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f6e8cd  No.16530223

The last one got baleeted by 12 game overs, so I'm restarting the thread. Discuss the upcoming Digimon Survive and any other Digimon media that you like or dislike.

bf02ef  No.16530228

File: f1d54020de9e53d⋯.png (944.93 KB, 900x675, 4:3, i'dfugthat.png)

I'm just here to discuss which digimon you'd have a family with, that's all.

59bee5  No.16530249

Cake kike aside, anybody got that source about Cyber Sluts coming to PC, or was it a ruse?

f6e8cd  No.16530269

File: 240e418da9baef5⋯.jpg (58.95 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, IMG_20190131_172636.jpg)


I'd take it as a ruse. I couldn't find any info when I googled a potential PC version. They'd find a way to fuck it up anyway.

24da9a  No.16530350


Your mother.

bf02ef  No.16530355


Gonna need a wiki link to that one smart ass.

8fdcab  No.16530386

File: c2ce4e5975dc3cf⋯.jpg (348.03 KB, 1453x1303, 1453:1303, digitalpantsu.jpg)

File: 156ac14aff7170b⋯.jpg (297.17 KB, 1456x1212, 364:303, digitalpantsu2.jpg)

File: 4c9fe9877d3b8fc⋯.jpeg (48.01 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 7b78cfc6fa16fb369d289e49c….jpeg)

File: f2712a43443f042⋯.jpeg (66.8 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 4c243d2c0c48fb8c5b7194c84….jpeg)

File: 908571341030477⋯.jpeg (48.67 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 996be6a6bd76521a24c6feefc….jpeg)

If they're making it for fans of the original anime and such, they should include the girls in pantsu.

24da9a  No.16530400


Sure if you're turned on by KH levels of feet and hands.

24da9a  No.16530401


No, you grew up with her she's your mom. You tell us

60b435  No.16530403

File: 3d25d4cc5992168⋯.png (237.12 KB, 400x300, 4:3, kintaro1.png)


I haven't seen Digimon since I was a little shit, but now I really need all the lolis in digimon naked preferably with the OG artstyle. Those exist on any burus or skanku comprex?

71aad2  No.16530409

>never played a Digimon game in my life

What would you guys recommend?

043163  No.16530424


>Those exist on any burus or skanku comprex?

Gee anon I dunno, what do you think?


You just have to dig through the furshit first

701ab8  No.16530442


What happened to the last thread? Someone asked WDWYF and I replied, and that was the last I saw on it

f6e8cd  No.16530444

File: ff01fd5173af6ee⋯.jpg (131.69 KB, 832x690, 416:345, ff01fd5173af6eee8fb42f1efb….jpg)


The easiest ones to get into are the Digimon Story games, since they play pretty closely to Pokemon in terms of collecting monsters to form a team. Try Cybersleuth and Hacker's Memory and see if you like them and if you do, go back and play the older Story games for DS. The World games play much differently though. Unlike the Story series, these focus more on letting you have one or two partner Digimon and you raise them a la Tamagotchi by battling, feeding and letting them use the bathroom. These are a bit harder to get into but are known for having more high quality stories with deep lore, so try out Next Order if the World games seem more your speed.

27e3e7  No.16530446


Mark mistook the thread for a cake.

f6e8cd  No.16530451


No clue, my guess someone saw the porn and decided to delete the thread as a result.

63d173  No.16530462

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Didn’t the new Digimon series implied Mimi was the pure one and sora was the slut that put out?

f8b0bd  No.16530470

09f879  No.16530476


Why are the feet so big?

701ab8  No.16530489




058a19  No.16530520


Yggdrasil decided to put a 2 in binary for some reason and it broke everything.

bf02ef  No.16530532


No idea what that is but i hope it has lewded

f6e8cd  No.16530534


That's an understatement. It was so bad, the entire digital world had to be reset which erased the memories of all the chosen Digimon. This still didn't fix the problem, it just made it stronger and they had to use the power of friendship to evolve Omegamon to an even higher form to beat this fucking virus.

ef399f  No.16530557

>furfags caused last thread to be deleted



I'll give you some options:

>Like SMT and Persona gameplay?

Digimon Cyber Sleuth and its sequel (PS Vita, PS4)

>like the Digimon Adventure anime?

Digimon Adventure (PSP) with translation patch (RPG with digimon world 1 plot + expanded story)

>pet-raising RPG with exploration

Digimon World 1 (PS1; you'll want a guide handy, game doesn't explain some stuff)

for evolution guide, see a faq on gamefaqs. in-depth guide about mechanics (see sections 1-3): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aHHXZXjZNDabFTWUdF055M0oshyC57kff5NVc2BTYGE

Digimon World: Re:Digitize (PSP) with translation or Re:Digitize Decode (3DS; improved version, no translation available)

Digimon World: Next Order (PS4; Vita version playable but inferior)

>card games?

Digimon Digital Card Battle (PS1; based on the physical card game)

Protip: Try to avoid fusing cards until 3rd fusion shop. Each card has a hidden value. The higher a digimon card is within a type, the more valuable it is for fusion. Option cards don't completely adhere to this rule, but you'll quickly notice which ones are better. Have fun breaking the game.


I thought it was the manchild villain shoving a black dildo into AIDS cat that caused the problem?


>The easiest ones to get into are the Digimon Story games

I guess. High encounter rate sucks though, also it's grindy. the grind can be made tolerable if you look up how to power level and raise stats quickly.

bf02ef  No.16530564


Lewds first.

22fff2  No.16530565

File: e59f66516c9965a⋯.jpg (65.69 KB, 650x650, 1:1, e59f66516c9965af5264a3d4c7….jpg)


Don't be that faggot who brings up old drama. Hell, I was one of the anons who posted porn in the last thread and I'm also the one who started this one.

ef399f  No.16530608


the old thread would still be there if you were sensible enough to leave your degeneracy in your containment board.


forgot to mention Digimon World 3 (PS1; play DW2003, the EU version. US is missing post-game content)

Typical JRPG. party of 3, 1-on-1 battles. Very grind-heavy but can be alleviated by power-leveling in the right spots. You may want to see a guide for that, and also to prevent missing out on events that are triggered without notice and avoid unnecessary backtracking (game doesn't tell you when item auctions start for example). Also has card game sidequest (different from the Digimon Digital Card Battle).

bf02ef  No.16530650


eh, disappointed compared to renamon she seems like a shitty OC.

db7455  No.16530664


>she seems like a shitty OC.

I haven't watched Tri but I'm pretty sure the entire thing is actually just a retarded fanfiction. I haven't seen anybody actually like it, even if it has a few good moments apparently.

785881  No.16530709

File: d0b4184414e0515⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 458.06 KB, 620x525, 124:105, Furshit finds out its not ….png)


And there goes the thread

05a829  No.16530725


Let the purge begin

50fa31  No.16531009

File: ea280a5d35b2080⋯.png (347.55 KB, 569x603, 569:603, rape.png)


it might as well be, tri is absolutely godawful in every way and she and her piece of shit partner meiko are one of the worst parts of it

dd13bd  No.16531033

So how about that DIGIMON RUMBLE ARENA?

ed097b  No.16531085

File: a13beceb130b61b⋯.jpg (72.08 KB, 474x670, 237:335, 623737145a51c384530b43011b….jpg)

>plenty of human digimon to consort with

>Mentally ill degenerates attach themselves to the furry part of the cast

For the sake of the world someone should kill every furry

24da9a  No.16531095



I want the source now

003919  No.16531096

File: 1283183f458b046⋯.jpg (112.44 KB, 537x536, 537:536, axe_shrug.jpg)


It's because the normal people don't exactly think with their dick in public, the degenerates will always go after the least suited realistic targets for the dickings.

Someone who wants to bone an angel lady doesn't say it out loud as much as that one guy who wants to bone his dog. This is because you have to be a thirsty, thirsty motherfucker to get to that point.

And of course the degenerates are the main producers and consumers of porn. So it'll be fucked up, with the weirdest taking center stage, while vanilla gets it's own tiny little section. A man might consume porn every day, but a degenerate consumes porn every hour.

24da9a  No.16531098

File: 0bb3f007a41db48⋯.jpg (68.05 KB, 565x481, 565:481, 0bb3f007a41db481c781e6de5d….jpg)








>he doesn't proclaim he'll impregnate angel women





50fa31  No.16531106

File: 45d329737ccf734⋯.png (129.36 KB, 780x770, 78:77, 422eea66e5fd8af3808eaa6bb5….png)

(((/monster/)))cucks already getting butthurt lmao

24da9a  No.16531110


>angery lmao

fuck off Jolteon

50fa31  No.16531116

File: 9ac571278001acd⋯.jpg (43.49 KB, 677x507, 677:507, WHO.jpg)

39824f  No.16531119

File: 25fe549743d90c9⋯.mp4 (327.57 KB, 320x180, 16:9, You guys got rude quick le….mp4)

>this thread after the "my fetish is better than your fetish" assholes started popping up

d0884d  No.16531132

File: b714142c49360d5⋯.jpg (362.44 KB, 1278x679, 1278:679, Absolutely_disgraceful.jpg)


>defending furfaggotry

b7d542  No.16531145


You mean after the furfags started popping up.

