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File: 1f891190311006e⋯.jpg (118.29 KB, 902x507, 902:507, city-of-heroes-action-shot….jpg)

e9a398  No.16530017

Formely dead MMO City of Heroes was revealed to have had its source code leaked back when the game first got its plug pulled. Unfortunately, the guy who had it, some Reddit Admin argie named Leandro, decided he'd rather hoard it for years, create a sekrit club server where telling about it gets you banned, and run Gay Ops against anyone holding out hope that the game could be revived. When exposed (and threatened with death), he gave up the code and now there's a bunch of servers from the """""""official"""""""" Reddit Dicksword Tranny server (where Leandro managed to weasel his way back into peoples' good graces) to a less cucked one ran by half/vg/.

>How to play the game

1. CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT AT https://www.thunderspygaming.net/

2. GO TO https://github.com/thunderspynetwork/creamsoda/releases AND DOWNLOAD CREAMSODA OR DOWNLOAD CREAMSODA OFF OUR ACCOUNT CREATION PAGE




>Joining the chat.

Right click the "Chat" tab. Press "Join Channel" then type "8chan". Channels that you join are account-wide, but you'll have to add the channel to your "Chat" tab on any other characters.

>Getting invited to the SG (Villains)

Post your name in the thread you dumb nigger.


f7dfad  No.16530167

I thought the server guy said he was shutting it down because he got depressed or something.

9f8b84  No.16530383


No, that was just him venting. The server is still chugging along.

9f8b84  No.16530387

File: 16de7c9cacf1ad2⋯.png (186.68 KB, 355x500, 71:100, edgelord 3.0.PNG)

3fa282  No.16530450

I take it we're all staying on the /coxg/ serb for the time being? Or has everyone moved elsewhere because of the fuckup that was the i24 transfer?

9f8b84  No.16530455



Yes we're staying on /coxg/, and it wasn't a fuckup. They just did it earlier before the character transfers were ready.

9f8b84  No.16530459

File: 818246c87e57b4a⋯.png (65.66 KB, 930x1050, 31:35, 818246c87e57b4a2b25c75048a….png)

000000  No.16530494


I still don't get what he did wrong aside from not taking the boxing powers.

9f8b84  No.16530502


He plays the game like a wowbaby

>treats every cd in the regen pool like a reactive oh shit button when they're meant to be used in a proactive manner.

>fighting elite mobs that have a variant of damage he has no resistance for

>using a sub-par defensive set and screeching when people were giving him friendly advice

000000  No.16530515


>fighting elite mobs that have a variant of damage he has no resistance for

but he's a tanker right? aren't those supposed to handle everything and their dog simultaneously?

sweats in defense build

3fa282  No.16530518


Glad to hear it. What side is everyone playing on most?

9f8b84  No.16530536


We have a super group on villain, post your character name in the thread if you want in and one of our faggots will get with you shortly.


Most defensive sets are okay enough to solo maybe ,but for the highend content you can't get away with using subpar sets like regen if you're inexperienced/retarded. You want some crowd control and/or good defensives. pick willpower for regen that the regen set used to have pre-nerf or bio armor for a all around solid set. Both might get nerfed by brain soon by the way

000000  No.16530553


>Both might get nerfed by brain soon by the way

Is he a kike AND a slav?

9f8b84  No.16530558


He had a valid point on why they should be nerfed. They are so good why pick the others? I only pick willpower myself because it's that good.

58fae8  No.16530560


>Both might get nerfed by brain soon by the way

As someone who took regen, I'd rather Brain bring regen up to par with the others than nerf anything. Nothing good ever comes of nerfing.

d152f0  No.16530561

Are the sg rates at least increased? I recall getting a good amount took a lot of time and bother, with a lot of people.

22a5c3  No.16530562


Nerfing shit is a great way to kill this already microscopic server. Why the fuck wouldn't the idiot buff some of the other powers to bring them in line with Willpower/bio? Nah fuck, let's make everything shit tier.

9f8b84  No.16530570



Buffing is generally not a good idea because of power creep. I do agree that nerfing isn't a good idea right now though.

000000  No.16530571



These. the whole reason other sets are shit is because most got nerfed in the first place.

9f8b84  No.16530575


The devs really did shit the bed with their set nerfs. remember most that were done after the f2p change was intentional to get people to buy new sets

22a5c3  No.16530577


>not a good idea because of power creep

You're not buffing shit across the board. You're buffing specific shit powers to bring them back in line with the actual useful powers. There is no power creep.

000000  No.16530584


the only good reason to nerf things should be because of exploits, not because some autist spent 6 hours making a half decent build in midas. Just bring them back up to par or accept that they're fucked and leave the rest alone.

7e88e0  No.16530637



Power Brute_Defense.Regeneration.Quick_Recovery
CRCFullName -2108602021
Name Quick_Recovery
SourceName Brute_Defense.Regeneration.Quick_Recovery
DisplayName P1950902729
DisplayHelp P1512572685
DisplayShortHelp P514195764
IconName Regeneration_QuickRecovery.tga
Type kAuto
NumAllowed 1
Accuracy 1
TargetNearGround false
BoxOffset 0, 0, 0
BoxSize 0, 0, 0
ActivatePeriod 10
DestroyOnLimit true
Target kCaster
EntsAutoHit kCaster
EntsAffected kCaster
BoostsAllowed kProc_Mode
ModesDisallowed kStealth_Group
Name Ones
ShowFloaters true
Attrib kRecovery
Target kCaster
Table Melee_Ones
Scale 0.3
Type kMagnitude
Chance 1
AllowStrength true
AllowResistance false
UseMagnitudeResistance false
UseDurationResistance false
AllowCombatMods true
UseMagnitudeCombatMods true
UseDurationCombatMods false
StackType kReplace
StackLimit 2
StackKey -1
Duration 10.25
RadiusInner -1
RadiusOuter -1

ShowBuffIcon true
ShowInInventory true
ShowInManage true
ShowInInfo true
MaxBoosts 6
BoostTradeable true
BoostCombinable true
BoostLicenseLevel 999
MinSlotLevel -3
MaxSlotLevel 49
MaxBoostLevel 50
HighlightRing 0, 0, 0, 0
PreferenceMultiplier 1
ForceLevelBought -1
AbusiveBuff true
FaceTarget true
FramesBeforeHit 15
AttackFrames 35
InitialFramesBeforeHit 15
ProjectileSpeed 3.403e+038

Tell me what needs to be done and I'll figure out how to do it.

000000  No.16530671


Buffing hp also buffs base regen, inaddition to better alpha survivability, so maybe start with that?

Also are -regen debuffs going to be a problem late game?

I've never played with a regen character so I don't really have the experience to say much.

9f8b84  No.16530745



While power creep doesn't always happen from just buffing one thing, regen unfortunately was just too good. The flaw from the set is it's simplicity, it does one thing really good and unfortunately that one thing is also completely broken. The passive and boosted temp regen it used to provide was overpowered because it worked against everything. It had no real weaknesses so it's either really good and everyone picks it or it's just lackluster at what it does and gets ignored. Willpower and bio armor are so much better that even if the hp regen gets nerfed on them the rest of the kit doesn't make the set useless. Nothing else competed with old regen so restoring it back to it's original state would require every set to be buffed up to make them worth picking in comparison. regen wasn't a well thought out set

3fa282  No.16530779


Some of the defensive powers of that type were also just pure bullshit by comparison. Regen offered easy modo guaranteed survival that far exceeded anything any of the other powers were able to pull off. Something like Super Reflexes is downright worthless compared to Regen, which made it so Scrappers could out-tank the Tankers.

000000  No.16530795



so give them some mitigation then, instead of making them useless and insist the others follow.

9f8b84  No.16530809


Super Reflexes is actually really good until you get hit that is


You're asking for some random coders, a sperg with a good heart, and a crack team of script kiddies to attempt to rebalance powersets that the actual dev teams couldn't do. I know most corporate dev teams are shit, but my point still stands

3fa282  No.16530822


That's only part of the problem. The other part is running out of endurance and hearing half a dozen toggles turn off all at once.

