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File: 54ad0e77ae0cf27⋯.png (821.21 KB, 1066x1280, 533:640, artificer dashing.png)

File: 999a46399f41b47⋯.png (993.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

df82e1  No.16504606

June still hasn't come but we're getting there. Reminder that hopoo has announced every new content to be added next big patch will be completely new.

>Favorite survivor

>Least favorite

>Your best/most fun run

>Changes you'd like to see

>Still having fun with RoR1?

4578c1  No.16504631

File: 4b2d919eb78e2e8⋯.png (613.77 KB, 1078x1078, 1:1, 4b2d919eb78e2e8b78cacf633d….png)


i can't wait to pirate this. i hope they have fixed the bug which makes you fall through the floor when some asshole imp overcunt teleports directly on top of your head. i also hope they stop enemies spawning directly behind me without giving any indication that they are going to do so.

>favorite survivor

mul-t without cheats, huntress with.

>least fav

<melee in a game where everything is an aimbot that fucks you from 10 miles away


artificer because that cunt is taking so long to unlock

>changes you'd like to see

make mercenary suck less ass. make lunar coins drop more often, i hate wasting my time grinding for artificer which i still haven't unlocked yet.

>Still having fun with RoR1?

haven't even played it, doesn't look worth my time.

743740  No.16504691

3a4a3e  No.16504707


>with cheats

Are you fucking for real? lmao

0c788f  No.16504830

File: f98a6b044d8dfbe⋯.png (130.06 KB, 219x303, 73:101, 1542919019.png)



>thinks merc is bad

>hasn't even accumulated 10 coins

>didn't play the first game

Go and play the original, or else it might be too late to fix your homosexuality.

ec592a  No.16504841

File: 054e9d598cafb69⋯.mp4 (11.61 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Risk of DESTRUCTION.mp4)


Anon you are an unbearable faggot and a complete and total shitter.

Go fuck yourself.

I'm not even going to give (((you))) a you.

Also you can manipulate the game files to give you more lunar coins, you cheat in the game but you didnt know about that? Gosh you're fucking stupid.

300a88  No.16504856

>not going for obliteration runs


df82e1  No.16510606

File: b597a95f959e2bb⋯.jpg (107.14 KB, 1200x1091, 1200:1091, b597a95f959e2bbca0234a2406….jpg)

Hey, drawfag, stil around? Artificer is woefully under-represented. As far as inspiration goes, maybe draw her autistically collecting wax quails or something.

7eab28  No.16510616


I've actually really been trying to get into the original, but it's raping my ass. I just can't seem to deal with the fact you can't shoot and move at the same time. Also the keybinds are just kinda fucky on both keyboard and controller. Any tips?

300a88  No.16510620


I approve this message. There is never enough Artificer. no futashit pls

8e83dd  No.16510632

Anyone want to postulate what Skills 2.0 means? There's a file in game for EngiBeamTurret separate from EngiTurret.

ec592a  No.16510647


Hoard a lot of drones and kite enemies with them.

And BAM. You are practically unstoppable and are pretty much are going to beat ror1 almost regardless of character.

cc8871  No.16510728



>needs to cheat in RoR2

>doesn't play RoR1 because it's too hard and no cheats

>posts anime traps

why are turn of the millennium kids so dumb and homosexual

df82e1  No.16510762

File: 9900c155bba5a52⋯.png (246.83 KB, 773x1198, 773:1198, 9900c155bba5a5234c9f406980….png)


RoR1 is all about zoning. Manage your crowds, and consider you can die in three seconds if you stand in the wrong place too long. Items and drones can change that basic strategy much more than 2 though. >>16510647 is right. The sheer variety of items is enough of a reason to play 1 even now.

67a9b7  No.16510802

File: a39fe97a862d70d⋯.jpg (76.21 KB, 396x691, 396:691, waterbag.jpg)

Man the wait for June is a massive pain in the ass.

Ive had nothing I have been waiting on since early May, but have several things I'm waiting for in June.

Hopefully the new character and the other shit will be worth the wait.

7eab28  No.16510827


I'm not that other faggot.

74b628  No.16510887

really all I want them to add are the relics and more survivors. I'm waiting on june with baited breath

cc8871  No.16510928


woops, the faggotry made me see red and I didn't check IDs

Huntress can move and shoot, very babby friendly. Drone spam is such a crutch that you'll probably stop buying more than a couple when you git gud to preserve the challenge. Engi is another noob-friendly pick.

Once you've gotten late game with them a couple of times you should do fine with harder characters. HAN-D, sniper and merc are quite fun.

8e83dd  No.16511628


Still waiting on an MLGPRO compilation of Merc set to Rules of Nature.

c81060  No.16514993

More Huntress butt please

238815  No.16527334

Has anyone got any use out of Effigy of Grief? This thing just looks useless as fuck.

ec592a  No.16527358


Bandit is okay. His 'R' is booty ass though.


I just really want them to finish the game.

We gotta buckle up for a slow ride because its gonna take us all a year to get there.

76c7e4  No.16527533


>play as either Huntress or Commando (basically someone with a dash that is not Mercenary)

>get afterburner

>find boss (golem, clayduster, even vagrant if the terrain allows it)

>dash in, pop effigy, dash out

>boss has now reduced defense and movement, allowing you to shit all over him

>get better equipment, literally anything will do


It's hard to use effectively since it also affects you, making it worthless on merc since I think it also lowers damage done

1d7534  No.16527862

it's june

when's patch


Effigy of Grief reduces armor by 20, giving roughly 16% damage amp. If there's a shortage of equipment in your run (very common when playing with 4 players) then it's worth picking up and tossing at a boss at the very least.

The only unfortunate thing is that the majority of the bosses don't sit still close to the ground, so it wont have any effect.

You also don't want to throw it at the Clay Dunestrider either, because the -50% speed it applies also applies to attack speed. And you wouldn't want his succ that gives him 200 armor to last twice as long, do you?

I haven't run into a scenario where I've used it yet, as I mostly play Mercenary. I don't want to toss it at a boss I want to kill, and by the time multiple bosses spawn, I usually have a better equipment to replace it.

That said, I wouldn't deem it the worst equipment. Crowdfunder firmly holds that title. Effigy of Grief falls into the "situationally useful" category together with some other equipment like Milky Chrysalis.

Don't forget that you can also grief your fellow teammates with it, which is one of the most valuable traits Lunar items have. The more teammates you kill, the more loot you can claim. I am honestly convinced that Glowing Meteorite exists solely for that purpose, since it does worthless damage to enemies.

a88f30  No.16527995


>crowfunder is the worst

Surely you jest.

Crowfunder can proc items and for someone like Mercenary it can be incredibly useful, especially if you have something like the Ukulele or the Meat Hook and after the 4th stage money isn't even an issue anyway, meaning you basically have free attacks that proc all your items.

Crowfunder is basically an Engineer's turret you rent.

67a9b7  No.16528111

File: a3f54ef2538e1f5⋯.png (285.28 KB, 901x793, 901:793, sonicear.png)

Playing Mercenary has spoiled me so much.

All of his abilities can be used for mobility so during the early game every other character just feels like walking through mud by comparison.

608c5a  No.16533264

I want it to be done already with more characters

1a3917  No.16548504

File: 70596ffaa459970⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, monsoon.png)

>tfw June but no update

c6a884  No.16558133


Perhaps after E3? I have a terrible feeling that Gearboxs influence may corrupt them heavily though, so if it even gets finished it will surprise me

ae150c  No.16558547

The eternal wait for the update is suffering anons.

Worst bit is it'll probably come a while after E3 as so not to conflict with attention for games dropped right after E3 as devs are want to do nowadays.

ae150c  No.16588815

So there's been an announcement that IGN will show off the new content later today.

I'll grab some screenshots and post em in thread I guess.

cbe8ff  No.16588838

File: 9c09c837a8cedbf⋯.png (261.25 KB, 551x491, 551:491, yuck.png)


I think this is the worst post that I've ever seen on this board.

74b628  No.16588878


I remember a couple streamers who were in with the devs saying that they wanted to release it on july 8th, but I'm willing to bet that gearbox got involved and they had to push it back or something

ae150c  No.16591363

File: 44c29da91464c34⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Plant Robot Hybrid called Rex is the new character.

caf7cc  No.16591405

File: a06d515b0dbad5a⋯.png (282.64 KB, 382x417, 382:417, ClipboardImage.png)



ae150c  No.16591452


>M1 fires 3 darts if you hit the 3rd one it heals you

>M2 fires a mortar costing health to use

>Shift fires a force cannons pushing enemies back, if flying enemies hit a wall they take damage

>R drops a seed that pulls in enemies towards it centre

In other news

>New starting map area is a construction site like area

>New elite enemy for the new area

>New boss to go with it

>Artificer got a hover passive

>On hit got recalculated so that big hits like Artificers M2 triggers on hit way more often, but R triggers a little less

>Hinted at Skills 2.0 to be new skillsets for each character

>No release date for the patch as of yet

>RoR2 Twitter says release date coming soon

feed56  No.16591482


Where is the stream showing it?

I demand sauce now you asshole.

ae150c  No.16591505


The segment is already over, but if you wanna catch the vod later it was around 1:40:00-2:00:00 into the stream I think.

IGN's twitch channel, it was suffering sitting through IGN's corporate shilling.

aaaec9  No.16591508


https://www.please use archive.ism/videos/2019/06/12/risk-of-rain-2-new-survivor-gameplay-reveal-rex-ign-live-at-e3

feed56  No.16591549


I saw some gameplay for like 5 seconds.

I'd rather just wait until the new update comes out and then we can play it together anon.

ae150c  No.16591659


Yeah I think that's for the best in retrospect. I'm just mad at having sat through IGN's bullshit now.