996f3e  No.16531147

Would love to get digimon game for pc. Never actually seen a good digimon game before though.

50fa31  No.16531148

File: 8cf4a87b5233162⋯.jpg (86.5 KB, 586x532, 293:266, Rushed-Real-Adult-Little-M….jpg)

>all of these (1) and done fags coming in just to bitch about furshit

really activates the brain cells

ef399f  No.16531355



<you'll spend half of the 99 seconds in the timer waiting for someone to get up

<can't turn off items or stage gimmicks. only stage without gimmicks is flat

<no blockstun!

<no canceling (except for some airborne special moves which cancel upon touching the ground, like Guilmon's fireball)

<some characters' combo strings (e.g. Sakuyamon) are unsafe ON HIT (see no cancels above). i.e. guaranteed grab from opponent and/or super

<horribly imbalanced (Holydramon and (Black)WarGreymon have guaranteed super on knockdown, Veemon and Imperialdramon suck barring a single ranged attack, WarGreymon's specials are broken, Dukemon sucks ass, etc.)

Rumble Arena 2 is even worse

<still no blockstun, still can't turn off items or gimmicks. went full party game and doubled down on randomness and gimmicks (items and stage hazards even more annoying than Smash Bros's)

<helpless states: knockdown and stun happen unpredictably which is infuriating. freezing lasts long enough for you do die from a fall you even if you mash. throws produce unrecoverable knockdown. there's also a cooldown to prevent endless loops (reeks of bad design)

<getting hit in the air may knock you down. knockdown is often unrecoverable (no idea about specifics)

<falling off stage subtracts 1 stock. combined with the above, getting hit on edge of stage = 75% chance of unpreventable death

<getting frozen or grabbed near edge of stage = guaranteed death (best way to cheese that asshole Duskmon)

<retarded universal downard aerial that instantly travels straight down to floor and does insane damage and is also AoE, retarded fall damage that can remove over half a stock's worth of health

<imbalanced as fuck (BlackGabumon's Black Ice's instant hitbox which also leaves ice behind, Garurumon's Slamming Attack is Kirbycide on steroids, BlackWarGreymon's projectile with gravity and huge AoE, etc.)

<ULTRA attacks are unblockable. Most of them are also unavoidable, leading to guaranteed damage (over half your health)

<glitchy (sometimes you'll be able to combo a move into itself ignoring recovery. See AI Greymon upwards Great Horn Attack, Gabumon's Little Horn)


All-Star Rumble is so awful no one should play it (it's so bad it didn't get a JP release)


I forgot to include

patch for Digimon Digital Card Battle that corrects a few effect descriptions (Veedramon's AeroVeedramon's and Silver Ball's effects, which work against ultimate digimon), and fixes Aquilamon's effect so it works (https://www.mediafire.com/file/7c90mgp7x26cbwo/DDCB+Patch.rar). Also the "?????" character you meat at the beginning is Rosemon from the game's predecessor, which you wouldn't know because it was Nip-only. Both games are set within the same universe as Digimon World 1.

Digimon Adventure translation patch: https://digimonadventurenglish.weebly.com/updates

c5d97b  No.16531392

File: c3ee5fc7bc159d8⋯.png (835.21 KB, 1272x2177, 1272:2177, Digimon lorefag pasta.png)

File: a68f8cd9662f011⋯.jpg (133.74 KB, 639x957, 213:319, Digimon world 1 File and F….jpg)

File: a209c4afee1fcbb⋯.png (350.65 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Digimon world 1 Analogman.png)

File: 8cf0536cf54d440⋯.png (3.02 MB, 593x3714, 593:3714, Digimon world 1 lore.png)

File: 2b7731e7ba219e1⋯.png (124.66 KB, 304x256, 19:16, Renamon discovers digimon ….png)



Ironic as shit.

On another note, have the lore Pasta, but with an additional note for the beginning here:

>humans encounter strange creatures

>call them angels, demons, youkai, etc

>turns out it was digimon randomly realizing into the human world

>the creation of computers and such just made a more stable pathway between the human world and the digital one

Now you're ready to read the pasta

63d173  No.16531640

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>humans encounter strange creatures

>>call them angels, demons, youkai, etc

>>turns out it was Digimon randomly realizing into the human world

>>the creation of computers and such just made a more stable pathway between the human world and the digital one

Digimon lore gets bigger when you account for the extended universe. Not only the Digimon multiple verses exist. Lovecraftian Digimon exists, Digimon hell, human ghosts, and God all exist within the digital world. It implied God aka the first programmer might be the only being that isn’t a digital lifeform. Human has always been digital based life-form that suppose to obey programming laws of the universe. If the human knows the truth. They were able to break the programming gain super abilities. https://digimon.fandom.com/wiki/God



67e7d2  No.16531651

What the fuck is going on with the lost evolution translation project? It's been in limbo for fucking years now

c5d97b  No.16531655

File: 4554b99d0978533⋯.jpg (60.71 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Shakamon_collectors_card.jpg)


Glorious, is it not? Digimon is so fun because you can go full blue pill and just enjoy the surface level monsters and fighting and delicious digi ladies, but if you try to go red pill, shit goes fucking crazy in ways that the most paranoid /x/ poster couldn't even get close to some of the insanity that happens behind the scenes.

28196a  No.16532180


There was a game that came out on the sega saturn that was the first digimon game, I wonder where that is placed on the timeline.

db7455  No.16532216


Wasn't that just a V-Pet, but for consoles? You know, like the Wonderswan one, but Ver. W was better because you could actually connect with the regular V-Pets.

dcbc5d  No.16532298

File: 88c787211b1c731⋯.jpg (25.12 KB, 720x833, 720:833, 88c787211b1c73184d32dad6a0….jpg)

mark is a big gay, he deleted the thread when the impmon lewds got posted.

caf544  No.16532464

File: a5de2b257be96b0⋯.jpg (12.12 KB, 255x255, 1:1, what the.jpg)


I'd bet someone got asshurt and reported the thread when they were posted.

67e7d2  No.16532477


IS there a good portable wonderswan emulator and any fan patches for Ryo's story? It forms the core of digimon and yet it's not there for English fans.


Mark needs to stop being a faggot and deleting random shit and get his mods to delete furry shit from these threads. People want to discuss digimon not have degenerate retards posting Guilmon's asshole. Go to a discord if you want that

db7455  No.16532493


Honestly last thread was better, at least the furries were bullying the gay community. But what do I expect when half this thread is complaining about Mark being fucking retarded. At least this thread has the LORE.

c73998  No.16532507

Impmon is a NIGGER

67e7d2  No.16532550


I don't care who's bullying who. I just want a fucking digimon thread for once. I like digimon, I like the lore and I like the games. But the community is so full of animal fuckers it makes me avoid it.

28196a  No.16532727


There was some minor story going on, but I'm not sure if it was specifically relevant.

caf548  No.16532751

When are they gonna bite the bullet and try and make a game with every digimon in it? At the very least, one game that has every digimon that appeared in a game before.

6f2d67  No.16532780

Lamo furfags get fucked

Also PC when holy shit. I feel like the would clean up if they released it on PC.

67e7d2  No.16532802


Would be impossible unless they were static sprites of SNES quality. Just way way too many Digimon now.

7d4573  No.16532812


>Mark needs to stop being a faggot and deleting random shit

are you fucking serious i report spam all the time and mark just fucking ignores it, holy fucking shit why the fuck am i wasting my time in this fucking shithole jesus mother of fuck

ef399f  No.16532922

File: f328025b986544e⋯.jpg (117.91 KB, 433x600, 433:600, Rebirthweddinmon.jpg)

Repeating question from last thread. Do you think digimon could manage a movie in the same style as Detective Pikachu? What would it be like?


>make a game with every digimon in it

No way. there are around 1300 digimon. Even excluding recolors (e.g. psychemon, geremon, bushiagumon) and most baby digimon, it would still be a huge undertaking. Would you want to play as pic related for example?

Makes me wonder when the increasing amount of Pokemon will prove unmanageable for GameFreak.


misquoted. meant for >>16531176

b76c25  No.16532963

>furry porn spam thread

fuck off

b76c25  No.16532967


looking forward to digimon survive btw

c65cf1  No.16533019


We wuz simulationz n shit.

caf548  No.16533177


I doubt there will ever bee too many pokemon, and pokemon introduce ~150 pokemon each new generation wheras digimon has sort of stagnated and stopped putting out loads of digimon. Digimon also has this ambiguous digivolution thing where almost anything that wasn't a main partner with a clear digivolution line can end up digivolving to almost anything else tangentially related, and it changes from game-to-game. Cyber sleuth, which I'm playing right now, has for each digimon about six animations for each model, a walk, a hit, a crit knockdown, the basic attack, the special attack, and the every other attack anim. They don't interact with other models; strikes are abstracted and there is only a fraction of pokemon's 742 movepool in the number of inherited skills. I think rather than not being technically possible, the real question is how obscure or gimmicky a digimon can be and still be included.

624999  No.16533209

can we ever have a game about monsters without these fuckers shitting up threads? shouldn't they be busy screeching about pride month hastags being for zoophiles or something?

db7455  No.16533230


>Would you want to play as pic related for example?