22a5c3  No.16530826



An easier way to look at how to balance is to see what people are going for in their IO sets at endgame and make it a little easier to achieve that. With Regen people used to try and shore up defenses/resists to get more mileage out of regen, and to hit perma Dull Pain. Now giving resists and defenses doesn't fit the theme for Regen so I'd start by buffing Dull Pain and reducing it's CD. It should be a small but noticeable change for regen.

000000  No.16530829


then it's back to >>16530584 so not really, it doesn't


the horrors of tanking: no energy defence

eb484e  No.16530886

Couldn't you just make Regen incredibly endurance hungry? Like if toggles drained 10 stamina a second but were basically activating a personal HoT with almost no cooldown.

That way yeah, regen DOES make you unkillable, but also means you can't do anything else other than survive.

000000  No.16530914


Isn't that DAs schtick?

3dcd07  No.16530916

I'm planning on working this game into my schedule in a couple of weeks and I mainly just wanna solo shit but keep myself open for parties just in case

So long as I had the pure skill, would Dual Pistols/Martial Arts be a fine set for that goal? I've done a bit of research and apparently you can bind Burst of Speed to a macro and quickly close the gap/gain distance, fire off a Ki Blast if needed and go to town on an opponent while looking stylish as fuck. I've also heard that Dual Pistols used to be shit but in i24 got some kinda animation speed-up.

would it also be not total shit in pvp faggotry?

7e88e0  No.16530934


I could turn Dull Pain into a toggle but give it an activation time of 119.75 seconds. This would make the max HP bonus permanent, but only trigger the heal every activation period. I could also just lower the activation time if I were to do that.

000000  No.16530981


Don't most fights end in 2 minutes though?

58fae8  No.16531001

Reminder to activate the 8chan chat channel. It's the only way for new people to ask to join the SG in game without using normalfag infested channels.

22a5c3  No.16531003


I'd start with it at 119s to see how it feels and go from there.


You'd still have the other regen powers in addition to the toggle.

000000  No.16531081


but the whole point of this is that regen isn't viable anymore. are the others enough to make up for effectively wasting a heal?

bb071b  No.16531174

File: 6602beb97606bbe⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 413.01 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 1378215349700.png)

What happened to the russian guy who wanted to set up a server for everyone?

000000  No.16531567


I need that sauce, anon, or I'm not telling you about the serb.

And I don't mean the putin cosplayer

bb071b  No.16531596

File: 69b2224ac446225⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 151.23 KB, 1149x748, 1149:748, Captusre.JPG)

File: 0490d6323b5f018⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 202.15 KB, 1110x792, 185:132, Capture.JPG)


How about you do your own legwork?

000000  No.16531613


no u, I got bored waiting for your answer anyway. Thanks for the rec tho.

bb071b  No.16531624

File: 0e5ac6c5ce007bc⋯.jpg (15.38 KB, 270x380, 27:38, Captain-Sweden-DC-Heroes-R….jpg)


>torfaggot is a faggot

what a surprise

d0010a  No.16531974


That’s what they did, they called the new version Willpower.

000000  No.16531981


>getting this assblasted because I didn't need your spoonfeeding

>unironically avatarfagging

sure smells like summer

000000  No.16532043

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


pls no bulli the wolverines.

b8e4c8  No.16532544

File: 205844992b5a3d3⋯.png (309.03 KB, 284x765, 284:765, azel 1.png)

File: acbcf6d84f9d726⋯.png (342.79 KB, 327x777, 109:259, azel 2.png)

Which attempt at the Devil Hand looks better?

a65ad5  No.16532549


Right one's tattoos are better but it could still use the red scarf

495b55  No.16532573

Post good imperial guardsmen costumes

b8e4c8  No.16532619

File: 724e3fc971ec721⋯.png (328.33 KB, 309x775, 309:775, azel 3.png)


Then I gotta lose the vest. Unless this looks the best.

b8e4c8  No.16532638

File: 162521ca2ac691a⋯.png (112.02 KB, 186x316, 93:158, azel 4.png)

File: 97527478f2081ba⋯.png (68.24 KB, 106x302, 53:151, azel 5.png)

Also, which is the better tattoo? Sage for doublepost.

b8e4c8  No.16532801

File: fd11eca56ed5fcb⋯.png (139.46 KB, 245x296, 245:296, azel 11.png)

Final product. Maybe. Any ideas for fixing him?

Also, someone repost Video-Games Dude.

5df859  No.16532809


1st image.

b8e4c8  No.16532821

File: 30d50b355de41a6⋯.jpg (33.12 KB, 240x550, 24:55, Azel_(Image).jpg)


You think so? Source material for reference just in case. Someone else said Tribal was more fitting, but I can't decide, myself.

697550  No.16532873


Try one of the Flames ones, I think they exist. if not Tribal fits the most in my opinion.

b8e4c8  No.16532878

File: ec7b0327b2e8dd7⋯.png (220.82 KB, 193x595, 193:595, azel 13.png)


I don't think it's high up enough, but anyone think it's better?

b8e4c8  No.16532884

File: 476bd901817bcda⋯.png (147.16 KB, 265x297, 265:297, azel 12.png)


Wait I misspoke. I mean that the upper arm doesn't have anything, although the forearm definitely is close.

While I'm at it, is this hair better or worse?

697550  No.16532888


Better, his hair seems more of a rosy blonde.

b8e4c8  No.16532909

File: 2bb6229629d88fa⋯.png (377.24 KB, 365x765, 73:153, azel final.png)


Thanks, tripsman. Do you all think this is good enough, or should I keep tweaking it?

697550  No.16532924


Looks fine to me. Have you tried looking at belts to emulate his coat tails? There's Imperial Dynasty that hangs like that I think.

Also, you can change your costume later if you like which includes hair, so don't feel like you have to get it perfect the first time.

b8e4c8  No.16532931


I don't see Imperial Dynasty on the list. do you mean Imperial Defense?

Either way, what fits God Hand more; Magic or Mutation prototype? Martial Arts or Street Justice primary? Super Reflexes, Regeneration, or Invulnerability secondary? I'm leaning towards Magic, Street Justice, and Super Reflexes, but I can be convinced otherwise.

b8e4c8  No.16532941



I mean origin.

7e88e0  No.16532977

File: 926fbce9ab948c9⋯.png (720.32 KB, 1272x660, 106:55, vidya games.png)

697550  No.16533029


Try wearing tights first, I know Jackets restrict belt options a lot. It's the Chinese set of items.

I'd say go for Magic. The God Hand is mystical in origin, right? I like Street Justice in general but it might not be Kung Fu enough for you.

Secondary's up to you, Super Reflexes probably work but I don't think they're very good, gameplay-wise.

b8e4c8  No.16533375

Can someone send an invite to Azel, by the way? I only now thought of this, excuse me.

9f8b84  No.16533481

File: 87f71358a0a5207⋯.png (651.19 KB, 645x1214, 645:1214, rate me.PNG)

Rate, hate, masturbate feel free to bully me

63d025  No.16533505

File: da035f561bbb7d2⋯.png (887.78 KB, 1437x833, 1437:833, cow.png)

7e88e0  No.16533509


>colors linked

>black and red

>no texture on tights layer

Not good/10

697550  No.16533512

File: 493c0665db86162⋯.webm (7.8 MB, 1000x562, 500:281, 493c0665db861624d8655ae7a….webm)



I like it.

9f8b84  No.16533519


>colors linked

They weren't actually, I went through and manually played around with each piece. For example the gloves had red first and black second, whole the chest was the opposite.

>black and red

I like edgy colors combinations, especially on my villains.

>no texture on tights layer

Tried both, looked better without textures imo. >>16533512

good eye that's what inspired my set, while not trying to be a direct copy at the same time

44c374  No.16533542

9f8b84  No.16533558


you mess with the bull you get the horns/10

83a96b  No.16533720

File: 816d0b2965ecac4⋯.png (348.83 KB, 601x690, 601:690, salaryman.png)


Not so fast, manager, I got your quotas right here!

495b55  No.16534019

What are good costume ideas for a beamer/chronos character?

0001dc  No.16534047

File: 9827b8ff806bd62⋯.jpg (59.15 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 3eb237bd51a4142ee370a007dd….jpg)

So Leo has 188GB full of dev tools, model master files, HD textures and documentation. Why the fuck aren't you guys doing anything about it?

