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File: ef565dfe5de7fe8⋯.jpg (12 KB, 300x168, 25:14, novigrad.jpg)

bbbb04  No.16522268

Think about something of which would be like the middle ground between Witcher and Kingdom Come: Deliverance or goes according to the standards of those like Skallagrim or Shadiversity. In going with "If it was real that or this would actually be like this way etc".

One of these games hasn't existed since Darklands allegedly. What would a modern one look like including with maybe a VR version as well or support for it?

Could it possibly be the true 'skyrim killer' if one existed?

bbbb04  No.16522279

In combination with how weapons or armours work irl and how they would react with the existence of such a thing in combat, or how a normal human would need to adapt in order to take on certain creatures.

Witcher is realistic for the npcs in the world but not when you play as a Witcher or Main Character.

Could such a game set place in the Witcher universe where you play as a normal human?

bbbb04  No.16522306

Furthermore, written lore on the biology or composition of the non-human creatures in explaining why some weapons are effective vs ineffective on them.

f6b80a  No.16522319



That sword loving faggot on youtube? lol

bbbb04  No.16522326


He does cover topics about how to make fantasy games more 'realistic' however fortunate/unfortunate that his one of the only YouTubers to do that.

bb086a  No.16522347


this dude taking reddit spacing to the absolute extremes

f6b80a  No.16522352


>guise. did you know that cloud's buster sword is TOO BIG to carry?

Gee. Where would I be without his intellectual insight.

759f7c  No.16522371


>without checking anything,

That's a big presumption, boss. Nice to see you typing an actual paragraph, though.

becd7e  No.16522415


It would not necessarily take place in the 'real world' however but have swords or cities which are real-world inspired just as Witcher is.

Or alt-history possibly.

ea6959  No.16522426



It's a meme, what you want is suspension of disbelief.


You could separate a line if the sentences' contents aren't connected with each other.

05f783  No.16522432


OP, I suggest you delete the thread, wait a few hours and start again, but next time use more than one sentence per paragraph.

cb9cd9  No.16522503

File: 9d9262a6a0c4e3f⋯.png (218.03 KB, 490x495, 98:99, 9d9262a6a0c4e3fa35faa3c25b….png)


Or just make a thread on reddit. I for one welcome this new hostility towards crossposters.

069f0e  No.16524688

Do you mean realism as in the world itself is just a no fun allowed plebbit-tier reskin of history? Based on your youtuber approval metric. In that case, sure.

But, do you actually mean, can a proper fantasy game be internally consistent and have the impact of all elements considered? Also yes, but it takes much more worldbuilding effort, and things that can be forgive in a historical game as gameplay concessions are less likely to be forgiven in a fantasy game.

9c5f35  No.16524692


>What are paragraphs to you?

3-5 sentences. You're adding a line break every 1-2 sentences.

521a00  No.16524733

File: 32b9418cc53709b⋯.png (14.32 KB, 265x400, 53:80, fantasy subg.png)


19572f  No.16524743



Paragraphs are typically that long, but they don't have to be. A paragraph is used as a tool to separate ideas and make reading easier. Some ideas can be properly conveyed in a single sentence, and would be out of place or expressed in an overly longwinded fashion if they were forced into another paragraph or stretched out into their own. In certain forms of prose for example you might give an intrusive thought a whole paragraph to highlight it to the reader and increase its impact.

c427e6  No.16524765


>Anyone with a name is a fraud

You sound like a giant faggot. People lika Skallagrim obviously have a lot of passion for ancient weapons and actually practice adn research things.

I'd trust them 1000 times more than some discovery channel hack. Some those "documentaries" are so wrong it hurts.

And WTF does reddit have to do with it? Because some redditors like somethign it must be wrong? Perhaps it's time to start using your brain instead of defaulting to non-thinking and using the R-word.

c6cdf9  No.16524771


jesus christ you sound like someone that came from resetera

ca686e  No.16524842

I really wish niggers would stop trying to make vidya look realistic, you got the artstyle advantage that digital media is capable of, why not use it?

62271d  No.16532137


What about those who want to play it for the realism or immersion though?

We've never once had a modern fantasy game which is both internally consistent and possesses the impact of all elements considered? Alongside realistic coexisting medieval elements.

Witcher was slightly close in regards to how humans interacted with their environment and was the closest we've gotten so far except with the main characters, but aside we've never had such a thing since Darklands.