157def  No.16603151


>just a release date

>which means its gonna take even longer

Fuck this shit man

e5aa83  No.16619236

File: 69265becc1863fa⋯.jpg (250.07 KB, 1600x2869, 1600:2869, huntress_in_risk_of_rain_b….jpg)

Still no updates, but the ongoing effort to unmask huntress continues. To my knowledge, no other survivor has ever been unmasked in artwork, but huntress? You fucking bet.

1a2052  No.16619548

File: dfa1fcf3bbbe5f4⋯.png (157.71 KB, 1016x766, 508:383, dfa1fcf3bbbe5f4f2217afd54d….png)

Stupid question; how do you reliably combat the Wandering Vagrant's AoE? I'm guessing you're supposed to flee as it charges up, but the range of it seems to be pretty huge and I've never been fast enough to not just get killed by it. I've been wondering if it's supposed to be a DPS check, but I haven't had much luck with that, either.

c3053a  No.16619561

File: 03c6aa071a2aca6⋯.jpg (47.55 KB, 458x750, 229:375, 03c6aa071a2aca6e2d9c22d5b6….jpg)


most of the characters, Im fairly sure, have an invincibility frame from one of their abilities. Im more familiar with mercenary since he has one and Im able to survive most times if I time the attack right.

Which character are you using?

e5aa83  No.16619576


Counter-intuitively, you just have to break line of sight. If you're behind cover, the vagrant's AoE won't hit you. It doesn't make sense visually, but it's how it works.

1a2052  No.16619589


I've been playing around with several characters to try and see which one I like best, but I never thought to try any of their dodges since I've been unsure whether the AoE is like a big wave you can dodge through or a big 'if you're in this area at all, you're fucked' attack (like the Imp Overlord seems to do, unless I need glasses). I should try it, though.


I mean it makes sense to hide behind cover, but I'll admit I never thought to hide behind anything because the attack just makes me think you need to get out of the big circle, not behind something.

30a06c  No.16619594

File: bbc8df65b15ed94⋯.png (733.38 KB, 1222x1212, 611:606, artificer.png)


I'm not the drawfag in question, but a drawfag nonetheless. And I have an artificer just for you.


Time your roll/dash/slash right on commando, huntress and merc.

Run the absolute fuck away behind cover as MUL-T and artificer. Though you can probably tank through it as MUL-T if you have rose shield and time the scooter mode right.

e5aa83  No.16619610


> I'll admit I never thought to hide behind anything because the attack just makes me think you need to get out of the big circle, not behind something.

Yeah, that's why it's so confusing. Plenty were in the same boat.


I wonder where you got the inspiration, but

good shit regardless, drawfag. Thanks!

30a06c  No.16619617

File: 56aad61dd587e40⋯.png (838.45 KB, 1800x2090, 180:209, huntress.png)


I don't remember at this point. I also have a huntress for those who are into that.

e082ea  No.16620468


>horizontal eyes

05a818  No.16622421

File: 1bdc2253b1cea2d⋯.jpg (178.98 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, mulll.jpg)

File: 15b1e9a356f5e3a⋯.jpg (2.11 MB, 4000x4000, 1:1, arti.jpg)

File: 2a687b56ceb661e⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 2350x2000, 47:40, huntressdfwlw.jpg)


Hey MP

Also, some RoR art I've done recently

e5aa83  No.16634971

Waiting for updates on a game with a small dev team truly is suffering.

787ab3  No.16635125


e47128  No.16635139

File: 69da8c0a1ef2c82⋯.jpg (37.88 KB, 700x772, 175:193, 039760339f87fefddbfce619f8….jpg)

Update goes live in an hour and 12 minutes!

e47128  No.16635314

File: 5a668e56a2feb46⋯.jpg (66.21 KB, 800x585, 160:117, D9x0GmiX4AMzspc.jpg)

Update is now live!

05fe7c  No.16635367

I wanted to try this out but I had no one to it with and after playing RoR1 purely in solo I didn't want to go solo only again. What changed from RoR1 to 2, besides the obvious jump to 3d?

759372  No.16635521

Topaz brooch is way too good. That one other item that requires one-beaconing the aurelionite is something I'll probably end up cheating in unless they made the fucker infinitely less of a pain in the ass to kill.

Also anyone has any idea how to unlock the new character?


Ironically enough, quite a lot. The game is very solo-friendly now and is generally a bit easier to get shit done in.

05fe7c  No.16635533


But is it fun in Solo? I didn't particularly enjoy playing Enforcer in solo.

759372  No.16635565


Yeah, it's much more fun.

ed4251  No.16635667


>next big patch will be completely new.

>1 character and 8 items, 1 of them dogshit so far.


Probably leveling up your skills like in ASSFAGGOTS

d14f01  No.16635670

File: 4c4f831720fb09b⋯.jpg (60.85 KB, 647x703, 647:703, chillin.jpg)

how to unlock the new survivor? is it a returning character from RoR1 or is it brand new?

9377df  No.16635704



You get the new character by going to the back of your drop pod and interacting with it. It gives you an item in your equipment slot that does nothing on its own (except explode and insta-kill you when you take a lot of damage). You need to take this item to stage 4, the abyss or whatever it's called. There, you need to interact with the robot that spawns on the platform just below and to the side of the highest platform.

a210f5  No.16635720

File: 659f24ca4f3d810⋯.jpg (529.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190625124057_1.jpg)


Yeah, just did it too and got an achievement and an item which summons the guy during the teleporter fights.


New music, too! Most of it sucks ass though.


How the fuck did you find that out?

ed4251  No.16635805


Sniper too.

52f125  No.16635831

whats the new boss? did a few cycles and didnt fight it only got some of the new temporary barrier items which seem pretty good

9dafc4  No.16635855

we back in business boys?

1d7534  No.16635877


Yuroppe host.

I didn't unlock any of the new shit.

355bb4  No.16635896

File: 30c2309867bd0f3⋯.png (2.61 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



1d7534  No.16635922


pls respond

759372  No.16635973

Okay, so, the plant.


Kinda weird, the spread is odd but otherwise lifesteal and slow make it real neat. Also works well with procs.


Good damage, really bad response and feel. It works, I guess.


It makes it easy to launch shit off of a cliff and applies slowdown, but that's roughly all it does. Fills a slot, that's it.


Really, really fucking good. It's a crowd control plus heal plus damage that has fuckall cooldown and pays back the 25% HP cost instantly. Synergizes well with RMB.


Garbage. But the sprint animation is neat, landshark mode plant robot, I like it.

tl;dr very slow, very survivable, needs crowds to accumulate before damage can be dished out effectively, works well with procs

1d7534  No.16636049

759372  No.16636052

File: ff514ab5ffb7870⋯.png (607.14 KB, 580x740, 29:37, ClipboardImage.png)

Look at this ugly fucker.

1d7534  No.16636057


new lobby ( >>16635877 broke)

787ab3  No.16636062


You can already play as bandit.

52f125  No.16636089


>reskinned golem


f1553b  No.16636362

Seeing as every lobby ID ITT is invalid I'm making my own: 109775241060056141

9377df  No.16636367

File: 0b2620a30b0b07d⋯.png (46.35 KB, 183x209, 183:209, 2019-06-25_20-22-16.png)

A few quick notes from my runs.

Rex can cancel his basic attack with his mortar giving him huge attack speed without items.

Back-up magazine might seem like a waste on him but due to the attack cancel, it actually becomes a great option.

You can root everything in the game with your fourth ability except worms. They can still move around like nothing happened. Imps can also still teleport but they don't move around much when they do so it functions more like a spot-dodge.

Some choice items for Rex are healing items particularly Rejuvenation Rack and Corpsebloom. N'Kuhana's Opinion+Forest Spirit,etc. are also good of course. Primordial Cube is, in my opinion, his best active choice.

Equipment drones require your active item to activate and they seem to change their appearance and function based on what item you feed it. Pic related is a lightning bolt drone.


Trial and error. I died with that thing on my back about 8 times before I found the interactable.


I've only encountered him twice in the new map so he may be exclusive to it. It's called the Grovetender and it spawns wisps.

76c7e4  No.16636885


> play as MUL-T exclusively ever since new patch

> he has no pod anymore

Fucking hell

f1553b  No.16637149

File: 3ed08099d062564⋯.jpg (144.27 KB, 500x500, 1:1, devilish.jpg)


You can take it from someone else's pod though.

f1553b  No.16637557

Oh yeah don't play merc, blinding assault is bugged where you can use it and sometimes you just won't dash but it'll eat your ability charge. Lost two runs to that before I realised what was going on.

76c7e4  No.16637604


I wanted to unlock everything solo.

> play Huntress

> run is going fairly well

> glass x 1

> stack a lot of barriers

> 3 x nerfed GotD.

> 4x fuel cells

> capacitor

> 4 x behemoth

> get like 15 armor piercing rounds

> glass x 2

> glass x 3

> elites take longer to kill than bosses

> desintegrate every single boss

> unlock everything there is to unlock save from speed-killing the green goblin himself

> can't find a single gold altar

> 4 loops and nothing

> mid-5th loop spot an altar of order

> every white item gets turned into barrier on kill

> every green item is now a wax quail

> every red is a fucking headset

> every blue gets turned into GotD

> morrowindjump.png

> spot a single surviving elite lemurian (teleporter event was already over)

> try and test how much I can barrier myself for

> manage to lower the last 10% of his HP in just under a minute because I have no fucking damage anymore

> he was malachite elite

> green crystal spawns and kills me

> I got no barrier

Fuck gold altars though

1d3153  No.16638044

File: c9504d798587bf7⋯.gif (133.6 KB, 300x397, 300:397, FUCKOFF.gif)

File: c9504d798587bf7⋯.gif (133.6 KB, 300x397, 300:397, FUCKOFF.gif)

File: c9504d798587bf7⋯.gif (133.6 KB, 300x397, 300:397, FUCKOFF.gif)

File: c9504d798587bf7⋯.gif (133.6 KB, 300x397, 300:397, FUCKOFF.gif)

File: c9504d798587bf7⋯.gif (133.6 KB, 300x397, 300:397, FUCKOFF.gif)


>second rotation

>activate teleporter


>instantly fucking dead


76c7e4  No.16638093

All my runs with Rex have ended badly. I just don't feel he's very strong. His M2 does a lot and its cost could be negated with Trascendence but that just makes his lifesteal mechanic completely useless unles you've got an Aegis or an N'Kuhana's opinion

723e0f  No.16638132


I actually am getting to like him. He's like a tanky sniper. He works really well with a hopoo feather, ukelele, and wisp. That way you just suck everyone in and dance around them while they're rooted.