456bd0  No.16534064




22a5c3  No.16534101


>faggot has all that shit for 7 years

>still hasn't added a single costume to the game or modded any of textures

Worthless piece of shit deserves to have his throat slit.

22a5c3  No.16534108


Click the super tab and turn on SG mode at the top of the window. It let's you earn currency for the SG to build shit with in the base.

000000  No.16534155


Because I didn't pick super hackerman as a starting perk.

bb071b  No.16534378

File: 275a0f5b7a0ea9f⋯.mp4 (2.86 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Boardroom Jimmy-F8IokpDRzc….mp4)

File: 1dfe5d68cb471ab⋯.webm (4.97 MB, 784x560, 7:5, Whack your boss.webm)

0ca6e5  No.16534507

File: d46235231151870⋯.gif (488.87 KB, 460x345, 4:3, drip.gif)



My entire character theme was based on Regen. When I found out that my shit Regen was going to just stay shit for the whole game, I just had to drop.

I needed an excuse to get out of doing another MMO anyways. Feel bad about not supporting the server though.

bcf444  No.16534576


I'd probably get out already if that "PR" faggot wasn't caught shilling reddit servers and claiming that the server he pretends to be helping is "probably" just one multiboxer (I guess it's hard to check for sure if you're too busy circlejerking in dickscord and playing on homocoming instead). Now I'm staying out of obligation until Dr. Brain cucks out.

4c343e  No.16534577


Willpower is basically a fixed version of Regen. But if you literally only had one idea for a character you'd have gotten bored of the game soon anyway.


would say Street Justice and either Willpower or Super Reflexes.

3fa282  No.16534594


In case it wasn't clear enough already, Leo is devoid of skill or talent. He didn't even cobble together the server on his own. Instead, he just took all the credit after exploiting and bribing enough people to do it for him. You've seen how quickly redditors will throw themselves ass-first onto his microdick just because he's got the files, which makes him a benevolent genius programmer who must be involved with all projects, even if he will ultimately just end up handing over the actual work to someone else.

0ca6e5  No.16534621


Don't get me wrong, I have other character ideas. I just have an excessively low tolerance for repeating the same things in a short period of time and had already worked up to 20. I probably wouldn't mind if I just kept running that one dungeon and leveled in two hours or whatever, but I'm autistic and wasted investments bother me.

On a more general note, the game itself just isn't that fun (out of the gate, that is). It uses the old skill piano layout that WoW and all of its clones are bound to - hell, there isn't even a default attack so you can lock to an enemy and swing. The combat animations tend to be slow, even for attacks that are noted as being 'quick', and that only gets exacerbated when the game decides to lag. I had been willing to put up with this, because experience tells me that end-game lends you a broad enough skill-set to be more active in skill use, and that the better content tends to be there. Which proves a problem for a skill-set that is considered definitively awful in end-game.

Now there are a few ways to circumvent this problem that I know of from the past. The first is to play support role, which is my preferred option anyways (if I'm going to be watching cool-downs like an air-traffic controller watches a screen, I might as well take care of the airplanes). Except the game server and my connection don't seem to agree, and I can't run support if I'm prone to 1-4 second delays; that's how you get a TPK. CC roles might be a good compromise, but (1) I remember it being mentioned that controllers suck ass in this game, and (2) I definitely remember it being said that controllers get annihilated in all solo content.

The character customization is nice. AE is cool to mess around with. Flying is extremely nice. The fact that there isn't a ridiculous crafting mini-game forced on you is something I appreciate. The game has a lot of nice things going for it, but the problems definitely grate after a time.

22a5c3  No.16534640


Yeah we know how incompetent he is. He could have at the very least got some other fag to do it. There's no shortage of 3d modelers or textures artists that would do it, if for nothing else but to just hone their craft. The faggot fails to even do that.

000000  No.16534715


>(1) I remember it being mentioned that controllers suck ass in this game, and

only if you pick powers with absolutely no synergy, and it's more like whoever said that is quite literally pants-on-head retarded.

>(2) I definitely remember it being said that controllers get annihilated in all solo content.

Yep, no doubt about it.

Guess which class is best for solo? **hint: pick Ill/rad*


He was probably afraid because of muh file structure leaks or something equally banal.

7e88e0  No.16534752


>"everything is a job!"

You're a cunt.

>"controllers suck ass!"

Controllers are the backbone of any team they're in.

[spoiler]You might not think it, but Controllers with a certain combination of powers have the second highest base damage potential of any class, only being surpassed by thugs Mastermind, blowing everything else out of the water by a long shot.

That combination is Dark/Storm. Don't tell all the cuckchanners though.[/spoiler]

bcf444  No.16534764


>Don't tell all the cuckchanners though.[/spoiler]


22a5c3  No.16534824

File: 68b1e9c89d732c3⋯.jpg (694.88 KB, 843x1842, 281:614, Guardsman.jpg)


This was the one I made for my laser rifle build a while ago.

000000  No.16534836

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>using a reddit build

>Don't tell all the cuckchanners though.[/spoiler]

pic related


is he a villain?

399bd2  No.16534874


It's not only that Leo's incompetent, he's a psychopathic control freak. He was literally drawing maps and diagrams of his playerbase's contacts and relationships, like a dastardly movie villain running a secret world domination plot. It's fucking hilarious. Someone who's that paranoid over a goddamn private server for a dead MMO isn't the sort of person who can coordinate and lead productive teams of coders and artists. No wonder Leo couldn't do anything worth a damn in 7 fucking years, while a bunch of random shit-flinging monkeys on the Internet have made faster progress hacking away at the codebase in less than a month.

000000  No.16534933


>He was literally drawing maps and diagrams of his playerbase's contacts and relationships,

This is why I worry every time I make an account for something. How did you find out?

22a5c3  No.16535017


He's nothing, it was an i25 build so it doesn't exist anymore.

8db790  No.16535050


There were some recent posts on cuckchan someone posted everything we have on him so far in plain English. One of the replies is that map in specific he's talking about.

ca726a  No.16535144

File: bbc613d01eed566⋯.png (460.98 KB, 511x742, 73:106, CoHVBastard.png)

Sup nigs

anon that made ROR's Bandit, Taradino and Creed with another thing.

So lately I've been playing Void Bastards an okay game, worth pirating and decided to make the last character I got as a villain.

So ye, here it is.

If anyone knows where I can get a slave collar or something like it do tell me, cause I can't fucking find one worth a shit.

000000  No.16535255


At least he isn't stuck working with heretics anymore.


Even they hate him? Then how did his discord cult even manage to get involved with /cox/?

000000  No.16535268

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Can't believe I didn't think of this before.

obligatory did nothing wrong comment

4a598a  No.16535457

Any builds/advice for a newfag? Want to get into this but dont want to end up gimping myself before I even realize it. Want to bring something to a group and also do some stuff on my own if possible

000000  No.16535482


First you gotta figure out what you want to do.

Second: https://web.archive.org/web/20120907031318/http://boards.cityofheroes.com/showthread.php?p=578371

Especially the what to do when lists.

4a598a  No.16535591


Seems like im leaning towards defender, just trying to decide on primary and secondary now. Finding some build guides but they seem outdated as fuck

58fae8  No.16535657

File: 1a7278217b85eff⋯.jpg (58.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Ohys-Raws] Netoge no Yome….jpg)

>everyone shitting on regen again

>remember when I tried out willpower

>have to go out of my way to avoid encounters with 4 or more guys because they'd out DPS my regen

>stick with it long enough to max the regen on rise to the challenge before giving up

>remake character with regen instead of willpower

>regularly jump into fights with 8+ guys and have no problems due to burst heals to fall back on

Maybe I was missing something that made willpower amazing, but I'm doing just fine with regen.

53025e  No.16536100

File: 9b448e6b8619b68⋯.png (886.59 KB, 1196x1896, 299:474, networking.png)

File: 6ac45e89d785c48⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1372x1334, 686:667, jewish tax magic.png)

0d9ca8  No.16536140

Would a Blaster with Water Blast + Psychic Manip be fun? Would I be able to solo a decent amount of content?