It would be something totally new and interesting to play in VR if it had a version for it too.

f95f9e  No.16532302



Have some gold, stranger.

ec9e88  No.16532324



I remember watching an interesting video of his about how lightsaber combat should be more like rapier swordplay than longsword/katana swordplay, due to physical strength not affecting the damage that can be dealt to an opponent (just touching them with the saber will cause injury). However, I feel like that video missed the point, as Jedi were more often trying to defend themselves rather than outright kill an opponent, so stabbing attacks meant to deal deathblows would've been less favored than styles designed for parrying/deflecting attacks with the blade. The lack of a crossguard would also affect the style, which I don't recall him mentioning.

sage for offtopic

f95f9e  No.16532414


Who hurt you?

People lika Shadiversity obviously have a lot of passion for ancient weapons and actually practice adn research things.

I'd trust them 1000 times more than some anon.

ab856d  No.16532506

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


if you like fantasy maybe youll l ike this. we like dark souls, etc. about to go on amazon but anons get it for free. posted in film as well. made it for 5k because one day there was a thread saying how no good fantasy films are made nowadays and I agreed lol. maybe you will like it.

from my experience a "skyrim" killer has to be a o blivion game with 4k and the more to do than skyrim. witcher 3 is close but the 3rd person puts normies off. and it is too hard for them. their loss though, let them keep their shallow fantasy experiences. they'll never dig too deep into it (look how game of thrones was transformed by normies) and anything too abstract or fantasy throws them off. unless it is straight forward like avatar the last airbender (pick a side/pick a house/light side/dark side). skyrim had the same thing with picking sides, etc. the cretins flock to it.

cheers. everyone go play hexen 2 instead.

sorry for typos i am blasted

17281b  No.16532576

Why is there so much shilling for VR in this thread

17281b  No.16532581


Is this a fucking bot

dafb20  No.16532621

File: de279d148a3e142⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 449.77 KB, 948x1504, 237:376, shäd.jpeg)


Ok, you trust Shadiversity.

But what about Shadman?

30384f  No.16532664

d319a4  No.16536590


>I remember watching an interesting video of his about how lightsaber combat should be more like rapier swordplay

Stance maybe like but fight completely different. Rapiers sues trust because it only lethal atack when light sabre can use cuts (without force just wrist movements and without edge aliment) that would be absolutely brutal in effect (cutting of limbs etc ). And with such wrist cuts primary target obvioslsy would be enemy weapon hand as closest target (non lethal btw like you asked lol).

>The lack of a crossguard would also affect the style, which I don't recall him mentioning.

This makes weapon hand even more attractive target.

And it will look absolutely gay.

d319a4  No.16536592


real and fantasy are literally oxymorons

39919e  No.16536605


Immershunfags are retards who value style over substance. I blame TES for propagating the disease.

6ee2e1  No.16536635


Neither of those words are oxymorons. You are thinking of antonyms.

ad6c7b  No.16536688


The key to impressive "realism" imo tends to be upping damage for players and for enemies; damage sponges don't exist in real life. It's not that fights against very dangerous fantasy creatures need be unwinnable (in reality even africans with sub iron-age technology have developed man-portable weapons capable of killing elephants [spears]), it's just that they should be capable of wrecking your shit 1 on 1 very easily if you don't know what you're doing. Fighting a Dragon should require a strategy similar to what Witchers have a reputation for (but never do in the games): that is using surprise, poisons, booby traps, explosives, and when possible hunting in groups along with animals of your own (in reality we have dogs, but if things like drakes existed they could be used if they were intelligent enough).


If realism in fiction is an oxymoron then the term "realism" is redundant, reality could never lack realism and thus the word is useless.

d319a4  No.16538470

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> damage sponges don't exist in real life.

They do.

Mouse vs cat.

Man vs elephant etc.

But it is no fun to face damage sponges IRL as unlike in fantasy they also come with super damage and no super penalties for speed often opposite.

739a0c  No.16538564


>but next time use more than one sentence per paragraph

Every paragraph except the last used more than one sentence you retard.

f95f9e  No.16538572


This changes everything. Two-sentence paragraphs are on a whole other level, after all.

b6ed18  No.16538812

I want a Zelda game set in WW2 where Ganon is part of the Allies.

f71af8  No.16538826


>Is a 'fantasy' game with lots of realism possible?

Yeah, why not? Those are the most interesting. Say the laws of physics operates exactly the same as always, except there's also magic in the world. If you build the world correctly, you'll see magic being used within that framework to supplement and enhance machinery, items, etc. Or say dragons and other mythical beings exist. If you design a dragon with the correct TWR to actually fly, you can fit it into the world. You can even do fire breathing KIND OF, by having the dragon produce a pair of biochemicals in a small sack somewhere, mixed at point of exhalation.