08807b  No.16638136


Transcendence doesn't work with him. If anything it fucks up any builds.

2bf818  No.16638199


really? he seems insanely good

>have 10 medkits


>gain health

f4967f  No.16638328

File: c6519d35b04b7da⋯.jpg (62.62 KB, 960x540, 16:9, GYO image.jpg)

File: 27223b0e5a6e2e8⋯.jpg (209.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, gyo.jpg)


The walker reminds me of the ones from GYO that latch onto infected decaying creatures

991f93  No.16638431

File: ee20988515d83f8⋯.jpg (162.13 KB, 745x800, 149:160, bandit.jpg)

I don't really like playing spiderbot, it's not that he's bad, he just doesn't feel that fun to me. Looks neat though.

I wish they finished bandit first

1d7534  No.16638568


REX needs items to complement his M2. When he does, he's very strong. When he doesn't, he's pretty shit.

I just had a run where I had 3 backup magazines and a ton of medkits / brooches. I could substitute my main attack with M2, as well as burst M2 on tankier targets.

Then I got to the new zone (stage 7), spammed M2 on a clay dunestrider, and got taken down by a chaingun nigga that spawned behind me.

9dafc4  No.16638718


I immediately thought of this fucker with the new addition to the roster

could be worse, it could be a blazing or malachite clay templar :^)

9852ad  No.16638740


>It makes it easy to launch shit off of a cliff and applies slowdown, but that's roughly all it does. Fills a slot, that's it.

If you think that's all it can do, you haven't been experimenting enough with it. And I'm not talking about throwing shit into walls.

9e035b  No.16638752

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



9dafc4  No.16638759

File: 1d3257bb3b3d42c⋯.jpg (100.47 KB, 533x800, 533:800, day of the rake.jpg)


it's even worse, it's a bunch of leaves propped up by a robot

9e035b  No.16638777

memes aside how you're supposed to build rex? this nigger lacks iframe abilities to survive and his speed sucks dick. are you supposed to facetank shit with your heals and defensive build?

2d92ee  No.16638783



205b03  No.16638803

File: c5e746b891f04fb⋯.gif (946.74 KB, 436x469, 436:469, c4a7e576024129e653b11ade31….gif)

After playing around with him for a while, the final verdict on REX:


>Natural Toxins is supposed to reduce speed, armor, and damage but the effect is so marginal that at later levels it may as well not exist.

>DIRECTIVE: Inject does unremarkable damage slowly and 1/3rd healing based 1/3rd of your damage is pitiful healing. Even stacking syringes doesn't help when you're getting peanuts per attack. You'd almost be better off starting with a medkit instead.

>Seed Barrage is good. Decent damage on a near instant cooldown, the problem is you will kill yourself with the self inflicted damage if you spam the shit which it seems to be designed for. It animation cancels your primary attack so you you can skip the delay between salvos and keep up your damage. The trickle of health you get from alternating your primary eventually levels out the cost to around 20-50% max health depending on your items which puts you in a very vulnerable position for someone with such a shitty escape.

>DIRECTIVE: Disperse is now the worst utility/mobility/shift skill in the game beating out Snapfreeze and Tactical dive. The range is poor, the knockback is mediocre, and using it as an extra jump is awkward and obnoxious when forward momentum is so heavily reliant on directional facing while you sprint in the air. It does no damage and applies the same largely useless debuff as your primary. You can use it to damage flying enemies by knocking them into walls but that only works on flying enemies so what's the point.

>Tangling Growth is amazing. Huge AoE CC minor vacuum lasting a surprisingly long time and fantastic healing on top of it. It costs a good chunk of health but you'll likely make it up within a second. The damage isn't great but who cares when you've just tied up an orgy's worth of monsters and brought them into one giant fuckpile ready for mortaring.

<The other stuff not related to his functionality:

>Uglier than sin.

>Very noisy design compared to the others and makes it difficult to see items on yourself.

>Sprinting animation is eye cancer and has the same issue of MUL-T looking very slow because of how fuckhuge he is.

Overall: He's decent damage in small AoEs at a great distance but other characters tend to do it better without being so extremely item dependent just to survive and function. The amount of healing items this guy needs just to stay relevant in the later loops is just unreasonable. Having good range is nice, in the early game especially, but on later loops when shits all over you like a rash that extra long range isn't really helping out too much. He's alright in concept but fuck he needs some tweaking. I'd suggest trimming the health cost of his seed barrage to 5 or 10% and making disperse much longer range as well as stun. I haven't the slightest idea how to fix it's momentum problem though.

74b628  No.16638821


Really? I'd put him above artificer, he needs items to come online, but once he comes online he basically can't be stopped.

fbb130  No.16638829


I like Artificer and was really hoping this update was going to give her something other than a fucking hover button. You're still a sitting duck against most bosses because there is no dodge ability and the ice wall can't block projectiles.

74b628  No.16638831


That engi nerf hit him pretty hard though, he's incredibly reliant on items more so than before now. The Merc buffs are fantastic though

86fa03  No.16638833

File: e4a2a2941704643⋯.png (83.3 KB, 914x87, 914:87, ClipboardImage.png)


Artificer can now fly and ignore everything except golems and lesser wisps. That's a huge deal.


Agreed, the worst part is that we got a new enemy type which is the Malachite. This unit stops all healing and has fuckhuge HP, basically he's a big ass counter to Rex. If a Malachite spawns Rex can't do much but fucking die, pic related.

fbb130  No.16638834


Engineer needed a nerf because he basically played himself most of the time.

>The Merc buffs are fantastic though

I especially like that missing with Blinding Assault doesn't automatically use up the skill, it just lowers the number of uses by one. It's a welcome change considering how reliant the Merc is with that skill to deal with airborne enemies.

Now if only drones got better pathfinding and buffs to be worth the price, it would be really help some classe.s

1d7534  No.16638835


Do Malachites need to hit you in order to block healing?

9852ad  No.16638866


Yes. But they shit urchin mines all over the place which sit in the environment literally forever and do massive damage in addition to blocking healing.

aee7be  No.16639015

File: 5393e8e8a852fee⋯.jpg (18.27 KB, 480x360, 4:3, jin ruh roh.jpg)


>primordial cube

>on a character who effectively has primordial cube as a skill


The biggest issue if you ask me is that the syringe burst has an absolutely godawful downtime, even worse than artificer's fireballs, except without the gratuitous damage numbers to justify it.

between that and all the other useful skills costing health, plantbot really needs some buffs.

a7dab1  No.16639046

Sticky Bombs got NERFED hard.

52f125  No.16639119


in addition to the fucking homing turrets they also make. I got a malchite mob boss that shredded my anus last gaem

205b03  No.16639254

File: 3942274823abad0⋯.jpg (65.17 KB, 265x436, 265:436, 5a24078ebe4f4963dce3626583….jpg)


Artificer needs some mobility items and some form of healing and they're set. The lack of a reliable escape is obnoxious but you have more than enough damage to make up for it.

REX still needs some mobility items since his escape is shit, but also needs some damage assistance, and still has to gobble healing items just to keep his head above water. He easily needs more items than artificer and doesn't even do as well.


I especially like that he now has actual i-frames instead of pretend i-frames.


If you animation cancel it with your mortar the attackspeed is actually quite fast. Of course the issue with that is that you're biting your own dick off just to use it at that speed so you have to be careful with it. Even at the faster speed though you're probably pulling off slightly better numbers than most characters just standing still and holding M1 not including your mortar damage.

The healing on it is a joke though. You're only getting about 10% of your attack damage as healing which translates to single digit low numbers initially and low teens in late loops per attack. When you have several hundred into a thousand+ of health you're barely getting 1% of your bar back with every attack you land. That's pitiful when you have to rip out a fat 15% off the end every time you want to spam your only decent source of damage.

f1553b  No.16639299


Have you tried abusing Rex's infinite range?

Rex doesn't actually need to use his escape, just sprint away and bombard shit from a distance.

58ee2e  No.16639725

File: ddce2206a3c72b6⋯.png (93.29 KB, 385x344, 385:344, painfulloli.png)

So where's the latest version for piratefags?

f1553b  No.16639759

File: 36988756bdde8ab⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone know what rarity the greyed out item is between the red and yellow rarities?

I've just had a run with 13 red items, 10 of them being different and I'm starting to think it's a boss item, but the bosses haven't dropped anything new yet either. Maybe I'm just getting fucked on drops.

6b01a1  No.16639767

File: 6505b7d39cf2292⋯.png (21.87 KB, 128x128, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

1d7534  No.16639769

It's red.

The item is Aegis. It makes overheal generate barriers, up to 20% (+20% per stack) MaxHP.

9dafc4  No.16639771


between the rejuv rack and the knurl I think it's the Aegis, it's a red item.

f1553b  No.16639810

That makes me feel like shit, by all logical accounts I should have had it by now. Then again I should have seen the boss items too, but they're still greyed out.

dab6e8  No.16639953


That's quite a lot easier said when you're getting swarmed by 40 niggers a second air dropping on your ass while you wait for the portal to charge. Trying to outrange things from outside the portal zone will slow progression to a crawl and the rain meter will quickly outpace you.