I heard Blasters die easy.

c71cca  No.16536709

File: 6656f330f56d367⋯.png (474.59 KB, 570x841, 570:841, Taurus_Bulba.png)


Reminds me somewhat of Taurus Bulba from Darkwing Duck

000000  No.16536993


You might want to look into farsight from time.


does this mean you can write off giving money to hobos as charity? Talk about a nanny state.

Now I see why brain had to register as a non profit.


Blasters can literally cheese bosses by hiding and shooting them from afar.

53025e  No.16537176

File: 905ce1a59ec5805⋯.png (194.6 KB, 632x1504, 79:188, ClipboardImage.png)

b57cda  No.16537261


Problem happens when you get hit by the whole group at once and die without being able to regen anything. I'd say this is an issue you should solve through CC or having an ally that can buff your resists. I don't really see it as a tanking power anyway, more for damage dealers that want to keep their selves alive. Tankers can't even take it after all.

83e0cf  No.16539547

File: 20d93d03eb77908⋯.png (467.95 KB, 628x576, 157:144, unknown.png)




Only under ideal conditions, Controller and MM are the ATs farthest from potential to actual dmg in-game.


We already have people cutting up NPC parts and adding them to the costume editor. Its only a matter of time before…he still their work for Homecucking.


Jokes aside, Leo pretty much claims he isn't releasing many of the tools only because he didn't make them/write all the code on his own. Like it will make any difference after all the NCSoft content he stole.

83e0cf  No.16539548


Is that on coxg or Rebirth?

53025e  No.16539715

File: 93d4ffb193d70d7⋯.png (10.5 KB, 351x113, 351:113, ClipboardImage.png)

Take a look at this fag.


Rebirth. You have to send the code phrase "I have 10 TBs of CP" through help chat to let me know you're the one that wants the recipes.

22a5c3  No.16539897

File: 0e801a3a6016cee⋯.webm (238.66 KB, 854x480, 427:240, faggots.webm)



d1c319  No.16540445

Off topic but does anyone have that infographic that showed that one guild ruining Everquest and the guy who lead it got hired by Blizzard?

6400a8  No.16540693

File: f6e2eeaf402947b⋯.png (698.93 KB, 1020x1600, 51:80, dcb0d5688f52eaf03d5289b44a….png)


You mean this one?

8db790  No.16540765


What do you mean? Of fucking course they do. They're the ones who gathered the information in the first place and have been spearheading that against him. The /coxg/ Discord a cult? Nigga Brain posted an announcement copy/pasting the post he saw. Literally the only Leo apologists are purely anonymous and have only been flooding the thread recently because people decided they didn't want to be complacent.

000000  No.16540940


How is he still a problem to us in any way then? PR?

9cd2b5  No.16540949


>that one guild

You mean the future wow devs and prominent blizzard employees? http://web.archive.org/web/20090608034937/http://www.legacyofsteel.net/oldsite/arc27.html

000000  No.16541378

Does anybody know if two procs in two seperate powers with similar effects can stack?

7e88e0  No.16541491


They can. For example, if you have the mod for ranged attacks that has "chance for build up", and the mod for to-hit buffs that also has "chance for build up", they can both trigger at the same time for a few seconds of +160% damage bonus.

8db790  No.16543276


Gee I don't know. It's almost as if he's entirely in charge of their balancing and has a very strong say in the direction of Homecoming's community and development. You know, the biggest server that very recently decided it is now the official unofficial server on discord. Giving him any sort of power is a recipe for allowing him he same bullshit he used to do again. Let's not pretend everyone here plays on the cuckchan server. Giving the guy who betrayed the community the game back and on a silver platter is literal ignorance.

53025e  No.16543868

File: bdcffc2bf99e709⋯.png (28.21 KB, 931x789, 931:789, ClipboardImage.png)

5f4113  No.16543891

File: b8ceb7e27fe00a8⋯.jpg (60.53 KB, 472x407, 472:407, 1470254026777-0.jpg)


Smells like Leo is at it again. Don't forget, he was in an (((advisory))) position until a little while ago on Ouro.

53025e  No.16543940

File: ef80ad06a4ce6ba⋯.png (865.65 KB, 1691x793, 1691:793, ClipboardImage.png)


Pure coincidence

000000  No.16544408


Nice, thanks anon.


>no IOs

at least give them some drop/incarnate xp boosts or something. Is he gonna be restoring accolades?

e9a398  No.16544424


>at this time Aleena, the Ouroboros Dev who was working on a character transfer tool to recover i25 characters for i24 severs, has put the transfer tool work on the shelf to focus on other portal i24 projects

But why?

53025e  No.16544537

File: 12adc37d583b10e⋯.png (186.9 KB, 500x492, 125:123, 12adc37d583b10ed15992a131c….png)


>But why?

Basically to work on i24 admin tools and ways to look up shit that doesn't involve going into the database or using in game commands.

22a5c3  No.16544584


I'm out. I might return to the game in a few years if they add mods and shit. But as for right now, fuck this game and every cunt around it.

8db790  No.16544643


>He fell for the i25/i24 transfer tool meme

71ab7c  No.16544916


Brain is just a fucking retard. He was told, repeatedly, that i25 > i24 transfers were WIP. The first rule of WIP is that you DON'T FUCKING PROMISE IT LIKE A DONE DEAL.

Also there are no hidden channels in Ourodev so feel free to see just how advisory Leo's position is. (He's still in there, y'know.)

53025e  No.16545264

File: 0370c7540d33e35⋯.png (19.62 KB, 708x385, 708:385, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6b8bae0cebd51e5⋯.jpg (130.29 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 59977992_p0.jpg)


Basically some other guy can do it within a week or two.

495b55  No.16545330

File: 46cc3253638ed01⋯.jpg (657.58 KB, 2639x3163, 2639:3163, _46ea3d493f5fda53989e6db6c….jpg)


>Reddit devs claim it's impossible

>A random fucking anon blows the reddit devs out the fucking water and gets it done in a week

>Reddit devs probably have patreons set up and get fed chump bucks to do this shit


000000  No.16545999

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



We really need to set up our version of ouro before brain completely loses it.

Great job to the anon who carried these chucklefucks by the way.

bcf444  No.16546627

Why in the fuck does Faultline still crash all the fucking time if you even think about doing a mission there?

7e88e0  No.16546698


Because you're playing on the (((blue))) side.

53025e  No.16547942

File: ea4202a3d94baae⋯.gif (2.58 MB, 416x307, 416:307, hangman.gif)


The only way things can go wrong is if the guy working on the converter commits suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head, twice. Should have kept the identity of the guy working on it a secret

495b55  No.16548441

File: 4b3f461d5b276f4⋯.webm (2.36 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, zaka zaka zaka.webm)


Looking into it more it was basically just some dumb cunt from oroboros who kept everyone she had it and it'll be done soon but apparently hadn't even touched it after failing to install the necessary program.

Custodes apparently got it to run on the first try and told everyone he'd be able to get it working on the server once the weekend came around.

000000  No.16548862


>Looking into it more it was basically just some dumb cunt from oroboros who kept everyone she had it and it'll be done soon but apparently hadn't even touched it after failing to install the necessary program.

fullchan code repository when. Come to think of it I never hear anything about /g/ here, is it still alive?

0e426a  No.16551975


As far as I know, /g/ never really took off here and was filled with shitposters and blackpill faggots since its inception. /tech/ is a much better board for that sort of thing, and I think it's more populated as well.

58fae8  No.16552321

Are any of the epic or non-travel pool powers worth having? Not sure how useful things like spirit ward, arcane bolt, or mastery sets are.

000000  No.16552395


That's sad.


Tactics slotted with a chance for build-up IO proc plus assault looks like it can boost your dps big time.

I'm not sure if vengeance works for pets, but it would be broken if it did.

Perma hasten is a thing if you wanna spam attacks and some of the toggles can give slight defenses if you need them.

Does anybody know if it's a good idea to spread your bonuses out between res and defense or if it's better to just cap all of one side?

7f5712  No.16552398


Some pools contain powers to revive yourself or allies after death, which may or may not exist in your primary/secondary/epic pools.