Ever since Super Mario RPG I've wanted to train a battle cake

d0884d  No.16533335


>. They were able to break the programming gain super abilities

That's not how programming works

ef399f  No.16533340

File: 4418e5da44a87fb⋯.jpg (187.66 KB, 450x613, 450:613, Weddinmon_recolored.jpg)


>Couldn't they just lower the graphical quality a bit or something to make it more viable?

It's not just about asset production, it's that plenty of digimon barely exist. Some digimon have no appearances outside a virtual pet toy, a one-issue manga, or a defunct online game.


>I doubt there will ever bee too many pokemon

<more pokemon => more assets & code => more work & more stuff to test => higher expenses & longer development (for same asking price)

It will have to stop someday.

>the real question is how obscure or gimmicky a digimon can be and still be included.

That's what I was alluding to with the Rebirth Weddinmon pic, who only appeared in the Xros Wars manga.


>Ever since Super Mario RPG I've wanted to train a battle cake

That's her monster form. She also has a waifu form.

67e7d2  No.16533417


Xros wars utterly fucks the entire series evolution wise. And Applimon isn't much better.

What Digimon needs to do is find a way to make armor evolutions relevant and fit into an evolution line. Ideally make them Adult level evolutions which fold back into other evolutions where fitting. Not leave them in this weird limbo where they're popular enough to include but due to evolution systems or level at which you unlock them they're irrelevant.

They really need to bring Dark spires into a game or ways to limit evolutions. Make having all these evolutions and tiers really matter. How much more valuable would 3 different elemental adult types be if you couldn't evolve past it and had to fight higher tier evolutions using elemental weaknesses to survive? Use the damn franchise's biggest selling point for more than just move gate keeping.

db7455  No.16533465


I've thought about this sort of thing, actually, and could tie in an explanation with lore if need be. You'll notice in most Digimon games, the NPC Digimon rarely evolve, while yours can not just grow but sometimes fucking die on you. The concept then would be they're under some sort of evolution or time lock, making them immortal but impossible to grow. But what if that happens for too long? If Examon is any indication, Digimon have a certain file size, and theoretically going beyond that limit without evolving can be a problem. This is "information creep" and will drive a Digimon insane (which could be an explanation for Digimon attacking you without Brain Hack shenanigans) and possibly kill them if left unchecked. As for how or why this happens, could depend on the setting. Maybe Yggy's off his meds again, or is asleep at the wheel and somebody else fucked it up.

67e7d2  No.16533541


Your digimon evolve because human emotion causes them to react to it. Normally digimon spend many years as the same type and evolve slowly over time. They spend less energy to be evolved and they learn to use the form better (why same levels have different power levels, i.e. the heroes digimon are weaker than the bad guys due to time in that form).

Digimon life span is also shortened by human evolution pushing their bodies too far. Notice how most digimon go up and down form due to human forced evolution exhausting them?

There's no limit to the digimon file size I'm aware of. And depending on the series having more data just makes you stronger any way.

f687ad  No.16533581


I don't know much about digimon lore, or at least I now know that I do not know as much as I thought I did, but I have an idea for a reason for digimon to attack humans beyond brain hack.

Given the multiverse stuff, what if Millenniumon, during his multiverse shenanigans created a timeline in which he managed to stoke humans to attempt to destroy that universe digital world to an extent where the only way to prevent it was for the digital world to directly attack the human world and purge it.

Then what if he merged that digital world with another universe digital world. You would have a situation where some digimon would have no reason to attack humans but others would have a reason to kill them on sight.

db7455  No.16533589


I see, interesting lore to keep note of.


Digimon do tend to just like fighting, from what I've seen. They probably don't really need a reason to kick your ass most of the time. Hell, even when they want to help you, they also want to kick your ass first.

000000  No.16533618

Does this franchise even know where it's going anymore? It's like the .hack// franchise now.

caf548  No.16533623


>It will have to stop someday.

Thing is, the pacing of new pokemon generations has kept up with advancing handheld technology, and now that they've moved to models they don't have to completely remake assets for each game, at most, a detail upgrade for older models every few years. More content does not always mean more manpower, a lot of it is streamlined. Sounds like you've been drinking the muh developer costs reddit apologist kool aid.

5d6ad3  No.16533693


Do we have a launch date for Survive?

50fa31  No.16534271

File: 932b1e586b45824⋯.png (3.02 MB, 1800x1300, 18:13, 009225b72ebccca1a8626f1bb2….png)

File: 8dc4ec4bf9e7cc2⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1800x1300, 18:13, 6046143c95fd6f5af5ad0af2c2….png)

File: 99fb71641de3549⋯.png (1.99 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, c54cd29227dd843c421f34becc….png)


For me, it's Taomon.

50fa31  No.16534292

File: 7ce70f5cabe8ac7⋯.png (645.5 KB, 1740x750, 58:25, 7ce70f5cabe8ac738d3dac7118….png)


oops didnt mean to sage

67e7d2  No.16534639


That's already happened in Savers, the bad guy is genociding digimon and causes them to start going after humans.


Digimon exist to fight and evolve which gives them a reason to fight. A lot of them are also just slightly more intelligent beasts who have territory to defend. A lot of Adventures early episodes are running into territorial digimon who want them to GTFO.


Sort of. It's shifting into Gundam mode now.

You release a new series trying to attract the young market while using expensive OAV/Movies to appeal to your adult fans. Games and manga come out targeting whichever group whenever you randomly feel like it. But the Gundam marketing systems been super effective and you could even see them try a few model kits to push more in that direction. Sadly they never got released.


That isn't how these things work. More content does mean more man power if only because more of it needs to be tested. If you have 1,000 monsters you have to test every single scenario with combinations of them in case they overlap and fuck up some how. If you notice Pokemon games haven't kept up with new technology and their attempts to do so have killed their fanbase. As JRPGs became more FMV based pokemon stayed more traditional and just use text boxes. With the DS and more so 3DS Pokemon games they've tried to force a "modern game" story into them. Which does nothing but get in the way of the core gameplay. Which instead of trying to resolve Game Freak said they want to appeal to mobile users more than traditional fans and have dumbed the game down to shit. Ignoring the super mode evolutions just the games themselves are now rail roaded and full of cut scenes forcing you to stop every other route. This isn't a series evolution, it's a complete destruction leaving nothing left.

Pokemon's future is going to be Pokemon Go. Using actual tech increases to bring the original catching mechanics to life in the real world. The handheld games have been shitting it's self since Black/White. Which is when the fanbase started bitching about the plot getting in the way of the adventure. Which has now completed it's system where you no longer get an adventure or even gyms to battle.



c5d97b  No.16534782

File: af982b895056bb3⋯.gif (2.46 MB, 480x353, 480:353, Digimon Masaru Meramon.gif)

File: 126046be4481282⋯.gif (2.55 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Digimon Masaru Numemon.gif)

File: a38cca3b57d900e⋯.gif (2.72 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Digimon Masaru Biyomon.gif)

File: 86b08643d02aa80⋯.gif (2.39 MB, 480x357, 160:119, Digimon Masaru Boarmon.gif)

File: 336b96598d16542⋯.gif (2.86 MB, 480x353, 480:353, Digimon Masaru Cockatrimon.gif)


Amusingly, the digimon story games (cyber sluts, hackers memories) are building on that idea. The basis is to get as many fan favorites in as possible at first, then include more branching evolutionary pathways to digimon folks haven't exactly heard of. They do this by keeping stylized models that look good even on more advanced hardware.


Armor evolutions were initially a stopgap between Child and Champion digimon, since even in adventure 01, child forms were maybe 1/8th the strength of a champion and the chosen got their asses handed to them by Kuwagamon. However, armor forms were basically worthless because, again, they didn't match up to a champion in 02. However, 05 brought in armors again, but they were instead a stopgap between champion and ultimate. A Drimogemon turned into a digmon and beat the shit out of geogreymon and gaogamon, requiting one of them to reach ultimate to beat it. It all depends on what the universe' laws go by.


Bingo. The most blatant showcase of this was Vamdemon/Myotismon in 01. He slowly cultivated his power over ages and any digimon that SHOULD have been able to theoretically fight him on equal ground got it's ass kicked. This was all due to the fact that he could use 100% of his power and knew all the skills his body could perform and was in no danger of exhausting a temporary power boost, which is what the chosen do to their digimon partners in forcing them to jump levels instantly, but forcefully reverting right after the fight, sometimes back to a much more immature form.


As said, a big plot point in Savers. A dude brings a gun into one of the initial scouting missions of the digital world and when he freaks out upon seeing a Lynxmon, a cat digimon made of fire, he shoots it in his blind panic, which makes the digimon pissed off and attack him in retaliation. After that, his deranged brain decides digimon need to be gassed and starts trying to find a way to kill all digimon permanently. He goes as far as hijacking Belphimon, which he THINKS will exterminate everything (which shows how much he understands about digimon) before his plan fails, but when he tries to fuck off, his experimental decide he kept fucking with finally has a critical failure and forcefully slams the digital world with the human world together, and while some digimon try to fight on behalf of humans, Yggdrasil is determining the human world to be a great danger to the digital one and mass summons the royal knights. Commence one hell of a shitshow.