Fantasy worlds where "LOL MAGIC AIN'T GOTTA EXPLAIN SHIT" is the rule are boring, because the story is completely undermined. "Why not just use X magic to do Y" is overlooked and the player feels smarter than all the characters.

929fa9  No.16538853


a90041  No.16538886



The OP means that instead of seeing numbers, you see would see npcs reacting to magic/strikes a la euphoria.

02a818  No.16538891

>liking Skyrim unironically

>liking Witcher unironically



61cd26  No.16538918


Sure, but it'd be a lot more work than a realistic game like Kingdom Come. You'd have to think up how different sentient creatures like Orks, dwarves, elfs react to strikes, for example, and fitting combat styles for them since they'd have different body strength, bone structure, etc.

You'd have to be quite specific in how magic spells work and how they deal damage, same for potions.

A lot of very educated people are going to be needed to make a truly "realistic" fantasy game, whereas Kingdom Come could make do with just Historians.

51a6de  No.16540106

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Interesting for you to dive into making a work like that of your own will. I don't know directing at all but I would suggest more fast paced combat. I've only recently gotten into looking at HEMA, so here are two youtube suggestions for armored combat. Martin Fabian, and Pursuing the Knightly Arts. Your movie reminded me of the embed short movie by Fabian, who is now a professional HEMA dude.

Honestly a game that ties fantasy and realism is a vague category so anyone's opinion could fit. Here's my idea, anything like Dark Messiah of Might & Magic multiplayer, Lord of the Rings games (Conquest especially) have a good amount of "realism" weaved with fantasy magic, but my kind of realism is more of, "Can a knight/melee compete against a mage class in fast paced pvp?"

I'd like to see a game use Mordhau's melee system and incorporate a magic system with similar mechanics in terms of mages actively blocking/deflecting/reflecting mage/ranged/melee attacks. Definitely not hotkey MMO"RPG" skills but more like you pick a specific mage path and your weapon-staff only can do a few tricks. Very much like Dark Messiah.

As this would be mainly pvp, this would also mean a very limited progression, no leveling up or only at a minimum. You have points to spend to suit your class and items, but you cannot gain extra points ever.

51a6de  No.16540131

Might I also add some examples LOTR: Conquest used for what I deem "realism" for mages. Much like runescape's rock paper scissors system of ranged melee magic, LOTR: Conquest had a similar effect. LOTR: C had 3 classes, mage/warrior&assassin/archer, each had their trump cards and weaknesess for each class. Mages could hold a hemisphere shield up, and protect himself and all allies from any ranged attack, especially archers. Assassins could go invisible and archers would have trouble aiming unless they were good. Warriors once up close could defeat anyone except maybe assassins. Anyone can guess which classes had higher base HP, lower defense, etc. Realism for me is rooted in what works and doesn't work, if there is a class to be used there must be a chance of it competing against other classes. Or you could just not use the word realism and make a fun game using this formula.

b77eaf  No.16540534

Witcher is about as realistic as I could stand any fantasy game to be. The real world is fucking boring. Why would anyone want to play something 100% realistic when you can just run around in real life and hack people up with a sword if you want that level of realism.

7b9c86  No.16540540

Would magical realism count?

ed6dfb  No.16540566

Battle Brothers for Turn-based strategy.

The Witcher for real time.

That's about it.

Honestly, I desire another game like Kingdom Come, but with more weapons/armors and set in Germany proper, so basically Kingdom Come 2.

eaf446  No.16540574


ab856d  No.16540612


Thank you. It is difficult to find others who are able to physically keep up a fight or action scenes in full armor or even leather.

If you watch near the end with the cultists fighting (myself being the ranger/Ivanhoe knock off) we had to tell them to pull off if they needed to breathe. Our barbarian wasn't able to keep it up against the knight so I had to rewrite it and make it more of a snake/mongoose fight. On an independent level it is hard to direct others in "moving through" with an action. That's why big productions spend so much on "swordmasters" and stuntmen because all they do is basically LARP for a living. For instance, the shot with the shield coming down on the ranger's neck, I had the knight push down with force so you could see certain details, and that it was believable. Note the ranger fight, the knight fight, then how the barbarian moves. Most people just don't have the endurance for that kind of stuff, even when you find willing participants.

thx for watching and I loved the Fabian short you posted.

475e2a  No.16546355


Thanks, a bit artsy for my taste, but I enjoyed it.

917d86  No.16549286


They usually avoid that stuff because its not compatible with a fun game.

