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File: 3c80818faf6c44d⋯.jpeg (31.31 KB, 265x398, 265:398, download (6).jpeg)

50b5dd  No.16507566

I finally got around to trying evil white supremacist RPG, and I'm getting mixed feelings.

The world seems really beautiful, and it's a nice wholesome story, and it feels like the game has a lot of nice passion in it, but the combat feels a bit cumbersome and it takes a lot of getting used to. Unarmed feels like a straight up slog, its exasperated by some kind of poor performance and the worst load times I've seen in years, it's all making gameplay feel like a tiny bit of a chore.

I assumed hardcore was meant to be normal, and normal was for mouth breathing retards like it usually is, is it different in this case, or is it I that is the mouth breathing retard?

e33148  No.16507587

I think it's easily the best game last year.

Can't wait for the last Theresa DLC.

Favorite weapon is bastard sword and a mace/shield.

4bcb51  No.16507615


>I assumed hardcore was meant to be normal, and normal was for mouth breathing retards like it usually is, is it different in this case, or is it I that is the mouth breathing retard?

both of these, the devs had to cuck the game a bit because they made it a tad too difficult off the bat. although there were some bits that were just plain fucked, like the lockpicking.

b2dee7  No.16507739

It's clunky because you're just a crap peasant.

Train your skills, become an knight, then combat is fluid.

dda836  No.16507744


Train up, it's clunky with melee combat and archery because you're a sheltered peasant boy blacksmith, and serious tip here, do not try Hardcore mode yet, get a feel of the game before you try to handicap yourself with autism.

48a1de  No.16507746


Does it give you more time to react or something?

b2dee7  No.16507750


Nope, don't think so.

But you can block and attack in one motion and your combo's become fluid.

b2dee7  No.16507753


How does that make them cucks?

48a1de  No.16507754


Okay, so I just suck then.

dda836  No.16507756


You'll get more combat perks once you get to training with Captain Bernard.

adff9b  No.16507758


Stuff becomes massively easier to do once you gain better stats. The game design is aimed to sort of steer you into roleplaying a peasant shit that can't use a sword or bow at start, before he gits gud, which is why you have such a hard time.


>poor performance and the worst load times I've seen in years

Use lower settings. I managed to run it on a 5 years old laptop and the performance was decent, but I had to turn all the settings down and even significantly lower the resolution.

4af9fa  No.16507759


They still haven't finished the game? Shit, they keep releasing DLC and I hope patches, I'll be sure to play again once they actually do finish KCD.

dda836  No.16507770


It's one of the screeching retards who never gave a damn about the game, but cares more about the politics surrounding it. Watch and see how he'll continue his crusade against the game

b2dee7  No.16507773


You sound like you're having mental issues.

He's standing up for real history, that's to be commended, not insulted.

Just look at the shit the BBC throws out, people are trying to rewrite history, it's not doing anyone any favours.

dda836  No.16507778


Don't bother replying to this retard who doesn't understand that Czechoslovakians don't like Nazis and Commies when forcing people to play an impotent retard's political purity test and then constantly spouts bullshit when called out.

b2dee7  No.16507782


People like you get so mad, always.

28808d  No.16507786

File: d034666c08fa155⋯.jpeg (191.75 KB, 1798x1077, 1798:1077, D23ZcurWkAA3zRG.jpeg)


> kind of poor performance and the worst load times I've seen in years, it's all making gameplay feel like a tiny bit of a chore.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is, without hyperbole, one of the most unoptimized pieces of shit I have ever played. Most of it is down to the lighting system I think. They could've greatly simplified the dynamic lighting model and still have made it look fine

b2dee7  No.16507788


So it's historically inaccurate then?

I get you don't like the game.

dda836  No.16507791


You really don't know that a year ago when KCD threads were up, retards kept posting that image for some reason, and when they try to make a point against the game, they call out that Vavra is a jew? with dubious blood relations because he was shit talking about this SJW who said he was an anti-semite for not including jewish merchants, that guy screeching is one of them. Got stupendously butthurt they still screech against the guy instead of the easy ammunition of the game's glitches, bugs, and optimize bullshit.


PC launch was a goddamn nightmare for people who had the bare minimum requirements for the game,

48a1de  No.16507792


Nah, Wolfenstein TNO would have to take that crown- unlike Doom 4 or any other iD game- it runs like shit regardless of your hardware.