Savers was much more enjoyable when you learn Masaru is half digimon, making him and his bond with a digimon much more powerful than a usual chosen, but also having all the negative aspects that would come with having such a nature of wanting to fight anything and everything for the fun of it.

bf02ef  No.16534790


and what makes her wife worthy?

c5d97b  No.16534797

File: d47b0b59a170145⋯.jpg (59.09 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Taomon_ex_collectors_card.jpg)


>Often painting talasmans

>often silent

>often keeps to it'self

Doesn't seem like it'd make for a very good one.


"Versed in Onmyoudou, it is an onmyouji Digimon that freely uses every technique in battle. Its faculty with magic is particularly high, and attacks with talismans and spells are its forte. Also, it is a master of concealed weapons, and hides various weapons up its sleeves. It doesn't talk very much due to its extreme reticence, and it is a being that lives and lurks within the darkness. Also, it is able to turn its talismans into shikigami and command them. Its Signature Move is wreathing its talismans around the opponent's body, then detonating them (Kofūsatsu). Its Special Move "Bonhitsusen" is chanting an incantation while painting the Sanskrit character "" in the air with its gigantic brush, then hurling it at the opponent. An opponent that is hit with Bonhitsusen gets caught in a gigantic explosion and is annihilated."

bf02ef  No.16534803


Who would you pick then?

I'd go for impmon, a trickster wife would be neat.

c5d97b  No.16534817

File: b62eefa7c0337c5⋯.png (309.73 KB, 342x499, 342:499, Venusmon Dch-6-650_front.png)

File: c901aae8b13a2e2⋯.png (388.72 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Venusmon_collectors.png)

File: c0053789fcf25e5⋯.jpg (54.36 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Venusmon_Valentine_Collect….jpg)


Most digimon lean more towards their combat skills in a sort of life or death manner. That said, Venismon is very unique.


"One of the Olympos XII, it is a Digimon that is filled with compassion and rules over love. Wherever Venusmon is, beautiful flowers bloom profusely no matter how ruined the soil is, and the land's youthful vigor is revived. It is said that there are many Digimon who serve the pure and beautiful Venusmon. Venusmon can correctly perceive the world with its mind's eye by blindfolding itself, and it isn't taken in by any lie or deception. Furthermore, it restrains its overflowing glamour by concealing its pupils, so it's also a consideration to keep from adding more swooning Digimon. Venusmon is always accompanied by its bird "Olive" and its scallop "Hotan", small friends who can speak animatedly and unreservedly with Venusmon. Because it is a Digimon that rules over love, it uses a fighting style that pacifies the opponent's heart with each gesture. Its "Healing Therapy" makes the opponent's fighting spirit vanish just by caressing their head, and those opponents who receive its "LOVE YOU" blown kiss fall over from the shock. Also, if they are pricked in the head by the bird Olive, then they get caught up in the "Peace Fantasia", which makes them have peaceful intentions no matter what kind of ferocious personality it has."

67e7d2  No.16534819


Armour has been jumped around in various places. It doesn't require a base form to hit it which is why the power levels such a cluster fuck. But then all digimon power levels is a cluster fuck due to the EXP and evolution level not being connected.

I don't recall Masaru being half digimon

c5d97b  No.16534861


>Power levels

It's easy to get it confused as each iteration has it's own take on it, but there is also the important aspect of the elemental bonus/weakness. In 01, Metal Seadramon fell into the "dramon" category, and wargreymon's claws can kill said Dramon. However, Wargreymon falls into the fire element and metalseadramon is of the water element, and overall, metalseadramon has a greater strength and elemental advantage. it took Whamon interfering in the fight for wargreymon to get an advantage.


Ok, so this is a bit weird, but i'll try to explain. In an episode, it eventually shows that, to survive in the digital world, Masaru's father has to abandon his human body and merge his soul with Bancholeomon. When he does that, because digimon don't go by the rules humans do, this technically turns both masaru (and his sister) into half digimon, even if they were born after the merger event. Digimon have always had a sort of omnipresence to them. This is important to point out because Masaru AND his sister showcase powerful talents that are 'impossible". Masaru's is his temper and ability to fight champion tier digimon bare handed, while his sister bonds so tightly to a digimon that he remembers her even after he's killed, which should be impossible ,even for human paired digimon.

c5d97b  No.16534864

File: bde66928dd14da4⋯.gif (2.33 MB, 480x358, 240:179, Digimon Masaru cop.gif)



Sorry. sleepy.

67e7d2  No.16534868


Except lots of digimon bonded with humans remember them post-death, even post reboot in Tri.

Isn't Wargreymon vaccine and Seadramon a virus type?

c5d97b  No.16534882

File: 6dd79b93137ec5d⋯.gif (899.86 KB, 500x500, 1:1, would that make you happy,….gif)


Metalseadramon is a Data type, which also inherently beats out Wargreymon's vaccine type.


This rule is changed in Savers. Digimon who die forget everything and are re-born as completely new digimon. It's incredibly important that this rule is in play for this story as it's the one stopgap to prevent lesser digimon from becoming too curious about the human world and causing trouble, hence the MIB er DATs showing up as a police force. Masaru and his sister break these constant rules "for some reason" and it become increasingly more important to learn that these two are not normal.

67e7d2  No.16534892


If I recall Tamers had the same rule with Guilmon.

c5d97b  No.16534919

File: e2dfea894849061⋯.jpg (63.35 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Megidramon_collectors_card.jpg)


Guilmon was an exceedingly dangerous digimon, since it was made on the spot due to a kid's strong desires and was not born in the digital world.

But yeah, Guilmon was a virus type while Renamon was a Data type and despite Rika ordering Renamon to use her sure-kill attack on Guilmon, all it did was store the fires of his primitive kill nature. Hell, when Takato gave into his rage, Guilmon turned into Megidramon, which nearly ripped a portion of the digital world apart.

a003f9  No.16534937

File: 3e11c30f4893ccd⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 688 KB, 320x246, 160:123, reaction.gif)


>That file name

67e7d2  No.16534946


Well Guilmon is the digital hazard incarnate. His entire being is a walking nuke that can destroy the entire digital world on a whim. If not for human companionship and being utterly retarded he would be in the top 10 most dangerous digimon ever. It's a shame more games don't make use of the god tier digimon going on a rampage. Give us some time traveling fag who drops you in different apocalypse scenarios. Make each one unique and force you to deal with them differently.

Terriermon is where Tamers shines and then it shits it's self with him. But that's hardly his fault since the entire series drops the ball after the first 5 episodes. It's not until the finale it picks it back up again and does interesting stuff. Lopmon is a crappy design which grows on you as the story develops.

c5d97b  No.16535041

File: b88346a31683fa1⋯.jpg (20.56 KB, 500x375, 4:3, iktou.jpg)


Tamers really drags during the Deva arc. it gets better afterwards, but the Deva arc just takes so fucking long, you could tell the writers were dragging their feet.


Truly, no story was sadder.

67e7d2  No.16535056


Digimon always suffers that same bullshit. You get the immediate start and then it just drags as monster of the week shows. Digimon would od better as a shorter series with a smaller cast. Like a Tamers size cast but 24 episodes.

50fa31  No.16535068

File: 7552ad3567a8f19⋯.jpg (884.86 KB, 2480x3507, 2480:3507, DapgYt2UwAAO3Yl.jpg orig.jpg)


That's what Tamers 2 was going to be but Toei decided to milk adventureniggers some more after Tri ended up being a success

67e7d2  No.16535079


I don't want sequels to digimon series which just jerk off to nostalgia. It just doesn't work because there's no where to take digimon who already hit the highest evolution since the series refuses to use multiple evolution lines outside of an evil evolution.

Would be far more interesting to push towards a darker series where the increase in digital tech allows digimon to be more flexible. Do a story abut mass data collection and internet spying with digimon working for generic evil corp as the main villain.

Cyberpunk digimon is an unexplored theme. Can appeal to adults and children equally. And you can even bring in the card scanning shit again as your gashapon novelty toy set. Have the heroes using USB sticks to power up digimon and enhance them. Now we have CGI animation it's much easier to do gimmick forms. Basically tamers meets Xros wars but with the tone of Savers.

ef399f  No.16535788

File: 9959072606ef43e⋯.jpg (95.53 KB, 900x670, 90:67, zatchbell.jpg)

File: f82f0904432a217⋯.jpg (204.3 KB, 1161x721, 1161:721, legendz.jpg)

One thing that has always upset me about creature-based series is that 99% of the time NO ONE goes after the exposed puny owner/summoner with the magical device that makes monsters power up standing within earshot shouting orders. Killing them would be the VERY FIRST thing anyone would do. It's especially jarring in games because you go for kill healers/support first.

Digimon games have tamers either cheering in the background or not appearing at all. In the animes humans are normally talking background props, with the exception of Masaru because of his punch to evolve thing, after which he becomes another ornament.