911f3d  No.16640057


If you can get a hopoo feather he becomes real easy to kite with, so just run laps around enemies and then nail them down with you root, if things get too hairy just use your disperse and fly away.

f1553b  No.16640366

Anyone up for a game? Gonna be playing for a few hours trying to finish my log: 109775241061531390

a7dab1  No.16640372


I can play around 6PM Est

ed4251  No.16640373


>The range is poor, the knockback is mediocre

the knockback is pathetic and 95% of the time it fails to knock someone standing 5 meters away from a cliff, the 5% it glitches out and just makes the enemy do a team rocket blast away.


> You can use it to damage flying enemies

If you can even get them in range>but once he comes online he basically can't be stopped.

Splendid, that's literally every character in the game, except nobody else is so fucking trash that "getting items to come online" is so tedious and antifun.


Hope it was worth waiting 3 months while bandit is still not released, but the shield generator got a new model!


nkhuma's opition, alien skulls, at least 5 of them, only medkits and on-hit procs

f1553b  No.16640390


I'll still be on around then, I'm just running until someone joins and then I'll reset and pull them in.

f1553b  No.16640714

File: 45f01d40a9ce62e⋯.jpg (500.44 KB, 636x900, 53:75, clwune.jpg)

Kept thinking of this image at the end of last game. Fairly accurate really.

8e83dd  No.16640901


I'm trying to join but it just goes to a black screen with no audio. The game isn't frozen. It's just like.. waiting.

f1553b  No.16640908


I can see you trying to join, might be cause we're in session.

f1553b  No.16640912

Fug I'm retarded rejoin, same code.

7f389a  No.16640938


>Invalid code

You guys full?

f1553b  No.16641000

7f389a  No.16641084


you still full now?

7f389a  No.16641087

god fucking damn it you are

8e83dd  No.16641116


Slot open.

9de666  No.16641176


Artificers main defense against bosses has always been taking cover and nuking the shit out of them before they can kill you. She's a glass cannon that can damage race as long as you know how to read tells and dodge.

f1553b  No.16641307

Solt open if people trying to join

f1553b  No.16641483

Repostan code had to close lobby: 109775241061531390

f1553b  No.16641504

File: 87b6b09f49bb8d6⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

2 more slots need filling

157def  No.16641519


on me way

f23e38  No.16641541

>War horn log

<The War of 2019, while lasting only a brief year, was the bloodiest conflict in human history. As the war got deadlier throughout the year, many rebel groups began to rely on tradition and history for inspiration.

<The War Horn, pictured above was a favorite of the Northern Fist Rebellion for both its inspirational and tactical uses."

<-Exhibit at The National WW19 Museum


723e0f  No.16641544

File: 08adaaa0b3ffce8⋯.jpg (46.75 KB, 323x463, 323:463, confused canine.jpg)




f23e38  No.16641557


>implying that a second american civil war wouldn't spark WWIII as every economy that relies on America's buying power collapses

sage because we're already off in the weeds here

b228e1  No.16641662


Good run, discovered a stupid good synergy so that's nice.

b228e1  No.16641667


What doggo is that

Sage for off topic

f1553b  No.16641670

Might have had something with the laggy host stuff. Turns out I forgot I had some torrents running. Whoops.

475f0a  No.16641700


Dont think too much and be a good dog.

2030 would be more accurate

035aeb  No.16641754

File: b1b8247e6706cbe⋯.jpeg (52.03 KB, 1024x537, 1024:537, b1b8247e6706cbe1aea66c55e….jpeg)


Sauce please.

aee7be  No.16642451

File: 71d5f64ccc1acb7⋯.jpg (224.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190626231449_1.jpg)


the real trick is to drop the mortar on enough enemies that it triggers berserker's pauldron, then go to town.

06fa1d  No.16642514

Only just unlocked Rex. It seems to be more of a dedicated support. Weaken reduces the enemy damage and increases their damage taken (reduce armor), which benefits everyone. the R immobilizes enemies, does it heal allies too?

5aea44  No.16642537

File: 58a4008935f1ebc⋯.jpg (48.81 KB, 415x392, 415:392, disgust my son.jpg)



The only thing worse than furfags are lazy furfags, I swear to god.

c01b82  No.16642546

File: fd4641007a7e119⋯.gif (514.16 KB, 493x489, 493:489, [MAIDEN HEAVEN].gif)


Notice how it doesn't say BC/AD or anything similar, hence it's possible that the year counting has been reset at some point, as it was when Christ was born

So really in terms of AD it could actually be 2019, or any other future number, except in terms of the games timeline reset date referenced, it's 2019 after that.

2e40fd  No.16642987

File: 4a29fbb4abbc6ba⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Risk of Rain 2_2019-06-27_….png)

The merc changes are really fucking good, he finally dosn't die in the first 30 minutes of the run because >no iframes

I had to obliterate myself because there's no fucking way anything could stop me this run

Golden titan item summons him as an ally during teleporter events by the way

e47128  No.16642990


But reverse image search gives nothing, what else am i suppose to do?

a7c9e1  No.16643000

File: 5b10a5965ebbc41⋯.jpg (202.67 KB, 1500x1061, 1500:1061, 5b10a5965ebbc410689bb1c183….jpg)


Nevermind, finally found it.

ed4251  No.16643334


> It seems to be more of a dedicated support

>dedicated support

Yeah, when you abandon the game immediately so someone playing a survivor that isn't trash gets double items.

8e83dd  No.16643448

File: f79efb0883cd055⋯.png (1.6 MB, 2364x1361, 2364:1361, 2019-06-27 12_29_19-Risk o….png)

So we're finally getting some universe lore. Check out the equipment log for the Brittle Crown. Providence had a brother who was not happy with the fact that he was selected for the favor of some higher entity that died on his behalf (possibly N'kuhana?), and what he subsequently did with the planet. He's specific about the fact that once Providence dies, he'll make his move on the planet. Which we now also have a name for: Aphelia. He claims to have watched "for centuries, from my dead rock", and I can't help but notice the logo for RoR2 prominently features a moon in orbit where previously there had been none and the new classification of items are Lunar.

14eaff  No.16643465


So final boss confirmed?

8e83dd  No.16643493

File: 3bf1945accc974f⋯.png (148.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Ceremonial_Dagger_Shipping….png)

File: 0d2a178c7adfa47⋯.png (890.27 KB, 2124x1203, 708:401, 2019-06-27 12_44_32-Risk o….png)

File: 93fa2a22d71b77c⋯.png (1.21 MB, 2111x1175, 2111:1175, 2019-06-27 12_45_56-Risk o….png)


Also worth noting that the new Malachite enemies (which seal off healing) have the same color scheme as N'kuhana's Opinion (the log of which discusses the necessity of the balance of life and death) and their super-rare Elite type drop is called N'kuhana's Retort. The Ceremonial Dagger refers to a boy and girl fleeing something, and she pleads with the boy to kill her with the dagger so they'll be saved by "Her". In RoR1, the dagger's log was about a cult reclaiming the dagger, that the boy was foolish to think he could save his sister, and that the events should please "Her". It was being shipped to a burial site on Venus.


Seems like. Shaped Glass is also implicitly about the crafting of a weapon for the final boss, who "has plenty of time" and has "many great hands". Helfire Tincture also makes reference to a <He> involved in the creation of the item. Seems like the final boss is Providence's brother and the Lunar items are his personal arsenal. No idea what the log of Transcendence implies.

14eaff  No.16643515


and the whole time I was joking it was gonna be his big tiddy sister.

ed4251  No.16643868

Any lobbies?

8a9907  No.16643889

does the pirated version still require a steam installation?

ed4251  No.16643931


1917ea  No.16644148

Rex is fucking cool looking but absolutely BORING to play.

Nobody fucking cares about debuffing enemies Hopoo, it's boring, it's a boring mechanics, it gives me no feedback, it's the same reason the chronobauble is a boring item.

It would be better if Rex could poison the enemies or have an inherent on death effect like MUL-T had.

ed4251  No.16644183


>Rex is fucking cool looking

if you have no sense of aesthetics, it looks like overdesigned cancer covered with a tumor and most of the items don't even show up on his model

74b628  No.16644209


>chronobauble is bad because it's boring

>not because it's the worst green in the game with an effect that does basically fuck all

ed4251  No.16644462


they doubled it's effect, it's good now, t. poopoo games. :^(

2*0 is still 0

d951ef  No.16644483


1d7534  No.16644551

File: 524302e9ff090e9⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


I don't understand why people bore themselves with REX.

Whenever I'm playing REX, I play like a suicidal maniac and spam that M2 nuke as hard as I can. I pick up backup magazines and my last run I picked up some glass too, which synergizes very well with my play-style.

Theoretically this would make you squishy, but if you get enough topaz brooches you can substitute your non-existent health pool with barriers. Medkits are actually a meme for REX, as they wont trigger if you spam M2 too hard.

52f125  No.16644557


Rex for me feels like the only survivor that gets weaker as the game goes on not stronger

1d7534  No.16644581


REX does scale a lot worse due to attack speed being worthless on him. All his abilities are instant cast, and his M1 just isn't worth using. Backup magazines only alleviate the issue, for a DPS increase you require Alien Heads.

aee7be  No.16644600

File: d69229c0698841c⋯.webm (209.75 KB, 480x270, 16:9, ruretarded.webm)


> attack speed being worthless on him

>and his M1 just isn't worth using

> for a DPS increase you require Alien Heads.

nigga why you lying? berserker's pauldron, especially if you combine it with gas and wisp stacks, is how you get him to scale out of control

f1553b  No.16644607

Going for a piss and a cup of tea and then we start: 109775241063092877

205b03  No.16644621

File: 039375839c99263⋯.jpg (60.85 KB, 614x808, 307:404, 1466550760466.jpg)


>All you have to do is stack literally the same shit that makes nearly every other character scale out of control

You don't say

db5cad  No.16644629

Did they fixed artificer already? Love the character but It's shit on so many levels that it isn't fun.