4bcb51  No.16507795



you need to stop crossposting lad, i can smell your writing style in other threads. that being said, daniel vivra is a fairly intelligent man who happens to know how the internet works, and so he used #based to his advantage. it's called marketing you stupid fuck.

4bcb51  No.16507796


gonna have to say no on this, TNO ran bretty gud on my 2012 laptop with a 560m card and runs real nice on my current rig.

fcec03  No.16507799



I'll take shit that doesn't exist for $400.

dda836  No.16507803


My mistake faggot, often confused it with the Czech Republic where the game is based.

48a1de  No.16507805


You mean exactly the same as it ran on your old machine right? Because that's been my experience regardless of video card or CPU.


Don't expect much from a fifth columnist lefty fuck.

28808d  No.16507806


>PC launch was a goddamn nightmare for people who had the bare minimum requirements for the game,

I have a Skylake i7, 12GBs of DDR4 and a 680 and it still runs like hot garbage. This game is very GPU heavy and even above "minimum requirements" you will absolutely need to crank all the settings down for decent frames

b2dee7  No.16507808


Look man, your image is called KCD cucks.

It sounds like you're calling the makers cucks.

Then your image simply has a video game blogger saying that you should doubt the co-founder because he likes gamergate and put no black people in his video game.

A cuck would cave into whatever people were saying then apologized and added black people.

I just think you're using cuck wrong.

If you're using it as a general insult then there's more appropriate ones.

fcec03  No.16507811


Czechia and Slovakia are two different countries, Vavra is from Czechia. Czechoslovakia hasn't existed for years.

b2dee7  No.16507816

File: 8beb60a1b123970⋯.jpg (70.13 KB, 1080x1079, 1080:1079, Absolutely_disgusting.jpg)


It's not based in the fucking Chech Republic though.

be8c43  No.16507817


>Chech Republic

In the Check'em Republic?

dda836  No.16507819


Which bugs me, they used the CryENGINE to make an Open-world game that isn't up to it (Star Citizen), the game looks gorgeous but goddamn it, it eats up too much performance.


Check the damn IDs, I didn't post that image.


Which is one of my many bad habits when doing geography

48a1de  No.16507821


I'm betting he's like soygoy in that he believes cuckold to be a generic insult to his detractors, rather than the state of being cuckolded.


Czechia then. Or Holy Roman Empire, whichever you prefer.

b2dee7  No.16507823


>Check the damn IDs, I didn't post that image.

My mistake, but you're still defending it.

c1e5f8  No.16507824

Has it been improved in terms of optimization and also balance? It was a real unoptimized buggy piece of shit when it came out, so I figured it better to wait until its actually somewhat of a proper video game.

b2dee7  No.16507826



28808d  No.16507829


>Which bugs me, they used the CryENGINE to make an Open-world game that isn't up to it (Star Citizen), the game looks gorgeous but goddamn it, it eats up too much performance.

My sentiment exactly. CryEngine was a really poor choice of engine for this type of game. CryEngine tends to favor a lot of VRAM to begin with so making it open world just didn't make any logical sense. CryEngine is pretty poor at optimizing in this department, honestly as much as I hate to admit it Unreal Engine would've made a lot more sense

dda836  No.16507835


>My mistake, but you're still defending it.

What kind of autistic translation did you get from my post pointing out that image has been unironically used by those derailing retards who just hates one guy to justify their impotent rage on an entire game? On second thought, don't, you're clearly a fucking idiot with little reading comprehension.


It runs smooth after a whole year of patching, just don't get a console version just yet, there's a future Royal Edition when the last DLC is up, so you get your physical copy, and on the PC front, it's playable, doesn't crash anymore but still eats up a lot, so make sure you got the minimum requirements to run it.


On interviews they were pointed this out, but they were too far with development so they stuck with it in the end, game looks beautiful, but the goddamn, it took them a year to fix most of the graphical and performance issues.

6425ae  No.16507848

File: 95fd1a0bf3fa580⋯.png (731.82 KB, 538x774, 269:387, 95fd1a0bf3fa580a6f1f3df98e….png)

Game is shit tbh fam.