The only series I know with that mechanic is Zatch Bell! (both anime and games). In the games you can control both bookholder and mamodo, attack the opponent bookholder, and even destroy their book. Legendz Gekitou! Saga Battle also has it to a lesser extent: a legendz's summoner is close to/carried by their legendz. If the summoner gets downed, you're locked out from some actions, like switching legendz, until they get back up.


>I don't want sequels to digimon series which just jerk off to nostalgia

As long as it's good and not just a nostalgia cashgrab what's the problem?

>there's no where to take digimon who already hit the highest evolution

The core problem is that forms are attained permanently, making power creep set in. It can be mitigated with obvious cop-outs

<making stronger evolutions have big limitations (uses, duration) or crippling side-effects (e.g. affecting tamer's health)

<available conditionally (e.g. gather data, energy, or whatever, or destroy a jammer like the towers in DA02)

<only available in certain plot-critical points

Another alternative is adding sidegrades, or situational upgrades, powers, and skills rather than giving raw strength/level increases. Or shrinking the gap between levels so a lower level stands a chance, but then that would defeat the point of evolutions.

>use multiple evolution lines

The use or non-use of canonical evolutions is one of the most contested points of the series. If you had digimon accessing multiple evolutions, you'd get autists complaining that it's not from its 'official evolution line' unless you're talking about, say, the Agumon line which has several

>Cyberpunk digimon is an unexplored theme

there's also no post-apocalyptic settings. Although Survive's setting seems to be along those lines.

8fdcab  No.16535958


>Cyberpunk digimon is an unexplored theme. Can appeal to adults and children equally.

Uh… What did you think Cyber Sluts was?

67e7d2  No.16536054


Series based on nostalgia can't grow in an organic fashion and it stunts the franchise. If you've ever done anything artistic you know it never goes where you expect it to. So having a forced frame work prevents you from going where it needs some times. Plus I like digimons variety not it's nostalgia and no one draws Hikari or Miyako porn enough

Survive looks interesting as a ghost town digital world. But it screams to be portable not on a home console.


Did you? Cyber sluts is anime noir not cyber punk. Cyberpunk is the original shin megami tensei series, anime noir is persona 3. Cyber sluts is more persona than SMT. It the corporate control and the low quality of life. Cyber sluts is a damn utopian setting for most people.

8fdcab  No.16536116


>Cyber sluts is a damn utopian setting for most people.

Setting aside if cyberpunk even requires a dystopia, what part of the definition of cyberpunk requires it be an open dystopia? It's a world where Japan has organ thieves running rampant, mega corporations that are plotting to enslave everyone's mind can't be touched by the law and the human world is slowly being pulled into a hostile digital one. That the average person doesn't notice doesn't make it even less of a dystopia.

c5d97b  No.16536544

File: 788e6e16a85ac1e⋯.jpg (220.83 KB, 1000x707, 1000:707, Mugendramon street.jpg)


>Repeating question from last thread. Do you think digimon could manage a movie in the same style as Detective Pikachu? What would it be like?

I can't believe I missed this question. Well, it could easily start similar to the shows with [a person] encountering [a digimon]. The difference being that Digimon always starts out "cute" and "innocent" before it goes into "and everyone is going to die".

The villains are abhorrent and vicious, the heroes end up being just as horrifically violent, and the bad guys MUST be beaten by killing them. We're talking similar to the first movie where it showed Agumon realizing into the human world and he destroys things just by interacting with it, perceives an airplane to be a threat, then when Parrotmon shows up, entire city blocks are reduced to rubble in a matter of seconds.

Basically, it'd work fine as long as it was treated seriously. Some cute innocent moments can happen, but when the fighting is taking place or the villain shows up, the joking stops NOW.

c5d97b  No.16536552

File: 9e3861423279cd8⋯.webm (2.74 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Sakuyamon evolution.webm)


NO ONE goes after the exposed puny owner/summoner with the magical device that makes monsters power up

Tamers was fantastic in that regard because of the matrix evolution. Season 4 took it farther with the humans BEING the digimon from the get go, but the evolutions were boring as shit and the ending of the series was the worst thing ever.

But Matrix evolution would be the key component here; perhaps a series that more firmly builds the relationship of digimon + human as, well, lovers. The deeper they trust and open up to one another, the higher the evolution level is that they can gain. Then the chosen children realize their parents were the previous chosen and they are, in fact, offspring of the eventual love that sprouted between digimon and human.

Would make for a hell of an interesting story.

db7455  No.16536880


Conceptually I like the idea, but the more I think about it the more I think it could get kinda weird. Digimon doesn't really shy away from talking about shitty parenting, which is why I'd feel that before the big reveal, they would all come from various types of broken homes. Single parents, having a step-parent without ever knowing their real one, and perhaps after the reveal a "you're adopted"-ish situation, among others. Secondly, while you can probably get away with showing it if the final forms are all mech-knights and hot girls, when it comes down to it whichever writer would think it's a good idea would also probably make a gay character. Knowing the Japanese they'll probably go with lesbians. I mean if I had to include a gay character I'd definitely lean more towards yuri. Knowing how Digimon works I'd say this would not be a problem even if it was the chosen parent. Lastly, if you want to make the protagonist somewhat special, give him both Agumon and Gabumon that obviously sound female, but after their Adult phase is mostly normal they get furry then get robot-girl-ish, finally ending on Omegawomon (which I'm still surprised isn't a real thing given how much this franchise likes hot girls and Omegamon).

c5d97b  No.16537078

File: b81480838af3a5e⋯.jpg (65.75 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Barbamon_collectors_card2.jpg)

File: 2439a4609ffead4⋯.jpg (67.36 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Lucemon_falldown_re_collec….jpg)

File: a15a26dd368ee54⋯.png (323.58 KB, 342x500, 171:250, lilithmon Dch-5-236_front.png)

File: a87ccba6588d687⋯.jpg (59.25 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Belphemon_rage_collectors_….jpg)


I agree. The broken family dynamic works well and I honestly had an idea that the "first round" of opponents the chosen deal with are the demon lords. However, each demon lord was actually a partner to their parent and because the human failed to take care of their emotional needs, their digimon slingshot in the other way and lead to the broken family the parent's currently in.


>find out the human partner was a savvy business person

>was more interested in their fleecing the goym than making any other progress in life

>digimon doubles down on greedy antics, trying to get approval but goes unheard of, thus doubles down so hard it becomes the literal embodiment of greed


>partner was the self proclaimed leader

>was arrogant as fuck

>leads to taking all the credit for even the most pointless of deeds

>but the human takes the credit even f the digimon partner did something

>thus the digimon keeps trying to do more and more feats to be recognized before finally just feeling and thinking it's perfect


>human was the 3rd wheel and forever alone friend zone of a love triangle that he wasn't ever actually involved in

>digimon tries to cheer him up because she likes him in that way

>but he never acknowledges his partner digimon and just proceeds to go after everyone else

>leads her to be the literal embodiment of lust, craving her human

>conflict with her is solved by the father tenderly holding hands and kissing her (admit it, it'd be awesome.)

I'd have all the conflicts solved by the previously neglectful/broken parents making amends to their former digimon partners. This would give reason for the demon lords to have involvement in the story and be something more than just monster of the week stuff.

db7455  No.16537127


It seems like most Digimon media, especially modern ones, have three major arcs. I feel Re: Digitize Decode manages basically all of them. The main plot is "humans fuck up", the postgame plot is "evil Digimon" (coincidentally it also involves the demon lords) and then there's a side story where "Yggy's off his meds again". I know Yggy going off his meds was the end plot a lot during the mid 2000's because they just made him and wanted to make him seem important, but I dunno. I do think that LordKnightmon needs a more proper line, so if any Royal Knight should show up in modern media I think it would be a cool option. Maybe make the pun more obvious by having the child form be a gem-themed recolor of Gottsumon? If you really want, I'm sure you could get some guys from here to play a Digimon tabletop game. Here's a link to one, don't mind the 1d4chan, our /tg/ tried to clean it up (dunno if they missed anything).


ef399f  No.16537485

File: dfceed70858bea7⋯.png (79.26 KB, 474x970, 237:485, still_alive.png)

Seeing as everyone on last thread believed it to be dead, here's the latest update on the Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode fantranslation

>project is still alive and in progress as of 5/20

>release planned for current year (no ETA)

>volunteer translators are welcome to apply (read from 2nd paragraph on pic related for more details)

ef399f  No.16537723

File: 714a8fda0658149⋯.png (439 KB, 667x758, 667:758, confirmed1.png)

File: a6c7b243ac74b38⋯.jpg (182.59 KB, 1080x1610, 108:161, confirmed2.jpg)

Cybersluts and Cybersluts Hacker's Memory both confirmed for Switch. Leaked by Spanish retailers.

<2nd pic translation

>Digimon Cybersleuth + Hacker´ s Memory NSW

>Well we're gonna check, because as far as we know it's listed and nothing out of the ordinary had happened. We're gonna see what they tell us and get back to you

>Hi! It's confirmed. We'll carry the game*, but it was taken down down from the site because some things are still being arranged. It will be put back on soon so don't worry, your pre-order remains untouched

*original is in singular, so I suppose it's a 2-in-1 bundle like the JP version was.

a90257  No.16537765


>Cyberslut side-story

Is it any good? Do you get to meet the protags from the first game? Are Ami and Nokia back? Other than the digimon, they're the only reason to return for me

67e7d2  No.16537852

File: 398f39d1febf224⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.09 KB, 159x158, 159:158, bestfacever.jpg)


That's just the grey market in general. The digital world and the real world merging is nothing new to Digimon.