Medicine has Aid Self, which you'd have to unlock an ally buffing move first, but is good for healing yourself if you're soft.

Presence might help you out, regardless of archetype.

Patron/Epic pools usually have at least one power to work with whatever your archetype is intended for, and some more.

7e88e0  No.16552420


You'll fare better if you can get near resistance cap while also soft-capping (~48%) all defenses.

b57cda  No.16552519


Fighting is practically mandatory if you intend to tank, weave and tough are too useful. Leadership auras are all good and they stack. The strength of their effect is based on your archetype however. Defenders have the best ones, after them its Spiders > Controller/Corrupter > Kheldians > Dominator/Mastermind > everyone else. Vengeance can possibly save a group since it gives such a huge defense buff. Combat jumping and acrobatics are useful for archetypes that don't usually have access to status protection. Air superiority can be useful for masterminds if they have mostly melee focused pets. Epic pools are mostly used for utility or their toggles. For example, most epic pools have a toggle that increases resistance to smash/lethal for defenders.


Vengeance does not work off pets unfortunately.

High defense is good but you still need resists in case the enemy gets lucky and hits you with that 5% they will always at least have.


Assuming the enemy doesn't use any to hit buffs and isn't massively overleveling you, you want 45 defense to hit the softcap since there is a floor of 5% and enemies have 50% to hit.

bf1100  No.16552701

File: bf8173652472a03⋯.gif (771.72 KB, 400x225, 16:9, you fish dance now.gif)

>play evil mastermind shredder ninjas

>set all to agg except one guy

>turn off everything except walk and stroll through every single area as your ninjas jet back and forth slaughtering everything

>whatever damage you take is irrelevant

I enjoy having the patience to do these things, especially when it's a target kill mission, it feels so perfect.

Also these signature story arcs are real neato, I love how perfectly evil this shit is. Never got to do any of that stuff before.

000000  No.16552791



I can barely cover either type or positional defenses already, not to mention IO sets are really stingy with res unless you severely gimp almost everything else.


How much resist is a good baseline?

What about regen?


post build pls

df91f5  No.16552841


>Presence might help you out, regardless of archetype.

Can it? I remember anons making fun of it. Unrelenting is great for a self resurrect, but you need to pick two powers from single target placate, AoE taunt and single target magnitude 3 terrorize, all of which can miss, to get it.

b57cda  No.16552846


Who knows? I play a tank so I just get as much as I can. Might not need any if your ranged but you'll definitely want a lot if you're melee.

467ce5  No.16552858


Just gonna point out if you put on walk/stroll then you become self-only and your bodyguard stance does nothing. You don't share damage with that one ninja who isn't attacking.

000000  No.16554971


Just take willpower and six slot taunt or something.


mastermind sounds fucked

d0010a  No.16555089

Is the i25 to i24 character port live yet? Haven’t logged in to /coxg/ today.


Yeah I’ve never heard anyone say presence is useful before. I’ve only known role players to take it so they could Batman it up and frighten thugs in Atlas. If I wanted a self Rez I’d take rise of the Phoenix from an epic pool if able.

d0010a  No.16555148


What AT and power sets? It totally depends on where you’re starting. If your armor has positional defense then you try to get more, if it’s typed defense you focus on that. You’re gonna see some crazy IOed out builds that do it anyway, but mostly people do that shit just for the fun of insane min max tweaking.

General rule is that layering defenses is easier than trying to max something

53025e  No.16556928

File: 277c05dbd4d5fff⋯.png (12.96 KB, 608x381, 608:381, ClipboardImage.png)

oh right, here's the latest update :^)!

495b55  No.16556963

File: f2ea7f417f18427⋯.png (153.57 KB, 443x485, 443:485, she's_a_little_disappointe….png)

>Reddit server self destructs because the tranny made the server host uncomfortable as fuck and he noped out

>They immediately tell everyone to go to homecoming because Leo instantly DM'd them asking them to

When will people learn that hiring trannies is a mistake?

0e426a  No.16556971


>Reddit server self destructs

Are you talking about the collapse a couple weeks or months ago, or is this news?

c57c2c  No.16556972

File: eac0edba4383c90⋯.png (56.26 KB, 720x339, 240:113, Screenshot_20190608-144752….png)

Pardon the mobilepost but game fucking over

53025e  No.16556975

File: 2b93e43567702a2⋯.png (310.35 KB, 630x489, 210:163, 2b93e43567702a291c11f49a67….png)

>Tranny destroys the reddit server

>Pissing off the fucking host

>Shills Homocoming


495b55  No.16556982


This is news, the rebirth server that reddit hosted to get away from leos server fucking died today and all of their progress has been wiped. The people in charge are trying to usher them to homecoming.

53025e  No.16556985

File: 4988c836668a488⋯.png (10.98 KB, 948x119, 948:119, ClipboardImage.png)

cf1903  No.16556989


Some people want to be on the "right" side of history.

495b55  No.16556996

File: de90bd6c75b14c9⋯.jpg (93.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Grigori.jpg)


>Server host noped out because the tranny wasn't left leaning enough for him

Fuck, it's stupider than I imagined.

a7912e  No.16557015

File: 68000ba8ebf5d9a⋯.png (238.94 KB, 694x972, 347:486, the_gay_city_of_heroes_com….png)


The end result is what I expected. The steps to that end managed to surprise me though. Never a dull moment in with this games community.

cf1903  No.16557021


I bet the "rich dude's" last name is "Soros".

d8ea99  No.16557295

Please tell me one of you fuckers recorded that.

3b75bb  No.16557586

Can't connect to /coxg/ or thunderspygaming.net. This a permanent problem or is the server still good?

7f5712  No.16557593


They're porting in our i25 characters right now

d03139  No.16557610

File: 90d44c31387e4b2⋯.jpg (88.1 KB, 960x600, 8:5, screenshot_190605-19-46-25….jpg)


here come the tranny refugees. I'm excited about the incoming culture clash

3b75bb  No.16557624


Thanks, guess I'll just wait until later. Was going to be my first time playing since NCSoft put it down so it's not like I can't wait another few hours or a day.

5f4113  No.16557631

File: 2b4489f76904d80⋯.jpg (367.74 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Smug_robots.jpg)


>more Boss whiteknighting

How does Brain put up with him?

9f8b84  No.16557705


Brain gets stressed really easily. He uses Big cuck as his tard wrangler to rein him back in, which is dumb because we all know how sketchy big cuck is.

000000  No.16557879


Suppose I wanna tank a +4 AV, how much is a base minimum res and regen?


What's SKU and MTX?


No. No more fucking tourist tranny sjw transplants.



Someone here should volunteer to be his butt buddy.

be86e6  No.16558016


redditors are actively scaring normalfags away from /coxg/ so i wouldnt worry about it. it would worry me if i thought any of them would take him up on it but they can't live in a world without moderation

be86e6  No.16558033


turns out importing characters while the server was running was a bad idea, so they're starting over. hopefully be sorted out in the morning.

bf1100  No.16558080

File: f633c62fc3b3608⋯.jpeg (54.59 KB, 621x476, 621:476, f633c62fc3b36089d1e84c62d….jpeg)


It's just regular old nijas/poison/medicine/etc. Nothing special, but it's really neat.


Yeah, it'll probably bite me in the ass eventually.

5f4113  No.16558086


I tried that via DM during the authserver nonsense and got blocked.

000000  No.16558110



now that they've got carte blanche to immigrate unchecked they'll start demanding things change for them and start shilling the server left and right to get numbers on their side. Then brain caves to his bigbull and it all comes tumbling down.


Roleplayers are the lifeblood of this community.


What it is with circlejerkers and their hate for anon?

What did we ever do to them?

8db790  No.16558186



8db790  No.16558190


Color me fucking surprised. Oh man, what a smart idea to push an update and a converter on the same night and on a prime-time Saturday night no less. Genius move, Brain.

000000  No.16558201


Invite the redditors, he said.

It'll be fun*, he said.

a7912e  No.16558209

d1c319  No.16558262


>The "official" reddit servers died due to ridiculous infighting

Guess that's what happens when you base your opinions on validation points and when someone doesn't agree with you and you can't take away their validation points you just scorch the earth.