The combat is trash tier. Decent in concept but terrible in implementation. Combos are neat but you'll almost never see them since the wogs that you need to use them on will autoparry you two strokes in and the wogs that don't autoparry die on the second hit anyways. Shit eventually just becomes a "parry until someone falls over" slog. Then you give up on it and do archery for the rest of the game because fuck dealing with that shit.

The story is pretty mediocre, obnoxiously long, and really goes to shit somewhere in the middle. The monastery shenanigans seem to be the deadzone where many people give up on the game and I can't blame them.

Game also has a handful of quests with hidden timers in them mixed in with most which don't so you have no idea what's urgent and what isn't.

>Helping the sick that have been loitering in the monastery ever since your village was raided?

<They'll be dead within a week the moment you come in contact with them so I hope you didn't meet them before you trained up your first aid.

>Keeping hot on the trail tracking down band of serial killing bandits before they get away or kill again?

<Nah that can wait a few weeks.

b2dee7  No.16507854


>Don't bother replying to this retard who doesn't understand that Czechoslovakians don't like Nazis and Commies when forcing people to play an impotent retard's political purity test and then constantly spouts bullshit when called out.

It was this that threw me, it's a retarded post. I thought you were the retard I was talking to.

b2dee7  No.16507867


Yeah, you're right.

But we can still try to find the truth.

Corroborating multiple primary sources is decent.

4bcb51  No.16507886


>You mean exactly the same as it ran on your old machine right?

no, it runs better on my 1080

d90beb  No.16507890

File: 338052942eed53c⋯.png (332.85 KB, 816x625, 816:625, ynd59lnpapu21.png)

File: df026fc1ae6ab8d⋯.jpg (33.92 KB, 744x245, 744:245, gay.jpg)

File: d74f264c06a7066⋯.jpg (100.84 KB, 624x575, 624:575, gay2.jpg)

File: 74715088c2c73d4⋯.jpg (56 KB, 556x585, 556:585, lolz.jpg)

>I finally got around to trying the evil white supremacist, misogynistic RPG.

that doesn't look like the Shield Hero RPG…

9d2fca  No.16507894

I thought so too at first. But the mechanics start to click if you tough it out (at least on pc)

be8c43  No.16507900

File: f1b55634ce21909⋯.png (299.53 KB, 512x512, 1:1, f1b55634ce219091fe172a4564….png)


I'll never understand this

>character gets decapitated/his guts strewed across the floor

<nobody cares

>sexual assault


7a2ad1  No.16507909


Aren't the only rapists in Japan foreigners, usually US Army niggers?

356289  No.16507920

File: becc06f6e5d7ee7⋯.png (652.77 KB, 600x750, 4:5, 49f3042de9f31039e1832245b4….png)


I don't follow twitter nonsense, but I really hope they're still butthurt about it.

4bcb51  No.16507928


the military and the imported rapefugees, that about covers it.

4bcb51  No.16507930


until it's either captured for their own use or totally dead they'll always be butthurt about it

99fb5c  No.16507943


They're the only ones that actually have time to commit sexual assault.

fce693  No.16507945


>it's an RPGmaker non-RPG with attack-skill-item-defend menu combat


9eda62  No.16507958

File: b85c5663eec4210⋯.png (478.99 KB, 1074x720, 179:120, witch shrug.png)

>Poach a bunch of deer

>If you sell it the vendors get suspicious that its illegal shit

>Go into a random kitchen and cook it

>Can now sell legally

fce693  No.16507960


So, did you cook several whole deers all by yourself?

7d13ae  No.16507963


I tried this game, gotta respect the dedication put into it considering they made this with a shoestring budget, that said, I got bored

f9a2de  No.16507985


>and a 680 and it still runs like hot garbage.

Anon your graphics card is like ten fucking years old of course it runs like garbage.

f9a2de  No.16507991


>There were niggers in spain therefore there should have been niggers in the medieval Czech Republic too.

Logic really isn't their forte is it?

be8c43  No.16507992


>implying they can resist the smell of freshly cooked venison

2d06fa  No.16507996


And even that is false, the moors were north africans (moroccans, algerians and such) and converted iberians, not sub-saharan niggers.

75dea6  No.16508042


I think the guy was agreeing with you. He was saying the Journalists were Illogical.

Im guessing these SJW journalists complaining about not having niggers are from the US.