Fuck off you revolting little pedophile dog fucker. We do not need a series about humans fucking digimon just because you're a fetish fueled degenerate. That's the only reason you would want one.

The bond between a digimon and a human is not sexual. It's a very tight friendship bond. If you weren't some tranny fuck up you might know what it's like to have a friend you care about not just lust for every dog you see.


Why? Just fucking why? Redigitized is already translated, why invest your time on the expansion pack rather than a game that has zero ways to play it like Lost evolution or Xros wars?


>Buy a switch, play games you already own on a better system but with worse graphics and frame rate

Wiiu-san, wiiu-san, you left your son at the park again. We knew he was yours because he acts exactly the same way you do.


Hacker's memory has a much better story than cybersluts and a much stronger less obvious anime cast. The story is intertwined with the original and you spend time with many of the original cast due to the events happening at the same time.

While the hero is playing detective and dealing with the public side of things the hackers are dealing with the background stuff to keep that in check. You spend quite a bit of time with Yuuko and dealing with the hacker teams (Nokia's included).

Don't expect to be following the original cast around like lost sheep, but do expect to be opening doors for them to later exploit or to have to clean up when they royally fuck things up and already leave not knowing what they unleashed.

The cast is pretty accurate to 90s-early2000s hacking culture which is nice. If you spent any time in that area you will feel at home

And the hero has the best face in all of digimon

873c6c  No.16537877

File: 7b990807f7bb6f9⋯.jpg (575.92 KB, 1200x1400, 6:7, Tentomon.jpg)

Who's your digibro? furfags need to answer.

67e7d2  No.16537885


Furfags need to die in a fire

Terrirmon > Gargomon is best bro. Just needs a better final form.

2dcda6  No.16537960


> fan patches for Ryo's story

I don't know how many games there are starring this kid, but for some reason theres an official english translation of what appears to be the first game called anothe/cathode.

2dcda6  No.16537963


67e7d2  No.16537975


Hong Kong got a wonderswan release with an English translation. Same way we get japanese games in English now but way ahead of it's time.

c6c795  No.16538079


Honestly? Renamon.

>Quick and able to work from the shadows

>Loyal and willing to serve, but not a complete drone

>Does cool ninja stuff almost on instinct

>Cute laugh

>Fluffy tail

>Cute evolutions

>Looks like she'd be fun to tease

>That fox/Shinto aesthetic is some good stuff

b7d542  No.16538090


>Is it any good?

No, you can't be a cyber slut, only some ugly guy.

c6c795  No.16538091


>furfags need to answer

I'm only a furfag under certain conditions but

Wizardmon. Good design and spellcasters are always underappreciated. Also his sacrifice in the anime earns him a spot as Best Digibro.

There's also Gazimon for basically the opposite reason. They're always shown in the show as assholes, but assholes usually also have some pretty fun ideas. If Wizardmon is the guy you'd chill and watch whatever's on TV, Gazimon would probably be the type to drag you off to some hare-brained scheme, but in a good way.

9c8eb6  No.16538425

File: ab5b0d64188b76f⋯.jpg (48.87 KB, 320x320, 1:1, Commandramon_b.jpg)



and also this >>16538079

8fdcab  No.16538436


>Why? Just fucking why?

You can play as a girl in NG+

c5d97b  No.16539187

File: cf41e7b53cbfb27⋯.png (972.99 KB, 2176x1497, 2176:1497, Gazimon smirk.png)

File: 906083ffbdf3aba⋯.png (652.86 KB, 1037x448, 1037:448, Digimon partner.png)


You seem upset. Trouble at home, perhaps? No friends to vent to?


Tukaimon, most assuredly.

701ab8  No.16539193


Why is Gazimon best boy

c5d97b  No.16539199

File: 6edc49cce965b4a⋯.jpg (45.99 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Gazimon_ex_collectors_card.jpg)


Dunno. Got that ruffian type look and tons of evolution potential.


701ab8  No.16539233

File: e869491a834886f⋯.png (81.1 KB, 320x320, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fd41febb64920a1⋯.png (131.28 KB, 320x320, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>Patamon cosplaying as Sylveon


I never understood the evolution logic of Digimon

c6c795  No.16539236



My niggers.



That was your first mistake. Digimon goes strictly by 'if it's cool, it works'

63ee44  No.16539277


They are programs not animals.

c73998  No.16539297



3c06b6  No.16539308


Either way I’d be pretty shocked if one day I updated krita and it turned into petrology modeling software

f687ad  No.16539419

File: ff247547a9c7257⋯.png (239.52 KB, 256x384, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d5e186151052d3d⋯.png (227.25 KB, 256x384, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>why invest your time on the expansion pack rather than a game that has zero ways to play it like Lost evolution or Xros wars

cuz grafix

c5d97b  No.16539497

File: 792f1ff5eab3f34⋯.png (3.13 MB, 4096x4096, 1:1, Wormmon sundress hat.png)

ef399f  No.16539592


>why invest your time on the expansion pack

you said it yourself: they only have to translate the bits that change, not take on an entirely new project.


does Gazimon even have a definitive adult form? I remember him turning into Nanimon in Digimon World 2 which sucked.

67e7d2  No.16539602


Which would be fine if it wasn't taking years and the game wasn't the worst of the monster raising games.

3b4e3c  No.16539638

File: aa44b4b9363eed5⋯.png (499.37 KB, 591x720, 197:240, help.PNG)

>no one will ever translate the wonderswan games

>they will never get a trilogy remake with updated graphics

b7d542  No.16539679

File: 88527fd7b36ac45⋯.gif (254.83 KB, 500x354, 250:177, 88527fd7b36ac4573bba2d2742….gif)


>being an EOP

67e7d2  No.16539763

File: 122f23b90d8ae4a⋯.gif (336.71 KB, 492x376, 123:94, 122f23b90d8ae4a4d7f4b03bbd….gif)

>EU time

No furfags, good thread

>NA time 4pm

Threads full of furfags

Really makes you think.

9c8eb6  No.16539772

File: 2f2c705d0f9d2c8⋯.png (29.41 KB, 127x102, 127:102, leomon think.PNG)

>there are more posts bitching about furfags than furshit itself


ce68d8  No.16539777

File: c219e81ec3b0842⋯.png (24.99 KB, 125x175, 5:7, Beelzebumon_blast_mode_dst….png)

File: 364a887980c66ef⋯.jpg (128.38 KB, 580x515, 116:103, Beelzebumon_crusader.jpg)

File: 40e9351425828e7⋯.jpg (59.29 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Beelzebumon_blast_re _coll….jpg)


Mr. Ow the Edge himself. He's probably my favourite Tamers character, too.

701ab8  No.16539820


Is there any dork who wouldn't be vastly improved by having a sundress hat?

b7d542  No.16539823

2dcda6  No.16539831


>One type of post stays

>The other gets removed by the cake goblin

I wonder which one was the furfaggotry

701ab8  No.16539846


I really don't know if this was a compliment or an insult

67e7d2  No.16545242

What's the best way to play the wonderswan games? I tried a PSP wonderswan emulator but it couldn't save. I'd like it to be portable if possible.

996f3e  No.16545482

File: 034ca59432f4522⋯.png (1007.79 KB, 1200x899, 1200:899, d13r265370.png)



6dc37f  No.16551487

File: b0495f022c378f5⋯.png (356.08 KB, 680x691, 680:691, renam.png)


its hard to pick because all the male mons are just as fuckable as the female ones

ca8262  No.16551491

File: 7e9420e2240b63b⋯.mp4 (238.07 KB, 624x352, 39:22, gay and stupid.mp4)


>fucking your bro

>being a faggot

6dc37f  No.16551494


its fine if you say no homo

ca8262  No.16551498

File: 66d070c9c0eabee⋯.webm (259.96 KB, 640x360, 16:9, NO.webm)

6dc37f  No.16551521

File: b95ecf4e37b750d⋯.jpg (51.22 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, its not fun guilmon.jpg)

b7d542  No.16551538


fuck off fag

c5d97b  No.16551587

File: 83d6150a7babf11⋯.jpg (52.07 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Cyclomon_ex_collectors_car….jpg)

File: 88fe3597e561c38⋯.png (3.29 MB, 4096x4096, 1:1, Agumon cop.png)

File: dd762073a156100⋯.jpg (285.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Digimon sailor hats.jpg)

File: 54d74558813f55b⋯.jpg (314.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Digimon sundress hats.jpg)



I believe the main one I recall being tied to it was Cyclomon, which is pretty cool and has baller evolutions.



Hard to say. Probably just the ones where it clips mercilessly. I really wish the cute hats and such weren't tied to the god awful online function.

ef399f  No.16552634

File: c00d90ae08909f8⋯.jpg (38.63 KB, 377x461, 377:461, floramon.jpg)

So anons how would you improve upon the Digimon World formula?

