No.16506226

>was on some psychedelics

Probably LSD dream emulator. Would be funny if they were hinting they were on LSD at the time.

2c3526  No.16506298


Technically, it wasn't a rape scene. Just a sex scene, but he thought it was rape because of the sudden shock and the affect on his psyche.

61d129  No.16506307

File: b019da1baf23396⋯.png (304.54 KB, 616x353, 616:353, ClipboardImage.png)

This game but also not this game.

43f5b4  No.16506315

File: ae53403273a3b7d⋯.jpg (284.66 KB, 1926x1436, 963:718, hello sexi.jpg)

There was an indie dev that made really weird shit games. The one I remember the most was one that was just Gradius but you were moving in a digestive system I think, and you shot up at whatever organs, cells or food was on your path. The game weighted less than 30 megabites, had dialogue scenes where the characters image were some dude's photos, and was very lowpoly, Simpsons' 3d episode kind of low poly. That was a pretty odd one.

Then there's thecatamites but I'm sure he was already mentioned on the thread

b6178b  No.16506320

File: f9b54bcaf118a4a⋯.png (131.32 KB, 500x606, 250:303, serveimage.png)


>inspired by the creator of the series walking into the wrong movie at a theater and watched a rape scene, and it messed him up for a while.

I guess this used to happen a lot in Japan.

2e68d4  No.16506322


That image is fucking stupid, some of those games aren't even real.

370cc8  No.16506458

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Something like this?

98364d  No.16506527

File: e17a768dc0aa468⋯.webm (311.81 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Hey Pal, Did you just blo….webm)


>No Aurora


>No headpat simulator

Did reddit made that list?

75f345  No.16506532

Fairy Fighting maybe

75f345  No.16506546

also maybe Galshell 2

ec76ae  No.16506562


He clearly was insane in some way. Remember that (single) video where he talks about him and his cousin sucking eachother's dicks and then he goes on to call some nigger on the street a nigger to his face?

314081  No.16506665

Kanoguti games. I believe they are made by a schizophrenic nip.

60a57d  No.16507050


Where do AVGD games go? the threads for game "devs" here?

125e0f  No.16507272


The LISA series.

Although it was more of "cruel and bizarre* instead of sinply insane.

And later in the end the obvious was public: the author DID have problems with his father

7233e7  No.16507276


Guess I've got time to kill.

The basic premise of the game is showing how Handsome Jack went from well-meaning head of programming for Hyperion to psychotic, gleeful bastard. The set-up for this to happen is simple enough.

>Lilith has Athena (designated main character of the four possible player characters) prisoner and is organizing some sort of mob trial. She orders her to recount the events that led Jack to become an asshole. Athena obliges :

>Some rogue military corps called the Lost Legion takes over Helios (the giant H-shaped space station you see in B2) and starts blasting the moon, in the express purpose of blowing it the fuck up and significantly damaging Pandora itself

>Their motives are vague but basically there's a vault on the moon and it somehow warrants a "kill millions to save the universe" scenario for the Lost Legion

>Jack hires the vault hunter party to stop them, but the LL has planned their assault so well it's going to take desperate measures

The basic flow of the story is how Jack progressively sheds his scruples to get shit done. This narrative framework is perfectly fine in principle. The main snag is that Burch saw fit to have Moxxi (completely retconned as a feminist nerd by the way), Lilith and Roland not only be there, but actively participate in the plan. A keen eye has already spotted something very retarded with this. Indeed, it makes no fucking sense for the story to be framed as Athena telling Lilith what happened when Lilith was there. Chalk that up to Burch being a dumbass though, not particularly insane yet. So, knowing you've got the Mox/Lil/Rol trio on board, let's go over what happens.

>Jack asks for the cooperation of some mayor dude. Said dude betrays him. Jack sets out to forgive him, but mayor shoots him in the back and Jack kills him in retaliation. First step towards villainhood, gets a bit more agressive in dialogue. He gets Lilith and Roland to help at this juncture.