71d986  No.16644633


It's literally haydee with a smaller ass a no tits.

71d986  No.16644639

f1553b  No.16644641

I feel like streaming this game so you fucks can understand how to play Rex, holy shit.

Watch you fags call a character shit frustrates the hell out of me when they're all of equal quality.

205b03  No.16644696


Nobody wants to watch your stream fag. Make a webum if you really think people want to watch your flagrant homosexuality.


>they're all of equal quality.

Go play a game as commando then come back say that again.

52f125  No.16644701


stream a 4 man game so we can all laugh as you inevitably fail and the other 3 carry your ass as you die every map

db5cad  No.16644716


>equal quality

>commando sucks ass

>mult gets two actives

>merc it's pretty much unkillable

>artificer sucks ass

>engi plays itself

>huntress sucks ass

Fuck you

157def  No.16644722


>>Merc is pretty much unkillable

I noticed this too. I think it's a new thing, as well, considering that I did extremely well with him in a run until I killed myself on purpose.

That said, an elder lemurian flamethrower to the face will kill anyone, I don't care how many teddy bears you've got.

ff1ffe  No.16644738


>artificer sucks ass

<AOE, DOT, best burst damage

>huntress sucks ass

<minimal amount of spare mags makes you able to win game just by pressing m2 into crowds

8e83dd  No.16644745


Check the changelog. They added true i-frames to Blinding Assault and Eviscerate.

205b03  No.16644746

File: 5b32ad39be301ed⋯.png (24.02 KB, 181x369, 181:369, 5b32ad39be301edd7176e61980….png)


>Artificer sucks ass

74b628  No.16644780


Her burst is great, but she scales really poorly without alien heads or something to reduce her CD

205b03  No.16644787


She scales fine with backup mags and bandoliers what are you on about? That shit's easy to get.

ff1ffe  No.16644802


Backup mags and bandoliers?

Also more stackable DoT never hurts as well as on-damage-tick procs like the rockets, especially the rockets since your m1 sets shit on fire.

74b628  No.16644810


Her right click has to charge, your main damage once you get some items is either going to be on your flamethrower, or once you get shaped glass because why not, back on your right click. Backup mags are meh on her, because you're not really going to have an issue killing most shit that isn't a boss. They're good on her don't get me wrong, but her damage just always feels lacking with the same items compared to even commando once they get going.

205b03  No.16644829


You know charge speed scales with attackspeed right? and that even halfcharged or nocharge it still does a mountain of damage? Have you actually played artificer more than one loop before?

ff1ffe  No.16644831


No, you don't need to charge the M2. At all. Click damage is more than enough plus charging delays the recharge start. Hell, you can spam it with enough backup mags.

Flamethrower on its own doesn't realistically need anything to be viable outside of crit glasses or a tri-tip dagger. Or really anything else that can stack on itself, both bands work really well and if you're lucky and got a behemoth or somehow get your hands on the overloading aspect you'll basically nuke everything.

You're just cooking it wrong.

74b628  No.16644838


No charge it does like 200% that's pretty abysmal


Except you're melee range at that point with no real get out of jail cards against freeze immune enemies. She's just not that good

f1553b  No.16644839

File: 57b0cb65fb3c10e⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Join in and play fags.

ff1ffe  No.16644848


Your damage is enough to kill nearly anything sans an elite golem with a single flamethrower if you have at least the most basic of items, you don't need a get out of jail free card.

74b628  No.16644851


No it isn't the hell are you on about, do you play on drizzle or some shit?

205b03  No.16644858


Try 400% which is about as much as REX's mortar only with about twice the radius AoE.

And flamethrower gets it's power from it's absurdly high proc rate for such a rapid fire attack. It's excessive on most things that aren't bosses.


Nigga are you?

ff1ffe  No.16644859

File: 2659f9a36780822⋯.jpg (8.07 KB, 250x201, 250:201, kot questions.jpg)


You deal more ticks of damage than it is listed and there's carryover fire DoT, if you have anything stackable and/or anything with an on-hit proc you're going to absolutely obliterate near any regular target that isn't a big mob elite.

You sure we playing the same game here?

74b628  No.16644871


Except Rex can at least spam that shit and it doesn't have that weird front loaded animation. I'd honestly put either him or artifcer as worst character. Commando is bad, but at least he has an escape rather than "pray I get damage items or play like an absolute pussy for 3 minutes trying to kill a single titan". I like artificer she's probably the person I have the most runs on, she's got a ton of flaws though. Merc with buffs though easily is the top over engineer with the new turret nerfs


>if you have items

Oh right did you know that with 10 shaped glass you can one shot anything that's not a boss with commando's left click!

ff1ffe  No.16644886


Don't be a facetous piece of shit.

Within first 10 minutes you don't need anything at all whatsoever.

After that you probably have at least one tri-tip dagger or something akin to it, which solves your falloff instantly and gets even more ridiculous as you stack things on top.

The "items" in question are quite literally anything.

205b03  No.16644891

File: 7c3ab91369b5db5⋯.jpg (29.26 KB, 323x633, 323:633, 7c3ab91369b5db599e951ed7a2….jpg)


>pray I get damage items or play like an absolute pussy for 3 minutes trying to kill a single titan

Confirmed retard then.

I don't even play artificer that much but if it takes you 3 minutes to kill anything with her you're doing something critically wrong.

74b628  No.16644892


Except you know 50% of the items in the game. I've had some runs where I haven't gotten an actual on hit until stage 4, it was all first aid kits and chronobaubles.

ff1ffe  No.16644915


I'm severely doubting that as a possiblity since both tri-tip and crit glasses are white rarity items. And tri-tip is exceedingly, annoyingly common.

Whether I want it or not I end up with at least one by 3rd.

Though if you're somehow picking levels clean and by 4th stage all you have still is utility and health you probably shouldn't have issues surviving anything or dealing damage anyway. Not with artificer.

74b628  No.16644937


All I'm saying is that anyone is good with items, the issue is that she needs certain items to even be good in her niche. Like huntress even if you don't get back up mags, she can at least still kite fairly well and her glaive still does alright damage. Engineer is in a far worse spot than he was though because of that turret nerf, but at least he can make do. Artificer is the only one who just feels shitty to play without items, her damage is alright, she doesn't have an escape, the wall does basically nothing against bosses which are where most of your difficulty even comes from especially in later loops once you get overloading worms and shit. Hovering helps a lot but it doesn't really address her core reliance on items, which is fine, it just means I will never say she's good, even if she is fun if you can actually get items

ff1ffe  No.16644959


>core reliance on items

<whole point of the game is core reliance on items

<for every fucking character who happens to have a core flaw

The more you talk the more I realize you have no fucking clue what you're doing.

Especially once you're talking about overloading worms, which is a point where you can't get to on any character without having an absolute assload of good items to begin with.

If you can't figure out how to apply the absolutely excessive burst damage that artificer has - just say that and be done with it, don't paint the character shit because you don't know what the fuck you specifically are doing.

74b628  No.16644970


No flaw is quite as massive as artificers there drizzle lord.

8e83dd  No.16644977


Ever since the update, I've been getting ridiculous stacks of only a few items at a time, which was also a problem before the hotfix released a week or so after initial launch. It's like playing with a minor artifact that causes Sequencing on its own, and it's really obnoxious.

ff1ffe  No.16644995


Artificer's only true downside is a lack of a damage diminishing ability which is, well, not a problem once you figure out that keeping everything dead is a much better damage diminisher.

And if you can't realize that damage then that's entirely your issue and yours only, not the character's.

Makes me think of those faggots that play warframe and complain that sorties are too hard unless they play something like an inaros that can't die.

74b628  No.16645000


yeah, I think they somehow messed with the RNG or something again. There's also the… bug (?) where blood shrines proc on hit effects, but I think that got patched out or I just am getting lucky.

74b628  No.16645002


>he plays warframe

oh that explains it, sorry did I not frame it in platinum farming or jerking off DE to not get banned enough for you?

ff1ffe  No.16645005

File: d4f829d1a2bb9b6⋯.png (212.16 KB, 485x395, 97:79, kizuna.PNG)


Well that's a nice way of devaluing anything you've ever said until now.

404695  No.16645009

Why the fuck won't Hopoo remove spread from Commando's M1? I get he's not supposed to be some pistol sniper but fuck if it isn't the biggest thing holding him back from at LEAST being useful. As it stands there is almost no reason to play as him once you've unlocked another character unless you're a masochist.

74b628  No.16645021


Hey, I know it's hard to accept, but once you realize frame everything you said as "retard who thinks warframe isn't a p2w disaster of a game" it all checks out.

ff1ffe  No.16645043

File: d688fd963f927db⋯.png (335.12 KB, 477x495, 53:55, hikage really.PNG)


Doing le epic funny reversals doesn't help you in any way, shape or form.

Plus, I'm not talking about warframe here, but about RoR2. Just using a really fitting comparison that seems to strike a nerve with you because you have no fucking clue what you're doing since you can't realize the damage of the character with highest damage imaginable.

ed4251  No.16645049

Can't wait to wait 3 more months for maybe bandit, 6 items and a bad map,

74b628  No.16645057


>highest damage imaginable

>locked behind getting specific items

<she's great look, you only need 4 missiles, a ocular HUD, 10 lenses, an afterburner, 4 sacrificial daggers, 5 backup mags, and 2 harvester's scythes before stage 6!

Fucking combo deck mentality right there.

ff1ffe  No.16645059


>locked behind items

<literally doesn't need anything besides a spare mag for convenience or maybe a tri-tip

db5cad  No.16645065


Artificer has the same issue than the merc, you are overly reliant on items way more so than other classes, also if you don't get spare mags or syringes monsters will easily overrun you.