5f4113  No.16558287

File: 1de5153dac76b0a⋯.jpg (34.23 KB, 418x352, 19:16, feelszoinksman.jpg)


I was actively participating in the Discord up until Big Boss went full Leo, and essentially told anyone who was actively against Rayne's flagrant goosestepping to fuck off. Meanwhile, last I checked Big Boss came here and begged like a cheap whore for us to support the authserver, wherein he was promptly told to suckstart a shotgun. Brain has come here before, but he doesn't now thanks to good old Big Boss.

To effectively answer your question without venting like a spoiled retard autist: Boss has Brain wrapped around his finger, because he did the usual 'put up with anon shenanigans until given power' like the Discord tranny he whiteknights for because it's a basic function of of psychopathy to have totalitarian control for vanity's sake.

d03139  No.16558302

is /coxg/ down?

000000  No.16558317


I thought he was one of us.


see >>16558033

df91f5  No.16558490



He said something along the lines of "I love you guys from 4chan and 8chan, I visit the threads all the time" in Pocket D yesterday, yet there is not a single mention of the costume contest that he was hosting here, in the cuckchan thread that the server is named after, or even on his bot-infested forum. Any way you try to spin this, whether Big Cuck is involved or not, in the end he's still another discord circlejerker.

000000  No.16558513

How much longer


That's why I keep saying we need a war plan red in case he turns on us.

495b55  No.16558796

File: 9d1db6666a03688⋯.jpg (61.4 KB, 546x720, 91:120, 9d1db6666a03688ff8a814acbd….jpg)


>Anons host their own server

>Once they have a name put to them people realize they're either just as bad or even worse than the current team hosting /coxg/

This will be what happens.

000000  No.16558809


Only if they're a hot pocket who does it for free.

kind of like how some BOs are cool even if many are shit

3f2085  No.16559025


I wonder what the demands were.


Eh, more players wouldn't hurt as long as they don't start demanding policing shit.

000000  No.16559153

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Server's back online.

Everybody check your character list.

0e426a  No.16566726

>check cohservers.com

>rebirth still listed, heh

>check the link for giggles

>cityofheroesrebirth.com loads just fine

>supposedly 140 players

Is this a meme? Is it back up or what?

20bb76  No.16566797

File: 72832210c02c0d2⋯.png (17.58 KB, 170x75, 34:15, rip flying carpet.png)


All my old characters were present, with ".i25" appended to their names. Just click the little pen icon next to "Renames: 0" and then click the button on the popup window to "go to the cash shop" and it'll just instantly give you a rename each time you need one.

Speaking of the cash shop, you get the account bonuses like any other i24 character (the attack wands and whatnot), but anything you got from the P2W Vendor that isn't available on i24 is gone.

365f9e  No.16567603


>Eh, more players wouldn't hurt

Fuck you, that's the same faggotry that turned cuckchan into the cuckchan that it is today. More redditors always hurts. "More players" for the sake of having more players is a bad thing.

7f5712  No.16567815

File: 46b4b1db118d736⋯.png (666.39 KB, 486x921, 162:307, rock mobster.png)

File: 10855051a42f94f⋯.jpg (670.96 KB, 1920x1018, 960:509, Everybody looks ashamed to….jpg)

File: 5ebdc561e834319⋯.jpg (34.01 KB, 381x336, 127:112, siting in chaire.jpg)

File: 42ca3500e659a50⋯.jpg (63.63 KB, 1033x442, 1033:442, gaijin.jpg)

5f4113  No.16567968

File: bf56a58e604ea20⋯.png (775.6 KB, 952x960, 119:120, ClipboardImage-18.png)


And yet, to Brain and Boss, these facts fall on deaf ears. Brain refuses to listen because he's quite literally given himself stockholm syndrome and Boss is a sneaky jew that needs to be gassed.

6dc904  No.16568943


So the i24 niggers who stole names get to keep them?

725876  No.16569086

When you say MMO you mean like the unfun faggotry that is WoW? Or is this something like RPG version of doom? If the later where can I find the server software as OP only has the client, and there's no details on how to compile/package it.

725876  No.16569123

T. linux user wondering if this has FOSS solution for server and client.

d1c319  No.16569141


I want to suck his cock while he berates me about my performance, and then fuck me in the ass while explaining how to manage my work better. Then to leave me exhausted and tell me the TPS reports are due at the end of the day or I'm fired

ad2541  No.16569774


some anons have got this working on wine, didn't seem like too much of a hassle if you're used to wine configuration. no idea about the server but most people are using a virtual machine image

000000  No.16570891

icanhazcox manifest is dead, and it won't let me do anything but quit.

Does anybody else have this problem?

38ce5b  No.16571007



It's technically not FOSS, just an abandonware leak. Server needs to run in a windows environment with MSSQL. I've successfully compiled and run the server using an ancient copy of WinServer2008 in a VM on a linux desktop machine. The client works fine in linux wine with a bit of tweaking.

38ce5b  No.16571059


Addendum: the guide says you need Visual Studio, but all that's really needed is a 32-bit msbuild environment. So you can cut down on bloat by using the free MS SDK instead.

0e426a  No.16578491

Any update on the Reddit server situation? Can we expect a flood of refugees? Is it alive again somehow?

58fae8  No.16578648


>Can we expect a flood of refugees?

I haven't heard anything after "rich guy who was bankrolling the whole thing pulled out due to tranny bitching", but I think it's safe to say we won't be getting a flood of redditors on /coxg/. They're the kind of people who follow crowds, so they'll fuck off to the tranny server for muh server population.

49cfc7  No.16581382



They'll fuck off to Rebirth, only to find that they've gone from a funserver with costumes unlocked and free level 50s handed out to new players to a full progression server where you have to grind to unlock costume pieces.

From there, it's a question of how many will try to stay and change how the server is run with ceaseless bitching and whining, versus how many will leave to look for a server that better suits their tastes, and where that latter number will go. But wherever they go, there isn't a chance in hell they'll go to /coxg/. They've spent too much time telling themselves we're all heartless bigoted transphobic nazi monsters for that.

53025e  No.16581480

File: 3dc33ebd0adbb2c⋯.png (34.72 KB, 900x625, 36:25, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 01e7d399a7a7fea⋯.png (18.59 KB, 859x265, 859:265, ClipboardImage.png)


>From there, it's a question of how many will try to stay and change how the server is run with ceaseless bitching and whining, versus how many will leave to look for a server that better suits their tastes, and where that latter number will go.

Some cuck asked for help with making an one time server transfer thing, allegedly to have cucks mass transdilating transferring to Rebirth or something (keep in mind they fucked up something with the database and lost ALL passwords), but I think Cipher -the korean speaking furry demon- from Homecoming is acting as a consultant for this one and another guy asked for details earlier but couldn't get much out of it.

07ba05  No.16583117

File: 0b1eab3415f4022⋯.png (39.55 KB, 624x705, 208:235, unknown-13.png)

Radio Free Opportunity wants an account recovery tool that works like pic related. If they have a password, they can just sign in with it. If they don't, they can enter 3 characters by name, archtype, and origin. He needs it because a lot of his users somehow lost their passwords.

0e426a  No.16583255



What was the name of the Reddit server that shut down? I thought it was Rebirth.

cf1903  No.16583264


Rebirth? More like Still-Birth

000000  No.16583316

Post solo builds.

ad2541  No.16583481



that's one of the dumbest things i've seen in a while. that's doable in theory but nobody gives enough of a shit to code something that is only needed if tranny related drama blows up your server and nobody kept a valid copy of the login database


it was called pleiades, and most of the redditors didnt know it existed

4e14da  No.16583503


i hate how WoWbabies try to turn all the games they go to into WoW. Unfortunately they succeeded so almost all games are shit.

0e426a  No.16583632


Oh. I thought Rebirth was the "Reddit server" and Pleiades was the "tranny server" but I suppose they're more or less the same thing.