>He decides that only a robot army will help take down the Lost Legion, Moxxi tells him he needs a military-grade AI. You find one after a while, it turns out it has a full sentient female personality (held prisoner by a stupid nerd, cue plenty of feminist shit here). The AI is presented as very willing to help, resourceful and crafty

>The very next mission, Jack orders her sentient personality to be fucking wiped and replaced with military data. You have no choice but to do this step by step, the AI begging for her life and slowly going insane. Jack basically just shrugs it off, the quotes of your player characters are gleeful and uncaring, and Mox/Lil/Rol don't give a single shit while this is happening, or after for that matter.

I'll give you one guess as to how useful the robot army turns out to be in defeating the Lost Legion. Of course it's jack shit, they're nothing but setups for sidequests. Anyway, at this point there is reason for the player to find Jack an asshole, but the game's writing barely acknowledges it. Which leads to the final bullshit stretch.

>You have to rescue some Hyperion scientists

>You do just that, but one of them drops the possibility one of them might be a double agent for the Lost Legion

>Jack vacuums the whole lot of them, not taking any risks

>Lilith says "Awesome !" when it happens

>The next time she opens her mouth, she is disgusted by Jack's ruthlessness

>And when you defeat the Lost Legion and save the moon, Mox/Lil/Rol stab you in the back because Jack was mean to some people. Not because he killed anyone, no, he was just mean, and that justifies backstabbing him even though he factually just saved the fucking moon.

>He goes full Majima for this backstabbing, but it's really hard not to relate to him since his allies betrayed him for the flimsiest of reasons

2c2b6d  No.16507303


>VR training puts you at the bottom

well damn.

068b7c  No.16507413


Killer7 is the most sane game I've ever played in my fucking life.

The world doesn't change, all it does is turn

and it just keeps getting smaller until you can control it in the palm of your hand, like a PDA

08e511  No.16507447


I thought he had a good relationship with his father, just that he died shortly after the game was released?

0901a1  No.16507480

Zeno Clash is a weird, surreal experience and is also a pretty fun first person puncher. I don't know if it's "insane" but it certainly isn't "zany" for the sake of zaniness, it's just the kind of thing that only someone from a third-world country could think up. And of course EYE is just complete fucking nonsense.

dd5f66  No.16507492

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


d3098d  No.16507882

File: 0dbdff5c686277b⋯.jpg (11.84 KB, 255x233, 255:233, aa24f09923cbb92c16060b1d5b….jpg)


>he laughed as his freind died

how old was he ? and was his friend a asshole?

to be honest i imagine myself laughing if that one autistic friend i had died like that,after all he is a totaly tard but i still love the dude

im also a fellow autist but bastard is even more retarded then me

71307b  No.16507885


Anon, he laughed because his friend was getting a boner as he was probably bleeding to death. They were kids. Maybe teenagers.

344663  No.16507889

File: fddd0e72454c350⋯.png (52.49 KB, 320x200, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

You need to dig into the DOS library if you are feeling at a loss for crazy. Consider very well, the whole other range of PC-like constructs of the period. Amiga is a good one, fairly unknown on a world-scale and filthy with things that were never ported. Pic related, it came with its own medical journal.

344663  No.16507896

File: 521e797e653101f⋯.jpg (46.31 KB, 448x559, 448:559, Hauptmann_'Skyking'_Rich.jpg)


How is it you cannot comprehend laughing at death? Have you truly never witnessed it? It is a release for everyone, quite honestly.

6d243f  No.16507999


There is no rape or sex scene in the movie he mentioned. Either he remembered the name wrong, or he made it all up to make the final boss look cooler.

46bef4  No.16508002

File: b4e6b105be1dfa8⋯.png (175.71 KB, 460x215, 92:43, ClipboardImage.png)

I mean, you ARE playing through the eyes of a messed up individual with 8 personalities inside of him, and it is a technological and aesthetic work of art, but still

fe4383  No.16508029


This. Brad was named after his father because his father was all he could think of when thinking about a father figure. Nevermind that Brad turns out to be kind of an asshole and Rando did nothing wrong

9df6ab  No.16508114

What's "zany"?

7cde35  No.16508152

The guy behind the MARDEK JRPG-style flash games went legitimately insane. It starts to show in MARDEK 3, which ended up being the last MARDEK game of the original planned seven. The shut-in author's issues with women start to become visible, but probably the bigger indicator is the steep increase in difficulty compared to MARDEK 2. For example, meet the penile-looking cactus monster called Happy Johnny that appears in groups of three in a large hub area and likes to cast instant death spells. Maximizing party initiative is highly recommended.