To Americans Europe is just a small place with no difference between Eastern and Southern Europe.

5b2cd9  No.16508060


>devs said fuck off

>but a (((historian))) (((I))) spoke to said whites don't exist and europe was always full of niggers.


Yes, GHQ sent the blackest nigger apes they could instead of taking the emperor's plea to just pick the women they like the most to take as spoils of war.

Niggermutts were raping so many women and kids the locals decided to lure them into a cave and burn them all alive.

1be394  No.16508092


If you consider the medieval guild shit of central yurop its exponentionally less likely to have illegally aquired cooked meat that it is to have aquired fresh venison. The thing that breaks the logic here is the assumption that Henry would be able to cook at all, and then the fact that you could actually sell food willy-nilly without having all the jewstamps from the local guild.

Its more of a compromise on authenticity for the sake of gameplay instead of a logic loophole.

75dea6  No.16508113

If the game was really realistic you would die of dysentry and botchelism about 20 minutes in to the game.

d53284  No.16508121

Come on, implying every single country/civilization doesn't have some rapists and pyschos without having to import them.

4bcb51  No.16508128


they do have some but remember, 13/50

700822  No.16508146


Wrong, this games problems were mostly CPU related, not GPU related. I have a 1080 and people with 780s and shit were reporting the same symptoms as me. I was watching the game max out on CPU usage at launch, literally 100%, which caused stuttering. Using some hacky program that caps a process' CPU usage actually helped. Your graphics card is kinda shit, by the by.

1be394  No.16508161

File: 819c58d7755badf⋯.png (73.07 KB, 309x286, 309:286, 1416811969636.png)


No its you who can act and react faster.

Spar with Bernard for a couple of rounds and youll get your combat skills up real fast. Heres why its always a good idea to train with Bernard anyway: your average combat engagement usually ends under 30 seconds, not giving you a lot of XP, while also being far and between, with Bernard however you can trade blows for hours and your combat skills go up like nobodys business.

301145  No.16508419


I was really enjoying it but was very put away by the poor performance on my RX480+FX8320 OC. I hope they improved it since then, last time I touched the game was like May last year

8d1cd0  No.16508530


>combat feels a bit cumbersome and it takes a lot of getting used to

Probably the biggest thing this game does wrong in my opinion is the fancy block/parry you learn being gated behind a little quest. It's not a hard quest but in my first playthrough I was so excited to go and explore that I didn't take that quest, and as a result got the everloving shit beaten out of me for hours until I did that quest and learned the superblock that suddenly makes you competent with a weapon.

7d70b3  No.16508607

>constant crashes

>unskippable cutscenes

>no quicksave

A perfect storm at launch to make me regret my purchase. Now that they're releasing feminist propaganda I can't even console myself by saying, "atleast it's a dev with a good message".

536dc3  No.16508687

File: cfc93578cb27381⋯.jpg (792.54 KB, 1658x2468, 829:1234, kcd vavra warhorse sjws.jpg)

obligatory pic


>spar with Bernard

I think most of the people who complain about the combat skipped this. Not only do you as a player have to git gud, but so does your character because he starts out as an illiterate peasant who can't fight for shit. You have to train with Bernard in order to git gud at fighting. He will teach you some combos and skills that you can't get anywhere else.

adff9b  No.16508734


Too bad Shield Hero is shit. The entire edgy revenge dude thing gets thrown out the window very, very quickly and MC instead becomes a very generic protag in every sense. His big revenge ends up with stripping the girl of her status and legally changing her name to "Bitch", but that's the extent of it and she keeps adventuring with her bull like nothing happened.

I wanted a cool anime with edgy MC that uses slavery as a superpower, instead I got yet another generic isekai.

73995b  No.16508755

File: 762eb3de28045d0⋯.png (179.69 KB, 847x744, 847:744, 762eb3de28045d062033923c64….png)

>tfw the game got maces right

>that lovely clang when you hit some dumb hungarian or cuman on the head

adff9b  No.16508781


Having traders willing to buy your shit is probably the most common allowance in the genre. IRL, a trader wouldn't buy 500kg of shittily cooked meat from some random asshole that came by. He can't be sure the meat's fine – you could have seared some rancid, moldy shit over the fire to pawn it off of him, or you could be a psycho that laced it by poison or something. He needs to be sure he can actually sell that shit before it goes bad, and he already had enough meat stockpiled to last him for the period, so when you suddenly dump a massive amount like that on him, he might refuse simply because there's no way he can actually sell it. Finally, buying shit from a stranger that is willing to sell for fraction of the price suggests a thief wanting to get rid of stolen shit, and the merchant certainly doesn't want to have problems with the guards.