I thinnk it would be funny to have a game where you have a small chance of randomly dropping dead due to drinking unclean water. Or you die of a tooth infection in your early twenties.

caee2a  No.16557940


Yes, make magic and fantastical creatures very difficult to find requiring years of study in the game. Show the regular world without any magic unless the player really is wanting to find it, and even when the player tries to first find magic show the player its all fake or nothing at all.

544acd  No.16557949

>Could it possibly be the true 'skyrim killer' if one existed?

No. Realism isn't fun. It could be an interesting game for a niche, but massive success no way.

7bb855  No.16559371


He's a typical Scandinavian cuck and his girlfriend looks like a Nosferatu from Vampire the Masquerade.

046f9f  No.16559479

File: a4c863a311dcbbd⋯.png (374.41 KB, 960x540, 16:9, a4c863a311dcbbd585d83cfa57….png)

So long as your magic follows its own set of laws. If you want a setting where you pull things out of your ass you need one rife with divine intervention and therefore lots of deus ex machina. But itis never about realism with the usual suspects. It always has to do about inserting the mundane or dragging down the fantastical. Hell, it is like trying to argue with someone that thinks bikini armor is dumb, but they gloss over the fact that women fighting is dumb enough as is. You only really have to mention the existence of things like rings f +1 strength existing and that is why you can have women fighting, but no one e er does that anymore. In old ADnD women characters had a penalty to starting strength but more charisma. Now everything is bland and the same thanks to post modern drivel.

ec5816  No.16559563

File: 2d6e65c2e13dd41⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1129x1200, 1129:1200, ClipboardImage.png)


>his girlfriend looks like a Nosferatu from Vampire the Masquerade


444f5c  No.16559571

It would basically be Kingdom Cum with skeletons, dragons, and magic. I'm on board with that. I see no reason why not to make something like that.

f82821  No.16559591

File: 391c2eef462a092⋯.webm (2.44 MB, 450x400, 9:8, techno union.webm)


there were 8 jedi fighting styles and 2nd one was specialized in dueling other jedi and was just that. count doku used it.

obviously it wasnt very popular because you dont fight other lightsaber users that often

6f3474  No.16559645


At least not during the time the movies took place. I'm sure it was very popular in the Old Republic era when Sith were much greater in number

34e22b  No.16564757

File: 58dad38111d7656⋯.jpeg (67.2 KB, 639x480, 213:160, images (1).jpeg)

Dwarf Fortress or GTFO

45402b  No.16564846


tranny dwarves

046f9f  No.16564942

File: 2bed560ab7996d7⋯.png (403.5 KB, 803x655, 803:655, 2bed560ab7996d77607ae26c3f….png)

b68cad  No.16565144

>middle ground between downgraded clunky dodge roll and optimized parry sim

Probably a game that runs like shit, has some fun ideas but plays as well as it runs.

000000  No.16565911

Well, Breath of the Wild had a nice physics engine that made many mundane things fun. The weapon degradation is a pain and the combat isn't very fun as a result.

Skyward Sword was a much more predefined experience, but I really enjoy the combat in it. The final boss was that same combat with nothing in the way. It's a shame it didn't go as far as it could've.

4cd730  No.16566035


To be fair you require some extremely high level IQ to understand a sword bigger and wider than your entire body would be heavy.


What sort of realism? Realistic as in no magic or realistic as in not being able to take a fire bolt/sword to the face?

6b3d19  No.16589564


I wish I had a Nosferatu waifu…

4005fd  No.16591347

File: 9f982241a7802d7⋯.jpg (22.24 KB, 517x517, 1:1, 9f982241a7802d7fc30ca6c5f6….jpg)


Why the fuck would you use someone else's standards as an example? Form your own opinion faggot. Go back to the hive mind of plebbit.

cea1aa  No.16591374

File: 29abd47608cfe16⋯.jpg (122.11 KB, 621x396, 69:44, niggeraids.jpg)


nigger fucking just add some fucking 2d shit to your fucking goddamn game you nigger quit with the ASCII shit

8d9a36  No.16595911


I want Authenticiy, Immersion and Simulationism. I dislike the arcadey design philosophy of most modern games.

I don't want wow-style abilities that cost 25 energy to deal 125% weapon damage, that applies a debuff on the enemy to do 10% less damage.

And an ability that costs 50 mana to raise your dodge chance to 20% for 6 seconds.

Games with this kind of aracadey system just can't win me over. And because games constantly copy from each other and no one builds anything unique, now one tries to deviate from that.

6616a2  No.16596244


ASCII keeps the glow in the darks away.

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