MARDEK 3 also contains puzzle bosses that may require a large amount of trial and error to find the obscure weakness. For example, one particularly annoying boss can only realistically be killed with combat items. The combat items that never drop from monsters and must be bought from shops. The combat items that are single-use and cost non-trivial money in a game where money is scarce. And the nearest shop is a long backtracking trek from the boss. And a two-way shopping trip requires crossing the Happy Johnny zone twice. I quit playing at that point.

08f5d9  No.16508172


>The shut-in author's issues with women start to become visible

That sounds pretty based, tell me more

7cde35  No.16508313


There's honestly not that much in MARDEK 3. Your female party member gets the hots for the aforementioned annoying puzzle boss because his villainy is so manly but she doesn't leave your party or anything. Then there are the aforementioned cactus penises-with-balls of doom. Little things like that.

However the author later went and made a mostly-platformer game about a fat, unattractive loser who lives with his parents trying to succeed at a date with the woman of his dreams. He had only gained that date by shamelessly lying on his dating site profile. The player is supposed to do things like stalk the woman's Facebook profile on computer terminals scattered around the levels. I didn't play much of that game as I realized I didn't want the hero to win.


Real madness is often not that spectacular and more severe cases can easily get in the way of programming. In the MARDEK author's case his insanity prevented MARDEK 4 from being finished, and then when he was feeling better he didn't want to continue with the series in that style.

29da8e  No.16508314


Thanks for the virus, look at my webcam, I am showing you my penis

08f5d9  No.16508343


I dunno, I kinda want to check out these games now, even though they're probably not very good. Is the plot of MARDEK 3 connected to the previous two, or is it a Final Fantasy situation?

7cde35  No.16508493


The MARDEK games are chapters in one continuous story. The first one is baby's first RPG and very short. The second one about as difficult as the average JRPG, which is not very difficult, except for the tough final boss, and there is a surprising amount of content. The third one gets ramps up the difficulty so far that it reaches the point of bad game design in the worst parts but it's still doable.

I liked MARDEḰ 2 the best. It's very much like your typical old-style JRPG, only programmed in Flash by one person who did everything, so the art in particular isn't that great. The skill system is pretty innovative and unlike what I've seen in other games.


It literally shows incipient madness creeping in, only not really in the horror sense.

2d62df  No.16508501

File: 0a176998378a536⋯.jpg (378.06 KB, 957x974, 957:974, 0a176998378a5369a5ddb7d7e7….jpg)


>Walking simulators

>Not casual

08f5d9  No.16508571


Alright, guess I'll start with the first one then, thanks for the indirect recommendation!

bffb7f  No.16510143


>maybe teens

If you're that old and you still laugh you should get the rope. The only people who I would tolerate would be kids who don't fully grasp the meaning of death and its finality. Understanding death is part of what separates us from the animals.

94b1f2  No.16510181

File: f64d23ce14f929a⋯.png (147.47 KB, 256x319, 256:319, ZenoClash_cover.png)


Definitely this. Ate a 1/4 of shrooms and played the game from beginning to end in one sitting. Probably the best video game experience in my whole life.

9c9ef2  No.16510190


dude shrooms lmao

94b1f2  No.16510233


if you had any idea of what a 1/4 of shrooms will do for your video game experience……

e763a1  No.16510433


Funny Pizza Land. That game is so creepy.

24c67b  No.16510677


Usually games are only "insane" accidentally, either because of translation issues, a lack of skill in an area forcing someone to cut corners in some areas of game development or someone on the team wasn't all there and his issues leaked into the game itself.

635444  No.16510715


The game is already pretty trippy while sober, can't even imagine how is it while on shrooms.

Also, it's not really that good, the gimmick is cool but severely underplayed, don't know why they divided efforts putting classical FPS mechanics when they could go fully into the fighting mechanics, imagine this shit with spin kicks, throws, mounts, could've been pretty fucking rad.

81af89  No.16510742

Only time I've ever played vidya on acid was back in highschool. I was on the come-up and started up Brood War, and played a 1v1 as Terran. Started to feel extremely depressed when my marines died so I stopped playing it.