Of course, without this, the only real sources of income for an adventurer would be from quests and finding cash on slain enemies, which of course disincentivises exploration – why would you go slaughter bandits if they'll probably have less on them than you'll need to repair your gear after the fight is over? It's realistic, of course – it's why adventurers didn't really exist IRL – but it's not fun.

73995b  No.16508822


>why adventurers didn't really exist IRL

well yeah, adventurers were originally based off a healthy combination of landless knights, mercenary bands. conquistadors, and older legends where the stakes were a lot higher/going a questing meant grabbing land, wealth, and power instead of Quest=100 coins and a thanks from a town

ebb61d  No.16509002

File: 46980328ed451b5⋯.jpg (687.96 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Kingdom Come_ Deliverance_….jpg)

File: fb2cef04fdb0e6f⋯.jpg (810.68 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Kingdom Come_ Deliverance_….jpg)

File: 386c698faae3eb0⋯.jpg (442.19 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Kingdom Come_ Deliverance_….jpg)

File: b124038ef4a0291⋯.jpg (522.39 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Kingdom Come_ Deliverance_….jpg)

File: cc1c8d4e73b1a01⋯.jpg (557.64 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Kingdom Come_ Deliverance_….jpg)

The game will never stop being impressive to me, what other game lets me join a monastery for a mission but then lets me just stay there for as long as I like? Learning the ways of the brothers, translating books in the library, learning alchemy, eating with the brothers in pray, taking part in the politics of the brothers, praying, or taking part in night time shenanigans, gambling with the more devious brothers.

I love it.

adff9b  No.16509043


This is possibly the most polarising mission of them all. It seems like half the anons love it while the other half absolutely despises it.

ebb61d  No.16509056


Those who want to one day Deus Vult Europa love it, those who tip their federa's hate it.

268469  No.16509061


I suppose to people like you there's no inbetween

8da595  No.16509108

4255f7 is a virgin, isn't he?

268bac  No.16509147


Where do you think you are?

2384a8  No.16509153


I'll be more than happy to steal it from him if you know what I mean

ebb61d  No.16509158


Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Lel

51aedd  No.16509166

File: 4cfd0a4c8d77f4a⋯.mp4 (6.06 MB, 490x360, 49:36, 4cfd0a4c8d77f4afba3c043bfd….mp4)

1063a5  No.16509174

Does anyone know about any mods that reduce your damage dealt a little bit? I certainly don't *feel* like I'm minmaxing, but when I kill everything in one or two hits it starts being pretty difficult to actually enjoy the combat system outside of fighting Bernard, and even then that doesn't work because he melts too after a few hits to the head.

1063a5  No.16509198

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't want damage sponges, I want people that don't collapse with a tap. You ever watch the Battle of the Nations? I want something like that but with perhaps less autistic flailing. So that the armor people are wearing actually feels like it's doing something, rather than being various colors of so much tissue paper.

3c7e02  No.16509206


I think it could've been a really great prison mission. The tools and favors you can get are really limited and you're basically still forced into doing the monk lifestyle. I think it would've been better if there were more ways to circumvent having to do the monk time table.

a6ed6a  No.16509208

File: 7ccc2ed9a42c81f⋯.jpg (129.53 KB, 800x521, 800:521, Silk_route.jpg)


>Czech cities Olomouc and Prague were on the famous Silk Road


88f21d  No.16509231


You will never be satisfied because you have the most bullshit list of things you need to be positive about anything.

a7f962  No.16509270


my bylo bource morušového

b78ca4  No.16509272


Right there you fucking bigot. Look, they're like right in the middle of it you problematic shitlord, now accept diversity and add nigger trannies into your game.

a00f1f  No.16509436


>His big revenge ends up with stripping the girl of her status and legally changing her name to "Bitch"

>he did not read the WN

>he thinks it stops there

adff9b  No.16509530


the monk time table is fine… as long as you know what you're doing. A lot of anons that dislike it seem to bumble about for a long time, wondering what to do, and have to follow the time table over and over and over many times before they figure things out. I can see how that becomes frustrating. Once you know where to go and what to do, though, you can blow through the whole monk part very quickly.