252a3f  No.16583658

>old characters are back

My quest for butts continues anew

8db790  No.16583707


Ah shit I saw you the other day. Really enjoyed your character so I wanted to throw you a SG invite.

be7f5e  No.16586365

Gonna be attempting to get a Mothership raid in RWZ together tonight at 8pm EST on /coxg/

20bb76  No.16587281

File: 742fe6db50fcaf1⋯.png (20.96 KB, 261x297, 29:33, venn diagram.png)


>a lot of his users somehow lost their passwords

Yeah, that's surprisingly common in certain circles…

833614  No.16588074

File: 9f6f8ab0db8a870⋯.jpg (25.78 KB, 604x262, 302:131, miho.jpg)


Is it true that the meltdown was caused by someone suggesting that all known cuckchanners should be banned from their server?

8db790  No.16588249

File: a7b4524deed6ab5⋯.png (2.95 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, RWZRaid.png)

Very awesome time during the raid, guys. Was a great pleasure. Looking forward to next time!

000000  No.16588268


Fuck I missed it.

also why did the server name change?

8db790  No.16588285


It changed from Unstoppable to Triumph to its appropriate name, /coxg/. I still think Reichman would have been lovely.

000000  No.16588303


I dunno I kinda liked the low key maga reference.

d0010a  No.16588338


rebirth is the tranny discord server, pleiades was the tranny reddit server, with so many trannies it was always confusing. 99% of redditors play on homecoming anyway.

d0010a  No.16588401

anybody know why the creamsoda manifest URL is throwing a 500 error? the site (thunderspy.com) is still up. keeps creamsoda from working at all.

58fae8  No.16588804

Which, if any, of the patron power pools is useful to a dark melee/regen scrapper? Scrappers seem to only get access to a handful of ranged attacks while other archetypes get more useful shit like damage resist toggles. It feels like I might be better off picking from the epic power pools.

7e88e0  No.16588813


Ranged archetypes get resistance toggles to round out their relatively shit survivability. Scrappers get ranged attacks and some minor crowd control with exception to Soul Mastery which gets a periodic defense steroid (roughly 30% if memory serves).

000000  No.16589431

Found a bug.

Dr. Trevor Seaborn introducing p361640833 instead of an actual person.

be7f5e  No.16590274

On /coxg/ tonight at 6 PM PST, 9 PM EST

Behavioral Adjustment Facility And Lambda Sector Incarnate trials

You must be level 50 to participate.

833614  No.16590326


>You must be level 50 to participate.

Shiet. Please don't stop these, I may be able to tag along eventually.

94dda4  No.16590775


>stuck at work during the first one

I'll try to get in on the second one, then, unless it requires that you participated in the first to get in on it.

3a6e13  No.16590910

File: 01960339e4b20b1⋯.gif (284.51 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 01960339e4b20b1d6259487b86….gif)

At the login screen I cant log in or select settings with mouse or enter key, wat do?

38b9b2  No.16591763


Are you running the client on Linux? If so, use winetricks to install dinput and dinput8. Also try using winecfg to set the emulated OS to WinXP.

b56f26  No.16591840

Why is the server always dead? 3090 accounts my ass.

58fae8  No.16591908


Accounts and active players are two extremely different things. The vast majority of those accounts are people who tried the game, didn't like it, and dropped it.

b56f26  No.16591912


And the only servers with more than 3 people playing ban you for calling someone a niggerfaggot?

58fae8  No.16591974


Yes, but regardless of what people on the tranny server are saying, the simple fact is that /coxg/ has enough active players to run the big raids. We did it just last night.

be7f5e  No.16592126

Behavioral Adjustment Facility And Lambda Sector Incarnate trials In a little over 30 mins on /coxg/

You must be level 50 to participate.

000000  No.16592496


It's the same with Wes Schnabel.

I'm afraid to do contacts now.


How'd it go?

be7f5e  No.16592532


we easily did BAF and lambda, then went on to complete keys island as well

000000  No.16592542


what skin were you trying to get this time?

be7f5e  No.16592554


None lol

Needed incarnate stuff

000000  No.16593575

>playing one of the earlier arcs

>superadine ring in kings row

>contact available right as you step out

>no dumb rng grinding for it

>textbox is more than just "x is doing y to kill z until you can w"

>actual custom npc actions and dialogue in instances

>an honest to god breadcrumb trail investigation map

>scripted fucking boss(lieutenant) fight

>that SHTF music

If they kept this shit up for the later levels then everyone wouldn't abandon contacts as soon as possible.

also green is best insp.

92c5cc  No.16593837


>but he's a tanker right? aren't those supposed to handle everything and their dog simultaneously?

No, you WoWbaby. This isn't really a tanker-healer-dmgdealer game. Also, he's a Brute, not a Tanker and so has less base HP in exchange for better damage.

Also, Regen was a toggle set in the begining and was switched to recharge powers (mostly) because it was far, far too powerful for a melee defense set. The frustration and babytears he cries are because he is trying to play the game in a manner in which it was not intended. Rather than come at the situation with intelligence and practicality, he bitches like a little wowbitch.

92c5cc  No.16593843


Regen was balanced out far before F2P shit. Also, they buffed quite a few sets because they were subpar. Grav control went through pretty substantial buffs for instance. On the other hand, Invinc was pounded into the dirt with nerfs and is still pretty solid.

000000  No.16593887



that's because resists are king. also time to let it go already.

58fae8  No.16594867


I think a bigger issue with the later contacts is that unless it's specifically a hero or villain mission, it plays out exactly the same regardless of your alignment. For example, the Talons of Vengeance quest line is identical whether you run it as a hero or villain. I can only think of one time I noticed even a minor difference in the dialogue between factions when I'm doing shit in cooperative zones like the Rikti War Zone or First/Night Ward. In sharp contrast, doing tips was great. Going from hero to villain was a wild ride with my character going from squeaky clean hero to the Punisher to trying to mind control a heroine for the greater good and totally not for my own personal pleasure.

201335  No.16595647

I wonder if Brain still lurks. Hey Brain, you here?

000000  No.16596074


can you go back and forth between hero and vigilante or do you have to go full circle?

3fa282  No.16596077

File: ef368938adc0aef⋯.png (6.55 KB, 165x117, 55:39, ClipboardImage.png)

What the fuck is this v2:i1 and i26 bullshit I'm seeing now?

58fae8  No.16596098


I'm pretty sure you can just go back to hero from vigilante by doing more tips and picking the heroic choices. There's not much point in doing that aside from getting access to the Rogue Isles for a bit, though. None of the villain side contacts will talk to you unless you go full villain first.

000000  No.16596194


I just want to be able to team with both blues and reds. I'll probably just make a villain for villain stuff.

b57cda  No.16596365


v2:i1 is i24 with a bunch of bug fixes. No idea what i26 is all about.

1d2c61  No.16596642


"i25 / i26" is that faggot Leandro's build.

000000  No.16596715



b57cda  No.16596726


I thought leandro's server was homecoming. I can't believe he'd give out server files for his own builds to other servers.

d45fab  No.16597716


AFAIK Leo's never released any compile-ready source code for his builds, only binaries. Any server files that faggot control-freak gives out is probably riddled with spyware, backdoors, and all sorts of other pozz.

000000  No.16600412

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>new update

>apparently some contacts were broken and now fixed

>all I had to do was wait a day instead of giving up and moving on.

35c002  No.16601886

So I managed to get this working, got through the tutorial, and now I'm seeing that the global chat is dead.

Do we have peak hours on /coxg/ settled and iI was just on at a lucky time or are things more or less organized entirely through this?

2d7fe4  No.16601902


Definitely no.2 but as the other anon said. Add the scarf.

000000  No.16603340


now's about a good time

1d2c61  No.16606115


>I thought leandro's server was homecoming.

It is.

>I can't believe he'd give out server files for his own builds to other servers.

The Argentine fudgepacker only released the i25 binaries to get everyone in the community off his back, after all the skeevy shit he did.

7e88e0  No.16606389

Everyone fucking get in here

We're doing strikeforces all night, starting with Tarikoss. If you want to level up your shitty level 20 character, get online.

3dcd07  No.16606424

File: a4800d1117ee4fc⋯.jpg (40.6 KB, 480x542, 240:271, sweating bear.jpg)

add me to the group, got a character as Agent 08

I'm extremely fucking new to the game and I'm still trying to understand walking on my own two feet and how to not-suck, but if I heard right just doing anything while in Supergroup mode helps

000000  No.16606445


>sunday night

have fun


you might wanna get in on this

d09a51  No.16606478

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


For anyone who missed it

000000  No.16606855

Dead general for dead server please wake up.