9738e6  No.16645072


>not utilizing M2 and R weaving as spread resets

Damage falloff associated with range is a far more important thing to manage than spread anyway

Now that I'm thinking about it commando plays a lot like Ryze did when LoL first came out.

74b628  No.16645073


<two specific items to even make her decent

<out of a pool of 40+

>it's her flaw is that she's not even decent until you get these items!


Merc got a lot better about that with the buff, he's way less vulnerable now which gives him a ton of leeway with that

ff1ffe  No.16645082


Merc is much more reliant on items to do damage since he's just a middle ground in terms of speed/alpha damage and has nothing attached to that.Thankfully he just kinda works well with everything due to being basically the wonderbread of the game so eventually you're just going to accumulate enough items to carry yourself.


"Convenience" and "maybe" don't mean "definitely deadass needs". Stop acting like a retard.

205b03  No.16645084

File: 82c2e9651e6c2a9⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, uranigger.png)



You're a tremendous faggot for making me stop my long merc game just to run through a loop on artificer only picking up the boss drops. Artificer shits damage even without items and you're too much of a scrub to be able to figure that out. Stop being such a turbohomo and come to terms with your badness.

74b628  No.16645088


>without items

<two of the best damage items in the game

db5cad  No.16645095


I usually don't mind certain characters being shit at first since they usually make up later but the biggest flaw with artificer is her lack of speed and how slow her balls are. She reminds me of acrid, shit early with an stupid reliance on certain items that made him unplayable if you couldn't get those items during the first few levels. I keep thinking how hoppo could give abilities upgrades in the bazar that changed how characters work completely. Like making the commandos burst to use both guns or making huntress rain apply dots and on-hits

ff1ffe  No.16645103


Thanks for proving my point, though it seems he's too fucking retarded to admit it.

205b03  No.16645106

File: c2596a84c0a6284⋯.png (171.96 KB, 697x768, 697:768, 0861c4bce1bc4242c95e6e67e5….png)


>AtG missile

<one of the best damage items

>Kujaro's band

<The last item obtained before jumping so it was literally never used

Holy shit just delete yourself already.

74b628  No.16645112


>relies on someone else to make his point and still fucks it up




86fa03  No.16645114


The problem with Artificer is the scaling of the enemies, what you just did is rush the game and not let them scale. That is not proving your point.

I do believe that Artificer is right now in a much better state as before, the hover is doing wonders for her survival which she lacked. She's no longer trash but she's not top tier either.

90b36f  No.16645123


my guess is that Transcendence is just a 4th wall break that has nothing to do with either of them.

…or it implies the existence of another party in this conflict, higher and deeper than either.

9738e6  No.16645137


>The problem with Artificer is the scaling of the enemies, what you just did is rush the game and not let them scale. That is not proving your point.

ROR calculates difficulty based on time in a run, and stages completed. If you're not outscaling the enemies you're losing. Balancing rushing stages with looting and killing is the very gameloop that it's constructed around. It absolutely proves his point.

205b03  No.16645139


I never said it was bad retard but it's far from being the best.


I was trying to scale it as quickly as I could with near minimum items to show that you can progress even without them because your raw damage is high enough it doesn't matter. And it doesn't matter because your raw damage is still high enough that you can drop bosses faster than it takes the portal to charge even without support. The retard claimed without items you'd be running around like a bitch and taking an obnoxiously long time to drop basic bosses and I wanted to show how much of a giganigger he is for assuming everyone is as bad as he is.

db5cad  No.16645141

Wheres my chef hoppo, how will I sear niggers while throwing 12 knifes in all directions 10 times at once if you don't release him

74b628  No.16645142


>sees an exaggeration

>takes it literally

I would make a joke about autism, but I think in this case you actually have it

9de666  No.16645148

Artificer doesn't even need any specific items except some movement speed and whatever generic damage items you find. Her damage output is more than high enough to kill most enemies before they have a chance to attack, so long as you're not a retard that just stands there and facetanks the few hits that do get through or against bosses. Just change her flamethrower to be usable while sprinting and/or have longer range or something and for ice wall to be changed into something you'd actually use bast stage 1.

db5cad  No.16645154


Pretty much this, the issue isn't her damage but how she delivers it and how slow she is, her flamethrower does have a bit of a short range though

404695  No.16645157


Damage falloff (and dodging attacks obviously) is all Commando should have to worry about imo. Adding spread into the equation makes him borderline useless past 50 feet, which is a death sentence past the second loop. At least give him a guaranteed damage at long range if you put the crosshair on target. Even 1 damage is better than 0 from an almost guaranteed miss on a normal-sized enemy, especially at mid-late game where proc on hit damage is the difference between being almost unkillable and dying less than a minute into the stage.

90b36f  No.16645158



It is one of the best damage items though. Not only does it effectively increase your damage by 30% (10% chance to deal 300% damage, averaging to 30%), far more than most damage increasing items, but the missile itself also the only on-hit damaging effect other than the Ukulele that has a chance to proc even more on-hits, and in fact has a coefficient of 1, compared to the uke's 0.2. The Uke is generally a better item for on-hits because it hits multiple times, stacks better, and has a higher chance to go off, but you can't ignore that AtGs are still really, really good, especially in the early game.

BTW the reason Artificer is trash is not because she's item dependent (even though, to be frank, she is), it's because her M1 is on a fucking cooldown, and in a game where, with every other character, you'll be holding M1 for long periods of time to pump out lots of damage, her DPS is awful. She would be good in a different type of game where health bars are smaller or enemies are more defensive, but in the game we have now she's clearly the worst possible choice, especially considering that other than the hover, she has no mobility or utility to make up for this.

In a word, not only is she item dependent, but her skills make less use of the items she has than other characters can, with the obvious exception of the Crowbar. And even the Crowbar doesn't work properly for her because her M2's little zap ruins the crowbar damage for the explosion part.

9de666  No.16645196


>her DPS is awful

>kill literallly everything by using all your cooldowns

>a few seconds pass while things respawn

>suddenly everything is off cooldown

>oh no you might need to take cover behind a rock for a second or two

So she's shit because you can't hold down a button and kill everything instantly?

aee7be  No.16645209

File: 6cc89a00668d4b6⋯.gif (173.72 KB, 299x240, 299:240, Fighter Pilot Skeletor Chu….gif)


thing is, he doesn't need the hordes to arrange themselves or to give his gear slot to a cube in order to really go to town with the pauldron, and the fairly low cooldown on it all makes it so once you get just the first pauldron it becomes

>drop vines on a couple enemies

>shell them

>become chaingunner that also procs a shitton, has anyone else noticed that just about every burst procs something when you've got any of the hit-proc items?

>or just shell the shit out of everything, you can fire your chaingun fast enough to fuel it anyway

>repeat until everything is fucking dead

f8dd77  No.16645212

Anyone got a magnet link for the latest version?

67c424  No.16645229


one space left

205b03  No.16645232


Except the AtG Missile has to contend with the Ukulele, Will-o'-the-Wisp, Berzerker's Pauldron, and Kjaro's Band all on the same green tier. Attackspeed doesn't do as much for artificer as for other characters, but I'd still rate the uke, wisp, and kjaro's higher since they're all AoE, more consistent, or just straight better damage. And that leaves Runald's Band, Predatory Instincts, and the War Horn as the only other largely offensive oriented greens, some of which, circumstances depending, are about on par with the AtG so it's at best middle of the road for its tier.

9de666  No.16645234


>Attackspeed doesn't do as much for artificer as for other characters

It does once you get a few backup mags.

>evaluating runalds and kjaros seperately

Do you not know about the interaction between them?

e082ea  No.16645240


There's a reason the character that locks on with her M1 is the most popular, after all.

9de666  No.16645245


Because she takes the least skill to play?

205b03  No.16645253


That interaction is extra bonus but I'm comparing apples to apples so yes I'm evaluating them separately.


Is she really the most popular? If you have a source I'd like to know.



4a814a  No.16645254

I literally want to play this game just from the smut i've seen

9852ad  No.16645312


Maybe you shouldn't have purchased in early access then, retard.

>pay money for incomplete game

>complain that it's incomplete

67c424  No.16645326

new room up, one space


f23e38  No.16645457

File: d53897a40cf428b⋯.jpg (482.33 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190627222443_1.jpg)

Wat do?

157def  No.16645529


keep going til you find the golden shrine

f1553b  No.16645574

Oh yeah how was corpsebloom on rex by the by?


>He doesn't have the lunar item for automatic infinite missiles

Alternatively sequence yourself and hope you survive the outcome.

205b03  No.16645618


I haven't tried it, but I imagine it's probably actually an improvement. The problem is that the healing you get back from your primary is still so small I don't know how it would split the ticks.

d951ef  No.16646563


ed4251  No.16646756


>pay money


Try accusing me of "gamer entitlement" next.

ed4251  No.16647440

>Next update "summer"


nice scam poopoo.

a2b56c  No.16647562

File: 235c7564ef2b3b9⋯.png (652.26 KB, 740x511, 740:511, waitress disinterested.png)


>(11) posts of this

Are you just gonna keep discovering one new thing about an months-old chart to complain each day?

ed4251  No.16647651

File: 8b43896bb584da7⋯.jpg (2.45 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, scam.jpg)


>one new thing about an months-old chart

>months old

I'm angry because summer sure as shit doesn't mean "september".


71f511  No.16647696


That's subjective. Where I live, summer is late March through early October.

d951ef  No.16647755

109775241064318332 modded.

f23e38  No.16647987


This run was supposed to be about drowning the last three crabs, but then I got a tesla and a dagger on stage 1.

ed4251  No.16648026

You can use mercenary's iframes to get free blood shrine

6d6ba3  No.16648103

do not take brittle crown on rex his health costs fucking make you lose money goddamnit

c40954  No.16648114

File: fc5bf067393b279⋯.webm (4.29 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Chanson d'Automne.webm)


So I don't mean to be a buzz kill, but why are they waiting so long to add an end boss? Atleast ROR1 had the option to go to the final stage or keep looping, why couldn't they have added that in with Scorched Acres, that way people who want to actually complete a run have that option other than OBLITERATE SELF and it shouldn't cause any trouble for adding things beyond that.