I dropped it after that, tbh. It just seemed too boring to continue after the whole revenge arc climaxed and half the narrative seemed to become "Racism is bad >:((((( Furries are people too"

da4402  No.16509901

File: 6e1eafef57ee54a⋯.jpg (217.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 6e1eafef57ee54aa92f2461c10….jpg)


Are you fucking serious? In my game I can't play without being jumped by 5 heavily armed cumans/4 dudes in platemail at every 'bandit' area. The only people I even come close to instakilling are actual plebs.

1f809a  No.16509983


Been a while since I played (at release), but what he says was definitely my experience as well. Spam attack a couple times, maybe parry once and everything dies. I remember tearing through the entire bandit town at the end of the game instead of just leaving, just because I wanted something to fight.

fcec03  No.16510151


That wasn't the end of his revenge, though. It's definitely worth reading more.

e6a127  No.16510172


The melee is ridiculously hard. Just spend like an hour of irl time practicing up your skills in training mode with him.

Use practice weapons.

It was a little tedious but by the time I finished I had leveled up a good amount and had raised my sword and axe skills to 9, giving me access to a few feats as well.

Trick to the training is that it only seems to register a hit for skill exp, so to start just stab constantly, and if you take a shield, you can get up your defense too.

My first play through was a failed attempt because I didn't train. Once I restarted and trained for a while, I was fine.

The game really punishes low skills. That's the only "hard" thing about it imo.

273b56  No.16510174


Use the Thumper Longsword, one of the shitty civilian axes, or the bludgeon. Will make combat fun again.

e6a127  No.16510175


Use a mace (or even an axe) against heavily armored foes. Blunt damage wrecks plate.

fce693  No.16510274



The source material is absolute dogshit. Just wait for new anime episodes.

50b5dd  No.16511148


I've been getting further into it and coming a bit to terms with the gameplay. But think I'll be defeated by the frame hitching long before I manage to enjoy the game.

b261c5  No.16514271


The Combat system is great and quite realistic, evne if somewhat simplified.

I'm worried about you if you cannot grasp it. Practice with Bernard in the arena and GIT GUD.

Learn masterstrokes.

28808d  No.16514296

File: 9d8428f6d90ca72⋯.jpg (89.55 KB, 383x362, 383:362, 1316824354488.jpg)


My GPU is actually a GTX 970M but I said it was a 680 because I remember reading that was the closest desktop GPU to it performance wise. Its actually slightly better then a 680 but the 680 was just the closest. Lets say its an overclocked 680

50b5dd  No.16514303


I'll show you master strokes. I've been having more fun with the combat.

c5b777  No.16514362


There were "moors" in Spain.

Except "moors" were never blacks, this is Robbin Hood level of knowledge.

Moors were the inhabitants of Mauretania AKA berbers (that are the WHITE South European natives of north africa, something like 1/5 of them still have light hair and light eyes TODAY after 13 centuries of Semite occupation…) and designated latter the WHITE Semite arabs that colonized and islamized it.

You have to be a special kind of historian to not know that the roman provinces of "Mauretania" and the modern country of Mauritania… are two different things.

Mauritania is a classic example of "WE WUZ KINGS AND SHEEIT", it's a west African country which the french named that way largely due to the fact the leaders of the nomadic peoples living there in the 17th/18th century were still "moors", white berbers marabou (but already leading heavily mixed people with west african and semite ancestry due to the nomadic nature of the people in the area).

28808d  No.16514382

File: 6a07fa0e7106241⋯.jpg (42.54 KB, 371x483, 53:69, King_Mohammed_VI.jpg)


Berbers are like blacks with white skin

c5b777  No.16514387


That's not the route in the medieval era, it's the roman era one.

Nobody sane went anywhere near the Arabs. The black sea was the major silk road trading hub since it was held by Byzantium and what made the early ottomans fortunes after Constantinople fall.

c5b777  No.16514404

File: e737de4f1c06880⋯.jpg (55.55 KB, 750x355, 150:71, serveimage.jpg)



His wife too is clearly a nigger with white skin I guess?