Recruitment requirements more complex than simple fetch quests? Adding field animations (eating, sleeping, toilet, etc.) back in? Pétanque minigame? Add shop for casuals from day 1 that sells food, porta-potties, and auto-pilots?

The biggest offender is combat depth for me

>for single player, it's functional, but limited interaction makes it as boring as watching a movie, especially in NO.

>for multiplayer, it doesn't work at all

they should

>a)go back to Re:Digitized combat (even has command to tell digimon where to move), and maybe

>b)outright give you direct control over movement, when digimon is not busy

as for controls, 2 options

<classic: d-pad for command menu. analog stick for movement indicator. 1 button for command, 1 for finisher, 1 for moving, 1 for items

<autistic: analog stick for movement indicator, d-pad to change target. buttons for commands (3 attacks, guard, finisher, movement, select for items/flee, start for pause)

Above controls assume only a) above. In case of b), replace movement indicator with movement, and moving with items

If they want to go with 2 digimon, it still works with a few modifications (shoulder buttons to pick digimon. In case of autistic controls, Select does items/ExE/flee).

if you're extra autistic, you could even make it so you can control both simultaneously: claw grip, use 1 stick (click for change target) and one side of the controller's buttons for each digimon

701ab8  No.16552655


More boy ones for me then

23883d  No.16552660

File: 676b59a71e931c1⋯.png (212.09 KB, 254x353, 254:353, 676b59a71e931c1f4d43964d04….png)

>the gay community arrived

535103  No.16552704


go back to one mon with a tamer at a time, having multiple cheapens the value of each

also go back to where the MC is the only human in the digital world, instead of there being a fistful of humans running everywhere, when there's multiple humans then what does your character matter, they arent' the solo important one, the others can do your job anyway so your impact is lessened

535103  No.16552711

File: f5ecb38c61673fa⋯.png (307.87 KB, 943x1139, 943:1139, dbs5s0r-1abe9346-6bb6-4787….png)



58b29e  No.16552934

File: faa52670f639d25⋯.jpg (54.36 KB, 320x320, 1:1, Bearmon2.jpg)


And yet my favorite evolution line is Metal/Rusttyranomon

6973a6  No.16553546


Floramon has a good design, but the dull tones kill it for me. It needs to use brighter shades.

67e7d2  No.16553573


Armour evolutions. Make it losing your ultimate digimon isn't just an excuse to grind for an hour again to keep playing. Make armour evolution vital to unlocking some areas so you want a child digimon some times and not just the highest tier you can get.

Vastly improve training as the game continues. Make it so you can spend 20 minutes picking starts, get them and move on with the game. NO did a decent job of this but it's still tedius.

Go third person over the shoulder camera and don't lock you in an area for a battle. Bad behaviour training = your digimon will try and fight everything instead of run past with you. Good = you can ride it.

Basically slap monster raising on top of BOTW.

c5d97b  No.16553824

File: 927edff001b41ee⋯.jpg (283.89 KB, 899x1158, 899:1158, Digimon world 1 ad.jpg)

File: 7195676329a9ff5⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 2130x3319, 2130:3319, Digimon waifu chart.jpg)

File: 9b74646338015c8⋯.webm (6.98 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ladydevimon angewomon jog….webm)


You remind me of some of the stipulations in DW1 and I'm now aware that one main thing players want is a degree of inconvenience. Ice sanctuary and Gray Lord's Manor were difficult to get through because you needed vaccine or virus digimon. Frigimon was difficult to get because you needed a digimon who was weak in icy temperatures to get sick and pass out, then you had to come back with a digimon immune to cold.

I think the best usage would be if certain digimon had certain field skills. IE: a heavy iron gate that requires a digimon to be able to hack the door lock, an area that can only be reached via travelling under water so you need a digimon that can swim there, and so on. Basically, similar to Monster Hunter Stories field system.

>armor digimon

They are interested as they are either supposed to be a point between rookie and champion or champion and ultimate, depending on the continuity. I would make the armor evolution a "dead end', but possessing a special trait exclusive to that form.

>Good = you can ride it

I'm suddenly imagining every player getting an angewomon or lady devimon and she carries you like a kid in her arms. or in Lady Devimon's case, slings you over her shoulder like a caveman

67e7d2  No.16553869


These games already had a tiny market and now the genre is basically dead. Within a day they will be hacked and everything on a wiki. It's like point and click adventures, people's attention span just isn't there.

c5d97b  No.16555815

File: 7b9b4b44975c163⋯.jpg (57.7 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Angewomon_collectors_card2.jpg)

File: afa9831a150726b⋯.jpg (65.81 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Angewomon_re_collectors_ca….jpg)


Even knowing how to get into the various areas doesn't make it easy to do so. I mean, sure, you can read up that an Angewomon fills the needs of a flying digimon that can carry you and a vaccine type, but you still have to raise your partner to become said Angewomon.

67e7d2  No.16555971


which a guide tells you how to do. Autists tell you the exact stats you need

6991cf  No.16556191

Why is NFSW supposedly allowed on /v/ if it just gets deleted?

db7455  No.16556219


Because you keep posting gay shit

67e7d2  No.16556230


NSFW is allowed. Shitting up a thread because you have a fetish for fucking dogs isn't. It gets reported and then removed because this is a thread about digimon GAMES not your fucked up fetishes.

684450  No.16556265


NSFW is only allowed if the retard janicuck in duty likes it. if they don't like it, they'll delete it and give you a bullshit ban reason.

the rules are a guideline and each janicuck interprets them as it suits them. so yeah, play that russian roulette.

23883d  No.16556533

File: 46d8816ae278400⋯.png (515.43 KB, 720x720, 1:1, baeb16e6a041ff5447d74ad942….png)


because you only post faggot porn and nothing else, none of your posts are ever related to videogames in any way shape or form (and the porn being from whatever videogame the op is talking about doesnt count)-

b7d542  No.16556653

File: a337d41b952dc56⋯.png (132.58 KB, 313x382, 313:382, a337d41b952dc566352ec7477d….png)


Because nobody likes fags.

67e7d2  No.16556674

What digimon do you want to see get a proper evolution line?

For me it's Toy/Clear Agumon. A lego digimon is a really cool idea and it's a shame his evolutions immediately discard it. Especially when Tamers eye catch scenes used lego digimon evolutions for it's entire line. I don't want just a lego greymon but the idea would be cool. Maybe a lego tyrannomon line.

684450  No.16556684


that fanmade one we had was great. i wish they'd just canonize it.

db7455  No.16556695


Elecmon sort of has Leomon as a line, but it loses some of it's weird electric tiger toad aesthetic. At least maybe make like a tiger parallel to Leomon as an option, like Agumon has Tyrannomon and Greymon.

67e7d2  No.16556699

what happened to that new digimon mobile game from like a year ago? Had some new digimon mascot

f687ad  No.16557148


Hear me out

>Toy Agumon

>Toy Tankmon

>Toy Tankdramon

>Toy Mugendramon

b7d542  No.16557169


More cute girl digimon

058a19  No.16557329

File: ac723af09e67d07⋯.jpg (26.45 KB, 471x320, 471:320, Mondo Cool.jpg)

ef399f  No.16558118

File: f4afbd80d796e4c⋯.jpg (221.83 KB, 702x1023, 234:341, floramon2.jpg)


is pic related better anon?


>Armour evolutions

How would that work? Sounds like a free ticket from child to ultimate (Magnamon in NO is treated as ultimate).

>Make it so losing your ultimate digimon isn't just an excuse to grind for an hour again

But anon, you can (thankfully) extend lifespan indefinitely. Letting your digimon die is pretty much voluntary (even in DW1, though feeding digiseabass gets tedious). Plus progression is marked by town development and tamer skills, rather than raw stats.

Further, It'd be boring if your digimon reborn exactly as strong. You don't obtain Pokemon at lv 60 do you? and then there's IV and EV

>Make it so you want a child digimon some times and not just the highest tier you can get.

Can't see it working too well with forced evolution, unless they add a way to avoid it. IIRC there's already something along those lines with child and adult-only championships.

>Vastly improve training as the game continues

I'd say the gym is missing something like DW1's Bonus Try thing (minigame that gives you up to 10x gains. Obviously they should remove RNG rigging odds).

It could be limited use so players don't skip battling entirely, or add temporary stat-gain boosts made from stuff gained from battles (items drops, data(?), exp(?)).

>don't lock you in an area for a battle

What happens if you bump into other wild digimon during battle? What about cheesing of AoE attacks by running a screen away?

>Bad behaviour training = your digimon will try and fight

Explain. Battles are initiated in-game by the PC colliding with enemies, not your digimon.

>Good = you can ride it

Not bad in principle, however encounters when with big digimon would be a nightmare and get old really fast (unless you normalize sizes)

>>16556699 (checked)

Digimon Linkz is shutting down on July 30. Digimon ReArise's western release has been teased 25 days ago.

ef399f  No.16558134


>if your digimon reborn

if your digimon were reborn

>when with big digimon

when you have a big

063050  No.16558204

File: 75f05ab389f4612⋯.jpg (35.19 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 2.jpg)


Sounds really cool

ed0909  No.16559067

File: fbfb5f15eb810b7⋯.jpg (37.67 KB, 515x479, 515:479, mad_brionne.jpg)


>mondo cool

058a19  No.16559108

File: 7df902db214b926⋯.gif (2.05 MB, 500x375, 4:3, vegeta laughing and throwi….gif)


Sue me.