Also I hope they add more tracks because fuck if this current roster pales in comparison to the last one.

ecb7c0  No.16648143


do not take brittle crown*

f23e38  No.16648161

File: b787cea80dcd765⋯.jpg (272.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190628174457_1.jpg)

I got bored since almost everything died before the end of the spawn animations and my dio got burned. Also my money started going negative.


67c424  No.16648175


>drizzlet cant handle brittle crown

f8d9b1  No.16648177

File: 4d6b308061a44bd⋯.jpg (44.94 KB, 592x790, 296:395, 3c9e36927c316c98e22a559b63….jpg)


>having fun

>suddenly fire worm boss

>just spawns from under me and goes up and down repeatedly

>impossible to avoid it let alone kill it

How do you get good at this game?

157def  No.16648188


Because the devs are lazy fucking faggots. Risk of Rain 2 is making them who knows how much more than they ever grossed with Risk of Rain 1 and they've practically got money flowing through their ears as well as praise from even the most cynical and contrarian places on the internet, and yet they can't be bothered to fucking up the pace of a game that should have been released finished.

This is going the exact way that Killing Floor 2 did so I'd almost expect cosmetic items to be added at some point except for the fact that items pretty much serve that same purpose

6d6ba3  No.16648208


but aren't they adding a final boss, their just piece mailing it right?

ed4251  No.16648215


>and yet they can't be bothered to fucking up the pace of a game that should have been released finished.

If you look at the mainstream forums you'll find room temperature IQ retards

>hurr durr indie game, don't rush them, stop being so entitled, it's early access it means it's not supposed to be finished unfinished, be grateful for 6 items, a shitty survivor and an ugly map, baste

Can't wait for DLC and lootboxes before game is halfway finished


Final boss is Spring 2020 which can mean may 31st


I don't mean the observable weather but the marketing language where summer means June-August

6d6ba3  No.16648237

File: 934e8ed51c778e0⋯.webm (1.52 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, fuck me.webm)


fuuuuuuuuuuck that's such a long wait

2a33ad  No.16648262

File: 9ac5fa4b30c8a65⋯.png (706.1 KB, 960x939, 320:313, 8lq2c7gwvbw21.png)

I kinda burnt out on ROR2 because I was hot off 70 hours of ROR1

The update made the game why easier, I noticed a lot of tracking nerfs and blazing hitboxes being shortened.

5ba2e4  No.16648293


>I'd almost expect cosmetic items to be added at some point


It's just a matter of time until they add cosmetic skins for the survivors.

f1553b  No.16648338


I noticed monsters have less aggression, don't think that's intentional though.

In addition the game is far more intense flooding your screen with far more shit that I've started dropping frames in places, so it's a mixed bag.

81f285  No.16648358



ed4251  No.16648391

post yfw final release is ebin store exclusive

81f285  No.16649037


gg i'll make another room tomorrow

74b628  No.16649636


Spring 2020? what do you mean you want the update by Fall 2020, you'll be lucky to get the update by Spring 2021

9de666  No.16650443


>why are they waiting so long to add the finale to the game??????????? I know they're still working out balance and mechanics but why can't they just blow all their ideas on something halfbaked now???????? I know doing this would only hurt them in the long term but I want thing now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have the thought process of a jew.

bd76ae  No.16650641

Where the fuck is bandit

bd76ae  No.16650645

How do you unlock the plant?

f1553b  No.16650744

This game hates me.

>Start up a commando run

>Shrine of the mountain active

>Open a lunar pod


>Search the map

>3 crowbars

>2 Gasoline

>2 soldier syringes

>No healing of any kind

>Take transcendence

>Kill bosses purely thanks to regenerative shield health

>Reward is 2 leeching seeds

>Open first chest in the next level

>Leeching seed

>Quit to desktop

I'm mad.

991f93  No.16650887


Word on the street is that gearbox is fucking them on the updates completely

898f58  No.16650929


You're an idiot.

Just wait until a portal to the newt opens (or open one yourself) when you have enough greens so you can trade them for a red item, dumbass.

fef004  No.16650997

File: b6df5a278a37e78⋯.jpg (28.25 KB, 720x478, 360:239, D9mA-X6XUAAiSs0.jpg)


hey there notaloli how have your runs been going?

157def  No.16651031


notaloli is a very reddit-esque ironic-weeb-like name. Be very cautious.

f1553b  No.16651058


I was far too frustrated to even consider that.

d951ef  No.16651252


Thats not my (((ID)))

6d6ba3  No.16652494

alright im bored, and since no one else is posting ID's

ID: 109775241066255906

be forewarned, my Internets REALLY shit

f1553b  No.16652513


Yeah I normally host, but I was playing runescape, but I just got my spider leg so I'm good to chill with ror2.

723e0f  No.16652525


on my way

f1553b  No.16652528

Alright fuck off we're full

723e0f  No.16652532

jesus m8 you were not kidding about having shit internet.

6d6ba3  No.16652538


yea sorry bout that, usually its just my burden to bear, didnt think it would shit itself THAT bad

723e0f  No.16652539

File: e6adfb4b19f4044⋯.jpg (78.73 KB, 772x800, 193:200, ur waifu.jpg)


f1553b  No.16652540

Fucking 40 second delay on inputs I'm dying, thanks for the laughs


f1553b  No.16652543


Ignore that one

5aea44  No.16652579


What the fuck am I looking at here?

1c4da8  No.16652663

Anyone hosting?

6d6ba3  No.16652744


fun run, glass god MUL-T best MUL-T

06fa1d  No.16652993

File: 04cc1ecf85e8afa⋯.jpg (480.63 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 20190630024214_1.jpg)

I'm currently sitting at 16647 shield HP thanks to Transcendence. Topaz Broach is pretty OP since it works with Transcendence, I get over 30k HP when I'm killing things and I effectively constantly heal in spite of the "drawback" of being all shields. Here's a screenshot from a few minutes ago

06fa1d  No.16652995

File: 3e58434049d1198⋯.jpg (478.87 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 20190630025528_2.jpg)


If you were ever wondering how much HP malachite bosses on monsoon have. These guys died in about 3 seconds.

bd76ae  No.16653008


>3 hour run

for what purpose

06fa1d  No.16653013


because why not? And im about to pass 4 hours

06fa1d  No.16653015



Also, I JUST got the gold coast achivement and log. The shrine is rare enough but you need to find it late enough in a run to kill the boss fast.

06fa1d  No.16653019

File: d7ce10d6fb95e65⋯.jpg (328.32 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 20190630033107_1.jpg)

Well I'm done now.

6d6ba3  No.16653174

File: 5b1701c583870cb⋯.jpg (98.03 KB, 700x700, 1:1, MUL-T OC.jpg)

an attempt was made

c40954  No.16653453


Do we have any sort of source on that? I love to hate on gearbox as much as the next man but some validity would be great.

723e0f  No.16653926

File: 3a648ecc9962ba5⋯.png (341.75 KB, 680x305, 136:61, you can all stop staring n….png)


Gonna get something to eat while I wait for people to join.

6d6ba3  No.16655303

so apparently corpseblooms stacks reduce the max hp you can heal per second as well, so rip my Rex run

06fa1d  No.16655316


Yes indeed. It starts at 10% per second and reduces by 50% per stack. Or to put it bluntly it starts out shit and becomes so much worse that it kills you. The only way out is to switch to Transcendence, which is bad on Rex but you might not have another choice

d781ac  No.16655335


>Recognized it as laser cheese before seeing filename

It's been a while since I've seen that comic, let alone an edit.

a3ee36  No.16656767

File: f8d05878d409869⋯.jpg (241.04 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190701154435_1.jpg)

File: 059afb4e653164f⋯.jpg (199.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190701154915_1.jpg)


you should change it to you'll cowards don't even drink tonic

also tonic is fucking great with soulbound catalyst

I expect it will be even better with gesture of the drowned

6d3a39  No.16656821


I wish I could share my appreciation for that edit with my friends.

63ace0  No.16656881

So when does the mod come out when the monsters rape the bodies of the dead survivors?

6d6ba3  No.16657002


isn't that just monsoon by 40 min


168d9e  No.16657787


>only 4 tonic affliction

Come back when you've experienced the misery of withdrawal symptoms stacked 8+ times. You can't even survive the 2 seconds in between tonic chugs.

06fa1d  No.16660915

File: 77699b3d6693573⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1118x2240, 559:1120, ROR2 Tier list.png)

Made a tier list. I considered breaking up the D tier into "minimally useful" and "completely useless", but it's all shit anyway. You'll debate me on glass and then die suddenly.

f6f648  No.16660924


You got a lot of D items that are good for many characters or specific characters that match the description of C ranked items… like a lot. A whole bunch.

1d7534  No.16661003


Tier lists don't really fit the game well anyway as the usefulness of an item largely depends on how late into the game you are, which items you already have, which character you're playing, what kind of "build" you're trying to accomplish, whether you want to kill your friends with glass meteors, etc.

74b628  No.16661119




Sounds like someone hates having fun

f1553b  No.16661613

File: 937ce2449ea24cb⋯.jpg (25.03 KB, 347x387, 347:387, xcxdihfdiogs.jpg)

New patch notes lads

>Increase damage of Fuel Array's explosion from 100% of your health to 300% of your health

Rip Notaloli. Rex never ever.

>Fix Mercenary's Blinding Assault sometimes having double cooldowns

>Hitting Immune characters or blocked attacks no longer applies on-hit effects

>This is especially important for Mercenary, who was previously recieving debuffs like burning and malachite poisoning while Immune

Big fixes for Merc, officially best character.