0e6d79  No.16510837

File: 8630fca4cd4bad0⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, Pizza 2018-07-09 23-36-46-….png)

File: c7b9ddaf7e950a4⋯.png (272.38 KB, 593x424, 593:424, 2018-02-07_132139.png)

Sometimes it seems like shitty shovelware games had to have be made by somebody delusional who thought the game was perfectly fine, rather than just being halfassed. It's almost sad. First pic is Pizza Dude by a small company that made several games of similar quality. Second pic is Exploding Lips, a freeware game by a Jew that's into a lot of 2deep4u new age spiritual shit that wrote a book on "Spiritual Gaming".


That's correct, he makes music too.


Was there one where you play as a fetus being absorbed by another fetus that says "FUCK AND EAT YOU CUNTPIG"?





Why were those deleted?

08e511  No.16510859


I've seen that name a few times. What sort of game is it?

9e26d3  No.16510861

File: 1e8aa4bec891424⋯.jpg (43.01 KB, 256x365, 256:365, bd.jpg)


The game is shit anon, try this instead

11cd49  No.16510870


Kanoguti music is hit or miss literally. Some are very unique while others are literally batshit insane

f9b8c2  No.16510875

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


925849  No.16510876

The games included in templeos.

5c20bb  No.16510878


Yeah, Zeno Clash is really, really bad. Makes me wretch when people seriously recommend it.

ee02cb  No.16511334


Does anyone have those vids where a guy made some really bizarre and disturbing final smash mods for Brawl?

71307b  No.16511348


I'm thinking he was laughing more at the fact that his friends final moments had a boner.

cb73c7  No.16511399

File: 7be877cd5934274⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 287.93 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Nathalie.jpeg)

Everything is going to be OK (it's more of an interactive product than a game)

The author (Nathalie Lawhead) is bat-shit-insane.

>My game (…) is an interactive zine based on abstract life experiences about trauma, PTSD, and surviving difficult situations.

"Surviving difficult situations" is actually what sane people refers to as "laughing off a silly mistake you've made while interacting with people… and then move on with the rest of your day".

The author keeps referring to her "art piece" as a game, then complains when people judge as if it were a game. She's your typical snowflake who believes the whole world is mean to her, and because she doesn't seem to learn from her mistakes, keeps suffering on a daily basis, repeating to herself over and over again that "everything is going to be OK" (while not realizing she's convincing herself day after day that right now, nothing is going right)

The author thinks:

>we have a backward idea of power

And the projects onto everyone the way she sees things:

>this is a byproduct of a historically patriarchal system

>power is viewed as how many people you can subjugate

>respect is how many people fear you because of your power

>how you are the biggest dog in the dog-eat-dog world that we have created for ourselves

If you want to see what it feels to be trapped into the nightmarish delusions of a never-ending teenage angst that wants to convince the rest of the world that their way of thinking is the right one and everyone else is wrong, here's the page:


d6956a  No.16511430

File: 5ee4230b6cdb11b⋯.png (89.21 KB, 625x678, 625:678, horny loli refuses.png)


>i'm not the author trying to ragebait you into playing my game so i can screencap your angry posts about it to validate myself on twitter later, teehee

cb73c7  No.16511479


Reminder that OP wanted insane games by insane people. If it's haram to state how insane the author is, I don't get the point of the thread.

e64722  No.16511611

Not a game strictly, but The Sky May Be was a pretty strange Doom wad made by a furfag. Also Nihility was pretty weird and dark for a one-episode wad.


Having played vidya before while on psychedelics, I can attest to this. It's one thing to blaze through a game while sober, it's another thing when the sprites turn 3D and you start becoming one with the soundtrack.

3e61c1  No.16512074

File: 6b4821c748b16fd⋯.png (113.55 KB, 532x624, 133:156, tcb cartoon classroom.png)

File: 02a60d702940ac0⋯.png (210.52 KB, 752x728, 94:91, tcb cartoon dress club.png)

File: a244e8010eb0dac⋯.png (288.68 KB, 576x792, 8:11, chatoyance-cdf61058-33ab-4….png)

File: a4840806928f8c3⋯.png (302.59 KB, 952x452, 238:113, post-14803-0-12591500-1404….png)


Oh fuck, I remember that bitch from a post in /mlp/


There is never anything wrong with laughing at niggers of Jews dying, anon


Wait, Marduk dude also made Clarence? Or is there a different fat loser dating game platform error out there?