8db790  No.16607180


Yes. Being in Super Group mode will half your income but give it to the SG, which uses funds to create items to be used in the SG base like teleporters.

b57cda  No.16607187


To expand on this, it scales up to half as you level. Additionally at or near max level, you get so much infamy from killing enemies it's not really noticeable.

000000  No.16610671

Is it possible to make inf from the AH or is farming for recipes the only way to get good set IOs right now?

201335  No.16612026

Does anyone have a link to the open web access to the /coxg/ server so we can check how many players it has easily? It was posted in the last thread, but I couldn't get it to work.

3dcd07  No.16613023

File: c96ab322e1ac933⋯.png (364.33 KB, 540x405, 4:3, living the life.png)


Just for an update I'm about past level 20 now and on red side post-going rouge, I dunno if super groups depend on the side you choose but apparently most of you nigs are on red side, so maybe now I can get in. Also for a gun-fu fag who's just blazing through story because he wants to see lore (dual pistols + martial arts) I've been doing pretty solid. I can even slow the fuck out of enemies with reaction time + cryo bullets if just using flame bullets doesn't work.



Thanks anons.

3dcd07  No.16613027


fuck how did I manage to fuck up those replies, either way

712bb5  No.16613042

File: f81ce6b2d07fb08⋯.jpg (71.19 KB, 747x754, 747:754, 1522982866732.jpg)


I wish they brought back Auto Assault. Shit was dope back then. I went out of my way as a kid to make sure I could play it, and then it got shut down. I remember trying to log in and it no longer worked.

000000  No.16613801

Do we have the asymmetrical costume parts and hairstyles yet?

bf1100  No.16613810


>asymmetrical costume parts and hairstyles

Where's that coming from? That'd be really neato.

000000  No.16613835


Something about the ourodev experiments, I heard.

8db790  No.16614700

201335  No.16614812


>I just had javascript disabled before

Thanks, anon. Works beautifully.

000000  No.16616530

What does the absorb proc in preventive medicine actually do?

All I can find are reddit explanations for the meaning of the word itself.

7e88e0  No.16616557


After its timer expires, you will more or less simply dodge the next hit.

000000  No.16616562


That's kinda nice but aren't iframes more of a realtime combat thing? Is it even useful in cox?

7e88e0  No.16616570


CoH is a numbers-autism game, not an action game.

000000  No.16616574


Seems pretty useless to only dodge one random hit especially when you actually need it you're usually getting mobbed.

7e88e0  No.16616584


Consider its effect over the course of a long battle. You're basically mitigating an unpredictable percentage of enemy damage over a long fight due to it going off at predictable intervals.

000000  No.16616624


I could do the same with a (((predicatable))) effect using the hp/end procs and more regen.

but does it really make a difference?

7e88e0  No.16616692


>not using them all

b57cda  No.16616947


It does exactly what is says in the description. When you're under a certain hp threshold you have a chance every 5 seconds to gain some absorption. Absorption is like an extra layer of health that damage has to go through before it starts reducing your actual health again. Under 30% it has 100% chance to proc. From what I've seen the absorption is about 20% of your health. It's really good for tanks since it basically a last ditch heal but I can't imagine it's that great for squishier classes that will likely die anyway.

000000  No.16616983


>an extra layer of health

how much, for how long, and does it stack is what I've been trying to find out.

000000  No.16617063


ignore that first part. 20% more health is good but with the slots I have left I need that 30% regen more.

Unless you mean 20% of total HP and not base, which makes it pretty awesome.

b57cda  No.16617090


Not sure actually. I have a few accolades increasing my health so it might actually be 25% instead. The barrier lasts long enough for enemies to work through it themselves even with my hueg resistances. It won't stack since it has 90 second cooldown. It should stack with other absorption sources like bio armor or nature affinity stuff.

000000  No.16617179


how hueg we talking?

1d2c61  No.16617180


It's 20% of your total HP.

000000  No.16617181


interesting. where can I find this number?

b57cda  No.16617322


I'm talking 90% hueg.

8db790  No.16617641

Dungeons and Dragons Anon, we played your map. Fuck Blue Dragons. Fuck them to hell. We were completely blindsided by them at the very spawn and we were all laughing by how unexpected it was, but then we lurched through it with 7 folks and then 6 when one of our guys had to go. Either you added more units than when I mentioned last or I wasn't high enough to see the additional variety, but we had a lot of fun. It was a bit long about 3/4 the way through, so some more unique elements like the occasional patrols or ambushes you have would be nice. The return to exit though on completion? Bro, come on. The Dungeon is clear. No threats, unless you add some when you finish objectives to warrant returning on foot. Otherwise, it was enjoyable. Thank you for it.

ce022e  No.16618023


Yeah, there's a few more unique units than last time. I haven't touched the game for a number of days, though - I got a bit busy in meat-space.

For the patrols and ambushes, there's a limit on how many unique things you're allowed to stick in. I think I maxed out on the number of "things" that could be shoved into that one. As for the return through exit, that's more a love-letter to old-school gaming, where getting out of the dungeon was usually in and of itself. That, and since the "objective" is just getting the treasure, it's also expected that there's still things crawling around.

AE is nice because it randomizes a lot, so you can run the same place multiple times, and it should come out a little different each time. But this also means you have a lot less control. I'd really love to be able to have some control over the walk-paths of the wandering patrols, and to hand-place the dragons so they're more of a "you asked for it". Especially since they really are cunts.

000000  No.16619448

What's the best way to get and catalyse ATOs on this server?

b57cda  No.16619547


Well the only way to get them is through reward merits realistically. Are you having trouble finding good sources of merits or do you need inf?

14fc2c  No.16620400

File: 8e93591aee46a10⋯.jpeg (19.11 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 972e8bb4af910edf35b30741e….jpeg)


I've been out of the loop for a couple months, what happened to this f-list guy who had his server?

000000  No.16622314


I'm guessing I'll need a farmer.

What's this non-special piece the wiki page is talking about?


b57cda  No.16623546


Non special pieces on the ones that act just like regular enhancements. Special ones are the individual pieces with procs or other special effects like might of the tanker resist proc or kheldian's grace form empowerment.

bf1100  No.16624700

File: b81fe9f4c0f01ad⋯.gif (5.93 MB, 480x360, 4:3, b81fe9f4c0f01ad5abcd1ec88f….gif)

So uh, who do I talk to about missing NPCs in signature story arcs?

000000  No.16625954


Got it, thanks.


brain, either in halfchan or discord because good luck getting him to even look at this thread.

3dcd07  No.16630469

What are some good farming skillsets for some mindless bullshit? I heard back during the i25 days Brute Spines/Fire was the way to go but since the rollback that obviously no longer exists. Would Scrapper Spines/Fire or Tanker Fire/Spines be good?

7e88e0  No.16632037

Characters in Thule that haven't logged in in like 25-30 days are getting kicked out.

49cfc7  No.16633730

So, new patch for the server tonight.

>sg/vg bases fixed. No more lag or issues involving bases. All new config files and portal corps updates. Costume pieces updated.

7e88e0  No.16633758

File: 3a8afc45f00d994⋯.png (152.22 KB, 314x296, 157:148, 3a8afc45f00d994352412c1e5d….png)


My bepis

9cd2b5  No.16633850

File: 558210c169cc226⋯.jpg (148.21 KB, 958x960, 479:480, 555981-lol.jpg)

File: c06b4caaf4389d1⋯.jpg (81.11 KB, 612x610, 306:305, 1150630-sha3.jpg)

File: 6d224b168fc0cbb⋯.jpg (123.65 KB, 1085x620, 7:4, 1150629-sha4.jpg)

File: 56643b1cfd93b55⋯.jpg (100.08 KB, 786x639, 262:213, 1150719-tyrant.jpg)

File: f9e98c22856f243⋯.jpg (200.88 KB, 593x900, 593:900, 1157773-1153084_msliberty1.jpg)

000000  No.16634752


Is he back yet?

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