62fc75  No.16514412

File: 58456b7b0edc11a⋯.jpeg (37.2 KB, 660x680, 33:34, 58456b7b0edc11a43cfc28645….jpeg)


>A black person MIGHT HAVE got sick and never gone home

>A black person MIGHT HAVE gotten pregnant while on vacation(?) in the country

>Therefore it is imperative that the developers have a 50/50 split of niggers

ad9e6e  No.16514477

adff9b  No.16514502


Those things are secondary to niggers somehow getting in medieval Bohemia through silk road. First of all, the silk road was nowhere near Bohemia, much less going through it, second of all, just because the silk road goes through various shitholes doesn't mean people from those shitholes go through THE WHOLE FUCKING THING. Nobody went on a fucking trek from China to Europe, even though it was on the silk road – they bought their shit in one city, went some distance along the road (enough to reach some place where they can make a profit), sold their shit there and went back. When Marco Polo, like an absolute madman, actually made the trek and went all the way to China and back, most people didn't fucking believe him and thought he was full of shit, because of how insane the whole notion was – not only do you need to travel for years, you travel through places with different environments than you are used to, nobody speaks a language you can understand, and even the travelling itself is dangerous as shit. For example when Marco went from China to Persia, of the six hundred people in the convoy only eighteen had survived.

a02e82  No.16514555

File: e79ef5d6a40a0df⋯.png (711.12 KB, 966x752, 483:376, e79ef5d6a40a0dfe52675b8cb9….png)

am I the only one getting a little thrown off while playing, I find it weird playing an RPG without any fantasy elements and with everyhint being so historically accurate it feels kinda off. At least some of the slightly mysterious quests make up for it but I would have loved more creepy folklore side missions but I guess that would have made it less grounded than they wanted

be8c43  No.16514571

File: d273566e5198cc1⋯.jpg (61.01 KB, 730x780, 73:78, d273566e5198cc1f6f04f66bae….jpg)


the fuck did you expect?

a02e82  No.16514573


There's so much shit over the map, like creepy little sites of interest and you go finding demon skulls in one quest I was just expecting there to be more

2d06fa  No.16514576


Dont forget those byzantine priests that stole silk worms from china to produce silk in constantinople.

b5c917  No.16514622

File: cad3d7cfdade90e⋯.jpg (30.1 KB, 418x345, 418:345, 2305ea5d8b5b324a531aa0cf1c….jpg)


>Tor user has shit opinions, yet again

Like fucking clockwork. Vivid, dramatic glory is what every goddamn RPG ever does. You want the shit almost every single other medieval fantasy game is peddling. This is one of the very few games that actually tries for accuracy, and you're complaining it's the wrong type of accuracy because it's too accurate.

adff9b  No.16514623


go play a JRPG if you want some glorious epic about saving the world or whatever. I'm absolutely sick of those plots and the moment I hear "chosen one" I drop the game. Getting a grounded setting where you play as a fuckface nobody is exactly what I wanted.

2d06fa  No.16514633


TORnigger once again having shit taste.

Playing a peasant quest its great, specially with autistic henry the blacksmith boy.

c3c3c4  No.16514637

That's funny OP, I found it to be incredibly boring too. On a technical level the game is a disaster, using one of the worst engines around and looking like a 360 game. It was downright hideous and the performance issues were ridiculous.

The funny thing is, it's still not the complete game. They did the classic kickstarter meme of selling an unfinished piece of shit. What was finished however was especially disappointing. The simon says combat in particular was an absolute joke. The quest where you're helping the (((merchants))) definitely fit Based Vavra's alt-lite views. I think it would be a great thing to just get away from all the poz, not just the leftoid brand of it for once in a Western game.