Actually the best ending has him "fake it til he makes it" by the way, and he essentially becomes Jay Sherman.

Also surprised for no Middens mention in here.


Hah, the insane one in that is actually famous elsewhere! It's Gary Gygax!

68a121  No.16512087




30671c  No.16512152

File: 39fac6fd1bdb631⋯.jpg (697.36 KB, 3264x1836, 16:9, cat.jpg)


>the "8chan loves you" gif an anon made when this was first shown never made it into a banner


8b80eb  No.16512375




32536f  No.16512404

File: aca39c3a085d85a⋯.jpg (98.13 KB, 545x324, 545:324, macs_v1.1e[1].JPG)


>poked around dump of pic related for ten minutes once

>deeper than level x

9c9ef2  No.16512739


I regret having viewed this

b13d8c  No.16512819


53cf67  No.16512894

File: a39e16f35321423⋯.png (44.69 KB, 880x81, 880:81, 9e1a2b2f81f37eff1de923e1b0….png)

>no mention of Dementia/Armed & Delirious/Granny

Come on.

0e6d79  No.16512911


I thought that game was just jews shitposting

4baab1  No.16512923

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


it wouldn't happen to be Galshell, would it?

bffb7f  No.16513042


And this makes you a sane individual how?


I want a lot of (you)'s so I'll say there isn't. If you hate something you kill it like removing pests. Laughing at it is mental damage tier shit.

71307b  No.16513060


I ain't saying he was sane, I'm just saying that it wasn't laughing at someone dying so much as the 'holy shit someone died and DAMMIT HE HAS A BONER'

b13d8c  No.16513091


>And this makes you a sane individual how?

look at this faggot. completely unappreciative of morbid humor. wtf does humor have to do with sanity?

8dc200  No.16513095

Do extreme fetish eroge that include unbirthing, interspecies birthing of mangled fetuses, entrail-fucking, nipple penetration and gaping, mummification or turning waifus into weird objects, most commonly abstract flesh urinals or even that artist that just turns them into half-cow, half-human, all-ahegao things count?

9c9ef2  No.16513099


The judges are going to allow it.


interspecies birthing

jokes on you that's my fetish

0e6d79  No.16513113


post it faget

8dc200  No.16513126


You can just search for tags on VNDB

If you want actual gameplay eroge/doujins, I don't know that many, honestly. Demonophobia's pretty well-known. And there's one with a ninja girl that plays similarly but I don't remember its name

475350  No.16514374

bffb7f  No.16514735


>wtf does humor have to do with sanity?

Laughing at a dead body in front of you has nothing to do with being insane. Got it.

2f054e  No.16514761


It doesn't. It's actually one of the sanest responses. Get to know a paramedic and you will find they have the most fucked up morbid sense of humour possible. Same for a lot of people with chronic health problems. You laugh at it because it keeps you sane. When you can make something super fucked up into a joke you can cope with it better. Instead of mentally fucking you up you laugh at it and deflect the torment away.

Laughing at fucked up things is sane.

280f6e  No.16515220


Were you also pissed off when people made 9/11 jokes in October of 2001?

20b078  No.16515725


It's shock mitigation.

9b5b10  No.16515738


That's completely different. Paramedics HAVE TO disconnect themselves from emotions because it interferes with their ability to do their job properly. They laugh because people die if their hands shake. If you laugh because someone you (presumably) care about is lying on the ground dying, you're not helping anything. You're a psychopath, end of argument.

fcddf3  No.16515743


ET Corn Gods

bffb7f  No.16515869


That's shock humor and it's usually used to soften the event and open dialog about it. Quit conflating the issue.


Which is applicable after the fact. And in appropriate context. If you see your dead friend with a boner in front of you and laugh it's only because the shock of the situation hasn't set in yet. Nobody sane would react that way and mean it down the road.

e14546  No.16515899

File: d043ee7a9bb2afa⋯.jpg (106.53 KB, 1552x873, 16:9, 0e2ea291755ffb8f88c4fb68aa….jpg)

The Lisa series

e14546  No.16515904


Someone beat me to it Fuck.