23cdc1  No.16582156

File: 497895dc155585b⋯.jpg (62.38 KB, 800x689, 800:689, happy guilmon.jpg)


>linkz is shutting down


ef399f  No.16591886


What's the problem with Linkz? Too much grinding?

Also do you have any experience with ReArise? If so, is it good and is it worth playing without knowing nip? Does it work on android emulators?

980a1d  No.16591925


There are so many cool digimon with shitty lines. Hopefully this new and improved digishit finally fixes that. I want me a baby/rookie etemon.

db7455  No.16591943


Chuumon is the designated shitmon rookie/child stage, for all the times you fuck up before it even gets to that point how'd you even manage to be so bad at raising Digimon.

3cb569  No.16592534


That's not an implication. Mimi is literally the physical embodiment of Purity, chosen by God to channel her purity into data to let Palmon evolve into one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse.

980a1d  No.16592855

File: b8ca2b5088a04b7⋯.jpg (14.47 KB, 300x225, 4:3, Revolmon2.JPG)



Kill it

b1cebc  No.16599377

File: 9478ac822f811a2⋯.jpg (40.01 KB, 694x521, 694:521, angry renamon.jpg)


its gachashit. all gachashit needs to fucking die.

98cede  No.16599960


I want to hang out with revolmon, he seems fun

7bd232  No.16603876

File: 8b39e792f5a4aec⋯.png (80.17 KB, 282x222, 47:37, smug XV.png)



he seems like he'd be fun to shoot the shit with

701ab8  No.16603884


>Cropped porn of Exveemon

So the only remaining question is: "Would you?"

98cede  No.16603897


Exveemon only has a X on him because he crossed the border, spic-ass Carlos looking bastard

1e9170  No.16607610


>Masaru is half digimon

Where did you get this bullshit from? His mother is human, his father is human too and just transferred his mind into BanchoLeomon's body at some point during his expedition to the Digital World, but that was after Masaru was already born.

1e9170  No.16607617


Nevermind, I read >>16534861 but it still sounds fanfic-tier.

>When he does that, because digimon don't go by the rules humans do, this technically turns both masaru (and his sister) into half digimon

That sounds like nonsense, and to assume that Masaru and his sisters have superpowers is also not really validated in-universe. He's a complete madman, sure, but other characters do not react to him as if he was an extraordinary Superman, and just note how crazy he is.

On the note of fanfic-tier, much of the stuff in Digimon lorefag pasta.png (>>16531392) is also pretty far-fetched conjecture. Digimon Adventure, 02, and Tamers are indeed connected by the WonderSwan games, but I wouldn't know of any explicit connection to the Digimon World games (except in the card game one?), and later anime seasons (and games, like the Cyber Sleuth ones) seem to be set in their own respective canons.

6dc37f  No.16607856

File: e16c63892b579b4⋯.png (60.42 KB, 312x278, 156:139, e16c63892b579b40a1970501f8….png)


>masaru is half digimon

impregnating digimon CONFIRMED

c5d97b  No.16607905

File: 1ca0f772681513a⋯.jpg (44.99 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Mamemon_collectors_card.jpg)

File: 5cdcb7b0e7c3708⋯.jpg (49.76 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Metalmamemon_collectors_ca….jpg)

File: 7cde6c32f752ebb⋯.jpg (49.2 KB, 360x480, 3:4, BigMamemon_Collectors_Perf….jpg)

File: 1a7405cfbbce833⋯.jpg (56.51 KB, 360x480, 3:4, CatchMamemon_Collectors_Pe….jpg)

File: 720bebbe2a37806⋯.jpg (51.07 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Princemamemon_re_collector….jpg)


Despite having a bunch of X evolutions, the Mamemons don't have a full line, rather all of them being stored at primarily the Perfect stage.


>starts as cute loli-ish digimon who's rookie form could fool people into thinking she's a human kid

>turns into aggressive teen for champ

>fully mature woman at perfect

>final stage is full blown ara

That would be pretty fun.


Noice. The yalready have Ormekamon, a toy version of omegamon, so a full line of lego-knock off digimon would be great.

c5d97b  No.16607940

File: 5ddf7024ccf0cc5⋯.gif (1.75 MB, 320x238, 160:119, Be good, my child.gif)



it's tied to the omnipresence digimon have. it was just recently elaborated that Youkai and legends in the past are early encounters with digimon. Not to mention the fact that mugendramon's data merged with chimeramon during 02, but that made apocalymon come to life and exist back before 01. Basically, digimon don't adhere to the laws of time that humans do.

Digimon are alien creatures, in moreso than their place of origin.


While the shows mostly have it more as a bromance, it's always been implied to be deeper than that. It's why some of the strongest digimon are tied to the youngest humans, because they can still give that 100% adoration towards something. Because that digimon is trying to give you it's 100%. It knows you're an alien, it knows you're frail, but it has complete faith in you and a complete bonding to you. A true digimon partner would fight through the hottest flames to ensure you survived.

1e9170  No.16607990

File: dcacfa20f0ac8f5⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 2000x1125, 16:9, 43991852_p0.jpg)

File: df73af67b8e5692⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1800x1315, 360:263, 18644915_p0.jpg)


I understand that, but while Digimon live on a different plane of existence from normal space-time, I don't think they retroactively alter the causality of human space-time just by existing.

Masaru was conceived and born by his human father before his father visited the Digital World. When his father merged with BanchoLeomon, this took place in the Digital World, and had no immediate effect on normal space-time (which was still separate in both worlds' timelines).

At the end of the series, the Digital World and the human world began to merge, and I assume this is why you argue that at that point, the realities of the Digital World might alter the nature of normal spacetime, and retroactively affect things like the identity & nature of Masaru's father. This is illogical however, because the Digital World also displays an arrow of time, the thing with BanchoLeomon was a chronological event in the Digital World (i.e. Masaru's father existed as a separate DigiWorld entity before he merged with BanchoLeomon, itself another separate DigiWorld entity, and so by becoming one, the two did not merge into a unified, timeless entity in the Digital World whose existence would overwrite their separate existences in the Digital past), and so by the time the worlds fully connected, both that event and Masaru's conception were in the respective (and combined) past of the two worlds, and Masaru's paternity could not be retroactively modified.

Furthermore, there is no evidence that the Savers universe is part of the Adventure-02-Tamers-WonderSwan multiverse, so to assume that the multiverse's rules & events apply to Savers is pure speculation.

664fc8  No.16608273


>>like the Digimon Adventure anime?

>Digimon Adventure (PSP) with translation patch (RPG with digimon world 1 plot + expanded story)


>forgot to mention Digimon World 3 (PS1; play DW2003, the EU version. US is missing post-game content)

>Typical JRPG. party of 3, 1-on-1 battles.

Thanks, now I know what to do with this summer.

923520  No.16608276

File: c633b81fddbf38a⋯.jpg (17.18 KB, 400x209, 400:209, Trumpeyes.jpg)

ef399f  No.16610408


>Digimon Adventure (PSP) with translation patch (RPG with digimon world 1 plot + expanded story)

shit. I meant

>Digimon Adventure (PSP) with translation patch (RPG with digimon adventure 1 plot + expanded story)

a1a2b0  No.16610908

File: 720cfaf5322737d⋯.png (850.83 KB, 1030x793, 1030:793, Guardromon finds a buckley….png)


>still butthurt about being told you're a furry in denial 2 years ago

c5d97b  No.16611125

File: ad565989ac44126⋯.png (64.42 KB, 465x430, 93:86, Run mon run.png)


I'll never not be upset at how unfinished DW3 is.

>Foe uses Twin Thunder

>it's a pretty cool attack with two lightning balls that hit the opponent

>I get a digimon that learns it

<pink poof ball


>get another cool projectile

<pink poof ball

<all techniques that are projectiles are poofballs when your digimon uses it but are fully detailed and animated when the CPU digimon uses it


Digimon has always been difficult to follow, hence why it doesn't (normally) try to stick with any specific series and will do a full on reboot where digimon are JUST encountered. So maybe you're right in the lack of a connection to the multiverse, or maybe you're wrong. We honestly can't fully say due to the ambiguity of Milleniumon's actions and how many 'verses he made.

1947b9  No.16611791


That's kind of how spectre and meltdown works

a1a2b0  No.16613182

File: fdb12b3a4b8bb4b⋯.png (391.26 KB, 1871x519, 1871:519, cards.png)


its hardly unfinished man, they just reused a lot of assets. i mean out of all the things, you choose reused animations on special attacks. you could have chosen the half-assed postgame scenario they added on World 2003, or the complete lack of postgame in the original version "Digimon World 3"

not many people know that, 2003 is the european version of the game and actually had post-game content where you could save your game and continue playing in a broken-ass partial-world after the galactimon fight.

f048f2  No.16624145

Lads, can anyone tell me what the best, well-drawn Digimon card series is?

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