Easily the most entertaining thing to me about the game was the discovery of all the bugs. Those still bring a smile to my face, but what doesn't lighten me up was how hard the game was shilled here. It's one of the few games I can say was genuinely, actually shilled with the very first recurring general starting with the text "buy the game" followed by a link to the steam store and nearly 90 posts going by of nobody calling it out. It's pathetic how co-opted this board has become, clearly shows the majority of the user base is past their prime and cucked. It took several dozens of posts complaining and reports of actual shilling to get the mods to change it, and even then the games retarded fanboy cuckolds still insist that didn't happen. At the end of the day Based (((Vavra))) and his shit game is an icon of how far this board has fallen.

be8c43  No.16514639

File: 476b01374fbcb6e⋯.png (131.12 KB, 600x600, 1:1, torpost.png)


adff9b  No.16514674


>The quest where you're helping the (((merchants)))

Thanks for confirming you never played the game. There are no actual jews in the game, but morons that never played it always get caught on this meme because they heard it somewhere.

adff9b  No.16514752


>Also, who the fuck cares about some retarded peasant barry lyndon bullshit?

<multiple anons say they do

>it's not my cup of coffee, that's all. I'm not taking it from you, stop being so mean :(((

c3c3c4  No.16514787


Hi shill, I still didn't buy your bad game.

adff9b  No.16514808


>gets called on his bullshit

<"you're a shill!"

Imagine being so butthurt about people liking a game

b95c64  No.16514835


You know I'm actually looking for Jews to kill but there are so few in the game I'm starting to see why guys like you only bring up a single quest.

adff9b  No.16514851


>single quest

There is not even that. There are literally no jews, not even offscreen, in the game. The common misconception seems to be that "Rosenbergs" are jews. They are not. It's a germanised spelling of "Rožmberk", and reffers to an old Bohemian noble house that has absolutely nothing to do with jews.

f42c6c  No.16515540


people like that are typically sad and have little to no friends.

c14c30  No.16515794

File: c16325926ffc559⋯.jpg (31.17 KB, 439x518, 439:518, conclusion.JPG)

This is one game I look forward to playing once upgraded, I can't think of many others. Hopefully there is some final edition at that point. I enjoyed how salty it made the sjw cucks, to the point they had to campaign a technological complaint and keep doing it to this day. Sjw devs are over now, it is too late. You are all done, try being good people from now on and seek forgiveness.

b00073  No.16515809


Complete edition is supposed to be out next month but the newest patch released today is already experiencing bug reports related to the new dlc

34e21f  No.16516395


> First of all, the silk road was nowhere near Bohemia, much less going through it

Not really.

Traders did use the Danube to connect to Constantinople which connected to Trezibond which was the destination of the medieval era silk road.

So they would stop at Bratislava then use the road to Prague, then in Prague on boats again on the Elbe in direction of either Hamburg or Berlin depending if they wanted to go to the North Sea or the Baltic.

No idea how niggers would get to Constantinople via the silk road though without getting insta-enslaved by the arabs…

A Chink would make more sense, a Persian probably did happened.

69e257  No.16516407


Complete Edition is already out, at least on Steam.

2b7e0b  No.16516510

File: 038238be80f2942⋯.png (75.47 KB, 348x607, 348:607, 4984891615.png)


>that doesn't look like the Shield Hero RPG

>mfw no Shield Hero RPG where you can buy monster eggs to hatch and nurture so the monster can later evolve into a loli or shota monstergirls/boys

ee152b  No.16517229


>Does it give you more time to react or something?

You don't need more time, the combat is piss easy once you get to a good enough level. In fact it's so easy nearer to the end of the game that it's a lot less fun. Train a shit ton and level up a specific weapon and you'll be a god in no time. Though the godly abilities come from op armor basically negating all damage.


>KCD Cucks.png

>literally no black people in the game

>there's one mission with a jew

>this makes the game worthless

you're a faggot


Perfomance was shit on my computer as well, turn down the settings as much as possible and try to put up with it. That's what I did. It's a great game but it has its flaws. Noticeably though, it's much better than whatever trash comes out of other triple A companies. Even if the dlc is pretty lackluster.

2e49f0  No.16521764


not using the drunken fuck that owes your "father" money as a punching bag/ arrow holster and sword sheath and maxing all combat stats before leaving home, also murderboneing the whole town guard for gear. then proceeding to absolutely wreak the cumans that attempt to "BLOCK PATH" but god dam if level 1 runt isn't fucking invulnerable along with the tratiorus rat that runs off to get him.

2bcf45  No.16522549


>Look man, your image is called KCD cucks.

>It sounds like you're calling the devs cucks.

You'd have to be a generally retarded Koch employee in order to jump to that sort of conclusion.

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