20b078  No.16515908


>If you see your dead friend with a boner in front of you and laugh it's only because the shock of the situation hasn't set in yet. Nobody sane would react that way and mean it down the road.

If you can't dissolve a trauma this is exactly what happens.

615944  No.16516093


> If you laugh because someone you (presumably) care about is lying on the ground dying

He wasn't, he was laughing because his friend had a stiffy. Are you dense?

02342c  No.16516111

File: 094dce0218051cf⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 820x3580, 41:179, [015209].jpg)

File: 4988d2e0f0e0f9b⋯.jpg (699 KB, 1500x3114, 250:519, [015318].jpg)


How would you compare that list to these ones?

74fa59  No.16516161

File: 32daa75a66bbb2d⋯.webm (2.94 MB, 800x450, 16:9, dragon ball universe mmo ….webm)

dragon ball universe. the creator is always hopping on saying how much he hates niggers and loves hitler. pic related

8dc200  No.16516171


> the creator is always hopping on saying how much he hates niggers and loves hitler.

Sounds perfectly sane tbh

f4e9f6  No.16516179


didn't the creator was some brazilian charging NEETbux over the source code? did you guys bought it?


furfags aren't sane

0b75ba  No.16516469


The main problem with listing Skyrim (or Bethesdha games in general) is anyone with two neurons to rub together would not play that shit Vanilla.

While you cant vivisect a raider corpse and consume their genitals like in the NV modding scene, you can still get decent levels of fucked up just due to the forced nature and

shitty, half-finished state of the animations. Its like watching an adult puppet show taking place in a vat of jello.

In fact I guarantee we can find a far more fucked up experience by looking at these games with heavy modding scenes.

<Insane fuckers that can into gamedev are stupid rare

>Modded games offer a playable* base game for even simpletons to heap their disturbed vision on.

<Games that are created are often a hodgepodge of ideas. Often difficult to decipher.

>Mod lists and load orders provide a clear sense of progression of the individuals mental state.

<Full on games remain relatively obscure even to their audiences.

>Modders are forum dwelling faggots who bathe in attention.

<Some games are straight up uplayable on modern hardware

>Modded games can be beaten until they behave, allowing you to live in this persons "ideal" world.

And most importantly

<The disturbed dev responsible is likely a hermit or dead.

>The modder is likely an active forum faggot in a small community who is easily accessible and easily provoked.

>Also probably posts DeviantArt tier fanfiction.

bffb7f  No.16516694


Sure but what I'm saying it's not an appropriate reaction. And if you later think it was rational and would do it again you deserve the rope.


He's laughing at his DEAD friend had a stiffy. Entirely wrong thing to do.

585ca8  No.16516720


>He's laughing at his DEAD friend had a stiffy. Entirely wrong thing to do.

It's as funny as it is horrible.

bffb7f  No.16516735


In a 3rd party context maybe.

053fe4  No.16516744



kys yourself

0641fa  No.16516993


Is kanoguti actually schizophrenic?

e7fdbd  No.16518068


I don't know if many schizos could actually make anything worthwhile, but Terry certainly did a much bigger, more educational project as opposed to kanoguti's many smaller digital art pieces and few games. And nips are often considered honorary, so who knows. At the very least, I would be surprised if he wasn't seriously mentally disturbed after checking out some of his shit past the few "games" that one anon originally posted here. The software is bizarrely entertaining for sure though, with the added mystery around them of "what the fuck kind of mind makes this shit."

>those ones that access your webcam

3ed84c  No.16519113


it's kind of true really, autistic people have 0 motive to do anything

0c39bf  No.16519202


>Level X: worlds.com

Is that shit still up? If so we should have a gamenight where we get some anons and explore these schizophrenic creations.

6fb076  No.16519265


That's the most pathetic attempt at self-promotion I've ever seen, Tens.

0e6d79  No.16520577


Yeah, it's still up. I'd be down for that as long as we don't end up with a bunch of redditors pestering the few autists that frequent it

d585ce  No.16526387


It's sort of like a synonym for "quirky".

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