>Fix Tonic Affliction reducing maximum health and also applying curse health reduction on top of it

Spinel Tonic was already one of the best items in the game, and now the negative impact of it has been made less severe

>mfw using Spinel Tonic as Merc after this update

f6f648  No.16661634


I actually managed to get the fuel arry to text but it didn't work, probably because I have it modded. This does nothing anyways since all it does is make you more dead if it explodes? What's the difference if you still die in both outcomes.

723e0f  No.16661640

File: c92ca0ac69ecd4a⋯.png (61.09 KB, 1282x1138, 641:569, clownpiece praise hecatia.png)

Seeing as we have some new posts


f1553b  No.16661682


Cause before you could survive if you had enough healing/barrier taking 300% of your health in damage up from 100% is a bit of an impossibility.

f1553b  No.16661715


I'd join if you don't mind me streamfagging to zero people

7b6d93  No.16661725

>all these posts about looping, the obelisk, item stacking on monsoon

>can't get past stage 4 in non-baby difficulty

Tell me, anons, how do I git gud?

723e0f  No.16661741


I don't care but I did start an incredible run so you'd have to wait

723e0f  No.16661861

Sorry I left without saying anything, but I gotta go.

f1553b  No.16661918


No problem

f6f648  No.16661927


If you hit 0 you instantly die though. So even if you heal 500% ever sec, in that one hit you go 0 you're insta dead.

723e0f  No.16661930


Yeah but with shield generators and the new barrier items like brooch and aegis it's not hard to sit on 200% hp.

f6f648  No.16662052


Oh, I see now. Doubt you can get that many items before stage 4 though unless it's a blessed run.

6d6ba3  No.16662260

So, anyone had any interesting runs lately? just decided to take hellfire tincture with gesture of the drowned, needless to say i fucking died

6d6ba3  No.16662287

File: ec6233f4ffa77d3⋯.png (43.09 KB, 600x604, 150:151, No.png)



>glass in D-tier

06fa1d  No.16662403


Hellfire Tincture, Frost Relic, and a couple of Fuel Cells and Bandoliers on Merc was pretty fun. Activate the Tincture and spam Eviscerate while an ever-growing circle of death kills everything around you during your invincibility frames, causing more ammo pickups to drop so you can keep spamming invincibility.

Hellfire Tincture is one of the strongest use items early game (first loop). It has a 0 proc coefficient so once you have a decent selection of item procs it becomes useless, but by itself if you have a high base HP like Merc or MUL-T it can do a LOT of damage quickly. The big problem however is that it doesn't work with the two best Lunar items, Transcendence and GOTD.

aee7be  No.16662514

File: 37f65f40479a3f8⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1186x2062, 593:1031, 1st stage pseudogiant tran….png)





<D Tier

>leeching seed in the same tier as war horn and catalyst

>AP rounds rated higher than headstompers or sticky bombs

>sticky bombs being D-tier at all, when they're still a damaging hit-proc like tri-tip, ATGM and the bands I get they were nerfed significantly from their double-stacking godhood, but they're not trash like fucking medkit or effigy

I could probably go on for ages, but you get the idea

06fa1d  No.16662580



By the time you can reliably kill multiple enemies at once, you don't need any more speed and probably aren't using attack speed based attacks at all. Also permanent bonuses are better anyway


I guess you are trying to combo with Berserker's? You'd be better off with something that does actual damage anyway.


Helps a bit very early, but then GREATLY increases your chances of dying suddenly later in the game. If you want a run to go long you should avoid glass at all costs.

>leeching seed in the same tier as war horn and catalyst

Leeching Seed is mostly shit, but Rex specifically needs all the healing he can get. Could put it in D tier instead.

>AP rounds rated higher than headstompers or sticky bombs

Sticky bombs got nerfed so hard they are absolutely worthless. The damage no longer goes up with stacks, only the activation chance. AP rounds are a little under 3x as powerful as sticky bombs now (at 15+15%), and sticky bombs are unlikely to explode before non-boss enemies are dead, so you can't even say they work on more targets.

65110d  No.16662628


>Predatory Instincts in D-tier

Eggs blaine

800a76  No.16662633

How the fuck do I Artificier?

06fa1d  No.16662676


2x Soldier's Syringe, a white item, is strictly better than Predatory Instincts (a green) even if you were able to keep the proc up 100% of the time. The fact that you need multiple other items (crit) in order to do that and even then you have to build up your proc stacks means that Predatory Instincts is pretty much trash. It's also worthless later in the game when you no longer rely on direct attacks anyway, so that creates a very narrow window between having enough crit to use it and no longer needing it where it does anything useful, and it's still not very much.

Also the graphic is extremely annoying late game, but I didn't factor that in.

06fa1d  No.16662681


meant to link >>16662628

bd76ae  No.16662713


Sticky bomb is C

So is warbanner for Engi

06fa1d  No.16662732


I can accept sticky bomb going up to C. Warbanner is still something to avoid or feed to printers. It's nice in the rare case you manage to place one where you need it, which as the game progresses will get much rarer as you level up less frequently. But it's NEVER something you want to choose out of a multishop unless all the other choices are rusty keys and medkits.

67c424  No.16662789


lobby up

67c424  No.16662793


>brittle crown useless

hey drizzlet still cant handle being OP thanks to crown?

74b628  No.16662801


having one rusty key is always worth it though, it's a free item per stage

67c424  No.16662843


waiting on one more

6d6ba3  No.16662850


one sec

f1553b  No.16662961


>by the time you can reliably kill multiple enemies at once you don't need any more attack speed

Get a load of this casual

06fa1d  No.16663034


Assuming you can find the box, and it's definitely not worth the time to search for it specifically. You know the adage "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"? A useful item right now is always worth more than the possibility of getting one later, especially when you are neither guaranteed to get a useful item, nor even find it at all.

Also, you really only have a few stages before the usefulness drops off significantly. I don't really care about getting an extra white on stage 5+, if the key hasn't payed off within the first 4 stages it's not going to.

7b6d93  No.16663121

>dying to stage 4 bosses now instead of stage 3

Is this what improvement feels like

f1553b  No.16663192

File: 735a2bd4bb85935⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Feels speedy lads.

7ec74f  No.16663227


Always be lootin, shootin, and by god never stop movin

74b628  No.16663276


>doesn't care about extra whites

>when white items have some of the most use in the game

>even then the chance for a green is decent enough that you can still get lucky

>free items for the rest of the run


6d6ba3  No.16663358

god i love glass

67c424  No.16663371

File: 28261e0a8190953⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 632360_20190704023318_1.png)


It might have been better if you fags didnt all pick up glass so I was the only one on the team who wasnt a glass cannon

d3d208  No.16663394


lrn2 sprint n00b

no really sometimes you need to know when to backup and when to get in close for the kill. sprint is great for dodging, breaking line of sight, circle strafing, getting close to burn many targets with aoes. I would suggest rebinding sprint since I did a lot better since I did so

also leaving a chest for after the teleporter is okay just to get it started faster


doesn't it only trigger when you are already at half health anyways? you must be having a hell of a run to be able to heal 50% of your health in the short span that it takes for it to explode, and chances are you arnt going to be getting the slug or the shrooms to trigger if its that dangerous to take you down so low

f1553b  No.16663457


Fruit use item could take care of it.

6d6ba3  No.16663461


but glass cannon best cannon mi amigo

7b6d93  No.16664798


It's different with MUL-T. He's so god damned slow that sprinting often isn't enough to dodge even stone golem lasers.

7b6d93  No.16665059


How the fuck do I deal with golems as MUL-T, or REX for that matter, just got two golem hordes as a first boss in REX runs and they ended exactly the same way: not near cover because I just hit the teleporter, they all laser first and I'm too slow to dodge lasers from five different directions even while sprinting, get one-shot.

7ec74f  No.16665076



You gotta jump just before they shoot, they don't track fast enough to account for that.

7b6d93  No.16665158


I'll be honest, anon, that has yet to work for me, but I'll keep trying.

d951ef  No.16665166

Someone throw a lobby up.

6d6ba3  No.16665888


i wish people would post lobby's more often, im so fucking bored

331627  No.16666746

File: d0d88dbbed19062⋯.gif (794.99 KB, 500x487, 500:487, risky.gif)

Did all of you seriously pay for a early access game published by gearbox that's only sold on steam? Please upload the latest patch for God's sake!

f1553b  No.16666758


So the laser flashes right before they fire, it's somewhat subtle, so try looking out for that and hitting your utility ability to dodge the laser, or break line of sight.

Also Mul-T's right click can stun and so can his utility, so use those to stunlock the golems & stop them from firing

67c424  No.16668775


one slot open

6ec851  No.16668931


>did all of you support a dev that made a game you like?

>please spoonfeed me a pirate copy

Cry "gearbox" all you want, nobody still has any idea just how much or how little they touched the game, but apparently it was just PR and paperwork so far. The game and it's IP as well as all development still belongs to Hoppoo fortunately.

Now, maybe if enough people buy this shit, maybe he'll go back and actually do that necromancer game he had a few gifs about.

331627  No.16669017


I assumed some fag would continue uploading the substantial patches without the crack.

>it was just PR and paperwork

<Implying that's not bad enough on it's own.

Obviously I like Hoppoo and the the original but I'll maybe buy it once it's finished and DRM free.

>maybe if enough people buy this shit, maybe he'll go back and actually do that necromancer game

I'm pretty sure I remember there being some difficulties with that so I doubt it unless you know something new, fag.

74b628  No.16669036


I mean it's been rumored by several streamers who are pretty close to hoppo that the update was originally set for the 7/8th but then gearbox said "we can get you an exclusive with IGN that'll massively boost visibility the week after E3" so the update got "pushed back" because marketing thought it'd be a better deal

f1553b  No.16669350


Gonna go make a drink and do some runs drop in if you feel like it

f1553b  No.16669361

Shid game crash


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